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Ekaterine's energetic kick forced the door open, practically breaking the expensive hinges and wooden decor. The room beyond that door was just as impeccable as the rest of the mansion. It seems that the rumors of Satanist's had a penchant for the grandiose were true. The whole room set the scene. Jin's eyes scanned across the room and landed on a painting- a painting depicting 'the Last Supper'. However, it was The Serpent that has taken the place of Jesus, and his unholy servants surrounded him. The Priest's smile wavered ever so slightly; to have such blatant blasphemy on full display was unforgivable.

Jin shook his head to clear his mind- he needed to focus on the two figures in the room. One 'man' in a suit of armour was playing the beautiful music. Another, who had introduced himself as Ryan Chambers, was strikingly handsome and endlessly cordial. Satanists were like that, charming and approachable so they can reel you in with lies and deception to turn one against God.

The Priest waited for Alistair to finish before he spoke up, "I'm Jin Dak-Ho, a simple protestant from South Korea." Jin could see Ekaterine's antsy fingers, "Please, Ryan Chambers, turn away from The Deceiver and walks the righteous path once more. It is the only way without bloodshed." It was unlikely that his words would have an effect, however. Satanists have convictions just as strong, if not more reverent, as priests. In his life he's never seen a Satanist change their ways. It always rends his heart to have to kill a fellow human being.

Though Jin looked towards Ryan Chambers, he kept the man in the suit of armor within his peripheral. He wasn't quite as tense as Father Alistair was, but he was ready to jump into action as quickly as possible if need-be. The Priest also eyed the food that was offered, it seemed unlikely to be poisoned. However, accept a meal from the servants of The Deceiver is the same as accepting a meal from him.

The rest of the ride went smoothly- well, as smooth as it can get being chased by demons. Father Alistair swiftly dispatched of the two remaining demons, it was apparent that the pastor had some experience with guns despite specializing in swordplay. It made sense, in a way, an exorcist has to consistently adapt to the situation that their church sends them to.

It also compounded Jin's thoughts about his fellow exorcists- they were definitely experienced and well trained. Jin, being the among the first and few exorcists in South Korea, lacked their technical know-how and rigid experience. South Korea had only just began developing a protestant presence in the newly seceded nation. The clergy and pastors were mostly off-hands with exorcists as they're busy establishing their presence. Most South Korean exorcists are self-trained and only bother their church for supplies. It'd nearly taken a year for Jin to be even supplied with and allowed a concealed carry.

Jin has heard, from the grape vine, that exorcists across the globe are stretched thin. Often times exorcists deal with cases alone. In rare cases they have a partner with them. So being sent in with three other exorcists- notable ones even, was a rarity amongst rarities. It meant that the situation was dire, or atleast that's how Jin viewed it. As god's servants, and through his divine providence, they would see it through. Jin had the utmost faith that it would work out. The driver's abrupt speech cut through his thoughts. The massive mansion had indicated that they arrived.

The priest had imagined that the house would be more... smaller in scale and dilapidated. The pristine and spotless condition betrayed that notion. It stood out against its surroundings, but in a reversed, odd way- the perfection of it contrasted the other buildings and house they had passed. Jin exited the beat up Chevelle and followed the driver to the trunk. He offered to help but the driver seemed insistent on opening it himself.

The rain seemed to pour harder as the driver went through the plan and described the interior of the mansion. Jin thought it was more of more of a labyrinth as the driver spoke of the plan. The map was then handed to him, "God bless you." The man had done far more than enough; Jin shot him an earnest smile to the driver as he slipped the map into one of his inner pockets."Leave the rest to us."

Jin stared at the pristine entrance of the mansion. The door was beautifully and impossibly ornate and gave off an almost ethereal feeling. The priest swallowed his disgust as he couldn't help but wonder how expensive the mansion is- how that money could have been used for those in actual need. Instead it's boasted in such a distasteful manner, one through needless pride and avaricious greed.

The priest was, once again, snapped out of his rumination. He figured since he had the map he should lead, not that he would need to use the map as he remembered the instructions clearly. "Shall we?"

