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I'm having a good time, the pacing of the posts doesn't bother me, but I think I'll agree that the story has shot forward a little.

<Snipped quote by Taka>


I think since they're close in age, and their parents work together, they might even have been play date partners when they were little. She might have had a history of clashing with Markus, even before his parents went missing, and Markus became the head of the household.

When that happened, Audrey stopped being welcome around the Ward house, and they would mostly just see each other at school.

That's perfect honestly. They are close but aren't close at the same time. Basically a strained friendship since they don't hang out as much anymore. Tho they share a friendship in Brown.

Alright, we’re a few months in and so far we’re having some good activity and I’m super excited with how this has all started in this prologue.

I like to field this question every so often in roleplays I run, TTRPG and otherwise; Everyone enjoying themselves so far? Any initial disappointments or joys? I know we’re early on roleplaywise, but we’ve all been hanging out for a few months and I just like to touch base with people. How’s the pacing? Am I dragging things out, or does it feel right? Etc.

I'm fine. I'm impatient on the powers and isekai part BUT, I'm also moving slowly right now so i can't say much. lol
@gisk , We never discussed what kind of connection Audrey and Aleyn might have beyond her mom working at the Inn's bar area.

I also forgot to edit my sheet for my Yo'Bikur form. lol. Start of this month has been hilariously lopsided.
Apologies for my silence. Went from vacation to working hard again.
@Fading Memory

So I've established that Audrey's mother is a bartender at a local place, but I never mentioned where. I don't know what kind of place the New Hope Inn is like, but I can't imagine there's a lot of bars in such a small town, so is it possible this is where she works? She might even have worked there when Aleyn's parents ran the place.

Meant to respond. I'm down for this. I can see her and aleyn having a "friendship". Especially due to her Mom being nice to aleyn unlike everyone else. Maybe Audrey and her mom kind of know what Aleyn goes through with his brother.
Aleyn Ward

Aleyn could only sigh in disapproval as the ceremony began. This kind of stuff didn't interest the young boy at all, not caring for any of the village traditions. His mind raced with thoughts at the various acts of disrespect that were brought upon him, always facing backlash for just being himself, the village never knowing the amount of pain and suffering that he had endured since his parents went missing. They never cared for him so why should he care for them? Aleyn could only ask himself that question over and over till his head started to throb. So much trauma for one little boy made him jaded toward things that should be fun within the town, but even in his angsty, silent tantrum, his eyes became locked on a certain young woman standing upon the raft.



A yell from behind him and a sharp tug at his shirt alerted the youngster to look down, his golden eyes meeting with the blue eyes of his tomboy baby sister. Looking like a boy, as she always did, Aleyn placed his hand on her head, squeezing tightly till the little girl cried out. She grabbed hand, trying to pry her brother's hand away. Aleyn leaned over and stared at her with a toothy smile like a mad scientist staring at his latest creation.

"Shut yer mou---"

Before Aleyn could finish chewing out his sibling, Freyja's scream filled the air before a column of water rose to swallow her whole. He looked onward with horror and confusion whilst grabbing Alycia up into his arms, the water rose around him at such a speed that no human could possibly move. They were both swallowed up, fear racing through their bodies.



Aleyn's words went nowhere fast as his face was submerged under the lake water, air bubbles raising to the surface. His eyes shot open, and he quickly threw his head back; Aleyn's breathing matched the speed of his movements, nearly hyperventilating at the events he just went through. Fear still shooting through his body causing the boy to bite down on his bottom lip. "Ow!" he exclaimed as he felt a sharp pain like a blade had dug into his lips. Blood slid down his chin, Aleyn using his tongue to touch the two snake-like fangs that now protruded from the upper row of his teeth. His pupils had become slit like a snake as well, the gold coloring in his iris glowing brighter then normal. Looking downward, his eyes caught a sight that caused more confusion. His shirt was torn up to the shoulder and gave way to a snake tattoo wrapped its way around his right arm up to his neck. Weirdly the tattoo was black and scaly like a snake's skin, Aleyn visibly in disbelief at his body.

"What the fuck?"
Then every timeskip is to a Wednesday lol

Now that you mention Wednesday.......*Begins typing post*


You stole my fish thing for Aleyn's little sister. LMAO
@Taka: Yes, we are!

Sheet coming soon. Been working two jobs...for DAYS! But i'm almost free.
Ill have my post figured out by Wednesday at the most. Had to deal with a balloon release Saturday and two DND sessions today. Hopefully don't hold anything up.
Aleyn Ward

Aleyn stood near the front of the New Hope Inn, door open wide for the world to see inside. The hustle and bustle of the festival had many of tourists coming and going, giving an amount of attention only afforded to the Ward family during holidays. His mind instead was focused on how fast and far he could get away from the Inn, away from his brother's abuse. Unfortunately that man stood near the door, glaring at his little brother, ready to backhand if he uttered even the slightest disrespect. Aleyn turned his back to begin walking down the brightly lit street, his brother fixing his tie while just waiting till the boy was just a bit farther away to speak up.

"Enjoy yourself. Tomorrow you have a big day. Don't come back late."

Instead of speaking back, the boy just waved back. He didn't want to say anything to Markus because it would just end in a shouting match and that was exactly the thing he didn't need right now especially without Alycia there to calm either down. He was always happy that at-least she was spared from their guardian's wrath, able to grow up experiencing life with a happiness that Aleyn never got. Thankfully there was at-least one person beyond his sister that cared for him and that's when it hit him that he should probably check his phone. Grabbing it from his pocket, he quickly opened it using Alycia's birthday as the password, noticing that he had a message from Brown.


Several minutes passed as Aleyn made a mad dash to the festival area to find his best friend. Eventually he came upon the highstreet, almost immediately seeing Brown standing next a pretty big guy. He had no clue who this guy was but he did look familiar as if he had saw him around town. Whoever it was was didn't matter to him, he just cared if his friend was being treated right. Walking up to his friend, he slapped him back with a huge smile on his face before leaning on him, too short to actually lean on Brown's shoulder.

"Brownie, what's up? Ya enjoying the lame festival? Meet a girl yet?", Aleyn looked the other guy up and down, placing his hand in the air to signify just how tall the guy was in comparison, "Who's this guy? He's like...HUGE?!"

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