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Current If Kinetic energy is converted to thermal energy, how hard do I have to punch a chicken to cook it?
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Tech N9ne is just edgy Scatman John
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What should you do when a supplement knocks on your door? You invitamin
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It's only a grave if someone's in it, else, you're just digging a hole.
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"Beside every angry woman, is a clueless man."


I have 3 mottos here in life, really.

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In the minds of

Location Casey Cassidy's house.
Part 1.

5:45 P.M | Last Month - a few nights before the events of Be Somebody

"You mean to tell me that you didn't have a near death experience, Joseph?" Casey exclaimed in disbelief. "You mean to tell me that you actually died. And not even really in a vague 'my heart stopped and I saw Jesus before the defibrillator resurrected me, so now I'm doing Ted talks about it' way? Do you have a Christian Rock album in the works?" The man bombarded Joseph with questions, as he lifted the pot off and started pouring the two cups of black coffee. "And what's with the uh. Hand?"

"Burned off. I had 313 fractures six months ago."

"That's one and a half fractures per bone in your body."


"That's impossible."

"The mob was very determined." Joseph concluded, taking a sip of his first cup of coffee for the better part of a year. "I have a few million nanites in my body, helping my cells reproduce and builds them stronger than they were before. The cybernetics makes me asymmetrical - but incredibly strong. The robotics that's holding my brain together's able to calculate things at such a advanced rate, it's like I'd have Stephen Hawking for a spotter. I haven't missed a shot since I woke up, and almost all of them were with baseball bats."

Casey's face was a mix between joy, confusion and suspicion. He wanted to believe Joseph, but it all sounded absolutely insane - and yet, Joseph hadn't told him about the evil voice in the back of his head, screaming and clawing all but every second of the day. "So, you're a Terminator?" Casey said with a chuckle. "Dead or alive, you're coming with me." He imitated.

"That's Robocop, you idiot."

"Did you tell the mob 'I'll be back' before they shot you?" Casey laughed.

Joseph's face turned sour. "I don't remember."
Clearly, getting shot in the head wasn't one of those things the detective was willing to joke about yet. "You heard anything from Karen? I told her some things before I went out on my last stakeout. She left me seven voice messages, but I can't get in touch with her."

"... Oh, Joe. Buddy, I thought you knew." Casey said, putting his cup down and patting Joseph on his shoulder.

Location Santa Celia General Hospital - Midtown

7:24 P.M | Last Month - a few nights before the events of Be Somebody

There she was, laying in a bed in the cold, sterile hospital room. Still as the nights she fell asleep in his arms. As beautiful as ever - the healing scars and faded bruises aside. Yet, there was something clearly wrong with her - she had no energy to her. She wasn't quite dead, but she wasn't alive, either. Comatose. She had been beaten, stabbed and finally poisoned - four days after Joseph died. And it was his fault. She was his failsafe. He had given her all the information he had about the mob, and told her to publish it if Joseph went missing after that night.

It was his fault that she was here. It was his fault that Karen's life was ruined, again.

This wasn't a matter of getting even anymore. It wasn't about him following his leads and cleaning up the city. It wasn't about him being a good man and doing what's right.

This was about getting revenge, and nothing would stop him. Casey patted him on the shoulder, as he approached Joseph through the doorway, handing him another cup of coffee. "I'm sorry, man."

Joseph, whom was hiding under a baseball cap and a hood pulled over the cap. Turned to him, and turned the coffee down.He was gritting his teeth and his voice was cold, yet burning with a rage Casey had never seen in his friend before.
"Let's get to work."

Like the cheap knock off I am, I'll just copy it, too.

My Valentine's Day Peeps

āš‘ۊ↛You Are Loved↚ۊāš‘
  • â˜ŧ @Pacifista â˜ŧ
    • Because you're the most patient and reliable RP-Partner I've ever known. Also, S-tier friend. Thanks, bud.
  • â˜ŧ @Lord Wraith & @Stein â˜ŧ
    • Because you're my musketeers and I wouldn't have come half this far as a writer, not to mention a person, without you two.
  • â˜ŧ @Odin â˜ŧ
    • You're ok for a dutchman.
  • â˜ŧ @Junkmail, @SepticGentleman â˜ŧ
    • Y'all are goofballs. I'll kill you last.

Perhaps the most daunting part of this list's the fact that it's so short. A few years ago I'd had 20 names on this list. Times really have changed.

Woops. Reserved for post.
You made that up.

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Dont make us bomb you again.

The non-Junkmail members of the GM team do not support bombing the weebs.

We do however, find it funny.
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I never wear trousers.
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Just Hillan.

I thought Paris, you and me, by the Eiffel Tower changed that...

Did that mean nothing to you, Sam?!

We offer Junk as tribute.

How many virgins' must be sacrificed to summon thee, @BlackSam3091 and @SteintheQueen?

Will @Junkmail suffice?
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