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Have you considered drinking chili? Combines the pleasure of drinking a smoothie, and the flavor of eating a hotdog, plus it has beans!!
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I'm worried what y'all think "furry-related things" are, and if it's the worst, y'all not only nasty, but y'all feeding into some very harmful misconceptions about a very wholesome community (not mad)
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Life hack I just discovered! If you struggle with capturing a friendly tone when writing to people, just ask an AI to shift your writing to your desired tone #Neurodivergency
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Silly things in my family that make me smile: Calling expired food 'dead'. "Can you throw out the roast beef? I think it's dead."
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[a misty valley of cascading waters and towering trees, dark clouds roll like a sea overhead, thunder rumbles lowly and wind rustles through the needles of the evergreen branches─goats screaming in the distance and a shadow emerges from the billowing mists]

Heya hiya, my name's Audley! Y'can call me Auds, or even just Goatif that suits ya! M'pronouns are they/their, he/his, ne/nir, and thon/thons; if y'have any questions regarding any of 'em n' how they work, please don't be afraid t'ask, m'always happy t'teach!

M'jus' a lil' amalgamation of a hundred or so goats all clumped together in a mothman onesie; y'never really know which goat you're gonna get until it screams at ya!

I like art and movies and anime and games about solving crime and horror mysteries through stolen phones (I'm looking at you, Elmwood Trail), I also enjoy life sims and dating sims and like to watch horror and thriller movies and series.

I like my cocoa spicy with a little bit of the sauce if you know what I mean and my sugar milk with coffee. Pork chops and applesauce or hit the highway, and lactose intolerance is just a reason to love dairy all the more.

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Li caught every shot in the short altercation, from Gamma-Burn dropping his blade, to the limb collapsing with the villain's weight as the insects made quick work of the wood. Like hot tea running over sugar cubes. It was a terrifying sight, really, to see the power those tiny critters had in larger numbers. It almost made Lilian think he should probably keep his apartment a little more clean if he didn't want to end up a snack. Almost. Securing the safety of his home would have to wait until he wasn't working his ass off every day just to make rent.

As Gamma-Burn took off into the undergrowth, Li could tell that this battle was becoming mobile, and quickly rolled back, throwing himself back to the secure safety of the rooftop and jumping to his feet. He took off running, but not towards the fire escape to go back down to the street. Rather, he took off full speed towards the edge of the building, lining himself up with the building next door. Jumping up onto some sort of electrical box or something, he popped off, landing first on the barrier wall around the rooftop and immediately pushing off again to fling himself over the gap. He repeated this process similarly to move from one building to the next, grabbing on to ledges where it was needed and climbing up where buildings got taller.

He kept a keen eye on the spreading undergrowth, wondering just how far Gamma-Burn's power had spread. Had it reached his building? I can only imagine how Hal and Dean would react to that, he thought, almost smiling. Despite the disadvantage of his unconventional means of travel, Lilian kept up with the supervillain pretty damn well, and was standing atop a nearby building only moments after the...not so intimidating figure came to a stop. Watching Gamma-Burn through his camera, Lilian caught the action of the acclaimed fiend pulling off his mask. He grimaced at the blood that spilled out of his mouth, lowering his camera as he looked at the scene with his own eyes. Gamma-Burn looked so tiny in that moment. It was...kinda pathetic... Was this really Gamma-Burn? Maybe it's one of his followers posing as him? he thought, finding it hard to believe that the infamous villain could be...in such a poor state. Surely, surely, it wasn't the real Gamma-Burn. Gamma-Burn was probably in another part of the city, building up to something huge to ring in the 'holiday' that was Earth Day. This guy...well, he was probably just here to distract Stag King? That...made sense...right? Right??

As the figure that looked like Gamma-Burn took off again, Lilian kept up still, finding a bit of ease in the matter as the guy kept stumbling. Something definitely wasn't right, but before Li could think much further on the strange behavior, he noticed something. With the rising heat, and the pure deterioration from the radiation coming off of this guy, city structures were losing their stability. One in particular, a streetlight, seemed to be leaning a bit too far. In moments, the streetlight was taking a creaking dive right toward the man and without another thought, Li called out, "HEY!" he shouted down across the street, but it seemed to have no effect. The streetlight got caught in some thick vines, but it definitely wasn't stopping, the vines stretching and snapping under the weight of the metal structure. With a quick look around, Lilian found a chunk of concrete that had chipped off of some part of the building he was standing on. Probably some debris from a lightning hit or something. He quickly grabbed it, then, stepping up to the very edge of the top of the building and putting all his strength into the movement, he chucked the concrete shard as hard and as far as he could.

Surprisingly, it hit a structure just a ways in the direction of the falling streetlight, making a resounding CLONG that filled the area. Unfortunately, the force of his movement also threw Lilian himself forward, and just like that, he was free-falling.

