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I am down for OCs and building in the world
I really like the world set up in the series (havent fully caught up on the anime) I would be down for just about anything.
the 6th bell of the 6th class of the 6th day of school rang loud in the halls of Spooky High, doors opened and students filed out shambling though the halls, and none shambled better then Zandrea, her grey bandages hugging tight to her body, as she dragged herself to the lunch room she passed by many interesting monsters of all sizes, shapes and breeds.

i would be interested
the principal has accepted your application
with 1 or 2 more we can start and add people in later if others want to play
The principal has accepted your application

Ah...Spooky High School...the sweetest years of our lives.
Back then we were young and unafraid...Sometimes reckless, sometimes brilliant, sometimes just stupid; but always willing to loive life to the fullest.
we were on a wild journey to discover who we really were.
And we had yet to experience its ultimate challenge: the Monster Prom.

enrolled monsters PCs
Zandrea Namun
Jaebae Sonyeon
Taurus "Tor" Minos
Been kinda obsessed with the monster prom game and lore. Would anyone be interested in a rp based on monster prom?
Something fun, casual verbally mature but keep mature rping to pms.
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