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Jin's heart warmed as he recognized more than a few familiar faces. Greetings would have to come later as he looked over the situation. It was a mess, but manageable. The evacuation was not complete. Though reticent, he silently thanked Ah-Rong for her relative haste. His priority would be in protecting the scared, fleeing civilians. His eye twitched- a child had lost her footing. Her eyes wet with tears as she could only look on as a ghoul bore down on her.

Jin darted to her side, grasped her with a hug as he unholstered his sawed-off shotgun. The gun silver nozzle seared the ghoul's snout as it shrieked in pain. “Cover your ears, young one, this is going to be loud.” Jin softly said, taking her hands and covering her eyes and ears. A loud crackle and controlled recoil later, the ghoul's head exploded into a fine red mist.

Jin's eye spotted what appeared to be the child's parents. The mother and father were making their way to their child, two ghouls in chase. He beckoned her to stay behind him at a distance as he now equipped his batons in a reverse-grip. Jin easily blocked the clawing attacks of the ghouls with both hands.

“Head to the checkpoint, I'll make sure none of them comes after you three.” Jin called out.

The two ghouls attention were now on him, two more ghouls joined their ranks. Ekaterine's nearly-inhuman scream managed to distract a few of them. He struck in this opening, deftly throwing a vial of holy oil at their feet. He lit a match, the fire caught oil and engulfed the ghouls in holy fire. The other three threw themselves into the floor with unholy screeching as they tried, in vain, to douse god's flames. The last one, too, was lit aflame but remained standing, seeming more hardy than the others. He grimaced at having something in common with such a beast.

In its weakened state it was unable to see, nevertheless defend, against his batons. A few quick strikes was all it took for it lay slump on the floor, singed with flames and iron alike. Jin looked down, emotionless, as he delivered the coup-de-grace on it. The other three soon followed.

Jin looked back the fleeing family, the little girl now held aloft in her father's arms. She waved and gave him a smile, which he returned gladly.

Jin returned to his fellow hunters and/or exorcists. He was behind Hikari, giving the man a greeting as well as he cleaned swiped away the blood on his batons. “Good evening.”

Attire: Formal attire.
Interaction(s): Everyone currently present at the Dinner.

Auguste stared coldly at Mayet as she went on her tirade, seemingly taking a dig at everyone present. Though he tried his best to sympathize with her position, he found it difficult to do so as she seemed to be lashing out. He even silently agreed with her words regarding the relative bias of their country's laws, but to drag his family into her example struck a nerve. He could not help but think how such an outburst was triggered by Duke Lorenzo's boorish statements; he understood the anger but not the degree of the response. Surely one of royalty was able to handle insults, direct or indirect, in a much more refined manner?

A touch of pity laced his expression with how easily she cut ties with her own family, even Farim, who responded in a calm and level-headed manner compared to some of his siblings. Especially over a disagreement.

Auguste thought to respond to her words but it didn't seem like words were going to get through to the Shehzadi, as such he bit his tongue.

“I understand, Sultan Raif Kadir.” Auguste replied, recognizing the calm fury of the Sultan. “It has been a long day filled with rather... extenuating events. I will overlook this event and not push for anymore punishment under Caesonian law as an extension and consideration of our kingdom's long and bountiful alliance while also considering Duke Lorenzo's... misgivings earlier today.” He glanced towards the Vikenas and gave them an apologetic look.

“I only ask you to make it right with Duke Lorenzo and Lady Charlotte.” Auguste said in finality, finally moving past the event. He sat on his chair once more, to enjoy the dinner without any further interruptions. Auguste sighed internally, he was exhausted. Between this event and his lack of sleep, hopefully it was all today would bring.

“I have enjoyed the meal thus far, the chicken tikka masala so far. I have always had a penchant for spicy food. I think no other kingdom prepares them before than Alidasht.” Auguste said, a small smile on his face. The atmosphere within the dinner had been strained, likely beyond repair at this point. It was best to move past it, awkward as it may be.

Auguste began tasting all the desserts being served. Even as a Prince it was rare to taste delicacies from far lands. Others would be able to tell his delight at eating the desserts.

Attire: Formal attire.
Interaction(s): Everyone currently present at the Dinner. Riona @JJ Doe.
Mention(s): Wulfric Danrose @SilverPaw,

Auguste sat in silence as the dinner unfolded. Duke Lorenzo's words served to incense the rest of the participants. Auguste did not have the time to palliate Lorenzo's words. Layla had served a rather cruel prank to the nervous Charlotte. For him it was too much but the Sultan had already doled out his punishment and him pressing the issue would be fruitless. This brought up memories of his own private family dinners. This dinner was up there with some of the worst he has partook in.

