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Agent Actinium

@Crimson Flame@LuckyBlackCat

"This is ridiculous! There's an endless stream of you damn weaklings." Alicia said frustrated. There wasn't any choice now, she'd have to use it...this was embarrassing. "Okay then, if you think numbers'll help I'll just have to show you how outmatched you really are!"

She watched the Litleo that had started all of this escape with a bit of mild annoyance. This whole situation could have been avoided if it hadn't shown up. She held up the marked pokeball to her face, a grim look overtaking her as she whispered to it. "Okay, just don't kill anybody...and preferably don't go berserk before I'm gone." She let out a small breath to calm herself. "Next time learn to mind your own business! Go, Whirlipede!" She shouted as she simultaneously motioned for her Torracat to get closer to her. The grunt with her looked at her with pure terror as he returned his Cramorant and started sprinting in the opposite direction. Good. She thought to herself as the Whirlipede left its pokeball. Less risk of a friendly I just gotta find a good window to escape as well.

The bug pokemon looked around coldly at everyone around it. Anybody around could tell that something was off about the thing, the soulless look even gave Alicia chills as her Torracat positioned itself to defend her if this thing got out of control. "Alright Whirlipede, show these trainers...make them regret nosing into the business of Te-I mean....damnit just take them the hell out!" Alicia said with wavering conviction. With these damn abominations it felt like she was signing a death warrant for these trainers, but they'd left her with no choice. It was their own fault really, who the hell did they think they were? Yeah, they signed their own death warrants...she had nothing to feel guilty about. As the purple pokemon began to spin up ominously while narrowing its eyes at the pokemon in front of it, Alicia ran off towards the woods where the other grunt had gone.

With any luck, Whirlipede would take out those trainers and prevent anybody from checking for the pokeballs she'd set up in the bushes. It was dark perhaps, but thinking about it now was pointless. No way it'd return to its pokeball now that it had been set free.

Team B


"Seriously? You had back up?" The grunt asked dumbfounded before he noticed the Maractus trying to attack him. This kid and his pokemon were psychos. "Fine, Drowsee protect me!" The grunt shouted in fear as he threw his pokeball between himself and the attack. The poor psychic type took the blow directly, and clearly didn't fare all that well. This was bad.

This should have been an easy job, just place the damn grimer in the well and go, unfortunately his stupid partner had probably been eaten by slowpokes. Ironic since the damn slob had always loved slopoketai-His train of thought was interrupted as he was hit from the side. His partner along with several more grimer had been tossed out of the well. At least the idiot hadn't been devoured. The grunt scrambled to his feet and delivered a swift kick to his ally's side to rouse the unconscious fool. "Get the hell up, we've got a situation." He said urgently as the unconscious one slowly started to try and stand. "Drowsee, use hypnosis on that Maractus...Grimers, if he's gonna use all his pokemon at the same time we might as well too. Get them!"

The other grunt stood up and looked hopelessly at one of his pokeballs. "Uh, dude, those slowpoke already knocked my pokemon out." He said, stepping backwards in preparation to make a run for it. This whole assignment had gone tits up in no time flat. The grimer hadn't even managed to touch the water. "Good luck!" He shouted as he frantically sprinted away. He wasn't about to be captured by some runt and an army of dumb ass slowpokes. He was gonna be sure to eat a few extra slowpoketail as soon as he got back to base out of spite.

"You bastard! Damn it all!" The first grunt shouted as his only ally fled. As angry as he was that he had just been abandoned, he was angrier that he hadn't been swift enough to ditch the other guy instead. He only had one option now, he'd have to ditch his Drowsee and the grimers if he wanted to have any chance at escape. He turned to flee only to see the other grunt sprawled out in the field with the Minior from before flying around as though it was dancing. Right...there were two trainers. He sighed and started running, his Drowsee too focused on using its current attack to even notice it was being abandoned. The grunt threw out a pokeball as the minior took notice of his mad dash. An Electrike emerged and ran alongside him for a moment. "Electrike, thunder wave that damn rock!" He shouted, paralyzing Minior in its tracks as he returned the electric pokemon and kept running, passing his former pal as he did so...served him right.

