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@Shadow Dragon
If you're still looking for partners I'm trying to find something low stress.

I'm taking it you mean 1x1?

Did you have anything in mind already?
On the subject of the Shadow Council, would Stormtroopers ever work with them, or interact with them?

I think I will tentatively call this done, I'll let you know if I make any changes. I may try to work some common history out with @Whirligig if the both of us are accepted.

Finally added the picture.
@Alfhedil, oh I don't have an invite. But I think you also haven't commented on my sheet, so that might just be because I haven't been reviewed.
@Whirligig Oh man, can he be a part of Gui's crew?

EDIT: I suppose I should tag as WIP. There's still some additions and tweaks to make, but I wanted to get the basic out there so that Alfhadi can tell me if anything doesn't jive with the current galaxy.
@AlfhedilMy character is going to be a Nautolan, is there anything I should know about Glee Anselm in this canon?
I am very much interested.

It's not important to my character creation, I'm just curious, but: what became of Anakin, Padme and possibly Luke and Leia?
Stefan was quite still throughout the presentation. His feet stayed in place, and he had one arm crossed over his chest, grasping the other at the bicep.

"It's a lot to take in," he spoke in a low, but carrying voice. Stefan had a particular talent for being heard when he chose to speak. "But familiar in many ways. The Sea of Worlds," this is what his people called the multiverse as a whole, "I know. Heartless, Iknow. Nobodies are new to me, but their existence makes sense, so that's easy to swallow.

"What is difficult is this; your story asserts that we are in the presence of the father of all worlds. Or a part of him, the part that still walks and talks. I have been a man of faith, but I'm afraid I will need some token proof. Is there anything you can show me that might make this easier to believe?"

@Letter Bee
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