Now Duke Lorenzo had accused one of the Shehzadi of giving him 'bedroom' eyes before giving grace. Auguste's neutral expression twitched at this comment. He now slightly understood his brother's point of Lorenzo's mouth being his downfall. Soon grace was said and Auguste could only join in it, respectfully lowering his own head.

What came next was a flurry of blades and threats. Auguste's chair scraped against the floor, his right hand hovered above his waistline to grasp at a missing hilt, he had not brought a blade to the dinner because he did not believe it to be needed. It appeared that he was mistaken. His expression was cold, adorned with a scowl. His friendly countenance gone, as if it had never existed. His expression mimicked his dear older brother Wulfric, a relatively rare event.

While he understood Shehzadi Mayet's feelings towards Duke Lorenzo's rather uncouth and plainly wrong observation, this was a bit too much. To draw your blade towards the nobility of the land you are currently a guest in... Auguste believed that to be too much. Even looking past everything else that occurred tonight, him staying silent on this matter would portray his kingdom's nobility and royalty to be weak by allowing physical threats towards them- even from important guests.

He listened to Farim's words and silently agreed with the man, noting his astute words and observations. Even if traditions were meant to be respected, there should be some allowance of failure since Duke Lorenzo did not hail from Alidasht. Even if his undignified words were seen as insults, to draw a blade in-front of him, who is currently acting as his family- the Danroses' representative was much too much. Even for him, it had crossed the line that if Shehzadi Mayet had no royalty, she likely would be put to the gallows.

Auguste listened to the Sultan's words and punishments. While he agreed with most of them, he personally believed that Shehzadi Mayet had gotten off much lighter than he expected.

Before saying anything he beckoned Riona over. “Riona, please step outside of the dinner room and tell the knights to stand down.” Auguste said with a low voice and a neutral tone. He was well aware and used to his mother's propensity for over-protection and sending knights to his dinners, but this time it did seem warranted. “Tell them it's a command from me, they will not step into this situation and escalate it any more than it has. Er- don't be surprised if they have already drawn their weapons.” Though unintentional, some sharp-eared individuals may have heard his words.

“... Sultan Raif Kadir.” Auguste finally spoke out sharply. “I understand that this is a dinner to make up for the Duke’s… misgivings in the entrance ceremony and that the rest of the Shehzadi are not too pleased with him, this whole event was a bit too much.”

“While I respect your decisive and magnanimous decisions, Shehzadi Mayet had taken it a step too far. I personally apologise for Duke Lorenzo’s words but drawing your blade and throwing daggers at Caesonian nobility in-front of me, representing the Danrose royalty. Her punishment is too light. There were many things I overlooked tonight, but this… I cannot.”

“I also understand you would dole out punishment for your own, please understand we are in Caesonian land. Under our laws, drawing your blade against another, especially that of nobility, carries a serious crime... The Law tends to not discriminate.” He looked deeply into the Sultan’s eyes, ascertaining his reaction. The very least he could do is not have his family stand for blatant threats directed at their own citizens.

Victor Crowe

Interactions: Everyone currently present in the dining room.

Victor leaned against the interior wall of the dining room. Carlisle had been carried to a room and for now him and the rest of the coven were on standby. The barrier had been down for awhile now and nothing was happening. He couldn't get rid of the sinking feeling in his gut. Was he just expecting the world to erupt due to a barrier going down? Maybe. This whole thing had a familiar earmark. A certain Déjà vu.

As predicted, the front door kicked open. A familiar man strode into the dining room. Victor furrowed his brows. Lucien. The man introduced himself with the ever-familiar and narcissistic grandiosity. This man dares to intrude in his home while bringing cursed beings with him? He threatens his family... AGAIN?

Victor almost started seeing red. The first few sentences that came out of Lucien's mouth came in one ear and went out the other.

”Now of course you could decide not to come peacefully. But then I would have to start killing off your friends, and then your family. We really don’t want that do we? My friends are kind of hungry, and they are just looking for any excuse to eat out.”

“Lucien, you fucker,” Victor spat back venomously. “... Did I not warn you what would happen if you ever pull any of this kind of shit again, you threatened my family, again!?” He stepped towards the group. One of the werewolves stood in-front of him, bending down and snarling in his face. Victor looked unfazed, rage seeming to override his fear. Frost once again began coating on his hand, this time it formed at a much quicker pace and almost covered his entire arm. His icey-blue eyes staring down the wolf in anger as it blocked his path.

Victor grabbed the the snarling Werewolf's neck despite the height difference. Frost seeped through his hands and into the Werewolf It spread at a frightening pace- in a few moments its head, then torso, then it's legs was entombed in a light coating of ice. It appeared that the werewolf should be able to easily escape its confines but it didn't. Or rather it couldn't. As if it was frozen inside out. Victor pushed the Werewolf to the side. It's expression forever frozen in that encasing of ice as it landed with a thump on the floor.

