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Current Dragon people would do a better job anyway.
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The rum was never there to begin with.
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*Thump*. Big 1x1 Interest Check is done.
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Slow going is one thing, but things have been so silent lately, it's like I was shadow-banned. Just me whining about it, don't worry. Things always pick up.
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Anyone who wants to begin and said they would may do so at any time. I'm patient, don't worry.


Hi there! I've been roleplaying for years, mostly in fantasy-type RPs. I don't like giving out too much about myself, but I am a man living in New York City (that's in the Eastern time zone, if you don't already know), over 18. Recently, I have been busy working, although I graduated from college and grad school a while back.

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@SiberWelcome to the guild!
Welcome to the guild! And we do plenty of off-beat niche stuff here, don't worry. Plenty of 1x1 too.
I've got some scenarios in mind, many of which involve a lighter-hearted scenario, romance, or a slice of life RP. Some involve families, most don't. I'll describe each scenario, its roles, and a little vignette, which isn't necessarily a scene we have to play but illustrates the sort of game it is. I mostly play male roles, but I can do a female role. While none of these RPs are necessarily mature, they all can be played that way if we wish, in which case I must ask that only 18+ players apply.

Also, a number of these involve anthropomorphic Dragons, so if that's something you don't like, skip to number three. PM me if interested! We can RP in private messages or on Discord. Finally, I use vague descriptions for the vignettes, but that's where the name of the characters would be were this a scene from an actual RP.

1. Dracon and Human

In a fantasy realm mostly populated by humans, an unlikely couple get together and form a family. Born from a mix of dragon and humanoid blood and standing on two legs, Dracons are a rare sight in these lands, but they are hardly unknown. Much more rare than finding a Dracon is finding a human interested in marrying one, but this is precisely what happens. With a bit of alchemy and/or magic, a family can be had. The RP would involve a human woman and a Dracon boyfriend who later becomes the husband and father of the family. How the families of each react to that is something we can explore later.

Despite being big and strong, Dracons have their quirks and weaknesses, especially when young, and a canny mother knows how to exploit them.

"Son, that's enough! You've been on the field for almost five hours; it's time for you to rest!" A blonde-haired woman sat on a chair, her fair skin sheltered from the day's heat by an umbrella. Her light dress was still heavier than the simple loincloth her son wore. Although he was eighteen and an adult, he would continue to grow until he was twenty-five, as with all Dracons. That his mother wasn't of his own species didn't make any difference in that regard.

"Just one more round! I-I can take it!" The sweat drenching his gray scales let her know that he was near exhaustion, but knowing how willful he was, she didn't fight it. With a curt nod, she gave her reluctant approval, and off her was into the game once more. Within five minutes, his body quit before his will did, and overexertion finally led to his right leg cramping up. He stumbled into the grass, very much alive but rapidly losing consciousness; a fact that didn't seem to bother the other players in this rather unforgiving sport. While his life was not in any risk, his mom knew that the six-foot tall Dracon would be out for a while without her intervention. More annoyed than concerned but still wanting to help him, the five-foot-four lady rose to her feet and walked over to her scaled son and examined him. His gray scales had turned pale and pallid, a clear sign that he had pushed himself too far yet again.

Grasping him by the tail, she slowly dragged him over the soft grass, moving at a slow but steady pace to their home, a rather large farmhouse shared by them, his father, and the rest of their six children. Fortunately, he didn't feel any discomfort from all of it, as she was careful not to pull too hard. With some effort, she brought him into the house and carefully maneuvered her scaly son onto a table, resting his head on a pillow, lying him on his stomach. He was still thin and lanky, his body not yet developed as a full adult Dracon's would be, but he would fill in when he was twenty-five. Until then and as long as he lived under his father's roof, she was still very much responsible for his growth and health.

After taking a moment to stretch her hands, she gave him a touch only a mother could provide, rubbing his back and shoulders to get the blood flowing again, kneading the muscles to squeeze out any lactic acids, and working her way down to his right leg to loosen the cramp his efforts had caused. Within an hour, her efforts bore fruit, and the color returned to his scales, his breathing strengthened, and his leg began to twitch and move freely once more. She poured him some water as he opened his eyes.

