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What does a clock do when it gets hungry? Goes back 4 seconds.
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Yo mama built like Hank Hill.
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Forgot how to throw a boomerang but it's starting to come back to me


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I really like this idea, I've tried to do something similar in the past. Glad someone else is giving it a go. I'm interested.

His voice was tired, his throat dry and sore. He had not been given a drink for several days, forced to lick rainwater from the ground to survive for the two weeks he had been in prison. His hair was a mess, the ginger bangs falling over his face. He was tired. His lips were cracked, his skin was bruised and he had small cuts and wounds all over his body, his bare torso had the barely healing marks from blades and whips. He had been tortured, a lot. He was tied to the iron pipes of the chair, the wooden seat pained his backside and if he could speak, he would've. He would've told them he could taste the chair with his ass. And he wanted to speak to the manager. But given how the six men in the room were all strapped with Kevlar vests, C4 strapped to the vest, balaclavas on their head and decked out in tactical gear while armed with AK-47's, it didn't seem like the kind of 5-star resort Harper had expected. They were serving the local Warlord,
Al-Muhalim of Qurac. Al-Muhalim wasn't a fan of Harper...

My name is Roy Harper... The, uh, first. Yeah. That makes sense. See, it's not that I have a son who's also got my name, no, that'd be far too believable. Let's just say that while I was born 1989, I am not breaching my thirties. Not really. I missed seven years of my life while someone else took my place. It's a hard thing to get a grip on. But during my abs cense it seems the Quraqi warlords have gotten a lot tougher on Americans... Which leads me to why I am in this situation to begin with...

That was what Harper wanted to say, but, well, his throat wouldn't let him get out anything but dry gasps. The man standing in front of him was Al-Muhalim's right-hand man, and the only one not wearing a face mask. His face had been hit with a chemical attack, the left side covered in chemical scar-tissue. He was really, really, ugly. He said something in Arabic that Roy couldn't understand. Then he said it again, this time far more angrily. Roy still couldn't understand him. His head pounded and it was hard to focus.

The man hit Roy with the back of his hand, making the chair tip over. One of the goons lifted the chair back up, the leader dusted his hand off, blood seeping from Roy's newly re-burst lip. He groaned in pain, while the interrogator rolled up his sleeves.
"I know who you are, Mister Harper. Red Arrow they call you, huh. I thought you were taller. And had two arms." The man spoke and Roy groaned. It wasn't his fault that they had cut off his arm 9 years ago, and that his prosthetic arm had been destroyed when his former teammates betrayed him.
His throat groaned as he tried to speak again, begging for water. The boss nodded to one of his guys to bring out a jug of clear, clean spring water. Holding it above Roy's face, the man smirked. "Talk and I will let you drink your fill, boy."

"Be.... Be..." Roy got out, but couldn't form words beyond that. The man rolled his eyes. "Fine, a sip, then." And poured half a cup of water into Roy's mouth who greedily drank it, letting out a satisfied groan as he did, to him, that was the greatest taste he had ever felt. Well, he probably would've rather it had been a sip of whiskey.

After he collected himself, his tormenter grabbed his chin. "Now, tell me. What are you doing in my Qurac?"

"Beh... Behind you." Roy told him, smirking as the leader raised an eyebrow, only for Roy to be met with a spray of warm blood from the Quraci's face bursting open, a bullet from a sniper rifle up above him on the roof of the building, looking in through the makeshift skylight. The body fell limp beside Roy as the thugs all aimed their guns and fired at where the sniper was perched.
Tried to warn you.

See. I am a man who's thrown just about everything away. And what I didn't willingly give up, the world took from me. I don't get along with people, I'm uh, not exactly a people person. But that man up there? The one who's currently kicking the asses of these goons? I can recognize his patterns anywhere. His vantage points and his choice of weaponry. That was a .50 cal hollow point with a diamond tip. Only the Russian Bratva has access to those bullets in this hemisphere. And Oliver Queen doesn't use sniper rifles. That leaves only one guy who would have the means to get these. The unprodigal son of Gotham.

Explosives detonated around the room, filling the room with smoke as their guns ran out of ammo, while they were reloading, a shape landed, armed with a curved short sword, a kukri and a .45 he domed and sliced every last one of the goons he could get his hands on, the only thing Roy could see was the blasting of gunfire lighting up the room in the smoke and the brief reflection of the ruby quartz material making up is would be saviors helm.

See. He was murdered and came back from the dead. He made death his bride and then kicked her out of the bed and onto the curb. He's got the stuff of heroes - true heroes in him if he wanted to. He's the Red Hood, the most dangerous man in the world. And he hates to admit it even more than I do, but he's my best friend and maybe the only person in the world who gets me. He knows what it’s like to disappear and to have someone else carry on your name in your place, the world not knowing who you are.

