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Sally blinked slowly as she saw Brown Aurelio above her, and clutched at her wound. Her heart beat slower and slower. "No, I just...want to...Close my eyes for a...sec..." She mumbled, her breathing strained. She then shuddered as she felt what he was doing; magical clay seeped into her wound, and completely covered it, resembling a brown collar around her neck. She then felt a bit irritated as the clone influenced her, and her heart began beating at a regular pace. Though it did stop the flow of blood and bought her some time, it was not a permanent solution by any means, and Sally was still at risk. "Y-Yeah, you're right," she answered, and stood up, holding onto Brown Aurelio as tightly as she could, pressing her forehead against his chest. "Aurelio..." she mumbled, and fainted.

Amaryllis' chains burst from Behemoth's gashes, and anchored themselves to Earth Bastion, momentarily halting the abomination. However, she could tell the chains would not last for long, as the beast's very essence was that of Void, and it's wounds were more potent in erasure than it's hide, just as how the main cannon of Earth Bastion rapidly corroded when enveloped by the foul mass. If only the Knight of Rose had been there to impede the beast, then she would have failed, with the beast crushing the rows of cars before it. To her fortune, a great barrier was erected, causing Behemoth to slam right into it; Alexander's reinforced wall proved mightier than the brute strength of a city-destroyer. However, Alexander could feel his magic rapidly drain from the flailing of tentacles and biting teeth that gnawed on the shield, trying to erode the reinforcement away.

Before Alex reached his limit, Katarina made her move; she leaped into the air using Earth Bastion's deck as a springboard, and charged for an attack on a ludicrous scale. Her bow enlarged to resemble the wings of an iron angel, and a gargantuan blade was summoned. Rina felt her body stiffen with the massive exertion, as it tested the very limits of her Metal magic, but she succeeded in materializing it fully, letting gravity direct its wrath. After she launched it, she fell down, her breath hasty and her muscles tired as she hit the deck with wobbly feet and nearly spent mana.

With an earth-shaking crash, Impalement fell down on Behemoth, nearly splitting the monster in two and revealing a shimmering orb of purest emptiness inside; it was the monster's Void Core. The monster lashed out with all of its might, trying to pull it's mass together, tentacles flailing in a whirlwind of frenzy. It overcame Alexander's defenses, causing him to drop down to one knee as his mana was spent, and the barrier shattered. It also managed to cast off the corroded chains despite their intense heat and hardening. However, by that point they have fulfilled their mission, and Penny began charging, her aim fully confirmed thanks to Amaryllis.

A single large eye caught on to what she was doing, but it was already too late for the Greater Horrorling; with a blinding light, Earth Bastion unleashed its full arsenal, bombarding the beast with shell upon shell. Thanks to Katarina exposing the Void Core of the beast, it was shattered, and with one final bellow the beast fell down, it's body slowly disintegrating into the air like ash. Red Aurelio used the massive amount of rage generated by the battle, and was set ablaze as it took in the damage of its surroundings, and quickly disappeared as well, leaving the original Aurelio feeling sick in the stomach as it could feel the intensity of its clone peaking to a height even his magic couldn't control. In the end, only Katarina's monument remained; a testament to the efforts of the valiant fighters who prevented a catastrophe.

The civilians slowly began pouring out of the stadium's insides, and saw the devastation to the stadium that had occurred. A few of them cried, mourning their friends and family, but the sheer majority cried tears of relief and joy. Sally opened her eyes, and realized she was in a locker room of some kind, although with a cracked ceiling and few fallen lockers. She then saw the numerous clones of Aurelio that loomed over her, and she reached up to touch her neck; her wound was healed. "Aurelio...You saved me." She sat up and smiled, a pink blush coloring her cheeks. "I was...Really lucky that you came along. Thank you." She patted the other Aurelio's on the shoulder at first, and then walked over to Brown Aurelio; with a coy look, she kissed the clone on his cheek, giggling a bit. "How's the situation outside?"

The flying witch was successfully intimidated by Alicia, having realized it was the only one left out of the coven. With a grumble, it slowly descended down to the ground, and took her broom in her hand. "Fine, I see no point in scuffling with an amateur little girl. Harrumph!" The witch crossed her arms, while the one with the broken broom nodded a lot, smiling widely and showing her rotten teeth. "Yes, yes, anything! You promise to let us go, right? You're an honest girl, of course you will. Come on, Zelda! Let's not tarry long." And with that, the witches began walking towards the cathedral with a half-run, as if afraid they might suddenly get skewered with a light arrow. The priest remained behind the rock, amazed by what happened. "Beacon...Is that your name, o sacred angel?" He asked, peeking his head out.

The Vixen, overcome by her lust for blood, chased after the witches, running on all fours like a beast as she howled and disappeared into the distance. It would take her hours until she gave up on the chase and realize she forgot how to shift, resulting in her being stuck in the Overcity for the time being. With no more dangers remaining at the cathedral, the witches removed the curses, and the frog and skunk returned back to their original forms. And after a moment of rest, Summer brought the group including the girls witches and the religious man back to the real world alongside the pieces of the cathedral; they were scattered around the main building, as if blown by an explosion. "So...Will you let us go now?" The surrendering witch asked, while the other witch grumbled with the broom between the both of their legs, ready to carry the two away.

