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Current I just can't. This is too much. Berserk was so influential on so many things that I love. Goodbye, Miura. You'll be missed by many.
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Migraines ew
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Welp apparently discord servers are having some pretty bad Latency issues.
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Well I just got my mitts on the Links Awakening remake. Excus eme while I disappear for a weak while I relive my childhood
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Migraine killed me today. Posts tomorrow.


Hello! Welcome to my little bio.

Not much to say, really. Just a horror game protag that likes writing and playing vidya games when I'm not being chased by the cosmic forces of darkness. (I'm a security guard that works night shifts usually).

Have some dancing medjed.

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~Claire Blackwood~


The training, went surprisingly well. By having her other pokemon assist Jade, the Sprigatito was able to easily pick up some tricks and fighting ability on her own. Granted, this was no place to train a baby pokemon, but she wasn't also about to head all the way back to pureplain just for training. A few close calls were probably fine...and after a few hours of battling, a small break for some lunch, Ralia and Jade definitely getting along and not fighting according to her own intuition, Claire moved on, zipping across Route 8 towards Freecape town.

What did she expect when she got to Freecape town? Certainly not whatever was currently in front of her.

"Wooooah..." They didn't have anything like this sight back in Kalos. The entire city looked like it might have just been one giant skyscraper. "Jeez this place is HUUUUGE!" Claire stood at the edge of the city, craned neck looking up at the large buildings that seemed to run along the entire cliffside. Now, she could continue on towards her destination, but for now...she probably should relax, see the sights, and you know, tackle the thing every trainer worth their salt should do.


A flying type gym? She had a distinct disadvantage here a bit, but who cared. She could probably handle it.
Byjerlfal City, Commercial district.

Laurel at least, seemed like she was relieved they weren’t going to press the issue if the sigh was anything to go by.

“Well, if that will be all then,” However, she did not seem to be too keen on hanging around, at least until the Fletchling still nesting on her head made an irritable chirp. “...take this ornery pokemon back, would you?”

“Ahaha, I think he likes ya miss.” Kennet replied with a cheeky grin, not making a move to recapture the Fletchling.

“Well, that makes one of us…”

“Aw, don’t be like that.” Kennet turned his attention towards Richard. “Well, if she’s particularly shy…the easiest way to help a shy pokemon is to start with some confidence boosting, right? A no pressure battle is always a good way to go about it.”

“Haa…what use is a pokemon that is too shy to protect their trainer?” Laurel replied with a dismissive huff. "...perhaps something happened in its past that made it timid? Pokemon aren't too different from humans really and perhaps it needs some help.”

“Aha, you worded that a little harshly but I think I get your point.” Kennet pulled something out of his pocket. “That said, I think I know what to give you for helping me now, Richard. Here, I think this should help your pokemon a bit, too.” It was a tiny bell on the end of a red thread.

”Richard obtained a Soothe Bell!

A small bell to be tied, held, or otherwise worn by a pokemon. It rings a soothing melody that seems to be beloved by pokemon and calms them.”

“Might help your partner stay a bit calmer in battle.” A small look of realization dawned upon Kennet's features. “Ah! Fletchling come on we gotta get going. We’re gonna be late for the delivery. Hey, if you’re ever by the ranch stop by! I’ll give ya a proper thanks for helpin’ me out here later!” Unless stopped, Kennet proceeded to leave the pokemon center. Fletchling gave a chirp, and followed Kennet out.

“Sprrri?” Verdue was now nuzzling Richards legs, giving him a cute, wide eyed stare.

“Tsk, Verdue, leave him alone. No one wants your fur all over them…” She picked up the cat, who proceeded to meow cutely and rub itself against Laurel’s clothes, getting its fur, all over her. She seemed totally fine with that. “Ahem…well…it was good to meet you, Richard.” Laurel glanced to the side, seemingly unsure how to continue. “I know that country bumpkin said a battle might help. Perhaps training it against some wild pokemon would help? Or you could always find a trainer willing. Now if you'll excuse me...”

