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6 days ago
Current This has got to be the most exhausting involuntary break from going into the office in my entire life. And here I was thinking that an upside of this virus would be more RP time.
7 days ago
Had some family things to deal with. No one is sick, but many of my older relatives don't want to go out, so I've been helping. We live in NYC, the hardest-hit part of the country by this virus.
15 days ago
The MTA (New York buses and subways) needs hundreds of millions of dollars to sanitize the system. So, THIS is what it takes to finally clean the subways!
17 days ago
The coronavirus has gone too far; no schools or restaurants in NYC, apart from takeout and delivery.
23 days ago
I was sick, but I'm better now. No, it wasn't the coronavirus


Hi there! I've been roleplaying for years, mostly in fantasy-type RPs. I don't like giving out too much about myself, but I am a man living in New York City (that's in the Eastern time zone, if you don't already know), over 18. Recently, I have been busy working, although I graduated from college and grad school a while back.

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I've had several people interested, but then, I guess the coronavirus got in the way or something. Giving this a bump.

Sure thing.
(Sorry for the delay once again! Was a bit sick. I'm better now. No, it wasn't the coronavirus.)


Breden nodded and slowly walked out of the hut, unnerved by what he had heard. He made his way back to his hut and thought about what all of this could mean. Even if there wasn't going to be a war, there was surely some danger looming on the horizon. Then, an idea crossed his mind. He could join a group who could confront whatever the danger was. While he would have to contribute to such a party, the odds that he'd not only survive it but could legitimately claim to have done a great deed would be reasonably good.

And the ladies loved a male who accomplished mighty deeds, as they wanted whatever it was about the male which made them so mighty for their own offspring.


Siwa gave him a mock slap on the cheek, way too light to be taken seriously.

"Oh my, aren't you eager?" she joked, continuing to rub his limbs, moving to his left leg. "How's that feel? I think I've gotten most of the tightness out of your right leg. Just how long do you stand for each day? Those were some really bad knots, Kog. They were like the kind I'd find in warriors who were walking home after a battle for days almost on end."
Giving this a bump.
I'll keep this brief, as I had a number of ideas, all of which I can elaborate on more later if there is interest. Feel free to contribute your own as well. I'm only looking for 18+ players because of the chance things could get "steamy", but that level of content isn't a requirement. MxF only, please.

- A dragon takes a woman as tribute but she turns the tables on him. Call it a "reverse damsel" situation. Love and/or lust ensues.

- A human patrol is ambushed by some goblins and the surviving man is taken to the tribe, where a gobliness falls for him.

- A dragon-man (I call them dracons) and a human woman fall in love.

- A woman is taken into the harem of a dracon king, but she eventually becomes an important power broker in her own right.

- A powerful sorceress has relations with a servant of her's, possibly a goblin or a kobold.

- A witch seeks out a powerful male to sire her children, thinking she won't see him again, but things get complicated.

Also note that all ideas can be modified if they are close to what you want, but are lacking in some way. And if none of them are to your liking, we can come up with something else.

Contact me here or by PM, although I prefer the latter.

Breden nodded. "Yes, I'll take it to him today!" The dagger was in bad shape, possibly fit only to be scrapped. For a human smith, this would be almost beneath his notice, but for goblins, the loss of any metal weapons was something of a big deal, given how rare metalworking skills were among their kind, let alone access to metal in the first place. Perhaps it was different for goblin tribes who lived near mineral deposits, but this tribe wasn't one of them. Of course, there was the issue about magic, something Breden knew was beyond his or Koglan's skill level.

"Just one more thing, Griz. I think it would be best if I gave it to Koglan a bit later today. I have it on good authority that he's going to be busy with some very important business right about now." The less said about the nature of this "business", the better.


Siwa reached down and felt his arms and legs. There was nothing meant to be arousing or intimate about it, merely a check-up at this point. She could feel by the texture, tone, and firmness of his muscles that Koglan had been working himself too hard and too long. Even if he were much younger, his limbs would be near or at exhaustion at this point. While she couldn't cure exhaustion by simply rubbing, she could accelerate the natural process of recovery. The gobliness took his right calf and began to knead it. Holding his leg steady with one hand, she pressed down on his soleus muscle, moving her hand back and forth in an attempt to refresh the tired limb. Hopefully, this would help to flush out any waste products in his legs brought on by fatigue, although Siwa didn't know the specifics of it. All she knew is that it worked.

"How's this feel? I'll do all four of your limbs and maybe your neck, but this isn't part of some mating ritual. Normally, I'd want to jump into that, but you need to save your energy for when we're gonna do the act, okay?"

Siwa cleared her throat. "Kog, I did as you asked, and couldn't find anyone" she walked over to him slowly, tip-toeing her way closer to him as she looked him over in much the manner one would when observing a piece of meat, briefly running a finger over his strong chest and arms. "We're not gonna do it this instant, of course. Whatever you worked on last night took too much out of you. I'm eager to get on with things, but I'm not blind to your exhaustion. Don't worry, we can fix that."

She stretched her hands out and gently laid them on his shoulders, starting to gently massage them, letting her skilled fingers work their way into the nooks and crannies of his well-worn muscles. "You do such fine work for our tribe. Surely, you deserve to relax just a bit. Shall we go to your bed? I can't really rub you down very well standing up." She positioned herself in the direction of his room, but she couldn't exactly drag him off to bed. Not unless he wanted to go.


Breden took a few moments to calm down. He wasn't a coward, but talk of an unwinnable war and the possibility of slavery didn't exactly put his mind at east, either.

"Griz, we really need to do something about this. I-I understand that it isn't as bad as another Blood War, but this could lead to something bad, especially since magic is involved. What do you think we should do about that necklace? That dragon design looks omin-omen... omenous? Well, however you pronounce it, it looks bad! The shaman should do something about it."
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