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I wanna make rps with cults involved...why? Well why not?

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can i drop a cs sooner or later?
Hebi Mamushi

Hebi slowly rolled around in her bed, groaning. She just got back from some boring student council meeting. That shit is always so uneventful. She lazily played around with her snakes. She loved them so much, her precious little babies. You could say she was rudely interrupted, at least she would say so, as she heard an intruding voice in her head. Sneak with out with Kanako and Yusuke...ugh...it was better than rotting in bed. Also it was a French restaurant and French food is her second favorite...no...third.

She pulled out her Hawkpad, her snakes softly hissing. What did she have Kanako's contact saved as again? She scrolled through, there is was she clicked on 'Mute Chick,' and texted her.

I'll come, but I'm not paying for shit.

@Dragon Arts
Anastasia had little interest in receiving a paycheck. The only items she would spend the money on were ice cream, Hello Kitty merchandise, and more casual clothing. She had discovered a particular style that she wanted to expand her wardrobe with. However, what truly captured her attention was the prospect of retrieving her belongings, especially her jewelry. She desperately longed to have her jewelry back, as they were the only things that provided her with a sense of security. The silver and platinum pieces seemed to ward off the noise in her mind and bring her a semblance of peace.

She whispered, her voice just loud enough to be heard. "At least we're getting our stuff back. It's better than nothing. We should at least be grateful for the little things in this...confinement."

She spotted Gate at the corner of her vision. She'd been acting weird for awhile now. Well, it's better not to pry anyways.
Hebi Mamushi

Hebi flashed Mia a genuine smile this time, someone who finally has a brain, before redirecting her attention to her other representative.

"You missed out on all the excitement," she said with a mischievous grin, returning to gently stroke her snakes. "I'll fill you in later, no need to stoke the fire any further."

Hebi kept a close eye on Rin, observing her discreetly. The Hawks Agency failed miserably at projecting anything other than a brutal and almost psychopathic image. It was unsettling to think that these individuals were authorized to carry firearms. Hebi knew she would have to report this eventually, but for now, it was best to handle it, by herself.
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@Donut Look Now

Basically yes, the inverse for Temperance is Gluttony (in our verse at least) So that'd work!
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<Snipped quote by rexgn>

I haven’t done a group roleplay yet, but I’d be interested in joining if you’re still looking

That'd be great! :)))
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Hebi and her snakes watched Mia with a curious look. She had seen that quirk before; she could have sworn she had. Such a pretty quirk. The flowers reminded her of home When the "Denim" agency was mentioned, which Hebi affectionately called it, she looked on with more curiosity and interest, her hand moved gently over the scales of her snakes as she continued to speak.

"I doubt we need to report this, at least not now. The Best Jeanist Agency would certainly not take kindly to this situation. Let's just focus on getting through the day. We're all exhausted after the Sports Festival. I'm not suggesting we ignore this. There has to be some kind of consequence or repercussion." Hebi's gaze narrowed once again as she looked at Rin, then shifted back to Mia. "Prolonging this will only lead to further complications."

Hebi Mamushi

Location: 1B Homeroom, Eirei Academy, Shibuya, Tokyo Prefecture
Mentions: N/A

Hebi's serpents hissed together, with one of the larger five emitting smoke through its fangs defensively, persisting in loud hisses. She narrowed her eyes at the supposed "Student Advisor, her face etched with disdain and a scowl. With a gesture of her hand, she soothed her snakes before she spoke.

"Setting such a good example already." Hebi spat outwardly, her reptilian eyes locked onto the advisor. "I don't think someone actively threatening the class is fit to be our teacher. I fear for the safety of my peers, alas, might as well continue with the day."

Anastasia sat in her corner sketching in her journal, some newer construct she'd like to put together. Five empty pints of Talenti Salted Caramel Truffle next to her, and an almost empty sixth one in hand. This desert was the only thing keeping her going these days, savoring every last bite as she finished the one in hand. She was about to open her seventh, when Roy walked in with his entourage of personnel.

When asked to go to the couches, Ana sighed before slowly crept to the couch, trying to sit as far away from everyone else as she could. Now opening the seventh pint and starting to eat. Cautiously eyeing Roy and the others sitting in the couches.

"I'd rather stay far away from water in general." She softly whispered.
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