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Current Welp apparently discord servers are having some pretty bad Latency issues.
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Well I just got my mitts on the Links Awakening remake. Excus eme while I disappear for a weak while I relive my childhood
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Migraine killed me today. Posts tomorrow.
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welp I start my twevlve hour night shifts in three hours. Chances of my lazy ass dying from over work? about 90%
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New job orientation today. Replies likely to be held until tomorrow or thursday.
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Hello! Welcome to my little bio. Don't mind the sand.

Not much to say, really. Just a directionless human with no idea of their place in life. Role playing preferences are any variation of fantasy usually. Not so much into super hardcore realism or super dark stuff, and prefer story over silly mechanics or hardcore rules in games.

Well, that's about it I guess! Nothing else here but us Medjed.

Nitocris best girl. That is all.

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Rina barely reacted as her sword found its mark. A little lower than she'd have hoped, and it began deflecting her other ones. But that was fine, it couldn't block everything. Inhaling, Rina knocked another arrow, narrowing her eyes at the abomination summoning the zombies. That thing sure liked talking a lot, huh? Well, whatever. She'd shut him up soon enough. Taking a brief mental note of the others in the area - Tetrad, Mika, and the Ascendancy girls, Rina knocked another arrow, intent on making good on that promise.

"...!" Rina shifted her stance, barely moments to react as the undead sabertooth leaped towards her. Humph, fine then. Running to meet it, Rina leaped into the air just as it had made its way onto the rooftop. Once she was over it, the archer formed a large, two handed sword, her bow adjusting in size to accommodate before firing at near point blank range, intending on severing the creatures head from its body. She'd land on the rooftop, intending to stay mobile - this thing looked fast.


"Fuuu..." Chloe sighed, smiling faintly as she was 'comforted' by Penny. Well, this was good. Very good. Didn't seem she'd have to worry about Penny's loyalties at this rate, heh. Hopping up form the seat, Chloe placed a hand on her chin. Hm. "Liches, eh..." The DMG inhaled, well that was natural. She leaves and undesirables pop up because Beacon can't do its damn job. Pathetic, really. "...sounds like a job for a spirit mage." She smirked, walking over to Penny. "But if you think I need to meet this Cindy person, I suppose I could." Truthfully, she didn't have much interested in someone like Cindy...but perhaps, perhaps this could be useful.

If she could get Divina and the others, this would be good.

"As long as she doesn't start bossing me around. Don't see why it wouldn't, either. I'll redirect Divina and Aurora to meet up there, too."


Planning a rave, was easy.

The other things she was supposed to do, was not. Lead the charge against beacon? Bullllllshit. Ugh, why did she even agree to this? She was pretty sure that moth girl did something with her mind when they first met, but there was little she could do about it now. She was more afraid of someone who seemingly could find her with relative ease than she was of going through with this. At least she could take solace in all her fans.

Leaning back in her seat Vi propped her feet up on her desk, reaching for a bag of chips. Well, good thing she didn't have anything else to do toda-

"The heck kinda idiot is DMing me." Normally she'd just ignore any sort of direct attempts at contact. In fact she had set it to decline and auto-reject most private messages. Kept her whole mysterious internet personality vibe going, but this? Vi stared at the computer screen, narrowing her eyes at it as a her breath caught in her throat. Panic began forming in the pit of her stomach. Had she been compromised?

Narrowing her eyes and sitting up, Vi began checking the profile. This was odd. Really odd. The account was barely a few minutes old, and had somehow forced itself to add it as her friend. Whoever this was had balls of metaphorical steel. The mint? Was it a trap? Maybe from some other faction? She heard rumors of some hoe leading some group of magical girls on the dark web, but it wasn't likely. A brief check showed nothing suspicious.

Vi's cursor hovered over the close button.

She should probably just ignore this, but...