For many of the Coven members this was the first time they had seen Victor like this. He had never used his powers to this extent and his attitude was a stark difference compared to his usual self. Right now Victor couldn't be mindful of such things, though it wasn't as if he intentionally hid this side to himself. It was just extremely rare and often related to his blood family.

“All I wanted was to be cut away from the Crowe's. I wanted it to end peacefully. I shouldn't have listened to my dad. And this is how you want it to go? Well. I'm here Lucien, you son of a bitch,” Victor said. “Just like you wanted.”

Attire: Formal attire.
Interaction(s): Everyone currently present at the Dinner.

Auguste had known the Alidasht were more forward with their words. Be it through the innuendos or flirtation that the Prince often waved off with a smile or their blunt honesty. Even more were there seemingly strict adherence for tradition. Or... atleast seeming so. He figured there were some ill-will within this dutifulness towards tradition. He acknowledged Munir's presence and simply smiled at him taking his goblet.

The issue with Duke Lorenzo's seating confused Auguste. Within Caesonia the guest of honour tended to be seated on the opposite end of the host, although he did also come to the conclusion that perhaps Alidasht customs were much different from their own. Auguste personally believed that the matter was overblown. The disagreement had generated an atmosphere not do dissimilar to one in the royal court. Auguste expected such within this dinner but it was jarring that it had started over something fatuous. Auguste was familiar paddling such waters, he nonetheless hoped Wulfric was here instead of him. Perhaps it was better he was here instead as Wulfric tended to be... harsher with the Duke.

Auguste stayed silent throughout it all. He maintained his neutral expression, although his smile had dripped away from his lips. While there may have been a conflict with tradition, he thought it was taken a smidge too far when the Alidasht had aired out their personal grievances with Lorenzo. Still, he stayed silent. Auguste nodded at Leo's suggestion, an attempt to diffuse the situation.

Internally, Auguste was proud of Lorenzo standing up for himself. While he may have acted discourteous in their own eyes, there was no excuse to do the same under the guise of tradition. This newfound confidence would serve him well in court... if he sharpened his mind against the more unsavory members of court. The same could be said about Charlotte. Both the Vikena household was always one he had rooted for and often assisted. It was good to see them stand up for themselves.

Auguste exhaled unintentionally at Duke Lorenzo's final words, biting down a smile. Had the Duke always been like this? It was like a different person sat on the same table as him with those biting remarks. Though it was best he doesn't make his underlying comment much too obvious like that, the Prince still found it slightly amusing.

Even though an odd atmosphere nestled uncomfortably in the background, it was good to see that they have moved on from the topic.

“I'm in agreeance, Duke Vikena.” Auguste finally chimed in, his smile had snuck back onto his face. “There have been a-many dueling tournaments I have entered, and many I have placed in second, third, or even lower. Most of time” Auguste paused. “It is more exciting for me if there are mountains left to climb.”

Auguste truly meant no ill-will to his words and simply added his own experiences to Duke's own statement.

Attire: Formal attire.
Interaction(s): Everyone currently present at the Dinner, Ríoghnach @JJ Doe, Mayet Kadir @13org, Leo Smithwood @Helo, Sultan Kaid Raif.
Mention(s): Wulfric Danrose @Silverpaw, Matthias Larsen @Rodiak, Reohg @JJ Doe, Mayet Kadir @13org

Auguste observed the rest of the matches in the booth with his father to observed the rest of the fights. The words of the masked swordswoman nestled uncomfortably in the back of his mind. He tried not to think of it now and simply enjoy the rest of the proceedings. Wulfric's match was interesting. He was well aware of his brother's swordsmanship prowess, so anyone able to keep up and trade blows with him was someone worth keeping in mind. Sir Mathias Larsen, huh... His eyes had unconsciously focused and sharpened as he watched the match. Ultimately it came to a close match, it ending with Wulfric's victory. He stifled a chuckle at how refreshed his brother had looked. He followed the onerous cheering with his own applause for the well fought battle.

The next match, however, Auguste watched with attentively. It was a match between the masked swordswoman 'Reohg Knock' vs Shehzadi Mayet Kadir. The fight was long and intense. An exceptional fight. Shehzadi Mayet's handle on her unorthodox weaponry was something to marvel. But this... 'Reohg' was able to keep up with her. This was a surprise as this fighter was unknown. He knew most of the prominent fighters in the underground circuit, as he keeps close tabs on them for his mission. It was strange that he hadn't heard of Reohg.

