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Posed nude for an art class once.
They didn’t ask me to do it, I think it was a ceramics class- they were making bowls or something.

::Government Name::

June 2nd, 1992. Crazy fucking Gemini.

North Murderapolis.

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Silly. Flirtatious. Loud. Creative. Friendly. Stubborn. Feisty.

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➝ Being ratchet as fuck
➝ Pretending I'm super good at video games
➝ Crafts that probably won't ever get finished
➝ Liking Aquaman and his shitty super friends
➝ Singing musical numbers poorly and loudly
➝ Watching horror movies with the lights off
➝ Traveling and taking roadtrips to nowhere
➝ Bullying nerds while being an absolute nerd
➝ Being a spit in your mouth and curse you type of gypsy
➝ Eating too much while also feeling hungry all the time
➝ Making character sheets for roleplays that die quickly
➝ Not wearing pants no matter who is at my house
➝ Twerking wildly with and without care
➝ Taking long romantic walks to my fridge

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Mrs. Helen Deville

Disheartened but not in the slightest angry at Valerie, Helen release the dish rag as the young woman took care of the mess. "Thank you sweetheart..." Helen cooed, as she watched Valerie so eagerly go around the kitchen and around the house to make the finalizing touches. Helen was reminded of her own past- her eagerness for each school year, bringing fresh young youth through the door. Eventually she found herself outside as well, settling down in a large adirondack chair in the shade. The traditional jazz was just the right amount of rhythm. Helen slowly began to doze off, her day just starting but already needing a quick rest.

From the basement Jack watched his precious Valerie dance. Her elongated legs so free, a smile adoring her face as she looked so carefree and happy. Jack adored Valerie, she was so kind and thoughtful bringing delicious meals and sometimes even taking his side against Mama. He breathed heavily against the window, fogging up the glass as he watched intently from the cut holes of his homemade rabbit mask. Someday they would be happily dancing together, but for now he had to just watch from afar. Someday.

There was something about being old that put you on a very thin line of sleeping so heavily that the house could be robbed under your nose, or quite the opposite and the sound of the front steps creaking under the weight of a visitor shot Helen's eyes open. Her throat was a little raspy from the snores that were trumpeting from her. Knocks could be heard as Helen hurried to her feet as fast as her body could manage. "Just a moment!" she called out, steadying herself on any banister and furniture she could get her hands on. Opening the door, she looked to the few students who had gathered in the yard and on the overly large front porch.

A genuine smile spread across her lips as she looked from face to face. "I am so happy y'all decided to come.. Please, please come in!" she scuttled out of the door way as she propped open the entry way. Valerie had taken care of the place with the utmost care though the place had surely aged since all the students had attending. Mysterious stains could be seen on the ceiling, but would be assumed to be from water damage from the heavy rains the area often got.

"Valerie is out back, we should join her. Drop your bags in the living room and we will show you your rooms later." Helen continued as the group began to file in, Helen had gotten a shot of energy from seeing how many people had actually agreed to show up and really came through with their promises.

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Hi there! This does looks super interesting to little ol' me, but im curious as to why it's listed as "nation"

Monday early afternoon at Dusty's Trailer. On phone with Joel @Pilatus. Texting with Leo @CaptainSully. Mentions of @Zaxter996.
Dustynn pulled at a lose thread from the thigh of her pants between talking to several people on the phone. Most people were either too expensive or not willing to travel to her in the Southside. "I'm not going to fucking rob you, stupid bitch! Yeah, blah blah blah." she growled into the phone, as the receptionist belittled her. She swiped her finger over the front, ending the call. She almost wished she had a phone that she could have slammed for effect, but that time had long past Dustynn's generation. The girl let out a sigh, glancing over at her mother who had popped some popcorn and sneaked back to her bedroom, the door most likely locked behind her.

A vibration went through her hand as Leo's text came back through, she read it an audibly laughed:

For some reason yelling at it did NOT work. I doubt Marcus is a serial killer because what would be the odds that two work under the same roof? ;)

Dustynn laughed audibly at her terrible joke, before posing for a selfie to send. She stuck out her tongue, a cheerful look on her face as she snapped the picture and sent it to Leo. She hoped it was a little something to make him smile, it was an odd action to do- sending a photo to someone, but more often than not Dusty just did it for fun. After the picture was sent, she reread over the last text message.


She had to hand it to Leo, she had never been offered that one.

💕 I would really love that.... lets do it!

Rubbing at her eye, Dustynn reached over to her pack of cigarettes and slipped the last one from the carton. She would definitely need to go get more once the car was back up and running again as well. Reaching towards the lighter, she went along her routine of lighting the other end and taking a hit. Using her thumb she looked through her phone once more before calling her final try for now. After a few rings, a man answered by the name of Joel.

