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Morgan was resting at his home early in the morning, not able to quite find rest to sleep yet too tired to do anything really productive. Caught reading a book, his butler, Willem walks by and pours him another cup of rest-inducing tea.

“Terrible night for sleeping sir?” Willem asked and Morgan nodded in silence.
“I think it’s the moon. Stirs all the men on the island crazy.” the Butler spoke, glancing out from the quarters towards Huitzil Castle on top of the spiral mountain where the moon appeared perched upon its walls. Morgan turned the page of the book, an adventure novel from his childhood, one written by Sasuke Ozar, an adventurer from the Grandline and the first to provide comprehensive maps of the area nowadays known as The Devil's Sea.

“I will bring you some light eating for the early morning, sir.” Willem promised as he vanished into the kitchen to start preparing cold cuts for the Baron. Morgan sipped the tea, slightly cold. His finger traveled from the handle to the bottom of the cup, his fingernail turning into a small but intense flame that quickly made the water steam into the perfect temperature.

The morning was interrupted by shouting from the outside, the guards rushing to the front door, knocking and hollering as Morgan emerged from his study. Willem was greeting them at the door, and Jack exited from his bedroom in the opposite wing from Morgans. The young man was carrying the blue-haired soldier of Solstone. Morgan knew the man with the blue hair - Tagoma.

“TAGOMA… HE’S HURT. Lao that bastard! And then…. And then the prince, he… Good star in heaven.” The boy panted in a panic.

“What’s your name? What about the prince?” Morgan ordered, nodding for Willem to tend to Tagoma’s wounds, peering outside it was clear that there were more wounded than just Tagoma.

“Cerulean, sir. Cavean Cerulean, Baron.” Morgan nodded at the confirmation “And it was… It was Aztec. We were fighting Lao and his triad goons when Aztec showed up. Beat the piss out of all of us.

“Why were you fighting the Solar Triad? I was not consulted.” The baron stated firmly, ensuring Cerulean that their actions lacked justification.

“It was about the mines, sir. The Triad are attacking our miners, breaking up our shifts and threatening our union.” Tagoma spoke, as Cerulean was dumbfounded at the question. Morgan nodded, Willem giving him first aid.

“How are they attacking our men?” The former Ashbringer’s voice rang out, the boys eyes widening upon seeing their childhood hero in person.

“Harassing them at home, underpaying our deliveries and making sure our men’s shifts are shorter and more dangerous than those in the triad’s union.” Tagoma and Cerulean both tried to explain. Morgan and Jack nodded. They would have to handle this, and as with all things related to the triad it was never gonna be fun.

“And what about the prince?” The Baron inquired as he put on his coat and grabbed his cane. Jack was grabbing his overcoat and hat.

“He beat the sunlight out of us for fun. Lao and his guys, too. We heard the striders arrive as well as some marines, something about an assassin and needing to protect Aztec. Barely crawled away in the chaos.”

“There was some girl setup to shoot him or something.” Tagoma began, with Cerulean finishing.

“Someone's already coming to poach Hexxer's bounty, money will drive the desperate mad. You should have come to me with this before you took matters into your own hands. I’ll handle this. You boys rest up. Willem, ensure the two young men as well as their wounded companions outside have everything they need till I return.”

“Certainly sir. Do you two ruffians take one or six sugars in your tea?”

“Uh… Two?”

“So uncivilized…”

”What are you gonna do, Morgan?” Jack was putting his jacket over his arms as they were moving away from the manor.

”We’re heading to the union offices. I need to speak to the foreman. The triad wouldn’t be openly attacking our workers if they weren’t playing a bigger game.”

”Should we call Stede?”

”Why bother him when he’s finally drank himself to sleep. I’ll call upon him when I know there’s fighting to be had.”

”That’s the spirit BWAHA” Jack chuckled heartily as the two headed off to the coast of Solstone to speak with the foreman in charge of the mines.
Post up! Should be getting more frequent going forward.



Finding out that the renegade prince was a target of an assasination plot piqued Morgan’s interest. It was never hard to understand why someone would want the prince dead - Aztec was perhaps the most outwardly detestable of the royal family. It was a matter of figuring out who and getting them to call off the hit. Few had the guts to attempt to attack the royal family, especially those who did not come from the island and no islander would hire an outside assassin to do so. It was quite the conundrum, one that Morgan pondered over his next few pints at The Ashes. Brust and Darnold had left him, once he had given them the clear that he would need to think the situation over, he wasn’t sure if he could aid them in their search, nor if he really cared. The relationship between the Marines and the politicians on Sunstrider was always complicated, the base was located in Solstone, as the main kingdom never truly accepted Marine assistance, wanting to sort its issues out on their own. Furling his brow and letting out a slight sigh.

