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@ArmorPlatedScott and the Faust COOL-Te are accepted!
@Phoenix347Just looked over the revisions you made to Alice. You did a great job on improving things. Alice's background feels more lively and fleshed out, as does her overall role in things. Alice is ACCEPTED! Feel free to post her in the character section now.

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"Silence is the best music before battle. If you have time to joke and play the part of the DJ, then you have time to open the hanger bay doors." Cathrida snapped, audibly growling over the communication channel as she turned the head of her Turncoat and glancing backwards over her shoulder.

The crimson red sensor running down the face of her machine like a glowing scar seemed to pulsed irritably as Cathrida looked back into the rear of the hanger. There should could see Johanna's rabbit-themed mobile suit standing, far enough away from all the interior entrances that she was hard to hit but close enough that she could still provide cover fire with her sniper rifle. Behind here the massive dull red hanger door loomed like the battered gate of some ancient Earth castle. It took up most of what would be considered the north-most wall.

Cathrida knew from experience that the hanger doors on Venusian habitats were reinforced, often thicker and stronger then the actual walls of the habitat themselves. It was less suicidal to try and crash through the walls of the habitat then to even consider busting through the hanger doors with a flimsy mining ship.

"Access the control tower and depressurize the hanger. I can handle taking control over a ship myself when the time comes, but it won't matter if the doors aren't opened by then. If you really want to show your worth then keep the interior doors from closing and disable the pressure seals. Unless that's simply too much to handle little rabbit." Cathrida goaded over the comm, turning her mobile suit back to face the western entrance to the hanger.

By the front door, Laika's Scutson remained hidden off to the side of the doorway. Pressed up against the wall with her weapons at the ready the mono-eye of her mobile suit swiveled back and forth before eventually fixing on Cathrida's Turncoat.

"If the inner doors are closed then the Zern won't be able to come at us right away." Laika commented, her excitement giving way to impatience as she tightly gripped her controls.

"Exactly. And we wouldn't want to leave before 'thanking' the wonderful men in uniform here, now would we? Laika, stick to the main door, I'll handle the western door. And just have fun."

Inside her cockpit Laika was struck with a strange feeling. A tingle went up her back and she felt something. A series of small, closing pressures like a small vice tightening around her head.

"They're--They're coming. Get ready!" Laika called

"Unit 1 report in!"

"We're in position outside the western door sir, ready to breach."

"Unit 2 report in!"

"We're outside the eastern door, what the hell are we waiting for?"

Two teams of three mobile suits, four ZIMS-01 Redcoats and two ZIMS-02 Tommy's acting as team leaders. All armed with Lewin Machineguns. They stood and waited in the large halls to the sides of the hanger, just behind the heavy closed doors.

"Unit 3 report in!"

"We're outside the front entrance and ready to approach under cover of sniper fire. No visual confirmation on the enemy yet."

Three ZIMS-02 Tommys, armed with proper 90mm Heckler Bullpups stood with weapons raised down the road from the hanger. Their aim was set on the open doorway and they vigilantly watched for any sign of movement. One Tommy had perched itself on a nearby building and taken aim at the doorway with a Screwdriver Mag rifle.

"Roger that, but don't let your guard down. We don't have exact confirmation of the enemies numbers but we can't afford to careless. Members of the Royal Family have just arrived at Venus. If we allow these deviants to do any significant harm we will look like incompetent fools! Teams 1 and 2 are to breach the doors and deploy smoke bombs. Team 3 you are to charge in and attack as soon as you see the smoke. Surround them and kill them. For the longevity of mankind under the Zern Empire!"


With that the units moved.

The eastern and western doors of the hanger snapped open just far enough to let the Tommy's lob grenades. The heavy, car sized munitions bounced across the floor before exploding into a thick white mist that began to fill the front of the hanger. As soon as the thick smoke was in the air the first and second units breached their doors which slid open with sharp phumatic hisses as they barreled through with guns raised and already firing.

Outside of the hanger the third unit charge, the ground shaking as all three Tommys sprinted with bullpups raised and bayonets deployed as they attempted to run straight through the front doors of the hanger.

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Note: Special abilities, particularly the titular 'Geass' should not be applied to characters lightly. Make sure to ask the GM and bring up what you have in mind in OOC or on the Discord chat before attempting to make a character with such an ability.

