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Posed nude for an art class once.
They didn’t ask me to do it, I think it was a ceramics class- they were making bowls or something.
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I'm really sorry to hear this but I understand.
Feel free to come back whenever you'd like- it'll be open for you!

Yes, we will be continuing the day and leaking into the party posts.

Friday, the 10th!
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The food being delivered felt like the wrong moment in time, Dionaea nodded in thanks to the young waitress but she felt the tension at the table was unbearable. War was something you didn't just wriggle in someone's face like a worm. People's lives were at stakes. Her own flesh and blood had been murdered, left unrecognizable! She would never hear their voice again, she would never hear their laugh again- those things were just now a memory that she prayed to the Gods would not fade.

"My family is important to me, but I do not wish to intertwine the lives of many for them." the statement was bitter coming from her own mouth, the acidic and spiciness of her own meal fighting against her. "And Elsea is very right, they know exactly what they are doing. We would be foolish or perhaps insane not to think just that." she nodded, the words coming from the party all held their own weight, albeit some words rang more true that others for the young fairy.

"It would be nice to have a little bit of, well- um, normalcy." she cooed now switching to drinking her glass of wine. She wondered how the adults in her life drank this so easily, practically raving about it- when all she could taste was bitterness. Perhaps it wasn't the wine, but the lack of experience. The lack of life.

As Elsea and Ethereal exchanged heavy words and even a showcase of fire, the moth fairy would not and could not take it any longer as he left them without many words. Dionaea did not think too highly of him leaving as he did, but wasn't that surprised. She knew that they would probably see him again, but he did have his way with showmanship. What did concern Dia was how her friend reacted to him leaving, "Risa?" Dia commented after her two other friends as she watched the tears form in Risa's eyes. The young fairy described what had happened and Dionaea suddenly lost all her appetite.

How DARE he do such a thing?

In a bit of selfishness the young fairy wondered after Elsea commented why the fairy had no interest in her out of all the girls in the party. She shook her head, evacuating her mind of such foolish and immature thoughts. "She doesn't need to tell us what happened if she doesn't want to." Dionaea warned, those type of situations sometimes were not happy to speak about, nor were they really appropriate in their public setting. The young fairy was slightly tipsy, her words slurred a little and her eyes were glistening as she spoke the next words, "Whatever he did do to cause you to feel this way.. he can rot for!" the words came out low and cruel, as she pushed away from the table. She was desperate to find a restroom.

Getting up she walked quickly to where their counter was and asked for the restroom, and the minute she entered into the private area she vomited. Shaking she hurriedly ran some of the natural water and cupped it within her hands, removing the excess taste from around her mouth and lips. Why did people enjoy this? She wondered, as she sat on the floor for a moment imagining that pest cause harm onto her friends.

Freshening herself up first, Dionaea soon returned to the table and sat down after a few minutes away. "Let's get out of here." her tone was almost pleading, "I just want us to get out of here." she said again, hoping they would take their business elsewhere.

For the rest of the ride to school Tiffany had started to daydream, her mind often wandering like it did- a lost puppy. She remembered her father's words describing her as "Just the creative type." and "Thankfully she was good looking." Things like that stuck with a girl. It was one thing for the kids at school to say it, but your own father? She wondered if she'd ever live up to her older sister's stardom or if she'd always have the middle child syndrome.

Scarfing down her hashbrown she made note to be proud of herself that she hadn't spilled a single crumb, at least on herself. Melissa's car however would definitely have essense of grease lingering for the rest of the day. The girls found themselves eventually at school and at the ever so enlightening assembly that they attended every year without fail. It wasn't until they mentioned the new change of plan for classes that Tiffany had something to say (surprisingly enough!)

"That's bullshit!" she mentioned to no one in particular, the people around here easily able to hear. She had been counting on getting as many art classes done this year so she could go into fashion design at college if she could manage to get into one. Thankfully they hadn't been completely cancelled but knowing that she would have to supply all her own tools might be enough reason for her parents to suggest she doing something more reasonable with her life.