"Okay Vi, spooky mysterious DM, you can handle this." Besides, if it was someone else that could help - or that she could use as a meat shield, then why not. A little testing of the waters should be fine. Inhaling sharply, Vi quickly spun in her chair, opening the same link on another computer on a Virtual Machine, just in case. She did not expect a chatroom of very minimalist design. Talk about poor design choice. Her eyes scanned to the link proper. Surveryboard? She made a mental note of that, and began running her own trace on the origin of this server. It likely wouldn't yield anything substantial, but she wasn't going to take any chances.

V: Wow, this website makes me wanna claw my eyes out
V: Don't think anyone with this lame aesthetic could help me with a party
V: but ya got me curious
V: So Vi-chan will give you lovely little sheepies a chance to entertain her
V: So what'cha want? I got other things to do so talk fast.

~Temporary Campsite~

This was...going surprisingly well. Ash was further impressed with Digbie's handling of the situation. Perhaps he was more than just a naive seeming goblin. If they could kill themselves fighting the goat, then they could handle the goat themselves. On the chance they killed the goat, they could pick off the weakened goblin. A suitable plan that achieved their goal with the least amount of work on their end, supposing they went through with it. The only thing she'd have done differently is watch for amusement.

Hm, perhaps...?

Breathing out, Ash turned her scaly face towards the goblins.

"...I'll stay behind and watch, to make sure they don't do anything...treacherous." She said to Digbie, making well sure the other goblins could hear her. A little more fear and confusion wouldn't be a bad thing at the moment. Gripping the spear in her tail, Ash made herself comfortable in front of the den, watching the goblins with mild interest. It'd get her some much useful information on goblins in general, as well as this goat. Activating Mana Sense, Mana Vision, and all of her other Analytic skills, Ash watched the area from her perch.

"I concur! Do be careful though, friend!" Lena replied to the goblin on her own. This whole place was spooky, it made her extremely curious as to what was inside, but that didn't mean she was a fool. Well, not a reckless one anyways! Obviously the gates were shut for a reason, and that was to keep people in...or out. Protective measures and all that. "So how do we get in, Lin, hm? The walls look to difficult to blow-eeeh?! W-wait what are-?"

Just as she had turned to ask Lin how to go about this, she found herself being hoisted from the ground, lifted in Lin's arms.

"Ey, ey, what are you doing!?" She was more genuinely surprised than any sort of embarrassed. "I've got two good legs of my own! You saw earlier!" Emphasizing this by once again, sticking out one of her legs as she wiggled a bit, adjusting her body slightly as she was carried. "...this is an excellent solution though, ahaha!" Peering down towards the ground, she took note of the buildings. So people did live here? It still seemed rather deserted though, save for a single man she could see walking out of one of them.

"Nechetnyy...there's a man down there with something on his head?" She leaned over further, almost trying to lay on her side now, ignoring any protests from the dragon as she tried to get a better view of the ground below. "Ah, Lin, Lin, he has something...I think is that a bow? He's reaching for something - WAH!?" Trying to sit up just a bit too far, Lena lost her balance, falling out of Lin's arms and plummeting to the ground below.

"Net! I'm too smart and pretty to die agaaaaaain!~"

The Arena

Mary watched Lucius leave with a small smile. She was glad she wasn't down there in the thick of it. That'd be a death sentence at worst, and her getting in the way at best. A brawl like that was no place for proper masters. Any who thought otherwise didn't understand the subtleties involved in any sort of servant conflict. Instead, she needed to focus on protecting herself and delivering support to her servant should he have need of it.

Taking her palette and brush, she began drawing runes on the area around her. A bounded field was a simple thing any mage of any proper skill could make, but with a little creative application she could make it a bit more...complete. A simple field made up of a simple array of runes meaning 'secret', 'pain', and 'stagnation.' . Perhaps she should have given Lucius a small bit of helping with a movement rune? Hm, no, if he couldn't handle these shadows with backup from some fairly strong looking servants, then he was a poor servant.

