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I did a pokemon type swap with Pikachu (Psychic, fire, grass, water). They turned out so cute! Now I want to digitally color them.
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Please be sure to read the About Me/Rules below.


Where did you come from?
Where are you going?
What is your life like, I wonder.

We pass each other daily, but we never speak.

You look right through me... and I do the same.

Irrelevant. Invisible. We blend in... Just like this peeling wallpaper or the raggedy furniture in the lobby. Your face, your name - even the number on your apartment is just a blur.

Sometimes I feel alone. I'm sure that you do, too...
But all that separates us? A pair of doors and a hall.

And when those doors open, and that gap closes... There's just us. And we finally see into one another's lives.

Potential Genres
Slice of Life

Slice of Life
We can explore the lives of neighbors. We can decide together the individual conflicts and drama. An abusive family, the usual growing pains, controlling and stressful parents, poverty, stress of supporting a family, drug abuse, a foster kid struggling to assimilate- only wanting to go home. Ideally, they will have different situations, but still come together.

Or we can go the more thrilling route. For example, a hit man lives down the hall from a family. Perhaps this family is involved with drug or they are just victims of a home invasion gone wrong. Regardless, Muse A finds themselves a sole survivor... And despite being young, swears vengeance. The hitman who saves A is the perfect mentor, if A can convince them to teach.

These are just some of my ideas. Suggestions and alterations are of course welcome! Tell me your thoughts.

I have a few characters in mind for this two female (Slice of life and action) and one male (slice of life). You can ask about them. I only want to use each one time - I don't want to use the sane character in different RPS.

I typed this on the spot, just a quick idea of what I'm going for. I was gonna type another example but I don't feel like it at the moment. Maybe I will come back and edit.

About Me!
✿ Twenty Years Old; I prefer to write with others that are similar in age.
✿ Female - I write as both Male and Female. Your gender doesn't effect my decision- I roleplay with guys and gals.
✿ Casual to High Casual. I few paragraphs usually, depending on what is happening. My starters tend to be longer as we set the scene. I like detail. It doesn't not need to be excessive and flowery, but I would like detail...
✿ 18+, mature content is preferred. Violence, drugs, alcohol, sex and other non-pg content can be expected.
✿ Communicate. Let me know your thoughts and ideas. If I wanted to write a story by myself I would, ya know, write a story by myself.
✿ Utilize NPCs and side characters. Our characters shouldn't have to interact solely with each other all the time. It's cool to explore other characters.
✿ Make realistic characters. Characters that can grow and develop. Also, be versatile.
✿ MxM, FxM and FxF are fine.
✿ Please consider the notes listed here. I think they should give you an idea of whether or not we will be compatible.
✿ My faceclaims/character references are usually digital art (semi-realism) or anime.
✿ I get busy sometimes. Or I might just temporarily lose my muse. Have patience.
✿ I would be willing to do a small group with this plot. A few people living together in an apartment. Their own issues. Eventually making bonds and friendships.
✿ If you can think of a fantasy element or any other twist, I'm all ears.
✿ I you wanna do a small group, post here first (so others interested know there is a possibility of a group if they want). Then PM me.
✿ Otherwise, just PM me.

I have a few more ideas with this but don't really feel like getting into it unless I know someone is interested. So, let me know!

Feel free to bring your original plots, pairings and plot bunnies... dark and gritty or light and fluffy.

I shall make this quick!
✿ I am casual-high casual. I enjoy detail, correct grammar and spelling. I am flexible with length. 3-5 paragraphs is about my average more or less. It depends on what is happening.
✿ Mature content is welcome, maybe even preferred. But in moderation.
✿ Reasonable characters. Flaws, weaknesses, insecurities and development!
✿ 1x1x1 or small group options are very welcome.
✿ OOC is also welcome - communicating and plotting is always good.

(Both Canon and OC, or Exclusively OCs)
I don't want to roleplay the canon plot. Prefer Original Plots/Arcs.
I like to build relationships between our characters (friends, teammates, rivals, enemies, mentor and student, love interests et cetera) though it's not necessary.
I have a bunch of OCs with different personalities, skillsets and backgrounds.

