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Hello! Welcome to my little bio. Don't mind the sand.

Not much to say, really. Just a directionless human with no idea of their place in life. Role playing preferences are any variation of fantasy usually. Not so much into super hardcore realism or super dark stuff, and prefer story over silly mechanics or hardcore rules in games.

Well, that's about it I guess! Nothing else here but us Medjed.

Nitocris best girl. That is all.

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"Ahaha, shame is for those who lack self-esteem, little adorable rebenok." Vladlena replied heartily. "Besides, this new body is odd. I have half a mind to take everything off and do a thorough inspection, heh!" She laughed, flashing a playful smile towards Ravy. "But I can do that once we have a bearing on our situation, hm?" The doll twirled in space, her skirt billowing out as she happily breathed in. Or would have, had she the lungs to do so. Ah, that was going to take some getting used to! She didn't seem to need to breathe, yet here she was still trying too. She was busy contemplating the functions of her seemingly new body as Lin transformed, barely even mentally registering that it happened.

"Ah, silly me." She stopped her twirl, smiling at the other three present. "I am Vladlena Belyakova. Just a simple college student studying engineering from the greatest motherland on earth!" She made a rather over dramatic bow as she introduced herself. "A pleasure to meet you Ravy, Lin, Aeries. I can expect we all arrived here by similar means? Accident and then just found ourselves plummeting to our second demise?" Humming lightly, Lena glanced at the forest around them. Well, she was sorely out of her element in a forest like this. She was used to living it up in the city, working with machines, computers, and drinking her body weight in vodka.

"Hmm...but perhaps Lin is correct. We should save any in depth discussion until we have a better handle on our situation." Alternatively, looking at it, this could be a fun challenge. She had never done something like surviving out in the wilderness before, or even building a basic shelter. She had no doubt she could, but it was all theoretical, and putting theory into practice was always a fun time.

"Poshli! Waiting around gets nothing done!" Without waiting to see if any of the others would follow her, Lena began walking into the forest, away from their impact zone.


Well now.

This was odd. And she probably looked quite odd, legs folded, arms across her chest, a troubled expression on her features.

She had been indulging in some Beluga Vodka, and she had been struck by a particular bit of inspiration. She remembered running out, running into...something? And then blacking out. Ah, she must have been really wasted. She hadn't been quite that wasted since she was a little tyke when she sneaked some out of her babushka's cabinet. Had she died? She felt like she had, but then how could she be here?

Falling through the air, the scream of wind passed her ears. Did someone spike her drink? This was one helluva trip. She hadn't experimented with those sorta drugs since she got into university and focused more on her passions. A shout from nearby pulled her out of her thoughts.

...some sort of...goat girl?

"...ah, I suppose maybe I should lay off the Vodka this late." She grumbled, but that was almost certainly an empty thought. Still, it didn't look like this was going to be something so easy. If this was a dream, it was awfully realistic. Not just one of those dreams you were falling endlessly and woke before you hit the ground...if this wasn't a dream...then this was actually a pretty dire situation, wasn't it?

"Well I suppose this is at least, more interesting than running into the truck." Was her thoughts as she plummeted towards the ground, terminal velocity. Not a single negative or terrified thought found its way into her head. In fact, she couldn't help but to feel a wide grin form on her face as she spread out her body, and she would have been laughing had she been able to.

"Ahahaha, in fact, this isn't so bad!" The feeling of the wind rushing through her hair, her clothes flapping in the air as wind rushed passed. It was frigid up here so far in the stratosphere, but oddly it didn't bother her. "I shall have to try skydiving more often, haha - blef?!" Her cheerfulness came to a halt as something wrapped around her, ceasing her revelry of the free fall. The back of her skirt had been caught, not only dangling her nearly upside down, but giving everyone who happened to be looking quite the fan service of her undergarments.

Wait that was dragon!?

"Blyat!? What the hell?" What the hell was an understatement. She could accept dying. She could accept free falling only to go splat later. She could even accept what looked to be an adorable little goat girl. But a dragon? A full blow lizard thing? That was where she drew the line in strangeness. But it was a blessing at least. The dragon slowed their fall, hitting the ground with a loud thud before releasing them from his claws.

