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Hello! Welcome to my little bio. Don't mind the sand.

Not much to say, really. Just a directionless human with no idea of their place in life. Role playing preferences are any variation of fantasy usually. Not so much into super hardcore realism or super dark stuff, and prefer story over silly mechanics or hardcore rules in games.

Well, that's about it I guess! Nothing else here but us Medjed.

Nitocris best girl. That is all.

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Franziska's Lab

Franziska narrowed her eyes at him.

"Did you not hear me? I said you would make a terrible apprentice. If the other scarabs don't decide to dismiss you, the church would kill you simply for association." Franziska inhaled, shifting her gaze to the side. "...but perhaps, perhaps you can learn. If you are willing to admit you were wrong then perhaps, just maybe, there is hope for you yet." Smiling, she focused her gaze back on him. "I would be lying if I said I wasn't curious about where you came from, heh." Still, this wasn't an idea apprentice at all. He let his emotions get the better of him, for one. Secondly, she wasn't quite sure he had what it took. A certain...astute mind was needed for the order. A curious mind willing to go to all lengths to discover something, even if it meant harming ones self. Fear and anger were a detriment to such things. A scarab quickly learned that such things were what got one killed.

But perhaps, as she said, he could learn.

"...alright. Very well. Wonderful. I shall keep to my word. I shall teach and protect you, and in return you shall help with my research...and for now I must find you some proper attire. Your first task is to learn what you can of this world, and as such we shall head to the library." Franziska motioned for him to follow, leading him up the stairs before spinning on her heels and facing him rather abruptly.

"A word of warning. Do not mention 'scarabs' or 'the illuminated' in public. I shall teach you more of us when we are in private, certain not to draw ears." She warned,placing a finger inches from his face. "I will help you until a point, but I will not help with sheer stupidity or carelessness." She spun back around, leading him out of the small underground lab into the heat of the sun above. Walking into the open air, Franziska caught the sounds of the slavery auctions. Someone was causing a trouble, hm? And goodness, so expensive. She cast a glance, eyeing a particularly fit and admittedly cute boy, but it was no longer any of her business since she had no intention of taking a slave, so she began leading him to the library.

Perhaps now would be a good time to ask questions about where he was, or if he was more interested in her personally.

City Event - The Dragon in the Slums
Bank Heist

Carlo listened to the Heretic with mild seeming interest. It was difficult to read him, though his somewhat gruff appearance made him seem a bit dishonest, or perhaps sleazy. The Den Owner eyed the ring with passive eyes as it was mentioned, something seeming to go through his head as the Heretic before him told of his plight. When he was done, he was silent for a moment, rubbing his chin thoughtfully before a slow grin spread across Carlo's features.

"My dear heretic...I think I can help you with that little problem of yours." He said, moving to a seat opposite of the boy. "And you are just the key we need to complete this little heist of yours, and when we're done with it we'll be the richest men in Venedig. Let me introduce you to the crew." Motioning to the thin man. "This here is Elia. He'll be helping us with any locks between us and the vaults. That over there is Oscar." The burly man gave the heretic a grunt in reply, but otherwise didn't seem to acknowledge his presence. "He'll be making sure to take care of any trouble we run into. Guards, you know. If there's a problem, he'll make it go away." He chcukled darkly. "And the two pretty ladies over there is Claudette and Edith. They're our magic experts. Run into any sort of magical problems, they'll take care of them. Now then..."

Carlo motioned over to Oscar, who bought out a few scrolls of paper, quickly unrolling them onto the table. A map of the bank.

"The boys here can handle almost anything...almost. Which is where you come in." He eyed the Heretic suspiciously. "There's too many magical traps to account for. The defenses are almost impossible to crack, even for an expert. Anyone but a guard tries to get through them, and you can say goodbye to the rest of your life." He chuckled, a bit, leaning back in the chair. "...but I hear you may have a way to get our little band of merry thieves through it with your...unique brand of skills."

~Chieko Okawa~

Main Road
Death count: 1
Reset Count: 4
@Crusader Lord@FamishedPants@BrokenPromise

As Chieko's club impacted the wolf, she could only blink in surprise. When had she gotten that strong? The blow sent it flying right into a bunch of cultists, but she couldn't let herself be so surprised. With a quick gesture, she helped Eiko to her feet, grabbing her hand before pulling her along. They had to hurry to the noble district. Part of her briefly wondered how Fritzi would react to this, but she had to focus on the immediate problem.

...she couldn't be involved with this, could she?

Once at the Noble district, Chieko finally released Eiko's hand, the earth human quietly observed the area, listening to Crunch's words and weighing her options. Vertti's mansion? Was it around here? Chieko hesitated. She could do what she was originally here for, if she went there. No one would likely ask a question of her since she was here with Crunch and helping with the defense, but at the same time, did she really? Did she really want to help her?

She ground her teeth. She did consider Quill and Chiyo friends. If she didn't, she'd likely end up fighting them. There had to be something she could do to avoid that...right?

"...Mhm, I'll go to the mansion." Chieko said quietly. "Uhm, You should probably have as many people here as you can."

Mie Yukima

Golden Quarter
Deaths: N/A

Child's play sneaking in like this.

