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You are now free to make collabs and socialize. In the case you want to do events and earn participation magical coins, you can collab those too. I'll check in occasionally to see everything goes smoothly.

"I-I guess it would be, yeah..." Lily sounded a bit defeated upon hearing Shade echo her very own thoughts, only for her to blink at the compliment she afterwards gave. The truth was, Lily did have a pop star for an older sister in her previous life. Because someone shy like her lived for so long in someone else's shadow, and unable to rise up to the expectations set by her sibling's example, was doomed to obscurity. However, Shade's following comment helped snap her out of her traumatic experiences.

"You really think so?" Even though Lily still felt sheepish about Shade's enthusiasm, she nonetheless felt a bit better, even if her hopes were dashed afterwards.
"Oh wow. That's kind of harsh."
She felt Alex's arm taking hold of her, and she gasped as she was pulled closer, looking surprised at the promise he made. Despite the strange reason for it, she blushed, finding her heart aflutter at the promise.
"I-I'm counting on you, Alex. And uhh...If you start doing weird stuff, I'll fry you with a million volts." She winked.
"If you're the Alex I know, you'll walk it off~" She giggled afterwards, showing that she wasn't actually serious.
Whenever she was with Alex, all her worries and anxiety seemed to melt away like ice cream...

"I want a popsicle."

"AHHHHH! It's so beautiful! Oooh, what's that? And that! Wow, a flying pirate ship!"
Upon arriving at the resort, Lily vocalized her wonder while running around the place, no longer holding Alex' arm. Instead, she dragged him by his hand with a half-run down a snaking path, causing him to nearly fall into a pool at a sudden sharp turn.
"Whoops, sorry! I got distracted by all this shiny! Oh, look Alex! There's other girls down there! AHH, is that Shannon!? OH MY IXION! HIII!" She released him to run right up to Shannon; the girl had just managed to turn before she was glomped by her enthusiastic friend.
"It's great to see you, Shannon! This is the goal, right? Did you get here first? You look really cute by the way!" She had once again entered rapid-fire words mode. She turned to greet the others, only for hr eyes to widen in shock.

"Hi, I'm-AAAH!"

Helga knew the risk involved in taking a boogie board and flying it over the sea like a rocket, yet the true implications only hit her once she had to close her eyes from the sheer speed of the wind, not to mention the fact they were starting to lose altitude; they were going to crash, and hard. Even though the both of them were magical girls and could take some punishment, the speed they were going at would deal serious damage. However, Mika seemed to be prepared, and at that moment, she would trust in her; after all, she was the one who could navigate the board.

"Get behind me, Mika!" Still holding onto her, she turned the both of them around, and took the first barrier with her back; just like she had assumed, her bikini provided as much protection as her regular uniform, and the durable girl afterwards turned to face the barriers head on, still holding on to Mika's side behind her with one hand. "Here we goooo!" She turned her hand into a claw, complete with the palm-mounted sound cannon, charging it up. She measured the distance based on the creaking sound of the ghost ship, and after the very last barrier blasted forward with the cannon, contributing to breaking their fall by a bit before the two hit the sails of the ship.

Mika managed to bounce off the sail, spinning a bit before she landed feet and hands first in the sand like a cat. Meanwhile, Helga ripped straight through the sail, and with a loud crack of wood, hit the deck of the ship. As the dust settled, the others could only see her legs and butt wiggling up from the hole she had created, yelling with a muffled sound. Fortunately Su arrived son after, and helped pull her back up; she looked frightened, and held her shoulders with a shudder.
"That place...It was spooky. And I've seen spooky."

Helga was the most quiet out of their entire group as they arrived at the resort, still unnerved by what she saw inside the ghost ship. But even so, she looked awestruck at the beauty and splendor. She nodded. "You're right, Su; this place looks way too good to be true. So what's the catch, we're forced into a killing game? Sounds trashy enough to happen. Lots of other girls though: probably came from other islands." But then, she saw something absurd happening at the central fountain.
"Oh. You've gotta be kidding me."

Sylvia smiled as Regina greeted them, and glanced at the others, looking a bit disappointed with the somewhat cold treatment the others showed her, including Sally who looked a bit awkward before walking past them, and even Kimble who quietly followed after Alicia. "I know it may sound facetious, but I am sincerely glad you're here, Regina. We don't know what may face us in there, but we will face it together. We are meant to trust in each other, and so I will trust in you." And with that, she continued walking, hoping to show a good example to the others.

"Nya-nya! So many colors." Kimble's eyes seemed to sparkle as she watched the lanterns floating about, seeming to gather around the ghost ship that loomed above it. "Well this is a tourist trap!" Sally exclaimed, and pulled Aurelio in with one arm, causing his cheek to press up against her round torso.
"Now where's the casino? I'm feeling like a rabbit's foot!"
"...That's not how the saying goes," Sylvia replied, before she noticed the strange happening at the fountain.
"Huh? Is that a...Plushie?"

"Hello there! How can I help you?" A high-pitched, cartoony voice suddenly came out from the desk. Tabitha wake up with a gasp, and looked around, wriggling her towel-wrapped body like a caterpillar. "H-Huh? What was that noise?" Then, as if on cue, sparkles appeared, and a strange creature suddenly sat on the desk.

"Uhh..." Lily was not sure what she was looking at: it resembled a Puchuu, but it clearly wasn't one. Anyone with Third Eye would see that the creature possessed a vast amount of magic.

"Oh, I haven't introduced myself, right? I'm Dan, your vacation organizer!"

"Vacation...Organizer?" Helga approached the creature. "Is this some kind of joke?"

The tiny dolphin shook his head. "No sirree, ma'm! Even though I love to tell jokes, I really am your vacation organizer. Whether it's parties, festivals or jamborees, I'm your guy!"

"Dan? Like Dan the Dolphin?" Kimble asked, to which Dan nodded enthusiastically.
Sylvia's eye seemed to twitch. "This isn't a vacation. You trapped us here, didn't you? Did you really think you could get away with kidnapping members of Beacon?" Tabitha managed to pull herself out of the towels, only to blush and immediately wrap her upper body with it. "N-Not to mention putting us in these s-shameful swimsuits! You lecherous, perverted mammal!" Sally summoned a Shamrock Shooter, and aimed at the dolphin with a surprisingly wicked smirk. "You've got to ask yourself one question: 'Do I feel lucky?' Well, do you, punk?"

The dolphin shook his head wildly, and a big sweat drop appeared on his forehead. "No no no! I didn't do any of that, I swear! I'm just here to make sure everyone has a fun vacation!" The dolphin stood up on its tail, and began strumming a little song with his miniature flute. "That's my job, after all. Also, I'm here to make sure nobody breaks the rules."

Helga's teeth turned sharp as she gritted them. "I knew it! You're gonna make us kill each other! Just like in Battle Royale!" Lily gasped, and went behind Alex. Once again the dolphin shook his head. "What!? Why would I do something so trashy? I swear, you kids have been playing too much Fortnite! It's a bad influence." He made a big sigh, and hopped down from the desk. "Okay, okay...okay. I know this is strange, but you should relax, and not worry. The first rule is no fighting. We can't have a fun vacation if everybody starts running around swinging swords and shooting guns, or breaking stuff. Being a bully is a big no-no. However, if you realy need to vent some steam, you can do so at the Arena." Sally squinted, but upon glancing at Sylvia nodding sharply, she un-summoned her weapon. "The second rule is to not discriminate. Some of you may not like each other, but you need to face those differences and see past them. The third rule is-"

"How can we get out of here?" Lily suddenly interjected, looking a bit defiant as she stepped next to Alex.
"I'm still confused about that. It really seems like I'm trapped."