Rheese Laudat

Rheese looked up to see his Minior hit the ground, he knew the pokemon wasn't hurt as its shell was still in tact, but he could hear the desperation in its cry as it tried to pick itself up in vain. He instinctively sprinted towards his downed pokemon, effortlessly getting his shoe out of the slowpoke's mouth as he ran. He managed to evade the grimer as they were approaching Deneb and his team, before long he was kneeling by the now seemingly helpless pokemon that had almost obliterated him many times. "Hey, it's alright little buddy."

Minior shot up into the air, making Rheese dodge him a single time before falling back down stunned by the paralysis. It immediately got back to letting out soft cries. "Yep, saw that coming. It's okay, I promise I'll get you to a pokemon center and get that taken care of asap." He cautiously patted the rock type, calming it down quite a bit. Now that those guys were dealt with he felt he could properly assess the situation and help out...and there were quite a few grimers backing up that Drowsee. He returned the calmed Minior to his ball and looked towards where the grunt that had escaped ran off too and cursed himself for being unable to chase after him. He turned towards Deneb and sent the rest of his own team out. "Hey, guy with the Maractus, I'll back you up!"
Agent Actinium

@Crimson Flame@Zanavy

"You've gotta be kidding me!" Alicia grunted in frustration as the trainers attacked. While it was likely she had the advantage in battle experience and pokemon strength, her accomplice certainly couldn't say the same as he just watched slackjawed as his Cramorant was clobbered by rocks. "Torracat, weaken that watergun with flamethrower!" Alicia shouted as the fire type's attack collided with the small torrent. It didn't completely stop the water type attack as the resulting steam and droplets of water still clearly hurt the feline, but it was better than taking it directly. "Now, hit that Brionne with Shadow Claw!"

Her ally's Cramorant managed to stand back up and unleash a water gun of its own back at the Rockruff that had just hit it. That type match up seemed to go both ways. Alicia idly touched a specific pokeball on her hip, an emergency measure that she was specifically ordered not to use frivolously...If this commotion got Saki's attention however, it would be their only way out. Of course, it was an option if they were cornered by these fledgling trainers too...just much harder to justify.

Of course, now that Litleo was making noise in the middle of the fray. That wasn't good, at this rate Alicia hoped that the gym leader was busy battling a challenger or something to keep her from hearing all the chaos.

Team B


"Crap, what kind of kid just attacks out of the blue like this!?" The now revealed grunt shouted as he clumsily managed to pull out a pokeball and narrowly avoid getting roped up by a Sewaddle. "Pokemon battles are between pokemon ya little nutjob!"

Quickly noticing that one of the Grimer that had just been tossed out had been almost instantly subdued by a helioptile he cursed to himself. Not like those Grimer were prepared to battle regardless, but any help would have been nice since his partner was still AWOL in the well. "Fine, in that case..." The grunt retrieved a pokeball from his belt and let a voltorb out. "Voltorb jump towards the kid and use self destruct!" The grunt was well aware that the blast wouldn't do much in the way of damage as these voltorb were mostly meant to be used as distractions, but it would probably at least scare the young trainer a bit and give him a window to run...even if that meant abandoning his pal in the well.

"Minior, use tackle on that Voltorb!" A voice rang out as a small boulder-like pokemon collided with the electric type and sent it careening before it exploded. The fainted voltorb then harmlessly hit the grass a small distance away.

Rheese Laudat

Minutes ago in the woods nearby

Rheese sprinted back towards Vareena...Though admittedly not terribly quickly given how sore he was still feeling, so it was more of an enthusiastic power-limp. All the same it didn't take very long to make it to town, and before he could even start looking for what was going on, he saw something that immediately caused a rising pressure in his head. He looked away before it could erupt into another headsplitting episode, but he could tell that the older guy by the well was definitely bad news. He managed to keep himself from thinking about it too hard, until he heard that same man yell for his voltorb to use self destruct. He felt his Minior let itself out of its pokeball and fly towards the battle at full speed. Unable to stop his pokemon's charge, he shouted at it to direct its assault.

"Minior, use tackle on that Voltorb!" He shouted, before hearing the voltorb explode slightly further away. Welp, he was in the battle now. He felt something at his feet, looking down carefully he spotted a slowpoke with an odd yellow spot on its head lightly biting his shoe before it suddenly looked up at him intently, startling him slightly before its psychic power quelled the pressure in his head temporarily. The Slowpoke's incredibly serious look suddenly faded back to the usual dopey one as it got back to assaulting his footwear.

