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Posed nude for an art class once.
They didn’t ask me to do it, I think it was a ceramics class- they were making bowls or something.

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Louise heard the close thump as what she assumed the human that was inside the bus was now outside. As the boy turned the corner of the bus Louise made herself present. She parted her lips to speak when another voice could be heard from a neighboring house. "We better get to her before this dog loses interest in that food." Lou spoke quickly, "You can walk, can you? You're not infected right?" she asked urgently, beginning to move towards the house.

Bishop nodded to the girl, too frightened by the beast on the other side of the bus to actually say anything. He wasn't infected, but if they kept talking and didn't get a move on, something told him he would be. He quickly stood up and shuffled away from the dog, keeping an eye on it while also staying close to his new companion. That's when the inevitable happened.

The dog ran out of food.

The monster slowly raised it's head, locking eyes with Bishop. It was still hungry, a type of hunger that couldn't be sated no matter how much it ate. The dog, one that looked somewhat like a Doberman, flattened it's ears as it moved closer, it's grey eyes staring right into Bishop's soul. It stepped closer, baring it's teeth. It made a noise that resembled a growl, but the thing's vocal cords were probably too rotten to produce much sound.

"We have to go."

Bishop grabbed Lou's hand, getting the idea into her head that she had to run. The only sounds in the street were the duo's footsteps, followed by the clicking of the dog's nails against the street.

Louise was slightly surprised by the boy grabbing her hand, but she took it as a sign that they needed to go, and NOW. The two ran towards the woman in the house as the dog came quickly afterwards. They pushed their way in as the door slammed behind them. The canine slammed himself against the wooden door with a deafening thud, making the door shake behind them. Louise squeezed the boy's hand tight as a sign of comfort before letting it go slowly. "Thank you." she said to the woman who had beckoned them in. Louise knew she couldn't really trust anyone, but if they weren't shooting, chasing, or biting at her from the start she would give them a little wiggle room.

Another thud against the door.
“...Did you just offer this bitch a cigarette?”

"First of all.." Molly started, wondering herself why she had did that. She wasn't going to let it seem that way though, everything she did was on purpose, even when it wasn't. Molly ignored the other question, knowing that Abigail wasn't the biggest fan of nicknames like that, but truthfully Molly was just lazy and just hadn't felt like saying the girl's full name in that moment. Molly watched the interaction between Abigail and the young girl when the house suddenly filled with the girl's hoarse yelling voice.


"What a fucking spaz.." Molly thought to herself before Abigail was picked up and thrown out the window. If this had been a Saturday morning cartoon- Molly's jaw would have been on the floor. Instead, her mouth parted in shock as her cancer stick fell onto the floor silently. For the first time in a long time Mo was speechless. The wild girl turned and sprinted away as the house shook with the sound of doors and windows slamming all over the place.

"Uh..oh man...I think I broke my-"

Scotty's groan's underneath Molly's feet almost caused her to stomp the boy to dust. She had completely forgotten about him in that moment. She hadn't cared. She was more concerned with the well being of Abigail- not the douche bag squirming at her boots. As soon as he sat up with the ugly mask on, Molly could see his arm was completely deformed bent in ways that it was not meant to be bent. Scotty began screaming deliriously. Molly snatched the stupid Halloween mask off his face, unable to stand looking at it anymore as she looked him in the eye.

He was crying.

Scotty Masterson was crying.

What the fuck was going on with this day?

Between Scotty's wails Molly could hear Abigail's distinct slew of french coming from outside. She was alive. Molly in what felt like hours exhaled. As she watched Abigail climb through the window she wanted to go over and embrace her, kiss her, ANYTHING, but knew it wasn't for the best. Molly looked to her to say anything, and was met with a scowl.

“Make him stop FUCKING crying, please, Jesus, Molly I cannot deal with this right now.”

Molly turned to Scotty almost instantaneously, "Shut the fuck up Scotty! Shut! The! Fuck! Up!" she yelled as Scotty's wailing turned into a whimper. He was really pathetic when it came down to it. Molly felt bad for a moment, but honestly- get a grip man. Abigail went out the front door without another word and Molly stood idle for a moment. She was lost as what to do next. Scrambling to the floor she picked up her dropped cigarette and placed the dirty thing into her mouth and fumbled for the lighter she had stole earlier. She lit it and took heavy puffs of it, her back hunched slightly as she stared between Scotty's chicken wing arm and the broken window she had just watched her friend get thrown through by a garbage pail kid's poster child.

Abigail returned quick as the two returned a steady eye contact. They both couldn't really explain what was happening but the two were thinking the exact same thing. Scotty began wailing again as Abigail started to yell at the other teens to get out of the house. Some of them were already crowded around because of Scotty's screaming, but others were clueless to what was going on. As Abigail left the house again, to make a phone call- Molly got on her knees next to Scotty.

"I'm sorry I screamed at you, but you need to be quiet. I don't fucking know what is going on, and if that girl comes back we're both dead. Okay?" She shoved the cigarette from her mouth in between his lips. He took shallow breaths as his crying had tired him out. Like a toddler after a tantrum. Looking at his arm, "Jesus you got fucked up. Don't move it." He seemed to calm down, almost falling asleep as he sat up against the wall he was bashed against. "Stay with me Scotty, don't fall asleep." Molly begged, she knew that in all the movies she had seen, once someone fell asleep they usually didn't wake up.

