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Current PTSD is a cursed version of nostalgia.
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I don't believe it if it's on the news or on the internet. I need a cigarette.
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If God made us in his image then God's a fucking nerd.
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Very disappointed to find out that the universal remote control I bought does not control the universe.
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I'm scared that I'm crazy, but god help me I'm twice as scared that I'm sane.


I have 3 mottos here in life, really.

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We could even make it so that the inhabitants of the Lands Between haven't entirely lost their minds yet, potentially allowing us to communicate and reason with the knights and soldiers that serve the various demigod armies, or the peasants that live in the forts and villages throughout the world.

Very solid idea to leave the other forces of non-tarnished damaged but not completely feral.

Now for a few other issues. Personally, I think there are several other game mechanics we should also ignore:

  • No respawning, both for us Tarnished and for NPCs/enemies. Dead is dead.
  • No Flasks of Crimson/Cerulean Tears from the get-go. Let healing be done with traditional remedies or restorative magic, and let FP/mana/whatever-you-want-to-call it simply regenerate over time. Healing potions or crystal tears with special effects could be found as loot throughout the world instead, and the ability to craft them (like the perfumers) could be part of a PC's skillset.
  • No sites of lost grace, or at least not in the way that they function in the game. The guidance of grace being visible as rays of light makes sense and should stay, and perhaps this light converges at locations that would make for good resting spots, but that's as far as it should go. It doesn't have a useful place in a written narrative, in my opinion.

I think Grace being a narrative piece that guides us (or perhaps leads us astray, given the chance that some of us would want to become Volcano Manor-scum) is great, but yeah, no instant-heal once we touch a golden light on the floor lol. It's already implied but I wanna explicitly state that I think the split worlds and time dilation are too convoluted concepts that need to go.

Then there are some game mechanics that I believe we should keep, but adapt to make them fit:

  • The strength of runes, the ability to become more powerful by defeating enemies, should probably be a sort of passive effect that we use as a vague excuse for our characters growing in strength over the course of the story, if we don't ignore its existence entirely. I also don't think runes should be the active currency; Patches uses the word "coin" when describing wealth, so let money just be gold coins or something.
  • The Roundtable Hold. I'm not very fond of including Melina in the story and her ability to teleport us to a version of the Roundtable Hold that exists outside of the world. I don't think fast travel in general is a good idea. Unfortunately, we don't know how other characters like Roderika or D are able to travel to it. Do we say that there are portals throughout the Lands Between that can take us there? Maybe it's a place we visit in our dreams? Or does the illusory Roundtable Hold just not exist yet, and we have to fend for ourselves in the Lands Between until we reach the Fortified Manor in Leyndell?
  • Spirit Ashes could be reworked into an ability or a school of magic, like I suggested for alchemy earlier.

I agree on runes being the most logical passive way for us to increase our abilities and grow over the course of the game. I don't think there's any need for a game-system to provide that gain. I don't mind either way if we use runes for both currency and experience or just the latter. Fast travel creates far more issues than it solves. Allowing us all different mounts that we need to care for makes more sense than all of us riding on torrent. Though, Melina poses another interesting issue; Maidens? Do we each need one? Do we all follow one like a gaggle of simps? Or do we just ignore the fact that a tarnished needs to act as consort to a maiden to have a chance to become elden lord?

To me, Roundtable Hold is a good idea for a collective of the main party of the game. A union of tarnished who need to fight together to survive in the lands between. Perhaps our role as elden-lord-to-be isn't so clear at this point of the story, allowing us all to make far easier alliances even with other tarnished who are still at their prime. I.E, the real Roundtable Hold is the friends we made along the way. Events of the RP eventually leads to the illusionary extra-dimensional place eventually being created.

I think in a still active society the role of the Tarnished might be more akin to that of a monster hunter or some kind of folk hero, so we might be able to inject more traditional party-based fantasy games into the setting if we care to go that route. A gameplay loop something akin to - Gather a bunch of tarnished, fuck up a monster, celebrate at the pub as town-after-town goes feral.
Interested but don't know enough about lore yet to answer the questions. Will try and recruit my best friend Swedish Hillan and see what he thinks.

Aw, you called me your best friend. Cute.

Anyway, all of the pitches sound interesting. I think telling an AU story of us all trying to become Elden Lord following the shattering makes sense - though perhaps setting it earlier within the timeline, to where the Erdtree was still standing tall and the roundtable hold was in it's prime.

I don't much care for stats. I think stats are more of a game-neccesity for the medium, rather than something important to the plot - after all, you're able to beat the game at RL1, yet it would make very little sense to allow a story where such a character becomes Elden Lord.
Might be interested in trying out a severely gimped Doctor Fate.