Roy’s thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a rocket launcher getting readied behind him, trained on the Red Hood in front of him. Roy yelped out a ‘oh shit’ and ‘watch out’ at once, combined with his still sore and dry throat, all he let out was a “Which shiii” as he nudged his chair onto the floor, dodging the rocket being sent. Red Hood had rolled to the other side, the rocket careening through the room, destroying one of the pillars in the far end, rumbling the already damaged roof. Jason let out a bullet and the man who carried the launcher was laying in a pool of his own blood.

Jason grabbed the chair and with one hand pulled Roy back up, producing a knife from his boot and slicing Roy free from his bondage.

People say Jason’s many things. A murderer, a criminal, a maniac. Lately, people have been calling him a mercenary, but he’s more than that. He’s not a mercenary- His internal monologuing was interrupted by Jason handing him a handgun and speaking through the voice distortion in his helmet.

“Get up, Harper. Cover my ass. I need your help for a job. Big payout.”

All right. So maybe he’s a little bit of a mercenary.

Roy checked the gun in his hand, while being disarmed like this a handgun was honestly kind of a sick joke – he could barely reload the gun. The two former sidekicks fought their way out of the compound, watching eachother’s backs. Jason was doing most of the fighting, Roy mostly watching the flanks as he was in no shape to really be fighting paramilitary separatists today. He had had a very long week.

One of the soldiers snuck up on them and had Jason dead to rights, but a swift bullet from Roy’s gun into his neck countered any plans he had of ending the reign of the Red Hood. Finally, they reached the last roadblock before they were out. But, much to their dismay, the Quracis had setup a 50-caliber machinegun on the barricade in front of the door. Jason pulled Roy to the floor and they both slid behind cover as the gunfire. Each shooting to their own flank, keeping the enemies from getting around them till Roy’s pistol made the sound no gunman ever wants to hear. Out of bullets.

He let out an aggressive ‘HMM’ to Jason, able to produce a single word

Jason firing off a salvo looked at Roy and swiftly pulled a new mag from his jacket, sliding it across the floor to Roy.
“Yeah yeah, quit bitchin’.” He groaned at his friend. Whom let out another angry sound. Gesturing to his left arm, ending shortly after his shoulder.

“Hey man, you’re the genius inventor. Get inventive, stumpy.” Roy rolled his eyes and produced a sound that was the closest he could get to a ‘fuck you’. Nudging the mag with the grip of his pistol, he made the mag stand up, he swiftly ejected the old clip and slammed the gun down onto the new one, pulling the slider back with his teeth. A shard of glass on his side from a shot-to-pieces mirror revealed that the machinegunner was focusing on Jason’s side, as Roy had stopped firing for a few seconds. He rolled out of cover and Jason shouted at him to get back here but had to return to shooting on his flank. Roy stood hunched, fired one bullet, and then rolled back behind the pillar on the other side of the cover. His sole bullet careened through a small opened in the barricade and swiftly embedded itself in the skull of the man firing the machinegun.

Jason threw out a flashbang and while everyone was blinded, Roy including, his helmet protected him from the flash. He ran to Roy, pulled him up and pushed the blinded foes, easily getting past their now neutered defenses and shooting anyone who got too close. Dashing out into the courtyard, they ran past three jeeps that Roy got unamused by, Jason tossing Roy into the backseat of a far shittier looking jeep than the ones in the compound as he got into the drivers’ seat, putting the pedal to the metal. Jason threw a four pack of sunwarm water bottles at Roy from the passenger seat, who immediately tore the cap off one and downed the entire thing and then another one, and then poured the third one onto himself.

“All right, Jason. What the fuck?! I appreciate the water. But why did you take this piece of junk and not those pristine sand racers?!”
Roy’s tone got more annoyed as he peered behind them, seeing the jeeps behind, gaining on them. Each jeep packed to the brim with angry gunmen.
“See, those jeeps have a disadvantage.”
“Oh yeah? What’s that? More weight because they don’t have as many rust holes?!”
Jason’s helmet pulled back into it’s collar-mode, his black and white-striped hair blowing in the wind as he turned to Roy and smiled, pulling up a detonator in his hand.
“I planted explosives in them.” Pressing the button and the pursuers exploded.
Roy’s expression was blank with shock and surprise. Then he cracked into a laugh and after just a few short moments Roy began coughing which was when Jason started laughing.

“Shut your cakehole and drink water. We’ve gotta get over the border. I’ve got a safehouse in Bialya.” Roy was downing another bottle of water and as soon as the bottle was dry, the asymmetrical archer was asleep.