"Now then," Once she had made sure to set up five runes on the walls and floor of the room, she focused her attention on the spectacle before her again. Anything that didn't have some form of magical defense that entered here should be temporarily immobilized, at least long enough for her to make a swift escape. "Who would be bold enough to do something like this?" What were these shadows? Where were they coming from? Who was controlling them? And really, who would be audacious enough to do something like this in Fusang? Even if it was rather ingenious. Those shadows seemed to be able to corrupt other servants. A surprise attack like this would easily swell their ranks. She could admire their audacity, if nothing else.

"...Hm, I slightly regret letting him fight." Mary sighed lightly, applying a fresh streak of paint to her canvas.


Of course, come back from vacation and a mountain of work was waiting for you. Some things didn't seem to change no matter what occupation she was in.

Rina had seen the liches before she even got Amaryllis' text. Running across the rooftops, the magical girl had spotted all three already. She had been considering her targets, wondering if she should choose to directly engage or stay back and snipe. All three seemed to be fairly dangerous, and she wasn't sure which would be the best to try and dispatch first.

"On it, Amaryllis. Spotted them already, engaging. Will keep you updated."

Atop her own perch, she could hear the piercing sound of a rifle, echoing through the streets. A momentary glance showed a rifle wielding magical girl on a nearby water tower blasting things with the help of a spotter. Member of the Ascendancy? She was certain Amaryllis could handle herself, and if they were part of the Ascendancy, Rina definitely wanted to keep an eye on them. Might as well start here then.

Knocking one of her swords, she pulled back the thin metallic wire that functioned as her bowstring. Taking only a few seconds to aim, she launched the object towards the Bulky Lich that was controlling them. Almost before it had even left the bowstring, Rina was already loading up another to fire at it.


"A bit? A BIT?" Chloe waved off Penny with a low snarl, breaking the hug rather violently. "Idiots. Fools, impure corrupt - ARGH!" She gripped her orb tight, no doubt had it not been of magical nature it'd have shattered. "I should stuff all their souls into a doll and feed it to Lucy." Chloe huffed, tossing the orb across the room. It careened into a light fixture, and with a cacophonous crash it sent pieces of the crystalline structure to the ground. "Not only do I have to deal with those Beacon fools now, I disappeared for two months! Again! The Mint is going to have my head on a silver platter. If I ever see that stupid dolphin again, I'm turning him into a chewtoy."

Folding her arms, Chloe scowled.

"...hmph. Fine, fine. I'll play their game and I'll crush every single one of them." She leaned lightly on Penny. "They'll regret pissing me off. They want to talk about purity, fine. I'll show them what it actually is." If everything had been going smoothly with the Archive, that was not going to be an empty threat either."I'm not in the bet of moods, if you couldn't tell." She added, smiling teasingly up to Penny. "At least I have an adorable girlfriend, so I can't be too upset. Hows things on your end?"



"So mean, Master Augis." The shoggoth sighed, holding her hands together in front of her. "I am but a humble servant. I would never seriously injure my masters." Vel slithered up next to Leith, letting everyone else introduce themselves. A number of interesting new other worlders certainly had been pulled here. Some sort of...snake person that seemed far too overly interested in Lila. How crude. It was a good thing she didn't salivate over just anyone, no-sirree.

"To answer your question young master, Miss Lovelace called everyone here for a simple reason - we are in dire need of help, lest our little community cease to exist. My clinic was even taken." Her body deflated a bit at the mention of her childhood home and the place she had hoped to come back and run one day. "But I'll save any in depth explanation to miss Lovelace here, though perhaps it would be best to show everyone to what remains of Silver Sun first?"
~Claire Blackwood~


"Ahaha, atta boy!" Claire made a victory pose, grinning brightly as she recalled Zeal to his pokeball. "Mt. Strength. Good luck, though, they're kinda tough to deal with." She waved Diana off before zooming down the road.

