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New Pokémon Scarlet/Violet DLC Trailer dropped:…
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Hey, based on the trailer you might get an electric/fairy type so that’s something.
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@Kidgoat Sure thing.
@Rin I have no problem with you bringing non-Paldean Pokémon into the story since I was planning to do so with my character anyway. My only rule would be that if you are going to use one, have a reason why it’s there. For example, I’m already having my character be a transfer student from Unova so he’s going to have at least one Pokémon that you wouldn’t normally find in Paldea.

The Story

It's been a whole year since the events that shook up Papas Academy's Treasure Hunt. Prodigy students Carmine and Lilac have gone off on their own adventures outside the Paldea region as part of an international study, Nemona is starting her training to become the new top champion, Arven has graduated and has since taken up residence in his parents' laboratory, and Penny is running the S.T.C.s alongside the former captains of Team Star. In the face of all this change, classes must continue, and a new Treasure Hunt is about to begin.

Set against the backdrop of a new year at Papas Academy, this RP will tell the story of a different group of students who are about to embark on an adventure of their own. Armed with their partner Pokémon, these students will brave the Paldea Region and find treasures of their very own. Where will they go? What will they discover? Just what secrets is the Paldea Region still hiding?


Hey all! Making my return to the Guild after a brief absence. I noticed there were a severe lack of Scarlet/Violet themed RPs on the site so I thought I'd take a crack at making one of my own. The reason for the new academy name and the existence of two protagonist characters is because I'm writing this as an "Emerald Version" take on the Scarlet/Violet story. Mixing Scarlet and Violet gets you a muddy brown color so we now have Papas (Potato) Academy! In short... both protagonists exist, Professors Sada and Turo were a married couple studying past and future Pokémon concurrently in Area Zero, and the protags each have a Koraidon and a Miraidon respectively.

As for where this RP places some of the optional story beats, I'm also working under the idea that the characters did nothing outside the main story. As such, optional legendary Pokémon such as the Ruinous Quartet and the second Koraidon/Miraidon are still available to be caught in the region. However, your characters will not know this [the extra legendary] at the start so don't set out with your goal being to adventure into Area Zero unless you have a good reason (It's still forbidden after all).

As far as characters go, I'm open to this being a larger group than what I usually do. For the purposes of organization - and to make things interesting - each character will have a type specialty as part of their background. Ideally I'd like to max this RP at ten people with each one having a singular type specialty. Signing up would be an application basis since this is going to be a more writing heavy RP. When you post, three-four paragraphs would be the expected minimum.


Due to how vague the games were about how the academy is set up in terms of grade level, I'm treating it like a combination High School/University. Starting at age fourteen, students attend for four years and choose a 'focus' for their the majority of their studies (i.e. Nemona picked battle studies as her focus, while Arven studied humanities). A list of focuses will be provided for your character sheets below. Obviously, your focus will not determine how you have to spend your treasure hunt. A humanities student can still participate in the gym challenge.

General Notes

1. Students are free to travel anywhere in the region EXCEPT Area Zero:
Despite the protags being able to come and go as they please after the endgame, this was covered up by the Academy and, in-universe, Area Zero is still very much blocked off. This is subject to change during the RP, but it's not going to be an option early on.

2. The individual stats of Pokémon do not matter:
The stats are there to balance the game, but the RP is meant to be fun. That being said, make sure you use common sense when engaging in battles with wild Pokémon and other players. A Pokémon in it's first stage will likely stand no chance against a fully evolved one.

3. The Paldea Region is still a wilderness:
Students from the academy may be more trained to take on the region than most, but Pokemon are wild animals at the end of the day. A wild Tauros running you down is going to hurt like hell if you get trampled under its hooves. Make sure to plan accordingly when you are traveling in the wilds.

4. Students can be of any age:
Papas Academy is open to students from all walks of life! Whether you are fourteen and just starting your Pokémon journey or you're fifty-five and looking to start over again, Papas academy will make sure you are prepared for whatever future you choose!

5. This RP is about the people you meet:
For obvious reasons this RP is designed to be a slice of life story, but there will still be opportunities for action, battling, and a hint of danger. Use your downtime to develop your character their relationships with people and Pokémon!

6. Your Pokémon are more than just mindless animals:
Make sure your Pokémon all have names and personalities to set them apart from one another and the wild Pokémon. Have fun with this! Let them interact with other Pokemon and humans. These are meant to be your friends and partners!