J A S O N T O D D / R O Y H A R P E R F O R M E R S I D E K I C K S W H E R E E V E R O U T L A W E D
C H A R A C T E R C O N C E P T:


C H A R A C T E R M O T I V A T I O N S & G O A L S:

C H A R A C T E R N O T E S:

P O S T C A T A L O G:


Bruce Wayne
The Symbol
Dick Grayson
The Leader
Jason Todd
The Soldier
Tim Drake
The Detective
C H A R A C T E R C O N C E P T:

Bruce Wayne realizes his one-man crusade is unfeasible and instead recruits his three adoptive sons into the fray and trains them from a very young age into becoming capable crime fighters in their own way. A tale about family, trust and kicking a lot of ass - a family business, as it were.


C H A R A C T E R M O T I V A T I O N S & G O A L S:

C H A R A C T E R N O T E S:

S A M P L E P O S T:


P O S T C A T A L O G:

Gotham City, 22 Years Ago.

The monorail was riding into town from New York, onto the Island outside of Jersey. The island known as Gotham City, America's Fourth biggest metropolitan area, second-to-last in primary education results, lowest amount of teenagers who graduate from high school and the highest mortality due to violent crime in the world. You were more likely to get shot in Gotham than you were in war-torn Sokovia or any of the destabilized areas in Africa and the Middle East where Warlords ran free. For Rebels, Freedom Fighters, Warlords, and hell, even terrorists believe in something. They answer to something greater. And they fear consequences for their actions. They believe in being in the right, in being just. That one day, they will have to stand to answer for their actions. That one day, someone, something, will hold them accountable.

In Gotham, there's no such thing. The criminals in Gotham do not believe in any god worth fearing. They don't believe in political motivations or in any ideals. Their thirst for violence and their greed seems all but infinite. The 26 year old heir-to-billions pondered this, as he sat on the train looking worn down. He had just gotten back from his travels, taken the flight into Jersey and the train out into Gotham - there had been a bombing at the Archie Goodwin Airport. He shook his head. There was nothing quite like being home.

The train rolled into the station, and at the station stood his dapper butler, well dressed in a three piece suit, as always. A smile crept up on the heir's face as the butler saw him and smiled gently at him. It had been four years since they had last seen each other. Bruce had seen the wonders of the world. But, perhaps more important he had seen the wonders within himself.

He knew what he was going to do, now that he was back home. He had a mission, a purpose. It wasn't to return to his father's post as head of Wayne Enterprise. He had left Gotham as a notorious bachelor, a playboy who had more money than sense. A man who was known for spending money on fast cars and totaling them - walking out of the wreckage with a supermodel on either arm. All of that was just a bandaid. A way to take his mind off the pain, off the sorrow, the anger. To contain white-hot flame that burned inside of him. But he wasn't afraid of the fire anymore, no, he gladly placed his hand on top of it, feeling it's sting.

"Master Bruce. I'm glad to see you home safe." Alfred said, ceremonoiously, reaching for Bruce's bag, who in turn held the bag away from Alfred, instead going in for a hug.
"It's good to be home, Alfred." Bruce spoke, softly. Alfred hugged his ward, his eyes getting more narrow as he caught a whiff of the billionaire.
"You smell repugnant, Master Bruce." Bruce chuckled
"It's gunpowder. And sweat. Lots of sweat." Alfred smiled and scoffed
"Well, I'm glad you're home safe, Master Bruce."
"I'm not planning on staying safe for long, Alfred. We have work to do." Bruce's words were strong and sure. He had never once been more convinced of anything in his entire life.

Four years Later
In the gutter outside of Falcone's Bar sits the man, drenched in his own cape. Blood running from his mouth, he can't move his left leg and he's so tired and bleeding so much that he can't really move at all at the moment. His gloves right hand's knuckles have been beaten raw through the reinforced material, torn apart from him grinding his knuckles against something - or rather, someone. As around him there lays a dozen knocked out and broken men, and next to them there's their weapon of choice. Tire irons, knives, machetes, butcher knives, handguns, a couple sawed off shotguns and four submachine guns can be spotted easily. Upon closer inspection, you can tell his leg can't be moved because there's a piece of rebar sticking through it.

The cloth covering his face is torn over the left side of his face, revealing his dirty and wet hair from the rain, the rain running down blood from his forehead onto his eyebrow, dripping onto his cheek and then washed onto the stone tiles. In the window to the bar, another two goons were knocked out, heads smashed out of the window from the inside. And the further into the room you would move, the more thugs you would find, all beaten within an inch of their life. Hours later, the GCPD would ransack the place and along with millions of dollars worth of contraband, they would also find 37 known criminals, plus six suspected new recruits into the Falcone family. It's the most devastating blow to the organized crime circuit in Gotham City since Edgar J. Hoover.