Mie easily fit in with the rest of the servants, doing whatever was asked of her, but it seemed Vertti wasn't quite here yet, and no one found her cultists robes yet either. Fortunate, but she still couldn't let her guard down. All demi-humans were suspect, after all, and she did have an ID with her, but she wouldn't want to try and explain what she was doing here dressed as a maid instead of as a merchant.

Still on the second floor, Mie spotted people moving towards the house from the window. A small smile. As long as she avoided notice while they entered, this would be easy.


To say she was excited to see what secrets this castle held, was an understatement. Once she took the first step inside, her excitement only grew. The warm air met her flesh, making her almost wish she wasn't dressed so warmly, but the fabulous decor of the place quickly quelled any discomfort. Suits of armor lined the walls, befitting of a knightly castle. Ah, she wished she could take all of them home but that was an implausibility.

"So." Saying nothing to no one in particular, Soraya walked further inside, bolting over to one of the suits of armor and quickly inspecting it. "How do we want to handle the exploration, hm? I would say I myself should take point before we go deeper."
~Claire Blackwood~


Claire had no idea what Ralia was doing, but for the most part she watched eagerly. Ralia held up a seven sign for the flourish. The pokeball hit, and...


"Ahaha, nice!" Claire gave a little fist pump as the pokeball clicked closed. "See! I knew ya could do it! Probably just got a bit unlucky with that pokeball, hah." She grinned. Ralia teleported back up to Claire's shoulder, waving earnestly at Frans. Taking out her pokedex she quickly looked over the new information. Well huh, she hadn't entirely expected that to happen. So the pokemon was now registered to her. That did make sense, in hindsight.

Well, nah, there was probably no problem with handing the Bronzor over. Right for now she'd need to send one of her pokemon back. For now she sent back Del, before picking up the pokeball from the ground.

"Welp, here ya go Frans." Claire handed the pokeball out to him. "You got a nickname you wanna call him?"
@Letter Bee

Hit me with them juicy details

I'll see what I can do~

Franziska's Lab

Franziska's demeanor changed from amused, to bored, to mildly irritated as he spoke. She visibly ground her teeth together, clicking her tongue in an annoyed fashion. He was speaking nonsense, wasn't he?

"Hear only half of what you say? You seem to hear none of what I say." She replied irritably. "You fail basic understanding and comprehension. Not only that, but you insult my beliefs, insinuate that I would brainwash you? That is something only the church of Existence does." She rebuffed, voice picking up in volume. "My people do not brainwash - only bring enlightenment through magic, knowledge, and understanding. We refer to those highest beings as the illuminated - those who have contributed great tomes and volumes of knowledge to our cause! We are not some cult that hurts-" She stopped herself mid rant, gold eyes shifting to the side as she swiftly spun on her heels towards one of her desks. " doesn't matter. You won't listen, and in your blissful ignorance you will see nothing but yourself."

She took the bonesaw down from the wall, briefly inspecting it, running her thumb over the blade.

"Trust, like respect, is earned. Not given." She replied calmly, suddenly seeming utterly normal. "Just like knowledge and understanding of the world. You can't wait around for it to simply find you." Franziska took the knife, embedding it into the desk. "You have to work at it. Cultivate it. Feed it. Sometimes debase yourself for it. You want to trust me? I will tell you I am one of the most trustworthy people you'd ever meet, but you? I can't trust you. From your words, you're unsuitable as an apprentice...and to protect both of us, I can not take you. The scarabs would feast on your flesh and the church would burn you at the stake." Sighing, Franziska turned to face the human once more, golden eyes studying him with some form of judgement.

"...up the stairs. First door on your left. You'll be on the streets. See how well you do on your own, hm? And if you rethink your decision in the next few hours, I will be here. Otherwise, this will likely be the last we see of each other. If you stay, I will take it you agreeing to my terms." Not only had she been correct in her assumption he was lying, he insulted her entire belief system. Annoying, even if it was done out of ignorance. He didn't seem intent on even attempting to make any sort of understanding, either.

Time to visit the slave market, she supposed. Sigh. So much time wasted. She should have done it first instead of even attempting something so foolish as this.

~Temporary Campsite~

Thankfully it paid off learning Tremor Sense. Within moments it seemed like Digbie, Torrent, and Oberon had found her. Excellent. None of this food was going to go to waste and she could, perhaps, spend some time tinkering with these ingredients - but there was something else. Something not her own tremor sense or Digbie's vibrations that were there. Something moving towards them at fairly high speed. Turning her head in the direction of the tremors, she had to agree with Digbie.

That was indeed, a 'big' slime.

"Don't let it touch my stuff!" Ash shouted, doing the same as Digbie and using her Monster Analysis, Magical Analysis, and then tested out 'Mana Sense'. This thing wasn't likely magical, but it didn't hurt to be sure so they weren't on the receiving end of any nasty surprises. And what was Digbie doing? She hadn't a clue but she wasn't gonna let this Slime get anywhere near her loot.

Leaping between her loot and the orange slime, Ash lobbed several doses of Venom Shot towards the creature, trying to get out as many as fast as she could in as little amount of time as possible before dodging out of its path at the last second. If she could get it poisoned, that would make this just a bit easier.
@Letter Bee

I know I already said I didn't have a whole lot of time too co-GM on discord

But if you can't find anyone else, I'll do what I can.
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