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When I was heating up something in the microwave it sounded like World War 2, but even then it still came out cold.
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About time, we haven't had a major world event in almost 24 hours. Man... 2016.


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Cassius observed as his group did face two familiar Mephisto students, Katherine's sister, Christine, and Rurik. He'd rather avoid a fight in general and get to the students to end this mission. His previous assumptions proved true, there was indeed Mephisto interference with this mission, but it was unthinkable how they caught whiff of it, and reacted this quickly. One of the two ways he thought this was possible was a message being intercepted but that seemed unlikely, while the other way was them somehow figuring it out while Alto was drafting the plan, which was also pretty unlikely.

For now he stood next to Samoth, and Andreim, just outside of Katherine's boiling point. He would jump in if it seemed necessary to do so. An unknown person lipped into existance, he seemed to be an acquaintance of the Mephisto duo.


"Best not to leave a body." Cassius mumbled to himself as a row of explosions came from his hand, incinerating the limp hell tiger. "Hey you alright Cya-"

As Cyan's visage vanished from sight, Cassius frowned. "A bit much, don't you think?" he spat out eyeing Andreim, poison unintentionally seeping into his tone. It was an unnecessary comment from Andreim, whom voiced his opinion as if he was the defacto leader. It's not like Cassius to care about this normally, but now they're one member down cause a fellow schoolmate couldn't keep their trap shut. Cassius has heard that Andreim was a bit off, seems they were right.

"Let's get this done with then." he continued, his voice calming down as he regained his composure. He walked right up the stairs right behind Andreim, and once reaching the next floor took his position as vanguard infront of the group of St. Laurel students.

Cassius always had great hearing, his ears twitched uncomfortably at the sound of bones cracking under the pressure of Katherine’s heavy knee, even if his bones did frequently disjoint due to the nature of his powers. He silently wished he could say that he had gotten used to witnessing her ‘berserker mode’, but he promised his mother that he would never lie. A small side of him began to empathize at their unfortunate demise, he wouldn’t wish this on his worst enemy.

”Wakey wakey! There’s no rest for the wicked!”

She now had a chokehold on the unsuspecting imps, he could feel the room’s temperature going up, and soon after the faint smell of burnt demon began to invade his nose. We’re not the bad guys are we? he thought to himself, a small bead of sweat going down his temple as he witnessed the imps whose necks began to char under the heat. Fear was encapsulated in their eyes, as if they were looking at the very demon who had created them. Soon after she threw the limp bodies at the first demon she had disposed of. Ruthlessly efficient with a dash of sadism was what Cassius could describe her.

”Say Cass,” Katherine called out, snapping him out of his thoughts, ”Should we give them an appropriate funeral? Send them back to the blazing inferno they came from?”

”Ah.” he mumbled, shifting uncomfortably from his position to the bodies, ”Sure.” They were dead, and leaving the bodies sprawled across the floors like that is in bad taste. Cassius snapped his right hand, a cacophony of cracks, and bangs streamed between him and the bodies, he could also felt Katherine’s powers supplementing his own. Soon a ring of explosions surrounded the bodies, and after the smoke cleared there was nothing short of fiery ash.


”You know it was probably a bad idea to have a team who don’t have any way to ‘punch’ the ghosts.” Cassius said, after they had cleared their third room. Kath stopped in the doorway and glanced back at Cassius. “Tell em that after they taste my right and left hook on their incorporeal kissers.” She started jabbing the air, and wouldn’t stop doing so until they arrived to the next room.

Luckily they had managed to not meetup with any incorporeal beings yet. The next room had two imps on the opposite sides of the room, seemingly on guard as they had heard the ruckus caused by Katherine’s rampage. ”Wait, I’ll take this one” he said, still feeling a tinge of guilt from Katherine’s ruthless execution. Kath bowed before him playfully, and extended her arms in a motion to allow Cassius to go first. “But of course. Show me what you got Mr Inferno.”

Cassius who was just peeking behind the door disappeared from sight. Using his momentum and with an explosion behind his elbow supplementing his arms’ acceleration, his punch slammed the creature into the floor. The floorboards cracked under the pressure of his punch. The hardiness of imps were to be admired, it writhed weakly. It was a fruitless effort as the weight of his arm didn’t allow the imp to move an inch. An explosion cracked under the hand pinning the creature. It’s arms scratched at Cassius’ arm before falling limp.