But for the man in the cape with the now broken pointy ears? It was the culmination of ten years hard work. A four year long crusade on the villainous scum of the world. It was his war. It feels like the end. And in a way, it is. If the wrong police cruiser had pulled up to the scene, the masked vigilante would be met with a swift bullet to the brain and a falsified report. But luckily for him, Detective Jim Gordon was the one who stepped out of the cruiser, his partner, Harvey Bullock searched the back of the place while Jim covered the front. The found the Bat-Man in the gutter and carried him away from the scene, and supplied him with first-aid, before helping his partner.

The Bat removed his cowl and cape, Jim would dump them and when the ambulance arrived, all they would find was a man wearing a reinforced motorcycle getup who had gotten in bad with the gang. A fictive story about the billionaire being mugged by the Falcones before the masked vigilante swooped in and saved the day would make the newspaper. And Bruce Wayne became the first high-profile person the Batman would have ever saved and the Batman was immortalized as a symbol of hope and wide-spread social change in Gotham, for after the incident the entire city got invigorated for a time, and started fighting back against the superstitious and cowardly lot. He had finally given the criminals of Gotham something greater than their greed or thirst for violence. He had brought them fear.

And all it cost him was his pride... And his leg. The media would dub the Falcone Bar assault as testament to the supernatural nature of The Batman, for no one man could have done something like this.
No one man... The statement planted the seeds for a plan inside the recovering Bruce's mind, he and his three adopted sons had their future set for them.


. Wednesday, 10:00
Amegakure Eastern Border

Unagi grinned as the genin she had fought, Gai, as she would learn his name was, was knocked out on the ground after her attack. She smirked and giggled. "Awww, he's all tuckered out. How cute!" She beamed, turning towards the others and watching her brother fight. She saw plenty of openings to join in and help, but she also understood that doing that would hurt Sakana's pride - and more importantly, piss him off more than any enemy shinobi could do. Instead, she watched the fight transpire, figuring out the ruse much in the same way Team 3's Jonin did. She blurted out "Hey, it's the gir-" before Sakana explained what was going on, and she let him speak.

Sakana sent the team packing, following Unagis earlier advice. Once Gai was helped by the medical ninja on the team, he was regaining conciousness. He shot a glare at Unagi, who smirked, winked and blew him a teasing kiss. "Come back when you'll actually be a challenge, cutie" She teased, turning to the rest of her team, eyeing her brother.

"I appreciate a little rest and relaxation while Sakana does the paperwork. Maaan, being a jonin must suck. All of that paperwork, huh." She said, as Gareki began talking about the Chunnin exams and then boasting. "You are pretty green. You tend to leave yourself open on the right side, you overcompensate with your right arm to protect your left. Could get you hurt eventually. Other villages have very strong people, too. " She analyzed, showing the same kind of cold-approach that was her brothers trademark, before turning back into her giddier self.

"'Sides, passing the exam isn't just about bashing heads. You need teammates, and we can't do it with you - so you'd be placed with people you don't know. And the first part of the exam's a written test. You have to be prett-ey sharp to figure that one out. Monik Hasagawa sure couldn't, which is why that stabby-bitch is still a genin." The bubbly Unagi explained to her genin-teammate, mentioning her former rival back in her Genin days in a rather spiteful way despite giggling about it.

"You might just have to impress Amekage-Sama directly to get promoted without the need for an exam" She joked, winking. "Let's go home."

They began moving to Shigeki to await their teacher. Unagi was kind of hungri and kind of craved dumplings.


. Wednesday, 9:35
Amegakure Eastern Border

Once the fighting broke out between the resilient - and determined Konoha Nin, and her far more resilient and determined older brother, Unagi was quick to jump into the action. Once the fires died from from Sakana's Fireball jutsu, she prepared an attack to shatter the earth-dome, but that became unneccsary once it came down all on it's won, the four Konoha Shinobi flocking out of it at once. One of them focused Unagi immediately, she had noticed the extra-deep pools of rain water on the battlefield prior, but now it became apparent that it was part of a trap, as two figures emerged from the water.

"Hiding in Water; Chain Capture Technique!" The Genin's three bodies bursted through, the one who didn't carry any weapons was the one who would be Unagis opponent. The steel chain was wrapped tightly, the two water-clones, she presumed, stood opposite sides of her, holding the chain that was now locked tight around her, she winced a little at the tightness and mostly bothered by how cold the chains were.
"Oh my. I'm locked down tight, huh. I guess I really messed up this time..."

The genin whistled and nodded towards his comrade with the greatsword, whom saw the captured Kunochi and grinned, drawing his blade, he lept from the ground, going to crush Unagi with a big swing.

