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Vivian & Sylvia Altissima

"I'd say we head to the entrance and help out but, I don't either of us are fighters. We might just get in the way. Still, the fight might be over right now actually. You two wanna go and check?"

"Even if we're not fighters, we should still go and provide what support we can," Vivian agreed.

"Let's go then?" Sylvia asked, reaching a vine towards Neil, but it was quickly slapped down by another vine. Vivian was staring daggers at Sylvia, shaking her head. "Ah, I'm sure you can walk on your own. Sorry. I guess it was a little embarrassing, to be carried around like that earlier," Sylvia apologized, looking rather regretful.

"We over-reacted," Vivian said, taking some of the blame off of her sister, "Didn't want one of our friends getting abducted."

The vines started pushing against the ground, allowing the cart that the sisters rode on to gain momentum. They could get pretty fast traveling in this manner, the only caveats being that they needed to build up speed, they couldn't decelerate or change direction quickly, and they didn't have the stamina to do it for prolonged periods of time.
It's kind of hypocritical, but I thought it would be funny if Vivian judges the Lamia's snake body as being too slow, and ignores her.
Vivian & Sylvia Altissima

Riñas was found at the port's church. It looked saintly and white, unbefitting of her kind but she was just outside and talking to some other people. A group of four: a human, a Lamia, a Harpy and a Centaur.

When she was called, she immediately reacted. Noting the alarm in the Altissima sisters', she made haste to the three guild members. "Wh-What? What is it?" She quickly asked. "And why is Mister Neil up in the air? Did he do something wrong?" She pointed at the young man held by the Liliraune's vine.

The Altissima sisters put Neil down. "No, it's not Neil," Sylvia explained, flushed, "I was just keeping him out of reach of the kidnappers. The kikimora participating in the cooking competition kidnapped Sir Nero, and made off with the prize. I came to tell you to raise the alarm to prevent the kidnappers from escaping town."

Vivian's gaze darted towards those near sister Riñas, glossing over the Lamia. "You two seem pretty fast," Vivian said, pointing to the Harpy and the Centaur, "Can you send word to the gates? Most of my friends are heading to the port already, I think."
Vivian & Sylvia Altissima


The Altissima sisters agreed with the plans Kira and Yang had set, but for the moment, they were too dumbfounded. "Sir Nero's as strong as Yang, right?" Vivian said incredulously. "How can a Kikimora whisk him a way so easily?" Sure, there were differences when it came to monster girl strength versus human strength, but Vivian didn't know Kikimora to be particularly, strong, but then again, Vivian didn't know kikimora at all.

With the arrival of Haley and Freyr, and the subsequent kiss Haley planted on the Viera, Sylvia grabbed her face and blushed modestly at the public display of affection, while Vivian gave Haley a hearty thumbs up.

To answer Sir Reed, Sylvia re-iterated, "One of the cooking contestants got kidnapped, and we're trying to seal off the fair so they don't get away. Some are heading for the entrance, others are going to the port. I'll try to contact the authorities. If memory serves, Sister Riñas said she was hosting the quiz game, right?" The Liliraune were about to head towards the general area of the quiz contest, when a thought ran through Sylvia's head. Why would the Kikimora kidnap Nero? The only thing she knew about him was that he was a human male, but then, if the kikimora was kidnapping human men...

"Neil, stick close okay? We don't know what the Kikimora wants, but you can't risk you getting kidnapped too." Sylvia requested, though the large vine that went and wrapped around Neil's waist, lifting him into the air like a rag-doll demonstrated that this wasn't really a request. "We'll try to find Sister Riñas so she can alert the authorities, and maybe we'll find Ozzy too."

Wit hNeil in tow, the sisters headed towards the quiz area. If Ozzy and Margaret had wandered too far, they might not run into each other. Regardless, Vivian and Sylvia cupped their mouths and began calling for Sister Riñas, hoping she as still nearby.
Vivian & Sylvia Altissima


"Hey! You missed the entire cooking competition." Yang pointed herself proudly with a thumb and grinned. "I won, obviously."

"But I was so close to getting another fight. That was a shame." She sighed disappointedly and waved her hand at that.

"Right, before I forget. This man here is Sir Nero, he was the person who I challenge the previous. He's pretty strong." Yang introduced Nero to the group before doing the same. "Here are my guildmates, Kira, Ada the mysterious beast, The Altissima sister, and Neil."

"Also, if you're still hungry, I can make some food for you." Yang stood back up and got her apron back again, gesturing at the leftover items left for her side. She can still make the vegetable ramen and fried dumplings easily, firing up the kitchen, reheating the soup, making the noodles.

It took a moment but Yang was done with it, handing the vegetarian ramen and fried dumplings to the trio.

"Here, eat up."

"It was great! The food was spectacular, but Yang's dish ended up winning it all.", she replied before turning to the Liliurane twins with a smirk. ""You two missed out. Y'all would've definitely been in the running."