Well... he thought, If there was one way to die, I guess this would be it...
The air was hot. Too hot for the baggy sweater Li was wearing. That was for sure. He refused to take it off though. Not just because it hid certain parts of him he didn't like to share, but also because that would mean having to put down his camera and take off his backpack, and that was a waste of precious time. Battles were quick, despite how the media tried to present them. They were here and gone in a flash, but it was a flash easily caught on camera by a good photographer. Lilian wasn't one to brag, but he considered himself pretty good at his job.

Climbing up on the wall around the top of the building, he swung out one leg and then the other, sitting precariously on the edge with his feet dangling high above the street so far, far below him. It was a good thing he wasn't afraid of heights, honestly. Looking through the dust and debris swirling below, Li was grateful that he was so high up. He was well out of reach of the airborne hazard, not that things like that every bothered him that much as it was. Even when assholes lit up a smoke next to him while he was waiting for the bus, he never coughed. It was just the damn smell that got to him. Smoke, dust, pollen, it was all nothing to him. He had even survived a carbon monoxide leak once back in his college days, but rescue teams accounted it to him having his window open.

As the cloudy mass below him began to settle and clear, Lilian readied his camera and zoomed in on the two figures below. His camera was built for taking pictures of the moon, so the image was crisp and clean as he focused on two figures he was more than happy to see. A fight between Gamma-Burn and King Stag? That just made this whole mess all the more worth it! Any other hero and villain and he'd have cared less about how the pictures came out and what story he was going to write. Getting to write about these two always brightened his day. After all, they were the biggest names in Wilacrik, top five in Washtenaw County, and top ten in all of Michigan. Of course, they were an exciting pair to cover! It was safe to say that Li had a bit of an obsession with he pair.

On the one hand, King Stag. The idyllic hero. He was strong, brave, and true. As he should be. As any hero should be. His broad form and shining green armor of carapace could catch any eye. The way the morning sun reflected off his iridescent shell added a brilliant element to the pictures Li caught of the valiant hero facing off against his nemesis. Lilian had followed King Stag's rise to fame since his first appearance on the news. His only regret was that he wasn't among the reporters covering the story. Oh, he still wrote an article about the event. Of course, he wrote an article. He had just had to rely on publicly available pictures, and that was...less than desirable. Nevertheless, Lilian had focused his attention hard on the hero. King Stag just had a certain quality to him. In a way, it reminded Li of his childhood hero, Trueheart. Yet another idyllic hero of history. Sadly, Trueheart had been corrupted by an unknown force some time into Lilian's childhood, and had become one of the most fearsome villains Montreal had ever seen. The similarity often bothered Li, as he worried that King Stag might fall to the same fate. He held hope, though, that such would never happen, and that the coleopteran hero would stay true until the end.

Gamma-Burn, on the other hand. He was the villain every villain wished they could be. Standing for a cause many could agree with, he was like the leader of a rebellion. Commanding, empowering, and most of all, moving. His cult following spread his ideals far and wide, and his internet presence cast his reign of terror onto the world. There was no villain as socially powerful as Gamma-Burn, and his origin story was not one of corruption on his part, but rather, one that revealed the corruption of corporate leaders and politicians. With his powerful voice and striking visage, Gamma-Burn was more than a villain, he was an icon. His bulky gas mask and goggles hid his face, speaking on the anonymity of him and his following. His billowing silhouette not only contrasted against the rugged form of his rival but, too, stood for the natural elements of the world, filled with natural curves, flowing with the wind instead of standing against it. He always added an eerily intimidating factor to the images, a ghost of a world that once was, the spirit of Mother Nature herself rising to reclaim the Earth.

The ideals that Gamma-Burn stood for. His overpowering aura. His compelling energy. It was what made these battles as exciting as they were. Li, and many like him, were left in the middle of it all, cheering for the hero, because that's just what you do, but all the same, cheering for the villain, because the words he speaks ring truth, and maybe, just maybe, he could be the hero of someone else's story.
"Gooooood morrrrrning Wikacrik family!"

The shrill voice of the overly peppy radio host jolted Lilian awake, as the tinny speakers of his ancient alarm clock blasted the morning broadcast across his barren studio apartment. "Oh, and, uh, Happy Earth Day to all in respect of dear ol' Mother Nature!" the announcer chirped with boundless enthusiasm, though Lilian felt anything but cheerful at this early hour. Bleary-eyed, he glared up at the water-stained ceiling and let out an exasperated groan. Who gave this guy the fucking right to be so hellishly happy so gods-damned early in the morning? he thought sourly. Though, he really only had himself to blame for having to listen to the daily spiel of Mr. Noel Leon--as if that were his real name. Lilian knew he could be like the other ninety-seven percent of the population and just use his phone for an alarm, or at least set his clock radio to another station, but, he also knew he would likely just turn off his phone alarm and go back to sleep, and Noel Leon, specific was something he couldn't just roll over and ignore when the radio sounded. Lilian had never been a morning person, and in that moment, all he wanted was five more minutes of sleep.