Soul Eater
Inspired or canon; I only recently started watching. Though I am on around episode 30 or so. But I like certain ideas and elements, such as the meister and weapon pairs. Bonding with a human/weapon or meister seems cool.

Canon and OCs or exclusively OC.
I am caught up with the anime.
I have a God character and a Shinki in progress.

Tokyu Ghoul
I don't think I'm completely caught up. I think I've seen... The second season? But something inspired by this would be cool.

My Hero Academy
I have only watched the anime, have not read the manga.
A bit tentative/hesitant to do this.
OC not ready.

Yu Yu Hakusho
My favorite anime
Canon with OCs or inspired (exclusively or predominantly OC)
Original Plots (I have a few ideas) and some elements of canon plot

OCs only

I realized I had posted about this one a while ago so I had the info on hand. Also, as far as the fighting system/spell battles, I wouldn't be opposed to another method. I am mostly interested in the dynamic and relationship between fighters and sacrifices. So, if you have another idea or preference for fights, that's cool too. Like... If everyone has their own weapon that they can materialize or carry and utilize at will. Or even if one of them becomes the weapon like in Soul Eater or Noragami. In which case, the following rules/taboos still apply. (For example, it would still be looked down upon for a 'weapon' to serve more than one person- the person to whom they're bonded.)

You can also disregard the characters below. Lol. i just copied and pasted the entire post from my thread. I'll probably end up making a new character.

@Pfroggy1 your status made me laugh so hard 😂
Anyone wanna do some:
Inu/Neko x Human
Human x Vampire
Ghoul x Human
Master x Servant
Love Triangle
Or something dark?

Lol. I don't currently really have any thorough ideas. But I can think em up quick. Just let me know your interest and we can discuss.

Wanna pick up an extra rp or two. Probably casual.

Pm me.
I may be able to fit one more. PMs>>>
I have been gone for a while... an unexpected absence. An unfortunate transition into the adult world ^^' I have returned though. And I would like to resume my roleplaying fun. So. Here goes!

I'll accept a couple people. I would be willing to do multiple of the same plot as long as I'm not playing the same character/role in them. My rules are included in the document provided below. Thanks for checking it out.

Laying My Cards on the Table


Onto what I roleplay. This list is for Original plots/pairings/ideas. Below, I will provide a link to Fandoms when possible.

Anime & Manga

Yu Yu Hakusho

[My favorite anime of all time, will forever be on my list, no matter how rare it is to come across a partner)


(Am I the only ine who thinks Lee is the CUTEST!?... ahem. Er. At the moment, my interest is to create an original team that we can submerge into the Naruto world. I would like to cooperate and create an original team or duo or villainous organization or village. I would be willing to not do that, but currently that is my main interest. Perhaps our characters are on a team together, that have their own goals and trials to overcome?)


(My second favorite anime. Number one favorite drama/realistic anime)

(Could be fun?)


(Preferable story inspired by songs)

Attack on Titan

(Closed. Once I catch up, this will be open)

Avatar the Last Airbender

Legend of Korra

(I mean… have you SEEN Bolin?)



(Recently got into this. Closed at the moment until I catch up. On season 2.)

Game of Thrones

(Same as above; on season 3.)

Modern Family

The Big Bang Theory [Close]


An individual discovers an abandoned and injured animal and takes it home to nurse back to health, only to later discover the animal transformed into a human.

A slave/maid/housekeeper is always there for their master. Through dysfunctional relationships, the tough breakups, the family trial and troubles at work. The servant is the only consistent part of muse B’s life. What if they are who they have been needing all along. Muse A has always been dutiful and focused on making B happy, but has often been overlooked and underestimated. Until finally, they get the attention they deserve and much is discovered.

A pair of siblings (or best friends) share everything, including their lovers.

