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Auguste & Saiya

Auguste was always up to any challenge… any competition lit a fire within him. Be it dancing, swordsmanship, or even a simple parlour game. Many would purposefully (and noticeably) lose to him either to avoid antagonizing royalty or to curry favour with him. Both annoyed the prince to different degrees, and he soon ‘ices’ the relationship to simple formality. It was a rarity to have others take him seriously and attempt their best, moreso to fragrantly state it to his face. It was why he had respect for Wystan’s style of combat, a true spectacle to behold.

A competitive gleam shone in Auguste’s eyes as he reignited his smile. ”Well, it remains to be seen, then?” He offered his hand out to her in a slight bow. Saiya took his hand as she offered a curtsy, having caught the look in his eyes and deciding that this dance was likely going to be quite fun.

”Don’t go thinking for a second I’m going to go easy on you either just because you’re a prince. I like to knock princes off their high horse.” She said teasingly to him, allowing even a slight flirtatious tone to enter her voice. She was feeling excitement for the challenge that lay ahead of her and she only hoped that she wouldn’t disappoint him.

The music began as the second dance was announced. ”I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Auguste replied, ”Being named as the Caesonian prince who managed to outdance an Alidashtian? Well, think of the stories and ballads.” A chuckle escaped his lips.

Auguste led the duo, the dance already made up in his mind- The Slow Foxtrot. He placed his right hand under her shoulder blades, his left hand enclosed her right. Three quick steps, with meticulous footwork. The beginning steps of his chosen dance. The steps alternated in speed- quick and slow. However, Auguste would purposefully speed up or slow down much quicker than the initial step. His small smile beamed at her as he did this.

Saiya was quick to follow his steps, taking only a moment to understand the dance he chose. Definitely a challenging dance, especially with how he decided to speed up and slow down at times, but a grin remained on her face as she kept in time with him. ”Very impressive, I wonder what would happen if I take over and do this?” She said with a smirk as she took control of the dance. She kept with a slow foxtrot for the time and led them into stepping in a tight circle, but half way through she paused for a beat then reversed the normal step.

Auguste’s eyes widened at her changing the pace of the dance and even taking the lead and turning him to a follower. It seemed that she truly kept her word. Were it not for his training as a prince for dancing and footwork, he likely would have stumbled. ”My, what a quick change. I’m impressed, truly.” He said, ”Although it is under unexpected situations that I…” He observed her movement and ascertained her intent and followed steps. ”Thrive.” Following her lead looked almost simple to observers, as if Saiya was the lead from the beginning. He bided his time, waiting for an opening, a simplistic step to overturn her control.

Auguste would soon find his quarry. He predicted her next step and took control once more. He unfurled their closed position and released his right hand to perform a fan exit. Next he would pull her with his left hand and place their combined hands over her left shoulder. In his mind had awaited what she would do from this position.

Saiya let out a small, surprised gasp as he took control once more, but she managed not to stumble. He pulled her back and she followed his lead until she was in a position with her back towards him and their arms across the front of her. She took a moment to pause there and grinned up at Auguste. ”You almost had me there, Prince.” She said to him as she decided on what her next move would be. ”Almost.” With that she spun out and away from him, keeping hold of his hand. She then changed up the steps as she moved back into position, closer than they originally were as she took up a rumba.

”I wonder if I’ve met my match with dancing?” She said as her hips swayed with the steps of the rumba.

”Truly so.” Auguste replied, noting the change of pace to Rumba. ”Perhaps it’s indeed me on the back foot.” He followed her steps once as he racked his mind for a dance he could potentially transition into to take back control. The duo danced around the couples, missing a few by mere inches as they were entranced by their own competition.

Auguste smiled, and bent backwards. Letting her catch his back so he could be pulled back up into another transition. This time, the steps were the ever-familiar Viannese waltz. The same dance he had taught Persephone. Although this time, turned up to eleven. He danced each step with flourish and speed, not leaving room for mistakes or hesitance. Saiya let out a small laugh of joy now, finding the continuation of switching dances increasingly fun. They seemed to be dancing circles around the other couples. She decided she’d back off for a little while and let him lead as she needed to make more conversation before this dance was over.

