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Current Stupid #%#%! hinge broke on my main laptop. Since my work laptop is strictly for that purpose, I may be away for a few days, starting as early as Friday. Need to get the left hinge repaired.
3 mos ago
My internet was on and off these last few days. Hopefully, I fixed the problem when I told the damn company to refresh the signal. Seems like it is working now. Replies should be more frequent.
4 mos ago
Is it just me, or the the site get really slow all of a sudden? And I'm not talking about loading times here.
5 mos ago
I've had people drop out after an RP has begun, but to have several people tell me they want to start an RP, develop it a bit, and disappear without a word before it even begins, that's a new one.
5 mos ago
I've got a lot of RPs in the process of starting, but few new ones are actually starting. Like it wraps around to the beginning of the process. I'm trapped in a time loop. Help!


Hi there! I've been roleplaying for years, mostly in fantasy-type RPs. I don't like giving out too much about myself, but I am an adult living in New York City (that's in the Eastern time zone, if you don't already know.) Recently, I have been busy working, although I graduated from college and grad school a while back.

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@Shadow Dragon

He'll keep going, don't worry.
@Shadow Dragon

I'll continue with you faster now. I've been waiting for Bloonewb, but he's told me not to wait for him.
@Shadow Dragon

As if one cue, Aurescia entered the room.

"Oh my love! It's time for us to- AHHHH!!!" A rather lightly dressed female dracon dropped the bottle of wine she had been carrying. By the look on her face, she was quite terrified, to say the least. Ophion ran into the room as soon as he heard the bottle shatter.

"Aurie! Don't worry, dear. This is just a-"

"Kill it! Kill it with fire!"

"- don't worry. He's a friend." Most females wouldn't have been reassured so easily, but as the wife of an archmage, Aurescia had been through quite a bit. Worse than this, for sure. His words calmed her down quickly, almost magically so.

"In that case, sorry for freaking out back there. My name is Aurescia. And you are?"


Kali waited a moment for Kutur to get his mind together. Then another when she realized he needed a bit more time. She grew impatient when another minute passed, and concerned when a second one passed after that. "Oh dear, you really overdid it. Maybe this will help." She approached him and whispered a prayer to one of the gods, then placed her hand on his forehead. A small blue glow emanated from her fingers, then she drew her hand back.

"There we go. I don't think that will fix everything, but it will hold you until you can get some sleep later tonight. Now, are you feeling well enough to walk? We really need to get a move on if we're going to see the royal couple." Once again, she took his hand and led him forward, knowing that she was only guiding him as much as urging him on. Luckily, his steps grew more sure halfway to the palace and she was able to let his hand go without any problems.

As she feared, the crowds were massive and seemed to never let up, even though Ardasa and Rughoi were nowhere to be seen. With some difficulty, she maneuvered her way through the mob, trying her best not to lose Kutur. Eventually, they made it before the front gates of the palace, a large building which was still very much under construction. Recognizing her as one of Ardasa's friends and her lover as an important ally of the throne, they were let in without much fuss.

"Okay, love. I can go find Ardasa. I don't mind you coming with me or looking for Rughoi. Do whatever you want, but I've got to find her mercy. Or her ladiship. Or her worshipfulness. Or whatever the crowds call her these days."

Also, sorry for the delay. There are no other structures outside of the tower, but small ones can be built later if need be. Nothing big, just small sheds or maybe a little storage house. They don't have much to build with on the island, after all.
Name: Aidan

Age: 13

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Appearance: White skin (but not pale), black, medium-length hair, green eyes. About 5'7 tall but still growing. He has a fairly muscular build for his age, but he still has years to go before he can be considered large and muscular overall.

Abilities: Aidan is an apprentice swordfighter who is also learning how to use magic to aid him in combat. He is still very much a learner in both fields, but he is better at melee combat than spellcraft. So far, he mostly knows simple spells such as light generation, projecting small firebolts, and spells to detect magic. Aidan is at least partially trained in the use of a longsword, dagger, and has some skill with the bow. He also has a greater degree of skill in unarmed combat than any weapon, due to the fact that he could begin his training in martial arts at a younger age than a true weapon.

There's no exact format for a character sheet, but please include at least the following:


Also note that clothing and equipment used may change depending on the place the characters are in, how old they are, etc.
@Shadow Dragon

"You can drop the disguise for now. If there's any source of energy you can consume in here, please help yourself, as long as it doesn't kill anyone. I have so many things in here that something should help. As for a flat surface, would the floor do? If not, maybe one of the tables. Just make sure the table is clear before you do... well, whatever it is you intend to do. I'll get what I need to get for the quest, don't worry. Leave that to me" Ophion explained, quickly going over an inventory for his store. "Also, I've got to let my wife know that you're here."


Kali stood before him, dressed in a new pink loincloth which was a few shades darker than her scales. She had already washed up, something which it seemed that Kutur hadn't done that day. Or possibly even the day before that if the smell coming from the hut was any indication.

"Eh, close enough." It was actually the early afternoon, but Kali didn't want to argue. "We should get going to see her if we're going to see her at all. The crowds are already huge. Everyone wants to know how her trip to Hekaga went. Some are saying that she was attacked, but others are saying the alliance is stronger than ever." He took his hand and pulled him forward, urging Kutur to leave the hut.

It's fine.

Just one thing to keep in mind for everyone is that their "school uniform" and their combat dress may differ.

Go ahead! You are more than welcome. I'll post a character later tonight. I have a meeting to get to in a little while, but when I return, we can get this going.
@Black Alice

Write as much detail as you want. It's no problem!
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