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I think it's evident, but I think one season was all the Flash I had in me this time.
As much as I love Eobard, I just cannot string together a storyline for a season 2. I'm out too.

But, as soon as I figure out a plot, I'm taking that lightning bolt back.

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Chad Thundercock and Johnny Narcissist carrying their nuts in wheelbarrows is all the testosterone this RP needs.

Who's who?

This fucking save post feature, man.
"Are you scared of the dark?"


Adam Abraham Kaynes
01/01/2002 | 17 | Caucasian
Hetero || Player
Senior | Antique Platinum Ring | Corvah The Immortal
D E T A I L E D A P P E A R A N C E:

If James Dean had survived to the 21st century, he'd look absolutely nothing like Adam. However, Adam likes to think he's got the 21st century Mr.Dean look going for him. Between the gelled hair, the cigarette behind his ear and his leather jacket or wool coat, depending on the season and weather. He wears band T-shirts under his jacket to school, and of course a pair of ripped jeans and converse, maybe a pair of ankle-high boots if it's really cold outside.

He's pale, he doesn't enjoy being in the sun very much and would rather spend the day flirting or getting into trouble rather than engaging in sports. Not that you could tell that the guy spends every weekend drinking beer and hitting on college girls as his metabolism is still working overtime. He stands at humble 180 centimeter and weighs in at 70 kilo, a lean, athletic frame from his time on the swimming team as well as his decade long endeavor into karate.

He's got a few scars, wounds that never healed right, but nothing too notable. He's got a pentagram tattoo'd on his chest and a egyptian Ankh on his collarbone, one end of the ankh peaks can be seen down his neckline through his T-shirts.

When working he wears chinos and a dress shirt as well as a shamanistic necklace made out of animal bones, his hair's a little wilder and he dons a longer trenchcoat as well as a pair of dark sunglasess, regardless of the light source inside.
M O T I V A T I O N S & G O A L S:

You ever wanted to play the character who's the smartest in the room? Well, that's not Adam. He's not book-smart, he's barely street smart. The guy's got very little going for him except grit. Due to his hobbies and background, I think he's gonna be a lot of fun of having his perceived, and faked identity clash with what he learns about his true heritage from Crestwood. When the one field of expertise he's cultivated over the years turns out to be completely wrong, perhaps he's gonna get presented with a choice. Adapt or die.
C H A R A C T E R C O N C E P T:

Adam is an occultist. Not in a Tumblr-Ouija board kind of way. He's not a Wiccan, he's not even a pagan. He's not a psychic and he's not a medium. He's not a wizard and he's not an exorcist. He's not a demonologist and he's no hero.

He's a conman, a conman who's turned his fascination of the occult and the beliefs of the occult into a trade. He's running a succesful social media career as all of the things that he isn't. Where he takes cases as a paranormal investigator and solves poeple's supernatural problems. Except, of course, he knows they're all placebo. He's a showman, and a grifter. He doesn't believe a word of the things he preach, he knows all of the occult books in the world are just that - books. Stories. Made up. Not real.

There is nothing but people that go bump in the night. There are no monsters under the bed. And the only reason to keep the lights out in the hallway when you go to sleep is to make sure that your newest foster parents don't try to do any fuckery while you're asleep.

This all of course clashes with the to him, unknown fact that he's of the long line of magically-endowed individuals reaching all the way back to ancient Egypt. And that fact's gonna make itself painfully clear in the coming months of his life.
C H A R A C T E R N O T E S:

The Talon Of Platina; A ring made out of platinum during the 15th century in Spain. Made by a powerful Draoi who for centuries made enchantments for the Magni community. The Talon is one of the first conduits ever made out of platinum in a age when the world thought platinum was just impurities in gold.

Corvah The Immortal: Corvah's a small European Crow from Italy, Florence to be exact. His species have been the chosen corporeal form of the familiars of the Kaynes line for centuries. The moniker 'The immortal' is born from the fact that all of the Kaynes familiars look the same and share the same name. Corvah's actually the 214th Corvah, but that's too many 'Juniors' too put behind a name. Corvah actually become a Magni familiar in 1951, when Adam's father, Maximilian was born. Maximilian died shortly after Adam's birth when he was murdered by a Hellion, and with his dying might he cast a spell on Corvah so that the crow would not perish too - or worse, lose his spirit and become feral, a monster himself. Corvah was bonded to Adam when Adam was born, but the crow didn't survive his original partner's passing without scars. The familiar's not much of a guardian angel, but instead chaos and destruction has followed Adam his entire life, starting with the death of his mother when he was an infant. Corvah's life is a taboo in the Magni community and if a more experienced Magni would learn the truth, both Adam and Corvah's lives would be in danger.

I didn't spellcheck anything, I didn't edit shit, hell, I didn't even READ it again.
So, uh, I'll fix any silly lil' mistakes by then, but I saw no point in waiting to get the sheet up.
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What the fuck did you just fucking say to me you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals

I will break you like a kit-kat bar.

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I'm also pretty sure, together Emily and your character would likely come up with their own way of signing where they would both would understand. It's actually how it was invented in the first place. So, Emily being herself would come up with a solution.

Oh. I'm sorry. Uh, I guess me being an idiot isn't coming through via text. I was making a joke. I'm not the one making a sign-language character.

<Snipped quote by Hillan>

I would say it would make signing pretty hard (they usually use both hands for a wide range of words and meanings). XD

Right, so, like being French. Or having a lisp.

I getcha.

<Snipped quote by Lionhearted>

Well, while I won't sway you to male or female... maybe I can create a connection with mine? >_> Emily could use a friend that can speak in her 'language' since she won't be able to communicate very well. Being deaf makes having normal conversations hard, lol.

Is being one-armed a speech impediment or an accent in sign language?

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