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3 yrs ago
Alright status update: I have started a new job and am currently in the process of getting used to said job. To all the games I'm currently in I will starting work on responses this weekend
3 yrs ago
Due to a misplacement of my laptop I will unlikely be able to post until Friday or there abouts. My apologies for those waiting on me.


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Here's my WIP

I thought the songstress was a dedicated mage. A white mage but a mage none the less
’It should be mine...all of it every last bit of it!

The Black Hound seethed to himself. How dare these upstarts come and take what was rightfully his, and everything that he had plotted and schemed for. He was the rightful sin of Envy, how dare these lowly mongrels even come close to his rightful throne. The dark and dreary hole that the Forgotten of Hell find themselves in did nothing to ease the dissuade these feelings in Shael as he skulked around the darkness seething about his dethronement when his fellow sins came into view.

Wrath, Greed, and Lust. So he wasn't the only one cast into this inky pit and left to rot. Almost if by instinct alone he anger turned from his situation to the the other Sins. Their power belonged to him and if he had what was rightfully his then he wouldn't have been cast into this pit in the first place. Greed especially took a toll on his psyche, she that was so similar to himself. She shouldn't be allowed to bear the title of rightfully belonged to him.

”So It seems that I wasn't the only one overthrown. Oh how the mighty have fallen eh’ Wrath?”

The great and mighty conqueror tsk what a joke. Such an inferior demon to wield such a title. If he had his power oh the fun that could be had. But that would have to wait for another day.

”And why wear that ridiculous disguise here in the Pit, Lust? It doesn't suite a demon to wear something so weak and pathetic here…”

This is a more updated version of the sheet sorry for the delay work has been killing me lately.
This is what I have so far. I have a question, are all the sections essential like the likes and dislikes and such cause as Envy things like that would continue to change I feel.

I could take a look and make something for envy
Is this still open?
Sorry for the absence lately work has been killing me and I've been fighting massive writers block
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