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Okay, so I have this more or less finished, but I would like to brainstorm House relations and personal relations. Which houses are particularly close to the Faith? Which houses are particularly distant? Even though The High Septon is from smallfolk stock, would a sibling of his perhaps be in the employ of one of the great houses?

I also wanted to point out that I do have a hard time keeping up with the Discord, so I would prefer it if we interacted in here, or if you insist on contacting me through Discord, DM me or @ me. Thanks!
Ebisugawa Hyouka

Hyouka peered out the window, noticing the bubbling underneath the shoddy tinting job her dad had installed. Still, she appreciated that he had done so, as it made riding in the back of his car safer, especially as they passed by the front gate of U.A. and the angry anti-quirk mob that stood in front. Despite the relative obscurity, Hyouka pulled the hood of her sweatshirt over her head to hide her bright-red hair and antennae.

"Hey baby, we don't have to do this if you don't want to. I can turn this car back and we can just forget about the whole thing. Maybe we can come back in a few years, when the Quirk Rights Movement has gotten off the ground a bit more," Hyouka's father said while still continuing to drive slowly, her mother turning around to offer a reassuring smile.

"N-no, it's fine. We already agreed, Quirk Rights and Hero Work have to happen side by side. 'The Quirked will protect the Quirkless, and the Quirkless will protect the Quirked.' That's our motto, right?" Hyouka smiled back at her parents. Since she was born, they've been trying their best to establish a grassroots movement to make society livable for their daughter and those like her. It was an effort Hyouka could never repay, but it was time for her to start doing her part. Besides, despite the visible backlash from society, this was a wonderful opportunity to go to a school surrounded by Quirked classmates and Quirked teachers. An opportunity to explore her obsession and childhood dream of heroism, to become the hero she'd always wanted to be. And what kind of hero shied away just because there was an angry mob in front of their school?

Thanks to the tinting on the windows, the car quietly passed by the front without incident and reached the side entrance. Her parents were too scared for her safety not to deliver her to the school themselves, afraid that her obviously mutant appearance would single her out for violence. Given Japan's heavy corporate business environment, her dad had begged to take this work day off just so he could do this. In a way, they were sending her to a prison, as it was unlikely that the students would be allowed off the campus grounds, for their own safety, of course. The car stopped, and Mrs. Ebisugawa stepped out, looking to the sides for angry anti-quirk individuals. Seeing that the coast was clear, she let Hyouka come out, followed by Mr. Ebisugawa who shot off the engine. There was a moment of silence as a sudden, wordless awkwardness descended on the trio. Hyouka's father broke the silence, saying, "Good luck in there, Red Ranger. We'll visit whenever we can."

"Yeah! I-I'll make you proud!" Hyouka replied, already hiccuping from sadness. Tears welled at her eyes, while a light froth formed at her mouth, a symptom of her shrimp-like nature.

"We already are, Ebi-fry," Hyouka's mother said, pulling the other two into a hug. She knelt down and pulled out a handkerchief. Despite crying herself, Hyouka's mother wiped away Hyouka's tears and offered the following advice, "Don't cry. You want to make a good example for your hero friends, right? And a hero..."

"...always smiles. No matter what." Hyouka finished the sentence, and attempted to smile through her hiccups, while her mom wipes her tears and the froth coming from her mouth.

"G-go get 'em, Tiger Shrimp," her dad says encouragingly. Hyouka nods with determination, wipes away the last of her tears clumsily on her sleeve, and walks towards the school.

The short walk from the car to the entrance gave Hyouka enough time to steel herself to her new environment, and to let the excitement wash away her sadness. Seeing the group of adults who very clearly looked like vigilantes-turned-teachers, Hyouka bowed deeply, stood up straight and declared, "Ebisugawa Hyouka!...has ARRIVED!" She then struck a pose, which ultimately just ended up looking like she was dabbing. Straightening up, she looked around for other hero students, but just saw a group of quirkless adolescents standing around. Coming to a realization, Hyouka slammed her fist into her open palm, at least, she would if she could form a fist and palm. Instead she just made a *klack* sound as she determined that these were members of the quirkless, non-hero class come to welcome the hero class. "I must be the first hero student here," Hyouka thought to herself. She suddenly bowed to them as well, her antennae whipping around and slapping the ground, and declared, "Thank you for coming out to show support for the hero class! Thank you for believing in a peaceful coexistence between the Quirked and Quirkless. Those of us with quirks vow to protect you!"