”Tell me, Your Grace, are all princes of Caesonia required to become so skilled in dance or are you unique?” She asked him, a grin on her face. ”It also has me questioning what else you’re skilled in as well?”

”It is indeed a sort of pre-requisite for princes. Although, I’ll say my brother Wulfric is fairly skilled.” Auguste said, ”While he’s no slouch, I daresay I could dance circles around him.”

”The art of dance bears passing similarities with another passion of mine.” He continued, a glint in his eye. ”I very much enjoy swordsmanship, as you may have heard.”

”Not many could follow my steps as easily as you, Lady Saiya. The only other one who could truly keep up is dear old Wystan.” Auguste complimented, ”I wasn’t holding back either, yet you still rose to the challenge.”

”Alidasht may well and truly hold the best dancers across our continents.” He slowed the tempo of their dance in-line with the music. He noticed that she still seemed energetic and followed his steps with the same speed and precision as when they started. ”What about yourself, Lady Saiya? Your steps signify you as an excellent dancer. Is that truly all?”

"I thank you for the compliment, Prince Auguste. Your own dancing has impressed me as well, though it makes sense knowing your love of swordsmanship." Saiya replied with a grin, though a part of her was increasingly intrigued by the skill of the other princes. It seemed she'd gotten quite lucky choosing Auguste to approach first.

"As for whether dancing is the only skill I hold, I can assure you it is not. There is far more than meets the eye with me. However…" She gave him a sly grin as she began to relax more into the dance, no longer feeling like they were in a competition and now feeling as if they'd transitioned merely into talking. "What fun would it be if I revealed everything about myself to you now? We have a whole season to learn about each other. Perhaps it could be another fun competition between us, since you seem to enjoy competition just as much as myself?"

"My, it appears my penchant for swordsmanship is well renowned across the seas." Auguste replied. "Well, I hope I may be able to witness Alidashtan skill with the blade with my own eyes."

”Truly so, we do indeed have an entire season to learn about each other, Caesonian, Varian, and Alidasht alike. Perhaps to the betterment of our kingdoms” Auguste smiled at the prospect. ”Perhaps you will see me sooner rather than later, as I may be attending the dinner the Sultan has planned with the Vikenas.”

The music began lulling to a stop. Auguste released their clasped forms. "It has been an honour." He performed a form-perfect bow. "I hope you enjoy the rest of the night Lady Saiya."

”I have a feeling that’s going to be quite an interesting dinner.” Saiya said with a small laugh, but there was a nervousness in her voice at the thought of it. She felt a little bad for the Duke as she had a feeling certain people would make the dinner as hellish as possible. ”The honor has been all mine, Prince Auguste.” She said as she dipped into a curtsy. ”I hope you do as well.” She said with a friendly smile before turning and taking her leave.
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The Librarium sent Ixius off with a big smile, he didn't know that his masters could smile that wide. Ixius was unsure if they were happy that he would broaden his horizons... or that he was not their responsibility for at least a few years. "Learn well, young Ixius." The crimson-eyed boy narrowed his eyes at them, giving them a stern look. "Keep Arch-Magus Fallard's words in mind." After another moment passes, he sighs before stepping into the carriage. "I'll be sure to uphold the Librarium's reputation."

A few other Magus rode on the carriage with Ixius. Though some gave blank introductions, he replied with a perfunctory introduction before unclasping a tome. The only time his eyes were away from his tome were during his short bouts of sleep. The environment, buildings, atmosphere, society... not really interested him as much as the contents within the tome. Soon the other Magus' stopped attempting to converse with him, leaving him to read in peaceful bliss. Some recognized him due to his infamy within the Librarium. Not many would openly disrespect mercenary bands as he had.

The academy soon loomed over the horizon, the architecture and magic became more apparent as the carriage drew closer. The boy did look up from his tome, taking in the academy. It was clear that the head of the acedmy- Asmodius Hoseforn, had been with the Librarium. The currently known longest living human mage and a Magus' Librarium alumni. Some of the etchings felt familiar, yet alien to Ixius. The magic recognizable... yet unreadable. The magical aura held by the building was almost suffocating; so much so that even a non-magically inclined individual could feel the thrums of magic against the back of their head.

