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Cassandra checked on her new room, and was happy to find that all of her things had in fact been moved already. What was more, the room was basically identical to the one she'd stayed in the first two days, and everything seemed to be in exactly the same place as she had left it. Come to think of it, that was a little creepy. She didn't own that many things, but still.

Her phone startled her with a buzz, and she flipped it open to read the text, and send a reply.

She went back out into the living room and picked up her cup of tea.

"Hey," she said to Amaris, "I'm going to sit on the porch, I'll probably be out until after sunrise. I might go out for a little bit, but call me if you need me."

Cassandra, who had never been able to go out on her own without using a window, felt a little strange just announcing her departure so boldly. But she was determined to hold Amaris to her word, and act like an equal. It's what she had wanted out of the academy, so she was going to enjoy getting used to it.

She took her tea out onto the front porch with her, and sat on the stairs with it next to her. She was hoping Lilie would text her back, but she thought she might catch a bus into town anyway, just because she could.

Whoo, sorry I missed one, but here I am to post once more.
"Well," Erevan drawled, at long last as the party stood a safe distance down the road from one of the last(and possibly least friendly) homesteads they had tried, "Ain't it a fine mess we've found. So much for hospitality, eh?" He made a point to look at every member of the party in turn, too polite to make any mention of the reason they were turned away.

He wore most of his armor as he traveled. He was so used to it, that it was easier to wear than to carry on his back. His helm was sitting on the end of his spear, which was resting on his shoulder and hung with his satchel. He also forewent the pauldrons and collar.

Even used to it as he was, he was starting to become uncomfortable after a long day of travel. Especially as the climate shifted on their way toward the swamp.

"In any event, I reckon if we're doomed to a night of layin' in the dirt, we may as well get to the layin' part. Unless, ya'll want to split the party. Nemeia and I can stay out here, since they seem to prefer humans in the first place, and you two -" his head snapped to look down the road, back the way they'd come. Someone approached, and he had only just now heard them. Even looking the right direction, the dying light made it difficult to see.

"Hail? Who goes?"
I did some more character art!

Erevan suppressed a laugh at the pittance they were afforded for travel fair. In the face of all the displayed wealth in her office, it seemed ridiculous. Hells, her coaster was made of hammerdeep marble. It alone was worth more than she was giving them. Not even to speak of the crystal glass she sat upon it, or(according to Ezlan) the spirits inside it.

Spend a gold on the sandals and a copper on the spear. See where that gets you.

But he took the bag and the tube with a silent smile. With both in hand, he started for the door.

"Well alright," he drawled, "C'mon boys, let's get a move on."

On their way out, the shortened party came upon a slightly awkward scene. A teifling woman was having her way barred by a very large man, and people were actively trying to avoid being caught in the crossfire.

Unfortunately, Erevan remembered the only descriptor the guildmistress had given for their missing member; that they would know her when they saw her.

"I do hate to interrupt," he said, while quite deliberately placing himself between them, "But, miss, would you happen to be Nemeia?"
So I've taken up drawing, and I drew Eraven, wanted to show you all, for some reason imgur really messes it up when I uploaded it, but here you go.

"Ya'ask an elf to try it," Erevan skated past the joke the would doubtless have been very sensitive and tasteful in regards to his people. "Now y'all likely know I'm not one to pass on a drink, but that's not why we're here." He looked around at them, counting heads. "Ain't a typical party five folks? Who're we missing?"
Fixed it up, writing with a makeshift pencil.
One of the guild's few elves was sitting with his back against the wall a few feet from the inside of the guild-hall's gate. He had a pipe gripped in his teeth, while one hand scribbled with a sharpened, charred twig in a journal held by the other. Every so often, a look of consternation crossed his face, and he scribbled something out, as if he had made an error in some calculation.

He was a curious creature. Social by nature, he only sought solitude when he chose to write. This privacy seemed to extend to the writing itself, as those snoopy enough to open it without his permission found they couldn't read it. Some joked that he was actually illiterate, and was writing nonsense to look smart. Some thought Erevan might be a novelist, perhaps a famous one under a pen-name, and he used a code to keep his identity a secret. There were even an odd few who kept a wary eye on him, thinking him some kind of spy using a code.

Erevan never answered to the rumors, and kept happily writing away in corners of rooms when he had tired of company(this usually took quite some time).

A strange sound caused the elf to tilt his head, trying to hear it better. A sharp, damp slapping, like wet feet running on cobblestones. This turned out to be exactly correct, however unlikely that was, as a young man barged through the gate at a run, sopping from head to toe.

"Keep rushing like that and you'll burn yourself out before you get whereever 'tis that you mean to be." Erevan spoke in a pleasant drawl, carrying the accent of one who speaks low elven as a first language.

The young man was followed by another, a guild runner, Erevan recognized. He greeted this one more simply, "Evening."

The runner leaned a hand against the wall, puffing hard, and looking at Erevan unclearly for a moment.

"You too," he finally got out.

"Beg pardon?"

The runner waved a hand in "wait up" gesture, then expounded. "Gathering folks for the guildmaster. You're wanted too."



"It was good," Cassandra found herself answering her friend and also her vampire partner. She took a step sideways so that she was facing Amaris as well. "Yes, I suppose I had fun..." she trailed off, feeling a flush creep into her face. She found it awkward for Amaris to speak to her as if she were a child. Moreover, as if she were her child. But Amaris's expression was strange too. Cassandra realized they didn't know how to interact with each other.

She noticed that Lilie's demeaner chainged almost instantly when Amaris entered the conversation. Cassandra thought back to the arrest the night before, and thought that Lilie seemed now more like she had been then. Was she afraid of vampires?

This seemed to be confirmed as Lilie quickly made plans with Salem, which Cassandra took as her trying to escape the situation. Cassandra wished fervantly that she could join her new friends, but after a quick internal debate she decided that she couldn't force her way into two invitations from Lilie tonight, and it seemed like it was meant to be the two of them.

Suddenly the instructor was ushering them out with threats of violence. Cassandra almost ignored him, but did turn to Amaris.

"Were you ready to return to the dorm? Is there anything you needed?" It was crass to ask if a vampire needed blood(or, for a human to ask, anyway), so Cassandra skirted the subject, but thought her meaning should be clear.
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