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Hello! Welcome to my little bio. Don't mind the sand.

Not much to say, really. Just a directionless college student unsure where they're going in life, but ya probs don't care about that, heh. Role playing preferences are any variation of fantasy usually. Not so much into super hardcore realism or super dark stuff, and prefer story over silly mechanics or hardcore rules in games.

Well, that's about it I guess! Nothing else here but us Medjed.

Nitocris best girl. That is all.

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Suzue held a hand to her chin, mulling over their options. They had quite the...wide range of skills, didn't she? She did agree though, trapping it certainly would likely be their best course of action. She could perhaps use her webs to create an elaborate trap with her webs, but that would all require some quick thinking and complex of them which, didn't seem intent on helping that. Sighing lightly as she watched Akira harass the President and head off into the woods himself. She had to refrain from snickering as Saito delivered swift punishment.

"Akira, please." Suzue called out. "I you are right in that we should explore, but we should be cautious. We have no idea what this thing is." She voiced her concerns quickly, doing her best to keep them short and to the point. Pausing for a moment, she frowned. Well, she couldn't really reign in a single delinquent so easily. Those kinds of people only responded to one type of thing.

Well, she'd resort to that only if needed.

"Alright," Turning back to the group, Suzue smiled. "Here's what I want everyone to do. Ayame, Sora, Alice, team up. See if you can track the creature using the fox. Sora and Alice, your job is to see if you can use your smoke to drive the creature towards us. If you have trouble locating us, use your fox to do it." Smoke and wind could make for a quite formidable ability, if used right, couldn't it? That seemed like a good idea. Turning to Akio and Aiden. "Akio, Akira, Aiden, and I shall work on setting up a few traps. We'll find a good place near here and set them up. My threads are perfect for the job, and Aiden could help potentially camouflage them with his abilities." She was having a difficult time thinking of a direct use for levitation, honestly, so she'd keep him with her for now until needed. "Akira will be a bodyguard of sorts. If we happen to get ambushed we can use your physical expertise to try and subdue the creature."

Letting the proposed planned sink in for a moment, Suzue continued.

"Is that agreeable with everyone?" She questioned. "And remember...please, don't do anything reckless. I'd rather not anyone get hurt, even if this is just practice."
~~Ebon Shael & The Wreck of the Eventide~~


Stopping, Jessiel turned silently and observed the 'Princess' and Astral silently. He was not authorized to deal with such things. No, that was Shael's entire job. He was merely her advisor and head scientist. Technically, attempting foreign relations unauthorized could land him in quite a bit of trouble, and Jessiel wasn't one to break the rules and laws so readily as Shael was.

"...Unauthorized." He replied simply as the translation would provide. "Jester Shael is." He motioned to the bed and now unconscious Ebon with a slow, fluid motion of his arms. "Injured in wreck ensuring our survival. Would have lost medical had she not. Refused orders to rest in favor of scouting ahead for danger. Will wake soon. Should heal fast. Air is abundant with Planar Energy." He didn't attempt elaborating with the current language barrier, but it could likely be assumed 'Planar Energy' was simply their term for magic. Instead, however, he curiously looked to Luna at the mention of 'peering into her dreams'.

"Dream-Walker?" He tilted his head curiously, studying Luna. "Lost Ebon art. President is only known capable. Curious." He frowned lightly. Implications of this fact was indeed, curious. They seemed to have similar magics, and judging from his own observations from earlier, an entity similar to the legendary Beryllius was also present here. The similarities were humorous, if nothing else.


Once Luna peeped into Shael's dreams, she'd likely immediately find the entire atmosphere of the place reminiscent of some sort of festival.

A sprawling, dark twilight lit city spread beneath a sky lit with both a sun in the North, and a Moon in the south painting the entire world in an eerie twilight. Stone buildings taller than anything seen in Equestria stretched towards the heavens and filled the murky sky with light enough to see by. Loud laughter and musical hums could be heard from far below on street level, likely other beings similar to Shael filling the streets. Curiously, lanterns made of paper floated into the heavens. As she looked though, there would be no immediate sign of Shael.

