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Well I just got my mitts on the Links Awakening remake. Excus eme while I disappear for a weak while I relive my childhood
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welp I start my twevlve hour night shifts in three hours. Chances of my lazy ass dying from over work? about 90%


Hello! Welcome to my little bio. Don't mind the sand.

Not much to say, really. Just a directionless human with no idea of their place in life. Role playing preferences are any variation of fantasy usually. Not so much into super hardcore realism or super dark stuff, and prefer story over silly mechanics or hardcore rules in games.

Well, that's about it I guess! Nothing else here but us medjed.

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@Guilty Spark

Here we go. Instead of a mage with an unhealthy interest in undead, I went with a sneaky sort with an interest in demons.

Also decided I was trying too hard with the bio, so I cut it down a lot. I'll PM you my thoughts on that.

Team Nippon
@VitaVitaAR@PKMNB0Y@Click This@Crusader Lord

Lazhira spent the next few minutes of the evening tidying up after the food and making sure nothing was too terribly out of place. As much as she could, however. Having to make good on her promise of whacking people with a soup ladle slowed things down a bit, but overall things were nice and tidy again fairly soon.

It was just as she had finished that Leannah made her own offer.

“Eh? Really? Some to teach me? Well, I’m always up for learning something!” She grinned. “Sure, I can, try to anyways!”

The following practice proved both useful as well as somewhat more enlightening upon her situation. Attempts to make a light proved just as somewhat hazardous as before. It seemed like every time she did anything, she’d somehow put just a little more into it than she’d need to and cause another explosion like before, or just simply fizzling out ineffectively.

What this meant Lazhira couldn’t say. She did help where she could, but while Lazhira could help some, she wasn’t particularly skilled herself it seemed, only able to do small tricks and other small feats such as a floating light or small flicker of harmless fireworks. Eventually however, Leannah would learn a bit more ‘control’. They couldn’t exactly pinpoint the cause of the rather explosive nature of her issue, but that just meant she needed to try and control it a bit more, and with a bit of help from Lazhira in controlling it internally, she finally managed progress.

By the end, Leannah had managed to make a small sphere of light not dissimilar to Misaki’s, though it still kept a more sun-like appearance.

Seemingly satisfied with teaching Leannah once she seemingly succeeded, Lazhira then accepted Leannah’s offer of tutelage of something herself. The girl however, was not prepared for the physical activity that martial arts required. While she eagerly accepted being taught at first, it was soon incredibly clear Lazhira did not have the body or physical ability for martial arts. Tripping and rather clumsily following Leannah’s instruction. Still, she seemed to at least pick up on theories and the general ideas Leannah was giving her for it she just needed to train physically. She even wanted a light spar with Leannah towards the end.

Having to teach someone and even a light, friendly spar against a complete novice at least seemed to help Leannah stay on top of her form, too.

Misaki’s own experiments would prove similarly fruitful. Fire seemed easy enough - all she had to do was force a bit more energy into her ‘light’ spell and she’d achieve a small flame. Stone was also easy enough, if somewhat more rigid-feeling to work with. While she couldn’t create stone from nothing she could seemingly manipulate the ground beneath her feet with some effort by putting her energy into it, then directing it out in a way she desired it to move. She couldn’t do very much with it yet, at most making a pebble move or create a small earthen mound. Water would for now at least, prove similarly difficult. She couldn’t seem to just create it from nothing for now, but she would find that if she tried using it on the snow that littered the ground, she could at least extract some water from it, but controlling it was difficult. Unlike earth, it was far too slippery in comparison causing her to repeatedly lose any attempts she had at holding it.

Perhaps she just needed a ‘firmer’ grip?

The supposed electricity would be by far the hardest. How would she even go around trying to attempt making it? Electricity at its core, is a natural force of the world stemming from Electromagnetism. Even attempting to make ‘static electricity’ proved to be useless. Perhaps she just needed a stronger source of power to work with to start? Either way, it seemed plausible she could, she just hadn’t quite figured out how to do it yet.

Even if that one proved unsuccessful, being able to expand her repertoire even slightly seemed like it gave her a bit of a better ‘feel’ for magic in general.

Her experiments left her slightly tired, but not completely drained. Surprisingly, if she met with Lazhira again, she’d feel like the girl's magical potential was significantly higher than she was letting on.

Narkissa’s experiment would prove a bit less fruitful than her companions. While she certainly, perhaps had theory down, perhaps an overall more practical application may be needed to gain any progress. Not that it wasn’t all for naught. As she turned attention to the earth, placing a hand on it as she meditated, something...happened.

Briefly, for a moment, she felt like she could tell that Leannah was currently beating up Lazhira in a friendly sparring match only to end In a rather humorous display of Lazhira tripping over her feet and face planting right into the cat girls chest.


Another attempt would prove similarly as useful if she care to try doing it. While perhaps less impressive than Misaki’s

Once all of their training was finished, or they simply decided to call it a night Lazhira would have done her best to make a bed for all of them if they desired to crash at her place. It was a little cramped, considering things but she also said she’d not mind sharing a bed or letting the others have it if they wanted.