Alas, the unrelenting DJ rattled on about the weather, traffic, and local events, willing Lilian to force himself upright with great reluctance. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes, stretched each arm in turn over his head, pulling until his spine gave a good pop, and finally swung his legs out of bed and stumbled to the rundown refrigerator standing as a sentinel in the corner of the kitchen across the open room. Throwing it open rather carelessly, Lilian was hoping for a bite of breakfast, but to his dismay, the fridge was all but bare, containing only some ageless condiments, a carton of spoiled milk, and some take-out that seemed to have evolved its own level of sentient life. The cultures may as well have been planning to go where no mold had gone before! With a resigned sigh, Lilian pulled overdue items out of the fridge, dumped the curdled mess down the drain, and tossed the plastic container in the trash.

With that taken care of, he quickly looked in the pantry, only to find empty boxes of cereal, oatmeal, and macaroni and cheese. He really did need to keep up on his groceries. Clearing out the clutter, he finally made way back across the room to turn off the radio as Leon's morning broadcast came to an end. I'll have to grab something on the way... he thought absently, silence filling the air in the absence of the staticky noise. Catching the time, he gave a silent curse, realizing his bout of cleaning had taken longer than he would have intended. No time for a shower now, he thought, before hurriedly throwing on the first clean clothes he could find from the piles strewn about the room. Still in his rush, Lilian haphazardly packed up his laptop and camera into a ratty old backpack and tossed the thing over his shoulder as he bolted for the door, stepping into a pair of beat-up slip-ons and clumsily grabbing at his keys on a table by the door.

Locking the door behind him, Lilian raced for the stairs, cursing out the idiot who had broken the elevator yet again as he took the dilapidated steps two at a time, jumping near the end of each flight to throw himself over the railing and drop down to the next flight as though it were nothing. Soon enough, he was bursting out the door and hurried to the side lot where he kept his bike chained. Within the hour, he was stopping at the corner store, buying a cheese danish and a can of some hybrid coffee energy drink and paying for it with a handful of coins that barely made the cut. Another half hour on the train and Lilian was biking his way down Central, the towering building that housed the Word of the Willow main office in sight.

Pulling up to the building with a plastic bag holding his breakfast hanging from his bike handle, Lilian took a moment to check the time on his watch, Fifteen minutes to spare! he thought with a slight smirk, only to jump and nearly drop his bike as thunderous crash sounded from down the street. Putting the stand down to prop his bike up, he stepped away for a moment, moving to the edge of the sidewalk, then out into the bike lane to try and get a look at what the commotion was.

Traffic had come to the stop, cars careening to a standstill, and in moments, people were running past Lilian, shoving him out of the way in their desperate flee from the area. Another crash, along with more screams and the sounds of sirens in the distance. Lilian blinked as he looked ahead, then shifted a bit as he watched as an unidentified large metal object suddenly flew down the sidewalk, shooting past where he had been and taking out his bike, and breakfast, in its hurled flight.

"Son of a bitch!" he snapped, then frowned in the direction of the commotion, "This'd better be a good story," he huffed, then took off running in the direction of the chaos. People continued to push past him, only some looking at him and telling him he was going the wrong way. A few grabbed him, shook him, tried to smack sense into him, but he just twisted out of their hold and pressed on to the heat of the battle. He swung his backpack in front of him, wearing it backward, across his front, so he could dig in and pull out his camera. Like hell was he wasting a scene like this on his dinky little phone camera. He didn't care what his boss told him about the high-tech thing. There was no way a three-by-five-inch brick of tech could capture a crisp enough image to properly depict the scene playing out, no matter how 'advanced' it was.

Once the camera was in hand, Lilian threw his backpack back over his shoulders and rushed to the nearest building, throwing the strap of the bulky object over his head before throwing himself at the raised ladder of a fire escape. Wriggling for a moment, he quickly pulled himself up to grab at the rungs, eventually getting to where he had a foothold and continuing from there. Within minutes, Lilian was atop the building, looking over the street below with the perfect aerial view of the battle taking place below.

Lilian Maurice Amie

Li, Li-li, Lilly, Shorty, Shrimp, Tiny, Strawberry Shortcake, Bubblegum Bitch, Grumpy, Grumplestiltskin

“How do you know you’re not the villain in someone else’s story?”


25 ─ April 6th

M ─ Demiguy ─ He/They

4’10” ─ 92 lbs ─ AB-

Lawful Neutral


Lilian, known affectionately as Li, appears significantly younger than his true age. With his youthful features and petite stature, he is often carded when attempting to purchase alcohol or attend R-rated films. His wild, fluffy hair falls in loose waves around his face, an unusual yet striking mix of pink rose and dull brown hues that complement his deep and warm, freckled complexion. Li's most distinctive features are his piercing scarlet eyes, which possess rectangular pupils reminiscent of a goat's. These eyes peer out from beneath constantly furrowed brows, giving Li an almost perpetual frown that lends him an aura of disapproval, though his close friends know this simply to be his resting expression.

