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Black Star was the first to act, and charged into the frontlines. Plasma worth two entire CWM squads was fired upon him from north and northeast but Ojo's Orbital Deflector scattered the like an umbrella, green lines rapidly spinning around the Framewerk, drawing much attention from the Cruxi Beast down the line. The Thermal Scythe was swung in deadly motion, and pierced the hard shell of the muscled monster. However, Zim had to stop Black Star and reverse his charge; the blade of the scythe had embedded itself in the creature's throat, prevented from cutting through by the beast's arm clutching the shaft of the weapon. It gurgled and vomited orange blood on the scythe's shaft, refusing to let go of the weapon. The other Cruxi Beasts in the east saw this, and began moving in, intelligent enough to recognize Zim's moment of weakness. At that moment, Black Star pressed its palm against the Beast's wound, and unleashed the Wave Surger at point-blank range: the blazing beam punched right through and incinerated the monster from the inside, freeing his Thermal Scythe in the process.

Using Yeager's advanced acceleration systems, Roger was able to slow down the Frame's descent to the point that he only needed to make a single roll to fully recover from the impact, landing at the same relative velocity as a paratrooper. As he turned, he saw how Black Star's Wave Surger missed the second Cruxi Beast, who leaped into the air with bulging, glowing muscles to dodge the sweep. However, this left it easy pickings for Roger, who proceeded to unleash a storm of kinetic bullets into the organic monster's flesh, and it quickly dropped from losing momentum, wounded from numerous holes in it. The Wave Surger then hit the second Beast with a glancing hit sending the monster to fall with an earth-shaking hit before Ojo, causing the Frame to feel the shockwave hitting the Star Gazer's ring and nearly making the Frame fall backwards.

The third Beast lifted it's front arms, and used the heavily shielded appendages to absorb the worst of the blast, causing it to wallowing in pain as it's front was charred black; red veins bulged horribly around the monster, it's face now red as it roared loudly. With a well-aimed shot, Black Star saved itself from being mauled apart. And in turn, he drew the attention of the eastern Cruxi Turtle, who charged a shot, and fired.
Luckily for Zim, he had a guardian angel; Elizabeth was prepared for a possible attack from the cantankerous cannons, and activated Ojo's Star Gazer; a radiant light bloomed from the great circle on Ojo's back like the rising sun, and using its gravitonic power attempted to bend the Flux Vaporizer shot. The deflection was a success; the purple energy arrow was downed at I6, causing an explosion that created a crater on the square. The crater was deep enough for a mech to take cover in by crouching.

Redeemer joined Black Star in the assault at the eastern front, the Haathan shields already shining around the imposing Framewerk. With the Laser Repeater in tow, Valéria prepared for assault, and managed to react in time to a surprise attack; the third Cruxi Beast in the east had pounced with a great cry, careening through the air at fast speeds in an attempt to slam it's over-sized fists on top of Redeemer, using the planet's high gravity to its advantage. However, the pilot's high Synchro Rate allowed her to overcome the gravity, and lift the Repeater; a rain of red beams shot up into the sky to intercept the Beast. It was hit in the center of mass, having left itself open, and the Beast fell down dead, smoke coming out of its blackened chest.

Weissritter took combat position in expert fashion, hunkering down for maximum accuracy with the Neo Rifle steadied and aimed, ready for overwatch. "REC-1 reporting, got it!" Elise's voice sounded in the pilot's comms, and soon a small video feed was added to the HUD's corner; it showed the drone's POV as it flew above the battlefield, zooming towards Paladin and Caretaker. "I'll leave REC-2 with you as a spotter. Sending in location data!" And just as she got the words out, targeting reticules appeared on the display, followed by predicted shot trajectories. Jake saw that a Cruxi Turtle in the west was charging for a shot, and using Elise's assistance, succeeded in taking the shot. It hit the Turtle's energy shield, but due to being an energy shot, it overloaded the shield generator, causing it to create a small explosion on the Turtle's middle, where it's weapon systems were bursting out. As a result, the Turtle missed with it's Flux Vaporizer shot, and hit D8, creating another crater. Some small bio-mechanical appendages sprouted out of it's interior, like tentacles with delicate claws; they extended from below the Turtle's shell, and reached into the middle, doing something to itself. Two CWM squads then retreated, as if attempting to cover the Turtle.

