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Current I just can't. This is too much. Berserk was so influential on so many things that I love. Goodbye, Miura. You'll be missed by many.
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Migraines ew
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Welp apparently discord servers are having some pretty bad Latency issues.
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Well I just got my mitts on the Links Awakening remake. Excus eme while I disappear for a weak while I relive my childhood
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Migraine killed me today. Posts tomorrow.


Hello! Welcome to my little bio.

Not much to say, really. Just a horror game protag that likes writing and playing vidya games when I'm not being chased by the cosmic forces of darkness. (I'm a security guard that works night shifts usually).

Have some dancing medjed.

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Forest Shrine

"Aahaha, wow," A small twitch of one of her eyebrows as a one of the corners of her mouth turned up in an annoyed grin. "Aren't you a rude little green thing? After I went outta my way to make sure you're okay." Colleen reached down, grabbing the Goblin just under her arms and proceeded to lift Rita up, much like one would a teddy bear. "Listen here, my hair is not made of snakes, my beautiful red locks are amazing, kay? You better-eh?"

The corner of her vision, something wiggled.

Collen looked in that direction.


"Weh!?" Something moved again in her left this time.

It was...a little black, red and gold little snake dopily staring back at her. Her eyes followed it up to where it was laying. Logically, it would have to be her head.

A cold sweat.

"Gyeh!" Colleen shrieked. This caused a minor chain reaction of her losing the grip on Rita, causing her to be dropped right on top of Anya. "My haaaair! My beautiful red hair! Mirror, I need a mirror...Nngh, of course there's not a mirror anywhere! We're in the middle of a damn ruin!" Entirely losing focus on the other two small people near her, Colleen reached up and started rubbing her head. "Of all the things...why snakes?! Weird...wiggly...noodley...creatures...mnngh...how do I even work with these? Can I move them? I can't style them...oh god they move on their own..."

The eight of the nine snakes, turned their attentions to the two others and wiggled their bodies, seemingly happy to greet the other two while Colleen herself was busy having her own minor existential crises now. The last was patting Colleen's forehead with its body in a seeming sympathetic manner while Collen was having an existential crises over her hair, since that was the most objectionable thing that has happened since the plain crash.
Forest Shrine

Colleen, had been enjoying a relatively nice view next to the window, just minding her business as the plane took off. She had asked for a little bit of alcohol to calm her nerves. Flying always made her a little uneasy - she could never shake the mild concern that came with her feet being on anything other than good old Terra Firma. The expansive view of the clouds beneath the plane, the clear open skies...humans sure did know how to create things that filled one with a sense of wonder, even if she was mildly uneasy on this whole metal coffin screeching through the skies at mach seven.

Well, maybe not that fast.

If nothing else, she could use this time to mentally practice a bit. Go over the forms in her head-


There was the sound of an explosion. The Plane shuddered.

For the first time in her life, Colleen felt a pang of fear.



Seemingly the first to awaken, was the tall woman with a mass of red and black snakes for hair.

"I'M ALIVE!" She'd go straight from laying down, to leaping off the raised pedestal onto the ground. "Yeeeah, ahahah, I knew I couldn't die in a place like that! I'm too pretty for God to let me die so unfairly!" She'd kick the air in excitement as her mind slowly started to catch up with her situation. This was pretty odd, wasn't it? Where were they? Did she somehow land somewhere over some rural forest somewhere? Hmm...Well, this wasn't good. She wasn't a survivalist. Ugh, her clothes were going to get even more ruined - wait.

"Eh? The heck is this antique stuff...I wasn't wearing..." Colleen quickly spun in a circle, taking note of the rather anachronistic tunic she was wearing. Did someone dress her up in some weird fantasy clothes? If so, why the hell was her underwear gone of all things! Hers had been super expensive! Fancy stuff! This tunic barely hid anything! Had some perv mugged her?! Well, it was probably a good thing? While she had no doubt she looked good in anything, wearing torched and dirtied clothing from a plane going down was not a look she was keen on too much.

Temporary adrenaline and excitement soon gave way to a bit of concern and worry for her own well being.

"Well...I guess its kind of cute? In an old fashioned...what's the word, cosplay? kind of way..." Taking a look around the place she had found herself in though, it seemed like...some sort of old shrine? One of her Sensei's once took her on a tour of some really old shrines in Japan as a reward for winning a competition. It seemed similar...so had they ended up somewhere in Japan or maybe nearby somewhere? Her eyes would eventually fall on two...people...?

