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Current Working on replies, thank you all for your patience.
2 mos ago
Star Wars must redo everything after Return of the Jedi (in-universe, not the prequels) or the franchise is doomed. All the signs are there. Merch isn't selling. Solo bombed. Galaxy's Edge is empty.
2 mos ago
So, you can't put space horses in a race, but you can ride them into battle, where they'll be shot at?
2 mos ago
I survived seeing The Joker. Great movie, but disturbing at times. People can't spit on their fellow man when he's in pain and expect anything good to come of it. And I mean real pain, not offense.
2 mos ago
Made another sale, but now I have a cold. Life is annoying.


Hi there! I've been roleplaying for years, mostly in fantasy-type RPs. I don't like giving out too much about myself, but I am a man living in New York City (that's in the Eastern time zone, if you don't already know), over 18. Recently, I have been busy working, although I graduated from college and grad school a while back.

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@Shadow Dragon

"For starters, there's no need to pull off fatigue from me. As much as I probably ought to thank you for it, I should also let you know that necromantic energies come with unpredictable side effects. Thank you for doing it this once, but please refrain from doing that again. Now, if you want to do anything for Aurescia and I, you should let my wife cook you dinner and obey all of the rules she sets. Gods knows she's given me enough trouble about taking my robes off in the living room."

"I heard that!" A soft, feminine voice emanated from the next room, leading Ophion to let out a tiny sigh. "Don't worry, I'll have a clean set of clothes for you, Soul!"

"And by that, she means she'll want you to go around in a loincloth when around the house. Or at least, the living quarters of this place. You'll need to have more when you go outside, or even into the store."

Aurescia entered the room a few minutes later, holding several pairs of shirts, vests, pants, and undergarments. It was quite a pile. In fact, the pile of clothes stretched from her belly to above her head, so that only her horns could be seen barely poking over the shirts.

"Aurie, are you sure you didn't go overboard?" Ophion looked over the pile and wondered just how much of his money she had spent on it.

"Not at all! In fact, I was afraid I didn't buy enough. Elves are the most fashionable race, after all. At least, that's what all the books on them say."

"I-I'm not quite sure that the literature on the elven races supports that assertion." Aurescia ignored her husband, holding up a white shirt for Soulcors to examine.

"This'll look just darlingon you, once you put on that cute elf body!"


Kali held her young daughter in her arms. While she wasn't an infant anymore, Varani was still quite young. The kobold priestess' duties allowed her little time off to spend with her offsping, so she was determined to make the most of this day. It was possible for her to request a transfer of duties to become a part-time priestess, but doing so would risk her standing with the temple and possibly reduce her access to the court of the 'emperor.' He still kept that title, in spite of the very real risks it posed. Even so, it hadn't doomed Xigyll, hadn't provoked the dracons, and hadn't brought doom on them all. At least, not so far. If there was a danger, Rughoi's imperial title wasn't the cause of it.

"Skanoi! Come on! You don't need to wear that much for a trip to a bath house!"

In the next room, a young male rummaged through his closet, pulling out a red tunic which went down almost to his knees.

"Mom! We'll be in the streets! You told me we can dress nicely when we're outside!"

"You're just going to have to take it off as soon as you get there, and we're not going far. You said you wanted to visit the Baths of Rughoi, and now we are!"

"No, you said you wanted us to visit it, mom!" Kali let out a little sigh, wondering if dracons had to deal with this sort of contradiction from their family members.

"Don't talk back to your mother, son. Besides, it'll have everything you could possibly want. Swimming pools, warm baths, saunas, massages-"

"Those are girl things!" Skanoi snapped back, clearly not looking forward to what he thought would be a boring day lying around in a pool.

Kali lowered her voice and briefly addressed Varani. "At least my little girl likes the water, doesn't she?"

She kicked her little legs and nodded in agreement. "Wa-per! Wa-per!"

"Eh, close enough."

Kali turned her snout towards the living room, not wanting to argue with her son further at the moment. "Kutur! You ready yet! You can bring the books with you if you like! There's a library built into the bath complex!" There were two, in fact; one in draconic, the other in every other language available to the scribes of Xigyll, which mostly meant common and undercommon, but they had a few tomes in elven, dwarven, and a few more.
@Shadow Dragon

"It's going pretty well, in fact. You'll be seeing it in the flesh again if you like. The drow body is almost ready to go!" Sure enough, there were three glass cylinders in the room, each with a body gestating in a green liquid.

"Now, keep in mind that the body doesn't need food or water or much of anything when it's stored in the cylinder here, but you will need to feed it, give it water, and avoid serious harm when you possess it. If the body is killed while you are still possessing it, your wraith form won't be harmed, but it will erase months of work and thousands of gold pieces. Also, I don't personally know if this looked like you, but everything Aurescia and I could do made this one very close to your original corporeal form."

@Shadow Dragon @bloonewb

Ophion took a look around at the wreckage.

"We can worry about breaking that down later. We won today, but at what cost? There's no way that the release of this much necromantic energy doesn't have consequences. At minimum, it may cause the dead to rise in a certain radius. Hmm. There aren't many graveyards or catacombs around here. None that I know of, at least. At worst, this may have weakened the fabric of this plane in a certain area, but what that area is, I can't say. We'll have to be vigilant." He paused for a moment, pondering the implications of the situation.

