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Current Why do cops hate redneck murder cases? No dental records and all the DNA matches.
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If you walk fast and smile a lot - nobody can tell that you're ugly.
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Fucked up that Iowa doesnt actually exist
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The H in Jesus H Christ stands for 'Hella'.
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I read somewhere that the best way to prepare kale is to cook it in coconut oil and that makes it easier to scrape off the pan and straight into the trash.


I have 3 mottos here in life, really.

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I've been rewatching Smallville lately and I'm currently on season 3. But seeing Lex and Clark's friendship develop before they inevitably became enemies inspired me to come back to this to see how the friendship could've turned out but instead with Julian and Kieran.

@Hillan Are you up to it?

I actually think I am, haha. It could be fun.
So I'm hoping to post tomorrow morning before work, but first I'll need to compare the methods used by Adorno et Al and Milgram on why people cause harm to others.

"Because they don't post."

There, I did it for you. Now get posting.
In the minds of

Devil Of Santa Celia
Location St. Paul Church.
Part 1.

"You do know that out there, there's chaos, right? For a month straight, Hell's rained upon Santa Celia. People are suffering, living in fear, confusion and terror. The cops are outmatched. They don't stand any real chance with what they're up against. The realization of panic is slowly spreading, Father. Is it a reckoning for our sins, like the flood Noah had to face?" The man said, to the older gentleman on the other side of the booth, they could not see each other, not properly, only small parts of the other, through the grated surface. It was an old church, the oldest in all of Santa Celia - the St. Paul Church, straight from the roman empire, they rebuilt it here, brick by brick after they cultivated this land.

"It is truly a dark time here in our great city, my son. The Priest responded, somberly, bowing his head he mumbled something in latin - a prayer, closing his eyes and gesturing a cross in front of him.

"Does that work? Praying, I mean." he asked the Father, leaning back in his chair, and the father nodded, visible through the grates.

"It brings comfort. Both to the mind and the soul. You do not pray, my son?" He asked Joseph and Joseph shook his head.

"Not since I was a little boy. See, when I was a child, my father would beat my mother. A lot. And no matter how much I prayed that his heart would stop - it never did. Not once did my prayers come true. I used to believe that God wasn't real - that all of it was just made up bullshit. Then something happened to me.. And I know better now, Father. God is real." Joseph confessed and the priest nodded in acknowledgement

"The lord does indeed work in mysterious ways. It would seem that spreading more misery, by smiting your father, wasn't his plan. I am glad to see that you've found enlightenment. Are you ready for confession?" Father Cascone said and Joseph nodded.

"I've done bad things, father. Really bad. I've had sex, probably thousands of times outside of wedlock since my last confession. I've gotten drunk, smoked and gotten into barfights. I've worn mixed fabrics and ate all kinds of meat and seafood, I hear that's still a big no-no with god. I got divorced, after swearing in a church like this that I'd love my wife till the day death do us part - well, I at least kept my end of that deal. I got my Ex-wife killed, Father. God, I got her killed. " He began, putting his gloved hand towards his face, looking distraught.

"Is that all, my son?"

"God, no. The list's just gotten started. That's when things got crazy. I got killed. Murdered, in fact. I came back, but I.. I wasn't quite myself. Not quite right. I'm not the man I was once, you see. I'm someone else now. And that someone else has cranked the bad things up to eleven. I was a police officer, but now. Now I've taken the law into my own hands. I'm the jury and executioner, and I've been striking down those who've done wrong with righteous fury. Well, perhaps not righteous."

"Wait, are you him? That guy in the news, who's been fighting the gangs?"

"Fighting's a stretch. I brutalized them. Everyone from Geseppi's gang, the McNeal Crew and the Suarez chapter. that's 85 men. In a month. But I guess that's what happens when you barely eat, don't sleep and you can only think about one thing. The demon whom you sold your soul to." Joseph spoke and the priest felt the color drain from his face, as he moved towards the door, but it was already too late. The metal hand shot through the wooden wall and grabbed him by the collar, pulling him towards the grated window, and the priest yelped and soon began crying in terror.