"...either I've grown a few feet or I ended up in dwarf land..." She'd walk over to the two people on the pedestal. They couldn't have been more than four feet tall! If that! She could carry each of them in her arms...they were actually kinda cute, really. "Hey, you two alright there? Uh...little gnomes? Yeah, that's what you guys are, right? Dwarfs? You guys awake?"

Assuming they hadn't already been woken up by her shouting earlier.

Alright here she be. Wrote everything on mobile so lemme know if I made a mistake anywheres.

Instead of mage snake
likely monk snake

will continue to workshop ideas.
Heeeey Z, fancy meeting you here

Playing Snake lady. Leaning towards mage.
hellos it is me
Route 5

So give chase he would, and Richard would notice something fairly quickly.

This little guy was fast. He’d have to sprint to keep up with the pokemon as it bolted through the grass. It pivoted, skidding across the ground and turning sharp right as it continued its flight. Too fast, perhaps, as it would proceed to trip over its own feet and roll until it was eventually on its back, losing all momentum and looking up at Richard.


Just as quickly, it rolled back over onto its feet, pawing at the ground.

Seeing that Richard had managed to chase it, it seemed as though it was perfectly fine standing its ground now.

Ancient Grove

“W-wai-” As Isla shrugged Yasu off, the other girl merely mumbled a quiet plea as Isla walked away. Yasu, once again, found her knees failing her as she’d fall to the ground. Didn’t seem like whatever was going on with her, she was going to be of any help at all here. Just watch as Dancing and Swiper engaged the Heracross, a furious pokemon charging towards them, horn poised to strike the Eevee.

“Herrrrra?!” Dancing was saved from the Aerial ace by mere inches as the pokeball plinked off of Heracross’ head. The pokemon’s body was enveloped in a white light, the pokeball plopping onto the ground in a little divot Dancing had dug out with Swipers help.


This, would at least, buy the two of them a bit of time. A few seconds as dirt was piled on top of the pokeball.


A neat little pile of dirt was piled on top of the shaking pokeball.


Instead of just normally releasing the pokemon from the ball in usual fashion, there was a small burst of air as the pile of dirt was violently tossed into the air creating a small smokescreen. The Heracross stood just a little to the side of the pokemon, seeming a tad bit confused, and judging from the glare it was giving Isla - it was even more angry.

“Crsss-” This was only exacerbated by a ballistic pidgey dive bombed the other pokemon, slamming right into the back of the Heracross’ head, sending it crashing forward with a pained cry, even then, however, it was not slowing down as its horn glowed gold this time, pushing itself back up with its arms and beelining towards Dancing again, releasing a Fury Attack on the pokemon.

Hatty jumped up and down, waving its little arms as little droplets of dew scattered themselves about as it used Life Dew! Pidgey would find the damage it had done to itself completely healed.

Route 5

“Lovely. Well, I’ll not be too far from here. I’d rather not get in the way of those angry tauros…” Laurel nodded, glancing a bit at the excavations going on nearby. She seemed mildly interested, but would quickly move further off the road into the plains proper, Verdue nipping at her heels as she’d follow after.

As for Richard, walking off the path and into the tall plains grass would soon find more pokemon easily. Or at least, something that looked like a pokemon. Large purple ears sticking out of the grass, quietly listening. A few seconds later a purple, spikey, rabbit like pokemon would bolt out of the grass, fleeing in the opposite direction of Richard. He’d have enough time to scan it and head after it, if he wanted too.

Whether he decided to pursue the Nidoran or not, it wouldn’t be long before he’d find another. A comparatively small pokemon, standing by itself.A Falinks…though it was strangely, alone, without the rest of its other five. It seemed to be locked into battle with two angry looking Poocheyna. Richard could of course, interfere, though he could also just let nature take its course, as it were. The Falinks was on the losing side of this battle it looked like, despite the type advantage. It had several old wounds on it.

Richard was of course, free to intervene or do nothing with this information as he wished.

Stellar Toy Factory

“Mag-!” The pebble slammed right into the Magnemite, earning a disapproving electrical buzz from the pokemon as Aster would be finding herself paralyzed. As Yuu was giving its orders for a quick attack, the Steel/Electric type was already buzzing and readying another attack, electricity sparking between its magnets.

“-Mite!?” Only to give an equally surprised buzz as Riolu appeared behind it. Now, the attack itself didn’t do much damage, being a normal type move against a steel type. The toss, too, didn’t go quite as planned, what with Magnemite being able to float and all, it would have stopped short of the Snubbull if Snuggles hadn’t already elected to move on its own.

This would result in Snuggles jaws clamping on the Magnemite, the fiery fangs of the pokemon dealing severe damage to the Magnemite…but Magnemite wasn’t down yet! A blast of electricity burst from the Magnemite as an intense thundershock slammed into the Snubbull!

