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Posed nude for an art class once.
They didn’t ask me to do it, I think it was a ceramics class- they were making bowls or something.

::Government Name::

June 2nd, 1992. Crazy fucking Gemini.

North Murderapolis.

::Personality Traits::
Silly. Flirtatious. Loud. Creative. Friendly. Stubborn. Feisty.

::Hobbies and Interests::
➝ Being ratchet as fuck
➝ Pretending I'm super good at video games
➝ Crafts that probably won't ever get finished
➝ Liking Aquaman and his shitty super friends
➝ Singing musical numbers poorly and loudly
➝ Watching horror movies with the lights off
➝ Traveling and taking roadtrips to nowhere
➝ Bullying nerds while being an absolute nerd
➝ Being a spit in your mouth and curse you type of gypsy
➝ Eating too much while also feeling hungry all the time
➝ Making character sheets for roleplays that die quickly
➝ Not wearing pants no matter who is at my house
➝ Twerking wildly with and without care
➝ Taking long romantic walks to my fridge

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The gentle smack to her knee caused Bernie to gasp out of habit, she looked to Isaac with a small smirk forming on her lips. "Um!" she replied to his question. Squatting down to the ground, she leaned into Isaac and said in a hushed tone, "I spilled some chips under the table and made a note to myself to clean it up later when people were asleep or left for home." she gave an innocent nod to her friend hoping that he would not rat her out to everyone else.

Isaac raised a brow at her and turned his head towards the table. He spotted the chips. It was… really not all that many. ”Oh, that? Don't worry. I've got you covered.”

Isaac hopped up for a second, making his way to the snacks table. He picked up a few things and then, as he reached for some chips, spilled a few in basically the same spot. ”Aw, hell. My bad.” Not enough to attract undue attention or make a show of it, but anyone looking would know why Isaac was now scooping up some chips into a small trash can. He brushed the crumbs from his hands with a clap-like motion and a few flicks of his fingers. With that, he sheepishly stood and made his way back to his original seat at the foot of the couch.

”There you go. Now you don't have to worry about it.”

As Bernadette watched Isaac she felt a bit of nervousness, his sly movements were almost invisible as the rest of the group arrived to the party. Most of the attention was on them and their costumes, so he didn’t even need the charade- but he did it anyway for her. When he arrived back she exchanged a small grin, her teeth showing ever so slightly, "Thanks" slipped from her mouth and into his ear, and his ear alone, her voice barely louder than a whisper. Going from the floor to the arm of the couch, she took a seat, leaving her empty plate on a coffee table in front of them.

Alice joined the two on the couch not too long after and Bernie laughed appropriately at her comments to Isaac as well as her own blunder, "It was very...very cold, and Ron made me stand outside for what seemed like forever!" she exclaimed, her hands dancing in conversation.

Isaac waved to Alice as she sat, realizing he was sandwiched between two girls, now. He felt a smidge smug about it, if he were being perfectly honest. But mostly he was just nervous. Isaac knew little about the female species except that they were somewhat dangerous and inventive, socialization-wise. The ones who seemed socially inept were no exception.

Ok, that was an exaggeration that his dad had given him. But Isaac still felt like he should keep on his toes. Stuck between wanting to stay put, because being situated between a pair of attractive girls is always nice, and wanting to be somewhere else, because he suddenly felt nervous.

He put his water bottle to his cheek. It was warmer now, but the cool sensation cleared his head.

He just had to sit. Getting up would be weird, nothing was happening, even if Alice had implied he was buff enough to be a wrestler. Just a normal compliment, from a friend. He'd been staring off into space with an inquisitive look for almost two minutes now.

Luckily, Isaac was forcefully dragged from his cerebral acrobatics by the spectacle that was Rob. Damn. That was a man with infinite confidence.

Bernie clapped during Rob’s performance as he belted out songs, she parted her lips to yell out another request when Ron came bolting down the steps and called an end to the karaoke almost as quickly as it started. "Oh." the defeated girl was ready to hear all of her friends sing, but perhaps the game of truth or dare would include singing anyways. She turned her body so she could see Ron, who looked mildly perturbed. Deus must have felt the same as he added his two cents in.

