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Interesting power, just curious, does she have the ability to raise her internal temperature at will? Or does she need some kind of tool or special clothing to do that?
"I was thinking we can start with 'Hey, d'ja kill anyone lately?' but we'll see how it goes first." Richard looked back at River and quickly apologized for his sarcasm, "Sorry, just cold." He was dressed the worst of the three of them, in an old patched tan jacket, and his worn jeans and tennis shoes.

"I don't really expect us to find out anything from talking to him. It's like you said, auror's will've interviewed him plenty, I can't imagine he'll tell us anything he didn't tell them. I want to see his books, I'm sure he'll have some, can't have much to do but read there. I dunno what I'll looking for, just hoping I'll know it when I see it."

He had read most of Clowers' writing, but didn't get the slightest glimpse that he had ever studied magical portraiture. But then, it was more of a Charms subject, and most of his stuff was Dark Arts defense. Probably he wouldn't have written anything, even if he'd studied it personally.

"So, we're going to pretend we're students, and we're studying his book in our Defense Against the Dark Arts class - I put it in your bag, Fonsus - and we had some questions about his sources for the most common jinxes and hexes."
@Silver Carrot

The opening post says you can have up to five.

Seems like a lot, but I guess it would help fill out the cast.
They can be tall buddies, but being a tree dude, bumping his height up makes sense anyway.
I changed my character's name, and still haven't come up with a costume.

Name: Able Eriksen
Age: 14
Grade: First Year.

Quirk: Mass transfer! He can shift his own body's mass into any object that he gets all four fingers on. The volume of both himself and the target remain unchanged, it just becomes heavier, while he seems to weigh nothing at all. He can reverse the effect by putting all four fingers on himself, usually simply by clenching his fist.

Country of Origin: Minnesota, United States of America.

Appearance: Freakishly tall for his age, Able is already over six feet. He carries a little baby fat, the remnant of being a chunky child, before his growth spirt. Even with that, he's unusually dense; nobody would guess he weighed nearly three hundred pounds. He suspects it's a side effect of his mass based quirk.
Able is shaggy, nearly platinum blond and round faced, with startlingly blue eyes.
Favorite Outfit: He favors baggy jeans and sports jerseys. He wears clunky boots.

Hero Costume:

Personality: Not shy, necessarily, but self conscious and particularly sensitive about his size. He's friendly, and protective of his friends. He doesn't like to use his size to intimidate, but he can easily come off a little scary by accident when he starts to take something seriously.
Though emotionally sensitive, he's physically quite tough, and has a high pain tolerance.

Other: He has four older brothers, each with some level of a mass negating quirk. They made fun of him mercilessly for having a different quirk, and for his weight.

"Grudge?" Cassandra thought about Dom. She had known the guy for less than twenty four hours, and she didn't want to say she hated someone that quickly.

"We'll see about that too." she had brightened a little. "Maybe a good smack will get it out of my system. So how have you gotten on with your, er, partner?"

In the back of her mind, she had a nagging worry that her experience would be the rule rather than the exception. She wasn't sure if she could stand finding out her expectations had all been a complete falsehood, and not just a lie of omission.

@Scribe of Thoth

"I might end up beating you to a pulp here."

Cassandra laughed good naturedly, "I guess we'll see. What's your affinity?" Depending on what sort of magic he used, they may end up playing arcane "rock, paper, scissors."

She was checking off the forms of fighting she was familiar with, marking them one through five. She liked a short sword okay, but she had always excelled at empty-handed martial arts.

"Think they'll let us beat up vamps too, or are they keeping us separate? I'd imagine there's a lot of pent-up anger there."

The smile faltered and faded. She didn't want to have to fight her partner, and didn't have anything particular against vampires in general. And yet, the look on Dominique's face when she had stood up to him had been so gratifying; she couldn't help imagining how it would look if she slugged him.

She hummed at him thoughtfully, and replied quietly. "I can only hope."

Realistically, though, until she learned some real magic, she wasn't likely to stand a chance against a vampire.

@Scribe of Thoth@Trainerblue192@Obscene Symphony@Hero

This was more like it. Cassandra had become worried that all of her expectations of the school were going to be slowly ground to dust by her partner. Here, though, there were other mages, the first she had been around since her tutor. Well, without vampires around, anyway, that hardly counted. It was nice to see her own kind milling about freely, without interference from the ruling class. And yet, there were those here who clearly could not escape the shadows of their masters, masters worse than her own. Her partner. Not master, never that. She thought she had enough sense of him to be confident he wouldn't dare try to put a collar on her.

After the introduction, they were all milling about, young adults with minimal supervision. So of course, there was showing off. Cassandra didn't mind so much, except to be frustrated that she didn't have much to show herself yet, at least not on the level of the upper level mages. She didn't have a strong concept of how far ahead she actually was in terms of study. She thought about what she could do, and began to ask around where was the best place to show off the skills she had actually been able to put into practice.

She was pointed to the Arena Guild.

There were a few students gathered here already, and even Princess Ryner's assistant, Sariel. Cassandra supposed she had been tasked with monitoring the new students. From what she knew, the Princess was every bit as invested in the mages of her academy as the vampires.

Cassandra came to stand next to a sullen looking boy, whose dress took away some of the anxiety she had about her own. She was wearing sneakers with leggings and a loose top, and up until seeing him, she'd thought herself underdressed.

"Hi," she said to the boy as she started to fill out her own application for the guild. "If you're a first year too, we might end up beating each other to a pulp here!" She indicated the guild table, her tone unaccountably cheerful.

@Scribe of Thoth
Hey, don't listen to me, he's cool as is. I'm sitting here putting a damper on stuff and that's not the reason I come here.

He should be able to kind of worm his way into the ground with his whole body, just leaving like his leafy head. Disguised as a bush, ready to jump out when bad guys come near.

But that might also be a cool special move for later.
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