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Current I just can't. This is too much. Berserk was so influential on so many things that I love. Goodbye, Miura. You'll be missed by many.
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Migraines ew
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Welp apparently discord servers are having some pretty bad Latency issues.
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Well I just got my mitts on the Links Awakening remake. Excus eme while I disappear for a weak while I relive my childhood
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Migraine killed me today. Posts tomorrow.


Hello! Welcome to my little bio. Don't mind the sand.

Not much to say, really. Just a directionless human with no idea of their place in life. Role playing preferences are any variation of fantasy usually. Not so much into super hardcore realism or super dark stuff, and prefer story over silly mechanics or hardcore rules in games.

Well, that's about it I guess! Nothing else here but us medjed.

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And the culprits are...?
@Cu Chulainn

Alavaris, city off the dead.

“Oh maiden of Blood…” A womans voice echoed through the streets. The wails of the undead briefly silenced from the soothing hymn as it echoed across the darkened city. From within the rundown buildings, claustrophobic alleyways one could almost hear a choir of people joining the voice in chant.

“You give us succor…” Footsteps amidst the darkness as a single flame was lit, guiding the singer through the cowering undead.

“We are forsaken…” The woman, continued her prayer, steps slowly descending from the street into the squalid excuse of a slum below. The insects and beasts driven to insanity by the maddening darkness bothered her not, the light from the torch causing them to flee as she continued on her way. A bloody sack trailed behind her as she walked. “Unheard by the serpent…”

“Oh, maiden of red…” The prayer continued, traveling from the grimy underside of the city towards the barely illuminated cathedral. The choir had become louder now, following in time and in line behind her as more of the undead joined the prayer.

“We give ourselves to thee…” Faster the steps traveled as the prayer continued, the chant only briefly interrupted by breaths of exertion as the woman started to run.

“Oh maiden of violet,” The doors to the cathedral were shoved open, the figure making it just inside as the choir of voices muffled, none daring to enter the darkened cathedral yet still, they sang.

“You give us purpose…”

“Rise, rise. Rise those given succor…” Before a statue of Ichor did she fall to her knees, hands clasped in prayer as the ghostly choir would join hers. “The serpent laments…” A knife was pulled from her robes as she’d lay it on the altar.

“Farewell, farewell…” She’d heft the sack onto the altar, hoisting it onto the surface with some difficulty as she’d pull the object within out. It beat slowly, rhythmically as she’d raise the knife over it. “The serpent bids farewell to thee, forsaken… ”

“Rise, those given succor…” As she reached the end of the chant, she would plunge the knife into the still-beating heart. “Rise from the blood of the Serpent…and be granted succor once more…”

And so, her body would fall limp over the altar, blood from the heart slowly dripping off the altar, seeping into the ground below…

Location: Alavaris
Ancient Garden
@Pyromania99@VitaVitaAR@Click This

“Oh the forsaken undead…Rise from thy slumber. I command thee…the Lily of Blood, Akyasha. The Rime-winged Angel, Aleksiya…Giselle De Ferry! As I command, rise from thine slumber! The cathedral. Head to the cathedral. It calls to us…”

All at once, your existence came back into being.

Ripped from whatever afterlife that had awaited the undead in this cold, lightless world your senses would suddenly snap back into reality as though you had been in a long, deep slumber. Each of you were laying in a rather lovely sarcophagus it felt like. The interior was crafted of the finest materials and the stone which had made it expertly carved. It would be a simple matter for any of you to pry open the lid, rising from your slumber and observing the world around you.

You were in a garden. Well, what was once a garden. The plants had long since withered, the branches from the tree withered and decayed, only a scant few leaves upon the ancient leaves indicated any form of life from the plant. Old stone paths led out of the garden, towards what looked like a main road. The place you had woken from seemed to have once been a rather luxurious looking bed of violet flowers that were growing into and around the sarcophagus you had woken from.

The garden itself was entirely walled off, a number of buildings and other structures surrounding it and preventing normal exit by all but the main gate which seemed to lead into a main road of sorts.

In fact, this place seemed familiar. Following the skyline, at least what remained of it, up one could see a familiar sight - the Alavaris cathedral, looming over the city some distance to the north. One could easily see light from within the place, indicating some life of some sort there. Your memories were hazy, but you’d vaguely remember a sweet, lovely red voice telling you to go there. Even for those who had never heard it before it was an almost instinctual understanding of who that voice had belonged too.

Ichor, was telling you to go to the Cathedral.

You were also…so very, very hungry, yet not a single drink to be had from the looks of things. All you could hear was the occasional groaning from a nearby undead just outside of the garden. You weren’t alone either. In fact, there were two others here you’d instantly recognize.

