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Mary was happy that she contributed to the case in a meaningful manner, but not that Davis suddenly came over to flirt with him. Monokuma seemed to be angry at him. "Hey! No walking around during the trial Stay before the podium assigned to you!" The alleged doctor shouted, but Davis ignored him. Mary pouted in response to his flirty words. "Hmph! Don't push your luck!" She attemptede to slap him, but he already retreated with that infuriating smugness of his.

"I'm sure that was it!" Mary responded to Shaun's suggestion, but before she could continue she was met with a most embarrassing sight; Caora was actually taking his adorable little clothes off! Mary blushed intensely, her mouth having turned wavy from the sheer second-hand shame.
"EEEEHH!? Cookie, everyone can see your p-p-" Smoke seemed to be coming out of her ears as her eyes spun. Then, she suddenly dropped the jacket draped on her arms to the floor.
"Ahh, it must be so painfully embarrassing for you, Cookie! But don't worry, for I shall share in your burden! Let us bask in our naturality!"
Mary grabbed her top, and pulled it do-"Oh no you don't!" Monokuma suddenly shrieked, and jumped off of his seat, placing a black screen over the Infinite Streamer's torso, censoring it. "You can go R-rated all you want in your camshows or in your rooms, but I won't allow this raunchy behavior in a trial! Think of the poor New Zealanders!"
Fortunately their side got down and not this site for example.
@Shifter_Master@Vocab@Card Captor

I'll send a pad link to you guys soon.
That works. Do you want to make it a collab?
Oh, like an ambush, or to greet them?
Lily and Alex are either hanging out in ALex' apartment or patrolling all around the city looking for monster appearances and Mariette.

At least Davis appreciated her trying to get to the bottom of this, unlike everyone else, Mary thought as she constantly went through the found clues while listening to the arguments. She was bummed out due to everyone ignoring her, and sighed, finding it frustrating when the Inifnite Conquest started shouting.
"Shut it, Davis! Just because I'm not accusing you doesn't mean you can be as loud as you want!"
She rubbed her forehead, trying to think. They were going around in circles, with no way to proceed. There had to be some way to break through this Endless Debate.

And then she saw it; Noel's words caused her to remember something from the crime scene, a miniscule detail that she almost didn't give a thought to a the time. "Hold the Skype!" She suddenly shouted. "It was dark, but I noticed something on the stalagmite Mondatta was leaning against!" Now that she had everyone's attention, she felt like she was back in the big game. She pointed up with her other hand on her hip in a dramatic fashion. "There was a hair line crack on the stalagmite!"
Lily doesn't know that Shannon has that ability.
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