Caretaker maneuvered behind the nearest piece of solid terrain she could find, which turned out to be a warehouse of sorts, granting the Framewerk partial cover; enough to take a few rounds of plasma that may be shot her way, but not much more. Fortunately, she was covered by Paladin, but unfortunately, he had not taken the fall well, and struggled to assume defensive positions. "Ariin!" Both Ariin and Katya could hear Elise's voice in the comms, and a moment later she opened a video feed of herself in a small corner of the HUD; it showed REC-1 floating above the battlefield, providing an eye in the sky. "I know it's a pain, but listen! Set up a wall just north of your position, in these coordinates." She projected an area in the Paladin's HUD with a green highlight, having scouted the perfect spot using her drones. "If you can't get it up in time, that northern cannon's gonna mess you up worse! I'll make a scan of Paladin's status, and relay that to you, Katya, so that Caretaker gets to work faster. Just hang in there!"

With Squad Sigma's intelligence specialist having given the groundwork by sending in data, Paladin got to work; Legion's mighty walls carved into the solid foundation of Fortress' surface, having seemingly blended in as another fortification among countless others. "Beasts on your left!" Elise called out, and added calculations to Paladin's aim matrix. With her aid, Pompey successfully landed on two separate volleys, with great success; Paladin instantly killed one Beast with a solid headshot, cracking the thick skull of the monster like a chestnut. The other one was less fatal, knocking one back with a shot that glanced from its tough shoulder and back, having braced like a rugby player on the move. But then, an emerald blaze pierced the Beast on the uncovered side, and it collapsed on the spot, burning with green fire from the inside. Ariin could thank Krista and her bug-like Hou-Yi, who once again joined Paladin in a deadly duo of demolition.

Unlike the humanoid Framewerks, Hou-Yi was only slightly affected by the increased gravity of Fortress thanks to it's balanced design and horizontally spread mass. As a result, she had no trouble adjusting to the adverse conditions and delivering some pain. Like a team of veterans, Caretaker covered the two heavy-hitters, letting loose with the Marker Light on combat mode, neon blue streaks flying at at an approaching CWM squad; they quickly retreated into cover. They took pot shots at Paladin, causing the plasma to glance off Legion, but in turn making a counterattack less reliable.

Uncharacteristically for the Cruxi, the two Cruxi War Machines on either side of Tayna did not immediately shoot at the Frame the first second it crushed one of their own under it's feet, allowing Anastasia to glow and create a strange scene, if only for a few seconds. It was possible that they were taken by surprise, but common knowledge dictated that Cruxi were difficult to surprise due to their assumed hive-mind. The other possibility, and one that Ritsu had to consider as she saw the footage from Tayna's POV, was that the Cruxi seemed to confuse Tayna with one of their own. "Anastasia...What are you?" She mumbled, a drop of sweat running down her forehead.

Anastasia took her chance while the Cruxi were distracted, and managed to latch on to both mechs with Tayna's powered arms; the Cruxi did not expect this, and they flailed as they were lifted into the air. And then, in a bombastic move, Tayna spun like an Olympic disc thrower, glowing with power, and threw the mechs as hard as she could, sending them flying through the air. The other Cruxi squad attempted to open fire on Tayna, but they also hesitated, their view blocked by allies being sent their way, clearly not understanding the logic behind the move. With that weakness fully taken advantage of, Ana succeeded with her combination attack; the Neo Angel took aim, and with a single shot of the L.S. Rifle, hit both of the flying CWMs. just as they were about to hit the other squad. As they were destroyed, the CWM self-destruct mechanism activated, and with two of them exploding simultaneously, the other squad was blown to pieces, leaving only a single CWM heavily damaged, covered in the rubble of its two other companions.

