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Current I just can't. This is too much. Berserk was so influential on so many things that I love. Goodbye, Miura. You'll be missed by many.
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Migraines ew
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Welp apparently discord servers are having some pretty bad Latency issues.
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Well I just got my mitts on the Links Awakening remake. Excus eme while I disappear for a weak while I relive my childhood
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Migraine killed me today. Posts tomorrow.


Hello! Welcome to my little bio. Don't mind the sand.

Not much to say, really. Just a directionless human with no idea of their place in life. Role playing preferences are any variation of fantasy usually. Not so much into super hardcore realism or super dark stuff, and prefer story over silly mechanics or hardcore rules in games.

Well, that's about it I guess! Nothing else here but us medjed.

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Aluvera - City Streets

"Uhmu?" Kokoma would tilt her head quizzically, helping Sefira onto her mount. It was brief, but she was fairly certain she heard 'Sefira' mention another name. Takeyamat? No, that didn't make any sense. Takeyama? That was a better sounding name-

Wait. Oh. that's why this adorable girl was being all nervous.

"Pfft-" Kokoma held a hand over her mouth, stifling laughter. Oh that was great! This adorable little kid, ahaahah! Realistically something like that wouldn't be uncommon in mmo's and stuff, but it was probably still rather disorienting to just suddenly find yourself genderbent. Hmhm...well, she could say something, but where would the fun be in that for now? No, she'd wait a minute and catch her off guard when she least expected it. "Well, nice to meet ya 'Sefira'. Don't worry your cute little ears over anything, you're safe with me~"

Somehow, she'd probably get the feeling she was the opposite of safe.

"Alrighty! Lets go monster hunting! Yahooo~! Keep your legs inside the vehicle at all times, and your arms wrapped firmly around Kokoma's waist unless you wanna be knocked off~!" With a howl of excitement, her mount too would bound towards the outskirts of the city. While most of the monsters seemed to have been dealt with near the center, it'd probably be a good idea to make sure there was nothing left around the less traveled parts of the city.

Aluvera - City Streets

Kokoma would heft the spear over her shoulder, the banner tied to it waving gently as she would watch the harpies meet their demise. The blast of magical energy was quite impressive. So the little elf was a mage, huh? Kokoma would then walk up to the harpy, smiling in a fairly...overly friendly manner as she'd twirl the spear, and whack the harpy on the butt with the hilt of the spear.

"Go on, get outta here! Attack this place again and well...ehehe, I suppose having another harpy as my pet would be fun~" She might have under other circumstances, made an attempt to befriend or 'tame' the harpy, as it were, but for now she just wanted to figure out what was going on other than well...being attacked by monsters and what not. So after delivering that ultimatum to the harpy, the Shenke would turn back towards Sefira.

"Wah...heey, you're actually pretty awesome, huuuh~?" Kokoma would walk over to Sefira. "Dunno why you were so nervous." That just left what else to do now, though. She supposed she should go after the harpies, huh? Didn't want them to get away...well, luckily she could easily chase after them, couldn't she? "What'cha gonna do now?" Kokoma would ask as she'd watch the harpies flee. Lets see...normally in game 'calling' her mounts was done with just a skill, and the animation of a maybe if...

Whatever Sefira would respond with, Kokoma would put her hand to her lips, a sharp, high pitched whistle echoing through the area...a few seconds would pass, before one could hear the sound of...hoofbeats? Well, not really hooves, but it was close. From down the street, Sefira could perhaps see something a bit odd. More monsters? A large, horse like creature covered in tough, hard leathery skin and a rocky hide. Kokoma didn't seem too concerned as it'd run up, nearly knocking over Sefira as it'd run up to Kokoma and start nuzzling her.

