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Which is an endgame spoiler.
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Old man Cap should have just been Stan Lee so it explains that all his cameos were just him checking up on his friends.
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University; Like Prison, but the sex isn't as regular.
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There is nothing prudish about being cautious when it comes to a cheekish bit of playing God.
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Is it just to me that Grapefruits are really fucking weird?


I have 3 mottos here in life, really.

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It's been minute since I made a Thawne meme. Here we go.

I call this one "Hillan's First and Second Flash post summarized"
What’s that? A bird? A plane?! An anticlimactic writers block post from the legion at nearly four in the morning?! You bet your ass it is!

I see I've taught you well.

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Post #1.09: Nora

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Previously: Smoke and Mirrors

“Stuck in a mirror,” Thawne said, sitting down in the empty space. In front of him was a blurry, clear window. One he knew full well he could not break through. While he had never himself gotten caught in a stupid trap like this, he had used the technology before against The Flash. Perhaps this was some kind of irony. The sick revenge from the universe. Another trick from the strings of destiny. A turn of fate.

No, that was defeatist. He can escape. He always could. He was smarter than Mirror Master. Hell, he was smarter than everyone. How did Allen escape? He had friends on the other side. Kid Flash had gotten him out by vibrating on the outside at the same frequency as Barry did, creating a portal through. That was not gonna work. He didn’t have a partner nor was he strong enough for that exertion of power. His energy reserves were depleted. He sat down in the empty, dark void, the only source of light being the blurry mirror in front.

He tapped his arm. Gideon was alert to his touch.
“Gideon. Show me records of Flash defeating Mirror Master.” Thawne ordered and Gideon showed the newspapers exclaiming The Flash’s victory over the Rogues. How Kid Flash saved The Flash in his first outing as a sidekick. Thawne swept past that clip, he already knew everything about that.
How the first mirror master met his untimely death at the hands of Captain Cold, and how the second mirror master was lost in the mirror world - only to return with greater power.

Nothing was useful to him. He was angry. He wanted to smash the mirror that had trapped him - but that was his only way out. Instead, he did something that once upon a time was a completely foreign concept to him, but now was something he had learned a few centuries ago, in the 1960s during the peak of the Hippy movement.

Meditation. Max Mercury always preached about the powers of the mind over the speed force. How aligning your beliefs with the speed force was how you got more powerful. Thawne believed in hard science. Power of conviction. Bending the force to his will, rather than following it like a current. It had provided him with advantages - and it even made him the conduit of the negative speed force upon his first death. When Barry snapped his neck after Thawne had murdered his wife and unborn children.

That was a weird Tuesday.

He focused on his breathing. Clearing his mind of the problem in front of him. The isolation of the mirror dimension did help with this. There were no outside stimuli. Nothing. For others, perhaps this solitude would’ve been maddening, but for a man who’s seen everything, nothing was a change of scenery.

It brought him back. Not back to his past - the future. The memory of him murdering his brother when he tried to stop him from recreating the experiment that connected Barry Allen to the speed force. He saw and felt everything he felt at the time. From the weight of the microscope in his hand to the warm sensation of his brothers' blood splashing across his face. To the yellow blur cleaning up the mess when he was done.

But he remembers more. He remembered feeling pride in the young boy who had just bludgeoned his brother. He remembered grabbing the body and feeling nothing but disgust for the young man whom he had once called brother. It had been a weird sensation to remember being in two places at once. But at this point, it was one he was most comfortable with. Perhaps, even craved. The problem was that he was in uncharted territory now. He was the Pathfinder now. The oldest of his being. Yet... He felt lost.

He had honestly felt lost since he lost her.

The woman he loved. The one who told him what he had to do after he had finally defeated Barry. Whenever he slowed down, his thoughts always returned to her. Thompson... Nora Thompson. The love of his lifetime. Of all his lifetimes. Ever since he first learned The Flash’s real name. Ever since he first laid eyes on her. Her blond hair, her soft smile. The way she treated him with kindness when everyone else only saw a monster. The way she was perfect - there were no imperfections to scrub away. There was nothing wrong with her.

And he would always come back to her. Come running back to her. More times than Barry ever learned. But she would always end up choosing another for him. She would always choose Henry. She would always choose the life of an Allen. Because destiny had already decided that Thawne would not win. Not ever.

But he did. When his own hands murdered Barry Allen, he severed the connection to the speed force. The universe was falling apart for a brief moment. As if he had beheaded gravity and limb split the strong and weak forces. There were no rules anymore, and at that moment, he thought he was free. He would steal Barry’s lightning - the last hope Allen had. And then he would go find his Nora. Once and for all.

But he doesn’t get that win. And somehow, he knew that, so many years ago when he for the first time was driven to finally finding his way into her heart. With a kitchen knife chalked full of her husbands' fingerprints. Before she died, she saw his face. She saw the man who she at one point had tried to love. Thawne knew she tried. She tried as hard as she could.