Rheese ignored the ultimately harmless psychic type and focused back on the bigger situation. While he couldn't bring himself to look at the culprit, his pokemon didn't have that same dilemma. "Minior, back that kid up!" He said, further away than he'd like to be if it weren't for his current handicap.

Team A


As both of the grunts' pokemon fainted, the pair were visibly a bit less confident. "Y-you think we'd just tell you? What, ya think we're some Rocket Grunts that just signed on for a quick buck?" The younger grunt spluttered back, buying time as the older reached for something in his back pocket. "No, we're not gonna go down that easy and even if you manage to catch us..." The grunt trailed off as he looked back at his cohort to confirm that he'd stalled enough. The other responded by throwing a duo of pokeballs, two voltorbs emerged, one letting off a blinding flash as the other primed to use self destruct. The two grunts preemptively shielded their eyes as the two spheres went of and covered their retreat. The explosion likely wouldn't be enough to take anybody down, but it would have to do. They both had two more pokemon, but from that start it was clear the trainers would overpower them fairly easily if they just battled it out. Besides, they'd already done their job...if these two were to pursue them, the device would be safe.

Team B


"Woah kid, let the adults do their jobs." The first grunt said, trying to just shoo the brat away. His partner was currently in the well releasing grimers to pollute the drinking supply. "Just working on the well, keeping the water quality where it belongs." The grunt then turned back to the well only to get a face full of Grimer as something launched the poison pokemon back out. After throwing the sludge pokemon off of him he peered in to only see the blue eyes of a slowpoke launching another grimer out, this time he managed to evade it. "You're kidding, now we've got a slowpoke infestation to deal with before we can get on with it...Of all the-" The grunt turned back to Deneb, realizing how all of this looked. "If you know what's good for you, you'll stay out of this."


"Another amnesiac in Vareena..." Savken's gruff voice muttered as he gave his Salamence a rough pat. He read the report that Saki had filed and the request for Ray's assistance, not that that layabout Ray was likely to lift a finger to do anything about it. No, he'd probably just keep playing his childish game of tag with his sister. There was little question, Team Noble had to have a base near Vareena...and with any luck there might even be somebody beyond the fodder grunts that didn't even know the basic details of Noble's plot.

Savkin would have to look into this personally, without relaying his intentions to the rest of the league. There was no time for bureaucratic process of demanding they authorize his investigation...and with any level of oversight he might be stopped from doing what he has to to bury Team Noble and whatever they're planning. No, this was something that needed a firm approach...a show of might.

Felix accepted Lea's explanation about the...odd Sapishte. It figured that there were at least a few experiments aboard. Stuff that would be best stored somewhere like the Alcatraz where they'd never be seen again. His expression towards the girl softened slightly and he fully holstered his weapon. This situation had gotten so bizarre in such a short period he almost thought that maybe he'd been knocked out trying to drag that prisoner out of the vent and this was just some weird dream.

"Very well." He said, not really intending to hide any of the information to begin with. "Though I'm sure you've already got your suspicions...and I'd wager you've got a few of them right. The Draught Sentries are secretly clearing prison blocks for some reason. There seems to be some sort of disease that either they're spreading...or they're trying to keep from spreading by purging entire blocks. Either way it seems to be out of control. With a bit of luck, we found out about this just before they managed to get to the block these prisoners were in." Felix gestured to the others before letting his arms fall to his sides. Much as he'd have liked to try for some witty retort, nothing really came to mind. Maybe part of him recognized this was no place for it.

"S'pose our conversations in the past have had an impact, because I decided not to just leave these folks to their fate." Felix said with a sigh. "Might've been a dumb move though. No clue how this plague or whatever's going around works, us just being here could have already damned everyone in this wing. Even so, these folks...mostly seem alright. I made the call to take that risk instead of guaranteeing they all got ashed. Besides, if it is some sort of illness I think bringing it to your attention is the only chance anybody aboard has."

Felix took a deep breath after that bit of exposition. He still hadn't shaken the feeling that they were in danger, nor the pit in his gut telling him they had no clue what they were dealing with. Both of those had been there for over a year now, but today's events had intensified them greatly. Normally the medical bay was a place that mostly put him at ease, but right now? He wasn't sure if anything could slow the creeping sense of dread this situation had exacerbated.

