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Mekong River - 10/25/2022

The shockwaves of staves smashing onto the ice walls could be felt from a fair distance away, most notably however was the fact they hit a wall that was not there a second ago, and also it did not create debris as it would with a wall of concrete, no this was a magical ice wall formed by a Noble Arm.

Running away was at this point more danger than worth, perhaps Marta did the right thing running from the very beginning.

Now the one who posed a threat was now the other Arms Master, extending from her arm were a series of strings emitting bright white light, closing in on Nil, that can’t be good. Fortunately the enemy Arms Master, still quite inexperienced with their new Noble Arm, tried to loop them around from decently far away by throwing them behind Nil’s arms and legs and then pulling them back towards her, with decent reaction speed and quick feet it was not too difficult to dodge.

But while backing away from Sui’s attacks the other Arms Master regained their balance and prepared to tag team their unfortunate opponent.

Combat this close distance isn’t Nil’s strong point, with the frantic dodging and lack of cqc training, well at least lack of cqc training her brain could remember. As she evaded the attack however she did not create more staves to launch and counterattack, a missed opportunity.

The original Stang was then moved to interject Liu’s snowball, not thrown at speed but just to get hit at 8meters or so away from Nil, if not stopping the snowball completely at least diminishing its effects and possible damage.

Mekong River - 10/25/2022

In the few seconds before the landing Nil had the good instinct of activating her Noble Arm, not that it would save the boat or the other passengers but at least it would ensure the impact itself wouldn’t be much of a problem for her, all that needed to be accounted for were the bits and pieces exploding and stabbing from all sides.

But while the shock was no problem, a broken shin with a piece of steel stuck in surely is.
The pain sharply rushed up all the way up from the left leg, for a split second the outside world ceased to be made of things that can be seen but only that can be felt and heard. In a fuzzy return to consciousness Nil’s head filled with continuous, annoying buzzing, slowly she went through the motions of getting out of the crashed vessel, plane, glider maybe? Then as she crawled out, pain, static, not good, and pain from the left leg once again as the hydrenaline subsided, accompanied by a headache, not so much from the crash but from the continuous buzzing of sounds.

Slowly composed herself, if anything because she’s not meant to be loud during combat, especially without, no, the headphones broke… damn again… if they can’t make them anti-missile at least could they be anti-boat crash?

The rest of the crew? After getting out of the wreck only one more poor soul could be seen, at least someone else survived but it certainly doesn’t look like a safe landing, unless a car crashing into a concrete wall could also be considered safe.

But where was everyone else?

Nil knew there were other people in the boat, like Henri… aaand that’s the only person she knew the name of, actually who was this person who also survived the crash?

”Uh, where everyone?”
Nil quietly asked, as if expecting the other person to know, fortunately after a brief introduction and assessment of the situation the other Arms master revealed themselves to be a healer, and that would take care of the pain in the left shin, but not so much the increasing migraine. Of course a healer can’t bring back the rest of the crew either.

Anyway, it was not the time to dwell on those who weren’t here.

Walking around the camp was a struggle, but at least possible with a healed leg it was possible, not to diminish the torment of their surroundings, for most people it would be the tense sneaking as the ongoing carnage rages, taking away the lives they were supposed to save, for Nil however it was the accursed sounds of said carnage, fully automatic weapons accompanying screams of terror and madness, from literally every single direction.
Hands on her head Nil summoned various copies of Stang and tried to follow the nun in a quick firefight with some guards maddened by Noel’s power, launching a couple of them to quickly dispatch these foes with… yet… another… boom.

But of course the reverberations of gunfire did not stop, not while the entire camp and area around it continued to be an indiscriminate slaughterfest, but it was the sounds especially close that irked Nil the most, the almost omnipresence of screams of both maddened guards and the revolting prisoners, and the constant sound of rifles fulfilling their firey purpose both far and near.

All of it just stuck in Nil’s skull, at least the sharp metal was removed with enough pulling and blood, but this was just an aggravatingly constant ache.

The girl yelled as half a second later her voice was covered by the booming impacts of the glowing Noble Arm, fired to all directions from where sounds were once heard, no regard to differentiate prisoners from guards.
A mist of dust and blood all that was left from most shots, along with cracks of what once were walls now partially or fully demolished.

Fortunately the remaining guards were unable to recognise friend from foe and were too distracted shooting each other to be a real danger, but it was not like so for everyone, and sure enough the scene had attracted unwanted attention, if the flying boat hadn’t given them away already.

While the newly awakened Arms Masters approached, Nil was still recovering and trying to piece out the situation they were in, but after seeing the two PLA guards cutting their own to close the distance it quickly became obvious. The not super fast reaction eventually came as Nil formed three copies of Stang, preparing to engage the rookies.

But the real threat was from above.

Multiple scaldingly hot arrows rained down on the camp, accurate enough to endanger the ASEAN Arms Masters while sparing the PLA ones, these small flashes of light cleared the camp of many ravingly mad guards and the poor prisoners in the crossfire. Nil was almost thankful as the gunfire noise slowly became more distant, almost thankful, if everyone died it would be a failed mission and no one at HQ would be happy about it.

