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Sometimes I ask myself if I play too much D&D. Then I laugh.
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Chewing bones like a scrappy dog
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Damn that slippery bastard!

Cricket did his best to fly in that awkward space between treetops and the fresh undergrowth, but he was hardly precise enough of a flier to do so successfully. Instead, he crashed into the undergrowth and stumbled to his feet. The plant cover lessened his embarrassment.

Branches and vines clawed at Cricket’s carapace as he ran. He was thankful for its protection. His face twisted into a grimace at the familiar burn of running stung his legs. This was the worst part about fighting crime early in the morning. It was honestly a big part of why he did his workout so early. Most villains had the courtesy to wait until a more reasonable time.

Gamma-Burn was not one of those villains.

Cricket caught a glimpse of his enemy taking a pause… but the tree cover made it impossible to see why. He willed his burning limbs to go faster. Then a wave of radioactive heat crashed into him. Cricket stumbled and leaned heavily on a tree. His face twisted into a grimace. Gamma-Burn was close but there was little Cricket could do about it with that heat between them.

The figure of Gamma-Burn disappeared a minute later and it took much of the heat with it. Cricket pushed forward, though sweat bubbled up under his carapace. When he came into the clearing, he stopped at the splatter of blood on the ground. Odd. There should not have been anyone out here to lose this blood. It was not as if Cricket had harmed Gamma-Burn. His gaze darted about, looking for signs of the victim… but whoever it was must have been vaporized or otherwise disposed of by the heat. Heat that Cricket decidedly did not want to stay around–


Cricket jumped and looked towards the source of the noise. ”What the fuck?!”

Cricket’s gaze trailed around the rooftops. Maybe Gamma-Burn had ended up on one of those and had thrown something as a distraction? That seemed a bit odd for him though. Not to mention, Cricket was unsure if Gamma-Burn was strong enough for that. Then he spotted the man who had thrown it.

7:22 AM: Save the idiot who came in here.

Time moved in slow motion as Cricket’s wings unfolded. He leapt into the air and drove forward with reckless abandon. He knew damn well it would be hard to slow himself down but he did not have the time to worry about it. Cricket’s eyes narrowed and his lips pulled back into a frustrated scowl. Whoever the hell was here was a real dumbass. It was a miracle that whoever it was had not melted from the radiation heat, nor collapsed from the radiation itself.

Cricket met the goat-eared man halfway down the slowly melting building. He wrapped his arms around the stranger to protect him as much as possible from the impact. Cricket only had seconds to turn himself midair as he smashed into the building. Luckily, he had mostly hit a window, but stone joined the shards of glass that sprayed into the floor inside. Cricket ate most of the impact with his shoulder and back, protecting the little reporter.

There was no time to stop. He could feel the building warping around them both.

”Hold on tight!”

Cricket dashed forward, smashing through or leaping over desks and office equipment. His gaze darted to the poor fools who had not been able to make it out of the building before being thoroughly radiation cooked. The building started to bend, making his dash all the more slippery. With one mighty leap, Cricket drove his shoulder through the opposite window. Glass sprayed outwards as he flew into the air. He hoped and prayed that his body had protected the small goat man from harm.
@Rabbitconfusion Approved.
Cricket’s gaze followed the fallen blade. Odd… Maybe it had been a distraction? Gamma-Burn had never done something like that before. Cricket could almost swear he heard coughing. Wheezing. But it must have been the gas mask muffling words. Gamma-Burn was impenetrable. It’s not like someone like that would come to do crime while… what? Having a cold?.

Cricket braced himself to handle his foe the moment he saw Gamma-Burn’s charge. He had not expected Gamma-Burn to be so direct. Usually, Cricket had to chase down this atomic pain in the ass. Not that chasing Gamma-Burn went well typically. Multiple failed chases were a PR nightmare in the past. Luckily, most of the time, there weren’t many people around to see that failure.

7:21 AM: Get embarrassed by enemy.

When Gamma-Burn got close, Cricket lunged forward. He swung his horn, anticipating being met with a blade. Instead, he met air. Cricket stumbled several steps. There was weight on his elytra. Then heat, scorched straight into his carapace. He was lucky it only marred his carapace. Cricket tried to grab at his foe but his reaction time was far too slow. The weight disappeared in an instant.

”Damn it! Hold still!”