"Who are you?!" He shouted, but the church was empty. Nobody heard him.

"See, father. I know I'm not the only one with sins." Joseph said as his lips curled into a smile.
"I know who you are. Who you really are. You're not just a man of the cloth, oh no. You're so much more. You're a gunrunner, a drugdealer, human trafficker and child sex-slaver. You're the Capo of the Lucerne Mafia. And I'm the ghost of your Christmas past." The once dead-man said, as he dragged the priest across the room the Father trying to fight his steel grip, but the bionic arm could not be budged. Joseph threw him into the wall up above the main hall of the church, looking through the stained glass at the people walking on the street below. The priest was about to yell, but soon the cold hand was around his throat again, and the other fist was in his stomach, he fell to the ground, on his knees, vomiting from the impact.

He coughed and looked up at leather jacket clad - sunglasses wearing predator, like a rabbit looking at a wolf.

"What the fuck do you want?!"

"I want the world to see your monster inside, Marco. I want you, to confess. To everything. If you do, I'll let you live. If not, you're just gonna become another notch to me." Joseph said, as he pulled his gun and cocked it. "Decide."
Joseph got his phone out with the other hand and turned the lights on, filming the beaten priest, who's voice was horse from the tight grip around his throat.

"Fuck." He said, as he spit out blood, and looked into the camera.
"My name is Marco Giovanni Maria Cascone, I am the priest of the St.Paul church in Santa Celia and a well respected member of my community... But I'm also something else, something different. Worse. I'm a fiend, a demon. A villain and a monster. A criminal and lieutenant in the Lucerne mob. I've worked with Lucky and the others for 25 years, ever since his dad became leader of the West Comission. I'm a rapist, a thief and a murderer. I am, truly, the scum of the earth. He spoke, eyeing the gun pointed at him.
"And I am truly sorry."

Joseph turned off the video and put away the gun, he chuckled and clapped his hands.

"Excellent performance, father. "

Kill him. Kill him NOW, Detective! the demon nagged, and Joseph tried to avoid letting it phase him. Joseph pushed the father away from the window and sent the video to the authorities, using every IT-security trick he had ever learned to make sure they would never figure out where it came from. He knew full well it wasn't gonna hold up in court. It didn't have to.

"Can I go?!" The father cried and Joseph shrugged.

"Do you feel forgiven?" He asked, coyly and the priest nodded. Joseph nodded backwards and pointed his hand behind him, towards the stairs, and the father climbed to his feet to bolt, only to be caught by Joseph and janked back, this time, with a wire around his neck. A thick, industry size wire that made up a noose. Joseph had tied one end around his neck and the other around a piece of the stairs, he placed something on that end of the wire, as he pushed the priest out of the stained glass, hanging him on the outside of the church, 5 meters above the stairs below.

Joseph calmly walked down the stairs, towards the entrance, as he saw people already gathering outside, filming with their phones and gasping, looking terrified at the struggling, beaten and broken priest, choking his life away. That was, till the wire's fastening exploded and the explosive charge blew the wire clean, sending the priest sailing to the ground, where he broke his legs in several places, people began walking towards him, but before they could, they saw the black clad man step out of the shadows, his gun in hand.

"The people out there, who in the past month have been turned into freaks, the ones scared and petrified, confused and worried. Sad and angry. The ones who have been through hell, and cannot handle it. They, they aren't the monsters. Men like Father Marco Giovanni Maria Cascone, here is the worst piece of filth there is in this world. A new day is dawning. Wake up, Santa Celia. The devil's coming to drag all of his rotten souls back to hell." Joseph preached as the red energy traversed his body, a vague aura of horns growing out of his head as he spoke. People gasped in horror as the gun took aim.

"I realized that God is real, father. We humans just scared him off."
The priest cried in pain, trying to gasp for air, his lips said 'please' but no sound could leave him. Never again.