“Bzzzzt!” It was already powering up a second one as well, angrily flailing its little magnet arms as it continued to fry the fairy type with electricity with a continuous electrical blast.

“Shut down? The company went bankrupt, they lost the lease for the factory and the land went to the city. Nothing special. Anyways-” The Camphor Ai suddenly switched off of Richard’s pokedex as Chloe opened up hers.

“Ahem, anyways...not scanning that Rotom phone. Can’t actually, I won’t go into the technical mambo jumbo details. You’d just hurt your head. Anyways, yes, Aipom.

Stellar Toy Factory
@Crusader Lord

The gust summarily sailed past the Buneary, barely able to just dodge it, the gust blowing up dirt and debris from the old hallway she found herself in. Rightly annoyed, the Murkrow would flap its wings, circling outside the window and picking up speed as it’d position itself directly in front of the window. A fierce cry followed as the Murkrow sped through the window, beak aimed right for the Buneary.

Sir Lopsalot, taking his trainers instructions, had already readied a power up punch.

There was a resounding noise that echoed through the hallway as beak met bunny fist. The Murkrow let out a pained squawk as sir Lopsalot took the full force of the Murkrows attack, sending the two pokemon flying backwards. The Murkrow would find itself skidding across the floor, while Lopsalot could likely easily regain his balance but the trading of blows was going to leave Lopsalot fairly injured.


A noise from behind caused the Murkrow to shake itself off and take a look behind it. Clarissa had successfully, with some difficulty, caused the window to free itself from the ages it was left up and rusted, letting it slide down and shutting the Murkrow in there with them.

“Murrr…” The Murkrow seemed more amused then anything as it would flap its wings, hovering a few feet above the ground as black smoke started spilling from its beak, puffing out its chest - a Haze Attack was in coming!

Ancient Grove

The large bug pokemon barely even noticed Swiper or Dancing. Being both faster than the fox pokemon, the large blue beetle lowered its horn, running and picking up speed as it would aim its horn right at Dancing, a brutal Fury Attack.

Or at least, it would have been a dangerous attack.

The sand that had been knocked into Heracross’ eyes coupled with the Quick Attack to its legs, caused the large blue beetle to stumble, its large horn just a hairs breadth away from Dancing as it’d missed the first swipe, falling to the ground with a dull buzzing thud as its attack was interrupted.

While the pokemon took care of the Heracross, Isla herself moved to help Yasu up.

“I’m…fine, thanks for…asking…” This close to the other girl, if Isla herself wasn’t panicking too much she’d notice that Yasu herself was doing much the same. Absolutely freaking out and from her expression she was just barely holding it together. Her arm was trembling slightly and she was holding onto Isla’s arm with an absolutely vice-like grip.

Hatty was already scrambling to her own feet, giving a little nod of affirmation that she was alright, just as the Heracross was starting to get back to its feet as well.

“Heera….” Faster than either Dancing or Nickit could react, the large bug type lunged forward, its horn glowing a blue color as it used Aerial ace!

Route 2 - > Route 5

Laurel: Huh? Of course I am. Do you think I’d leave you? We did say we would travel together. It’d be quite unbecoming of me to simply leave you. Besides, I had a few other things to do as well in the area. I’m near the beach right now.

It didn’t take too terribly long to meet up with Laurel. She was waiting on the beach, not too terribly far from the cave. Munchlax was busy sleeping, a half eaten apple stuck in its mouth, laying on the sand. Someone had built a sandcastle on its belly. The pawprints left behind nearby as Verdue lept about in the sand likely made the culprit known.

“Richard.” She’d greet Richard with a faint smile. “Find something in the caves? I can’t imagine going in that place…ugh, I’d need so many baths…Ahem, anyways, if you’re ready shall we? Or do your pokemon need a bit of rest?” Laurel seemed to be just fine waiting until he was ready, so he was free to head back and heal up his pokemon.

When he was ready to go, Laurel would respond with a nod.

The trek down the main road of route 2 would slowly lead away from the coast as the treeline too, slowly started to diminish. The forest giving way to the sun and wind swept plains of the Western Eidda Plains region. Soon too, the road would split. One would go east, along route 4 towards Peltra. The other continued north across rolling hills and through the old ruins…which meant they had just taken their first steps onto route five.

-Route 5-

Rolling and hilly plains, the predominant foot hills of the Eiddan mountains to the north populated primarily by plains loving pokemon as well as those that hung around ruins and old places. Dark-type pokemon also tend to start being seen around here as well since its getting closer to Giervor, well known for their population of such pokemon.

