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Posed nude for an art class once.
They didn’t ask me to do it, I think it was a ceramics class- they were making bowls or something.
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Looking up from her phone, Bernadette looked Alice up and down, and offered her a soft smile. She liked the black dress, it was simple but beautiful. The splash of glitter was confusing, but Bernie did not think too much more of it. Alice had a unique style, so it must have been on purpose, unless she rubbed up against some of the directions on the way over. When Alice questioned her about the decorations she shook her head, "It's definitely better than I could do, but hopefully Prom will be better. I heard we're having it on a Riverboat!" The idea had only be a rumor at the moment, heard from a friend of a friend who was on the student council

Ara's comment could be heard as Bernie glanced at her. She was happy that Ara had gotten back to her normal self, the last couple weeks had been hard on- and Bernie had tried her best to be a good friend. However, when someone is going through a bad break up, and the emotions are on a roller coaster ride from hell.. well, sometimes all you can do is just hang on tight and smile for the camera. Bernie took a look at Arabella's outfit next. She too was dressed head to toe in black. Bernie squinted her eyes, for a moment. Did she not get the memo to dress in all black? Was Alice her new BFF and they had matched for the dance? Bernie shook her head, no- it was most likely just a coincidence.

Laughing at Ara's comments about the decorations, she nodded, "I was just telling Alice that I hope Prom is better. This is kind of... tacky, but at least we get a dance. Which with how bad the game is going outside, I'm thankful for." Bernie nodded, catching sight of Augie as he approached the group. He gushed about music as the girl giggled to herself. She hoped Augie would not get caught. His music taste was not in par with Bernie's but she could get down to really anything, if she tried hard enough. "Student council wouldn't let Ara be in their group cause they know she's got expensive taste, and they only have a budget of ten dollars and about thirty cents, which Ara spends on the freshman who carries her books to class." Bernie added to the teasing with a small smirk. She loved Ara, and knew that she would be able to take the joke as she was in a good mood tonight.

Bernie looked to the doors, watching the other students rush about. "I hope they open the doors soon, I am actually kind of excited to dance this year." she commented, as she watched a person wheel in the old fashioned popcorn machine the school used for every event. Hopefully the rest of the boys wouldn't be too long at Rob's house, but knowing Rob he had something extra up his sleeve and would get anyone who followed him home involved.

When Lilly complimented his food, Lou beamed! After he swallowed his drink, a smile spread across his mouth as his teeth showed with an overwhelming amount of pride. "Thank you so much Lilly!" When the follow up question happened Lou stared at her for a moment, his eyes becoming wide. "HUH?" he questioned, as if she was speaking to him another dialect. On the contrary he had heard what she had to say loud and clear. However, it was not something he wanted to answer. When something came up that Lou did not want to answer, he avoided it.

Lou did not want Lilly to worry though, and he very desperately wanted her to try his food so she could compliment him even more. "Oh, I waited it to cool before I picked it up to try one. Last time I was too quick to eat them, and it burned me all the way down to my tummy mc tum tums. It was very unfortunate." the man said this in a very serious tone, as if he had not just called his stomach a "tummy mc tum tums." he nodded. This was not actually a lie, Lou had often ate food before it cooled- but it definitely was not what he had almost said through a slip of tongue.

Looking to the voice who called for Lilly's attention Lou looked to find his room mate and very best friend to be Julius. Julius was very studious and this was a good trait. When he had asked him earlier if he would like to borrow one of his hats for the party tonight, he had declined but Lou knew only because the man needed his very own hat! Lou planned to order him one for the second week anniversary of since becoming room mates. He hoped he would be happy.

Lou sat idle for a moment listening to the two talk back and forth for a moment, before speaking up himself, "Julius!" he exclaimed as if the man had just appeared and not been complaining about the noise. "You shouldn't be worried about tonight, you can have some fun. There won't be parties like this one every week." he said, taking his hat off his head and giving his head a healthy scratch. He brought his hand to his nose and took a small whiff. It was pleasant.

"The wings I made earlier today are over there, you should have some Julius."

Location: Ares Colosseum.
Interactions: @NeoAC Kelsey
@Rockette Avem

Ms. Fart Joke?

Who this man think he was!? Dustyn's mouth curved into a devious smile, she liked this Avem already. He was unique in a mysterious way. He could take a jab, and deal them back just as quickly. Learning that this was Kelsey's room mate- Dustyn could not help but feel a tinge of excitement for her friend- the troubles she- THEY could get him into... Hopefully he knew what he was getting into. Hopefully he could keep up.

A friendly hip check from Kelsey meant to turn down the antics slightly as they figured the boy out, she nodded and smiled as he offered the helping hand to move in his room mates items. Dusty laughed, "She's right you know, I had to bury the last person who took her shit." she leaned in closer and made her voice close to a whisper, "I might show you where that is, if you can show that you hang with us." she winked pulling back to line up her body with Kelsey's, slightly nudging her with her elbow. Kelsey had several inches Dustyn, as she rest her head on her arm for a moment, her eyes looking up with a slight tilt of her chin. "That's if K doesn't kill me too." she puckered her lips and making a playful kissing noise towards Kelsey.

Straightening up for a moment, Dusty made another comment, "Plus once you help her, then both of you will be free to help me move MY things in." she joked, she would not most likely be bringing anything in to her room, unless her room mate turned out to be good pick. She might even like to be in her dorm room now and again if that was the case. Speaking of which, which one of these characters were meant to be hers? She looked in front of her, from face to face- as people matched to their new friends and caught up with old friends alike.
Ooh, can't wait to revise my cs and get to playing :)

You people are so fucking weird. In the best kind of ways.
I truly love you all, and I even sometimes like you too. Let's enjoy the guild together ❤
seasonal and tasteful nudes for everyone involved

x x
Miss Mills in the ballroom with the screwdriver. The drink that is.