Felix nodded at Typhon before stepping through into the medical bay. He gestured for the assassin to keep his weapon down, they were going into a civilian area after all. If he'd had his tools handy they'd have been able to get through the door a bit more safely, but this had worked out just fine. Even so, it was a relief to get off of that death trap and exit the tunnels. Something hadn't been sitting right with him since he saw those 'people' further back. Had those really just been prisoners that managed to escape into the tunnels?

Felix also hadn't seen the 'cat' that had startled some of the others, but he'd been busy picking himself out of the window at that point. "We should be pretty safe from here on assuming that 'cat' you saw wasn't something dangerous. Regardless, I doubt the sentries have any idea where we've gone." Naturally Felix again failed to mention the people he'd seen in the tunnel, but they'd been a fair distance away so it probably wasn't relevant. Maybe they should re-seal the door? Nah, no time. Every minute they wasted was another chance for something else to go wrong.

Felix noted the fact that the med bay still looked perfectly normal despite the chaos going on. The staffing was quite a bit lighter than he'd remembered, but at least everything seemed up to code. The remaining medical staff rushed from one area to another, likely nursing a few unlucky prisoner's stab wounds or a guard that'd gotten too close to the bars. On a ship this size incidents were all but inevitable for the less cautious. He kept his ears open for any coughs, a sound that while practically associated with the sick bay, had much heavier implications given everything they'd seen.

He guided the small group to the doctor's office to see...he wasn't exactly certain, but it kind of freaked him out. He put his hand on his holstered pistol but didn't draw it. Whatever this thing was seemed friendly for the moment, and the doctor seemed to be grabbing something for it. "Doctor?" He asked gesturing inquisitively towards the 'cat' person, still prepared to take action if necessary but trusting Lea's judgement.

At minimum, it seemed, this creature wasn't involved with the trouble they were currently in. That was reason enough for Felix to lax his grip slightly. "Think we found your 'cat' Ziola." He said, still keeping his eyes locked on whatever the shapeshifter was. He wondered if this was one of the experiments the onboard scientists had been so obsessed with, not that he really understood the point of study on an isolated ship in deep space. He assumed something similar was the cause of whatever 'plague' the Sentries had been purging so efficiently.

Felix listened to everyone's introductions while he worked. Naturally the only one that actually revealed why they were here was an assassin. Not the quiet kind either, so either he was really good or terrible at his former profession. After crossing a few more wires and causing another shower of sparks, a countdown began to show on the screen as the tram's doors opened. "Aha, success...Probably. I'd recommend boarding now, don't think I can delay or stop the timer." Felix said as he boarded the vehicle cautiously.

The onboard lights flickered, revealing the terrible state of the interior was just as bad as the exterior. He didn't even want to consider what some of those stains might be. Regardless, in a matter of moments they'd hopefully be on their way to the medical bay to get some answers.

Of course, that was assuming the tram didn't just fling them into the side of the tunnel at full size and turn them into pancakes. After a few moments the tram got moving. It wasn't exactly a smooth ride, but at least it wasn't blasting forward dangerously. It was a bit stuttery, which of course made everyone less than comfortable. It even came to a complete and sudden stop a few times before continuing forward.

Worse still, Felix thought he'd seen a few humanoid shapes in the dark shuffling aimlessly until the tram moved by. A bit concerning, his biometric scanners didn't register any of the shapes...which shouldn't be possible. Maybe they were androids? But then why was that last one hunched over and seemingly eating? He chose not to mention it to anybody and chalk it up to a his eyes being on the fritz or something. Surely these were just some prisoners that had made their way in here and subsisted off of the rats. Not exactly a great thing to imagine, but they weren't a threat in this situation.

Felix shook himself and brought his focus back to the tram's operation. Of course, in theory it should stop once it reaches its programmed destination...but that just seemed too convenient. "N-now-now-now approaching Stat-stat-station-: Medical Bay-bay-bay. Please keep all ha-ha-ha-hands inside..." Static overtook the message, causing Felix to turn to the others with limited but palpable confidence. "Looks like it all worked ou-" Felix was cut off by the message blasting out back at full volume. "Br-br-br-ace f-f-or BRA-A-A-A-braking." Of course, because of the stutter, the Tram had already slammed on the brakes and flung Felix unceremoniously into the front window.