Verdue raised one of her paws, as if volunteering. Perhaps Richard could request such a battle from her.

Byjerlfal City, Alleyway

Commercial district

“Growl?” The Hisuian Growlithe cocked its head, looking towards the direction of Isla but by the time it had done so, Isla had already vacated the premises. It was probably fine to let the kids be kids, as it were. They had a pokemon with them, so they’d probably be fine…though maybe Isla could have joined them in their escapades, was she so inclined. Making her way out of the city would be easy enough, and as she neared the cities edge from the commercial district, she’d slowly find the noise and hum of city life slowly fading away into the background as she came upon….

-Route 1-

Now then, what would she do from here? Perhaps she was curious about the winding wood, despite the professors warning…

Wailords Rest
@Bartimaeus@Crusader Lord
Urban Exploration

“Preparin’ for a typhoon is always good, but don’t get complacent!” Tuule shouted. “Aron! Metal Claw!” The Aron got low to the ground, wiggling its body as it’d take off running towards the Buneary. Sir Lopsalot was much faster, pulling its body into a defensive posture, curling its ears around its head as Aron’s claws shone with a silver sheen. Lashing forward, its claws hit the Buneary…sending Sir Lopsalot bouncing across the floor, but with his defenses raised it hurt much less than it would otherwise.

“Back off, Aron! Being too aggressive will get one sunk faster than an anchor through the deep!” To this end, after bouncing the Buneary around, Aron would immediately move to put some distance between itself and the Buneary.

Now what would Clarissa do?

Route 1

The starly was first to move, covering the distance between itself and Vulpix in a near blink of an eye. It slammed its body into Vulpix, sending the fox pokemon stumbling backwards and knocking it off balance. Shroodle was already rearing its head back slightly - but then immediately stopped, its eyes almost seeming to widen in terror as its movements were slowed. This allowed Snow to regain her footing, inhaling as another gust of frigid air would blast towards the Vullaby and starly.

“Vuuulll!” Vullaby, once again, took the brunt of the ice attack, flapping its wings as it blasted a powerful gust of air towards the fox and cutting through the frigid air. It hit Snow, sending her blasted backwards, rolling along the ground.

At least the Shroodle missed its attack at least, Vulpix being knocked around by the gust causing it to land onto the ground on a puddle next to her.

As Snow got back to her feet, Camila could tell she wasn’t doing too well. Vullaby seemed just as injured as she was. It was having trouble standing, one of its wings hanging at its side while it glare angrily at Snow while the Starly continued to use the Vullaby as a shield. Shroodle was scurrying a bit away, still seemingly terrified by something.

“Hope you have another pokemon in there, lass cuz your little fox looks like its on its last legs!” One of the suited men shouted derisively. “Vullaby use-”

The ground under Vullaby suddenly opened up, and as the flying type was taking flight in order to avoid the Dig attack, a sandy colored pokemon with black stripes launched itself from the ground, clamping its jaws around the flying type, hitting it with a vicious Crunch.

“H-ha!?” The three suited men were, understandably, shocked by the sudden appearance of a Krokorok as it slung the Vullaby around in its jaws, the flying type squawking before it was rather savagely tossed aside into a tree.

”The opponent Vullaby Fainted!
Snow grew to level 6!”

“Kokoko.” As it stood between Camilia and the three men now, it seemed to be…laughing, calmly staring at the three of them.

“Thanks for being a good distraction.” The somewhat familiar voice of the girl she had met earlier interrupted from somewhere behind the men. “It amazes me how useless and blind criminals are.” If Camila happened to look, she'd notice most of the cages were now empty. The white haired woman would toss an empty one to the Krokorok, who’d catch it in his jaws and proceed to chew and crunch it until it was useless scrap and spitting it out in front of the men.

“E-ey! That’s gotta be some cruel and unusual punishment!”