Li's long, pointed ears poke out to the sides, tufted with brown fur at the tips and decorated with an assortment of shiny piercings along their length. Sprouting from his hairline are two ivory horns, their smooth surfaces catching the light as they angle sharply backwards. Li is rarely seen without an oversized, cozy sweater, which serves to hide the fluffy pink tail emerging above his backside. His casual style typically consists of soft, loosely fitted tees in pastel hues or sporting obscure graphic designs. With his gentle eyes, babyface, and sweater paws, Li appears the picture of innocence, belying his true feisty spirit and maturity.


Observant ─ Determined ─ ConsiderateObsessive ─ Oblivious ─ Cynical

Beneath Li's tough, no-nonsense exterior lies a tender heart longing to be understood. Though he may initially come across as overly serious and blunt, a closer look reveals flickers of playfulness and wit. His sarcastic quips are not intended to be cruel, but rather serve as an intellectual challenge to those around him. Li simply has a different style of relating that values stimulating banter over casual small talk. He is intensely driven and goal-oriented, barreling towards his ambitions with a single-minded focus that can seem insensitive at times. However, this is not due to a lack of empathy, but rather Li's extreme passion and conviction. He forges his own path, undeterred by obstacles or naysayers. While this strong sense of self can make him appear stubborn, it also gives Li an admirable resilience. For those patient and perceptive enough to look beyond the thorns, they'll find a warm, affectionate man who deeply craves meaningful connection. Underneath his prickly protection, Li has a tremendous capacity for loyalty, love and laughter.

Demisexual ─ Demiromantic ─ Polyamorous

Photography ─ Writing ─ Specialty Soda ─ Exotic Candy

Social Settings ─ Manual Labor ─ Humans ─ Himself


Some College

Photography ─ Writing ─ Baking ─ Sewing ─ Charcoal Drawing ─ Sculplting

Parkour ─ Parkour is a discipline that allows Lilian to traverse his environment in unconventional ways, climbing up buildings and other structures with speed and agility. Using his powerful upper body strength and keen sense of balance, he is able to leap between platforms at dizzying heights, grabbing onto ledges and piping to swing himself upwards. He can also drop down from great heights, rolling to disperse the impact. This grants him access to areas that would normally be unreachable on foot. His mastery of parkour enables him to overcome physical obstacles in his path by vaulting over barriers, jumping across rooftops, and finding creative workarounds. With focused determination and courage, Lilian propels his body through the urban landscape, demonstrating human capability and reinventing movement.

Kickboxing ─ Lilian's kickboxing skills make him a formidable opponent in hand-to-hand combat. Having trained in kickboxing since age 15, he has honed his punching and kicking techniques to a razor's edge. His hands and feet are registered as lethal weapons, able to unleash devastating blows. When he throws a punch, his whole body rotates to deliver maximum force. His roundhouse kick can smash ribs and knock out cold. He maintains perfect balance and coordination when fighting, keeping his stance wide and low while smoothly dancing around attacks. His agility allows him to both evade and aggressively counter maneuvers. Combining brute strength with technical prowess, Lilian's kickboxing mastery gives him a decided edge over those unwise enough to challenge him.

Resilience ─ Though never officially tested, Lilian seems to possess superhuman resilience against pain, injury, illness and all manner of physical harm. He has an abnormally high pain tolerance, able to shake off hits and blows that would incapacitate normal men. Throughout his life, cuts and scrapes have healed rapidly with little lasting damage. He never seems to catch common illnesses, displaying a robust immune system. Even severe injuries like fractures and deep lacerations heal cleanly for him. His body rejects toxins and pathogens that would sicken most. He can go days without sleep or proper nutrition while maintaining peak performance. This resilience allows him to endure situations that would break down others. It's as if his body was designed to take punishment and bounce back stronger than ever. His innate toughness makes him a survivor.

Eidetic Memory ─ Lilian's eidetic memory allows him to vividly recall images, sounds, or objects in precise detail after only a brief exposure. For example, if Lilian glanced at a page in a book for just a few seconds, he could then recite the entire page word-for-word, as if the text was right in front of him. Unlike ordinary memory, his eidetic recollection does not fade over time and does not require the use of memory techniques. Anything Lilian sees or hears is indelibly etched into his mind.

Hyper-perception ─ This ability enables Lilian to instantly notice even the smallest details in his surroundings. Combined with his eidetic memory, Lilian's hyper-perception allows him to take a mental "snapshot" of a scene and later recall every minute aspect - from the number and colors of hats people were wearing, to the titles of books on a shelf, to even the subtle changes in someone's facial expression. Moreover, Lilian's hyper-perception gives him profound emotional intelligence and empathy, as he can read people's moods and feelings from the most fleeting microexpressions. In this way, Lilian has an unparalleled understanding of others' emotional states.