Thankfully he was uninjured and the window unshattered despite a few new cracks, but he still cursed the machine. Obviously he should have been holding onto something anyway, but he'd never expected the brakes to work so well. Admittedly he was more frustrated with himself for expecting a little more warning from the dilapidated machine, but they'd reached their destination. He picked himself up off the floor with a grunt as the group waited for the door to slide open.
Agent Actinium

@Crimson Flame@Zanavy

Alicia was getting real tired of this guy's sass. She wasn't even going to comment on being called 'sus.' "I'm an experienced trainer and this is an unsupervised fire type. There's a valley of difference there." She said, despite quickly growing tired of the charade. At this point it might actually cause less of a fuss to thrash these two and move on. This wasn't like last time, she actually had a few more pokemon at her disposal now. This little shorty wasn't about to compromise her mission.

The grunt that accompanied her's Cramorant took a step towards the two and flapped its wings. Clearly it wasn't content with being ignored in this situation. Torracat similarly stepped forward. Clearly the two pokemon were more ready for a confrontation than their trainers.

Team A


The first grunt's Haunter barely managed to keep conscious after the vicious bite Arcanine delivered. It may not have fainted, but it certainly couldn't take another hit like that. The other grunt's Impidimp laughed wildly at the situation its ally was in, happily drinking in the annoyance of both grunts as they watched its antics. "Impidimp, stop screwing around and use bite on that Gothita!" The younger grunt shouted, causing the trickster to quit laughing and go on the attack itself. While the Reflect barrier weakened the impish pokemon, it didn't stop it entirely. "Haunter, use shadow ball on the Arcanine!" The other grunt shouted, only to see his pokemon stop short as the ghost flinched.

Felix recoiled at the horrifying noise that emanated from the high security block nearby. Was that related to everything going on right now? No, that sound was filled with despair and pain...a broken shriek that resonated with something he'd locked away long ago. He shook the miserable nostalgia away at the others' words. The group had come to a consensus, it was time to go. Felix nodded at Typhon after he had knocked out a rogue prisoner. The fact that he hadn't simply opened fire on the guy at least made Felix feel a little better about his choice of companions in this scenario.

"We'll work on introductions later, it'd be suicide to just book it to the med bay. If we do, there's no telling what we'll run into. Our best chance is to use the tram, or failing that...fight our way through." Felix said, praying the piece of junk still had some life in it. The ship's internal tram system had been used extensively at the start of the Alcatraz's operation. An efficient way to transport the inmates and their things from block to block or move heavy equipment. Unfortunately after a few...incidents it had been retired. Like plenty of things aboard the ship, it had been clearly designed for short term use. He didn't bother mentioning this to the rest of the group as it wouldn't help anything. Worst case scenario he'd need some time to force the old girl back into operation.

While the group weighed their options, a loud blast was heard on either side of the cell block and gunfire began to ring out. It was just like Felix had suspected, the Draught Sentries had pushed their operation forward to keep the infection and the ongoing riot contained. Now the direct path was directly cut off. Wielding his stun baton in one hand, he guided the group through a side door that gave them access to the maintenance tunnels, affectionately referred to as the rat maze. "Thankfully, even among the engineers I'm one of the only people that knows how to navigate this maze without a map. Even if we're followed they shouldn't be able to catch up too easily." Felix said as he closed the tunnel access behind them, leaving the sounds of bloodshed and pain behind them. Of course he used to need a digital map any time he passed through the complex system of tunnels, but over the years the twists and turns became easy to keep track of.

Before long, they came across an old rusted hatch that Felix kicked open and hopped down into what looked like a dilapidated train station. The dusty poorly maintained area had clearly not been used in at least a year if not longer. The doors to the rest of the block were long since welded shut to prevent the sneakier of inmates from creeping into the large tunnel and making a home out of it. A few rodents scampered by, reminding everyone who truly ran these abandoned sections of the ship. Felix stared down the track towards the stern of the ship...towards the Draughts. He shook his head and realized that his low-light vision had been on full blast. This place had to be a pitch black abyss to the others. He quickly located a switch and a few lights managed to barely flicker to life, the darkness was still pretty oppressive but at least it would be possible to see with a little adjustment.

