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S A T U R D A Y.

I’m well aware it’s been a hot minute since my last update. Part of this is due to some real life stuff I’ve had weighing on me mentally these past few weeks. The rest is due to the lack of activity. I just wanted to clarify that I’m still very much interested in the RP. Even if it just ends up being me and Hillan (or any other one person), I’ll write as long as I have someone to write with.

I’ve never really enforced the weekly post deadlines, they were there more to incentivize activity and allow for a failsafe in case anyone was held up by the inactivity of someone else. Thankfully, it was never needed in the latter case, and in the former it ended up only going so far. I just wanted to be transparent in that I’m officially abolishing it: post at your own pace! Or don’t, it seems really hard for people to keep up the motivation for a single RP and I’m not going to bemoan it. I know I’ll find a way to tell the stories I want to and I’m really grateful for everyone here who got involved in expanding this version of the world.

At the risk of sounding final (and I suppose this will be the final weekly update, though hopefully not the final post in the RP by any stretch), thank you everyone for contributing and I hope you find it in you to continue at your own pace!


Wide tipped inkpen pressed between his nose and stiff upper lip, Rico sat cross legged as he glared at a piece of canvas [Begging Sign, 4th Iteration].

“Like I said, sympathy, sympathy!” Wicc coached.

Words strained as he spoke through his upturned lip, Rico explained, “Well, I don’t wanna lie, and I don’t wanna copy you, but it’s like...I just don’t know!”

Wicc sighed. “Well, why did you stop the mugger?”

“You’re my friend! Of course I’ll help you!”

“Yeah, people want to help others, sometimes even complete strangers. Has no one helped you before?”

Rico’s face relaxed, the pen dropping into his hand. “More than I can ever pay back...” Shaking his head, he added, “And that’s exactly why I don’t wanna!”

Wicc paused, letting out a low sigh. “Guess that’s fair. Come on, let’s take a break, bum around town a bit.”

Finding a spot to sit bench around the corner of a cafe they got some drinks at (Wicc’s treat), the man suggested, “You want to leave, right? Go to Zenith with some signs that say ‘Anywhere but here’. Might even get a free ride! Or some people trying to beat you up, but you can take ‘em. See, it’s not really mugging if they initiate.”

“Holy shit you’re a fucking genius.”

Wicc blushed. “Well, just doin’ my best.” A shadow cast over him.

“Yup, that’s them captain.” The mugger from before was no longer alone, joined by more men in similar dark leathers, varying body types and colors between them. At the forefront, a whip lashed at his side, his beard bristled like thorns from a rosebush, a round leather cap on his head with straps hanging down. He looked over Rico and Wicc, before his face cracked into a smile with browning teeth not quite fitting to their browner gums. [“Painmaker” Desprit, 8 million beri, Captain of the Good Vibes Pirates]

“You the Fruit user? We could use you on our crew,” said Desprit.

“Wait, you’re not seek revenge for me?” said the mugger, his face fallen. The men near him backed up, strained smiles coming to their faces as a vein popped out on Despirt’s forehead. Glancing around, the mugger quickly straightened his posture, a smile of his own coming to his face, but Desprit had already loosened his whip. With a fast hand, he struck the man again and again, blood letting through torn skin. “Augh, god, thank you sir! I can never thank you enough! You’re the best captain ever!”

“Yes, exactly! Good Vibes only with the Good Vibes Pirates! If I want a new member we’re getting one, no matter what they did to any of you!”

“Augh! I’m looking forward to trying to sleep in pools of my own blood, I was getting too much lately anyway!”

Wicc elbowed Rico. “See, some people can enjoy life no matter what, we should be more like them.”

“I really don’t want to.” Waving his hand, he said, “Sorry, I’m a pirate myself so no can do!”

Desprit pulled his whip back, grimacing. “Grrr, your vibes are good but they make me feel bad!” Looking to Wicc, he asked, “What about you?”

Wicc laughed. “Sorry, I’m more interested in doing my own thing. Not interested in being tied down, you see.” He wiggled his fingers. “Like the commitment though. Good vibes~”

Desprit wailed. “No no no no no good vibes are my thing only mine only I need to feel good vibes!” He shot his whip out, the tip cracking through the air. Wicc covered his body, only for the lash to strike Rico’s arm, covering the older guy, his face twisted to anger. “Ah hah! There are your bad vibes!” Blood dripped from Rico’s torn sleeve. Desprit moved behind his men, who all started pulling out cutlasses and clubs.