Or because they had secrets they didn’t want the world government putting its nose in.

Finishing his drink, he figured it was about time to head back home, Stede was cleaning the bar and Jack sat in the back, smoking his hemp pipe while listening to some old codger tell him a story from his youth for the 10th or so time this week. The old warrior always enjoyed hearing tales of old, even from times before his own.

”Truly want me to believe there was a man who fought using three swords in that country of Wano?” Jack chuckled as the old man, Graz Coots, carried on explaining the details of his many travels through the Devil's Sea, before the new world had even given birth to its king and namesake.

Graz nodded intensely “Yeah! They said he had made a deal with death, once so intense that if he ever opened his mouth to speak, the miasma would leak out and spread chaos and death! So the bloody samurai did the only thing he could, kept a sword in his mouth!” Jack laughed heartily as smoke left his lungs. Noticing that Morgan was about to leave, Jack’s eyes grew sharper, himself getting ready to follow his ward. Morgan waved him off.

”Rest a while more, Jack. I’ll return shortly. Got a short detour to take before I’m heading back to the manor for the night.” Jack nodded in response, turning his gaze back to Graz and his story about the Devil’s Sea. Stede waved bye to Morgan, raising the remaining of his ale to the Councilman’s health.

Morgan exited The Ashes, took a deep whiff of the cool air outside, producing his cigarette case from his pocket he put the cigarette to his mouth and ignited it with his lips, the flame traveling along the paper of the cigarette past the filter almost invisible, until it grew in size at the end of the cigarette, expanding and perfectly ignited the tobacco. Walking a few blocks, Morgan stopped, leaning against a stall that had closed for the night.

“The sun is gone.” A voice, determined and enigmatic spoke, first half of a codex to ensure the safety of the meeting.

”But yet I have a light.” Morgan responded, completing the code from the stranger on the other side of the stall, invisible to the councilman.

”What do you know about Hexxer? What does the West Blue’s most dangerous assassin seek here on our island?.”

Bonet chuckled.
“What does anyone seek here, dear Baron? I know precisely little about the killer known as The Hexxer, which is a lot more than anyone else. But you cannot afford that information, Brand.” The spy assured Morgan who scoffed, Bonet was never an easy man to do business with.

”Are the marines right in fearing for the prince’s safety?.”

”If Hexxer is indeed coming for your prince, then Aztec is already ruin.”

”That’s not an answer.”

”You don’t pay me for speculation. You pay me for the truth. They do not know for certain that the prince is the target of the assassin, but if he is there is little that can be done to save him.”

”Do you know where Aztec is?” Morgan asked, dragging from his cigarette as Bonet chuckled.

”Do you fear for his safety, Baron?”

”No. I fear for my country. Principcide would shake the stability of our already fragile nation. Besides, I doubt Aztec would go down without a fight and I’ve seen that boy grow into a man since we were both children. He’s always had a near insatiable appetite for destruction. ”


The docks erupted into chaos as explosions rang out, a battle erupted between a few rogue members of Solstone and the Solar Triad, protecting their turf as each believed the other faction was overstepping their boundaries in recent weeks.

“You stank ass solstoners have no right to do business on the Triad’s turf, you better tuck your tails between your legs and get outta here ‘for you get blown up!” One of the Solar Triadmen shouted, they numbered six triad members, four citizens of Solstone.

“You triaders have been cheating us for too long! Our deliveries have been getting shortchanged for the past month. This is a formal complaint!” The solstoner, Tagoma, shouted back, holding up a filed paper from the Solstone courthouse. A gun was raised and the lead tore the paper to smithereens. Tagoma and the others ducked for cover.
“Sorry, I don’t see any formal complaints or letters of safe passage!” Lao responded, a shit-eating grin on his face. His fellow gangsters joined in

SHIHIHIHI they laughed as Tagoma cursed.

