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After Joppa everyone was promoted from Cadets to full-blown Pilots, IIRC.
Oh, he's got relationships all right, but they may be a bit of a bad influence.

Edit: fixed the typo in the char sheets, btw.
Everyone was promoted, if not publically then by admission later.
If I wasn't already shipping Lily with Alex and Helga with Amber then I would be onboard Alex/Amber.
@Majoras End
She doesn't have a Soul Jar, but Anaya can see her ghost.
@Card Captor @Flamelord

This was originally supposed to be Scout vs Minnie, but since you guys are a part of the battle I considered it fair to let you in it.
@Card Captor
What's better than a meido? trap meidos butturasu.
@Ammokkx@Apollosarcher@SillyGoy@Evil Snowman@Dragoknighte@Mr Rage@DarkRecon@Jasonhero@redbaron1234@ArkmageddonCat

And there you go. Feel free to react to this, and then wrap up whatever social gatherings you guys planned, as next post will be back in Solaire.
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