"Impressive..." Ixius mumbled to himself, stepping off the carriage. He would find himself abandoned by those in the carriage, as he had taken more than a few moments marveling at the building. A fellow student bumped into his shoulder causing him to careen to the floor. Luckily he caught himself before he could fall.

"... out of the way," The student scoffed before walking away and muttering to himself, "... Damned wizards."

Ixius looked indifferently at the brutish boy who was a few heads taller than him. Clearly a non-magic user looking at their oafish self. He didn't get to reply as the boy left as quickly as he appeared. Such expected behavior...

The processions would begin. The introductions of the teachers. All exuded a terrifying aura, even the non-magic teachers. Especially the one with the mask, Dex. The feast. The Magus ate quietly and quickly, a female student practically inhaling down the food made him lose his appetite quickly. He left the feast earlier than most.

The acceptance letter he fished out of his pockets turned into a map, guiding him to his sanctuary- his personal dorm. He found his room quickly, the doors clicked open as soon as he stood in-front of it. Ixius raised an eyebrow curiously, "Did it detect my magical signature?" He said, "For them to already know my magical signature... interesting."

"Welcome, Ixius Delthrane," A voice spoke up, "This will be your dorm room for the foreseeable future. There is a bathroom in the door to your right that you and your roommate may share if you do not wish to use the public baths. While sleeping in the dorm room is not strictly required, sleeping in any non sanctioned area of the school is forbidden and may result in disciplinary action."

"Understood. What shall I call you?"

"Athena is fine" The voice replied.

Ixius eyes shone curiously. Athena was quite something, even the acceptance letter had stringent counterfeit measures. He would pepper her with questions later on.

He took in the room- personal beds, study desks, dressers and shelves. His eyes drifted to his belongings, it was sent a week in advance by the Librarium, at the insistence of his mentor. It wasn't much, mostly just clothing, books and scrolls, and other miscellaneous knick-knacks. He had simplistic material possessions, not really seeing the need for fashion over practicality and comfort.

Ixius sauntered over to his table, unclasping the same tome he was reading on the carriage. A book about magical theory, 'Fundamentals of Rudimentary Teleportation'. He would unpack his belongings later.

Auguste & Persephone
MENTIONS: King Edin @princess, Wulfric @SilverPaw, Callum @Helo, Anastasia @princess, Wystan @Mantou

Auguste’s eyes caught his sister, Anastasia, escorted by Wystan. For both Callum and Anastasia to make trouble, he couldn’t help but smile and silently praise their youthful exuberance. It was a thing he couldn’t ever think to do. Auguste watched their exchange some more before a piece of paper was pushed onto Wystan, before Anastasia’s signature laugh echoed softly in the hall.

Wystan now began approaching Wulfric. Auguste took a moment to piece it together. A laugh bubbled in his chest. Auguste cleared his throat, a poor attempt at pushing down the laughter that now threatened to escape his throat. With another cough, he stifled and transformed the laugh into a poorly concealed, soft chuckle. When Edin’s eyes landed on him he quickly turned away, suddenly fascinated by the ornate pillar to his side.

”I am unworthy of such high praises.” Auguste smiles, ”I hope my skill continue to impress, Lord Smithwood..” The prince’s interests were clear, with a noticeably happier countenance when the subject was about swordsmanship.

A servant too held out a basket filled with papers, ”Thank you.” He says, unfolding the paper, studying the contents and then placing it in his breast pocket.

Greeting the Princess would come later, as he soon heard the dance couples being called to the front. Auguste stayed in place, hoping that his partner would appear.

After coming in from the balcony, Persephone grinned. Her hair was messy and she’d actually had laughed. It had been foreign to her since the drama. Her bag had more food in it and was tucked away safely. She glanced in a mirror and adjusted her braid so it looked neater. When she turned back around, there stood a maid holding out a bowl with papers in it.

Perplexed, she took one and began to examine it. Realisation dawned on her and she audibly groaned. A dance? She panicked and grabbed a piece of bread to stuff in her mouth while going to meet her partner. As she strode forward, she noticed the nobility moving into the middle and almost choked. When her number was called, she swallowed the remaining bread quickly. She looked up to see…

”Prince Auguste? Were the Gods taunting her? There was no way in hell she was dancing with him. Persephone gazed around with confusion and then looked up with wide green eyes. Act natural… She forced a smile on her face and waited for him.

