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6 days ago
Current I survived seeing The Joker. Great movie, but disturbing at times. People can't spit on their fellow man when he's in pain and expect anything good to come of it. And I mean real pain, not offense.
21 days ago
Made another sale, but now I have a cold. Life is annoying.
1 mo ago
Studied for and passed my life insurance license exam, worked on Sunday, saw my girfriend for her birthday (twice), and now I am back.
2 mos ago
I wanted to attend a family event with my girlfriend. Nothing special, just lunch and a movie. I had no idea my father would be such a... jerk... about it. It turned out alright. Mostly.
3 mos ago
I'm back from Washington DC, replying to my backlog now.


Hi there! I've been roleplaying for years, mostly in fantasy-type RPs. I don't like giving out too much about myself, but I am an adult living in New York City (that's in the Eastern time zone, if you don't already know.) Recently, I have been busy working, although I graduated from college and grad school a while back.

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@Shadow Dragon

Yeah. Long story there.
@Shadow Dragon

Agreed. Most of the issues would be turned around in one minute if someone says "Yes, I'd like to schedule the meeting we agreed on back in June for (day). Does that work for you?" or something to that effect. I can't say much more than that publicly.
@Shadow Dragon

It alternates between happy and infuriating on a near-daily basis. Nothing terrible, but a number of good things which I thought would happen are either delayed or not happening at all.
In Goblins 8 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Shadow Dragon

It's fine. Yes, ancient tech levels for the goblins.
In Goblins 8 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Shadow Dragon

You don't have to make them advanced. That was never a requirement.
In Goblins 9 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Alright, everyone. If you're still here, we can get this going again.

Welcome to the guild!
Good, thanks. Got a new sale, and some other nonsense to deal with this week. Hopefully, it will lead to more sales. Long story.

That's fine. Maybe later.
We were setting up an RP. Is that still going?
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