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Current Well now I'm just depressed. RIP Stan Lee, you amazing human being.
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Why are migraines a thing? What function do they serve other than to piss people off?
1 yr ago year old cat died this morning. Excuse me if I take awhile to get to replies the next few days...


Hello! Welcome to my little bio. Don't mind the sand.

Not much to say, really. Just a directionless college student unsure where they're going in life, but ya probs don't care about that, heh. Role playing preferences are any variation of fantasy usually. Not so much into super hardcore realism or super dark stuff, and prefer story over silly mechanics or hardcore rules in games.

Well, that's about it I guess! Nothing else here but us Medjed.

Nitocris best girl. That is all.

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~Claire Blackwood~


Oh, that thing was pretty quick.

Bellawesome expertly dodged the gust, quickly closing the distance between the two of them. Heh. That was fine. Lure didn't have just ranged attacks, after all. And as soon as she got close, that is when they'd strike!

"Another gust, Lure! And put some distance between ya!"

Idly complying, Lure shot another gust of wind towards Bellawesome. The Combee would continue to fire Gust attacks at Bellawesome, whilst putting a few more feet of distance between herself and the grass type at the same time. With its speed, it'd surely eventually catch up, but this didn't mean it'd get away entirely unscathed. The moment Bellawesome got within striking distance however, Claire would give Lure her next command.

"Alright girl, show that flower how bug types deal with plants! Bug bite!" Briefly, Lure gave Claire a look that clearly said 'REALLY?', but quickly remembered the previous talk about contests. Combe turned to face Bellawesome, three mouths ready to bite.

~Chieko Okawa~

Hero's District, Priestella
Death count: 1
Reset Count: 2

Chieko mostly kept to herself, still feeling bad about not going with Aerith and Hiro. But what could she do? She was certain that as a hero, she was completely invincible...but, that didn't mean she wasn't afraid. Afraid of death, specifically. It hurt, last time. A lot. Dying hurt. She didn't want to again, if she could help it and this seemed like the safest route. Still...maybe Hiro would give her more head pats if she went with them. She did quite like those. Still...she left, following behind Aer in the same manner as she had before.

"...Aki. Hiro's just a friend." Pulling her out of her thoughts, was the adorable Aki. Seeing her immediately improved her own mood. With a satisfied smile she shook her head. Just like last time, huh. "Sorry. I have to go with Miss Aer right now." Chieko replied holding onto Aki's other hand. "Uhm, but maybe you could show me around later? Or do you want to come with?"
Yea, sorry about that.

I've been really tired for some reason this past week and It's been a hamper on my writing ability, but I managed to get something small up.


Well, she hadn't expected this to be easy but to have both her offense so soundly crushed? She hadn't been expecting that. A brief moment of doubt, but Seleth didn't linger on it. She couldn't let herself be defeated so easily. Lisia was quick, and she likely couldn't match her speed so she'd need to use her own speed and attacks against her.

As the dust began clearing, Seleth used the cover to make a single more clone, causing it to quickly send its way towards Lisia and close the distance in an attempt to distract her, followed up by launching several Javelin's in her opponents direction.

~The Otherworldly Cavern~

Ash had made her way out of the cave, taking a position near enough to hear Crispy and Orchid's little talk. Tired. So tired. She just wanted to flop down on the ground and sleep, but it seemed there was still no rest for the wicked, as they say. Dreams? Orchid was doing some fairly good lying, it seemed. Probably wouldn't be too difficult to deceive the goblin though, they seemed to be simple minded creatures. Soon enough though, the conversation ended and Orchid asked them to show themselves.

"Don't do anything stupid." Ash hissed quietly towards the others.

Show time. Couldn't let Crispy think her weak.

"Hello, Orchid." Coming out from her hiding spot, Ash approached with a slow, but confident seeming gait as she tried to conceal her weakened state from the goblins, lest they get any funny ideas. "...Crispy, was it? Considering I've yet to be blasted with a fireball I assume negotiations are going well?" She came to a halt a few feet away from Orchid, taking a confident looking sitting position as she curled her tail around her lower body as she kept her Charisma skill active.

