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Well now I'm just depressed. RIP Stan Lee, you amazing human being.
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Why are migraines a thing? What function do they serve other than to piss people off?


Hello! Welcome to my little bio. Don't mind the sand.

Not much to say, really. Just a directionless human with no idea of their place in life. Role playing preferences are any variation of fantasy usually. Not so much into super hardcore realism or super dark stuff, and prefer story over silly mechanics or hardcore rules in games.

Well, that's about it I guess! Nothing else here but us Medjed.

Nitocris best girl. That is all.

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She had been intending on exploring alone. Maybe go to the town and see what it was like, since she had never really been in one before. Since arriving she had kept herself to the outskirts and the woods, just messing around and mostly just been staying up on the mountain. Honestly...

"Wahaha, silly Kaze, Alfy can handle herself." she replied with a bright grin, not slowing her quick pace, hammer hefted over her shoulder. "I lived on that mountain for my entire life! Wahaha, well, almost oops..." She scrunched her nose up in thought for a moment, before shrugging off whatever thought she had as she headed in the wrong direction - that is, towards the town. Not the forest.
I have a similar question as I intend to have Alfy crash their hunting party after a small misadventure

Oh. 'Types' huh? So that meant she was likely some sort of 'ghost' type...and Dark was immune to Psychic, which seemed to be what her current main method of attack was. Good to know. She'd need to figure out how to deal with them, then.

"Woho, thanks for the information, seedling." Vi replied, turning to the Pelliper that was jsut now waking up. A courier? Hum, well, that explained what it was doing out here with the letters. It did ask a rather obvious but difficult question. How to explain? Lance was one of the first to chime in as the snake...ate a bird? Huh, how delightfully messy. The bald red lizard was the next to chime in with an obvious lie to the question. The fact he felt horrible about it, if she was correct if her little emotional feelers were accurate, was quite hilarious.

"The bald lizard speaks truthfully...mostly, wohoho~" She couldn't help but to add that last little bit into her statement. "Abandoned here with nowhere to go and no idea what's going on. Barely managed to survive the night! I almost got blown away, woho~" Floating over to the Pelliper, Vi gave her a mischevious grin. "I am Vi. Charmed. Perhaps you could help us out in return for the timely rescue? I shall echo the Fluff Bird's question if there is someplace not here we could stay at."

~Temporary Campsite~

Ash moved swiftly. As the Mana Slice connected and it appeared she didn't get a one-hit KO, she swiftly activated Overwork III, plus Material analysis and Alchemy II on the spit, but only gave it a brief inspection before in one swift movement, leaping forward to the side, hopefully avoiding whatever effects it might have. Hmm...maybe - Well, this might be a good time to try something. She was hungry, yes...but she was also in quite the need of live test subjects. And she had a natural paralytic to work with. In the cave she didn't really have much of a chance. She'd only get further interrupted...but since the others were out and that demon was likely to have scared everything off...


Science required sacrifices, sometimes.

Ash leaped to the side of the frog, getting just close enough she could reach it with her stinger before attempting to impale the amphibian on it. Ah, if only she thought of this before sneak attacking it. Oh well, she woudln't miss another opportunity and it'd be less likely to run injured like this.

Here she is

Point me at somethin' and I'll shoot 'em dead for yas.
Hopefully I didn't go overboard with a bit of world building. If there be any problems I'll clean 'em up later.

6th Floor, Dorm room 5, House Dracona

while the other people in the house were waking up, a certain someone in Room C of Dorm 5, was electing to sleep in. She had first session free, after all, and had no reason to wake herself up. Unlike most noble ladies graceful sleeping posture, Isobel's was anything but elegant. Covers already halfway off the bed, one of her arms hanging limply over the side, hair an utter mess and a bit of drool running down the side of her face and wearing nothing but a disheveled tanktop and shorts to sleep in. Laying with his head right on her chest, was a certain frosty dragon.

"Mrrrgh..." A sharp Tinny right in her ear from a rather unpleasant device attached to it was the first to try and rouse her from slumber. "Too early..." Was the first thing Lorcan would get in reply as Isobel groggily woke from her sleep, trying to roll over onto her stomach. The next thing Lorcan would hear was a resounding "Thud" and a metallic screech from the Earwyrm.

