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Posed nude for an art class once.
They didn’t ask me to do it, I think it was a ceramics class- they were making bowls or something.

::Government Name::

June 2nd, 1992. Crazy fucking Gemini.

North Murderapolis.

::Personality Traits::
Silly. Flirtatious. Loud. Creative. Friendly. Stubborn. Feisty.

::Hobbies and Interests::
➝ Being ratchet as fuck
➝ Pretending I'm super good at video games
➝ Crafts that probably won't ever get finished
➝ Liking Aquaman and his shitty super friends
➝ Singing musical numbers poorly and loudly
➝ Watching horror movies with the lights off
➝ Traveling and taking roadtrips to nowhere
➝ Bullying nerds while being an absolute nerd
➝ Being a spit in your mouth and curse you type of gypsy
➝ Eating too much while also feeling hungry all the time
➝ Making character sheets for roleplays that die quickly
➝ Not wearing pants no matter who is at my house
➝ Twerking wildly with and without care
➝ Taking long romantic walks to my fridge

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I love you and I hate you and I'm losing my mind. You tell me all the time that this will pass and that I'm gonna be fine.

For a moment things went dark.

Brooklyn had seen the kick coming, closed her eyes and had taken the brute force straight to her mouth, busting open her bottom lip. The taste of copper filled her mouth. A whimper escaped from her throat as she quickly placed her hand up to feel the warm blood dripping. No teeth were broken, but Brooklyn would admit her spirit was. She held her hand over her mouth as the blood dripped to her grey sweater. Tears weld up in her eyes as she looked at the young girl.

How could she?

As Leo and Sam comforted the girl in the ways they knew how, the two made eye contact again. Brookyln didn't look at her angry in the slightest, a sense of sadness in her eyes as she watched her walk upstairs. She wasn't mad, but she was hurt both mentally and physically. "Never. Again." Brooklyn said out loud to the remaining household members that were still downstairs. She didn't raise her voice nor did she curse, but she made mental note to never do that again.

Finally getting up, Brooklyn removed her blood stained sweatshirt revealing a tank top and used it to wipe off what she could off her chin and neck. She took this opportunity to go back outside, slamming the door behind her. "Fuck." she growled, sitting on the steps- her sweater balled up in her lap. Reaching down she took a handful of snow and pressed it to her lower face. It melted against her warm flesh, releasing the pain and perhaps helping the swelling.

It was freezing outside, but the young woman was hot with adrenaline from the scene that had taken place. "Why does everyone I try to take care of, try to fuck me up? Hmm?" she grumbled in a whisper, as she punished herself by punching her thigh through her jeans several times. She had done this out of habit ever since she was a young girl, to relieve stress rather than punch a wall or another person. After cooling off for a few minutes, Brooklyn went back inside, her sweater under her arm.

She proceeded to go into her room and change into her one other sweater she owned, this time maroon. Her other sweater she balled up and threw onto the bed along with the soaked tank top. She would have to try to clean it later as she was skilled in getting blood out of clothing- but she wasn't in the mood to deal with it right now. That or she would just burn the clothing in their fireplace, and call it done for.

Moving back down towards the kitchen, Brooklyn took it upon herself to start dinner- a fish stew.
Thank you all for being very understanding.
I think I will take this idea and put it on the back burner, make some adjustments and make it better hopefully.

Still trying to improve as a gm; doesn't seem to be working much though but hopefully someday I'll get it!

Keep a look out though :) I'll rework Harvest Moon one day to be a good roleplay.. someday.

I'll be honest and say I'm not even sure if I want to keep this roleplay open.
Very discouraging for so many of people to dropped- especially my co-gm without a word. Hmph.

I'll see how I feel.

I love you and I hate you and I'm losing my mind. You tell me all the time that this will pass and that I'm gonna be fine.

As the group discussed what to do with the wild child, the smell of dead fish and deer carcass filled Brooklyn nose and made her feel nauseous. She didn't say much during the discussion, thoughts and ideas running through her head a mile a minute. "Sam and I can thoroughly check her, just in case. She doesn't really need to be captive while shes out, but we can't trust her just yet. Even the smallest can be deceiving." her mouth pursed, as she thought about everything that was weighed. She valued the opinion of everyone in her group, though her own thoughts sometimes plagued even the most reasonable decision.