Regardless, everyone had a decent enough place to rest for the evening if they desired as the moon slowly peered into view, banishing the light from the world.

The Roma Mob

After at least a passable meal of boar, the group was finally ready for rest after an admittedly long and tiring day. A friendly conversation. A plan of action was made, and theorizing about the future, but eventually rest came to an end and the two decided to practice before they dozed off for the evening.

Augusta decided to play with fire a bit more. By now fire came relatively easy, if not second nature quite yet. Using the logs as target practice, if nothing else helped with the aim of her fireballs...though this amount of practice didn’t feel quite as efficient as it had back in the prison. It certainly felt tiring to use, but as far as developing things, she’d maybe need to be a little more creative with how she approached using it.

Isidore instead went with a more internal approach. Sitting near the fire, he turned his focus, attention, and fire inwards. The energy flowing within was easy to feel now. Through his veins. Through his exhausted body. Perhaps he’d have done better to rest a bit, but rest could come later. His body was a furnace, his soul the embers to ignite the furnace into a raging fire.

Turning the fire inward certainly helped stave off the cold. He could feel his body warming up slowly as he maintained this thought and image. The more he maintained this state, the more his body loosened up from the stress of the day, fatigue giving way to warmth and sweat on his brow. If one were to take a thermometer, they’d find he’d have a dangerously high temperature, but he would otherwise feel fine.

Next, he tried to move that energy into another form. His lungs - a bellow to which connect to the wind. It seemed a little more difficult to grasp the air than his initial ability to manipulate fire. Rather comically, the first time he attempted this for the night when he exhaled - a gout of fire escaped through his nose, lightly singing his clothes.

Aside from that first mishap, however, while he felt like he was on the verge of something, it eluded him for the most part. Perhaps more use of this skill may give him something a bit more concrete.

Donovan spent his time doing a light workout, making sure to work out his entire body as night fell. A good idea, to remain in shape and stretching to work out the stress of the days events, but overall his body didn’t seem like such a routine would help anything but maintain his current level of strength. Still, his body would thank him for the light work out eventually should he keep it up.

More importantly however, was the emblem. Even more mysterious now than it was before, if the Kyrnith was correct. A God so ancient that it no longer had a name. Perhaps he should give it one? He couldn’t just keep calling it ‘nameless’, now could it? Perhaps it wasn’t important though. He held the badge in his hand, attempting to ‘feel’ more of the Divine energy radiating from it, connecting his own spirit and thoughts to it and whatever God this may be.

It was surprisingly difficult, however. Giving him a deeper connection to the God didn’t seem as easy as just willing it to be like magic. What else was missing? It almost seemed like his attempts at this would prove futile. At least, until he almost thought he heard something.


An unintelligible whisper from the crackling fire snapped him from his training. It wasn’t his ears playing a trick on him was it? It was then, he’d have noticed something felt odd. Perhaps it was just a trick of his mind as the whisper was, but he had been trying that for what seemed a good while, lost in thought and attempting to eek out more secrets of the badge, yet...the Moon seemed to be exactly the same position it was when he started. Did he just lose track of time? Or...

He looked over to Octavia, who was sitting happily next to Augusta. This was a more simple task it seemed. Even just looking at Octavia just made him feel...uneasy. Wrong. As though her existence just shouldn’t be. Trying to move further away from the pup, Donovan’s sense of unease began to fade, eventually becoming nonexistent by ten feet. Not a very long range to be sure, and he already knew what Octavia was and the pup wasn’t even trying to hide it.

Further advancement in trying to sense her seemed ineffective.

Nicholas however, decided to spend the rest of the night resting under the stars. As he did rest, something...odd happened. A star, twinkling brightly to the south would catch his attention. Normally, such a thing might not even be considered odd, but...something about it caught his attention. It wasn’t anything more than a ‘huh, that’s weird’, but could there have possibly been more to it?, that was silly, but if he took his Goddess given ability into account, perhaps this was something he should trust? What would that even mean?

Regardless, eventually night would come. The Blue and Grey moons watching over everyone from their lofty thrones in the sky.

@Crimson Paladin
The Fox and the Skillseeker

Bolcha, did not press the issue with the reward. He seemed a little bemused by the fact he’d refuse it, but didn’t seem like he felt particularly insulted. The same could be said of the fox woman. She flicked her tail curiously as he rejected the money, but ultimately said nothing. It wasn’t her money to collect after all.

“Well aren’t you being hospitable.” She replied. “But I, ah, have my own accommodations for the evening...and I’m not particularly interested in getting caught up in whatever is happening here. Better to cut my losses and move somewhere else, isn’t it?” She stretched one of her ears twitching. “If by some chance you find yourself in the northern Chagawa territory, we might run into each other again fufu.”

She then walked off, heading for the outskirts of the village and leaving Novak there without so much as giving her name. He wouldn’t have much of a hard time finding his companions as evening fell, and Lazhira would also offer her home up to him if he wanted too, though Enli’s offer of lodging with him was likely just as open still.