As soon as Luna stepped into her dream fully however, something rather odd happened.

A small box, wrapped up in a bow sitting on a large cobblestone vista overlooking the rest of the city was seemingly somehow jumping around by itself. Attached was a sign that said 'Open me!
~~The Hunger~~

@Mag Lev@BurningDaisies@Shiyonichi

As Nara and Kessig spoke, Iva simply watched idly, in her usual bored manner. Well, she could at least understand the mans wariness. Two strangers coming and waltzing down a mountain that just had some sort of odd event on it, asking for directions? That was the definition of suspicious. If she was on his end, she'd have just ignored the person and told them to get lost. Even more so, was the fact he was certainly right. Only devils seemed to come down from that mountain, heh.

As Nara attempted negotiating further, Iva looked around at the villagers, wandering a few steps away from Kessing and her friend. The looked absolutely pitiful. Scars, missing limbs, withered and disheveled children. Well, better that way. Kids were annoying. More importantly...she was beginning to feel a little...curious. A little peckish. Like she hadn't eaten in awhile. Understandable, considering that she had no idea how long they traveled. Bringing a hand up to her mouth, she lightly bit the flesh of her knuckle unconsciously.

The woman with the wooden crutch...looked mildly intelligent. A little lean and dry. Lame leg, probably tough. Short, but well built man was probably better, even if she got less. Kessig, though...he looked the juiciest. Not physically speaking, but rather mentally. Older, perfectly aged like wine and ripe with life experience and knowledge. The people of the village wouldn't be able to see it, but a single, invisible hand began extending towards Kessing, hovering just above his head. Just a little closer and -

"Wait here a moment."

The hand reaching for his head stopped, instantly retreating back to her...what had she been doing?

She blinked, having momentarily blanked on her own actions. She cast a glance over to Nara as Kessig went inside of his hut. Ah...did she almost just really do that? In front of everyone? Hoo, she didn't think any of them would be a problem, but it was still...a little frightening. She moved closer back to Nara as Kessig exited the house two items in hand, making sure to put some distance between herself and the villagers. Once Nara and the human finished exchanging good byes and items, the Brain Eater watched him leave before casting a sideways glance towards the edge of town.

"Hmm...others." Iva quietly spoke. She could feel them, but she couldn't get a good read on them. Perhaps...were they the same, then? Ah, she didn't care now. She had Nara and a direction to travel in, and that was enough. "Nara...we should find food while we're out."

Hopefully Nara would know what that meant.

Barreling out of the home, Isolde immediately observed the surrounding area. No sign of the rogue. Isolde gripped Kergin's reigns tightly. The initial adrenaline and worry began fading, leaving only panic. Quickly, Isolde ordered Kergin to the skies, trying to get a birds eye view to try and see something anything that might look like a path the Rogue took.


"....Damn it! Isolde you...useless...!" She grit her teeth, grinding them together in frustration. Everything was just going horribly wrong. Horribly, horribly wrong. Not only could she not protect Lord Rioga, she couldn't even protect Reina! Landing Kergin back on the ground, the Wyvern made a heavy thud as its talons landed on the ground. Kergin swiveled his neck back, giving Isolde a mildly concerned expression.

"...haa..." Ugh damn, it. She didn't entirely know what she was feeling right now? Irritated? Depressed? Sad? Frustrated? All of them? Slapping the sides of her face, she shook her head. Couldn't let it get to her. She had to make sure at least, she wasn't a total failure. But what to do? What to do? Leave? Try and find the Emblem? But what of everyone else? She couldn't in good conscious just flee, but they couldn't handle an entire army by themselves. What would her dad or Lord Rioga do in this situation?