Quickly the room was filled with the voice of the young girl.

Her voice was soft and sweet. Just like Brooklyn had imagined it. Her daughter should have and would have had a songstress voice like her mother. During her entire pregnancy she sang to Harris, old songs, new songs, songs that she would make up along the way. As the girl scooted away, panicked and angry that their group had unarmed and started to undress her. "HEY!" Brooklyn spoke loud and stern, looking directly at the girl.

Their gray eyes locked.

"We're not trying to hurt you. We want to help you. But we can't screw ourselves either." she placed her hand gently on the girl's head, before her hand reached down sharply and grabbed the girl's chin, hard. She turned her head to the left and right as she watched the young one's pupils. They didn't seem mutated, very responsive.

She was lovely.

"What do you guys think?" Brooklyn asked, looking hopeful towards her companions.
@Joshua Tamashii

Feel free! I'll get a post sometime this weekend hopefully.
presently present.

I love you and I hate you and I'm losing my mind. You tell me all the time that this will pass and that I'm gonna be fine.

Shaking her head, Brooklyn huffed playfully, "Well, if I get the chance, I'll show ya." she nodded. Something Brooklyn always enjoyed is when their group spoke about their past enjoyments. There was something in a person's eyes that lit up when they talk about their loved ones and the things they were passionate about. Things as simple as enjoying their favorite meal now seemed like a dream holiday that perhaps would remain just a dream.

Brooklyn didn't have much worry about the trek back to the cabin, there had not been too many zombies as of late and one or two was nothing the two women couldn't handle. "Your plants are resilient little shits, it'll be just fine." Brooklyn assured Sam, their conversation and quips about plants keeping them busy as they arrived back at home.

Sam's abrupt stop caused Brooklyn to cease her talking mid sentence.

A young girl stared back at them before falling with a sickening thud.

Jorel and Sam spoke back and forth before Jorel looked to his side as Sam went to her knees, offering a hand. "Yeah I didn't have time to check for bites or nothin', so I was gonna tie her up, then she just dropped. I'll take this side." He lifted the girl's head and back, then slotted his arms underneath hers, holding her upper body up. Sam did the same, as they lifted the body up and off the cold snowy ground.

Rushing in front of them, and in front of the door entrance to the cabin. Brooklyn put out her arms, her eyes wide. "Check her outside first, I don't want her inside, do NOT bring her inside yet." her voice wavering in speed. Her central nervous system was collapsing within itself in panic. When Brooklyn had first spotted the girl, she couldn't help but think of her deceased baby daughter all grown up.

Harris however was in the cold hard winter ground, her infant skull detached from her lifeless body. This girl was very much alive, or so Brooklyn hoped so. She quickly lifted the clothing and began to search the young girl's body for bites, scratches, anything that could be an infection. She prayed she was pure.

She needed to be pure.

As far as Brooklyn could tell the young traveler had nothing suspicious. She had a few scars, cuts and bruises; but everyone did. They were trophies of hard work or in this girl's case - survival. "Okay." Brooklyn huffed, looking from Sam to Jorel before opening the cabin door for them to enter in with the girl.

I love you and I hate you and I'm losing my mind. You tell me all the time that this will pass and that I'm gonna be fine.

If it had been different circumstances Brooklyn would have been snuggled in a plush robe, her darling child would be in her arms. A cheesy Lifetime movie would be playing in the background and the snow would be falling from the sky above, delicately. Instead, their cabin had a view from the kitchen window of where the group had together beheaded and buried her dead baby girl; Harris.

Her fists clenched, as her grey eyes shot towards Sam, taken from her daydream. "Huh?" came out of her mouth before the question of grabbing a stick fully traveled through her brain. "Yeah, I'll get it." she agreed, stepping around the shore of the river looking for a heavy duty stick. After finding a sturdy enough bramble, Brooklyn returned handing it over to Sam as she wrapped her arms back around her body.

She watched the woman from the sidelines, as she proceeded to mumble and make jokes. Brooklyn cracked a smile, though Sam was a newer member to the group the two had found a bit of friendship among one another, or so truly thought Brooklyn. The traps had proven themselves to be very helpful, along with a few herbs, plants and the produced breast milk- the group was not starving. Food was always top concern though, because once that was gone, things were going to escalate dramatically.

Thankfully that wasn't the case.

