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Yoooooooooooooooooo Cardcaptor Sakura is lit
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If you make the mistake to judge a man by his race you go through life with egg on your face.
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Discord me: Spike#2681
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How do I read
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Discord me: Spike#2681

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hello yes i want to be the little sister

Still interested?

Yeah sorry, not really feeling it anymore : (


@Spike @Jasper19

Hey, sorry if this comes off as pushy at all, but... do you guys need me to add on anything? It's been, like, over a week :/

I understand if you guys are busy. If you are, I would've appreciated to be told that, but it's fine.

I was just wondering what's up

You're not exactly giving us a lot of plot to work with or anything >.>
@Birdboy does the bus driver have superpowers
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