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Current Still here! I haven't forgotten anyone or anything. Busier with work than I thought I would be. Replies coming soon.
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Did something happen? It used to be easy to get RPs going with dragons, anthros, and anthro dragons around here. Not so much anymore.
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There's only one God, ma'am, and he loves dogs. :D
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I'll reply soon. Busy with my girlfriend at a picnic today.
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Just saw American Dream Meadowlands mall. It's overrated. Mostly a bunch of clothing stores with a few indoor amusement park stapled on. No movie theater, no bowling alley, and no big box stores.


Hi there! I've been roleplaying for years, mostly in fantasy-type RPs. I don't like giving out too much about myself, but I am a man living in New York City (that's in the Eastern time zone, if you don't already know), over 18. Recently, I have been busy working, although I graduated from college and grad school a while back.

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Giving this a bump. I won't do that very much.
I'll be very straightforward with this one. It takes place in a world where humans coexist with anthropomorphic species, although actual intermixing is relatively rare due to specifics of climate, diet, and species-specific restrictions on where each race can comfortably live make settlements with large minorities of other species a rare thing. Humans are the most adaptable of all the species on this world, as well as the most advanced, although not to an enormous degree.

Politically, the world is fragmented into many small countries and city-states. Exactly why this is so isn't important, as the setting is basically a starting point more than a fully-realized world, no more than an arena for the characters. More important is the city-state of Ephesus, where the action largely takes place. It is a large human city; the largest city in the world in fact- with a sizable population of dragons living in a neighborhood called- you guessed it, Dragontown. Other minorities exist as well, but only the dragons have the numbers needed to sustain their own society within the larger human culture of Ephesus.

Our characters would be a human man and a female dragon, both adults; I'd like to play a human man as my main character, but we can play any number of side characters of either species. They'd be in a relationship, but not from the get-go; they have to meet first.

We can work on the specifics of each culture, but as a starter, here are a few bullet points:

- The dragons come from a tropical island archipelago to the south of Ephesus, in the middle of an ocean. Ephesus itself is also tropical, but barely so, or it might even be technically classed as subtropical. Think of it like Miami and the dragon islands as Indonesia if that helps to picture the climate.

- The Ephesian humans are advanced, democratic, and reasonably tolerant, although they don't particularly like the noisier and louder cultures which contrast with their more straightforward and stoic way of living. They worship one God, but we don't need to go into much detail about the theology.

- Dragon culture is colorful, spicy, polytheistic, and while it can be very fun, their society doesn't value thrift and hard work the same way the Ephesian humans do. Not that the dragons are lazy per se. They dress much like humans today would, apart from footwear, which they almost never use due to their claws and cultural reasons.

Also, the dragons look something like this (perhaps without the vestigial wings) and are about human-sized, with hair, a tail, fangs, horns, and claws, as well as visible outer ears:

We can work on specifics and I'm open to changing elements of this if it helps or if you have an idea which you think would improve the setting. Feel free to contact me here or in a PM if you're interested.
I see. As long as there aren't any double-standards at play, it's okay. Although I suppose there are people who are okay with women-only things but not man-only ones. Hypocrites. Not anyone here, of course.
Just out of curiosity, would it be okay if I made a "no girls allowed" RP in the public forum? If this is "ladies only", surely the opposite type would be equally permissible. I don't mean to be confrontational, I've just never heard of the concept outside of one-on-one RPs on this forum.

You've probably seen these sorts of RPs before, with a warrior riding a dragon as if the latter were a noble steed. Basically a talking warhorse with a breath weapon, usually flames. The rider would be armed and capable by himself and would have either weapons, magic, or both as a means of fighting.

For this RP, I propose something totally different. The dragon rider is a woman who doesn't need close combat skills, and she isn't a mage. Power is a very subjective thing. Someone with a sword has more power than someone without one, and someone with the ability to summon a bigger fish has more power than someone with what is basically a sharp metal stick. The rider's weapon is the dragon. She's not weak by human standards, just average for a woman, and no amount of physical strength that a human could have would be a match for a dragon's in any event.

For her to gain an advantage over the dragon, she'd have to find him asleep at first, then climb on him and walk around him, using her skills to apply pressure using her hands and feet to weak points (nerves, blood vessels, pressure points, ducts for the gasses which fuel his flame, etc) which would disable his flame, wings, or other things, then use this as leverage against him to agree to help her. After he agrees, she'd fix whatever she did and ride him for the first time, possibly keeping one thing unfixed to act as a guarantee of his good behavior for a while. Over time, this unusual arrangement would change into something beneficial for the rider and the dragon, ensuring that no further leverage is needed over him by her.

The rider's motive for wanting to ride a dragon at all can vary, but I've worked out three broad scenarios as to why such a wild thing would happen:

1. The dragon is bad at first and takes the rider as a hostage to ensure payment of tribute from her village, but she turns the tables on him.

2. The dragon is neutral, but she needs his help to fight off an enemy army and does whatever she has to do to become his rider out of desperation.

3. If you want to play a less-than-good rider, we can have her find the dragon asleep in his cave and she becomes his rider out of personal gain, eventually convincing the dragon that this can be to their mutual benefit.

The rider can look like almost any woman, but it would be best NOT to make her particularly strong or durable. The power reversal is more satisfying when it is all the greater, and if a woman who looks something like this:

Can use her hands and feet along with her words to tame something like THIS:

- then you know she's a very powerful lady. Think of it like taming him using dexterity and charisma checks alone, if that helps. Or a peasant girl who could ride Odahviing from Skyrim without needing any shouts, if you get the reference. Her fingers can accomplish more than a knight's sword when it comes to handling dragons.

Any takers, please PM me.
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Welcome back! Nice to see more people return to the forum.
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