“How is he? How are you?”

Molly hadn't even heard Abigail come back in due to her thoughts in her head being so loud. "He needs help." Molly admitted as she looked up to Abigail. She stood up and brushed the dust and debris off her knees. Not even caring she had knelt on broken glass in the moment. "How am I?" Molly let out a noise mixed of laughter and of distress as if that alone was enough to describe the events of the evening. "How are YOU? Are you okay? You look like shit." Molly's honesty was meant with the dearest sincerity. She had been scared that her friend was truly hurt, and was thankful it just seemed to a few bruises, cuts, and worry. Molly lowered her voice for just Abigail to hear her, "I'm scared Abigail." she admitted. She would never admit that to anyone else, but in this very moment she had to say it.

Molly's fc is just the right amount of teenage weirdo for me. I always like characters that are a little off looking. She's beautiful but she kind of looks dazed, and I think it's fitting. I've never tried to draw my characters before, but I think that would be so fun to do. Would love to see your work for this rp when you get some free time. <3

I think I'm going to go with anything from David Bowie for Molly- I can imagine her thinking he was "like totally bitching"

Would be totally game for a collab or two with ya in the future ^^

I'm well c: How are you?
Was going to put a reply here soon- but figured that others would want a chance before I did again.
Yeah I thought about that too- wasn't sure if I was able to find anything on my own like I did-
But I figured since it's not entirely life changing discovery that it'd be okay ^^
Better get my tetanus shot then ;p

You and I are going to be having fun with our characters for sure
First post from me! I'm rusty. :x

Louise could be best compared to a crane when she traveled. Her long legs walked delicately around places, slow, steady, and with precise movements. She had walked like this long before the outbreak had happened but even more so now she knew that maintaining your energy and being as quiet as possible was a choice between life and death on the daily. "They say that in Long Island the food is mighty fine. A roll rolled off the table and killed a friend of mine." the chant played through Lou's head as she kept her head on as swivel. She adjusted her backpacks on her straps as she walked through what used to be someone's yard. The New York, Long Island native was familiar of the state well enough to know that you never walked through someone's well manicured yard unless you wanted to hear a mouthful of obscenities to you and your ma' back home. "They say that in Long Island the coffee is mighty fine. It’s good for cuts and bruises and tastes like iodine." Rules were different now as Louise walked directly over flower gardens searching for any leftovers of vegetables or edible plants of any sort.

Climbing into an already broken window, she hoisted herself up into a home. This was a dangerous idea and Louise knew better, but she was desperate for food after not eating for a few days. Her friends back at the safe house had told her she was a complete fool to think her parent's were out there somewhere if they hadn't made it to the safe house. But one thing Louise was, was stubborn. Stubborn and determined to prove anyone wrong who doubted her. "They say that in Long Island the buses are mighty fine. One went round the corner and left three wheels behind." Once reaching inside the house Louise took out her knife and made a beeline through the house, her long legs taking her faster than usual through the house to make sure she was the only person or non person there. If there happened to be a person she would take them by surprise and stab them right through!

Louise had never stabbed anyone.

As the small scouting mission turned back with negative results, Louise plopped down onto the couch in the living room with a sigh of exasperation. Her stomach clawed at her from the inside. She rested for a few minutes before making her way into the kitchen. Based on the broken window she felt like there wouldn't be too much, but you never knew until you tried. Looking through a putrid fridge and cabinets Louise came up with a moldy 4 pack of Hawaiian bread rolls. "Fuck me, yes!" she said as she opened up the pack and started ripping off moldy parts off her treasure. She shoved clumps between her lips, engorging slightly before she realized she had to stop before it was gone. She left one and half buns left for later that night when she would need it. Reaching into her bag she took a sip from her water bottle that was about halfway done from when she had left the safe house a few days ago. Looking through a few more cabinets she came across a six pack of canned "happy and healthy senior dog" food, and grimaced. She knew it would be disgusting but it might not be so bad in a crunch when she was starving. She took the cans and placed them in the bag, before climbing out of the house carefully.

Walking a few more city blocks Louise felt a bit more energized and happy. "They say that in Long Island the meat is mighty fine. Last night we had ten puppies, this morning only ni-." Louise's chant was quickly disrupted by a loud pounding. Her eyes focused on the creature that was once a dog slam it's rotting body into the side of bus with out any regards to his own well being.

Louise began backing up slowly before she heard the noise. A human whimpering. Should she yell to it? Her mind raced as she thought of the dog food she had just collected from the house. Taking two cans, she used the tab to pop one open. Would the creature still even want food? She questioned as she dumped the unidentifiable meat mush on to the street. With the other can she took and threw it as hard as she could against the bus to try to get the attention of the dog. As soon as she threw the can she took off around the other way so she could get to the back end of the bus where the emergency exit door would be located.

I'm working on a post atm c: I don't mind when- current or future (not too deep though)
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