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Current Lots of guests coming and going in the next few weeks. I apologize in advance if I lag in posting
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Traveling for a week, and may not keep up with RPs. Thank you for your patience.
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Been busy and scatterbrained this week, and behind on RPs. Please excuse my delay in posting.
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Got back from a two-week vacation overseas. Give me some time to catch up with RPs. Thank you for your patience!
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I'll be going on a two week vacation starting tomorrow and don't know how often I'll have Internet access. Thank you for your patience. I'll try to be more regular when I get back.


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I'm sorry that I'm a bit late in expressing interest, but if you're still doing this I'd like to join. Would a kaiju character that has a human form be an acceptable character choice?

No worries, I think there may be fewer players than I initially counted, so there should be room to join.

As for a human form kaiju, I suppose it depends on what you mean. The intention is that all player characters are humans. If your character is part of the Titan Project, then your character has some means of controlling a kaiju. Some examples include:

  • You could control the kaiju like a video game, using a controller with rudimentary commands, and using the cameras deployed during an operation or mounted on the kaiju to get a third-person or first-person view of the battle (Classic mecha Gigantor AKA Tetsujin 28 is controlled this way).
  • You can have a VR headset with a haptic control suit (ie. you're wearing a suit that senses your motions and relays those motions as commands for the kaiju to mimic, while the kaiju has implants like cameras and microphones so you can see and hear what the kaiju sees and hears).
  • You can be a developing telepath who mentally controls a sedated kaiju.
  • You can be Ultraman-like (or Incredible Hulk-like) in that your body physically grows and mutates to take on the form of a kaiju because you were experimented on and given kaiju DNA.

As for the kaiju itself, it can have a humanoid shape (stand upright, bipedal, two arms, round head, etc.), but cannot look completely human. The Hyperians are, by Earth definitions, humanoid kaiju.
Sounds good to me. What style visually are you thinking the mechs should sort of follow? I figured that the Hyper mecha should be bulky, but wasn't sure if that should go the route of "classic rounded" robots or something a bit more modern but with armor and big punchies.

Yeah, aesthetically, I was thinking the Hyper mecha would be more bulky and the Talos mecha more sleek, but I'm not going to insist too strongly on the actual look, since finding the perfect faceclaim, especially for a machine, can be very difficult.
I take it the mecha have been in development, and the pilots have been testing them and running simulations, but they haven't been revealed and haven't been tried in combat yet. Is that right? Or maybe the older one has been in service, and the new one is about to be deployed.

Also, do you have a preference for how the mecha fight, what kind of weapons they use, or what style of mech they are?

The Hyper core mecha will have fought a handful of kaiju with mixed results since mecha technology would have been fairly new at the beginning. Sometimes Hyper Man would have had to swoop in to finish the job.

But the Talos core mecha is much newer and hasn't seen combat yet.

At least that's my idea for now, I'm flexible.

As for combat preference, my initial idea (again, flexible) is that the Hyper core is initially designed for space travel, and the Hyperian's are masters at manipulating energy fields. Their ships need to designate what is 'self' and what is 'other' in order to figure out what to transport long distance when folding space. Whatever is designated as 'self' is covered in a protective field to shield it from the rigors of hyperspace travel. So I was thinking that the Hyper core covers the entire mecha in a protective field, making it good at essentially punching and kicking. But the Hyper core is very stingy at relinquishing energy for other uses. So ranged weapons for the Hyper core mecha would need to use conventional weapons (ie. things launched using their own energy/fuel, so munitions and explosives).

The Talos core then would lack this ability to coat its mech in a protective field, but is designed purely for outputting massive amounts of power instead. This makes it physically less sturdy, but able to take advantage of the latest in human-developed energy weapons, so lasers, bean swords, etc.

You would have a bruiser and DPS build, essentially.
@The Irish Tree@Stern Algorithm

Are we trying to make a unified vision of how the mecha for Project Colossus work? I know we were talking about the reactor core having some kind of intelligence, but I wasn't certain if that's meant to be universal.

<Snipped quote by Gisk>

I imagine that maybe different organizations while unified under Colossus got the same tech, they'd build different kinds of machines. I'm not picky about it, since if we're starting off as semi-real robot pilots then the mechs will start as clunkers anyhow.

Going off of the alien core idea, to reiterate from the timeline, two Hyperians have visited Earth, dubbed Hyper Man and Hyper Man X. Hyper Man arrived ages ago to monitor humanity, but during the first extraterrestrial incident 20 years ago, his ship was damaged beyond repair. The ship's core, dubbed the Hyper Core, was removed by humans for study and the first giant mecha was built around it, this is the prototype unit. Hyper Man X arrived 4 years ago, relieving the original Hyper Man of his duty and allowing him to return home on X's ship. Study and reverse engineering of the Hyper Core allowed humans to finally create a replica, dubbed the Talos Core, and a second giant mecha was built around it. So there are two mecha, the first has an advanced alien reactor but the mecha itself is older, and the second has an untested, man-made core, but the mecha itself is slightly more advanced than the first. So going off of this dynamic, one of you would be the veteran pilot using the older mech and one the newbie using the newer mech.