@EnterTheHero @Noodles

"Loguetown, huh? Funny that..." Handel shot a look at Arafael, punctuating the coincidence that both the Marine Lieutenant and Kurt wanted to go to the same place. "Y'see, my captain's a bit of a free spirit, I don't even know where we're heading after this. But any self-respecting pirate's gotta go to the Grand Line at some point, and I think we're up to the task. So hop aboard, Kurt. You can call me Commander Hallelujah."

The smoke billowing up in the distance and the waves of warm air coming from the island didn't bode well. Was this the living dragon's fire? And did he really join the crew on a whim? She really should have given someone a den den mushi before they disembarked. "Hey kid," Handel tossed Kurt a small den den mushi she had in one of her many coat pockets. "A smart crew is a living crew, and a smart crew always stays in communication; a lesson I'm learning the hard way right now." She stared off at the pillar of smoke with a worried expression. At this point all she could do was trust in the strengths of her comrades and hope for the best. She couldn't leave the ship what with her gambit with Arafael still tense and unresolved.
Vivian & Sylvia Altissima
@PaulHaynek @Lmpkio

"Do you know what Alraune nectar does to humans, especially men?" Both sisters cried out in alarm at Neil, and pushed themselves over using their vines, all four hands trying to grab at Neil's clothing to disrobe him. Having been raised among humans, and by parents who understood their nature, Vivian and Sylvia were taught the potency of their nectar and were taught to never let it get on humans, especially boys, except in extremely small quantities, in which it could be used for medicinal and dietary purposes. They were raised, for the most part, with human concepts of decency and didn't want any shameful or humiliating acts to occur based on the seductive intoxication of their nectar, so they frantically tried to prevent the aphrodisiac effects of taking hold of Neil. Suddenly, Vivian got an idea, "Morgan! You know what my nectar does, right? Help me undress Neil!"
Okay, but will he be close enough that say news crews will be like "OMG! Prof. Devil is here!"

Is Professor Devil going to show up at the scene of the fire? I'm just asking since I haven't contributed, and am thinking of potential ways to get Dr. Fang involved.

The "1 v 1 me, bro!" sword

Also, that's the name of the sword of Ali ibn Abi Talib, which would probably make the Aishanids hate your character.
Level 3 - (23/30) EXP
Location - Peach's Castle: Garden
Word Count: 428


The Courier's mention of bringing Din home with him to help grow crops made Din wonder about herself. Her whole life had been more focused on how not to abuse her powers and how not to let others abuse it, rather than applying it for the greater good. Granted, Hyrule, when in balance and at peace, was a land of plenty, so perhaps there was no reason for her to use her powers other than to simply allow the natural cycle of the seasons to continue. In Hyrule, her duty was inaction, but perhaps in this land thrown into madness, her duty was to intervene with the power that the Goddesses had granted to her.

And as the green dinosaur and large beetle approached, Din thought about something else. Not only should she use her powers for good, but she should also seek to acquire more through the strange rules of spirits that this world followed, as many of her allies had done, though she she still had her doubts about it. She wondered if these creatures could be tamed into pets or allies, but thinking about the dangers they faced made her pull back from that thought; she didn't want to see these two cute animals harmed.

Instead, she cast the spell of spring on a patch of grass and, concentrating a little harder, had the grass weave itself into a basket. She made two baskets, one for herself, and one for the Courier, who had stated his intention to harvest more ingredients. Din felt that it was about time they joined the others at dinner, but after all the warzones, scrapyards, and nonsensical floating blocks, it was calming to stay in the garden just a little while longer, she could bring this basket with her as an apology for being late.

Eventually, Din had filled her basket out with an assortment of fruit and decided to head back to the main hall where the feast was already well underway. Smiling at the group, she placed the basket of fruit on the table closest to whoever seemed the most enthusiastic, and got some food for herself. She peered over at the enlarged map, and listened on the conversation. However, at the suggestion that the party split up, Din had to interject, "I think we should stick together. When we faced our last opponent, there were over a dozen of us, yet we lost two. We can only assume that the others will be as strong, if not stronger. If we split up, we risk losing more allies."
By calling Arafael a dog, naming him Scruffy, and threatening to kill him with chocolate, Handel is basically doing this:

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