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@kerselCharacter looks good. You can move it over.

Also, to everyone in the chat, If we've got everyone we'll be getting, feel free to start replying to the RP whenever.
Basic character info atm. Will make a proper sheet later.

(Nick Hayes, 34, 6'1, close-cropped brown hair and gray eyes. Wearing a standard DPA uniform that resembles a U.S. Marshall. collared shirt, tactical vest, flak pants, and work boots. Has an odd-looking pistol in a hip holster with glowing white bullets inside)
A pair of blinding white headlights cut through the darkness as a solitary car sped down the two-lane Kentucky highway. Inside the car, Officer Nick Hayes kept his eyes squarely focused on the road. Hayes was frustrated to be called out to Kentucky on such short notice, but sadly for him, the Hopkinsville Goblins were back. Nick was an officer for the Department of Paranormal Activity (The DPA). About 45 years ago, the U.S. government had discovered the existence of another dimension that was housed by the "spirits" of humans and other creatures who had departed from earth. While they were "mostly" separate, some ghosts managed to cross the barrier and return to our world, but many were the worse for it. The process eradicated what sense the spirit had left and often turned them into mad and rampaging monsters. The Goblins were a group of spirits that popped up in rural Kentucky every few years. They weren't a major threat, but they could cause serious problems if they got out of hand, which was why Nick and his partner were hot on their tail. As the car pulled up to a lone farmhouse just off the highway, Nick turned to his partner and groaned. "Jesus, Thea... can you not stick your head through the window while I'm driving? You know that creeps me out..."
I'm very interested in some of your stuff. I sent you a DM!
If you guys want to do overseers I’m open to the possibility. You can check the OOC tab first post for what types are still on the table. The only two I’d veto are Water and Ghost because I have already planned the twists I want to do for those two characters specifically and it’s pretty big lore-wise.
@Mistress Dizzy if you want another character, you are welcome to take Darlene, make a new trainer, or take a Team Star member. Lmk what strikes your interest.
Ahh, it seems you've found my page. Welcome to TheNoCoKid's RP bar. Take a seat lol. For real though, thanks for taking the time to check this out. I'm still fairly new on RoleplayerGuild, but I have a lot of experience doing this on other sites. I will say up front that I am a guy, but I've been known to tackle a female character every now and again depending on the RP I'm running. I'm not opposed to doing 18+ stuff, but I try to avoid it if I can bear it. That being said, I have a pretty wide variety of fandom and original RP ideas that I'd love to do in 1x1 setting with an interested partner. I'll have the full list and a brief synopsis published below. You can reply or DM me if any of them strike your interest. Can't wait to try this out!

Non-Fandom RPs

- The Merchant of Madness -> On the road to the Kingdom Capital, there is a strange-looking wagon on the side of the road. Seated in front of it, is an even stranger man who claims to be nothing more than a humble merchant. The merchant tells his customers that his items are all imbued with magical properties; illegal to sell within the boundaries of the kingdom and even more dangerous if he's found to be lying. Is the man crazy, or are his items really the treasures he claims them to be? A Choose your own adventure style RP
- The Department of Paranormal Activity -> 45 years ago, the US Government discovered the existence of a plane where spirits go when they pass from our world. Every so often, a sould returns to our world and wrecks havoc among the people. To comabt them, a secret organization is created that partners human officers with ghost partners to combat the otherworldly threats. The story centers around a veteran officer and his new ghostly partner. A police-drama with a supernatural twist. Maybe a bit of romance?
- The Training Genie -> Many years ago, a young genie in training was preparing for his final test to become a full genie. However, the empire fell before the young genie could complete his test, leaving him trapped in his bottle for thousands of years. Later, when the bottle is opened, the genie is freed, but since he's only a training genie, he can only grant certain types of wishes. A modern-fantasy comedy

Fandom RPs - Most of these ideas I have aren't terribly fleshed out so I'm just listing the stories I can do here

- Pokemon
- Power Rangers
- Fallout
- Rising of the Shield Hero

I'll be adding more stuff in the future. Until then, enjoy your stay!
@Mistress Dizzy@Chev Apologies for that. I'm working to streamline the RP so I can get to you guys quicker! I planned this really poorly so I hope you'll bear with me. Also, I was thinking it would be cool to keep you guys more actively involved in the story if you wanted to make trainers for yourselves? I.e. you could be a different group of trainers who are trying to reach the summit for their own reasons, you could play as evil team members/admins, etc. I feel kinda bad keeping you locked to the Overseer roles when they are going to show up and likely won't have a ton of appearances after everyone else moves on...
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