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Posed nude for an art class once.
They didn’t ask me to do it, I think it was a ceramics class- they were making bowls or something.
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I make most of the guild's horror and just plain old STRANGE group roleplays. I love slice of life with a twist. I love things that make you curious and push you to go outside of your comfort zone once in awhile. If you are interested in joining something made by me or you want to join in on something I am playing in currently; I will try to keep this list updated monthly or so. Let's keep in touch- click the links below:

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why is it that at 5am that i am the most awake and wanting to experience life?

Annoyed by the announcement, and Ara's quick response in the group chat Bernadette Blackwell wanted nothing more than to drink until she got so drunk that the taste of vomit lining her tongue would be the only memory of what unfolded tonight. "It's just the perfect amount of cliche, I think." she commented to Isaac. She felt bad for him instantly. This whole time she had been so selfish, thinking of only herself to the point where she wasn't enjoying the moment with the boy she had spent all summer trying to get.

Why was it so often that you spent so much of you life hoping for something, and then the minute you got it, you didn't know what to do with it and ended up losing it? Bernie was distracted, slightly by her own thoughts but not distracted enough to see Isaac leaning in, his eyes closed and his lips darting for hers. They exchanged a soft kiss, despite the lack of practice between the two of them- it was perfect.

"You deserve better than me."

The words felt wrong coming from Bernie's lips, but she meant it in response to his "You deserve all the affection I can give you" but it came out more harsh, flat- like she wasn't grateful for the time they had these past months. She looked away for a moment, before looking back up at him- "I'm just happy to be here, with you." she didn't want to ruin the conversation any more, knowing that if she explained to him everything that was going on that she would paint herself as the fool everyone thought her to be. She knew that sometimes things were better left unsaid. "Let's get out of here, I just want to go home." she pleaded, hoping Isaac would comply and take her home.

On stage from the principal's mouth soon came the winners of this year's Homecoming coronation.


The murmurs and commotion from the crowd and knowing staff came to the principal's aide as he corrected himself, "Oh it looks like I made a mistake here." he chuckled as a student council member whispered in his ear, the name of the couple that had been the talk of the night, "Those names are awfully close don't you think.." he said grumbled into the microphone to the girl as she shrugged, he spoke loudly one more "ROBERT CADOWAY- CADOGAN, SORRY! ARABELLA JENNINGS, YOU STILL WIN. Jesus Christ.." he trailed off as he got off the stage, the spot light that lit up the thrones now searching the crowd for the two winners to come forward...

They could not be found.

Sᴇᴄʀᴇᴛs ᴏғ Sᴛᴇʀʟɪɴɢ Hᴇɪɢʜᴛs

The dance had been eventful, surely for more than just the losing football team.

The weekend after the dance had came and went, and the month went by just as fast. It is now the day right before the start of Winter Break, every one of The Sinner's is in their SENIOR MATH classes. Only a few more classes left in the day until they would be free from the grasp of daily homework and the lull of Mr. Dawson's math class. He was the only teacher not assigning a project of some sort over the break so he did have that going for him.

Mr. Dawson greeted the class with a few announcements:

"Good afternoon everyone." he chirped, his wiry glasses sinking to the tip of his nose as he looked over the printed out piece of paper he held. Rumor had it that Mr. Dawson had been teaching here since the school had began, and possibly was standing in that spot before construction even started. "The principal has sent us faculty an email about the string of vandalism that has been occurring on campus. It appears that the latest was found under the bleachers, right after the homecoming game." he licked his finger as he turned the page over to another printed sheet, looking up to the class before looking back down. "If the person comes forward now, their punishment will be not nearly as bad if they are caught later. This person faces suspension and possibly will not be able to graduate if they are a senior this year." a few conversations spouted from this comment, as the class contained all seniors.

"Well that's a shame, back in my day we could do whatever we wanted in school- sure we could drink, smoke, hold a steady job. Did I ever tell you guys about the time I .. " Mr. Dawson continued to speak as the class tuned him out, began speaking among themselves and their plans for the winter break.

