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Current If you make the mistake to judge a man by his race you go through life with egg on your face.
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Discord me: Spike#2681
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How do I read
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Whoa hey guise
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Praise the Lord and pass the peanut butter!


Discord me: Spike#2681

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Falk Fukuzawa

After their mission, Falk had just been relieved he hadn't been yelled at for blowing up one of their objectives. After a hot shower to clean off, he'd immediately gone to the beach. He was lounging on an inflatable recliner, in a pair of swim trunks and wearing a pair of black sunglasses. He was too fair-skinned to tan: He just liked to float. It was an excellent way to decompress after a hard morning blowing up aliens.

As he lounged, he became aware of something flitting about in his peripheral vision. He lazily rolled over, turning to watch as it spun out of control, and right into Lucia's fist. He saw the poor guy rushing over to salvage it, and he thought he recognized...Was that Hiro? It was hard to tell with the hoodie, but it looked like one of his classmates. Of course, the other two approaching hem were easy to recognize. He stood up on the float, balancing effortlessly, and held out his hands. A tether shot out, hooking onto one of the concession stands. Soon, Falk was surfing over to the others, his float making wakes in the water. He severed the tie and kicked the float into his hand, catching it under his arm as he landed gracefully in front of the others.

"Hey~" Falk said, lowering his sunglasses and revealing his bright blue eyes. He was wearing a pair of acid green swim trunks. He was tall and had a slender build, but know that he was out of his gear, it was obvious he was also in excellent shape: Beads of water were trailing down his lean, athletic frame. An arm wrapped around Hiro. He didn't know him super well, but he seemed nervous, and he was always there to help a bro out.

"He didn't mean to. He was just distracted by Mila's swimsuit~" He said to Lucia, smiling. On missions he was professional and to the point. Outside of missions...he was kind of a goofball and liked to tease people. "Nice swimsuit, by the way." He said to the cyborg girl. He glanced at Kuni, who he had just watched Mila drag over. "Did you kidnap Kuni?" He asked Mila.

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Sorry for delays, everyone!

I'm working on posting to update all situations going on.

@Spike, could you explain the nature of the bomb? Exactly how it works will have a big impact on how it affects an Oni.

It’s an explosive he made mostly out of dynamite. The explosion itself is made for demolitions and will probably cause property damage. There’s also probably going to be shrapnel from the blast also sending shards of sidewalk/wall all over the place. Mm Destructo is less trying to injure the oni (Though he definitely wants to do that) and more trying to block its escape route by creating debris and also disorient it to leave it open for his next move. That’s also why he turned his brights on and positioned himself between them: If it tries to charge him it probably will be blinded.

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