"Wah-H-hey down boy! Ahaha, so you are here!" The monster would huff affirmatively. "Tatl and Teel doing alright?" Another huff of confirmation. "Great! Anyways," She'd hop onto the monsters back with a surprisingly swift motion. She would then, look down to Sefira with a grin and hold out a hand. "I can give ya a ride, but the fee is gonna be your name~"
Skill Seeker

@Crimson Paladin@VitaVitaAR

“Tch!” The hunter that had fired the arrow frowned as the shot missed. Indeed, it seemed they had been hoping for the element of surprise. The spear wielding hunter would act as predictably as Nobunaga had expected. He’d strike out with his spear, the blow deflected by the petite girls upwards strike.

It seemed like she was not the only one without tricks up their sleeves though.

Nobunaga’s blade would sever flesh from bone, cleanly cutting through the hunters right arm. He’d stumble back, seeming shocked but they were trained hunters and while they may not have had the skill perhaps as trained samurai, they still possessed a few tricks. His remaining hand would pull a small hunting knife from his belt, striking towards Nobunaga’s own arm, but her katana would soon strike out, severing his remaining fight regardless of whether she managed to block it or not.

“Nngh-ghh...” He’d grunt in pain, falling to his knees and soon to the ground. A swift, brutal execution...leaving only the Archer and the third hunter with fighting capably. He was still alive, for now, if he didn't die from blood loss any time soon.

Novak would watch this brutal display briefly. Nobunaga’s skilled movements, every muscle she’d move to make them. They were fairly simple strikes, but the technique involved was unquestioned, requiring both a trained hand and sharp mind. Time would seem to slow, momentarily, as he’d watch her movements against the hunter. Deflect. Upward Strike. seemed like he could easily replicate those movements now, after having seen this, and a few other people make similar movements.

This perhaps, reveal was certainly coming at a good time. The second hunter had decided to entirely ignore Nobuanga, making a beeline for Enli, only stopping when Novak had gotten in his path. The hunter would thrust the spear he was wielding forward.

The archer was perhaps, the most problematic person here. After seeing the first arrow miss, he’d move his attention to their real target - Enli. In the time Nobunaga had dispatched the first hunter, the archer was already knocking a second and seemed as though he was aiming towards the village Chief.


Thankfully no more ill fortune befell her, and it was a fairly calm walk back. The deer for now, seemed intent on following Misaki around. It would follow her from the place where she was picking bamboo, back to the treeline where the village was located. The deer would hesitate, slowing to a walk as Misaki would pass from forest to village. It’d take it a few moments...but eventually it seemed to work up the courage to follow her.

On her way back to lazhira’s house, she’d spot the girl leaving just a few second before she arrived. She didn’t seem particularly happy, judging from her facial expression but she didn’t say anything to Misaki unless spoken too first. She’d drop everything off just inside before she’d scurry off and find the tools to work with.

A knife would be easy - Lazhira had several for cooking and cutting, and would easily let her use those. Failing that she could likely just ask another villager to borrow one. They were still perfectly friendly and willing to help. A large piece of cloth was a bit more difficult to find, but Lazhira would let her have what seemed to be an old dress of hers. After a few modifications, it made for a fairly useful cloth. A container was easier - a large pot could be found in many places where food could be found.

Seeing her run around, the deer seemed to want to help more, but was unsure what Misaki was attempting to do so it would stand near the doorway, looking back and forth vaguely asking if it could ‘help’.

It seemed Lazhira would move from the front of the house to some distance away, closer to the sea. Seemed she wanted to be away from everyone else.

A little secret
@Click This@Crusader Lord

Food would be easy to make, if Narkissa or Leannah wished. Lazhira would indeed let them use anything she wished, though she seemed a bit put off, unsettled, or like she wished to be alone even if she did help. Her mind seemed to be elsewhere, thinking of other things in a fairly distracted manner. They may even find Misaki rummaging about for materials to attempt making something, but for now everything seemed...relatively calm. They were probably safe and welcome to rest here as long as they’d need too, especially Leannah. Narkissa would find she’d have plenty of time to read the book she picked up, or work on getting a wooden frame together. How well she’d to the latter though, remained to be seen.