“Do you guys actually not like me, or are you just more afraid of him than you are me?” Rico said.

Bursting through the door to her home, Coriander caught her breath. Hyssop looked up from yesterday’s newspaper, today’s not having arrived yet for the weather. “Where are the girls?” he wondered.

“Sorry! Is it okay if we have company? Coriander’s fists gyrated. “We ran into a Marine, my age kinda, and he was nice so we were talking to him and I thought it would be good for Peppermint and stuff but we gotta eat so I invited him but I didn’t ask first!”

Hyssop blinked. “Sh-should be-”

“Of course it’s fine! I’m not about to turn away a hungry soldier!” called Marjoram from the kitchen.

Coriander pumped her fist, turning back. “Thanks mom!” Scrambling from the house, she ran back to Haku, Peppermint, and Rue with good news to share.

The smile on Hyssop’s face was stuck still, and once he was sure Corainder was gone, it shifted to a look of light panic. “H-honey!”

As he limped through the door from the dining area to the kitchen, she snapped, “You just said you were fine with syrup!”

Finding a chair, he insisted, “No, it’s not that. She’s bringing a sailor home.”

“You don’t have to say it like that.”

“Of course I do! She...she’s never met a boy her age and puberty was years ago! She’s bound to be a late bloomer and...ah, I don’t think I’m ready.”

Marjoram turned on him. “You’re not ready? I’ve been feeling sorry enough for her lately. Any girl longs for love, we’re just lucky she hasn’t turned nasty for it.” Hyssop gawked. “Yet.”

“Wh-what’s that supposed to mean!?”

“She’s gotta get married eventually! Is a religious obligation for starters.” Hyssop’s eyes threatened to pop from their sockets. “Didn’t you read the bible? Half the time I think of her as a child but I forget how much you’re still holding on to.”

Hyssop slumped onto the bare counter. “But...a sailor? A soldier?”

“Steady work. Might mean she’s relocating a lot, which she’d love I’ll bet. Some wives join up as cooks or other less sensitive positions.”

“SHE JUST MET HIM TWENTY MINUTES AGO!” Slumping back, Hyssop moaned, “What if she gets taken advantage of?”

Brandishing a knife, Marjoram said, “Well, if he gives off a bad odor we can chase him off.”

“...Why do you have a knife, you’re making waffles.”

She admitted, “It just found its way into my hand. Does that sometimes.”
Ooooooooooh Saturday!

I haven't written my next post yet, but I'll try to have it ready so I can throw it up once the next one comes in. Aside from that, be sure to update me as usual. Have a good weekend!

“Feels better, don’t it?”

Rico looked about the lower section of city, still quiet in the early morning. They were out of the more industrial zones of Sunstrider, where buildings were somewhat sparser.

“Yeah, it’s less crowded, I like it!”

Wicc nodded. “And the air is more free of the smoke you get from this island’s furnaces. If you only live in bad places you only get bad thoughts. The world around you has so much to offer.” Rico stopped, looking around a bit. “You’re looking far ahead and moving fast with the Pirate King thing at all, but that can’t be everything, right?”

Rico smiled, but his face fell. “How are we gonna get money this way though?”

Wicc laughed. “We’ve been walking and talking all night: you need some food and sleep! You’ve gotta take care of yourself first before you can do anything big or grand.”

“That’s a good point’a’roonie.”

The two arrived at an abandoned abode, shuffling to the side where an apple tree reigned above a few wooden planks. Shuffling through the curtain, Rico joined Wicc in his abode. Reaching up, he took down an apple hanging from a branch that stuck it’s way in. “This should tide you over for a little while, we’ll figure the rest out after some rest. It’ll be nice and cool here until afternoon. Tha’s when we’ll get to work.”

“Hell yeah!” Rico cried out, eating the apple whole before plopping down. He started snoring immediately.

Wicc gawked, before shaking his head. “You don’t quite know how to take it slow, huh boyo?” he chortled, before heading out, work to be done yet.
“This sucks.” Rico and Wicc sat on the side of a road with a fair number of pedestrians going by. Each of them had a sign, Wicc’s reading ‘Anything helps’, where Rico’s said “I’m hungry” (the third iteration of his sign, a halfway point of compromise).

“Well you could have made a better sign, people who give are gonna have some sympathy,” Wicc offered his upturned hat more bountiful than Rico’s tin can.

“I just don’t like begging at all! I feel like I’m doing something wrong.”