Helga's grin widened as she recognized the sound of Su's Air magic, and quickly ran over to the hole that Jelena dropped through. She crouched down and gazed down, having decided to not rush in like before, as she was curious about the exchange the enemy side had. "They've decided to quit," she mused to herself, and turned to look out the window to see them leave. "Hah, what a bunch of posers..." She chuckled, but her laughter was cut short; she saw the ice girl she fought before, silently watching the building. Their eyes met, and Helga shrieked as she saw another. "What? Clones!" She then heard Mayra speak to Su, and jumped down the hole. Before she could get a word in, Su assured her that Mayra wasn't hostile, and told them to leave. Though she didn't like ignoring the fiery girl right next to them, she absolutely trusted Su. "You got it!"
The three of them left the building, with Helga still looking around to see if they were still watched, until her attention was brought to the army of skeletons that were swarming around something. "What the heck is this? I can see some fighting over there!" She pointed. Then she gasped. "MIKA!" She dashed as fast as she could, barreling through the skeletons in her way, but she had already transformed.

Having taken a form similar to her opponent, Mika easily circumvented the sticky obstacle. Ronja was shocked by Mika's sudden ferocity, and by instinct cut the thread she was hanging from to drop down into the alley, only to realize her mistake; Mika fell right on top of her, Lupa's jaw wide open as one big spider slammed the other spider, as if in a bizarre wrestling match. Mika sunk her venomous fangs into Ronja, and she shrieked in pain. "Aaahh!!! You copycat! How dare you!" She wailed, and wrapped her hands in dark silk. Empowered by her Reinforcement magic, she made a swinging punch that reached around to her back and struck Mika's abdomen; not only was it strong enough to crack the shell, it also struck her mentally, as if she had incurred headache from consuming too much ice cream. Mika was forced to remove her fangs to reel from the impact, and Ronja turned, blood leaking down her mouth; she had some poison resistance due to also being an arachnid being, but it wasn't enough to deter the venom completely. She coughed, and grit her teeth in horrifying fashion. "I feel numb...That's it. I'll take you down right now!"

Ronja spread her hands before her, and dark magic glowed from her palms; Mika could tell this was her Killing Blow.


Ronja began by launching an unimaginable amount of web-walls to lock in her target inside the web, with no way out. Many times stronger than her usual webbing, it was impossible to escape from. "I'll delete your memories, your personality...And make you my slave!"
But as fate would have it, just as she was about to finish her attack, Lupa broke through the web, and launched herself on top of Ronja, biting into her neck. "YAAAARGHHH!"
Ronja released the psychic pulse through her hands, and it hit Lupa; psychic magic resembling webbed patterns tangled themselves around her head, and embedded themselves into her skull. Soon enough, small white orbs were drawn out attached to the psychic webbing, representing Lupa's memories, and the beast girl fell down, her eyes wide and unmoving; she was still alive, but seemingly turned into a vegetable with the memory pebbles tangled in a bundle of webbing right next to her head.
Ronja's legs twitched, and curled into herself as she slowly succumbed to the venom.
"D-Damn it...I'm sorry, my children...Mommy...Was not strong enough..." And then, her numerous eyes closed, followed by her changing back to her human form; she was defeated.

“Drums?” Jessica looked to her sister.

Vanessa scratched her chin. ”Radio head uses duel drummers now, right?”

“Have they done anything relevant recently?” What followed Jessica's comment was an awkward silence. Such a quiet wasn't something normal mortals could make. It had to be the work of a powerful curse, either inflicted by a dark magical girl or some heinous patron. “Creep was good! I like that song!” Jessica nervously smiled.

”I guess we'll figure it out later.” Vanessa folded her arms.. ”So you've been in Penrose for a month? I was going to say something about that, but you mentioned joining a band and I guess I got a little carried away. If you wouldn't mind showing us around after school, that would be great.”

Jessica smiled. ”I feel like an isekai protagonist, only without all the cool perks, like a huge group of friends.”

”If I recall, friends are why we were headed to the Gym in the first place. Shall we?” Vanessa pushed open the doors to the Gym and stepped inside. Aside from the basket ball hoops, there wasn't any gear present that anyone could see. However, the sheer size of the gym was definitely what one would expect of a reputable school like this. If one looked at the floor, they might be able to spot the school's logo etched into the gym's surface. But there were so many students present it wasn't clearly visible.

Lily could swear she had messed up with her answer, and the two girls would shun her. Instead, they seemed to ignore her suggestion and move on; though she felt bad about it, it was a better outcome than outright rejection.

"Well, I'll think about it more, so don't worry about it, haha," she answered quickly, and nodded.
"Yeah, I know a lot of cool places where we could go!" She held her hands before her in enthusiastic fists, her breathing a bit heavier as excitement suddenly came over her.
"There's the arcade, and the comic book shop, and game store, and...Uhh...The Pit Stop! It's a trendy restaurant where all the cool kids gather!" She saved her suggestions at the very last seconds, using her previous experience.
"Let's go grab some food there." She smiled, and led them there after they left the school.
Paladin can keep the Halberd, thrusters and ATS with the following changes: thrusters have 1-turn recharge and add 3 units to a move.
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Katarina and Amaryllis performed a an awe-inspiring combination attack, with the elegant swords-woman riding the sword-arrow like a skateboard, delivering herself right up to Behemoth's head. The monster flailed around upon receiving another shot, and attacked the two magical girls with three tentacles; two of them attempted to crush Katarina between them in a pincer move, but staggered from the heavy blows Amaryllis proceeded to unleashed; despite the monster's shifting body, it seemed unable to regenerate the wounds delivered by swords. Penny rammed into the monster with Earth Bastion, impaling the frontal cannon in the monster. To her horror, Penny felt how the cannon disintegrated into the void. However, the monster stumbled, its legs crooked. And then, Alex delivered another strike with his wrecking ball maneuver; the monster hit its frame against the side of the stadium from the impact, causing it to crumble from the sheer mass. The monster roared, and Alex was slapped by one of the tentacles, and his barrier evaporated from around him, leaving him unscathed. The monster's eyes focused on the opening left by his movements.