Auguste’s ears pricked up hearing his name called. He turned towards a blonde woman, who seemed surprised. “My lady, are you perhaps my dance partner?” He gently enquired. His dull eyes met hers, he did not recognize the lady. For him and Wulfric to not be dancing with prospective nobility… it was likely to anger their father. A small laugh echoed in the back of his mind at the realization- Callum was being the filial son for once.

”Yes… Yes I am.” Her voice was quiet, then became confident and strong. She grinned at him as if she’d read his mind. ”I seem to be the lucky lad, or are you the lucky lad?” She teased while she put her hands on his shoulders. Although she was light on her feet, it had been ages since she’d danced. She took a deep breath and fitted a confident smile on her face. Was fortune on her side tonight? Would her luck run out? She prayed it wouldn’t.

“Perhaps it is indeed me who is lucky.” For the lady to not balk at being matched with royalty and even joke about such was unique, to say the least. Auguste smiled and offered his hand towards her. “You will have to excuse my hand- it is rough and calloused. Unbefitting of a prince.” He said, “I am Auguste Alden Danrose.” Although it was unlikely that he would be unrecognised, it was a matter of politeness. “And you are?”

Persephone took his hand and eyed it. Though it was rough and calloused, she found his hand looked nice anyways. She looked back up and wrapped her fingers over it. ”I don’t think we should judge a prince by his hand's condition. Mine aren’t the best either.” She commented and smirked at his introduction. He was a proper gentleman. “I am Persephone, but you can call me Seph for short. Salvatore.” She added the last bit and dipped in a quick curtsy. “I’m… obviously not nobility… I live over on the farms.”

“Ah, of course.” Auguste said, “It is nice to meet you, Lady Persephone… er- Seph.” He made it a goal to remember notable families. The Salvatore family, a family that has met many unfortunate tragedies. A pang of guilt ran through him, although he did not show it. There was definitely more he and his family could do for the people of Caesonia. It was something he would personally see to in the future.

Persephone’s hand was similar to his own. It was clear that she had experience with her hands- be it through swordsmanship or archery. “Don’t worry about nobility or my father. It is what the paper dictated, after all.” Auguste winked as the music began playing.

Auguste decided on the dance- the Vienesse Waltz. A dance with variable levels of difficulty and complexity. He would change the difficulty depending on how well Persephone could follow.

“Shall we?” Auguste said. He slid his right hand to her left back. His left hand clasped her right hand. His right foot stepped forward, his left step continued to the side. Next he closes his right foot to his left. “What brings you to this gathering, Lady Persephone?” He asked in-between steps. The next few steps were the same, except the first step started with the opposite foot. The first movement- the natural turn. It led to a clockwise movement, the simplicity highlighting the sharp refinement of each of the prince’s steps.

Persephone giggled when he called her ‘Lady’. She had never been referred to by that title. It seemed to be saved for the noble families. She looked taken aback, but recovered quickly. His words calmed her a bit; he didn’t seem arrogant. In fact, he seemed to retain more humility than what she’d expected. When he indicated the beginning of the dance, she nodded and replied confidently, “Yes we shall.” His question made her think for a moment and chewed on her words before spitting them out. She couldn’t tell him the exact truth and finally settled on a reply. ”Oh the food for sure it’s quite amazing isn’t it? I also thought it’d be nice to attend the grand ball. It’s quite extravagant isn’t it? Although, I’m sure you may be used to it.” She watched his footing for a moment and tried to mimic it, but she wasn’t certain what they were doing. He was quite skilled at this dance which made her cheeks flush. Try to blend in… but the girl honestly didn’t understand and looked at him with confusion but wasn’t willing to admit it out loud. Was anyone laughing at them? She felt her ears burn and bit her lip. Her eyes watered as she fought them back.

“Ah, the food, of course.” Auguste smiled, not an ounce of doubt in his tone. He leaned in closer to whisper his next few words, “... After the party, you can head to the pantry in the back and mention that I sent you. The servants will give you the leftovers.” He saw it a waste to dump the excess food and has covertly been packaging away party leftovers to distribute to the poor.