As the blade came towards her, she flexed her hands, unleashing her jutsu
"Raiton: Stormcloud Defense" The lightning surged from her body, slacking the chains and traveling the electricity through the metal chain all the way into both of the water-clones, making them both explode instantly. The sword-wielding genin was now in the air and on the way to Unagi.

"Ah, freedom. That's a lot better. And now you, you double-teaming douchebag!" She first exclaimed, getting more serious at the incoming threat in the air.
She spun-around and lightning appeared on her heel.
"Raiton: Thunder Axe"
delivering the heel-kick to the broadside of his sword as he came in contact with her, deflecting the blade - and the genin, before he could hit her, or the ground. He was separated from his blade and his teammates, the one who had held her captured was busy fighting one of Unagis teammates, leaving the younger of the Uragiri siblings into a beautiful one-on-one scenario. She knew full well she could probably have just finished the guy off with a kunai to the throat - he was wide open, after all. But the genin was able to deflect Sakanas attacks, so he could at least provide her a good workout.

She used her Pack-A-Punch technique and lightning sparked from her knuckles as she got ready to charge him with a series of quick jabs, kicks and punches that the genin with the big sword found very hard to deflect. But he kept his defense up and was only dealt glancing blows by the chunnin, even manging to go on the offense for a second, something Unagi found amusing. He tore up the scenario with his blade.

"Oh my, you really do have quite the big... Sword, huh." Unagi taunted, throwing her hair to the side and out of the way in a act of non-chalance to her opponent.

"But I believe it's time to get serious here." She smiled, the genin got worried, further stressed. He unleashed his attack and Unagi did the handseals required, putting her hand to her mouth and unleashing her wind-technique.

Fuuton: Gale Breath
Her wind jutsu blew the genin into the tree behind him hard enough to seemingly knock him out cold. She dusted her hands off and declared it a won fight, turning to help the rest of her team.

Jedi Knight Antares Reyleigh



Physical Appearance:
Please detail any differences from any images you have used.

His lightsaber is made out of wonderful craftsmanship, with a patterned brown hilt, metal accents and a black emmitter, the button to ignite the blade is covered in leather wrapping for increased grip.

Lightsaber Combat; Form 2 and 5 Masashi and Shien are his forte, a prodigy in form 2. He was classically trained in both by his master and has grown to deploy Shien, and teachings from Form 3, Soresu, during the clone wars and the many, many encounters that came with being on the frontline. Following the attack on Kalvak, he's also become one of the few who was selected to be trained in the use of Form 7, Vapaad by master Windu himself.

Engineering; Unlike many of his Jedi peers, Antares enjoys tinkering. He tinkers with anything he could get his hands on, and his masters tended to say that if he hadn't been a Padawan, he would've been one of the Republics greatest engineers. As a result, he appreciates great engineering and wishes to understand how things work, taking them apart and putting them back together again. While he respects, and even really enjoys the workings of spaceships, he cannot fly them.

Weaponry; going hand-in-hand with his engineering, he made himself a good shot with a blaster of pretty much any size or variant, to the dismay of Weng-Sho who insisted that these weapons were not fit for a Jedi. Antares argued that in order to beat blaster and fight an army of blasters, he had to know how to use one. Weng-Sho soon forfeited his arguments and let the padawan spend time at the shooting range on Coruscant where his training mostly too place.

Survival; A man who's thrust behind enemy lines when he wasn't ready for it at a far too young age, Antares learnt how to survive - how to use the teachings taught to him by the Jedi Order to their fullest extent to prolong his own life. He knows how to hunt, care for himself and others, make basic traps and the like.

Leadership; AR became the commander of the 17th Unit of the in the Clone Wars, leading his clones behind enemy lines and striking at the separatists whenever he was called for. Setting up inter-sectional ambushes and coordinating attacks with other Jedi would become second-nature to him with time. Following his ascension to the rank of Jedi Knight, he became

Hand-To-Hand; Antares challenged his clone troopers on the regular to engage him in sparring matches and over the course of the war, he become good enough at fighting without the help of the force or his lightsaber that he could fight troopers with fists alone. Jab-Ek was the only one in his unit he could never once beat.

Force Abilities:
As a Jedi Guardian, lightsaber combat was always at the center-stage of his training.
Antares possesses all basic force abilities, and specializes in the abilities the enhances his powers as a physical combatant.

Force Jump

Force Valor
Enhanced Attribute
Force Throw

Force Shockwave
Force Wave

Character History:
Order 66:


. Wednesday, 7:00
Amegakure .

