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They didn’t ask me to do it, I think it was a ceramics class- they were making bowls or something.
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No worries! It's been a busy time for everyone with school starting back up and what not.

Baruel in the midst of Summer consisted of sweltering disgusting heat. The wind from the ocean was delightful but not easily felt through the perimeter of walls and buildings that blocked the inner districts. Eden included, but all residents had air conditioning or were able to cool off in their personal pools during these waves. Temperatures this Sunday had reached well over 100 degrees fahrenheit, and the mood swings of both districts were high. There is a reason that ice cream sales and murders were correlated.

The president of MARCO was no exception as he could be found in his high rise wearing nothing but his underwear and a light grey cotton tee shirt. His shirt was damp with sweat as his hand was deep inside his bottoms, going to work. "Oh Elena.." he murmured, the latest VR googles adorning his face as he watched the altered adult content flash in front of his eyes. Joseph was enjoying himself greatly while his world below him was suffering. Chaos exploded as a group of activists had successfully pulled off their latest stunt. They had set fire to THREE central locations through out Baruel. One in Eden being the main meeting center. The other two places to be set aflame were an apartment complex in Korven as well as a entry and exit zone between the two districts.

A young female assistant came rushing into the suite, she had been given the entry code after serving MARCO for several years. "Sir!" the young woman gasped seeing their leader in such a state. Joseph used his free hand to remove the goggles as he removed his other hand from his pants and wiped it onto the couch that sat underneath him. What did I tell you about coming into my home during these hours?" The assistant nodded her head but began to speak quickly, "I'm sorry sir but there has been an emergency!" she swiped a few pages on her tablet as a holographic screen popped up showing the people running around as the fire began to engulf their belongings, their homes. "Send all the first respondents to the center, than send some to the border so that people don't sneak in without proper security clearance." A few more swipes of her tablet sent out the people needed for such an emergency.

"What about the apartment Sir?" the assistant asked meekly, as she watched Joseph stand up. "The people are setting their own homes on fire for what? They are mad about what? Try working harder or just being rich. I'll take any of these young women in this movement, fuck them good and turn them into something important. But no, they'd rather live like shit and set fire to the beds they sleep on." Joseph put on a button up shirt and a clip on tie as he walked over to his broadcasting system. His pants still gone. He smiled as the program booted up.

Soon his face would be casted on several large screens through out the city, as well as any and all television sets and proclaimed radio stations. "Good morning Baruel! The weather sure is hot!" he chuckled, "Due to this extreme heat it seems that mother nature has gotten the best of us and set some areas aflame. Please remember to cool your homes with MarCold Central Air and Heating Systems." A commercial would than be played for the previously named product. Joseph would appear back on screen for a moment, "Help will be sent as soon as possible. Please remember MARCO thanks you for your participation, have a great day!"

The broadcast ended as Joseph took off his top and threw it onto the floor, he turned to his assistant with a smirk "Send someone to clean me and my couch up." he demanded as he went to put the goggles back on his head, and settled back down.


Back in Korven, people young and old tuned into the broadcast, while one apartment in particular fought for their lives. Screaming and coughing could be heard as people tried to help one another make sure not only their family was out safe but as much as their belongings as they could manage. The only available help would be one another until some sort of authority could arrive, which by then might be too late to salvage anything.

"Hey that's MY shit man!"

A young woman yelled at another woman who had been taking this trying moment as a time to increase her own pocket value. A purse containing a few hygienic products had been taken out of her hands in the midst of movement, "I'm sorry Monique." a man said, placing his hand on Monique's shoulder. She had been crashing at his apartment for the last week. "Not your fault. I'm sorry about your apartment.. shit man, what are you going to do?" she asked, the two of them outside as they watched it go up in smoke. "I'll go live with my parents or something, what are YOU going to do?" he asked as Monique adjusted her backpack on her small frame. A backpack containing her entire's life worth of material items. "I'm sure work will let me stay there for awhile again, I'm scared once I have to quit though, they won't want any pregnant chicks working, unless it's some real specific fuck comes in and requests it." she laughed with a genuinely sad tone as the two embraced.

