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Half of Blink 182 is Wink 91.
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A Freudian Slip is when you mean one thing but fuck your mother.
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A baby chicken is a chick. An adult chicken is a hen. Chick-hen. Clever bastards.
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When I was heating up something in the microwave it sounded like World War 2, but even then it still came out cold.
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About time, we haven't had a major world event in almost 24 hours. Man... 2016.


Well, since you're here, might as well take a seat.

... not that there are any.

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"I like it when the center is wet."

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This is what I have so far, tell me if it's good or anything else I should add.

Also I wasn't sure how strong you wanted the power so I went for the lowest.

Damn this looks pretty interesting. I'm down.

Just for confirmation sake, is there a particular pantheon you're restricting it to?
Don't worry we don't either.

I think Sola covered it well, and welcome to the guild.
@Grey Doll

Not under authority to say so, but you're likely free to apply, many from the interest checks haven't checked in really.

Does this work? @lopsided


Akio had thought that everyone became more tense after he entered, but doubly so when the odd, pale man entered the bar. Everyone seemed to hold their breaths too. His eye caught the woman who pushed the younger man further into the bar, as if to protect him. Akio slowly began connecting the dots, and it was all but confirmed when another woman brazenly announced herself looking for someone. The words 'hunter' coming from the strange man just cinched it. A frown began to form on his face, Places like this existed too then? he thought, unconsciously letting out a sigh, Rumors do come from somewhere. Just my luck.

"Hey, Nosferatu, probably not best to blatantly announce yourself and instigate something, right?" he called out, answering the man's taunt, flapping his own jacket to the side to reveal his revolver, "Police, you should leave."

Well honestly, Akio was already thinking up of a plan to leave incase it got hairy, it would be next to impossible to fight this whole bar coming back from a hunt, he was fatigued, and injured, plus he had little to no idea of the prowess of this girl who had just selfishly barged in.

It had been a long day, blood slowly puddled into his faded utility jacket from a near-miss, luckily it wasn't deep and could be fix easily. His plan didn't go off without a hitch, but luckily he had a few contingencies, and soon the Wendigo's disgusting flesh sizzled out of existence. Luckily a family friend had tipped him off this 'unique' Wendigo, whom seemed to have a distinct look to him compared to the normal fleshbags. It didn't matter much to Akio, it burned just as well as the others did. Still, a worrisome thought loomed over his shoulders, the Wendigo's seemed to be faster in this neck of the woods, vicious too, and even more bold than normal.

Brooding over these thoughts, he remembered something, Damn, I ran out of alcohol a few days ago. A personal tenet was not to drink at all, booze slurred the mind, and a slow mind lead to a creeping demise. Instead, he used it as a quick, and cheap disinfectant. Wasn't always effective but it got the job done, and it was always found everywhere he went. Seeing as he was still new to town, he did not know his way around, and seeing a passing bar, decided to get in and procure the strongest alcohol he could. Luckily at this point the bleeding had ceased slightly, but his jacket was still soaked in blood and his arm was still rather numb. Akio really lacked something in personal courtesy to not really care about it though.

He could feel a few eyes gape at him as he entered the bar, he walked through their gazes and towards the counter,

"Hey." he called out, ignoring the man who had a notebook out, "Two bottles of your strongest alcohol." he felt a bit peckish too, but figured it best to pick up something at a convenience store, not wanting risk an infection decommissioning him again.

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