BANG and the priest's body went limp with a new hole in his head.

The shooter was back in the church when the sirens could be heard, and when the police arrived, there was no trace of the gunman.

He wasn't Detective Joseph Dark anymore. He wasn't a broken man killed by the mob and forgotten by the world.
He was now the Santa Celia Devil, Crossroad.

Overall Theme - Holding Out For a Hero And Ballad Of Barry Allen

Thawne - '39
Thawne As The Flash - Six Feet
Wells - Time
Snart - Cold As Ice
Cisco - Good Vibrations
Tracy Brand - Iris

Also; Life in the Fast Lane by The Eagles, Lightning Strikes Twice by Mason Marek, Too Old To Die Young by Brother Denge, runnin' with the devil by Van Halen and Run Devil Run by Chowder,

Is where my playlist's at so far.

Sep could probably fund his summer selling tickets to punch him in the face.

That's be the kind of attraction at the amusement park I'd spend all my money on, instead of the blackjack and hookers.
<Snipped quote by Saint Maxx>

God, it's like you don't even know me.

That's like a Punch to the Face.

I mean, just introduce the Spider-Force already. Duh.
Was just chatting with Doc on Discord when I brought up the idea of Injustice in this RP's universe, and I figured I'd bring the discussion here.

So. The biggest and bestest superhero went nuts and created a totalitarian dystopia. Who did it and where would your characters be in that mess?

I feel like Thawne would just stop pretending at that point. Though, I think that's the easy answer. So I'm gonna take the darkhorse and say that Eobard would double down and play a leading role in the resistance as The Flash and do everything in his power to undo the Injustice-stuff.

Location: Central City - Present Day
Post #1.01: Your guiding S.T.A.R

Interaction(s): None
Previously: Eddie Thawne

"Thawne" The older man of the group spoke, softly as the machines beeping in the background. He was leaning on the cane he used for a crutch as, his dark features in his face had grown ever so more apparent in the past few months - it’s what having your life’s work falling apart will do for you. He looked over at the 25 year old victim of a lightning strike the night of the particle accelerator. And he knew. He knew that this man was special.

He was the one. The one universally good thing about this whole mess, the saving grace of his mistake. A happy accident, as it were. He limped out of the room in the basement of the facility, into the room with his colleges - or rather, the ones whom had stuck around. The Central City division of S.T.A.R labs was now a disgraced household, it had lost all of it’s stature and if it wasn't for the donors who paid enough money to keep the lights on, they’d been closed down long ago. But someone with extraordinarily deep pockets still thought in their mission, that they were the ones who could fix the mess they started. 1400 people died that night, and metahuman activity in the city has gone up by 600% in the past two months, directly following the release of the dark matter into the city.

People are changing, and with most, it’s not for the better. The powers brings out the worst in so many of those affected. It’s truly a waste of potential. The Doctor pondered as he met the gaze of his far younger partner. "Cisco.." He greeted him and shook his hand, as Cisco had a faint smile on his lips.

"Tina recommended that we pray for a miracle, Dr. Wells."

Wells scoffed, but as he was about to lecture the young engineer on why miracles have no place in science, they were interrupted by a shadow behind them.
It was him
"I did not think prayers carried much weight in your circles." The strained, shirtless man whom had ripped all of the tubes and nodes off him said, leaning against the wall, clearly strained. Strained, tired and exhausted. But, he was awake. He had a slight smirk on his face.

"Holy crap, he’s alive." Cisco gasped, and Wells smiled as he walked towards the no longer comatose Thawne.

”Welcome back to the world of the living, Edward Thawne." Patting him on the shoulder.

"Hungry. Like I haven’t eaten in months." Eddie responded, and Wells scoffed.

"4 months. You haven’t eaten anything in 4 months, Mr. Thawne." Cisco chuckled.

"You must be starving, then." Cisco chimed in, handing Thawne the box of donuts that sat on the desk he had been working at. Thawne scarfed them down in an instant, his expression asked for more, and Cisco pointed towards the sign behind him that said 'kitchen' and pointed to the right.