The dolphin nodded understandingly. "Yes, I was about to get to that. You should just relax and take it easy, okay? It was my boss' idea to have you girls stay here for a little bit."

"And how much is 'a little bit'?" Sylvia crossed her arms. Dan sighed, and seemed to perk up. "Just enough that you'll feel nice and refreshed once you get back." He looked at the others, who were clearly not convinced, and seemed to accept it with a smile. "Alright, time for me to announce the winners, who are..." He took out a small envelope from seemingly nowhere. "...Everyone present! Well, except for Taihei and Freya. It was a good effort though, so everyone applause for them." He clapped with his tiny fins, and his face scrunched up as only Lily joined him, making a few awkward claps before stopping. "...Okay. Well then, your reward for beating the challenge is...Tadah! You can get non-magical items such as sunblock, sunglasses, parasols, and more, completely free! Yay!" Lily gasped in surprise, and hugged Alex enthusiastically, while Helga bumped fists with Mika and Sylvia nodded with her hands on her hips. "The items are given out at the Beach Boutique, right over there." He pointed towards the building. "You can also rent vehicles like jet-skis and buy magical items. For more details, please ask the shopkeeper." Sally seemed to be excited, and looked at Aurelio with a glint in her eye.

Dan clapped his fins. "Now then, time to start the tour! Everyone, follow me!" And with that, Dan began flopping down the paved road...He was small, so he didn't make much headway. "Hey, I know!" Dan then hopped up into Tabitha's arms, causing her to shriek and drop him. "Ahh, don't come near me!" Dan ended up face down on the ground. "Ouch...I guess I'm not as huggable as my boss said. Being rejected by a cute girl...This is sad." Helga groaned and picked her up. "Alright, squeaky toy. Now lead the way; I'm tired of listening to your grating voice." Dan squeaked like a dolphin. "Alright, let's go!"

Dan first showed off the beach, where a big volleyball net was strung up. "Here at Isla Paradiso, we give out a participation reward for entering any of our local events and competitions without forfeiting. And for winners, there's a smaller prize, too. For sports events like volleyball, football and surfing, the participation reward is a Bronze coin." Next, he showed the stage. "Here, you can earn a silver for participating in a stageshow. Whether it's a poem recital, a magic show, or even an idol performance, everyone can be in the spotlight." Lily leaned her head with a concerned look.
"But, what about all the other stuff like lighting and costumes? And...I'd need to practice a lot." Dan smiled. "Not to worry! As long as you have a song you want to perform in your heart, the magic of the stage handles the rest: you can get the perfect lighting, costumes, and an illusory background, and even magical cue cards invisible to the audience, so you can sing any line with perfect timing."
Lily was stunned into silence, and looked at Alex.
"Alex...Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

Then Dan went over to show one of the cottages. "The cottages have air conditioning and magically regenerating catering and room service, so you can relax as much as you please. Oh, here's the main attraction!" He led the girls to the domed building: there were two statues of girls in competitive swimsuits swinging their hips at each other. "This is the Arena, where you can compete in various unique events." The lobby was a strange one, with seating facing multiple television screens, and stone archways set against the walls filled with swirling mist and light: anybody familiar with Crash Bandicoot would notice it resembled a warp room. "For example, you can equip yourselves with water guns, and enter a squirt gun war in a closed environment, where being soaked means getting owned!" Nobody, even Kimble who hissed a tiny bit, seemed to like the 'radical' line he spoke.

"Okay, fine. Squirt gun war is a silver in participation reward. But, for the ultimate reward of a gold coin, you can participate in the most glorious sport..." Dan's eyes seemed to slightly water. "...Keijo."
Helga scratched her head. "What's Keijo?" Dan crossed his fins, and stood up on his tail. "Keijo is a glorious art from the far east, where two or more combatants are placed on a Land, a platform floating in a pool of water. The goal is to either knock your opponent into the pool, or pin them down for a three-count. HOWEVER," he dramatically paused. "There is one important rule: you can only touch your opponent with your chest," he demonstrated by placing his fins on his front, "Or your rear." Then he placed his fins behind him. Tabitha had to fan her face as she blushed hard, and Sylvia simply shook her head. "Hips can make non-prolonged contact, but otherwise any other bodypart can't be used to touch the opponent. Oh, and another rule: you can't use magic to directly attack or hinder your opponent. However, applying magic on yourself is fine. Almost forgot the final rule: to encourage getting to make new friends, you are only allowed to form teams with people who started on other islands. Participating alone is not affected by this rule. Now then, enjoy yourselves, and have fun!"

Lily looked flabbergasted, but then nodded, looking determined as she took Alex' hand.
"I think...I'm going to try and sing." Helga placed a hand on her hip, clearly deep in thought as she looked at the still images of Dan performing butt tackles and hip swings on the screen. Sylvia on the other hand scoffed. "Well, I suppose we are not in imminent danger after all. This is our chance to take a break and recover, so we're prepared for a possible change in the situation. We'll meet at the fountain by sundown. Dismissed." Sally took Aurelio, and began dragging him away. "I want to visit the shop, Aurelio. You'll take me there, right? And then we'll go on our double date, right Lily?" Lily nodded, feeling like she could make some wonderful memories here. The stage was now set...A vacation unlike any other.

Lily, despite her outward personality of inexorable sunshine and energy, felt a bit wary about Tetrad at first. It was not because she felt that she would outright attack her or Alex; she seemed to be friends with Veronica and Samantha, and they seemed nice enough people in that regard, if a bit distant. However, she turned out to be more than meets the eye, giving out a surprisingly profound statement.
"Umm...Yeah. I'll keep that in mind..." She dug one foot into the sand, unsure how to feel about her just yet. In contrast, Chloe seemed to really like her compliments, which made the green-haired girl happy and hopeful that they could become good friends. She giggled at her demand, finding it funny.
"I sure will, Chloe!"
Betty also seemed sociable and fun to be around with; Lily would definitely want to spend more time with her as well, if possible. And so, for their short trip, she traipsed around, splashing her feet as they met the small waves on the shore, in awe of the stylish way Veronica traversed as well as ignorant of the fact that Samantha had disappeared into the jungle.

Lily frowned as she was witness to what Tetrad did to one of Alex' magical constructs, not amused by her antics. Fortunately, it was a clone, but it still hurt her heart to see such a beautiful girl flirt with someone identical to Alex. She knew she was being very stereotypical with her feelings of jealousy, and she hated herself even more for it. Even Tetrad's swift departure soon afterwards didn't help, as she only proved herself to be even better than her with powers of flight. But in that moment, as Alex admitted to not feeling anything, she looked befuddled. And then, a clone approached her.

When the clone patted her head, Lily trembled, steam spilling from her ears like a whistle, and discharged an electric shock that knocked the clone back. She felt really embarrassed...But she also forgot her self-esteem
issues. The cherry on top was the sparkling barrier walkway that Alex conjured: upon reaction, she jumped up in excitement grinning from ear to ear.
"Yay! You did it, Alex! Now we can all cross to the island...Wait." She put her hand to her forehead, using it to block out the shade as she peered behind them.

"Where's Samantha? I thought she was with us." And then, she saw them; she recognized Samantha, but the other girl...Lily froze. She was hot, with luscious long locks of well-kept hair, smooth skin that seemed to sparkle in the sun, and the worst pair of offenders she had ever seen, bouncing in a bikini top too small for them. She greeted the excited girl back with a smile of her own, though she failed to match the energy: she was genuinely afraid now.
"H-Hi! I'm Lily. Are you Samantha's twin? You look nearly identical to her but...Huh."
She noticed that Samantha seemed slightly more timid than before. Of course, she understood the feeling well, being overshadowed by your super hot idol sister. She also had one in her older life.
"So you spotted her in the woods, huh. That was super lucky. You're really pretty." She then went over to Alex, and held his arm with alarming force: not enough to hurt, but close.
"A-Anyway, let's cross the island already, so Alex can save up on mana."
And so, with Lily and Alex leading the way, the party crossed the sea on a glimmering road.