Note: Players are encouraged to make variants or customizations of existing units. 7th Generation units are very, very rare at the beginning of the game. So the number of them will be significantly limited and controlled. Please bare that in mind when submitting a design.

Holy Britannian Empire Knightmare Frames

Japanese Resistance Knightmare Frames

Europia United Knightmare Frames

Chinese Federation Knightmare Frames

Middle Eastern Federation

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17 || Female || Britannian || Anti-Britannian

Physical Description

Shirley is a young, fair skinned Britannian girl standing 5'9. She has a lithe, but athletic frame with a slender figure. Her long orange hair drapes down past the middle of her back to just above her butt. The girl's eyes are a striking shade of yellowish-green, often drawing attention from her other features. She has a noticeable scar that starts in the middle of her abdomen and goes sharply upward at an angle.

Her typical attire is the standard Ashford Academy girl's uniform made up of a light yellow jacket with gold trims and black cuffs, a white long sleeved shirt, a dark green tie with the Ashford logo, a short black skirt, and black shoes with black knee socks. Even during time off from school she wears the uniform, only changing out of it when it would be inconvenient for her to be seen in it.

When out and about doing her 'job' Shirley dresses in *describe Invisible Knights outfit here*
Personality Traits
  • Willful
  • Vengeful
  • Emotionally deadened
  • Deceitful regarding her real feelings

• To exact revenge on the Emperor of the Holy Britannian Empire.
Skills & Abilities

Knightmare Frame Piloting Experience: Though Shirley never received any formal training in the pilot or operation of Knightmare Frames she has experience using them. For a short time she rode in illegal Knightmare Races using civilian model MR-1s and Prytwens while living in Britannia. Though not involving combat (directly) the races were dangerous and often lethal. Shirley's survival in the races gave her valuable experience. Over the three years she has been with the Invisible Knights has operated Knightmare Frames frequently and used what was available to participate in resistance operations against Britannian military forces. Though not up to a professional standard, Shirley's abilities are formidable and made only more so by her willingness to risk her life.

Small Arms Proficiency: Again, nothing resembling formal training. Shirley however found ways to get a hold of old firearms when she was younger and practiced shooting when she could get away with it. During her three years fighting with the Invisible Knights she has become more familiar with pistols, SMGs, and other small firearms. Though she's better suited to fighting in a Knightmare Frame she's quick with a gun.

CQC: Shirley made it a point to learn as much as she could fighting with her bare hands. Her early years of trying to do so were crude and mainly involved getting into fist fights. She learned pretty quickly that she couldn't rely on raw strength to win any fights. As she got older and began to get involved with illegal activities, Shirley began to carry a knife with her. As of 2017 she's gotten very good with knives and always carries a Butterfly Knife hidden somewhere on her person.

Swimming and Diving: Shirley has been on the girl's swim team of Ashford Academy since she was a freshmen. Doing so has helped to keep her in good physical condition and has had the added benefit of making her a damn good swimming. Treading water for long periods of time, diving, and swimming quickly have become second nature to Shirley. This experience, combined with her Knightmare proficiency, gives her a chance in marine or underwater based combat.

Basic Maintenance: While not mechanically inclined, Shirley has picked up enough about Knightmare Frames to perform rudimentary repairs and maintenance. Though the already jury rigged and hacked together nature of most of the machines she pilots only machines this otherwise simple task all the more difficult.

Cooking...?: Shirley shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a stove or anything involving the preparation of food. Doing so will result in the slow, agonizing loss of human life.
Starting Knightmare Frame

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The date was August 10, 2010 of the imperial calendar.

Rights to Japan's underground resources had become a hotly disputed issue straining the already deep rooted diplomatic tensions between Japan and the Holy Empire of Britannia. Sakuradite, a vital natural resource, was located in tremendous quantities in Japan. Though the far east island nation held fast to its neutrality, it also controlled nearly 70% of the worlds supply of Sakuradite. Slowly they began to abuse their position to leverage power and gain economic prosperity.

And for their efforts the Holy Britannian Empire declared war.

In the deciding battle for the mainland, Britannian forces introduced into combat their latest weapon.

The humanoid autonomous armored knight known as the "Knightmare Frame".