"...I'm gonna kick your ass for that, Lorcan." Isobel replied with a loud yawn, pushing herself up from the floor. Ciervia, also woke from his slumber positioned himself on Isobel's shoulders, face next to the Earwyrm.


"Frost butt says he'll kick your ass too." She stretched, cracking a few of her bones in the process. Satisfied that his message had gotten across, the furry pygmy drake curled itself around Isobel's shoulders. "Jeez, what time is it?..." Glancing out the window, Isobel noticed that it was daytime. Well, that was normal. Sleeping in was normal for her.

"Hmm...? What is it boy?" Ciervia nudged the side of her head was she forgetting something...? "GAH!? I'M GONNA BE LATE?!" The connection to Lorcan's Earwyrm was suddenly cut off after that loud shout, the shout of witch, probably woke the rest of her entire dorm if they weren't already.

4th floor, Dorm room 4, House Phantasma

Livia was awake likely hours before anyone else. Early yo bed and early to rise, as they say, though she often found herself doing only the first part of it. Long nights, and early mornings were her usual routine. Studying long hours into the witching hours, and rising early enough to get a head start on her studies. Sitting at her desk, Livia flipped a page in the heavy tome she was reading, a book simply titled "Daemones autem EpĂ­scopi". A fairly comprehensive work on a number of so called demons she had brought with her this semester.

Sighing lightly, the former noble leaned back in her chair, reaching for a teacup and bringing it to her lips. Progress had been slow. Steady, but slow. Too slow, almost. She was patient, but even her own patience had its limits. She should be attempting a second summons soon. A permanent connection again, like she had with Siobahn. The chirping of a bird outside her window caught her attention.

Glancing over to the covered window, Livia frowned lightly. Breakfast time already? Ugh, why did there have to be so few hours in the day? She could hardly get half of the reading she wanted too done. Well, no matter. She'd just have to make time later and spend less time on distractions. Sighing, she placed the teacup back onto the desk and closed the thick tome before standing and walking over to a bookshelf in the dimly lit room and replacing it.

"Eva, sister," She began, tracing a hand down the other tomes on the shelf. Seemingly not finding what she was looking for, Livia turned to face her sister across the dimly lit room. Her summons, Siobahn, and Eva were currently engrossed in a game of cards. Several were splayed out before them. It was part of responsibilities she had given her summons - Eva desperately needed a playmate late at night when she was asleep. A ghost or undead was the perfect choice. "...or rather, perhaps I should say Siobahn, stop cheating."

"Na'Wa?!" The spectral entity gave a shout of surprise as she was caught off guard by Livia's sudden accusation. "Cu'laihm! Getal F'ashis!"

"Hmph," Livia chuckled lightly. "Oh really? Care to explain why you keep drawing more than one card when you draw?"

"...Meui sciant meb." Siobahn shifted her gaze to the side as Livia turned her attention to Eva.

"...and could you not just phase half your body through the floor? The people in the dorm below us probably don't care to be spooked by you this early."

"Cu'laihm fehno..." the specter seemed to pout lightly as Livia walked over to Eva, ruffling her sisters hair.

"How are you this morning, Sister?" Siobahn floated up from the floor, letting a few of the cards it was holding fall to the ground. "Siobahn giving you more trouble?"

~Chieko Okawa~

Suttlings Basin -> Main Road
Death count: 1
Reset Count: 4
@Crusader Lord

Chieko made her way swiftly through the basin, not letting anything distract her. Not like she had to worry about bandits bothering her. All she had to worry about was finding the Seal and bringing it back to Fritzi before noon. Would it even be where they wanted it to be? She did say she just needed her to confirm its maybe she could just mess around and then return, saying it wasn't there? But she was certain on some level, Fritzi would be watching.

Urgh, she didn't know what to do...