Location: Midway City, - Michigan
Episode #1: Magnetic Monster

@Blizz - Shattercrash | @Damo021 - Flamebird | @Lord Wraith - Blitzkrieg | @PapaOso - Sacrifice | @PatientBean - Oracle
Post #1.02: Writing on the wall

The plan? Yeah, that went out the window along with their teenage thermokinetic warhead. Wolfboy wanted him to strike Polaris low, Oracle was going to find this mysterious, alleged medicine. Cyborg was missing one more processor chip, that had been damaged in the disassembly, Rufus was soldering it back together using clobbed-together equipment properly under dimensioned for the task, but he made due. Cyborg had hacked the cameras in the lab, giving a clear view of the professors lab from earlier in the day, before he had Polaris'd out. With this, he could confirm that there were in fact heavy-duty anti psychotics on his desk and that the doc regularly took four tablets.

"Oracle's right, Accelerate. There is medicine in the office. We can save him." Victor told Rufus whom nodded, checking the video feed being projected from Cyborg's robotic eye.

Beyond that, Cyborg could also scan Shattercrash's ever-growing kinetic payload, further increased by Sacrifice. That kid really just poured gasoline on a nuclear fire. The scan wasn't good. The calculations were also projected in front of the speedster and he gulped, he could tell the prognosis wasn't good. With quick overhead math and judging by Shattercrash's track-record of feats, they were all dead once she struck the lab with terminal velocity.

"Fuck me." Rufus exclaimed in desperation, and Cyborg chuckled.
"Facing near-certain death's part of the gig. Keep your cool." He told the junior-Titan, the speedster shook his head.
"Keep your sage-advice to yourself chuckles." Plugging the last piece in, allowing Cyborg full access to his body and abilities, he burst into action.
"Help Oracle get the meds. I've got payback to get from the professor." The senior Titan redied his sonic cannon, aiming to hit the professor with a sound-attack to knock him down a peg.
Rufus nodded, ignoring the orders Blitz gave - He figured Cyborg had seniority and if the two of them wanted to fight over who would bark orders, he'd leave it to them. He pushed himself into high-gear.
He ran past Oracle, making sure to grab a piece of metal from the ground, hastily and quite poorly writing a message on the wall in front of her - he was moving too fast for the sound of his words to be heard and he couldn't touch her without hurting her. Message read
"GtG Lab, 4 Meds. Don't DIE" carved into the corridor of the lab.

Inside of the lab he tore through the trash of all 28 employees even clearing out the utility closet in a few minutes, finding the meds inside of the furthest reaches of Polaris' desk, next to which he found a metal bracelet with it's electronics exposed. When the ginger-haired Flash had caught him in Gotham, Rufus had been forced to wear something like this. It made him slow.

"Inhibitor bracelet... Was the doctor working on this for himself or someone else?" He quickly covered the electronics and prayed that the Jekyll part of Polaris had been working against his Hyde-alter-ego.

He bolted, meds in one hand, collar in the other. But he felt his tank running empty. He was starting to run empty. But Shattercrash was coming in any moment and if they were lucky she'd just kill the professor. Rufus knew there were another way. Once again, a sonicboom rocked the lab where the battle took place, leaving another carving behind next to his teammates.

SAVE HIM. the crude carving in the floor demanded. The bottle of pills were left next to the message. The upper sections of the roof were getting torn apart by the teenage blur, letting his limits go and moving faster than what was safe around people, heading towards the hole where Shattercrash had left. Carrying all of the momentum of Mach 4 behind him, he leapt out of the hole, a blue streak heading towards the purple comet. Inhibitor bracelet in hand, he could only hope that he could fit it on the Kinetic Crisis's arm before he passed out, but he felt his head getting every lighter as they neared collision.

As he could see the face of his teammate coming at him with the full intent of tearing the magnetic maniac a new one, a thought hit him.
How the hell was he gonna survive this?

Location: Midway City, - Michigan
Episode #1: Magnetic Madness

Interaction(s): @Blizz - Shattercrash | @Damo021 - Flamebird | @Lord Wraith - Blitzkrieg | @PapaOso - Sacrifice
Post #1.01: Cybernetic assistance

Like every time his phone buzzed, his day was already ruined, because he knew that whenever someone was in trouble, he had to pick up their slack and bail them out. Today would turn out no different for Midway's fastest teenager. Cyborg called him from off-base, first his phone and then his bracelet, the very same that Flash had insisted he would wear to make sure he didn't get into more trouble, a sort of house arrest except Midway was his house, perhaps his cage. Yeah, like trapping a tornado in a vacuum cleaner. He ditched the book he was reading, grabbed a few energy bars from the mini fridge and darted over to the tower. He lived 6 miles away and it took him 11 minutes to make it over there, arriving in time to unpack his tunic from his backpack, putting it over his tanktop, the bottom matching perfectly against his stressed jeans. Cyborg told him something about how holes in his clothes makes him less aerodynamic, but Rufus wasn't listening, instead focusing on the information displayed on the screen to his right, off of the helicopter pad. He had never been teleported before, he wasn't sure how he felt about it.

