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In Avalia 2 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Morning.
Location: Roshmi- Kenia's estate.
Interactions: @Potter - Corvina, @Tae - Kenia, @princess - Malachi, @Dezuel - Zelginn.

"Naturally, Malachi, I invited this..." Rei gestured up and down the small figure "...small fox thing to Kenia's home."

"As you know, I have many friends here in Roshmi." Sarcasm oozed off the black haired boy. He tried to slosh away the drool that had gone on him.

"It's as Corvina says, we have no idea who this is and how he got in." Rei said in a dry, manner-of-fact way, pushing away his sarcastic tone.

Rei let himself get pulled away from the ensuing chaos with a noticeably worried Corvina. She continued to ascertain his well-being, "I am alright. Heh, I've been through much worse so don't worry about that." He understood her worries however, whatever- whoever this was knew of their existence now. Three people already knew them, what's one more to the list. Rei couldn't quite tell what the fox's 'goal' was. He clasped her shoulder, trying, in his own way, to reassure her. "It's going to be fine, whoever this is, we'll just deal with it."

"That said." Rei leaned in to whisper to Corvina, still watching the situation unfold, "What do you think of the... fox? Seems hella suspicious." He caught sight of the fox's grin, making him furrow his brows. He found it best to simply observe for now.

Rei tried to cross his arms but caught whiff of his scent, recoiling slightly at the smell of fur and drool, Goddamn it, I'll need another shower later.
In Avalia 16 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Morning.
Location: Roshmi- Kenia's estate.
Interactions: @Potter - Corvina, @Tae - Kenia, @princess - Malachi, @Dezuel - Zelginn.

Corvina's ribbing of the blonde-haired Madonna made Rei smirk slightly. It had been awhile since someone had managed to make him crack a smile. "Yeah..." He trailed off with her statement about their worlds not being too dissimilar. Continuing on with their 'chores', he followed her to the dustpan. Sweeping the estate was a task and a half, Kenia seems to have come from wealth, making the chores take awhile. At the very least, he had experience with cleaning whole houses by himself.

Rei sometimes caught Corvina staring at him, confusing the amber-eyed boy. Was there something on the back of my neck? he thought, dusting the crumbs off the kitchen floor and into the dustpan. Pushing that thought aside, he was certain that the kitchen was the work of Malachi, he just couldn't prove it- the diabolical little elf. Rei leaned over to Corvina, "Y'know, Malachi's the one who did this." he whispered, gesturing to the crumb-filled floor, "He's been getting flabby since Kenia's father's been stuffing him with food, right?"


The duo's progress to the chores were going well, they were just about finished. Rei's ears pricked at the thudding hardwood floor and the occasional barking dog. Something was stomping around the house as if sprinting. He spun his head around, looking for the source of the noise. A small figure bound towards him and Corvina, with a dog in tow. Were those Kenia's dogs? Who is that? Why is he so tiny? were thoughts that popped up in succession as the figure lept onto his shoulder, trying to hop onto the nearby bookcase. The dog followed, now trying to clamber on him to follow the fox.

"WHAT IN THE HELL?" Rei voiced in absolute shock, the tone of his voice surprising even him, he could not remember the last time he yelped in surprise. "Is this an attack? Are we being attacked?!"
In Avalia 22 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Morning.
Location: Roshmi- Kenia's estate.
Interactions: @Potter - Corvina, @Tae - Kenia, @princess - Malachi.

Summary of the Week

In the first few days Rei had grilled into Malachi and Kenia about their current situation- the world, the races, the political landscape, Aklenroth's 'goals', why humans had elemental based magic, and their plans moving forward. It was alot of information to take in and process, but soon Rei had a grasp on the world- though acknowledging that said knowledge came from one source making it biased even if unintentional. He couldn't help lament that this world was 'pitiable', for lack of better term. It was technologically more advanced that earth, but more regressive in societal terms. Earth has it's fair share of issues, but nothing much like Avalia. Rei had felt that Malachi was holding back some information from him and Corvina but chose not to pry, so as to respect his wishes.