"...Aerith?" Chieko's eyes fell on the other girl who she was almost certain had died. She had just made it to the edge of the Basin, near the Main road separating it from the Golden Quarter. Chieko stopped in her tracks. Had she been seen yet? Should she say hi? Before she could even consider it, Chieko found herself running towards the other girl. "Aerith!"

She stopped in front of the other girl.

"You're...alive...!" Chieko smiled under her scarf, relieved that at least one of the people she trusted somewhat was alive.

Mie Yukima

@Tenma Tendo
Golden Quarter
Deaths: N/A

"Ufu," Mie gave the bird a wolfish grin. "Well, I travel a lot you see. I buy and sell a number of things, and I do have a supplier in the Capitol who gives me things to sell for them in return for a cut of the profits." Mie stretched the tape measure in her hands as she walked behind Eiko. "These particular ones I picked up in my last visit to Kararagi a month or so ago." Really, they weren't expensive in the slightest. While they were from Kararagi, they were not particularly well made. "And don't worry your pretty little head. I shall, ahem, attempt to do my best. I would loathe to mess up a perfectly good money making article."

Taking the tape measure, Mie quickly began getting to work. It was easy enough. A few quick dexterous hand movements. A few mental notes there...but what Eiko may not have felt was Mie's quick hands going to places they probably shouldn't. Her pockets, feeling just how much money the girl would have on her. Mie didn't think she had much, but she needed to know what to ask for if she wanted to see how much she could squeeze out of this girl.

"Hm...your wings are so pretty." Mie continued, removing the measurement instrument. "How to make them fit the clothing without compromising Can't just cut a hole in it." Taking the dress in question, Mie laid it out on a nearby table and began studying it. Taking the sewing materials, Mie began getting to work.

"So, my little birdie." Mie made light conversation as she began tightening the dress up in places. "Would you care to purchase it after I fit it? I'll give you a deal on it, since you helped with some practice and it'll already fit anyways."


Urgh, she needed to end this fast. If she could just tire him out - she could win. She could claim a victory here for her, that was wrong. She could claim a victory for herself. For the Goddess Aylama. She wasn't concerned with politics or the affairs of her family. Not now. All she just wanted was proof - vindication that she was the heir to her family's name. Proof that she wasn't weak compared to others. Proof that her faith and skills weren't mere fakes.

"Hah." Seleth laughed, despite her weariness. She wiped the dirt off her face, smirking assuredly at Varjan. That taught might have worked, in other circumstances. She was known by her desire to rather stand out. Make a big display of her victories. But realistically, if she wasted any mana on flashiness then she'd lose.

But she did have one idea. One final, last, idea.

"What I've got, Varjan?" The Dark elf knew how to antagonize. "Maybe you should get serious first? Or are you that weak and pathetic? You're attacks have barely had any affect. You don't deserve the title of 'prodigy'." As she spoke, she began weaving a few spells of her own.

"But fine. I'll give you a little lesson in force. Merciful Aylama." In front of her, she prepared an amplification field. A little mimicry. It would take what little mana she had left, but she needed something big to distract Varjan with. She just needed one last spell after this. "Comforter of the spurned, lady of shadows, and goddess of the home and rest." Seleth clapped her hands together, holding them tightly as a shimmering field appeared in front of her, the amplification field being laid. "As your humble servant, I ask thee, guide my blade and body to victory so I may bring peace to those who need it!"

Extending her arms to either side, Seleth formed a spear, before launching it through the Amplification field. She was banking on both her taunt and the seeming power of this spell to taunt Varjan into attacking - for she had laid one final peace behind her. A mirror, aimed right to Varjan.

This was assuming he struck her with a ranged attack - a hefty gamble. As soon as he did attack, she'd use the last mana she had as a Dark Step to flee.

Now that she wasn't being the target of attacks, she could feel the curses slowly wearing off. She could feel strength returning to her limbs, and she could hear much better. Avoiding one of the dragons attacks, Rina deftly dodged to the side, back flipping and launching a few swords towards the Dragon head in the attempt. Hmph, this wasn't quite enough, was it? She needed something else. Think, Rina, Think!

