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Nice, can't say anything on NA Abilities, they look pretty much perfect.

Aight I will help you with the stats since I don't think you're in the Discord (?), and the explanation of power is there.

  • Power D, this is the level that's comparable to carrying a loaded gun, and the abilities aren't that destructive.
  • Speed C is fine, this is about the activation speed of the NA Abilities, excluding the passive effect on Sam himself, they all take decently fast but are not immediate (shooting is slightly slower cuz single-action and the ability on an ally will require him to reach out and touch them, so not immediate but not that slow)
  • Range... ok so F is touch range for Endocrine Manipulation, but also mind you D is around pistol range, less than 50m.
  • Persistence B, is cool.
  • Precision B, means you can selectively exempt whoever you want from the effects, it won't mean much with touch range for activation. But depending how precisely he can modify someone's bodily functions and chemistry, you may even argue for Precision A.
  • Potential C, B at most, but if you do B prepare a new ability for pretty soon in the story. A is restricted since that's the "blank state" for a brand NA.
Kazuki and Hikari

collab between @Letter Bee and @Gerlando

The first day in class 1B was not that bad at the end of the day, and they had gotten away with whatever mess was going on, when has dodging a dinosaur to get out of class ever been an inconsequential detail? Slowly but surely Hikari trudged to her new room, a place to live for at least the next 6 months, hopefully it holds up to a fraction of UA’s dorms.

Opening wide the door to her room, Hikari wanted nothing more than to drop on the nearest bed for the next hour or so. Unfortunately there’s someone in there already…

Is this the wrong one?
Take a step back, look at the door number, this is it.

What the hell, are the rooms shared?
Look inside and… yep, two beds.

Is that a boy?
After a 8-second stare, we can confirm it’s a boy, the dorm rooms are mixed gender?

Does this mean Rin and Matsuru share the same room?
Lucky lovebirds.

Lightly tapping on the doorframe, Hikari stood unsure on how to proceed, already she discerned it was Yamagata crying and talking to himself, paralyzed by trauma befitting a member of the Hawks Agency. The best course of action was probably to simply leave, let Yamagata sort himself out and return later when he’s of sound mind.

He was stirring awake early; eyes wet with tears that dripped down his smooth face. Was there someone looking at him? He reached out his hand, still groggy, and said, "Please don't leave me... Please..."

Was he… talking to her? Or was he babbling to his nightmares?
Jolting on her feet, the realization of how creepy she looked right now washed over Hikari. Swiftly looking through the hall to ensure no one saw her, Hikari decided to just… Enter her room. How bad can it be, I have to leave my things here anyway.

Besides… She glanced at Yamagata on his bed. Seems he takes it worse alone.

That’s right, everyone copes in their own way, she had seen it in Hawks, how some collapse, others isolate themselves and only few use their trauma to focus. Maybe all she needs to do is… stay around… and maybe that will be enough… some need the comfort of other people, don’t they? Just say something to let him know you’re here but don’t make him clingy, something a peer would say, something smart.

”I’m not leaving.”

Shit. Did that come off too confrontational? Was her tone too harsh? Apathetic? Disinterested in the suffering of her roommate?
Immediately Hikari doubted herself due to her poor choice of words, despite the tone used actually being neither confrontational nor harsh. Often not thinking your words through before saying them brought headaches, in this case, overthinking did quite the same.

Kazuki’s eyes cleared as he registered Hikari’s face. With a smile, he sat up groggily, saying, “Ms. Yajima… Thank you.”

He needed to talk about this. He needed to force himself to say something. He forced himself to blurt out, “I was at Jaku City. Friends and bullies alike were turned into Nomu. I was tortured. Hawks Agency rescued me.”

Another burst of tears, but no sobs, no yells, instead he said, “I was never able to find her, you know? The one who saved me. All I know was that she was twenty-two back then…”

Relieved to not have worsened the situation, Hikari limited herself to only listening, letting Kazuki vent out the wounds to his soul. There’s times when that’s all you need to do to help someone.

The revelation of Jaku City did not really surprise Hikari, many in Hawks had similar stories, Jaku City was just the biggest, recent incident that resulted in more of these stories being real. To have everyone you know either dead… or worse, turned into a monster, how could you trust to make friends once again?