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@Cu Chulainn

Shaken by the Hag’s words, Malphas would turn to the soup and other food offered by the hunters. Fish and fruit, mostly, with only a handful of other meats available though most had already been snatched it seemed by the more esteemed hunters. Just who was the hag? And what was that stone he had been given. Obviously they were far different than they let on, but what sort of being had the ability to mess with minds as such?

The rest of his night would pass fairly uneventfully. It wasn’t too hard for him to find a willing partner for the night - especially among the more lightly inebriated of the hunters should he desire, and thus also secure lodging for the evening. Whether or not said partner were open to whatever teachings Malphas touted, remained to be seen, however.

...And so night fell, the Moon watching as silently as always...

~A new day dawns~

Team Nippon
@VitaVitaAR@PKMNB0Y@Click This@Crusader Lord@Crimson Paladin

Those who decided to bunk with Lazhira would find themselves having a peaceful rest, despite the slightly cramped quarters. When morning came though, the girl herself seemed nowhere to be found, though a batch of freshly cut vegetables and of course, more fish were laid out on the table whenever they did decide to wake.

This left them with more or less the day to themselves to decide what to do. Some of them had already offered to help this village with their problems, so looking into that may prove fruitful. Lazhira also said something about a temple within the forest she’d guide them to...but that’d require finding her. They could always try just leaving too - surely there were other villages out there.

Regardless of their choice, whoever was out first would be met with a fairly lively scene. A number of people were gathered near the northern end of the village. Seemed like the trader that had been mentioned once or twice had arrived and had set up shop. Perhaps that might be where Lazhira is?

The Roma Mob

The fire had thankfully been kept burning through the night, keeping them more or less warm despite the lack of proper shelter or bedding. Still, doing that repeatedly may not be the best of ideas in the end. The night had been peaceful, too, Octavia having curled up by Augusta when she had gone to bed, though would also alternate between whoever was keeping watch and taking intermittent naps herself.

The party wouldn’t be woken by daylight, rather, in the distance a loud crack of thunder would wake all from their dreams. Perhaps it’d startle them, or they’d pay it no mind, but the source of it would be easy to find. In the distance, south across the plains and hovering over the mountains, angry grey storm clouds were gathering. No rain was falling, but it seemed as though the clouds were sparking with lightning and a few lightning bolts could be seen crashing to the earth even from here. Seemed as though if they intended to travel in that direction, they may have to deal with a storm.

Still, that was some distance away. Perhaps they would choose to travel in the opposite direction now.

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@Cu Chulainn

Thankfully for Malphas as he stepped into the morning air, he’d find quite a buzz of people. It seemed as though they were all congregating around a group of people in the northern part of the city. A large leather tent had been erected, and in front of it various desks and a number of wares had been set up. well as a number of heavily armed, stoic looking people in armor that perhaps would remind Malphas of samurai of some sort. It wasn’t too hard for him to pick up what was going on. A trader seemingly had arrived overnight - a certain black haired, fluffy tailed foxy trader. Seemed most of the normal shops were closed now, and most of the people were here.

He could likely find what he wanted here as well however. It seemed as though she had a number of items available in the domestic department - most in the department of grains, easily kept vegetables and food. Leather, tools. However...for the moment it seemed like the crowd was mildly upset about something despite some other simply going about their business.

“Swindled you?” The fox huffed with a mildly mischievous tone. “How rude. I’d never swindle my good customers. What do you take me for? One of my sisters? I’ll have you know what I sold you last time was the purest quality metal I could get my hands on, and that was not a lie.” The man arguing with her seemed to take a step forward before one of the armed men quickly pushed him aside.

He left with a curse.

“Sorry about that folks. Some people...I assure you, as usual, my goods here are entirely legitimate.”
Yo, just a progress update on my end!

I got a character in the works, but I may not get it up until tomorrow sometime. Writing an update for my own RP is taking a bit longer since its pretty beefy (six pages on a gdoc including minor formatting lol. Gm problems).

Just thought I'd let ya'll know still here.
pokes head in

I see a few familiar faces here huh~

Well since an old friend showed me this RP, I have appeared.

Hm...what to make, what to make.

Oh I know.

A totally not evil mage with an unhealthy obsession with dead things.

@Guilty Spark
Blame this guy
A fox and a Skillseeker
@Crimson Paladin

"Is that so, hm." The fox woman replied with a hum. She didn't sound like she entirely believed that story. "If that's true, then this place isn't going to be profitable any longer." She said with a sigh. "It was a good idea to not have everyone come all the way out here. But as for what I think," She chuckled impishly smirking and making a display of walking backwards, arms stretched out so she could face Novak. "Elder beasts don't work the same way humans do so is it really angry? I've heard this one here protects the forest here and the sky, it probably doesn't care about the humans at all. It might not even have the capacity to."

She turned forward again as they entered the building.

"But if you want a reason...maybe its not the Kyrnith. Maybe something else is riling up the animals here and its just a convenient lie given by someone." The fox soon fell silent as Novak returned the tools, electing to stay a cool distance behind him.

