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Or maybe YouTube series. Maybe both.

Anyway, I'm looking to do a series where I read short stories, specifically sci-fi and fantasy. I know a lot of people here write their own stuff in addition to posting in role plays, so I figured this would be a good place to start.

I'm not yet sure about word count, but they would need to be read between ten minutes and an hour(some episodes may have multiple short ones).

You will be credited however you prefer(name, username etc) and if you have a website or blog or anything that you'd like me to plug in the credits I will do so as well.

Feel free to reply to this thread, or PM me if you'd like to be included.

Please provide pronunciation for any unusual words or names, as well as any notes that I should take into account.
This is well late, but this thread turned me on to the comic and I did rather like it.

If this gets started by chance, I would be interested.
"Transfiguration can be undone too," Richard cut in. "Even if you don't know what something was originally, you can return it to its natural state if you know that it is transfigured. But that's the hard part, isn't it? A teapot with legs is obviously charmed, but most people wouldn't stop to think that an old tire is actually an alligator or something..." he trailed off, his eyes widening slightly and his usual thoughtful movements ceasing in a characteristic pose of having realized something. "Be a good way to hide a body," he finished quietly.

"Erm, yes," Clowers looked at Richard with mild concern. "In fact, there are several documented cases of that happening. And of course most experts assume that it has happened many times without ever being discovered. Typically it's found because something is out of place. Or else someone familiar with the scene(a resident at a home, for instance) points out that some object has never been there before. And of course an inept or not completely trained wizard might make errors in the transfiguration."
Anatu smiled at her fellow Novitiate, which was barely visible between the links in her veil. It was strange that her Magus only had the two students, but she found herself hoping that it would equate to more personal training.

"Not at all!" she said, gesturing toward Anakh. "This is my sister, Anakh. I was just looking to meet some of my fellow students, so I'm glad you approached. And you may call mr Anatu if you like. Or Ana, if you promise not to mix my sister and I up."
Anatu shivered at the Vizier's words, despite the heat, and despite her new cloak. It didn't matter much to her that it was the "wrong" person saying them, she recognized them as her new truth, and that was almost overwhelming.

She had complimented the cloak with a pale blue dress, which came all the way to her ankles, neck and wrists. Her hair was braided up but uncharacteristically uncovered. She did, however, have a copper tiara atop her head, with a veil of copper chain links covering her face attached to it.

The Commencement completed, Anatu looked briefly at the intimidating man who was her new mentor. She must greet him before the end of the night, but right now a young woman in the crowd was jumping up and down to get her attention. With a hidden smile, Anatu approached her eldest sister. She was dressed in an almost identical dress, though without the cloak, and her head was covered in a hijab instead of a crown. On a normal day, Anatu would be dressed the same, but today of course was special. She made her polite way through the crowd and embraced her sister, Anakh. She and all her sisters had the misfortune of having the same shortening of their name.

"Congratulations, Ana. Mother will be upset that you did not join her cult."

"Well it wasn't my choice," she laughed.

"Serpent or Phoenix," she said, conspiratorially, standing close, "You must share with me all the secrets of the physical world that you learn."

"I don't think I can help you move the stars, Anakh," she said in mock severity. "Even if I had the power, I am bound by my duty as a Sorcerer-Novitiate."

"Speaking of whom," Anakh pointed to a rather handsome member of Anatu's class. "Do you think you can introduce me to that lovely man? Or would that be against your duty as well?"

"Apart from my duty, I think he's young for you. But come, let's see who we can meet."

She made her way into the crowd, exchanging congratulations with her fellow students. She wasn't sure yet who her fellows under Magus Xavier were, but hoped to meet them.

I don't know that we need assassins.

Anyway, I made an edit, so lemme know if there's any other issues, @Dead Cruiser

@Dead Cruiser I've some questions about the nature of tutelaries.

So they're summoned from the Aether, and I know rookie sorcerers can lose control of them so obviously they have a will of their own. How exactly are they controlled? Is it like a contract where they do as we tell them, but might end up monkey's pawing us? Or are they like bound to our will and they do what we want regardless of how we phrase it?

Do they hate us?

Can they die? Is it possible/common for a sorcerer to have more than one tutelary in their career. Not at the same time, but by necessity.

Conversely, is it possible that my tutelary has served sorcerer's before me? Can they lend magical knowledge from past indentures?
So this is going to revolve around like a goblin market kind of deal?
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