“Says the one locking up pokemon.” The woman said towards the men as she turned her attention to Camila. “Hey, cutie. Clean up those two will you? Krokorok there will help.”

The Shroodle and Starly suddenly seemed very concerned about their chances.

"Ugh. Why the hell do you...sparkle so much? My eyes hurt just looking at you. Haa...whatever. At least your taste in pokemon is pretty great. Anyways, welcome aboard. Hm? There's something behind me? Eh? Gotta try harder than that to spook me, sparkles. Welcome aboard. Don't be late."
Byjerlfal City, Commercial district.

Laurel’s cheeks colored a small bit of red as she’d glance to the side.

“...Here.” Laurel pulled something out of her bag - a Max Revive! And handed it to Richard. “Simply put, I’ve already taken care of what happened here. That little food thief should be grateful I decided to stand up for it, hah.” Laurel ran a hand through her hair with an annoyed huff as she’d grab Verdue from the ground and hold the cat pokemon in her arms.

“Uh…well, thanks? Kennet said, a bit perplexed at both Laurel’s words and the manner at which she spoke. “This should get the little guy back on his feet at least…though it might still be a good idea to take him to a pokemon center.”

“Well, that is none of my business.” Laurel rather taciturnly replied.

Assuming they did use the Max revive on the Munchlax, the hungry pokemon immediately sat up.


“Well, you two can probably handle it from here, so I’ll be taking my lea-ah!” Before she could make an exit, the Fletchling zipped off of Kennet’s shoulder, and decided to make its new nest, right in Laure’s hair. “G-get off you stupid bird!”

The bird in question, only chirped irreverently.

“Ahaha, I think he likes ya miss.” Kennet grinned.

“Well that makes one of us - ah, Verdue wait-!” The Sprigatito leaped out of Laurel’s arms and playfully walked over to the munchlax before batting at it a few times. “...looks like I’ll have to. Fine. I’ll come with but just know my time is extremely valuable.”

The now trio made their way from the park, back into the commercial district and towards the pokemon center. The now awake Munchlax being a bit easier to carry than if it had fainted. It was a quick trip and once they were there, they’d be met with the pokemon centers staff and a team of nurses.

”You’re the one we get a call about? Nurse Joy, don’t you worry we’ll take care of this little guy. A team of Chansey and a few other handlers would take the injured Munchlax from them, the little guy seeming a little confused as to what was happening, but upon one Chansey rather firmly stuffing an apple in its mouth, it went along without a fuss. “If you would wait out here, I’ll file a report and get it sent to the police.”
The inside of the pokemon center was sleek, decorated in pinks and whites with a pristinely washed and cleaned floor. A small waiting and rest area was to their left with vending machines, a Cafe and a standard pokemart had been setup on the other side in typical fashion.

“Ahem…well…” Laurel hesitantly spoke up, the Fletchling still nesting in her hair. “If you’re still interested…I was having a picnic with my little Verdue. That food thief showed up and decided it wanted to steal my food when I was distracted by Verdue being uhm…cute…” She’d cleared her throat. “A-anyways I tried running it off. Some utter fool decided I needed help. Suffice to say I ran him off and then went to buy a max revive…and then well…we stumbled on the other. That’s it.”

Well, it was rather anticlimactic perhaps, but at least the situation seemed resolved for the moment. Seems like she was being a little evasive, but it didn't seem like she was lying about having dealt with it herself, though.

Byjerlfal City, Alleyway

Commercial district

Stepping into the alleyway next to the museum would reveal that it was surprisingly clean and well kept, at least for an alley. It seemed like the area behind the museum was pushed up against a bunch of other buildings. Some large, some small, but either way the effect was the same - a veritable maze of corridors.

Thankfully though, she didn’t have to go too far to find Zach.

The boy in question had messy violet colored hair, and he was wearing a sporty tank top with the upper half of a yellow suit hanging around his waist. At his side was an odd looking growlithe. If she scanned it with the pokedex or happened to know her stuff - she’d realize that it was a Hisuian Growlithe.

