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Ah yes, who could the dashing, handsome and incredibly smart young rogue be that said the thing Ruby quoted? I wonder, I wonder.
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I have just been told about Batman Beyond. Shit.
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If Batman's so freaking smart, why is there no Batman 2?
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PETA is just gentrified "animal activism".
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You either die a gamer or live long enough to see yourself become the society


I have 3 mottos here in life, really.

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<Snipped quote by Lord Wraith>

Me at the end of the season:

God I wish Cyborg Doakes was real.

@Lord Wraith
So, you think you're the only one who gets to do these? Think again, dirt-bag.

I loved the retelling of the Batman Beyond-Opening, a familiar, yet fresh take on how we all know Terry got to know Bruce. The post's so full of a bunch of references to the show that, if I hadn't re-watched it just a few months ago, I'd probably never caught. The pacing's tight and I found myself enjoying every bit of the post. It got me excited for the next post and whatever you have planned for Terry's second season with the cowl. I also thoroughly enjoy the little details you mention of Gotham that makes the place feel alive, like you actually know the place.

Great work, buddy.
<Snipped quote by Dead Cruiser>

You might be reading too much into a long-standing joke between Uni and Byrd.

Or be better at reading us than we are.

<Snipped quote by Hillan>


Black Adam has had long stretches of history as an anti-hero in comics. Just as Dr. Doom has. They're both rulers who care for and want what is best for their country, but their methods are done with an iron fist and oftentimes ruthless and against the interest of heroes.

Key Difference is that Black Adam gets beat up by a 10 year old and Doctor Doom's the greatest being in the universe.

Just don't say the R-word near him.

Location: Star City
Post #1.12: Crisis 1.02 - Infection

Interaction(s): The People Of Star City
Previously: Nothing Good

Being affected by the swarm was... An experience. Your senses were all cranked up to eleven, your emotions ran wild, yet not at all. As if your brain had been unplugged and you were simply operating on feral instinct - the only true feeling you had left was anger. Pure, raw, unadulterated and unabridged. A feeling that was incomparable. Overwhelming, to say the least. A Hurricane of anger, fear and confusion. Where all you can think of is your directive - destruction. Tearing everything, and everyone you see limb from limb.

Thawne was twitching as the virus infected his mind. His body flickering at super speed, lightning surging around him from the speedforce, the color changing from his new yellow to the red he was shrouded in for so many years. His eyes shot open with red light and the world stopped. For the first time since he got here, since he killed Barry Allen, he felt angry. Truly angry. Perhaps more like himself than he had before his final showdown with Allen. He wasn't driven by principles, or ego now. It wasn't about being better, smarter or faster.

It was pure, it was simple. He couldn't think, not coherently. All he could feel was the rage, at everything. Gideon was trying to make contact with him, sending out electric pulses through the suit. Trying to reach him with her voice projected into his ear. Nothing worked, he wasn't responding. Not anymore. She had done the calculations. 3 million people lived in Star City. If Thawne's objective was the same as the other infected, he would reduce that number to zero by the end of the day.

Thawne began moving. Faster than before, he blasted through the city, without a word. Without a thought, he didn't turn on the first person he saw, but he wasn't controlling his speed, tearing up the concrete pavement as he ran. Shattering windows, knocking over people and smaller objects. Making Cars bounce as if they had been hit with something heavy as he ran past. Somehow, Thawne had a sense of direction, in spite of being infected. The Obelisk. The drone pointed him to it directly, even though it was sending signals to go in the opposite direction, the will of the ancient time traveler would shine through. With a primal, almost feral anger, Thawne let out a shout as he approached the Obelisk, crashing into it, at the base, running all the way up it to the top, striking it, clawing it and scratching it, tearing up the entirerty of that well, the debris falling everywhere. When he reached the top he used it as ramp to leap towards the nearby skyscraper, his feet touching the glass window of the scraper long enough to use it as a springboard, frothing from the mouth and screaming something incoherent, the feral Thawne pushed off, shattering the glass across the entire side of the building as he did so, lightning engulfing him.

With his one hit, the hit the Obelisk in it's center of mass, forcing the tower to crash down into a mess of debris. As he came to the ground, he cleared enough distance almost instantly. Trying to head for the biggest swarm of people he could find, when he was suddenly stopped. His suit was sending out electrical chocks directly into his brain, freezing him temporarily, he was fighting Gideon's assault.

