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Welp apparently discord servers are having some pretty bad Latency issues.
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Well I just got my mitts on the Links Awakening remake. Excus eme while I disappear for a weak while I relive my childhood
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Migraine killed me today. Posts tomorrow.
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welp I start my twevlve hour night shifts in three hours. Chances of my lazy ass dying from over work? about 90%
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New job orientation today. Replies likely to be held until tomorrow or thursday.
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Hello! Welcome to my little bio. Don't mind the sand.

Not much to say, really. Just a directionless human with no idea of their place in life. Role playing preferences are any variation of fantasy usually. Not so much into super hardcore realism or super dark stuff, and prefer story over silly mechanics or hardcore rules in games.

Well, that's about it I guess! Nothing else here but us medjed.

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gdi another one how even did I make something this popular

Sure, I can add ya. You may be waiting awhile at this point, though.

As you have yet to even contact me, I am unfortunately pulling you from the active players list and giving someone else your spot in the RP

As for everyone else!

@Click This Will be taking their place, so get your CS up soon if ya don't mind! You shouldn't have missed much, I don't think so just reading the posts from the last round should be enough I think.

@Guy0fV4lor @Cu Chulainn @Crusader Lord, I'll be replacing Malm's character in narrative with hers.
Team Nippon
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Nobunaga reacted swiftly, the katana she had picked up from the ground feeling near perfect in her grip. The blade was swung with the precision and skill honed over a lifetime of battle and war. The bird made a maneuver with its beak, angling its head downwards. Was it trying to catch Nobu's blade on its beak? Regardless, the blade struck true, a loud clanking noise as the bird's beak met the blade at lethal speeds.

The bird gave a muffled squawk, the force of the blow sending it flying back and plummeting to the floor. The fowl gave a pitiful, hoarse squawk as it attempted to get itself airborne, but it was far too injured. A large gash had been cleaved into it from the bottom of its neck to its groin and was already quickly bleeding out. Judging from its now cracked beak, It had indeed, attempted to block the Katana with it, but if that was its natural defense mechanism, it simply didn't seem strong enough to stand up to a blade.

Seconds later it'd simply fall limp, its blood staining the floor.

Novak proved similarly lucky. Arming himself with a sword and chair, he attacked the second bird.

The chair flew with surprising precision, the bird not having much time to react as the chair slammed into it. It squawked in pain as it was knocked from its perch and into a wall, the fragile chair breaking into a few pieces. It tried to scramble to its feet, momentarily stunned and giving someone a good chance to easily finish it.

And here, they would be likely patting themselves on the back for slaying the monstrous fowl - only to quickly realize their victory may be short lived. The ground shook, like something heavy had been dropped on it. Again it did so at regular intervals, far too regular to be anything natural, and the thoughts of a 'guardian' the goddess mention might have surfaced. Did the cry of that bird attract it? It wasn't upon them yet, but they may need to deal with this bird unless they wanted to be discovered.

The Roma Mob

And so Isidore set their course of action.

The former mobster spun the chain in his right hand. The creature noticed him, a gurgling, sick-sounding growl escaping its withered vocal cords. In the next instant, it lunged, rather clumsily stabbing forwards with its sword on unsteady feet. Isidore's weapon flew forwards, striking the creature in its jaw and stopping it in its tracks as it was knocked backwards, the tip of the blade just barely grazing Isidore's cheek.

Its grip on the blade was surprisingly tight. Almost like its muscles had been locked into place around its grip. Yet, it didn't matter. Even if he couldn't disarm it, the creature could not withstand Isidore's assault.

His boot met the creatures knee in swift succession as he knocked the blade away, the sound of snapping bone as the abomination crumpled to the floor, helped by Isidore's hand forcefully slamming its face into the stone floor.

His boot soon followed, relentlessly stomping on it until the thing was well and truly dead with a final gurgle.

Perhaps he had done the poor thing a favor.

Should someone choose too -
Item received

Now that they had a moment to themselves, they could see up ahead they hallway they were in seemed to split off into several directions. At the end, an archway leading them out of this musty prison. Another hallway split off to their left, leading deeper into this complex.

As well, from how things sounded, more of those creatures were in cells up ahead. Perhaps they should simply leave and not poke the hornets nest, so to speak.

Team feet pics
@Cu Chulainn@Crusader Lord@Click This@Guy0fV4lor

As Donovan and Malphas had a little disagreement, Leannah instead chose to pick through the scattered weapons. Thankfully nothing seemed to jump her as she did so - the Goddess did say this place was relatively safe, after all, so hopefully aside from the guardian nothing was going to be too much of a problem to them. Once she settled on a weapon for herself and something for donovan, she'd head back. Thankfully the brief scuffle didn't seem to attract any unwanted attention.