"Heh...hehehe...c-congratulations, Yang," Vivian squeezed out, trying to feel happy for her guildmate's victory, but unable to suppress the sense of dejection from having missed out so completely on the cooking competition. Kira's compliment, unfortunately, only pushed the knife deeper. Sylvia accepted the platter of ramen and dumplings and pushed it on Vivian, who quietly took it and began eating, while Sylvia took another platter for herself. Vivian tried the ramen first and perked up, then popped a fried dumpling into her mouth, the flavor taking her out of her depression. "It's...good. It's really good! And there's no meat in here?! Amazing!" Vivian commented, having previously discussed Yang's dietary restrictions at length. "If you can make vegetarian dishes taste this good, why, then us plants are in trouble, haha!" she joked between mouthfuls, "Truly a well-earned victory!"

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Sir Nero," Sylvia greeted, "If you're a match for Yang, then you must be strong!" But then her attention was drawn to Kira's question of Talia's whereabouts. "Did she come to the cooking competition with you guys?" Sylvia asked, while craning her neck to look around at the festival grounds. Surely a towering cyclops couldn't be too hard to pick out of a crowd, right?

Vivian & Sylvia Altissima

"Thanks, you two. I've been trying to find help in this endeavor of mine so I'm glad you two offered. If there's anything I can do for you two... although, please don't expect too much. I'm not exactly... not exactly a man of talents. B-But I'll do my best, I guarantee you that. Well, our break's almost over. Time to get going and back into the fray. Ah, I know. Once we're done helping and after I've asked Riñas about the other-dimensions thing, why don't we... wander around a bit? See what else the festival offers. Maybe grab a bite or two. It'll be like a date. Uhh, by 'date' I mean... well, not that kind of 'date' but, uhh..."

Realizing the awkward situation that Neil had landed them in, Vivian forced a laugh, "Haha! How can it be a date when there's three of us, right?" She nudged her sister with an elbow.

"Err, th-that's right, you can't date both of us, that would be...philandering, wouldn't it? So obviously it wouldn't be a date, it would be something much more casual and not at all stressful..." Sylvia stuttered the words out, grateful to have this opportunity to spend time with Neil, while Vivian made it less awkward. "Maybe we should go get some food first, then. There's got to be some good food at the competition, and we can reconvene with some of our guildmates."

The mention of the competition immediately deflated Vivian, who cast a tired, but accusatory glance at her sister. Moaning weakly, Vivian then leaned into Sylvia, putting her head on her sister's shoulder, and slowly slid her face down until Vivian's face was planted deeply into Sylvia's chest. "...I did this for you..." She muttered, almost inaudibly.

Unsure what to do, Sylvia hugged Vivian and patted her on the head, and whispered "Th-thanks, Vivian, I owe you big."
Throwing my interest in here
Vivian & Sylvia Altissima

"It's fine, Vivian. It's fine. Well, as you guys know I don't come from this world. I'm looking for a way home. I've heard that Dark Priests are servants of the Fallen God. Now I don't care much about who the Fallen God is and what she wants do, only that she's someone who is in another dimension. Pandemonium, I believe. Maybe she or her followers know something about other dimensions. Other worlds. Maybe ways to cross them. That would definitely get me home. But it's a longshot, I admit. Could be a dead end. Do you think... do you think it's possible? Do you think I could actually... go home?"

"D-don't you like it here?" Sylvia asked in a slightly injured voice; her relief that Neil's question to Sister Riñas was genuine and not just an excuse to hang out with her because he was interested in her was overridden by her worrythat Neil was trying to leave, but her statement elicited a punch from Vivian.

"It's not about whether he likes it or not," Vivian corrected, "Imagine if we couldn't visit Mom or Dad again."

"Y-you're right, I was being...foolish," Sylvia apologized, deflated.

"But Sylvia does have a point," Vivian continued, "Traveling between worlds just sounds downright dangerous, and the more desperate you are, the more likely you'll choose a dangerous option, so we'll take it upon ourselves to help you in any way we can to ensure that if you do find a way home, that it is a safe choice."

At this Sylvia perked up, "Th-that's right! You don't have to do this alone. And I'm curious to learn about the different worlds and how to travel between them."
Vivian & Sylvia Altissima

While the sisters helped Riñas and Neil, they barely spoke to each other, though every time Riñas and Neil were together Sylvia would pay them extra attention, and Vivian would roll her eyes in exasperation.

"Hey uhh, I know that you wanted to come to join the cooking contest so uhh, I'll try to make it up to you, alright? Ehehe, sorry."

"So why did you really want to come with me? I doubt you have any questions for Riñas. Err, do you?"

Though Vivian looked pissed, it wasn't Neil she was angry at, and his offer helped to quell some of her rage. Softening, she said, "I really appreciate the gesture, but you're not the one who should be apologizing."

Sylvia shot her sister an unfriendly glance, before replying to Neil's question, "Oh, umm, I just figured that the responsible thing to do was to help, since Sister Riñas seemed so understaffed. If anything, I was more curious what your question was."

"Really, Sylvia?" Vivian asked sarcastically.

"Wh-what?" Sylvia rubbed the back of her neck, trying to play innocent.

Vivian let out a noisy exhale, "Fine! Let's be nosy and find out what Neil wants to ask!"
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