That's the basic idea I have for now anyways.
Pinging all players who have explicitly or implicitly expressed interest: @mattmanganon, @baraquiel, @The Irish Tree, @Gisk, @Foster, @Dragonfly 9, @Vixere.
Welcome to "Apotheosis of the Leviathan", an idea that is like a mix of Ultraman, Pacific Rim, and Godzilla, with a layer of Neon Genesis Evangelion's philosophical transhumanism. I have tried running this idea before under the names "The Central Dogma of Xenoarcheology" and "The Stars Cast Down Their Cold Gaze", but both ended prematurely, so I hope this one will stick.

To set the post quality and posting frequency expectations, I tend to be casual to advanced and expect similarly from my players. I am slow at posting and can take weeks to respond depending on how busy I am. Rules are the typical Guild rules. This RP will explore dark and mature themes, but since this is a public thread, obviously don't do anything that would set off the mods. If your characters develop relationships, fade to black. Even though there will be giant biological entities beating the tar out of each other (and yes, killing each other), please don't go into explicit detail regarding gore; enough to get the intensity and horror of violence across, but not enough to elicit nausea.

Anyways, I'm not the most professional GM and don't have everything laid out all nice and neat. If I need to, I'll add more rules and such as they come up. But anyways, onto the lore!

Glossary of Terms:

Public Timeline of Major Events Concerning CETM:

You will play as a member of CETM as part of one of the four projects. However, Project Olympian is off-limits to players as the Hyperian-Human merged character is privy to spoilery information. I don't expect you to have a fully-formed character idea from the get-go, so please discuss with me what you want, and I'll see how it fits within CETM.

I am leaving details of CETM and the branches somewhat open. As players join and their characters and ideas get incorporated, I will update this post.

Now for a preliminary CS (replace FFFFFF with your preferred color hex):

<Snipped quote by Stern Algorithm>

The cool thing about gundam as an example is that they've been all over the spectrum between real and super robo, so you can kind of point at different places in the franchise for inspiration.

Like, maybe starting with something like Alaya-Vinjana, or psycommu controls; it's mostly a real robot, the thing that makes it special is how it integrates with the pilot, either psychically or perhaps through neural implants. Or maybe spiritually, if we wanna go that direction.

Then develop a "psycho frame" version, that's more integrated and lets the user project some amount of psychic power(or spiritual, or whatever!) through the robot.

And eventually end up with stuff that may as well be magic, like the GN particles in 00. They don't even pretend to explain the technology, GN particles just do whatever it is they need to. They're propulsion, letting the gundam just kind of float around instead of needing thrusters. It produces a field that can absorb attacks, and it can be projected into beam attacks. But also it fundamentally alters the pilots, and makes them evolve at a crazy rate(but there's also a "bad" version of the particles, that will cause DNA damage, but that's okay because the "good" GN particles can heal the damage too).

And if you wanna do combiners, maybe they literally just fuse together at that point. Go full super robo and just have a scientist do some techno babble on the side about how their constituent molecules harmonized briefly to allow the fusion, or something.

OK, this is a good idea. Instead of flying through space unassisted, the Ultraman-like character has a gigantic spaceship that they used to travel to Earth. Much of mankind's recent technological advancements were made thanks to reverse-engineering this technology, so it stands to reason that the core of the mecha has this black box AI that no one really fully understands. I will elaborate more on the lore in the actual RP thread once I've written it up.
Also, I think I'm going to close applications now since I think I've garnered enough interested players. I'm going to ping everyone here as a roll call:

@mattmanganon, @baraquiel, @The Irish Tree, @Gisk, you responded in this thread.

@Foster, you were in the 1x1 IC thread so I'm pinging you just in case.

@Dragonfly 9, @Vixere, you liked my opening post, so I'll take that as interest.

When I have the actual RP thread made, I'll ping everyone there.
What kind of mechas were you thinking of for the third faction?

Just finished GaoGaiGar so I’m on a bit of a Super Robot track of mind but Real Robots are cool too!

I'm also interested to know more about the mecha branch! I'm actually fine either way, I'm personally more familiar with real robo stuff, but I'm interested in super robo as well(and in fact think it would be fun to explore a new facet of the genre).

My initial idea was to start somewhere between real and super (like wherever Gundam sits on that scale) and escalate to super as the technology develops. This would also depend where the other branches are, power-wise, at the beginning of the RP, since I intend for branch 1 (ultra) to be the most developed (hence why it is tentatively off-limits), branch 2 (kaiju) and branch 3 (mecha) to be on the same footing, and branch 4 (military) to be the lowest, mostly for support, ie. launching giant-sized weapons from an aircraft carrier for the kaiju or mecha to use. If we get into combiners (and I'm sort of hoping we do), then branch 4 will begin to shine in this regard, by essentially being folded into branch 3 as standard combat vehicles get upgraded into mecha body parts.
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