A Traveler

The zombies were as relentless as one might have assumed of some undead creatures. Nicholas could at least, do a decent enough job of keeping himself from becoming zombie food. It seemed he was a fair bit stronger than these run of the mill undead, and shoving them away was fairly easy...though he’d pick up a few scrapes here and there, but it was probably nothing to worry about.

“Almost there!” Elisette would shout, evading a lunge from another two zombies that had attempted to pincer her. “Nngh...looks like there’s some sort of big house over there! Large steeple!” She’d shout. It was a fairly obvious structure - the largest one in the village made completely of looked vaguely like a small church one may find in some countryside somewhere with a large rectangular main room, and several smaller ones branching off from the side.

Thankfully it was near the edge of the village and they’d be able to get to it easily. That meant they just had to get inside.

“...guh! The doors are locked! - huh?” As the pair would draw near the village, something a bit curious would seem to happen. The zombies chasing them would slowly withdraw, stopping their chase and merely standing, seemingly watching as they’d near the large church. In fact, they hadn't come past the villages perimeter at all. “...t-they’re...not going to follow us?”

It seemed very much like it. Elisette would slow to a halt in front of the church's doors, breathing heavily as she’d gaze out over the snowfield. At least it would afford them to get a good look at the village - much of it had already been claimed by what was likely heavy snowfall but aside from that the various wooden buildings also looked abandoned for quite awhile.

“Nnh...doors locked.” Elisette said with a frown. “Okay, uhm...we should see if we can find someone. There should still be people left alive here...though it...doesn’t look good.” Seemed heavy snowfall recently had removed most traces of anyone living here in the village.

The Roma Mob

“I...can’t believe...I’m doing this.” Nesherit would say with a mildly concerned tone. “Oh...what will...they all think? Augusta are you sure some ancient Prince of the Sirithen dressed like this?” He’d ask, feeling extremely self conscious about his current attire. They were off to meet his mother again, but had been told to wait temporarily outside of the main hall.

“Hmm,? Of course. Probably.” Augusta mentioned as they stood. “Well, regardless, I think you’re looking pretty cute.” She looked her princes-- Prince, up and down, making a few tiny adjustments here and there, making sure he looked the cutest he could. “Plus, you’re the Prince. If they say anything mockingly, it’s off with their heads. Especially since it’d be slander because you have quite a cute look about you.” Augusta tried to make the ‘off with their heads’ part an obvious joke.

“You can’t with their heads because I’m the know what forget it.” He’d sigh. “And I mean, I guess? Being cute isn’t really...what a prince should be though...” Still, he didn’t say no or seem to fight it in the end, and Augusta could tell he was at least mildly enjoying the look, even if he didn’t entirely want to admit it. Their conversation would come to an end as they would soon be let into the throne room once more. Aside from a few curious glances, the prince seemed to not be attracting too much attention.

There was a very good question if they even recognized him.

Regardless, they’d make their way to the throne. The Queen would remain silent as they’d approach the throne, only responding to Augusta and her son once they were where they should be in front of her.

“Hmm? I do not recall having a daughter.”


“Pfft, ahaha, sorry dear I have to tease you just a little.” The queen would reply, looking over her son. He was dressed in a style most other reincarnation would say was a chinese dress. A bright regal red with elegant gold trimmings, perfectly fitted to his body. A slit had been cut open around his thighs, with long stockings adorning his legs with elegant shoes upon his feet. His hair had been done up in a braided ponytail. “You look good, Nesherit. I take it Augusta helped you with this?”

“Of course, Your Majesty.” Augusta said, putting her left hand over her heart and giving a light bow. “I thought Prince Nesherit would look absolutely stunning in a cute outfit. I was right, of course, though he complained a dress would be hard to move in so I thought of this.” The other-worlder cleared her throat. “I apologize for bringing His Highness here dressed as so, but I thought you would want to see, Your Majesty.”

“Ahah, well thank you. It is indeed, refreshing to see my son at least getting along with someone and spending more time with the people instead of with his training, or books.” She’d say, smiling. “Though...I am curious. You did mention to him, my proposal?” A quick change of subject right to business, it seemed.