"Keep in touch with me man, I'm going to head to work, if your parents don't let you come back I'll find something for you." the man nodded, as he turned back to the apartment and then once back to her. "Take care of yourself Mo, I wanna see that baby when it comes too, don't you go and sell that shit, I'll raise it if I have to." Monique nodded, waving as she headed to the dance club she worked at. It would be hours before the place would open, but she could work as a maid in the mean time and maybe convince the owner for her to stay there a few months while she figured a new living arrangement out.
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"I love you too Risa." Dionaea cooed. She knew the death of the elves would haunt both of them for the rest of the night and for nights to come but she also knew that if took this time to mourn the loss of a life it could mean at the cost of their own. The tension was heavy, and Dia could practically hear Hades' teeth grit against each other. He was nervous too, and in turn that made things a lot bigger than they were. This was not their normal humor and hi-jinks.

Risa's gasp startled Dionaea in response releasing a gasp from her own lips. "Risa!" she exclaimed, with a slight tone of punishment. She didn't mean anything by it, but her nerves were on their last strand after what had just happened. It was then the human came into view. His body was made of metal, which Dia immediately felt sorry for the creature. He probably never felt grass between his toes, let alone the joy of the wind swirling around your frame. It was clear to them that he was hurt, his wounds apparent and his face scrunched. Risa took no time to reach down to the man, and Dia followed quickly behind her. She was not skilled in healing as Risa was but she knew how to follow direction.

"Careful Risa..." she mentioned as the process began. Dia brought herself to her knees next to Risa. Her hands in her lap, but her eyes traveling along the entirety of the man. She knew that her friend was more than capable of healing this being, but they didn't know anything about his intentions let alone his name! Did humans even have names? They looked like one of them if you were to mask some of the obvious features and scents.

"I didn't exactly bring an extra dress." Dia laughed hesitantly, she knew this wasn't a time to joke but couldn't help her nature. "I think we can manage his smell with some stink bugs." she stated, thinking of a particular insect that would hide the natural smells of the human- but would also make him not pleasant to be around. "Perhaps a flora instead.." she pondered, as she looked around them in field as well as in her small satchel she often had around her waist.

The guttural scream from the human caused Dia's eyes to widen in fear and shock. She about tore Risa away from him instantly, but knew that the sound was one of pain rather than anger. "He's really hurt." Dionaea commented quietly to Risa. His voice was meek but clear enough for the two of them to hear, though what he was saying might as well have been in another dialect. "I think we got a broken one Risa.."

Dia giggled a little as she picked out some white flowers from her satchel. Jasmine was a very potent strong smelling flower, and would most likely be a good start to hide the smell from others. She began to mash them into a paste between her fingers when a grotesque yell could be heard, a Dark Elf stood near as he gave them his warning. The wolves and the panther all looking on them with distaste. She could hear the voices between them with nothing but anger filling their souls.

The bolt of black energy flew from the elf's reach as Dia grabbed Risa back from the blast. She knew Risa would be weak from trying the heal the human and used her own strength to pull her backwards. "Are you okay?"[/color] she questioned, to Risa wondering where Hades had traveled off too. He would have alerted them surely.

@MissCapnCrunchI see a lot of talk about what essentially boils down to cyberpunk, is that the theme we're going for here? Cybernetics and all that jazz?

The overall theme is not cyberpunk, no (at least not what I wanted). I have been allowing it for some characters because there are technical advances but it's definitely not the overall "theme" I was going for. A lot of people in this community barely have a pot to piss in, and the only "tech" they have is their government issued ID which is an implant/tattoo. On the other end of the spectrum there could be people with tons of cybernetics in them but it all comes at a price $$$

Does that help things at all?

Your font link is broken but besides that looks great!

@role model

Everyone is a gangster when you're rolling with me
Just kidding, but yeah technically not really many "gangsters" so if you'd like to make one- feel free!


More on the modern day shitty style. Pretty much the rich kept all the good stuff and expanded while the poor are used for hard labor. Pretty much how it is in real life today, but we get a few more cool gadgets. Robotics, integrated into body ID chips, things like that. We're not quite to time machines and hover cars but definitely more tech savvy.