Not wanting Ron to lose his cool Bernie decided to pitch in, "I think it’s a good idea!" she exclaimed, "Everyone can grab their food and drinks and come sit over here, since there are three of us on the couch already." she nodded, before continuing once more- "Since DJ got here last, he can go first." she said with a mischievous laugh. The boy would be allowed to ask anyone he thought fit for his “truth or dare” round. They then would then respond with one of the choices, or drink

Isaac needed a few seconds to get caught up on everything that had happened in the past two minutes or so. He'd heard everything, but was too wrapped up in his own headspace to get it. ”Wait, DJ's here? DJ!” Isaac called out, beckoning his friend over. That would alleviate some of his nerves. But…

The rules of this Truth or Dare didn't sit well. He was refusing to drink, so he'd probably have to always give his Truth or Dare. And he'd probably need to opt for a Dare more often than not. Meaning he'd be doing stupid shit while stone-cold sober. Great. Or maybe he could just always pick Truth and hope nobody asked anything too… personal. Shit. This not going to go well. Too late now, it seemed. He wasn't about to make a scene about it. If these folks got drunk enough they might forget any embarrassing tidbits. He'd have to bank on that.

”Sounds good to me.” Isaac hoped to God that nobody was planning to use this as an opportunity…
@Mister Thirteen

Sound good to me! A little threat is always a good story :) that is until it becomes a manic !


When John decided they would leave the church for later, Florence couldn't help but let out a sigh of disappointment, but her tune soon changed when he said they could hit up the bookstore. Though before the outbreak the book store was the least visited place in Florence's life- in today's world the bookstore was a vacation. Often days where there was nothing to do, she would curl up with a book and get lost for a few hours, sometimes even using the light from the campfire to keep the pages alive and keep the story going for just one more chapter.

Following behind her companion, kicking a rock now and again when felt the need she looked towards the truck John had been referring to. "My dad had a truck too." she commented, with a bit of sullen sound. She had spent many of summer nights with mountains of blankets and pillows in the bed of the truck during a drive-in movie theater night, something their family had done now and again before everything. "I don't mind walking." she said a little cheer in her voice as she looked into John's eyes for a moment. It was true that transportation would improve their lives so much for the better, but there was something about using your feet to get you to your destination that made the reward that much more better.

Skipping up the front steps of the mini-mart, Florence pushed open the front door that rang with a dull twang of a bell that at one point had a lot of use. Her eyes gazed up to the system as she looked back to John with raised eyebrows, "I miss music." she admitted as she turned back and walked into the store, showing a distressed mess. The shelves toppled over as things had been picked over, twice in the initial rush of survival. Picking through a few boxes, Flo looked for anything they could salvage.

Dusty working at Club Aether during one of the busiest nights of the month.
Interacting with: Marcus, Leo, The Blonde Bombshell, The Sisters & Mr. Sea Legs.

The wink that Dustynn received from Leo was a sign of some fun to come for sure. She laughed, her head falling back in joy as Leo got up on stage and hit the mark one after the other. He was one of the most charming people she had met in this town yet, it might have been his accent for part of it- but it was mostly his genuine heart. As the song blasted over the speaker system Dusty nudged Marcus as she started to sing along with the 90's hit. It was all in good fun, and if embarrassment was the worst of the punishment- then the two women should have considered themselves very lucky.

Catching the smile of the bombshell and her side comment about the bathroom being a better alternative, Dustynn couldn't help but nod her head and exclaim, "Right?!" she exchanged a smile as she reached under the counter where one of the registers sat and slipped the woman a coupon for a free appetizer. "This is on me hun- welcome to Club Aether!" she cooed, as she moved across the bar like a well oiled machine collecting empty glasses, refilling pints, and grabbing orders as they came in.

The sister had done an over the top amazing job, and Dustynn gave credit where credit was due. She clapped, and cheered for a moment before taking another quick cigarette break. She was pushing her luck constantly with the nasty habit; she knew Leo wasn't the biggest fan of it- but it wasn't something she could just quit cold turkey. As she sat outside she scratched the sore part of her eye with the back of her thumb gently- balancing her cigarette between her lips. Her eye and the flesh around it was irritated and the cheap make up wasn't helping. She browsed through her phone with the other hand, reading over the other text message she had received from Paige.

It made her stomach feel uneasy as she debated whether or not she should respond, deciding on not- she screenshot the text and cropped it so it was just the text, and forwarded it to Leo before deleting her messages once more. After doing this she headed back inside, grabbing the attention of Leo she leaned in and whispered into his ear quickly and quietly, "Texted you something. We need to talk. Nothing too bad...but we need privacy." she hoped that wasn't too scary, no conversation that had 'we need to talk' in it was usually something you wanted to hear. She planted a quick kiss on his cheek, before making a return to the bar.

