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She knocked that smug look off my face but luckily I was wearing a second, smaller smug look underneath.
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There's nothing more intoxicating than the clear absence of a penis.
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Half of Blink 182 is Wink 91.
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A Freudian Slip is when you mean one thing but fuck your mother.


"I like it when the center is wet."

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Luckily, Keiji's brother just huffed and left the crowd as soon as he said his piece. Still, he was excited to be under one of the pillars, even if infamous. If anything, he was grateful as he's recently hit a plateau in his skill. The last time he's seen any noticeable change was when he pushed past his body's normal limit. All he could remember was seeing red mist and then promptly losing consciousness. When he woke up, his parents warned him to never do that again.

These thoughts swam in his head as they pulled up to Snake-Eyes' agency. As expected of a pillar's agency, it looked extremely wealthy, to say the least. His own family's agency wasn't anything to scoff at, but it looked minuscule in comparison. He quietly followed Snake-Eyes to the training room.

"Oh?" An unconscious smirk tugged at Keiji's face as Snake-Eyes mentioned a spar. A spar against one of the pillars wasn't an opportunity to be squandered. Wining or losing barely mattered to him, just the very fact that he has the chance to fight Snake-Eyes was enough for him to activate his power. A slasher-like smile began to etch itself on his face. It had begun, his berserker-like state had reared its head.

Dietrich had replied and activated his power, which Keiji didn't seem to notice. His body began to heat up as his quirk churned. The ground cracked as he kicked off and appeared above Snake-Eyes, his leg cocked into a flying crescent kick aimed at her head.

Jin's compatriots seemed to be doing well from the little glimpses he could ascertain through his periphery. There also seemed to be another female priest who joined them. While sustaining some injury, everyone seemed alive and have dispatched a number of the satanists. While the Korean priest would rather it end with their lives in-tact, reality was cruel. He needed to focus. He cleared his mind and decided to focus on the dual-wielding satanist in-front of him. The satanist seemed more incensed and dangerous after Jin's failed plea. His movements were more reckless; larger openings were more present but his strikes became more deadly as a result. It was as if he wanted to take someone down with him- A suicidal gambit of sorts.

Jin held his tonfa aloft, in a defensive reverse stance. The satanists leap at him with a diving, stabbing motion. In response, the scarred priest sidestepped but the dual-wielding satanist flipped and reversed his grip and slashed at his chest. The wound was shallow, because of his light armour and Jin preemptively diving backwards as the stroke dug into his chest. The newly-formed wound still bled, however. It became more and more unlikely that he'd be able to finish the battle without either risking his life or killing the Satanist. Both options equally horrible for the mild-mannered priest.

The Satanist didn't give him time to formulate any sort of tactic either. He consistently swung as he pushed Jin backwards, the priest had to steady his footing whilst deflecting attacks. Each strike came sequentially and never from the same angle. A diagonal swing with a horizontal swing. A strike that came from opposite sides, an upwards and downwards strike in tandem. Such strikes were employed by his enemy.

Metallic clinks resounded in the room as blows and exchanges ended neutrally or in the favour of the dual-wielder. One seemed to be going for killing strokes while the other seemed to want to avoid doing so, forming a sort of odd stalemate as both danced through the dining room.

A slash coming from two sides was blocked with his grip, a sabaton sunk into Jin's his stomach right after. Another upwards stroke followed quickly before Jin could even register he was kicked. The priest was no slouch in the endurance department, the kick not seeming to faze him in the slightest, as he sidestepped the attack. He switched his left baton into a normal grip and, with as much force as he could muster, bludgeoned the Satanist's shoulder. A sickening crunch could be heard as the dual-wielder yelped in pain.

A sword flew to his face. The stroke would've found itself in his eye if not for his animalistic reflexes. He turned his head just enough for it to miss his head, instead it embedded itself into his cheek as it sailed by. He turned his head in the direction of the stroke to minimize the damage but it didn't help much. With a quick hop backwards, blood dripped onto the once pristine floors. Jin clutched his cheek as it began bleeding profusely. The pain was nearly mind-numbing; his brain in over-drive due to the pain but he pushed through it with not so much as a yowl.

Part of the reason why he was hit was because he didn't expect the Satanist to be able to also ignore his shoulders cracking into pieces and still counter-attack. It was an unexpected variable, was it the 'faith' in their mission that gave them such endurance? It was nearly as fervent as the priest's own. The side of his cut mouth pulsed in pain, as he pressed onto it to stave off the bleeding.