Perhaps it was Mr.Allen's programming that shone through, but backup routines were launched and Gideon started running the self-destruct protocol built into the suit. Her calculations weren't certain that it would kill Thawne with the current level of speedforce in his system, but it could slow him down long enough that the heroes of this time could defeat him, while lowering the casualties.

But as the symbol on the suit began overheating, about to electrocute the man inside of it as he was fully taken over by the swarm that had infected his mind. He began moving. His hand traveled to the back of his head, his face still twisted into a demented smile, his body surging with energy. His hand was quivering when he touched the bug on the back of his head, flicking it with his index and middle finger, disintegrating it. His body immediately recovered, forcing him onto one knee on the asphalt.

"Cancel the selfdestruct protocol, Gideon." Thawne told the AI, calmly.

"You're okay, Professor?" She insisted, if she could be worried, there would be a sense of worry in her voice.

"I am." Thawne responded swiftly, standing back up and surveying the scene around him. The infected had not appreciated him taking down the second spire, and they would be mobilizing to defend the others better than this one.

"That's.. Lucky, Professor." Gideon confirmed and Thawne shook his head.

"I make my own luck, Gideon." He spoke softly, a new horde making their way to him, and he calmly grabbed the other half of the energy bar.

"It's not wise to try and control me by forcing me to feel the same feelings that turned me into who I am. All it managed to do was piss me off." He finished the bar and turned his gaze towards the next Obelisk, pulling up the map on the holographic display on his arm, confirming his destination.

The 100 or so infected would come sprinting at him in the same ghoulish way as the others. Thawne would step off the ground in a blast of lightning, the sonic boom knocking them to the ground.

The next Obelisk fell before the Horde noticed Thawne, only knowing what had happened as the lightning bolt-insignia like the one he wore on his chest, was etched into the collapsing tower as it fell. He was making a point. Barry wouldn't have hogged the glory in this way, but Thawne figured that if his goal in this timeline was to establish the legacy of the Flash - he didn't have the time to beat around the bush. As big of a splash as possible was required.

He would prove he was the superior Flash. Nay, The Flawless Flash. And the way he would do that would be to not just take down the Swarm, but also free the people of Star City.

"Gideon, use the signals recorded from the suit from t he drone that was infecting me and locate all of the drones in the entire city."

"Done. Putting them on the holographic map now." As soon as the dots began appearing, the Speedster rushed through the city, destroying each and every single drone. The en-devour took a few minutes but the swarms were mostly focused in big areas, he was doing his best to leave the host unhurt, unlike the first people who had attacked him.

The Technicians monitoring the swarm could see their map of the operational drones go dark in big sections, like a wave, being unable to make heads or tails of what was going on over in Star City, while the battle in New York was still raging. As Thawne had freed the people of Star, he stopped. His body quivering, surging with energy, like an overcharged battery. He felt dizzy.

"Gideon, where's the remaining towers?"

"You have destroyed the droids, why destroy the towers?"

"They will still detonate if I do not disarm them." Thawne said swiftly. Upon hearing a soft buzzing in his ear, until Gideon popped open the map again.

"It would seem someone called has already done that. It would seem that the people of this century aren't so helpless without your guiding hand after all."

"Was that sarcasm, Gideon?" Thawne asked, an eyebrow raised and his voice stern.

"I am not programmed for Sarcasm." The artificial intelligence responded, coyly.

As people were coming back to their senses the people saw the Scarlet-clad hero in the middle of the small park where he had stopped, and they got closer, connecting the lightning bolt on his chest to the one that had appeared on the Obelisks shortly before they were destroyed.

"Wow, it's that.. Flasher guy!" One 30-something guy said and pointed, cheering. His clothes dirtied.

"It's The Flash, dipshit!" A younger man shouted back, his face covered in blood from the fights he had been in earlier, his ear was bleeding.

"He saved us!"

Thawne looked around him and had a confused grin on his face. Still feeling the fatigue, energy looking like lightning sparking off him.

"Do I smile and wave?"

Location: Central City
Post #1.11: Crisis 1.01 - Nothing Good.