Location: Alavaris
Squalid Ruins
@Psyker Landshark@Asuras@Erode

“Oh my lovely undead…Rise from thy slumber. I command thee…Dragan Meszaros, Knight of…Death…The ever radiant, Luna Emeraltide! Ahh, and the ambitious child of shadows…Illena…The cathedral. Head to the cathedral. You will…find us…”

All at once, your existence came back into being.

Ripped from whatever afterlife that had awaited the undead in this cold, lightless world your senses would suddenly snap back into reality as though you had been in a long, deep slumber. Each of you were laying in a rather lovely sarcophagus it felt like. The interior was crafted of the finest materials and the stone which had made it expertly carved. It would be a simple matter for any of you to pry open the lid, rising from your slumber and observing the world around you.

It was not a pleasant looking place.

Dirty, muddy water would welcome your feet as you hoisted yourself out of your sarcophagus. If not for the bed of violet flowers enreathing your tomb, this would be quite a pitiful looking place. You were at the end of a narrow street, old buildings to your right, and to your left a balcony that overlooked the rest of the squalid looking slums. It seemed much of the refuse and dirt had drained here at the end of the street.

Looking outwards down the balcony, you’d see ancient houses sunk slightly into the ground, as though they had simply become one with it leaving only the once second floor accessible. The only building that seemed entirely intact was at the far end of what was likely once a street, standing above every other pitiful building was a three story manor of some sort…but it was quite a long ways down, and something called for you to go elsewhere.

Looking to the west, though, one could see the familiar landmark of the Alavaris Cathedral. A place you were familiar with, and meant you were in the former city of the Undead. This at once, had been a poorer section of town, but it had certainly fallen quite a bit.

Your memories were otherwise hazy, but you’d vaguely remember a sweet, lovely red voice telling you to go there. Even for those who had never heard it before it was an almost instinctual understanding of who that voice had belonged too.

Ichor, was telling you to go to the Cathedral. To get to the cathedral though, was a simple enough matter. Follow the road as it’d curve upwards towards the Cathedral ward.

The buzzing of insects and the howls of creatures though, meant that might not be so simple in effect. At least you might have some blood to sate this thirst of yours for a time if one didn’t mind dining on a beast.
Fish? Fishing.

“Ah! I think I get it.” The fisherman replied with a look of realization. “I think if we have your help we can certainly pull it off…hm, maybe having some hunters help too would be good.” He’d start looking through the equipment present. “We’ll need a place where we can lure it…Ah. The shoreline near the old ruins should be good for that I think. Its got high, rocky cliffs around the ocean and has some strong rock we could anchor the ropes too. We could probably use the weirs and make enough bait for it, too…”

The fisherman would grab one of the Weirs.

“It’ll take a few days to set everything up, I think, but if Akando or Soyala help I think we can just pull this off.” He’d hoist some ropes over his shoulder and grab a Harpoon. “I’ll go tell Bolcha to send some men here to clean and repair the stuff. See if he’s got any more sturdy ropes we can have…maybe Calra could drug the bait or something too…hm, I’ll ask…”

“Thanks Miss Seelay!” He’d head out the door, in quite a good mood it seemed. “In the meantime, I’d like to ask you to guard the fish storage so we don’t lose anything else until we’re ready.”

“Hmph, I got ignored.” Sionna patted the top of the elfs head. “Seeelay, come ooon, lets go do something fun! Like tying that Raam’s shoestrings together when he’s not looking!”

The Missing huntress

“Futile.” The man approached, his slow, steady and purposeful gait carrying him across the snow covered ground. Atzi had been fully subdued by his estimation, completely and utterly rendered ineffectual as the tendrils tightened across her body. Crushing, binding, breaking. Her bones creaked, her flesh burned. Yet, even so she managed to struggle. The knife dropped to the ground, caught between her toes and plunged into the creatures neck.

Blackened blood spewed from the wound, the creature recoiling, but his grip never loosening as the knife would tear its way through his body.

“Grrrghhhk-” A gurgling noise as its head would fly off its body. A few seconds passed, its body remaining completely still. Perhaps, she had thought, she had managed to best it, but that thought would be quickly shattered.

“Ah, such barbarism...” Suddenly, Pain. More pain. Atzi’s entire body lit up with it. The tendrils released her, only to then reform, impaling her body in numerous areas on her front. “Is this. What you humans. Prefer?” The spikes would withdraw from Atzi’s body as the mans head would slowly start to reform on his body. “Still alive? Your endurance exceeds. Expectations. Shame. You would have made a good…subject.”

