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Current For those waiting on me to respond, I will be writing things up over the weekend. Hang tight!
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Doing well, writing responses and such
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Hello quite bored, I'm Echo!
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Apologies for those waiting on replies from me, life has been hell this weekend. I will attempt to get things out by tomorrow night!
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"Fate is a funny thing, we put all of our hope into a concept that we ourselves created... only to destroy everything we have ever known in the end."


Good morning/afternoon/evening!

If you are reading this, then for some reason you want to learn a little bit about the absolute anomaly that is me.

A few important things to note are:

- I am sometimes a bit slow for posting, though sometimes I will almost immediately respond.

- I have absolutely no interest in Romance. This has changed, but only for certain circumstances. It depends!

- I enjoy making very overcomplicated worlds to share with people, like you!

- I enjoy really heavy and psychological themes, but I will do lighter ones as well.

That's pretty much all I think you need to know, but if you want to you can send me a PM! I don't bite...

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Don't worry, it's all good!

As the others introduced themselves, the lavender-colored slime's gaze shifted to his soon-to-be coworkers as they introduced themselves, his form dripping a little bit from his nervousness, the small drops of goo scattered on the floor beneath him. Once the cat lady stepped back into place, whom he thought would be a good idea to stay a bit away from despite the fact they have a common area of work, he stepped up to introduce himself.

"Hello... My name's Sora! Uhm... I'm also in cleaning, but mainly the rooms and laundry..." He nervously glances at Miss DeeDee as he says/gurgles this, his voice still clear through the fluid filter, if not soft and quiet, dripping a little as time flows on. "I-I know I'm really goopy, but I'm really good at hugs! " He decided to leave it at that, stepping back before falling backward with the sudden appearance of the disembodied voice.

Cythena chuckles lightly at the appearance of the ghost, turning to the insubstantial form of the woman. "Come on, you don't have to scare the hatchlings, Anna... But yes, this lot will be helping us from now on. I feel they'll do wonderfully in getting this place back on its feet." She then turned to her new employees, eyes sparking as if she were looking deep into a hoard of brilliant gems and piles of gold.

Her new hoard, even if it wasn't by material wealth or knowledge, she looked forward to the path that lay unwritten before them...

The shrill ringing sound of a bell came from the lobby beyond the door of the staff room, the first customer in a while."Well then, looks like we get to see you in action sooner than I thought! We have your first customer, Anna could you do me a favor and play receptionist for this one?"

@Wayward@Girlie Go Boom@cyberhead@Zer0Solution@Sunny Suzuki@shagranoz
@Wayward Anna looks good! Would be good to have a 'resident' as it were.

It goes without saying that she would not be a new hire, so if you have any questions about what your character would know, don't hesitate to PM me.

2:50 PM...?

Cracks spread, lines, barriers, limits, all fraying at the edges. Unwoven yet still withheld shape. The world lay shifted, broken, as three converge. Unbalanced, thus will prove destructive... yet is but one path that lay before them.

Structure calling to be broken, severed ties screaming to be woven back to completion.

Perception is a lie. Opinion a construct that lies subjective.

All that exists is instinct, feeling.

Formative only of the primal.

But here therein...

As Kousuke screamed out to the splintering version of the world around them, the cracks spread larger and larger, the pattern completing itself, shifting into a variety of symbols.

A spiderweb.

A helm's wheel.

A Celtic knot.

All extend their ethereal strings of control, tying themselves to the marionette's fingers and wrists...

However, not to bind... none would pull their strings ever again.

As he flew forward, the ephemeral creature disappeared as heat spread from their fingers and hands, flowing through as the world broke. The window separating perception and the real world was broken in an instant, blinded by a white void, all forms of light and color blending together before darkening back to the shifting shadowy world that pulsed with the otherworldly heartbeat…

Their location seemed to have changed…

Along with their appearance.


Aspects of thought, elements of worldly vision contradicted constantly in the air around Fubuki. The space between the cracks thrumming with apathy… yet one could feel emotion and ideas dancing through the area, flying like stray bullet fire.

It was almost like looking through a cracked mirror.

Shards of reality fractured and splintered, confidence in spite of the biting cold, a step toward what could be the chosen path.

A step in the right direction in a way.

As the cracks spread, patterns formed along the edges of his vision.



Gilded leaves.

With each step, the world broke further, caught between dualities of infinity… The world seemed so bright all of a sudden, yet also pitch black.

Conflict becomes peace, and Contradiction becomes balance…

As one's true form is revealed when the eyes are shown the other side of the coin.

