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Traveling for a week, and may not keep up with RPs. Thank you for your patience.
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Been busy and scatterbrained this week, and behind on RPs. Please excuse my delay in posting.
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Got back from a two-week vacation overseas. Give me some time to catch up with RPs. Thank you for your patience!
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Yeah Skrulls would be fine, but I'd like to refrain from having had a large secret-invasion scale event revolving around them prior to the start of the game. For clarity, if you want the FF to have faced Galactus off-world, or any of the other larger scale threats I have no problem with that at all. I don’t want to restrict your use of FF enemies, just trying to use common sense in terms of where we are as a game. It's not "Year One" but it's still season one.

If you would like to implement a Galactus style invasion at a later date, would love to discuss and coordinate that with you as that could be a fun cross-player event.

OK, I also agree that it's probably too early in the RP to bring alien threats directly to Earth's doorstep, so I'll say that one of the FF's prior missions was space exploration (a second attempt at Reed's experiment, which was to test a form of FTL propulsion) that sends them on a short trek through space where they encounter Skrull, Kree, and 'hear rumors' of the "Planet Eater".

Since returning, preparing Earth to stand strong on the galactic stage has been a constant nagging at the back of Mrs. Fantastic's mind. The FF have since fought off a few Skrull scouting parties, but nothing full-scale yet.
The 48 hour competition timer has now begun for the FF! If you're accepted I would just like to clarify the extent to which you would be attempting to involve Galactus, as him arriving on Earth for instance would obviously be quite a large development for the game as a whole, at least at this stage.

Ah, given that the FF are really old as an IP, there is definitely some anachronism. I wasn't sure how many omega-level threats the world has yet encountered up to this point in the RP, so if you think the world isn't ready for Galactus' arrival to have happened yet, I can definitely exclude it. On that note, what about skrulls?
OK, here's my Fantastic Four AKA The Future Foundation application:


Septishock stood, seemingly calm, at his station, though that was only how it appeared. Inside, his mind was racing. He had decided to stay here in the ship, not out of a sense of loyalty or bravery, but because how else was he going to study anything without the ships impressive array of sensors and research equipment?

"I will stay here and attempt to minimize the damage from the landing," Septishock declared, "If anyone wishes, you may evacuate, but do try to reconvene at the ship as soon as possible. There is research to be done." He then strapped himself in and tried to regain some semblance of control over the ship.
I'm back! Sorry for the wait.

As the doors burst open, Septishock fired into the group, aiming at limbs in an attempt to disable the mutineers rather than than kill them, not as an act of mercy, but that they were probably more useful alive than dead. However, the fighting was soom interrupted by the appearance of what looked like a talking skull.

As the image finished it's announcement and dissipated, Septishock called out triumphantly, "I knew it! Previously undiscovered sentient life!" but his victory was short-lived, as an external force seemed to grab the ship and fling it into some sort of space anomaly. However, control seemed to return to the consoles, so Septishock braced himself and quickly set the scanners to make a comprehensive sweep of the portal as they passed through before the g-forces became too much for him to resist and he collapsed to the floor; no point wasting this opportunity to study a subspace event first hand.

As the shaking finally stopped and the ship stabilized. Septishock pulled himself back up to the console, only to see a warning: "Starmap not found, calculating position."

"We're lost," Septishock declared out loud, with only a slight hint of concern, "We should cease our belligerence for now. In an emergency situation, a full crew is better than half a crew. Destroy us, and you lose half the skill necessary for running this ship, and my previous threat of being stranded in space forever will most likely come to fruition. You seem like a reasonable, though misguided lot; what say you?" Septishock pointed his gun arm at the core group of Predacons still huddled around the door, ready to resume combat, staring at them with his single, inscrutable eye, which, while incapable of expression, appeared threatening nonetheless.
Again, Luke Cage is a pretty well established character in his own right so I'm going to have to veto that like She Hulk and Kamala. If the goal is just to have a character with a similar powerset to The Thing, I would think that the easiest choice would be to just use The Thing. I'm not entirely sure what these changes really bring to the story beyond power sets.

No, you're right. I should just focus on the primary difference and catalyst for change, "what if the Fantastic Four didn't have a Mr. Fantastic?" My initial thought was that The Thing really always wanted to be cured, and despite Reed's best scientific efforts, Ben Grimm always remained The Thing. I thought that if Doom aided the FF instead of fighting them, he could provide a solution with magic, but I should consider the fact that Reed is considered the "smartest man on Earth", so a solution to The Thing's problem should not be trivial, even via magic, so I'll keep The Thing in the roster and supplement with one of the inhumans more closely tied to the FF lore like I originally planned. Thanks for regulating and keeping my "what if" ideas from running too wild.

My next post will probably be the application (finally), though I am currently traveling and will probably not get the sheet completed for maybe a week or two.

Ok. I did just come up with another idea, since the FF building is in New York, they might interact with New York heroes quite often. That being the case, Luke Cage has a power set similar to The Thing, so I think it might be a good fit to recruit him as an FF member. Let me know if this is acceptable, if not I'll go back to looking for an Inhuman to fill the spot.
So, I'm not going to be able to okay Jen and Kamala as members of the F4, sorry.

They're too popular in their own right to be bundled together as one "character". I know Jen has appeared in incarnations of the Fantastic Four but so have half the Marvel cast at this point.

This is reasonable. However I would still like to keep the number of members around four, so I think I'll poach some members of the Inhuman Royal Family (House of Agon), since I don't think they're that popular, and although they were former enemies of the FF, they soon became allies afterwards and collaborated often. Let me know if this is acceptable.

In regards to Doom, I would be inclined to see how you put this idea forward in the application; to my tastes a heroic, socialist Doom does seem less a reimagining in keeping with the core of the character and more bordering on an OC with a shared name. However, I fully hold my hands up and say I may just be being unnecessarily precious. As long as the idea is developed well there shouldn't be a problem

The main inspiration for "Based Doom", or "Dr. Fantastic", as I have started referring to my reimagining as, are these pages, conveniently analyzed in this article, which show that ultimately canon Doom's goals are for the benefits of humanity, but he is too willing to sacrifice others to achieve these goals, believing these as necessary. I feel the main impetus for Doom's villainy lie in his arrogance and vanity, as well as his hatred for Reed Richards. So the main difference in this reimagining is what if Reed and Victor had become friends instead? Of course, I am not trying to convince you right now, and will start working on an application once I get adding some Inhuman Royal Family members to the FF roster approved, and will let the application hopefully do the convincing.
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