Parkour ─ While Lilian's parkour abilities grant him impressive mobility and access, there are situations where they fall short. As remarkable as his upper body strength is, there are limits to how far he can jump and climb, especially given his short stature. Precise landings after long leaps can be difficult. Slick or unstable surfaces may not provide enough grip for his parkour techniques. Sheer glass walls offer no handholds. Attempting parkour while injured or encumbered reduces his capabilities. Inclement weather like rain or snow also hinders mobility. Additionally, while his skills help him overcome physical obstacles, they don't aid with obstacles like locked doors, security systems, or armed guards. Mastery of parkour alone is not enough to guarantee access everywhere.

Kickboxing ─ Though a fearsome kickboxer, Lilian struggles against armed or armored opponents. Kickboxing is designed for unarmed combat, so weapons like knives, batons or guns give opponents an edge he lacks. Armored foes can withstand his strikes more easily. Multiple combatants can surround and overwhelm him. Furthermore, areas with limited space prevent him from properly maneuvering or employing kicks and acrobatic techniques. If an injury hampers his mobility in any way, his kickboxing skills suffer. While formidable on his feet, Lilian is outmatched on the ground, with minimal grappling skill. Finally, non-human threats like robots, mechanized suits, or animals may not be affected by kickboxing techniques designed for human anatomy.

Resilience ─ Lilian's resilience, while extraordinary, is not limitless. Sufficient trauma can still overwhelm his pain tolerance and injure him. Extreme environments like arctic cold, scorching heat, or radiation can tax even his robust physiology. Diseases tailored to target his genetics could potentially sicken him. Given time, even his wounds do not heal instantly, and serious injuries may still leave lasting damage if not treated properly. His stamina, while superhuman, depletes if pushed to the brink, requiring rest and sustenance to recover. Powerful sedatives or toxins concentrated or delivered in large doses might still incapacitate him. And resilience does not make him immortal - likely even he can be killed by catastrophic damage. So while his toughness is leagues beyond normal men, Lilian's body remains flesh and blood, with finite limits against the harshest threats.

Eidetic Memory ─ His eidetic memory, grants him flawless recollection of anything he has observed, even if just briefly. However, this does not necessarily mean Lilian understands or can make sense of everything he remembers. His memory is like a camera recording events without any interpretation or analysis. Without critical thinking skills to make inferences or draw connections, Lilian's eidetic memory has gaps in comprehension. Furthermore, while he can recite information verbatim, this does not equate to mastery or deep knowledge. Lilian may remember facts, images, and sounds perfectly, but he lacks the contextual framework to apply them meaningfully. His memory is also vulnerable to intentional manipulation and misdirection. A skilled deceiver could feed Lilian false information that he would then recall as fact.

Hyper-perception ─ Lilian's hyper-perception allows him to notice minute details that most people overlook. While this does indeed grant him profound emotional intelligence, as he can discern subtle cues in body language and microexpressions, his hyper-perception does not automatically confer emotional wisdom. Lilian may correctly identify someone's fleeting expressions of anxiety, anger, or distress, yet not understand the underlying reasons or meaning. He risks misinterpreting signals without the empathy and life experience to make accurate assessments. Hyper-perception also carries the danger of sensory overload. Noticing every little visual and auditory detail, no matter how small, could overwhelm Lilian's cognitive processing. Moreover, his profound sensitivity to external cues may distract from internal emotional awareness. Lilian's hyper-perception turns outward, when emotional growth also requires looking inward.

Narcolepsy ─ Lilian's narcolepsy is a significant weakness that causes him to become suddenly and uncontrollably drowsy throughout the day. He is prone to falling asleep at the most inopportune times, often passing out abruptly in the middle of activities. This can lead to potentially dangerous situations, like dozing off while cooking, driving, or even mid-conversation. More embarrassingly, he is known to fall asleep on public transit and even in the arms of someone carrying him. His narcolepsy makes it difficult for him to stay alert and focused for long periods. He must be vigilant about getting proper rest at night to mitigate daytime sleep attacks, though episodes are still unpredictable. Overall, Lilian's narcolepsy makes normal daily functioning a challenge.

Petite ─ Lilian's small, petite size puts him at a major disadvantage physically. His lack of height and weight makes him an easy target to overpower or even carry off against his will. His limited strength also hinders him in hand-to-hand situations, despite his kickboxing skills. Simple tasks requiring reach or heavy lifting are more difficult for Lilian. His small stature can also impede his parkour abilities, making it harder to jump across gaps or reach high ledges. On top of that, poor nutrition has left Lilian underweight and bony, with minimal muscle or fat to give his hits more force. Overall, Lilian's petite size significantly limits his physical abilities in almost every domain, from fighting to movement to lifting strength.