More pain. A tendril, lashing out.

Her right arm would find itself laying on the ground in front of her.

“I will…be taking this. Perhaps you’ll be of some use.”

And then, he’d release Atzi. Her body collapsed to the ground, unable to do anything but watch as he’d take her severed arm and proceed to slowly, slowly, disappear into the distance as she would slowly bleed out…vision fading…

The smell of cooked meat.

Her body aching, hurting.

But she was…alive. Somehow.

Opening her eyes would reveal a small cavern, lit just by the light of a fire.

And there, at the other end of the cave, was Maira.

“...You’re finally awake.” She’d say quietly. "Don't move too hurt pretty bad."

An eight legged herbalist
@Click This@Crusader Lord

The ball of acid thankfully, did not seem to travel very far. The area in front of it was liberally doused with the substance, burning away the snow from the ground and creating a wet, muddy slurry that would make it hard to walk in for likely both the creature itself and the hunters. Thankfully, her quick reaction pulled the hunter and herself out of the mainline of fire of it, only singing both of their armor just slightly.

The other hunter with the spear quickly did as suggested, maneuvering to the creatures side while the other two would remain at a distance, firing a few more shots at the creature, one impaling itself deep in its flank, another embedding itself in its front but neither delivering a fatal injury.

In retaliation as Lissa charged from head on, the creature would charge forward too, opening its mouth wide and lashing out with its tongue once more, the front of it sticking to Lissa’s body as it would attempt to pull her towards it.

“...Gwwwk?” A slightly confused sound as its tongue was now latched onto Lissa, but she didn’t find herself being pulled towards the creature. Instead just held in place as it ran towards her, slightly confused as to why it couldn’t pull her towards it, but still intent on swallowing her.

The hunter that had flanked from the side, had managed to dig a knife into its side, and was slowly climbing up onto the beast's back.


Calra quickly got to work, having the Oni undressed in mere seconds as she’d begin making attempts to stabilize Haruno. A wide gash on her chest and stomach. A blade? Looks like it had already started healing, though. An older wound, but it hadn’t been properly treated. Smaller incisions on her back, chest and shoulders. A few bloody arrowhead was left in her shoulder and back. She likely couldn’t remove them. Luckily no infection. A broken arm. Fractured leg. Wounds indicating some clawed animal did a number on her. A chunk of flesh had been ripped out of her side. Frostbite had started to set in, too.

She was obviously in some sort of battle with other people, and then with animals from the looks of it.

“Nylah, I’ll need to do surgery. She’s got arrowheads stuck inside her and some internal bleeding. Poor thing looks like she was in a battlefield before being attacked by a bear or something and crushed a number of bones I'll have to set. Make some anesthetics and prepare as many healing potions and salves as you can while I start.”

It’d be easy enough to prepare both of those things especially with the things she had on hand. Fresh water for a base, crush the ingredients, then boil it to a broth. Simple enough, they didn’t have time to refine it. The Salves could be made by taking the same ingredients and crushing them into a paste without the water. Better for topical use on flesh wounds.

As the activities and drink flowed through the tavern, Liora would slowly find herself growing more and more bored. A subtle agitation, a sense of desiring of movement. A desire to get off her ass and do something other than entertain herself with food and drink. No matter how pleasurable and lovely such things were, variety made for the best shows...and this show, was slowly starting to get stale. Even her fellow Envoys could only entertain her for so long.

Thus, when Rean vocalized a desire to leave and split off, Liora was not far behind.

"I think I'll take Rean's cue and leave." Liora would stand, sliding the coat she was holding onto over her shoulders. "As fun as that mission sounds, I think my talents are best suited for looking around the city." She'd pop a piece of hard candy into her mouth as she'd thusly make her way out of the tavern leaving the rest of the group with a playful wave and a grin as she'd step back out into the midday air of the city. She wasn't quite sure where she herself was heading, but eventually her steps would lead her to seemingly follow right along behind Rean who had elected to sit on a fountain not far away from the library.

Quietly, Liora would slide herself right next to Rean, throwing an arm around her shoulder and snuggling up to her.

"Why the long face? Miss me that much already?" She'd take a bite out of a rather juicy looking apple she had...pilfered on the way over here. "Or you thinking about something fun?"
Before anything else, let me say all characters here were well done and I think all could have easily fit in the world in some fashion...but alas, I could not accept everyone. It wasn't easy deciding, but I think I've finally reached a decision that I will be happy with.

Alright, judgement day has come and Ichor has chosen those who shall carry out her will.

@Pyromania99's Akyasha
" I remember. Ichor remembers. Faithful. You will serve well..."