“I have copies!” He shouted, chucking a object from his pocket towards the triad, plugging his ears with his fingers as his three cohorts did the same. Lao looked at the object, still laughing

“SHIHIHI you throw this garbage at me?? A bomb? C’mo- wait a BOMB” He caught himself, his and the other triad members eyes bulging out of their skulls as they all ducked for cover .


Leaving a two meter-wide crater in the alley, damaging the walls slightly, spraying debris around.

“You freakin’ solstoners are crazy!” He shouted, hiding behind some crates. “Come out and fight instead you bastards!” He yelled, his body still postulated on the ground, Tagoma rose up, gun in hand as he and his three allies got ready to make a stand.

From the side of the alley another figure moved, only revealing his through the darkness.

”You guys having a fight? Without inviting me?”

The voice spoke, sending a chill down the spines of all 10 combatants who were ready to let loose on each other.

“NO WE DIDN’T MEA- PLEASE HEL-” Tagoma and Lao both screamed, as shouts and yells woke up half of Zenith.

The Ashes Tavern, The Solstone, Midsummer Island

Captain Doster had taken his seat next opposite Morgan in the lounge where the five of them could speak privately. Jack and Stede were present for the sit down, the latter having ensured that one of his staff was manning the bar after the fallout from the pirate crew had been cleaned up. The only one standing behind the marine Captain was his Lieutenant. Morgan had gotten the rundown on them both, clear to him that the younger of the two lawmen were new to the island – in fact, he was new to working with the captain at all. Solstone was a sovereign state. Violence was around every corner. Even if they had never been hostile to the marines, it was still odd that the marine had not brought any backup to the bar, only himself and his right hand man. Then again, he only ever brought Stede and Jack with himself wherever he went.

”Councilman Brand. Baron. We’ve gotten quite worrisome reports recently, regarding criminal activity near this section of Midsummer Island. There are troubling winds and we have reason to be concerned about the safety of certain individuals.” Captain Brust began, Morgan nodding.

“More pirates like the ones we saw today?” Morgan asked solemnly and the captain grimaced.

”Sort off. The Bull Pirates aren’t a nothing-affair in this sea. They aren’t big fish. On the other hand, we’ve received information that tells us that one of the big shots of this blue is heading this way to make their way back from the devilish sea beyond the red mountains.”

“Oh? Who?"

“We do not know for certain. But based on the destruction left in their wake, we’re believing it’s The Hexxer.” His words were icy. Hearing the name a shiver ran down Morgans’ spine, Jacks’ eyes widened, Stede looked in confusion at his companions' reactions.

”What’s the big deal?” The barman questioned, breaking the silence. Jack tsk’d him.

”The Hexxer is one of the most prolific assassins in this sea’s history. Nobody has ever survived to identify them, leaving only the many occult symbols behind when they kill.”

The Marine Captain Brust nodded.
“And we fear we know who the target is, this is why it is vital that we cooperate with the government of Solstone.”

Morgan’s eyes widened as the captain produced a picture from his dossier. Recognizing the picture immediately.

”Aztec. The Renegade prince.”

"Another drink to another failed motion by our incredible leader!" Stede shouted as the bar cheered, he sent eleven glasses of ale down the bartop, each getting grabbed by a hand of people dressed in simpler garbs than those of the councilman sitting at the edge of the bar, nearest Stede. Morgan shook his head. "You're stupid." He grimaced as Stede laughed. "Not as stupid as that motion, friend. You really thought you would upend the last tax deal? Just because your idea made sense and was legally sound? C'mon Baron Brand, haven't you been around this circus longer than this?"

Morgan shook his head, as a big glass of ale made it's way to him. Jack laughed heartily from the back, laughing at Stede rather than Morgan, the older gentleman knowing full well that Morgan's proposal had nothing to do with the tax referendum - it was about voting districts. The bartender was talking out of his behind, as always.

Morgan nursed his beer, the conversations inside of the bar ignited, people from each of the states sat here engaged in conversation and enjoying each other's company. As sad as Morgan was about getting absolutely destroyed at the parliamentary hearing today, it was always a relief to sit here and watch the people, his people, not just those of Solstone, but all of Sunstrider - the real people of Sunstrider - gathered like this. United, even in disagreement. No walls between them. His eyes were big as he sat folded over the table, resting on his folded arms as he looked at the ale in front of him, listening to his people and feeling that ever-present flame inside of him flicker brighter upon hearing the discourse take form within The Ashes. They were all discussing the pros and cons of his proposal, the hearing had been closed doors, yet the entire town knew what he had put forward. He had urged the council to put forth a motion that would enhance the autonomy of voters, allowing even those who weren’t part of the upper echelons of the caste system to vote and take part in the politics in a more meaningful way. Naturally, this would have lead to less power inside of the council itself and Morgan's fellow councilmen weren’t too pleased at the idea of seizing power.