After arriving in Kenia's estate, they had begun magic training. It was odd, to say the least. It tackled abstract ideas in order to 'control' mana. To make it easier for himself he thought of it like a 'program' with it's own structure, functions and callouts. It made it easier to systematically create and control the air coming out of his hands. A systematic, uniform approach always felt easier to grasp in his mind. Moving air is simple enough, but doing anything tangible with it was where the difficulty stood. As an example, Rei mumbled this to himself "Compressing air makes it occupy less space and get 'hotter', more heat means more kinetic energy making it 'cut' other matter..." That was how Rei was able to do an air slice that could cut thick branches, he continued to mumble about how the air dissipates making it less lethal across longer distances. Finally concluding that he could control the compression to affect overall distance of the 'wind blade', but that there is a hard limit to maximum distance.

Rei had already began formulating theories on how his newfound powers can be utilized, but within the week he found a few interesting properties of his wind that he could use to defend himself, or attack if necessary. Though he did find it slightly embarrassing that he had to slash like a feline cat to get his 'wind blade' working- noting that he needed to figure out how to remove that action. Another note was how he thought it was edgy that his wind was black in colour when in usage.

In tandem with the magic training, Rei had also chosen to continue endurance and strength training- anything to give him an edge where humans were physically weaker than pretty much every other race. That and the fact that using his powers, to any serious degree anyway, drained him physically. It felt pertinent to have high endurance. He had invited Corvina along to follow his 'regiment', as this too was in her best interest. He was pleasantly surprised to see her easily match his pace during the training. The two also shared ideas on how they should use their powers during the week. Spitballing ideas with each other.

Rei had unconsciously grown closer to his three compatriots, though he didn't intend it, he HAD established a connection with the three. It was a first for him, as while he had passing friends and acquaintances, it was nothing quite like this. Rei had thought, "Guess all it took to form something of a bond is a threat to my life, huh?"

Present Time

Malachi had shoved a broom into Rei's empty hands. He couldn't get a word in edgewise before Malachi trot off someplace in the house. "Humans are special, he says, and here we are doing menial slave work." Rei dryly joked, he knew that he already owed something to Kenia and her father for even allowing humans to stay with them. Before cleaning he wanted to ask where the dustpan was and looked around the house to ask. He found Kenia and Malachi talking about family, and their past but walked away before he could hear anymore.

Rei scratched his head, I'll just use my hands or something.
In Avalia 1 mo ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Dawn of the first day.
Location: Cave of Wonders.
Interactions: @Potter - Corvina, @Tae - Kenia, @princess - Malachi.

Rei gasped a fresh breath of air, like enjoying a cold drink, as soon as the blanket was lifted. That had felt like it had taken a decade, and he stopped trying to listen to their words because of the stuffiness. Questions like, 'What the hell was that?' and 'Why did we need to hide from that pompous elf?' filled his head. Before anything however, he did agree with them needing to clean up, the day he had spent in Avalia felt like weeks- he only ever felt like this when he was nearing deadlines for projects.

He took a moment to catch his breath before speaking, "Yeah." Rei took a whiff at the hem of his shirt, "Probably best thing to do."

"What do we do after that?" Rei slung his sweater over his shoulder, addressing the two elves, "Or rather, what do you want us to do? Some training montage? You need to be clear with your plan for us."

Rei eyed Corvina, it wasn't fine to drag innocent people into this mess of a world, but he decided that he'll talk to them about that for later. He paced by Malachi, blankly staring at what he was cooking. It looks like a squirrel? he thought, I was never a picky eater, so whatever. Rei crouched by the fire, brooding- ruminating and gathering his thoughts on what exactly he and Corvina should do.
In Avalia 2 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Dawn of the first day.
Location: In the woods of the peninsula west of Sun Elf Village.
Interactions: @Potter - Corvina, @Tae - Kenia, @princess - Malachi, @Dezuel - Terneus.

