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Current I just can't. This is too much. Berserk was so influential on so many things that I love. Goodbye, Miura. You'll be missed by many.
3 yrs ago
Migraines ew
3 yrs ago
Welp apparently discord servers are having some pretty bad Latency issues.
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Well I just got my mitts on the Links Awakening remake. Excus eme while I disappear for a weak while I relive my childhood
4 yrs ago
Migraine killed me today. Posts tomorrow.


Hello! Welcome to my little bio.

Not much to say, really. Just a horror game protag that likes writing and playing vidya games when I'm not being chased by the cosmic forces of darkness. (I'm a security guard that works night shifts usually).

Have some dancing medjed.

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@Pyromania99@crimson Paladin

The little girl nodded, though it seemed to be more of an automatic response than a conscious decision. Perhaps she’d live, perhaps not. Argus couldn’t stick around to find out, lest the beast outside complete what the other creatures had started. The pirate rushed out the door, laying eyes upon the beast. Winged, towering above all and one of its mangled claw tipped wings lashing out at the human lass.

His cutlass barely intercepted it in time as the red haired vampire would scoop the human up in her arms. The impact against his arm was powerful, pain coursing through his body as bones cracked from the impact, his blade cutting into the flesh of the beast yet it did not seem to care as it’d withdraw its talons, its long neck twisting and beak howling in a mournful, painful wail.

“Gah! Watch where you're touching!” Julene grumbled as she was scooped up. “Thank ye for the consideration, but I can handle myself.” She’d retort towards Akyasha, eyes glancing between Argus and the Cleric. “Friend of yours, is it?”

She didn’t get long to ask before the hulking monstrosity lunged forwards again, its beak lunging towards Julene, its maw open and uncanny human teeth poised to swallow the human whole. Julene growled, grabbing a bomb from her belt, action obvious in what she was going to do with little concern for her own safety, it seemed. One of its other claws whipped around, intent on trying to grab the Cleric.

The gorebats had fled quickly after the order was given, but with ten of them, finding food to fill all their bellies may take a bit longer than usual.

Forest of beasts

@Click This@VitaVitaAR

Kordelia’s claws met silver, the tinged blade. Armored as her body seemed to be, its silver sheen, tarnished and faded was only capable of doing very little to the berserk vampire lord. Still, it met heavy blow after heavy blow, Giselle’s arms straining from the force of each, ripples of pain causing her bones to crack with exertion. The red threat of her own ichor, in turn whipped out, the taught red strings being pulled taught once more, causing the vampire lord to cease its assault. The dancing ribbon would slice through one string, then another, and a third soon followed.

Aleksiyas ice, too, was starting to take effect. Not only was the ice spreading to the strings, it was spreading to the spectral hands fingers, too, slowing its movements down even further. The hand seemed mildly panicked, if it was capable of it, its digits attempting to move faster, a little more frantically as ice slowly crept up its appendages.

Their momentary victory however, was short lived.

A blood curdling, pain filled roar. Blood that had gathered around the area being drawn towards the beast called Kordelia as it’d back off away from Giselle. Immediately blood began coalescing around her, the latent blood and gore being drawn towards her as it started to coalesce around her body, shading her in a dark, blood soaked crimson. In the next instant, the force was expelled outward. Dozens upon dozens of razor sharp fragments of blood blasted out, effectively high speed deadly shrapnel launched themselves towards the two vampires. This would in turn, shred Giselle’s sword and shatter the ice that had built up on one of the hands, but it was enough to leave the frozen hand with a gaping hole in its center, as well as only three threads while the other had a four left.

Kordelia however, would immediately turn her attention back to Aleksiya, seemingly having deemed her the bigger threat now. The beasts tail morphed once more, forming into a long, chitinous tail tipped with a long, flat tailbone as it’d lash out, attempting to crush her immediately after the previous attack.
Unsure of the details ATM

But probably smol and human sized

probably something a bit like this. Obvious doll joints and all. Maybe a physical fighter not sure yet
I think I might make a living doll for a second character. Well see how I feel when not working.


So sad

It's k
A cat is fine too


"Well, I don't know about Mayon or much about religion,"
Cecil strode up next to Amy, flashing her a smile, a friendly two finger salute. She didn't know much about demons or the like, really. As far as she cared if she was here, she was part of the team. "But you can be sure, we won't let anything happen to ya."

"Ten out of ten, great line." The mildly unimpressed, irritated voice of Shael echoed in her head. "Eyes off her and on the obvious slaughter in front of us you philandering fool."

"Rude, I'm just trying to be nice. The fact she's cute is besides the point."

"...I'm starting to wonder if there's a woman you don't find cute."

"I'll cover the rear," Cecil stifled a chortle at Shael's response. "I'll let anyone know if I see or feel anything odd with the wind." Honestly, she was already dreading what was in this place. She was used to bloodbaths - being a mercenary most of her life meant she saw her fair share of carnage. She had really gotten somewhat used to it in the fact that it no longer really shocker her...but it still left her feeling just...sad, generally. A dextrous finger went to her quiver, quickly knocking and holding an arrow.
that was not an offer

So sad you'll make shoggy cry.

Shog just wants hugs~
Nothing else~
Can I interest you in some freshly made pancakes?
Not immediately but I have ideas I could flesh out once I'm not working every day all week for ten hours.


Small confession
Undead Mongirls are some of my favorite
You have been warned
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