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1 yr ago
Current Lots of guests coming and going in the next few weeks. I apologize in advance if I lag in posting
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1 yr ago
Traveling for a week, and may not keep up with RPs. Thank you for your patience.
2 yrs ago
Been busy and scatterbrained this week, and behind on RPs. Please excuse my delay in posting.
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3 yrs ago
Got back from a two-week vacation overseas. Give me some time to catch up with RPs. Thank you for your patience!
3 yrs ago
I'll be going on a two week vacation starting tomorrow and don't know how often I'll have Internet access. Thank you for your patience. I'll try to be more regular when I get back.


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Dolerman 2 yrs ago
Mr Algorithm, are you still with us :)
Gowi 4 yrs ago
I keep seeing you lurking!
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