Britannia's forces were far stronger then anticipated and the Knightmares obliterated the Japanese line of defense on the mainland with little effort. In less than a month Japan had been completely conquered and with its fall Britannian loomed as one of the only three superpowers.

Japan became a dominion of the Empire.

The country was stripped of its freedom, its rights, and its name.

Area 11.

The defeated and once proud nation of Japan was rechristened with a mere number.

Yet no sooner was it conquered did Britannia turn its eyes elsewhere seeking to further its reach and continue its campaign of conquest in other lands. As Britannia began to rebuild and develop their new dominion to fuel their military machine, they became blind to the danger lurking in the small nation. Completely unaware that one day someone would rise up to fight them, to challenge them, to destroy them.

But that was merely was was supposed to happen.

Several months earlier something happened that changed everything.

The most beloved wife of the Holy Britannian Emperor, Marianne vi Britannia, had been targeted for assassination.

Marianne was meant to be killed. Gunned down in the quiet of her own home while carrying her own daughter. Her gruesome death would lead to the exile of her children and the creation of a man who would stop at nothing to see the complete and total annihilation of Britannia...

But she did not die.

Security that was supposed to have been decreased had actually been tightened against Marianne's wishes. The assassins were found before they could carry out their plan. Though the assassins were either killed or took their own lives, their very presence left evidence for the Emperor to deduce who was the culprit behind the incident.

His own brother, V.V.

As children the Emperor had made a contract with his brother, who had come into a possession of a strange power. They swore to create a world devoid of lies.

Yet V.V was a hypocrite.

V.V had lied to his own flesh and blood. He denied trying to kill Marianne when in reality he had plotted her death out of nothing more then petty jealousy.

So the Emperor cast down his brother and sought to destroy him.

The organization V.V controlled, the Geass Order, became split. One half remained loyal to him and the other to the Emperor in the hopes the leader prior to V.V would one day make her return.

V.V fled and disappeared with his half of the Geass Order.

And thus Marianne survived.

The boy who was meant to be exiled instead grew up to be a cunning and ruthless Britannian prince.

And Japan's savior, the destroy of Britannia, would never come to be.

But with one change always comes more.

On September 7th, 2010 information no one was meant to know was exposed to seemingly random lower-class civilians within the Britannian populace.

The spread of the information would prove disastrous to the Emperor's plans and thus he rushed to contain the information through whatever means possible.

Countless innocents were killed to bury the secret as it was impossible to know just who the information had been shared with. Yet with enough killing the leak was plugged and the secret that had been revealed was once again buried.

Following the massacre the event was covered up. Disguised as a viscious terrorist attack aimed at the heart of Britannia itself.

Later known as the "Bloody 7th" the massacre could only be refuted by those that were there and bore witness to what happened.

Those who came forth with evidence or accounts to the contrary ended up ‘disappearing’ until only the silent witnesses remained.

Though they did not speak or even fully understood why the massacre took place, they knew who was responsible. Over time they came to question and eventually to hate Britannia.

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Holy Britannian Empire Knightmare Frames

Japanese Resistance Knightmare Frames

Europia United Knightmare Frames

Chinese Federation Knightmare Frames

Middle Eastern Federation

I'm completely unfamiliar with the original Vivid Recollections RP. However I'm in the mood for something horror related. I'm definitely interested.

#1: I'd prefer younger characters.

#2: I think a central incident of some kind would be the best, it'd provide a nice connection to characters who are likely strangers to one another at the start.

"Why the hell are we stuck here?"

"Opposed to what? Being stuck out in space?”

The northern hanger of Habitat 34 was abustle with its usual monotonous activity. Workers moved mechanically back and forth, loading and unloading cargo ships either by hand or via mobile worker. Large supply crates and barrels polluted the hanger, creating small towers and piles dotted about the edges of the large open room. Mining drop vessels and other ships meanwhile sat in drydock, eyed by those in the control tower in the ceiling who had nothing better to do but drink cheap synthetic coffee and write up citations for improper ship docking angles.

All the while two ZIMS-01 Redcoats stood, their backs to one of the three doors that allowed entrance to to the hanger itself.

“I mean this bullshit guard duty." One of the pilots, and impatient Munifex, elaborated.

"How many of the others got sent up to Annona to provide extra security? They're up there right now guarding the royal family, the people who control mars, who control the whole Empire. Meanwhile we're stuck guarding this crowded shitbox."