Brown Aurelio found Sally behind Earth Bastion; she was down on her knees, clutching her neck and breathing heavily. "Ghrrr..." She groaned, looking pale; it seemed the wound was more severe than she first thought. "Well, I guess I pushed my luck too far..." She whispered with pained wordsa, and lowered her hand to look at the blood on it. Green and Indigo Aurelios gathered up the saurviving civilians scattered around the field, bringing them to Sally's location. Suddenly, all of the mouths on the monster opened, releasing Revenant Miasma; like a squid, it cloaked itself in a smoke-screen, causing Amaryllis to be disoriented as she inhaled it. Katarina noticed movement in the smoke; the monster fell to its side, and like a slug, began to squirm through the opening of the stadium in an attempt to escape, reaching the parking lot. Penny was in perfect position to shoot into the creature's back. However, due to the distance, and the fog that surrounded the monster, would she be willing to risk destroying the rows upon rows of cars parked there?

Helga squinted her eyes; her claws twitched when the cloaked girl spoke, scowling in response to her grin. Her eyes shot down to see what she dropped to the floor, and they widened. "They're detachable!?" She exclaimed, and was met with Jelena's confirmation as she lunged. Helga wasn't completely caught off-guard, as she fully prepared herself for assault, and ducked under the arm as it was kicked upwards at her. However, she didn't expect her to shatter the arm into shrapnel, and curled up into a ball, absorbing most of the hits with her arms. "Ahhh!" She screamed, and then threw her arms to her sides, scattering the shrapnel away. She was bleeding, with a shard of metal sticking out of her left cheek. "I hated having metal in my mouth, ever since I got my braces!" She shrieked, and lunged at Jelena, scratching her defending arm and leaving a major gash on the metal before she stretched and fled to the next room. "Get back here! You can't run forever!" She then dove to a room perpendicular to the one she went to, purposefully testing her opponent's ability for tactics during combat. "Or don't you want to fight after all?" She used her magic to project her voice so it continued to come from the room she was in, while she attempted to flank her.

The spider girl laughed mockingly as Mika struggled under her strings, putting a hand to her mouth as the first spiders reached her, biting her arms and shoulders as she tried to swat them away; she incurred six bites in total, and despite their small size were as painful as that of a tarantula hawk, paralyzing the muscles on her arms. "Yes! Feast!" But then, all eight of her legs jumped from shock when she saw the two wheel skeletons drop right on top of her; thanks to the Beast girl's ingenious use of her magic, not only did she save Lupa and the Massacrer from the high-speed assault, she utilized them to mess up her web. The wheels continued spinning even as they picked up strands of her web; though they were stronger, they distracted Ronja just long enough for Shion to sneak close and fire the watch; though not quite as strong as she had estimated thanks to her low magical ability compared to the massive feat she attempted, it was enough to disrupt the Reinforcement magic of the web, and cause it to snap in half, releasing Mika. Most of the spiders fell off as a result, confused from being knocked around.

"No! Impossible!" She screamed, and snarled as Mika bashed the few remaining spiders around with a big bone, squashing them like harmless arachnids. "You'll pay for killing my babies!" She shot out purple webs from the tips of her fingers, but one of Lupa's clones jumped to intercept the attack. As a result, it immediately disappeared. "Hey, double-legs!" Lupa pointed at Ronja, and growled. "Nobody, and I mean nobody, messes with my pack!" She leaped, claws at the ready, and Ronja responded by creating a circular barrier patterned like a spider's web, deflecting the attack as she jumped back, swinging by a thread she launched from her abdomen. "You're quite swift. But no matter how fast you are, you can't escape my web!" As she swung into an alley, Lupa chased after, only to get stuck on a giant spiderweb she created as a wall between the buildings. "Silly doggy, uu huu!" She taunted, swinging around like a pendulum.

The religious man struggled in the witchs' strong grip, still having faith. "The angel will save me! By God's will, you won't get away with this." They cackled in return. "This will make for a good soup, yes!" "Yes, slurp his eyeballs right out of their sockets!"
Soon enough, two arrows of purest light, their aim as true as the righteousness in Alicia's heart, flew; one struck a witch's broom, causing the end to crack open and the witch to fall, while the other was struck in her arm, causing both to wail hideously. The man dropped, screaming all the way, until Alicia swooped in for the heroic rescue, holding the man in a bridal carry. "I'm saved! Oh thank you, God's holy envoy!" He hugged Alicia, whispering prayers of gratitude until he was set down. He immediately ran behind the nearest rock he could find. "I'm fine, but please save the others from the heretics!"
Alicia turned to see one witch standing up from the ground, her broom broken in her hand as she rubbed her back, while the other was flying over her, her arm limp and face in an ugly scowl. But before she could attack, the witch on the ground flailed her arms. "No more! I surrender!" She screamed, and the other witch looked confused.
The few witches that remained at the cathedral shrieked at the sight of the newcomer, and decided to run for it.
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Alice aimed at Suzette, who was now too far to pursue, and shot at her just before Summer's Shift enveloped her; she could not follow her shots with her scope, which meant she was unable to guide them.
‘That cockiness-!,’ Suzette's eyes widened, and she turned to see the shots aimed at her her way; she flipped in the air, dodging two of the shots, but the third one grazed her uncovered arm, sending her to fall down screaming into the street, right on top of a mass of bicycles.
‘Nrgh, a sniper! I need to warn Tullia...As soon as I...Get up, nhah....,’ She mumbled, feeling quite a bit more than she usually does.