The move was now his to make, to be a pawn marching on, or to be the quewwn on high, to make all crumble within his dominion...


The sounds around Chihiro were drowned out as she gripped the sides of their head, the whispers still gnawing at her... Eyes wide as cracks webbed into her vision, creeping closer to the forefront.

Patterns crept out from the shadows, both gloomy and sanguine, bright and shadowy...

An olive branch.

A Spiral of Life.

A pentacle.

The inky creature had disappeared, she didn't notice it had left... did it leave?

Why would she ever trust a creature like that so blindly? Was she stupid?

The world around her shattered into a million pieces, a host of colors that hid within the light and the dark presented themselves, along with the form of their heart...

A mirror had been shattered, broken. Now showing what humans truly were...

They were nothing but beasts, her included. But that didnt always have to be such a bad thing...

She found themselves reeling on the ground, as the afterglow of the bright/dark flash faded from her vision... She felt different now...


But there was something still here, and it was on it's feet again, screeching that terrible sound.

There's more than one way to enact peace. She was ready to raise hell or bring down heaven from on high.

"Bring it!" She yelled, bringing her hands up to her face, ready to fight... only... her hands werent hands anymore.

"Wh- The FUCK?!"

The man of the mask looked down at the contract, picking up the page and staring intently at the signature now written on it.

"Ah, but of course. Wouldn't want to keep your precious 'real world' waiting now would you?" he chided, and with a flick of the wrist the page is licked away in dark flame. Leaning over the table, one could see the shining, no- glowing eyes of the man, glinting with otherworldly glamour.

Before the venue changed again, the echoing sound of snapping fingers ringing within the ear, back behind the cafe's counter as a customer walked up...

"Hi, there. So, I would like an order of dumplings please?"


The hotel's lobby was tranquil, dust hanging in the air as a light clacking sound could be heard echoing through the halls. Claws on vinyl wood flooring. Light streamed from the opulent multicolored glass window high above like a chapel, threads of light spin into intricate patterns along the walls as splinters of glowing radiance shine off of the chandelier's crystals...

A black-scaled dragon woman walked into the vacant lobby, a small collection of papers in her clawed hands, eyes looking intently at them through her half-moon glasses. She was grateful she didn't have many guests at this time, tourism season hadn't rolled around yet... Luckily, she had a good selection of employees, although freshly hired... Things also needed to be fixed up here and there around the hotel proper, her magic, as versatile as it was, wasn't within that realm of expertise... The hotel had quite a few problems, but nothing that she couldn't fix with time...

For now, she had to meet her new employees. Ensure they are ready for when customers start trickling in, before the floodgates open...

She came to a stop just outside a door marked 'Staff Only' and turned the handle, drifting into the room with a small smile.

"Good afternoon everyone! I hope I haven't kept you all waiting too long..." The dragon greeted the group awaiting her in the Staff Room.

A slime, A pair of humans, A pair of Half-elves, A Were-Panther, and a Lich.

Quite the employ thus far.

She briefly shuffled around the papers in her grip, bringing up a hand to adjust her glasses as her eyes scanned the page, before looking back up.

"Well then, why don't we start with a brief introduction? That should help up all break the ice, no? I am Cythena, your boss as it were, though I'm sure you already knew that bit. So, who would like to go next?"

@Sunny Suzuki@Girlie Go Boom@Zer0Solution@cyberhead@shagranoz
Alright then, I'll start working on the first post then.
Gotcha. We can establish a post order then.

Since we are waiting on one person now, do you guys want to start and have their character jump in later?

Alright, let's do this then.

Given the blessing of the raging vampire, he dashed to the side, following the twisting insect's body, blade's edge primed. Partly to get more surface area to work with, and partly not wanting to be in the direct path of the lady with the blood spear.

"Arsene, Cleave."

The mask was licked away again in blue flame, it was a bit counterproductive to have the Persona disappear only to summon it again... His blade gave a slight glint as Arsene manifested behind him. His arm followed the forceful motion, feeling his blade pierce the exoskeleton of the centipede, the blade flowing through with the slash as its ichor spilled like a fountain. The familiar sting as the motion stopped.

Don't stop the momentum now...

The boy's arm followed the blind thought as his blade was embedded in its body, used further as a foothold. He hoisted himself into the air, the knife drawn out as his free hand went to his face.

"Stop squirming, will you? Sukunda!"
I was thinking something along the lines of you all going whenever and I'll do updates for whats happening and move the story along. If you do want a post order though, we can do that
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