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Alright status update: I have started a new job and am currently in the process of getting used to said job. To all the games I'm currently in I will starting work on responses this weekend
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Due to a misplacement of my laptop I will unlikely be able to post until Friday or there abouts. My apologies for those waiting on me.


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This might be a stupid question but what is the current in game year? I'm working in a flashback and I need to know the date.
Finally posted my first post lol

Location: New York - Troll Market, Present Day
Chapter #1:A Father's Love

Interaction(s): None
Previously: None

The sounds of an open air market purvey the air, an amalgamation of different languages blending into one cacophonous mess. There were goblins running to and fro shouting. The street was congested with merchants selling their wares to the point that to make your way through you were standing shoulder to shoulder. As he walked through the crowd he drew more attention than most and this was an unusual thing for him since he was used to blending in. For the most part he APPEARED human but few saw the true horror underneath the facade. A new vampire tending to the wishes of his master, he traversed the over crowded market shoulder to shoulder with things he never thought possible...although he never thought vampires were real either.

On his master's orders he found a bookstore that he was ordered to find. Ellowyn's Tomes. A rather simple looking store when compared to its surroundings the man quickly turned and made his way into the store. Quickly the smell of old parchment and worn leather filled his nose as looked around the building. Save for the strange markings it could have passed for a human bookstore. An elderly man came from a back room and a smile quickly came over his face when he saw that he had a customer. From what the man was told Ellowyn was an elf, but he didn't look like the elves in the movies. His wrinkled ivory skin was etched with what appeared to be runes of some sort offset by an almost pure golden eyes and fair hair. If he wasn't already set on his mission, the man's beauty would have enamored him.

”Ah welcome to Ellowyn's Tomes how can I assist you?”

”Uh...yeh I'm looking for a book.”

”Well you've come to the right place...anything in particular you're looking for?”

”About the Ogdru Jahad.”

The elf's face turned from a warm and inviting smile to a concerned gaze. The tension became palpable as he visibly hesitated to answer,

”Now what would a nice young man like your….”

”Look do you have it or not?”

With a silent and somber tone the elf nodded and grabbed a book from behind the counter. The old leather bound tome looked as if it had been in the shop for ages as the elf handed it to the man without a word. With his transaction finished the man turned and left the establishment. Headed back towards the entrance of the market he opened the book, against the orders of his master, and began to read its contents. Before he could get to the first paragraph, however, he felt presence grab him by the shirt collar and forcibly slam him against a brick wall. Before he could retaliate and bear his fangs the face he saw that had him pinned sent chills down his spine.

The creature stood at least two feet taller than him with skin as red as fire. Eyes a dull eerie yellow gazing deep through him with a pain and wisdom years beyond his understanding. The hand that pinned him to the wall was oversized for a normal hand and made from stone, and growing from his head were two horns that grew up from his forehead. He took a long drag off a cigar and blew a plume of smoke in his face,

”Well...seems you've been doin’ some shoppin didn't ya’?”

Silence filled the gap between them as the man gathered up all his mental and physical fortitude to keep himself from shaking. The creature physically took the book from his hand and glanced over the covers,

”Well now, this is the Old Language. Dated sometime before Sanskrit...there are only two reasons you have this book. Either your a magician looking for a good read, or, your picking this up for someone who is poking their nose in business it don't belong.”

The monster glanced him over again.

”And you dont look like no magician. So gimme the name of your boss so I can go ask him myself...vampire.”

His fear turned to shock seeing that he was able to discern his true nature in just a couple of glances. Summoning all the courage he had he finally spoke back.

”Hey man I was just looking for something to read…”

Without warning the beast threw him further into the alley. Pain burst through his body as he slowly pushed himself up to a sitting position. From his view he gained a better view of his assailant; he was tall, well built all the way down to his cloven hoofed feet. With his whole figure in view he could no longer contain his fear and began to shake uncontrollably.

”Now maybe you didn't hear me over there. I want the name of your master.”

He pulled out a large revolver big enough to be held in the stone hand which held it and with the other he pulled out from a pack on his belt a single bullet.

”See this bullet here? I made it myself. It has silver shavings, aspen wood with a holy water mixer. Everything in this bullet is designed to turn you to ash bub…

The creature placed the bullet in the gun and pressed it to his head. The sudden feeling of cold steel being pressed against his head made the man yelp in fear as he now had tears streaming down his face.

” I'm gonna ask you again. Give me the name of your master?”


”Thank you now was that so hard.”

The sound of gunfire filled the alley and as the creature walked out the alley ashes followed him.

”Now...where do I find this Deacon Frost?”

I'm banking on this lol
It's hard cause I'm doing this on my phone and it's hard to judge my length lol. I'm banking on my quality instead of quantity lol
Dang y'all are killing me I'm still working on my first post lol

@Lord Wraith aside from adding supporting characters I'm done and ready for overview.
@Lord Wraith no problem I really didnt do that justice I'll get to work.
Me I'm looking for a doctor strange or a Constantine....and if I'm really stretching it a Papa Midnite
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