"Ah, thanks traveler." He replied, inspecting the tools. "Well, that just means I only have to reward you here ahah!" He chuckled heartily as he placed the tools on the counter. It seemed most of the beast had been carved by now. "Tell you what, since I'm going to have to work late tonight if I want to finish this before-" He finally glanced to Novak's companion, eyes widening in seeming surprise.

Novak's companion loudly cleared her throat, but if Novak glanced she'd be idly playing with her pipe again.

"-er, if I want to finish this before tomorrow, so I'll just go ahead and give you something for your trouble. You wanted armor from this guy right? I don't have it made yet, but here," He placed a handful of coins on the table. "Its not much but that's about as much as I can give you for now."

Should he accept the small payment, it seemed he had the rest of the evening to himself.

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@Cu Chulainn

As Malphas passed the coins to the seemingly destitute, they once more firmly grabbed his wrist - a grip that did not belong on someone so ragged and scrawny looking holding him in place.

"Foolish boy, your eyes and brain are better than most. Mother gave you great ones! Use them! Or I'll take them back and put them in a moose!" A hoarse cackle followed by their grip tightening, dirty fingernails digging into Malphas' skin. "You want something? I know. I always know what people want. And I know what you want, Scion of humanity." Finally, they released their grip, but something was instead placed in the palm of Malphas' hand as it was released. A single, smooth, black stone with a white engraving upon it. A long, vertical line ending in a semi-circular fashion near the top with a second above, with three more lines off shooting that one, curving around the top of the stone to the back.

"You should join the others in the temple. You might find something you're looking for, boy." Whoever they were stood, making for the exit of the building. "Keheh...just look for my image and don't be an idiot and you'll find it yes...yes..." Before he could stop them, they'd be gone. One of the hunters asked if he was alright - he had apparently been standing quite still, almost dazed looking for a few minutes after he had walked in.

Had they not seen this seemingly raggedy person? Regardless, though, it seemed as he had the rest of the evening to himself.


Hey, since you're not in the discord friendo

This is the last update before I'll be moving days in game, so you're sorta free to do whatever you want within reason until then. Basically, just describe what'd you'd be doing until you're PC goes to bed, and I'll write in an update for everyone in my next post. And just to be clear, unless your interacting with me in some way, you don't need to wait for me to post again. So if you wanna have a conversation with Augusta or Isidore, as long as you don't get carried away, you don't need to wait for me to post something.
Team Nippon
@VitaVitaAR@PKMNB0Y@Click This@Crusader Lord

“Hm...I don’t think its not that you did it incorrectly.” Lazhira replied to Leannah, frowning slightly in thought. “Unless there was something or someone else trying to mess with you, it shouldn’t do that. A beginner can’t even draw out that much.” She nodded. “I could barely even make a tiny little light when I started, and I even had much better help!” She smiled, quickly taking an assertive stance, hands on her hips. “Anyways, don’t worry about it! I’ll get everything squeaky clean later. You’re my guests after all, and if there’s anything Enli has managed to get through, its that I have to be hospitable, mhmhm!”

Any attempts by any of the group to help with cleaning, was met with a swift bonk on the head by the lively girl with a soup ladle. She seemed fairly adamant about not wanting them to help, and after everyone would finish eating she’d let them keep perusing the artifacts in her house, or head off to wherever, making sure to note to try and be back before it got too cold out, though also stressing she’d keep a fire going regardless.

Now seemed as good of a time to rest if they wanted, or perhaps it was also a good time to train or practice more of this magic stuff. Lazhira also mentioned she’d be happy to help with anything if they wanted. Maybe deciding what exactly they wanted to do tomorrow, would also be a good idea.

The Roma Mob

Eagerly, Octavia snatched the leg and ran off to where Augusta was sitting. Rather disturbingly, and perhaps showing her still demonic nature, the pup’s mouth opened far too wide, jagged teeth ripping into the meat and swallowing an entire half of the thing, bone and all.

The boar was fairly easy to dissect. Pigs, after all, were not too dissimilar to humans, and no doubt Isidre had some experience with the more gruesome aspects of such a thing at points in his life. Still, even though he was beaten and bruised he’d carry on despite such wounds even as his body complained. Thankfully, at least, it seemed like Augusta was at the ready with some medical attention if nothing else.

Donovan would successfully find wood, perhaps not the best for burning but some at all was better than none. The perpetual snow wasn’t doing them any favors though. The wood as he said, was damp and ill suited. Perhaps with a little effort though, and some magical tricks they may be able to dry it. Or maybe they could just use so much fire it’d burn regardless of how damp it was.

Regardless of what they did, Donovan would head back into the forest, to find more wood and hoping to get more answers...

@Crimson Paladin
The Fox and the Skillseeker

“Pfft, ahaha, if I didn’t know any better I’d say you’re scared by something.” She laughed amusedly. “What’s the matter? This little fox give you a spook? I can assure you the only thing I harm are people's coins.” The fox reached for the boots that were apparently hers, lazily putting them on, not in much of a hurry to comply with Novaks request, likely under the belief he’d stay put since he seemed adamant on returning the supposedly pilfered goods.