After the sample collection had gone through, Barbara was overly excited to find the ornate invitation at her door step. She read over it several times, and placed it into a keepsake box where all her other treasures were stored. She sent back the RSVP card within the same day marking chicken as her meal of choice. She almost put fish, but figured that having a fishy breath during the course of a dating match up might lower her chances in the long run. A taxi voucher was given, which after a few transfers later eventually got her to the plaza in one piece.

Stepping out on lookers would see that she was adorned in a fur coat, the nicest clothing item that she could borrow from her mother. Underneath was an elegant floor length black dress which was probably not very age appropriate. The rhinestoned fabric was form fitting and long sleeved. It was another thing borrowed from her mother, who insisted that it would "turn heads". Barbara was not one for high heels, but she would not be caught dead in her normal working boots at the event. Those were hers, but her baby deer legs would tell otherwise. Another thing she had opted for today was not wearing her glasses. She had made sure to pack them in the black clutch she gripped in her hand, but would try to go without them as long as she could.

Striding a little slower than usual (mostly due to the heels, and not being able to see well) the young woman was escorted to the elevator and brought up to the ballroom. A little knot could be felt as the elevator lifted her higher, the doors opening to reveal the grand architecture and well thought out planning that had been put into this event. "Do I belong here?" she questioned in a hushed whisper. A man took her jacket, as she searched the table for her name and her assigned seat number. Everything was terribly blurry. Cussing under her breath, she took her glasses out of her clutch and placed them on to her face. Finding her name and number almost instantly after the improvement. She made mental note to herself for later use as she walked over to the bar where a few other participants seemed to have gathered.

Nodding to the other participants, she laughed nervously and pushed her glasses up higher onto the bridge of her nose but without missing a beat, "Hope I'm not the only one with knees shaking here." she took a seat at the bar, thankful for a rest before she ordered a screwdriver. The drink wasn't very fancy, but it sounded a lot more complicated than it really was. She took a small sip not to ruin the lipstick she had applied just hours before in the ride over. She prayed she didn't have any on her teeth, as she looked to the other participants studying their faces to try to match names with appearances once she got a hang of it.

Listening to everyone speak around her it was clear that the game was not worth watching. Last year's had been more fun when Deus was playing and they had someone to root for. Arabella was on the field for cheer, but the girls didn't have much to cheer for. It was a shame that their last Homecoming game was going to end in a big loss. Oh well, it was only football after all. When Isaac spoke, Bernie leaned back into his knees and looked up at him, she stuck her tongue out at him before leaning forward again, "Yeah, I'm with all you guys. Let's bounce."

Bernie laughed at Rob and DJ's antics, specifically Rob's outlandish dancing. The two were definitely lifting the groups spirits as they were usually good at. Bernie pulled her cellphone from her jacket pocket as she quickly texted to Ara that some of them were heading inside, and others were going to be heading with Rob back home to change into more fashionable clothes. Bernie had not planned really for dressing up tonight, she was putting most of her money elsewhere, and besides- Prom would be way more important in the scheme of school dances, right?

Getting up from the cold bleachers, Bernie exclaimed- "Okay, see you perverts later! I'm going inside before I die of ammonia or whatever that disease that makes your lungs pop is called." she expressed, clearly not knowing what the proper pronunciation or complications of pneumonia were. Climbing down the bleachers, the group was split into people going with Rob and people going into the school.

The dance was not ready as people on the student council scurried inside the gym placing decorations and setting up the inside bleachers. A place to have people sit on waiting for a special someone to ask them to dance, or perhaps a place to just rest tired legs from dancing. The student council had decided on the very typical theme of "Winter Wonderland" and the several shades of blue and white was a clear indication of that. Construction paper snow flakes were haphazardly taped everywhere, and the tech team had been busy at work making just the right lighting. It was a teenager's dream come true, surely!

Bernie removed her coat, hat, and mittens- shoving them into the sleeve as she passed it towards one of her peers who was doing a makeshift coat check in the outer hallway. Her simple outfit would be revealed; a pair of black leggings and a soft pink over sized, off shoulder sweater. Ivan Santos passed her a name tag for her to write her name on. She wrote in all capitals; BERNIE B♡ before handing it back to him. He pressed it on to her jacket, signifying her jacket. Ivan then placed a bright blue wrist band around her wrist telling staff she was a student here, and not a student from a neighboring town's school trying to get in on the action. "Thanks Ivan." she complimented, and he returned a friendly smile, and a reminder that the dance would not be ready for another twenty minutes at least.

Walking off to the side slightly, Bernie leaned against the wall waiting for the friends who came with her to finish checking their coats.

I'm soo game for that When they meet up IRL it will be so cute.

Totally what I was going for, I can tell she gets muted in team chat way more often than not
Characters sheets are only as useful as you make them out to be.

Depending on the plot of your roleplay, it makes sense to have a detailed character sheet made up. Like Jojo mentioned if your plot involves people that know one another previous to this situation it makes sense for you as a writer to tell US this information before the IC. Sure, some of the stuff is going to be made up a long the way as part of the fun of the IC thread; but some of it is so that you and your group know what is going on before you even get to that point. I've seen roleplays work with small detailed character sheets too- if you don't need to know extras, you still need to know basic details so that you know who and what you're talking to/interacting with.

I personally believe having a character sheet shows that you know what you are portraying as well as that you're going to put in the extra effort to display this character that you are playing. If you can't take a couple hours out of the day to make a well made character sheet, then you won't be taking time for my roleplay- which means, I don't have time for you either- ugly
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