He took a deep sip of his beer when the doors swung open, in stepped six rugged men, each carrying arms, rifles slung around their shoulders and cutlasses in their belts. Clearly these ruffians were pirates. Not the first time pirates make landfall on Solstone, and it certainly isn’t the first time their kind steps into The Ashes. The man in charge spit on the floor as he yelled for the barkeep. Stede waved them off, as he was pouring a drink for another patron, instead one of the barmaids made their way over the pirates to show them to their seat.

That’s when chaos ensued. The pirate did not take kindly to the young woman telling them where to sit, a crack like thunder echoed in the room as it went dead quietly, the only sound heard was the woman hitting the floor and letting out a shrill yell. Stede dashed behind the bar, grabbing his shotgun as Jack and Morgan both left their seats, no words were spoken as the pirates eyed up the three men walking towards them in the lounging area of the bar.

The woman crawled to her feet as Jack comforted her, she was crying.

“BWAHAHA, YOU SEE THAT FELLAS?! DUMB BITCH THOUGHT SHE COULD TELL US WHERE TO SIT!” [Octavian Sorss First Mate Of the Bull pirates, 10 Million Beri bounty] His bald face held many scars, including one over his right eye that was adorned with an eyepatch. Stede stood behind Morgan and Jack, his double barreled rifle loaded. "Now hand us all of the booze you have! Food too! We're hungry as the devils hell!"

”You damn idiots. You think you can just waltz in here and take what you want?!” Stede demanded as Morgan shook his head, his eyes were cold unlike the flame burning bright in Stede’s eyes. The pirates raised their guns, Morgan produced his lighter and cigarette from his pockets, lighting his cigarette as the pirates leader spoke. "Wait, Stede." Morgan warned his oldest friend, eying the pirates.

“D’aaw, we hurt the bartenders feelings, boys!” He shouted as the seven men behind him began laughing, aiming their guns. “You best behave, son, unless you think your two barrels can beat our 8.” His face twisted into a grin as he aimed the pistol at Stede who gritted his teeth. Jack made sure the barkeep, Liza, had gotten into the hands of the rest of the staff.

”They’ll wreck the place with those guns…”
Morgan nodded and inhaled before he sharply exhaled through the cigarette, producing a wave of smoke and charred ember flakes that found their way to the men. The pirates began coughing as the smoke became like a fog around them, blowing out through the open window and door behind them.

Cindering Destruction

The flakes landed on the pirates belts and their guns where they quickly began burning, disarming the pirates and destroying their firearms by burning through the mechanisms of the guns.

“W-What?! Our guns! What kind of shitty magic is that?!” Octavian grunted, startled as he threw the gun to the side, cursing as he fumbled to arm himself with his cutlass that was clanking to the floor as the belt that he wore had been burnt through.
"Kill these bastards, that was my favorite pistol!" Octavian yelled as his pirates charged at the native trio, cutlasses raised and pants almost falling down their legs.

Stede laughed as he lifted his rifle, before opening up the barrels, holding the gun into the air as two unfired shells hit the ground, signifying he was evening the odds, instead using the pistol's grip as a baton, while Jack used his cane as a quarterstaff, Morgan held his hand on the handle of his cane sword but did not draw it.

”Seems we'll have no other choice. This old dog could use the exercise.”
“Let’s Dance!” he shouted, him and Jack springing into action as Morgan held back, ensuring the rest of the bar patrons would not get caught in the mayhem. The rumble got rather loud, but wound up being over rather quickly, Jacks brutal strength and Stede's wild nature made the two of them a fearsome duo despite being outnumbered. Octavian himself made a mad dash for Morgan as his two friends were preoccupied, cutlass swinging at the Baron, he sidestepped though not quickly enough to properly avoid the attack, the cleaver tearing straight through the side of his head and down his shoulder, splitting the man's body, only for there to not be blood out of the expected wound, but instead a hazy mirage as Morgans body reformed immediately. Stede and Jack appeared in front of the pirate, leaping into the air while facing the rest of the pirate gang, the two pushed their hands into the pirates face, knocking him onto the ground and forcing him into the rest of his band with enough force to send an echo of teeth, metal and bone breaking.

