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Well I just got my mitts on the Links Awakening remake. Excus eme while I disappear for a weak while I relive my childhood
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Hello! Welcome to my little bio. Don't mind the sand.

Not much to say, really. Just a directionless human with no idea of their place in life. Role playing preferences are any variation of fantasy usually. Not so much into super hardcore realism or super dark stuff, and prefer story over silly mechanics or hardcore rules in games.

Well, that's about it I guess! Nothing else here but us Medjed.

Nitocris best girl. That is all.

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~Claire Blackwood~


Claire blinked. That had not been quite what she was expecting.

Ralia merely stared at Dunstan for an eerily long time. The Ralts held a hand to her mouth, tilting her head to the side slightly as she looked at the human in front of her. Frustration? Guilt? Resignation, rather than frustration. He seemed elated that Claire had shown the entry, but...there wasn't much else she could go on. He seemed irritated at whatever Florrie had told him, but it was likely irrelevant to what they were there for.

"Aha-erm, no, that's-Bweh?!" Ralia roughly pulled on one of Claire's ears. "Ooooow, what the heck girl?" Claire gave her pokemon a rather harsh glare, tilting her head upwards slightly. "You're seriously askin' to get put in time out today."

"Raaal~" Ralia giggled happily before rolling over and still seemingly studying Dunstan.

"Right well, I dunno what this whole Zygarde and Amethyst business is, but uh, I was just a bit curious as to the Trio." She replied to Dunstan. Should she trust him? Ralia at least seemed to at least not show any signs of mistrust towards him for the moment, but he might just be good at the whole acting thing. "I talked briefly with Connor in Worldedge, he's one of your assistants? He said I should come here if I want to know more about Uxie."

It was probably a good thing the girl named Ten-nee couldn't see the rather macabre grin under Bridget's gasmask.

"You got some bite to ya, don't ya girl?" Bridget chuckled. "Well, that's good. A soft person like Choco here doesn't last long." Bridget leaned forward slightly, a low growl coming from her throat as she glared at them. "But don't worry, kiddo. I'm not one to start needless fights unless I'm bored, and I don't fancy dying, so for now, you don't have anything to worry about."

This...'Salome' Lost was causing a ruckus was it?

"Keh, just don't call me a thug again, got it. I'm a bit more refined than those snack-cakes that strapped this bomb to my chest." Seemed like she didn't have much of a choice here, did she? She wasn't really into helping these kiddos, but it was either fight them needlessly then this Salome later, or save her strength for Salome. The choice here was obvious. "Don't have much of a choice though, do we?" She grunted, hefting her sword and resting it on her shoulder. "Show me where this thing is and I'll handle it." She was vaguely curious as to what happened to Diamond, but if she got bodied, that wasn't her problem. "I need some entertainment."

@1Charak2@ghastlyInc@Raineh Daze

Nehir wasn't saying anything she already hadn't considered herself. Being as somewhat overly cautious as she was, she tended to make sure she had everything in order before doing it. It also meant that sometimes she got so overly anxious that she ended up forgetting something super important, but that was a rare occasion.

"uhm, you er, don't have to worry about ahz." Neffy stuttered out waving her hands in front of her in a mildly comical manner. "Ah have erm, plenty of money and Ah can handle myself w-well" She wasn't going to say she got most of her funds through small acts of thievery here and there outside of normal jobs. "N-not that ah wouldn't mind you purchasing stuff, Ah, erm...just uhm..." Thankfully the clerk gave her an out before she tripped over her words into a pit she couldn't climb out of.

"...uhm...Nefrena Iseueret." She responded to the clerk quietly. "...five of coins..." Good thing her face was almost completely obscured by her hood. Goodness. That went well. She cast a glance towards their other companion. Was he not a member of the guild? He was oddly quiet and did seem somewhat odd, but she didn't think too much of it.