1. Do not GHOST us on this rp:
If you gotta leave, that's on you, but please just don't disappear without giving a reason. No one will judge you.

2. Don't make your Pokémon overpowered:
I said up top that stats won't matter, but try to keep your Pokémon within a reasonable power level. The four move rule will still apply here, but it's up to you to keep track of it.

3. Battles are to be decided between the players involved:
If the layers can't agree on the outcome of a battle, contact the GM (or Co-GMs if applicable) and they will help you out. Battles with NPCs are up to player discretion, just review rule #2.

4. Be respectful to other players:
I'm not going to tell anyone how they should act, but that doesn't mean I won't exercise discipline when needed. Use your common sense and be decent to other people. If I get any complaints, then I'll speak with the parties involved and a decision will be made. Aside from that, we're all here to have fun. Don't ruin it for other people.

5. Every choice in the RP matters:
Things you do and say will have an outcome on the final outcome of the story. Make your decisions wisely!

Character Sheets

I'll have a sheet uploaded when I make the official RP forum. For now, I'm going to have a list of types for any interested players to put down an application for. Not all players will be accepted so make sure you put your best submission forward! Stuff to think about for the players: What subjects are your character's favorites? What's their 'treasure' in the hunt? What is their background and how does it contribute to their goals?

As a challenge for the players, try and choose a type you wouldn't normally pick as your specialty! I'll be doing this which is why I've already chosen the Normal-Type for myself!

Available Types:
Normal: @TheNoCoKid
Bug: @Kidgoat
Ghost: @LuckyBlackCat

Ahh the wide world of Pokémon. Full of mystery, adventure, and well... you know the rest. That is, unless you lived in the Kaida Region. To the rest of the world, Kaida was the 'wild west'. Situated somewhere West of Unova and East of Alola, the tiny region of Kaida was a vast untamed wilderness. Due to its small size, there wasn't even an established Pokémon League. In addition, many trainers avoided going to the region due to the powerful and dangerous Pokémon that made up the wilds. As a result, many trainers native to the region left early and very few actually came. Travelling the region was especially difficult thanks to the Overseer System; a network of trainers assigned to protect unwary trainers from stumbling into dangerous sections of the map. Typically it was said that only the bravest - or the stupidest - trainers traveled the Kaida Region.

The one thing that made Kaida stand out from the other regions however, were the Calagon Mountains. Rising high above the region, this vast mountain range dominated the landscape. Some even claimed the highest peak - Mt. Calagon - stood even higher than Mt. Coronet in Sinnoh! Once every year however, Dragon-Type Pokémon from all over the planet migrated to the Calagon Mtns. for their annual mating season. During this time, fierce battles between the various dragons were said to break out across the mountain and sometimes even in the skies over the region; making the danger of Kaida only more apparent to outsiders. In an ancient legend passed down through the ages however, it was said that a 'great warrior ascended the slopes of Mt. Calagon and called upon a legendary dragon Pokémon to cease the warring of the dragons and bring peace to the region.

This unique legend had the chance of bringing odd characters into the region. One such individual was Prof. Cypress. A former trainer himself, Cypress had begun his journey many years ago in the Johto Region. He hailed from Blackthorn City and Dragon-Type Pokémon were his chief area of study. He found himself fascinated by their immense power and latent evolutionary patterns. Shortly after losing his bid for the Indigo Plateau, a chance meeting with Professors Oak and Elm helped him find his calling as a Pokémon professor. After earning his PhD in Pokémon Studies, Cypress applied for a research grant to study in the Kaida region. By some miracle, his application was granted and the rest was history.

Cypress' tenure in the region had been... shaky to say the least. Nearly a two years into his research and he'd barely made any progress on his research. Despite having free reign to travel the region, Cypress struggled to keep any of his staff longer than a few weeks. Most of them refused to make the trek out to the main lab at the mountain base, and those that did often were so miserable they could hardly work. The professor soon realized that if he wanted to get something done, he'd need trainers who were native to the region. Trainers who wouldn't panic just because an overzealous Dragonite caused another rock slide.