Inhaling, the magical girl stopped running, Pivoting on the spot to face the beast after getting some distance between her and it - was no longer following her? Rina paused, taking a quick look around in case she was about to get ambushed, but it seemed as though it had run off in fact - Swiveling her head. Rina turned towards the source of a commotion. In fighting...? Perhaps this could be used to her advantage. She turned once more, avoiding another attack from the dragon head before dashing towards Regina and the others. Should she? Should she even try? Should she take the risk? The chances anything would go right were slim. Dealing with monster girls and dark magical girls were never going to go right, but - perhaps.


Well, the two she met recently seemed friendly enough. No outward hostility at all.

Perhaps, she could be optimistic for once.

"Alicia!" Now back in the fight, she turned her attention to Regina. "Focus on the big guy. I'll handle the other one!" She had lost track of them during her fight with the dragon head, but she didn't trust anyone else at the moment. She'd like to trust beacon, but she still couldn't fully bring herself to say she could ever fully submit to conforming to someone else's idea of justice. Refinding the owner of the dragon head however, was easy enough.

"...Hmph. You!" Rina pointed one of her swords at Regina. It was a hostile, defensive stance, and she was ready to dodge and counterattack at a moments notice. "...I don't know what is going on with you and your partner, And I recognize a call for help when I hear I'll give you one chance to aid us. Accept, and I shall stay my blade from your neck, for now. Decline and Justice will show you no mercy." Her tone was unwavering, firm as the steel her swords were made of. There would be no negotiating. Either she would accept the terms, or she wouldn't.

Was this a mistake? Probably. But justice without attempting some mercy, was not justice. Regardless, if Regina didn't respond within ten seconds, then she'd have made her decision and Mercy would no longer be given for this monster.


"Ahahaha!" Chloe couldn't help but to laugh. All the remaining spirits congregating near her. Her orb danced around her, like a lantern calling the lost, remaining souls she could find in this now cursed place. Still, she couldn't take too much time here. She could feel it. A heart wrenching, unpleasant feeling. Penny was in danger. Of course she would be caught up in this - so she'd need to finish it swiftly. Ah, this was going to be something rather inelegant, but it would do.

"How rude." Chloe smirked, tilting her head slightly to the side. "It's not's merely me being honest with myself. But I know love when I see it. Yours is quite wonderful." Crystalline wings formed behind her, lifting the dark magical girl slowly above the air, her crystal ball shining brightly in the darkness. "So don't worry. I'll crush this impure one and maybe take you on a date later, heh!" This was going to be quite a quick, dirty, and inelegant thing...but she'd use whatever she needed too.

"You want to speak of love, wretch?" Raising a hand, the congregating spirits began coalescing into an amorphous, ethereal mass. The orb spun, fast, faster, and even faster as a screeching noise permeated the area. "You're love is nothing more than a fabricated sham, isn't it! Your nothing more than an impurity that needs to be cleansed." Chloe laughed, a psychotic grin forming on her face as the amalgamation in front of her began taking some sort of form.

"Let me crush that impurity of yours!"

The amalgamation twisted, a horrific, ear splitting screech shook the entire area as something fell out of the mass, slamming its entire rotten, putrid body into the ground. The beast coughed and sputtered, attempting to get its new set of eight legs under control, a hoarse, pained whinny came from its equine maw, half rotted, strips of flesh falling from its mouth. Its goat like back legs were the first under it, its feline front paws the second. Four arachnid legs jutted from its sides, helping stabilize and orient the beast's massive canine body.

"Hmm...if I had to equate this beasty to anything - it'd be your so called love~!" Chloe giggled, dropping herself on top of the beast. Whew, she was exhausted but if there was one thing she was good at, it was appearances. Now atop her mount, Chloe donned her second armament - her gloves. Without another word, the chimeric beast gave a shriek, a roar, carrying its rider atop it as it bolted towards Divina's White Monolith with unnatural agility that a creature of its size shouldn't have, deftly avoiding the lasers from the Monoliths, and those that did manage to hit didn't seem to slow it down at all. Once at the Monolith, slammed its entire body weight into the monolith and undeterred, it leaped backwards before shrieking up at Divina.
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