The fight went on for much longer than the other fights. A beautiful dance of blades. The two appeared equally matched but he did notice that Reohg began slowing down. Eventually Mayet came out the victor with Reohg offering her blade to the Shehzadi. There was an interesting exchange as the end of the fight winded down. Though he lauded such exchanges, something itched in the back of his head.

Auguste stroked his chin. There were three things that occurs during an attack. The wind-up, contact, and recovery. A simplistic concept. With a jab, the extension of the arm is the wind-up; it can also increase force or speed. Contact was when the fist lands on your opponent. Recovery is retracting your fist to your guard position. This concept applies to swordsmanship. Swordsmen can often mask, or even eliminate, the first and third step, though it was contingent with their mastery of the blade.

August was particularly skilled at reading body movement. This allows him excel in duels as he often is able to read his opponents actions- their attacks, feints, and similar.

As a happy coincidence, this makes Auguste excellent at recognizing who an individual is through their gait and posture. Usually he is able to simply tell who was who without needing to see their face. Reohg's gait and cadence scratched at his mind. He knows who this individual was but he had trouble placing exactly who.

Auguste snapped out of his ruminations and joined the crowd's applause.

Time: 6:00pm

For the rest of the afternoon, Auguste attended to some more paperwork and a few meetings with his knights. He was a bit sad at missing some of the other events but duty calls.

He had bathed and dressed himself in formal dress attire. A favourite of his, often used during relatively important meetings, political courts, or meeting with delegates and similar.

Soon Auguste found himself entering the dining room. His entrance wasn't trumpeted nor grandiose, as he simply entered the dining room casually, as if he was simply some guest. He personally found no need for such theatrics, as he has observed his father personally having the trumpeters follow him around for his grandiose entrances.

He passed by Riona, greeting her with a smile. “Ah, Riona, good evening. I hope that you have had time away to enjoy some of the events today.” His tone was friendly and jovial, as he had not suspected that Riona was Reohg.

Auguste's first action was to greet the Sultan. “Sultan Kaid Raif, peace be upon you. I give you my thanks for allowing me to attend your dinner,” He said with a bow.

The next was to greet each other attendant currently present. “Shehzadi Mayet, your match with Reohg was spectacular. I admire your mastery of your unorthodox weaponry.”

“Lord Leo. I hope the events we've hosted have been to your tastes.”

Auguste walked over to Farim to acquaint himself. He has only heard of the man through reputation Wystan's reports. The Prince extended his hand out towards Farim. “Sir... Farim Kadir, I take it. Your skill in trading is renowned even here in Caesonia. Pleased to make your acquaintance.”

Finally Auguste took a seat to marvel at the dining room. The scents and sights was different... unique compared to the traditional dinners he has had. He silently admired the excellent craftsmanship of the Alidasht. He took a sip of water. Hopefully this dinner will go well.

Victor Crowe

Interactions: Rowan @HaleyTheRandom, Aurora @WolfLover, and Daniel @duskshine749

Victor chuckled at his joke. “Sure, man.” He replied, grabbing the case. “You look great man, time's been kind to you, huh?” A tingly chill caused the hairs on the back of his neck to stand up, something was wrong. Victor's eyes flicked to the sky. The sky illuminated blue, almost appearing as if it was the morning. What the fuck? The vibrant blue suddenly began dissipating as quickly as it appeared. Is that the barrier?!

Victor had to get to Carlisle. As far as he knew, he was one in-charge of maintaining the barrier. Tradition, or something. It didn't matter know. He dropped the case and ran a full sprint into the Coven. The barrier kept all kinds of nasty things outside of Tanner. It was paramount that the barrier not deactivate. His old Coven, too, had a similar barrier and he knew from personal experience that only trouble awaits when it fails. He searched every nook and cranny of the house, dodging dancing, drunk, or drugged partygoers- often some combination of all three.

After a few minutes of dead end searching, Victor spotted Aurora, her face mangled with worry and fear. He ran past her and got onto the veranda. Daniel wore a similar look to Aurora. Carlisle was there, unmoving and stiff. He looked dead. Luckily he had skipped eating something before the party, otherwise he likely would have thrown up all over the place. He took a second to calm himself. Daniel tried to hide his expression but it was plain to see.

Victor stepped over to Carlisle and took a pulse. Nothing. It was expected, but what the hell did this to him? Could it have been the curse, how can a curse even do this. He grit his teeth. He wasn't aware of the particulars of this... curse, but if someone purposefully did this... No, he should keep his mind on the current situation.

“... I saw the barrier fail outside.” Victor finally said, “This isn't good, Daniel. Shit. We need to talk to Lilith, or even Serena.”

“Actually, are you okay?” He hadn't taken into account his friend's mental state. It was taking everything in him to not lose it. We're still human, after all.
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