So that was the Overcity? The huntress frowned lightly, a bit unsure how to feel. This was her first time here, the sight was...interesting to say the least. Was that a unicorn? It was almost too fantastical. She had heard tales but seeing it first hand was something else, but an odd feeling of...disbelief? Like, she was a magical girl and should be used to stuff like this, but she couldn't help but to feel a somewhat childish wonder at seeing something like a unicorn. Likely she was just nervous because this was such an unfamiliar situation. She knew Penrose like the back of her hand, but being in this forest was completely different.

"Thanks." Rina said boarding Mika's Nimbus, mostly keeping to herself. Didn't matter too much, all she had to do was just focus on getting back now that she had been rather rudely yanked from the city. Last time that happened, she missed two months and the Ascendancy had decided to show up. "Never been to the Over city before." She stated, taking a seat and letting her legs hang off the edge of the Nimbus. Might as well let them know just in case something happened, and mostly that she had no idea what they were even doing, and they seemed like they knew more about here than she did.

~Life's no fun without a bit of corruption~


"Hmm...I might be there." Chloe said with a smile. "I love parties, fufu. Especially if they involve potentially a bit of destruction involved." The Dark Magical girl giggled. "A little party to relieve stress would be quite fun." What was more interesting to her, however, was what Cindy said to her about Divina."...Now that's a wonderful idea, though! Divina would love nothing more than to ensure peace. I can talk to her, or you can, if you'd prefer." She gave Cindy a smile, just as she was approached by someone else who seemed both to know her and want her attention. "If you'll excuse me for a bit Cindy, a girl requires my attention, fufu."

When Viva slipped into the corrupted sanctuary her mood had long since soured. She had plenty of time to contemplate how things had gone from bad to worse due to getting caught by the member of Beacon, no matter the fact that she hadn't attacked any of them and had even gone out of her way to help them. Beacon now knew she was dark, which meant she had to be more careful in her search, which had already been fruitless so far.

So no Viva wasn’t in a good mood, as she wove through the crowds that had gathered in the main room, thankfully the blood bag she was drinking from was taking the edge off. ”Your prediction was full of it” She would mutter grumpily to a Goat like Monster girl as she dropped down next to her.

“Hey! All I said is that you shall have great luck” The girl replied defensively “That can go both ways. Besides you day isn’t over and maybe one of the new arrivals can help you out”


“I don’t think so, one of them seemed to know Cindy. She was some kinda cyborg I think, plus she walked through the blank door to somewhere else and brought someone back with her.”

That had gotten Viva’s attention. “Really where are they?” she asked as she tried to scope out the area hoping to catch sight of her target.

“The robot left shortly after, something about making sure she wasn’t a security threat to this place” The goat girl answered with a shrug “But the other girl is over there.” She would say pointing off at Chloe. Upon seeing the Spirit mage Viva had to hold back a squeal of delight, along with a sigh of relief. It wasn’t exactly who she was looking for but it was practically the next best thing.

“Gotta go!” the twisted nurse would say as she nearly ran over to the first solid lead she had on finding her target in months. When she was almost there Viva would take a moment to make sure her appearance was as clean as she could get it. Straightening her skirt, adjusting her hat, and brushing away any dirt she could see. She also vanished her half drank blood bag back into her hammerspace but she didn’t notice the small trickle of blood that was left running from the corner of her lips.

“Umm excuse me? Mistress Chloe?” Viva would callout nervously once she was closer “Do you have a moment to talk?”

“” Turning away from her current conversation, Chloe glanced over to Viva. A small grin crept across the dark magical girls lips as she studied Viva. Had she just come from a fight or something? “...Heh. What do we have here? A cute little nurse approaching me. And calling me Mistress no less. Keep that up and I won't be able to keep my hands off you, fufufu.” Before Viva could say anything, Chloe closed the distance between them, pressing her body against the other girls. Taking her pointer finger, she swiftly wiped the blood off the corner of Viva's lips. “Fufu, you had something on your face. You wanted to talk to me about something?~”

She didn’t seem inclined to pull away from Viva.

Viva had been briefed on Chloe when she first accepted her task, but seeing was a different matter then hearing about it. It was easy to see that Chloe embraced her taint, much more wholeheartedly then Viva had expected and it was a pleasant surprise to be sure. She could easily understand how someone could fall for the mischievous mage.

