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I’d probably only take one or two more.

Something personal happened in recent days and may effect my consistency for a little while. So patient partners as I go through this. I’m finding myself losing my muse/zoning out and sleeping a lot lately. I still think this is a good distraction for me, but, keep that in mind.
My Rules in a Nutshell
1. I am not much of a ‘free’ player. Casual is my zone, really. I don’t have a word requirement. I just like thoughtful responses and characters. Maybe I’ll include a link to an example of my writing.

2. I am not on all the time. Even if I appear online, I might not be. I forget to log out on my phone all the time. Even if I am, I may be typing other responses. I answer everything in order of when I receive them. So if you’re impatient or need rapid fire responses, I may not be the partner for you. I work, go to school and all that jazz.

3. As far as characters, I usually include character sheets. Anime/Digital Art references preferred

4. Please communicate. Be open to plotting and contributing. Not just to the story but to the conversation. “Hey wanna RP Naruto?” Yes, yes I do. Hence, this thread. “Ok cool.” Okay... now what? Got any questions for me? Comments? Concerns? Ideas? Characters you want to share? I put all my thoughts here, tell me what you think.

5. I RP via PMs primarily. Contact me through there, I don’t check threads too often.

Currently, I’m looking for only one or two.

Apologies for any typos or if some ideas aren’t completely elaborated - I typed this on my phone. I’ll come back to revise and edit later!

Those are the basics! Let me know if you have any questions.


He is not a particularly honorable or trustworthy sort of guy. He is not above telling lies or going back on his word and giving insincere apologies. Even to his love interest, if he believes it is in their best interest.

Despite this, he is very accommodating and obedient most times. Given the command, he will usually do what he is told to (or stop doing what be is told not to).

Though, he is relatively predictable if one knows his goals and priorities. He appears to be pretty level headed and well put together, though he in fact has a tendency to overreact. Act first, ask questions later. Though he recollects himself very quickly. His goal is to protect the person her cares for. Whether his is initially assigned to protect them or does so of his own free will, his loyalty is true. He rarely trusts anyone other than his LI.

M!M, M!F
M!M preferred
Possible Pairing/Plot Options:
Demon Familiar!Human*
Sibling’s Friend!Sibling*

A seemingly kind and unassuming gentleman/woman. (S)He is mindful of his manners and carries himself with an air of respect. (S)He is very polite to most everyone (s)he meets and can be a bit of a doormat at times. (S)He likes to keep busy and help others, so it is easy for one to take advantage of him(her). At first glance, one would never think him(her) to be a vampire. After his(her) life was saved by a vampire, (s)he lost (her)his humanity but found new purpose and passion in life. (S)He has since committed his(her) life to the vampire that saved her. Whether it is helping him with errands, chores or protecting him from harm (real or perceived).

While (s)he is usually mild mannered, (s)he can snap at the drop of a hat and become extremely violent and possessive. (S)he favors his blood over all, though, as a full fledged vampire now, (s)he cannot survive on that alone. As she transitioned from human to vampire, she nearly starved the first time for refusal to feed on anyone else. Now, (s)he does feed on humans but would never feed on anyone in the presence of his/her love interest.

Since meeting, they developed an obsession with their love interest. Wanting their attention, praise and blood but would never cross any lines against them personally. However, there’s little they would not do if they feel threatened.

This character can be l either male or female. Preferably the latter. MxM, MxF

Potential Plots & Pairings

A shy, soft spoken character. She blends in with the crowds and has never been one to draw in much attention. She is a wallflower. With average grades. Few - if any - friends. No recreational activities. Someone easily passed in a hall, overlooked in the classroom or unnoticed when teams are chosen. She is observant and seems to know much about other’s personal lives. While she is not often seen, she herself sees a lot. After one kind gesture, she becomes obsessed with a classmate (High school, college, wizard school, Exorcist school, some sort of fantasy school, etc., we can discuss). She takes an interest in their personal lives. Friends. Family. Love interests. Hobbies. Address...

She watches them from a distance. Interfering with potential relationships. Slipping test answers into their locker when they forget to study. Making sure they get home safely. We can add a fantasy/action element to this. Maybe she is a demon. Or he becomes a target of evil spirits/demons and she finally comes to their aid, letting herself be seen. Maybe he is a thug and one day gets into a scrap with a group of cant member only to be rescued by her.
M!M, F!F, M!M (with a change of the characters gender)

Mischievous Neko is a term more than suitable for this character. Black cats are bad luck, right? An injured, shapeshifting neko is taken in and nursed back to health. Once healed, they revealed their true identity and craziness ensues. From stealing things their LI likes, to outright threatening and fighting anyone who may take them away. Hiding their keys so they can’t go to work. Hunting down their boss when they’re threatened to get fired.
@caliban22 Okay. Feel free to send me a PM when you’re ready.
Lol. Feel free to PM me then and we can discuss.
Who are you to judge?

Naruto is great.

Call me trash. Call me a weeb. I don’t care. I’m just here to have a good time.

There are several things I’ll shamelessly love for the remainder of my days. And Naruto is one of them.

As such, you can see why I’m here...

I wanna roleplay some Naruto, yo!

All the action, character growth, relationships, tensions, rivalries, reconciliations and all that good shit.

Typically, I prefer original characters with the option of including canon characters. Rarefied do I do strictly canon.

As far as romance all gender pairings are welcome. I have no issues playing any character. I may ask for your feedback and preferences on how I play them. But I don’t have any aversion to playing anyone. My character love interests vary. From Rock Lee, to Itachi, Shikamaru, Naruto. I’m not picky.

By the sites standards I’m a casual writer. You can see my writing examples in RP threads I’ve participated in/contributed to. Or you can request a sample.

I would be interested in creating an original team and going on about their own missions and struggles. Though, I like to tailor plot to characters. I’d be willing to make a small group for this. So far, so general ideas:

We can discuss more in PMs.
I prefer to rp via pms.
18+ partners and content. I like the violence. The action. Death. Dismemberment. Sex. Yup. So. There’s that.

I’ve done this request so much I don’t want to type it again. So... excuse the laziness.
You can check out my previous request for the fancy shmancy stuffs.
For now, I leave you with this.

So send me a PM! I won’t be checking this thread much unless it’s to bump.
You know you want to.

Thanks for looking!

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