"Oh... that was, that- ah, thanks, mom." He took the glass from her and greedily drank it down.

"Don't mention it, son." She let her right hand wander over his back, gently scratching it to calm her boy further. "-in fact, it's better you don't say anything at all right now. You still need to rest some more." She pressed down on a tiny spot on his back, a little weak area the size of a grain of rice. With just the right amount of pressure, it triggered a nerve which set off a signal which in turn made him feel very sleepy. Without another word, he fell asleep again, and would remain out until dinnertime.

She looked over the young Dracon, his breath slowly rising and falling. With a sense of pride, she planted a little kiss on his forehead, between his two horns. "Just relax, my boy. You're a good son, but some days I like you better asleep than awake. Sweet dreams!"


2. Modern Dragons (Dragontown)

Located on another planet in another universe sits the city of Ephesus. It is a city-state and the largest urban area in the world. Its technology is slightly ahead of ours, yet very recognizable to us, with cars, planes, computers, smartphones, the internet, what have you. What this world also has is a series of different races, species including humans and humanoid creatures of many shapes and breeds. Among those are the "Dragons", a species who taxonomy would put them somewhere between a mammal and a reptile, with hair, fangs, a pair of horns, a tail, and curiously dolphin-like skin instead of the scales expected of their mythological namesake.

These "Dragons" mostly live in a tropical archipelago, somewhat like Indonesia IRL. Ephesus is a warm city too, much like Miami is in the real world. The RP would focus on a female Dragon and a human man in a modern world, and they don't necessarily start a family or marry. In fact, it isn't actually possible for them to interbreed, although interspecies marriage is by no means illegal in Ephesus. The Dragon islands are a less-developed part of the world, and Ephesian Dragons who live in their own neighborhood ("Dragontown") reflect many of the unusual ways of their country, even as they have happily adapted more advanced human technology.

The Dragoness in the story came to the city seeking an education and a better life, but things haven't been going her way. Either she couldn't afford college, couldn't qualify for it, is in college but having trouble, or is in some other difficult situation.


"Hey! Can we get some service here?!" Not for the first time, the Dragoness let out a low growl, but knew better than to shout at a customer.

"One second!" She ran over to a shelf, her claws clacking against the hard floor, and grabbed a tablet computer which she'd use to record their order. As much as she wanted to shove it down his throat, she knew that violence in response to annoyance was illegal in Ephesus; it wasn't necessarily illegal in her homeland.

"I'll have a club sandwich with a side of fries."

"I'd like a BLT with chips."

"One hoagie with extra lettuce. And shouldn't you be wearing shoes? I'll let it slide for now, but I'm gonna have to report a sanitary violation if this happens again!" The Dragoness, despite standing at only 5'5, was still formidable for her size, given the claws on her fingers and toes. She wasn't strong next to the males of her species, but it wasn't a good idea to pick a fight with her if one didn't have claws or fangs of one's own. Her lack of footwear was permitted under the law, but most humans in Ephesus didn't know that.

"Very good, sirs. Coming right up..." She grit her teeth and paced over to the next diners, hoping that they'd be a bit more polite.

Three hours later...

Six shifts in as many days was no way for a dragoness to make a living, but tomorrow was a day off. The neon signs of Dragontown were a warm reminder of home in a city filled with steel-and-glass skyscrapers, a landscape so unlike the warm sands of her home. She returned to her apartment and checked on the soft, white bottoms of her feet, make sure she had no blisters on her soles or toes. Nothing. Satisfied that the hard streets hadn't caused any damage, she returned to the summer assignment she had to do for senior year; a paper on the history of Ephesian sea voyages. Boring stuff, but at least it involved her people, for it was the Ephesian navy that opened up her country to the world, just as it had done with so many others.

An hour of schoolwork later, the young dragoness changed out of her shirt and long pants into a light swimsuit and made her way up to the roof, enjoying the warm night air. It was about as close as she could get to the way she used to live back home and it was all the relaxation she could afford at the moment, but it was enough.