Felix could hardly recognize the tram itself, despite only being out of commission for a year or so the cheap materials used to construct it had rusted over heavily. He heaved the once-automatic door open and made his way to the controls. He hit the ignition and the electromagnets that propelled the vehicle shuddered to life as the dilapidated screen lit up with dim errors and warnings. He read over each one and deduced that it was at least probably still capable of movement. Even so, the controls were completely FUBAR. Felix shrugged and sat down before pulling the dust covered panel beneath the controls off and beginning to mess with the wires underneath. While he worked he glanced at the prisoners he found himself with.

"So, I guess we've got a few minutes while I work this out. I said we'd work through introductions if we had some downtime so...I'm Felix, engineer stationed here because...reasons." He said a bit regretfully as he yanked a wire out to be greeted by a small shower of sparks. He brushed himself off before getting back to the mess of wires. With any luck he could hotwire the damn thing and at least get it moving. Unfortunately it was mostly trial and error as each wire he connected or pulled had so far only done a few mundane yet random things. As the tram let out a distorted chime and the onboard lights lit up, a warped feminine voice spoke through the old speakers "De-de-de-stination set: Medical....Ple-e-ease keep all ha-nds o....the tram will be departing the sta... mome-me-me-ntarily." Felix hoped that it was an optimistic, even if a bit creepy, sign.

Felix's fear bled slightly into frustration at everyone suddenly trying to tell him what to do. His color returning a bit as a result. This was why he had requested portable terminals of some sort so he could operate with some level of privacy. Of course, he agreed with the prisoners...But hearing several people trying to pressure him into essentially breaking them out was a bit grating. He sighed, slightly exasperated before deciding to respond to them all at once. "I'm assigned purely as an engineer today, not a guard. My current duty is essentially keeping the lights and AC running, not watching over your safety." Felix clenched his fist. "That said, it means I'm also not currently in charge of keeping you all in those cells."

With a few swipes of his fingers on the terminal that had started this whole mess, several cell doors opened as did the cases to their occupants' property. "Oh, it seems several prisoners have been marked as deceased. Must be something in the water." Of course, he immediately regretted this decision somewhat as he heard a sharp cough ring out nearby. He felt a bead of sweat form on his forehead as he immediately realised what that meant. He had Virtus run a scan of his own vitals and was grateful to see nothing currently amiss. "Okay, everyone in earshot. We've got a few minutes at most to get out of here and get to the medical bay in the hopes that we're not just spreading some plague to the rest of the ship."

If Felix had more time he'd get somebody down here to give all of these people a medical scan to clear them separately. He considered the random scientist's words from before. Releasing prisoners like this would be chaotic on a good day, and he wasn't exactly confident he could rally them to a cause of any sort. "Not like there's anything to lose." He said, shaking off his hesitation he began the process of opening the entire block...only to notice that the terminal had locked up. Either they were onto him, or things were kicking off ahead of schedule.

Felix patched his radio to the med bay in an attempt to reach the ship's head doctor. "Lea, it's Felix. I don't have much time to talk, but I'm on my way up there with a few prisoners. It's an emergen-" Felix heard the connection sever. Okay, they were definitely onto him. At least he'd managed to free a few people beforehand. That's when an idea struck him, something a mischievous prisoner had done in the first year aboard. He sprinted over to a seemingly random point near the terminal and ripped off an inconspicuous wall panel. A nexus of wires was seen, much to both Felix's relief and disappointment. The wiring in these cell blocks was atrocious, like the containment of prisoners was a low priority on a vessel with zero chance of escape.

Felix turned his stun baton to the highest shock setting and forced it into the nexus, causing a rolling blackout as a wave of short circuits forced much of the block and even the neighboring blocks into the ominous red glow that indicated emergency power. He felt slightly sick, it took him two months to rewire that block last time that happened. Obviously he couldn't communicate with all of the prisoners that his actions just freed, but them being able to grab their gear and cause some chaos would at least buy time. Internally he laughed at his own actions, within literally a few minutes he'd turned traitor and started what would likely become a huge riot. Then again, what were his superiors gonna do? Throw him in prison?