“Speaking of...” She continued, slipping on a boot. “What are your thoughts on this little...village, stranger?” An innocent question, perhaps, as she fastened the two blades to a belt and the mask under her cloak. “They seem quite...shall we say, unprofitable recently.” An odd choice of words, perhaps, but she finally seemed like she was ready to follow Novak, tossing him the obviously pilfered goods.

“Not that I really care, probably be the last time I come and pay a visit. Have to make a living somehow.” She would leave, taking the lead as they headed back to the workshop seemingly forgetting her earlier demand of telling no one she was here. Novak was free to talk, reply, and ask questions if he so desired himself if he wanted too. If not, the fox girl herself seemed to be more than amicable enough to speak if spoken too.

Perhaps he’d find it suspicious she seemed to know exactly where the items were stolen from, and if nothing else, she didn’t seem like she was about to harm him, either. Eventually though, they would indeed arrive, though for all her talk of not telling anyone she was here, she’d follow him inside and give Novak the opportunity to return the stolen goods.

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@Cu Chulainn

Indeed, it was a shame Malphas would never get to see the luxurious, fluffy tail of a certain fox. She might have even let him fluff her tail, or even get a good long look at her feet. Alas, though, he had chosen the humanitarian route of returning the fish the fox had stolen to the fisherman. The man in question, at least seemed amused and grateful, not having thought much of losing one fish. In return he gave Malphas a handful of what seemed to be five silver colored coins. They weren’t much, but perhaps it was what served as currency here? They were roughly circular, with a square shaped hole in the center.

As he moved through the village, much of the sights were the same as his previous trek, though now it was much later in the day. It seemed as though people were winding down for the day. Eventually his nose would lead him to what seemed a communal gathering of some sort - a large building without a door, several villagers were gathered inside, sitting around a large fire. A pot with some sort of stew, a number of vegetables and game hung on the walls. A number of men seemed to be hunters, with only a few others not being there. None seemed to object to his presence, and it seemed most of the food, as one might have assumed, was fish from the ocean.

Didn’t seem like one might mind if he took some, though it’d likely be a good idea not to take too many.

As he observed, someone grabbed his wrist.

“A coin, for my troubles, you pretty thing?” A raspy, high pitched voice spoke. They had been sitting on the floor. Had they been there before? He had given everything a good look over the moment he entered, correct? Or had he just overlooked this person? Whoever it was, definitely wasn’t making an effort to stand out. “I know you have some, keheh. I can hear the shiny things clinking. Be a kind soul?”

They released Malphas’ hand, holding out their own. It was covered in dirt, with long, thin, spindly fingers that seemed malnourished and skeletal. The rest of them was dressed in a long, ragged and dirty cloak over what seemed to be an old, dirty, frayed white dress. A hood was completely obscuring their features, and it was difficult to tell their gender.

Fusang Streets

It seemed like the only thing this ghost had going for it was its size. The stringy, hair like mass of tentacles were nothing that Suzuka couldn't avoid. Moving and dancing between the tendrils.Flashes of light, as her three blades cut through the others and turning them into useless mincemeat. It was easy for her to avoid and deflect such an easy attack.


Of course, that also meant she wasn't able to get near the culprit of this assault before she managed to escape.

"Ugh, it smells worse than that cats cooking." Suzuka complained, making a light jab at Mana's familiar in the process. No doubt touching whatever that sickening gas was, would be a horrible idea, but that also meant she couldn't quite get near it either.

"Any bright ideas Ballerina?" She asked.



How troublesome.

Well, everything was when it came to servants. She wanted to give Saber some breathing room and autonomy, but she wasn't quite sure she liked getting involved in whatever Waver was in. That said...not letting Saber have some leeway here would likely come back to make trouble later. Ah, she just wanted to stay indoors. Maybe she could ask saber to model for her as a favor after this?

She would look amazing in a number of suits...and maybe some more risque under-


"It's fine, Saber." Charlotte replied. If nothing else, the sooner this is explained the faster this could get over with. "Mhm, see you later?" There was a question there, more of a curious tone on her part since she hardly even knew the other student, let alone enough to be friendly with them...well, no matter. She wasn't likely to talk with him again in the first place. A more pressing problem was in front of her.

"Much appreciated sir. I'd dislike getting involved, but as you can see Saber on the other hand...well, if you can explain whatever this is, it would make the both of us a bit more comfortable."
Team Nippon
@VitaVitaAR@PKMNB0Y@Click This@Crusader Lord

Lazhira had made her way over to Leannah, helping the other girl back to her feet as gently as possible and giving her a quick look over for any major injuries. Seemingly satisfied it would most likely only her ego that was going to be bruised slightly, she took a few steps back after seeing if Leannah could stand.

“Sorry, sorry.” Lazhira pouted apologetically. “Its my fault. I didn’t realize you guys were all so...uh, good at this? I should have started with um…‘how not to blow yourself up’ first I guess.” She quickly rebounded, however, switching back to her previous energetic demeanor. “Is everyone outside this village really good with magic?” She questioned, her tone curious. “All of you seem pretty good at just...having it work. I’m the only one here with any sort of ability with it so its weird seeing you all so good with it.”