Cricket spun around and spread his wings. His body groaned with the reminder of his intense workout. He pushed it regardless, leaping to the air. He was far slower than his prey but that did not stop him. Cricket’s gaze darted around before it landed on the base of the branch Gamma-Burn was about to land on. With a wave of his hand, he sent a swathe of bugs up the tree. Cockroaches and termites swarmed, gnawing at the branch en mass. If the falling limb did not stop Gamma-Burn, Cricket hoped it would slow him. A long enough distraction was all Cricket needed.

”You’re making this more difficult than it needs to be!”
@Rabbitconfusion That all sounds good to me! Go ahead and work that into the character sheet. When it is done, shoot it here so I can confirm it.
@Rabbitconfusion I'm a big fan of her, but I have a concern about her motivation. While it is not necessarily a bad thing to not have one, I would love to see why the character does not have one. Finding a motivation is still good motivation, even if that's not what the character realizes they're doing.

Also, I like shapeshifting as a power, but I am unsure about how it relates to intuition. I think we should keep it if you want to, but I would love to hear your reasoning!
@JewelSerket sorry to post three times in a row. If you have any feedback on my character sheet I’d appreciate it so I can work on fixing it today in between college assignments (would help me keep sane during finals).
If you’re busy tho there is no rush lol.

Hi! You're all good. I got a biiiit hyper focused on a different rp so I was more focused on that this morning. I'm taking a look at your sheet now!
7:20 AM: Man, it is too early for this.

Cricket glanced up at the dancing roots and darting branches. A scowl spread across his lips. At least this answered his questions quickly… Cricket stepped over shattered pavement. He knew by now that the people in that building were already fucked. The radiation dust was already doing a number on the wildlife, not to mention whatever rare straggler did not make it out fast enough. He briefly debated going to the top of that building and saving whoever he could… but that would be a waste of time.

With each step, a new wave of beetles joined him at his feet. They took to the dying rats and pigeons with an eagerness only found in animals. Cricket gritted his teeth. His advisor at the DNCC made it clear that the Infestation having a snack, even on non-human beings, was questionable at best for his reputation. Cricket was thankful no one was around to see them. No one living at least…

It was crazed scum like this that kill the innocent. He doubted his foe had thought much about the people inside that building. It made Cricket sick to think about. When the figure of his enemy appeared through the dust, Cricket’s lip curled back in disgust.

“Gamma-Burn,” Cricket spat. “I’ll give you one chance to turn yourself in right now. I don’t want to have to apprehend you by force.”

Cricket’s eyes trained on that blade. He already dropped into a defensive stance, not waiting on Gamma-Burn’s answer. He knew what it would be without hearing it. His wings spread, making the already large man look even larger. In the cloud of dust, it was difficult to make out more than the iridescent glow of his carapace and the shadow of his figure.
Beep. Beep. Beep.

5 AM: Gym

Cricket stared up at the ceiling in the dark for a long moment. The alarm had been set to get him up more than it had been set to wake him. Deep breath… Cricket leapt to his feet and snatched his gym bag from the ground beside him. He had prepared it the night before so he would not have to think too hard in the morning. With a yawn, Cricket tossed the bag over his bare shoulder and stepped into the only other room of his apartment.

In the dim twilight, most of the details in the room faded away. It was a kitchen and living room combined. Cricket clicked on a small lamp as he moved by the kitchen counter. He plunked the bag down by the front door, then went back to dig in his fridge.

Pre-Workout. Check. Post-Workout. Check. Morning Protein Shake. Check.

Cricket briefly pondered the fact that he should buy more actual food. There was very little in the fridge that was not related to his workout. He pulled out his drinks and tossed the Pre and Post workout into a lunchbox to keep them cool. The protein shake was enough to keep Cricket awake as he dragged himself back to his bedroom to get dressed.

A sweater to counter the morning chill. Comfortable pants that would be easy to move in. Today was leg day, after all.

Cricket tossed his protein shake into the sink. It clattered around with several other shakers. He told himself that he would be back before he went to the station later, so he had plenty of time to clean the shakers then. Cricket pretended to believe himself as he moved to the staircase of his building. Always good to start the morning off with movement!

6:30 AM: Run through the Park

Cricket struggled for breath. He had long since tied his sweater around his waist, but sweat stained the front and back of the gray long sleeve he wore underneath. Cricket dreamed of a day when running became easier for him. He had been making this run for over a year now and had only just recently managed to make it all the way around the park without stopping.