Due to both the magically-induced dread that Suzette spread before she made her escape, and a song of hope and bravery, Summer became momentarily confused; as a consequence, when she performed the Overcity Shift, not only did she transport the other magical girls and civilians in addition to the witches, but also most of the cathedral itself; about two thirds of the building were shifted, leaving the top part including the tower behind, causing it to fall with a great clang of the bell tower that sounded far into the distance. The environment shifted into a wide field of checkerboard patterns and a sky filled with grey clouds, with the occasional glimpse of a sky colored in iridescent patterns. Two of the burning witches ended up as cinders, but the other two used a spell to put it out, their faces black and snarling, with a little ember coming up an upturned nose of one hag like an oil lamp. The witch in the bush also recovered, a bunch of branches now sticking our of her hair.

Alicia swooped in and continued shooting at them, killing one and sending the other to fall on the ground; the witch slowed it's descent by using a spell to inflate her bloomers and use it as a improvised parachute. "I hate children! Nghaaahh!" The hag screamed, and cast a spell at Alice Honorsby; she was turned into a little skunk with red stripes instead of black ones, and a miniature set of her hair decorations.
"If you kill me, she will stink forever more, hahaa!" Alicia realized the witch was a crone, the leader of the nearly-formed coven, from the small artifacts that were sown to her dirty robes, and possessed more magic than the other monsters. The crone cackled as she landed on the ground, glaring at Alicia, her green skin charred black.
The other witch on the ground aimed a spell at Summer in turn, but she managed to dodge it; she now had to wait for three turns before she could use the Shift again.
The two witches that attempted to fly away with their human prisoner did not escape the Shift, but they didn't seem to care; they continued fleeing towards some distant mountains, the hapless man begging for God to save him. Now they were about twenty meters in the air, and thirty meters in distance to the partial cathedral in the Overcity; Alicia could still save him.

The wofl girl grinned widely, showing her canines as she stomped on another skeleton, flashing a thumbs up.
“Awesome! Name's Lupa! Now let's show them how we bury some bones!”
But then, Lupa's nose twitched, and she turned to see the Masked Massacrer run fast into the middle of the skeleton army, heeding little caution. About half the skeletons she struck came back, showing she was unaware of their weakness, and turned their attention to the Masked Massacrer; it seemed the skeletons preferred the weakest opponent. Because they rushed right in, the skeletons easily surrounded them, and piled up on them. A giant skeleton rushed at them and jumped, about to bodyslam the Massacrer into a pancake.

“Not on my watch! Awoo!”
Lupa howled, and her pack all jumped, performing a coordinated tackle that sent the mass of bones scattering in a wide area. Lupa then entered into the fray, smashing skeletons appropriately.
“You idiot! What the hell are you doing?” Lupa shouted at the Massacrer, who was lying on the ground. Mika saw a couple of wheel skeletons roll right at Lupa and the stranger. Suddenly, Mika heard the skittering of multiple smaller feet among the skeletons at her left, and strands of black silk were shot from that direction, entangling her feet and immobilizing them on the spot. Mika realized it was no ordinary silk, magically reinforced to be as hard as steel. Then, she felt the silk vibrate, and saw lines of small spiders rush at her, using the silk as a bridge.
"Huu hu huu, aren't you a cute little snack~"
The spider girl giggled deviously as she lifted her head up, and revealed herself, standing in the middle of a spiderweb that immobilized the nearby skeletons.
"You'll make for a darling sweet treat for my minions~"

The moment Helga landed inside the building, she made a roll to preserve her momentum, and stood up with her claws raised, ready for battle. She recognized the metal-armed magical girl from before. Upon closer look, she noticed how similar the two of them were, using weaponized hands as their choice of weapon, with a killer smile to boot. But when she stood up, she was back to business. She spoke about Su; based on how she found her, she assumed Su had knocked her to this room. When she heard her shout back from deeper inside the building, sshe smiled. "Alright copycat, I already kicked your friend's ass. Tell me why I shouldn't kick yours too?"

With the arrival of a giant, horrific monster, the stadium turned from a nightmare into a night terror.
Sally turned to look at Behemoth, and ended up distracted; the frenzied Silhouette took this chance, and swung at her, aiming to slash at her neck and instantly kill her; miraculously, she whiffed about 99% of the attack, but a small wound was drawn on her skin, causing her to scream from pain and fall back, holding her neck. "Oh no!" She aimed up at her Shamrock Shooter, but Silhouette slashed at her wrist, causing her to drop her weapon. It seemed as if she had finally run out luck, her eyes watery as she saw Silhouette lift her blade, about to stab right through her heart...When she was suddenly smacked away by a giant tentacle.
Sally blinked, and then ran as fast as she could, rolling under the second tentacle that swept over the arena.
"That was the luckiest thing ever!" She hollered, and ran right to Penny's side.

Silhouette wake up with a painful concussion, having now found herself slumped against the baseball stadium's wall. She felt a stinging, burning sensation on her forehead, and when she felt her head, she noticed how a clump of her hair was missing, alongside the shoulder part of her jacket and most of the back of it; the giant monster's attacks were able to erode anything they came in contact, causing them to be gradually erased.
Fortunately, it also seemed to knock the effects of Chloe's Crystal out of her; she still felt a slight tingle of power, but it was nothing compared to the maddening rush that sent her into a fury before.