Rei received his sweater, simply nodding in acknowledgement at her thanks. He took one whiff at the sweater and found it smellier than he liked. Before he could apologize, Malachi manhandled him and pinned his side to the floor. What the fu- Rei thought, stopping himself from speaking. Before he knew it Corvina's head was lying on his free arm, facing towards him then a blanket was sprawled across both of them. It was very close, so much so that he could practically hear her breathing. What a crude plan. Better than nothing... probably.

Rei pursed his lips and pressed a finger against them, signalling that they stay quiet. He had hoped this wouldn't take long but with the way the Elf- Terneus, was speaking, they might be here for days. He had never seen- well, heard such a clear-cut case of narcissism. It reminded Rei of traditional elves he would read about in mythology. Seems like there's some truth to those crazy books. Well, stereotypes do have some truth to them. Guy even speaks all old-timey.

The elves were still relatively far but he could catch bits and pieces here and there. Governor... Protractor... Rich... Andrews Nights... does he manage a bar? Whatever. This Terneus has a longer title than the queen of dragons. Rei sighed in his mind. He continued straining to hear the rest of what they spoke about.

He soon began feeling cramped, and he probably didn't smell that great either so Rei felt that Corvina was likely suffering. Please get him out of here Kenia, Malachi, freaking anyone! Rei let his head lay on the dirty floor, he couldn't crane his neck up any longer. "Sorry about this Corvina." He whispered very lightly, since they were physically close she would hear it despite the volume.
In Avalia 2 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Dawn of the first day.
Location: In the woods of the peninsula west of Sun Elf Village.
Interactions: @Potter - Corvina, @Tae - Kenia, @princess - Malachi.

Rei's back was slumped against a wall, he wiped his bloodied lips with the sleeve of his shirt. A figure stood towered him, with Rei's laptop in their grip.

"Do you think just because you 'paid' for this laptop means you can use it for whatever the hell you want?!" the figure screamed at him, "You're in MY house, under MY household, NOTHING belongs to you, got it?"

Rei stared blankly at his mother's enraged face, his expression not shifting an inch. His non-reaction just proved to incense her more than normal, not that it mattered. No matter what Rei did in that situation, his mother would just get angrier.

"Do you think you would disgrace me and your father by becoming a programmer!?" His mother pressed him further, "NO, you WILL follow the path we've given you. Do I make myself CLEAR?"

A few moments passed before Rei nodded. He figured to just get it over with, since there was little point to escalate it further. His mother flung his laptop to the wall beside Rei's face, breaking into two pieces.

"回答!" His mother screamed, her voice even higher than before.

"Yes... Mother." Rei said, already beginning to clean what was left of his laptop.

"Good." His mother had calmed down, seeming satisfied with Rei's subservience. "Clean all this shit up."

She turned to leave, "We have to make sure you don't have to end up like your disgrace of a brother."

Rei's hands balled into a fist but he did nothing...




Rei's eyes opened to the walls of the cave, he was momentarily lost before remembering all that occurred yesterday From one nightmare to another, huh. he thought, I haven't had that dream in awhile. The dream left a sour taste in his mouth. Rei folded the blanket he found on top of him, folded it and placed it on the cave floor. He rubbed the sleepiness from his eyes before a loud, booming voice echoed pierced his skull, he snapped around the cave to look for the source of the sound but found no one but a still asleep Corvina. What the hell is this, telepathy or something?

Rei caught sight of Kenia and Malachi at the mouth of the cave, looking up the at sky. He figured doing the same was prudent. There was a large, skeletal figure draped in robes with an ominous aura about him. "Skeletor, really? Rei spat out unconsciously. The skeletal mage? Rei was unsure what exactly 'he' was, began talking about compensation and a chance of 'returning home'. He had little idea for the currency, but with the number being that high it was a no-brainer that it was alot. A seed of mistrust now implanted within him regarding the two elves, who's to say they wouldn't be enticed by something like that.