The young lady of the Uragiri clan had woken up bright and early at six am, she was done picking out her outfit for the day, did her makeup and had even had breakfast. Her big brother, as well as jonin leader of her team was still asleep as far as he could tell - either that, or he was collecting the mission brief for the day, if any. She had errands to run, delivering some parcels for her parents, her dad needed letters he corresponded with a Academy-Training-Jonin in Kumogakure sent, and her mom had to order new scalpels and antibacterial materials from the factories in The Land Of Wind. Unagi made her way through the city of Amegakure, it was raining a little today, as most days so a small umbrella, which was as teal as her hair accompanied her. Protecting her hairstyle from the elements was certainly key to looking good in the city. She greeted some folks she knew that she passed by, but nobody struck up conversation with her. She did some grocery shopping, buying fresh fish and eggs and would then proceed to get home and put them into the fridge.

Once home, she would change her outfit into something lighter and do a quick workout. Bodyweight, yoga and agility, balancing on a beam on one hand at a time, that sort of stuff. Really simple but effective for keeping her sharp and in good shape and giving her a good start to the day. She went inside and made a cup of tea, while the tea cooled she put it on the table inside of her room and got into the shower. She hadn't worked up a sweat so there was no need to wash her hair or undo her makeup.

She dried off and was getting back into her clothes she had gone out in, when she noticed the note under her door from her brother. Once she was dressed, she did a quick touch-up in the mirror and then headed out towards the resturant. Shigeki had been a hangout place for her and Sakana growing up and it was kind of heartwarming that he chose it as their meeting spot for almost all of their meetings. She was standing in the elevator when she noticed Shogai in the lobby. The elevator doors were closing, and she wasn't gonna hold the elevator anyway. She caught his gaze and winked and waved at him as the doors closed completely, taking her up to Shigeki.

Once inside, she greeted her brother with a smile, ordering a drink, waiting for the first of the boys to get up there, as she always sat in the middle of the two boys, preventing any macho-in-fighting. Sakana sat opposed to her, he despised when she talked to him brotherly in official settings like this, so she'd only refer to him by his first name, or as sensei. Even though informal titels were a lot more fun and a hard habit to break.

"Standby-Duty, huh? Think we'll get to actually relax a little?" She said, feigning hope. She knew that no matter what, there would be no relaxing today. Either they would get called for a mission, or Sakana-Sensei would keep them busy otherwise. He then went on to talk about Gereki's Exams and how they would help him. Unagi didn't mind, helping a genin was after all an important job of a senior Chunnin, and the chance to show the boys a thing or two was never something she would pass down.
"Genin-Sitting in our sparetime sounds fun" She noted, taking a small bowl and pouring some of the stew up, she delicately put a spoon into the stew and lifted it to her mouth, blowing on it softly to make sure she wouldn't burn herself. She had already had a proper breakfast, but she knew it would be rude to not accept food when it was bought for her.

Luckily, she wouldn't have to stuff herself, as another shinobi showed up, to inform Team 3 of their mission of the day. Border Patrol. Unagi didn't mind, it was always interesting to protect the borders, most of the time it ended up in a lost of excuses and some flusters, and sometimes it ended in a small skirmish. And that one time, she even got to kiss a Kirigakure chunnin, what a loser he was.

. Wednesday, 9:46
Amegakure Eastern Border

Unagi joined her sensei in approaching the trespassers. She knew that if chaos erupted, she'd be useful for mitigating a fight, and should the fighting occur, her place was in the midst of it. And her feminine vibes could certainly off-put some of the hostility her brother would put out. They tracked down the four shinobi who were breaking trespassing and quickly appeared behind Sakana once he landed and made contact. She remained relaxed in appearance, seemingly casual and not worried, while concealing her hyper-tension and focusing on the details of the group. Their weaponry, the scroll container certainly containing information or a jutsu - maybe their lunch, it was hard to tell and with no prior intel on the group, there were little grounds for team 3 to seize any of the Konohagakure shinobis possessions. The swords the younger shinobi had did look pretty cool, though. But nothing too fancy. One of them carried a two-handed wide-bladed broadsword, while the other carried blue hilt katana.

"There's a beautiful inn 45 minutes to the north, outside of our borders. Tell the owner that Amgekaure Shinobi sent you, and you'll get a mighty discount on your stay and a free meal." Unagi approached with a softer tone and a soft smile, urging them to leave.


✖ ‖ N a m e
Uragiri Unagi

✖ ‖ A g e / B i r t h d a y
16 / January 1st

✖ ‖ G e n d e r

✖ ‖ B o d y T y p e
5'10, well toned and the body of a gymnast with curves in all the right places.

✖ ‖ V i l l a g e

✖ ‖ C l a n

✖ ‖ F a m i l y

Father: Uragiri Kingyo, academy teacher, ninjutsu instructor and koi fish breeder of rank.
Mother: Uragiri Same, medical-nin at the hospital, creator of the 'catch you faking being sick to skip academy'-jutsu.
Uragiri Sakana, older brother (18), Sakana is Unagis big brother and him only being two years her senior, comes with a lot of sibling rivalry and the regular sibling bullshit.