It seemed as though…he was meeting with a few other kids around his age, if a little younger.

“Alright, now that we’ve gotten away from the others!” He’d say, excitedly to the group of about six others. “We can explore Byjerlfal all by ourselves!”


“We can go to the industrial district!”
“Why would you wanna go there! I wanna see the contests!”
“Yeah! I Bet we could even sneak backstage!”
“I-I wanna see the lab! And the park! I hear there’s lots of pokemon there we can’t find in Wailport…!”

It seemed at least there was nothing nefarious going on here, just a bunch of kids being kids and sneaking out so they could see the city more…

Wailords Rest
@Bartimaeus@Crusader Lord
Urban Exploration

“Oh? It seems we do have a challenger.” The rough looking man at the table chuckled, watching Clarissa walk over, being led by an eager Buneary. “Alright. Bets. Who says the kid gets their ass kicked?” Seemed he didn’t have a high opinion of her chances. There was a small laugh from the gathered sailors, but she did hear a few shouts telling her to kick Tuule’s butt in turn - seemed if nothing else they were eager to see an underdog fight win.

Tuule himself simply watched Clairssa approach with a cool, steely expression. A small twinge of a smirk plastered on his weathered, old lips, hands in his coat pockets as she’d walk into the arena the club had.

“Brave lass, aren’t ya?” He’d say. “And a brave little rabbit huh?” A small chuckle as he’d pull a pokeball from his coat pocket. He’d bring the pokeball up to his face, gazing at the ball with a light smirk. “Normally I’d say you’re far too weak to weather a storm, lass, but lucky for you the sea’s fairly calm today.”

Stretching the arm out, Tuule would open the pokeball, and out came-

The Aron stood strong in front of Tuule, letting out a little battle cry of challenge.

This was not a good matchup, but then again, Tuule was a steel type expert…it was unlikely going to be a good matchup for a normal type, regardless of what he chose.

The Wobbufett had already taken their drink orders, disappeared into the kitchen and returned with whatever their drink preferences was, even if they didn't actually tell them, somehow. Don't think too hard about a Wobbufett's psychic abilities. Beryl would be out a bit after, bringing with her the food she had just cooked up.

"Oh, your friend fighting Tuule?" She'd say. "Ooh, that's not gonna be a good matchup. Normal Vs. A steel type. Hope that little fella knows some fighting' type moves."

Outside of Camphor’s lab

“Heh, I’m not worried about me thinking to slow. You should be worried about you thinking too much.” Remi responded, a confident smirk as he’d hear what Yuu would be doing next. Jojo would launch himself towards the Cottonnee and Remi, who’d seem entirely unconcerned would watch as the Riolu sped over before Cottonne could get the absorb off - though it didn’t quite go as Yuu had planned. “Cottonne, stop the attack!”

The fluff ball would let out a small squeal and powered down the attack, earning a small annoyed huff just before he got the absorb off, forfeiting his turn and attack it seemed as he was pressed into the Slakoth for instead, extremely minimal damage from behind as Aster would unleash a flurry of scratches in the short time her body had.


The Aipom struck the Slakoth with blow after blow, managing to land quite a few before her body finally gave out, forced to sleep as the drowsiness finally overtook her, falling asleep right in front of Slakoth.

“Hey Nevvy, they know an Egg move, right?” Quietly, Remi would whisper to Nevine so that Yuu and Jill couldn’t hear.


“Follow my lead this turn, then and use it. Also tell Slakoth to spin a little!”

“Cottonnee, leap into the air and use Helping Hand!” Following instructions, Cottonne prepared to launch itself into the air, using its lightweight to float fairly high into the air as its body glowed in a faint green light, intent on powering up Slakoth’s next move. Notably, the Cottonnee had moved out of range of what a single quick attack or leap could get to it.

“Uhm…Slakoth…Hammer Arm on the Aipom and…spin?”