Wicc sighed. “You’re normally so shameless…”

“Yeah but I want to be the guy who does something! I wanna be active! Pirates don’t ask they take what they want!”

“You’re gonna steal?”

“Well, no, but if I beat an enemy pirate and he has a bunch of gold I wouldn’t not take it.”

“Any pirates around?”

Rico’s head swiveled from side to side. “That guy kinda looks like a pirate!” The two watched as a man in a bandanna picked some litter off the ground and threw it away, before turning the corner out of sight.


“Don’t feel like it right this second.”

“Sounds like you’re just picking between which thing you’re dependent on.” Rico pouted.

A voice called. “You’re hungry?” Rico looked up to see a guy with some Spicy Firebird Popcorn Chicken in hand. Sparkles of hope came to his eyes. “Bitch, me too!” the man popped some chicken into his mouth and cackled as he headed off, leaving Rico sour.

He snapped his head in Wicc’s direction “Don’t you laugh.”

“It was kinda funny.”

“I mean you’re right but also don’t.”

There was a rush of movement as a man in a leather jacket ran by, scooping up Wicc’s money filled cap and dashing off. “Hey!” Rico shot to his feet. Whistles of heat ad fire erupted as he bounced off, the street going silent from the noise. Rico honed in on the thief, one arm grabbing for the hat after the other latched around the guy’s neck.

“What the hell!? Get offa me!”

“Not before you give that back, that wasn’t given to you!” Rico crumpled that hat into his hand, keeping most of the money intact. Once he wrested it free, be planted a foot against the man’s back and leapt off with another burst of firework flame, the mugger crashing to the stone ground. Glancing around, he started scooping up some of the dropped bills and coins. A number of people around had begun to applaud, apparently impressed.

The mugger scrambled to his feet, blood running down his face. But he laughed. “Whew, what a rush, the pain just makes me feel alive!” He slapped the sides of his face, smile forced and frantic. “All good, always another chance. Morale’s all good here?” Rico didn’t spare him much second thought as he ran off, only muttering, “Friggin’ weirdo.”

Glancing over, he saw the Popcorn Chicken heckler, his jaw dropped. He handed his remaining food over to Rico. “Oh sweet, thanks buddy!” With one hand he poured all the chicken into his face, horfing it down like a beast as he went back to Wicc. Rico put the hat back down as he took a seat. “I should rethink my sign.”

“Not hungry anymore?” Wicc asked, struck.

“I mean, I could eat but...” Wicc had been laughing a lot since he met this silly guy.
Oh right it's Saturday!

Not much going on right now but I definitely get it. I haven't been able to find the chance to post either since I've been taking overtime at work. If nothing else thank you for any continued updates this coming week, I'll try to get on my posts/collab when I can!
Oh boy oh Saturday!

Aside from Rico's next post being due on the 24th and Annabelle's post by @LostDestiny being due the 25th, we're still waiting on everyone else (@Hillan, @Daxam, @pkken, @Yankee, @BigOlLewbowski, + I'm waiting on @Restalaan). If you guys can't get around to posting, I understand, but be sure to update me! Even if it's just a reaction to this post~

”So, getting shelter from the wind was a smart move, but on stone? And without anything to cushion you? You’d be feeling that in the morning!” Wicc explained as the two meandered down the path, buildings raised all about and framing the sky above.

“Yeah, when I slept in the woods the other day the breeze was nasty, and I couldn’t make a fire or anything either. Not that I could find food anyway.”

“The woods?”

“Oh, it was on Gunwhale Island. I met a prince!”

“Heh, well I’ll be. And where are you headed now again?”

“Shuffle Island! I’m meeting a friend.” Wicc smiled. “So, are you gonna help me out Mr. Sir?”

Wicc chortled. “I don’t have the money myself, but even if I didn’t I wouldn’t give it to you. I don’t like having money, honestly. I try to spend it as soon as I get enough for what I need.”

Rico replied, “You said it was a tool to live?”

“Yeah. Sure, it makes the world go round, and the livelihoods of many depend on it. But I don’t really want to depend on it, so I live my life like this. I’m free, don’t you know it! But I’ll show you my ways: how I get food, where I take shelter, and how I get money when I do need it. That way you can avoid those cheat hotels and get where you’re going as soon as you want. Teach you how to fish instead of just giving you the fish.”

“I don’t see how fish will help me get to Shuffle Island but I really appreciate it!” Grin fading a tad, he wondered, “Why are you helping me though?”

