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Any interest in a Pokémon RP where the players are in school and training to become certified Pokémon professors?
19 days ago
UPDATE: to all my RP partners, I’m in the hospital right now. Doctors think I may have torn my ACL. Taking a brief hiatus. Will update as needed.
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TIL we were ROBBED from having Pokémon Let’s Go: Psyduck edition because Psyduck was too yellow…
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The problem with the FNAF movie was that someone behind the scenes REALLY wanted it to be PG-13 so it’s pretty much a bloodless horror movie. The CUPCAKE has the highest kill count. Thank about it.
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If a character you’re creating to play isn’t self-inserted on some level, are they even fun?
@LadyAnnaLee Answers to questions:

I’m not limiting anyone on Pokémon. Your characters are going to be in their early to mid twenties at the youngest. You’ll likely have caught a few by this point.

Honestly, if you REALLY don’t want to keep the tree theme going, I’m not going to deny you entry for it. Sada and Turo technically broke that tradition already even if they aren’t typical Pokémon professors. I do find it to be a fun gimmick however. Just personal preference.

I’m not going to dog people for posts. This is meant to be a low stress RP. At least once a week would be ideal, but I get that people have lives.

Somewhere in the middle, maybe 6-7ish? It’s still casual roleplay

I think you could do something with that topic! Maybe your character is studying the bonds between the trainer and Pokémon and how it makes the Pokémon stronger? (Friendship/Battle Bond)
You know what, this seems interesting. I'll work on a CS when I get home from work.

Thanks! lol. Just a silly idea I had while revisiting Scarlet and Violet before Indigo Disk comes out.
Have post written, will post after editing.

Side Note: I got bored and made a... "unique" Pokémon RP if I have any fans in the thread.


Ahh Pokémon Professors. One of the most recognized and distinguished careers within the wide world of Pokémon. While there are many ways one can become officially certified as a professor, only the best and brightest study at The Laventon Institute for Pokémon Study and Professorship (Often shortened to The Laventon Institute to save time). Located in the heart of Jubilife City in the Sinnoh Region, The Institute is the premier school for those looking to earn their Professor certification and pursue Pokémon research as a career. Among the Institute's distinguished list of alumni, notable graduates include Samuel Oak, Jameson Rowan, Augustine Sycamore, Cedric Juniper, and Sasha Burnet just to name a few.

As befitting the distinguished nature of the Laventon Institute, they receive numerous applications prior to every school year. Due to the highly selective nature however, only a handful of applications are ever accepted. One year, only five students were brought in as first years! Those chosen to attend the Institute spend the next four years immersed in the study of Pokémon. Courses cover everything from studying Pokémon type classifications all the way to how newly discovered moves and abilities can be applied in battle and practical day to day use. Upon graduation, the Institute will even provide funding for graduates to begin their research or connect them with a Professor in the same field of study!

In between their class schedules and attending lectures with visiting professors, the crown jewel of the Laventon Institute's curriculum is the Thesis Program. As part of their application to the Institute, students are required to submit a paper on what specific aspect of Pokémon research they are most interested in pursuing. These papers can range from a wide variety of topics such as evolution, breeding, battle theory, or even the origin of Pokémon themselves! Once accepted, students will spend the next four years pursuing that topic and - prior to graduation - will be required to present a thesis paper documenting all of their findings. This research will form the backbone of the student's field of study post-graduation. Even multiple years after he submitted it, Prof. Oak's thesis on the relationship between humans and Pokémon is upheld as the gold standard for the Thesis Program.

Students working on their theses are allowed a considerable amount of freedom. The Institute is willing to help with most expenditures should the student need to travel or acquire specific materials for their studies. It's not an uncommon occurrence for students to travel as far as Alola or Galar for the purpose of completing their theses. While out performing field work, students are excused from classes provided they make up the missing homework upon their return.

Hey there! Thanks for reading this far down! So the basic idea for this RP is that we'll be playing Pokémon Professors in training and making our way through the school year until graduation. There really isn't going to be a limit for characters in this RP, but it will be application based. Character sheets will be rated on the quality of submissions, so if you join late don't worry. We'll try and find a place for you. I'm a pretty laid back GM so here are a few ground rules:

1. We're all here to have fun. Don't be a jerk.

2. Don't make your character broken

3. If you join and have to leave for any reason, don't ghost the RP. Let us know if you're stepping away and whether or not you'll be re-joining us

4. No Legendary Pokémon on teams. Just no.

5. If you have any questions or need to settle a disagreement between players, GM will rule it.

Whew! With all that out of the way, character sheets are posted below! Let's have some fun!

@Kero You are fine lol. I don't run RPs like that. If my sporadic posting is anything to go by, I'm the last one to judge if IRL business forces you to go radio silent. Post when you can and we'll try to work around it.
Ahh Pokémon Professors. Easily one of the most iconic roles in the franchise yet do we ever stop and ask the question "How does one become a Professor?" We really don't so I through this might be a fun concept to play out in an rp. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce you too...

Built on the former site of Galaxy Hall in Jubilife City, The Laventon Insitute for Pokémon Professorship (Simply called the Laventon Institute to save time) is the premier school for Pokémon research and study. Named for its founder, many youths from across the Pokémon World apply to study at this prestigious Institution. The Laventon Institute has trained some of the most renowned Pokémon Professors the world over! Even the great Samuel Oak once walked these halls as a wide-eyed student.

During their time at the Institute, students will undergo a variety of core classes during their four year tenure. Among them are Pokémon History, Adv. Pokémon Biology, Battle Theory, etc. The main feature of the Laventon Institute however, is the Thesis Program. All students must complete a thesis paper on a specific area of Pokémon Study that will form the backbone of their research upon graduation. The thesis may cover any potential subject the student can think up, but it must be approved before work can begin. Despite the Laventon Institute being landlocked to Jubilife City, students are free to travel as part of the Thesis Program. Provided they can justify their travel expenses as part of their study, the Institute is more than willing to foot the bill.

The application process for the Laventon Institute is quite rigorous as well. Prior to application, prospective students must have: completed their education at a certified school with acceptable grades, have acquired their trainer's license, and they must present a multiple page essay on what aspect of Pokémon study they wish to pursue. Many applications are submitted every year, but only the best and brightest are selected to become students. The avg. age of students vary, but it's typically young adults in their early to mid-twenties. No one under the age of eighteen is allowed to apply.

Hey there! If you're reading this, drop a comment and tell me if this is something you might find interesting. The basic premise would be rp-ing as students attending the Laventon Institute and making our way to the end of the year. I really have no set character limit for the RP and applications would be based on the quality of character postings rather than capping at a certain number. I don't have a character sheet penned, but a few basic guidelines would be:

-Tree/Flower Name: Simple and Silly, but I personally still find this trope entertaining. I know Sada/Turo broke it. They were REALLY professors. :P
-A Thesis: You obliviously don't need to write a whole paper, but your professor needs to study something for their thesis. For example: Oak specializes in Pokémon and Human Relationships, Elm does Breeding, etc.
-Pokémon: Ideally you'll have them. Preferably if they can tie into your research, I think that could be a fun switch up on team composition. Players can battle if they wish to (or if they study battling), but your team is going to focus on research primarily.
I didn't give any of them names or characters to begin with so go hogwild. They are likely going to axe Petra if you don't.
Tbh, the only person we’ve “lost” is Digmata. @Kero just hasn’t posted anything to the site in almost a month.
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