Slakoth was already raising its right arm, admittedly, a bit lazily - but if that thing hit Aster, it was going to hurt. Its other arm was lightly pulling itself along the ground in an effort to turn itself to face Riolu. With Aster on the ground in front of Slakoth, there was no dodging it unless someone else did something.

Route 1

The woman glanced towards Camila, shrugging and stuffing her hands in her pockets in a lazy, mildly unconcerned manner as she’d instead relax her shoulders, move behind Camila, give her a thumbs up with an encouraging ‘you can do it’ look. It did not seem like this woman had any pokemon whatsoever on her person.

Immediately upon battle start, A gentle dusting of snow would start to fall thanks to Vulpixs Ability, Snow Warning, boosting its defense by one stage.

“Ah, jeez, that little brats got a hidden ability!”

“Doesn’t matter we out number ‘em! That red over there doesn’t seem like she has a pokemon!”

“Shroodle, hit ‘em with a Leer!”

“Vullaby do the same!”

“Starly, hit that fox with a tackle!”

Shroodle was surprisingly fast, able to give a small cry of affirmation as it’d move away from the birds to avoid being hit by the powder snow, an angry, menacing glare being delivered to the Vulpix, lowering her physical defense - but Vulpix was able to act faster than the Vullaby or Starly as she inhaled, a blast of frigid, cold wind blasting towards the two birds. Vullaby took the brunt of the attack, covering for the weaker Starly as it stood strong against the frigid gust of wind, but as it too would start moving -

“Vulll!?” The vullaby let out a startled cry, its leer move unable to work?! This left it floundering as it tried to figure out what happened, but it didn’t stop the Starly from speeding out from behind the Vullaby now, making a beeline for Vulpix with a flying tackle, slamming into the fox pokemon and knocking her back a bit as the Starly immediately returned behind the Vullaby.

“Oi, what gives Vullaby!?”

“V-vull?” The pokemon seemed just as confused as the trainer.

“Well don’t just stand there! Do it again!”

“V-vulll!” The Vullaby squawked, clearly unable to use a Leer attack for some reason.

“Tch, whatever, just use Gust then!”

It didn’t seem like the pokemon had any problem using a gust attack, however.

“Shroodle, Acid spray!”

“Starly, use a quick attack!”

~Claire Blackwood~


Claire wasn't sure what she was expecting. With the sounds coming from the ship, she couldn't help but to grimace a bit from what she was hearing. Were they subduing some super ultra legendary pokemon? A troublesome pokemon that she was going to have annoy her? She already had one of those - Lure was already more of enough of a handful for her, but what she wasn't expecting was something so...so...

Claire inhaled, practically teleported over to the green kitten causing Ralia to lose her footing on Claires head and tumble to the ground, with a mildly annoyed expression.

"Perfect!" Claire's eyes lit up upon seeing the Sprigatitio. "Gah its so cute I'm gonna die." Claire swiped the Sprigatito from the arms of the pirate, a wide, huge grin plastered on her features. Ralia walked up to Claire, turning her head up to the cat currently being cuddled by the trainer.

The Sprigatito looked back, the pairs eyes meeting.

A Cheshire like grin spread across the kittens face, earning a shocked expression from Ralia followed by a glare from the psychic type.

Claire, was of course oblivious to this budding rivalry as the Sprigatito meowed innocently, cuddling its apparent new trainer in return.

"Hmm...lets see...you'll need a good name...Verdue? Ah, I know, Jade. How do you like that?"


"Atta girl, I knew you had a great sense of style." Claire giggled, setting the cat down next to Ralia as Claire turned back to Zachary. "I'll take her. Thanks a bunch! Oh, I'll need to send someone back...hm..." Gah, she hated doing this. Why couldn't she just bring everyone with her? Hmph...well...Jade was a grass type. "Sorry Pip, go back for now 'kay? Welcome to the team, Jade."

Jade proceeded to rub up against Claire's feet as Ralia teleported to the top of Claire's head, patting her trainers red hair with her little arms in an apparent display of displeasure at having this new addition to the team.

