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sorry about not being around that much, my creativity took a massive nose dive recently, I am still here and reading and will post when something comes to me...
Zan nodded agreeing to Sarah's term of talking later "deal, thanks guy I didn't mean to make this morning such a....thing, I meet you guys back here or first class this morning. Zan made her way to getting changed and found herself outside, looking up she smiled as the sun was just breaking over the horizon "good morning mother, thank you for what seems to be a great day" she started walking on the grass flowers sprouting where she stepped, she found herself at the trunk of a tree and sits down her mind processing what her dream might mean.

"the white fangs leader promised to leave our tribe alone..they wouldn't break that promise...would they" she pondered and drifted in thought as the cool breeze kissed her face and the first rays of the sun danced on her cheeks.
Zan was calming down abit and started to feel bad "Im so sorry for waking you guys up" she wipes away her tears "when i have nightmares they are always so vivid" she looked outside at the dawn "I can still smell the burning homes,hear the screams, and even..." she places her hand on her chest "I even feel where the that white fang zealot stabbed me" she closed her eyes trying to have the feelings pass.

"once again, im sorry for waking you up....I am not used to being at this school yet" zan rests her head on Sarahs arm "I am gonna go outside to greet the sun, you guys should go back to sleep"
Zandreas eyes welled up, tears on her cheeks "I...I'm sor...sorry for waking you" she stammered trying to regain her composure "a nightmare, I guess my mind isn't used to being at the school yet" she forced a light smile though the tears not wanting to make Sarah concerned. "I think I might go for a walk on campus" she reached for her clothes her hands temblling as she picked up leaf from the side of her bed.

Zan woke in what seemed to be a hazed filled room "gu..guys? Sarah? lucas? bizz?" she called out but there was no reply "th..this isnt funny" her breathing got very heavy as she stepped from her bed only for her feet to be met with a warm wet feeling, she looked down "is that....blood?" she was panicking reaching for Leaf by her bedside but when she turned around her bed was gone, and when she turned back his was in the forest.

"where am I?" she started walking the heard screams and yelling of her name "MOM!?" she ran towards the sound only to find her village in ruin, it was burning and her friends and family were not moving, laying on the ground, tears filled Zandreas eyes when she seen a banner flying from the elders hut, she approached it slowly crying trying not to look at the chaos, then she could make it was the white fang banner flying above the chaos, she turned around to run away when a sharp pain went though her chest and a faunus wearing a grim mask ran her though with a sword.

"NOOOOO!" zandrea bolted up in bed for real this time breathing heavy and quickly ran to the window to having a panic attack trying to get some air.
Zan followed suit leaving and coming back in long green what looked like a gown but was a really large shirt. "i hope we get to go outside again personally" she said crawling into her bed looking up at the ceiling "also we get to meet the rest of the school tomorrow...teachers, students and anyone else, who knows what kind of people get accepted to Beacon"

zandrea smiled closing her eyes "Team will things look after we are full hunters and huntresses?, who....*YAWN*" Zan falls asleep at the end of that thought with a soft whimper.
zan could not help but giggle at the sight on the other bed "I am glad we seem to at least get along, I was so worried about pair with people who would not like me, for various reason" she smiled at Lucas "I am glad their is also another faunus, makes me abit more at ease knowing all three of you are good people"
thinking for a moment her mind went tough a list of beautiful plants that they can keep in their room "hmmm how about some Blue Vervain, ohh some Orchids would be great" points to the wall by the window "trumpet vines by the window would be magical, and in the window we can grow some basil, strawberries, and blueberries" Zan smiled brightly her mind swimming in the mental image she drew herself of the room "you guys are the best for this."
zandrea beamed a huge smile at sarah "some green in here would be amazing maybe i can grow some small veggies in our window..." zan was happy to hear sarah had a hook and then she looked to Bizz and Lucas "do you guys mind abit of green in the room? maybe we can grow some plants as a team, it can be our masc...ot...BASIL! we should grow some basil!"
Zandrea gave Sarah and bizz a joyful clap from her laying position and quickly sat up and faced them.
"I guess I will be next, my name is zandrea Oakly, I lived with my tribe outside the kingdoms before being chosen to be my tribes huntress in training.
I like nature in all ways and when I walk on dirt grass grows in my steps."

She always had little experience dealing with outsiders to her tribe but she was lucky to find a team that harboured no ill to faunus a fear her mother warned her of.
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