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6 yrs ago
Alright status update: I have started a new job and am currently in the process of getting used to said job. To all the games I'm currently in I will starting work on responses this weekend
6 yrs ago
Due to a misplacement of my laptop I will unlikely be able to post until Friday or there abouts. My apologies for those waiting on me.


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@Shu I dont have any plans for any interaction at the moment so Im ready to move forward whenever.
My bad I did write that, in my head he left but I didn't finish the thought. Thanks for checking me on that lol
Yeh he did, after he had that freak out with the halfling woman he left the building cause he didnt want to cause any more trouble. Probablly could have written it better though lol.
I present to you, the budding industrialist...

@Rising Dusk is the person that you approached at the tavern Okubo? Just making sure so that I can have my writing together.
Is there room for another?
And there is a post from me, it may not be the prettiest but its a good set up for Okubo.

Deadsnows | Uktar 5th | 1495 DR

The sound of the inn could be heard all the way outside as Okubo casually walked up to the building through the dwindling snow. As he peered from under his straw travelers hat he couldn't help but notice the awkward glares and the gazes of the disillusioned as a foreigner traveled into their town, to be fair he couldn't blame them too much. He was a strange sight in this part of the world. His attire was normal in Wa but here in the Silver Marches it was definitely strange to see; a worn and tattered hakama just barely leaving his feet covered with thick wrappings and straw sandals. His torso was garbed in an earth toned tunic underneath a dark blue travelers gi with his right arm in a thick braided leather sleeve. His arms both have worn and beaten gauntlets from his home and over all of this was straw rain cloak. At his waist were two swords, one long and one short. This would be an interesting look into how these people deal with new comers in this part of the world.

Pushing his way in the door Okubo glanced around the room to get a survey of the place around him, hand resting on his sword hilt. The locals had mixed reactions upon seeing him, some gawked and stared and others went about their business carrying on with their conversations. There was not a lot of room with most of the tables filled and many occupants opting to standing and milling about the room with their drinks. Thankfully a pair had decided to leave leaving an open table for Okubo to take advantage of. As he sat roughly in the middle of the room, closer to the back wall of the establishment, he removed his longer sword and ate some of the leftovers from the previous occupants and observed the room. Many were locals looking for warm food and something to drink, some were local guards and few more looked like they were passing through. The mention of an attack caught his ears and he turned a side eye towards what he heard and saw the two that were engaged in conversation.

One of the knife-eared residents of this side of the world seemed to be asking questions about said attack. This person caught his eye more than the others in the area, soldiers recognize soldiers. Everything from her attire to her mannerisms gave an air of war and she had seen the worst of it, he knew what that was like. Flashes of his time as a retainer-soldier flashed through his mind as the world around him faded into memories. Okubo still had vivid visions of the blood on his fathers hands, his body going limp and cold, the anguish of knowing that one act of disobedience caused the loss of all that he loved and held dear. The sound of harsh tones in front of him snapped him back to the present and with instinct his hand flashed to his side and drew his wakazashi, the light from the room gleaned in his blade as the half-woman began visibly shaking from terror. His eyes grew wide in the anguish and relief as he quickly placed his sword back in its sheath and bowed in forgiveness placing two gold coins in her hands as he bundled the remaining leftovers and began to leave the building, not wishing to cause any other commotion in the business.
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