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@EnterTheHero i may have made a unnecessary assumption here, but do dragons have to have wings, or are there ground versions too? Mine wouldn't, if it's at all reasonable that a dragon is flightless.

Just want a Dragon opinion. Do you think Brave Hart would be a Joker, and not a Rook? It's closer combat, but the primary role is as a shield, rather than a sword.

I don't suppose it really matters, was just wondering where you might draw the line.

@Lucky I take it you changed your mind, no biggie.

If nobody takes me up on that, I can easily say either I never found them, or they died, or something like that.

I did think it'd be super cool if they ended up being the Prototype, but I don't want to push it on anyone.
@Lucky cool, you can PM me if you want to discuss it in detail. Otherwise, just make the character and let me know if you decided to do it after all.

I left it vague on purpose, the only constraints you'd have is they have to be pretty young, and would have to be relatively new to being a pilot(though possibly with more experience than Thomas, as he is brand new).

Let me know if there are any problems.

I left the sibling vague, and without a resolution in case anyone wants to play his sibling(bio says brother, but could be a sister).

I'm super interested.

Do dragons get repaired, or do they have to heal? Basically, do they need a doctor or mechanic?

In the same vein: can you tune a dragon like an engine, or so you have to train it like a race horse?

@Hero @MsMorningstar

A vampire approached. Another Eve, though Cassandra realized she wasn't familiar with her, even by name. She seemed nice enough, many of her kind wouldn't have even looked at her without an invitation from her own partner.

Cassandra waited patiently while they introduced, standing back respectfully. If the vampire could extend courtesy, she certainly would too. Gotta show them she was a quality mage.

This was strange, though. First Dom disappears without so much as a note(not to say Cassandra wanted one), and now Lilie's vampire was replaced. Did that even happen? She would ask Lilie if they were alone some other time, but thought better than to mention it in front of Mariette.

"Well, good meeting you, Lilie," she played it safe and addressed the mage, "Guess we'll be seeing each other?"


Cassandra had a vague idea of who Ikelos Eve was. He was on some family tree or other that her master had made her memorize(which apparently she didn't do).

"My name is Cassandra. Cassandra Roth. I, uh, don't seem to be servinng anyone. I was paired with Dominique Astorio," she pointed at her condo, still adorned with Astorio markings. "But when I got home just now he's, uh, moved out. I think I scared him off."

She had a mixture of pride and worry, and she said, "I'm not sure what's gonna happen, but I know my place in the school is secure. They don't want me out of their sight."


Cassandra's last interaction with Dominique Astorio had gone about as well as she'd expected. She spent much of the rest of the day alone in the school library. As much as she hated being the "perfect student," studying had become her safe space after years of being the only alone time she got. Well, that and staying up when she wasn't supposed to.

When it was so late that she felt she couldn't avoid it anymore, Cassandra closed her book of runes and trudged out of the library, making her slow way toward the noble dorms.

Unlike some of the students tonight, she took no great notice of how much security had seemed to increase. She was used to being under watch and well guarded, and the most mind she paid the continuation of this trend was to be slightly disappointed.

She walked into their shared living space, tring to do so with a swagger.

"Hey, jerkwad." She waited a beat, but there was no answer. "Dickhead?" Still nothing. "Fuckface?"

Finally she got up enough courage to peer into his room, "Jerkwad...?" It was completely empty.


Had she scared him off? Cassandra had gotten the measure of him pretty quickly, and knew he was all show, but she didn't think he'd just give up and leave like that. There must be some other reason. And if she knew anything about vampires, they'd be talking about it pretty soon. May as well wait for the rumors to come in.

Cassandra felt no need to wonder what this meant for her, she knew the answer; some other vampire would be saddled with her. Hopefully a better one.

She walked out of the Astorio house, feeling a little strange despite herself, and was surprised to find herself not completely alone. It shouldn't surprise her, Cassandra reminded herself, this was a school for vampires. Everyone around her was on the night time schedule.

The pale girl from the Arena club's table was nearby in the cul de sac, and she could see a car trundling in, though she couldn't guess who that belonged to. Students didn't have cars, right?

"Hey, er, uh, pardon me? I don't think we've met, you live over here too?" Did she even anymore?
I don't 2have anything specific planned for that bit, it's worth noting that she's under the assumption that we are muggles who have wandered in.
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