By now however, night was currently falling over the village. The long day the group had was probably catching up to them, and even if they wanted to practice a bit, it might be best to wait for tomorrow considering the lateness of the evening.

“I’d be happy to help more though, if you all want! Tomorrow, anyways. Assuming old man Enli doesn’t drag me off somewhere so he can ramble about some old stories...or...lecture me about work…or how dangerous the forest is...” She grinned. "And don't worry too much about my home! I destroy it on a regular basis, heheh. Not like anyone but me ever really comes here anyways..."

The Roma Mob

Isidore’s face remained stony as the boar struggled in its final moments, blood running down the blade and staining his hands with that familiar sensation. At death, it was strong enough still to tear open his skin, but that was all. He lowered the beast onto the ground, pulled his sword out of its body, and flicked the blood off his blade. Even in his most desperate of times, he never had to skin and gut an animal; it would be an enlightening experience to take part of, once he returned to the others.

But first off, there was the matter of that creature. A deer, almost redundantly imposing in its size, had announced their presence. The boss of the horned beasts within this forest, was it? Isidore could understand that. The man hefted the boar on his left shoulder, held his sword in his right hand, and as the deer approached, steps rousing a storm, so did Isidore, his trail marked with blood.

He breathed in, but no thoughts came to mind, so he breathed out, white fog escaping into the darkening skies. “I’ve no quarrel against you and yours. But I and my allies are outcasts, and we, like all others, must eat.” That was all there was, and that was all there would ever be. To go into the night with no food, after all that they’ve gone through, was simply a slower death than one upon the horns of a monolithic deer.

Donovan stood slack-jawed as he laid eyes on the creature approaching Isidore. Sure this may have been a world of magic, and it would be foolish to not suspect the existence of innately magical beasts to be commonplace-- this animal seemed far beyond just being a giant of a deer. Between the intelligence in its eyes, majesty in its movements, and it's somehow immaculately groomed fur; this was likely one of the 'Elder beasts' the goddess had mentioned.

The large man chewed his lip in absolute silence as he watched Isidore's response to the creature. The lad had chosen wisely to not attempt fighting the colossal deer-- but Don had a feeling that the Elder Beast wouldn't take kindly to being told off so casually. For now, all Donovan could do was watch; ready to intervene for Isidore's safety at a moment's notice.
No words came from the Deer, if it was one of the beasts the goddess spoke of, it deigned to keep silent as it stopped a few yards away from Isidore. If it had heard his words or not, it didn't acknowledge. In fact, it barely even acknowledged Donovan's presence. There was something regal, airy, and distant about the way it carried itself.

Yet, it definitely knew they were there. The breeze suddenly shifted directions, centering itself on the beast as a ball of energy formed within the deer's horns. Fast as the wind it seemed to be controlling, a blast of wind was aimed towards Isidore.
Isidore kept his pace steady. The telegraph was obvious enough, but the intent? That was unclear. No response, not even any sense of a threat, but the wind gathered all the same, a vacuum that stole his own breath away. Only a few yards away now, and still, Isidore walked, closing the distance between the two. In his right was the sword. In his left was the boar. And in his pocket was the seed.
The ball of energy burst, and Isidore leapt to the side, body bending to compress and then release to evade, his feet kicking against the snow-dappled ground. He had not yet demonstrated his speed while under the surveillance of the great deer, only his strength and his endurance. It would be good if he could evade.

But what after? Would he kill this one too?

An electric chill shot down Donovan’s spine as the air shifted unnaturally. He wasn’t sure what the hell this thing was doing-- but based on it’s lack of response, it likely wasn’t good. Everything in his mind was screaming at Isidore to make a break for it. To drop the boar and run like hell. But kids these days just always had to act invincible. In a swift motion, he drew forth his warhammer; his teeth gritting as he launched himself into a dead sprint, aiming to flank the colossal animal. Don still thought that trying to fight this thing was damn suicidal, but it’d be a cold day in hell before he abandoned his fellow man out of cowardice.

Isidore dodged, the blast of air slamming into the ground behind him, impossibly fast, compressed razor-like wind cutting into his clothing as it slammed into a tree some distance away and cracking, warping the wood. Without even turning its head to even glance at Donovan, the beast stamped its hoof against the ground. A blast of air shot from the ground, a violent gale exploding upwards and outwards, slamming into Donovan and completely halting his steps before he could get closer.

The beast turned its head slightly in Isidore's direction. Between its antlers air whistled as it was accelerated to dangerous speeds near instantly, multiple smaller wind blasts aiming for Isidore, seemingly in an attmept to prevent him from dodging all of them.
Donovan? Shit, why the fuck was he there? Isidore’s eyes widened at the man’s reckless charge, his sudden appearance, then narrowed at the effortless magic used to halt him. Whatever this creature was, it was something far beyond them, capable of splitting its attention against two superhumans and fending them off without having to take a single step. Did he make the wrong decision?
No, he didn’t. The boar would have attacked him anyways, and Isidore would have cut it down anyways. He held onto that thought, recalled his own cold fury, back when those fuckers broke in and knifed the wrong guy. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, but calm enough not to kill one who attacked directly. In which case…
“Donovan, get the fuck outta here!”

