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@Salsa Verde

Billy put in an almost completely used up block of rosin, from when he used to play cello.
I'm definitely into that kind of rp lol.
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I assumed that, but confirmation would be cool.
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act one: way down we go
Ritman High Football Field

When Mel showed up, she got a wink(barely visible as he was facing away from the stadium lights) and a wave from Billy. Marco, however, got his excitement. He spread his arms wide in welcome, cigarette still in his mouth and cried, "Hello! Welcome to the sad sack hour! Care to stare at the ugly bird?" he gestured to the magpie logo on the field.

“It’s, uh, Valensi, by the way. Is this everyone? I’m freezing my balls off here.”

"We know!" Billy laughed in response to the introduction, unceremoniously removing his sweater and tossing it to Marco.

People were pouring in suddenly, though Billy was happy that the event wasn't going to be hindered by all the chickens back at PJ's after all.

"Hey, Billy- uh.. Marco.. Everyone. Here to open the capsule, yeah.. It's Sabiston, by the by. Samuel."

At the same time that Nat loudly denied recognizing him, Billy smiled warmly and said, "We know, buddy.

Then it really happened. Oleander approached, and hugged everybody. Completely on brand. Billy let his arms encircle his neck, and then put his own around Oleander's middle, pulling him in tight.

"It's so nice to see you again. I kid you not, I was just thinking about you the other day."

"Yeah, Oll," he said, a little thickly, "Great to see you too."

He was, for once, glad that he was facing away from the group at large, so that they couldn't tell how his eyes prickled in his old friend's embrace.

He was saved from answering for his brief moment of vulnerability, by the arrival of yet another familiar face, though changed more radically than even Sam's.

“Sup… It’s Junior, by the way. Though it’s Dante now.”

"We know," Billy said, in mock exasperation.

“So, how long have y’all been waiting?”

"Hours, we already opened the capsule and burned its contents. Sorry, pal. And hey," he added as Dante took a drink from a thermos, "If you really wanna warm up, Jack should be here with some booze. Least, she said she would. Though, I've got another party favor, if anyone's interested…" he produced his cigarette case and pulled out one of the joints he'd brought.

In OBLIVION 9 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
I also wish to post, but work is kicking my ass today.
I think we might be dropping Houston as the setting, to avoid it being too different from what locals might know.

Though the game will be so far in the future, and after major disastors drive people east, I think it could still work.

I'd recommend the anime, but it's definitely a lot of the same. Though I do think it has a great story.
Well that all sounds pretty great to me.

Can I ask what elements of 2077 you're steering away from?
I agree that using a made up region might be better.

That said, this is the future, after a mass exodus from the west coast, so we can say just about any damn thing about what the area looks like now, you know?

Can I ask what kind of tone or style this game is aiming for?

Like, will there be a lot of action and violence, or will it tend towards more slice of life and drama?
In OBLIVION 11 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Let me be clear everyone, this is a job for Jack specifically. She will be the bane of Billy's love life.
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