Julia seemed unaffected by Hilaria's womanly charms, her emotionless expression fitting the spectral girl. In contrast, Jillian blinked, her pale face having gained a slight shade of red as her eyes dipped down to the bigger girl's stunning stance, transfixed.
"I-I see...You really love food, huh..." The ogling girl was promptly slapped in the back of her head by Julia, her cheeks puffed up like an irritated child.
"Staring is rude too."
"Whoops, haha! Sorry."
Jillian was then dragged away by Julia, the former looking embarrassed the rest of their trip.

Helga turned to wave a hand at the few girls who caught up to them. She gave a thumbs up to Nina and Alice, flashing them a happy smile.
"That's great to hear! We could use any help we can get." She stifled a laugh as Lupa went over to bug the stoic girl, only to purse her lips as Su reprimanded her idea.
"I do have better control of it than before, though..." She tried to excuse herself, but quickly gave up as Mika's limits were brought up. She sighed, and twirled the tip of her drill while leaning on one leg. At that moment, Hilaria was convinced by Mika, and set the board down.
"Heck yeah!" Helga cheered, and jumped to the board, placing Mika on it and keeping her in place by her hips like an attentive big sister. "Remember to bend your knees a bit, Mika. Eyes straight ahead, and keep your balance centred," she advised her, and gave a confident nod to Hilaria behind them. "Ready for liftoff, captain!"

"Jillian..." Julia pointed towards the other girls, and the ghostly twin nodded.
"Hey, Su and the spirit girl. We can help boost your magic, so the rest of us can float over to the other side-"


Hilaria kicked the board off, launching the three girls grouped up high into the air with an explosive lift.

"HOOOLYYYY CRAAAP! THIIS IIS AAAWESOOOOOOOOOME!" Helga screamed, holding on to Mika as they accelerated like a rocket. Soon after, Su and Nina, assisted by the twins channelling mental might to them to carry three each, lifted the rest of the girls with winds and spirits alike, carrying Joanna, Speedwagon, Alice, and themselves over the foaming waves of the sea.

Kimble blushed upon receiving the compliment from Alicia, and her tails wrapped around her legs as she slightly rocked back and forth, following her mistress' every movement once they set off in the direction of the central island.
"Mistress...Alicia..." She would whisper in a quiet voice that would only be heard by the sharpest ears, while occasionally drawing hearts in the sand.

While Sylvia was a little concerned, deep in her heart she knew not to have any doubts; her fellow sisters of battle banded together for the sake of completing the challenge. She managed to smile as even the timid newcomer to the organization, Serenity, spoke up.
"Very god, Serenity. We'll count on you as backup." She looked on as Alicia was surrounded by the girls, each of them looking up or at least respecting her suggestions on executable strategy.
I'm reminded of myself, back when I started... She would think to herself, before her attention was brought to Penny's answer. She raised an eyebrow at first, only for the other to raise as well in slight surprise; it seemed she bought the excuse.
"That is true: if something of that size is summoned next to us, there would be a risk of collateral damage."
She then nodded as Penny began floating off the ground, both hands on her hips.
"Excellent. If Penny takes Kimble, you can focus all of your magic on lifting two more, right?" She asked the catgirl, who stood up, glanced at Alicia, and saluted, having found new courage thanks to the Seraph's emboldening presence.
"Yes ma'm! I can carry Lady Sylvia and Mister Aurelio nyah problem!"

Sally giggled at Aurelio's remark, and took another sip. "You can save it, Wonder Boy~". She also saluted with her can-carrying arm, causing the liquid inside it to slightly spill up in the air...Only to end up right back in the can, down to the last drop.
"And I'll put my Wheel of Fortune magic to use so no accidents will happen in my vicinity...But that means someone's gotta carry me." She went over to Penny, and leaned in her direction, gazing at her body. She then poked her bicep.
"Looks sturdy enough. You can carry a motorcycle, right?" She picked up Kimble, who made an adorable flustered meow, and placed her to ride on Penny's shoulders. Then, she pushed herself against the monster girl in an unabashed manner. "Carry me, my knight in shining armor...Or a girl in glimmering bikini, tee hee~"

Sylvia sighed, and shook her head.
"Hmm...Maybe this wont work after all. Penny still needs to carry Tabitha, adding Sally to it would break even a metallic-ally reinforced spine." Sally then puffed her cheeks.
"You're implying I'm fat, aren't you Sylvs? I'm just big boned!" To that, Sylvia had no comment.
It was at that moment that a shimmering pathway unfolded before them, cast by the combined effort of the twins.
"Ah, Janet! Jenna! So you made a safe route for us! Excellent!" She faced the entire group, and lifted her fist into the air.

"Alright! Operation: Radiant Road shall now commence! Follow me, to the central island!"


And with that, the girls began crossing the sea.
"I knew Reinforcement magic was versatile, but to do something like this..." Sally commented out loud, now walking on her own with a big swing to her body: Summer had to actively avoid her swinging chest, lest she get knocked right off the golden bridge. "You girls are really something else!"
"Careful everyone," Sylvia ordered, as their feet soon met dry sand on the other side.
"The thicket ahead can easily hide an ambush. Be prepared for anything."
As the beacon girls got closer to the junfle, they would notice the brush up ahead started to shift. Instinctively, everyone prepared for the potential threat that lingered in the foliage. The leaves shook more and more, until Regina stumbled out.

"And on this side, we have even more water!" She looked out at the beacon girls and squinted her eyes. "And a few other familiar faces." She waved to them. "Hey guys! Reinforcement magic is pretty nifty huh?"

Thanks to Shannon providing a stairway, the rest of the girls successfully boarded the Ghost Ship, it's eerie sails at full mast as it swiftly sailed across the thin expanse of sea between the islands. In fact, the ride was so short that one could call it disappointing. On the flipside, they were the first to arrive on the island, and thus able to reach the very center before the others.
As the different groups ventured beyond the protective shade of the palm trees and foliage, they could not believe their eyes:

They found themselves in a tropical vacation resort unlike any other: there were pools and yacuzzis sprinkled around along waving paths that snaked around in whimsical fashion, surrounded by lush palm trees and lighted by multicolored lanterns. There were seven fancy cottages in a circle, each of them looking like they could comfortably fit five occupants at once. There were also attractions like a volleyball field on the beach, a big stage set in front of rows of benches, something resembling a shop, and even a mysterious-looking domed building, with statues siding the doors. However, the most eye-catching part of the resort was the central yard, where a big fountain was set. Before the fountain, the girls saw their objective: a simple wooden desk, the front of it helpfully plated "Help Desk." There didn't seem to be anything noteworthy about the desk at first except for a small counter bell.

Lily made a cute little yelp as Betty suddenly cut between her and Veronica, having been successfully intimidated. Similarly, she looked spooked as Alex' ears suddenly appeared, not having expected such a reaction from him.
"I-It's okay Alex! I'm sure we can talk this out." She frantically spoke to her in her bout of misunderstanding, only to sigh in relief as Veronica defused the initial hostility completely. She managed to smile a little.
"I always did have a knack for remembering people. For reasons." She held her arm cautiously as she said it, and nodded to both of them.
"Anyway, nice to meet you, Mrs. Veronica and Betty. I hope we get along." She happened to notice the sign close to them, and audibly read the contents.
"I love prizes! This should be a piece of cake, too."

