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Ryu looked at Fennekin before looking back at his opponent seeing the gift Ellyn got was a...Floating wad of cream.

He dug in his bag pulling out his pokedex, deciding that if anything it was good data to have at the least. He was surprised to see that it was a Fairy-Type pokemon but knew this might give him an advantage is it only knew moves of that type, since Fire was resistant to Fairy. But with their pokemon being such low level, it seemed unlikely that it would only know Fairy-type moves. Tackle or scratch were more likely.

"Alright here go, Finneikin! Dodge then use Ember!"He said as Fennekin nodded in agreement jumping out of the way at the last second before taking a deep breath and unleashing a cloud of hot embers at Milcery

Ryu was so happy to seen Fennekin, he almost missed what Jacques and Professor Kalmia said to him in regards to him having a battle with a rival trainer that Jacques had scouted out. While he pondered whether or not he felt like having a battle, Jacques got a call and soon left on the back of an Aerodactyl. Ryu couldn't help but stare at the prehistoric pokemon as it flew off. He had read plenty about it in his books but had never seen one in person before, not even at his mother's pokemon clinic. It wasn't until Fennekin playfully nibbled on one of his fingers to get his attention that he did turn back to the tiny fox with a smile.

Maybe about an hour later, Ryu's rival finally did arrive on the back of a Skarmory. She was a girl, probably a few years older than himself, with dark... Teal hair? The color was hard to describe. Kalmia told him the girl's name was Ellyn and the girl... did nothing to confirm this, instead instantly demanding cake as soon as her feet were on the ground. This... greatly confused Ryu. Was this girl really supposed to be his rival? Or was she actually here just to get some sweets and be off?

Thankfully, she answered his question herself, asking if there was a 'newcomer that needed someone to battle'. Assuming this was him, Ryu went to approach, only to be buffeted by air as Jacques returned with his Aerodactyl. He once again stared at the ancient pokemon until Fennekin nibbled on his leg, snapping his back to reality as he approached Ellyn to speak to her.

"I am guessing I am the one you are to battle. The name is Ryu and this is my partner feenekin. This is my first battle of sorts."He spoke to Ellyn before looking at fennekin, only to get a nod from his partner before Feenekin moved forward standing in front of Ryu facing Ellyn.

Ryu heard faint quick-moving muffled footsteps getting a bit louder towards the door as instinct told him to do one logical thing. Move the hell out of the way. He dashed to the side, tripping on a shoelace in the process falling face-first into some bushes as the door was slammed open from someone. "Ouch..."He groaned getting himself free from the bush rubbing his face before patting himself down to make sure nothing else was hurting along with making sure he had everything he came with. As much as he wanted to yell at the trainer that came out like the building was on fire. He decided against it. He wasn't here to start making enemies. No, He was here for the pokemon he actually considered a friend.

He dusted himself off while fixing his hair to try looking somewhat presentable before seeing Professor Kalmia at the entrance seeing everything "uh right...Mom sent me saying someone was here for me." he spoke moving after her into the lab He was amazed to see how the lab looked and it was so lively with other trainers, research books of who knows and tons of pokemon. he was trying to wrap his head around it all before hearing Professor Kalmia introduce him to everyone else "Uh hi, I'm Ryu VanIsis, Nice to meet you."He said to them giving an uncertain wave. he watched and took in the information best he knew how. just staying quiet and soak in the information his ears and eyes saw and heard. he accepted the items the professor gave him as well looking at them while his ears listened "NO I am sure I got all of that."He spoke putting the items away before seeing her handing him a rolled ball. He was hoping that the thing inside was who he hoped it was.

"Alright, I hope I know how to do this." He said crouching down on the balls of his feet before he opened the Pokeball to see the creature forming in front of him. A smile grew on his face to see the familiar figure of Fennekin in front of him. The Fox like pokemon UNcurled itself from its rest position stretching before sitting up scratching its ear with a hind leg "Fennekin...I am happy to see you again."He spoke as it took a few blinks from the fox before it immediately got up jumping at him nuzzling and licking his face in delight. Ryu fell back on to his but letting out a laugh "I know I know...I missed you too."He said happily.
yep that is the plan just making sure i got all the key points and event times down so my post hits all it needs to should have it up by tomrrow at the latest i have a double in an hour to do at work XD

A bored sigh escaped from the lips of a Chesnut haired teen in his early years. He looked out the window blinking slowly seeing the plane finally descending to the city he set out to be in. He lifted his left hand to see the note his mother decided to write on the bookmark size piece of paper. "I'm coming Fennekin." He spoke to himself hearing the announcement of reaching the airport and the shaking of the cabin. He always hated the takeoff and landing of planes. So off-putting. He looked around before getting up with the rest of the passengers grabbing his one bag of items his mother said he would need. He looked through it double-checking the contents of the bag to not only make sure everything was there but to grab the map that his mom marked on to show the path he needed to go to make sure he gets to the pokemon lab sometime in the next couple of years to reunite with an old friend.

