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Current I'm busy on Wednesday, will reply when I get back from work. Not ghosting anyone, don't worry!
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Got a mouse and a mousepad. Still getting used to them. I can reply again soon. Damn broken touchpad.
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My touchpad broke. I can RP on my phone, but until I get the touchpad working or I replace the laptop, things will be slow.
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I have to be up extra-early tomorrow morning for work, so I may not be able to reply until tomorrow. Sorry about that.
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My girlfriend is taking my time over the break, although I didn't think she would. I'd regret missing time here if she wasn't so awesome. :) Replies coming soon.


Hi there! I've been roleplaying for years, mostly in fantasy-type RPs. I don't like giving out too much about myself, but I am a man living in New York City (that's in the Eastern time zone, if you don't already know), over 18. Recently, I have been busy working, although I graduated from college and grad school a while back.

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Breden listened intently to Griz, growing more worried as the story continued. "You don't think this got the orcs angry at us, do you? We're ah- we're- we're no match for them. The last time our people fought the orcs, we were stuck sending them some of our children as slaves for almost thirty years!" He was describing a war which the goblins of the village had lost over 100 years ago, yet the loss still resounded with them to this very day.

There was a silence in the room which lasted for almost a minute. "Who else knows about this, Griz? The danger sounds like something the chief ought to know about, or-or at least the shaman!"

Meanwhile, Siwa had woken up late that day. She wasn't expected anywhere today, and part of her didn't really want to get out of bed. She slept in for another hour before getting up and doing her stretches, and made sure to give her legs, feet, and arms a quick massage. After stretching and eating a quick breakfast of flatbread and berries picked from the woods, she dressed and went to go find Koglan. As expected, he was busy working the forge, not that she cared. The gobliness had done what was asked of her.

"Kog? Koglan, are you there?" She had to raise her voice over the din of the smithy, but she was positive he had heard her.

Great! Same here, although I will be busy on Wednesday and Thursday next week.
Siwa had set her sights on a dark-skinned warrior who had just gotten back from a patrol. At least on the surface, he was everything a female goblin could desire. Standing almost three and a half feet, he was quite tall for his species. His heavily-muscled body bore testament to the many hours of training and exercise he had undergone, and the many scars on his strong chest gave witness to the many vicious fights he had endured and survived. Surely, such a fit and durable male would make an excellent sire for many healthy children. Perhaps Koglan had a point when he had encouraged Siwa to look for some younger meat to satisfy her appetites. As she approached the male, Siwa briefly and vainly indulged herself in visions of what might be, of raising a litter of mighty warriors, with each boy being stronger and more devoted to their tribe and family than the last.

Her fantasies were cute short by the sudden alarm which came from the village gate.

"Griz? Griz! Someone, please help!"

As a dutiful warrior, the male goblin took off into the dark, running faster than Siwa could follow. In a moment, he was lost, as were her chance to lie with him that night. Regretfully, Siwa began the slow walk back to her hut. At least she could say she had tried to find a mate, as Koglan had asked her to. Still, all that soap for nothing... or was it? Koglan would be her first stop in the morning. Perhaps she'd find another use for it then.

Breden had heard the commotion in the village, albeit distantly. He thought nothing of it at first; it was only when the sound of other goblin running to the front gate grew to such a point that he couldn't ignore it that he trotted out to see what was the matter. The name which had been shouted was clearly Griz, a goblin Breden knew as an acquaintance. Breden made it to Griz's hut and found the goblin inside, apparently injured.

"Griz! What happened?!"
It's nearly all the same to me. I'm working 7 days a week most weeks this month.
Today is Friday. I'll post soon. Had a big sale today.
Would human x species be something you are interested in atm?
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