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Current "You mistake stars reflected in a pond for the night's sky."
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Motherfucking DNC, Bernie would have crushed Trump, he had an approval rating of like 83% ffs.
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A Freudian Slip is when you mean one thing but fuck your mother.
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A baby chicken is a chick. An adult chicken is a hen. Chick-hen. Clever bastards.
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When I was heating up something in the microwave it sounded like World War 2, but even then it still came out cold.


Well, since you're here, might as well take a seat.

... not that there are any.

Psst... I'm not saying that you don't know, but the pics are clickable

"I like it when the center is wet."

"You're the biggest bitch I know, but you're funny sometimes, so it's okay."
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Yo, @ManoftheNorth. Sorry for not replying, I'm gonna spruce up a CS next chance I get (atleast I hope I can).


No need for apologies, real life stuff comes out of nowhere at times.

and yes i'm still up for a reboot.
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I, too, got a post up. Kinda filler-ish post but I hope you guys don't mind.

"A human-like wolf, then? I suppose that might explain some of the...strangeness. Regardless of what it is, though, I can't allow it to bleed out somewhere--that wouldn't be right. Or live if it's the monster the other hunters spoke of."

"I have heard of hearsay in my travels that these creatures existed, I had no real way to prove or disprove, well, until today." he replied, his eyes swam across the never-ending green of trees. One wouldn't expect this tranquil forest would have a veil of spiritual pretense. This world held more secrets than any man could ever hope to keep, and this was interesting to Ander, so much so that another smile placated his face, thinking that even if he tried his best he would not be able to uncover every mystery.

"I'm going to do what I originally set out to do: Fish. I'm still hungry, and the village is still rather inhospitable. One of those two I can fix, and I am going to do so. Good day."

"Well if you so desire, mention my name in the local inn to it's keepers and they will prepare a room for you, even if disparagingly done so. Let's just say they owe me more than a few favours." he called back to her, whom had already began her work. All work and no play was what Ander associated her with in his mind. With a shrug he disappeared into one of the trees branches, keeping his sword between his legs as he scrunched his back onto the sturdy trunk. His eyes landed on a flock of deer being led by a rather stern looking buck leading them up further upwards the stream. Nature never fails to please Ander, it's silent, serene scenery was a guilty pleasure of his.

A blacked-haired individual entered his field of vision from down below. From first glance he could tell that he wasn't a Northerner, baring more of a semblance to his company earlier. He wasn't a hunter, as evidenced by his lack of weaponry and lack of any basic armour. "He is either extremely brave or foolhardy, it is a thin, blurry line after all." he said to no one in particular, continuing to observe this new person. He seemed not far from Kiyanna's fishing spot. Ander wondered how that meeting would go, well it's entirely possible this odd fellow could spot him as he wasn't trying to hide himself and he wasn't too far up.

Whatever the case may be, human interactions were endearing to observe. It was beautiful and utterly mysterious to the wanderer.


Post up, uhm, once more sorry for it's length.
Tell me if there's any problems!

"Not exactly, It's a good spot. Though I find fishing dull."

Her voice wasn't steady, and it was clear that it wasn't the wolf that made it falter. Well, Ander wouldn't trust a duet of merry men brandishing weapons around like madmen either. She did have her own, a simple yet efficient design, the bows were similar; one can assume that it was her marksmanship skills that carried through with that impressive shot. A normal hunter wouldn't be able to do that to that creature, especially one as swift as that. He eyed her armour and gear, and indeed it seemed that her words were true, it was standard hunting gear; which just made her seem even more braver chasing that 'wolf'.

"Ah, I agree." he said off-handedly, his eyes now resting on the green forests.

"Did you happen to see where it went?"

"No, t'was a quick one." he replied, "Apologies, I lost track of it when you entered my field of vision."

"Wolves, well that one wasn't exactly a real wolf. It had features of a human, somewhat, atleast it seemed so from the limited time I managed to see it. The oddest features I caught before it disappeared into green of the forest were it's legs, it was bent... to the point of appearing unnatural. From the normal wolves I hunted or defended against in the past, they seem to stalk their prey, to see if the risk of injury outweighed the gain in fresh meat. Most of the times they leave humans alone, especially if they weren't in packs, too much fight for too little reward- humans also didn't have much meat on them and said meat was hard to pry from bones, other animals would suffice as a much better source of food. That's not to say there weren't any cases of such. This is however assuming that these wolf-like humanoids behaved like... well, wolves. It's not a leap of logic entirely but a thing to consider. It's ears flickered when she gazed upon my garb, curious."

Ander babbled, not realizing he was nonchalantly speaking aloud, "Oh, sorry was I rambling outloud? Hum, sincerest apologies, ignore that."

"What's the plan now Ser Kiyanna?"

I'll get a post up soon but feel free to post ahead of me @Valor

Sure! Take your time I was just curious haha!
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