“Rumor has it that you are spoken for…” Viva would say as her eyes tracked Chloe’s now bloody digit for a long moment as she fought to push down her still inflamed hungers for a moment. “Otherwise I’d have no qualms about where you placed your hands” Viva would reply with a sly grin returning her attention back to Chloe’s face.

“But that’s getting a bit ahead of ourselves I fear” She would continue on with a sad sigh as she took a small step back, just large enough that there was some space between them, business had to come before pleasure after all. “First an introduction; My name is Vivian, though I prefer to go by Viva.” She would say with a bow of her head “I am a Solo Girl, currently working on a task for a Patron. One that I think you’d both be able to help me with and would be wanting to see completed. For you see it deals with Penny, and her… Unfortunate ties to Beacon.” This was the point where Viva felt she had to tread carefully. Getting in between a Dominator and things they considered theirs was always a risky gambit.

“Would you be interested in hearing me out and possibly helping?”

“Tsk, everyone wants to talk business these days.” Chloe huffed, inspecting the blood on her finger. “No one wants to just play a bit. Such a bore.” Folding her arms across her chest and pouting lightly, she offered Viva a playful smirk. “Well, it's a pleasure to meet you, Viva. Whoever your current patron is, I must say, they have quite the eye to pick me out of a crowd.” Chloe would be more than willing to talk alliances, or potential cooperation with anyone short term, even long term, depending on what they wanted. In fact, she more than welcomed cooperation between magical girls of any background.

When she mentioned Penny, however, Chloe's smile only faltered for a brief moment.

“Fufu, Penny?” This girl was interest in Penny. Many questions came to mind, foremost was why. Solely because of the mentioned ties with Beacon, or something else? “I am...painfully aware of my little Penny's connections to Beacon.” She sighed deeply, appearing troubled by the fact. “My fault, really. I had to leave Penrose for a time.” She ground her teeth together. “Buuuut I think I can, convince her that staying with them is a bad idea.” She smirked. “...we just need to, give her a reason too. Ahem – perhaps we should discuss something in private?”

Internally Viva let out a breath she had been holding. She had hoped that Chloe felt the same way that both Viva and her current Patron had felt about Penny’s oddly strong ties to Beacon, but hearing it first hand helped soothe the irrational fears that Chloe might have gotten in the way.“By all means, lead the way” Viva would agree before moving to follow Chloe to wherever it was she knew of that would be better for this conversation.

“And all work and no play does tend to make things dull” Viva agreed as they walked “But coming across you has been the best stroke of luck I’ve had in weeks” Viva explained giving Chloe a better look over now that things seemed to be going well. “And really, I mean that in more ways the one” She would say charmingly.

“After we are done with business… I wouldn't be opposed to a bit of fun” Viva would add with a smirk of her own. Really it was such a delight to meet someone else who enjoyed the darker things in life.

“Eeeeh?~” Chloe giggled at Viva's offer. “You’re quite the flatterer~” She playfully commented, opening the portal to her apartment and holding the door open for Viva. The dark magical girl waltzed in, letting Viva in as she made her way over to the couch. “I've been thinking of a few ways to deal with this annoyance, but dealing with it delicately is rather...difficult. Penny's such a good, pretty little girl.” She giggled, holding a hand to the side of her face as she glanced at Viva. “That's why I love her so very, very much and if anyone hurts my pretty Penny, I’ll be quite upset.” An obvious threat anyone could easily, hopefully pickup on.

“...that aside, what sort of fun did you have in mind?” Her attitude shifted amicably once more as she slyly slid next to Viva. “Fufu, chaos? Experiments? Want to see what happens when you force more than one soul into a body?~” She pressed a shoulder against Viva’s. “...or maybe you want to do something with me?~”

“Is it flattery if it’s true?” Viva would ask as she followed Chloe into the apartment. She was a few steps slower as she walked towards the couch, taking the time to look around the apartment as she went. It was a nice place, but it was the small bits of cohabitation that stood out to the most to the dark nurse. “And I can promise you now that harming Penny is the last thing on my mind.” She would reassure her host as she sat down, not surprised or upset at the threat “The Patron I’m working for, let’s call her Mother for now, just feels that Penny has fallen in with the wrong crowd and wants to make sure Penny’s not hurt by the Beacon’s caustic influence.” Viva would explain sincerely, for she agreed with Mother completely. She agreed with Mother on a lot of things in fact, it was why Viva had sought her out and ended up with this task to act as both a liaison for the Mother and a potential friend for Penny.