Both combatants stared at each other; one's hand was unusable as it hung downwards, arm all but useless with a shattered shoulder. The other had to use every ounce of sheer will-power to not succumb to the pain. Jin also had to drop one of his batons to place pressure on his cheek. It was clear with their ragged breathing and weaker postures that the fight was nearing its end. Even still, both seemed to be looking for openings to end the fight once and for all. With Jim's condition, someone would need to step in to break stalemate in place.
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Keiji led his brother to the Miyako common room, he had forgotten his wallet in there. The two Matsushimas stood out and there were more than a few students staring as the duo passed them. The juxtaposition of the lucky-go-happy Matsushima and the ever stoic and cold Matsushima was a striking contrast. "Come-on brother," Keiji looked back to his brother, "... Smile! You are trying to recruit some students to dear old dad's firm, right?" His brother grunted in response.

Upon arriving there, more than a few notable names were present. Keiji recognized the infamous Villain killer, Yusuke Enishi, a notable hero even outside of the Pillars. An Īda, Hotwheels, Keiji felt a pang of sympathy considering the situation with her brother, Enka. And finally another Todoroki, Todoroki Shakuko. This was the first time he's ever laid eyes on three Todoroki dynasties in the same place. Keiji didn't catch any of their conversations as they've just arrived. Hideaki's aura seemed to get colder, as if a wave of cold air pulsed from the man.

"Well, well," Hideaki called out to the gathering of heroes, his voice deep and raspy, "If it isn't Snake-Eyes, the illustrious fourth pillar."

"The one to 'train' our talents; Dietrich Konig and my younger brother... right?" Hideaki continued, his expression nor tone not betraying the intent of his message.

"Brother please-" Keiji tried to calm his brother but was pacified with a glare. Hideaki seemed to get like this around Snake-Eyes.

"I do hope that you atleast give them back to us in the same state we've lent them to you as." Hideaki almost spat out.

Keiji shifted uncomfortably in place. He wanted to apologize to the Snake-Eyes but he felt like it'd just make the situation worse.

The cute little girl almost looked confused to be addressed, like someone taught the her to not speak to strangers. It seemed that she was looking for Hasaki Todoroki. "I can lead you to hi-" He was interrupted by Hasaki himself. Keiji shook his head as both conversed and thanked them, they seemed to know each other well enough so it'd likely be fine to leave both alone. "Don't mention it," Keiji patted his legs as he got up from the squatting position, "I really didn't do anything."

Mister? Keiji thought, The hair makes me look old, damned genes.

Both were Todoroki. One of the most illustrious families in Japan. Eyes were drawn to the two when they conversed further. Especially one being a possible successor of the Todoroki dynasty and his apparent younger sister. Though Keiji had little dealing with Hasaki as they were from different classes, he was never this tame. Hasaki reminded him of Dietrich, so seeing him like this was surreal.

Keiji glanced at his watch and became a little wide-eyed. "I really gotta go," He mumbled before calling out to the Todoroki sibilings who were leaving, "Hold her tight so she doesn't get lost, Hasaki... Oh and I know I'm not your representative but be there at the internship recruitment thing."

"Hey Big Bro, didn't keep you waiting too long right?" Keiji asked, a goofy grin on his face. His brother, Hideaki, was not as amused, his red eyes were cold as he looked down on his brother. Keiji definitely made him wait too long.

"Well, you can glare at me later," Keiji said, "Come-on, let's go."

Keiji's interlaced knuckles turned white as the broadcast ended. It seems that his suspicions were confirmed. Even his family's been in a stir, try as they might to keep it under wraps. The general atmosphere of the firm just felt warped. Sasuke's idea to bring both classes into the know seemed a tad reckless. Still, it was better to know than be left in the dark.

Keiji listened to Sasuke's words before letting a smile seep onto his face. Sasuke seemed to be atleast be driven by a desire to help the classes than himself... probably. His smile faltered as the boy began to speak about their ex-class representative- Īda Enka. Īda was a reliable, if a bit flamboyant, and diligent representative. One could always count on him to come through, so his betrayal stung all the more. It was sort of a whiplash to Keiji and he wasn't as close to him as others, so he couldn't imagine how the others felt.

What was more surprising was that Keiji was to replace Īda as the male class representative rather than Dietrich... or even Hatsumi. The fact that he was named class representative was something that gave him pause- he's never had such stringent responsibilities set on him. Nevertheless, Keiji accepted the position and has been trying his best to fulfill his role. He's pretty much has had to rely on Oda to take care of his many short-comings, which made him remember to get her a thank-you gift sometimes int he future.

Keiji listened to his Shinon then Amaya's words and internally thanked them. He wasn't exactly one for disagreements but it seems like there's a certain expectation from his classmates that he should defend their class. Their death stares directed at Sasuke seemed to indicate as such.

Keiji got up his seat and sauntered over to Sasuke's location and approached his side. "Now, now, Sasuke," He said, slinging his arm over the irritable boy smiling all the while, "Aurora's right, It's not the time for us to be divided, Classes A and B should be united to strengthen each other."