Auguste noticed her struggling to follow his steps. He slowed down tremendously. Her nearly tearful face reminded him of his cute sister during her youth. She pouted and hid when she struggled. He turned his head to his side, eyes meeting a leering noble. He smiled viciously at him, causing the man to turn away. “Focus on my eyes, Lady Persephone.” Auguste said kindly, an attempt to get her to ignore her surroundings. ”I will assist you.”

He replayed the first movement, but instead of continuing, he would wait until she had mimicked his step and placed her foot in the correct place. “Exactly like that.”

Should I leave or should I go? Am I embarrassing him? He seems so nice. Am I humiliating myself? Will everyone talk about this clumsy, unaware farm girl? Her mind was racing with anxiety and was trying to hide it.

When he leaned in closer to her, panic filled her. What was going on? The words that tumbled out of his mouth caught her by surprise and halted her anxiety. She… had permission… To go to the pantry? A million ideas filled her head, but none she focused on. He was offering food to her for free? Her stomach rumbled and she could see her townsfolk, the poorest of the poor, rejoicing. How could her luck be so good tonight?

She didn’t have time to process this notion due to a leering noble who caught her eye. In her peripheral vision, Auguste’s vicious smile caused him to turn away. She turned back and looked into his piercing yellow eyes as giggles escaped her. For a moment, she was lost and blushed and cast her gaze away. She watched him replay his first move and blinked, then slowly repeated it. It was less graceful, but she’d understood the step. Heart hammering, she sucked in a deep breath and visibly began to relax. “Tha.. Thank you…” She finally stammered, meeting his gaze again.

Auguste smiled warmly as she chose to meet his gaze. He repeated the first movement a couple more times so that she could get used to it. Each repetition faster than the last.. “You’ve picked up the first movement faster than I, Lady Persephone.” He complimented, “I will move on to the next movement- the reverse turn.”

For Auguste, dancing bore many similarities to movement in a spar. Almost eerily so. As such, he had very little issue with learning dances- from the simpler dances to the more advanced ones.

The reverse turn. Auguste’s left foot moved forward, his right foot moved to the side, and finally his left crosses in-front of his right foot for the first half. In the latter half, his right foot stepped backwards, the left foot moved to the side, and the right foot closed on his left foot like the first movement.

Like earlier, Agusute did these steps slowly, waiting on Persephone for each step. “You are doing well. A simple trick to remember is that it is done in a three step motion. Three-Two-One,” He counted each step, “... and One-Two-Three.”

Persephone felt her cheeks burn at his warm smile. The complement caused a genuine bright smile to appear on her face. She watched his movements and thought for a moment. It was an intricate and complex dance, yet it was also fun once she had the hang of it. It was something she knew she’d have never learned if she hadn’t come. However, she stumbled every now and then and regained her footing. Having not eaten much the past few weeks was definitely beginning to wear on her, yet she refused to give in. Fatigue was going to come for her sooner rather than later and she hoped she was alone when it did.

When he told her the recipe of the dance, she nodded. It made sense to her but was still puzzling. She decided to piece it together like she would learning the art of the sword or the bow. Each had their specific instructions and rhythm to it. “Thank you, and you’re a good teacher.” She realised how she was enjoying herself and had forgotten about the rest of the ballroom. She didn’t feel King Edin’s angry eyes boring into the back of her skull as if trying to telepathically kill her. Persephone also didn't notice the leering noble now watching with surprise. His humility, kindness, and patience, had surprised her.

“So… What is the name of this dance and is it taught to all the nobles?” She wondered if it was a dumb question so she quickly moved on. “I’m sure being a Prince you know can use a sword and bow. Am I correct?”

“My thanks.” Auguste replied to her compliment. “The dance is called a Viennese Waltz. I believe most of the nobility are at least well acquainted with the dance.”

“You are right, Lady Persephone.” He said, “I have a penchant for swordsmanship. A bit moreso than others, I’d say. It’s gotten to the point where my hand is truly unbefitting to that of a prince.” He chuckled, “At least my father seems to think so.”

“And what hobbies do you partake in?” He asked with genuine curiosity.