With a great spell and grinding of metal, Penny summoned Earth Bastion, it's broadside ready to unleash hell. However, because she had already spent a lot of time fighting Elroy and eliminating the few stray mummies until none were left in addition to combining with the vehicle itself, she did not have time to shoot before Behemoth roared and lifted a tentacle, about to smash down on it. But then, Katarina shot a sword at it's eye, and the creature wailed in pain; it slapped the tank sideways as it recoiled instead, causing it to turn before it shot it's payload; it landed at the empty audience seats, demolishing most of them. It's head deflated a little like a balloon, the damage visible to everyone. As a response, the other eyes aimed at the area Katarina was at, and shot an innumerable number of lasers. Since she was on the move, Rina dodged most of the projectiles, with a couple beams hitting her heel; they stung as much as getting rubbed with sandpaper coated with shards of glass, but by themselves did not incur major damage; a full volley would have been surely fatal. Behemoth sprouted more giant tentacles as it was aggravated, shifting it's mass of minor Horrors to better suit its smashing needs.

Lily smiled from relief as the two girls did not shun her nerdy reference, and gasped at their mention of playing music.
"Oh wow, really? That's awesome!"
She then yelped as the two girls moved closer on each side of her, and took her hands in their own; though she appreciated the attention, she also felt like they were slightly breaching her personal space.
"I-I'd love to! I mean, if you'll have me..." She gulped, feeling the warmth of their hands and their eyes eagerly looking at her; she felt trapped.
Oh wow...Are they...Really...
She did not finish the thought, as they released her hands, and now asked her about her role. They looked dead serious, their previous cheerfulness gone.
"Well, uhh...I..." She fiddled with her fingers.

"...The drums?"
The witches who were previously intimidated by the illusionary dragon now returned, and joined the rest in a gangrene gang of evil, totaling nine fully ready witches, with one carrying a struggling man around her arm. "Mmm, you'll make for a lovely stew, hee hee!" However, as her final act before the transformation fully took over, Eliza fired a bright laser that stung the witch, and caused the man to drop. Fortunately she prepared for such an outcome, and a net of ribbons caught him. The man saw how the girl was subsequently reduced to but a small amphibian, completely shocked. "Aaahh! Frogs are raining from the sky! Is this the Rapture?" The man was in complete terror, no thanks to Suzette's terror magic, and curled up into a fetal position in the grass.
The witch had her arm burnt, and crashed down into a bush, her legs spread striped red-and-white bloomers in comical display as showed off her curled boots. "Ahh, curses!" She screamed.

Celia then attacked the witches, using her reserves of emotional magic in diverse ways to her limit; using her temporary platforms, she was able to enter shooting range, and cast splitting fire arrows; four of them were successfully hit the witches,, causing them to scream in agony as their filthy clothes easily set ablaze. Two to burn to cinders, and the other two to be unable to attack. She also created a barrier, protecting her from the counter-fire of a couple of witches nearby. She cast a masking spell, using the fear in the area to conceal the two and then continued firing as much as she could, setting three more witches on fire, incinerating two. However, Suzette's magic affected Celia's as it slowly converted all emotion into nothing but fear. Combined with her having performed so many spells in such rapid speed, the result left her quickly shaken and seeing vertigo. Though there was plenty of fear to go around, her mentally stressed state struggled to use it to create lame wraiths who moaned and flailed around before they disappeared, afraid of the Empty Empath.

Elliot, who happened to accompany Celia at the scene, did his best, trying to counter Suzette's dreadful spell with his own song and blasting soundwaves at the witches, but was quickly turned into a toad himself by a particularly sharp-eyed hag. Reduced to a small critter, he panicked, croaking and trying to jump away, reaching the fence of the surrounding yard. Meanwhile, Alicia was more successful, flying in a simple strafing circle around the cathedral and corralling witches more closer to the building; her tactic of focusing more on a dazzling light-show than lethality proved very effective, the witches clearly distraught and threatened by the flechettes that looked more dangerous than actually were. As a result, all the witches were now circling close to the rooftop and central tower. Now brought into Nina Kujo's proximity, the witches were bombarded by her Worlds of Pain spell; though very short in range and risky due to a massive mana cost, the attack connected with most witches, clobbered and beaten to a pulp by orbs of ore, leaving them as puddles of goop by the end of it.

Nina felt as heavy as metal afterward, her legs wobbly before she lost her balance, and fell off the spire, hitting her back on the rooftop, her head teetering over the massive hole on it. Now, only a couple of witches remained who were unharmed, as the others were either dead, down in a bush, or flying erratically around on fire like giant torches; they decided to capture the lone, shocked human by his arms and fly away, having decided they had enough. Suzette simply smiled, though Celia could feel the girl was cold as ice, a speck of amusement coming out of the girl's twisted mind.
‘How sad. You try so hard, but you can't even control your own emotions. Well, looks like the party's over now. Toodle-doo.’ She turned, and began flying away in a different direction from the witches, flapping her big sleeves as she fled the cathedral's perimeter. She did not look back once, as if she was sure nobody would try to pursue her, or be able to catch her.

"That's right, you better run!" Helga called out after Victoria, followed by a shivering groan as the cold began taking over her body, causing her to slump to her knees, holding her leg and staring at the wound she managed to deliver.
"...Brr...She's the type to spread the cold, huh? At least Doris was courteous enough to smash you with the ice." She dropped to all fours, and shook her body like a dog, dispersing the icy dust off her.
"These girls are dangerous! I gotta help Su!" She then leaped towards the wall of the neighboring building where she heard sounds of fighting coming from; she latched on to a piece of wall just above a window with her claws, and in a single smooth motion, swung inside with a glass-shattering kick. "Su! Where are you?" She yelled out, using her Sound magic to amplify her voice so it reached the entire building.