Can’t stop yet, though. Workout ends at 7. Move, you weak ass bitch.

Cricket shook his head and patted his cheeks. Who cares about weak lungs!? There’s only one way to improve endurance and it is not to give up! Thirty more minutes. Cricket pushed himself to keep going, despite his inability to breathe. If he did not have to move, the breathing would be a problem. But that would defeat the point of the workout.

When he finished, Cricket collapsed behind a large pile of rocks. He laid in the dirt and closed his eyes. Little buggy bodies crawled up onto him, drinking his sweat and soothing his exhaustion. They were cute, if not a bit itchy. Cricket cracked open an eye so that, when he lifted a beetle into his vision, he could look into its tiny face.


7:15 AM: Visit the Station

Cricket, carrying the little, black beetle on his shoulder, strode through the city. He was later than he would have liked. Sure, he had no idea if they would have work for him at the station, but it still felt wrong to not get there at 7 on the dot. It was entirely his fault for working out up until 7. He had meant to run to the station after his run around the park but he had gotten too caught up in the cool morning air.

He was about halfway to the fire station by 7:15. Cricket wanted to push his burning legs faster but he knew better than to push himself to collapse again. What if he was needed on the spot? Cricket simply could not afford to pass out.

A crash from down the street caught Cricket’s attention. Followed by a howling scream. Shit… Why did he have to jinx it? Cricket glanced around before he found a suitable alleyway. He slipped behind a dumpster and tossed his gym bag, sweatshirt, and post-workout against the wall. With any luck, nobody would find those. If they did… he hoped it would at least be someone who needed it.

Cricket gritted his teeth as bugs from the alley swarmed around him. Roaches and flies were not exactly his favorite Infestation companions, but their energy gave him what he needed. A dull, throbbing pain shot through Cricket as his body grew and morphed. Carapace slid down his limbs in armored plates. His shell sprouted out around his shoulders. Chitinous shell weighed down Cricket’s head, though the horn did little to help the overbearing weight of it. Cricket let out a shuddering breath.

7:19 AM: Handle the Asshole who made this morning more difficult

Cricket whipped around the corner and ran as fast as his weighted body could manage. The crowd parted for him, well aware of his role as a hero. He did not mind their caution. It meant he did not accidentally body slam someone to the ground. With a burst of energy fueled by the bugs that crawled in and under his chitin, both metaphorically and literally, Cricket leapt around the corner and into the street where the action was happening.

Cricket Carvid

King Stag, Stag Knight

“I’ve always liked the feeling of dirt between my toes. The smell of ozone in the air. Maybe people are just too loud for me.”


24 ─ January 20th

F ─ TransMasc ─ He/Him

6’5” ─ 267 lbs ─ Blood type:B and riddled with bug eggs

Neutral Good


Cricket in his civilian persona is a tall, buff man. He goes to the gym daily and you can tell. His hair is short on the top and shaved on the sides. It is usually a soft, blondish-brown but he is known to dye streaks of green into it. His nose is quite large and has been broken twice throughout his life. His eyebrows are bushy. His ears are pierced in several places. Cricket regularly smokes, so he stinks of cigarettes and, occasionally, alcohol. His voice is gruff and scarred with his smoking addiction.
Cricket wears oversized hoodies and sweatpants to hide as much of his body as possible. They are usually some shade of green, gray, or black. He hides his body in part because he is self conscious, but also because it covers the scars that run up every part of his body. He is littered in circular scars where bugs have drilled into his flesh. His chest is a mangled, lumpy mess of scar tissue from the same event.

Cricket’s Herosona, King Stag, grows several inches taller and gains a considerable amount of weight. His body gets covered in a thick, iridescent carapace. A large, similarly colored shell forms on his back. Powerful but not so dexterous, orangish-gold beetle wings grow underneath the shell. The carapace grows over his head and creates a sort of helmet. His eyes turn black, developing a bug-like look to them. On his pseudo-helmet is a large, sharp horn. When in this form, all bugs (especially beetles) are attracted to him. Thus, it is not uncommon for bugs to be crawling around on his carapace.


