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Yoooooooooooooooooo Cardcaptor Sakura is lit
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If you make the mistake to judge a man by his race you go through life with egg on your face.
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Discord me: Spike#2681
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How do I read
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Whoa hey guise


Discord me: Spike#2681

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Ryan "Sharkman" Jacobs

"I'm sick of living on ramen." Sharkman said when Nox called him greedy. He was about to protest at not getting paid until after - What if he got arrested? - because he was distracted by the two new friends. The first was a gothic lolita type. As he gazed upon her, like with anyone else, he could see the steady pulse of bioelectricity radiating from her body. Unlike most people, he could also see it coming from above her, almost as if she was attached to the ceiling.

"Nice threads." He said, then glanced at the white-haired young man who had just burst into the room. He looked tired, and worldlessly, Sharkman pulled himself up, leaving. He returned a few seconds later with a small styrofoam cup filled with water.

""Here." He handed it to Seth, before slouching back into his chair, looking at both of them. "Sharkman." He said, his thumb pointed at himself. "Noxious, Corvus, Anarchy Red." He said, pointing to each of his teammates in turn. He watched as Noxious brought up the map, and behind his mask, smiled slightly as he saw a familiar street name.

"Drop me off here and I'll meet up with you guys." He said when Quinn opened the floor, tapping the point on the map where the garage he used was. "I happen to have a motorcycle for just this sort of thing."

i didnt get in : (

I want my character to be a sneaky dude who mostly makes money by selling marijuana out of his home and also doing various odd jobs on craigslist. Can I do that?

@Blackstripe Working on a chaos mage, but I'm considering making him focused on creating minions. I read in the backstory that Primordials could create beings. What if my dude used a less-powerful version of that to make monsters who he uses to commit crimes? Would that work?

Mmm prolly gonna have Eddy start in NYC too cause that seems to be where the party is.

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