✖ ‖ R a n k

✖ ‖ T i t l e s / N i c k n a m e s
The Koi Princess
Black-Eyed Succubus

✖ ‖ P e r s o n a l i t y
Bubbly yet not loud. She's a social person, a true extrovert who will talk to anyone about just about anything, yet she's highly guarded and on her watch about the things she says, it's fair to assume that anything you believe about Unagi si because she wants you to know it about her. In that regard, the times when things are out of her control, she becomes very unbalanced and have a hard time to adjust, something she's working on.

She's emotional and moody, something she outwardly displays quite often, given how often she changes her hair color and how several times a year, she will show up with a new tattoo usually commemorating something that's happened, a successful mission, a great loss or finding a really cute top.
Unagi's not someone who backs down from a fight, but prefers to not instigate them. In a fight she's sinister and extremely manipulative, attempting to find, expose and capitalize on any chink in the enemies armor. Exploiting every weakness is her forte and what she strives for in a fight.

✖ ‖ L i k e s

- Artistic expression
- Cleanliness
- Validation, being liked.
- Ninjutsu & Swords
- Sealing Techniques and learning about their many uses
- Romance, she's a hopeless romantic and reads a lot of romantic novels
- Her brother

✖ ‖ D i s l i k e s

- Animals that aren't koi fish
- Stronger enemies
- Nobles
- Anyone who's more popular than her
- Spicy food.
- Her brother

✖ ‖ H o p e s

- Owning her own Tatto studio
- Becoming the most popular ninja in the world
- Becoming Sakana's equal in terms of power and rank
- See Amegakure grow to a great nation
- Falling in love
- Finding a really cool sword

✖ ‖ F e a r s

- Running out of creativity
- Being seen as ugly or otherwise unattractive
- Growing old
- Failing her brother
- Only being able to use love as a weapon
- All the cool swords are gone

✖ ‖ N i n d o
ta no namae no bara, a rose by any other name.

✖ ‖ B i o g r a p h y
Unagi's the first girl, yet the second child. Being a little sister and yet the first daughter is a lot of responsibility to balance. Growing up wasn't particularly easy, she got used to being seen as untrustworthy and mischievous even traitorous, something others of her very small clan seemed to embrace, but Unagi instead tried her best to become liked and popular, someone others saw as an idol both in appearance and ability. Her pale skin and black, almost fish-like eyes made it very hard to hide her heritage though, and she never really bothered to try and hide her eyes - even though she changes her hair color very often.

She found a passion for art at a young age and balanced her social life with her Shinobi studies and art, having very little time to develop many other hobbies or interests beyond drawing, listening to music and finding physical expression really cool - clothes and other expression became very important. She created her first tattoo, on her own thigh, when she was 12.

Her shinobi career wasn't anything spectacular, she was placed in Team Hiragami as a child, Hiragami was a grizzled ol' veteran who had seen more combat than most and he was a horrible sensei for that reason, as he wanted only soldiers. People who could follow orders and he had no patience for Unagis artistic tendancies. This lead to him drilling her on acrobatics and combat skills, further removing her from her hobbies. Hiragami made her a better shinobi, but a very pent-up person. Which is why on a mission, when she was 14, when they were caught out by Kirigakure shinobi, she didn't feel bad about following Hiragami's order to retreat, leaving the Jonin behind to be captured.

While waiting on her new team she quickly advanced to chunnin-rank a year late. She finally got placed in Team Sakana, lead by her brother who was a fresh Jonin. The two came to further their natural synergy under this period and Team Sakana could become the talk of the village as a up-and-coming Ninja Team, earning notoriety when they protected one of the Noblemen of the Mud from assassins lead by the missing-nin Hiruga Gero, a former Kumogakure Jonin.

✖ ‖ N a t u r e s


✖ ‖ T a l e n t s
An aspiring Tattoo artist, stylist and clothing designer. She's all about appearances and making sure that things look good, both herself, her surroundings and even her practice in combat. She's graceful and aware, much like her name indicates. Being a girl who comes from a unknown clan - and unpopular to those that know of them, Unagi had to become very socially competent, she's excellent at manipulating others and combining it with her hyper-alertness she's able to use this to great benefit in a fight. She thinks swords are really cool and wishes to become a swordsman herself, too. But her talents for swordsmanship are mostly latent and non-developed.
However, she's a Sealing-Jutsu prodigy and has developed and learnt to use many sealing techniques.
In terms of more direct combat ability, she possesses talent for ninjutsu, acrobatics and chakra control. Relying on elemental-enhancement of her close-range attacks and lending support to other shinobi's ninjutsu, specifically water and fire jutsu.