"Alright well...first things first then. Getting you trained and up to par with the rest of our crew, huh?" Claire grin, pulling out her mach bike. Supposing there was nothing else for Zachary and crew to say to her, Claire would speed off to Route Six again for a little training.
Byjerlfal City, Commercial district.

“Well, hell…” Kennet frowned, seeing the scene. “Come to think of it, he started acting up after I let him out for a flight near the other side of the park…” He’d shake his head, moving over to Richard as he’d he’d grab the Munchlax by its lower body, hefting and lifting him with a bit more relative ease then Richard might have. “Good thing I’m used to movin’ heavy pokemon sometimes, I reckon.” He’d chuckle, the fletchling in question roosting on Kennet’s shoulder. “Lets get this fella to the center then-ha?!”

Before Kennet could take a few steps, a green-furred pokemon darted out from the underbrush and slammed right into his leg, causing him to stumble slightly.

It was a Sprigatito…

“...hm? Oh. I see someone’s already decided to give this food-thief some mercy…” A person Richard would be somewhat familiar with would walk up from the opposite side of the small clearing. The feline pokemon batted playfully at Kennet’s leg before running back over to Laurel.

…perhaps this was just a coincidence.

“Friend of yours?” Kennet glanced at Richard.

Byjerlfal City, Museum

Commercial district

“Good day. Do be careful on your way out and don’t get lost.”

Thankfully, getting lost would be difficult. Making her way back down stairs and out of the staff area, Isla would find herself back on the main floor. The Museum had cleared out mostly, though she could still see a large crowd of teens and kids. Heading back out onto the street, she’d notice Riley, the man arguing with Lilian earlier had left for the moment. That just left her on the streets of the city once more, the hustle and bustle and noise of large crowds drowning out most things.

Curiously, she could see a young boy with an odd looking Growlithe snickering and running down an alleyway next to the museum…it was probably fine.

Byjerlfal City, Commercial District
@Bartimaeus@Crusader Lord
Urban exploration

The atmosphere at the table was quickly breaking down. Their voices were getting raised now and the man who seemed to be more than a little irritated already, was slowly frowning deeper and deeper as the seconds passed. One of the sailors slammed a fist on the table, leaning over it and a stack of money angrily. A few other sailors were seemingly rallied behind him. Apparently, he lost a bet on something and he was growing increasingly agitated.

Nothing that they had to worry about yet, though…

“Wobbu?” Wobbufett would reach out and pat Sir Lopsalot on the ears before pulling out a notebook and pen, tossing a small menu of drinks onto the table as if asking what they wanted. Notably,it was already written in the book before getting confirmation. Ripley might notice now that Tuule had gotten up from his own seat and was walking over to the betting table, likely having noticed the heated atmosphere. A few words were exchanged between him and the sailor.

“I don’t care, this guy’s a liar and a cheat-!” Their voices were finally raised enough to be heard above the usual din, catching most everyone else's attention.

“Quiet now, son.” Tuule gently interrupted him. “You’re the one who made a losin’ bet, don’t be a sore loser now. What’d you even bet on lad? One of the usual fights here?” When a quiet yes from the sailor followed, Tuule continued. “Now, you don’t really want to accuse Miss Keira and her associates of doin’ something like cheating, lad now do ya? Making a headache for everyone is only going to get ya in trouble.”

“Tch…whatever, Tuule.” He’d shove the older man a side with a small snarl before walking off with a few other sailors.

“That’s why I hate these folks.” The rough looking man taking bets replied. “Think just because they know the oceans they’re hot stuff. That said…Tuule, I got a proposition for ya.”

“Don’t even need to ask if this is going where I think it is.” Tuule replied with a chuckle. “Sure, I’ll take a fight.”

“Right, then. Alright! If anyone here is brave enough to fight the Gym Leader of Rivenwall, Captain Tuule in a one on one match, step into that ring!

Of course, they could just leave and not, too.

