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Current Lots of guests coming and going in the next few weeks. I apologize in advance if I lag in posting
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Traveling for a week, and may not keep up with RPs. Thank you for your patience.
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Been busy and scatterbrained this week, and behind on RPs. Please excuse my delay in posting.
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Got back from a two-week vacation overseas. Give me some time to catch up with RPs. Thank you for your patience!
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I'll be going on a two week vacation starting tomorrow and don't know how often I'll have Internet access. Thank you for your patience. I'll try to be more regular when I get back.


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Vivian & Sylvia Altissima

Sylvia and Vivian were a bit taken aback by Bart's statement. They were sure that his immature way of dealing with the situation was a result of some unaddressed trauma. "Oh, well, sorry, we assumed know what? never mind. I'm just glad that you're willing to try and reconcile with Neil. It will do wonders for the guild." With that, the sisters left Bart to his own devices and went down and joined the others for dinner, hearing their plans to attend a festival at the port, and use it as a way to get Bart and Neil to talk it out. It gave the sisters an idea...

In the morning, the sisters headed outside to check on the progress of some herbs that they had preemptively planted in the yard while the greenhouse was still under construction, and saw Neil negotiating with Forde. When he finished, they came up to Neil. "Good on you for standing your ground and insisting he pay us a second bag," Vivian said. She then followed him inside, but soon heard the sound of a horse. When the knight dismounted, Sylvia greeted him, "Yes, this is the Guild. Do you have a quest to post? We were planning on taking the holiday to attend to festival at Boreal Port, so I hope it's not urgent." Though she said this, she had a sinking feeling that the matter indeed was urgent.

Eileen Fang // Ailanthus Altissima (Tessa)
:: The Streets of Thorinn // Thorinn ::

Tessa nodded in silent approval as Alex explained his build. Admittedly, the group had too many tanks and off-tanks, so a dedicated damage dealer was a welcome addition. On the other hand Tessa's reaction to Eaudenil was a little more inscrutable; before when the game ran on a predictable program, scouting abilities and classes were all but useless, but now it might actually mean something. But waht actually bothered Tessa was quickly voiced, "So, Rael, whaddya think? I'm worried we don't have enough healing, although me and Eaudenil might be enough support to get by."

It sucked not having a healer, but Tiferet just left, and getting more people to join meant even more recruiting, and splitting the profits even more. There was also the issue of everyone making it back alive, and it wouldn't be prudent to take on more people than they can feasibly protect. "And you, Graves," Tessa added, "I'm pretty sure we can keep these squishies alive, and can probably add a few more. You think it's worth trying to find some more damage or an actual healer?"
Vivian & Sylvia Altissima


Bart inhaled before sharply looking at the Altissima's sisters "I don't need to tell you that Varjo's dangerous. If I could have, I would have built the guild somewhere far away from here. But this was the best I could achieve. Years of preparation, saving up, cutting corners..." Bart trailed off. "I will not let anything happen to this guild. I will not let all my effort to get here go to waste."

"And if anyone wants to take this guild away from me, they can pry it from my cold, dead hands. Be they Varjo, or Neil, or whoever."

"That's the thing, nobody's trying to take this guild from you, at least Neil isn't. Sure, going against your wishes undermines your leadership, but you have to remember that he's a kid, and he looks at the situation from a place of emotion, not logic. If you want to change his mind, you have to appeal to that," Vivian began.

Sylvia continued, "Your reaction to this whole thing shows that you're using pragmatism to hide your actual reasons. If it was just about the guild's safety, you wouldn't be getting so worked up about it. You would be able to sit down calmly and talk it over with Neil. But right now, when you explain your reasons, people can tell it's not sincere, which makes your argument less convincing. And just giving everyone the cold shoulder who doesn't agree with you weakens your position as guildmaster." Sylvia was only guessing right now, but she pushed ahead, "If you...tell Neil how Varjo has hurt you in the past, maybe Neil will realize how much his stubbornness has hurt you and will be more willing to compromise. Yes, you are the guildmaster, and to a certain degree, you're supposed to be above us, but we would rather that you were one of us, and rather than working for you, we would prefer that we were helping you."

The sisters hoped that Bart would divulge what his actual beef with Varjo was, and maybe they could finally get to the bottom if this.
FYI, I confirmed with Charak beforehand, so my post pro-actively refers to Wisemon's response to Gil's question as to who they should deliver the books to.

Collab between @Stern Algorithm and @Zelosse

As Gil listened to Wisemon explain the books and who they represented, he commented to no one in particular, "Vulcanusmon, huh? Symbolized by an anvil? He sounds strong and tough, but it also sounds like he builds things. Sounds like a god I can get behind."

But what happened next surprised Gil, and when Chessy pointed out Wisemon's instability, Gil under-reacted with an, "Oh dear. Umm, yeah, we can take the books since they're so important to you, but is there another administrator or librarian who you trust us to deliver these books to?"

Taiji for his own part was completely out of his depth. The constant harsh speaking, the accusations, the sheer amount of people and things. It was all they could do to put hands over their ears and drown it out, repeating the mantra of his life on its customary endless loop, this time kneeling down beside Gilgamesh and putting a hand on their back. Watching Wisemon shred themself was painful, it was infuriating and frightening at the same time, but worse yet; it was familiar. They were having an attack of some sort for all Taiji could really tell. Which meant they needed help. Forget the threats of before. Maybe that was why they lashed out? their safe place was violated or something right.

"Gil.. lets get this book somewhere safe. I'll hold onto it, but we need to help this guy don't we? Do you know if there is anything we can do."

"I-I don't know what there is we can do to help," Gil said, though he left out an important piece of information. The only thing Gil knew about data corruption was that the corrupted Digimon was usually put down so that their data could be reborn, but Gil wasn't sure if Taiji could stomach that bit of information. "His...condition...did seem to get worse when he tried to touch one of the books, so perhaps getting the books as far away as possible might be the only thing we can do to help? Who knows, he might get better." Doubtful, but there was never anything wrong with wishful thinking.

Taiji couldn't refute the logic. This whole thing was beyond his depth to an unimaginable degree but Gil seemed to have the right of it. If these books WERE the problem, they'd get them as far away as possible and hope this Wisemon guy would get over whatever was hurting him. Almost as an afterthought, Taiji took one of the bottles of medication and siphoned out a half dozen pills, leaving them in a little cap on the floor as close to Wisemon as he felt comfortable doing and backed off with equal speed back to Gil, the last bastion of sanity around here.

"Alright. Lead the way cause we're gettin' the hell out of here!"

Noticing Taiji giving the distraught Wisemon his 'candy', Gil gave Taiji a thumbs-up, though it was a slightly awkward gesture for a creature standing on four legs. But as people began deciding which exit to take, the answer was clear in Gil's mind. He was pretty sure the portal led to the 'human world', since these humans, who knew nothing of the digital world, came from said portal. Though Wisemon had requested they take the books away, there was someone who Wisemon had requested they take the books too, and that individual sounded like a digimon living in the digital world.

"We take the library exit," Gil said to Taiji, though the message was intended for the entire group, "We have a promise to fulfill." Gil made for the exit, avoiding the portal.
Me and Zel in a collab, that we should be wrapping up soon, hopefully.
So this anime came out recently, and I thought the main character would make a great alternate faceclaim for Salem:

I haven't watched it, but apparently Hanako also floats around and wields knives.
Salem Vicarious, Lord of Lost Things

Collab with @Xaltwind

Doing alright. Me and Zel are doing a collab.
I'm here, just in a collab with Xalt
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