If Malphas accepted the bow -
Item Received: Ancient Bow

If Donovan accepted the shield and warhammer -
Item Received: Ancient Shield & War hammer

As for Leannah -
Item received: Ancient Spear

Now that they had armed themselves, what would they do? They still had a fourth party on the third floor.

The Lonely Pixie


Item Received:
Well-kept Journal

The pixies wings strained under the weight of the book, but ultimately she was able to carry it. Thankfully it was a lightweight journal of some sort, at least seemingly. So along she went, flying out of the cell and into the hallway, careful to remain unseen by the others she had joined with. From the look of things, they seemed perfectly friendly...but since when had that ever helped Alice?

She just better hope the gift the goddess gave her made those things not hostile to her.

Down the corridor she moved. She was faintly aware of more noises and if she stopped to look in some cells, she would notice several more of those twisted creatures within. They seemed passive for the most part. The ones that weren't still shackled to the wall, simply huddled in corners of the cells, or were wandering aimlessly in whatever room they seemed to be in. In whatever case, she could pass them without issue, it seemed.

Eventually the corridor would end, a half destroyed doorway the only thing greeting her at the end. A large metal door with large iron bars and locks had been twisted on the hinges, the door laying almost in a crumpled heap yet still connected to the hinges. The wall itself it was connected too however, seemed to have been damaged - the only sign of wear and tear even noticeable on the smooth black stone the place was made of. It was difficult to tell what had done it, the best she could tell whatever happened, happened from the other side of this room.

The room itself was fairly small and circular in construction, the walls arcing upwards into a dome shaped ceiling. Taking a brief look around the room might have given her pause. In the center of the room was a large slab of rectangular stone raised roughly three feet from the ground. At its base, smooth grooves and more of those flowing carvings were etched into the stone, rising from its base to the edge of top layer. Worn leathers straps were scattered on the floor around it, with only a few still remaining attached.

The rest of the room was filled with cabinets, tables, and desks upon which set many glass containers. Most were filled with seemingly unknown liquids, some having been knocked over and spilled their contents. As she entered the room properly, her nose would involuntarily scrunch in discomfort. The room smelled an unpleasant mix of rancid and chemicals. The only source of light and ventilation was a few windows about halfway up, smaller than any human could get through but just the right size for a pixie to escape through - likely her only choice of exit.

There didn't seem to be anything of too much importance here, but maybe a brief look around the room might reveal something of note.
Now why someone would turn down perfectly good coin, Lei didn't know. Even if he was just here for information, money was money. Well, if he wasn't going to want his share then...she reached for her share of money, at the same time slowly using the racket Lei was making to palm the rangers share while Nanaya wasn't looking.

Now, why was Fera making that racket?

"...pfft, ahaha." Lei couldn't help but to laugh at the feral girls reaction to the alcohol. She walked over, giving Fera a friendly hug, holding her face fairly close to her chest as she vigorously rubbed her head. "Next time ask me before you go eating something." She'd have probably told her it tasted like strawberries or something for giggles anyways, but still. She released Fera from the hug and glanced back towards Gilgan.

"Ah, you know...Gilgan. Fera here may be able to track your daughter by scent. If you have something of hers, like an article of clothing or some such..." She glanced to Nanaya. "Coming with? Or going to head off like our mysteriously cloaked ranger friend?"

~Temporary Campsite~

Aha, success!

And a new skill, too. Focus sounded incredibly useful, though not for direct combat. For stealth attacks, perhaps, as well as if she could have someone taking the heat off her. More importantly though, she succeeded in creating another elemental spell. Not a major breakthrough by any means, but progress was progress. If only she could not have to worry about mundane needs like sleep, food, and fatigue. Hm.

Something to keep in mind for later.

Next was that presumed earth aligned spell she was working on.

Summoning magical energy back in her claws, Ash repeated the process she had before. Drawing the deep gold colored sparks in until they reached the same point she had before. Predictably, they reacted as they had before. Something didn't seem to be quite fitting right. The machinery as it were didn't fit together quite right. Should she simply try to brute force it? Perhaps there was something that could make them fit or move better, like some sort of oil, cooling agent or lubricant? Well, nothing to be done except to attempt it.

As the spell rested in one hand, Ash caused mana to flow into her other claw, attempting to use her claw to directly interfere with the geometric shapes. If she the grooves weren't fitting right and weren't simply sliding into place, then she'd have to manually fit them


Thankfully, it seemed like she was correct in thinking there didn't seem to be anything to worry about. The trees created a natural barrier too thick to see through and too difficult to even traverse unless she wanted to just try burning everything down. (Which, while fun, probably wouldn't be helpful.) The only concerning thing was how quiet it was. No animals. Nothing. Reminded her of the calm after some...experiments.

And then a scream.

Ah, there it was.

