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The infinite reporter showed the poet a sweet, polite smile as he stated his intentions. ”That sounds lovely, and please do call me Noel.” She considered his offer to go to the casino for a moment. It hadn’t been her primary choice of location, as the newbie here she had a lot to check out and investigate, but it was a pretty tempting offer. ”The casino sounds like a good place to check out first… if it’s at all related to what this damned bear is plotting this time. I’d love to have you along.” Her smile broadening slightly, showing a perfect line of teeth.

It was not long before Daimyon's attention was once again drawn away by another Infinite—this time though, it would turn out to be much more personal.

“Oh, hello Mary!” the poet responded to the streamer's enthusiasm in earnest as she approached them. “Good morning! I was just talking with...Noel here. Have you met h—” he started, but suddenly remembered seeing the two women chat it up when he arrived in the break room. “—nevermind! What brings you to us?”

Mary's answer proved to be a real rollercoaster for Daimyon: she also wanted to go the casino, which delighted him, but she wanted to do so without bringing Noel or anyone else for that matter along, which gave him other feelings. To accentuate her point, she unabashedly wrapped an arm over his shoulder and...sat in his lap. The smiles and winks she shot at him meanwhile were only the ice on the cake of this tempting display. It left little to the imagination...although Daimyon's imagination did not need any more to get working. He was not entirely oblivious, but felt like it would be the best to act one in this scenario. Maybe things would not escalate if he did not make an outright decision just yet...

“The letter...ah, yes!” He remembered that too, although the potential double meaning without any context flew over his head. “We should get to that too, when we have the time...although I think we should first look at the game that awaits us there!”

Noel was surprised for a second as Mary made her unabashed return. Her interest in Caora had seemed sincere, so why was she now making Daimyon her mark? Was she simply that kind of girl? Had she lied? Did she want to thwart Noel? Or did she simply want to jokingly mess with the reporter? Well, there were ways to find out… or take revenge.

Seconds after she had stated her intention to take Daimyon on a pleasant trip to the casino alone, Noel was all over them… as any good reporter should be! At blinding speed she surrounded them from all angles, flashes of light illuminating them as she took at least a dozen pictures of the lovey couple. ”You two on a date? That sounds wonderful! I’m rooting for you two!” She said before her lips turned sinister. ”Instead, let me report to everyone about the new hottest item of Axis Mundi! I wonder what Caora will think.” She shot Mary a wink.

Mary had a smug grin at first, seeing Noel jealous like that, but the tables were soon turned as she turned into a real paparazzi and took scandalous photos of the two. ”OH NOO! Don’t show Cookie those pictures!” She jumped off from Daimyon’s lap and rushed to Noel. ”I was just messing around, Nolyyy! Don’t do this to me!” She pouted, with her hands clasped before her. ”I don’t mind that you took pictures of me, but don’t spread them around, please!”

Mary’s smug grin disappeared, but quickly made its way to Noel’s face instead. ”Well…” Noel said, dragging out the word way longer than she should. ”Fine, but only because I like you.” She responded with a playful wink. She wasn’t exactly gunning for Daimyon, not as seriously as Mary might think at least, but she wouldn’t let herself be messed with that easily, even if it was all in good fun.

Despite Daimyon's every precaution...things escalated. Noel did not take kindly of Mary's possessiveness and struck back by doing what she did best: taking pictures. Pictures of him and the streamer, in that exact position. The poet did not think much of it at first, but Mary quickly jumped at the reporter and pleaded her not to show the images to anyone. The crux of the matter was Caora, the object of the woman's neverending affection. If the small boy got to see her with someone else like that, he would immediately rebuff all of her advances. At least...that was what the streamer thought. Daimyon, who had played reverse-wingman for him and Shaun before, imagined that the trap's reaction would be much different. However! Love was the most beautiful thing, and he could not just let her noble feelings be crushed like that. was not like the poet wanted to settle with her, or anyone for that matter, just yet. Not when there was so much to experience! He certainly did not want any of the charming Infinite ladies to get the wrong idea...

Ah, how difficult was it to take sides!

“Ladies, ladies...please.” He stood up to settle the matter before it got any further. He waved his hands in front of him and wore the most pacifying smile he could manage. “Let me appease! We can go to the casino as three, no need to worry. We'll play a game or two, have a laugh or few and all will be well! What do you say?”

Mary pouted, unsure if she could really trust someone like the Infinite Reporter to keep the pictures to herself. But her smile gradually returned as Daimyon’s soothing voice carried her worries away. They could go gamble as friends, nothing weird about that, Mary reasoned to herself. She wrapped an arm around Daimyon’s, and took Noel’s hand with her own. ”All right, let’s forget what just happened and go to the casino! I have a system for blackjack!” With that said, the energetic woman brought the two with her to spend some time with their given tokens.
Ouch, I'm sorry to hear that. I'm glad to know you haven't given up on this RP yet despite the unfortunate circumstances.
You don't have to necessarily be online at the same time while working on the collab. But if Ark wants to post on their own it's fine.
Just write yourself in with SillyGoy's help, with the same setup as in HoM if that makes it easier.
I left it ambiguous in order to fit with everyone's posts. If you want numbers, let's say 6 PM.
The post mentioned her being subdued, not dead. But I do agree that Mariette is a naughty girl enabling Caroline's desire for dolls.
These changes are fine with me.

Sure thing. You can bring Ark into it too.
It's accepted as it is, but if you make changes you can hold off on posting the sheet to the character tab.
The sheet is missing a Secondary Weapon System for the Framewerk. If you need ideas, it could be something that could add to the defensive ability for the Frame such as a barrier, or a sidearm for close combat. Also, there is no Armor Type like in HoM, but Weight Class. Add these to the pilot's sheet:

Experience: 67%
Synchronization Rate: 62%
I could also use a link.
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