"Ay, ay," She hit the ground, landing on her stomach as she was released from the dragons grip. "Give a girl a warning before you grab her by the skirt." Standing up, Vladlena dusting off her clothes, blinking as she realized what she had said. "...wait, why am I even wearing a skirt?" Looking down at her body, she fell silent.

Those were most certainly not her jeans, boots, and sweater. The hell was she dressed as some...fancy floozy? Well, not that she could really complain, they were pretty snazzy looking.

"" Her eyes then traced to her fingers. Fingers weren't supposed to have visible joints. She wiggled her fingers in front of her face. It looked so...unnatural, but didn't feel weird at all. Those were definitely her hands. She quickly lifted up her skirt, once again, unintentionally giving everyone a bit of a show. Odd, her knees had joints too. She briefly tested their range of motion, before being satisfied. "...Well I have no idea what's going on here. Mhmhm, but I suppose thanks are in order, friend." Vladlena gave the dragon a playful smile and a salute. "I think I shall try skydiving with a parachute next time, hmm?"

~Temporary Campsite~

As the lizard idly played with the stone and spear, trying to flex her muscles, she thought idly back on the experiments of last night. To make Mana Orb into a Mana Slice, one had to attach the lines to the nucleus, thus creating what was effectively a small chainsaw it looked like. The increased density and the cutting motion would easily explain its cutting ability...but the poison splash was a whole different beast. When 'ranking up' the poison splash, it didn't shrink, but instead seemed to become denser as well...but since it was a liquid, it seemed to droop, warp and bend out of shape, and when she tried to make a Mana Slice out of it, the particles didn't stick.

Then what could she do to make it stick? It would be reasonable to assume different mana would require different shapes to function properly. Frowning lightly, she twirled the spear in the air, making jabbing and slicing motions and complicated, dexterous exercises. She did her best to simply keep the stone afloat, rotating it in the air before dropping and catching it again with lesser force.

What fascinated her most from her experiments from last night, however, was her meditative ones. Drawing in mana from the environment didn't yield many results, but it did yield some. There was an ever so slight uptick in Mana from Meditation that she could see. It wasn't much, but it was there, meaning there was something to it...which was why she was glad that dual casting Lesser force on these objects was eating up her MP at a faster rate. Even more curiously was her last one. She had a fairly good memory and eye for detail, she thought, so visualizing the cavern wasn't really a surprise. What was interesting was that slight glow everything seemed to have, if it just wasn't her imagination playing tricks on her.

Nodding, she decided the first course of action was to refill her MP again. Spinning the spear fast so its point was angled towards the ground, she made a motion to impale it on the ground, before attempting to toss the pebble at its hilt. Regardless of whether it hit or not, she'd try to draw mana from the environment again.

Observing her companions briefly to make sure none were about to do something stupid, Ash began focusing on the mana around her, activating Mana vision just to be certain she could observe the potential effects. She then once again, tried to draw the ambient mana to her. Like manipulating her own mana, but on a wider scale, she simply tried drawing any ambient particles to her.

Izel watched as Sylphie enthusiastically introduced herself. How adorably violent, but it seemed like the bandits were completely immune to fear. Or perhaps they had forgotten it? Ufu, well then, Sylphie was certainly going to enjoy herself. The bandits didn't hesitate to rush them, thinking them nothing more than exactly as Izel said. Innocent girls lost in the mountains, easy prey for the vile people like them.

The mage merely watched with mild curiosity as they rushed them. A good formation, for average people. How boring. They weren't going to be good entertainment at all, were they? The mage sighed lightly. Unlike Sylphie, this was going to be utterly boring for her it looked like.

While several headed for Sylphie, Izel coldly faced those headed for her.

"My my, so rude and brutish. When a cute girl asks for help, you give it to her." Izel let out a long, drawn out sigh. "But I suppose you uneducated flies wouldn't understand that, would you?" She supposed she could just wipe them all out here, but where would the fun in that be? She wanted some entertainment after all.

The bandit that rushed her swung his sword - from an outside perspective, it seemed like it had hit her - yet it sliced nothing but air.

