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The Caster felt a tinge of annoyance as the barbarian princess once again foiled her plan to watch the Servants in the name of her amusement. Admittedly she haven't felt such amount of annoyance since people started praising the goddess instead of her for her talents.

She wanted her to show her face? Fine she will, she wanted to punch that face of hers for killing her childr- familiars.

She retrieved her tapestries from her Master and began marching out of the building. "No promises." she yelled in the niche case that she is forced to fight.

Manifesting her threads she began swinging her way around the town, heading towards the parking lot where the upcoming brawl.

The information that the Saber is teasing, she should try to learn what it is about. It will be too late for her to hear about it but if she played cards right, she might be able to make that rouge servant spill her the secret.

But enough plotting, it would be useless if she failed to arrive to the fight in the first place.
Well I'm interested...
Akira Yuzuki

Location: 1B Common Dorms
Interacting with: @BlackMaiden @Urizen

When Akira and a student from Class 1A cross paths, there are three possible outcomes. The first one is petty bullying that some bigots tried on him, a one-sided fight made him wonder how they got to Eirei in the first place. The second one is mutual respect that he shared with Mei and eventually extended to some of their members, it was thanks to her that he had seen that not all 1A are snobs who never touched dirt.

Unfortunately she also ruined instant coffee on him and he still can’t believe he liked that garbage.

Then there’s the third one, one that he reserved to the Princess Knight of Class 1A when she ambushed him over an outright falsehood. It still remained when she tore into his group at the exercises, he barely lasted a minute stalling her.

It took him a while to find the correct words but he eventually found it.

The Princess Knight needs to learn how to chill, let that silly side of her out more!

“What th–!” he nearly jumped out of his chair as Erza appeared at his back. “You could just pop up normally, you know,” he complained, although there is some relief in his voice.

“I know but this is way better.” Erza replied as she took a seat to talk with Amara, Erza had friends at her class that was a welcome surprise, she’s not the all serious sword of Damocles that Mei insists she is.

“I wonder which one was lower, my conversation skills or your pain tolerance?” he tried to continue the joke.

Although the representative can’t help but notice small details. There are small creases on her clothes, small beads of sweat on her forehead, something that a visiting person won’t have, especially considering the distance between 1A and 1B dorms.

Her arms in particular, she winces when she moves it in a wide angle.

Without warning, Akira grabbed Himikishi’s arm revealing her bruised arm. Not just a single bruise but multiple small ones.

Erza responded by pulling her arm away and glaring at Akira, for his part the representative of Class B stepped back.

“I’ll get the medkit, don’t go away.” he called as he walked away leaving Erza to Amira's capable hands.

The Princess Knight looked away pissed at her wounds being laid open.

“It would heal on its own.”

Let it be known, that despite her veil of invulnerability being shattered by Akira’s upset, Erza Himikishi is still the strongest freshman around for a reason.

An ambush, losing access to her sword due to the intense fight and being outnumbered one to five is not enough to beat her.

Not even close.
Akira Yuzuki

Location: Akira/Himura’s room → 1b Common Dorms
Interacting with: @BlackMaiden

‘She’s not insisting for me to use her surname? It was weird for a former Class 1A or people in general,’ Akira noted as he listened to his they make their way to the common rooms. He was about to set the whiteboard when he received a message…

There was a moment of silence before Akira spoke. “It appears everyone decided to do the entire election virtually.” he spoke as began making a poll and voted his picks on it. “And some of our classmates are already out of the dorms, I apologize for the waste of time.” he continued as he took a seat.

“We can get these back later.” he decided as he offered her to do the same.

“Since this might probably be my last day as a representative might as well give a warning.” he coughs a little before setting his tone too serious.

“Class 1B is a disaster created by a calamity of personalities and a series of unfortunate events that left us missing a long term teacher. If we are a car then I dare say that duct tape and prayer kept us somehow running.”

“What I mean is prepare yourself, your new class is going to be a riot.”

Unbeknownst to the trio of servants and one master who recently arrived, they are being watched, not by a sneaking Assassin looking for a prey to slay but an intrigued Caster waiting to see how the situation will unfold through the eyes of her spider.

“They just shouted their names for everyone to hear.” she commented with a look of disbelief as she watched the barbarian princess enter the fray.

