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Current Honesty's for the birds, baby.
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4 days ago
Not living paycheck to paycheck is for cowards. If you're not anxious about how you're gonna pay the bills for the month, you're not even living.
6 days ago
Now that OJ is getting out of prison he can finally get back to hunting down his ex-wife's murderer.
6 days ago
My wife walked in on me masturbating to an optical illusion. I threw my hands up and said, "Honey, it's not what it looks like!"
10 days ago
The rotation of the earth really makes my day


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Super interested! Sticking to the featured species is a motion I support, too. As far as filing a lawsuit against Toei, Yamcha is currently battling them for custody of his balls so you're probably in for a wait.


Head on over to the OOC and get cracking at a character.…

Said and done. Don't forget to join the discord, as that will be the fastest way to reach me.
I respond to a PM in the first five minutes, too...
OOC is under construction.

Join us on Discord!

We all know the story of how one young girl on a quest to find seven magical orbs - how she ran her motorcycle into a young boy who had lived in the woods his entire life, and how that little boy, Goku, would go onto become not just the savior of Earth, but the entire universe, and perhaps not just his universe. We know about his hardships and his story, the friends he made and the foes he fought. The family he created, the children he created and the legacy he left.

This, this is a story completely different from that. This story is one about the greatest warrior race in the entire universe, how their pride was shattered by a tyrant, and one last, desperate attempt at removing the Frost Demon's foot from their heads. This is the story of the renegades, the wildcars, the mavericks. The pathfinders of a dead civilization and their struggles in a brave new world far away from everything they ever knew.

This is the story of the Saiyans of The Primal Fury. We will play as The Elite, born into greatness, the leaders and commanders of the Saiyan army, and the Low Class warriors,the disposable grunts. Those that thanks to a cunning plot of the King, were sent away to a new galaxy, far away from Frieza's plan to eradicate the Saiyans to craft a new path for the Saiyan race, to carry on their legacy.

The only thing scarier would be if shitposting incarnate joined.

...oh wait.

I've been made to believe that I am the Super Saiyan Shitpost Blue.

Also, OOC's all but finished. I expect blasters set to hype.
OOC's under construction. Should be done later tonight.
I might be interested in joining if you would have me Hillan.

Sure! Sleep is eluding me, but I'll catch that sonofabitch if it's the last thing I'll do.

I'll have OOC up tomorrow with a character sheet and essential information, I'll add more in the coming days. I need to sleep as it's currently six am, though.

<Snipped quote by Hillan>

"You see, I very clearly wrote 'Original Character do not steal.' on Kale's character sheet. What do you mean your version is a female and nothing like him? It's the principal dammit."

Intellectual property theft. Throw the book at them.
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