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Why are migraines a thing? What function do they serve other than to piss people off?
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Hello! Welcome to my little bio. Don't mind the sand.

Not much to say, really. Just a directionless human with no idea of their place in life. Role playing preferences are any variation of fantasy usually. Not so much into super hardcore realism or super dark stuff, and prefer story over silly mechanics or hardcore rules in games.

Well, that's about it I guess! Nothing else here but us Medjed.

Nitocris best girl. That is all.

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What...was going on here? Seleth had desperately wanted a moment to collect her thoughts. Engage in prayer. Meditate a bit and maybe get something to eat. She was more than happy to share it with Nur as well...but what she wasn't happy about, was two apparent troublemakers standing right in her home. Curiously, they were not here to bother her, but rather Nur. Were they here to cause trouble for the poor girl some more? Either way, Seleth wouldn't have it. Not in her Cathedral.

"...I don't know what you two apparent troublemakers are here for," Seleth interjected with a sigh. "But if you don't recognize me then you have nothing but a single rock between your collective skulls." She stood up straight, giving both of the boys a cool look. "Seleth Thenri. recent victor against the princess in the tournament." Varjan's name was dropped, too. What did he have to do with this.

"I do not mind guests here in this holy place, but I will not tolerate troublemakers." Seleth narrowed her eyes at them. "...and Nur is currently under my watch. If you are here to cause trouble for her, then I will only ask you nicely once to leave." She was still concerned about Varjan and the others, but this situation was more immediate and she'd be a poor host if she left Nur to these two.
Assuming no one else gets a post out by tomorrow, I'll get one up tomorrow.

Falista, 33rd

@Mag Lev

"You also get angry over nothing it seems." Aelsu grunted when the Necromancer was done. Well, whatever. Wasn't her problem. If they wanted to do fancy magic that was their purview. As far as she cared, they were making a fuss over nothing. But then, magic and spirits was something she had never interacted with before. Perhaps she should listen more to him? Too late now. He and Einarr had already walked off. Such was fine. Wasn't like she had ever worked on a team seriously before.

Probably better that way anyways.

Maybe she should find Kuri? The girl was well trained after all, she had done the training herself. She would probably be better off by her side instead of potentially getting up to no good, but if it was a demon or something else...Kuri didn't belong in a fight. That much was certain.

Grunted, Aelsu began walking towards the forest. Whatever was waiting there, if she found it she wasn't about to let it get the best of her.

~Forest outside the Cavern~

Ash frowned lightly. She could feel the muscles in her tail being used in ways that cold likely lead to it, so all she'd need to do is keep at it. Muscle training was easy. She'd need to do more of that later, come to think of it, but for now she'd focus on her tail. Picking up the stick once more with the aid of using magic to wrap her tail around it and work it, Ash turned her attention back to her other experiment. Did she make progress? For a second it seemed like there were little sparks of color, but she couldn't be sure.

Hmm. Perhaps she needed to see an actual magical object of some sort.

Vomiting up the Mana crystal she had been keeping, Ash observed it for a few seconds, once again trying to channel the magic towards her eyes. She would continue this for a few minutes, along with the tail exercises until she was snapped out of it by the sound of that horn again. Blinking in a mild daze as though someone might do once their concentration was broken, Ash scooped up the Mana Crystal again, before quietly moving towards the mouth of the cave.

Goblins. Again.

A low annoyed hiss. Seemed they wanted Digbie for something, and they seemed quite desperate as well. For now she'd watch. If things got ugly she'd have the element of surprise.

Falista, 33rd

@ZAVAZggg@Dealdric@Mag Lev

Trouble makers, that's what they were. Aelsu would have sighed audibly if she wasn't more interested in not causing trouble herself for the moment. Perhaps it was because she didn't understand the value in such pranks, but she had to say the mage was being incredibly childish. She was about to chime in herself when one of the injured men came stumbling out of the tents, using Einarr's shoulder to steady himself as he spoke in a strained voice. He went on to regale them of a tale of terror. Something that didn't quite match what she had overheard earlier.

Of course, the mage went on to speak to much again.

Traveling with him was going to put a strain on her nerves.

"You still speak too much," Aelsu grunted towards Lunearo. Honestly, she was rather amused by the fact Einarr would ask a former slave who had maybe been out of the Pits for just a few weeks if she had ever encountered anything in her 'travels'. She hadn't even seen an actual tree before the Order picked her up, and since then she had just been training and enjoying the small freedoms she had. "Demon, beast, whatever it is I don't know." But she would respond as well as she was able too. She wasn't sure what Lunearo was speaking of so much, but she was clever enough to put together what it wasn't if she could trust the mage's words. "If we can trust the mage's words, it isn't a demon. If it would scare off the wargs, then it isn't one. If it was smart enough to want them alive, then it would have killed the wargs and dragged them away."