@VitaVitaAR's Aleksiya
"A lost child of the living given unto death. Such pain. Your cries reach to me even among the cries of the undead..."

@Asuras' Luna Emeraltide
"How fleeting, such is this 'love'. Even you, of the undead, are not immune to such things. Perhaps, you will find them again..."

@Psyker Landshark's Dragan Meszaros
"Valiant. Brave. Yes, you. I remember you. One of the first felled...Ichor calls to you again, child of death. Bring order to this darkened world..."

@Click This's Giselle de Farry
"...I am wary of you, child. Peace. Alliances...can they truly...would they? I do not know, for humans are unknown to I."

@ERode's Ilena
"Yes, you. A zealous, bloody child. Ah, shall serve well. Fret not...for there are still those who would call us foes in this slumbering world..."

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As for the rest of you -

@Zombehs@Dead Cruiser@Cu Chulainn@Princess Peril

I want to thank you all for taking time and interest in this project of mine. I really would like to have explored many concepts here, but as it stands I think the above is both the most fair as well as the most variety in terms of abilities/powers. Don't fret, and keep your Cs's around. An extra or a fill if I lose a player is always something that could happen. I'll keep everyone that still has interest on a wait list, should it please you.
Shimizu Kaori

Alas, their time in the clubroom had come to an end...and so did her time with the Mujina. As much as she'd like to keep the small shapeshifting spirit with her, it would likely be nothing more than a distraction during their investigation. As such, Kaori would instead opt to leave her in the clubroom. Grabbing her own umbrella, Kaori would follow the rest out of the clubroom, and out into the rainy day that had been given to them.

A playground was their destination, hm?

"My my, an excellent display as always Tomo-chan." Kaori would agree with Hina, lightly clapping as Tomoko made her totally necessary and accurate summoning. And what a cute ghost that was summoned too! She had to wonder what such a cute ghost was doing here, but she couldn't really complain that the end result was meeting another cute ghost. "And what a cute little ghost, Ehehe. I'm Kaori, just a little spider employed by Tomoko-chan. As Hina has said, we're looking into a child that disappeared around here." The spider would give a brief description of Makishima Taro as well as the general time of day that the disappearance had occurred. "It would be of great help if you could assist us."

Border forest

@Cu Chulainn@Guy0fV4lor@Crimson Paladin

Elias couldn't help but let out a soft chuckle in response to the young boy’s shocked exclamations as the group began their journey into the woods. "I’d honestly thought them dead myself, and were it not for your sister’s descriptions I’d still think as such…"

The knight’s voice trailed off for a moment as his eyes performed a perimeter sweep, continuing to talk once he’d confirmed there weren’t any threats lurking nearby. "As for killing Dragons? There's a number of ways to deal with them, their success usually depending on how intelligent or crafty any given dragon might be. Sigurd the Dragonslayer; my great, great, great, great Grandfather– discovered and employed a great many methods on his hunts. He’d use anything from siege weapons, to traps, even poison… But what he found to be the most effective strategy; particularly on wyverns, was breaking their wings."

Elias raised his right hand, a single finger held skyward, "Because, in the words of Sigurd– even with scales like steel, teeth like razors, and any number more of a dragon’s terrible boons… A Dragon suddenly deprived of something it’s instinctually used its entire life; no matter how wise, or cruel, or crafty it may be…"

Reinhardt tapped his extended finger against the side of his temple, "Quickly loses sight of this, and becomes little more than just another beast to be slain."

Though the knight was keen to share some of the stories his father had given unto him with the children, the distant clamor of voices and the telltale clinking of armored figures moving about the path ahead. Raising a fist, Reinhardt silently gave his companions the signal to stop; taking a moment to glean as much as he could from the distant voices.

From the sound of it, Elnith had clashed once more with the Wyvern, and had been left in rough enough shape for the Harzel knights to apprehend her without resistance. The knight grimaced beneath his helm. It seemed that he would need to play diplomat; much to his own dismay, if the mission was to return to Airedale in success.

Elias craned his head over his right shoulder, speaking in harsh whisper, "Ethelred, form up tightly on my right side. Do your best to look menacing, but not like you're trying to threaten them. Should the situation turn violent, I'd ask you do your best to avoid freezing anyone unless absolutely necessary."

Turning his head to the other side, intent on asking their Elven tag along to hold his tongue as best he could for the time being– Elias would find the Elf to have suddenly vanished; seemingly having already taken the initiative to conceal himself nearby.

Gently clearing his throat, Reinhardt nodded to Ethelred as he eased his steed into a slow trot; puffing his chest out authoritatively as he would interject upon the conversation ahead in a stern monotone, "It isn't a Fomorian. What you're dealing with is a Dragon."

