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I'm not sure if I've asked this before, but how many of you would be interested in a dedicated Discord channel? I had one made for my other RP after the site shut down for several days. It went over well there, so I think it would be a good idea here too.
The police at the scene had bewildered faces as they huddled behind their cars, their guns still aimed at the strange vehicle and the armed girls on and around it; the magic normally protecting their presence among regular people made the police second-guess themselves, resulting in their delay. However, the sheer amount of physical evidence in the form of the Earth Bastion was enough for the enchantment to fail. "What the hell are these kids doing?" They could hear them speak in a low voice. "I don't see no camera crew." "I think Clancy mentioned about something strange happening recently. Maybe this is related." The unnatural response from the girls as they stared at the men was enough to cause them to become unnerved; they were clearly not prepared to handle something this weird. "Didn't you hear? Drop your weapons or we'll open fire!"

Libby Bibby nodded furiously, her head vibrating in comical effect as Eli explained their objective. "Roger Dodger!" She happily responded, and stuck her tongue out in a playful expression as she saluted with a lifted foot. She then followed Eli back to the ship, and gasped with hands on her cheeks at the sight of the police. "Stranger danger! Bad dads ain't rad to dab!" She then grinned as Eli spoke to the cops, giggling at her joke. "AAAHHH! MONSTER!" One of them cried, and shot at the slimy harpy. The bullet passed through her gelatinous body without leaving any injuries, but the shock of the impact caused noticeable pain due to her otherwise frail vitality; it was equal to being smacked with a nailboard to the chest in her human form.

Then Earth Bastion began suddenly moving, causing the police to jump. "They're trying to escape! We need backup!" One of them called on their walkie-talkie, and the police ran to the sides of the street, trying to circle the spinning vehicle. "Uh Oh Spaghettio!" Libby shouted as she also held on to the railing, flailing comically like a flag. Helga arrived at the bridge of the ship, and attempted to help the pirate girl. "Get ready, Amber! Mariette's gonna open a portal, and you need to drive through it!"

Sorry about being away; there's been more work for me recently. I promise I'll get a new post up in the following days.
Thanks for the symbols, @Mr Rage. These will come in handy.
@Ariamis Here's what I've got for Paladin's new toy.

Secondary System: Phalanx Barrier System- The PBS is the first Martian made energy shield small enough to be placed in a Werks. This upgrade to Paladin's Legion shield allows him to generate an energy barrier over the sides, the top, and front of his shield. Helping to shield from flanking maneuvers and barrages from above. The Phalanx system also reinforces the already impressive power of the Legion shield making Paladin into a mobile fortress even Cruxi can't crack without focusing everything on it.

The last sentence is a bit excessive, so if you change that into a more neutral description then it's fine.

@Evil Snowman
Sometimes promotions aren't easy. Good news is, someone can be appointed as the secondary commander.
If you want to.
Is anyone planning to make a post? I was thinking of making a new post this weekend.
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