Zasada 'hurried' back. That is to say, she decided to simply walk at a leisurely pace. No sense in drawing attention to herself, though she did make a point to keep moving. Immediately, something was wrong - where had Longgui gone? She let the others explain before offering any input herself.

" something had snatched our dear friend within the blink of an eye - while no one was actually looking, hm?" The Ursus considered Wu's plans. It wasn't half bad, but common sense here would tell them to stay together...yet that didn't seem to have helped Longgui. "Normally its best to stick together, yes...but I don't think that would help us here, hm?" Zasada knelt next to Ibon, offering a canteen of alcohol. "It may not help, but it might. Come on, stand up we got to get moving. Be a big girl, eh?" It probably didn't sound like the sincerest of encouragements, but Zasada never sounded sincere in the first place. She was however, offering her the canteen of the goods which was just about as much of a sign of trust and friendship Zasada had ever given anyone.

Whatever had taken their comrade was able to do so in the middle of broad daylight, while they were together, and supposedly right under their noses. Which was fast. Precise - and deadly. So why hadn't it just killed all of them?

There were a few clues, but she wasn't willing to bet on any particular cause just yet.

"Rex, carry Blizzard and take point." Despite obviously a bit under the influence still, she hadn't lost the ability to make sound decisions. Probably. Might as well put that tactical training she had to use. She might not have the most conventional training at leadership out in the field, but she had led people before even if they had just been scientists or researchers. "Ibon, I want you to stay back with me." She would gently, but firmly grab the Liberi by her arm and attempt to pull her up. "Walk quickly, but carefully, and no resting until we get to Riventor."
"Unfortunately you're correct." Lei replied to the ranger, still wearing a smile though pulling her hand back with a small click of her tongue. "But I'd love to hear tales of this mysterious land over a mug of ale at some point. Maybe I can tell you a bit about this sordid den of scum we call Paladros at some point, hm?"

Electing to remain standing, Lei snatched up the chip before the others could get their hands on it.

The chip Gilgan presented them with was good for a lead if nothing else. While its overall appearance in and of itself didn't seem too interesting, a few subtleties on it was as much of a clue as any. It was made of cheap plywood, and the paint seemed to be the only thing keeping it together. The only thing that was a bit helpful, was that the spider image on it wasn't perfectly centered. It leaned somewhat towards the left side.

Well, that was of good as a lead as any. Now they just had to find where this came from.

"Well, that chip is as good of a lead as any." Lei mused quietly. "Most Drow gambling halls are in the deeper parts of eastern. Hard to tell which specific one this came from, though since spiders are a fairly common sight with the Drow. Biggest tell I can say is that the motif is a little to the left, instead of perfectly centered." Granted, there was the chance this was simply a one-off error in construction, but that was unlikely. "We could likely trace this chip back to a specific den and go from there...though, it might take some time. There would be a lot of dens to go through." She turned back to Gilgan. "Now, if you don't mind me asking, care to give a short description of your daughter?"

Thankfully for Fera, it seemed like Lei was more focused on the job at hand then wrangling in her roommate.
History Check: Meh, 11

Could be worse
I shall attempt getting up a post tonight or tomorrow morning
~Claire Blackwood~


Of course she'd have two more pokemon, too.

At least those two didn't seem quite as dangerous to deal with for now. The biggest boon was stopping Floette from getting close enough to heal Steelix. Now she just needed to take it down. Her pokemon were still in top shape, so this could easily be doable.

"Monferno, Larvitar! Same strategy! Another power-up punch and Screech on that Steelix." Larvitar bellowed another attack towards the large steel-type serpent, making sure he was hit with another heavy defense drop. Zeal hadn't moved very far from the rock snake On command he immediately rushed forwards again, following up with another power-up punch on the Steelix in hopes of getting it to faint this turn.

"Ralts, one more double team for good measure!" The horde of Ralia clones had gave a friendly salute, each pirouetting in unison as more clones popped into existence. She was still wary of her taking a steel-type attack from that Steelix. "Bronzor, Psywave on that Gyarados, Chikorita keep up distracting that Azumarill with Razorleaf! Combee...just keep doin' your thing."

"Brnzzzz!" With a cry of its own, Bronzor spun in place, summoning its psychic ability and unleashing a psychic wave towards that Gyarados. She was hoping she'd get a pretty high luck with that attack, but she was simply hoping to keep the Gyarados distracted while they took out Steelix. Pip happily hopped in place, standing as close as she could between Zeal and Azumarill, once again using Razorleaf to inflict damage.

Combee of course, just kept doing her own thing and launched a gust towards Floette, intending on keeping it from even getting anywhere near the two other pokemon.

She couldn't make a plan for the Servine or Bagon yet, not with having to focus on taking out the two biggest threats. It might not be an ideal strategy...ah wait.

"...hey you two with the Tauros and Bagon! Keep that Servine and Bagon off me!"
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