Folding her arms, Aelsu turned her head in the direction of the forest.

"It matters little. I fought plenty of things in the Pits. Beasts. Men. As long as my spear can reach it, I can kill it. I've never seen a demon, but I doubt they are more terrifying than some of the beasts I've fought." Grunting, she began walking. "Sitting around talking about it will help no one."
Welp, small post from me. Not much else for Vi to do at the moment aside from keep watch and stay glued to Trevors head.

"Ugh, man, I'm gonna need an hour just to fix my hair after all this wind..." Vi complained. So far, very little was happening. Even so she was still wary. Whatever that light was she saw was unlikely very friendly, and if she was a ghosty ghost then there was a reasonable expectation that others could be around as well...and from what little she remembered from the games, she was quite certain some pokemon loved this kind of weather.

For the most part, Vi kept a lookout. There was little else she could do as she clung onto Trevor's head in an attempt not to get swept away by the wind. She'd suggest going back, but the others seemed intent on at least trying to get something and she had no reason to try and dissuade them for the moment. More trouble than it was worth.

~Chieko Okawa~

Hero's District, Priestella
Death count: 1
Reset Count: 4

Part of her wondered if she had just royally fucked up, but what was said was said and she had dug her proverbial grave now. She could feel a mild sweat forming on her forehead as she realized she hadn't really planned this very well. What could she do? Well, she couldn't certainly stay quiet after that at least. That confidence Quill mentioned was quickly faltering.

"...uhm," Chieko resisted the urge to pull her scarf over her mouth as she decided on her course of action. A brief moment of hesitation. "Obviously, my clairvoyance is the real deal. You'd be a fool to think otherwise." To go or not to go? Should she? She didn't know what at all would happen if she went back there. She could try to bait quill into attacking. That would at least be a path traveled before, but after coming so far she was determined to win.

"So I'll go with you." Chieko cast a glance towards Aki and Aerith. She honestly needed to avoid fighting if she could. "...but instead of fighting like worthless animals we could instead, talk, otherwise you'll end up disappointed."

Damn, she should have worded that as though talking was already a certainty instead of assuming she was going to be hostile.

Falista, 33rd


"Be careful, Kuri." Aelsu commented quietly as the thief ran off. Wasn't any business of hers. She could respect the desire to survive - it's all she had ever learned to do in the pits. Aelsu chose to for now, stick close to Einarr. She didn't know the man very well, but from the looks of things he knew what he was doing more than she would. The Orisiri followed the human to the medical tent, but elected to stay outside for now and watch the other merchants.

Eavesdropping? Perhaps it was rude but she didn't feel the need to interject in a place that would likely only result in racist remarks from the people, so she contented herself to standing idly outside in case she was needed. From the most part, it sounded like he was uncooperative. Understandable, given who they were and what the people here thought of them. She'd probably do something similar in his shoes, but at least it seemed Einarr got something useful out of him.

"...friendly." Aelsu grunted, folding her arms against her chest as the human walked out of the tent. "But understandable. No one wants criminals in their lands. Do we head to the forest?" She saw no reason to sit around. Maybe they could buy a handful of supplies, but the supposed location wasn't too far.
~Claire Blackwood~


Archie opted for the simple solution. Bellawesome sped across the field, intending on cutting down all the copies as she swung her leaf blade like some hula girl with an attitude. She'd have to match this fight with her own beauty and grace. She only had a small window to deal with Bellawesome before things got bad for Ralia. Once she got into close range, it wasn't going to go well for her.

"Alright..." They had entered the home stretch. The battle was likely going to be over in only a few more moments, either with her win or her loss, and she wasn't going to let the latter part happen. It was a simple plan, but one that would hopefully give her the most amount of success. She just needed to hope Ralia could pull it off. "Hit 'em with a Confusion!"

"Rrral!~" Several of the clones that hadn't been hit yet made every attempt to avoid Bellawesome, mostly in their usual comical and over the top fashions. Ralia herself had taken refuge among a small group that were constantly moving about, making sure to keep up the facade herself, not in the center or back, that would be too obvious. Just a bit to the left. Concentrating her psychic energy, she blasted an attack right towards Bellawesome.

Sensing Claire's intent however, as soon as Bellawesome got close enough she'd teleport away to the far side of the field.
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