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12 days ago
Current I'm still here. I'll reply to everyone, just give me a bit more time.
23 days ago
I'll be at a business meeting on Friday and with my girlfriend for much of Saturday. I understand things will be slowed, but they will pick up after these things are out of the way.
1 mo ago
I was sick with the flu for the last few days. That's why I've been silent. Please forgive me. I'm back now.
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1 mo ago
Anyone ever go from 100 mph to 0 on this forum? A couple of hours ago, I could barely keep up with replies. Now, there's nothing. It isn't that late. For this forum anyway.
2 mos ago
Holiday preparations have slowed me down. I will be up to speed after Christmas. Yes, I still have work after that, but it isn't much until January 2nd. Still have to get that #@%*!ng hinge fixed.


Hi there! I've been roleplaying for years, mostly in fantasy-type RPs. I don't like giving out too much about myself, but I am an adult living in New York City (that's in the Eastern time zone, if you don't already know.) Recently, I have been busy working, although I graduated from college and grad school a while back.

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Sure thing. I'll keep you in mind.

I know, but it happens. I don't like it any more than you do.

I'm working on that with two other players atm. I'll message you about it when one or both of them inevitably stop RPing. It happens all the time. Ghosting.

Something like a fantasy RP involving some retired adventurers and their children. And yes, I admit this is a bit like The Incredibles, with superheroes replaced with adventurers.

Original fantasy RPs, mostly.

Sounds good, but I don't really like RPs based on existing canons. Hope you have fun, though!
What kind of ideas did you have in mind?
@Shadow Dragon

Pretty good. It's why I've been busy. This RP isn't dead, don't worry. Thanks for your patience.

I got someone interested in this already, but I can do a second version if you like in about a week or so. I have to catch up on some things and I don't want to overcommit.
Going to give this a bump. Why not?
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