Auguste led both of them into a change step. A quick stopover step that lets them change the direction of their spin from clockwise to anti-clockwise. At the same time, Auguste skillfully spun them around each dancing couple. He was impressed at the speed she picked up his instructions, soon their speed became quicker. Soon they both settled to a comfortable and manageable speed, as Auguste picked up her exhaustion.

“You’re welcome.” She nodded in response to his answer. Persephone listened to his answer and grinned. However when he mentioned his dad again, she had trouble not rolling her eyes. Her hatred of King Edin burned for a moment and she took several deep breaths. She hated him so much she couldn’t wait for him to get his karma. Expressing these thoughts and emotions would not go over well, so replied to his question.

“I enjoy using the sword and horseback riding… I also enjoy sewing and knitting.” She chose not to indulge too much information. The bow, rifle, and agility and fighting would be her secret for now. He seemed sweet and innocent, so she felt guilty, but didn’t let it show and smiled instead. “Maybe we could spar in the future.”

Auguste’s face became complicated at her change in demeanour at the mention of his father. He was no fool, he knew of his father’s debauchery and general reputation within Caesonia. For now he chose not to comment.

“A fellow swordsman, huh?” Auguste replied, his face noticeably lit up. “I accept your challenge, Lady Persephone”

Persephone felt herself grow smaller at his expression change. Had she upset him? She sighed and chose not to comment on it. The swordsmanship discussion caused him to light up and she was back to grinning again, genuinely. Hopefully she could repair it.

“You name the time and place and I’ll be there, Prince Auguste.” She replied and curtsied as the music began to slow down. “It was a pleasure to meet you and dance with you. My thanks goes out to you.”

“And I, you, Lady Persephone.” Auguste placed his right arm over chest and bowed. “Keep in mind what I mentioned during the beginning of our dance.”

With a short reprieve, he made his way to the food tables to grab some snacks and water to refill his energy.

Attire: Ballroom Garment
Interaction(s): Callum Danrose @Helo, Beatrice Camilia @baraquiel, Beatrice Camilia @baraquiel,
Thea Smithwood @Tae, Leo Smithwood @Helo, Felix Camilia @Mole.

Auguste stayed silent through the King and Sultan's conversation. He was well aware of his father's shifting tone and attitude when other important figures were present.

As soon as the Sultan departed, their father continued his piece. Auguste's eyes landed on Lady Mina as he spoke, one of the more prominent nobles of their sister kingdom. From the information Wystan had gathered; an independent sort, with a somber background. Much like other Varian nobles, smart and well-read, unlikely to be subservient to others. A quality his father utterly loathes. Auguste simply ignored the unnecessary and superfluous comments his father made.

The conversation would switch to the Princess of the Varian Kingdom, Princess Beatrice Camilia. A promising figure that aspires to live up to the ideals of her mother- Queen Rosa Camilia. She also wasn't one to mince words, speaking her mind as she saw fit. Something many of the nobility in Caesonia disliked, preferring women to be silent supporters. It was a quality that Auguste he liked and admired about her, though he wasn't entirely sure why. Perhaps it was the quality to speak back to your perceived betters, something he lacked, or perhaps it was something else.

"I will at least greet Princess Beatrice and the Varian royalty, father." Auguste said simply.

Auguste had simply never registered marrying for love. In his view, it was something to tie together kingdoms and improve relations. Not something done with free will and love, no matter how much one would want to. This twisted view likely stems from his desire to fulfill his familial obligation and his duty to Caesonia and her people.

Next their father began talking about Lady Thea, Lady Violet, and Lady Charlotte. All Caesonian nobility. Although his words were rather unflattering and demeaning towards his own countrymen, causing Auguste to breeze past, nod through, and ignore his words.

Soon a familiar figure snaked his way into their conversation. Count Calbert Damien. While he was acquainted with Lady Violet, he knows Calbert well. As per usual, Calbert showered their father with empty flattery and praise. It was a weakness of sorts for Edin. The gesturing and applause was a bit much, even for Auguste.

While Auguste was not aware of the full breadth of Calbert's plan, he felt that it was likely not good for their family. He clenched his jaw, a barely visible vein popped on his neck. Soon he and Callum were dismissed.

"Of course, father," Auguste replied, "I hope you and mother have a fair and swell night."

Auguste was enraptured in his thoughts before his brother's words snapped him out it. "Ah yes, you too Callum," He called out, his brother already heading for the winery table, "You enjoy what you can from this night."