Viva then tried to be upset at Chloe’s obvious attempt to circumvent the business discussion but honestly she could understand. Politics were so dry and bland at times, besides what better way to get on the petite girls side then ceding control of the conversation? “Would you hold it against me if I said all of the above?” She would reply as she leaned into the contact before snaking her arm up onto the back of the couch so it wasn’t in the way “Chaos is easy to come across these days, and I’ve not had a chance to play around with my magic in some time so both would be a delight, especially with your company” She would say with a sly grin “And I would love to see anything you want to show me, I’ve never had the chance to see a spirit girl up close. Tell me do souls taste as exquisite as I imagine they do?” And perhaps a part of her was still keyed up from her curse of desire from earlier, but who could blame her? “And if Penny is willing to share... Well we are in private already~”

“Fufu, how scandalous.” Chloe slowly ran her tongue across her lips. Oh, she really, really shouldn't. Her precious little Penny would get so jealous, wouldn't she? But the idea of it was quite enthralling in its own way. Besides, seeing Penny's little jealous face would be cute if she ever found out about it. Viva wasn't exactly making it easy to not get her hands all over her, either. Giggling, Chloe unceremoniously laid down, using Viva's lap as a pillow.

“Do you want to taste one?~” She placed a finger to Viva's lips. “I can assure you, they taste so very sweet.”

Viva couldn’t help the sharp intake of breath at the offer of a soul to eat. “You… you have one?” she would ask shakily, her mouth stuck in indecision of wanting to go dry from desire while also wanting to start salivating and the prospect. It was almost like a dream come true, a fantasy that Viva had held for some time now, the chance to devour a soul.

“Oh please, please, you have to let me try one” She begged softly her body shaking slightly from anticipation. There was little she wouldn’t have done to eat a soul, she was just normally better at hiding that fact, but her meal earlier had been interrupted and she was still so very hungry.

“So eager.” Chloe laughed. “I am a spirit mage, you know. Souls are sort of what I deal in. I think I can spare one.” She smiled pulling her finger away from Viva's lips. “As a token of...good faith, shall we say~” Sitting up, Chloe summoned her orb. Ripping souls from the afterlife was an easy task, especially in a place like a graveyard. In a place like this though – well, that was why she kept a good stock stored up as fuel.

Her orb flashed a bright, violet light as she pulled it to her side. Placing her hands on the crystalline ball, Chloe caressed it softly. Making a pulling motion like she was pulling a cloth out of something, the spirit mage removed something from the orb. A swirling, semi-solid mass similar in appearance to fog, but having a consistency similar to that of a gel like substance. Of course, souls she held on too, tended to become tainted after some time, the corruption hanging onto it like tar.

Wordlessly, she moved so she was now sitting on Viva's lap, holding the glowing mass in front of her.
“Fufu, pretty isn't it?” Her hand brought it to the other girls lips.

Viva was transfixed by the whole event. She hadn't been lying when she said she had never seen a Spirit mage work up close before and to see the ephemeral mass summoned up for her had her licking her lips. “It’s beautiful” She breathed, mesmerized by the soul as it was offered up to her. The fact that she could see the taint stuck to it just made her mouth water even more.

Slowly she reached up to caress the spiritual mass, to get a full sense of what it was she was about to consume, but that moment of reverie didn’t last, as she quickly bit into the soul with vicious glee.

She didn’t bother to hold in her moans of pleasure at the taste. It was beyond her wildest expectations, sinfully sweet was the only way to really describe it, with the corruption adding devilish hints of savory delight. Greedily she devoured the treat, alternating between small nibbles and large hunks. The last portion she simply drank down, marveling at the texture as it slipped past her maw.