Loyal ─ Honorable ─ SnugglerLoud ─ Secretly Anxious ─ Toxically Masculine – Touch Starved

Cricket has a hard exterior. Sometimes literally. He falls into (often toxic) hypermasculine tropes in a desperate attempt to feel like he’s doing his sexuality “correctly”. That does mean, however, that he is a secret softy with a love for fantasy and cutesy movie dates. He is touch starved, which he often expresses through physical violence (think wrestling with his firefighter buddies or enjoying physical combat more than he probably should because it means he’s feeling the touch of another person). His humor is sarcastic and dry, owing to a sort a spitefulness towards life. His desire for justice could be considered very selfish, given he does it out of a desire to be worth something. This does mean that he fears failure, because it proves to him that he is undeserving of kindness.

Bisexual ─ Biromantic ─ Polyamorous

Beetles ─ Fantasy Stories ─ Big, soft blankets — Rainy Days — Warm, cozy fires

Police ─ Synthetic Clothing ─ Repetitive Noises — Water (Intense fear of/Can’t swim)

“Outrunning Karma” ─ Alec Benjamin


Got to junior year of highschool, then dropped out.

Bug Pinning ─ Hiking ─ Weight Lifting – Knitting

Infestation Form ─ Cricket is capable of using the energy given to him by the Infestation to take on insect aspects. He gains a shell and carapace along his body. These are both incredibly durable and resistant to most forms of physical damage. The form boosts his strength three-fold. Finally, he is capable of producing pheromones which allow him to communicate with insects in the area.
Radiation Immunity ─ Like the mighty roach, Cricket is immune to radiation. This is because his cells are resistant to it, similar to how many beetles handle radiation well. The exception is when he is molting, though that is a rare event for him.
Breath Extension ─ Cricket’s breath capacity is dramatically increased, allowing him to (while doing very little movement) hold his breath for hours at a time. This is because his body is capable of storing large amounts of oxygen and, while inactive, avoid spending it.


Weakness of the Flesh ─ Due to the sheer weight of Beetle form, Cricket’s speed and dexterity are cut considerably. Also, due to how he obtained the form and the strain on his body, if the carapace is broken, his body is incredibly weak. His organs are especially susceptible to puncture due to the large amount of scar tissue.
Radiation Burn ─ While Cricket may resist radiation for extended periods of time, he cannot resist the heat and other external effects radiation may cause. Prolonged exposure softens his carapace and can cause internal effects.
Closed Spiracles ─The way Cricket’s body processes air has been radically changed by the Infestation. It functions very similarly to the spiracles found within bugs, though those spiracles take air from the breathing surface of the lungs. However, to keep that air stored, those spiracles must be closed. Therefore, excessive movement not only expends more air, but also makes it difficult to keep those spiracles closed. As such, Cricket cannot swim without extreme risk of drowning.

Bodies of Water ─ Failure ─ Identity Exposure - Large birds of prey

Easily emotionally manipulated, McCloud, Unfortunate attraction to bright and colorful lights, being made a warm meal (especially soup!), being touched around the neck in any matter, smoking


Single and trying so fucking hard to mingle. But being so god damn terrible at it.

Austin McCloud McCloud was on the team that rescued Cricket from his encounter with the Infestation. He took Cricket in when he did not have a home and got him a job at the firestation.─ Pseudo-Father

Mary and Robert Carvid ─ Cricket has detached himself from his abusive family members. When he was with them, his mother would berate him constantly and actively work to make him behave “Like a proper lady”. His father would physically reprimand him and was the reason he was sent to both conversion therapy and catholic school. ─ Bio-Mother and Father
Ricky Dinerez ─ Ricky is one of the Firefighters at the station who has been there the longest. Cricket, unaware of his toxicity, considers Ricky to be his best friend. Because of it, he brushes off verbal abuse, homophobic behavior, toxic relationship expectations, and even physical bullying. ─ Best Friend from the Station

DNCC ─ After turning in Lady Radiance, Cricket was able to register with the DNCC as a hero.
Fire Fighter─ Cricket still continues to volunteer at the station. Not only is it good work, but it also means he gets in on training and workouts for free. ─ Volunteer


