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Alright status update: I have started a new job and am currently in the process of getting used to said job. To all the games I'm currently in I will starting work on responses this weekend
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Due to a misplacement of my laptop I will unlikely be able to post until Friday or there abouts. My apologies for those waiting on me.


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@Member 00492 Sorry about the delay of my posting I've had a weird week but I have a post started I'll have it posted ASAP
@vancexentan on second thought I am gonna have to withdraw my application. As much as I enjoy the concept I have too many games to be in. Sorry but I will watch and read with great intrigue.

A F A T H E R ' S L O V E

C H A P T E R 2: T H E M Y S T E R Y D E E P E N S

November 12th, 2017 - 19:05 | Troll Market - Brooklyn Bridge, New York

The Troll Market was a bit more than he was expecting, the sights
and sounds were just about more than he was expecting. Creatures
that were only heard of in fairy tales permeated the crowded area as
the shrill clicks and whistles of other languages assaulted his
ears. What struck Hellboy the most, however, was
the fact that no one looked at him disdain or fear or hatred. It was
as if they simply expected him to be among them a feeling that
almost made him uneasy to think on. Humans simply run in fear or
believe him to be some sort of, if not the actual Devil. The
screeching uttering of the goblin language interrupted his thoughts
as Hellboy gathered his mind on the task at where was that book store?

5 6 Y E A R S E A R L I E R

December 14tH, 1961- 08:19 | Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense (Chapel) New Jersey

Of all the things that had been built in this dark underground hole

this chapel was the one thing that Father insisted be built within

this concrete prison. He said that if we were to fight evil then we

must have the presence of God in everything that we do. At the

moment there were only Father and himself sitting down going through

the daily prayers Hellboy looked up at the figure

of the hanging Jesus and couldn't help but feel slightly uneasy about it. He had seen the way the soldiers looked at him whenever they so happened to catch a glance or hear the things they would say about him. He must have been too long out of prayer when the stern but gentle voice of Father scolded him,

"Hellboy, God is not one have His prayers unfinshed. Why have you stopped?"

The pause quickly became long and uncomfortable asHellboy slowly turned to his father,

"Father, am I the Devil?"

The genuine shock on Professor Brooms face actually caught him by surprise. One would think that having a child that looked like he did would raise the question a bit sooner than it did with the professor.

"No Hellboy, you are not the Devil! Who on earth would put such a terrible thought in your head?

"I see the way the soldiers look at me and I can hear they say. They think that I am some sort of monster...I didn't do anything to them. Why do they hate me?"

As hard as he tried to stop them tears began streaming down the crimson childs face and a sob built itself from a whimper as Professor Broom quickly embraced his ward in a tight hug.

"Hellboy people hate what they do not understand and fear what cannot be explained. We all have the choice to be the boogeyman in the scary stories, but if you truly believe yourself to be good then you let your actions make them see. All you need to concern yourself with is that God has a plan and purpose for you and that I love you very much my son."

Hearing the Professor call him his son was the last straw, as Hellboy broke down into uncontrollable sobbing. He never missed a service after that day...taking what his father said to heart. God must have a plan...he simply must.


November 12tH, 2017- 19:20 |Ellowyn's Tomes - Troll Market, New York

It took him longer than he would have like but he found the place. The store front looked ramshackled and disheveled and it didn't seem like a place that one would find what he is looking for. A small bell atop the door lightly rung as his massive stone hand pushed opened the door. An elderly elven man stepped from the back room and he stopped for a moment taking in the odd sight of his odd looking customer.

"Welcome to Ellowyn's Tome is there something that I can help you with?

"Yeh, I'm lookin' for a certain book. I hear your tha' man to talk to 'bout books."

A slightly raised eyebrow over wrinkled skin showed questioning mentality,

"Well I do run a shop dedicated to tomes?

"Ever heard about the Ogdru Hem?"
I was planning on retooling him, ignoring the anti-humanity Phantasm (since it belonged to someone pretending to be him) and actually work with you on possibly making another that was a bit less apocalyptic (I was thinking the grimore he had explaining how to capture demon spirits with angels). If you feel like it needs more retweeking or if after we work on it some and it still seems too much I will choose another. I picked Solomon for a story idea in my head between him and his master, but I will not disrupt the flow of the game for my personal story plots
There is a Solomon that isn't linked to Grand Caster and just normal Caster. It's said that he has the ability to be a Grand Caster but he can be summoned as normal
Yes I am, I need to make a post on another thread but I am working on Solomon and his master
Any room for Caster?
Sorry for the delay I had a hellboy post halfway done earlier but my computer ate it. I'm in the process of remaking it post will come ASAP
Is this still going?
@Retired the reason I asked was because I had a story idea that involved SHIELD taking in the BPRD as a subsidary and placing Agent Manning in the stead of Professor Broom after his death which would cause Hellboy to leave the orginization, but I forgot to take in consideration of what the GM's had planned. It wasn't a major point but just something that I thought would be pretty neat, I can leave it be for the moment though.
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