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Dr. Eileen Fang

"...well, I wouldn't call it 'profiling', Director Hargreaves," Eileen tried to explain.

"Well what would you call it?" came Director Hargreaves' reply.

"It's just a safety precaution. We're not intending to criminalize superpowers, I mean, I'd be a hypocrite if that's what we were trying to do. No, what I'm proposing is, just like we have the right to bear arms in this country, just like driving is perfectly legal, we have safety regulations. Kids under 18 can't drive, guns can't be sold to minors, you need to pass a safety test to use a gun or drive a car, etc. Even in some Asian countries, if you reach a certain level in your martial arts school, you need to get a permit and a license from the police, because your body is recognized as a deadly weapon. It would be the same thing."

"What you're proposing is going to be a headache to implement."

"I know, but I'm willing to wait. But until then, I'll prove to you that it works."

"With the 'Friends of Bastion' program?"

"Yes, but I think 'Project Dragon's Teeth' is a better name."


"It's a mythological allusion, in Greek mythology, Cadmus slew a dragon, and was told to keep its teeth. In a dire situation, he planted them in the ground, and armed warriors rose up to support him. It's also a pun."

"How so?"

"Teeth, Fang? Me, Dr. Fang, get it?"

"You're so juvenile."

"I'm a genius, I'll have you know."

"So what does 'Project Dragon's Teeth' entail?"

"Not much. Bell Reach is the 'City of Supers', there are any number of vigilante do-gooders out to make a name for themselves and keep the streets clean. If I run into one, I give them my card and a communicator. Tell them that we sanction their actions, that we're ready to help if they need backup, and expect the same from them. It's just networking, really. You know as well as I do that Bastion can't be everywhere at once. Bastion's too...'Castle in the Sky', too...'Ivory Tower', if you catch my drift. We need..."

" on the ground."


"Fine, we'll keep track of your progress and take your data into consideration if and when we make a decision on your other proposal."

"That's all I ask, Director."

"Very well, I wish you luck, Doctor."

With that, the teleconference ended. Eileen sat hunched in front of her office computer in her labcoat. A white, robotic beetle the size of a cell phone pushed a warm mug of coffee towards her hand. "Thanks, Omniac," Eileen says as she takes the offered cup and downs it. Well, time to get back to her lab. Omniac would keep tabs on urgent news reports and major incidences and alert Eileen. Nothing like a major event to get vigilantes to crawl out of the woodwork.
Level 3 - (3/30) EXP
Location - Peach's Castle: Interior, Throne Room
Word Count: 219

Din was taken aback when Megadragonbowser tucked into his shell and launched himself across the room, forcing herself and several of her allies to duck out of the way. This sadly, put him out of reach of the piranha plants that she had grown with her spell of Spring in an attempt to hold him down. But with her allies somewhat disrupted, she took this time while they were all regrouping for their next attack on the boss to dance among them, granting them healing and invigoration, picking up the slack from Blazermate's more focused, high-priority healing. She stood closer to the back line as her allies continued to pummel the dragon, looking to do some significant damage, that or just pissing it off a lot, to the point that it went for another spinning shell attack. This time though, her allies had come up with a great idea to make the sliding beast collide with one of the sturdy pillars, causing it to flip over. As her allies punished the dragon, Din knew that she could probably contribute very little to taking the boss down, but she could help in keeping him down. She cast the Spell of Winter on the ground beneath Megadragonbowser, creating a slippery layer of ice that should impede any attempts at righting himself.

