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15 days ago
11 mos ago
Man.....Life is hard some days. :( It'll be okay tho <3
1 yr ago
Wondering why everytime I connect with a partner, they vanish....Kind of over it.
1 yr ago
Okay, let's rock & roll!
1 yr ago
This place, y'all, I tell ya. -_- ;)
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Totally interested! Sent you a PM :)
@LeeRoyNo, it's not you. I just am not interested.
Hey, So, I was watching a movie with my sister and it made me think up an idea for a RP. I've got all the information I have so far on a google doc, and i've also got two character sheets created as well. So, if you'd like, you can take a look at it and if you find it interesting and want to try it out, you can send me a message and I would be thrilled to hear from you! :D Here it is...It's a bit darker though, so be warned. Hopefully I hear from someone. Have a nice day/night everybody! :D
Teacher/ Student?
welcome! :)
Doesn't matter what age the person is, they can still be an AMAZING roleplayer and knock your socks right off! ;D
Lol, wow EnchantedMedow. ^ Such a warm welcome! xD
Lol, i have 4069 xD
Sounds like The Fosters. xD

I'm game though, If you'd like to do it.:)
Hmmmmm, I'm intrigued.
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