"Hey, this this is Dustynn Knight. I've been having a hell of a time this morning. Car won't start, and I have no way of bringing it in. I could have it towed but, if it's something simple I don't want to spend the extra." Dustynn tapped the edge of her cigarette into the ashtray. "If it can get done today, it'd be even better." she tried to sound a bit on the damsel in distress side, but her blunt attitude seeped through the cracks as she waited for Joel's response.
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Monday early afternoon at Dusty's Trailer. Texting with Leo a little bit @CaptainSully. Mentions of @Zaxter996.
Friday night had been an absolute blast, but it had ended in mostly disaster. The police coming to Club Aether was not the best publicity for the bar, but it didn't seem to effect the incoming flux of people. Dustynn, despite Leo telling her she could take the time off; continued to work into the weekend, spending some of it speaking to interviewers now and again about what had exactly happened. Due to Dustynn being upstairs during the incident most of what she told them was hearsay and sprinkled in lies now and there. If they wanted an entertaining story she was going to give it to them.

Monday morning came and went, as Dustynn happily slept through it. Monday's were her usual day off so she tended to get up early so she could run all her errands, but because of such a busy weekend she decided to treat herself to a few more hours of the snooze button. A familiar voice woke her up, as hands shook her arm until she opened her eyes. "Huh?" a groggy and raspy voice slipped from the girl's lips as she came face to face with her own mother. "Your car won't start." Kimberly; Dustynn's mother said, as she stood still along side the couch. Kimberly's hand rested still on Dusty's arm as the words began to register. "What do you mean it won't start?" Dustynn said as she started to get up, her heavy comforter slipping down into her lap as she sat up. The trailer was freezing, quickly being apparent that the weather was dropping finally. A shiver ran up Dustynn's spine as she stood up, revealing her pajamas as just an overly large band tee shirt. "I was going to get groceries." Kimberly's said to Dustynn as the girl walked over to her pile of clothes. She slipped on some heavier pajama bottoms and her ankle height house slippers. She didn't acknowledge her mother's comment, knowing damn well that she was not using the car to "buy groceries". Dustynn hadn't felt like fighting with the woman though, so she let the comment fall on deaf ears.

The door closed with a dull thud as Dustynn quickly walked over to her car, and opened the unlocked driver's side. Climbing in she realized her mother had left the keys in the ignition. They were lucky it was too cold for people to be outside watching what was going on, or the car may have been lifted off them completely. Dustynn fiddled with the keys, trying to get the car to start with no luck. She angrily got out, lifting the hood and looked inside. Dusty had no idea what she was looking for, but she felt like the action itself might help the car's integrity. "Fuck!" Dustynn growled as she shut the hood. She would have to make some phone calls to see if anyone could her a favor and come out to see the car. Walking back into the trailer, she looked to see her mother sitting on the couch smoking a cigarette. "Did you fix it?" Kimberly asked, the ashes of her cigarette falling delicately to the poorly carpeted floor without much care. "No, I'm going to have to call someone." Dusty replied, searching the blankets for her phone. She had been texting Leo all weekend, just small comments here and there and some photos. Nothing too risque, just some fun.

Location the cellphone she picked it up and slid her finger over the unlock screen to see that she had received a new message from Leo. After reading it, she sat down on the couch and made her own reply:

My car is fucking BUSTED dude. Going to try to fix it myself?? Hopefully can get it done by tomorrow or I might have to find another way into work. Was it that Marcus guy? Saw his message on the business account. Seemed nice enough LOL. Hope he's a keeper. I'll train him in ;)

Dustynn pressed send as she read over Leo's text again. Leo and her were having a wonderful night, but the chaos of the ending kind of cut it short. She was happy to see he wanted to try going out again, or at least meeting up for something. She started another text message:

Ya. Let's get together soon.. Hopefully we can talk tomorrow if I can make it to work :( !! xox

She sent the text, as she looked over to her mother who was peering over and reading the whole conversation. "Boyfriend?" she asked, a devious smile spread across her lips. Dustynn returned a gaze, a slight smile but mostly annoyed that the woman was so nosy. "Get out of my business woman!" she said loudly, but with a smile. Kimberly released a dry laugh as she coughed, the sound of phlegm lingering in the back of her throat. The woman put out the cigarette into the ashtray that sat full on the coffee table, before getting up and going to the kitchen to find something to snack on.

Dustynn took the time to began calling around to see if anyone could give her a hand with her car.

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