“Augusta did.” The prince would reply with a small sigh. “I still can’t believe you suggested that.”

“And? Then what did you decide?”

“I have thought on it. It sounds a fine proposal to me.” Augusta declared, “So long as Prince Nesherit is not against it, I agree to your proposal, Your Majesty.” She gave the queen a confident smile. “Though I must confess, if we go through with this proposal, I might become addicted to dressing Prince Nesherit up like this.” She seemed a small bit apologetic for that.

“Aha, I don’t think you should worry too much about that...then very well. I’ll need to make a formal announcement, as well as contacting Tamaln...mhm, but for now, you we should discuss a few things.” The queen would stand, seemingly a bit excited for this development. “Ah, if only your father was still around...ah, he’d find this hilarious.” She’d chuckle. “Well, then...come with me. We should talk in private, the three of us.”

“I suppose this is about the party coming soon.”

“Indeed, my son. Its partly why I invited Augusta to be my partner.”

“ were going to announce we were getting married whether she agreed or not, weren’t you?”

“Now now, no need to go speculating things like that.” The queen replied with a light chuckle.

“So that’s a yes.” Augusta said, not planning on hiding her saying so to the woman. She’d know anyhow. “Well then. Shall we?” Augusta mentioned to the Prince. “This should be a fun discussion, shouldn’t it?” She wasn’t quite sure of the etiquette but, she assumed there would be a small bit similar to her old world. Still, maybe she’ll see how this Prince of hers would react. She raised her hand to Nesherit, hoping he’d take it.

The prince would place hands on his hips, sighing and shaking his head.

“Yes, lets shall we?” He’d say, ignoring the hand offered to him, following the Queen. Seemed he still wasn’t quite open to being so affectionate? Or perhaps he was just being stubborn. Soon Augusta would find themselves back in the Queens Garden, a pair of guards on patrol saluting as they passed as a servant would be asked to bring some snacks for the meeting. The queen would take a seat where she had earlier.

“Now, then.” She would begin. “We should discuss how we shall be presenting the two of you at the party.”

Well, Augusta could have anticipated the Prince ignoring her hand. As she and Nesherit entered the room, Augusta would recognize it as the one from earlier. “Presenting the two of us at the party? What exactly are we discussing? Dress? Actual introduction?”

“And here I thought you’d have the foresight to understand this.” The queen would say with a small frown.

“What mother means, Augusta, is that well...I’m suddenly getting engaged to a princess of the Sirithen. People are going to want to talk to us. You’re going to need proper etiquette...both in Urutha and Sirithen mannerisms, as well as be able to predictably speak of the king and Tamaln if they ask. Those sorts of things. We’ll need to discuss how exactly we’ll be handling that.”

“Oh, etiquette? Just teaching me every little thing. It’s not the first time I’ve learned etiquette from other cultures.” Augusta said without missing a beat. “My mind is a steel trap for this kind of thing. I was under the impression this party was only to have Urutha or would I be mistaken? If so, would there be a need to learn Sirithen etiquette at the moment? Any dances?”

“Well, Augusta dear,” The queen would respond. “There won’t be any - aside from Sorcha and Leuca, but make no mistake the others of the shadow would definitely wish to pry for answers, to see if you’re indeed, the real deal...and whether or not you’d be a capable leader.”

“Dances, likely no.” Nesherit would respond. “Truthfully, it likely wouldn’t be a very good idea for you to spend to long speaking with them. So we’ll teach you the basics, and how we’ll introduce you, let you speak and interact a little, before leaving so that we don’t look too suspicious.”

“Which is fair I suppose… Given the relatively short time I’m assuming I have before the party.” Augusta mentioned, looking at the Queen with the slightest amount of concern on her face.. “Dare I ask when this is suppose to be?”

“Four days, to be exact.” The queen would say with a nod of her head. “Here, at the palace.”