Leaping backwards, Isidore shifted himself to where the concentration of the wind blasts were the lowest, before shrugging the boar off his body and using it as a rudimentary shield. The initial blast had been forceful enough to almost snap a tree in half, and impacts like that went more than skin-deep. The armor may protect him from cuts, but were his organs made of the same stuff?
Didn’t matter much. Even if the blow blasted him backwards, Isidore planned on running. Away from Donovan, away from the camp. This deer only wanted him, after all. He could figure the rest out once some good-two-shoes weren’t in range to eagerly sacrifice themselves for him.

Even for all his strength and weight, Donovan staggered from the force of the beast’s gale. Elder beast or not, this giant creature clearly wasn’t something the two men could handle. The large man scowled at Isidore’s remark as he quickly regained his footing, ”An’ what, leave ya tah bleed tah death while ye run fer yer life? I oughta beat some sense inna that skull o’ yers lad!”

Twisting the warhammer clenched tightly in his grasp, Don slammed the pointed end of his weapon into the ground, anchoring himself near the side of the deer. Both he and Isidore were hopelessly outmatched by this creature; meaning there was only one way to avoid certain death. Kneeling at the side of the deer, head bowed, and shield braced against his ‘anchor’, Don made one last plea for the Elder beast’s mercy. ”Please! Aye beg ya oh great one-- let the lad go! Neither he nor aye knew we was trespassing’ on yer domain! Aye swear in the name o’ all things holeh, we’ll do whatever it takes tah repay the debt we owe yah! Just let tha’ poor boy go!”

The smaller blasts of wind slammed into the flesh of the boar, beating against its hide, the force enough to cause Isidore's already tired body to strain to withstand the force. A few blasts would cut into his legs, painfully tearing his flesh as his armor began to fail at its job of protecting, it finally seeming to wear off after its usage.

The beast, if it was one of these fabled 'Elder Beasts' indeed seemed too much for their current strength to handle. It likely wasn't even using whatever abilities it had at its disposal, either. It took a light, airy step towards Isidore, displacing more snow and dirt that had dirtied its path. Another vortex of wind began to form.
however it paused

A slight tilt of its head towards Donovan.

Its legs swayed, body moving as though a soft breeze had been blowing it. It inhaled…

“You seek not to trespass, yet...the wind carries the scent of the moon. What reason does the Blessed of the Storyteller have with this forest? If she seeks to turn me or my kin into a feat for tragedy or heroism, she will find I am not one to play along with her capriciousness.” The voice which passed its lips was neither hostile nor-violent. It was close, yet almost felt as far as the skies themselves, and as wispy and light as the wind the beast seemed to command.

Isidore’s armor decided now, of all times, that one hour had elapsed, and searing pain shot through his legs. More blood stained the snow, strips of flesh flayed off his body. He stumbled, knees quaking as the limits of his endurance neared. What caused him to pause was not pain though, nor exhaustion. It was Donovan’s prostration. The man wasn’t going to run. Wasn’t even going to fight. He was going to...throw his weapons down and beg for forgiveness on another’s behalf? And, more amazingly, for a creature that had been the subject of Donovan’s attack mere moments ago, this act was enough to coax language out of its mouth, rather than simply a hoof through the head.

Isidore breathed. He did not run, after all. He walked, instead, tracking blood in the forest until he stood beside Donovan. Fucking idiot shieldbearer. The apathy in the voice of this creature meant that they were both, quite literally, at the whims of some alien creation. What sort of gamble would it even have been? How many deals with incomprehensible monstrosities would they have to broker before this day could end?

“If,” he spoke, meeting the monolithic deer’s eyes, “you could speak, then you have listened. I killed this boar to feed my...allies. We are outcasts. We know nothing of this world, and we possess nothing but what we stole or found.” Isidore struck his sword into the ground, planting it there. “If there was crime, it was rooted in my ignorance. I don’t care for stories. I care for food and shelter, which would be harder to find in the mountains or on the beach.”
A breath.

“Now that the ignorance of both sides have cleared somewhat, let’s talk. What do I pay for food and a place to sleep?”
Donovan paused to level a deathglare at Isidore before turning back towards the Elder Beast before them. ”Pardon the lad’s rudeness--” he began with an exasperated sigh, ”He’s young, prideful, and lost quite a bit o’ blood… As et so happens, we ain’t from around here… Nother’ world entireleh in fact. Th’ moon goddess plucked our souls from th’ hands o’ death and tossed us intah this world head first with little explanation bout’ what we’re here tah’ do. Sure, slayin th’ Elder Beasts may shape a good yarn; but aye could care less about writin’ a storeh.”

Slowly, Donovan rose to his feet. A confident light filling his eyes as he continued to speak.