Everyone else gathered and the speedster was still lost in his thoughts. How did teleportation even actually work? Wormholes? Wouldn't that run the risk of folding the planet in on itself, creating a calamity every time the Justice League were too lazy to walk to the store to grab batsnacks. Surely that wasn't it. Not even they were that irresponsible... Then again, Cyborg was gonna lead a team made up off mostly ex-criminals, half-assed halfpint heroes and absolute rookies into battle. Does the teleporter destroy you and then rebuild you again, atom by atom? Doesn't that have great existential consequences, are they all just silently agreeing to a suicide pact standing here, waiting for their demise and then immediate rebirth? His wish to bail on the whole project increasing with each thought popping into his head, problem was that if he left the city-perimiter, one of the other speedsters would know and while he was fast he wasn't gonna outrun anyone with a yellow lightning bolt on their chest. Frankly, this whole setup he was forced into had to break some kind of federal law. He finished his last energy bar, the 9th he had eaten in a little more than five minutes. He hadn't paid any attention to a word going on around him, instead looking at the teleported info. What were Zeta-tubes anyway? Different from Gamma Rays? Omega Beams? The machine lit up and a beam of light hit him and he fe-

Oooooh fuck me was the one thought that popped into his head as his stomach turned upside down, appearing inside of the tumultuous STAR Labs. A full on combat zone. His eyes darted accross the scene as he did his best to keep down the calories he had just consumed. Werewolf-lad started barking orders, which given other circumstances, Rufus would've poked fun at him for. But seeing Cyborg lose his cybernetics in a matter of seconds put things into perspective. That's not to say it was the right perspective, in fact, he saw countless flaws in Blitz's plan. Polaris was using magnetism, electromagnetic spectrum control, probably. Take out his connection to energy, he'll run out of juice. Or short circuit him. Rufus spotted several exposed high-voltage wires across the room. He figured he could grab them and zap the good doc before Polaris could as much as throw a screwdriver at him.

But hey, orders were orders. He let the heroes do the fighting, instead insisting on piecing Mr. Stone back together again. Frankly, he found it upsetting that Cyborgs body was made out of magnetic materials. Truly felt like an oversight.

"You sure you're not made out of LexCorp materials, Cyborg?"

"G-Get my cybernetics kid... Fast. Lungs at 10%..."

"I can just reattach them?" he asked and Cyborg nodded, clearly, the mechanical man's robot bits were of Scandinavian-'all you need is a hex-key'-design.

"You got it. I'm on build-a-bot duty."

His body froze, on instinct, taking in his surroundings. From the corner of his eye Rufus saw a piece of shrapnel come at him from behind as he stood over Cyborg, hearing it whiz through the air. His left foot lifted from the ground before coming back down again, propelling him into a backflip. His hand grabbed the piece of shrapnel, and with a left arm that made him the worst pitcher of every softball team he had ever been on before getting his powers, he flung the piece of metal - a former hard drive - right in front of the face of Sacrifice, sending both pieces of shrapnel to the floor, preventing it from taking the young man's eye.

He went on to gather Cyborgs parts, as he did he also made sure to chuck any piece of debris he could at the maniacal doctor. It wouldn't do much damage, but it certainly might cause a distraction. An arm canon here, a cybernetic eye there, some processor power, each bit would put Cyborg into a more stable state, allowing Rufus to carry the mentor to a safer place, away from the battle where the Brobot could be reassembled.

"Where did you learn about mechanical engineering anyway, kid?" Cyborg asked, once his respiratory was reassembled, a procedure that wasn't non-complex. Rufus smirked and shook his head. The senior Titan's mechanical eye was now operational, allowing him to project the schematics for his body in front of the two, making Rufus's job of reassembly a breeze.

"I dabble. Hard to find stuff to fill the day."

"I used to love video games, y'know... Before, right? Well, I can't do that anymore." He began, using a pair of tweezers to a connect the cybernetic nerves to Cyborg's mechanical spine that luckily, the doc couldn't rip off.

"Titanium?" the boy asked, clinking the tweezers against the non-magnetic metal.

"New Gensisium." Cyborg corrected with a painful sigh and Rufus shook his head as he had a soft grin, connecting the next piece.

"You made that up."

