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Gonna wait for FadingMemory to post, but I'm sorry to tell Silver that Audrey is absolutely going to make fun of the way Damon is talking.
@Fading Memory @Jumbus

Forgot to mention folks. Your call if Rowan sticks with Audrey, but I figured we could make new scenes, you know?
Audrey Springer

Audrey was about to voice the opinion that it was probably about time to head back for the festival anyway, but Isaac Moore turned up quite suddenly. She supposed she shouldn't be surprised to find him out here. Actually, if anything she was the one who was out of place. At least, until Isaias revealed himself. He looked incongruous basically anywhere that his older brother wasn't, and in fact his presence prompted Audrey to glance around, half expecting Weasel to emerge from the underbrush. But Mr. Moore explained that he had gotten separated.

Good, Isaias was a little shit, but without Weasel around he knew better than to cause trouble in front of Audrey, let alone a responsible adult. Audrey liked Mr. Moore, he minded his business and didn't push a lot of crap on the younger generation. Hell, even Hick had his expectations that she found herself having to live up to.

They walked back as a group, Audrey briefly thinking about her father's car parked nearby, but deciding she could go back for it later. Nowhere in town was that long of a walk, anyway.

"I actually like the old rituals and stories, did you know there's almost nothing written down about them in the library? It's all oral history."

As they walked, she chattered with Isaac and his daughter(sparing little attention to the ferret they had hanging on).


Somehow in the throng that they arrived to, Audrey ended up stuck with Isaias. She wasn't sure if he was following her, or was simply bring pushed by the crowds in the same direction, but either way, she pricked her ears up for the sound of kids being aasholes, and sure enough, she spotted the rest of the Bilica children gathered around the apple bobbing trough.

Audrey marched up, matter-of-factly, and grabbed the back of Odaya's sweater, pulling her out of the water and firmly onto the ground.

"Trade ya," she said, shoving Isaias forward toward his brothers once Odaya was safely on her feet.
I was waiting on a Toby post to see if I needed to check my voicemail, but if you're gonna have something that ties us in, I'll just wait a few hours more to see what it is lol.

Oh shucks, there was a Toby post, I missed it completely! My bad, folks, I was waiting for nothing. Well, I'll still just wait for the start of the official prologue.
@Jumbus My intention, unless you object, is to post something like "let's get back to town before the ceremony," and then write in the travel. Will Rowan drive back with Audrey?

@myrkwise I did want to see if you were gonna post first, though, so that I can see if Toby left a voice mail.
Are the current scenes taking place the day of the festival?
@Conscripts David Liang. Audrey probably doesn't have much to do with him. Not for any faults of his own, there just isn't a lot of common ground, honestly.

@Taka Aleyn Ward. This is tough. On the surface, it looks like he'd be another member of the local troublemaker club. However, I notice the quotes around comedian, and the nature and subject of his jokes makes all the difference between her laughing along, and fighting him over them.

@PerfectThought Brown Cheeseman. Audrey also works for Hickory. I don't imagine they work super closely together, Brown probably does mostly stuff inside, whereas she runs errands around town for him. But, they definitely know each other and spend at least some amount of time together outside of school. You can let me know how he feels about her, which might change everything.


I also post almost exclusively from mobile, and can confirm that it is often a bitch.

@Fading Memory

I think I somehow didn't comment on this but:

I love the idea of having abilities assigned, it's something I've actually employed in a previous RP(though I kept the methods of choosing the player powers secret)

I agree with Jumbus, that I'd like to know the power before locking down a cosmetic change. I only have a few ideas for it, right now, but might have more inspiration once I see what you saw in the character. Sometimes the outside perspective can help.
Audrey Springer

Audrey chuckled at seeing the compass.

"Making your own luck," she said, "Now that really is witchcraft."

Dropping down to her haunches, she looked over the fungi and insects that were slowly, but diligently, returning the dead tree to the earth. She could appreciate it, in her own way, though she knew she understood it much less than Rowan did.

Looking up at her friend, she asked, "Hey, do you know which of these shrooms could kill a guy?"

Somehow, from her the question sounded off-handed, rather than off-putting.



As Audrey and Rowan conversed deep in The Weeping Sam, Toby's call went straight to voicemail.

"Hey, it's Aud. If you don't leave a message, I'm not returning the call. Even if you do, no guarantees..."

@myrkwise That call is gonna go straight to voice mail, I think Audrey and Rowan are too deep in the woods for a cell signal. And Audrey has a crap phone to begin with lol.

@Fading Memory other than the hair being much too long, that's excellent! I actually love the funky jacket, and I'm imagining it's something she modified herself. I'll try to find an excuse for her to have it on her when they get isekai'd, lol.
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