"Quite the situation we find ourselves in, isn't it?" She mused. "Our home overrun by some pathetic monsters and we're forced out here. Hmph. Pathetic, but they'll get what's coming in time...if, we all work together." She cast a glance to Ardur as he revealed himself with a song. "No need to be so distant, Ardur, feel free to join us if you're not going to cause trouble."

@Lucius Cypher@Pyromania99

"Thank you, Sips. Today has been...difficult." Livia sighed, taking the drink. Free alcohol, the best kind. High quality too, from the looks of it. Ugh, she was tired, and she just wanted to chug the entire thing in an ungraceful manner, but that would be a bit unbecoming. As Katherine took a seat next to her, she took a sip of the alcohol. " that's good." She slacked her shoulders, leaning back in her seat. "A good feel? A good feel isn't going to save you from some demon child." Livia sighed. Why must her sister be so troublesome? "I'll do it first thing tomorrow morning before I head off to collect the soul." Would also be easier to explain the hash as well, instead of suddenly dropping this off tonight and then suddenly having it tomorrow morning. "Now why don't-"

She was interrupted by a young lad walking up to her. Livia's smile faltered for a moment as she turned to greet him, the corners of her mouth pursing in a light frown. For a brief instant she thought he might have been here to cause trouble, but no. Judging from his general demeanor he was just a young lad trying too hit out of his strike zone.

Ugh, she wasn't in the mood to flirt and was not particularly interested. Might as well be polite, though.

"...Hello there, petr. A pleasure." She replied coolly. "Livia-"

Once again, interrupted by her sister. Before she could react, Katherine had locked lips with her own, causing Livia to blush slightly from the suddenness of it. Of course, she should have expected her drunk sister would do something. In fact, she was mildly hopeful she would. More fun for her she was almost certain Katherine was about to drag her back to their room, but that hope was quickly dashed as she turned to leave, mentioning something about feeling somewhere she had to go.

It took about three seconds for Livia's mind to catch up.

"Uh, sorry about that Petr." She apologized, wiping her mouth with a sleeve. "My, uh friend, is a...weird drunk. Uh, look, I'll see you later. I'll be here for awhile." Well, that wasn't a no for Petr. She would have given him some dating advice herself but for the moment she had a bigger catch to make herself.

"And where exactly are you going," Livia hurried, catching up to her sister and giving her a hug from behind. "Leaving me hanging after such a passionate kiss? Didn't we agree we were done with that dirty place for tonight? Now why don't we head back to the room and retire for the evening?"

@Lord Zee
Been a bit busy and kind of tired.

I'll be getting a thing up in our collab either later tonight or tomorrow
Gonna be trying to post tomorrow.
Welp, small post from me. Not much else to say unfortunately.

Isil gets into the wagon and is her usual anti social self.

Getting accepted in the Arcanaeum had not gone quite as she had expected. She had expected getting into it, after all her knowledge of histories and religious history should be invaluable. What she wasn't expected, was the obvious amount of work she was going to need to do. Not that she was afraid of hard work...but money? Really? How greedy. Hmph. Not that she could entirely blame them. An institution needed money, but she wasn't exactly used to needing to work extremely hard at things she didn't particularly like. Hm, maybe she could get a job or something at the Apocrypha sorting or something. Books, she could handle...and it'd open some opportunities for research.

A thought for later. She was too busy mentally restraining a groan at the thought of their current task. Field work. How quaint. Necessary, she supposed, but she'd have preferred staying inside. She was not interested in roughing it, as it were. Someone like her shouldn't need to do such a thing in the first place. The thought of potentially stumbling across ancient magics or artifacts relating to the Archmage in one of his old hideaways however, was more than enough motivation.

Climbing into the back of the Wagon, Isil kept to herself unless she was spoken too. She had no desire to converse with the unenlightened masses. Instead, she took out a tome of history she had brought with her. A thing she had read numerous times before, ever since she came from the temple but it was something merely to pass the time.
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