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Current Headache is past now. I'm okay, don't worry. Really hoping things will go back to normal by January 1st, but I doubt COVID-19 will be gone for a few more months.
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It's fine to reuse/make similar characters for different RPs, but only to a point. They can't all feature the exact same people.
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2020 just look Sean Connery. Granted, he was 90, but this year keeps taking and hardly giving anything.
1 mo ago
Adam Sandler still lives. 2020 hasn't killed him, unlike so many others.
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Leaving for two days is NOT ghosting. Real life comes up at odd times, especially when one has two jobs, a girlfriend, and odd hours at one of my jobs. Got to survive in the age of COVD-19.


Hi there! I've been roleplaying for years, mostly in fantasy-type RPs. I don't like giving out too much about myself, but I am a man living in New York City (that's in the Eastern time zone, if you don't already know), over 18. Recently, I have been busy working, although I graduated from college and grad school a while back.

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The shaman got up after her short rest and shuffled off to tend the sacred fire. It had been blessed over a century ago to keep burning despite rain or cold temperatures, but it needed to be fueled every so often, albeit far less than a normal fire would.

"The chief? I can take you to his hut, but there's no guarantee that he'll meet you now. After we give his place a shot, I'd like to visit Siwa's hut. She's a friend of mine and she'll be giving birth to her first litter soon... and while I don't think I'm the father of any of her children, I'm pretty sure that one of our shared friends is the father of at least a couple of 'em, and she said she wants me as a sire for her next set of kids, if we both survive that long." Breden wasn't exaggerating or joking with that last part about survival. Life was precarious in these times, especially with the oncoming winter, the threat of war, and the dangers inherent in hunting.

I can leave for a day and I shouldn't expect to be thought of as absent or dead. Many RPs take days or even longer to get a reply around here. :)

"Vox isn't my apprentice, but he has expressed interest in learning, as you can see. I haven't had the time to teach him and Airan, but you have my blessing to teach Vox if you like." The shaman sat down, her legs not able to support her after the long walk she had been on. The shaman gestured at Twig and Vox for a moment and mumbled something under her breath.

"There. It's not a spell, but you officially have my blessing to teach a member of our tribe. All I can ask is that you do not try to displace or make yourself a rival of Airan, as there can only be one shaman per village, and the ways of the druid differ from those of our own. As much as I respect the druids, we have to keep our own traditions going. Speaking of which, I have to tend our sacred fire in a few minutes. Was there anything else anyone needs of me right now?"
Thanks to whoever sent me the candy cane!

That's fine. I know this is supposed to be casual, but I understand. Real life comes first.

"Yes. He shows great promise. I wouldn't have chosen him if he wasn't going to exceed me someday. But don't worry much about him. If I may, let me take a look at you." She looked at Twig, her eyes staring into his. "My tribe thinks of me as an all-knowing mother figure. The truth is, there's so much left for me to learn and not much time left in which to learn it. Were I a human, I wouldn't even be an adult yet. By the time an educated human's learning is complete, a goblin's life is almost done. Anything you can contribute to our tribe's knowledge would earn you the endless gratitude of this old shaman." Truth be told, she wasn't quite that old yet, but another three years would probably see her be replaced by Airan, after which she'd go into retirement.

Posted. Here's an image of the shaman, minus the red tattoos, which I couldn't use Hero Forge to render. While I don't consider her a full character of my own, if someone else wants to play her or give her some lines, go ahead.


"Well, she doesn't really let people know that. I'm told that the ways of magic require attention at the oddest times" he explained as they approached the shaman's hut. Luckily for them, the shaman's apprentice, a young male, came over to them.

"If you've come to see the shaman, she'll be available in just a min-"

"I'll see the druid now" an older female, perhaps 17 years of age, approached the three of them. Her red hair was streaked with lines of white, and it looked as if she hadn't cut it in over a year. She had once been quite attractive, and there were some signs of her once-fine physique, but she was clearly past her prime. Her emerald-green skin was marked by red tattoos all over, and while she wasn't exactly unhealthy, it looked as if years of practicing magic hadn't been kind on her. Perhaps it was more of a strain than she could take or much longer.

"Airan, you're going to replace me in just a few years, so pay attention to what you see here today." She looked at Twig with her deep blue eyes, her black pupils being unusually large, as if she had just eaten a poisonous mushroom. Perhaps she had done so. "If you've come to learn from me, I must apologize. There isn't much I can teach you. Even from here I can see that you are easily more powerful than I am, or more powerful than I have ever been. My magic is mostly for healing and divination."

Bredan saw Vox approach the village center, carrying the dire rats. He had promised to bring rats for a feast which was part of a shamanic ritual to divine the weather for the next month. Since he had failed to bring them back in time, the ritual had to be delayed. Now, they had all they needed. She briefly addressed the hunter, who she spied out of the corner of her eyes.

"Thank you, Vox. Just put them down by the fire. I'll handle the rest later. You can stay if you like; this outsider is a druid and you could learn much from him."

Pretty good. I'll reply soon.

Here's a version of Vox.

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