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Probably this will be edited and added to, but I wanted to get it down to start with.

Name - I.Z.O.R.
Alias - Gear
Age - 23
Home World - Lisnaria

Powers/Primary Skills -
-Mechanical Manifestation: Their bio-mechanical body can produce any machine, provided Gear has a good understanding of how it works. In some cases, they will need additional raw material to make something. They can also assimilate existing machines.
-Computer Interface: Can plug themselves directly into a computer to "speak" to it.
-The Facade: Their human appearance is purely artificial, and can be changed when needed. This takes a few days to do, but they can store one extra facade. While making it, their manifestation is severely limited.

Weaknesses -
-Can't swim under normal circumstances.
-Particularly vulnerable to electrical attacks.

Appearance -

Brief Bio - Gear was found by the Legion "employed" among other subverted sentient machines on a black market mining vessel. When an agent of the Legion attempted to forcibly free Gear from servitude, he discovered that the Lisnarian was acting of their own free will after all. Gear was a sleeper agent for a loose coalition of AI rights activists, and was on board to spread a benevolent virus that would break the slavery protocols.
With the Legion's help, Gear recklessly accelerated their plan, causing a violent mutiny. It was a success, but Gear(among others) was badly damaged, and taken back to Legion headquarters for repair.

Notes - Has no solid gender, and no particular opinions on pronouns.
@rocketrobie2 Hey, Gear apparently was repaired by Brainiac 5 in canon at some point, if you play him they should be friends.
Ooh, irrelevant question. I'm gonna do Gear. There isn't a lot of background lore, so that gives me some liberties anyway.
@Omega Man Does it have to be the same person, or just someone with the same powers and name etc? Like a legacy.
I'm thinking speedster. But being future and intergalactic brings so many options.
blinks sleepily
Wha? I jus woke up

Yeah, I'm here. I don't have a character idea yet, though.
@Letter Bee

I am interested. Do characters start with keyblades, and should we add that to the cs at all?


"Now that," Cassandra muttered, raising a hand in a finger crossbow gesture, "I can do."

A small flaim appeared at the end of her extended finger, wavering unevenly as it grew. It licked backwards and touched her finger, hand and wrist, leaving black patches here and there. Holding up this "weapon," she backed with the other girls(and guy) to the door.

At the door, the fire now the size of a softball, Cassandra dropped her finger dramatically and said, "Twang," in a quiet, flat voice. The ball of fire shot toward the oil soaked torture devices, but Cassandra, ever the order-follower, wasted no time looking back at it, and was sprinting with the rest of them toward the forest.
I may be interested.

What's the tech level?


These older students were showing some real magic, and Cassandra was suddenly excited. Could they teach her that? So far everyone she had made friends(or she thought of them as friends) with was a new student like her. If she could ingratiate herself into this older group…

Cassandra followed directions with a silent nod, and moved on the balls of her feet into the second bedroom. She had to flip on a light in the windowless room, but didn't break stride as she surveyed the room. She found the closet to be a likely place, and went there first. The whole situation was suddenly a lot less fun. There was a selection of chains and manacles hanging among the clothes. Cassandra found herself hot all over, and she pulled them down, heedless of the clanking.

With chains draped over her shoulders, she made her way to the bed, checking under it. Just dust bunnies, but Cassandra pulled the covers off the bed, dragging her along to her next stop. The dresser, first drawer was socks and panties. Cassandra pulled the entire drawer and tossed it onto the naked bed, scattering underthings across the room. With the top drawer out, she could see right into the next one. It was neatly organized, a series of collars for all occasions, each with a matching leash, rolled into a tight coil. There was an item Cassandra had never seen, but guessed it was meant to keep someone's mouth shut. A gag, she supposed. Again, Cassandra pulled the entire drawer, and carried it with her as she turned about.

Cassandra stormed into the living room, throwing the drawer onto the floor, followed by the blanket from the bed, and lastly she let the chains fall off her shoulders. After a moment of thought, Cassandra bent down to one of the steel manacles, undid the clip to the chain, and slipped it around her own bicep(as her wrist was too small).

"Okay," she growled, low voice but clearly furious, "When do we burn this shit to the ground?"
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