She then turned her head upon hearing another girl approach Alex, and gasped in shock upon seeing her; her eyes had the same look of the popular girls she had to endure in her previous life. But she was even worse, with her seductive sleeves and supermodel look with big bumpers.
"A-Alex doesn't need any help getting up!" She defensively spread her arm before him.
"He can do so every morning, all on his own! Well, one time I did help him, but-" Her words were cut off as her brain caught up with her speech, and like a boiling thermometer, her face cartoonishly flushed a bright red.
"N-Never mind that!" Having embarrassed herself into silence, she listened as the femme fatale spoke, clutching Alex' hand for comfort. She seemed a bit relieved as she showcased her summoned weapon; she also felt that she could summon her Ramuh at any time.
"At least we can defend ourselves if we need to. But I really hope we don't have to; fighting in a swimsuit is way too embarrassing," she would state matter-of-factually, unaware of the contradiction in her words.

She then noticed the next two girls come to, and Lily's eyes shone brightly.
"AHHH! SO CUTE AND COOL!" She went over to Chloe and Samantha, and leaned over at them with a coy pose, smiling sweetly.
"Hi there! I'm Lily! Your swimsuit looks super pretty! You're like a flower!" She complimented Chloe first. Then, she turned to Samantha, eyeing her up with admiration.
"And yours is so daring and badass! Not to mention Betty's amazing bikini, Tetrad's slick gloves, and Veronica's elegance!" She pouted, and hooked one finger in her shorts with a disappointed look.
"Everyone's so stylish except me; these shorts aren't cute at all. Whoever put me in this has real lame fashion sense, right?" She would laugh a bit as she looked down at herself, hoping they would laugh with her, and not at her. Then, she leaned her head to the side as she looked at Samantha.
"You're look familiar. Have we met somewhere? Oh, speaking of meeting-!"
She went back to Alex and hugged his arm, holding him close as she brought him over to present to the girls.
"This is my new boyfriend Alex~" She would glance back at Tetrad with a confident smirk before resuming her attention on the girls...For about ten seconds, before she noticed something falling down on another island.
"Whoah, a shooting star! Hey, why don't we start exploring? Maybe there's other magical girls just like us stranded somewhere? In that case we gotta help. Especially if it's another dimension. Alex, can you use your clones to carry the sleeping girls? I don't think we need to go far from here."

Helga jumped down from the tree, and peered at the sign she saw earlier, stifling a giggle as Su complimented her looks.
"Thanks, Su. You also look great." Her eyes darted down, and she grinned mischievously.
"Nice strap gap, heh. But looking at you, I was reminded..." She leaned over to take a better look at her.
"You really should let your hair down more; it suits you better. Even Mika looks a lot cuter without the buns."
When asked about the swimsuit, she shrugged. "Beats me. This one is also totally new to me," she said as she lifted the side bow on her bikini bottoms. "But hey, free clothes are free."

She then went over to Lupa, and helped her stand up, and watched as Mika succeeded in waking up some of the other girls, grinning from the entertaining sight. She didn't recognise them, though she did find the braid-haired girl very cute. "Hey there," she went over to greet her, a confident smile on her lips.
"I'm Helga. What's your name? Are you from Penrose too? If you don't mind, we could hang out, and-"
It was at that moment that she felt a certain vibration in the air; thanks to her Sound Specialisation, she could hear the coming far before the others. Without any hesitation, she grabbed Lupa by her waist and threw the both of them into the sand, using her own body to shield her. "Duck and cover!"

The boogie board hit with explosive impact, causing the entire island to slightly quake, as if a volcano was erupting. But soon enough, a magical girl stepped forward, greeting them. Helga was stunned: both by the display the new arrival had made, as well as the lack of gravity that her body somehow possessed.
"Wow..." She muttered as she climbed back up, sweeping sand off of her. "We could ask you the same thing; we also don't know who brought us here." She approached her, and offered her hand. "Anyway, glad to meet ya, Hilaria. Name's Helga. That chick over there's Lupa, and the bombshell over there's Su," she spoke, winking at the long-haired girl. "And Mika is there, attempting to wake some other girls."

Though Helga was quite small, especially in comparison to the silver-haired girl, she still proudly puffed her chest, a complete opposite to a certain green-haired girl. "I love both! I like to spend my time climbing skyscrapers." She noticed the boogie board Hilaria was carrying, and crouched down to look at it. "Is that your magical girl weapon? Is it a surfing board? HEY!" She jumped up. "Maybe we can use that! Lupa, take those girls with us, and follow me!" Lupa nodded, and lifted the sleeping girls, hoisting them over her shoulders as easily as a a pair of towels. Helga ran over to the ghost twins too, closing the parasol before continuing to run forward.
"You two as well, Julia and Jillian!" The twins groaned as they covered their eyes from the light, and slowly floated up from their beach chairs.


"I was having a really nice dream, you know! Well, whatever. I guess we should take a look."
She then noticed her bikini, and looked confused.
"Whoah, wait? Swimsuits? We're on a beach? What is happening here?"

She made a twirl in the air while checking herself out, and then floated around Julia.

" Well, we're still like this, so it's not that big of a deal. You look super adorable, Julia~"

"Thanks. You're cute too, Jillian," Julia would answer with a barely noticeable smile. She then saw something that made her frown.


She floated before Hilaria; the young-looking girl pouted as she squinted at the big boobs.


She lifted her hands up to her own chest, before she crossed them with a scoff.


Jillian grit her teeth, her eyes having shot open in shock.

"That's rude, Julia!" She bowed before Hilaria.
"I'm really sorry, Hilaria! Julia here gets grumpy whenever her nap gets interrupted. She didn't mean it. She's sorry too, right Julia?" She grabbed her sister by the hand, preventing her from floating away, and she continued scowling.


"What are you guys waiting for!" Helga shouted from some distance away. "We got a challenge to wreck!"

Kimble's eyes widened as Alicia stood up before her, and her little fang poked out from her lip as her mouth hung open in awe at her looks, blushing profusely.
"Mistress is beautiful! Mnnnhhh!" She purred in utter delight as the taller girl's hand brushed against her locks of hair, slightly pressing against the palm as her tails whisked around in circles.
Once Sylvia was done reading the sign, she nodded.
"You're right, Alicia. If we all work together, we will surely prevail." She then greeted the other Beacon girls who arrived including the twins.
"We are currently in unknown, possibly enemy territory, Janet. For that reason, we must stay cautious. As for the Earth Bastion, that may come in handy. Be prepared to summon it, Penny." She noticed Summer jumping around, and waggled her finger.
"It's not one until I say so, Summer," she would remind the blue-haired girl.
"First we need to go to the central island for reconnaissance; supposedly this 'help desk' can provide us with some, though I suspect it's a trap."

"OHHH, SUMMER!" Sally's eyes sparkled, her pupils having turned into four-leaf clovers, and she picked her up in her enveloping embrace.
"You're so adorable, I can't handle it! IIIH!" Summer would find her respiratory actions momentarily halted as her face ended up trapped in Sally's enormous pair.
Tabitha slowly woke up, rubbing her face from the nosebleed she had, and blinked as she saw Sally's overtly friendly gesture...followed by fainting again. Kimble stood up, staying close to Alicia, her ears having twitched from seeing what looked like a comet crashing down on an island.
"Nyah, something fell over there." She pointed with a curious expression. "Maybe it's other girls."