Elias slowly brought his horse to stop once more once he was at what one might consider a polite distance from the Harzel Knights, placing a fist diagonally across his chest as he'd give a short bow from atop his steed, "Greetings Knights of Harzel. I am Sir Elias of House Reinhardt; Blood of the Venerable Dragonslayer, and Son of the Lord Johann von Reinhardt. On my right is Sir Ethelred, my faithful comrade and fellow Knight."

Reinhardt locked eyes with the individual seeming to lead the small troupe; his calm gaze firmly affixed as he would posit their leadership with a question, "Are you too, hunting the beast that has burnt six entire villages to the ground in only a month's time?"

The knights and their small entourage would pause immediately upon hearing Reinhardt’s greetings. The one named Gráinne seemed like she was going to say something, but Lonan raised a hand, silencing his seeming subordinate as he’d coolly stare at the two in front of him. Curiously, he didn’t seem to pay Ethelred too much mind as he’d focus more on the one speaking to him.

“That is a name that carries a long line of respect and tradition.” The black clad knight greeted Reinhardt. “And it is quite a claim to make, too.”

“An absurd one. Dragons were killed ages ago-bweh-” She was given another smack on the back of her head by Lonan.

“Apologies, my squire doesn’t know when to keep her mouth shut. We have indeed been asked by King Harzelslack to look into this matter and bring back the beasts head. I don’t suppose you have any proof of this claim…or proof you are who you claim to be?”

“...hey, aren’t those the kids that went missing?” The squire interjected, the two kids behind Reinhardt failing in their attempts to make themselves invisible behind the larger man.

"Indeed." Reinhardt responded flatly, shifting his gaze to Gráinne for a moment before returning his attention to Lonan. "We found them while investigating what remained of their original Village. It was through examination of what was left from the attack as well as the girl's description of the creature that leads me to believe we're dealing with a Dragon, rather than a Fomorian. Now as for proof of who I am… A moment please. It's a bit troublesome to flex the crest through this much armor when outside of combat. "

Elias closed his eyes, taking several slow, deep breaths– then letting out a small grunt of exertion.

At first there was seemingly nothing. But as the knight continued to push...

A fearsome glow erupted proudly from deep within his chest; its molten color gleaming forth like a star in the night, its undulating glow mirroring the rhythm of an unyielding heart!

The knight’s eyes opened; his hands gripping tightly to the reins to prevent his horse from bucking, "Rings, heraldry, and documents of pedigree can be easily forged or stolen… But this– the very legacy of Sigurd that lay within my every heartbeat is proof of who I am!"

Reinhardt allowed his body to relax; the glow slowly subsiding into near nothingness as he would set his attention firmly on Lonan again, "Does that suffice as proof enough? Or shall I remove my chestplate for you to see it more clearly?"

“...No, that is quite alright.” Lonan mouth slowly pursed downwards into a frown. It was a crest and emblem anyone even slightly familiar with the great houses of Albion would know at a mere glance.

“Eeh…guess he’s not lying, but something about them still seem fishy. Especially that icicle over there.” Gráinne rested her sheathed blade on her shoulders, tapping it lightly against her own pauldron.

“Unlike you two, these guys actually kill fomorians!” The voice of the young girl piped up, causing her brother's eyes to nearly bulge out of his head.

“Oi, brat what’d you say?!” Gráinne shouted in response. “You should be thankful King Harzelslack even sees fit to guard your pathetic little villages-”

“That’s enough Gráinne. If you’re going to let the words of a child rile you up then I’ll have you sent back to clean the stables for a fortnight.”

“I am sorry, please forgive me Sir Lonan.”

“That outburst aside…” The darkly armored man folded his arms across his chest, observing the duo in front of them. “I still find it difficult to believe there’s a dragon involved, even taking the word of house Reinhardt into account.” He’d move a hand to his chin, rubbing it thoughtfully. “...if I may be so bold to assume that you are here to slay this supposed dragon, then allow me to join you. I’ll have Gráinne here and the other soldiers escort the children back to the village.”

"Wait, there's another matter we need to discuss." Ethelred finally spoke up. "The black knight you mentioned, why have you arrested her? She was seeking to slay this beast, same as you and I. How has she trespassed Harzelslack's laws?"

Marduk watched the knights converse from the treetops of the forest, taking solace on a rather beefy branch of one of the more modestly-sized trees. Moving across the woodlands swiftly and silently was something that only came natural to one raised among the Elves, especially with the enchantments given to him by his boots and cloak. It was almost as if he disappeared entirely from sight.