I'll probably only do this if there is a plot. This pairing usually welcomes smut, but I prefer a plot with my story. Also, maybe the typical roles may be switched: The slave becomes the dominant/top player (with a spoiled master, but a slave/servant that can handle them). Or it can be more romantic than sexual.] Master Slave, a vague Idea: A siege on the kingdom or a surprise coup results in the king losing his throne. Things become hectic and violent and the royal family finds themselves at extreme risk and must flee. Perhaps they find temporary relief at a Noble's home. Regardless, ultimately they must flee until it is all settled. To avoid detection or drawing attention, they must split up. The slave is entrusted to protect the prince(ss) until the issue settles. [I would be fine roleplaying either the urbane dominant slave, or the bratty bottom prince(ss).]

I was recently inspired and expanded on the idea of a 'naughty' Prince and Step brother. I was thinking for a while, it would be kind of one sided and obsessive (perhaps secret). The bratty prince would become possessive. It would just be a crazy relationship. I haven't thought it all the way through. But, I think it has potential: Details - After the loss of his wife, a King remarries a woman. His daughter, the sole heiress of the kingdom, is surprisingly happy to have a sibling. She becomes immediately attached to her step sibling. She becomes possessive and unwilling to share her sibling. The princess makes her move, but it may or may not be accepted initially by the step sibling. Regardless, she is in love and shows this. For a while, it is a one sided relationship. Over time though, a relationship develops. A lot can be done.

Disowned Royalty X Commoner
For some reason, a prince(ss) is dethroned and cast from the royal family. Sheltered and cared for their entire life, they hardly know how to function on their own. What will they do for food, shelter, etc.? They are taken in by a commoner, who agrees to shelter and feed them and teach them to provide for themselves. (I enjoy the idea of a group of peasants/a ragtag bunch of thieves that are a gang - a family. A group of people the commoner had looked down upon, but shows them true loyalty and the real meaning of family).

One character has always dreamed of being a vet. When he finally becomes one in his small town, he finds himself restless. Maybe bored or lacking clients. He's wanted more out of life, but the option never arose. Finally, he hears from a friend that a big timer businessman in the city wants a live-in vet. It seems weird... but the pay is good and the rent is free. Only, he didn't expect the businessman to be the animal he's supposed to take care of... Why the shapeshifter needs care can be discussed. Maybe he has a life threatening illness, and in this weakened state, he frequently reverts to his original form. He can't have everyone knowing of his species or condition, so he needs a private caretaker. (I think I would prefer this be Yaoi/M//)

Muse A is from modern times, but one day during a storm they are transported to an ancient civilization. Muse A is then mistaken for a God for his likeness to a familiar deity. Muse B is a prince(ss)/king or Queen of a kingdom. This supposed God is brought to Bs attention and they celebrate his arrival. He must adapt to this change in culture and such. Perhaps a fantasy twist, maybe he really is this God, who abilities develop.
(I favor Egyptian mythology, but we can do anything.)

I would be willing to do a Fallout inspired story.

Human x (Most Any [humanoid] Fantasy Creature:Neko, Inu, Vampire, Shapeshifter, Ghost, Guardian Angel, God(dess))
Psychiatric Patient x Psychiatric Patient
Android x Owner
Bully x Victim
Victim x Savior
Bounty Hunter x Client/Local
Prince(ss) x Prince(ss)
Sibling x Sibling (Including Twincest)
Shrine Maiden x God
Baby Sitter x Parent
Cop x Criminal
Veterinarian x Shapeshifter
Drug Dealer x Addict
Best Friend x Best Friend’s Sibling
Best Friend x Best Friend’s Parent
Boy/Girlfriend x Boy/Girlfriend’s Best Friend
Boy/Girlfriend x Parent
Spirit x Grim Reaper
Yandere x Love Interest
Yandere x Yandere
Yandere x LI’s Friend/Sibling
The first section of this document details my rules/style/preferences. Please give it a lookover. Thank you in advance.
Hope to hear from a couple of you.

I also want to put this out. I will give you my E-mail address if you request it. I had been gone from this site for four months. O.O so. I don't intend on disappearing again. But I never know what's going to happen. So, I welcome you to always be in touch somehow to remind me to return IF I do vanish.

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