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Well hello~

How'd you find your way in here? Expecting a long winded paragraph telling you about myself or something?


First of all, spiders are cool, mmkay? Arachnophobes can go burn in a pit of hell for their blasphemy. How can they hate these adorable little things?

Monsters. Its okay, I shall love them and their legs forever and ever.

Aside from that...not too big on these Bios. If you do have any more questions about moi, just ask! I promise I won't lie or anything~ (Well, maybe, I might. I do that sometimes for giggles.)

Just remember, I tend to be a bit of a sarcastic jerk sometimes and never take anything I say 100% seriously. If you do that, then we'll get along juuuust fine. We'll be besties by the end of the day!

Now run along, nothing else to see here~

Also, definitely 100% sadist. Don't make me get my whip ;D
I may also be 100% lying about my gender! Am I?


Figure it out yourself~

~Roleplay Preferences~

I mostly do high-fantasy RPs, or modern fantasy with emphasis on real heavy supernatural or superhero stuff. I'm not a huge fan of so called 'realism' or 'dark realism' as some might say, because in my opinion, that's the exact opposite of realism. Anyways, I tend to stick to small or large group RP's, depending on what happens. I tend to not jump into things that have been going for awhile. One thing that's a blanket no, is dice or stat mechanics of any sort.

and...that's about it really. I enjoy lotsa delicious combat and anime-styled fights with bigass explosions and physic breaking stuff (Well, within reason.)

Occasionally will do a Slice of Life RP, if it is the rare setting I am interested in.

Fun Facts:
I share a last name with a famous pirate! Take a guess. Arr, matey!~

I eat sugar/sweets like there's no tomorrow. Seriously. If there are sweets in the house, they will be gone within the day, regardless.

GHOST Is best band. For the glory of Satan of course!

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Isana Seiger

Sofa shopping

Thankfully, the little incident hadn't happened too far from their apartment so it was an easy enough walk back. small problem...

"Hey!" A cameraman crew and a reporter were chasing after her, likely wanting to get a nice juicy interview with a former magical girl. Isana merely sighed, shoulders slumping in mild annoyance. "You're Justice Gaia, aren't you? Or would you prefer we call you by your solo name of 'Luminous Vale?" The excitable reporter asked. Isana had to refrain from audibly groaning. She'd like to just send these two flying, but that would cause more problems than they'd help.

"Hmm," Isana frowned, stopping and turning to look back at the reporters. "I'd prefer to get back to my Chinese food, and to convince my roommate to by the most expensive couch she can get her hands on." With that simple statement, she stomped her foot on the ground as the earth began to rumble. "Rampart Castle!"

Several, large spikes of earth erupted in the ground between her and the reporters, spreading a thick wall of stone across the entire street, causing some of the street to suddenly have itself closed off and the reporters to have to jump backwards lest they find themselves stuck on top of the rampart. Isana of course, continued on her way back to her apartment. The rampart would dissolve by itself in a few hours, and it was easy enough to return to the scene of the incident.

The building was empty as it ever was at this time, save for someone joining her on the elevator who was giving her a few odd looks. Easy enough to pass her attire off as Cosplay or something. Once back inside she finally transformed back to her regular appearance - meaning just a plain white t-shirt and her underwear. First things first, she picked up the remains of her Chinese food off the ground, a deep, mournful lamenting sigh leaving her lips.

Well, whatever. Her computer was fine so she went about redressing herself in her usual attire. Cheap, but good looking red suit with a black tie and dress pants. After collecting what she could salvage of the Chinese food into a single carton, she headed back down. For now, she just watched idly from the sidelines again. She'd drag Alice off to the furniture store once the crowd dispersed a bit. For now, she'd enjoy the rest of her Chinese food that she could as she watched the rest of the events unfold.


Aha, well, I've never wrestled myself but I do have Tae-kwon-do/Karate training.

I could be wrong, but I think wrestling is more about grapples and pins rather than brute force. Effectively winning attempting to prevent your opponent from moving. I think Claire, if she's nimble enough could probably win if she could get a good grapple going in her favor. That said, Pangoro's ridiculously strong, so yeah I think I agree with the short version with Claire gonna be losing.

I'll get a post up sometime in the next few days or so~

"Dirty work? Perish the thought." Livia smiled. "I give everyone who wishes to learn a fair chance." Since the Elf said she could deal with Otille first, then she would. Easily done, since she knew dealing with Sorcha would be fairly quick and easy. She gave Otille a friendly smile as she continued.

"I do so apologize for not telling you about the dragon and the fact it was likely her treasure," Livia chuckled. "But Sorcha is harmless, believe me. I've known her for at least...a decade now? She's grumpy most of the time but well meaning. She'd never hurt a fly. She might throw a few lightning bolts in its direction but never kill them." She smiled, taking a quiet sip of her tea. The comment probably didn't help put Otille at ease. "Speak with her again - Dragons at least respect those who do not cower before them. And if she doesn't see reason do inform me. I'll handle her myself...or just speak with Miss Lightsword. The dragon...well, lets just say the knight has tamed the beast." She chuckled.