Mika was in trouble, the skeletons quite eager to cut her tiger form into little pieces, no matter how many of them she scattered like bowling pins, as they simply returned often even worse. She had to endure wound after wound; though none of them were lethal on their own, she was soon bleeding. But, she discovered a weakness in the skeletons as she bit down on a skull and crushed it; the remaining body collapsed into motionless bones, no longer reanimating.
“Oh, so that's how you do it?”

Mika heard the voice of a tomboyish girl amidst the horde of walking anatomical models. And then, she saw her: an intimidating-looking monster girl dashed around the horde, tearing into them with claws and teeth. And she wasn't the only one; Mika saw numerous clones of her biting and crushing skeletons, working as a team as they circled and isolated small pockets of the undead army.
“Nice chompers you got there. Wanna join my pack?” She happened to ask in the midst of punching her claws right through a ribcage, sending the ribs flying.

Sally stopped shooting when she saw the Beacon buddies, in utter shock. "Shona? Where have you been? And what are you doing!? That girl over there's a DMG!" She pointed towards Annabelle, and used her other hand to continue blasting any Minions that showed up. "Stop her!" She then screamed as she saw Silhouette attack Shona, and ran at full speed, her chest bouncing violently. "You don't hurt my friends, vile witch!" She then proceeded to shoot at Sil, who dodged and weaved through the shots, occasionally taking a lucky hit as she slashed back with wild abandon; despite the pain, she kept going, Chloe's Crystal dampening her sensory input. Luckily for Sally, she wasn't the smartest fighter, and the Beacon girl was able to avoid her attacks, mostly by luck.

Lily was at first apprehensive about the two girls coming to talk to her so suddenly, but now she felt like she could relax, if only a little bit. Even when the girls told her they were in a different class, she didn't seem to mind too much.
"Oh, you're transfer students? Me too!" She giggled a little bit, mostly out of nervousness, and then smiled.
"I lived somewhere else until I moved here, and haven't been here for more than a month. I thought I was the only one, but am I glad that's not the case."
She listened to the two as they talked about music, surprised to see them so enthusiastic about it. She then blinked at the question as the two entered the school building.
"Well, I was hoping I'd get along with everyone, and maybe join a fun school club, like ani-" she stopped herself, aware of the blunder she was about to commit.The two entered the gym, and sat down to listen to a boring speech held by the school principal.
"-I mean, like a light music club. I've always wanted to play in a band, just like K-On! I love that show!" She managed to redirect her nerdiness...And she might have overdone it.
The churchgoers cowered in terror as Eliza peeked inside, confused about her appearance. "Are you an angel?" The priest asked as he knelt before the altar, his hands clasped in prayer. "But you wear the robes of a heretic..." When she apologized, and told them to get to safety, many of them stood up, glancing a the door. They seemed to hesitate. "Ok! May the Lord give me strength!" One devout man shouted, and took off to a run, slamming the church doors open as he attempted to flee. The witches noticed this, of course, and one witch took off in pursuit of the man, swooping down to snatch him in her arm while the rest fought Eliza. Another witch was taken down by the barrage of light daggers, melting into goop, while half of the witches witches were frightened by the illusionary dragon, flying in an evasive circle. The remaining half were not deterred, however. "You turned Madam Mim into muddy murk, and Sibylla into surly sou-" The witch didn't manage to finish her sentence, as she was struck right through with a baseball. She looked down to see the hole, and then looked up at Eliza causing her to scrunch up her face in a comical fashion, before she fell straight down, creating a witch-shaped hole in the ground as she fell right through in cartoony fashion, clearly taken out.

As Eliza stopped to try and convince the wicked witches to flee, she saw something strange on a high building; three girls were standing around on the rooftop, seemingly busy with a big object that was transparent, but oval-shaped, like a big egg.
"Hocus Pocus Maradocus!" Two of them launched spells that Eliza managed to dodge. Before she could dodge the fourth, she was distracted; a squad of Beacon girls teleported to the scene, with Alicia in the lead, followed by Summer and Janet. As a result, the fourth spell hit the winged witch, cursing her; she transformed into a winged green frog, with a tiny black hat on her head and a blonde wig to fit the hat. The witch cackled. "Aaahh-hahaaa! A warty toad you are now! Only the kiss from a virtuous man will heal this hex! Eeeheeheheee!"

Far in the distance, the group of four noticed the Beacon girls' arrival.
‘Oh crap, the lightbulbs are on the scene!’ Ronja muttered, her many legs skittering and scratching each other in disgust. Freya simply looked around silently. ‘This might be a problem if they come after us before we're done. What should we do?’ Suzette asked as she cocked her head to the side, and flapped her arms like a child mimicking a bird. ‘I'll stay and finish setting up the mirror You two distract them.’ Tullia's face looked stern as she returned back to working on it. The pair of mental manipulators grinned.
‘No problem. I'll make them so afraid, they'll need to change their, panties ehe~’ With that, the Empath approached the cathedral, while the Psychic disappeared, scuttling into the shadows.
Suzette floated as she picked up wind under her large arms, whisking her to the cathedral. Then, before she could be noticed, she began spreading a wave of fear and terror through the cathedral; the churchgoers shrieked and yelled for God's mercy, and the magical girls felt a chill run down their spine, the wicked witches' cackling now sounding three times as sinister as before.