"You were the one who suggested we sign up for the Garrison. What did you think we were going to be doing?" His partner, another far calmer Munifex, responded. His own boredom prevented him from simply staying silent or chiding his teammate into speaking more properly.

“I thought we were going to be fighting! Putting down deviants, stopping plots against Mars, preserving the peace and making a name for ourselves. Not babysitting a bunch of fog breathing, cancer laden retards.”

“It's necessary work.” The patient Munifex replied and the other rolled his eyes inside his cockpit.

“Yeah so is jacking off farm animals up on Luna. But that doesn't mean I want to waste my life doing it. I wish I had been old enough to join up during the Rebirth. I'd give anything for another one of those to happen."

"Don't let any of the officers hear you say that." The patient one said sternly, but his friend continued.

"Yeah, like they're ones to talk. Most of them only have their ranks because of what they got to do when pirates were everywhere. How the hell are we supposed to make our way up in the military if we aren't given anything of meaning to do? Its like--"


Both men stopped. The noise, a dull metallic impact, sounded out. It turned several heads in the hanger and immediately left the two garrison soldiers on edge.

“What the hell was that?” The impatient one asked, raising his Redcoat's 120mm rifle and eyeing the hanger.


The patient Munifex narrowed his eyes, sharpening his senses before turning his Redcoat around to face the large closed door behind them.

"It came from the entrance door." He replied and his comrade's Redcoat walked over.

"Is it stuck?"


"No. Its coming from the other side."


"Why the hell is someone knocking on the door if its not broken? Are these god damn Venusians too stupid to open doors now? Is that what my job has become, opening doors for them?" The impatient Munifex groaned.

"Is anyone supposed to be coming here at this time?" The patient one asked.

"Its a hanger. It could be anyone, workers, miners or--"


"Oh for fuck sake--Just open the door! We have enough of an excuse to beat whoever's on the other side of it until they piss blood, so let's cut the bullshit."

The patient Munifex walked his Redcoat over to the side of the door. Reaching out an arm his mobile suit grabbed and turned a large emergency opening mechanism, able to be used by mobile suits or workers. A sharp pneumatic hiss filled the air as the large liten door shuddered and split. Standing in front of the door the impatient Munifex lowered his rifle as he watched the door slowly separated and produced a growing slit through which to see through to the other side.

"You better have a good reason for-"

A deafening crack rang out.

Electrically propelled buckshot ripped through the Redcoat's torso, exploding out the back with a fanfare of shrapnel and the sound of retching metal. The patient Munifex spun just in time to see his partner's mobile suit thrown backwards and crash onto its back, smoke and sparks erupting from the dozens of holes punched into the front of the suit. His blood turned to ice as he caught a glimpse of the cause, a double-barreled gun sticking through the ever widening opening in the door.

As the gun pulled backwards the Munifex moved.

Throwing his Redcoat to the side he skidded his mobile suit across the floor, a screeching noise filling the air as metal soles ground against nanocarbon flooring.

LEWIN raised the Munifex fired from the hip, unloading 120mm rounds in full auto through the door as it began to open all the way. He didn't hesitate, he simply buried his finger in the trigger as his weapon roared to life and began vomiting spent casings across the hanger floor. Only after a few seconds of firing did he realize there was nothing on the other side of the door.

Prying his finger from the trigger, heat rising from his machinegun, the Munifex stepped back and watched the doorway carefully as iut continued to open. He kept his eyes fixed on the screen looking for any movement, listening for any sound-

Suddenly a bright orange color filled his left monitor.

The Munifex's Redcoat spun, but it was already too late.

The speeding orange hulk of construction equipment slammed shoulder first into it. Picked up off its feet the Redcoat was carried several meter's before it was slammed back first into a wall.

Inside his cockpit the Munifex was thrown forward from the impact, cockpit monitors cracking as the cockpit walls buckled inwards from the torso of the Redcoat collapsing in on itself.

Blood poured from a gash in the pilot's head, adrenaline screaming through his veins as he fought to control himself. The munifed looked up and stared through half-shattered, static plagued monitors as a Scutson pulled its spike laden shoulder out of the Redcoat's chest. For a brief moment the mono-eye of the Scutson seemed to be staring at him. It was only then did he see the teeth. Crudely drawn, the Scutson had a horrid design of a dog's own snarling mouth painted across the front of it. Staring at it from the front, through the nearly destroyed screen, almost made it seem like the Scutson had its own blood hungry maw.

