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hm I am not sure I know anyone who can
Allisara sighed watching Soo tek and her mom before looking at her father "I couldn't rest even if I tried..."she muttered speaking the truth. Her worry was going to keep her up for who knows how long. "Just please... keep me informed"she asked before heading to her room to maybe try resting
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"Mom! You know more then anyone else here. What happened to father? Who or what did this? is he alright?"asked Allisara watching her mom as she moved away shaking her head "I'm not leaving till someone tells me what happened to Father. I dont want to leave till I know for a fact he is alright"she said Refusing to leave, putting her foot down on this
Allisara got lost in thought before hearing a commotion seeing the monk finally return with a body on the back of her horse as she gasped knowing exactly who it was. "Father!"she gasped straightening up before running out of her room and down the halls, trying to figure where exactly they rushed him off to. It took her a few mintues and a few directions of some guards before she arrived looking at the group in shock "Father! What happened to him? Is he going to be okay?"she asked in shock moving over to his side, "Father"she said
Allisara watched the landscape fr her window deciding against leaving the Castle against her mother's wishes. She knew it was dangerous beyond the palace walls and aonstrr in sheep's clothing was taking his time waiting to collect what he wanted. Allisara sighed watching the gates awaiting for her parents return.
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Allisara sighed, knowing she has never been able to convince her mother of much of anything, which in her preceptive was annoying but she knew it was necessary. "Fine.."She muttered in defeat "just be safe and come back soon"she added softly before turning away on her heels back into the castle
"But then what is the point of learning any of this slef denfese in the various arts and tutors you both want me to learn. I can learn to my hearts content but if I can't actually use any of it then what is the point. and I-I dont want anything to happen to you or father.Please. I'll stay out of the way and with the guards."She said wanting to go even though she knew her mother was saying now out of pure love and care for her own safety
Allisara looked down and to the left in thought "then...Let me go with you...I can fight, I can help just like the guards and you."she said hoping to come along as much as she felt better to stay, she just didnt want to risk losing both parents for the simple fact, she was no where near ready to run a kingdom. Sure she had been taught some here and there with her various tutors but she wasnt confident in any of her ability to rule over anyone who would actually listen to her
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