Interaction(s): The People Of Star City
Previously: Born To Run

Thawne was standing in his makeshift lab, what had once been Eddie's Kitchen was now Eobard's... Well... Kitchen. Had he been a meth-cook, at least. It looked perhaps a little more jank than the supergenius would have liked, but he was making do. People would start wondering if he was spending millions of dollars on lab equipment - and he had no way of stealing the equipment, either, so his only choice was to build his own. In the 21st century, people wouldn't exactly take lightly to the guy who built a nuclear fusion reactor in his living room but in the 30th?

Yeah, no. Still illegal. Not that laws had ever stopped Thawne. He wasn't building a bomb, not blowing up the sun or propelling a drone into the core of the planet to blow it up if the people of Earth didn't comply with his wishes. That was all childish pursuits that if he had ever tried them, he had now realized the futility of them. His goals were simple, pragmatic. He needed an energy source that could run his experiments. Build the materials that he would need.

As the timer let out a loud 'PLING!' he knew his creation was done. A thing so genius nobody in the next 10 thousand years would ever manage it. He opened the reinforced glass that was blocking any of the particles from the oven from getting out into the air - as if they did during the heating process, thousands would die and then next 20 blocks would be turned into a no-go zone for the next century. But now, once the heating was done, it was perfectly harmless to open. His round protecting glasses reflected the shimmer from inside.

He held his creation in his one hand, with a pair of tongs.

"It's a quarter million calories packed into a protein bar. It's the greatest dietary marvel in the entire universe, I've refined the recipe a million times. But I still cannot figure out why it only tastes of cinnamon, and perhaps that is one of my few failures as a scientist." The Genius spoke to Gideon, whom he was projecting from his wrist-mounted computer screen that he had placed on the table behind him, he was making some small upgrades to the gadget. He placed the protein bars, six in total in small wrappers that he then placed into a compartment of his suit where he would be able to get to them even in a battle situation. He was never having another incident like that with the rogues where his body would give out from lack of calories.

That had already gotten messy enough. The cops had blamed the murder of Digger Harkins on his partner, Mirror Master who was still M.I.A. The Flash was credited with stopping the vehicle and retrieving the stolen goods. All of which was without any tampering from Thawne. Honestly, if killing people had always been this easy, Thawne wouldn't be in the predicament he was now. The rubber gloves and white lab coat would be removed after he turned off the reactor, the particles inside stopped moving as the lights went out.

"It's quite the spectacle, yes, Professor Thawne." The A.I chirped in, sounding as preoccupied as a computer with no emotions could. She was literally programmed to never be preoccupied, yet one could assume that not even Gideon was without her paradoxes. She was after all programmed by Barry Allen, and one would assume that's just shoddy craftsmanship.

"Something on your mind, Gideon?" Thawne asked, revealing a yellow T-shirt and black jeans from underneath the coat that he folded extremely neatly in the blink of an eye.

"My subroutines are scanning an event taking place in Star City and New York, Professor Eobard. It's not a timeline constant. It's... Fluctuating. And I do not get any clear readings on it. It's an event that's both solid in time and not."

"Time travel?" Thawne asked, chewing half the protein bar and feeling his hunger subside almost immediately.

"Likelihood of Time travel is less than 1%. It's more likely that this event is caused by sustained damage to the timeline." Gideon responded, showing the clips of the broadcast that had gone out. The towers and view of the attack taking place. The civilian hordes attacking each other and Thawne looked puzzled for a minute.

"You're saying all of this is because of me?" He almost had a hint of shock in his voice.

"It is at least 80% likely that this is related to your entrance into this timeline, yes, Professor." Gideon proclaimed and Thawne shook his head.
"That leaves only one course of action. I guess the Flash is going to have to make his debut to the rest of the world. Which location is the highest priority? Star or New York?"

"New York is under control. Star has a Sorcerers Apprentice and the Greenest Arrow of all time." Gideon added, showing files corresponding to the points she was making on the wall. Thawne's eyes blurring, surging with energy as he took in all of the information in but a moment. Star was the first target.

A hurricane of yellow lightning surged in the apartment as Thawne rebuilt his suit, placing Gideon's wrist-mounted computer and the compartment for the energy bars into the suit, as well as a slight tune-up to the lenses he wore in the mask, they were not accustomed to the far higher CO2 levels in this time, something that was dirtying his lenses when running. Of course, the CO2 had other ramifications, but none that were too concerning to Thawne.

The Crimson Comet sped off to city of the Emerald Archer.