”Me onleh concern is buildin’ a better world fer mankind. There are plenty o’ tales bout men slayin’ creatures such as yerself where aye come from… And et near always causes calameteh. I’ve no intention of bringin’ such a fate on me fellow man, nor to cause yerself or your kin harm. Aye think the lot o’ ya exist fer a reason. We might not understand it. But ya do. An’ I’ve no problem acceptin’ that.”

“...does one trust the word of a stranger that has intruded upon their home, blade drawn to their neck?” The deer replied coolly towards Isidore. “ respectfully, yet acknowledge that you humans bring destruction in your so called 'progress'. Pleasantries will fade when either side is irreconcilable.”

The beast exhaled.

“But, If you do not intend to cause harm...then travel south. This forest shall become swallowed by the sea, a prison for something beneath if events continue as they are. If you seek civilization, you will find more of your kin, across the mountains.” It pawed the ground, a hoof making a line in the dirt. “...or perhaps you would find the Mountain Folk and those of the Shadow that live in those mountains more amicable...stay for the night, if you wish upon the treeline, but that hound that is with you - do not bring it into the forest. Even as a pup, no longer connected to its nursery will prove...difficult to deal with, should it grow."

Young? Prideful? Under different circumstances, Isidore may have been coaxed into a smile by such an evaluation, but not here. He should have expected it, really, that one’s physical appearance would have been the lens through which all actions were judged. But he kept quiet, regardless. Donovan had spoken of Elder Beasts, but was this creature truly one such being? Memories of the moonlit waters washed over his thoughts. A hunter or an object of worship? If the former, there was no reason to stay their hand. If the latter, there was no reason to refuse the opportunity to demand an offering out of trespassers far beneath it.

Indeed, out of this exchange, itself had offered more than it had gained. The meat of its subordinate, shelter for the night, knowledge of where other, ‘civilized’ beings could be found, and the latent threat that laid within Octavia. Curious, the amount of mercy and benevolence granted. Had it been Donovan’s prostration? Isidore nodded, only the slightest of grimaces warping his otherwise carefully neutral expression. “Thank you. I will remember this.” It was all he could do with what he had. Demon flowers, deer gods, and the Storyteller who charged them with rebuilding this unnatural world. Time would be good. Time to absorb all this.
Isidore turned, and trudged off. Blood trailed his steps once again.

Donovan sighed as he watched Isidore head off, the lad needed medical attention-- but was too damn stubborn to admit it outright. Heaving what was left of the boar onto his shoulder, he turned toward the elder beast and gave a short bow. ”Thank yah fer yer benevolence o great one… Ya said this place were gonna be underwater soon, there anythin’ me an’ mah fellows can do fer yah before then?”

The deer watched Isidore leave, airy gaze following it as it replied to Donovan.

“If concern is genuine, there is a small village upon the shore towards the north. One I had, at a time, a close relationship with.” It turned, its long legs gracefully moving across the snow laden ground. “Some there seek what was drowned by the Moons tears, driven by the one who seeks knowledge above all else.” And just as quietly as the deer appeared, it began to quickly disappear into the forest, its coat and overall form soon becoming lost among the myriad of trees.

Nothing else would find Isidore and Donovan on their way back to the small camp, and with the Kyrnith’s leaving, the forest seemed to return to normal as it was. At least, small animals could now be seen and heard moving about, and by the time they had reached the treeline the sun was finally dipping over the horizon.

Night would fall soon, and it would likely be best to settle down for the evening, though no one had yet to make any sort of shelter from the elements but hopefully it wouldn’t prove too dangerous. At least they may find the sight of Nick playing with Octavia slightly amusing.

The pup leaned into the pets, eagerly accepting the praise. She let Nick give her as many pets as she wanted, but soon she wanted to run around some more. Backing off a bit, she ran in a circle, barking and seeming like she wanted him to throw it again, and so he did.

The stick sailed....

And dropped almost right in front of Isidore’s feet. The pup, too focused on the stick again, nearly ran head first into Isidore’s legs, but managed to stop before just before doing so, ending up right in front of the boar carrying man. She sniffed the air, hungrily eyeing the deceased boar he was carrying.

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“Eeeeh, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were looking for me.” The fox mused with a cheeky smirk. “Heh, not that I can blame you if you are. I’m about the only interesting thing that visits this little middle of nowhere village.” She sat the bowl on a crate, hopping up from her seat and languidly yawning and stretching her arms towards the ceiling.

“Wait…” She blinked, seemingly surprised. “You’re not insinuating that I stole it are you?” She twirled the pipe in her hands. “What a silly idea. I’m not a fox. Well, I am, but not that kind. Foxes can’t turn into people, fufu. That’s just an absurd idea.” The impish tone she was taking didn’t do any favors for her believability. If anything, as Novak was thinking it was just making her seem likely more suspicious. “Or...are you going to tell me that you believe that foxes can turn into people?”

As she got up and talked, they would perhaps notice a few more objects of interest that had been hidden behind her. A black and red mask fox mask, a pair of what seemed to be sheathed blades, a stack of what seemed to be gold coins and...a leather pouch. Full of leather working tools. She knocked the ash out of the pipe, stowing it in her clothing somewhere as she waited an answer.

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