The next battle went less was difficult to say, really. Laurel and Tez did a pretty good job. One of the doduo's fainted quickly. They followed up with a Swablu, who was a bit more difficult. Laurel was taking a beating by now, and soon he couldn't take much more. With a small cry, Claire recalled him to his pokeball. Ralia managed to get off a Double Team, but she couldn't avoid the birds fury attack, but as luck would have it soon the Swablu had fainted from Tez's and Ralia's combined attacks. Much to her own surprise, the other trainer sent out his second pokemon.

"Alright, you wanna play like that..." Claire smirked. Doduo would likely be weaker by now, so they should try and focus him first. Not much of a change of strategy here. Ralia ran a ranged attack, whilst Tez worked from the front to try and soak up hits and do damage. Assuming everything went well, then she wouldn't need much of a strategy. With them as focused on Ralia

"Ralia! Double team! Focus on evasion! Tez, hang back and use Psywave."

If they wanted to try and hit a squishy target, then why not let them try!


So this was Foliare town, hm? It was quiet, far removed from the hustle and bustle of Septemane. Was the rest of the Cetare region this...easy going? She had seen such places in other regions when she had followed her parents on vacation occasionally, but this was nice. Such a relaxing place relatively close to home. Maybe she could get some reading done, or pickup on some more rustic cuisine to take back home. She squeezed the green pokemon cradled in her arms a bit tighter. Still, she was somewhat nervous. She was confident she would be fine, but being out here on her own was a little nerve wracking.


"Ah...!" An odd round pokemon shaped suspiciously like an O interrupted her as she walked, nearly smacking into her face. "...Okky." She sighed, smiling faintly as the circular pokemon made an odd ethereal giggling noise before rubbing against her face.


"Ah, sorry, Mint..." She lessened her grip on the other psychic type, rubbing the pokemon on top of its round body. Turning her head briefly towards Okky, Fran frowned lightly. "...where did you get that?"

"Nown?" The unown spun playfully, a small bag of Pokenolli hovering between the two of them. Fran furrowed her brow at the mischievous psychic type. She had told him to find a map of the area and lead her to the lab, but the chances he got into trouble along the way were quite high. Okky began hovering the treats in front of Solosis, earning a small glare from the other psychic type. "Nooown!~"

"Okky stop-"

"Sol!" Struggling free of her trainers grip, Solosis snatched the treats from Unown, landing on the ground with a smug chuckle before rolling off down the sidewalk.

"Unown!" Not to let the stealer of his stolen treats get away, Okky chased after. Unfortunately, the two didn't get very far in the streets before Solosis slammed into the back of some other trainer, spilling Pokenolli all over him and sending the small round pokemon bouncing off into some nearby bushes while Okky laughed.

The Arena

The match had been proceeding as expected - utterly boring. She realized that in a city like this, such restrictions on a servants fire power was to be expected. After all, they couldn't very well just fire off powerful Noble Phantasms that could destroy half the landscape without cause, but where was the excitement? The scenes of carnage? Servants fighting servants, a valiant battle between powerful beings that she could put to canvas? Nay, none of that was here! Just fights with sticks and rocks. No tension!

Ah, she wasn't one to really revel in chaos, but a certain amount was needed to make a decent composition.

"" She cast a glance over to her servant, before her eyes followed his gaze towards the stadium. Oho, what was this? This was certainly an interesting turn of events. The place was covered in chaos within seconds as shadowy assailants covered the arena. Weaker masters and those without servants were quick to succumb to the shadowy assailants. Now this was a scene she could commit to memory! A scene of carnage and valiant struggles! Yes, yes, this was what she wanted to see!

She watched silently as Lucius dispatched one of the shadows, drinking in the sight of the shadow dying. Hm, yes, now that was a good composition, wasn't it? It would indeed, do wonderfully. She already had a scene in mind.