“Emperor Constantine the IX and Jan Sobieski, not the strongest of servants but they definitely deserve their position.” she commented as she looked at the rogue servant, a chance to gain an ally is an opportunity they should take.

“We should intervene, Master, this might be your only chance to get a second servant.” she decided as she approached the loom.

“But not before taking advantage of their oversight.” she said she began weaving a tapestry.

Names rarely if ever was chosen, it is something that someone picked for you. Yet it will follow you and your deeds will be labeled with it. A servant with her name known would be like an open book but with Arachne here, it is also a pathway to face their most shameful moments.

Yes with the power of her Noble Phantasm and knowledge of the names of two servants, she began making a tapestry one that can be said equal to her masterpiece torn by Athena.

“Ταπισερί Αράχνης”

"Tapiserí Aráchnis"

For the rogue Shielder, was the story of a glorious empire ruled by monarchs both good and bad. An empire that is on its final legs yet still trying to live.

And who destroyed that wish, who destroyed that hope?

That’s right, stupid, moronic Emperor Constantine the IX did, if only he was a better statesman, a better warrior or a better leader his kingdom would still be standing to this day.

And he had the gall to come back? Go away you useless piece of shit.

For the stalwart Rider was tribute to his deeds, as a warrior and as a king he fought valiantly and became the shield of their nation she cannot deny that. She could speak of his missteps but his deeds had made it justified.

So she’s only going to ask, why did you leave your wife alone, in a court that hates her?

Why was it that when there’s no more battles to fight, he chose to just lay himself down and die? She thought he was a faithful man?

So much for a faithful husband.

With her pair of tapestries done, she turned to her master and had her spiders make her more strings for the upcoming battle.

“That was enough preparation, I hope you have formulated a course of action now.” she spoke between ragged breaths.

Using her Noble Phantasm, twice in the row took some wind off her sails.

@Randomguy @Letter Bee @GubGar @Double D

Location:Diamond Island Convention and Exhibition Center, The City of Phnom Penh

Cristina rarely finds herself flatfooted, she might have been a scaredy cat when she was younger but years of diving into danger and violence had hardened her nerves. Even the close calls she got while working for Obsidian barely fazed her most of the time.

So it felt so weird that a pair of news managed to make her jaw drop.

The Hero of ASEAN is dead, which was huge news. Even if she wasn’t the master of diplomacy she knows how it might change or even upset the dynamics of the talks occurring right now. This might even mean the war won’t be over yet.

If only he lasted at least a week more, they might have the treaty.

Then there’s this pair of siblings who decided that the battlefield is their damn playground. She appreciated and the country definitely appreciated the help but had they thought of what would happen if they died here? Is the potential money and fame worth rejecting their privileges and actual risk to their lives?

She hopes to never meet any of them.

After taking a few breaths to calm herself, Cristina returned to watching everyone from the balcony. It wasn’t her job but it was better than doing nothing and exchanging pleasantries that meant nothing.

And she was thankful that she did because otherwise she won’t see Callie running and teleporting around the place. She couldn’t see what exactly was happening but she knew enough to know that something was happening.

And if something is happening, it is also happening elsewhere.

Activating her Mirage Space to herself, she began looking for anything out of place around the building. She hopes Callie can deal with what she found.

And she will deal with what she finds.

Hopefully it will be enough.

Caster assessed her situation, an unknown servant barging for a fight in the early days of the war? One she doesn't have any knowledge of and one is being observed by the other parties. The correct move here is to observe see which way will the wind blow.

And yet there is something about going for an offensive that entice her. The idea of testing herself to the warriors of human history seems appealing. Can she survive facing one? Can she prevail against one?

She wants to know.

"We'll take our time before attacking him, preferably when someone else would his challenge."
Akira Yuzuki

Location: Akira/Himura’s room

Hearing what the actual nature of the blaze he found the class was in, Akira found himself having two feelings about it. The first one is relief, it seems no one is getting expelled nor their teacher has gone insane. The second one was exasperation, did Eirei decide to use his classmates as bait for a trap? It worked yes but still what the hell!

There’s also the lingering issue of they still don’t have a goddamn advisor! The last few weeks before the Sports Festival nearly made him tear his hair out for god's sake!

That was enough whining, time to do his job elect new class representatives? That was easy enough, protocol dictates that he would preside over the process as his last duty. He was pretty sure that he would be reelected once again.