The Elf, however, only sat and watched, chuckling a bit after hearing the knights of this rival kingdom are ruled by some guy named “King Hardlysack.” Humans from this part of the world had the funniest names. To be honest, he was having his own battle… that is, against drifting off to sleep. After all, he had spent a notable time of the day in the midst of combat. It didn’t help that the knights he traveled with had decided to do the ‘boring’ way of finding answers.

“Ha? What relationship do you guys have with that beast?”

“That…I have to ask why you’re asking such a question. I would not have expected the Noble house Reinhardt to collaborate with such people.” Lonan responded. “I’m sure you know of the rumors surrounding her. Shows up conveniently around the time Fomorians attack villages, the conflicts she’s had with the Harzel knights in the past.” Well, it was no secret that Elnith wasn’t quite well liked. The rumors of her being some sort of barbaric warrior that would kill you just as quick as ignore you with imperity wasn’t exactly something they wouldn’t know. “King Harzelslack has put a bounty on her head, alive, or dead. She is to be tried within the borders for various crimes.”

“Doesn’t matter if she was here to slay it or not. We’re bringing her in and she’ll probably be executed.”

"Executed?" Ethelred asked, clearly agitated, straining to avoid lowering the temperature around him. "She–"

"That’s enough Ethelred." Reinhard interjected harshly; punctuating his statement with a piercing glare directed toward the Ice-Bound knight.

"Forgive my companion– despite his appearance, he is of kind heart and tends to assume the best of people's intentions. He likely believes the woman in question to be horribly misunderstood, especially since the two children claim she saved their lives and drove off the dragon at one point.

Reinhardt looked between Gráinne and Lonan for a moment before continuing on, "And as I would like to prevent you from getting the wrong idea, the Black Knight is not affiliated with House Reinhardt."

Elias paused, allowing the message to sink in; attempting to allow any tension built up by Ethelred's outburst to dissipate before going any further, "That said… I would like to interrogate her. From what we overheard, she has faced the creature more than one time, and I surmise she may have even managed to track it back to its nesting grounds… If such is the case, it would be equal measures foolish and wasteful to not find out what she may know before continuing on our hunt."

"Would you be willing to afford me a chance to speak with her?"

“Good luck.” Gráinne harrumphed. “That bitch has refused to tell us anything and we even took the time to waste resources on her to patch her up.”

“Under Harzel law, such bandits and rogues are not typically allowed any visitors.” Lonan coolly replied. It didn’t seem he entirely brought Elias’ story, but he didn’t seem intent on pursuing it further now. “Especially one as presumably violent and dangerous as she is. While you claim no affiliation I find it curious you even asked about her in the first place, and now you wish to interrogate her? I see no reason to grant such a request.”

In the distance, there was a roar. Deep, guttural, but distant.

“That said…gathering information is part of my job. If you will allow me to be present during this interrogation, I suppose I could allow you.”

The roaring from beyond served as a proper alarm for the Elf, his instincts heightened at the sense of danger. Quickly, he climbed the tree he was in, looking to obtain a better vantage point for the skies above. In particular, he looked for any indication of where this roar came from…

… and how far away whatever this thing was.

Ethelred complied with Elias' rebuke and remained silent. Beneath his crystalline helmet, he looked over each of the Harzel knights, silently assessing the threat that they might pose. The reasonable thing to do would be to play nice, join up with the Harzel knights to slay the dragon, and only then press for Elnith's release. However, between the loss of Od still weighing upon him and the more recent irritation of being called an "icicle", Ethelred was not in a good state of mind. The most he could do was keep his mouth shut and let his more level-headed, more human companion handle matters. Still, could a peaceful compromise be reached? As reasonable as the Harzel knights' leader was, could he really be persuaded to release someone whom he deemed a criminal?

Elias’ head snapped toward the direction of the distant roar; determining that it was North of their current position.

"I agree to your terms." he calmly responded to Lonan; his eyes still locked on the Northern horizon, "But it seems the interrogation may have to be postponed for the moment… I believe another attack is imminent."

The knight guided his horse closer to the Harzel Knights, angling that the entourage could assist the two children with dismounting.

"I'll be leaving these two in your care Gráinne. As for you Sir Lonan, you're welcome to take their place since you don't seem to have a horse of your own at the ready… Much as I dislike being underprepared as we are at the moment, I'll be damned before I let that beast burn another village. Not while I'm around to do something about it."

“I’m glad to see the Reinhardt family is as reasonable as I had hoped.” Lonan nodded, glancing towards the direction the roar had come from as well as Elias positioned to help the children dismount. It was clear that the black armored knight didn’t trust Elias or the group, no doubt still being suspicious of them.