"A-ahem." Taking a second to collect her composure, the painter looked out over the Arena. "I suppose it is. Shame, that." She twirled the paintbrush in her hands, smiling softly as the scene came together in her head. "Thirty a head, and you model for me later. No complaints or questions." Marietta, tilted her head slightly to the side. Hm, yes, perhaps she should do that. "And don't worry about my safety, darling." Marietta quickly applied her paintbrush to the canvas again. "I have a few tricks up my sleeve, so feel free to enjoy yourself as you please, and try not to disappoint me."
~Claire Blackwood~


The cycling tripe to Raremine was a pleasant change of pace from the walking. Ralia tagged a long by hitching a ride on her shoulder, taking a moment to occasionally battle some pokemon along route 13. She might have probably should be paying better attention, but now that she had a goal she was falling into her rather single-minded nature. After making sure her pokemon were in tip-top shape, she continued on, leaving route 13. Swiftly cycling through route 10, eventually she found herself on route 8.

"Whew." She skid to a halt, nearly throwing Ralia off her shoulder as she briefly took in the surroundings. Stretching she gave Ralia a few headpats before continuing on. Couldn't let herself linger for long, not when she had something to do. Stepping on the peddle, she zoomed back down the slope, nearly running into Lass Diana in the process before challenging her to a pokemon battle.

"Ice-type, huh? Alright...Zeal, your up!" Opening up with Zeal, Claire released the energetic fiery monferno into the field. "You know the drill! Power-up punch!"

"Moooon!~" Happily engaging, Zeal closed in swiftly to the Vanilite, intending on hitting it with a barrage of power-up punches. This would continue until the ice-type fainted. If Diglett is sent out, continue with the power-up punch strat. Should Zeals Accuracy be lowered to a point that it gets difficult to hit something, switch pokemon to Pip.

Pip will use Razor Leaf until Diglett is dealt with. Should Pip engage Makuhita, use alternating Growl and Razor leaf until he's KOed

Moving on, Claire eventually would battle a pair of bird tamers. A double battle, huh? She could handle that easily. She had two pokemon that these bird types would have difficulty dealing with, after all.

"Laurel, Tez!" Claire sent out the two pokemon. "Laurel, Sandstorm! Try and take most of the hits! Tez, Confusion the Doduo on the left!"

Laurel would Mostly focus on using Bite on his turn, and making himself the bigger target, trying to take most damage from the two Doduos. Tez would focus on staying back and using Confusion every turn, putting himself behind Laurel to fire off repeated Confusion attacks.

Should Swablu be swapped in, focus on taking it out first. Continue Sandstorm, Bite, and defend strat with Laurel until he's KO'ed. If Laurel is KO'ed, switch in Ralia. Standard Double team strat, using Confusion to focus down Swablu. Tez will then attempt taking a tanking position in front of Ralia, double teaming Swablu with Confusion until defeated.

Should Fletchling be the first to swap in, same strategy as above for Laurel and Tez - except Tez will attempt Hypnosis on Fletchling the first round of combat. Except, instead of switching in Ralia, swap in Combee. Combee will remain mobile whilst spamming gust, whilst Tez tries to run defensive plays.

"Oh no, I'm so scaaared." Claire rolled her eyes at the Psychics bravado. "But I'll be the one to win this, so don't cry when I beat ya super badly."

"Hey Tez, do me a solid and show 'em which one of us is better, yeah?" Claire grinned. "Imprison!"

Tez's first move here, was to use Imprison...thus preventing the opponents Bronzor from being unable to even use any move that they shared. He would then confuse Ray until confused, followed by Psywave until he was defeated.

Once Solosis was sent out, Hypnosis until asleep, followed by Tackle until defeated. Should Tez be defeated in some manner, Swap to Laurel. Bite until Solosis is dealt with.

Should Laurel still be out when Kadabra is sent out, Sandstorm and bite combo until KO'ed. Should Laurel be defeated, send out Ralia. Double Team, using teleport to avoid things and get the upperhand. Attack with Disarming voice until KO'ed.
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