Rei was wary of the skeleton's words, it reminded him starkly of how his parents spoke when in other's company. Enticingly smarmy and silver-tongued. Rei scrunched his eyebrows at the resemblance. Whoever this was, he knew his way around words, but luckil, Rei had lived most of his life around two starkly similar individuals. Before he could open his mouth to say anything, Kenia swore and told Malachi to usher the humans to the cave behind then. Rei had little idea what was happening, but the two must've seen or heard something, so he just quietly followed Malachi to the back of the cave.

A few muffled voices began speaking at the mouth of the cave. It was probably best to not ask Malachi what in the hell was going on at this moment so he waited.
In Avalia 2 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: After midnight
Location: In the woods of the peninsula west of Sun Elf Village.
Interactions: @Potter - Corvina, @Tae - Kenia, @princess - Malachi, @Alivefalling - Aklenroth's bony boi dragon.

Rei and company found themselves sprinting away from the dragon with a towering wingspan, it felt impossible to outrun. His 'magic' fascinated him, but did not have have the luxury to even give it a passing thought. A lithe figure dropped infront of them, pointed ears, another elf had jumped into their predicament. Another dragon had swooped into the scene, dashing right past them and into the much, much more gigantic dracolich. Is it attempting to save us? Rei thought, glancing over his shoulder, noticing the all too familiar look on the male elf's face.

During their sprint, Corvina hung onto his arm. She looked pale and unwell, moreso than before. Rei was confused for a moment due to her apologizing- there was no reason to do so, atleast in his eyes. "It's alright." Rei said, unsure if she was still able to hear him. Luckily he had decent stamina, despite his sneakers not being made for running, he supported her weight through the run. It was little trouble for him, if he could help her out, he would.

Finally, they had been ushered into a damp cave. Corvina mentioned a cave of wonders then promptly passed out. Even before fainting, she found it within herself to crack a joke. Rei noticed her shivering slightly; he took off his hoodie sweater, revealing a plain white t-shirt and turned it inside out, placing it ontop of the sleeping Corvina. His eyes then fell to the two elves who seemed to not be getting along well. With Kenia engaging in a spat with the newly joined male elf. She even pressed a dagger to his throat which caused Rei to jump up, "Hey, hey, you two look as old as I am." Rei said, sweeping the area infront of him with his arm, "But surely you elves must be more older and more mature than this."

"Were the stories about elves being filled with wisdom and maturity just not true?" Rei continued, knowing that that they were likely just embellished-fantastical stories, though his preconceptions of elves were gone. They felt just like humans, which was slightly comforting and worrying. Minus the elves otherworldly beauty, dragons and magic. It felt like a bad DnD fever dream. "Though, Kenia, ease off the guy a little, take a good look at his face." Rei said, "He just lost someone important to him."

"That aside, don't either of you have any sort of 'healing' magic, is that a thing here in Avey- Ava- Avalia, was it?" Rei questioned, "That girl- Corvina, needs it, and it's seems a little more important than this squabble."


Now that the adrenaline has worn off, a sudden tiredness and heaviness overtook his limbs. Rei had been up for about 3 days before being whisked into Avalia. Try as he might, he found himself leaning back into the cave wall and sliding down into the floor. "Godamnit." Rei said, struggling to keep his eyes open, "We'll talk about what the hell all this is tomorrow." With that he nestled his head into his knees and dozed off.

In Avalia 3 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: After midnight
Location: In the woods of the peninsula west of Sun Elf Village.
Interactions: @Potter - Corvina, @Tae - Kenia, @Alivefalling - Aklenroth's bony boi dragon.

Rei's mind reeled at the word 'summoning'. Someone actually summoned him- them... humans. A million thoughts ran through his mind, her words not fully settling in. He let Corvina balance herself on his frame, still seeming unwell. It seemed absurd, right, summoning a bunch of hapless humans to fight their war for them. Rei couldn't dwell in his thoughts, his mind now focused on the roaring behemoth barreling straight towards the trio. The elf- Kenia, urged them to escape, seemingly willing to sacrifice herself for some strangers. Everything happened too quickly for Rei to process, the forest burned around them. He was thrown aside by Corvina, who turned to face the danger.