"Uhm..." Turning to her companions once they exited, she spoke quietly in a mildly unsure and shaky manner. "We should...try and rally the soldiers?" Taking a brief look at the tacticians stone she had been given, she was shocked to see...children? Children were being targeted? "I-I'll head south! There are some troops there that uhm, look like they need help!"
Whew, people are already having creations and here I intend to have Iva make all of their stuff in the course of the RP.


As for The Library and its surrounding lands, I think it'd be a bit of both. Obviously it has an access point in the mortal realm, but the Library itself and the area that surrounds it literally sits on the 'edge' of the world, (was planning on having their be a literal drop off point, even) and since I'm assuming this place ain't flat that's gonna be difficult if it's not in a pocket dimension/alternate plane or something.


Things seemed to have gone well, then. At least they didn't seem to be uncooperative, but that in and of itself was suspicious. At least a fight didn't break out. Sighing, she lowered her bow and left the roof of the building, quickly reconvening with her temporary partner.

"If the information is accurate," Kat responded with her usual frown. "While unlikely, we can't rule out the horror either. I've seen too many people overlook the unlikely only to have the unlikely be the truth." She grunted. What would be the best way to handle this? Splitting up would certainly cover more ground faster, and she had no qualms working alone. That's what she did best, but this issue might require some...teamwork. "Hm, not like we have much of a choice though...very well, I shall hunt this 'Majora' person. You'll go after this 'Iesud'. You wouldn't happen to have a place we could meet up later?" They'd need to pool resources together if they were going to make a concentrated effort to go after someone.

@Crusader Lord

"...Red Rifle, ha!" Chloe chuckled. "If you were a guy, I'd say that was the worst pickup line I've heard. But since you're cute, I'll let it pass." Now this was interesting. How very interesting. Cute, audacious, and a little flirty! Oh, this girl was pressing all her right buttons. Chloe pulled her orb back towards her, holding it in her hands as she responded. "I'm just a poor magical girl who has to do the unfortunate bidding of a rather irritable patron. Really, he's so annoying. Always making me work when I just want to have fun. What's a poor innocent magical girl to do, I wonder?" She sighed, frowning and shaking her head and holding one side of her head in her hands. Heh, that made a certain dragon exceedingly mad, didn't it?

"...that lie won't work on you though, will it?" Her obviously fake frown quickly turned into a toothy grin as she continued. "I have no quarrel with you, Rifle, but by all means if you want to play hero I'll play with you." Lounging idly in the air, Chloe didn't seem intent on making the first move here. Truthfully, she didn't want to fight. She was simply curious as to who had been a naughty little girl and spying on her, but now that her curiosity was sated she had no desire to get into a long drawn out conflict...that said, if Rifle attacked first, then she'd return in kind, and thoroughly enjoy it.
Wew, have a rather small post because I couldn't think of how to make that longer at the moment.

Just felt like I needed to get something up before I get killed by my finals.

@PaulHaynek@Polaris North

Connecting her strike, Seleth exhaled as Raviel was sent off balance. None of her curses seemed to have gotten through, disappointing but she'd need to follow through. Snapping her fingers, a bright flash of light emanated from the tip of her spear as her 'Misleading Dazzle' spell took effect. Following through, she'd attempt to knock his feet out from under him and pin him to the ground.
<Snipped quote by Rune_Alchemist>

Entry to Neberziel is open to any Divine Being, providing they don't intend to willfully upset the Balance of Souls, searching for the hidden cavern is also permitted. However knowledge of its exact whereabouts will only be shared for a price. :)

Now, a reasonable God of Knowledge would certainly trade knowledge for knowledge. That is the currency of the Library, after all. So I suppose we'll see. Iva is a disagreeable and difficult sort with a penchant for meddling in other affairs just because they want to see what happens.

Well I can tell ya right now that Iva'Krhor is gonna wanna probe that old god for information whether Azhriel wants him too or not if he ever finds out about it. Which he probably will at some point.
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