Annabelle was in a metaphorical bind, as the pain caused by the loss of her limb attested to, but she had binding of her own next on her agenda; the remaining free-roaming mummies were caught by her magic, moaning and cursing as their desiccated, undead bodies were squeezed. She noticed how her chains were pulled free of Rina's lances despite her stopping the spell, and the iron poles clanged as they hit the concrete edges of the stadium. More minions from Soth's domain were also summoned, one last wave of horrible, snarling maws and claws that moved to protect Annabelle, literally leaping in front of Amaryllis' sword. To her concern, she realized it was not of her own will but that of Soth, twisting her mind to cast the spells; it seemed the Horror desired for a more direct involvement with the battle to ensure he would win, or at the very least keep what he had collected thus far. Or, the Horror was disappointed with Annabelle losing her will to persevere, and decided to show by example what needed to be done.

In a surprising twist, a bunch of strange girls appeared, seemingly taking Annabelle's side, like bizarre guardian angels, and it seemed the Horror girl had her chance to escape. Unfortunately, the group now found themselves crossing paths with Silhouette. Having powered up from the use of a Chloe Crystal, further corrupting the dark magical girl to something more powerful, she had become unstable. Silhouette was no longer fully in control, her instinct for murder having suppressed her rational thinking. As a result, she immediately slashed with full might at the closest girl she could find in that moment with a wicked grin before she could process the action in her mind; by mere chance, the girl was Shona.

It was only then that the other Beacon squad showed up at the stadium; it was lead by Sally, with Aurelio and Penny following her. "Finally we managed to get here!" Sally puffed her cheeks, clearly looking annoyed, before her eyes widened at the sight. "It's anarchy in here We need to lay our chips on this table!"
And with that Sally leapt down, and in Max Payne fashion, began spreading four-leaf-clover-shaped projectiles from her Shamrock Shooters. She destroyed Annabelle's Minions in droves, constantly hitting their weak spots or making them collide into each other in lucky streaks.

Helga grit her teeth as she struck the icy shield, blowing through it in a single swing. But, the freezing dust that afterwards scattered caught her offguard, and she used another blast of Sound magic to launch perpendicular to Victoria, landing on a nearby wall with a slowed descent by using her claws to dig into the wall. "Ugh, so a cold girl...I knew a cold girl once. Hated Batman Forever a lot. Must have been because of Schawrzenegger." Helga's teeth chattered as she spoke, the icy effect visible on her body. When Victoria charged in with her twin swords, Helga rapidly climbed up the wall, flipping up with a defensive kick to parry her blow as she hit the rooftop, diminishing the damage to a single slash. She dropped to the rooftop on one knee. "Anyway, I know your weakness!" She opened her palms, and hummed in a low voice. "Ever heard of Resonance? It's the frequency where any solid material vibrates. If it's hardy, like ice, it cracks, like this! Breaker Song!" As she shouted, she blasted a great sound wave from her palms at Victoria that resonated with all her ice, causing it to explode in spectacular fashion and knocking her down, causing her to fall down to street level.

Mika's tiger tackle sent bones flying in every direction, the spooky skeletons clearly not the most resilient of opponents as their pieces scattered. However, their true power lied in their regenerative properties, able to build themselves back up like Lego blocks with the minimum amount of magic power. However, not every skeleton returned to skeletal forms; some combined with the nearby materials such as bicycles, benches, and even each other, turning into wheel skeletons that spun around at quick speeds, or sturdy shield skeletons with wide, blocky bodies. The wheel skeletons now chased after Mika, and tackled against her sides with wheels fitted with sharp bone spikes, wounding her tiger form. As they did so, the other skeletons began forming a circle around the Beast magical girl, trying to cut off her escape. Mika had to struggle as skeletons lumbered from every direction, constantly coming back for more. But then, Mika noticed how some skeletons seemed to stop, and some even collapsed spontaneously, as if struck by an invisible foe. Who could it be, and were they her ally?

Lily looked a bit nervous as she showed up at the front of the school she had decided to attend; Penrose Technical. One of the most prestigious schools in the city, it offered great courses for various professions, while keeping to a very practical level of academic interest. She had already signed up to the school online, and simply had to check in with the principal and the student help center to get ready to attend as a transfer student.
"I did promise Alex I'd make friends...But how does one make friends in the first place?"
She muttered to herself. "It's been a long time since I did this...Ok, maybe the cheerleading squad? I'm now physically fit for that..."
As she gauged her options, she saw a girl approach her, and quickly tucked her schoolbag before her, as if that shielded her from the comments of mean girls. "Uh, Hi!" She greeted with a trembling smile, and blushed at the compliment she was given on her appearance. "Th-thanks. I'm glad somebody noticed, heh. You also look good. I like the Japanese style of uniform a lot." Once again, she blurted out something weird, and her smile kept turning more awkward.
"I-I'm Lily Hanson. I'm going to attend B6, taught by Andrew Morrison." She took her map out. "Are you also going to the gym? They're holding an introductory event there. Would you mind if I tagged along with you?"
"Oh, hi Tim. Be nice to Bob, okay? Ehe~" Lily greeted the weasel, glad that she didn't have to force her entire smile. She finished up her breakfast and walked back to her room, speaking from beyond the door as she dressed.
"Yeah, it might be rough...But I still want to try. Besides, maybe I'll learn something too. I mean, you wouldn't want an airhead as a girlfriend, right?" Before Alex could answer, she stepped out, already wearing her uniform, a school bag swinging behind her as she made a twirl.
"How do I look? I put the blazer on correctly, right?" She asked, and made one final check at the mirror.
"Anyway, I'll be going on. I shouldn't be gone for more than a couple of hours. Call me if anything comes up. See ya later, Alex!" And with that, Lily left. Alex now had the choice of staying inside, going outside to check out the nearby commotion he was hearing, or check the news.