"I don't know what the big deal is, this place needs a new coat of paint anyways." Bernie chirped to her friends that sat at her table, her eyes rolling as her head fell into her hands. She wanted to be home just as much as anyone, wishing this day could go by a little quicker.

Greeting Dana when he came to the table, Imani continued with her breakfast joyfully, her eyes glancing around the cafeteria at her classmates, both new and old. Raindale was a curious place afterall, one filled with all walks of life. Even the table she sat at this morning had drawn an motley crew. Moving a strand of curly hair behind her ear, Imani laughed appropriately at Jo and Dana's exchange. Jo was a businesswoman surely, and Imani didn't know whether Jo or her familiar were the more mischievous.

Maxwell's outburst caused Imani to flinch, her head shooting towards him instantly, "Geez Max, you almost gave me a heart attack!" she exclaimed, though she couldn't be mad at him- he was excited after all. She too knew the powerful feeling of solving a problem that you didn't think could be solved in your lifetime, let alone breakfast.

"I'm sure someone around here can get you some, with the right price that is." she teased in a soft voice, before taking a swig of her water. Getting up to pass her tray, she looked to her table- "I'll be right back, just going to dump my dishes off. Do any of you need anything while I'm up?" she asked kindly, looking to her classmates.

Right, but we're waiting for it to end- for the start of the next chapter!

Swallowing, Imani waited until her mouth was completely empty of food. "Thank you Jo, you're always so sweet to me." she cooed softly, looking at what Jo had decided for breakfast. It looked delicious and healthy, she thought about copying it tomorrow even- something different from the usual. She continued to dip her toast in the oatmeal, using her spoon to shovel a hearty bite of the oats and fruit onto the toast like vessel before putting it to her lips. She was just now starting to feel a little bit better about the morning, feeling her positive attitude shift into gear before turning into a serious study mode once classes started.

"Oh no, that is terrible!" Imani commented about Jo being scheduled for multiple classes at once. She had that happen once before but they just arranged her classes around, because she complained enough. "Hmm, let's see I have Herbology with you of course coming up here first, followed by Healing and Divination, nothing too drastic." she chimed, using a napkin to pat her lips from the crumbs of the toast.

Maxwell found himself a seat at their table and Imani returned an answer to his statement, "Oh no! You're not taking anyone's seat. Morning Max." she gave him a slight nod of the head looking at his breakfast as well, curiously. Eggs were such a staple for breakfast food, and she kind of regretted not getting some for herself. "We were just talking about what classes we were looking at this year, I don't think we have any together though." she gave a small pout, looking to Max and then to Jo expressively.

Location: Lake Side Party
Interactions: @NeoAC Kelsey
@spooner Phil
@Plank Sinatra Dallas
@Altered Tundra Vivian
@Write Marcella

The reassurance from her best friend Kelsey was good enough for Dustyn. She wasn't sure who Scottie Upshall was but she assumed it was someone Kelsey had bumped loins with- and if he was good enough for Kelsey he was good enough for Dusty. "I'll keep my other tooth in my head thank you very much." she laughed, "If I lose anymore teeth, i'll be all gums and then I'll be even more popular with the boys." she gave her lewd comment before pulling her used cigarette from her lips and dropping it back to the ground from which it had just came. She used her shoe to put it out completely. "Hey now, not even Viv's hard ol' dome can keep me from some pong. No offense Viv." the girl nodded, giving a Vivian a hearty pat on the shoulder.

No hard feelings.

Phil joined the group and gave his healing touch to Vivian while Dusty watched in awe, when it came to special abilities Dustyn was lacking in usefulness. She was always impressed with Phil's tender touch, the glowing of his herb's on Vivian's forehead causing her to stare her eyes slightly closed as she zoned out for the moment. If Phil were to roll those up and if Dustyn were to smoke she wondered if that shit would be life changing. When he mentioned the tooth however, Dusty spoke up, "NO!" she exclaimed, before explaining her outburst, "You can't just mend that shit, it came out for a reason right? If it came out of my head it was probably gonna cause me problems later, like a tumor or something. I swear to the Gods that I heard that on television before." she exasperating, opening up Vivian's hand wither her slender finger tips only slightly to examine her tooth once more.