Art didn't pay the bills after all.

The assembly had left an impact on everyone as the grumbles and venting could be heard as the student body cleared away. Tiffany, a pout across her lips said goodbye to her best friends even though she knew they would be having time together in not too long from now. Off the bat, the very start to her day was Algebra 2. The senior hated math, science, english- and well, most things that caused her to overthink but math was especially difficult for Tiffany.

Entering the classroom a familiar face brought a grin. "Alex! Tiffany exclaimed, walking over to the young boy that she had grown to call a friend ever since his arrival at their school. She wondered if he would notice her hair cut she had gotten over the summer or that she had to change part of her outfit due to the slipperiness of butter.

"Did you have a nice summer? Can I sit next to you in class?" she yammered off questions, waiting for a response.

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Sorry for late replies, been having a hard time lately.
D20 is perfect. Evens are good, odds are bad. Have to score over 15 to kill monster (however many rolls)

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I know you're not in the discord-
But we have a dice bot in place now for the "quick time" events such as the monster I sent to you too.
If you know how to use the guilds dice stuff, we can use that for your rolls!


TODAY IS AN EVENT DAY: New Years Day [01/01] New Years Day is a local holiday that occurs when the first tree within the Mayor's Garden begins to show its first sign of leafage. By this afternoon the Mayor himself sees to getting the word out as well as gathering up enough food to feed the whole town for an impromptu picnic party.

The Mayor became a whirling dervish as he spent the hour demanding that the house be cleaned by his trusted maid, butler and chef. He felt like this was a lot of work for him! After spending about thirty minutes of writing a detailed list of what foods needed to be served for his guests he settled down into a large arm chair in his living room and took a nap. "I can't wait to impress everyone with all the work I did." he said dozing off, his head falling to his chest as the sound of snores filled the home.

His staff spent the next few hours cleaning up the mayor's mess and setting up two grand tables outside under the blooming tree. One table sat over twenty black chairs, ten on each side of the table and one large one at the head where the mayor would sit. It was covered in a pink blush table cloth that had white designs that resembled a cherry blossom tree. Each seat had a plate arrangement including several odd shaped forks, knife, spoon, charger, napkin, and mint. The Mayor believed heavily that the more forks you had the more fancier the meal tasted. On the outer lying table they placed several platters for people to place their brought meals on. The shown meals on the table contained the following:

- An entire broiled squid
- A large bowl of tomato salad
- A pot of cream of corn soup
- A single jam sandwich
- A pitcher of cherry blossom lemonade
- A three tiered strawberry shortcake
- A pan of cornbread

Meanwhile around town...

The four happy-go-lucky sprites had finished their first big task and because the Goddess had not asked them to return right home they felt like it was time to get in a little mischief while they could. The sprites were almost always helpful to the people of the town, but every once in awhile they wanted to cause a little trouble. Racing from the mayor's house they decided to pay a visit to each and everyone's home before they would return to their homes.

First they would go the Abernova General Store. Luna was feisty like the fire sprite; Ember. The other sprites urged her to be the one to give Luna a little surprise. She decided to leave some soot on one of the shelves filled with apple products. Four sets of different footprints could be seen running through it by accident.

Next they visited the home of the new person in town! They began to understood her name was Ana, and was pleased to see that Irina had already came over to introduce herself! The sprites agreed that this was very sweet of her and slipped a small blue gem into her postal bag while she wasn't looking. They decided to take a small nibble of Ana's pie on the way out the door, talking amongst themselves that they would have to let the goddess know about the new person in town, perhaps they felt something special about her?

As they made their way to the feasting hall the sprites were allured by the wonderful smells of delicious food and beautiful interiors! Oak frowned looking at the use of animal furs around the establishment but knew very well that it was part of the circle of life and hoped that the sisters made use of every part of the animal, perhaps in a delicious stew. The sprites played around for quite a while enjoying the warmth of the fireplace before spotting the large dog. Quite scared Ember, Trout, and Misty started to run away. Oak however loved all animals and received a small kiss from the dog. He gave the dog a treat before running out with his companions.