"Yoohoo, what are you aiming at, hm?" Izel had somehow moved from where she had been standing to a space five feet away, waving playfully at the bandit. "Seeing things are you? My, perhaps you need a doctor?" Another bandit made another attempt to strike, but his blade struck air all the same. "Ah, ah, really. Are you so easily fooled by that?" The second bandit's eyes widened as a cold, pair of hands gripped the side of his face from behind. "No fun at all, are you?"

To onlookers horror, his entire body began petrifying. The bandit shouted, screaming and clutching at his throat in horror as slowly he was turned to stone.

"Whoopsie." Izel was standing behind him, flexing one of her hands. "Oh dear, all I wanted to do was share a bit of knowledge with him. Oh well~" The tone of her voice and what she was saying sharply contradicted the other. The first bandit, undeterred headed right for Izel...and this time his sword struck!

But -

"You even kill your own comrades. My my, you bandits are an honorless lot." Izel was standing behind him, and he had just struck down one of the other bandits. A grin formed on Izel's lips, slowly growing as she turned to face the group of bandits. "Well, I suppose it's about time I stopped playing around with kid games, then, hm?" She raised her arm towards the group of bandits. This was a rather inelegant spell, but often times such brute force was needed for a show of power.

A fireball formed in her hand, before it grew, nearly tripling in size. With barely a thought, it blasted through the group of bandits, slamming into one of their fortifications and exploding on impact.
Ruruka Kozuki

A jail cell, oh noooo!?

Ruruka rolled her eyes at Manaka's declaration. This woman was as grating as ever, but at least she was mildly entertaining.

" that so?" Ruruka mused airily. "Well, my pretty spider you say that, yet here I am." Ruruka replied nonchalantly. "Sometimes truth is far stranger than fiction. Believe me or not, that is more or less what happened." And of course, she knew what the digimon was implying. Which meant the fact Manaka got them here was an almost impossible feat in and of itself. If nothing else, it showed just how skilled her current employer was.

"I can wait. I'm in no hurry...though certain people may start to miss me should I be gone too long without checking in." Ruruka smiled airly. No, that wasn't meant to be a threat, but the digimon could take that however she wanted too.

Gonna put interest here and start thinking of things

Izel observed the path before them, quickly deciding she really wasn't interested in this in the slightest. Killing for no reason, even 'bandits' were not how she did things. Maybe if she could...have their bodies after they expired it wouldn't be a complete waste. Perhaps she could get some minor entertainment out of the bandits, watching them struggle and be confused by her mastery of the arts.

"Hmhm...when the direct is difficult, a path around may prove the easiest." Izel chimed in. "...but sometimes the most direct is easiest." Byron did make an excellent point, though. How could they not find this place? It was easy for Sylphie to find, but she didn't think she'd have too much trouble herself either. With a spring in her step and humming a light tune, Izel began walking up the path. Since it seemed like they hadn't been noticed yet...

"Hello hello!" Izel waved brightly to the guards, shouting loud enough they could hear her. "Don't mind me, a forever 20 year old cute totally human girl lost in the forest. You kind people wouldn't happen to know the way to the nearest village, hm?"


Standing next to Lucius in the booth, was a well dressed girl as he set up the easel. It wasn't quite the servant she had expected to summon upon coming here to Fusang, but an assassin was far better than some knightly type. She'd not have any idea how to deal with someone so morally...difficult. Marietta glanced at her servant with mild amusement as he began small conversation before positioning herself in front of the easel.

Reaching into her bags, she pulled out a palette and a skillfully crafted brush.

Ah, how exciting! Seeing clashes of servants here in the coliseum! Painting exciting vistas of servant clashes! Knight versus knight! The strongest heroes of history gathered here to do combat! To say she was the most excited person in the crowd was not an understatement. Twirling her paintbrush, Mary smiled softly as she glanced over to Lucius.

"You think, hm?" Mary hummed, applying a fresh dab of paint to her brush. "These are servants after all, Lucius. It would be short sighted to judge one by appearances." She glanced towards the arena. "But fine...I'm game for a little sport. I'll match your bet on the redhead." Mary smiled. "In fact, if you win your bet, I'll even sign you up to participate." There was no harm in letting her servant have a bit of fun. One had to take care of their tools after all, or they would break. A little leisure as long as he didn't get carried away would be fine.
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