A herd of wild Tauros could be seen running across the plains in the distance, a large cloud of dust behind them as they ran.

As Richard and Laurel would walk, they’d come across a small ruin that had been cordoned off. An emblem of the Giervor Historical society was plastered on a tent and the uniforms of the few people present made it easily identifiable who had done so.

“Alright.” Laurel turned to Richard. “I’m going to find some pokemon and train a bit more, Richard. Word of advice - the Leader in Giervor is a dark-type gym leader. You may want to try and find a pokemon that could help.” Laurel would say. “Also, I don’t want to sound pushy, but,” She’d glance to the side. “Don’t slack on your training. You already beat me once, It’d be shameful if you didn’t stay in top form.”

Stellar Toy Factory

”Response: It was said with a slightly more robotic tone than normal before it devolved into a mildly annoyed huff. ”Really? Really?! You’re going to treat me like some cheap generative AI? I’d be insulted if I actually cared what you think.” Rather loudly and suddenly, it would continue as the Professor relaxed on a chair, leaning back in it slightly as she sipped on a cup of virtual coffee in a mug that said ‘Emotionally Exhausted’. “You want some information about that old toy factory?” The pokedex camphor continued, the Snubbull dematerializing into a pokeball. “If I knew what was everywhere you’d be out of a job ya know? But let's start with the first. It's not strange that the place still has power. Probably cheaper to let it run instead of removing it. Your second query…Best I can say is to expect the usual urban pokemon. Like Rattata and similar. Maybe some trubbish or other trash loving pokemon. Some electric types might also make their home there. Of course, old places like that also might attract some ghost types. Not uncommon in Byjerlfal, especially at night.” A loud sip of the coffee. “Query: Your single brain cell need anything else?” It was asked in a slightly mocking tone.

…AI camphor seemed awfully chatty, a bit more upbeat then the real deal. Still a bit of a jerk, though.

It would be just about now that Aster would shuffle over towards the machine. It was hard to tell exactly what it was for, but it was connected to several old conveyor belts. As aster approached, she’d take notice of a few sparking arcs of electricity leaping from it…and towards…

The Magnemite seemed to take offense to Asters approach, its single eye angrily turning towards the Aipom and blasting a discharge of electricity towards it - a Thunder Wave!

Stellar Toy Factory
@Crusader Lord

Clarissa approached the Murkrow, stealthily, silently. Walking up behind it and scanning it with the pokedex.

“Krrrow?” The Murkrow, having been busy preening and cleaning its feathers seemingly, would turn just in time to see the Buneary leap into the air, and plant its little fist right into the side of its face. “Kroooow!” The dark type pokemon tumbled back, barely able to flap its wings before it was summarily launched outside of the window, tumbling away from the building before managing to steady and level itself.

“Muuuurrrr…” It hovered near the window, glaring at Sir Lopsalot. With a flap of its wings, it would loose a powerful gust towards the Buneary.

Temple - > Ancient Grove

“Oh no, I’m always free.” Yasu grumbled. Hatty, by now, had managed to poke Yasu enough for the young woman to pick her up and carry her in her arms. “Alright, we better get going. The sooner we get this over with, the better.” She’d grumble. “And you two, keep up. I don’t want you straying from the path. Pokemon can get a little aggressive out that way.”

Following Yasu out of the temple, she’d lead them back out into the streets. A short trek later, they’d find themselves back on route 1. Yasu for the most part, kept quiet, not wanting to speak much. Hatty contented herself with simply sitting in Yasu’s arms, though every now and then Camilla and Isla would both catch the pokemon peeking over Yasu’s shoulder and just…staring.


“I believe it was…right…here? Ah, yeah, here it is.” A fairy ways off the road, hidden behind a small cluster of trees was the tree Yasu had mentioned. “Its hard to see from the road, if you don’t know what you’re looking for. My family wanted to keep people away from it as much as possible, but…” Yasu shook her head. “...lets keep going.”

Heading off the beaten path, the group would find a small dirt trail along with more talismans hanging from the trees. The further they went, the more a feeling of something not quite right began to creep up as a cool mist began to cover the ground. Or rather, a feeling of the ancient nature of this place pressing down on the trio.

An oppressive nature that was soon broken by a loud cry.




It happened quickly, from above one of the tall trees a large, insectoid blue pokemon fell to the ground.

A Heracross! Yasu had been knocked to the ground, Hatty rolling across the grassy floor as Yasu dropped her. The blue beetle pokemon wasted no time in turning to face the trio, glaring at the intruders as it readied its horn.

It did not seem like it was here to make friends.
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