"Oh? Good. Four days is more than enough time." Augusta claimed. "I'm going to be learning a lot in the next couple of days it seems. I was planning on asking Sorcha to teach me how to use a rapier since Isidore bought me one. Regardless though, where should we start?"

“Rapier, hm? Not a traditional Sirithen weapon, but I’m sure it will be fine.” The queen would say with a nod. “We’ll start by having Sorcha drill you in Sirithen customs. You should especially learn of the Geas and their Ancestral worship, bloodlines, and the Fey they worship. Ask Sorcha about it tomorrow, I shall speak with her in private tonight - but both of those things are integral if you wish to pass yourself off as a true Sirithen.”

“I do know about the Geas a small bit. But ancestral worship, bloodlines and Fey… I’ll remember that. I suppose I’ll talk to her after the magic lesson with Rullphana. There are plenty of things to do in the next four days.” Augusta mentioned, trying to plan her schedule in her head. “Is that all for tonight then, Your Majesty?”

“I would urge you to speak to her sooner rather than later, but that is indeed all for this evening.” The queen would say with a soft smile. “Unless you wish to spend it with my son for the night?”

“I refuse.” Nesherit waid with a small sigh.

Augusta gave a small smile and a shrug, “I suppose that settles it for that. Jokes aside, I do plan on doing the lesson with Rullphana, eating and then asking Sorcha those questions. I’ll keep in mind to keep moving on.” She cleared her throat and gave the two royals a small bow. “Until we next time, Your Majesty. Prince Nesherit.” Then she turned and left the room. She was getting used to this palace at this point.

Augusta would wander through the halls of the palace, eventually reaching the rooms that had been prepared for them. It seemed like both Sorcha and Isidore were still out despite the growing lateness. Leuca though, would easily be found in her room she was sharing with the other woman. Octavia was following along quietly behind.

“Oh. Hello Augusta.” Leuca would say as she’d let the other Sirithen into her room. “If you’re looking for Sorcha, she’s inspecting the armory...I don’t envy the Shadow Elf guards...she’s going to drill them really, really, hard. Her training is erm, a special kind of brutal...” The young Elf would walk over to the bed and sat on it, seemingly a bit nervous as she’d glance to Octavia who would tilt her head quizzically in response.


It thankfully would have only taken Raelzeth a handful of moments to come running back, extremely flustered. A brief exchange later, and she’d hopefully leave with the seed, though there was nothing stopping Isidore from not giving it back if he so wished.

Finding Sorcha was a bit more difficult. She wasn’t in her room, nor anywhere in the guest areas. After a bit of hunting and maybe asking a guard or two, he’d finally find her in the palace’s Armory. The blond warrior woman was seemingly doing something she did very well - inspecting the palaces weapons and armor. Apparently she had also antagonized a few of the palace guards, too which they were all to happy to complain about.

No doubt they didn’t like the fact they were going to be trained by, and training with someone from Tamaln.

The woman was currently inspecting a red blade, frowning lightly.

“Finely made,, weaker than traditional blades. Soft material...but allows for magic to flow better through it...heh, fascinating.” She was talking to herself, it seemed. “Hm...oh, Isidore. Here to inspect the weaponry? Or here to talk about payments for services?” She’d ask, placing a red colored blade back where it rested upon its rack. “...or were you curious about my skills in particular?”

Send Feet Pics
@Cu Chulainn

“Materials.” Bolcha would reply. “Provisions. You all have a long journey home, and she’s no stranger to performing favors for those things. Money, too, if she wants it. All the profits that I have.” He seemed serious about stating that. It was likely he didn’t have much in the way of that to start with, but to make that sort of offer he had to have a lot of faith in this rumor, and deeply value Enli’s friendship. “Do what you need, I’m sure she’ll send someone later.”

With that in mind, Nomura would leave the longhouse, towards where the little fox had scampered off too. It was fairly easy to find them, sitting just under the window.