The group followed the directions well enough. The door was odd and seemed to shift and change whenever Jin blinked. Still, Ektarine had her way with it and they soon entered. He had to stop himself from silently staring at the interior as they walked past- it was just as ornate inside as it was outside. Expensive, gaudy paintings, fanciful and beautifully carved chairs, silky rugs and more. It helped drive home the point of how rich the owner of this mansion truly is.

Jin recognized the music that played- Nocturne op.9 No.2. It was the most beautiful rendition of the piece he's ever heard. The music turned the mood sombre and oddly ominous. The music emanated from the dining room which helped in locating it. He stopped himself in-front of it and turned to his compatriots. "Are you all ready?" Jin asked as he gripped the cross on his neck, unsure of what exactly to expect on the other side.
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Ixius placed the cutlery neatly to the side of his finished plate. He wondered if it was necessary to bring the plate anywhere, but followed the other students who had messily left their plates on the table. The magus listened to the comings and goings of his own table with disinterest. He did notice that Anise looked as downtrodden as Selena was but chose to say nothing. The conversation, at the very least, veered into a different direction. It devolved into a life as an adventurer and its glamour, Ixius couldn't help but frown at the rose-tinted discussion.

The talking ground into a halt as the same brute practically bulldozed into Selena. Finn, Arn, Lorelei and Karya practically jumped into action. Finn even shook the table as he stepped over it and to where Selena and the brute-of-a-student was. Ixius thanked his lucky stars that his book nor plate was stepped on. His eyes trained onto the situation unfolding- the monkey-like agility of Finn and the raw physicality of the brute... To Ixius, it was like observing two apes beating their chests. Even if he did think that Finn was more justified.

Luckily, Lorelei stepped in before the situation devolved into the a physical altercation and breaking the rules right after it was clearly stated to them and in-front of those same teachers. A deep voice rumbled right behind the two soon after, it was one of the teachers- Vermont. Even his voice was enough to make Ixius come to a halt, and he wasn't even directly related. The situation that threatened to engulf Finn and the Brute blew over with the teacher's arrival. This group stands out in more ways than one. Ixius had even caught a few of the teachers staring in their general direction. He began preparing to leave. Ixius had even caught a few of the teachers staring in their general direction.

"I'd say it's been a pleasure... but," Ixius stopped himself and turned to leave, waving at whoever cared to see it, ... Ta." The red-eyed magus looked for an Athena crystal-ball to find the location of the 'Library' of Hoseforn seeing as he had free time. The location was imprinted onto his map and he began heading there. A few students openly gawked and whispered as they swiveled their head to follow Ixius. He had to stop his eyes from rolling out of his head at how 'inconspicuous' they thought they appeared. To be already subject to such infamy by proxy was something new. It didn't help that his robes laid on-top of the school uniform made him stand out quite easily.

Ixius took in the familiar smell of a library- The Hall of Mysteries. It felt like home for him, even if it didn't quite compare to the vast, nigh-endless libraries of the Librarium, it was something. There were barely any students present, as most likely would just spend their last bit of free time to do something more 'fun', but this was 'fun' for Ixius. The magus silently commended the students who were present however, most seemed to be third year students and had an intense look about them. Like Ixius, it seemed that it was best not to bother them, and he preferred it that way.

Ixius ran his fingers through the spine of each book, each bump triggered a calm, nostalgic feeling. He had a feeling that most of his time would likely be spent here, and he was probably right. After enough wistful meanderings he picked out a book- another one related to the basic simple principles of matter teleportation. It was the full version of the same, abridged, book he has. With the book in the crook of his arm, he found an empty seats among a sea of empty seats. He opened the book and quietly began reading, as he's always done.

"Now that I think about it, that grimoire that that mage had was odd..." The red-eyed mage mused to nobody in particular as he turned another page.

A warm, comfortable silence blanketed the car after each person (sans the driver) had spoken their piece. It nestled itself softly into the background amidst the music playing on the radio and the soft clanging of inspected weaponry. However, all good things must come to pass. An inhuman, demonic screech sounded through the lonesome street and soon a rhythmic thumping got closer and closer. Jin and his fellow exorcists all snapped to attention, honing in on the sounds.