✖ ‖ J u t s u


Kitsunes Promise, B-rank
She places a opponent under deep hypnotic sedation, they are unable to move or act, simply put into a sweet docile state listening to her suggestions and feeling strong feelings of love, the kind of warmth and coziness you'd only feel when in the presence of a lover. In this state, targets are greatly susceptible to her charms and will give most information freely, depending on how quickly they discover they're under her spell. The genjutsu is triggered by fluttering her eyes which glows pink for a second. This paralyzes the target for a second and then she has to quickly make physical contact with them in order to complete the jutsu.

Lovesick Honeytrap, C-rank:
Kneading the chakra in her lungs, she creates small particles that she then blows out into a gas that takes the shape of a heart that will expand upon impact. The particles themselves will put a genjutsu on anyone hit by them that will make them feel attraction and general feelings associated with love towards Unagi. Originally, performing this technique looked much like her gale breath technique due to the effort it took, but with time and experience, she's able to expel the full heart-shape gas bomb by simply blowing a kiss. The heart is projected forward by a gust of wind to make it gain enough speed to hit the target before exploding.

Sealing Techniques:
Gozu Tennō; Koi Source S-Rank;
Gozu Tennō; Koi Source is a tattoo on her right shoulder, a seal that seals chakra she absorbs using her Chakra Sealing Technique and transports into into the Koi-Pond back at the clan compound, allowing the kois in the pond to feed on it and grow big and strong, not to mention populous. This is done by creating a pact with the Red Koi spirit, Matri which calls the pond on the Uragiri properties home. When required, Unagi is able to call on the seal, absorbing chakra from the pond and back into her body, this means draining chakra from the kois and could potentially kill them if she drains too much from them. When the Seal is used, red markings will appear on Unagi's shoulder and spreading out towards her arm, chest and back, the seals will eminate with red chakra as will all of her jutsu turn red.
Fuinjutsu Trap
Barrier Releasing Technique
Chakra Draining Seal
Finger Carving Seal


Lightning Spear:, A-rank
Legend has it that this technique is a bastardization of the Chidori-Technique and that legendary ninja like Sasuke Uchiha and Kakashi Hatake used techniques like this. She generates lightning chakra in her hand and then shape-transforms into into a spear reaching upwards of 10 meters, though the longer the spear the more chakra it taxes her and the shorter duration she can use the technique. The blade is capable of blocking another sword and can easily cut through a tree or even a rock, making it extremely deadly, requiring great dexterity. Like all electricity she uses, it's got a pink mixed with turquoise color.

Stormcloud Defense, B-rank
Like the lightning spear, this technique is built on the foundations of the ancient and legendary Chidor. Unagi channels lightning chakra through her entire body, allow her a instant and temporary defense against an attacker or restraints. The technique does not require any handseals, making it incredibly powerful for escaping Earth-based bondage.

Thunder Axe:, B-Rank.
Unagi coats her foot in lightning, her heel specifically and delivers a powerful axekick to the opponent striking like thunder.

Lightning Triple, C-Rank:
Throwing three shuriken or kunai at an opponent, she covers them all in lightning chakra before throwing them, once again increasing their cutting power.

Pack-A-Punch; Electro style, C-Rank:
Putting electricity into her hands, Unagi creates a taser-knuckle like technique that adds force to her jabs.

Electric Eel Net Jutsu, D-Rank:
Putting her hands into a body of water, Unagi sends out fierce lightning tendrils through the water, electrocuting it.

Gale Push C-Rank:
Channeling Wind chakra into her hands and feet, Unagi is able to be propelled forward, or to blast an opponent or object back.

Gale Breath, C-Rank:
After a series of handsigns, Unagi puts her index finger under her lip, much like the great fireball technique, and blows a powerful blast of wind from her mouth. This technique can blow up dust for a smokescreen, fan the flames of a fire jutsu or put a fire out. It can even blow an opponent off their feet.

✖ ‖ W e a p o n s A n d T o o l s
Common ninja tools.

✖ ‖ F i g h t i n g S t y l e
Acrobatic, fluent and well thought out. Unagi does not move in unintended ways. She acts on purpose and if she seems to be making a movement-based mistake in combat it's safe to assume she's feinting on purpose.
Her fighting style is reminiscent of a kick boxers, focusing on knees, electric punches and well-targeted lightning jutsu. She doesn't hit hard, but is excellent at making sure her attacks strike their mark. Precison's more important than power to her.
Most fights are started on unfair premises by Unagi, she charms, using genjutsu or other misdirection to create an opening.

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