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Zan nodded and quickly darted into the fight with the deathstalker standing defiantly infront of it as it scurried towards the other two students, it reached out with a claw and as it was about to grab her Zandrea quickly placed her hand on a near by stone and her aura became rock hard around her the claws bending against its own force trying to crush her, as it wailed she changed back with leaf in hand.

her quickness and evasiveness allowed her to slash her thin blade between the exoskeleton of the grimm and into its joints stabbing and slashing with surgeon like precision making the grimm less and less mobile.
Zandrea watched in awe of everyone in the battle, she stood there leaf in her hand watching the nevermore and deathstalker fall to her class makes, grimm were not new in her life her tribe did live in the wilds after all, but if a nevermore,deathstalker, king taijitu or something else along those lines attacked, it took most of the tribe to beat it.

have a defensive role in battle came with perks and drawbacks, watching moments like this from the back lines was one of the draw backs.
zandrea mood quickly changed back when she realized how awesome the whole thing was to watch.
Zandrea unsheathed leaf from her side and nodded "I guess we shall" she smiled also getting ready to advance along side her partner "let's do this....RAWR!" she was excited to fight as a team with others she never even spoke to yet and to use this to bond more with her new partner.
Zandrea let out a smile laugh and nodded "kinda takes the fierce out of it if I am adorable doesn't it" they continued along their path finally reaching that seems to be their destination, zandrea can to a quick stop and looked around.

Zandrea was much shorter by glided among the trees and branches in their way with ease a keen eye would notice she always dodged the branches none hitting her nor touching her "with the amount of students ozpin launched with us I am sure we will find someone else, this is so exciting" her hand rested on leafs hilt ready to draw it when need be "Ill have you know I am a fierce faunas warrior...rawr" she looked back once again as they ran and flashed another smiles at sarah
Zandreas ears twitched at the sound and she looked over to Sarah right as she was asked about her speed "I..I can run" she nods and got ready to run towards unknown danger with Sarah.

"Chances are what ever danger we are about to get into is also where we need to be, so let's hit it partner" she smiled the happiness and joy from her smile seemed to shine as bright as the sun peaking though the trees
Zan thought for a moment and laughed to herself slightly "no its okay to ask, and yes my tribe are very much in tune with nature, its just hard for me to turn off that part and realize I might be coming off as creepy, my tribe live outside the kingdom, in a forest not unlike this one." she would look back time to time as she spoke looking at sarah "I am a open book so feel free to ask anything" she giggled "but yes when I speak of the mother, it is of the mother of life, the trees and plants are her children and the wind is her breath."

she stopped walking for a moment and gave it some deep thought "I can only imagine how crazy I sound, I never got alot of outside interaction before I was chosen to become a huntress, so its hard to turn off that part of my brain" she laughed to herself again looking at Sarah with a smile
Zandrea took the lead as it was given to her "I think it's this way" pointed in a direction as she walked. "I wasn't expecting to find someone so quickly, I plan was to scout out anyone I seen but....kinda went out the window, sometimes it hard to keep my emotions in check when it comes to mothers childern"

They kept walking zandrea keeping her eyes open for any signs of grim, her hand was always ready to draw leaf from her side, since grim were drawn by negative emotions her tribe were always able to stay clear of the beasts.

"Any idea what we are looking for? I know its a temple but...temple can mean different things to different people"
Zan placed her forehead on the tree whispering something to herself when she looked at sarah slightly mad then confused "wha....oh i fotgot about that" she looked back the tree and then took a deep breath "he should be fine, wounds should heal over time with mothers helps" the small petite faunus girl looked at the much taller person who was now in front of her "sorry I yelled it was very rude of me." she gave a smile back even though she felt very intimidated of Sarahs statue "I am Zandrea Oakly, and I guess you are correct in we are now team mates" she introduced herself with a small bow of the head the trinkets in her antlers gave off a small chime as she moved her head.
"stop firing!" can be heard at the sounds of the mini gun letting loose ended. Zandrea stood near by looking past Sarah who was firing, and looking past the dust that was the grim to the tree that was pierced by the bullets from the gun Sarah was firing. the small deer like faunus ran past Sarah flowers blooming from the ground with each step she took towards the trees like a medic to a wounded solider Zan started to survey the wounds of the trees.

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