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Posed nude for an art class once.
They didn’t ask me to do it, I think it was a ceramics class- they were making bowls or something.
You & The Captain Can Make It Happen

You've met me at a very strange time in my life. My name is Tori. Let's be best friends.

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"Her RP cured my erectile dysfunction and my hernia. 6/10 was pretty good. Her voice gives me a boner! Use whichever of these quotes you want to!" - @TheGrundlesnart

"If you were a fruit, you'd be a fineapple." - @Heat

"No single quote can summarize everything I want to say about you." - @Lord Wraith

"You seem a little crazy 🤪." - @EldarionI

"You're a ripoff of Cpt. Sarah Fortune with different colored hair. Don't look at me. I refuse to be your sugar mama." - @Mistiel

"I wish at least one of the million rps we teamed up in at least made it to the end LMAO! You are legit an inspiration and I appreciate it, Thank you." - @Howilng Zinogre

"Where are my mints? I said the magic words, but I didn't get any mints. You promised me mints." - @Skwint

"So....I have no idea what to say. At all. Yes you can use that if you like, if you were indeed being serious about posting other's thoughts and quotes in your bio." - @ZAVAZggg

"A sandwich is two or more slices of unconnected cooked, solid, meal based foodstuffs on the same axis with filling between each slice, and with the filling touching the largest surface of the cooked, solid, meal based foodstuff. Fight me." - @Strange Rodent

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I make most of the guild's horror and just plain old STRANGE group roleplays. I love slice of life with a twist. I love things that make you curious and push you to go outside of your comfort zone once in awhile. If you are interested in joining something made by me or you want to join in on something I am playing in currently; I will try to keep this list updated monthly or so. Let's keep in touch- click the links below:

Shipwrecked Souls
Captain & Crew

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Hi Yankee! Reading through your CS I thought it was very well done!
I like how you incorporated BigCo into your background and I like that you're the dr who isn't really a doctor!
As far as I'm concerned everything looks good, and I considered Xavier accepted!

I will edit in the information to reflect that as soon as possible.


Hey, looking through your cs-
Would like to have some of the grammar fixed if possible ie: spelling. capitalization etc.
Also, would you be playing your sister as well or is it more of an NPC counterpart?
If just an NPC counterpart that is fine, if not I will need you to make another CS for her.

If those things are fixed, should be good!
Ducks and rain- hm.. because Ducks love the rain... It's all coming together

After reading your CS, I find it very charming!
Your music was very fun and fitting of a sweet baby.
I am happy with how she turned out! You are accepted.
Fair enough for the newcomer, hopefully can expand on her once she finds her place.

I will update everything to reflect this.

@Lightning Fast

Oh that poor baby boy.
Your music was also really fitting for him!
Really like your idea of the forest shrines, and talked with you about it already!
Loved your incorporation with BigCo and how it personally took toll on your family so far.
Feel free to make your NPC family member and place in the discord's npc area.

Fantastic character! Glad to have you, and curious to see what happens with him next.

Accepted and will update information to reflect this.


After reading your submission, first impressions are great.
Loved your postmaster idea, that will be fun! It made me laugh that she dislikes ducks, for some reason.
Well thought about backstory and the like. Feel free to make your NPC family members and place in the discord npc area.

Excited to see what happens to you and yours- Accepted and will update information to reflect this!

@Yankee@Howilng Zinogre@Summers

Great starts, let me know once you are finished for complete review!

If I missed ANYONE- I am sorry in advance!
Please let me know immediately and I'll get to it.
I'm going to be reviewing/reading CS and get back to you all.
& yes my character (the mayor) will be a man this time around, lol!

After READING your CS regarding Luna I would like you to:
- Add family members names, even if they aren't around anymore via passing away (Grandpa) or moved away to "The City" or Unknown.
- Name your general store

Once that happens, you should be good to go. I will cross off the general store owner and grant you spot number two in town!
@Majoras End

Yes, THE ROT is an entity on its own and comes in many different forms!

Your Characters Name


A title here


[color=????]A G E[/color]
Any age, young and old are welcome

[color=????]B I R T H D A Y[/color]
Season, Day 1-15

[color=????]G E N D E R[/color]
All are welcome

[color=????]O C C U P A T I O N[/color]
One of the roles available or can request within reason

A title here

[color=????]P E R S O N A L I T Y T R A I T S[/color]
Positive and negative

[color=????]F A V O R I T E S E A S O N[/color]
Pick a season

[color=????]F A V O R I T E C O L O R[/color]
Pick a color

[color=????]F A V O R I T E F O O D[/color]
Pick a food

[color=????]L I K E S[/color]
A few things you like

[color=????]D I S L I K E S[/color]
A few things you dislike

[color=????]D O Y O U B E L I E V E I N M A G I C ? [/color]
Do you believe in the Harvest Sprites? The Goddess? The Rot?

A title here

[color=????]F A M I L Y M E M B E R S[/color]
Your family members, relationships, their jobs in town if they are there

[color=????]A N I M A L F R I E N D S[/color]
Do you have any pets, animals you care for?

[color=????]H O M E L I F E[/color]
Where do you live on the map and what is your home like?

[color=????]S T O R Y[/color]
A brief history of your character's life so far.
First come, first accepted/first serve folks! :)
I will be accepting around 12 people, willing to move up that number if we ever have that many
@Lightning Fast

Feel free to come join us! It was just made today:
We definitely have an influx of miners Come chat!

Excited to see what you come up with! :)
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