Before Rei could get up, heat gathered around Corvina's hands and a ball of flame emerged and sputtered towards the dracolich, deflecting flame with flame. She stared at her flame-engulfed hand, looking as dumbfounded as he did. "Are you sure you're human?" Rei exclaimed, nonplussed. No, she had to be human, she was on earth. Then how did she do something as insane as she just did. Despite this surprise, the dragon seemed indifferent to the flame- That dragon looks... angrier, can dragons even look angry? Rei hoisted himself upwards. Their only chance at getting out non-burnt lies between Corvina and Kenia.

"Kenia, why does Corvina have fire powers?" Rei asked incredulously, "And do you have magic powers to help her out?" It was a vexing feeling not being able to help, but he felt utterly helpless versus a dragon. Rei loathed this feeling, it tread dangerously close to the feeling during his childhood. No, he promised himself to never feel like that ever again. Something built inside Rei- a mix of consternation and rage. As these emotions bubbled, the air around him began to vibrate violently with an ear piercing ring. Rei felt the need to expend this surging energy inside of him. A burnt tree fell towards the trio and with an unconscious swipe, the tree was violently thrown to the side, between them and the dracolich.

Rei would not have believed it if he hadn't seen it. He somehow casually threw a hulking tree aside with wind. He grabbed his shaking arm in an attempt to calm himself. The feeling felt freeing, somehow like the void, an image of a certain bald character flashed in his mind. "What in the hell..." Rei said. Were humans just handed power like candy in this world? He focused on the situation at hand, he could mull over the ridiculousness of it all later. "So, magic is a thing. Any solid plans to get out alive with magic?"
In Avalia 3 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: After midnight
Location: In the woods of the peninsula west of Sun Elf Village.
Interactions: @Potter - Corvina, @Tae - Kenia, @Alivefalling - Aklenroth's bony boi dragon.

A voice came resounded from the forestline behind Rei, he had not heard any footsteps. His head snapped over his shoulder, an unknown figure revealed themselves. The stranger came speaking of advice and luck. Lucky or not, Rei had little idea of gauging the situation- 'new' world, and now a random stranger approaching them with unknown intentions. "Who are you? Generally 'benefactors' introduce themselves before approaching, no?" His voice was more mistrusting as intended. Rei almost mistook her for a human, but the ears concluded otherwise. An elf, seriously?

Rei's attention went back to the woman from his world. His face remained neutral, despite being internally surprised at the off-handed indifference of her injury. "I am fine. Worry about your own injury." Rei said pushing through the headache. The woman spilled her lunch next to her. He fished around his clothes to find a handkerchief. She- the woman seemed fine, fine enough to crack a joke about her 'Supreme' shirt despite bleeding aswell. "I am Rei." He continued, placing the handkerchief in her hand, "Use that." He once again turned his attention to the elf, "Do you have anything that can help her with her injury?"


"If I may, I have some questions about well..." Rei gestured all around him, as if to represent the world he's in, "This place. It would be a stretch to say we're in 'Kansas', as I feared. Do you have any clue why am I- no, why we both are here?" He kept his gaze trained on her, she seemed human but had a distinct air that separated them from her- whether it be beauty, grace or just aura. Her reaction earlier indicated that his kind, assumingly humans, weren't exactly wanted. Were they not commonplace here? Rei eyebrow's furrowed slightly, hinting his displeasure. Having to rely on someone else, especially one he didn't know, didn't sit well with him but he had little choice.

Rei gripped his brother's ring, breathing a mental sigh of relief at it not being lost in transit. This information overload was too much for any person to handle. Suddenly his air stood on end as a roar shook the forest. A blot in the air becoming bigger and bigger in size, as if directed towards the trio. A hulking dragon, flesh dripping from it's rotting hide, descended upon them. Just when he had thought it was too much, this world just had to throw undead dragons at them. What was this, World of Warcraft? "You have got to be fucking kidding me." Rei spat out unintentionally, a mix of disbelief and genuine horror draped his expression. What in the hell are you supposed to do in this situation.
In Avalia 3 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
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