The problem is who would hold the position for female class representative, Jun is the choice if they go by electing the best performing student logic but Mia despite her grumpy exterior is actually not afraid to speak up when the chips are down. Even if he got an earful from the American herself, he actually finds her a more delightful option. She would definitely liven up the weekly representatives meeting.

He can live with either though.

Dragging his whiteboard to the common rooms he began to wait for everyone, only to see a new face just outside the door.

“You must be our new classmate, Miss Amaya Himura right? What perfect timing, I need some help getting this whiteboard down. We have a meeting in fifteen minutes and you can use it as a chance to introduce yourself before we start.”

Before Amaya could speak though, he began speaking again.

“Oh where are my manners, name is Akira Yuzuki, your new roommate.” he quickly added as he began carrying the stands for the whiteboard, leaving the whiteboard itself for Amaya to handle.

The room itself was minimally decorated, there was a cabinet and a laptop on a study desk but nothing much to show personal taste.

Aside from a photo on a study desk, it shows an Akira showing his accepted envelope in the middle while a bunch of well dressed men and women showed their biggest grins. Some of them are covered in sweat, one of them was holding a young girl who stood beside Akira.

Written below are the words.

“Streetlight Agency, protecting and helping since the century began.”

Akira Yuzuki

Location: On the way to Class B

"You're Asagumo-san right? I hope you will have a good time working with us." Akira replied as they make their way back to their classroom while doing some stretches, his body felt brand new as expected of someone of Chisaki sensei's reputation. "Just tell me what I can do to make you more comfortable."

Admittedly there wasn't much he can as most of the restrictions placed are to tame the storm that is basically half of Class B being their class representative is like holding a leash on dogs running at entirely different directions.

Based on how Yaoyoruzu and Asagumo are acting though something must be happening in his class, he wouldn't ask them what but it seems he would be doing his job as a class representative immediately.

But everything should be fine, right?

A shocked and scandalized Yuzuki passed through the Class 2B marching towards their detention; or at the very least what was left of them. This is not a normal Class 1B mess, this is something greater, and too damn soon.

He marched back to the classroom, violently slamming the door in hopes that it would gather everyone's attention and stop whatever insanity is happening right now. He entered the room like an unexpected arbiter barging into a den of thieves as he approached the one who is supposed to do that job and whoever this fellow schoolmate that he probably passed by one or two times.

"I got knocked out for a few hours when and I return I found half of the class marching to detention and the other half basically missing." he started in an unerringly calm voice. "For an entire semester despite their flaws I had never seen this class serve such punishment nor do something remotely deserving of such punishment." he further defended to his supposed professor.

"But my mother taught me to not jump the gun so everyone has one chance... he gestured not only to the teachers but also to the curious onlookers.


"Just a proof of concept, you would be surprised on how much information can aid you." Caster tried to defend although it is clear that the thought never crossed her mind. If she wants to win this war, she needs to get out of her mentality as a weaver.

She would still defend that the clothes will be useful especially against particularly brave Master or the weaker of the servants.

Regardless it is time to time create her territory, she mentally commanded the spiders she ordered to stay around. At her command their webs become strings that serve as the extension of her will, she made sure that they don't have any onlookers before activating her Noble Phantasm.

For a moment the world felt small for Samira as Arachne spread out her stringswebs around the place, the spiders her children joined in the making of her mural nest. Her weaving building took minutes before she was satisfied and turned off her Noble Phantasm.

From a normal person's perspective, nothing had changed. The walls, the ground and the floor looked the same albeit a certain of sense of dread can't be felt. A magus eye will show something else.

Countless strings of mana were found basically everywhere, existing and not existing by the choice of Caster herself. This is not a workshop.

This is the nest of a spider masquerading as one.

Beating at the center was a loom where all the threads are connected where Caster can alter her territory at her command.

"They found my familiar." The weaver spoke as if she was talking about weather, it seemed the holy man or the princess had observation talents better than she thought.

Fortunately for the two she had other concerns right now.

"A servant was heading dangerously close to our territory, it seemed that he was picking a fight." she declared as she commanded her familiar to discreetly follow. "What are your commands?" she asked as she stretched her limbs, her body language slightly changed.

She doesn't feel like a spoiled fashion princess right now.

She felt like a spider, patiently waiting for someone to fall to the webs she just made.
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