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In Rengoku 16 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Entering the building was disorienting, to say the least. With the distinct smell of incense and the darkness of the room making Rei lose his bearings. He squinted his eyes, looking for something tangible he could see before a voice spoke against the darkness. The voice was oddly fitting considering the mystique of the situation. His hand unconsciously gripped his crossbow, he paced slowly toward the voice.

"Welcome, moon and star."

"Moon and Star, huh?" Rei whispered to no one in particular. The blue flame drew his gaze. From what little the flame illuminated, Magnolia looked very similar to a stereotypical gypsy portrayed by Hollywood. It was a little amusing. Her hand moved above a circular object with a peculiar shine. At the very least the situation piqued his interest.

"I've been expecting you. You've come a long way. Care to reveal your fate?"

"Oh, have you? Well. It wouldn't hurt. What do you think Étoile?" he said, keeping it to himself that she found her words curious. Particularly the 'come a long way' bit, because as far as he could tell, he hadn't left this town at all. It might be worth listening to this woman after all.

In Rengoku 2 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Rei atleast had to see their efforts through. Fortunately he didn't have to follow far, with them just crossing the street. Though he couldn't hear anything, when they came out with their heads hanging low, the outcome was clear. With their downtrodden selves he could not help suppress a pang of pity and even a trace of guilt. Still, he was glad to be handed the book. It would be much easier to write down his thoughts and understanding. His mind wrapped back to the the woman they had chosen to 'confess' to. She was peculiar, to say the least. The building was magnetic, almost beckoning him to visit. It wouldn't hurt, the world has magic of sorts. He could always ask Anton about the odd man with the shield later.

"Oi, nerd. Is what you're writing so important that you'd really rather have a notebook than coin?"

The half-blood realized that she was referring to him. "Oh, right you were still here. Thought you'd gone off after receiving the coin." he replied, "Firstly, it's Rei. Secondly, it's to help me... wrap my head around particular things."

He rifled through his pockets, taking out a folded piece of paper that he handed to the girl. Inside was a rough drawing of his crossbow, showing its particular parts and some notes like effective force output and similar. "With that, I can repair my weapon by myself provided I have the specific tools."

"That aside," he said, "What d'you think of that woman they confessed to?"

In Rengoku 2 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Steady steps made his way to Rei's table while he was conversing with the drunks. His eyes landed on a small, fiery woman. With a swipe she brushed her hair away. Her voice was familiar but he couldn't quite place her it. Before he could think about it any further she noticed her eyes on him. He shot her back with an incredulous look before pushing it out of his mind. Rei had little idea who this was and even littler idea why she would provide assistance.

"Who were you agai-"

"How cute, Mr. I've-Never-Had-A-Date telling two hapless virgins what to do,"

"If you're going to be so indecisive, don't bother. You value your friendship, don't you? Then make her do the work for you. Fess up at the same time and whatever happens, happens. Can't have hard feelings if the decision is out of your hands."

Rei sighed, her method was another way to go about it, "Well, what happens if one does get accepted?" he asked, leaning forward onto his chair, "The other just gonna pat his back, and send him on his merry way?" He really didn't have the highest expectation of these two, but he didn't think they were bad guys. Even if they did almost deck him. His face tiredly sank into his arms. He eyed the interloper once more who exuded a very confident, ostentatious aura. It's like she was looking for a fight and he'd rather not get into a brawl. Getting injured haphazardly isn't a good idea especially with the little Pana he had on hand.

"Well, you guys can choose how you want to go about it." he said, "I've pocketed the pebbles so you can still guess."

He got up abruptly and sauntered to his crossbow bolt, which luckily, was still there. After sliding it into it's quiver his mind flashed back to the man who helped him out. The person was atleast a little interesting. Rei mentally noted that he would ask Anton before walking back and slinking down into his chair.

"So," he finally said, "What will it be?"

Rei Alfonsi Pugliesi


"Wish word? Uhm, cognitive, y- yeah I want to be Cognitive."

Rei has a sarcastic air about him, bordering sardonic at times. The inflection and intonation of his voice tend to be biting and overbearing. Despite this he means well, or atleast likes to believe so. Due to his limited social experience, he has a hard time with the intricacies of proper human interaction finding it difficult to read body language despite his attempts, usually leaving the other uncomfortable and looking for an exit. Those who can stand his aura quickly bonds with Rei easily and due to his rather small circle of friends, he tends to 'latch' on and cherish them in his own way.

Another, arguably more important, facet of his personality is his inability to deny his curiosity- almost childlike in nature. He may take awhile to fully comprehend a concept- theory, a gadget, or similar, but once it 'clicks' in his head he gets unnaturally good at applying or using said concept. He fully obsesses and immerses himself in the object of his attention, usually to his detriment- with his unhealthy habits, like forgoing eating, sleeping, and leisure, rearing their heads. He stays like this until he feels that he has completely satiated his interest. On the other hand, he finds it difficult to get into things he doesn't find interesting- it's like pulling teeth to get him to do an activity he has dismissed. As such, he did the bare minimum to not fail classes he had no interest in, making him more even more 'invisible' in the eyes of his peers and teachers.

Being half Japanese and half Italian has granted Rei confused looks. Standing at the odd height of 5'9" with light dirt brown hair. It doesn't help that he stands slightly taller than the national average in Japan, he somewhat resembles them but is different enough to be marked as a 'Gaijin' by his peers in university.

- Has a natural aptitude of grasping concepts, and theories at a fast rate. Once he has fully comprehended said concept, he is able to apply it with astonishing accuracy.
- Tinkering and Reverse-engineering little doodads and gadgets he can get his hands on.
- Is good at technical sports like swimming, golf, and tennis, finding them quaint.
- Is multilingual- English, Italian, and Japanese.