"Riling up rivalries between our classes isn't exactly Student Council President material," Keiji unslung his arm and gripped Sasuke's shoulder, "... is it?"

Truth be told, Keiji was undecided if he would even shoot for that kind of a position. It seemed like an indoctrinate amount of work and other people seemed more deserving.

"But... it's as class rep Sasuke has said," Keiji turned to his colleagues, "Be sure to attend the recruitment, please. I don't want to hear that someone's skipped a mandatory event... again."

"That said, I'll excuse myself early as I have to meet my brother," He continued, walking to the exit, "If any of you need anything, just call me."

Keiji stepped out of the Miyako Common Room and made his way outside. The wave of students and people made it hard to do so, but he could mostly move around or power through the wave. This was before he saw a small, helpless girl seemingly frozen in the current of people. Being who he is, Keiji dropped his current task to help. His brother could wait, probably. He made his way to the girl and squatted at the girl (@BlackMaiden). Luckily the crowd seemed to notice this and gave both of them some space.

"Hello there," Keiji said, "I don't mean to pry but, are you lost by chance?"

Hideaki Matsushima arrived at the entrance of Eirei Academy. His black limousine was dismissed with a wave of the hand as he stared at the building. It had been a few years since his graduation from it but he still feels like home in the institution. Hideaki adjusted his cuffs and crushed his cigarette before throwing it into a bin. With an icy look he scanned the premises, trying to find his brother whom promised to meet him before the internship recruitment drive.

His parents had given him this task to be the representative of the Matsushima firm. He's been told that this internship drive is important and he should perform his best to gain the most performers. Keiji had complained that he was too cold and "pretty intimidating", to be able to do the recruitment 'properly'. As such his younger brother had put him through drills on how to smile with your eyes.

A small smile cracked on his frosty exterior. ... Runt has the audacity to say I am not charismatic? Hideaki thought, glad that his brother was being proactive as he is. This smile also seemed to scare a random passerby who glimpsed his expression.

Now... where was his precocious brother?
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Ixius felt drained, to say the least. Physically, his body was screaming out at being forced to go at Calven's pace and then being pinned by an Arrow for Dex. Mentally, he was grasping on to any thread of reason that prevented him from killing a fellow Magus. One of the tenets of the Librarium was the absolute restriction of confratricide (To kill one's fellow colleague), but still, there had to be an exception to every rule, right? Mana circulated and gathered within Ixius, then stopped, then started again; this cycle repeated a few times before fully settling. The waves of spiking and throttling mana could be felt by anyone who was even a tiny bit proficient in sensing mana.

As the 'warm-up' came to an end, he stared daggers at the oblivious blond. The red-eyed magus was practically fuming as he pushed down the rage and the vomit scratching its way up his throat. He controlled his breathing, mostly to catch his own breath and restore some stamina as the students lined up. Ixius once again stood in the 'at-ease' position. His rage was still palpable, but less so. It was clear who it was directed at. Unfortunately, he only heard bits and pieces from Sir Vermont as he was busy trying to calm himself down.

Ixius watched the (objectively speaking) beautiful teacher's 'performance'. It was other-worldly... for swordsmen. Still, to be able to put that much effort in anything is to be commended, even with an inefficient method of combat. That, and his fears of Instructor Maya being dangerous were true. He was unsure if anything less than an Arch-Magus... no maybe a Grand Arch-Magus could fight evenly with this teacher.

The mannequins too were quite something else. It was clear that they were moving with magic, but it was extremely advanced and subtle. Sir Vermont had mentioned that they 'adapt' to your skill-level, which was interesting. Ixius couldn't put his finger on exactly how they would adjust to an opponent's strength on the fly, so it was impressive to him.

The fight continued... it was like an enrapturing dance. Ixius, to no one's surprise, couldn't quite keep up with the faster sections. He's always had an observing eye, but most of the intricacies of the fight went over his head. All he could tell was that; Maya was extremely skilled for a swordsman, and that the mannequins could somehow even provide a challenge to her. Even that moment mid-air, she somehow maneuvered the dodge an incoming attack.

The fight had essentially ended in a flash. Slow when they circled each other but too fast for his eyes when they clashed. Still, as impressive as the display was... learning magic seemed to be more superior to him- less risk whilst having much superior fire power. What can a sword do to a slew of fireballs sent from a singular mage's chant. Besides, unlike steel weaponry and armour, magic's the type of thing to never break, right?

Ixius stepped up against a training dummy. It readied itself against him as the magus drew a blank. Wait, how does one even begin a fight without magi- Ixius thought as the dummy raised its fist and hooked him across the face. That was how. He looked inwards, into his memory, had he even read any book pertaining to such? As another fist came flying towards his face, he remember that he'd read one in passing, that an adventurer left in their libraries, to laugh at it.