He followed the other passengers off the plane and out of the airport taking in a deep breath "I am finally here... Time to find Professor Kalima's lab and Hopefully see Fennekin again...Mom said she would send word ahead of my arrival to the Professor." He said talking out loud to himself doing what he often did finding actually conversation hard unless it was to be 'that guy' that had the most common sense to tell you to your face how stupid talking tends to be.

Ryu did not have as much trouble as he originally thought finding his way around Purplain city,taking about 10 to maybe 20 mintues to find Kalima's Pokemon lab. He looked up from the map to see an odd front lawn of someone on their bike and the interesting lawncare of obvious traces of someone before had used rollout on the lawn. He could tell that atleast hopefully that someone triee to actually clean up the damage done, not exactly a professional clean up but a alright try in his book.

Ryu folded up his map placing it back into his pack before taking a deep breath. He was horrible with introductions or conversations in general. He mumbled encouragement and calming quote and ways of how to speak properly to Kamila. He was here for Fennekin and that was it. He just needed to not seem rude or self entitled "Mom, I hope you know what your doing sending me here."He said to himself finally taking the steps needed to move from the beginning of the sidewalk to the door of the lab. He stopped at the door staring at it for a few seconds before lifting his hand knocking three times before waiting patiently just hoping someone was there.
Yeah I will be fine I took so long due to alot of Irl stuff that happened within a span of 3 to 4 months that really tossed me in a loop of depression and silence but everything is fine now and I will not have any problems getting a post up by tomorrow night at the latest.
Trainer Name: Ryu Vanisis

Age: 13
Gender: male
Personality: Ryu is what many would call a textbook introvert and an intellectual. He tends to shrug off the idea of interacting with and befriending others in favor of burying his nose in a book and getting lost within it's pages. This has resulted in him being a virtual well of knowledge on a variety of subjects. The downside to this is that he somewhat lacks in social graces, being a bit awkward and sometimes a little too forward with his thoughts. This is not helped by his habit of holding his emotions back, often coming across as lacking them and as a result, he often speaks in a flat monotone.

Despite this quiet persona, Ryu does indeed possess emotions and when they come forth, they come forth with the force of a volcano. This is an apt description due to the fact that the emotion that comes through most easily is rage. When this rage burst forth, Ryu loses his entire outer persona and becomes a veritable maelstrom of other emotions, with rage taking the forefront and letting his express the others more easily. That being said, other emotions can take the forefront, it's just that rage is the easiest to express and get out of the boy.

Hometown: Lumiose City

Background: Born in what could be called the capital of the Kalos region, Lumiose City itself. The son of Aura Vanisis, a local pokemon doctor, and Raiden Vanisis, a famous and popular politician, Ryu was born into a life of wealth and surrounded by pokemon, as many came to his mother for more personal care that what the average pokemon center could give. Meanwhile, his older sister Rose was a trainer and therefore largely absent from his life, as her travels took her Arceus knew where. With a pair of caring and supportive parents, Ryu was poised to obtain anything he wanted to get in the world.

However, there was always something off about the young boy. From an early age, Ryu seemed to be rather apathetic to everything around him. He rarely reacted in an emotional manner that would be expected of a child his age. If you tried to scare him, he rarely did so. He never got sad or upset at things would might easily disturb others his age. This in turn made him an outcast among his peers and many who where in charge of him where also similarly disturbed but handled it better, especially if interacting with him was a part of their jobs.

Probably the closest thing to emotion that Ryu showed was a love for books and knowledge. He always had his nose in a book during his free time, usually about some subject matter that interested him, from mathematics to science to, of course, pokemon. As a result, Ryu became a wealth of knowledge, being the top student in his class and getting accolades in academics left and right.

However, there was something he sought but could not find. He was searching for something he didn't understand but didn't quite know what he was looking for. It was frustrating and he looked into every book he could find that might be a lead, but found nothing. Where he found his answer though, was from a source he didn't expect. One day, while helping his mother look after the pokemon brought into her office, Professor Sycamore came in with an injured Fennekin. Upon seeing the injured little fox Ryu... felt something. It was something he was unfamiliar with and before he knew it, he was holding the pokemon in his arms, trying to comfort it while it shook in his arms. He was very confused as to why he took these actions without thinking it through as he usually did but also curious about the emotion he was feeling, as he so rarely felt them.

His parents, seeing this and a chance to help their son grow, hatched a plan behind Ryu's back with the help of Professor Sycamore. About a week ago, about a month after the Professor had taken Fennekin back to his lab after it had recovered, they proposed that Ryu go and assist a Professor from a different region and aid them in a task that the Professor was recruiting for. With the temptation of new knowledge, as Ryu indeed knew little of the Isson region, the young boy was soon on a plane flying towards the region. And unbeknownst to him, a familiar face was waiting for him there, ready to help him grow in ways he had yet to.

Kind of Pokémon you like: FIre Psychic

Items: 1x Potion. You'll obtain more over time.
Pokédollars: 500p. You'll obtain more over time.

Pokémon Name: Fennekin
Gender: ♂
Type: Fire
Personality: Fennekin tends to be more of a hyper activate child that love cuddles and twigs
Level: 5
Moves: Ember, scratch, tail whip
Ability: Blaze - when hp is low it increases the power of fire type moves
Held Item: n/a
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