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Well hello~

How'd you find your way in here? Expecting a long winded paragraph telling you about myself or something?


First of all, spiders are cool, mmkay? Arachnophobes can go burn in a pit of hell for their blasphemy. How can they hate these adorable little things?

Monsters. Its okay, I shall love them and their legs forever and ever.

Aside from that...not too big on these Bios. If you do have any more questions about moi, just ask! I promise I won't lie or anything~ (Well, maybe, I might. I do that sometimes for giggles.)

Just remember, I tend to be a bit of a sarcastic jerk sometimes and never take anything I say 100% seriously. If you do that, then we'll get along juuuust fine. We'll be besties by the end of the day!

Now run along, nothing else to see here~

Also, definitely 100% sadist. Don't make me get my whip ;D
I may also be 100% lying about my gender! Am I?


Figure it out yourself~

~Roleplay Preferences~

I mostly do high-fantasy RPs, or modern fantasy with emphasis on real heavy supernatural or superhero stuff. I'm not a huge fan of so called 'realism' or 'dark realism' as some might say, because in my opinion, that's the exact opposite of realism. Anyways, I tend to stick to small or large group RP's, depending on what happens. I tend to not jump into things that have been going for awhile. One thing that's a blanket no, is dice or stat mechanics of any sort.

and...that's about it really. I enjoy lotsa delicious combat and anime-styled fights with bigass explosions and physic breaking stuff (Well, within reason.)

Occasionally will do a Slice of Life RP, if it is the rare setting I am interested in.

Fun Facts:
I share a last name with a famous pirate! Take a guess. Arr, matey!~

I eat sugar/sweets like there's no tomorrow. Seriously. If there are sweets in the house, they will be gone within the day, regardless.

GHOST Is still best band. For the glory of Satan of course!

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North Courtyard

Alicia was energetic as ever. If only she was as confident as she put on, that'd make everything a bit better. With a humph and a sideways glance at Raveil, Seleth followed Alicia to the tents. A human at a desk explained quickly to register all they'd need to do was write their name on a piece of paper. That easy? That was all? She was half expecting some sort of test of ability just to get into the thing. Not that she couldn't pass such a thing, obviously, but this was a welcome occurrence.

"Well that was easy." She said handing over the paper with her name on it. Before she could leave though, she was asked a very odd question. What kind of terrain would they be fighting in? Seleth frowned, furrowing her eyebrows at the girl. What sort of question was that? Optimally, she could find in a more narrow space that had enough room for her to use her illusions effectively, but did it matter? "Does it matter?" She replied with a smug grin. "I can adapt to anything."


The party watched the stone float towards the center of the table, but ultimately do nothing. Valora frowned, staring at the stone as Prescott gave an underwhelmed breath of air. For a few seconds, Isabella herself simply looked on with impassivity. She had been watching it, but...really, could that be it? Could it be? Isabella reached out towards the crystal on the table, picking it up gently with a hand and running her fingers over it. So pretty and enthralling. She wanted to keep it.

"...recorder?" Isabella replied softly to her companions.

"Wait, really?" Valora narrowed her eyes at the rock and then glanced at the contraption. "A...recorder? Some sort of magic scribe is what you're saying this is?" The guardswoman frowned as Isabella nodded.

"Well that makes this easy." Prescott chimed in. "If these crystals can somehow record things then maybe there's one around here we can bring back to Lord Hasingwrath?" Isabella shook her head, glancing at the stone in her hand again.

"Princess Isabella is right." Valora rebutted. "If this contraption is what plays it, they likely don't have one in the keep." Sighing and shaking her head Valora continued. "Lets keep looking. I'd like to be out of here before evening falls." Valora began to walk away as Isabella put the small stone in her satchel next to the book, Prescott following the two of them out.
Mmkay, I'll be getting a post up later this evening, sorry for the delay~

Yep, basically Claire's strategy for now unless something significant changes.
Alright, small post. If it wasn't clear, Del's probably just gonna keep using poison sting.
~Claire Blackwood~


The acid splashed Del, the Beedrill merely shaking its head uncomfortably as the acid ate away at his carapace. It didn't do a whole lot of damage, but that acid burn probably was gonna hurt his special defense a bit. That was a good exchange, though! Del obviously did more damage to Lileep, but didn't poison it and he started to heal using Ingrain. Unfortunately Del didn't have any more attacks that'd be too effective. So for now, she'd keep to the same strategy.

"Wahaha! That's it, Del! Keep up the pressure!" Claire grinned enthusiastically as Del buzzed in acknowledgement, aiming his poisonous stinger at Lileep.
I'll try and get a post up sometime by tomorrow evening~


"...well that was underwhelming." Prescott chuckled.

"Well if you're so eager to have something exciting happen, how about you press the second button." Valora glared, motioning to the green button. Prescott held his hands up, shrugging as he walked over to the table. What had it done? Isabella hadn't a clue. It definitely didn't do what it was supposed too. All it did was show some magical image on the table of those stones from before. Some connection, maybe? She couldn't really say. Perhaps they'd know more when Prescott pushed the next button.

~The cavern~


As the first goblin fell, a jolt of excitement flowed through her body as her fangs ripped out the goblins throat. It was an odd sensation, really. In her old life she had never done something like this before. No, not the killing, that's silly. Rather, trying to control her own life. It was oddly exhilarating, hah! As it should be she supposed - she wouldn't be bossed around or meekly accept her fate any longer. Caught up briefly in her own thoughts, she only had a few seconds to react as the second goblin tried to kick her. She braced herself, making a move to try and dodge.

Only to have a poison spit from another nearby lizard strike the goblin square in the chest, causing him to miss completely and scramble to try and wipe the acid off his chest. Grinning had she been able, Ash went for his throat, tearing away at his flesh and rendering him dead in moments. He fell, Ash barely able to clear herself of his falling body.

Breathing heavily, Ash took a moment to observe her surroundings. Her body was aching and tired from the overwork, even though she hadn't taken a single hit. Urgh, a useful skill with such a high price. She'd need a rest after this, but she could eek out a little more, surely. She had to check on the two pixies and find that damnable lizard that ran - and that wisp that had let her prey get away seemed intent on interfering some more.

She bolted towards Danny and the lizard, trying to force out some extra speed as she rused towards the Pixies. He was attacking it! Urgh! She swore if this messed with her plans in any way, she was gonna eat the wisp. As soon as she reached the scene, she slid to a halt between the wild Lizard and Naji, puffing her body out to make herself seem larger and hissing loudly at the Lizard.

"You there, wisp." She was tired from the overwork, but she just needed a bit more. Glaring at the Lizard, she continued, flicking her head towards the wisp briefly. "If you can understand me, I'd like you to kindly step away from my new pet." She put herself low to the ground, ready to pounce on either of them should they try anything more. More than anything, she was trying to tell this lizard who was in charge here. She didn't know how wild animals worked easily, but surely her Charisma skill could work a bit on them too. She just had to somehow direct it to them understanding her. She could already communicate with them on a basic level, after all.

"Naji...the goblins are dead." She didn't take her eyes off the other lizard, but hopefully Naji would take the opportunity.

Small post from me, just got back from college and threw something up real quick~
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