Wicc smiled. “Knowledge should be free. If there’s no cost in me helping out a fellow human than there’s no real reason not to do it.”

“Even if he’s a devilish outlaw?”

Wicc raised an eyebrow. “Even if he were, if our paths have crossed and we find ourselves mutually walking together, well, I’m not one to judge.”

Puffing out his chest, Rico offered, “Well, at least you get to gloat about mentoring the future Pirate King?”

“I’m not much of a bragga-did you say what now?” The air seemed to be still under the night sky. “Why do you want to be Pirate King?”

“Why not?” Rico shrugged.

Wicc gave a low chortle. “Those are some flippant words, but I just don’t feel like they’re coming from a place of ignorance.” The older man scratched his head. “You want the fame? The money?”

Rico’s face went blank. “What’s Pirate King gotta do with those?” Wicc was flabergasted. Lowering his head a bit, Rico slipped his hand in his pockets. “It’s more like, If you only live once, and you wanna do something big, why not do the biggest thing there is?”

Wicc thought for a moment, observing the moon. “You gotta?”

“I gotta.”

Wicc sighed low as the moon fell behind the clouds. “It is what is is, huh?”
Return of Saturday!

I got a Rico post up at long last (and will continue on with him around the 17th, I hope). The 17th is also when @Daxam is due for his next Sol post, while we'll hopefully see a Luna post today. @Restalaan and I are still working on our collab for Haku and Coriander. Everyone else (@Hillan @LostDestiny @pkken @Yankee @BigOlLewbowski) I'm hoping to at least hear from as they keep me updated (though Destiny and Hillan already have).

Can't wait to see what you guys are cooking up!

Eve descending on Phoenix Beach, Rico’s flame was far from blazing. His shoulders slumped, he meandered down the streets that bustled without him, folk buzzing too and fro attractions, hopping from one to the next. “Look fun…” Rico moped, hands clutching the small wad of money, thus far only spent on food. Glancing up at the sky slowly growing darker, then to all the signs on the street advertising places of rest, Rico gritted his teeth, disgust plain, before moving along, path aimless as he went through a few side streets and alleys. The once lively boy was more like the walking dead, shuffling to a stop at a slightly sheltered area, a fence partly broken on one side, an old crate on the other. Curling up between the two, Rico slouched over, eyes closing. As the dim came, the young man tossing and turning, whether he was asleep or awake was uncertain.

After the moon was high and Rico’s groans of discomfort a shade quieter, a pair of bare feet happened to patter down the cobblestone walkway. Nose sniffing at the air, a man in a baggy coat with red cargo shorts passed by. Scraggles of blonde and gray hair stuck from under his bucket hat, his face coated in a gray stubble. “Oya oya oya,” he murmured, stopping to see Rico curled up out of the way. Ears perked up, he looked back and forth down the road, then to some of the nearby windows. Leaning down, he whispered, “He, kid, you don’t got a better place to sleep?”

Rico let out a low whine. Without opening his eyes, he muttered in a scratchy voice, “This spot is mine...”

“Sure is. I can’t say I want it. But if you’re looking for a nice piece of turf to cozy up in you can do way better.”

Rico cracked an eye open, the viewfinder narrow. “I don’t buy what you’re sellin’ gentlesir.”

“What am I sellin’ exactly?”

“You’re just gonna trick me!” Rico pouted, rolling over so his back faced the older man.

The fellow watched for a moment before taking a seat, legs crossed. “You’re not some Sunstrider runaway, huh? Off island?” A nod. “Yeah, culture shock will do that. The one who fails to legally defend themselves is in the wrong.”

“It’s stupid!” the two chanted in unison. Rico rolled back over, eyeing the old man, who added, “So much book smarts and jargon to squeeze a few extra cents out of people. A lot of pain in the ass for just another ‘tool to live’.”

Rico tilted his head. “I like your funny words, magic man. Say more of them.”

The man let his teeth shine their pale yellow shine. “Name's Wicc Fiforo, nice to meetcha.”

“Sorry that was like three too many.” Wicc’s face fell. “Aw I’m just fucking with you.” Wicc smiled again.
Saturday (+1)

Or +8, as it might be. I'm finally back from my vacation! And (aside from Daxam's Luna) we're all a bit behind. I will do my best to catch up to my posts/collabs within the next week though! Apologies for not doing a great job of keeping in touch but here's to looking forward~
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