“You’re holding onto that pretty tightly.” The fox would comment, seemingly speaking directly to Nomura’s mind. “Aren’t you a delivery boy? Are you gonna steal it? I wouldn’t drink it, if you do. A deer might get its revenge.” The fox would rub its face with a paw. “You work for Mie now, don’t you? Eheh, that means we’ll be friends, huh? You should get me a fish since you stole my lunch the other day.”

It did not seem like the fox wanted anything important.

“Don’t be so surprised I know who you are. Ayumi is Mie's extra eyes and ears and totally reliable nin-messenger!~” She'd yawn.
Alright, there we go

Hopefully that is an acceptable method of dealing with that problem lol~

A hard fought victory was it, then? The humans slowly fell before them, their defenses slowly crumbling against their assault. A satisfied smile spread across her lips as she'd finish off another one of the humans that had stood before them. Laughter would reach her ears. Alasayana would turn her head towards the horned man, watching as he would grab O'Menus. It looked like he had been defeated, and yet, it seemed as though one of them was willing to make quite a display of foolish, misplaced zealotry.

She didn't exactly know what he was doing, but her instincts were telling her it was bad.

The Huntress would move swiftly, ignoring any of the still remaining humans around her. Even if she didn't like O'Menus, they had all been brought here for a reason. Until that reason came to light, having him die or become gravely injured would be a detriment. She would use her tails to push herself off the ground, covering the last few meters in a powerful leap towards the pair. Once close enough, one would latch onto O'Menus' waist. Another two would grab the horned man roughly, digging their fangs into his body.

"You can thank me later." Alasayana would say towards O'menus in the brief second she had. Her feet hit the ground, where she'd pivot and pull the two apart, flinging the sun God in one direction, and the horned man in the other. She couldn't be certain how powerful whatever he was doing was about to be, so she wanted to make sure he was as far away as she could get him. Thus, she would fling him with as much force as she could muster from her two tails in a direction away from the rest of the gods. If nothing else then, her tails would take the brunt of what the resulting action would be.

Agh, she was really going to make sure that priestess knew the value of her tails after this! Really, putting them through the wringer like this after waking, the nerve of that mortal! She should have at least had some good figs or Pears to offer...hmph~
Well, I was planning on posting today but time got a bit away from me so it'll be tomorrow

Aluvera - City Streets

"Hmm~" Kokoma would hum lightly, looking up at the sky. Jeez, this little elf was getting pretty worked up over this, wasn't she? Well, she was cute so she couldn't really say anything. "You think too much." She'd say as a group of harpies would break away from the group, heading for them more. The one she had avoided before was heading right to them, too. Hmm...this was an odd feeling, wasn't it? She wasn't feeling upset, on edge, or anything other than...excitement? Like the feeling before stepping into a new raid boss, or some other new as of yet experienced event.

Thankfully, this bit of danger would remind Kokoma she had a weapon with her. A fairly standard swordspear, bearing a red banner and a stylized image of a wolf, silver in color upon it. She'd pull the spear from the resting place on her back, grinning in excitement as she'd make move in front of the elf.

"Stay behind me, yeah? I'll make sure to protect ya~" She'd grin, as the harpy would start making a dive for her. Maybe this was a dumb idea, but if she had become her character...then she should be able to do everything her character could do, yeah? Then that meant...

"I can do this~!" Kokoma would lunge forward, thrusting her spear towards the Harpy. It had been a skill in the game, so that meant she could pull this flawlessly off too, yeah? The avian screeched, the blade meeting its feathered target, impaling it upon the long blade. "Ya-yeeet~!" A totally appropriate battle cry later, Kokoma would finish the move, spinning once, building up force and launching the harpy towards the other three that were closing in on them. "Hey feather brains! If you're looking for a cute girl, I'm right here!"

Indiscriminate murder is counterproductive, so instead I chose to sleep on fluff.


It was rare she woke up, not remembering what exactly she did the night before. Aliah's tails though, seemed to have a pretty decent calming effect on her...not that she was ever not really calm, but they definitely made her relax. So relaxed, in fact, she did not want to in fact get up.