Mental Ill ─ Lilian suffers from several mental health issues stemming from childhood bullying and trauma. Having his childhood hero turn villain right before his eyes was an emotionally devastating experience. This, paired with losing his best friend during that traumatic time, led to lasting psychological damage. Today, Lilian deals with anxiety, depression, and complex PTSD. He experiences distressing flashbacks to that pivotal traumatic moment. Dissociative episodes cause him to mentally detach from his surroundings for periods of time. Overall, the mental and emotional fallout from Lilian's childhood trauma continues to negatively impact his functioning and wellbeing. Though counseling and medication help manage his symptoms, his mental illnesses remain ongoing challenges he must cope with daily.

Darkness ─ Small Spaces ─ Fire ─ Abandonment

He’s allergic to most nuts, pet dander, and aspirin; His family and friends are everything to him and if he can’t fight to protect them, he’ll surrender to spare them; He’s a sucker for free food and will agree to almost anything if it means a good meal; Gentle touches to his ears, tail, and back render him mush, and he may even purr


It’s...Complicated...? Very much crushing on both a hero and a villain, and has been for a while now.

Édouard Aime ─ Father ─ Close
Jingyi “Jinny” Aime ─ Mother ─ Close
Allyn Aime ─ Brother ─ Close; Deceased
Madeline “Deline” Aime ─ Sister ─ Distanced
Jessica “Sika” Aime ─ Sister ─ Distanced
Hal Roberts ─ Direct Supervisor ─ Altercative
Dean Malcolm ─ Head Supervisor ─ Fair
Dr. Cameron Woodword ─ Therapist ─ Altercative

"Trueheart" ─ Childhood Hero ─ Broken
Marcellus Dubois ─ Ex-Best Friend ─ Broken
Travis Hunter ─ Ex-Boyfriend ─ Toxic
Joshua Halbert ─ Competative Co-Worker ─ Noxious
Monica Miller ─ Landlandy ─ Rocky

Word of the Willow ─ A daily article website featuring news, blogs, and even webcomics ─ Field reporter and Columnist specializing in numan-related public displays, namely battles between supers


Lilian grew up in Montreal, Quebec as the second oldest of four children in a household with French-Canadian and Chinese heritage. He lived a typical childhood, spending much of his time with his neighbor and best friend Marcellus. The two bonded over their shared obsession with the local superhero Trueheart, who protected Montreal from various villains. However, their boyhood dreams were destroyed when Trueheart one day suddenly slid to the darker end of the Grey Scale, plunging the city into chaos and becoming its most fearsome villain. This betrayal sparked a tragic falling out between Lilian and Marcellus, driving a wedge between the once-inseparable friends. Already dealing with the loss of his older brother Allyn years prior to a supervillain attack, the combined betrayal of his childhood hero and best friend left Lilian feeling isolated. After graduating college, with his two younger sisters having moved to Paris to start a fashion empire, Lilian decided to make a fresh start. He relocated to the city of Wilacrik in the United States, found an affordable apartment, and secured a writing job at a local news website thanks to glowing references from his college internship. Now settled into his new life far from Montreal, Lilian keeps his past private, revealing little beyond basic details. Instead, he spends his days rushing into danger to be the first to cover numan battles, driven by his desire for the best story...as...well as his fascination with a certain hero and villain duo.

The Grey Scale

Dr. Malcolm Grey revolutionized moral philosophy with his seminal concept of the "Grey Scale," first introduced in his groundbreaking 1948 article, "Beyond Black and White: Embracing the Spectrum of Humanity." Grey challenged the prevailing tendency to divide people into simplistic categories of "good" and "evil" by proposing that all human beings exist along a nuanced spectrum of light and dark shades of gray. According to Grey's framework, no one is a paragon of pure virtue or vice; we are complex, multifaceted beings with both positive and negative qualities. Our seemingly "good" actions may stem from selfish motivations, while those who commit horrific acts are not doomed to eternal darkness, but with compassion have potential for redemption.

Grey rejected the notion that so-called "villains" deserve blanket condemnation or "heroes" universal adulation. Instead, he advocated recognizing the nuance of individual circumstances when assessing one's character. A wealthy philanthropist may appear saintly but exploit others behind closed doors, while a thief may steal out of desperation rather than malice. Grey maintained that even those who stray far into darkness are not beyond hope; with understanding and an awakening of conscience, they may yet walk back into the light. Likewise, those hailed as moral exemplars have flaws and complex motivations obscured beneath their shining façade.

By embracing the full spectrum between light and dark, Grey argued we could develop more humane, restorative systems of justice focused on rehabilitation rather than punishment. His novel framework sparked productive debates about the roots of human behavior and continues to influence moral philosophy today. Though imperfect beings, we all have light within us, even if at times it is obscured by the darkness of ignorance, fear, trauma, or despair. The "Grey Scale" compels us to seek the glimmers of hope and moral awakening within others, rather than writing them off as irredeemable. Grey's insights remain relevant as we struggle to embrace the diversity of humanity while upholding justice.