“Mmm, that was delicious!” Viva murmured as she just sat there in the blissful afterglow of such a wonderful meal. A sinister smile on her face as she reveled in actually devouring someone’s soul.

Chloe watched with macabre delight as her guest devoured the soul, not moving an inch from Viva's lap. She greedily devoured every last bit of it, only a shrill, brief wail from the soul in question before it was utterly consumed by the girl in front of her.
“Ahhh, I almost want to indulge myself for a bit.” Chloe giggled, briefly locking lips with Viva. “But, we did come here for business, fufu...and I think I trust you enough now. It's not often I see a girl such as myself in Penrose willing to indulge in such beautifully dark things.” She giggled. “...I almost want you for myself, fufu. So tell me, my pretty, gluttonous little friend, let's discuss my pretty Penny.”

Viva was surprised at the sudden kiss, but she wasn’t going to complain about it, except for the fact it had been so brief. Still Chloe had a point, they had come to this hidden nook for business, still Viva couldn’t help but feel that the deranged girl on her lap was changing topics just to vex her.

“Right business...You’re a minx you know that?” Viva would say with a playful glare before she gave her head a quick shake to resummon her focus, leaning back into the couch as she contemplated her next words. “I was given two tasks by Mother.” She would start opting for honesty due to feeling like she had found a kindred soul within Chloe “The first was to establish contact with Penny, and to offer my support and act as something of intermediary between them as Mother is interested in becoming Penny’s Patron. The second, and more important task, is to work towards separating Penny from the Beacon, with special care to be taken to keep Penny in good health.”

“To both of those ends Mother has told me a bit about Penny, her personality and her friends. It’s how I knew about you, Mother is very pleased with you as well in fact.” She would mention with a wistful smile. “Other things that might be of use is the fact that I am technically a Reinforcement user, though my magic is much more twisted than the usual” She would say with obvious joy and a hint of pride at that fact it was the best Silver Viva had ever spent.

“Unfortunately the only idea I’ve been able to come up with without meeting her is trying to make it so that Beacon Excommunicates her somehow. Most members wouldn’t pose much of a threat to Penny from what I’ve heard, but with the Ascendency in the area I’m not sure how safe that idea is anymore.” Hell even without the Ascendency it would have been risky, but hopefully having Chloe help would open up other options.

“Fufu, but you love me anyways, yes?~” Chloe giggled in reply as she readjusted her seat, leaning her back against the arm of the couch, still sitting in Viva's lap. She stretched her legs out, listening intently to the other girls words. So this...'Mother' wanted to try and drive a wedge between Penny and Beacon. This was obviously something she'd agree with. She'd love nothing more than to see Beacon earn her pretty Penny's ire, to watch her smash it all and destroy it as she was built and designed too. She even had a few ideas on how she could do that.

“...hmm, this Mother sounds like quite the fun Patron. Better than a certain old dragon I won't have to worry about for too much longer, heh~” She giggled lightly. Truthfully, she had been thinking about this for a bit herself, the moment she heard that Penny had fallen under their thumb. Finding an ally like this would be very helpful...but to what end? “Mother is interested in becoming Penny's Patron...I certainly wouldn't mind that, you seem like such a nice girl so I'm sure that Mother is as well, but...trusting my little Penny to someone else I don't really know is asking quite a bit. It's so very difficult for girls like us to trust others.” She sighed, her orb slowly rotating behind her.

“With the Mint abusing us, Beacon wanting nothing more than our deaths, and patrons such as horrors using us for their selfish ends...” Chloe gave a resigned sigh. “You can understand why I wouldn't want to hand Penny over quite so easily.” She smiled again, running a finger down Viva’s cheek rather roughly. “You want my things, you’ll need to assure me you won’t break them first.”

This time the implied threat forced Viva to suppress a shiver. She hadn’t really meant to, but she was suddenly very aware of the fact that she was more or less trapped by the smaller girl. One who had proven that she had no qualms about sentencing souls to oblivion, all the while talking about Chloe’s prized possession and how someone else was interested in it.