The priest's eyes landed on the horse-like demonic beings following after their vehicle. Jin's never seen demons such as those, only various myths and and hushed rumours that travel around follow exorcists. What he did know, however, was that demons came in all shapes and forms. Jin, under normal conditions, would have formulated some sort of plan with backups but it seemed that The Serpent would not give him nor his fellow priests the luxury.

"지친 이들을 위한 휴식 없음." Jin mumbled to himself, unconsciously slipping back to his mother tongue. The priest offered a short prayer of deliverance for him and his colleagues.

The horse-like demons would soon catch up and each exorcist played their part. The driver was fiercer than Jin had initially given him credit for- as the one demon laid wayside on the road can attest to. The car shook as he flicked his eyes to the demons ramming the right side of the car. Alistair, through sheer brawn, pulled one of the demons into the car and continuously stabbed downwards until it limped, dead on his lap. The young, disgusted priest chucked the demon out of the window.

At the same time, Ekaterine shouted out words to invigorate the rest into action. Her excellent control of her weapons and concentration surprised even Jin. Her reputation far preceded her- her handling, aim and odd calmness in the face of danger were signs of a seasoned expert. Before long three of the demons lives were extinguished with each resounding gunfire. If anything, her zeal was much more intense than anyone else in the car.

Yu pushed upwards onto the roof and stabbed the demon off it, it careening and crashing behind the five demons chasing them. The cold priest would light his censer, smoking out the demons right on their trail. It had an effect, it seemed to weaken and slightly slow down the demons.

As these situations happened, Jin fished the vials of clear, holy liquid out of his pouch. He holstered his pistol to the side of his chest. Next he rolled the window downwards (property damage, after all) and, while grabbing the rear interior handle, pushed himself out of the window. The scarred-priest faced the five horse-like demons chasing them and took a moment to adjust his aim. Three vials flew out of his hand and broke on one of the demons head; the liquid made its flesh to sizzle and smoke as its flesh sloughed off its form. The pain caused it to writhe and fall into agony and to tumble backwards.

In what Jin would call divine intervention, the demon rolled over and crashed into one of his fellow demons. The momentum essentially bludgeoned the other demon into the floor, tripping the other and grinding them onto the thorny asphalt. Both demons slid through the roads and turned into a fine, red misty meat-paste.

This was no time to celebrate, however. Jin clasped the colt into his hands and aimed, "God, guide this unworthy servant's hand." He cocked the gun and aimed at the demon in the middle of the pack. The colt cracked as a bullet careened out of the barrel as it harshly recoiled upwards. The bullet pierced through the air and punched into, what Jin assumed, its brain. The single shot caused it to fall limp and tumble violently onto the road, unluckily it didn't take anyone else with it.

A bump on the road caused Jin to slink back into the car to steady himself and catch his breath. He wasn't alone in this hunt, however, and he entrusted the task to his fellow exorcists- he was unsure if he could get another shot like that without wasting limited ammunition.
Even Acrius could tell more eyes were on him as he walked to the plaza, the assassins unconscious, freshly seared body in tow. Each step seemed to stupefy a portion of the festivities, as more turned to gape at him. The men, naturally bewildered, the women... with looks that he was unfamiliar yet familiar with. The swordsman couldn't tell why, however. Perhaps it was the semi-dead body on his shoulder. As he ruminated in his thoughts a decorated guardsman approached him, similar in garb to Rudolph. Likely a captain. After a brief conversation, he had turned him over to Helt and ascertained where Leonidas was.

"Shit, shit, shit," Acrius pace quickened. This likely meant that the prince was still gobbling away at the food brought to him. If that 'servant' didn't listen, if they even were a servant, then there would be hell to pay. His eyes scanned the plaza and it spotted the prince still eating merrily under his tent.

Acrius did feel it was his fault that he chases the assassin instead of making sure the Prince was safe, a hasty decision on his end. He approached the prince at a near running speed as a few heads turned his way.

"Leonidas- Prince Leonidas," Acrius grabbed Leonidas' hand and threw the leg of chicken to the floor, "The food's been poisoned. I believe that assassins have paraded as some of the servants. How much have you eaten?"

