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Discord me: Spike#2681

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Falk Fukuzawa

"I'll stay out of trouble." Falk responded to Yui. From atop the ruins, he scoped out the area. The mooks were just milling about, keeping their distance. It was strange. It was putting on Falk on edge. And lo and behold, on the outside, wandering near the next sensor, was something bigger.

"Heads up. We've got a big guy hanging out around the sensor." Falk said. He held out his hand, and a thread shot out, hitting a tall building right next to the sensor. He pointed at the wall next to him, and the other end was attached to the wall next to him. "I'm heading over there to secure the perimeter. Just in case."

Falk tucked his legs up, and ziplined down to the array, hitting the ground with a loud thud. He cut the two strings he'd used to get there, then began to set a few up in between the trees and buildings around them. Each one was no thicker than a piece of fishing line. He had given them enough slack that they were lying on the ground, more or less invisible for now.

Sounds rad.

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Alistair would hear the tail end of a chuckle on the comms. "She's a Striker too, Al. She's got it. Yui, I'll keep watch from above and scout ahead." Falk said. Above, he was leaping from branch to branch, scouting ahead for them and making sure the enemy kept their distance. He perched atop a tall tree, spotting the ruined skyline ahead of them.

"How much you want to bet our sensor's there?" Falk said, gazing upon it from the treetops. It was almost beautiful, how nature had reclaimed what was once a massive human city. "I'll go find a vantage point and see if I can spot it." He said, and they could watch as he rappelled over to the nearest tall building. He had his strings hooked to the top, and was rollerblading up the side. He was just being a show off at this point.

"I've got visual on the tower." Falk said, tagging it on his map. "I'm uploading the location now. Should I come rendesvouz with you and Al or should I wait at the sensor?"


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