Nil tried to back away from the approaching enemies, and slowed down their advance by throwing her staffs, two on the boy with ice abilities and one on the girl with strings of light. As a flying Ai Chen suppressed the team, Nil just about missed her targets, but the impact blast would still be enough to rupture internal organs and cloud the masters perception with deafening impacts and a cloud of dust. Particularly Liu Xi would be hard-pressed to resist double the impacts.

Mekong River - 10/25/2022

As Nil made her best attempt at staying immobile and less eye-catching as possible, the group’s stealthy approach failed dramatically, and as can be assumed they were now in the gutter. The Sun suddenly formed in the middle of the night, right in front of them no less, Nil scrambled to cover her eyes by turning her head and raising her neck-cover once more to cover her sight, and then took another second to bring it down after adjusting to the new light, while presumably everyone was already looking around.

Indeed even an unperceptive Nil could realize they had been surrounded, more by instinct than actual sighting of the enemy. Nil had a hard time staying calm between the boat rucking, the Sun in the night sky and someone tracking all the way back behind the boat, making the swaying of the vessel even more apparent, the situation had become tense as a guitar string, ready to snap at either side’s discretion, and indeed it wouldn’t be long before it did.

In a surprising move for which Nil was totally not prepared for, the whole boat catapulted to space with surprising acceleration along with the whole crew onboard.

Bracing yourself in the moment, or even just a millisecond before, was just not possible, the girl wacked her head on the back of the seat, fortunately the seats had the decency of providing a headrest to prevent extreme head whip.

’Shit bitch fuck fuck fuck’
Those were the only things that passed through her head at that moment, along with being the only swears she could remember, or many more would have come to mind.

If there was one positive at least the ‘driver’ had been careful enough not to launch them directly into the sun, plus the high view could be quite pretty for someone not as unnerved as Nil.

It was extremely surreal, experiencing things after… death? a coma? If asked to describe it, Hyuna would not know where to start, akin to an out-of-body experience but different, more real.
Even more dreamlike was meeting with ’Kami’, yeah, a God, literally calling themselves that as their name, and talking about a world with ninjas and shit.
Must have read too many historical novels.

There was no harm in nodding along with whatever this Deity (?) was saying,was she even nodding? It sure felt like it but without a body there’s no way to nod your head, still Kami seemingly understands the intention.
This is one weird ass dream.

It was, in fact, not a dream.

Consciously experiencing your own birth is… definitely an interesting event following the previous… but much more horrific than anything else. The one saving grace is that a newborn’s body does not have fully developed senses, but partial awareness doesn’t truly detract from it.
At least once it’s done, it’s done.

Well, that’s what you get for not reading the contract, or in this case not asking the otherworldly Japanese Goddess when you’re in spirit form… Yeah, I was not expecting this.

A week in and a few things were already clear to Hyuna, or Yumiya now, because firstly that’s her new name, didn’t take long to figure out, just the first day of being reborn and she heard ‘Yumiya’ at least a dozen times. It’s not a terrible name and the abbreviation Yumi is cute, well it just means bow for them but it’s fine.

Ah yes, secondly her new family spoke japanese and only japanese, but in some weird awful dialect or something, the temptation to ask them to speak normal japanese is great but all this newborn body could muster is “Ababa” and “Guu”, so weird larp language will have to do for now, at least it’s mostly understandable.

And lastly Yumiya has a brother, no one can say if she’ll get smaller siblings later but for now it’s just a big brother to deal with.

One or two months in, it’s hard to keep track of time, now I understand why Kami talked about ninjas and shit, took a crawl around the house and there’s all kinds of swords and shuriken all over.
Other news, at this point I’ve got used to this new name, also it's hard to move properly, am I meant to sleep and do nothing for a year?

About six, seven, maybe eight months, doesn’t matter, finally managed to walk even just two steps, I will surely improve soon and everyone is surprised at how early I learned. Anyway, nothing beats being able to walk after over half a year of just walking on all fours.

Mekong River - 10/25/2022

The engines bustled and the pair of boats moved along in a not so straight line, the river twisted and turned in a not so abrupt but still noticeable way, in the distance the city lights could be seen slowly coming closer.

Nil just had to sit idly and not think about, well anything, not the chinese finding them, not the boat bouncing around and not the water they were on. Nil took a moment of peace to cover her eyes with the neck cover. Of course now she didn’t see the river but could very well feel as the boat sailed.

”whirr whirr.”
She said quietly, almost in a hum.

Not long after someone shook her to signal they were closing on an inspection post, the eye cover was now removed.

They were not even near the city before they made their first stop, Nil just sat in one of the back seats, fully covered in a drab chinese uniform complete with hat and headset. After a while the boats began their journey again and again they stopped, the PLA has various posts and Nil just repeated the process of just not panicking, which previously seemed to have worked.
@Deide remember to use a hider for better visibility in the IC tab, other than that you have approval two from me.

Okay, before I make my character; are there any relevant clans in the Cloud village?

Isn't Kumo the village with the Chinoike?

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