Name - Robert "Rufus" Singer

Alias - Accelerate (AXLR8 if you're nasty.)

Age - 18

Mentor – Flash, and he hates it.

Status – Part-time

Personality - Arrogant, cunning, cynical.

Experience - With his powers? Two years. As a hero? Four weeks.

Powers - Hyperhuman metabolism and super speed. Body, senses and mind are all operating at hyperhuman levels. No known connection to the speed force. He can break the sound barrier in his sneakers and outrun a fighter jet if he's pushing himself.

Weaknesses - He cannot rely on Speed Force and its near infinite bullshit. He needs lots of food, sleep and a plan just like everyone else.

He grew up mean in Boston. Irish descent since a few generations, Rufus came from a neighborhood where you'd throw punches first and leave the questions to the cops. Thing was, he wasn't very good at punching. With time, he learnt other skills to survive. The kid was good in school, but dropped out as soon as he entered high school. Shortly after his powers kicked in and then he read every book in the library in an afternoon. With his abilities he became something of a Robin Hood styled vigilante. He stopped some low level bad guys once he got a hang of his powers, and he realized that handguns are only supersonic when they leave the gun - afterwards they're slow. He moved from city to city, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, even if he was hard pressed to find anyone he qualified poorer than himself. Eventually his spree came to an end when he was met with the big strong heroes carrying membership cards to the Watchtower, and like every young Hyperhuman they come across, he was offered a choice.

Notes - Rufus was caught working a pickpocket circuit in Gotham City when by sheer bad luck the Retired Flash, Jay Garrick was in town, fighting Icicle Senior who was teaming up with Mr.Freeze. Garrick caught Rufus and offered the young runner a choice. Soon after, he was introduced to the current Flash and lead onto the team, provided he could behave.

Rufus has a strained relationship to the other speedsters, he disliked them before he met them and he dislikes them even more now. Garrick being the exception and took a liking to him, as a result Rufus sports one of Jays old tunics. Rufus would insist it's the only thing he could find that was friction resistant enough.

The Trucker Hat stays on during Mach 4.


"You understand the concept of SUPERspeed, right?" He asked, slurping his iced coffee in between jabs. His sparring partner getting ever more frustrated with each thrown hit, missing the younger boy ever so slightly. His feet always found a spot safe from the advances of the man pushing him towards the corner in the ring. His friends eyes glinted with excitement at the prospect. Each strike moved him to push himself a little further.
"Yeah, but your mind can't keep u-" Pausing to strain himself for a big haymaker once the speedster was pushed to the corner, which Rufus effortlessly avoided, climbing out and over the ropes of the boxing ring, leaping over Mike's shoulders, throwing his drink to the air and then standing up again behind Mike, in time to catch his drink. Giving him a soft push to his back. Mike grunted.
"Hey, Coach! Check the camera! He cheated!" The taller boy cried and coach nodded. "Yeah, Skinner loses. He left the ring." As he checked the high speed camera that was reacquired from Intergang by Rufus a few weeks back. Rufus shook his head.

"Yeah. But isn't this stupid, anyway? I could punch Mike so fast his chest lights on fire from friction alone. What purpose does this serve?" Finishing his Big Belly Burger XXK Bizarro Milkshake.

"Ain't you ever seen Karate Kid, Rufus?" Coach Stevenson questioned and Rufus shook his head.
"Movies are 24 frames per second. It would literally be more interesting for me to gouge my eyes out with a buttering knife."
Mike put a towel to his forehead.
"He's talking about wax On, wax off, Rufus. Small improvements make way for large change. You dodging me might save you from getting stabbed... Again." As Mike finished speaking an alarm on Rufus's smartwatch set off. Someone had tripped the silent alarm at the bank.

"Well, Miyagi, we'll see if you're right." He said, leaving in a blur.
"How did he know that, he hadn't seen the movi-" Stevenson was interrupted by Rufus reappearing in his tunic and uniform, having changed from his tank top and shorts.

He picked up his blue trucker hat from the table next to the computer as he smirked.
"I read the novelization." And with a boom that shook the windows, he was gone.
<Snipped quote by PatientBean>

I have a picture with him at Disney World lol

<Snipped quote by PatientBean>

Honestly, who didn't have their sexual awakening because of a Disney character?

Who Framed Roger Rabbit wasn't just a disney movie. WB helped.
<Snipped quote by Hillan>

I like that you committed to this bit enough to actually edit.

You always gotta commit 100% to the bit.
Original teen wolf was after all just a metaphor for puberty and becoming horny.

Blitz can give a whole new meaning to doggystyle.

Edit: I thought doggystyle was just eating pasta like 2 cartoon dogs. I googled it. The world is gross.
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