3. The Cultist and the Adventurer

For those of you with no interest in dragons whatsoever. This one involves a coven of cultist sorceresses in a medieval setting who practice magic and live in an abandoned temple in the wilderness. Said coven is a fertility cult requiring that the initiate, invariably a young woman 18 to 21, find a male to lie with and give birth. Due to the magics involved, said child will always be female, and her giving birth completes the initiation and grants her full membership in the cult. Said baby girl is considered the child of all of them and is raised by all in the coven as if she was their own. If an initiate fails to have a child (or at least be with child) by 22, she is expelled from the cult, which often results in her being hunted down, given the negative reputation the cult has in these lands.

One particular sorceress, aged no older than 20, is looking for a man to help her pass her initiation. Said "initiation" is meant to be no more than a one-time deal, as the magic ensures than one night is all that it takes. What she didn't count on was actually falling for the guy, and now she's torn between the coven and her new love. Complicating matters is that said lover is a witch-hunter and would destroy the coven if he could.


"Explain this to me again. You what?!"

"I- I saw him a second time." The elder sorceress rubbed her temples, trying to make sense of it.

"Girl, we understand if you felt the urge to lie with him. Gods knows we all did at your age, but you're carrying the child he sired unto you, and as far as the coven is concerned, that's the child of all of us and she can't be risked, especially not when- by your own admission- her father one of those who would kill us all!"

"I'm sorry! I couldn't just let him g-"

"And that's another thing, girl. All this "I" talk. You swore to forsake selfishness along with the world of men. Need we remind you of how our coven formed?"

"But that was so long ago! It can't be that bad anymore!"

"They burned your own birthmother, girl! How can you say such things?!"


4. The Bard and His Lovers (Likely 18+!)

A lighthearted fantasy RP, not at all realistic or even attempting to be. I won't add much of a vignette to this one for obvious reasons, as it involves a bard adventurer having silly affairs with a variety of fantasy creatures, all female but probably not including a dragon. Think more humanoid ones like minotaurs, goblins, kobolds, trolls, maybe some anthros but nothing too insane. The gameplay itself would probably have the one playing the succession of females he "sees" play multiple characters in quick succession, although they can return later on, likely annoyed (or much worse!) at the bard when they learn of his many infidelities, or perhaps impressed with him, all based on their own personalities and cultures.


"You were with how many other females?!"

"Okay, I understand why you did it, but that doesn't make it right."


"That many?! Surely you must be a man of surpassing virility. It would please me greatly if you offered yourself to my ten sisters."


5. The Temple of the Sacred River (The Reborn)

On the opposite end of the frivolity spectrum, this is a much more straightforward RP about life, death, and the balance between them. In a distant human fantasy realm (a bit like ancient Egypt if it helps), the kingdom has fallen into ruins. A once-proud land has been divided into petty provinces, independent in all but name. Civil war, famine, and chaos stalk the land. From out of the ruins, an order of mage-priests have found a way to conquer death itself, by binding themselves, body and soul into a tributary of the sacred river of the underworld.

These mage-priests call themselves the 'Reborn', or to use the titles for a male and female of the order respectively, a renatus and a renata. Each possesses powers which walk the line between good and evil, the powers of death and of the life-giving waters of the river itself. Should the renatus or renata perish, their bodies would quickly turn to dust and their souls go into the sacred stream, where a new body in the prime of life would be reborn from the silt and sand of the riverbed. The Reborn concern themselves with balance above all, responsibly raising the undead as skeletons and ghosts while at the same time fighting against the uncontrolled spirits and zombies of the world using the renatus's magical staffs and the renata's golden pitcher of holy water. Both sexes of the Reborn are capable of casting spells, with the renatus's magic being geared more in the direction of raising the undead and that of the renata being geared more towards banishing them. Nevertheless, both are capable of raising and putting down the undead, just not equally good at it.

The RP itself would involve a renatus and a renata, who have been tasked by the Reborn Order to deal with an infestation of undead in a major city in one of the petty kingdoms-in-all-but-name that their country has broken into. Exactly what's behind this threat is unknown at this time, but whatever it is, it's far worse than the order had imagined.