Even if the ordeal only took a few seconds, a ball of flame flew towards him hitting his back. He didn’t react, the flame was weak compared to Katherine’s and the recoil of powers. Two explosions cracked at his feet, though this time his aim was off and due to the momentum he embedded himself into the wall. Planks and debris flew in all directions. Damn, missed the trajectory by a needle, he thought to himself vexed, his back rest on the broken wall. The imp watched the hole he had made, and cackled in an otherworldly tone, laughing at Cassius’ near-miss. In the background he could hear the laughing of Kath mixing with that of the imp. Another line of explosions originated from the wall, it’s intensity wringing strongly than before. The Imp quickly fell to the floor.

”I need to train a little more.” he muttered annoyingly as he dusted off his school blazer, and black pants. He came out injured, and unscathed, with the only damage he sustained was one to his ego. Kath rolled her eyes in the background, knowing that it is exactly what she has been telling him to do for weeks now.

After a few more moments he gathered both the bodies and placed them side by side, ”Well, shall we?”

Kath walked up to the pile of bodies that Cassius has made and stopped beside him. “Pfft man, you’re a show off.” She punched Cassius in the arm gently and giggled. “Yeah, time to clear up this mess and head out.”


With the sound of playfully crackling fire behind them, the firebuddies left the last of the rooms on the floor. They had finished clearing the North Western section, and they had both confirmed that St. Laurel’s missing students were not on the first floor, only a couple groups of imps and ghosts they had avoided.

Arriving at the staircase, he plop his rear on the decrepit wood, and rest his back onto the wall adjacent of the stairs. ”First one here then?”

Katherine walked up to the stairs and dropped down on them next to Cassius. Her skin cooled and small drops of water began forming on it once more, glimmering faintly in the ill-litten hallway. She let out a deep sigh that reverberated the air in front of her face and stretched her legs out. “Yeah, sure seems so. Nobody can keep up with the firebuddies.” She turned over to Cassius, and offered her hand for a fistbump.

”Hah.” he replied, he returned her fistbump, ”Well we shouldn’t have gone so fast, it’ll be slightly boring to wait.” Kath nod beside him, her glowing eyes scanning the abandoned building. “Yeah, that it’ll be.”


As soon as he got back after informing each group Katherine went into a (somewhat deservedly) tirade. Casssius did not say anything, choosing to slowly nod after her final sentence. He sauntered right behind the fiery girl, who looked more excited than he did. Indeed, the aura inside the building was worst than the outside as expected. Noises creaked around them, sounds impossible for a lone house to make. Rotting furniture were overturned, tables missing one or two legs, disjointed paintings were everywhere. It resembled an out of place horror movie.

"Yeah." he agreed with Katherine, he swiped his index finger on a dusty painting, "Well, we best be careful. There'll likely be imps here aswell." In the very next moment Katherine's curiosity for the place turned into excitement, her fist pumping in the air, ready to punch unfortunate otherworldly beings. Cassius almost felt sorry for the ghosts, her strength and powers were no joke. Her laugh echoing throughout the rooms nailed this feelings to the ground. Hopefully the other groups didn't mistake that for a ghost.

"Aaaaanyways... say Cass, didn't you forget to tell everyone BUT me where they are going. How are we ever gonna beat the ectoplasmic crap out of ghosts if I don't know where to go?"

"Oh right." Cass replied, "My fault. We are to take on the North Western section, if you don't mind."


The door creaked open, and Cassius spotted three imps in the corner, with two of them laying on the floor while the other seemed to take guard. Luckily they had not noticed the duo,

"Do you want to take this one, or shall I?"


He felt a bit miffed that his ingenious idea of drawing lots was cast aside. Teams began to form as everyone conversed between themselves. It seemed the teams became- Cyan and Samoth, Andreim and Liselotte, and himself with Katherine. Well, whatever the teams are fairly balanced between each other, though i’d have preferred either I or Katherine to have gone with either Andreim or Liselotte. he thought to himself, not voicing his thoughts as it seems like the groups are already set in concrete.

Katherine began to drag him away, getting a little too close for comfort causing a bit of embarrassment to the white haired young man.