The Department of Numan Conduct and Control (DNCC) is an important governmental agency that was established in 1923 in response to the rise of super-powered individuals, known as "numans", who began taking on the roles of heroes and villains. As these numans started intervening in matters of public safety and law enforcement across the country and world, the need arose for an organization to regulate their activities. The DNCC was created to fulfill this purpose by bringing order and oversight to the world of numans.

Specifically, the DNCC aims to promote peace and cooperation among numans while also protecting the general public. The agency maintains a registry of all active numan heroes and provides support services to assist them in their duties, such as funding, equipment, training facilities, insurance, and secret identity protection. This allows heroes to focus on keeping people safe rather than worrying about logistics. The DNCC also constructs specialized detention facilities to hold villainous numans who break laws and threaten society. Additionally, they administer a justice system for determining how to handle detained villains and other legal issues arising from numan conflicts. The goal is to enable heroes to apprehend criminals with minimal collateral damage.

Through public funding and taxes, the DNCC is able to offer competitive salaries, benefits packages, and relocation services to registered heroes. If a hero's secret identity is ever compromised, the DNCC steps in quickly to re-establish the hero with a new civilian and superhero identity for their safety. This comprehensive support system allows heroes to serve and protect the public good without putting undue burdens on themselves. Overall, the DNCC provides vital regulation and assistance to the world of numans that enables these super-powered beings to use their abilities responsibly for the benefit of all.

A fairly recent addition to the numan classification are the outlanders, individuals who hail from other worlds and dimensions entirely outside of Earth. While the outlanders consist of various exotic beings like aliens, angels, demons, and deities, and are grouped together under the numan umbrella, they are quite distinct from other numan subgroups like metahumans, transmutes, and proxies. Previously, these supernatural entities were lumped in with metahumans despite their lack of a metagene. However, a movement was made to acknowledge the key differences between metahumans and beings from other planes of existence.

Much like metahumans who are born with their abilities, outlanders have innate powers and physiology tied to their homeworlds and dimensions. This includes traits like having wings, horns, multiple arms, unusual skin tones, the ability to manipulate magic, and more. Additionally, many outlanders have lifespans far beyond normal humans and some are even ageless or immortal. With such fantastic traits, outlanders stand apart from Earthly numans.

Despite their incredible capabilities, outlanders are the rarest type of numan, as most prefer to avoid interacting with humankind due to humanity's long history of prejudice, fear, and violence towards those seen as “other." Outlanders have faced persecution in the past when discovered and many remain wary of revealing themselves to human society. However, a small but growing number are cautiously engaging with the modern world. As outlanders become more integrated into human civilization, they continue to push the boundaries of what it means to be numan.

Proxies are a unique subclass of numans who possess supernatural abilities not inherently their own. Unlike innate numans who are born with powers, proxies gain their abilities from an external source that can be taken away, such as a mystical weapon, a totem, or possession by a supernatural entity. Though proxies are primarily humans who were born normal, the term can also apply to transmutes, numans, and even once-normal animals that have been granted powers in this manner.

A human who stumbled upon an enchanted sword, for instance, could gain formidable battle skills and strength from the artifact but lose these boons if disarmed. The abilities are not innate but drawn from the external object. Likewise, an ordinary hawk possessed by the spirit of a shape-shifting trickster could gain the power to transform into human form and back for as long as the spirit resides within. In some traditions, shamans and mediums channel deities or ancestors, acting as proxies for their wisdom and arcane gifts. As conduits for these external forces, proxies walk a fine line between empowerment and vulnerability. Their supernatural talents are only borrowed, not born from within. With the source removed, the abilities vanish. Nevertheless, proxy status grants these ordinary beings access to extraordinary feats they could not achieve alone - at least for a time. Though their powers are not permanently their own, proxies experience what it means to exceed their innate limits and tap into mythic realms beyond.

Transmutes, colloquially known as "T-MUs" and pronounced "tee-mews", are a subclass of numans who gained their abilities not through natural evolution but rather through artificial means. They differ from metahumans in that their powers were not inborn but rather bestowed later in life, usually through some sort of outside intervention. The most common origins of transmutes are scientific experimentation, accidental exposure to strange compounds or radiation, and purposeful self-alteration. Transmutes can originate from humans, animals, or even metahumans. Based on their original form, transmutes are categorized as either Hu-MUs (human-origin), Me-MUs (meta-origin), or Be-MUs (animal-origin). Hu-MUs and Me-MUs tend to be more varied in their abilities, which are often geared towards utility, whereas Be-MUs usually exhibit enhanced versions of their original animal traits as well as the possibility of higher sentience. However, transmutes of all types can possess a wide range of powers. The transformation process is unpredictable and abilities, as well as physical mutations, manifest differently in each individual. While less common than metahumans, transmutes are still abundant due to the many possible methods of their creation. Some seek out the change willingly, while others are altered against their will. Regardless of origin, all transmutes must adapt to their newfound gifts and find their place in the larger numan social order.