"Arise, renatus!" His head burst over the top of the water and he found himself instinctively gasping for breath, although the waters were quite benign. In fact, it was impossible to actually drown in the sacred river, or at least the stretch of it which the temple had been built over. The black waters on either side of the part covered by the temple were quite deadly to the touch. Not for the first time, the reborn staggered out of the water and quickly changed into a new set of robes and shoes, then took up his staff.

"It's getting easier. Took me only a week to return that time."

"Indeed. Your first time coming back was over a month. We recovered your staff, but you still have to finish a replacement for your next time. Can't just give these out for free, you understand."

The recently-reborn renatus straightened his belt and reached for a spare jackal mask. "Free? Haven't I brought in plenty for the Order? The Nomarchs pay us good deben for our help, and you said it yourself that I was worth ten times what I cost to train and outfit, and that was only one rebirth ago."

"You can prove your worth yet again, in that case." The elder renatus handed the younger reborn a sheet of papyrus, which he proceeded to read, having been taught how to do so by the elder lifetimes ago, in the literal sense. Chronologically, it was no more than 20 years.

"There's been an... opening?"

"That's what they called it. A strange opening in the catacombs of Nephys. The spirits coming out don't seem as if they ever lived in this world. We think they could be those yet to be born, or those who lived on another world."


6. Sorceress and Son

This RP, which I've done before, involves a sorceress living in a tower in a clearing in the wilderness. She seeks out a powerful sorcerer to sire the strongest son possible, and much of the RP would be about her raising him in isolation until he is powerful enough to make his own way in the world. Sorcerers used to rule the realm in which the RP takes place, but they fell from power many years ago and have lived in isolation ever since. These sorcerers were all born with their powers and still retain the sense of superiority they once had as petty kings, considering themselves above the laws of man. They also cling to old-fashioned ways, retaining classical-style architecture and technology in a more medieval-looking era.

Specifics of this story, such as why the sorceress wants to raise her son alone and why things are so dangerous for sorcerers at present, can be worked out later. If the RP goes on long enough and the son is old enough, we can give him a girlfriend.


"The realm of Omicria is an ancient one, a land dotted with relics of a bygone era. Although it was a single realm now, it used to be divided into many smaller kingdoms, each ruled by a powerful sorcerer and his subordinates. Since the advent of wizardry and the great uprising, our people have lived-"

"This story is boring! Can we get back to the one with the dragon riders?"

"Tomorrow, my boy. This is important, and it's not just any story; this is our history. You were brought into this world for a reason, and to understand that reason, you need to understand where our people are from."

"Aren't we from Omicria?"

"Yes, but we used to rule this land. Had you been born two thousand years ago, you would have been a prince."

"Really? Wow. So, what happened?"

"I was just getting to that, son. Just remember that the story isn't done, but you may be the one to finish it."


7. [To be added later, possibly something like Cupid and Psyche.]


So that's it so far. If anyone is interested, please PM me. Note that all guild rules are to be followed, even if we end up doing this on Discord. Keep it classy and we'll get along just fine.
One last bump for this particular check, as I clarified a few things. It doesn't have to be 18+. The impression that it was might have scared some people off.
The title says it all, doesn't it? For those of you who are familiar with the dragons in Spyro:Reignited, I'd like to play as a dragon of your choice. If you don't wish to choose, I'll do one of the Artisan dragons, although I'm still deciding on which one. We can come up with a plot, premise, and other specifics as we go, although this IS a M/F RP, so please think about what that could entail. Please PM me if interested, be over 18, and don't come up with anything too weird. We can talk specifics in PM.

As you might have guessed, this ISN'T something I normally do, but it is a franchise I know a number of people here are familiar with and things have been slow on most fronts here, so perhaps this is the boost needed to get things going again.

Here's a link to all 80 of them.
I added a little more, so I gave this a bump. I won't bump it much more.
TL;DR: Modern RP with a dragon girl and a human guy. Doesn't need to be 18+ in content, but it can be if we want it to.