The CWM at the west had taken major casualties, and retreated back to defend the Turtle. The Cruxi Beast at B8 pounced on Tayna, slamming it's hard fists on top of the Framewerk just as the mech's Phase Shift ended, causing heavy damage to the Frame and cracking it's outer plates. The Beast grappled Tayna's arms, about to crush them-


Suddenly, the Beast gurgled, and vomited orange blood over Tayna's chassis, it's grip having loosened. It then dropped off, revealing Sköll behind it; with a calculated stab, it pierced the monster with MORS, and then decapitated the creature, spraying more of the icky orange goop onto itself. It turned out to be Irina's voice that Ana heard in her comms.
"Focus! We got work to do, freak!" Sköll sheathed the blade, and took out GAR, readying it for use.

The eastern front grew bolder with Cruxi Squads coming in and engaging Black Star; while the closer squads had little luck piercing Ojo's drone, the farther ones adding in to the energy managed to overload the drone's generator, causing the field to go online and damaging Black Star in a minor way; it's chest and shoulder wer hit by stray blasts, familiar chars once again forming on the appropriately colored Framewerk. The CWMS relocated to more cover in the vicinity, about to once again fire on what they deemed to be the priority threat.

Suddenly, a loud explosion could be heard in the distance, and squad Sigma saw a Framewerk crashing near one of the Cruxi Turtles on H2; it resembled a ninja, with a red sword attached to it's arm, and blue lines that glowed from the head part. It's pilot, Deitrich 'Deiter' Wagner, had fought with another battalion, but a hard blow from an unknown Cruxi had sent it flying far. As a result of the crash, Krieg had suffered moderate damage to its back, left arm and back of the left foot; they were functioning at 70% of maximum potential. The eastern Cruxi Turtle responded to the sudden proximity of an enemy unit by tucking it's limbs inside it's shell, and activating twin Plasma gatlings.

Dietrich felt something disturbing, as if he was overcome by a feeling of pride. Without him giving the command, Krieg rolled to the side to dodge the plasma, and in a single flowing move, jumped to I2, taking cover behind the Turtle to avoid the fire of nearby CWM squads, who prioritized the Turtle's safety over their own; the squad proceeded to close in on Krieg, turning their backs to Black Star and Redeemer. The two Frames REC-3 zooming out towards the newcomer. "Come in, Framewerk!" Dieter heard a young girl's voice, which had forcibly entered into his comms channel. "I don't know who your commanding officer is, but right now I'm taking over!" A video feed opened in the corner showing what looked like a 10-year-old redhead with an eyepatch and a beret. "Take defensive measures, and try to reach those two units over there!" She added an arrow to the HUD, and highlighted the two Framewerks on the opposite side of the battlefield. "We have an extraction ready in the south, get to it!"

Can't get better than a monkey with blinged out blaster rings.
Kingdom Hearts Thre-wait, too late.

Thoughts on KH3?

Are the tired to death disney story telling tropes still considered 'charming' by people approaching their 30s?

I've played the series ever since the original released, and it's still nostalgic for me. Sure, there's more plot and references I don't get, but that's not something I hold back against the series. KH3's some goofy (pun intended) fun.
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Hello, could this post be deleted? Thanks in advance.
I am happy with how the RP's doing right now, but I can make my announcements here as well.
Lily noticed how Alex continued walking away, and sank down to her seat with a look of confusion.
It looks like he was in a fight. Did something happen? She thought to herself, and bit her lower lip.
I hope it's not because of me. He said it's fine, but...
Her attention snapped back to the rocker twins who agreed with her offer, and she smiled cuter than a hundred chihuahuas combined.
"All right! Thanks a ton!" She answered, and nodded rapidly.
"Yeah, okay! Let's do all those things, and more! Bye-bii~!"

She waved one last time, and off she went, back to Alex' pad. She did not even look back as she hopped and skipped her merry way, happy as can be.
I made friends! Mission success!
When she returned back to the apartment, she saw Alex hanging out in the living room, and came behind the sofa; she loomed over him, her head upside down from his perspective as she smiled at him.
"Hi Alex! Did you see the new friends I made? They're a pair of super-fun music-loving girls!" She threw her hands in the air, which ended up as them throwing them downwards in a silly fashion, before she bounced back up to a standing position.
"And I had so much fun with them today! In fact, school was also fun! So, how was your day?" She asked, less enthusiastic about her question, since she expected the answer to not be positive based on his attitude.