Ilren would yawn, blinking tiredly as she'd briefly sit up, noticing the other sister sleeping next to her. Well, at least she had all her clothes this time and there wasn't a dead body. Should she get up? She probably should. There was probably something she could be doing, but on the other hand...nnhn, the archer would collapse backwards into the tails, looking up at the 'ceiling' of their room. Part of her just wanted to stay here, lounge the day away, not thinking about anything. Wasn't like she had to do

Maybe she should go mess with Aliah.


"Hn..what sis...?" She'd groggily say, seemingly having thought she had heard something, but whatever the case was she'd sigh heavily, "Haaa, nope, getting up it is." Ilren would get up off her bed. "Morning Aliah...annnnd morning Momoki." She'd say, impishly grinning as she'd give the other one a shove, hoping to roll her out of her furry bed.

Aluvera - City Streets

"I'm adorable, thanks for noticing~" Kokoma would reply to Sefira with a impish chuckle, rolling off the elf and sitting on the ground next to her, tail still aggressively wagging. She seemed to either not hear or chose to ignore the old man comment in favor of completely missing the context of the 'you're' part of that sentence.

"But jeez, not even a thanks? That cute butt of yours was about to become harpy feed." A brief pout, ears drooping slightly. "I take cuddles, pets and any display of affection as payment. If you're feeling particularly frisky your body works too kehahah~" Her mouth would curl into a teasing grin. Despite her seeming nonchalance about this entire situation, Kokoma did in fact, realize the sort of danger they were in, which is why she as choosing to stay with this girl for the moment instead of running off. No cute girl was gonna get harmed on her watch, no sir~

"Hup," She'd jump up from her sitting position, looking towards the square with a bit of interest after finishing her teasing. "Eheh, you look like you could use Kokoma's protection, so I'll go with ya for now yeah?~ Don't worry, I'm good at that."

Aluvera - City Streets

This was definitely Aluvera. The market, the sounds...ah, it was as if everything had gotten suddenly turned into glorious, 24k HD with photorealism. And it didn't seem like she was alone here either, if the perplexed gazes of a number of others were anything to go by. Still, she didn't pay them much mind as she'd sprint through the streets. She was just running from sheer excitement still at this point, not even bothering to register much of anything else. It wouldn't be until some minutes later she'd have finally managed to actually run out of breath, slowing to a walk as she'd still start looking in amazement at the city around her.

It really couldn't be a dream now, could it?

"Keaheheh~!" Kokoma visibly vibrated on the spot. If Tatl had been with her she'd probably have gotten whacked or something, if the spiders personality was anything like she imagined, but she couldn't help it. If her excitement levels were in fact, capable of going supernova, they definitely would have by now. "I...I can't...ahaah~" She was so caught up in her enjoyment, she hadn't first even registered the sky darkening.

Her laughter though, would be cut short by the sound of something rocking the earth in the square not too far away. Her ears flicked in the direction of the noise, her head soon following suit as she'd also, see the sky above splitting open, monsters spilling forth. Someone else may have hesitated, or found this entire situation to be absurd, but those people just overthought everything as far as she cared - more importantly...someone looked completely out of place and some harpy was about to try making a snack out of them it seemed like.

"Miss elf get down!" The smart, and logical thing here would be to attack the harpy with her spear...but Kokoma was completely forgetting she even had it. So instead, she'd focus on doing what she was attempting in a much more literal fashion - protect the cute looking confused elf. So instead of assaulting the harpy, she'd instead, seemingly assault Sefira. She'd tackle the elf, knocking the both of them out of the way of the harpy's talons, it screeching in mild annoyance as its prey would be taken from it.

"Whew, good thing I was just walking on by." Kokoma would say, laying atop Sefira, not bothering to get up as she'd let her head rest on the other girls chest. "Ehehe, you can thank me for saving that cute butt of yours." She didn't realize it, but her tail was wagging fairly frantically back and forth. "...Cute chest too. Mind if I lay here for a bit longer, eheh~?"
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