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Alright, I'm going to begin my writing process tonight. Usually I'd finish it in this one sitting as well but today has thoroughly kicked my ass, so unless I hit a particularly potent workflow I anticipate I'll be wrapping up my notes and posting tomorrow.

Edit 1: Added David and Brown to the Anime Intro because that's where my mind was tonight, once Aleyn is introduced properly I'll add him, otherwise I'd just be distracting myself tonight.

Progress on the proper post proceeding decently, but sleep beckons me a little sooner than I'd hoped. Tomorrow it is, chums, tomorrow it is.

My apologies. Starting working both my jobs to help with my car maintenance but, I'll get to posting in a bit.
@Taka Aleyn Ward. This is tough. On the surface, it looks like he'd be another member of the local troublemaker club. However, I notice the quotes around comedian, and the nature and subject of his jokes makes all the difference between her laughing along, and fighting him over them.

The quotes around comedian is cause he markets his sarcastic remarks as comedy and his jokes are a bit dark....but never delves into offensive stuff. He's not that much of an asshole. But they could have a love/hate relationship too. Due to her nature, I can see her speaking up whenever his brother is around and that would instantly make Aleyn gravitate toward her.
<Snipped quote by Taka>

Still interested in this? Because I think the character I have in mind could work pretty well with yours.

I'm down for it. Brown and Aleyn could definitely be friends.

Posting my sheet right now. Its not completely finished. Hoping someone wants a connection before a do this backstory cause whoever can stomach Aleyn will be rather important to his development and backstory.

Everyone is going to hate my character. lol. A short, asshole so basically Vegeta. Its nice to see the ooc is moving so fast.
I got a sheet obligation then I'll work on this. Anyone want character connections then I'm down.
Am I still able to make a sheet? I had a big hiccup but I am back.
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