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3 days ago
Current I have an early meeting tomorrow. Replies will come when I am done with work and anything else I have to do tomorrow.
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19 days ago
Got a big meeting to do tomorrow for work, and another two important things to do tomorrow. If I don't reply soon, expect something by Thursday night.
23 days ago
I'm back. Working on replies.
1 mo ago
Did everyone just disappear? Did something happen that I'm unaware of? Did Thanos snap? If so, I'd like to know which side of the snap I'm on.
2 mos ago
Power is back on now. Let's hope it stays back. Good thing it was only out for maybe 25 minutes.


Hi there! I've been roleplaying for years, mostly in fantasy-type RPs. I don't like giving out too much about myself, but I am a man living in New York City (that's in the Eastern time zone, if you don't already know), over 18. Recently, I have been busy working, although I graduated from college and grad school a while back.

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Ben had followed the rest of the group to the plateau. He saw Grikgar following him, and turned to the Unggoy briefly when he heard the reason he was following so close.

"Shadow if you want, but be careful." He listened to Ryker's speech, then realized something rather embarrassing. He turned off the coms on his suit for a moment as he quickly conversed with his AI.

"Phong, does this suit come with active camo?"

"Yes, it most certainly does. Don't tell me you forgot about it."

"I haven't actually used it in- never mind. Can you create a shortcut command for it so that I can activate it on eye contact with the symbol in my HUD?"

"Processing request. Compiling program. Rendering icon. Done." No sooner than Phong had spoken did an active camouflage symbol appear on his helmet's screen:

"Thanks." Ben reactivated his coms, knowing that too long of a gap in communications might give cause for an inquiry. Unexplained outages in communication could serve as cover for and a sign of unauthorized contacts with rebels and enemies, after all. If there was no cause to hide one's discourse, why turn off the mic? Fortunately, Ben knew the cutoff point after which the UNSC would find such a thing to be suspicious; one minute and seventeen seconds exactly. Anything less could be seen as a hardware failure or a momentary software glitch.

"Sounds like a good plan. What type of infrastructure are we talking about?"
@Shadow Dragon

"Indeed. You'll get your food. I'll make it my mission to ensure you don't starve."

"Don't let her mother you too much, Soulcors. It would be all too easy to overindulge after never having eaten for so long."

Aurescia cleared her throat, trying not to let her maternal instincts show too much. Soulcors was many times older than her and Ophion combined, after all. "Right. So, what was courting like for a drow back in your day? Even if we were a drow country, these things tend to change over time and from place to place."
@Shadow Dragon

Aurescia's head perked up at that last part. "Perhaps that's part of the problem. Now that you have something close to life-"

"-alive in the technical sense, as long as you're using that body." Ophion explained.

"-you can re-learn what it meant to be alive."

"Knowing my wife, that means she's going to feed you a lot."

Aurescia nodded. "And give you all the rubdowns you want. If you want to actually mate, though, well, I'm sure there are plenty of draconesses out there who'd be interested in a handsome drow."

"Just don't get fat. We spent a great deal of time and resources on that body. It won't do to ruin it with obesity."
@Shadow Dragon

"Well, I was more concerned about how much time it could take me to teach you, as I don't think many mage schools would be willing to teach a wraith using a cloned version of his own body as a meat puppet to pose as a true member of the living. Maybe if you were actually resurrected. As for a necrotic wizard, don't even consider it. Most places don't like necromancy, as it has too few applications which are permissible in most societies. As for you learning more powerful necromancy, please don't do it. Maybe you should consider learning some spells from other schools of magic." Ophion explained.
@Shadow Dragon

He was welcome to join, but he left for some reason. You and I were both polite to him. I don't know what the issue was.
@Shadow Dragon

(It was a bot or something.)

Ophion thought about it. "There's no need to use you as a test subject for anything, but if you want to be a wizard, that would take years of training at an academy, followed by decades of independent practice if you want to be as powerful as the higher-ranked mages, and not to brag, but I am one of the more powerful mages around. It won't happen overnight. Or even in a decade. And I promise you that any skills you had as a sorcerer won't be compatible with wizardry skills. It's like comparing art skills to mathematics. Very little overlap in skillsets."
@Gilgex@Shadow Dragon

Shadow Dragon and I are in a fantasy RP in the free roleplay forum. Gilgex, you are invited to it as well if you like. Just offering.
(Not sure what that unearthedarcana guy is doing, but that is NOT appropriate for an IC post)

@Shadow Dragon

Aurescia thought about his words. "If you mean that you were born with your magic, that would classify you as a sorcerer. That actually limits your potential. It's a bit counter-intuitive, but those who have to study for their magic have a much higher potential, one which is theoretically limited only by one's capacity for knowledge. As for power, it's all too true that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Bit of a platitude by now, I know."

Ophion chimed in once more. "As powerful as Polybius? Hard to tell. A lich's power generally exceeds that of all other forms of undead."
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