The two marine officers entered the bar shortly after their walk had concluded, they had noticed the ruckus from outside and how the people were hollering about a fight inside of the bar - nothing unusual for the senior officer, yet the younger one was uneasy, something told him trouble was inside of the bar. They swung the door open and were shocked to find a pile of defeated and broken Pirates near the door, the Baron sitting on a chair facing the door, his cane in one hand, the other holding his beer with the cigarette still burning in his lip, Stede and Morgan sat on either of the armrests, drinks in their hands, keeping an eye on the defeated pirates. The two marines were shocked at the sight. The bar bustled back with life as the marines called for backup to handle the prisoners, and the officers could return to their expected meeting with the Baron.

"Welcome to Sunstrider."

Morgan's Birthday is June 21(Summer Solstice, brightest day of the year.) I'm sure he smells of the cheapest premium brand of after shave available on Sunstrider, I imagine some sort of sweet and smokey combination, like a vanilla / whiskey mix. His blood type is AB based on the associated personality traits as I imagine Morgan is someone who thinks in complex ways yet sometimes fails to articulate them to others. He's also quite vengeful and holds a grudge.
His flower is the Larkspur (The myth of Hyacinthus, whom was killed by Apollo, the sun god. Apollo made a flower spring up from the mans blood, this flower was most likely a Larkspur or an Iris, as opposed to the flower we today name after Hyacinthus.) Morgan certainly bathes every single day, sometimes more than once.
When it comes to eating, he's not a big eater. Preferring to only gorge himself during particular times of celebration where he most enjoys barbecued meat, ribs or chicken, and a strong cup of coffee. He hates candy. Morgan likes reading in his spare time and the manor has quite the library. His favorite genre of books are comedic tragedies. Most of his free time is spent at the bar with his mates.

Morgan likes spring season the most and would probably only enjoy an all season island in the Grandline as he believes that nothing matters without sacrifice. Spring is only beautiful because it means the end of winter and the birth of summer.

A grim look on his face, the newly arrived Lieutenant could not believe his eyes at the sight in front of him. This was his first deployment to Sunstrider, stationed at the base in Solstone, near a particularly famous bar. The Marine outpost had been recently built, out of a law enforcement base the locals called ‘ashbringers’ whatever the hell that was. He had just stowed away his belongings on the base when he was called out into the field to join his captain and direct superior, Doster Brust. He met his captain who was donning awfully casual clothing despite being on the clock, attending official Navy business here in Solstone. The lieutenant approached Doster, nodding at him and Doster did a quick salute, indicating that Doster’s casual demeanor didn’t mean he wasn’t one for ceremony.

“You must be the new officer, huh? Here to replace Blueblood?” The subordinate nodded. “Good. He was always a prick.” A slight chuckle was shared between the two men. “What’s your name, young man?” The captain asked, smirking under his white mustache.

“Lieutenant Darnold… Sir…” the younger officer stated, still shocked at the sight before them, distracted to say the least. Doster Brust chuckled heartily.
“First time here on the island, huh? They don’t tell you what this place is like back at HQ. Let me show you around, Darnold.”

“Should we not do anything abou-”

“No no. Don’t interfere. That was Blueblood’s problem. He poked his nose in the local business. Trust me, you don’t want that.”
As the two marines walked, they came across the mystery to the younger one - the two local merchants flogging each other with whips while arguing over something almost incomprehensible

“Any resemblance to actual persons or objects, living or dead, is purely coincidental!” One shouted before he was cracked in the shoulder by the other man’s whip.

“Well, according to the stationary laws as stipulated in Section 2C of the Strider Lawmen code, this is defamation of my property!” the other shouted, only to be thwacked by a whip from his opponent.

“All sales are final, except for when they're not! Your product is shot, so it’s not!” The original merchant, one with long brown hair shouted at his balding compatriot, cracking his foe over the ribs, a trail of blood following the whip. This had been going on for a good ten minutes, for as long as the Lieutenant had been standing outside. People walked past the two, not paying them any mind, this was a seemingly common occurrence in this district of Solstone.