Thankfully the fear was mostly unfounded “M-mother feels the same actually” Viva would begin to explain “She hates those that target those she sees as her children. Which includes all Monsters and Monster girls. Dark magicals, like us, aren't always viewed as her in the same way. But we can prove that we are her children just as much as the Monsters are.”

“She is a good mother” Viva’s gaze would drift away from Chloe as she spoke, the longing and conviction obvious on her face as she spoke “Or at least she is the best that she can be. She wants to be Penny’s Patron but she is more interested in seeing to it that Penny is safe from Beacon. It’ll be up to Penny if she accepts Mother as a Patron, and Mother will respect it if Penny says no, but the offer will never expire.”

“None of us deserve to be left without a Mother to watch over us after all” She would finish softly, a far away look in her eyes but she didn’t stay in the far away place. Her gaze focused again on Chloe “What can I do to prove to you that I, and Mother through me, only want to help?”

“Why do people always ask to prove themselves?” Chloe replied, a mildly curious tone in her voice. “Obviously I could make a request, but then that merely just proves you're willing to put up with a bit of unreasonableness on my part to gain my trust for whatever it is your long term goals are.” The dark magical girl giggled. “So I don't think making a specific request would make any sort of trust between us.” Not that Chloe would ever fully trust someone aside from Penny, but It was clear this Viva person had more than a little affection for this 'mother' creature. That was fine, Chloe wasn't going to judge anyone. That was what beacon did to innocent girls. “So, you give me a reason. I don't care what it is, and I don't care if you do it or not – but just know that if you don't and try to mess with my little Penny, we won't be so friendly~”

“I..” Viva was a bit caught off guard at the reversal. She had figured that Chloe would be more than willing to use the opportunity to order her around. Yet she couldn’t deny that the other girl had a point. Viva didn’t have much she could offer, and her word wasn’t worth anything yet due to them only just having met. They both were willing to indulge in the darker things in life but that was as much a boon as it was a bane.

She chewed on her lip as she thought, intentionally choosing the part that she had so recently healed. “I need to get Penny away from the Beacon” Viva would say at last “Not because I care, but because I don’t want to remain as simply human.” She would turn to look Chloe dead in the eye as she spoke “Mother has promised me that if I can get Penny away from Beacon that she will step in and force a magical overload as she becomes my Patron” And there it was, the true reason why Viva agreed to all of this. “I don’t care to take Penny away from you. I just want to make Mother happy. That’s all.” Now Viva just had to hope that it was enough to convince Chloe.

“Tsk,” Chloe frowned slightly. “I could care less about what you want.” She replied first, somewhat harshly. I am not naive enough to think you'd be doing it for some selfless reason.” She could make a few not very well founded guesses from what Viva had told her, but that was still entirely up in the air, really. It was likely Viva didn't know, either. “Why should I trust this mother with my Penny? For all I know she wants her for scrap metal, and I would be so very, very, distraught if she hurt my precious little robot.” Chloe grabbed the side of Viva's face gently, not looking away from her eyes either. “Hmhm, how about this, my gluttonous beauty? We want to drive Penny away from beacon. We can certainly make that happen so much easier together. But I want to meet this mother. Doesn't matter when. Either before or with Penny if and when she decides to meet. Besides, if I endorse her as well, Penny would be far easier to convince to join this Mother of yours.”

Viva couldn’t help the small flinch as Chloe’s harsh tone. She had misunderstood what Chloe had been asking, she didn’t want reassurance that Viva didn’t mean Penny harm, she wanted to know that Mother didn’t mean Penny harm. The very thought was blasphemous to Viva though, Mother would never intend to harm one of her children, but Chloe didn’t know mother, so she could be forgiven for being cautions.

quickly Viva would reply knowing that if she didn’t her life was likely already forfeit “I can do that” Her voice was deceptively calm, for inside Viva was remembering exactly why it was a bad idea to step between a dominator and those they consider theirs “I just need to know when it is you would like to meet with Mother and I can start working on it” She would finnish before swallowing down her fear. She would get through this, and remember for next time to watch what she said with far more care.