Location: Star City

One word came to mind as the speedster arrived in Star City, perhaps five minutes away from his kitchen. He surveyed the scene and that one word came back to him. Chaos. People were attacking each other on sight. His lenses immediately could detect the radio waves emitting from each person who was rampaging, it wasn't their fault. It was all from the mind control tech that was controlling them. Four infected saw him as he stood still, and charged at him immediately, perhaps they just didn't like the red color. And who could blame them?

They leaped like savage animals, scratching and clawing, Thawne quickly dismantling all of them. Two shattered collarbones on one guy, he shattered the ribs of the girl, dislocated the shoulders and hips of the third. The fourth tried to claw Thawne, and an uppercut from the speedster left him with a fat enough concussion that he would probably stutter for the rest of his life.

But they would live.

Those terrible art installations? Less likely to survive the evening.
Thawne identified the first one, the one in Avalon Park and dashed towards it, blurring past any possible opposition. With his speed he quickly tore up the southern wall of the obelisk, revealing it's components. A beam of light emitted from the suit as he analyzed the parts of the obelisk, identifying it's structural weak points.

Once he had identified it, he realized that they were rigged to blow - all 4 of them, at the same time, and they would take the city with them, or at least most of it. Thawne was never a stranger to genocide. But this was senseless - not to mention that he was forced to prevent it after all. He disarmed the explosives in this tower, as well as the rest of the electronics, weakening the signal that was emitted to the drones, at least in theory.

A flash of lightning headed down the tower as the two back bearing beams were torn in half, the obelisk began falling as The Flash got a thought.

He dashed back up the tower, sprinting in a circle in the front of the Obelisk, etching something into the collapsing tower. As he ran down the tower, the freshly burned insignia, just like the one he wore on his chest would be seen on every camera broadcasting the event. From now on and for all of history, people would know that The Flash had been here.

Off to the next Obelisk, and the news was out to the infected as now what had before was a handful of ghouls, was now hundreds. Perhaps a thousand. Followed by a swarm of drones who were after him. They didn't take kindly to The Flash taking down one of their hives. Not appreciated at all.

He would plow through the masses as quickly as he could, trying to minimize the damage dealt while taking out people - they were after all still just people. Once this crisis was solved, they would all go back to normal lives and while Thawne had no love for the people of his world, he realized it wouldn't exactly be suitable to turn everyone wheelchair-bound or into a vegetable. Even if it might be fun.

He was cornered, hundred infected in front of him and perhaps a thousand drones hovering around him, waiting to pounce.

The drones charged, Thawne danced in between the people, using them as cover and when he could, he aimed precise strikes at the drones, disintegrating them before they would get too close. He would turn the feral people into human shields for the bots to attach themselves too, And when the people were down - more to come, for sure. The bots would be dwindling in numbers.

A few minutes later, a sea of knocked out bodies would be seen, as well as a scarlet-clad hero panting.
"Gideon. Measure my vitals."

"Your heart-rate is 56,000 beats per minute. You're close to cardiac arrest. If you do not catch your breath, you will collapse."

"Heart-Attack at 56 thousand? I've gotten weak in my old age." Thawne said with a smirk as his eyes flashed with yellow lightning - not noticing the still functioning remnants of one of the bugs that crawled up his neck, planting itself firmly in the base of his head as it infected him with its programming - the yellow flash in his eyes turned red as his proud smile turned sinister. The red lightning spread across his body and his smirk turned into a sadistic grin, his posture changing to something far more fiendish.

Nothing good could come of this.

<Snipped quote by Hillan>
So if you're writing Flash and Ghost Rider...

More like GR sniffs out who my Flash is and kills him. Penance Stare into a billion lifetimes of being the worst person in all of creation would probably be a good time for Thawne.
Hillan's already writing one character. Does anyone really want to see him write a second?
I think you've got a chance at competing.

You're just hating because I'm beautiful.
<Snipped quote by Hillan>

Finally had things calm down in my life where I thought I could join this and all I had left to do was write my sample post!
Hillan, why can't you reboot your Superhero Academy set in the DC Universe like I want you too! (at least I think that was you..)

Oh man! Sorry! You're still free to compete if you want, though. My Sample ain't done so the clock ain't running.
Haha, It was mine and Wraiths, yeah. We'll see! Maybe at some point.
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