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@manapool1@Jade113@Azure Flame@Illiren

Just a role call of people I haven't seen in a bit.

If you're not interested anymore, I perfectly understand, but would appreciate it if you let me know.
Okay, if nobody objects, I’m going to step into the lead here.

@Forgiveness@manapool1, you’re both good in my book. I think Forgiveness said he had something cool to post.
Yeah, I think so. I want this to continue, but I’m unsure of where we stand.

@Default, are you acting as GM? Or should/could someone else step up?
I wish I could tell you yes, but I’m not in charge here. I think it’s Default now.
No, leave it. It’s pretty much what I thought, I just didn’t want to make assumptions. If you still want to keep things on the DL, you could put that post in a spoiler hider, so people can choose not to see it.

@Forgiveness a little, but no worries.

Can I ask what’s going on with the character exactly? I appreciate the way you’ve formatted the cs, but I don’t know what sort of person he is.

Is someone in charge still right now?

I know there’s still willing players but I don’t want to step on any toes by moving forward.
@Selig Hey, that’s alright. Have a good time with whatever other hobby you pick up.

@manapool1 That sheet looks good, for what my opinion is worth.

The only gripe I would have would be that you should format your trooper number the same as everyone else. So like MZ-0122, DX-25534, or FN-2187.
"Acknowledged," Holly said, moving to the wide window that showed space and the moon below. Ties had been scrambled, and a dog fight could be seen. Every once in a while, a blast rebounded off of the station's shields and bathed the room in green or red light. "Command room it is, all those soft little officers will need protection anyway." She moved towards the door and then stopped.
"Hey, big guy," she tapped the heavy trooper, "Wanna take point? I would but, you know," she gestured at her bare head and non-standard issue blaster.

@Azure Flame
I can post to move us forward, I tried to give us a concrete objective for fighting the rebels by introducing the jammer.

I did want to wait for the sergeant to give us a command, but I know we want to move forward.
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