“Fufu, that's a good girl.” Chloe giggled. “How soon can we do it? I am honestly, really interested in meeting someone who has taken an interest in my little Penny.”

“Soon” Would be Viva’s reply “it will take a bit of time to set up but no later than Tomorrow night” she was tremendously grateful that Mother had in fact given her a way to get incontact with her, Otherwise this encounter would have ended poorly she was sure of it.

There was a tangible pause as Viva made her offer.
“Well, then...” Chloe leaned backwards, Stretching and sighing tiredly. ”Ah, all that business talk made me bored again.” She let her body fall over the arm rest of the chair. When was Penny getting back, she wondered? She wasn't in any danger since she still had her token, but...ah, she was so bored. “...fufu,” Giggling, she sat up and wrapped an arm around Viva. “Care to...end where we started?”

Viva slowly let out a thankful sigh when Chloe at last seemed to find the terms agreeable, and found herself wondering how it was Penny dealt with Chloe’s ability to switch between playful and frightening with a drop of a hat.

Such thoughts were left by the wayside at the mischievous girls suggestion, to which Viva could only smirk “As you wish Mistress” she would reply as she slid her arms around the girl in her lap. She wasn’t going to turn down such an offer after all.

‘Seems like the goat was right after all, I am getting lucky after all~’

~Claire Blackwood~


"Sorry little dude," Claire said to the ninja boy. "Kiiiinda hypocritical but I got something super important to ask Dunstan. We can fight later, though! I just gotta get the bonus stage started." Claire said with a grin before turning to Florrie. "Lead the way, Florrie." The redhead continued, still wearing a grin as she followed Florrie into Dunstan's lab. Ralia hung off her shoulder, having finally finished the Kuo Berry with a satisfied yawn. Claire herself, was ogling all the fancy tech in the lab - especially having taken note of the 'fossil resurrection'. When she finally laid eyes on Dunstan, she was pretty sure he was exactly what she had expected.

" talk about the stereotypical stuffy professor. You look like you could get out more." Claire grinned, earning a small whack from Ralia. "Right right, sorry. Hi, I'm Claire. Yes, I'm one of Kalmia's trainers and do I have something that might interest you." Claire fished out her pokedex, flipping to Uxie's entry before glancing back to Dunstan. "I heard you're the authority on some Legendary pokemon...and well..." Holding back the pokedex, she showed the entry to Dunstan.

Ralia was lazily laying on top of Claire's head now, intently gauging Dunstant's emotional reaction.

"Don't ask where I met them though. That stuff about mind-wiping is true."

Well if that other one wanted to run off on their own, that was fine. More importantly they needed to focus on the two Revenants in front of them. Two small looking girls, one carrying a...barrel? The other a gun that looked like it'd do nothing but give her an itch. Bridget hefted her sword, letting the head of it rest on the ground as she let herself at least, look relaxed as one of the girls approached.

"And here I was looking forward to bashing the skull of some annoying revenant." Bridget chuckled. "But instead, we get two weak looking kiddies that should have stayed at home." She know she said she'd let Delmina do the talking, but seeing these little revenants really did want to make her play with them a bit. "You tasty looking morsels know where some blood beads are?" Pulling up her sword, she narrowed her eyes at the other two. "Be a shame if I get annoyed. People tend not to live long then."

Still, it was an empty threat at worse for now. She knew better than to start needless fights, but a little intimidation could go a long way as long as Delmina kept her mouth shut.


As Nehir spoke, Neffy's shoulders slumped ever so slightly. He wasn't...from the desert. She was really hoping he'd have been. She'd really want to get along with or meet another Nem from her homeland. She had so much she wanted to talk about! It was so difficult to actually just, talk to one of the Juyuem about it that had never been there before. Her uneasiness however, was soon washed away by the other Nem's mild seeming panic attack.