"Anyway, I can teleport us back now. You can stay with me, but we're going to have to get you a better disguise. Aurescia and I can help you with that. Maybe something a bit more substantial than your illusion? Some real skin on your spirit, perhaps?"


(Some years later)

Not much of note had happened in the dracon realms, but periods of peace were inevitably calm periods between storms in these lands. Adykon and Aerta kept their farm and continued to have more eggs, all of which hatched. His adult children kept their farms and lives, even having more offspring of their own. Larek, Veax, and Caex grew a bit more distant from Adykon, while Kosjurec and his family visited Adykon every few months.

Contrary to expectations among many of the dracons, Xigyll not only survived, but grew rapidly from immigration and the kobold's high rate of 'natural increase', so to speak. Much to his frustration, Hekaga's Grand Prince Ternoc was still unable to obtain the title of king, as the other major realms were unwilling to recognize him as such. Hekaga's military was willing to recognize Ternoc as their king, but most of Hekaga's aristocrats and temples, fearing the return of his father's tyranny and wary of inviting the wrath of the other realms, did not recognize him as king. Attempting a coronation ceremony was just too big of a risk. The most Ternoc was able to wear was a coronet indicating a lesser power.

For his part, the Grand Prince managed Hekaga well; the gates between the city's walled-off districts were indefinitely left open, renovations to the royal palaces and great temple went off more or less on time and within budget, slavery was reduced within the city's limits, although by no means ended, and the city's budget was kept balanced, however precariously. The other seven major cities did very well for themselves, as did the wider kingdoms associated with each. Minbenthac and Naushindcalgoa (Naugoa for short) experienced economic booms due to newly and carefully-written trade deals with each other and the wider world, and Naugoa's overseas trading colonies finally paid off huge dividends when compared to the capital expended to establish them decades or centuries ago.

Ophion himself had done well during this time, and his store provided more than enough money to pay for any number of experiments, including some which involved Soulcours.

"Soul, can you hand me the nightshade powder? I'm almost done with this one!"
@Shadow Dragon

Ophion saw Soulcor's scythe arc through the air and towards a statue set into one of the walls, evidently the hiding place for Polybius' phylactery. There was an explosion as the weapon made contact with the statue, and the wizard briefly glimpsed the shards of a glass vessel, what was left of the phylactery itself, its hiding place no longer able to secure it.

There was no immediate effect on the lich himself, only that he was now vulnerable to destruction for the first time in thousands of years. He was also about to explode. The scythe began to return to the wraith as Ophion ran over to Soulcors and, with some reluctance, laid his hand on the wraith's helmet.

"Get that scythe and we'll teleport out! I got you!" As soon as the weapon was reunited with its owner, Ophion teleported them as far as he could from the catacombs. It wasn't very far. In a flash, they found themselves on top of a nearby hill overlooking the mountain which stood on top of the dungeon they had just left. Moments later, there was a loud rumbling sound, and the mountain in front of them slowly but surely collapsed, the explosion being great enough to send stone flying kilometers into the air. Mercifully, the two of them were just out of range of the falling rocks, but they could see that a colossal amount of damage had been done.
@Shadow Dragon

"Wraith! The phylactery is in this chamber, you have to find it NOW!!" Ophion erected a ward on himself, knowing fully well that it wouldn't be enough to withstand the blast that was to come, but hoping that it might mitigate the damage just enough to spare his life should he be caught in it.

Polybius raised his hands as if to fire another bolt, but then suddenly doubled over and fell, as if in pain, a sensation a lich couldn't truly feel. His bones began to hiss and rattle, unable to contain the banefire he had absorbed. He chuckled, knowing that his destruction would be an inconvenience if his phylactery were still intact. Presumably, it was shielded against the explosion that was to come, but not necessarily against whatever power Soulcors could use against it. As long as the phylactery was intact, there was no way to put Polybius down for good.
@Shadow Dragon

"Not without you! I can teleport us both out from here! Whatever magic Polybius put on this place was drained when he absorbed the magic from- UGH!" The lich shot Ophion a second time with a necrotic blast, this time knocking him to the floor. Thinking quickly, the wizard did a short-range teleport to reach Soulcors. "If you can hold him for a minute, I can get us both out of here."
@Shadow Dragon

Ophion blasted Polybius a third fireball, this time aiming for the ground under the lich's bony feet. While this knocked him off-balance for a moment, it did nothing to stop Polybius from unleashing a necrotic energy blast directly at Ophion. The black bolt of energy hit him squarely in the chest, sending the wizard staggering back. His wards, although strong, were not unbreakable. Had he been unshielded, it would have seriously injured him, or killed him outright if he was a lesser mage.

Knowing that liches were often immune to electric attacks, Ophion shot Polybius with an acid attack, hoping to corrode his bones. It had minimal effect, other than to apparently anger the lich even more.

"Did you find the phylactery yet?!"
* zip *

Did you say dragons?!

Seriously, though, we can play a fantasy RP if you like. Should I PM you?
@Shadow Dragon

Polybius exited the banefire brazier, charged with its foul energies. His skeletal frame glowed green, as did the once-red orbs in his eye sockets.

The lich spoke once more, clearly unstable. Is this power enough for you now?!"

Ophion answered his question with a fireball to the face, one which Polybius seemed to be hardly affected by. "Soulcors, get on the phylactery!" He launched another fireball at the lich, was was deflected by hand, something not normally possible, even for Polybius.
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