Thawne had been given a S.T.A.R Sweatshirt to cover himself with as he was finishing up his meal in the kitchen, Wells and Cisco were both staring in awe.

"That.. That’s how many calories?" Cisco questioned, shaking his head in disbelief
Wells grinned softly and adjusted his glasses.

"That’s about 60,000 calories. I see that we miscalculated the affects the dark matter had on his metabolism. By a few thousand percent.." The doctor said smiling softly, nursing a cup of tea with his one hand, leaning on the cane with his other.

"What happened to you, anyway?" Eddie asked, nodding at the cane, and Wells scoffed.

”Lightning didn't hit us all that night. When the accelerator exploded, I got hit with a piece of debris that severely damaged my spine and hip. Cisco here built me a mechanical replacement hip, but we sadly can’t do much about the spine being damaged, so, I’m stuck with this.” He tapped his hip and then his cane.

"That’s quite unfortunate. But, hey, at least it isn't a wheelchair, right?" Eddie said with a grin and Wells nodded, solemnly.

"There is always that, yes. We theorized the dark matter affected you in more ways than just making you hungry. Would you kindly follow me outside?" Wells asked, looking at Cisco and Thawne, Cisco smiled and grabbed some a camera.

"I mean, I guess. What do you mean?" Thawne asked, a smirk creeping up onto his face, but he quickly changed his facial expression back to the questioning look he had the moment before.

Wells directed Thawne to a pair of sneakers as they approached the door to the now empty fenced off parking lot behind S.T.A.R Labs. Thawne put them onto his bare feet and walked outside, holding his hand in front of his forehead as he was hit with the sunlight for the first time in a very long time.

"We believe that the drugs in your system, combined with the electric shock and dark matter altered you biochemistry. And your enhanced metabolism proves that hypothesis quite nicely. But, like I said, I don't think that's all the effects. I believe you've become fast. Impossibly fast, Edward."

"You mean to tell me that the heroin in my body when I got sparked by my toaster made me an olympic sprinter?"

"There is only one way to find out, Mr. Thawne. You ready, Cisco?" And Cisco gave the thumb up, having setup the camera.
"See the fence over there? That's exactly 200 meters. I want you to sprint, as fast as you can there." Thawne blinked.

"I haven't really ran that much since high school, I don't think I'm gonna impress anyone." Thawne said with a slight scoff, and Wells smiled.

"I think you'll surprise us, Edward."

Eddie looked towards the fence, and sparks starting buzzing in his eyes, and soon the lightning trailed across his body, all the way to the ground, and as his foot left the asphalt, it felt like the world stopped, completely. He might have induced his coma himself, but it actually, truly, felt good to run again. A subsonic boom occurred and the back draft made Cisco's hair blow in the wind and Wells almost lost his balance. Cisco let out a triumphant Woo as he read the reading on the camera.

"Hell yeah, Man! That's Mach 1! You just cleared 200 meters in a little more than half a second!" Clapping his hands, Wells clapped his hand against his shoulder.

"Congratulations, Edward. You're a metahuman. You might just be the fastest man alive. Let's do some more tests." Wells suggested as Thawne came walking back, grinning.

<Snipped quote by Hillan>

Thawne would be a hit in prison.

Everyone would be his Prison-Wife.

<Snipped quote by Lord Wraith>

Prison, probably.

On a serious note, I imagine Thawne's heart will grow 3 sizes during season one. That's not to say that I think he'll be a hero, or even a good guy by the end. He's far too old and jaded to learn new tricks like that, but, I think he'll be far more sympathetic of Barry than ever before after literally walking in his shoes. (Or, light-speed sprinting, as it were.) He'll have completely absorbed Eddie's identity and made it his own and hopefully, ever since he first became Professor Zoom he'd actually have a life. With y'know, friends. Albeit, based on false premises and deceit, but, hey, we can't all be perfect.
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