Route 1

The red-headed woman visibly flinched, apparently not having heard or seen Camila approach. She’d glance between Camila and the suited men, tilting her head curiously to the side before a sharp-toothed smirk formed on her lips with a shrug. The sunglasses on her nose shifted lightly as she’d motion for her to come on over.

“Huh, this ain’t none of your business either.” One of the suited men said with a snarl. “This is our operation and it doesn't involve you. We caught these pokemon fair and square.” The redhaired woman snorted…and proceeded to flip them off with both her hands.

“Oi, you got some spunk for a mute freak.” One of the suited people shouted, pulling a pokeball from the inside of his suit. “Why don’t the three of us teach ya a lesson, brat!?” The suited man released a pokemon onto the field in front of him - A vaullaby!

“Haa…guess we’re doing this.”

“Hey, if we get pinched for this its gonna be your head on a platter!”

The other two soon released a pokemon onto the field, too. A shroodle and a Starly, respectively.

She might have time to scan them, if she wished, but the three seemed pretty eager on fighting. Didn’t seem the red-haired woman had any pokemon of her own, though.


I think I need to just say, I'm going to be cutting back on RPing in general for a bit. Thanks for the invite Z and I'll maybe return in the future but atm I'm just feeling a little burned out, I think.
Gonna try and get something up monday. Maybe get one up tomorrow on the nightshift if I can manage.
~Claire Blackwood~


The trek, was uneventful. Well, as uneventful as the red blur named Claire zoomed across the plains, route sixteen and towards the dock with Ralia holding onto her head for dear life as she zipped and zoomed, taking a few detours to make sure she didn't leave Dawkin behind too far. She was both surprised and amused to see a literal pirate ship of all things at the dock. Who still had one of those in this day and age?

"Eeeh? If I buy a pokemon I'm keeping it buddy." Claire said with a small frown as the nobleman passed her while she was putting her bike away. Regardless of his response, Calire would soon move through the crowd and the line, giving a friendly wave to Eugene, almost wanting to go pester him for another flight and if that Skarmory she had totally become besties with was around, but thankfully for the Skarmory and Eugene Railia managed to keep her focused until it was her turn.

"Heeey! Names' Claire! I heard about you from Kalmia." Claire said with an excited grin. "Heard you deal in exotic mons and she said we get a free one, right! Well...sign me the heck up fam. I'm looking for something stylish and speedy, but tricky and cute as I am. Not super picky. Free is free." Ralia gave a friendly wave to the pirate, and if she needed to prove her Identity she was ready to pull out the dex and also pester Kalmia.
Byjerlfal City, Commercial district.

“You wanna try keeping him in a ball, be my guest!” Kennet shouted back after Richard. The Fletchling was faster than the both of them, but seemed to have enough sense not to get entirely out of their view for very long as it’d zip past the gates to the park where the two boys would find themselves amidst a serene, quiet and green barrier that made the noise of the hustle and bustle of the city seem far away.

It’d zip past a few trainers, Kennet nearly running over a few people as he’d try and keep up with the Fletchling. As they’d soon find themselves moving off of the stone trail that wound through the park and into the greenery, it soon became evident that the Fletchling seemed to be more so leading them somewhere…

And that somewhere, was a Munchlax, having apparently being badly beaten, fainted on the ground amidst what seemed like a small battlefield. A lunch box had been beaten up, bits and pieces of food were strewn and scattered about. The fletchling landed next to Munchlax, proceeding, chirping at it in a seeming attempt to rouse it.

From what Richard could tell, whoever battled this pokemon didn’t just have a normal battle with it. From the various wounds on its body someone went out of their way to be overly cruel to the little gluttonous pokemon. Not only was it barely moving, it seemed there were small, but many, many cuts on the pokemons body all over.

“Woah, what went down here…?” Kennet stopped running, taking a moment to catch his breath.

Fletchling was impatiently Chirping at the two of them, likely to help the Munchlax.