Cop like character would be fine! Technically in Korven there really isn't much of a law system, so if you wanted to do a Security esque job in Eden that would be more fitting of your typical cop of today. That or a personal hire for someone running a business. Think on it :) Welcome!


Today is Sunday! I'd like to get started today;
I have a few things I have to do but once I get home and showered off I will be posting an IC
For people who have not got the chance to start their characters/post their characters you have until the end of today to do so. If you do not have the time (which is totally understandable) You will be accepted later this week and brought into the roleplay at a later time if you so choose.

Thanks for your patience!

Looks great! I know we've been chatting about it in PM as well. Send him over when ready.


Great start! Excited to see where your character goes :)

We will say SUNDAY then.

Would like everyone's characters in- and then I shall do the first IC post that day too.
If anything, please have a WIP sheet to join in- if that is too soon, I will have you continue to work on your character but you won't be introduced until the next event/plot line begins. Hopefully that sits fair with everyone, if not let me know :)
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It had taken every ounce of restraint for Dionaea to cheer loud in excitement as Risa explained the plan of their rendezvous with the elves that night. The two had been dangling on the edge of dangerous territory for months now, but it was finally coming together. Humans were something Dia and Risa would gossip about for days on end despite their elders warnings and lectures alike- the two had always been a little on the rebellious side. The beginning of the day had gone as normal as Dia could muster, acting as if something wasn't going on behind the curtain. She left her window open that night so Risa's could sneak in without issue, sauntering over she effortlessly left her home, the sounds of her father's snores trailing behind them.

The excitement grew as the two dashed away from the village, they were going to be a little late but time wasn't ever a priority for a fairy. Exchanging wide smile grins, the two shared a raised heartbeat, fluttering and jumping from throat to stomach. This was bigger than anything they had ever done, and probably would ever do Dia thought to herself. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity

"This is crazy!" Dia said in a hushed whisper back to Risa, as their hands clasped together. Dia rubbed her thumb softly against the back of her companion's hand to let her know that whatever this turned out to be was going to be okay and that she had her back no matter what happened in there.

Voices soon could be heard; familiar and unfamiliar as the two approached closer. It was clear that the elves had some distasteful things to say, which wasn't too uncommon. Side-eyeing Risa she couldn't help but give a little smirk. "They started it! We wouldn't have been late if they didn't have to make such a big production out of every thing. I'm surprised they didn't ask us to bring our family fortunes just to adorn on our bodies." Dia teased, a slight annoyance in her voice. She knew that not every one was the same though, the two of them a prime example.

As everyone exchanged a few more words, it quickly became time to start up the machine in front of them. The day had come! This was really happening. Dia's heart sank as what happened before their very eyes. The two both fell to the ground out of the sheer force that the machine gave out. An expression of pain and surprise slipped from the young fairies lips as the land was soon opening up before them, crumbling beneath them. Darting upwards to save herself momentarily, Dia watched as the other two elves fell into the abyss and as Risa grabbed haphazardly at the elf they knew as Polan. "Risa!" Dionaea exclaimed lowering herself down from the sky to help out, but just as she feared her friend could not bear the weight and had to let go. Dionaea felt suddenly sick to her stomach as she brought her hand up to her mouth, to cover her expression. Was this their fault?

Risa flew up to her side, and Dia hurriedly wrapped her arms around her in comfort and support. "Oh Risa..." she exhaled, holding her friend who's face was buried into her hands. "We can't let their deaths be in vain- we knew that their may have been risks- nothing like this.. but we kn-"

A familiar voice was heard as the two looked off to where it came from. Hades. Risa spoke for the two of them, knowing that Hades could make matters worse for them if they were tell their parents or other elders in the villages of just what had happened tonight. Instead he brought other news, he had found the human.

Eyes widening, "Come on Risa!" Dia exclaimed as she hurried after the four legged friend. This night had not been what was expected, but if what Hades said was true, and a real human had came through the portal- it may just be worth it after all. The sounds of howls in the distance could be heard, faint but there. "We have to get there before they do." the determined fairy stated as the search for the human began.

@DC The Dragon

Looks great! Excited to see who your loyalties lies with, and what jobs you perform.

Is SUNDAY fair enough for everyone to say character sheets need to be at least a WIP in the OOC?
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