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Current Starting a new job in June. Wish me luck!
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I truly wish I didn't have to type this, but RIP Jason David Frank.
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Still a little sick. Some sort of cold. Hopefully not the flu. Getting better but it's slowed me down.
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That's a good point. Classics like The Little Mermaid were basically perfect the first time around and any remakes can only be worse. Remakes of the bad Disney movies are a second chance for them.
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I don't like what Disney is doing either, although I also think it's not worth getting bent out of shape over it. Like all things, these questionable remakes will pass.


Hi there! I've been roleplaying for years, mostly in fantasy-type RPs. I don't like giving out too much about myself, but I am a man living in New York City (that's in the Eastern time zone, if you don't already know), over 18. Recently, I have been busy working, although I graduated from college and grad school a while back.

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Welcome back!

Welcome back! I'm sure you'll get back into the swing of things soon.
Welcome to the guild! I'm sure you'll like it here.
This one's pretty simple, a pairing with a goblin and/or kobold as partners, possibly a goblin x kobold one. It's an MxF RP, but I can be male or female, either species. Open to 18+ players only. You can contact me here or PM me if interested.

We can discuss specifics more and build a world and setting, but a few very brief pointers for the goblins and kobolds, as depictions may vary between games:


- Green skinned humanoid.
- Big ears
- 3 to 4 feet tall, males bigger.
- Usually barefoot, with humanlike hands and feet.
- Females always have hair, males sometimes do.


- Small reptilian humanoid with scaly skin (ask me if you want to do a dog-like one, which would have different qualities)
- No visible outer ears, but may have little horns
- 3 to 4 feet tall, males bigger.
- Barefoot, with clawed fingers and toes.
- No hair or fur.

And if you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Thanks.
Halflings are just shoeless gnomes who like farming. :D
@Feline Overlord

Hi! Welcome back! Not sure if we ever communicated before, but if we have, nice to see you again, and if not, nice to meet you here.

Welcome to the guild!
Hi. I sent you a PM. If you're interested and both 18+ (don't worry, I am), we can set something up.
TL;DR: This is a human x humanoid dragoness RP, in an MxF situation, only for those players over 18. Put bluntly, the human man is a bit bland, but the dragoness is hot. And smart. And frustrated. And shoeless. And smart. And living in a city which stresses her out.

Located on another planet in another universe sits the city of Ephesus. It is a city-state and the largest urban area in its world. Its technology is slightly ahead of ours, yet very recognizable to us, with cars, planes, computers, smartphones, the internet, what have you. What this world also has is a series of different races, species including humans and humanoid creatures of many shapes and breeds. Among those are the "Dragons", a species who taxonomy would put them somewhere between a mammal and a reptile, with hair, fangs, a pair of horns, a tail, and curiously dolphin-like skin instead of the scales expected of their mythological namesake.

These "Dragons" mostly live in a tropical archipelago, somewhat like Indonesia IRL. Ephesus is a warm city too, much like Miami is in the real world. The RP would focus on a female Dragon and a human man in a modern world, and they don't necessarily start a family or marry. In fact, it isn't actually possible for them to interbreed naturally, although interspecies marriage is by no means illegal in Ephesus. The Dragon islands are a less-developed part of the world, and Ephesian Dragons who live in their own neighborhood ("Dragontown") reflect many of the unusual ways of their country, even as they have happily adapted more advanced human technology.

The Dragoness in the story came to the city seeking an education and a better life, but things haven't been going her way. Either she couldn't afford college, couldn't qualify for it for whatever reason, is in college but having trouble, or is in some other difficult situation. She's pretty and smart, but this hasn't translated into much success for her yet.

The Dragons in question have a number of biological and cultural qualities which would make them stand out from humans. Here are the most important bullet points:

- Dragons stand about as tall as humans, with the males typically being as tall as the tallest and biggest human men, and female dragons roughly matching the height of an average human woman. Since all Dragons have two black or gray-colored horns, they add a couple more inches, tops.

- Dragons have skin colored various shades of gray, accentuated by a pale underbelly, as well as a pale chest, soles, palms, rear end, and a pale underside of their tail, usually a white color to contrast with the gray, but some have yellow skin on those lighter parts.

- Every Dragon has finger fingers per hand and four toes per foot, all clawed. Their limbs are otherwise shaped like those of a human.

- Dragon snouts are somewhat blunt and they don't project as far as those of a crocodile, but they have fangs and a somewhat triangular tongue. The Dragons are omnivorous but prefer a diet rich in meat and fish.

- Female dragons can nurse their young, and have highly visible parts for doing so, which they keep covered in public as a human woman would. They don't have heat cycles, but there are days when they may be more or less in the mood for that sort of thing.

- Dragons almost never use footwear, partially because it would be hard to make shoes for a creature with big claws, but also due to cultural preferences and a lack of a need to use them in their home islands, which are warm, have soft dirt and sand in most areas, and since their streets are often flooded part of the year footwear is less practical for most purposes.

- The food eaten by Dragons is usually spicier and saltier than what humans enjoy, and they can eat some plants and animals which would be poisonous to humans. Few human foods are harmful to them, and they can take alcohol very well.

- Dragon tails are about as long as another leg, and while a few of them can be surprisingly flexible, even the most agile Dragon tail isn't prehensile.

- Dragons are more open about mature situations than humans typically are, and it can come off as being too forward or even off-putting if a Dragon doesn't realize that humans aren't "relaxed" about such matters.

- Although they are strong, Dragons don't have the sort of stamina humans do, especially the females, who find it hard to deal with long "human" hours of work and study. As such, female Dragons in human cities are often tired, cranky, and need to unwind.

- Contrary to what outsiders may think, Dragons are not inherently lusty creatures, they simply have fewer cultural inhibitions and a greater need to relax.

We can work on more details later, and I can add more details about MC, who is intentionally blander than the Dragoness in order to create more contrast between them. Anyone interested?
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