Auguste let out a sigh to compose himself. It was time to perform his duties as a Caesonian Prince. He scanned the surroundings and found Princess Beatrice with her brother- Prince Felix, Lady Thea, and Lord Leo. A rather conspicuous gathering of Varian nobility who stood out like a sore thumb, even amongst other nobility.

"Prince Felix Camilia, Princess Beatrice Camilia, Lady Thea Smithwood, Lord Leo Smithwood." Auguste bowed to the quartet, a warm smile on his face as he rose, "This greeting is well past overdue. I hope that the situation earlier had not doured the rest of the night."

Attire: Ballroom Garment
Interaction(s): Callum Danrose @Helo, Edin Danrose, Alibeth Danrose, Sultan Kaid Raif.
Mention(s): Wulfric Danrose @SilverPaw, Mayet Kadir @13org.

Auguste had not caught their father's glare directed at Callum, but it was assumed at this point. He was well aware of Edin's treatment towards perceived weakness. One of his many disagreeable qualities. Their mother hugged Auguste, while initially surprised, he returned the hug and sunk into her arms. The world disappeared for a brief moment as he embraced his mother's warmth. Despite everything, their mother had been a bastion for her sons. Alibeth had held back their father from the worst of his outbursts.

Their father had now begun a familiar speech about finding a suitable partner. Auguste simply nodded along to his father as the obedient and filial son. He agreed with his father regarding finding a fitting wife, only if for the good of Caesonia and securing a political marriage to strengthen ties between kingdoms.

Auguste followed his father and brother's eyes, finding Wulfric mingling with one of the Alidasht Shehzadi- Shehzadi Mayet. The princes were briefed on the notable figures who were to attend the gathering. Auguste stared listlessly at the Shehzadi before training his sight back on Edin. Despite his father's words, a political marriage between Caesonia and Alidasht would be a boon to their kingdom.
An itching worry was the possibility of Wulfric, and Caesonia in-tandem, being dragged into a succession war between the children of the Sultan. Not that his father would approve of participating in such a war. Nevertheless, the possibility of marriage between the two is a good prospect. Though, as always, Auguste did not voice his opinion.

Auguste cringed slightly at his brother's slip-up. He cleared his throat loudly in the middle of Callum's sentence, an attempt to obfuscate his brother's words. Auguste was unsure if it even helped.

Auguste turned around swiftly, still wearing an idle smile. Following his brother's lead, "Your Majesty," He bowed, tone respectful and neutral, "Peace be upon you. We Caesonians are honored by your presence."

Attire: Ballroom Garment
Interaction(s): Callum Danrose @Helo, Edin Danrose, Alibeth Danrose.
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Callum, his dearest younger brother. The black-haired prince perhaps despised his own family the most, though not without good reason. Even Auguste can attest that their father could be horrid on good days and terrible on worst days. Callum was the type to rebel, angering their already irascible father even more. His brother had a measure of bravery unbeknownst to Auguste, as while Auguste still loved his dysfunctional family, he did acquiesce to whatever his father wanted. The bravery to stand up to their father was laudable. Many times he's had to step in-between both of them, every time attempting to quell the flames to a smoulder.

His brother's icy words always contained an element of harsh truths causing the jab to sting that little bit more. Despite this, Auguste smiled back in response, "You know me, ever the busy-body, eh?"

"I am not entirely privy on the details... but Duke Vikenzo may have incurred the wrath of the Alidasht Sultan, the Grand Vizier, and the Shahzade and Shehzadi." Auguste frowned slightly, Duke Vikenzo was an honest man, almost to a fault. The Duke appeared to be wholly unsuited to tread the barbed path that is nobility. The Prince's heart broke when he heard the news of his wife's passing. Ever since then Vikenzo has attempted his best to fit into the noble court... to varying degrees of success or failure.

Auguste slapped Callum's back with a grin, "Stand up straighter, brother, we don't want to incur father's ire anymore than we have already have."

Auguste led the way to the ballroom, each step accentuated the silence between the two. It wasn't like Auguste did not understand his brother, in-fact he may be the closest to understanding Callum. However, their lives as princes have already dotted their fate. Be that good or ill, Auguste believed that they were to serve Caesonia and her people.