Due to the nature of the scare the sprites decided it was time to go back to their respective favorite spots. Ember made her way to the The Smithy; as the young sprite loved to nestle in the warmth of the forge. While there she noticed Cletus and Sierra arguing. Though Ember quite enjoyed a good debate she didn't like to see the two at odds. Instead of going in to rest, she decided to follow Sierra as a bit of a good luck charm if she decided to go to the mines before the party at the mayors.

Oak preferred the forest, he loved being with all the animals, trees, and even the dirt! He was one of the most responsible of the sprites and felt that he always had a duty to take care of the town and the townspeople around him. He decided the first thing he would do is check the forest shrine; he quite enjoyed the treats people left for him and also tried to help the people who came their often. As he approached the shrine he noticed that Ferris had came again today and was giving a small offering. Oak hid behind the stone monolith as he listened to the boy's prayers. Oak became overcome with sadness and his eyes filled with tears. He felt so badly for Ferris, and knew that not even The Goddess could bring back those that were lost.

He decided that he was going to help Ferris find his father himself, even if the Goddess had told him it couldn't be done. Oak ventured farther into the woods on his journey, unbeknownst to him- creatures of The Rot were watching and knew that if he wasn't paying attention that they could sneak in.

So they did.

Six small blobs of the darkest sludge could be seen sneaking around, they devoured flowers whole, toads, twigs, and mushrooms along the way as they grew in size with every bite. Soon they would be as large as a small child, and when coming together they would be over six feet tall! They made disgusting gurgling sounds as they made their way through the forest heading towards where Ferris and Natalie spoke. "Grumble grumble grumble!" they shouted as they got closer to the two. What will fate decide?

Trout and Misty as the younger of the sprites felt most comfortable living closer to the Goddess herself. Trout lived down stream, amongst the sand. He used plastics and other garbage that he found along the shore as a makeshift hiding spot. Misty, the younger of the two preferred to live with the Harvest Goddess. As she arrived to the bridge she sent a whirlwind of air through the area leaving anyone near it with a shiver up their spine, this was to alert the Goddess that she was home. The Goddess embraced her youngest sprite as Misty told the Goddess of what was going on in town and the other trouble they had gotten in to today.

Tora should be okay to go, I noticed a few grammar things/statements that didn't make sense to me-
However as long as you work on them and pay attention to them IC it shouldn't be a problem.

I know the holidays have been so busy for everyone!
Today was the first deadline for first posts, next round will be the 10th of January!
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When Dontae's older sister told him freshman year would be hard on him, he didn't think she had meant this. As the youngest person in the group the freshman didn't want to start sobbing but he also felt that it was necessary for the amount of emotions he had been going through. Sniffling to try to hold back tears, Dontae had spent the last few minutes listening to everyone talk and try to come up with a plan. All he could think about at the moment was how he was going to get home, if his sister was okay, and how out of breath he was running down the hallway at full speed to thankfully find solace in the teacher's lounge.

The teacher's lounge was something that this freshman had never seen before. In his creative mind he thought it would be much more intricate and exclusive. He had imagined a high tech room with large screen televisions, video games, a full time catered chef- all of these things were quickly dismissed as the faint smell of mildew and old coffee hung over them.

The offer of alcohol had peaked the boy's interest but he could hear his mother's voice right now in a punishing tone. He had once sneaked some of her tequila at last year's Christmas party and had spent the rest of the night cleaning up vomit from the living room of his Auntie's house. He knew the repercussions of this type of behavior on himself and on others and knew it was best to stay out of it.

Wiping his tears from his chubby cheeks he asked to the group, "Is there anything I can do to help right now?" he took off his glasses and wiped them on the sleeve of his sweater before putting them back on his face. "All I have on me is my bus card, my inhaler and uh well-" he wanted to say his knock off airpods that he had gotten, but decided against it in case someone decided to take them away from him. "That's all I got right now. Does any of it help?" he asked a bit more confident as he started to become more himself again, meek in comparison to the boy before this whole affair.
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