Sylvia facepalmed, distracted by the shenanigans around her, and sighed. "Alright, enough. You can play with Summer later." she dragged Sally off of the blue-faced girl, and both of them turned to see Aurelio and his clones arrive. Sally nodded approvingly as she leaned to the side to look at the cooler, a wide smule on her lips. "Well now, aren't you such a gentleman~"
Sylvia also smiled, looking genuinely happy at his arrival.
"Great job procuring supplies, Aurelio. Penny, take Tabitha and Serenity with us." She took a step, pointing forward.
"We will show this perverted being that Beacon doesn't falter in the face of circumstances even as unusual as this, and will beat any challenge before it with the strength of our bonds."
"Whoo, island adventure!" Sally pumped her fist into the air with a hop, before she went over and grabbed Aurelio and one of his clones, an arm wrapped around each of their shoulders.
"Now this is what I call a date!"

It didn't take long before Lily's group had reached the shore facing the central island. It was just barely beyond the reach of any jump, roiling waves between them and their goal.
"Hmm...Without getting wet...If I had Ixion with me, I might be able to launch off a ramp and cross it, but he's gone fishin'."
Then, her breath hitched as inspiration hit her. She shook Alex' shoulders while jumping up and down, barely containing her excitement.
"Alex Alex ALEX! You can do that trick again! When we returned back to Penrose! You remember, right? Show these girls how cool you are!"

Helga paced back and forth on the beach as she looked at the central island, trying her hardest to think as she looked at the group. "How many can you launch with your boogie board, Hilaria? If you use the same amount of force as last time, I think that's one way to get over there. But it's risky, too.." She stuck her tongue out in thought.
"Su can fly with Air magic, Mika can fly with wings, twins can fly because they're weird undead things...I could Metamorphose and also fly, but I would need to get really angry first..." She went over to the ghost twins. "Punch me." Jillian lifted an eyebrow in utter befuddlement.

"Uhh, maybe we shouldn't-" Suddenly, a fist struck right through Helga's face.
"AAAGHHH!" Jillian screamed. It turned out to be Julia, who slowly retreated her hand with a sigh.
"Geez Julia, don't spook me like that!" Jillian would retort...Only to freeze, puff her cheeks, and burst out laughing. "Hah-hah...Spook."
Helga was not amused.
"Ok, that only tickled me, so dumb idea. Gonna boogie with the board." She gave a thumbs-up to Hilaria.
"Time for a take-off, sistah!"

The Beacon group had also arrived before the sea leading to the central island, and Sylvia put her hands to her hips, her eyebrows furrowed.
"Hmm...Alicia, do you think you can fly using the updraft here?" She pointed upwards, where ocean winds picked up the scent of salt. "Kimble has Air magic, correct? Can you lift us all over?" Kimble bit her bottom lip, her ears drooping down.
"I cannyah try, but...It's a lot of people. I can take one, maybe two if they're not too heavy..." She glanced in Penny's direction, and went to take cover behind Alicia's leg.
"I see. Well, with my Metal magic, I could build us a boat. But without any natural resources to utilize, it would drain me considerably: it would be risky if we need to engage hostiles at our destination."
She turned to Penny. "You have the Earth Bastion, right? Can you summon it?"
Sally sighed, and leaned her head back, causing both Aurelios she had her arms wrapped around to lurch as the top-heavy girl's weight fell on them.
"Maan, this is tough. Hey Summer, you use that funny magic, right?" She released the poor boy and his clone, opened the cooler carried by other clones, and uncorked a soda can, taking a sip with one hand on her hip.
"Can you help us here? Or...How about we make an Aurelio-bridge? Just joking~" She would add with a swipe of her hand and a giggle.
Thank you very much!
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There's going to be five islands surrounding a bigger middle island in the shape of a star, with one group starting on each. The smaller islands are far enough from each other that flying/teleporting is required. The central island is visible from every smaller island once the groups go around their starting beach area, but is too far to reach by a single jump; innovative use of magic is recommended. Allies and/or Twins mentioned in character sheets are included in the same group.

Group 1:
-Beacon Twins

Group 2:
-Reporter Christine
-P.I agents

Group 3:

Group 4:
-Ghost Twins
-Joanna Fujo
-Nina Kujo

Group 5:
-Mariette Rangers

The light, shining intensely, was sudden, and washed up over Lily's eyes like a tide of brilliant yellow, causing her to cover her eyes with her forearm. She felt slightly groggy, as if she had just woken up.
Why is it so bright, and hot, and...Huh?
She blinked, and sat up from the yellow and blue towel...Wait, a towel? Despite her confusion, she could immediately tell that she was no longer in Penrose. Then, as she took in her surroundings, she understood; she was on a beautiful tropical island, with a bright sun hotly illuminating the sparkling, clear blue ocean that stretched into the horizon. She sunk her fingers into the sand; it was fine and clean, with no rocks to be seen. Behind her, she could see a jungle, with lush green vegetation. However, this was not any boring tropical paradise one would find in the Caribbean or Hawaii; the sky was different, with shades of blue that seemed to change, like the hues of the northern lights, not to mention the various planets and moons that could be seen with the naked eye. The jungle also seemed slightly unnatural, with blooming flowers as wide as palm leaves, and coconuts as huge as volleyballs.

"Whoahhh, it's so pretty, but...Where am I?" She attempted calling Ixion, but it was no use; she couldn't feel her Patron's presence at all.
She turned to look to her side...and she blushed heavily, her heart beating fast, as she saw someone familiar; it was Alex sleeping on a beach towel...and he was in a pair of swimming trunks.
"Th-this...This is a dream right?" She looked at herself, and blushed even further; her appearance had also changed drastically.

"B-But I'm transformed...I should be a magical girl, so...Why am I in a swimsuit?"
She asked out loud, causing Alex to wake up. In response, she covered herself up with her hands, looking like she might faint at any moment from how embarrassed, yet happy, she was feeling.
"A-Alex...When I suggested a date...this wasn't what I meant. This is, like, advanced dating!" Alex would note that her swimsuit was actually more modest than her dancer outfit as a regular magical girl.

Then, other girls on the beach began waking up on similar towels, and Lily saw that everyone else also had swimsuits. She realized she only recognized one among them; she had seen her rescuing some magical girls after Justine's defeat. But back then, she was dressed modestly in a classy suit; in contrast, her bikini hid little of her mature and voluptuous body, causing Lily to grimace a bit in envy. Nonetheless, she needed information, and so she had to confront the attractive woman.
"Um, excuse me miss, but do you know where we are? And am I dreaming? Wait, don't answer that."
She pinched her arm, and scrunched up her face, before she opened her mouth in realization.
"Oh! I'm Lily Lightning, by the way. We met in the sea outside Penrose, after Justine was stopped. I think I didn't get your name back then."

Veronica was sitting in a beach chair, looking more fabulous than anyone with her awesome bikini, transparent shirt, socks combo. She was sitting in the shade thanks to a parasol behind her chair. Veronica didn’t move much as she listened to Lily prattle on. It was evident that she wasn’t too pleased with the current situation.

”Not another inch!” Betty dove between Lily and Veronica with her hand on her katana. She might have been easier to take seriously if she wasn’t wearing the tiniest frilled swimsuit.

“We have no enemies here Betty, put that thing away before you hurt someone.” Betty lowered her head, but followed her orders. Veronica’s chair seemed to slide closer to Lily. “I am unfortunately no more enlightened than you are. All I can say is that we do not appear to be in any immediate danger. These swimsuits seem to offer the same amount of protection your outfit normally would.” She squinted her eyes. “Most people tend to forget my face. The fact that you remember it is… Disconcerting.” She glanced at the other girls on the island before looking back at Lily. “Regardless, I am the one they call Vermillion Veronica. Ignore any connotations that name might have to you. The magical world is changing, and so is my role in it.”

”Normies got nothin’ on my swimsuit game.”

— Tetrad

It finally happened.