Helga stretched her fingers, letting her claws clink against each other. "Aah! Now that was some good exercise!" She commented, having finished pulverizing the undead horde. She grabbed one of the loose bones from the ground and twirled it on the tip of her claw like a basketball. "But where did these come from? Those other girls didn't do it so, who did?" She put her palm to her chin as she watched Lupa perform some poses, like a living mannequin. "Hey, what's up with you?" She pushed her knuckles against her chest, but there was no response from the amnesiac wolfgirl. "Huh. That's weird. At least she's alive, so let's get going; I'm sure we can fix her. I mean, I got fixed from being a pile of ash, so anything's possible." With that, she took Mika's hand, and began walking her away like a big sister, a goofy smile on her toothy face.

"Hello! I'm Sally Shamrock!" She greeted the twins with a smile, though it turned into a pout when she considered their words. She was honestly saddened to hear about the circumstances that led to the twins brainwashing her compatriots. If this was back during old Beacon's reign, she wouldn't have thought twice about eliminating them. However, she genuinely pitied them, and wanted to give them a chance. She first glanced at Aurelio, and nodded at him before she began speaking. "I know it's not much, but I want to apologize on behalf of Beacon for your poor treatment. It hasn't been until recently that we have had a very one-noted policy regarding your kind. And even now, we're still working out some kinks." She then took a step forward with a big smile, seemingly oblivious to the tension. "I would love a sleepover. We could watch a movie, do each other's makeover, have a pillow fight...Anything you'd like. Because that's what friends do."

She clasped her hands together. "Now I understand...You didn't brainwash these girls because you were bad....It's because you were lonely. It might be hard to believe, but there was a time when I didn't have any friends. I was born in a war-torn country, where it was normal to see kids play with assault rifles and grenades like they were any old regular toys. Back then, I thought I was truly alone. But when I joined up with Beacon, I suddenly had a lot of friends. But, I won't pity you; you have made it this far without any help, and that is truly commendable." She curtsied, and then rose up. "I would like to be friends with you. Then you won't be alone anymore. How about it?"
After that, she waited with a smile for what the two would say.

Regina's eyes darted between Aurelio and Sally, changing her focus any time one of them spoke. "You want to be friends now?" Regina lifted a finger to her chin. "Interesting. You seem sincere with your request." She lowered her hand to her side. "but I don't want to just be your friend, I want to be your very best friend."

"Beyond friends!" Elroy bear hugged Sally. "Like, bestest buddies!"

Regina strut towards Sally. "So just let me place myself at the center of your mind, will you?" A black, nebulous energy coated Regina's arm as she moved closer towards the beacon captain.

Aurelio would return Sally's nod and take a step back, tucking his cane under his arm as he did, to let the lucky girl try her hand and a non-violent solution to this scenario, but that wasn't to say he was just going to stand around doing nothing. The moment that everyone's attention was diverted away from him he started to weave together the spare bits of emotion he had in to more substantial ones as well as prepare his Wonder for use.

Yet it seemed like his prep time was gone before he knew it as the mass of magic swirling around Regina’s arm just screamed ominous "Now now," Aurelio would say as he strode forward to match the monster girl "No need for the hocus pocus, it tends to lead to poor friendships" while he was still smiling there was a resigned look to it.

Sally yelped as Elroy caught her in his strong arms, blushing with wide eyes at how close the handsome boy was. A large sweat drop formed on her forehead as Regina came closer, and she gave an awkward giggle. "Oh! Well, I appreciate the courtesy, really do, but you could do without the mindwashing...Uh..." She grit her teeth as Aurelio stepped forward, afraid that he's going to get hurt. "Aurelio!" The Beacon buddies closed around the two, and Sally gulped. "Oh geez...Looks like I got snake eyes on this table." Regina came closer and closer, her arm outstretched towards Sally, about to touch her...