Can Dr. Fang be Professor Devil's protege/government liaison buddy? Like Devil is actually a member of Bastion, while Dr. Fang is part of Bastion's government support group. They exchange tech notes, Devil tells Fang what Bastion needs the government agents/police to handle and what tech-readiness level they need to be at, Fang helps with handling evacuations and smooth over relations with the government with respect to damage control, and Dr. Fang gets pointers about being a superhero from Devil? Maybe Devil is patronizing and keeps advising Fang to not put herself in danger, or maybe he's encouraging.
"Flint! Never give away your recon!" Handel thought furiously to herself, noticing that the sounds from the black Den Den Mushi had caught the wolf's attention. She also noticed that the pigeon had given the note directly to the wolf. Well, so much for not letting the other party know that their message had been intercepted. But when the wolf recognized her, Handel, in a swift, fluid motion, stood up from her stool and spun behind the mast that she was sitting next to, bringing her bass with her, so that she was out of sight of the wolf, with the mast between herself and the gangplank. She tried to run her thoughts through her memories to see if she could remember any pirates, or more likely, marines who had a wolf devil fruit. Closing her eyes she began playing a single uninterrupted note on her bass and listening carefully for changes in the echo. Though it didn't give her 'vision' of the wolf's position, it would let her know if it made any sudden movements.

"You're a marine, aren't you? Marines shouldn't be fighting marines, so I'll tell you. The best way to get pirates to trust a marine is to put on a show of defection. That's right, my bounty is a front that only the highest echelons know of. I was in CP1, after all. So not only is there no actual bounty, but I'm on a very important mission to infiltrate the pirate community, and it would reflect poorly on your career if you were to get in my way." This was Handel's practiced bluff to trick marines that didn't know the truth, but just in case, she had her fingers ready to switch to a new note on her bass, a pitch inaudible to humans, but audible to dogs, the pitch used in dog whistles that was supremely uncomfortable to canines.
Vivian & Sylvia Altissima

@PaulHaynek @Lmpkio

Hearing Neil's recollection of what happened last time made a look of disdain cross Sylvia's face. "Well, it sounds like we're obviously dealing with an amateur or a quack," she said, "Now I'm really glad I'm coming, maybe I can put a stop to this madness." The sisters offered their thanks when Neil offered to push their cart, and allowed him to do so. Being pushed allowed the sisters to not have to worry about navigating themselves and so they focused more on the scenery of the environs which they didn't have the luxury of doing during their arrival. As such, they were oblivious to Neil's ogling.

When Neil asked if the sisters were herbalists, Vivian's face darkened. "We have different interests, you know?" she said sarcastically, but Sylvia put a hand on her sisters shoulder, getting her to stop. "I'm an herbalist, yes, but my sister is a cook. Alraune aren't very mobile, as you can tell. When we sprouted, we did so in the garden of our parents, well, adoptive parents. They're humans, Dad's a baker, Mom's an herbalist. Unable to move, we just sort of picked up their craft. Not that being immobile limited our options, nor do we have any resentment about it. Mom and Dad did ask us if we wanted to get on a wagon and go learn other trades but..."

"Sylvia. You're rambling," Vivian interjected.

"Oh, yes well, that's the long and the short of it. I think that answers your question."

Upon arriving, Neil mentioned his sensitivity to Huwana, prompting Sylvia to try and remember what she knew of the plant. She wondered if the incident he described earlier with the other guildmember was a result of said guildmember's hubris, thinking that just because a human was sensitive to something, that a monster surely had greater tolerance? Sylvia made a mental note not to commit such an error. As the alchemist spoke, Sylvia realized why she had never heard of such a plant, it was the alchemist's own invention. yet the more Darren spoke, the more worried Sylvia was. She shot a quick glance at Vivian, who proceed to plant her face in one of the leaves the way someone would cover their face with a wet rag to prevent from breathing in smoke. This was not quite the same mechanism, but it was a way for the sisters to 'trigger' in their minds the switch from animal respiration to plant respiration, to breathe through her leaves instead of through her lungs, since lungs were large and cavernous, and much worse at filtering out toxins, whereas leaves would accrue toxins, usually visibly so, and could be torn off once they've become saturated with contaminants. This way, if Sylvia faints or otherwise loses control, Vivian could still control their collective body to escape. Thus secured, Sylvia began her questioning, "What ingredients do you use to make this 'Huwana'? Why did the Alchemist's Guild ban it? As the authority on medicinal safety, they must have had good reasons. How will we know that your anesthetic works unless pain is inflicted upon us?" With the last question, the liliraune's tentacles brandished defensively, worried that Darren might attempt to injure them to test his product.
Usually, I recommend a second character so you yourself don't get held up in case one of your characters get held up. But ultimately, that's up to you.