Her memories had been erased, that was the only explanation. Waking up on a beach with no memory of how she had gotten there. The dread she felt was similar to the time her friends had abandoned her while serving the puchuu. Only it was different this time. She hadn’t been set up, she just made a large gamble that didn’t pay off. She let down Veronica, Trixy, and the rest of the cradle by almost allowing their deepest secrets to come out. But no harm was done. She had been inflicted with amnesia to protect the Cradle’s secrets. It was just disappointing that 2 weeks into her new job and she had already managed to screw up again.

But wait.

If she had amnesia, then how could she remember everything save for how she got here? Tetrad breathed a sigh of relief and stood up. So long as she had her memories, there was nothing to worry about. Tetrad probably just had one too many rum and colas before going to bed. Not that it had ever been a problem before. But how often do you wake up in a race-themed swimsuit that you don't remember buying? It seemed like the appearance of all of her accessories changed to fit the look. Pretty snazzy!

”I’m on a beach, and I look pretty damn good. Only one thing to do here.” She looked at everyone around herself. ”Hmmm, Alex seems to be friends with Lily. No point getting involved with that.” Tetrad took a few steps away from Alexander before spinning on her heel and marching back towards him. ”Hey stud, Need help getting up? Heh, interpret that however you want.” She offered him a hand. ”I’m Tetrad. Who might you be?” She knew his name, but decided it was better to let him think she didn’t anyway. ”Also anyone know what's with the reception in this place? I can't get anything with my tablet.”

Helga woke up with a great yawn and stretch of her arms, followed by rubbing her face with the back of her palm.
"Oh man, it's sweltering in here. I guess I should change to a Chinese dress, like Su wants...Wait, whoah."
She noticed something very peculiar, and felt her twin drills.
"Why is there a flower in my hair?" She looked at the yellow decoration, and then down the rest of her body; she wasn't fazed at all.

"Must be part of this swimsuit. Huh." She looked around, and a big smile formed on her face. "Wait, does this mean-" She immediately leaned over to touch Su's shoulder, and slightly rocked her back and forth.
"Hey, Su, wake up!”

”Mmmmmm.” Su had been taking the night shift, and was rather appreciative of her beauty sleep. Typically, being woken up early would annoy her, but a gentle shake from Helga was one of the more pleasant things to wake up to. Su stretched her arms over her head with a yawn. Half way through her yawn, she realized that a few things weren’t right. Namely the temperature, that she wasn’t wearing her pajamas, and that was Helga’s hand on her bare shoulder. ”Uh!” Su forced her eyes open, only to reveal very quickly that the situation was a lot different than what she was picturing. She turned her head to look at Helga. ”Where are we?”

“We're on a beach! Boteg gave us a vacation!" Helga stood up and went to Mika, waking her up too.
"A vacation, Mika, Lupa! A vacation! Woo-hoo!"


"Yeeh...Keep the *yawn* racket down...will ya?"

The ghost twins mumbled in their sleep, their forms still transparent despite their change in wardrobe.

”The ghost twins too?” That was when Su noticed that everyone was in swimwear. She was pretty sure she was transformed, but when she looked at herself, she was wearing a black bikini with red accents. Her hair ties were missing, but that was alright. She felt she looked more mature without them, and was considering ditching them for a while.

“He did?” Mika sprung to her feet. “He gave us swimsuits too?” Mika looked over her cat-themed bikini before hugging herself. “Hey Lupa! What did Boteg give you? Let me see!”

“Huh?” Lupa was also wearing a black bikini, but it focused on having exotic cuts instead of interesting material variations.

“You mean the Popsicle? It was laying in the sand. I just kind of rinsed it off. Did you want some of it?”


Su was not quite as relaxed as everyone else who was surrounding her. She couldn’t help but feel something was off about this entire situation. Su had a mental link with boteg, but was unable to contact him. Moreover, she found that she was unable to shift into the overcity from here. Her magic still worked though, as she was able to summon a breeze. ”Interesting.” She approached Helga. ”Yellow looks good on you.The flower’s a nice touch too.” Su really didn’t want to incite panic, especially with everyone enjoying themselves already. But she needed to figure out what was going on. ”I don’t remember buying this swimsuit for myself, Is that one of yours?”

Lupa and Mika ran up to the jojos other strangers on the island. “Watch this Lupa! I’m going to wake them up!” Mika pounced onto Joanna’s stomach. Helga giggled, and decided to also jump; she jumped up a ridiculously tall palm tree, and peered into the horizon. "Looks like we're on one of several smaller islands surrounding a bigger island; it looks like a star!" She stuck her tongue out as she squinted. "Central island might be a bit too far to be jumped from ashore, but it's easy to swim." Then she looked down. "Ooh, what's that?"

"Wh-hah? An island?" Sylvia had already walked away from the group as the rest of the Beacon girls woke up, examining the surrounding perimeter with her hands on her hips.

"I don't have time to spend on a stupid vacation! I have so much work to do. And the Beckoners won't answer me! There's the project wrap-up, the distribution and PR, and-"

"Relax, boss! The world doesn't end even if you're away from it all for a little bit!" Sally hugged the shorter magical girl from behind, pressing her unforgettable assets against the back of her neck.

Her smile then turned to a duck face.
"Well, maybe that wasn't the best choice of words, now that I think about. But I'm sure everything's going to work out. I mean, maybe we're here because I won a magical lottery prize for a vacation or something?"

Sylvia looked unamused, and her hands dropped to her sides, making no effort to remove herself. "There is no such thing like a magical lottery. Besides, you didn't even enter one."

"That is true, huh." Sally looked around with her finger against her lips in a quizzical expression.
"Still, this doesn't look like we're in danger or anything. What do you think, Kimble?"

The catgirl was on all fours while peering over Alicia, looking worried until she woke up.

"M-Mistress, you're alive!" She wagged her tail happily with a cat smile, and glanced back at Sally.
"I like it here! It's warm and sunnyah!"

Sylvia sighed. "Well, it could be worse, I guess," she stated, and picked up Tabitha from the sand; she had fainted as soon as she woke up, with blood trickling from her nose.

Sylvia placed Tabitha on one of the numerous beach chairs lined up. "Well, let's start exploring already, see if we can find anyone else here. And..." She bit her lip.
"If it's safe, I suppose we can hold a small break." It was then that she discovered something. "Wait, something's written on this..."

Rina was the first to wake up out of her group, and just like on other islands, found herself in a tropical climate with the appropriate attire, but no explanation. However, she soon found a mysterious sign. It resembled the kind used at holiday resorts, with colourful lettering and a cartoon dolphin wearing a sombrero.

"Welcome to Isla Paradiso! For more information, visit the help desk at the central island. For every participant who reaches the help desk without getting wet, you get a prize!" There was a similar sign on every other islands as well, and on every island one could not reach the central island by jumping without ending up in the ocean due to the distance between islands; clever use of magical powers would help in solving the simplistic challenge.

Thalia woke up in a shaded jungle, on top of a makeshift bed of palm leaves. There were colourful, exotic flowers growing everywhere, from the bushy ground to the very canopy.
"Hello there. Have you woken up?" There was a young woman kneeling next to her; the mysterious magical girl spoke to the monster girl with a voice she would recognise.
"I am Cindy Ford. I remember you from the time I made my declaration in Penrose. You wished to be my subject, correct?" She offered a giant coconut to her; it was opened, and the smell of fresh coconut juice wafted in the air.

"Here, take it. It's delicious." She then stood up, and peered behind a large tree at the distant clamor going on at the beach. "We should move on; when I was exploring this island, I saw a bigger island surrounded by smaller islands just like this one. According to that sign over there, maybe we can find answers to our current predicament there." She offered her hand.
"Do not worry, for I will protect you and guide you to freedom; that is my duty as leader."