"Whaaaa?!" Chione watched Kozue disappear, only to reappear nearby on a tree branch not far from them. "H-how..." She wheezed, stopping for a moment to catch her breath. Urgh, she wasn't used to being out done. In fact, in her past life she prided herself on being the best runner and acrobat around, but now she was reduced to a sweaty, hot, panting mess...



"OOf..." Oh sweet desert sands she couldn't do that, but she couldn't let this priestess win either. Ow, her pride and dignity. "Fine," Chione inhaled. If she had her staff this could be more easily done, but she'd at least make an attempt. "I shall meet your challenge!" Before Kozue could react, she'd find Chione backing up a bit for a running start before sprinting towards the tree, placing a foot upon its tree trunk and vaulting herself up it before kicking off of it and making a leap for the branch. For a brief second, it looked like she was going to make it.

But alas, such was not meant to be.

Chione gave a sharp yelp of surprise as she just barely undershot the distance of the jump, smacking into the branch with her midsection before promptly falling onto the ground on her back with a surprisingly heavy sounding thud.

"...Kooooozue," She whined as she attempted to catch her breath. " water...urgh."

Avaline & Sorcha

The spider leaned into the pettings. No one could see it, but it had closed its eyes and was making a best attempt at a tiny little chirping noise.

At the question though, Sorcha blinked before frowning as Avaline continued to stuff her face with enough food.

"I see no reason why Sol can't." Sorcha said with a sigh. "But Luna, the rooms already crowded enough. The bed can barely hold the three of us and...Avaline," She called the wyrm by her name, but it was clear she was having to force herself to do so. "Does not even have a bed." She looked over to Sol and the spider. A spider as well? That was troubling. A spider as a familiar. Certainly spiders were helpful in their own way. Took care of bugs and other insect pests without making too much of a nuisance themselves. "Perhaps we should wait until We've gotten ourselves a new place of stay." She looked over to Maoin. "I have already asked Maoin to speak with Livia about it."


"A-ah! H-have you seen a lost little girl? A tiny thing that can barely take care of herself?" Cocoa stuttered worriedly out. "She's my lover and can't do anything without me and she wasn't with me when we woke up this morning-ah wait! Don't run!" Cocoa called after the man with a whine. Ah, why were they all running from her? She just wanted to help! So she may have accidentally ran into someone, or knocked over a vendors stall...and almost...killed someone by kicking her hoof in his face.


Aetheria's words initially fell on deaf ears. Thankfully her magic seemed to have a mild effect on the worried, mildly hysterical cow. She was now fidgeting in place, worriedly looking all over the streets for any sign of Otille.

"Uhm uhm!" Cocoa stuttered out as Aetheria questioned her. "My lover-Otille she wasn't there when I woke up this morning and she didn't say anything to me." Cocoa made a worried frown. "Oooh what if something bad's happened to her? What if that mean dragon snatched her up in the middle of the night? Wha-what if she...found another cow!" That seemed to be the worst suggestion the cow came to the conclusion of.


"So, what are we doing today, Lyssa?" Ayumi was somehow standing upside down outside of one of the headmistress's Villa's rooms.

"The same thing we do every day, Ayumi." Lyssa was standing on the roof above her.

"Take over the world?"

"Whaaa, you silly. No. Eat candy and throw snowballs at people! And also save Fia from this impregnable fortress of devilish affairs!" Lyssa giggled. She jumped, doing a one eight off the roof and grabbing the edge of it with her hands, swinging into the window and shattering it upon impact.

"Hiiiiya!~" Lyssa landed in the room, rolling across the ground and coming to a kneeling halt inside of the room. Ayumi wasn't far behind, appearing in a poof of smoke. "Operation, begin!"

Well, this looks neat. I certainly wasn't expecting what was given with the title, but that just makes me more interested,

I have a few questions, but I shall refrain from asking.

I will formally withdraw interest.

Good luck with the RP.

Alright, cool then.

Sounds perfect for what I had in mind. Thankies muchly, I'll get a CS up hopefully in an hour or so~

Expanding on that then, would there be some magic or abilities that allows them to take a humanoid form of some sort? I imagine if they're skilled spell casters some more skilled ones could have some sort of control over their body via water magic of some sort, or just being able to control it.

If not, that's cool - just trying to figure out the limits of the do's and don't~

Just so we're on the same page before I go messing something up.

Oozelings are like your standard slime enemy in RPGs and such, correct? Like, little round slimy things.
Oozlings sound perfect for me.

I'll see about writing up a CS for one soonish~
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