But there was not enough left of him to love. And for that, he had to kill her. It wasn’t just because he knew it would destroy Barry. It was because he knew he couldn’t live in a world where she wasn’t his.

The speed force reminded him of the man he had been when he was with her. Someone who had seen a glimpse of hope. Of compassion. Of belonging. Perhaps even love. It had left him with an ultimatum. Cease to exist, or take on the burden of being The Flash, which at one point in his life, lifetimes ago, had been everything he ever wanted. But now, he only wanted her back.

But just like Barry Allen had done the first time he went back in time, the universe spits in his face. He couldn’t have her. If he wanted to truly become The Flash, he would have to tap into this grief. This anger, this true sadness. Not the hatred that had fueled him for so long. He would have to not only think like The Flash. He would have to learn how to feel like The Flash.

Nora was his lightning rod. And everything he would do, he would have to do for her.
A sense of tranquility swept over him. He was at ease, and he could think clearly. The world slowed down, he felt more powerful than before. The speed force did agree with his state of mind. And he had an idea for getting out.

A feedback loop of energy. Barry had used Kid Flash as an anchor. Thawne was gonna use someone else. He got onto his feet and walked towards the mirror, putting out his hand, his hand resonating against the glass as he touched it. He found the correct frequency, the correct speed to move his atoms, and he sent energy from his body. Pure speed force energy.

A tether. A line to pull him back into the real world. Scudder would feel the mirror getting hot in his pocket, and as he looked at it, the yellow energy would grab him, pulling him into the mirror, the mirror falling to the ground as Harkins got interrupted in the middle of his sentence. And as the mirror crashed to the floor, the red shade of the crimson comet appeared before him.

“Ah what the fuck?!” Harkins exclaimed as Thawne was flexing his hand, feeling his physical body in the real world again.
“I did not enjoy that. Not one bit.” He said, more for his benefit than Harkins, putting his boot on the somewhat cracked mirror, breaking it into smaller pieces. Janking himself out had drained almost all the energy, and the hunger was back, worse even.

Harkins was armed with the boomerang in his hand. Twirling it in his hand, charging at Flash while The Flash seems disoriented. A desperate attack against the far faster opponent.

Except, he wasn’t. The boomerang barely graced Eobard as he weaved to the side, putting his guard up.
“Ay, not so fucking fast after all are ya?” Harkins taunted as he charged Eobard, who quickly jabbed at him, which while no longer at super speed was exploiting Harkins unguarded window.
“Ow, fucking crickey. Maybe you’re a lil bit fast after all, bastard.”

He charged again and Thawne parried, blocked, dodged, sideswiped and counter-attacked. With every move, Thawne learned how to be more efficient. Harkins caught him once, in the shoulder, a surface wound, but a blow to Thawne’s pride. Thawne ducked under the swipe of the boomerang, delivering a body hit to the stomach, making Harkins bend over. Thawne felt the world take him over again, and while he had only been able to think of the feelings he had once felt for Nora, he felt his mind slipping back to the same hatred he was used to feeling.

Less of his thoughts were occupied with the days in the park, the kissing in the rain or her laugh and smile. Instead, his mind drifted towards the crying. The screaming. The begging. Her taking Henry as her husband, and finally her raising and loving Barry Allen.

He approached Harkins who was getting back up, grappling him, elbowing him in the face to knock him off balance, his arm found its way around his neck, and the other one locked the arm in place, choking him.

“I’m tired of you, Harkins,” Flash spoke and Harkins struggled.

“Put a sock in it mate.” Harkins struggled to speak under the pressure of Thawne’s grip. But Thawne could not hear him. His mind was occupied remembering him pulling the knife out of the drawer. Walking towards Nora as she was crying on the floor. Hearing Young Barry running down the stairs.

“Gideon. Relevance to the timeline?” He asked the computer on his arm and the computer quickly blurted out a holographic file on Harkins, before chiming in with “Mr. George Harkins is non-essential to the timeline.” Harkins tried to speak but his ‘what the fuck’ was stifled.

“Music to my ears,” Thawne spoke, almost as if in a trance, his voice calm, but his mind occupied with raising the knife and aiming it at Nora’s heart.

His grip loosened and Harkins spoke. The knife pierced Nora’s heart and asher heart stopped, Thawne knew that his would never beat the same way again.

“You fucking cun-” and then his neck snapped in a spark of lightning. Harkins' body falling to the ground.

Thawne knew he was never gonna become Barry Allen. He wasn't the man Nora could ever love. He would never become a good man. But he knew he had to do this. He had to be The Flash. Because it was the only play left on the board.
A N N O U N C E M E N T:


The Crisis is now live. Players have the option of responding to either the New York or Star City threat although both situations are identical. As implied by the post, those affected are being controlled by the robots embedded on the back of their necks. Your characters will be faced with the dilemma of taking on the immediate threat to reduce collateral damage or searching for the source of the attack as described in the launch post.