There was a vast sea. The sound of flowing waves hitting the beach sounded over the area. Palm trees fitted the island perfectly content on providing the most tropical of sceneries. On this beach, several children ran happily barefoot in the sand, laughing among themselves as they passed a ball between one another. Two were out floating and resting in the waves, while another was seeking down within the oceans waves for what she might find while one stood on lookout for her, the floating girls coming with unhelpful comments as they did. One girl was simply sitting in the grounded part of the water, staring out into the distance and enjoying herself. One was trying to keep track of the others, while another was sunbathing and resting as if life in general had been exhausting.

And, in the shadows of the tropical trees sat their mistress in a beach chair, resting with her attendant standing to her immediate left, and another girl in a similar chair not too far to her right.

‘Yah!’ Victoria shouted out, lobbing the beach ball towards one of her companions.

‘CHA!’ Jelena jumped into the air, and smashed it down with a metal arm towards the third of their number.

‘Woah!’ Mayra made a noise as she missed the ball with her fist… but then hit it with her tail!

‘Hey! No fair! No using limbs you have, but we don’t!’ Jelena complained, frowning as she caught the returned ball and glared at Mayra.

‘Hahahahahahaha! Sorry~!’ Mayra grinned and stuck out her tongue a bit, smiling at the two of them.

‘… Hm. Hold on. Mayra. Aren’t you…’ Victoria suddenly paused, examining their companion. ‘… A whole lot less dragon and a whole lot more human than usually?’

‘Huh, I am?’ Mayra asked, and looked down at herself.

‘Haha, I guess I am!’ Mayra commented with a smile, inspecting her arms. Most of her dragon-scales had been replaced with human skin, and she was wearing an extremely small black bikini on her tanned skin, though she still had the horns and tail of a dragon.

The two other girls squinted at the unperturbed dragon girl, when Victoria’s eyes drifted over towards Jelena. ‘Speaking of which, aren’t you supposed to be limbless?’

Jelena grinned viciously and postured with her body. ‘Feast your eyes! I am Jelena 2.0! No longer having to build my own limbs from metal, I have had a robotic body built for myself! This, combined with this one-piece swimsuit, means I can enjoy the beach like any other of you!’ Jelena boasted.

‘… You’re gonna sink like a rock,’ Victoria blankly commented on the metal body.

‘Yupp, yupp!’ Mayra agreed happily.

‘Hmpf!’ Jelena made an unhappy sound, looking at Victoria. ‘Compared to us, you’re…’

Victoria took a step back, putting her hands behind her back and pushing out her chest a bit, showing off the red bikini she had ended up in. ‘Mmm. Sorry for being normal.’

‘Huff. It’s okay. I’d prefer to be normal, too,’ Jelena commented, when suddenly Mayra stole the beachball and the two others had to blink awake.

‘Enough of that! Let’s play, let’s play!’ Mayra called cheerfully, and the two other girls skipped the issue and ran after, continuing their game.

Meanwhile, a bit away, in the water.

‘I must say…’ Suzette said, lying on her stomach on a floating banana filled with air, her limbs in the water below, staring at Josefin, who was standing with her ankles in the water, staring down with a worried look into the sea. ‘I didn’t expect you to expose so much skin, Jose. You might actually be able to seduce some guys like that. Some guys that doesn’t mind the trip to jail, anyway,’ Suzette said, ending with a smirk.

Josefin stuck out her tongue at Suzette.

‘I’ll have you know I’m way older than I look. I am, on the other hand, not in the slightest surprised by your look! You look like you eat boys for breakfast!’ Josefin playfully accused back, to which Suzette merely held up two peace-signs with her fingers and stuck out her tongue in return.

‘How about you, miss actually-literally-eats-boys-for-breakfast?’ Suzette turned to look over at Ronja… and frowned a bit. Ronja was floating on her back on top of another floating thing… which just happened to be her own giant spider-butt. ‘You can float on that? … Besides that, did you usually have a crotch?’

‘Mmm, I wonder,’ Ronja stated, the monster looking up in the sky under a straw hat. ‘Still, it does allow me to be a bit more sexy than usual. Does this look good? I can’t really confirm with my own eyes, anymore, but…’ Ronja said, sitting up and stroking her legs together a bit, making Suzette jolt back a bit.

‘Yeah… sure. You look… lovely,’ Suzette told her, a bit unnerved by the appearance of her monster companion. Ronja giggled and sat back again, while Suzette sighed out and looked at Josefin, who was still looking into the water.

‘What are you looking for, Jose?’ Suzette asked.

‘Taihei dove into the water some time ago-’ Josefin explained. ‘-and she hasn’t come back. I’m getting worried.’

‘Taihei, huh…’ Suzette whimpered as she sounded out. ‘I don’t even want to imagine how she looks in a swimsuit. Heck, that monster doesn’t normally wear any clothes, anyway…’

‘Don’t speak too soon,’ Ronja said with a smirk. ‘She may have transformed to give her more appeal, just like me.’

‘Eh, I doubt it,’ Suzette said with a shrug. ‘With her luck, she probably somehow managed to become even more horrify-’

Then suddenly there was a splash, as a girl ascended from the water and almost knocked Suzette’s banana over, the girl swimming into the shallower area before standing up in front of Josefin…

‘Taihei! You’re back!’ Josefin said happily.


The blue-haired girl with fins sticking out here and there on her turned to face Suzette with a slight blush, acknowledging the statement.

‘I agree. I can’t believe it, either,’ Taihei replied.

‘… Eh?’ Suzette frowned, looking over Taihei’s much more humanoid than normal body. ‘Why’s there marks all over your body?’ the empath asked. Indeed, there was a red line around Taihei’s left leg, there were countless marks around her right arm, and her face was just all red.

‘Oh…’ Taihei said, looking down on herself. ‘So, I got my leg tangled in seaweed, which held me in place. While I was held in place, a shoal of clownfishes suddenly got exceedingly violent and started trying to eat me up, doing damage to me in the process. When I finally got loose from them, a stinging jellyfish crashed and got stuck in my face, so I had to get that off before I could get back to the surface. If I hadn’t been an aquatic monster, I would surely have drowned,’ Taihei said, blankly.

‘… I take it back. You’re definitely Taihei,’ Suzette said with an equally blank expression of dealing with what she’d been told.

‘Did you have to take on such a mission!? I was worried! You know what happens when you go off alone!’ Josefin pleaded to her friend. Taihei looked back to her.

‘I’m an aquatic monster-girl. It makes sense that I be the one to explore the bottom of this ocean for clues as to where we’ve ended up,’ Taihei simply stated.

‘I know, but…!’ Josefin pleaded, but eh, what can you do.

Meanwhile, on the beach, feeling like she had just changed to her one-piece swimsuit was Tullia, walking about feeling awkward.

‘Are you okay?’ Freya asked her from diagonally behind, causing Tullia to completely flinch and spin around on the spot, calming down first after identifying who had spoken.

‘Oh, Freya… You scared me,’ Tullia sighed out, and then looked over Freya. ‘… You look different. You have… feet,’ Tullia commented, and the monster-girl spoken to gave the slightest of a smile.

‘I do. Seems like whoever put us here wanted us monsters to be a bit more charming,’ Freya said, leaning on one of her legs that she usually didn’t have.

‘… You look good,’ Tullia commented with a smile.

‘Thanks. You don’t look bad, yourself,’ Freya replied.

‘I look plain. I was afraid of exposing too much skin, but, uh…’ Tullia said, and looked over at the green-haired girl sitting in the water nearby. ‘I guess that wasn’t a worry.’

‘If you’re speaking about me, I’m an immortal spirit with millenium on you who have no shame of my bare form,’ Lea said, leaned back and enjoying the water.