The Munifex remained so transfixed on the image he didn't heard the metallic 'clunk' as the Scutson pressed its SMG against the cockpit door.

A spray of 75mm shells and the Redcoat spasmed, collapsing to the floor as fluids and oils poured from its crushed torso.

Standing over the destroyed Redcoat the Scutson looked down, Laika looking through her own monitor at what she had done.

And she smiled.

Whatever feelings came from the pilot couldn't measure up to the feelings that flooded her body. The sense of safety. The sense of power. The addictive rush as she watched them fall. Laika had almost forgot what it felt like. Almost.

Across the hanger workers and Garrison foot soldiers alike could only stand and stare at the scene before them. Slowly they began to stir as a jet black and blood red painted mobile suit marched through the fully-opened hanger entrance.

Snapping its double-barreled MAG shotgun closed with a flick of its wrist, Cathrida raised her Turncoat's weapon to the ceiling and fired. With minimal charge the shot did nothing to the ceiling, but still produced a high pitched audible 'bang' as the electrically propelled shot flew from the barrel.

"If any of you wish to die a painful death, by all means stay in this hanger." Cathrida warned, her voice booming over the internal speakers of her mobile suit.

Only a few seconds of silence followed before the hanger exploded into a panic. Workers and soldiers alike bolting in a wild panic towards the nearest exit. None of the Zern troops had any illusions of fighting the two mobile weapons on foot and many chose to fleet outright, knocking down workers as they retreated out of line of sight of the mobile suits. A handful of soldiers however stayed together and ran towards a nearby comms panel.

One soldier practically barreled into it, throwing it open, ripping the transmitter off the hook, and typing in landline code so fast he swore he broke one of his fingers.

Digging the transmitter into his face he heard a soft 'beep' as he was connected. He didn't give the person on the other end of the line a chance to speak as he shouted.

"Command! Command do you read me? We need immediate reinforcements in the north hanger! We have armed intruders in mobile weapons, they are heavily armed and-"

The foot soldier stopped as a shadow was cast over him. He began to look over his shoulder just as the sound of a gun spinning up reached his ears.


A three second burst of 30mm rounds decorated the wall in gore and holes where the land-line comm panel had been moments before. Laika took her finger of the trigger, her heart beating steadily as she turned to Cathrida's Turncoat.

"He called for backup." Laika announced, not even trying to sound concerned.

"Good. I want them to feel what's coming. How many mobile suits does the garrison on this habitat have?"

"Twelve I think. Including these too." Laika pointed to the destroyed Redcoats laying on the ground and Cathrida felt a brief rush from hearing the number.

"That makes ten. Half of them are probably Redcoats. We need to get the hanger doors open and secure the ship. They'll arrive here before we can, but that just makes this that much more fun."

Moving her Turncoat forward Cathrida was unable to hide hints of her own delightment in her tone. Laika stuck close to the hanger entrance, weapons at the ready, practically bouncing up and down in her pilot seat...


The sleepy garrison aboard Habitat 34 erupted into activity as soon as the message was received and reports began to flood in from those who left the hanger. Half-dressed soldiers dropped out of bunks, scrambling to dress themselves as foot soldiers armed up and began to pile into transports. Hangers filled with mechanics as Redcoats and Tommy's were quickly armed with whatever was on hand. All the while the Garrison commander argued with the other officers, practically entering a shouting match with them over weather or not to send a message to Annona.

As politics entered the play, the mobile suits began to leave the hanger. One, then two, then ten. Claxxons were set off and alarms blared to worn the citizenry to leave the streets as the Zern Mobile suit forces thundered forth. Redcoats and Tommy's ran shoulder to shoulder, boosting down the two lane streets as they blitzed towards their destination. Little attention was paid to the streets below their feet, anyone with any sense of survival had long since cleared the way.

It wasn't long before the hanger came into visual range and the Zern MS slowed. They began to split up, intent on breaching the hanger from all three entryways at once. Weapons at the ready a group of four mobile suits made their approach towards the open central door of the hanger as two teams of three MS each came in from the east and western doors...

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