Suddenly, Regina collapsed, as if her feet had lost all their strength, and her head turned heavy as lead, causing her to fall chest first down to her knees. She saw how the ground around her was also pushed down, and realized it was the work of gravity magic. However, the most frightening part was that the magic was too powerful to only come from a single source; she was simultaneously affected by two separate magical girls, and was completely immobilized, her boobs as heavy as sandbags. At the same moment, an arrow struck Elroy's back, causing him to release Sally from the pain; she used the opportunity to leap high into the air, and out of the ring of Beacon Buddies.

Aurelio looked up, and saw who were their rescuers: a pair of ghostly twins floated at about five to seven meters in elevation, and about ten meters behind Regina. The twins were close together, with one's hand resting on the other's shoulder forming a mana link between the two of them, both of them holding weapons.
"What a sad and pathetic girl, having to surround herself with relations based on lies," the twin in turquoise-blue clothes holding a bow spoke with a confident and charismatic voice as she turned towards the other one wearing violet-red, her eyes like blue twinkles in the night sky. She held a bow in her arms which was pitch black in color, with a golden engraving on the handle. as well as a complex and archaic engraving of a lidless eye that peeked out from beneath her fingers. At first glance, there didn't seem to be a string attached, but a careful eye could spot what, seems to be an almost-invisible bend in space, stretched by two elegant fingers.
"Yes." The other girl spoke much more softly; in fact, it was so soft it could be hardly heard over the Beacon Buddies' screams of surprise and shock.
"Let's unveil their facade, and break this abuse of mental might, Tourner." This one held a pitch black staff, longer than her height and seemingly made of obsidian. It was tipped with three concentric rings, seemingly unconnected to it and yet following its every movement as if joined by unseen force. These rings rotated around one another in a continuous pattern, circling a pitch black orb in their center of it, now glowing with a pulsing aura of violet and turquoise.

Tourner nodded. "You got it, Tuer." She pointed towards Sally and Aurelio."Warriors of Beacon, shall you join us in our fight against these mind-stealers?" Sally blinked, not having expected the situation, but after she glanced at Aurelio, she nodded at him again with a smile. She summoned her Shamrock Shooters, and pulled off a cool cross-armed pose.
"This is sudden, but fine! Now I can save my friends from these needy freaks!" She then focused on Abigail, and shot out a burst of shamrock-shaped bullets at her, running backwards as she did so, aiming to disable rather than kill. While this happened, Tourner already shot another arrow, having aimed it towards Elroy.

Sally's bullets ripped through Abigail's legs, forcing her to fall to her knees. ”Wahhh!? I thought we were friends!” She cried.

Elroy didn't have much luck deflecting arrows with his shield. Not only did they fly at unpredictable angles, but he had just taken a direct hit from Penny's cannon. Shona didn't have nearly enough time to heal all of his wounds. As a result, he wasn't feeling all that mobile, or resilient. "Once you get done turning me into a porcupine, I'm going to curl up into a ball and roll all over you!" Elroy sunk lower to the ground, unable to support himself with his shield.

Shona did her best to protect Elroy from the incoming arrows, but her untreated wounds were visibly slowing her down. There was only so much she could do. ”I believe you meant hedgehog.”

A monstrous Tonya tried to save Regina, but the immense gravity was making it difficult to walk. She would get there, but it would be too late.

Divina picked this exact time to leave the confines of her dimensional home. ”Okay guys so- What did I walk into!?!?!”

All the while, Regina's frail body was at the mercy of crushing gravity. She hugged herself as the gravity slowly forced her shoulders to the ground. "This magic, I remember it..." She grit her teeth. "...The fact that they were in hiding this entire time..." The blood rushing to her head was making her eyes bloodshot. "...Watching, waiting for me to present a moment of weakness..." Blood rolled down the corner of Regina's mouth as she spoke. "...I find it... disgusting..."