Seeing the man fall to the ground, Dustynn wasn't too phased- as most of their patrons would drink until it got to this point "Woah there buddy, going to need to cut you off-" she started as she saw the small cat and the gaunt look to the man's face. "No animals in here either!" she furrowed her brows, but also knew that this guy wasn't a drunk patron but a man who needed a hand. One of the sisters came over and offered the assistance, and Dustynn complied, "I'm sorry." she admitted as she and another patron helped the man up and back onto a stool, she wasn't really sure what to do in the situation but decided that it was better to help someone than throw them out into the cold.

Putting in a quick order of totcho's a popular bar food at the time consisting of a normal nacho dish, but instead of tortilla chips using tator tots- Dustynn brought them out and placed them in front of the man. "Eat slow, I don't want to clean up vomit anymore than I usually do tonight." she pleaded with a bit of a smile across her lips, she poured the man a tall glass of water as well, knowing that any alcohol was not beneficial for the situation.
Oh little one. My little one,
Come with me. Your life is done.
Forget the future. Forget the past.
Life is over. Breathe your last.

Mid to late twenties.

The Breeder. I own a slew of women, who give us our children, who give us OUR future. I've given men plenty of warriors, for a generous price. If you have the right pay, I will give from my loins a strong son to carry your name for now and ever more. Tonics, medicines, and more I sell them from my wares to keep you strong, keep you sane.


My mother Varnish and my father Aerosol were strong, clever, unwavering. I too share these traits. My mother raised many children those she carried herself and those who shared not but one drop of blood with her. I followed her footsteps and expanded on her dreams. I took useless women, homeless women, women with no future and gave them EVERYTHING. I gave them a purpose. I gave them the power to give life, and to take life as they pleased. I gave them FREEDOM. I too have given three men their sons, two in which have died with honor aside their father in battle and one who cannot look me in the eye for I am his MOTHER but I am not his mother. I love him, my sweet Grocery for he and his father knows not what I sacrificed. I am hated by some, but none will speak it to my face.

I look for peace within myself. I do oh so much for every one and get only trinkets and treasures in return. I loved to be adorned with the beautiful but it only means so much for so long. The birds on the beach they stare, they gawk and squawk at the sparkle but they do not keep me warm at night. They keep my stomach full They do not stimulate my brain, my heart, my deepest crevice of my soul. I am meant for more. I am needed for more.

The future is ours, and only we can build it. We are only growing smarter, faster, stronger as each generation comes and goes. Our ancestors were only just the start of something, but we and our children and our children's children will be even better yet. I've watched them grow, I've watched them learn they are adapting and surviving so much better than we. Their minds are pure and unaltered by substances. Do they not know of their own strength?

My hips, I follow them as they defy the odds splitting in half to deliver warriors. They then serve as a tool as many children are carried across the earth, fed from my own body and taught the lay of the land and the way of people through innocent eyes. They then are used for persuasion; to start the process from where once it came, a ritual. An exchange. They bring me home.

Love is something I have not yet seen in my life. That is a lie. I have loved many in one sense of the word, but not in the one I plead for. I love all children, as my mother did- I will take them all in if they have a chance to thrive. Even the ones who do not make it are used for their parts to bring strength to others. I loved my parents, my siblings, I love the women who I have saved and live with me. I love the thrill of a night, and the pain of child birth, but one's heart does not feel full from these.

One must always check for any wound, rash, or the oddities before allowing to lay with a free woman, they are not for just fun they are not just for release. The price of my child is not just worth it's weight in treasure. Do not cut your hair, it is your link to the spiritual realm.


I lied and told a man his child had died in child birth. I knew that he would not want a daughter, he had said that he would use her the unthinkable rather than treat her well. I hid her for three years, until he found out of my tangled web. He murdered his daughter Panasonic, his own flesh and blood in front of my eyes. The women and I sobbed for hours until we could not cry any more. Twix did not work for weeks. The men took Pan's body and I did not dare ask what came of her. They would not let me recycle her.

Bucket, he saved my life once and I have yet to repay him.

Avenue. He speaks of the dead and the dead speak to him. I fear what they've whispered, screamed, and chanted to him is making his insides dark. He is a good man deep down, but he frightens me. For what I am not afraid of, I am grieved by.

Deodorant will not keep his hands off of me, I told him I do not want a man who takes young boys as slaves. He disgusts me. I will never bare his child, and I do not allow him in my women's homes. I plead that his name will die with him, I beg that he will never find happiness or joy.

I worship the human body, for it is above all. It works the way it is meant to work and when it doesn't it still provides nutrients and life to other bodies. Do you ever wonder why your body parts fold into one another so perfectly? There is a reason for this, and it should be celebrated.