”STOP FIGHTING!” He shouted at them, approaching them as they both turned around while grabbing at each other’s collars, having abandoned the whips they were both ready to throw a punch in the other's direction. The two men stared him down, analyzing him from tip-to-toe, figuring he was a marine instantly.
“None of ya’ business, white hat!” they shouted in unison, startling the Marine, going back to socking each other in the face.

”Why are they fighting?” he asked his superior, whom chuckled once more.

“BWAHA, see, young one. Here, this is just how things work. They argue and they fight. These two, Fisk and Noet, they’re traders. Fisk sells beef, Noet sells fish. And they trade with each other all of the time. The thing is… They both think the other’s product sucks. So they bad mouth the thing they just bought from the other, which inevitably turns into one of these encounters.”

The Lieutenant couldn’t believe his ears or eyes, but once he processed what was going on, he too began laughing.

”That’s funny as hell!” He shouted, continuing their stroll. As they walked, they saw more and more of the merchants strictly adhering to legal argumentation, or taking to violence for seemingly no reason. They stepped over a four way wrestling match in the mud where everyone involved was in their upper 60's and wearing expensive suits.

“No receipt, no laundry!” One clothes cleaner shouted, throwing away a man's freshly washed set of clothes.

“Forgot your caste card? Don’t ya worry, solstone codex states you’re fine without one! Need that in print? I got you covered my friend.” A bathhouse owner beamed at a man dressed as a factory worker, standing out as a sore thumb.

“You bastard, that interest rate is half a percent higher than you promised me yesterday!” One disgruntled older gentleman with a monocle yelled at a poor, meek teenager

“No wait! That was my brother who promised you! But I’ll still cash in, hohoho!” The young banker retorted as he hastily ran away from the far bigger older gentleman.

“They’re all… Just… Shrewd businessmen?

His superior shook his head.

“No, they’re actually quite an emphatic bunch over here. This is the true melting pot of this entire country. The rest of the island only houses one breed of these people. This is where they can all truly come to meet. Sure, they fight, but look at Fisk and Moet over there.”

He nodded backwards, their gazes found their way over at the two merchants, who were now sharing a bottle of alcohol to clean their wounds, helping each other with bandages on the spots they couldn’t reach.

They are a community, one that cares about each other. We marines have no authority to interfere with the natives' business. Unless something comes that is under our jurisdiction, we do not do much here. I heard you’re quite a battle hungry young man, so you must have pissed someone off something fierce to get stationed here, bwahahaha.”

His subordinate nodded, solemnly. Yeah, he had.

”If we don’t have any power here, who does”

“Well, real power in this country is not that of the one who has the biggest muscles or the best weapons. Politics and fighting go hand in hand here. The politician with the better arguments will win the brawls, they will fight their opponents in rhetoric and in the mud, while behaving as civilized as any noblemen. Their political system, ‘democracy’ they call it is very complicated and despite being here for many years, I still barely grasp it.”

“The royal family rule because they have… Democratic power?” The lieutenant asked, and his captain smiled.

“Sort of. They’re born into power. That’s why the castle up on top of the mountain in the middle of the capital is off limits. Even to us. As far as ruling the kingdom goes, it’s anyone’s game. Parlament believes that the best argument wins. But trust me, here there’s a lot more to winning arguments than knowing the laws the best.”

That’s why we’re here, in fact. At this place. There’s a certain someone I need to talk to. He spoke as his hand reached the door handle of The Ashes, the single most popular pub in the entire kingdom.

Well, as far as Original One Piece OC's go - I never really had particularly many until I started RPing. I enjoyed the idea of someone who would mimic any of the father figures Luffy has, so every character I dreamt up was some variation of (what extremely little we knew about them at the time, 15-18 years ago) Shanks and Garp.

My original RP character was a Marine Commander by the name of Kai, 13-14 years ago. Edgiest Marine OC you ever once did darn see. Six powers, big fat Mihawk Black Katana he claimed rended the enemies souls - long before the infamous "This is Katana, her sword kills the soul of the people she kills" but most notably he wore an all black Navy coat that had "Death" on the back. It was all truly terrible and these days I'm very glad that @Pacifista rejected me from his One Piece RP back on Oldguild when I applied the the game he was running.

Added the current TLDR versions of the different areas of Sunstrider Island and Morgans' enemies. I'm sure he'll get more as I go along. I still need to figure out the Marines.

Oh man I heard there's this one really cool character in the OOC rn. Go check 'em out!

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