Wait they had seemed to forget something important- in that which section they should each cover so as to be efficient and not overlap with each other. Damn, why is everyone in such a rush? He pried himself from Katherine’s release, and jogged towards Andreim and Liselotte.

”Uhm, Andreim, and Lise- Lady Liselotte, would you guys mind taking on the south section?” he called out in a hurry, before bracing his feet, and getting into a ‘runner’s position’, his eyes on the far off Samoth. In a blur a crack echoed, and a sound of an explosion reverberated before he appeared right next to Samoth. ”D’ya guys mind taking the North Eastern section?” he said, his right shoe had caught on fire. He stomped out the flame threatening to eat through his 7th pair of sneakers this week.

”Me and Katherine will take the North Western* Section.” he continued, he ran back towards her with a pop, ”Sorry about that.”

His whistle was interrupted when he felt a presence sneak up to him. It was a fist that cut swiftly bled through the wind, aiming for his extremities- it hit his shoulder rather anti-climatically. A familiar presence entered his field of view, ”Ah.” he said, ”Hello Katherine. Well I decided to take a break from it, and I received a summoning.” He handed her the now folded letter. A rather airheaded, yet somewhat conscientious person had entered the field, atleast she’s relatively reliable.

His peripherals had caught another figure, Samoth, one of the more reliable members of St. Laurel’s. He nodded slightly, acknowledging the others presence. As soon as he had done that another person spoke up behind Katherine, Andreim, another one of the school’s mysteries. A gathering of notable individuals had begun taking place, making Cassius feel even more out of place.

“You gave chase after Cassius the quick…”

”Katherine… does that mean you just followed me instead of getting a summoning?” he continued after Andreim’s words, chuckling lightly ”Haha. Ah well, whatever, probably better off this way.”

”Remember to be polite when we get indoors. We may be unwanted guests.”

”You’re not wrong Andreim. But you could make it a bit less ominous, right?”

Soon after he heard the soft revving of a car, and a long ornate limousine came into view. Soon after a Liselotte and Cyan trod out of the fancy vehicle. ”Sure do know how to make an entrance, don’t ya?” he whispered to no one in particular, eyeing the duo that had made their presence now. He chose to willfully ignore the ‘youthful’ exchange between Adreim, Liselotte, and Cyan.

”Hey! Did you guys get letters from Alto as well”

”Yup.” he replied, ”Well I assume most of you have a rough idea of what we’re to do?”

He eyes back the menacing building, whom stature had seem to grow than when he last looked, ”Do you guys want to tackle this in a three groups of two? It’s best to make sure every room in each floor is clear. We can take out floors more efficiently if we move in groups of two, and meet up at each staircase when we had cleared out our sections.”

Cassius almost babbled on but caught himself, slightly emberassed ”Apologies I let myself babble on, feel free to interject your own opinions. One last thing, shall we decide the groups by lots?”

Whilst on a casual walk to take a break up the monotony of training, a familiar looking bird cawed above him. With his bandaged hand he covered the bright sun, squinting at the creature; it was the messenger bird that St. Laurel's used for 'official' business. Glancing around he looked for another student from St. Laurel's, and after a few moments realized it was just him. The bird dropped off an official looking scroll right into his hands before whisking itself away into a sea of clouds.

He cut the seal open, and read the contents. After a few minutes of shifting eyes, Cassius drew a confused look. He had heard rumors of the disappearances, but he never thought he would be called as one to be called to essentially 'deal' with it. He would think there are many more suitable than he, "Well, it's not like I can refuse now, can I?"

Cassius had gotten a bit lost honestly, but thankfully he began his trek at around 3:45pm, and arrived there at around 4:25pm. "All the trees and buildings look pretty samey." he moaned in his lonesome, a small frown on his face. He had arrived to the supposedly haunted building. It oozed bad energy, so much so that Cassius himself felt it, not even being directly in the house. "Well, I guess I can wait for the others, probably the smart thing to do." he muttered to himself. With a groan, he planted his back behind a decrepit wall and began whistling a damned song that had drilled itself into his mind.
@Inertia Would you be interested in having a friendship between Cassius and Cyan? They're both underdogs with the fact that their powers are two-edged swords, so I think they could get along really nicely.

I am dowm for that, seems like they can get along well and Cyan seems genuine too.

I like the idea and Im down for it. Ill participate if it goes up but make sure it's optional.

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