A basic block, the cross-block was within the first few pages. Ixius tried his best to emulate the block; he held his fist up in a cross-like fashion, causing the oncoming fist to land land on his right forearm. Defend the face, that was the basics... I think. The mannequin seemed to note this and jumped backwards, but just in range for a kick. The magus looked at only one other move before he scoffed and threw the book back on the table he found it.

It was a twisting kick, a round-house kick. The same kick that Maya had performed for the students to the last mannequin. To some it may appear he was simply mimicking the instructor but it really was the only kick he read from the book.

As the mannequin landed, Ixius tried to recall the movement. Bring his leg up to the side and snapping his entire body sideways into a spin. Well, the 'kick' was a kick, if you could call it that. The kick missed its mark by quite a bit, and it barely reached the top of the mannequins chest. It didn't help that he was also out of stamina, so his body couldn't quite match up with his mind's vision. As his kick found no landing he spun further and exposed his sides to the mannequin who took no time to take advantage of the opening.

With a swift front kick Ixius was thrown to the dirt as he didn't have steady footing after the kick. Ixius pushed his body up and punched the dirt as he heard a few faint giggles from the eyes watching him. He would get this mannequin without magic or he'd be damned. No swordsman nor combat class would get the better of him, even if inferior. That and he was a tad sick of being shoved and pulled around.
@Stern Algorithm

I'll do a quick one; Haze is pretty unassuming and polite in general interactions. Her quirk's the type of quirk that'd pique his interests so he may bother her about that but otherwise I don't see them interacting much outside of joint class activities.

That said, if they did ever match together in say, the Sports Festival, she might remember him for how insane and crazily he fights and with alot of glee.
Tell me if something's off or the quirk's too much. Also I hope this is still open.

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Ixius had woken up relatively earlier than his peers; two hours before the sun creeped over the horizon. It would be a stretch to call him a morning person, however, he was noticeably more irritable in the early morning than later. Still, it was a habit drilled into him by his teacher in the Librarium. "An early mind is the sharpest." was what they parroted repeatedly, to the point where the saying grated on Ixius' nerves.

The crimson eyed-magus had just finished his morning ritual- basic Cardio to keep in shape and improve his stamina. Though nothing too strenuous for swordsmen, it did make him work up a bit of a sweat. He made his way back to his room to freshen up with a shower before classes started. After twenty minutes he would step out of the bathroom and wear his uniform adorned with his robes and sat on his study desk to read and await for classes to start.

Ixius closed his book and was out of his dorm as soon as Athena sounded an alarm. He leisurely sauntered over to the Hall of Combat. The hall was more grandiose than he initially thought it would be. It seemed endlessly large in scale, moreso than anything he's seen within the Librarium.

The magus stood in line with his fellow students; his feet were shoulder-width apart and his hands were behind him, thumbs interlaced. It was the 'at ease' position, once again taught to him by his teacher, when in presence of those higher in rank than him. However, unbeknownst to him, this stance wasn't mandatory at all. In short, his teacher was messing with him and it was entirely unnecessary. Ixius, being as serious as he is, stands in this position whenever in a class setting.

Even if Ixius found combat classes entirely unnecessary and undoubtedly (atleast in his mind) inferior to magic, he wouldn't go against the classes tailored by the academy. Would he voice his displeasure to anyone standing by, sure. To the Teachers, likely not. He listened closely to Vermont's words and took them in. He groaned internally at two things; the fact that no magic was allowed and that failing this, in his words, unnecessary class could lead to expulsion.

Ixius did a double take as the teacher did an impromptu run to finish off his speech. The students near him scrambled into a sprint to catch up to the instructor. The red-eyed boy clumsily followed suit, not having any time to take off his robes. As he managed to get his head right, he thought it would be unnecessary to sprint and run out of stamina quickly. It doesn't seem like there's a penalty for being las-

As he thought those words, an arrow cut through the air and hit a larger student right behind him on the side causing him to keel over in pain.

"Oh." Ixius unconsciously said.

It seemed that being near the back of the pack or last was asking to be knocked over by what appeared to be a blunt arrow. Ixius eyed a boy going over to help the downed student, only to be rewarded with getting pushed down himself as the douchebag caught up with the pack. Valencia shoved the bully as he merged back into the pack, earning a stifled chuckle from Ixius and a few other students near him. He even shot him a mirthful, evil smirk as their eyes met.

Ixius focused back on the matter at hand- the best position possible while avoiding being pelted the Instructor Dex's arrow. He had no real illusions of being able to take even one of Dex's arrows, especially without magic. To make up for his relatively lacking stamina, he had to run at a steady pace while meandering towards the back of the herd. It seemed that the benevolent student was the one that was being focused by the Instructor.

Ixius' breath began to catch in the back of his throat as more beads of sweat formed on his forehead. Hopefully his strategy of staying at pace with the back half of the pack would work.
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