Regina and Elroy's aura's immediately fired off, overlapping each other in red light. This caused the beacon buddies to power up. Tonya did not struggle as much with the gravity field, and Abigail even found the strength to stand up despite her wounds. Though what caught everyone's attention was that Regina the monster girl was no longer present. In a puff of red smoke, she had been replaced by Regina the wingless dragon monster. While it was still struggling under the magic that it was being subjected to, it had just enough strength to look up at her would-be assassins. The Regina opened her mouth and filled the sky with black smoke. It looked like a volcano was erupting from the dragons mouth. While the smoke obstructed everyone's view from the sky, anyone caught in the blast would be stricken with crippling pain. Since the ghost twins were the only ones in the sky, and there was nothing to impede Regina's attack, it likely rolled right towards them. Regardless if she hit or not, Regina wasn't under the effects of the gravity anymore. She stood up taller as she continued to fill the air with more and more smoke. This didn't seem to serve much of a purpose at first, but the smoke was so thick it didn't let any light through. In a matter of seconds, everything was shrouded in darkness. No one could see, but the sound of combat was still erupting all around.

"It must suck, not being able to see and stuff." Elroy chuckled.

But Aurelio had another sort of vision that most others didn't possess. He could feel the emotions of those around him. And right now he could feel something exuding pure hatred right behind him. The monster might have been fast, or perhaps in such darkness it was simply able to shadow step behind him. But there was no doubt that this was Regina. She was close, and she was watching him. And then it just vanished. Not just the hatred, but many of the other emotions as well. As time passed, the smog cleared up, and Aurelio could see that the Bates and their squadron of brainwashed Beacon girls were no longer present. It wasn't clear if they had all shifted out of the overcity, entered Divina's interdenominational home, or had simply been vanquished by the mysterious ghost twins. But one thing was certain. A mighty stroke of luck had saved them from certain disaster.

In the chaos of the lucky turn about, there wasn't much that Aurelio could do. He would weave in a few of his own bolts of magic at the Bates, aiming more for Regina then Elroy, but other wise he stayed back and waited. The reason he was waiting was simple, he was expecting a desprate counter attack to be coming and he planned to be ready for it.

When Ragina and Elroy's aura flared, Aurelio knew it was time to act and due to his earlier preperation he was ready. "Showtime!" he called out spinning in cane infront of him in the same moment there was a flash of Blue and Gray as two clones appeared behind him.

Blue took off towards his ghostly allies the moment he saw that they were the target of Regina's attack. A shimering blue wall would spring to life to try and block the caustic smog.

Gray would leap stright at the brainwashed Beacon members, seeking to tag each of them as many times as he could. Each time he did there would be small grinning mask where he touched that would dissapear a moment later. In the confusion the Trickster Tag that was on Abigail would quietly vanish from sight as well.

Before Aurelio could pull of his final trick however the thick smoke screen would steal his sight. That wouldn't matter for long however as the pure hate being directed at him gave him a rather good idea where his target was. turning he would give the monstergirl a dramatic bow. Mid-bow he would snap his fingers and the ground would erupt with twisted yellow chains all seeking to ensnare Regina, but, he was a moment too late as before the chains could acomplish anything, his foes vanished.

The ghost twins were shocked to see Regina's transformation, and attempted to exert even morep ressure with their gravity magic.
"Tuer! Watch out!" Tourner ended up shouting out, and pushed Tuer as the black smoke was blasted in their wake. They ended up releasing the spell and faling back as the viscous haze began spreading in their direction: as ethereal beings, they were more vulnerable to air-based attacks than the average monster girl; since it affects the entire space they occupy. Even Sally had to brace, coughing as the smoke enveloped her. "You dirty cowards!"

The magician would wait, ready and alert till the smog cleared and it was obvious that the battle was over, this time at any rate. Before he would sigh and turn towards Sally "That was a bit close for comfort." Before waving to the ghostly twins and calling out "Thanks for the rescue! You two doing alright?"