Hu-MUs, or “Human Mutants", refer to a unique subclass of transmuted beings who were originally ordinary humans that underwent genetic alterations, granting them extraordinary abilities and often radical physical mutations. While "transmute" is an umbrella term for any human or creature that has been mutated from their natural state, Hu-MUs specifically denote those that began as regular homo sapiens before undergoing their metamorphosis. The origins of individual Hu-MUs are widely varied - some were accidentally exposed to radioactive compounds or hazardous materials while others were subjects of unethical scientific experimentation. The resulting transformations display a stunning range, from subtle enhancements to dramatic physical changes. Their newfound powers and radically altered bodies set Hu-MUs apart from mainstream humanity, leading to fear, prejudice, and the formation of a distinct subculture of their own kind.


Me-MUs, or "Meta Mutants", are a unique subclass of transmutes who have undergone additional physical and mental transformations beyond their innate metahuman mutations. As their name implies, Me-MUs start out as metahumans, born with extraordinary abilities and physical features that set them apart from ordinary humans. However, through exposure to experimental chemical compounds or scientific procedures, Me-MUs experience further dramatic mutations that amplify their powers.


Be-MUs, or “Beast Mutants”, are a fascinating subclass of transmutes - animals who have undergone radical mutations and transformations as a result of exposure to mysterious chemical compounds or experimental scientific procedures. Rather than perishing from the mutagenic effects, these creatures have not only survived but evolved in extraordinary ways. While Be-MUs originated as ordinary animals like dogs, cats, mice, or even insects or fish, they now exhibit an astounding array of abilities and often extreme physical mutations. Their intellect and consciousness have likewise expanded dramatically, with many Be-MUs possessing human or even superior reasoning and problem-solving skills. Just as their bodies have been altered in unpredictable ways, their minds have also made the leap to higher sentience. Be-MUs straddle the line between animal and human, combining the instincts and raw power of their primal origins with sapient contemplation and self-awareness. Once mundane pets or wildlife, they are now fantastical creatures with the potential to change the world. Whether they are peaceful or hostile, Be-MUs represent the next phase of evolution, a glimpse of the incredible possibilities that emerge when science tinkers with the foundations of life itself.

Metahumans are a special class of numan born with extraordinary abilities and powers due to a very rare, double recessive trait called the “Metagene." While they appear mostly human, metahumans may exhibit minor physical mutations such as unusual hair, eye, and skin colors, as well as variations in the structure of their eyes, ears, teeth, nails, and more. The Metagene allows their bodies to evolve and adapt in incredible ways, granting them superhuman powers like flight, super-strength, telepathy, elemental manipulation, shapeshifting, and more.

Overall, metahumans represent the next stage in human evolution. Their numbers remain small, but they play an outsized role in society as both superheroes and supervillains. Feared and revered, metahumans walk among normal humans while possessing uncanny traits and talents, showcasing the remarkable potential of the human genome. Whether using their gifts for good or ill, metahumans have become an iconic part of the modern world.

The metahumans of the world are divided into three distinct castes that exhibit varying degrees of human and monster-like traits.

- • - • - • -

Caste A

Caste A metahumans appear mostly human, with perhaps only subtle variations like oddly-colored eyes or hair to set them apart. Though they blend in easily with normal humans, traces of their metahuman heritage can be glimpsed in these subtle features.

Caste B

Caste B metahumans exhibit more pronounced physical differences that mark them as distinct from standard humans. They frequently have unusual hair, eye and skin colors, and may have variations in eye shape or structure. Elongated ears, animalistic teeth and claws, tails, spines, or even wings are common mutations among this group. Though still bipedal, Caste B metahumans have a more exotic, otherworldly appearance that evokes mythological beings.

Caste C

Caste C consists of the most monstrous metahumans, often referred to as “beasts." This group includes orc- and goblin-like beings with hulking bodies, tusks, and coarse features that appear far removed from ordinary humanity. Caste C represents a heavy concentration of animal DNA that manifests in a creature barely humanoid in form. These intimidating metahumans with fierce visages inspire unease in normal humans. Though the most inhuman in appearance, Caste C metahumans possess the same inner emotional life and intelligence as the other castes.

- • - • - • -

Together, the three metahuman castes demonstrate a spectrum of human-monster hybridization. While Caste A could pass as human, Caste C is fully embraced as monster. Caste B lies between, exhibiting an alluring mix of human and animal traits. Despite external differences, all three castes share an inner personhood that longs for understanding and community.
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