It was best to not inquire about the details to avoid more painful memories, if Kazuki wanted to vent them out he would. This person however… maybe they knew her? Hawks Agency tends to keep the identity of their heroes a secret, but that doesn’t make it an impossible task.

Placing her bag next to her empty bed, she maintained her gaze towards Kazuki, not looking at him directly but in his general direction instead. ”This person, do you remember anything else? Hair color, her costume, maybe her voice?”

Kazuki mused, “Her costume hid a lot, but her hair was long and black, like one of those hair commercials. And her voice was kind, at least while addressing me. But she was ruthless, too; from seeing her fight, I got my interest in guns.”

He sighed and said, “I started in Hawks at fifteen years of age. I killed as many villains - Including Nomu - during that time. I am eighteen now but I still have not found my rescuer. I want to thank her, Ms. Yajima; I really do. But to be honest, I have the feeling that the person who saved me is a master of disguise and does not want to see me.”

Reaching for her forehead in thought, Hikari knew way too many people could fit that description. ”Considering it’s a Hawks Agent I doubt she can reveal her identity to just about anybody. Especially if it’s a high-caliber Pro Hero.”

She then dropped herself on the other bed, falling like a rock on the mattress. ”If I find out anything about your savior I will let you know, next maybe we can ask any professors from Hawks.”

While Kazuki and other students might get in bed for some needed sleep and to get ready for the next day, Hikari was only going to enjoy one, maybe two hours of rest.

Kazuki looked at Hikari one more time, then said, “You know, I never noticed how beautiful you are until now. I must have stolen one too many gazes at the other boys in the class.”

Chuckling, the young man continued, “It must be the sleeping pill addling my head…”

Hikari’s first reaction was a groan muffled by her pillow, a social inept like herself had no idea how to react from one whiplash to another. Going from confusion, to awkwardness, to compassion and now confusion once again on what the hell was going on.

It took her a few seconds to realize that yes, right after explaining his past trauma, Kazuki was trying to flirt… maybe he was just being considerate, reciprocating empathy?

In her hesitation Hikari just replied tentatively, not with any annoyance but just confusion. ”Thank you...”

The young man got up, forcing himself awake and his blanket off, before saying, “Hey, do we have a curfew? If we don’t, want to go out on a date right now? I meant what I said; you are beautiful…”

Hikari was still somewhat confused but decided to roll with it, curfew? If there was such a thing she would still ignore it, and it’s not like she wasn’t going to do something at night anyway.

”Sure, let’s do that in an hour.” For now she needed some time to lay dead on the bed, she will deal with the consequences of her actions later.

“Thanks!” Kazuki then went off to the bathroom, making sure to take his power armor/bodysuit with him and a bundle of more formal clothing, to shower again and get ready for his date…
Yajima Hikari

Nothing can properly convey how insufferable Rin can get, but now she was conveying that fact perfectly all on her own. One could imagine what Mia’s reaction would have been if the Professor didn’t walk in, a punch to face maybe? That would be too good.

Hikari didn’t know anything about Ravens, well apart from that he’s a Pro Hero and now their Professor, well at least the professional teacher should be able to defuse the situation, right? Wrong.

Why did he open his mouth? Another prejudiced trash can, add him to the shitlist.

Hikari didn’t even care to look at the dorm assignments as the whole class was swiftly sent to detention, barring a lucky few, seems like a way for the Professor to not do his damn job.

“Sir, thank you but I will take the detention.”

Jun, why did the Tournament Champion consider lowering herself with lowly mortals?
To save face with the rest of the class? That would be smart.
Because she did start this whole mess? Not a common response but definitely heroic.
Maybe Jun hates Prof. Danzo’s guts? That also Hikari can also respect.

As everyone started walking out, she realized it was now the hard part of this whole ordeal, getting up from the chair, and she did, with the speed of a sloth but still. The best part of being the last to get out is seeing the hateful glaze on everybody’s face as they walk by Prof. Danzo, and she couldn’t but smile at the remarks of Kazuma and Yamagata.

Hikari got to walk past the professor with a smug, but also worn out, face.
Yajima Hikari

While she was enjoying the still ongoing drama, Hikari flinched at the sudden gunshots. This reaction from Rin wasn’t that unexpected, but regardless this wasn’t really the context to pull out a gun. On one hand, Hikari knew the psychopathic tendencies of Rin, on the other, she did not expect Rin to be so crazy.