My most recent post shall be titled: In which Gammaton rightfully loses his shit.

@Duoya @Noodles @A Lowly Wretch @Archangel89

As Oao drew everyone's attention to the pedestals, Gammaton's interest was immediately piqued, but this interest quickly turned into panic. "! Sveiand! Iva'Krorh! Anu'Varr! Ragnagedon! Ferron!..." Gammaton rattled off the names of his siblings as he identified each display "Do you know what this means?! They're toying with us!" He spun around, pointing at the gallery accusingly. "They've taken our brothers and sisters...and...and..." He saw pedestals that he was unable to identify, also missing their cord, "They've replaced us with usurpers! My Assembly, which never saw fruition, was to protect us from just such an eventuality! They've struck too fast!" Gammaton collapses on the floor, two arms clutching his head, two arms pounding against the marble. "Why leave us?!" He could fathom no rationale that Law, Darkness, Health, The Sun, and Treasures should remain while so many others had been taken.
After reading the pigeon's note and intercepting another transmission, it seemed clear that there was another pirate crew here, maybe two, and definitely a devil fruit user. Of course, the Marine's were sticking their noses into it as well. Handel would have to warn the captain of the trouble if and when she returned to the ship. But the best sort of intercepted message was one in which the receiver didn't know it was intercepted, so Handel tied the note back to the pigeon's leg, fed the pigeon some cut grapes, and carried it back out to the deck to be released, and to find it's original recipient, hopefully giving no indication that it the note had been read by a third party. Handel let the bird fly off, only to lock eyes with the wolf. "...ah...a wolf..." Handel said monotonously, wondering if this was the wolf she heard the pirates talking about. Part of her wanted to question it, but another part wanted to just leave well enough alone. She went to the main mast. Against the mast leaned her bass. Using her foot to pull a stool nearby, she sat down and brought her bass to her, brandishing her bow as if she were preparing to play a song. She kept her eyes on the wolf, waiting for it to make a move.
Level 3 - (2/30) EXP
Location - Peach's Castle: Interior, Throne Room
Word Count: 322

@thedman @Stekkmen @Lugubrious

After enlisting the help of Centurion Magnumus Agoston, Franklin was quickly taken down and brought back to his senses. Din was glad for Michael, seeing the joy and camaraderie he expressed at having been reunited with his friend. She also gave the armored imperial a light tap on the shoulder and winked, "Thanks for the support." Din then proceeded to dance to give Michael, Franklin, and Magnumus healing and a temporary boost to their physical abilities, since it seemed that the group was going to rush into the castle to take on more opponents.

Following the party inside, she prepared herself to face the gigantic turtle dragon. She reminded herself that a creature of this size was nothing to the hero of time, and though she was no hero of time, the responsibility of fighting had been thrust on her. She also reminded herself that she wasn't alone. all these people from so many different worlds were gathered here to face a common foe.

As the battle commenced, Megadragonbowser started by unleashing fire on the group, so Din cast the Spell of Winter in a ring around her allies to protect them from the fire, since whatever snow or ice that formed would melt into water. She then noticed that the Gem of Spring on her Rod of Ages had lit up, indicating that she had a new spell. Seeing if she could perhaps sow some chaos behind their enemy, she looked around for any plant-life she could manipulate. Though she didn't quite know what her new spell would do, she believed that since the season of Spring was the season of life, it likely had an effect on plants. She remebered that as they traveled through this land, which Bowser had seemed mostly familiar with, various forms of very dangerous looking plants abounded. If there were any behind Megadragonbowser, it would be the perfect opportunity to try out her new spell.
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