It was awfully pathetic.

"Goodbye dude." she said, closing Vivian's hand with hers.

She gave Vivian and Phil a wink, before turning her attention to the rest of the crew that had formed around them she gave a quick wave to Marcella. The party was finally really starting, and it was clear that the night was going to be one to remember. Dallas began speaking quietly as Dusty turned her attention to the scene between Jonas and Ariana, Dallas' voice barely above a whisper for her to hear.

"Daaaaaaaaaamn." she concluded. That one hurt her from here.

The swearing that came from Sasha's lips caused Lou to instantly apologize, "Sorry for startling you." he cooed, closing the door and moving into the room only slightly. He looked around the dorm, it wasn't much different from his. He wasn't sure what he expected honestly- maybe that the dorms that were belonging to the girls would have something special in them, just like the mysteries of the women's bathroom.

"Oh, I didn't need anything, I just needed to get out and away from every one for a little bit." he started, rubbing the back of his neck as he gave her a smile, "It's been a little crazy tonight." he mentioned, looking to the door for a split second before looking to Sasha again.

"You're very pretty!"

The words came out as explosive, complimentary and awkward.

He laughed slightly, "So is your phone okay? I'm pretty good with that type of stuff, if you want me to take a look?" he walked up closer to the bed, holding out his hand patiently to wait for Sasha to hand her phone over to him. Lou was not good at phones, but he hated that he had caused her to drop her phone earlier when had came in, and would rather give it a good honest try rather than not try at all.
Same as KillBox really- waiting around for the epilogue.

twelve ugly days later we bump the thread. don't look at me like that.


Imani inhaled sharply, her hands reaching up behind her head, fingers interlaced with one another as her early morning run slowed now into a walk. She started her day usually somewhere around 5:00 AM and would go for half hour runs. This action was to keep herself in shape, but mostly to get pumped for the day ahead of her. She usually didn't like early mornings, but found that ever since attending Raindale that if you started your day off too late, you'd miss a lot of the action- as well as the warm water in the shower. Something Imani feared greatly.

Returning to the girl's dorm, Imani took a shower scrubbing off the grime and sweat of the morning and the night's sleep before. She slipped into something comfortable, a pair of jeans and a burnt orange wrap-style top. Continuing her normal routine she decided to go for a unnaturally natural look. A smirk formed on her lips, she wasn't sure why she bothered to do all this besides having some fun for herself. She didn't like spending too much time in the sleeping quarters; she enjoyed the company but sometimes it was too much noise and time to yourself was non-existent. But alas, she needed to grab her shoes (a pair of black flats), her backpack (orange), as well as a light weight black sweater in case it became too cold.

The first bell's toll came to Imani while she was finishing putting product in her hair and placing it on top of her head in curls. She headed quickly to the cafeteria to get herself something breakfast. Being lactose intolerant was something that made meal planning a little more challenging. Sure, Imani could suffer through any of the delicious treats, but at what cost? A trip or several to the bathrooms all day? She'd rather not.

Looking over the items up for grabs, and the several questions if the item contained dairy she settled with a bowl of oatmeal that was garnished with a handful of mixed fruits and nuts. Most of the time oatmeal was saved for people who didn't want to participate in the breakfast buffet due to sleeping in, but today Imani opted for the delicious goop. She got a hearty 3 slices of toast that she cut into 6 halves and spread margarine and a strawberry jam onto. She dipped the toast into the side of the bowl so she would have a free hand, as she looked for a seat.

Spotting a familiar face, she called out to Jo, "Morning Jo'" she sang sweetly, her southern tone coming through at the roots of her voice. She pulled out one of the chairs and took a seat directly across from Jo so that the two could see one another versus sitting right next to. "This seems like the closest thing to grits I'll ever get around here." she laughed slightly, picking up one of the toasts she haphazardly had placed in her bowl and bringing it to her lips and taking a bite.
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