The rest of the class reacted more vividly, some were expected, like Kaiga screaming… at his hawkpad? One quick flip of her own hawkpad and it was obvious, the Top 3 Heroes are retiring, god dammit, how are we going to bear the Endeavour fanboy now?

The rest of the class was still reacting vividly, fortunately they brought the fanboy into their new yapping, now Rin was taking flak for her violent… disciplinary methods, if not straight attempted murder. To be fair Yusuke was acting like a rabid dog, and had to be put down like one, but as always Rin takes violence to the next step.

Hopefully they’re both getting what they deserve.

As Yui entered fashionably late to class, Hikari lazily waved, trying to emphasize this is their new class. “Hello, everything’s normal, as you can see.”
The City of Phnom Penh - 11/11/2022 6:15 UTC+8

Trailing behind the Philippine ambassador is Task Force Obsidian, well, some of it anyway, as they walked into the conference room it was inevitable they would notice the absence of some newly arrived members. This, however, is not true for Nil.

Since the Zodiacs (and Yulian with them) left the scene, and while meeting the local military security leader, Nil was not very attentive, all she had gathered so far on their adversaries was, Chinese speaking person somewhere, Dragon is a fraud and Yulian bad.

At least the VIP was an interesting fellow, if only for the colorful dress she dons.

Among the other ambassadors? Face not recognised, face not recognised, face definitely no recognised, oh.

Nil waved towards the Thai delegation with her whole arm in a wide arc, in a very obvious manner.

While waving Nil realized that she didn’t actually recognise any one person’s name, but just a face she had seen at some point in the past.
At the back of the class Hikari simply enjoyed the show, her upper body resting on the desk and head barely high enough to see past her arms. The ongoing banter was in fact quite spectacular, Jun and Hebi arguing to just about anyone, it was understandable for Hebi, to go down like that after putting in that much effort… must suck.

Not like Hikari could fully relate, she realized it was futile trying just a couple minutes in the preliminaries.

Fuelling the fire was Yusuke, of course, that’s like his life passion, to spite everyone and make himself enemy number 1, but at least he makes things more entertaining. And now Yusuke is… sucking up to their teacher, if one can call her that, Rin did not seem like the type to be great at teaching, at least not in a classroom, but to find her here felt more like one of those weird, senseless dreams rather than reality.

Everyone here who worked in Hawks Agency should at least have heard of Rin, a weirdo, a curveball, and someone with insane potential, must be nice being sought after like that on top of her family name. Hikari turned to look at Kazuki, he was also in Hawks wasn’t he? Then why does he look like he doesn’t know Rin, or maybe it’s his first time seeing her in person and he’s trying to gauge her first impression.

Kazuki then turned to his hawkpad, probably looking at more important things than the ongoing banter, not a terrible idea.


The City of Phnom Penh - 11/11/2022 6:10 UTC+8

Nil was actually glad when Huo Ren showed up, for at least when he spoke it would attract most reporters to himself rather than the ASEAN delegation.

In truth they had to endure worse when they arrived by plane and now before entering the building for the meeting, Nil was clearly not made out to be a media personality, and by the time Task Force Obsidian was inside she was already slumping with a tired look on her face. The only voice she made an effort to understand was Noel quickly briefing everyone once again, the same things which Nil had to be told multiple times to ensure she did not cause any trouble.

The idea was simple: show up, stay in the back while people talk diplomacy, get out.

In the end Nil wouldn’t be a problem, since she harbored no hard feelings for their opponents in the Zodiac, of course the same can’t be said for the rest of the team.

Rather she was taking a better look at Huo Ren, the Chinese Dragon with so many stories being told about him, and despite the previous missions where Task Force Obsidian faced the Dragon, Nil never had the chance to observe him with more than a glance. But now he was just a pretty face in pretty clothing, for a few seconds Nil stared at him with hollow eyes, wondering if there was more she was overlooked about him, while completely missing the interaction between Makri and Suburov.

for the Noble Arm form I'd prefer if it was a solid object that can be held by the user, so pure "fire" doesn't really work. Loose gunpowder isn't a great weapon either but it may work better, especially if it's more of a powder horn or a charge/cartridge than loose gunpowder.
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