‘Humans do not have a long enough lifespan to realize the tvilialty of such things,’ the sprite magical girl continued, in a tone of superiority.

‘R-right…’ Tullia said, feeling uncharacteristically embarrassed. She was a monster-hunter who wouldn’t even flinch taking down the most enormous of dragons… yet wearing a swimsuit felt like it was among the hardest she had ever done.

‘Lea, any word from the outside world?’ Freya asked, bringing the subject back to their situation.

‘None. We are locked in this world. Overcity Shift does not work. I can’t contact Asengav. Frankly, we’re stuck here, for now. So I’m taking this rare moment to relax instead of devoting my entire being to my lord, thank you very much,’ Lea said, her eyes closed.

‘Hm, very well,’ Freya nodded, and then looked over at Tullia… who was looking over with wide eyes at where Victoria, Jelena and Mayra were playing. There was something sad in her look. ‘Tullia. Is something the matter?’ Freya asked.

‘… Before this mission, me and Victoria did everything together,’ Tullia started, looking over at them. ‘Eating. Fighting. Sleeping. I thought we had a good partnership going. Yet, since the start of this mission, she’s been hanging out with Jelena and Mayra way more than with me. I’m starting to wonder. Did we ever have a partnership? Was it just that we had been assigned to work together? Was all I thought we had just in my head?’ … So Tullia couldn’t help but wonder.

There was a multitude of things Freya could answer that with, she picked to sigh and slap Tullia in the back so she stumbled in surprise in the direction of Victoria. When she looked at Freya in surprise, Freya smiled back at her. ‘C’mon, let’s join them.’

‘Y-yes, ma’am!’ Tullia stuttered forward, and the two ended up running over towards the three younger-seeming members of the group, and compliments about how they looked were immediately exchanged and the atmosphere was good…

Good, huh.

Mariette sat silently on a beach-chair in the shadow of a tropical tree, staring at her playing companions while holding onto a black stuffed bunny. She looked down on the swimsuit she had been put in. She’d never have picked to wear something like this herself, yet here she was, wearing it.

She looked to her left, where Eli stood. Eli shivered to somewhat, looking a bit different than usual. She wasn’t a harpy right now, just in the shape of a regular young (slime-)girl in a kid’s swimsuit…

… So, the questions were of course, why are they here, and how did it happen?

‘It seems we’re trapped. I can’t communicate with the outside, and my instruments within here are highly limited,’ said the girl in the beachchair to Mariette’s right.

‘Is it the act of someone who wishes us ill?’ Mariette asked.

‘Not necessarily us, specifically. I’m picking up signals indicating that most of the Magical Girl population of Penrose have been summoned here. Could be that it just took everyone it could find in an area,’ the girl replied.

‘Despite this, whatever it is clearly knew to group us all together, something very few should have been able to know,’ Mariette considered.

‘Indeed, that is strange,’ the girl pondered.

‘I would have understood if it was just me and the rest of the girls, because we were all staying in the mansion… but you,’ Mariette asked, and turned to look at the girl next to her. ‘Why are you here?’ she asked, frowning at the girl.

‘Oh, I don’t know. Maybe…’ the girl said with a smirk, before turning her back somewhat towards Mariette and suggesting with a sultry tone. ‘Maybe I just wanted to show off my swimsuit?’

‘… Hmpf,’ Mariette sat back in her beach chair again. ‘The rest shouldn’t even know you exist.’

‘That’s right. And seeing how my abilities are more or less useless here…’ the girl said as she stood up and stretched for a bit. ‘I guess I’ll go get myself lost in the forest before I become associated with you,’ she told.

‘…’ Mariette simply aimed a stare at the girl as she turned to walk.

‘Don’t worry. My knack for staying out of trouble should still work here. I’ll return if there’s any trouble. Stay safe,’ the blue-haired girl said, and then she wandered off.

… Very concerning that she ended up here, too.

‘Mistress, what do we do?’ Eli asked her. Mariette sighed out, and looked over her forces, who seemed to all be playing right now…

‘I’ll let the forces take a break. With my portal abilities and your Darkness magic, we’re the superior information-gatherers of this group. Eli. Let’s go,’ so Mariette said, confirming she could still open portals to look over the island they had landed on. Eli simply smiled at her, for regardless of the situation, her mistress was always so calm.

‘At once, mistress.’

Helga's eyes blasted open as she screamed again, yet no sound could be heard. To someone with Sound magic, it was both terrible...yet somehow, eerily serene. She clutched at her throat, and calmed herself; she remembered Su tell her of this ability, and understood that it worked similarly to her sound-sealing technique that she had used while on assassination missions for Justine. She focused, and used the spell to seal her body, granting her protection from the vacuum. The Beacon girls on the other hand were mostly knocked off their feet, except for June; she charged at Su with thorny vines erupting from the ground.

It was ultimately for naught, as no sooner had she finished casting that magic that Su shifted again, the vines coiling around themselves in a futile tower. "Dammit! They escaped! Shift again!" She growled, but the shifting girl shook her head. "Let them go, June. Our main objective is to retrieve Summer. Besides, they looked weak; we can catch them later." June sighed in an irritated fashion, and swept her palm down her face. She glaned at the pirate girl, and then turned away from her, having decided to ignore her. "You're right, and I hate it. SUMMER!" She screamed at the top of her lungs, and one of the other girls pointed towards what looked like some rubble; Summer was there, still barely conscious, but too weak to move. The small girl knelt next to her, and placed her hand on the blue-haired girl's forehead. "It's all right, Summer. Mission accomplished. Let's go home." Then, the Beacon girls heard a creaking sound, like a great ship had hit the ground, but when they turned, they saw nothing.

Back in the Overcity, Helga puffed her cheeks, and then exhaled loudly as she saw Jenna take a breath, and finally fell down on her butt, her legs having given up. "PWAAHH! Why did you shift again? I'm so tired of all this bullsh-" It was at that moment that a familiar sound could be heard from the distance. Helga grit her teeth. "Crap. We gotta go." She turned to run, glancing back one last time to see Sophia appear. She gnashed her jaws, and then whipped her head away, letting Mika lead the way from the graveyard.

I have a feeling...We'll meet again... She left her thoughts scattered, like a whisper carried by the wind.

Lily smiled weakly, and nodded to Alicia as she watched a squad of Beacon girls chase after Chloe around a street corner; she kind of felt bad for the girl, yet didn't, because she in her eyes, she seemed evil.
"In that case, I'm glad I can count you among them," she answered with a hesitant clutching of her fist. Her expression then turned sadder.
"It was my fault too; back then, I was prone to fumbling up my magic. I don't carry a grudge...But I think Alex does. You should stay away from him; when he gets mad, he turns a hundred times stronger." She emphasized the last word with a spread of her arms.
"Anyway it was nice to talk. I hope we'll see-" Suddenly, she felt a pain in her chest, and clutched at it.
"Lily, there is no time! Evacuate the premises!" Ixion pressured her, like a crackle of lightning that bounced inside the walls of her skull. A few seconds later, sounds of police sirens could be heard, coming from various directions.

"Nyaa! We gotta go, mistress!" Kimble clutched at Alicia's arm with her ears drooping low, and pointed to June's squad; they had Summer, and they were already running off.
Lily ran towards Alex, jumping into his arms as she clutched at his neck with a pant.
"I can't run all the way home, so..." She blushed.
"C-Carry me." She then looked away, biting her lip; she had never felt so embarrassed as in that moment...Followed by a sneeze as her nose happened to sweep over his furry wolf ear. Soon enough, every other magical girl jumped or dashed off, leaving nothing but a very confused force of police and firemen.
Accepted. Her beach wear is in the fringe of decency, but it's passable for the character.
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