When a warrior is born from my body, I have moments where my heart beats rapidly and my legs can not function as they lose their strength. My breath becomes shallow and the millions of colors that exist in our world spin around my eyes and through my ears like a banshee of the night. So much noise, it's unbearable and no amount of pain can cover the sound of the screaming. I have only experienced this three times, and though it is frightening it brings me peace when the sound of screaming is replaced with a joyful lone cry.

O W N W H A T Y O U ' V E B E C O M E
The Breeder, huh? I've heard of you. Never set foot in your establishment though. Fuck no. But I'm no moral authority to judge you, anyway.

Twix, without a doubt. She is my most troubled out of the twenty under my wing, her name is always on the mouth of many. She has been involved in so much altercations that I have taken to threats and punishments to keep her in line. She does not follow suit. I can not leave her though, or she will be killed. I'm the only thing standing between her and her death. All the other women agree.

Sparrow. She comes not for a child, but for companionship. Her pleasure comes not from the flesh. She brings treasures for me without nothing in return, I offer her whatever I can in return, but mostly a ear to listen and a shoulder to rest on. I love her as a sister.

Alcohol. I am not one to be swayed by power, but it doesn't hurt anything. He runs this town fairly and has treated me and mine well. He cares about the children as I do, and I think he believes that the future is important to us here. Our seed could continue this legacy.

In the sea of night where my soul is real
Broken visions let the darkness heal
And the dream of life will surely reside
I can hear your heart, I can touch your skin
Feel the whole world breathing from within
I can live in here forever inside.

I was the very FIRST to post!
However, I am home now from my trip, so I will be more active again.

Ron left to let more guests in as Bernie helped herself to some of the snacks and refreshments the host had put together. She took a paper plate in hand and filled it with a handful of chips, a spoonful of what she assumed was a dipping sauce, a small sandwich, and then grabbed a beer to wash it down- for now. Bernadette intended on getting a little drunk tonight, but not too wasted. She had told her parents that she would probably sleep the night at Ara's- which was a lie, but her parent's did not want her sleeping over at a boy's house, let alone the reason for said sleepover being that she was underage drinking.


Bernie dropped a few of the chips from her plate onto the ground as she shifted to pick up a cold beer, and then whilst picking up the chips a few more fell off the plate. Not wanting to sacrifice anymore snacks and kind of starting to panic, she swiftly kicked them under the side table that had all the food on it. She made a mental note to herself in the group chat to clean it up afterwards while no one was looking.

Not but a minute afterwards, August came as Ron directed him downstairs. Bernie stepped away from the snack table a bit, plate in hand, un-opened beer in the other as she greeted Augie in return, "Hey Augie, I like your costume!" she smiled, nodding her head at his second comment, "Yeah...I didn't think it was going to be THIS cold." she shrugged, her attention going to the upstairs entry way as Isaac was introduced quite loudly. Bernie couldn't help but laugh, the costume was humorous and Isaac was, well- Isaac was alright.

As more people came, Bernie gazed over their costumes, praising as they came down the stairs, "Ooh I like that so much!" she cooed to Claire, admiring the girl's idea. Ara and Rob came next, although Ara remained upstairs for a moment. Probably taking a moment to make out with Ron no doubt. Robert's costume however surprised Bernie as he came down the stairs, "Those legs!" she cackled, laughing and shaking her head. She wondered what Ara was dressed as, knowing that these two had been planning something for a week now. Alice came next as Bernie made eye contact with her for a moment, the small pattern's under her eye as Bernie placed together what she was meant to be.

Taking the couple bites needed to finish her sandwich, the light bulb eventually went on as Bernie said, "Alice, you're Alice!" she giggled nodding. That was a good costume too, very good. Bernadette eventually found herself a bottle opener around the various liquor bottles and took a swig of her beer. It wasn't the best tasting, but it would wash away the crumbs and make her seem "ready to party" without going overboard only a few minutes into the party. Adjusting the hem of her shorts, she tugged them down slightly as she leaned against the back of the couch as she devoured the rest of her chips, her fingers rubbing together to dust away the residue.

Ron would probably have some type of game in store for them to play soon.
I want in, but you'll have to wait for me to get back home for a CS!
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Hey there, I'm currently out of town- and won't be officially home and on my own pc until this weekend;
so I am just letting you know I am here and wanting definitely to be involved- just am not able to at the moment. :) Thanks!

Will keep track of the posts and be able to catch up come this weekend
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