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@Majoras End
Do you mean character slots? Every player may have two separately rolled characters with the exception of twins and allies.

If you meant player slots, then yeah, there's a spot open.
I'd say in 6-12 hours, depending on Serah.
That's unfortunate to hear. I hope to see you in other RPs.
@Mr Rage

I agree with these ideas. Have your character on board and witness their return, and we can go from there.
@Majoras End
If you're interested, Lily and Alex could run into your character.
You could have Serah wake up slowly in the medical ward, unless you want her to stay in a coma for a day or two.

Synchronization: 62%
Experience: 75%
@Evil Snowman
Sturdy enough to stay in one piece unless you throw it at full power.
@Ariamis So gotta ask what's the prcoudre for the stasis sphere drop off? Or does Katya leave it on to the4c0ed0p4rr000 week or leave it on the floor?-

Whoa, that some kind of code? She can leave it on the floor, drones will carry it away.
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