Cricket was born within the city to high class parents. They named him Ruth and raised him to fill the shoes of a traditional housewife, like his mother. He rarely had a chance to leave his home, save for school or to act as a trophy for his parents. When he did, though, he found himself escaping to the park. He would spend hours just digging in the dirt and watching the bugs.
Maybe it was that he always released the poor little things when they were trapped inside. Maybe it was how desperately Cricket fought to save anthills or beehives. Maybe it was the countless scraps of food he would sneak out to the beetles. Whatever it was, Cricket felt deeply connected to their little world. They were the countless friends he never had.
When Cricket got older, he started trying to explore masculinity. His parents pushed him away from that life as much as possible. He was sent to an all-girls catholic school. They told him he needed to fit in the role of a woman or risk ruining his family’s reputation.
Eventually, the abuse became too much. Cricket ran from home with nothing but a bag of clothes and some food. He found himself facing a cruel city with zero experience with real money and human interaction. Unable to pick up a job or find a place to stay, he found himself struggling to survive. As winter came and he still lacked shelter or food, Cricket found himself going to the park more often. It gave solace as he found himself struggling more and more to survive. When he had scraps too moldy to eat, he would offer them to his insectoid friends. It brought some sort of warmth to his freezing, dying self.
Maybe he should have died that harsh winter night. Maybe he should have frozen in the snow or starved to death there and then. Cricket did not starve, though. Instead, something was awakened in and around him. Bugs rose up from the dirt. Hundreds of worms and beetles, wasps and grubs. They crawled into him. Filled his tummy with nutrition for a cost. He could hear them, hungry. In that moment, he and the bugs shared each other. They kept him alive and full for the price of filling them with whatever flesh he could spare. A big part of this came from anywhere he had fat, which meant that much of his chest was simply eaten away.

It was that moment that Cricket realized he could sense them. Understand their feelings, as far as feelings went for bugs. He became one of the swarm, both infested and the infestee. It took him several years to realize just how true ‘the swarm’ and ‘the infestation’ were as titles. It was not one being that gave him power. It was the collective consciousness of the insects.
The bugs were a source of luck in more than one way. They awakened the power in him to take on aspects of insects and to communicate with them, to a limited extent. This communication is much closer to how an ant queen would communicate with her colony. There was one other bit of luck, though. A passerby in the park saw the state he was in and called for an ambulance. When he woke up in the hospital, he was questioned about what happened. His explanation sparked sympathy and he was given a job as a part time firefighter. The pay was not high, but it covered what he needed to pay rent and eat food. It also gave him the opportunity to learn and test his new powers, though he kept them generally secret for fear that they would scare away the first real friends he had ever had.
Cricket also quickly learned that most men at the station did not know about his biological gender. It allowed him to start an entirely new life in the gender he desired… with the constant underlying fear that he will be found out and his life will be ripped out from under him yet again.
The night Cricket decided to take up crime fighting came when he was on the scene of a brutal fire that had consumed a residential building. There had been a string of arson cases which the police had done little to take care of. In the beginning, the fire department handled the fires before anyone was seriously injured. Unfortunately, they could not always be that lucky.
There was a lot that scarred Cricket throughout his life. Abuse and bugs seemed so far away compared to that night. The firemen, himself included, had been delayed because of a car wreck. As a result, most of the building was already consumed by flames when they arrived. There is nothing quite like the image of McCloud, half melted, carrying a woman in his arms who had no right to be alive. Cricket could still smell the burnt hair. He was among the men who went in and carried out whoever they could manage to save.
The fatalities were high. Too high. McCloud never managed to get back into field work. His legs were made practically unusable. When the police chalked it up to an accident, something within Cricket snapped. Some research revealed that all of the buildings previously affected were owned by the same company. That research plus obsessive checking on the last building owned by said company within the city meant Cricket caught the arsonist red handed. Lady Radiance was a firefly villain with fire powers who wanted revenge on the building owners. Cricket later found out about her connection to the Cult of Ground Zero and found a new purpose in hunting that specific group down. The DNCC was more than happy have him join when he revealed his intentions to them.
The capture of Lady Radiance made the news, as it was shocking to see a new hero ending a string of arson and murder. Luckily for him, the transformation made his face unrecognizable, as a layer of chitin acts as a sort of helmet. The attention and his loathing for the failing police system made Cricket realize there was something good he could do for the world. He would not be a failure any more, relying on others for charity. Cricket could actually save people. It became a very unhealthy obsession. When he played the idyllic hero, not only was he doing real good, but he was finally worthwhile.
The role of hero has taken away much of Cricket’s free time. He gets very little social interaction outside of his workplace, which has left his love life in shambles. Cricket has tried dating a few times, but it rarely goes well because of how often he gets called away for work or being a hero.

Honestly the length of that first post is more advanced than casual

Ah! I don't expect people to match that size. I just got a biiiiit excited!
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