Sylvia nodded at Alicia's question, and magically zoomed in on the image. She then swept her hand over it, and the image turned into an X-ray, revealing white human shapes inside the cathedral.
"There was a Christian congregation when the witches appeared; about fifty in number are trapped inside. The monsters don't seem willing to enter the building, so they seem to be safe for the moment. However, I'm afraid the situation might escalate if they start to panic and try to escape. Everyone else had fled the perimeter."
She glared at Summer, who seemed to not pay any attention until Alicia flashed her thumb at the girl, causing her to startle. She glanced over to see that Penny arrived. "This is no time for fooling around! Get going now, you can explain the situation to the others on your way! May Beacon's light guide your way!"

The baseball stadium, once loud with the cheers of an energetic audience, were silenced into confusion by the creatures that had taken shape there; humanoid shapes formed out of strips of cloth, with desiccated human corpses peeking beneath. The human audience booed at first at the shambling creatures, thinking it was a poor scare prank by the local university. The monsters seemed confused themselves, wandering in circles and bumping into walls. But then, something far more horrible appeared; monsters of maddening morphology manifested, tearing into both the monsters and players alike, soon followed by the screaming audience who found themselves surrounded by dread at every turn.
Most humans resisted, swinging with their bats or trying to kick them away, but it was no use against the hungry and violent mass of teeth and tendrils.

The mummies proved to be far more capable: they seemed to not only match each minion in strength, but overcame them, controlling their bandages and linen cloths like whips that tore into their enemies, or wrapped around them and crushed them to bits. And whenever one would be pinned, it would groan, casting a potent curse that turned the closest minion to mere dust, or be consumed by scarabs that ate it from the inside. It was a proxy war, two mindless sides duking it out in near-silence, with the mummies winning 3-to-1.
It wasn't until Annabelle herself showed up that the tide seemed to turn; using her magic, the captured prisoners were carried by black bonds, dragged away and stuffed into portals she had prepared in far off buildings by runner minions. The mummies groaned and cursed the minions near them, but it did little to deter their slow transportation. It would have been an impressive sight for a mere bystander, but they were too busy running for their lives.

When Amaryllis dashed into the scene and attacked Annabelle's forces, the imprisoned mummies attacked; they launched bandages at both her and the Horror girl, attempting to bind them. However, Katarina arrived and shot at the mummies, and the remaining minions threw themselves in front of Annabelle, becoming bound in her place.
As a result of Katarina's attack, they were launched back by the projectile, nailing them to the stadium walls. They writhed in place, still in one piece, but were unable to remove themselves, resulting in them resorting to cursing anything near them. It also meant that Annabelle had to exert far more power into her chains to pull the lances out of the wall, or risk releasing the mummies for recapture if she wanted to bring the rest of the captured mummies.

Helga felt tense at the hostility the newcomer showed, and bared her teeth out of an old habit. "Who cares? Are you gonna just twiddle your thumbs or-" She jumped back when the girl summoned her weapon, and introduced herself as Victoria. She bared her own claws, hopping in place as she tried to mimic Su's Kung Fu stance in an attempt to intimidate her. Her eyes flashed to the direction of the other voice, and she squinted at the cybernetic cloak girl. "Oh, now you're even cramping on my style!" She hissed, and grit her teeth as she listened to Su. "Fine, Su! Make her pay for plagiarizing me, ok?" She then crouched down, and her metallic twintails made a mechanical sound, locking into place with steam escaping from slits on the side, not unlike a mecha. She looked up from her bowed head, smirking with her sharp teeth. "My name's Helga! Remember it well, cause it's time I show my new improvements!" And with that, she suddenly thrust her arms behind her, opened her palms, and blasted with her sound cannons as she jumped, launching her to strike at Victoria. While this was going on, the skeletons continued their slow, disorganized march; it seemed they were heading in the direction of the central park.

At the cathedral, devout Christians cowered in fear, clutching at their rosaries and hymnals, trying to use the wide benches as cover from the sickly green witches in pointy hats who zoomed around the tower on their gnarled broomsticks, their warty faces full of malice. "Heehehehee!" Their laughter carried in the wind. Eliza saw that there were twelve of them in total when she arrived; a group of four flew around the bell tower, three hovered next to the building, and the rest were scattered as they pleased. When she got their attention, the two hovering cackled in return, seemingly not alarmed by the girl's presence. "Ah, our thirteenth witch has arrived!" "Now we can have a coven, heheee!" The witches cackled, and drew out their black magic wands. "We're turning this into a gingerbread house! Then we can eat all the children who come here!" "Wonderful idea, Gretchen! Hehee!"

The witchy fun was cut short as Eliza quickly betrayed her intentions, and loudly announced her intentions to murder everyone. "She's not one of us!" One screeched, and was shot down by light spears, hitting the grass in a comical thwack; the civilians inside saw that she melted into green goo, leaving her black clothes behind. The other witches avoided the spears with deft aerial dodging, like riding miniature airplanes, and hid behind the church to avoid the bullets that followed; they blew circular holes on the roof of the building, exposing the civilians. "Aaaahh! They're destroying our sanctuary!" They screamed from below. "I'll cast a hex on you!" One of the witches screeched. "Hocus Pocus!" She aimed her wand, and a purple blast shot out of her wand, followed by many others of different colors from the other witches as they re-emerged, flanking her from groups of seven and five. They weren't the most difficult of projectiles to avoid, but the witches were far more mobile than she was, and in a moment's notice could box her in.
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