One morning, Cypress found himself sitting in one of his mobile-labs just outside Plutus Town. One of the smallest towns in the region, it was seated at the base of Mt. Tiamat, the third highest peak in the region. The town had seen its fair share of battle damage meaning the residents - mainly farmers and local artisans - were hardier than most people in Kaida. Looking over his shoulder, he smiled as he saw three baby Dragon-Type Pokémon playing together on the floor: a Dratini, Bagon, and Gible. For the last few months, Cypress had been observing a group of youths in Plutus. They were all around 15 or so; well past the age where they could earn their trainer licenses. He'd managed to recruit them into his work by offering them jobs as research fellows in his lab. They would get the freedom to travel the region (as well as a small paycheck), and Cypress would finally have the staff he was looking for and he'd get some hard research. Taking a sip from his Staryu-bucks coffe, Cypress smiled to himself.

"Let's see those stiffs at the academy complain now," he muttered to no one in particular. Things were about to get VERY interesting.
I have returned

As the students broke into their respective groups, Kaizer addressed the second years, "You will all be assisting in a Pokémon hunt today. It seems a wild Metagross has taken up residence in the nearby mountains and some noble brat wishes to have it brought in as his personal pet. Metagross are notoriously tough opponents so this will be a good opportunity to test your battle skills as well as your Unity abilities. Orders are to subdue and bring the hunk of metal in, but you can faint it if you must. If there are no objections or questions, you have ten minutes to gather your equipment and meet me at the academy gates! Move out!" The second years immediately broke off running for their dorms in order to prepare for the incoming ordeal. Turning his attention to Okido, Kaizer saw the samurai moving the third years down to the lakeside. The headmaster had long since planned for them to begin with full contact sparring before moving into the command-oriented aspects that were commonly associated with third year studies.

Morganna meanwhile, had brought her pack of first years into the castle and up a flight of stairs to her classroom, "Now students, I trust many of you are aware of what Unity is, but I have doubts that you have seen it performed properly. Titania, if you please..." The Hatterene gleefully bounded over to her mistress as Morganna reached out a hand, placing the other over her chest. A bright pink light emanated from the duo and covered the room; nearly blinding the new students. When it cleared, Morganna stood before them, now clad in a flowing pink dress, witch's hat, and carrying a long bejeweled staff. Her once-black hair was now pale blue in color and tied back into a long ponytail to match her partner.

"Hehe... Do you see?" Morganna twirled for the students as she fought to keep the encroaching grin off her face. Even when it was for the purposes of demonstration, she couldn't stop Titania's influence from forcing her to smile while in Unity form. It just felt so... wonderful. "With the power of Unity, you and your partner will truly become one and the same. You share the same sensations, feel the same stimulations, and in return, the Pokémon shares their power with you!" To demonstrate, Morganna aimed her staff at a wooden target in the room and fired a Psybeam. The beam struck and obliterated its mark. As the students gawked and clapped, Morganna released herself from the Unity form and composed herself, "Ahem... As such, the purpose of my classes will be to test how strong your Unity is with your current Pokémon partners. For those among you who don't have one..." She eyed the few students who stood without a Pokémon at their side, "We'll see to it that you are paired with a partner that will best bring out your latent abilities. Now... who wants to go first?" Morganna stepped aside and retrieved another target from her desk.

Back in the courtyard, Kaizer stood at attention as his students returned carrying their equipment for the day's journey. He didn't like the idea of securing such a powerful Pokémon to be some noble's pet, but orders were orders and he could at least get an opportunity to see how well Morganna had trained this crop of students in the last year. With a smirk, Kaizer mounted Ignis and signaled for his partner to take flight. He addressed his students from the air, [color=orange]"As for my role in this assignment, I'm simply to navigate you to the last known location of the Metagross! I will simply be observing your progress and will step in only if absolutely necessary. I trust I'm understood." Without waiting for a reply, Kaizer and Ignis turned and began flying away, expecting the second years to follow.

@LuckyBlackCat@FrogRFlowR@Ryik@GingerBaron@Crimson Flame
Doing a quick bump to advertise an open slot to be one of the trainers who receives a starter.
It's starting, just need to get re-acclimated now that things are calming down. Also, it seems Mistress Dizzy won't be joining us this time around so the third trainer spot is officially open. @RBYDark @King Cosmos the spot can be taken if one of you wants to change your characters. Also poison kid is approved!

@GubGar Sorry to just now be addressing you, but you are welcome to join if you are still interested. As stated above, the trainer spot is still open if you want it, but there are other options available.
Hey all. Sorry for the radio silence. Things took a turn for the worse on my end and my whole office (except me...) got COVID. The bosses shook the whole thing up and I've been trying to cover for the people in my team.
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