Byjerlfal City, Museum

“Oh, you’re not from here?” Lilian responded with a hum. “I visited the Sevii islands once. The ruins there are fascinating. That means you likely are not aware of some of Eidda’s myths, then hm? These stones specifically relate to how the landmass was formed. According to some ancient tribes and their descendants, a titanic pokemon that stood as tall as clouds pulled the land from the bottom of the sea alongside its three helpers that it carved from the earth.” A pause as Lilian would walk over to the table where the stone fragments were sitting.

Isla could see them a bit better now, if she walked a little closer. On them were etched numerous holes in the stone, though it was difficult to really figure out what they meant. On another, was a carving of some creature. A pokemon, perhaps? It seemed to be the top part of its mouth, jagged and briefly bringing to mind some dragon, perhaps on a round body.

“If you want to know more, it'd be better to inquire at the Society in Giervor. I’ll be heading back there myself as soon Director Matthias finishes his business here. If you want to stay, I won’t stop you but I think it should be a little quieter downstairs now if you want to look at the exhibits…though if you go to the Winding wood, give Director Matthias my regards and ask him to hurry will you? I’m rather bored here in this museum. I’d much rather be out in the field…”

Byjerlfal City, Commercial District -> Industrial district
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Urban Exploration

“Oh, you must be from outta region? You visiting Eidda?” Beryl responded with a friendly, inquisitive tone. “Ah, but Miss Keira - she’s the Gym Leader here. Runs the resort and is a bit of a legend here in Byjerlfal. Friendly enough gal, just uh, don’t get on her bad side or you might end up taking a long walk off the pier. That scary lookin’ guy over there taking bets works for her.”

With that somewhat ominous statement, Beryl would smirk.

“I’ll have that special riiiiight out. Don’t you worry. Wobby keep ‘em company would you?”

“Wobbu!” A friendly salute and an excitable grin.

Wobbufett would proceed to take the two to an empty booth, should they want it - though before they could get very far, Clarissa might note that the mood around the betting table had taken on a decidedly less friendly atmosphere…

Outside of Camphor’s lab

Unfazed, Remi merely watched the battle unfold. Riolu would speed close, getting behind the Cottonnee. A strong, swift attack knocking the fluffball right towards Aster. The Cottonnee let out a small cry of pain, unable to fully complete its attack in time before it found itself being launched towards Aster who proceeded to grab the fluff ball.


It responded by shouting as it was then grabbed by Aster, and launched like a baseball right towards the Slakoth’s sleeping mouth.

“Hmm…Cottonee, Fairy wind towards the ground!”

Just as it was halfway between the Slakoth Aster, it flapped its little arms and a gust of pink, sparkling air was loosed towards the ground, the resulting force vaulting the Cottonnee above the Slakoth just as it would finish preparing its own move, yawning lazily as bubbles formed out of its mouth and lazily floated towards Aster, popping as it neared the monkey, causing an intense wave of Drowsiness to overcome the pokemon.

She’d be falling asleep in the next turn.

“Good moves, good moves.” Cottonee landed with some irritability behind Slakoth. “But you’re not the only one that can get creative. Cottone, Absorb on that Riolu!”

Slakoth, however, as one might expect, was choosing not to do anything. Nevine knelt next to her pokemon.

“Its okay. You can move when you want to.”

Cottonnee’s little arms lit up red, as it prepared to take some of the HP it lost from the Quick attack back. Aster had limited options now as she could only do so much before she’d find herself falling asleep…!

Route 1

So the Vulpix would attempt dodging, and thankfully it was just a bit faster than a Pidgey. Snow would pivot its body towards the side, narrowly avoiding the speeding bird…which promptly found itself having to put on the aerial brakes…which it was just a bit too slow to do, not managing to stop before it slammed into a tree with a resounded thud. Coupled with Snow repositioning itself, and proceeding to launch another Powder snow towards the pokemon…


The Pidgey fell to the ground. The Pidgey Fainted!

Assuming she threw another pokeball at it....

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