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Posed nude for an art class once.
They didn’t ask me to do it, I think it was a ceramics class- they were making bowls or something.

::Government Name::

June 2nd, 1992. Crazy fucking Gemini.

North Murderapolis.

::Personality Traits::
Silly. Flirtatious. Loud. Creative. Friendly. Stubborn. Feisty.

::Hobbies and Interests::
➝ Being ratchet as fuck
➝ Pretending I'm super good at video games
➝ Crafts that probably won't ever get finished
➝ Liking Aquaman and his shitty super friends
➝ Singing musical numbers poorly and loudly
➝ Watching horror movies with the lights off
➝ Traveling and taking roadtrips to nowhere
➝ Bullying nerds while being an absolute nerd
➝ Being a spit in your mouth and curse you type of gypsy
➝ Eating too much while also feeling hungry all the time
➝ Making character sheets for roleplays that die quickly
➝ Not wearing pants no matter who is at my house
➝ Twerking wildly with and without care
➝ Taking long romantic walks to my fridge

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I would love to join this! (:
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"Well, how does it taste?"

"I haven't tasted it yet!"

"Hurry up little sister! I don't have all damn day."

Torc rolled her eyes as she threw her head back in dramatics. Her brother had her trying tons of his made up recipes, some better than others. Today was roasted bog rat. The secret was that you used the wet muddy ground water that the creature bred in to also cook it. Torc took a hearty bite of the meaty side of the rodent as she chewed. The small bones were melting in her mouth as she savored the taste. Her lips pulled to the side as she thought. Her eyes glistened as she began to spoke, "It's not terrible." a heavy laugh bellowed from her tummy as she took another bite. It was delicious, Forc had truly mastered his craft.

"I hate you Torc, you joke around too much."

He pushed her as the two began pushing, pinching, and kicking one another around the open flame.

"What are you two doing?"

A stern and heavy voice that was clearly their father's brought Forc to an instant stop as Torc laid one more heavy punch on her brother before turning to her father. His heavy brow was even heavier on his eyelids as he crossed his arms against his chest. "I repeat myself, once more. What are you two doing?" Torc began to speak to tell their father that the two were just messing around but Forc spoke loudly, his tone changing completely. That of a warrior and not as a playful older brother with a love for cooking. "It is my fault father. I was having Torc try my new creation, it's something I think you will enjoy Fath-" Quickly the leader of the family interrupted, his large green hand up out in front of him. Signaling for them both to remain absolutely quiet.

"We have been having outsiders come and kill your brothers in arms, and you have been wasting your time prancing around the kitchen like a cockroach? I can expect this from your sister, as it is her duty to keep us fed, but you? You are my son. This is not for you. You are a warrior!" He slammed his hand down, sending the cooked food into the dirt below them. The two siblings remained silent, staring up at their father in a mixture of respect and fear. He turned and walked away, there was nothing more to be said about the situation.

When their father was out of ear reach, Torc turned to her brother, "I'm sorry, I didn't me-" Forc grunted in an outburt, "Yeah you didn't mean anything! You never do, You'll never even understand what it's like. You're lucky you were born a girl, you have it so easy. You just lay on your back and get on your knees when you're told." Forc stopped, his demeanor changing as he looked to his youngest sibling and only sister. "I'm the one who is sorry now my lovely sister, I didn't mean what I said. It is just frustrating." Torc nodded, she felt like crying but kept her upper lip stiff as she was embraced by her older brother.

"Make it up to me, and go to the bog and get me some more of those rats, and I'll make it up to you by cooking them."

Torc rolled her eyes once again, "That doesn't sound like a great deal to me." Torc admitted as her brother looked at her. "Go." he said, stern in his tone but gentle in his smile. She shrugged it off and turned, leaving away from her small village and traveling to a small bog that was about a half hour away. Reaching the mud hole she walked in, it felt lovely on her bare feet as she wiggled her toes. She walked a bit further in, so that the mud was not quite half way up to her shins. Squatting down she felt around in the bog with her bare hands for signs of any life within the ecosystem.
I'll go through everyone's characters and start thinking of relationship ideas through out the next few days ^^
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Correction, I will get a post tomorrow. Time slipped away from me and I want to actual get time to sit and work on a post rather than just poop something out all poop like. I'm clearly great with my words.
Wᴀᴄᴏɴɪᴀ Wʜᴇᴀᴛʟᴇʏ

As expected people began to swarm. There was a saying that went, "Too many cooks in the kitchen, spoil the broth". This was one of those moments, everyone tugged on the little girl and had their two cents on what to do with the little girl. Aizum's loud sigh and barrage of questions left Waconia with her mouth open. Aizum was seriously the craziest person Waconia had ever met. She let out a laugh of disbelief as others prodded and spoke. Waconia couldn't answer them, she didn't know what to do herself. Waconia never had a younger sibling, her parents had enough troubles coming about her. That being said, she had no clue what to do with kids, her parents had taken care of her until she was of age where she was just expected to take care of herself. Why wasn't there an in between moment in life where you were taught how to deal with these type of situations.

Quickly the mayor waddled his way over and took control over the situation. He pointed at Waconia and a person she had not the chance to meet yet personally. She had heard through gossip of some of the other young ladies in town that he was a traveler, a lone man looking for work and a warm bed. Waconia nodded, she didn't want to start daydreaming at this moment in time "Alright." she said to Mayor McByrd. Going to help grab up the girl before she was beat to the task. He swept her up almost effortlessly. She nodded at his request easily, she could open a door with no efforts as well. Walking towards the Mayor's home she kept looking behind her shoulder to make sure the new guy was behind her and not struggling. Propping open the large front door she made room for them both to enter before she looked into the many doors that laced the entry way. "I'm not sure what room leads to his guest room." Waconia admitted, looking to the man and the passed out child with a bit of apology. "I guess that's a good thing, I'd hate to be known to you as the woman who slept at the mayor's house often." she laughed nervously, scratching her cheek continuing her small giggles. "I'm a fucking idiot." She thought to herself as she began opening doors to see which one led to a guest room.

After opening three doors on the right side of the hallway she came across a room fit for a princess. "Found it!" Waconia called, motioning with her fingers to the two as she propped the door open with her body so the two could come and get settled in.
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Welcome! A pirate lover is a new friend indeed.
Will a discord be made for this roleplay, just curious? ^^;
Wonderful posts everyone! No fretting, it happens to us all.
I'll try to get a post sometime today when I get the chance.
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Will try to get a post up sometime today ^^

Small mistake. Choua is a Senior/Big Sister ^^
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