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Current I wanted to attend a family event with my girlfriend. Nothing special, just lunch and a movie. I had no idea my father would be such a... jerk... about it. It turned out alright. Mostly.
24 days ago
I'm back from Washington DC, replying to my backlog now.
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Site was down for me for a while today. I don't know why. A mad scramble to catch up on replies is coming. Hang on everyone.
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I will be more active tomorrow night, everyone. Sorry for the delays!
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If I seem to go silent, PLEASE contact me! I will reply to every RP I see which needs one, but they sometimes get buried.
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Hi there! I've been roleplaying for years, mostly in fantasy-type RPs. I don't like giving out too much about myself, but I am an adult living in New York City (that's in the Eastern time zone, if you don't already know.) Recently, I have been busy working, although I graduated from college and grad school a while back.

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@Shadow Dragon

"Never show your enemy your abilities, any more than you would show your hand in a game of cards. We want to keep Polybius guessing. I'm sure he is watching us even now, or at least, I'm sure he has a rapport with this place. Entities like a powerful lich often have a connection with their tomb, one which permeates every rock and stone in this place. If he knows the full extent of our powers, he can prepare a defense to counter it. In other words, he is watching us. Now, I can't tell you what to do, but I'm going to have to ask you not to use your greatest abilities until you absolutely must, as doing so prematurely could be me killed. Do you understand?" Ophion asked, hoping he had hit every major point.
@Shadow Dragon

I'm not sure. I'll just reply to you for now.
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Take your time. Please don't rush it. Quality is almost always preferable to quantity.
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@Shadow Dragon

What do you need help with? The chief? Much of his day is spent dealing with disputes. Maybe that's a good starting point?
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Cyrus had finally decided that he should check in with the shaman first. No goblin ever accomplished anything without the gods allowing it, and without the gods, no goblin could amount to much of anything. At least, that was what the previous shaman had taught. He had lived a long and venerable life, but his time had come to an end at last. It was hoped that the 'new girl' would be able to live up to her mentor's example.

Approaching the tribe's sacred fire, the hunter bowed before the flame and offered a little prayer. He saw the shaman near her hut, leaving the little building.

"Hello there, wise shaman!" He felt a little silly saying that. As much as he respected her, he had to admit that the slight female came off as more cute and innocent than wise. "The gods have blessed me with a bountiful hunt today, and I'd like to know how I ought to divide the spoils."

Welcome to the guild!
@Shadow Dragon

Ophion saw the wraith slice through one of the skeletons in one swift motion of his scythe. A second bonewalker fell to a burst of flame from the archmage's right hand. The remaining four skeletons continued to advance, clearly oblivious to the fact that they were outmatched. Two of the skeletons had eyes with some type of glowing blue light emanating from the sockets.

"Be careful! I think this is just a test. Even if Polybius sent these old bones to attack, he clearly doesn't mean for them to slay us. Don't use any attacks which you need to be kept secret!"


Aerta thought about it and sighed. "I have the ear of almost every ruler of every major kingdom. Adykon has their ears and the hearts of their people, the respect of their armies, even the esteem of the mages." All of this political bantering was proving to be fruitless. Another approach was needed. Kali had told Aerta of the visions she had. Of what Ardasa and Kali had seen.

"As capable as I am of bringing these matters to the attention of the great and good, further action on the ground here will be needed." Aerta took a seat and carefully scanned the room, making sure that only Ardasa could hear what she had to say next. "I want a world in which my children and yours will be safe. Yes, yours. I have my ways of knowing, even before they've been conceived. Events are in motions which I can vaguely grasp, but cannot halt. Comes with the territory of being a sorceress who can scry across space and possible futures. I won't bore you with the details."

The draconess paused for a moment, taking a deep breath. "The truth is, Ardasa, that I am tired. Tired of wondering if my children will all survive to adulthood, or rather, how many will die before I will. It's bound to happen, as I have over 20 kids and more on the way. In fact, I have the very earliest stages of an egg growing in me now, another son. If you could feel the love for your own offspring in the way that- that you would want your own mother to feel for you, you'd do anything to keep your children safe. Now, keeping this on point, it would behoove you to encourage allegiance to your children among your generals and nobles. In fact, it would be best to get some to pledge allegiance to one child and some to the other, to prevent all of them from siding against you should anything happen to Rughoi. Now, that's not something I would normally recommend, but it is probably the only way to keep a possible civil war from turning into a complete bloodbath. This probably isn't the advice you wanted to hear, I know. For what it is worth, I will seek out the major powers that be and encourage them to treat Xigyll with respect. Oh, and on a minor note, make sure you change your hatchling's loincloths regularly. It'll save you a ton of crying from them." Clearly, that last sentence was motivated by the 'mom brain' which Aerta had for the parts of the year in which she was gravid. Truth be told, her thoughts were affected by that particular mix of hormones every time she was with egg or was nursing, and the former or latter was true most of the time.

Sure. You can keep them short.
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Not at all, if she knows what she is doing. The shaman often leaves the village to gather herbs for medicine and commune with nature. That sort of thing. Oh, and before I forget, the sacred fire is somewhat magical and does not burn out easily.
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I'll have a reply up tomorrow. I was waiting for everyone else to make their own first post. If anyone needs any help, just ask me.
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