Keep in mind that no matter which path you choose, you'll be facing severe adversity both from civilians who will refuse your help as they continue their blind assault and from those who have been elected to guard the source of the 'swarm'. To achieve the best possible outcome, you'll need to work together.

Best of luck to all involved and thank you for an amazing first season.

Avoid confusion, promote synergy. Let's go, team.

Edit: God damn it.

You're not a wizard, though!

<Snipped quote by Inkarnate>

With the Speed Force, he could be.

Thawne best Sorcerer Supreme.

With Speed force? Please. Homie's lived for a near infinite amount of time. There's at least 1 timeline where he was the Sorcerer Supreme. Probably to saw Barry Allen in half or something.

Or upstage him at his 10th grade Talent Show where he was gonna do card tricks.
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Post #1.08: Smoke and Mirrors

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Previously: One Step Ahead

Snart and Rory were taken into custody, but before Thawne could even get back to Eddie’s apartment, he heard a new wave of sirens and police come down the street, heading onto the highway. Another criminal undertaking. Perhaps a grand theft auto. Thawne figured he would head over there and get it sorted before refueling his calorie reserves. That was before he heard the sound of sirens... Again. In a different direction than the bank.

He blasted past the Police Cruisers, heading after the modified pickup that was speeding down the highway, a plow was attached to the front of the car, pushing all the other vehicles out of its way. A primitive but effective way of getting a leg up over the police. But truly, it would not achieve much when it came to outrunning the human lightning bolt.

Thawne would quickly come up on the side of the pickup, as he was reaching for the door, he was hit in the chest with a projectile, so small he hadn’t caught it in his peripheral, small explosive charge, enough to knock him off balance, and go skidding to the pavement, leaving the vehicle with opportunity to pull off the highway down the freeway.

Thawne quickly regained his composure and retook his pursuit, he felt like the blast had actually hurt him - more than it should’ve. He felt a little winded, he wasn’t able to run quite as fast as before.

He was feeling... Tired. He hadn’t felt that way in centuries, not like this. Well, that’s perhaps not the entire truth. He was exhausted after his victory over Barry Allen. But then the speedforce was leaving his body. Now he’s feeling human exhaustion. Hunger. Thirst.

The Speedforce would have to sustain him. He could not let these criminals get away. The truth of the matter was that Barry wouldn’t have let hunger stop him and there was simply no way in hell Eobard Thawne was gonna let Barry beat him. Not ever again. His feet pushed off the pavement, lightning flaring around him, cloaking him. The car pulled down into the docks as Eobard caught up with them.
A Wicked lightning bolt was tossed from the speedster, as he skidded to a halt, his friction shielding powers were veining due to exhaustion. The lightning struck the back wheel of the car, exploding the back axis, making the vehicle flip. The modified pickup truck skidded on the asphalt, Thawne was panting as he looked onto the thugs crawling out of the car. One in blue, the other wearing green, balaclavas over their faces. The man in blue wore a trench coat, the man in green had a leather jacket, Thawne identified what looked like pistol holsters in both of their jackets.

He would have to pace himself. He walked towards them. As the man in green climbed out of the car, he picked him up by the collar and pressed him towards the upside-down car, a projectile flew past him, thrown by the man in blue. Thawne could easily identify the projectile as a boomerang.

“Four Rogues in one day?” He asked rhetorically and the man in green looked puzzled, his eyes following the boomerang as it was coming back to strike the seemingly unaware Hero.

The boomerang came back and Thawne caught it with very little effort.
“Digger, Now!” The man in Green shouted, and the one whom would call himself Captain Boomerang pressed a button in his hand, and the boomerang exploded as Thawne realized what was happening attempting to hurl the boomerang away at super speed, but the projectile never left his hand before it went off, sending him to the ground, wounding his right side arm.

“Mirror mirror on the wall..” The man in the green spoke, softly as Thawne quickly came attacking. Pulling the piece of glass from his coat, Thawne quickly realized his error, but it was too late, he was too tired and too slow to change direction. He was quickly sucked into the glass piece, trapped into the mirror dimension - exactly where The Mirror Master would want him.

“Snart was right, after all. Turns out this so-called Flash wasn’t fast enough to stop all four of us.” Scudder spoke with a loud laugh.

“He was right fucked,” Harkins added.

“But mate, so might we be.” He continued, the sirens appearing in the distance. They would grab the valuables from the truck and take up shelter in the closest warehouse.
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Yeah. Ernest was a minimalist while I am a maximalist. Good catch.

Yeah. That's what I meant.

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Do you just think I run on whiskey and cigarettes or something? I'm not Ernest Hemingway.

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