"...oh, uhm..." She refrained from laughing at his expense. He did have a rather dubious reputation, didn't he? Not that she had any personal experience. "D-don't worry...over it." It'd have been difficult to tell, but she was smiling a bit under her hood. It was decided then. The three of them would go Orc hunting. Not her first choice of job by far, but she felt at least, somewhat comfortable around these people. Nehir specifically. Melly's loudness was going to take some getting used too.

"Oh-" She flinched lightly when Melly asked about when they were departing. Had she not worked on a quest before? Or was she just a bit of an idiot? Well, it didn't matter. Inhaling, she glanced over to the counter. She could do this. She had done it before. Just...take the paper and take it over there.

"First..." Neffy pointed towards the counter where the guilds administrative staff was present."We should register ourselves as, uhm, taking the quest..." She cast a glance to the other two, hoping that they would be able to do it with minimal interference. Nehir seemed like he was good at the talking thing. Probably.

Yes, plz protecc Nem

She'll make sure no one steals your monies.
by stealing it first


"W-weh?!" Before Neffy could even protest, she found herself being manhandled by Melly's armored companion. Unfortunately, she was nowhere near strong enough to squirm her way out and she doubted Melly would even let her slip out if she had protested. A few colorful words came to mind as she was lifted and soon placed on the giant known as Raphael's shoulders. She almost wanted to say a few of them simply because she doubted Melly would understand Nemmish.

"T-that's not reassuring at all!" Neffy shouted, wrapping her arms tightly around the armored giants helmet, holding on for her dear small life. At least she could see the board easily from up here. Something about orcs, which she was most certainly inclined to not take. Something about disappearances could possibly be a good job for her. Wasn't like she was going to easily be made to ehm, disappear. A monastery job she certainly didn't want to take if it had the possibility of being dangerous. In the end, she had settled on the escort mission. Easy enough, though they might run into bandits, she didn't have much of a problem handling such people as long as she could do it with minimal actual confrontation.

Before she could reach for it, though, another Nem...uh, Nehir was his name, right? Seemed to take an interest in Melly.

"A...mission...?" Having another Nem along would certainly make her feel more comfortable. "Uhm...well, ah don't mind..." Neffy replied to Nehir, allowing herself to relax. It wasn't quite the height she was afraid of, rather it was the sudden manhandling she had been subjected too. She released her death grip on Raphael's head and glanced at the board again.

Oh...he had taken the one for the orcs, huh...

"...uhm..." Exhaling, and deciding she didn't want to be manhandled by a giant armored juyuem again, the Nem leaped off Raphael's shoulder, landing rather gracefully and silently on the ground in front of the armored giant. "Safas ma tasu." She greeted the other Nem in traditional Nemmish for greeting a new person with a slight nod of her head. She might have known his name simply because she had a habit of listening around the guildhall, but she had never formally met the other Nem before. "Uhm...Nefrena. If you don't mind having me, ah wouldn't mind helping." She softly reasserted. "...I'm not really good in a fight, but erm, ah can probably scout fairly well, among other...things."


"Eep!" Before she had even gotten five feet away from the board, she was accosted by a large man in armor. A girl in an odd dress flanked her other side, cutting off any escape route she might have unless she wished to brave the perils of the Quest Board again. Neither option seemed particularly enticing. Worse, they seemed to be misunderstanding something!

"U-uhm, w-well, Ah don't uhm-" She stuttered out, her voice barely audible over the carousing of the guild hall. "-Ah uhm, don't actually have a, err, quest!" The Nem managed to get out as she took a few steps back from either person. Who were these people anyways? She had seen them around the hall every now and then. What were their names...? "...uhm...Mellifluer, right?" Now that she had a moment to collect herself talking would probably be a bit easier. "...the," Gosh, why did the Juyuem have such a hard to pronounce letter. "Was...too crowded and, well, Ah can't really reach it...anyways..." She reached up with a hand, pulling her hood further over her face. "...that tall one making a ruckus didn't help."

Exhaling, Neffy relaxed her posture a bit.

"...but Ah wouldn't mind help with a quest, if you're uhm, fine with helping ahz."
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