This RP takes place in a world where humans coexist with anthropomorphic species, although actual intermixing is relatively rare due to specifics of climate, diet, and species-specific restrictions on where each race can comfortably live make settlements with large minorities of other species a rare thing. Humans are the most adaptable of all the species on this world, as well as the most advanced, although not to an enormous degree.

Politically, the world is fragmented into many small countries and city-states. Exactly why this is so isn't important, as the setting is basically a starting point more than a fully-realized world, no more than an arena for the characters. More important is the city-state of Ephesus, where the action largely takes place. It is a large human city; the largest city in the world in fact- with a sizable population of dragons living in a neighborhood called- you guessed it, Dragontown. Other minorities exist as well, but only the dragons have the numbers needed to sustain their own society within the larger human culture of Ephesus.

Our characters would be a human man and a female dragon, both adults; I'd like to play a human man as my main character, but we can play any number of side characters of either species. They'd be in a relationship, but not from the get-go; they have to meet first.

We can work on the specifics of each culture, but as a starter, here are a few bullet points:

- The titular species are commonly referred to as "dragons", and while they call themselves that too, it's only due to adapting the name from the outside world. Biologically, they are at an intermediate point between what we'd all reptiles and mammals, and have traits of both. Despite their draconic appearance, they have hair, the females can nurse their young, and have skin much more like a dolphin's than that of a crocodile or a lizard.

- The dragons come from a tropical island archipelago to the south of Ephesus, in the middle of an ocean. Ephesus itself is also tropical, but barely so, or it might even be technically classed as subtropical. Think of it like Miami and the dragon islands as Indonesia if that helps to picture the climate.

- The Ephesian humans are advanced, democratic, and reasonably tolerant, although they don't particularly like the noisier and louder cultures which contrast with their more straightforward and stoic way of living. They worship one God, but we don't need to go into much detail about the theology.

- Dragon culture is colorful, spicy, polytheistic, and while it can be very fun, their society doesn't value thrift and hard work the same way the Ephesian humans do. Not that the dragons are lazy per se. They dress much like humans today would, apart from footwear, which they almost never use due to their claws and cultural reasons.

Also, the dragons look something like this (perhaps without the vestigial wings) and are about human-sized, with hair, a tail, fangs, horns, and claws, as well as visible outer ears:

As for our characters, here's what I was thinking. We can change these at any time:

- The human man would be a veteran working in a manual field, such as an electrician or an engineer. He'd be intentionally blander than the dragoness on the surface, but he has a darker past than he lets on. As this would be MC, I don't want to spoil too much now.

- The dragoness (YC) would be an immigrant to the city of Ephesus and be either in college, dropped out of college, or be looking to get into a college. She has a job she doesn't really like, such as a waitress or something, but she needs it to pay the bills.

We can work on specifics and I'm open to changing elements of this if it helps or if you have an idea which you think would improve the setting. Feel free to contact me here or in a PM if you're interested.
I have two people interested so far, so I'm closing this for now. It may open up again later.

TL;DR: Elf lady x troll male. Please be over 18.

"There is a great crowd of troll courtiers, gnomes and goblins. Dovregubben sits on his throne, with crown and sceptre, surrounded by his children and relatives."

A bit of a change from what I normally do, this one was inspired by a picture- not made by me- which was itself inspired from the Edvard Grieg musical piece named "In The Halls of the Mountain King." Said music was used in part of a semi-satirical play called Peer Gynt involving Norway, North Africa, Egypt, and a bunch of other countries with few connections, but we can keep things limited to a not strictly Norwegian fantasy setting. It's the scene pictured above which inspires the RP, not the play, the mythology, or the social satire related to the play. Oh, and unless you really want to play them, we can cut out the gnomes and goblins.

The long and short of it is that we can come up with a scenario for the above scene, probably an elf female and a mountain troll male, looking more or less as they do there. Other side characters can be played by whichever side we want, although the titular Mountain King wouldn't be the male lead, but he could be an important side character, possibly named "Dovregubben." We'll have to discuss what our characters will do how they meet, etc, so any number of scenarios can be grafted on top of this starting point.

And oh yes, please be over 18. All characters in mature situations will be. Please PM me if interested.
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