Being told to carry the bucket of disgusting fish was not picturesque, but Brooklyn didn't mind. Sam had done all the real work, the least she could do is was carry them back to home. "Maybe we can make a soup or a gumbo!" Brooklyn suggested in a happy tone, lifting the bucket and turning back. She looked over at Sam, "Would you like that? I'll try to make it, my mama had taught me long ago." she commented once more, a little bit of her southern accent coming out as she envisioned a bowl of hot delicious food in front of her. Hopefully they had a little bit of extra things tonight so they didn't have to eat plain fish again.

Brooklyn Rosevelt

Twenty Seven


June, Seventh


Brooklyn, Kentucky

Elementary School Teacher (Art) // Singer


+ Nurturing
+ Quick Witted
+ High Endurance

- Petite
- Emotionally Attached
- Easily Manipulated

Fireman's Axe

Five Foot Two




Double lobe ear piercings, various typical scars, a small music note tattoo behind her ear.


Creative. Sentimental. Gentle. Overly Sensitive. Damaged. Clingy.

Father - Tony Rosevelt - Unknown before outbreak
Mother - Lisa Rosevelt - Deceased after outbreak
Sibling - Lexington Rosevelt - Older Brother - Unknown current status
Partner - Harris Thompson - Ex Boyfriend - Unknown current status

Tony and Lisa were born and raised in Kentucky. The two were the ultimate definition of high school southern sweethearts. Lisa fell pregnant right after graduation with their first child and son: Lexington (named after the city he was conceived in). Their parents- the grandparents of Lexington loved the little boy, but were not at all happy with the arrangements their children had gotten themselves into. Tony decided right there and then he would become a truck driver to put some food on the table, and diapers on their new baby boy.

Moving often, the family had seen the inside of plenty of motels, hotels, and various trailers. When the two love birds fell pregnant again with their second child- Brooklyn; their parents cut off all ties letting them know that they were on their own. The two didn't care, and continued to work towards a better life- one that seemed so far away.

Tony left for a quick trip job one morning and never returned. Lisa was pretty sure he'd be back someday but as years went by her implanted memories replaced her reality and despite both of her now adult children urging her to move on- she declined.

Lexington moved on, left the state to California. Brooklyn stayed close to take care of her mother, she had a rough upbringing but made her way through college to become an art teacher at the local elementary school during the day, and an inspiring country singer at the bar at night.

That is where she met Harris, the man who stole her heart. These two had a whirlwind of a relationship similar to her parents. They loved hard, they fought hard, and eventually Brooklyn found herself pregnant with his child. It was a pure moment of joy for Brooklyn, but not so much for Harris. He wanted her to get rid of the child as soon as possible, after several thousands ignored texts and calls Brooklyn truly considered having an abortion to get back the love of her life; her hardest decision of her life- until the outbreak hit.

Naked from the waist down, sitting in a room at a gynecologist's section of the local clinic. It had been only a few weeks in, but Brooklyn decided to keep the baby. She weighed every option before deciding on keeping the child. She would be strong like her mother and raise the child on her own if she had to. The wait was longer than usual, but she remained patient for over an hour before becoming curious. Walking out into the hallway, she noticed a few other patients had their head poked out of their rooms curious about the hold up as well.

"Y'all been waiting long too?" the girl questioned with returns of nods and other complaints. Suddenly a loud shriek erupted from the lobby. Brooklyn pulled her gown around her small body as not to reveal her bare back and bottom as she walked into the lobby. There she saw a woman with her teeth sunk into the receptionist, oozing blood from the corner of her mouth as she sucked and gnarled into human flesh. Brooklyn took this as a sign to get the fuck out of there as soon as possible, and never looked back.

Pregnancy was difficult. Pregnancy during an outbreak of ravagers wanting nothing more than to pick off your flesh was even more difficult. Practically impossible. When it came time to deliver Brooklyn was extremely blessed to have a group of helpful and understanding people. She had been dead weight during the last month, but she made up for it in high moral.

When the baby girl was born, she decide to name her Harris, after her father- despite his absence through out the entirety of the whole ordeal. She lived for a week before dying, suddenly and unexplained. It sent Brooklyn into a spiral, depression and anger wrapped around every inch of her soul. Now, a few months after the incident
Brooklyn has regained her happy spirit- even singing once again, despite the horrendous world they lived in.

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