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Current cdn.discordapp.com/attachme… literally me irl rn
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Yoooooooooooooooooo Cardcaptor Sakura is lit
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If you make the mistake to judge a man by his race you go through life with egg on your face.
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Discord me: Spike#2681


Discord me: Spike#2681

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Ahhh might end up being a good guy then~ Thought about it and really wanna be a demon summoner type so think I’ll be a Devil Feeder or maybe Devil Bringer~ I’ll figure it out~

How weapony do devil bringer weapons have to be? Does it need to be a sword or gun or something or can it be more of an “equipment” thing like roller skates or a drill or a computer or a shovel?
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Generally I'd like the villains to remain Youkai for now unless you can make a strong case to me that they'd be a Bringer or Feeder.

Hmm was considering a misanthropic evil sorcerer-type dude who likes demons more than humans and desires to turn himself into a demon : ) If that doesn’t work I’m also considering a full demon too.

Hmm how do other Devils usually feel about Feeders? I understand they have contracts with Devils but necessarily needing to eat their flesh might strain their relationship a bit. On the other hand Devils often feel the same way about humans so maybe they understand each other better.
Are there Devil Bringers and Devil Feeders that are not aligned with the DHA? That is to say, can youkai and Devil Bringers/Feeders team up to do evil plans together?
im definitely going to be a demon and I am definitely going to attempt to start an evil demon alliance
I'll probably join

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