"Maybe if we can let Dr.Bursmir know what's going on she can do something about whatever's spreading through the ship. I don't know, this wasn't exactly in the handbook." Felix said. A few more coughs rang out further down the block as some of the prisoners realised they were free. As rough as it was to just leave these prisoners to the Draughts, it seemed that whatever was ailing these people was considerably worse. The fact that one of the Sentries literally took himself out just because he had been coughed on. Plus the flamethrowers being used to finish things...Perhaps these people were already doomed. Felix shook his head and cleared himself of those thoughts. At least his actions allowed them to not simply die helpless in their cells. That justification didn't exactly make him feel great about the situation, but it did allow him to stick to the issue at hand.


Felix stared at the terminal, he grunted in response to the scientist. These cameras weren't going out due to some technical error...surely if they were he'd have seen at least a few work orders or something. What the frantic prisoner had said flashed through his head and he quickly tried to pull up the surveillance logs on the disabled cameras. Most of the footage from the minutes before the outages was corrupted or simply nonexistent. A few clips he could recover showed pretty standard operation other than a few ill-seeming prisoners coughing or what appeared to be medical staff checking on said prisoners before...static. Following the pattern of outages, this block was only about two or three off from experiencing the same. By that logic, and the timing of the errors on the other surveillance systems the next camera would be going out in a matter of minutes.

Felix glanced at the scientist from before. "First I'm hearing about these cameras cutting out. There's no information on it, no requests from the guards in charge of keeping watch on 'em. Most of these overrides are manual too." He said, even going as far as searching through the archived work logs. "If your camera's out, you might want to stay clear of the area or if you're brave go on and check things out thoroughly. If it's important enough to get worked out put an order in and I'll be by once I've got this figured out." Felix sounded nonchalant, but could feel a cold sweat forming on the back of his neck. Something about this whole situation was putting him on edge. He calmed himself before flicking the terminal to the camera that watched the block that by his estimate would be the next one to malfunction.

"The struggle just now... If I may ask, what happened? Is everything alright?" Felix heard from nearby, probably another staff member, he didn't have time to look and find out. "Just pulled some guy out of the vent. He was trying to escape some rumor he heard or something like that. Y'know typical stir crazy prisoner." He said, not looking up from the terminal screen as the seconds ticked by. As the time hit his approximation and nothing out of the ordinary happened he almost just gave up...before the camera was suddenly accessed by another remote source. As said source attempted to shut the camera down, Felix managed to at least preserve the live feed without their notice. His attention was definitely locked back on the screen now, watching every detail from the coughing prisoners to the medical staff running from cell to cell. It didn't take him long to see one of said staff trying the door out of the block to no avail. This probably wasn't good, usually when the Sentries showed the staff was simply left to go about their business.

Moments later screams were heard from the terminal as well as gunfire. Felix stared on in horror as the Draught sentries didn't simply show up and start abducting prisoners...they were literally clearing out the cell block. Guards, medics, prisoners...all of them were on the receiving end of a slaughter. Felix's face paled as he watched it all unfold. Some of the guards tried to fight back to no avail, the Sentries were well armed and quite well trained on top of being ruthless. One of the ill prisoners coughed on one of the Sentries, who then proceeded to kill the prisoner and take his own life with little hesitation. Was it some sort of plague? Certainly the chief of the medical staff would have heard something if that were the case. As the slaughter finished, a few more sentries began to march into the room with high yield flamethrowers and burn the corpses. Nobody was spared, and as Felix rotated the camera slightly one of the guards instantaneously shot it with their pistol. The feed dropped and Felix stared at the black screen before it simply returned a 'loss of connection' error.

This was bad, Felix turned his head frantically listening for any coughs or sign of infection within this block only to hear nothing. Did that mean this block was safe and whatever the Sentries were purging had been caught...or did it mean that whatever that was had been intentionally spread to that block before they cleaned up the results? Either way, that prisoner from the vents was right to be afraid. Probably more right than he even realized. "Correction...Things aren't alright at all." Felix said to the voice from before, looking up to realize it was a Tulak prisoner and that he probably shouldn't be discussing this. That said, the ethics of keeping information like this quiet even to a prisoner were murky at best. Plus, it seemed they might now both be in the same mortal danger. The garbled message that played regularly over the intercom sounded once more through the speakers, now causing considerably more dread in Felix's gut than before.

He questioned the ethics of trying to escape this situation, maybe retreat a few more blocks up and figure something out? He wasn't able to secure a recording of the events, so he couldn't exactly prove what he saw. He didn't exactly like the idea of leaving all of the prisoners here to their doom either.
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