“Eh, but we don’t wanna go with her.” The brother huffed.

“Watch your mouth brat. You should be lucky you’re even still alive after running off.” Gráinne, in her attempts to help the children dismount would instead end up having the younger sister wiggle out of her arms before she touched the ground, who would then proceed to run around to the otherside of the horse, causing Gráinne to run after her.

“I appreciate the offer, but that will be unnecessary, Sir Reinhardt. We have a patrol to finish. I’ll send Gráinne back to the village with the children-” The skies roared again, closer this time, loud enough to interrupt their conversation.

By the time Marduk had managed to climb to the trees to get a good vantage point on what exactly had made that noise, he’d be the first to see the black winged death that had decimated the villages - and it was speeding right towards them! It was hurtling from what seemed to be northern Albion, from the Mountains towards them at a nearly impossible speed! Elias would be the second to sense it, aside from the obvious roaring. A familiar, somewhat nostalgic smell…but this one, causing his entire body to seemingly enter a fight or flight response.

Marduk had mere seconds to get down from the trees and warn everyone, should he wished.

In the next instant, the sky above the group darkened, a shadow passing above them as the creature would fly overhead, another roar which shook the heavens bellowed from its throat as it would start to descend, circling back towards the knights.

The moment that acrid smell; the stench of a sickly ash and all-consuming flame, reached his nose– Reinhardt's every hair stood on end. His every insinct screamed that this beast– no, this dragon was his enemy! A familiar heat began to build in his chest as he watched the shadow pass over the group of knights as his thoughts raced through his head. If he could smell the dragon… "Dammit– I think it smells me!"

Reinhardt glanced toward the now mostly panicking knights, "Get the children to safety, I'll lead it away from you!"

The knight whipped his head toward Ethelred, cracking his reigns fiercely as his mount would break into a sprint– "Ethelred on me! Don't follow too closely, try to stay out of it's sight until I give the signal!"

Ethelred nodded and spurred his horse into motion, following some distance behind Reinhardt. This was it, they had to put this monster down before it could cause any more destruction. He didn’t have the natural aptitude for dragons like Reinhardt did, but his cursed, frozen state should provide some protection against the dragon’s fire. At least, he hoped it would.

Leaping from treetop to treetop, Marduk had also moved away from the rest, aiming to split up in order to avoid being bathed by its fiery breath. As he did, he would whistle a tune of a certain songbird native only to the Lylmesari Forest. It was a tune the two knights should know well, as it is one Marduk was quite fond of repeating during lulls in their travels. He whistled just loudly enough for Reinhardt and Ethelred to have an idea of where he may be moving.

Of course, to those who have extensive knowledge of the avians of Albion, such a bird call would sound quite off. While Marduk didn’t expect the wyvern to be an ornithologist of any skill, perhaps the Harzel Knights may surprise the Elf with their own unique skills…

Needless to say, the Harzelslack knights had not expected to have something like this suddenly jump them. The normal soldiers shouted as the beast flew overhead, one of them falling onto his ass from the sheer sight of it. Gráinne gave a shout of surprise as she’d finally catch the young girl and pull her away from the horse.

“Gráinne, take the children back to the village!” Lonan shouted. “Use Stelbas, get there and rally the detachment to be on standby!”

“C-can I?” Lonan would bring his hand to his mouth to his hand, a sharp whistle shortly ringing out. Perhaps, to the surprise of Ethelred and Elias, from just behind Lonan a spectral steed shimmered into existence, reality rippling around it as its hooves left puddles in its steps. Its speckled blue and white fur similarly seemed slightly damp, but otherwise it appeared as a normal steed. Without another word between the two, the steed would quickly walk over to Gráinne, the children, at least understanding the situation would quickly let the redhead.

“The rest of you, on foot, move, move! Do not engage that beast!” Spurred on by their leaders words, the knights collected themselves, bolting from the area while Lonan himself would remain, running, at least, on foot after Ethelred and Reinhardt.

The massive draconic creature had slowly finished its long, arching turn back towards the group now. It was flying low enough now that its claws clipped the tops of the trees, the speed and size of the creature completely shearing them from their trunks. Lower it would fly, trees and plants from the forest being completely uprooted, the cracking and splintering of wood as it would soon slam into the earth, not far in front of Reinhardt. It slid across the ground, across the path and into the trees on the other side from the speed it was going.

The first thing he’d feel, was the sheer heat from the creature as his horse reared back, startled from the creature in front of its sudden appearance. Even from simply existing, they could see the trees and plants withering, charring, dying from the sheer heat this dragon gave off. The next, was its size - towering above the forest, larger than even the ramparts on a tower as it straightened its posture, imperiously glaring at the group before it.

