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Traveling for a week, and may not keep up with RPs. Thank you for your patience.
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Been busy and scatterbrained this week, and behind on RPs. Please excuse my delay in posting.
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Got back from a two-week vacation overseas. Give me some time to catch up with RPs. Thank you for your patience!
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Vivian & Sylvia Altissima


At Yang's mention of being vegetarian Vivian giggled, since she had half expected something like this would come up, while Sylvia remained thoughtful. "It is an interesting conundrum. I think as long as you're grateful to the source of your food, the spirits will be appeased. Now let me show you what a lasagna is..."

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After some toiling in the kitchen, dinner was served, and Vivian beamed to see everyone digging in. Talia mentioned bringing food to Ditzy and Neil. Sylvia moved to respond, but a firm hand from Vivian on her shoulder prompted her to slow down. Sylvia didn't know why, but Vivian had her reasons to stop her. In the end, Yang and Bart went to deliver the dinners, while Vivian and Sylvia stayed to oversee the dinner table and listen to the gossip. "I don't disagree with Neil's a opinion that a job's a job," Vivian began, "But if Varjo is becoming such a problem, don't the other nations or cities have a military to deal with it?"

@TootsiePop's character, Lex, is a clone of X-23 (Laura Kinney) who is a female clone of Wolverine, so there's some overlap there.
I am very interested in this rp, I was wondering if i could a super sentai like hero i had form a old rp?

This pleases Shrimp Boy
Vivian & Sylvia Altissima

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"Sure, and we'll try to find out more about Neil if we can, hopefully tonight," Vivian promised Talia, who had kindly offered to continue the work, even in the sisters' absence. Maybe they'll go on a quest again; they couldn't all be so strange as the one they had gone on previously, could they?

Vivian and Sylvia patiently let the curious white creature touch them; most of their plant parts, especially flat parts like the leaves and petals didn't feel pain and regenerated quickly enough, like hair, and it wasn't like the creature was stabbing their flesh or pulling out their roots, so it was fine.

"Ada, you say?" Sylvia replied to the harpies. The way they treated Ada brought up some unsettling questions about the limits of sentience, humanity, and if it was okay to treat someone like a pet, and if the way people treated babies and children was no different, but it was best not to dwell on such topics. But what was most surprising to Sylvia was that she assumed that all monster races were known, barring prehistoric behemoths like the kaiju, but Ada was clearly no kaiju, and rather than being ancient, it almost seemed as if Ada was new life. She had never heard of completely new creatures appearing out of nowhere, which could only leave Sylvia to wonder at Ada's origins.

Then Bart returned and congratulated John on his good work patching up the hole in the wall and requested the sisters to prepare dinner. "Sure thing, boss!" Vivian said enthusiastically as the pair headed to the kitchen, only to be accompanied by a blond fighter, possibly a woman monk. "Greetings! Yang, right? Ozzy's umm...sensei? I'm Vivian, and I'm Sylvia," the liliraune returned the greeting. "I'd welcome the help, honestly, my forte is baking, so I could make a lasagna and a casserole, maybe some fresh bread if people are willing to wait a bit, but not much else."

But if she was a monk, Sylvia wondered if she had any dietary restrictions, like not eating meat or something, which was somewhat absurd to Sylvia, since she was by nature, a carnivorous plant, and the thought of eating plants exclusively for 'moral' reasons seemed to ignore the fact that feeling, sentient plants exist. Or maybe it had something to do with not eating your own kind, like cannibalism. Sylvia decided not to bring it up unless Yang did.

The kitchen was fortunately pretty well stocked up since one of the sisters' chores today had been to head into town for supplies.
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Aw, man. That's a heavy bomb to drop so suddenly. I would have liked the chance to talk this decision over with you, but if you have decided, then I doubt there's much I can do. Just know that what you've been doing is just fine. The idea of not being able to give what this rp 'deserves' shouldn't be a factor; you've given more than I have any right to ask for. Whatever you might think of your work, you will be sorely missed.

Sorry this is so sudden, but there are other factors as well with respect to my personal life (nothing harrowing though). Thank you for appreciating me.

Hey, sorry for missing this post. But I think I'm gonna drop. I've been too distracted to give this RP the attention it deserves.

Maybe Din decides to retire in Lumbridge. Maybe she sees someone she actually knows and stays with them, or just wants to hang out with Menat and live a civilian life, taking care of Linkle's cuccos until she returns. She could relinquish her Storm Eagle spirit to Peach to give to anyone who wants it, and might teleport back to the castle to give the keyblade back to the Master of masters, if that's even possible. Or if anyone really likes Din, feel free to adopt her. Obviously she's not an original character so I don't mind if anyone 'steals' her.

Anyways, sorry for dropping. It's been a fun ride, and you're one of the most dedicated and consistent GM's I've met, and the rest of y'all are great, drama-free fellow players. I won't unsubscribe from this thread just yet in case anyone needs me to help wrap up any loose ends.
Here's my second character idea:

Sorry, I'll get a reply up soon.

Level 4 - (36/40) EXP
Location - Pelagic Lake
Word Count: 168

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Climbing onto the back of her Gogoat, Din rode rode across the ice, relying on her steed's nimble steps, to reunite with her group, dismounting to do a little dance to heal what remained of their injuries, though Linkle had handled the most serious one, which was Gran's. The pair of clowns looked like Hyruleans, as Linkle noted, and seemed to be offering some transportation service, but since they were not familiar with the world, it was hard to name a destination, but Din would keep them in mind in case they needed to travel somewhere very far away at some point. Meanwhile she tried to help Phoenix find his missing footwear.

During the ride back to Lumbridge, Din made sure that they were on the right path back, though she recalled they still needed to hunt a baurun and a chocobo. Moving her Gogoat closer to the Witcher and his steed, she asked, "You seem like an accomplished Hunter. You have any idea what a baurun is?"
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