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If you make the mistake to judge a man by his race you go through life with egg on your face.
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How do I read
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Whoa hey guise


Discord me: Spike#2681

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Ryan "Sharkman" Jacobs

Sharkman swore under his breath as he watched the power flicker back on. He really should have guessed that they'd have a backup generator. Silently, he strode through the darkened halls. Most of the workers were robots, so he had no opposition as he strode to the machine room, before ramming his scissors into the auxilliary generator. With the poewr completely cut off now, he headed for the reception room.

Sharkman had been watching the group of students and his teammates while conducting his little sabotage mission. So when everyone started to gather in the reception room, he pulled his mask down. Just enough to pop the plugs out of his nose. He had a feeling there would be blood, and he wanted to enjoy it.

Just outside the entryway, he took a moment to assess the situation. One of the students was lit up like a christmas tree. Corvus was dealing with him. The one that worried him was the lady with ice surrounding her. He'd noticed the dip in temperature, and was willing to bet that it was her doing. Sharkman split his scissors into two separate blades, sheathing one of them on his back. With a click, he hooked the chain on his gauntlet onto the left one. Under the cover of darkness, he slipped into the room, staying close to the walls and trying to keep out of sight. If anyone was really paying attention, they might hear a quiet whipwhipwhip sound, like a fan. Sharkman was twirling one of his blades on the end of a chain. The blade was heavy, and he was building up massive centrifugal force. With a flick of his wrist, he gave the chain more slack, swinging the blade right at Eira.


Ryan "Sharkman" Jacobs

After piling into the helicopter, Ryan had closed his eyes and lain back in his seat. None of the others seemed intent on talking, and indeed, he too felt butterflies in his stomache. For him, they were from excitement. Upon exiting the helicopter, he closed his eyes, extending his electrorecption. Every living thing within about a block of him appeared as a point of light. The warehouse glimmered to life with the wires that extended through it, effectively giving him a 3D map.

"I'll run interference." He murmured into the radio, his voice slightly nasally, as if his nose was plugged. Shortly after Jackie burst in, the sound of a window shattering echoed through the building, followed by a sickening CRUNCH. One of the guards was at his feet, neatly cut into two pieces among an expanding pool of blood. Ryan knelt down, perched upon the man's back to keep his feet out of the lake of blood. He dipped his finger into his pockets, pulling out a keyring.

Ryan hopped over the lake he had created, careful to avoid leaving footprints as he headed for the basement. The wires extended like veins towards a single point in the building: The circuit breaker. Sharkman opened the panel, and the lights in the building flickered, then died. For good measure, he unraveled the cloth around the giant pair of scissors at his back, then rammed one of the blades through the controls, rendering them unusable.

"I'm on my way up." His voice said over the radio. While he was normally laid back, he was suddenly all business. He stalked through the hallways of the factory, heading for Jackie's location. In the gloom, he could perfectly see the guards, leaving anyone in his way as an easy target.

May I call dibs on an oni?

Ryan "Sharkman" Jacobs

Ryan had already made himself at home, slouching in his seat. Quinn's estimation of him was spot-on: He was rocking an edgelord aesthetic. While she looked at him, he unzipped his jacket, revealing that underneath, he wore a black-and-red t-shirt with a similar shark jaw pattern. Ryan barely regarded Nox as she moved to take the file from him, handing it back to her and watching her speech. Still, the fact that there were other people boosted his confidence in this scheme just a little, and the intel she had was starting to convince him that she had a plan. When she threw the document onto the table, Ryan reached for it and started to go through the files.

Ryan glanced up when Dean spoke, though he was more interested in Quinn's question. While Jackie was writing, he leaned over to Dean. "Can I pet your bird?" He whispered, staring at the raven. He had a fondness for animals, augmented by the fact that he couldn't keep pets. He glanced at Jackie's note, quickly reading it. Chainsaw or no, he got the impression she was a little awkward, and he had a fondness for shy people like that.

"My name is Ryan. I go by Shark Twink I mean I go by Sharkman." He said. "I don't care about the hero society. I don't have a vendetta against Enterprise. I can't get a real job so I have to commit crimes for a living. I like to rip people too, Jackie." He lied, smiling at the chainsaw wielding girl behind his mask, slightly inclining his giant pair of scissors. He the inclined his head towards Nox. "It's your turn, boss. Name and fun fact, and then we can get down to business. Old Man is right, do we have a plan if we're going to take these guys head on? I think something subtle would be ideal." He had started to lay out the maps, scanning for points of interest such as possible entryways.
If Hafner noticed Benji's remark, he gave no notice. He had closed his eyes, and was utterly motionless, but for one thing: His lips were slowly moving as he muttered incantations. Then, he snapped his fingers, and the powder erupted into blue flames. Just as quickly, they were extinguished, and in their place was a bizarre creature: It was orange, about the size of a basketball, with a single massive eye slowly opening in the center. Eight tentacles splayed out. The creatures eye glanced around the room, before falling on Hafner. It looked upon him with love in its eyes, like that a child might have for its parent.

"Get in there ya lil shit!" Hafner growled, grabbing the creature and starting to stuff it into the magic book. The page was accepting it as if it was a hole in the book itself...But the demon eye was not, it's tentacles trying to keep it from being forced into the grimoire.

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