Sally sighed, her shoulders low and her ribbon tails drooping down like a sad bunny's. "Yeah. That girl was a bona-fide yandere if I've ever seen one." In response to the likely reaction Aurelio would have had, she quickly added: "A crazy girl, I mean."
The twins looked around, and then floated down to ground level, their feet barely reaching the checkered squares.
"We're doing fine, thanks for asking!" Tourner responded with a cute smile, and floated closer to the dapper young man.
"You have some cool powers, warrior of Beacon. I like the different-colors to your spells."
Tuer kept quiet next to Tourner, simply observing the scene that was happening with a neutral expression.
"Oh, don't mind Tuer; she's a bit shy."
Sally nodded with a big smile, and walked up to the twins. "Hi there! I sure was lucky that you two came to help!" She attempted to take Tourner's hand, but it slipped right through, causing her face to turn blue from shock.
"Whoops, that's not going to happen. We don't do well with physical stuff, know what I'm saying?"
Sally pouted. "Oh, you're ghosts. Isn't that bad? You can't eat ice cream or feel the warmth of the sun..."
"It's fine," Tuer spoke up in a soft voice.
"But now...We..." She quietly mumbled the rest, and Tourner sighed in exasperation.
"What she tried to say is, now that we saved you, we will expect some recompense for it."
"Huh? What?" Sally asked with a blink of her eyes.
"You'll know...In time."

With those final words, Tuer took Tourner's hand. The two then began flying away, leaving Sally to scratch her head. "Huh...Well slap me silly and call me Sal-wait, that doesn't work. Anyway, those two are too mysterious not to be suspicious. We have to be careful around them, even if we owe them one."
And with that, she shifted the two of them back to Penrose. "Let's go grab some ice cream; I'm hungry."

Agreed, both to the ice-cream and the suspiciousness of them," Aurelio would stretch as he relaxed at finally being back in Penrose.
"Still, got a few useful things out of the encounters," He would go on thinking about the motes of Wonder and
Hate he had acquired, as they were some of the more powerful emotions that existed. "Plus I still have my magic tracking Abi so we might be able to launch a rescue op soon." He would explain seriously before shrugging off the seriousness and offering his arm to Sally.
"To ice-cream?"

"Yep! Let's go!" Sally took Aurelio's arm, and walked down the street, feeling like the luckiest girl in town. Little did she know that even then, she was watched...
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The witches spent no time waiting around for confirmation, and immediately fled, flying far into the sky. The priest looked up with eyes of surprise, and then at Alicia, having lowered himself into a praying position. "The guiding light of humanity...Thank you for enlightening this unworthy soul." He lowered his head to the ground, and then stood up. "O Angel of Mercy, I shall devote myself to spreading the word of Beacon. I will become your prophet, and serve you for as long as I draw breath." He made one last bow, and walked away, still whispering prayers of gratitude.

"Oh, don't be silly. I just wanted to show my gratitude. Don't get your hopes up too much." Sally giggled, relieved that despite the chaos and turmoil that just happened, her fellow comrades bounced right back into being their old selves again. She summoned her Beckoner, and asked her to report the results back to HQ, before she turned towards Abigail. "The Bates, huh? Well I am curious..." She muttered to herself, and looked at the clones around him. "Ok, me and Aurelio will come. I want to know what's going on with you girls. Besides, I'm on a winning streak after all, heh~" She took Abigail's hand, and gave one last request to the Beckoner. "I'll be going on a little recon with Abigail's girls. Alright, lead on!"

After the ceremony was held at the gym, Lily and the twins headed off to eat at the Pit Stop. Despite her initial fumbling with the two, she found herself having a lot of fun spending time with the two. "So then, he got a bunny rabbit as a pet! OMG, can you believe it? So I told him..." She was gossiping and giggling like a normal schoolgirl, something she had completely forgotten about doing in her previous life, and it was a refreshing experience. But then, she checked out the window, and saw Alex walking by. "Oh, I need to get back home. Um, want to change phone numbers? We could meet up again and do stuff again." Alex then happened to see her, and she waved with an awkward smile.

Helga ran over to Mika, and attempted to hug her, only to stop as she realized she looked like a spider. But then, she hugged her anyway, holding the abdomen and two of her eight legs. "Mika! What happened? Are you okay?" She then realized the remaining skeletons approached, and let go. "Hold still. This will only take a moment." As she went to smash the rest of the bony baddies, Lupa slowly stood up, her gaze vacantly watching Mika. "Who...Am I? Where? And...Who are you?" Mika then saw the white marbles shine, as if calling for her to pick them up.
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