"Either way, it is unsafe in the open like this," Acrius practically hoisted the Prince out of his chair, "We need to head back to the barracks for your safety and call for a healer."

Acrius recognized one of the observers in the crowd gawking at them. "PETYR!" The orange-eyed boy shouted through the stirs of the crowd, "Help me escort his highness back to the Barracks, quickly."

Ixius’ meal was simple, it was plain white rice with eggs and a side of bacon. The egg was cooked to near perfection (atleast in his opinion); the yolk oozed out as he cut it with his spoon. Next he cut the bacon then placed it and a bit of rice onto his spoon and put it into his mouth. The flavours danced on his tongue and merrily travelled down his throat. It was delicious, to say the least. The bacon was high quality and the egg was simply pristine.

The raven-haired magus couldn’t help but overhear the conversation between Anise and Selena. As impossible as it should’ve been, this girl that sat on their table was a living, breathing Kitsune. It seemed that the rumours were just that, rumours. This was a rather large discovery and one that would likely come with repercussions in the future, just the thought gave Ixius stop.

Ixius eyed the girl, even someone like him could tell that she felt uncomfortable. And if he noticed and that Anise didn’t, she lacked self-awareness. Selena seemed like she wasn’t yet proficient in the common tongue.The Magus could almost physically see her retreating into a shell.

A sigh escaped Ixius’ lips, he felt pity for Selena. ”Hey, Mage. Are your eyes simply for show?” He directed his words across the table, to Anise, much less subtly than Karya, ”That Kitsune... Selena, was it? Clearly looks uncomfortable. Have some awareness, you’re spoiling my meal.”

”... recent changes? Not in detail, no.” Ixius replied to Karya's enquiry, ”The Librarium’s been in a stir recently. I’d heard bits and pieces from the higher-ranking Magus but nothing definitive.”

She was brought back to reality not just by her girl beside her, but also a black haired boy all the way on the opposite end of the table. He certainly did make it a point to be as prickly as possible. ”Well with the amount of vinegar you manage to speak with, I don’t think I'm to blame there.”

She looked him over a bit. She could have sworn he mentioned something about the Librarium. She had heard a little of that if she recalled from Crampernap. He wasn’t too fond of them, she last recalled.

That said… Selena did seem to be uncomfortable. Perhaps she had gone a little overboard. She cleared her throat and sat back down in her seat. “Fine. I don’t have a way to make proper notes anyway.” She turned to Selena and gave her a quick smile. ”Thank you for that. I would love to talk more about that later of course. Maybe prepare some questions of your own?”

She left the question open to her but decided to give her a break, turning her attention back to Ixius across the way. ”Well then, mister Magus, what sort of bits have you heard?”

Ixius craned his head to Anise again, a slight frown on his face. Vice Dean Maurine had essentially confirmed one piece of information for him. He didn't know if he could speak about it but by all accounts, he wasn't exactly forbidden to say- and his fellow Magus DID speak about it as if it wasn’t a secret. The red-eyed Magus opened his mouth but closed it… he also had no obligation to say it to this bunch but he felt a few of their eyes on them. Ugh...

After a moment, he finally began speaking, ”Well, since you asked so politely...” Ixius began, soft meltings of sarcasm in his voice, ”Well, I hope you lot can infer the basics of what Vice Dean Maurine said. The need for a bodyguard and such... it’s very likely that people are being attacked or kidnapped by some unknown means. ”

”Simple, no? The astute amongst you have probably already gathered that… I hope.” Ixius said, ”The bits I’ve… unintentionally... overheard from the Librarium was that same fact and that it has been happening for 7 months or so. This other ‘bit’ I’ve heard, which I’m personally unsure if it is unrelated or not, is that there’s been a string of killings where the bodies found were oddly mutilated...”

That was the breadth of Ixius’ knowledge, what they would do with said knowledge is up to them. The raven-haired Magus shoulders lifted into a shrug, ”Infer amongst yourselves what it could mean.”

”Satisfied, Mage?” Ixius said to Anise, ”You’ll have to make do… I don’t know much more.”