"If father asks, inform him it was my fault for your late arrival." Auguste instructs. Throughout the years he's learned his brother had a weaker constitution than himself or Wulfric. During their youth Callum had always struggled to keep up with either of them... If things do indeed go sour, a physical punishment is something Auguste could suffer through quite easily, and he would rather not have Callum go through something like that.

The duo had finally made their way to the ballroom, entering as inconspicuously as two late princes of Caesonia could. A few eyes already trained on them as they stepped into the ballroom. The stench of animal musk and noble perfume imbibed itself and entered his nose. A certain underlying tenseness choked the friendly atmosphere.

Auguste made eye contact with his father, even from the distance he could tell that he was not pleased. Auguste steeled his expression and made his way through the ballroom to greet his parents first before anything else.

Ever the filial son.

Auguste returned the few that did greet him on the way with a quick bow and light smile before excusing himself.

"Father, Mother." Auguste addressed them both with a genuinely warm smile and a full-bow. "I hope your gathering has been going swell."

Attire: Linen -> Ballroom Garment
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A bead of sweat ran down Auguste's cheek as his horse galloped towards the palace. While he was sternly warned to arrive at a specified time, he lost track of it indulging his swordsmanship. Including the time he needs to wash himself and dress up with some servants' help there was a good chance he would miss the beginning proceedings. Auguste handed off his horse to one of the stable-boys in a rush as he sprinted towards the palace. Horse-pulled carriages all appeared to be traveling towards the palace.

Auguste noticed guests had already begun slowly trickling into the palace. The Second Prince hoisted a fur covering over the high fence railing and clambered over it. He entered the palace through a secret back entrance. His current outfit, a simple linen shirt and trousers, was caked in dirt, grime, and sweat. Partly due to training, mostly due to his rushing back to the palace. As he got to his room, he had a servant help him with a bath and clothing.

At this point the servants knew of his easy-going nature, some even preferring to be assigned to him or his brother Callum. It seemed that Wystan was still away, and as such he requested assistance from Clifton instead. "Thanks, Clifton." Auguste smiled warmly, "... Ah Father mustn't hear of this... although on the off-chance he does, pin all the blame on me instead, eh? I can handle father's wrath." He gave a wink as he shed his current garments.

"Of course, your royal highness." Clifton said, face as neutral as always.

"There's no need to call me that without father, mother, or brother around, you know?" He replied.

"It wouldn't be proper." Clifton replied.

Auguste clicked his tongue playfully at Clifton's usual no-nonsense reply.

While Auguste could have (and usually preferred to) bathed himself, it was quicker with some else's help. And he was on borrowed time as is. In the interim of the bath and dressing, he made idle conversation with the listless servant.

"Is your family doing well?"

"As always, sir."

"That's good, that's good. I hoped the doctor I recommended helped."

"He was helpful, sir."

"Give my greetings to your family."

"I will, sir."

Soon enough, he was dressed into his assigned attire. The arms, waist, and leggings were particularly tighter than necessary. Recently his father had been trying to up his appeal, mainly through his body. All of his newly tailor-made clothing hugged his body tightly; all a dress size too small and each threatening to cut off blood flow. It was easy to piece together what his father had in mind, but it wasn't any less troublesome.

Auguste thanked Clifton one more time before he was stopped by the servant.

"I've received word that His Royal Highness Callum is not attendance. Your father has tasked you with, quote, 'Dragging his ass into the ballroom', unquote." Clifton's expression shifted yet remained unreadable.

"Ah, alright, I'll get Callum." Auguste nodded affirmatively. He had an idea where his brother would be. It appeared that Callum was somewhat of a troublemaker like Auguste, although much less covert in his methods.

Auguste had once more requested assistance from the servants, listing off possible places to search while he checked the most likely place Callum had stowed himself away in- the Royal Library. With a quickened pace he made his way to the library. As to be expected, no soul roamed the libraries due to the party.

"Callum? Brother? Are you in here?" Auguste called out, his voice echoed slightly, "Father has requested our presence in the ballroom, it appeared something big happened with Duke Vikenzo. The servants could scant offer any more detail."

"We have to make haste, you know how father gets."

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