It’s scales were completely black, the beasts eyes a burning, angry red. Along its neck were holes, red, dripping with what seemed to be liquid magma that fell to the ground, burning and scarring the land with its heat. These holes continued down its entire body, its back, all the way to its tail. Two larger holes adorned its body near its hind legs, along with two more on its underside in just the same position. Its ‘arms’ were much as the two children described, more wings than arms, covered in tough, hard scales. Its head seemed almost scarred, too, lacking any lips around its teeth, giving it a horrific looking, macabre grin as more liquid magma leaked from between its teeth.

Notably though, on its chest…was exactly as the girl had described. One third of the Reinhardt family crest was emblazoned on its scales, dripping with hot searing magma like the rest of its body seemed to be.

And impaled in that crest, was the very familiar sword of Elnith’s.

The beast reared its head, an air shaking, earth shattering roar echoing through the forest.

Southern Giants Rest
Early Night


As the night dragged on, the lively trio drowned themselves further and further in their mugs. Sorcha would jovially engage in both talking and various amounts of camaraderie with both Luna and Fio either by giving the smaller girl a bone-crushing hug or challenging Luna to an arm wrestling contest too, which would typically end in a draw. Eventually, though, Sorcha and Luna both would have to admit, they had been backstabbed, bamboozled, and quite possibly betrayed by the resident witch. Leo had excused himself earlier, having wanting to go check on their prisoner and perhaps, do some interrogating before Luna could remember what she was going to do to her brothers.

As soon as the Witch made her sly victory apparent, Sorcha

“Lunaaaaa…” Sorcha slumped over the table, arms drunkenly stretched out towards Luna. “Fio cheateeeeed….” She’d whine, face puffed out in a pout as the Queen fumbled with an empty mug. “MMmnnngh…Fiiiine!” Sorcha would stand, slamming her hands on the table and nodding. “Sinsh…she won…her priiiize….is me!” The Queen, would then, somehow in a show of drunken dexterity would manage to grab Fio, picking the smaller girl up over her shoulder and start carrying her off to her bedroom…well, as best as she could. She was stumbling over her feet a bit.


The Fomorian, indeed was far too caught up in her own little experiment to pay Niall much attention. The sound of flesh being cut, calipers and scalpels squelching as the body was prepared for whatever horrid thing she had done to it. Once he had sneaked his way to the axe, lifting it would only be a small matter. It was certainly heavy, much heavier than even his lance or armor, but still able to be carried without too much trouble.

Upon seeing the armored owl knight with his Axe, the red-haired Tuatha’s mouth lit up in a grin, seemingly eager to get out of the bindings.

“Put it in my hands. Hurry up!”

Supposing Niall would do as requested, the instant the axe was in the Tuatha’s grip, there was an instant surge of magical energy from both the axe and its wielder.

“Ahahaha! Time to cause some havoc!” The Tuatha’s muscles visibly bulged, becoming more defined, sturdier, as with a swift yank of his wrists the shackles would snap in two, he’d rip the ropes off his midsection and immediately break the restraints on his ankles too, giving the axe a firm swing in front of him. “Thanks friend! Now I can do what I came here for!”

“Now, what’s this?” Of course, this ruckus wouldn’t go unheard by the Fomorian. “A little rat…bird? Curious cat? Whatever you are, you’ve decided you have a death wish coming here, huh? Or did you want me to give you a few enhancements?”

“Shut it bitch, no one wants your creepy fingers poking them!” The Tuatha would swing the axe overhead, slamming it into the ground. Niall would feel another surge of power as fiery cracks appeared alongside the ground, surging towards the Fomorian.

“Tch-” In a show of some decent acrobatic ability, she’d pirouette to the side as an eruption of flame surged from the cracks seconds later. “That wasn’t a request.” her mouth turned into a wide grin. “Do you really think I didn’t have any guards?”

Immediately Niall and the Tuatha would become aware of some groaning sounds and shuffling noises. From the room behind the Fomorian, the corpse she had been experimenting on had jolted to life. Its body was crossed with stitches and wounds, and from its beheaded neck, two black arms extended from its neck.

“He’s not done yet, but I think he’s more than enough to handle you.”

“I’m not scared of a creepy undead puppets.” The Tuatha grunted.

“Stuuuupid, you’re surrounded.” She wasn’t wrong, from the entry hall, there was the sound of more shuffling and growling as more of her experiments seemingly woke up, all sporting grotesque, usually arm like appendages to their body. “But if you insist on fighting…I’ll be able to collect more battle data, so by all means, ahah!”
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