Rei was born in Puglia, Italy. His father's side was Italian, their family spent alot of time moving back and forth in Italy visiting family from all over. During this period he explored the countryside of Italy with his cousins when he was able, fostering his childlike curiosity. Before starting schooling his family abruptly moved to Japan at the insistence of his mother's family. It was a difficult change of pace, but like all things, Rei got used to it.

Despite being ostracized basically his whole school life, Rei seemed entirely indifferent to their treatment. More accurately however was that he never actually noticed being purposefully shunned by them. The more popular cliques choose to not acknowledge his presence at all, while the less popular did not want to associate themselves with a 'hāfu' (half), partly because of his personality and the rest because of his heritage. His peers left him to his own devices, he buried himself in tasks that interested him.

He found that he had a penchant for comprehension- during the second year of Kyoto Institute of Technology he won first place at one of their annual events, earning ire of some of the student body who felt that an outsider winning a prize was disgraceful. This, coupled with his unlikeable character, further pushed him into further into his isolationism. He was able to count all his friends on one hand.

He has little recollection of his 'death' but having woken up in Rengoku, despite the few friends he left behind, has filled him with unbridled curiosity once more.

- Old Wood Crossbow
- Battered Machete
- 8x Iron Bolts
- 2x Snare Trap
In Rengoku 2 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

"You're expecting a little too much if you think they'll compensate you,"

"Doesn't seem too unreasonabl-" his words cut off when he the towering figures came up to him. It seemed that their hazed minds had now directed their anger towards him. Rei was about to open his mouth before the bulky fist came flying at him. Flinching on reflex. Luckily, a shield had appeared infront of him- held by an even bulkier man. Like his muscles had muscles. It was abit disconcerting, honestly.

Thinking back, it's odd how the general populous is fit. Even the drunkards are well beyond the average physique back on my earth. he thought. Indifference began to slowly crawl onto his face. This whole debacle was of little interest to Rei. He wanted to get back to his writing. Still, he felt a small debt to the stranger. For now he surrendered to the request. With an annoyed sigh, he dragged a tipped over chair and faced the backrest towards the table.

"I wasn't listening at to your bickering." he said, his voice clearly annoyed, "Enchant me with oh-so beautiful tale."

After an explanation...

Rei was pinching the bridge of his nose.

"Seriously." he said, gesturing towards his doused papers, "That's why my papers got ruined?" Their conflict made little sense to Rei, whom never really had a relationship. Never bothered with it, really. He wasn't sure if he was most suitable for this. The reward of the book was alluring atleast.

"Alright, I got the gist of it. This is what I think. Listen or not, I couldn't care less."

"I can't give you advice on how to confess. he confessed, his disinterest bleeding into his voice, "If I had to say: Go direct and leave no room for doubt. Make it clear that you intend to court her." Rei shrugged. This probably wasn't how one should go about it but that was how he would do it.

"What do you mean if she says no?" he asked, "If your resolve to court that woman is weak, then don't bother."

"As for who goes first? It doesn't really matter but..." he said, pondering a bit before stepping out of the establishment and coming back with a fistful of stones. "Guess how much stones are on my person. Whoever can get it closest gets the privilege of going first."
In Rengoku 2 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Rei was overwhelmed. Everything happened too fast to process. He was dropped into a world not too unfamiliar from his on, his breath became ragged. He knew that this wasn't his 'home'. Tightening the grip on his rusty machete, a long sigh escaped his quivering lips. After a few more seconds of composure a loud thwack was heard, turning a few heads. With reddened cheeks he wore a look of false bravado. He'll do what he does best, he'll get used to it. This has happened before.

Absorb your surroundings. Rei holstered his machete, his eyes lingering at the blade for a moment, then to the crossbow on his back. It was like memories were injected into him- ingrained muscle memory with weapons he had no idea of. He even felt that his walk was different. Careful and deliberate steps thud that left the earth undisturbed. He had never stepped with such purposeful gait. His curiosity began to well up, slowly overpowering fear.

On his way around he caught a swinging sign- he could vaguely make out that is said 'Nadya'. Mentally noting that he could read the peculiar language. He stumbled in, being exactly as everyone thought he was- no money with only the clothes on his back. The boy strode up the counter and barraged the bartender with questions.

A few days later

Thanks to Anton's advice, Rei managed to 'hunt' a few defenseless monsters. For him, the difficulty came in 'hunting' buyers- but eventually he managed to sell at a relatively reasonable price. He pocketed a bit of money or 'Pana'. A paltry but sufficient amount, enough to survive. Pulling the hood off his head, he stepped into Nadya's. Anton smiled at his entrance. With a curt nod signalling for a drink, he sat down an empty table. He started writing down on torn, loose paper like he usually did.

Rei's table shook, his next letter skidding off the edge. Two drunk patrons begun shoving each other. He hadn't noticed their escalating physical and verbal dispute. Unfortunately they were next to his table. "Look can you guys take this elsewhere?" he said, his voice lower than he intended- the two drunkards did not taking note of him at all. One of them eventually stumbled back onto Rei's table, spilling his drink. The cold drink slowly coated the paper and smudged the ink. He looked at the paper like it was his dying child.

Paper wasn't exactly a common good here, Rei had found that out the hard way when he tried to obtain some. Luckily he found a few scant pieces during his walks through the town. With that knowledge, Rei slightly lost his calmness. His mind flashed to 'pinning shot' to calm both down but dismissed the thought once he recalled what it had done to the boar. Taking a bolt between his fingers he threw it at their feet, edging slightly into the wood. It caught both their attentions.

"Either of you gonna reimburse me for that, or what?" he said, with louder intonation.
In Rengoku 2 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
In Rengoku 2 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
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