Anise turned her nose up a little bit, sensing the indignation in his words. Maybe her eyes were for show, but her ears worked perfectly fine. ”Well no, not really, but don’t let it shatter your pride, it can happen to anyone! Maybe the number of people around made it difficult to perform.” She was a little proud of that one. Lowbrow humor was never something she really shied away from.

She sighed, shaking her head. ” But… if you don’t know more, then I’ll have to make do with that.” Mutilated bodies could have a plethora of culprits, from monsters, to man. What she really needed was more information about who was turning up dead. Perhaps later.

What really was bugging her right now was the way he addressed her. Every time so far it has been Mage. No attempt to use her name. Even if he hadn’t heard, he could have easily asked but that was clearly none of his concerns. He already seemed like the kind to piss her off. Arrogant and self important. That much was apparent. She looked back over at him, softening her voice and taking on an elegant and demure demeanor. ”By the way, my name is not Mage. It’s Anise. Or are those ears just for show?”

”A wonderful riposte,” The Magus snapped his fingers after the word ‘riposte’, ”... from Mage, Anise.” Ixius turned back to his now cold meal shortly after as he didn’t see the point of continuing. He figured he’d let them digest the information he’d just provided.

Tag(s): Everyone at the table

Of course it had to be the table that Calven picked that had attracted the most conspicuous gathering of students. Their table stood out in more ways than one- two young Magus’, a student with mechanical appendages, a pink haired seemingly bunny-like student, a stoic white haired girl, and a seemingly petrified Dwarf. A Tiefling then arrived and had a blue-haired with yellow-slit eyes hanging around his arm, and, what seemed to be, a wood nymph.

This gathering... urgh, He silently hoped that no more would appear. The boy inched his seat and book away as the wet, wood nymph passed by him.

Ixius felt his nose itch at the many eyes staring at his table. The raven-haired magus despised being watched like some sort of exotic wildlife. Internally he blamed Calven and he shot him a dirty look towards the back of his head, his aura must've called these students to their table. He sucked in air and an annoyed sigh passed through his lips, he raised his fist upwards and slammed it into the table with a startling amount of force. The loud thump silenced a few of the gossiping and gawking tables near them.

”If you want to watch, purchase a ticket from the local theater instead and piss off,” Ixius raised his voice and hissed with knitted brows.

A few of them turned away sheepishly while others looked incensed at the freshman's audacity. It wasn’t as if Ixius noticed, however, as he had already turned back to his book. The boy hid it but his hand stung, Are these tables enchanted or something? He thought as he massaged his right hand with his left.

The procession started soon after. Ixius felt his heart thump as each teacher entered. They had this odd pressure about them- it was about what he expected from the old magic users. The mage unconsciously gulped- the drow woman and the man with the eyepatch, also seemed dangerous but in an entirely different way.

Ixius listened to the speech, it wasn’t anything he hadn’t heard before (in the Librarium), but these teachers commanded an odd sort of respect from him. The speech was the general romp of rules and regulations each student had to follow, still he decided to keep it in mind. Getting expelled from Hoseforn’s Academy would bring shame to the Librarium afterall. Ixius was lost in his thoughts and awkwardly followed the round of applause.

Ixius didn’t catch what the headmaster said but soon plates of food and silverware appeared on-top of the table. Right on top of his book. The raven-haired mage daintily lifted the gravy saucer off of his book before pocketing it safely into his robes.

Ixius ears perked up as his hoped were dashed, another, albeit tardy, student wished to join the table. It was another Tiefling. The magus thought this one was a bit different from the other students- she seemed like an actual mage. Calven was also a mage, but if rumours were to be believed, he wasn't one Ixius would call a 'traditional' mage by any stretch.

The newer patrons, and the rest of the table began introducing themselves and, with little choice, Ixius listened. Again he would keep their names in mind. He deigned to introduce himself for the benefit of the newer patrons… atleast properly this time. ”I’m from the Magus Librarium, Ixius Delthrane.” Ixius’ mind flashed back to (forced) etiquette lessons from his superiors, that he found it wholly unnecessary. Still, he figured that his short and succinct introduction had enough panache to be respectful.

This is the chunk I wrote for the Magus Librarium, though waiting for approval for Chaotic on it.

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