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She knocked that smug look off my face but luckily I was wearing a second, smaller smug look underneath.
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There's nothing more intoxicating than the clear absence of a penis.
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Half of Blink 182 is Wink 91.
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A Freudian Slip is when you mean one thing but fuck your mother.


"I like it when the center is wet."

"You're the biggest bitch I know, but you're funny sometimes, so it's okay."
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Victor Crowe

The energy of the room got a bit more tense and awkward as Lilith entered the dining room. Victor winced, clearing his throat awkwardly, unable to handle the atmosphere. He stayed quiet throughout their interactions. A few fellow coven members began dripping through the entrance and settling in the dining room. Victor gave them all a glance and a nod if their eyes had met.

Carlisle Aston, the current 'acting' leader of the Coven. From the years Victor has known him he knows that Carlisle's heart is in the right place. His family situation reminded Victor very much of his own, except that he atleast cut off pretty much all contact from them. Victor believes a bit of confidence would do the guy some good. At the very least Carlisle would get what meager support Victor could offer. He did like him and the Coven after all. “He's stronger than he knows.”

Lilith Montgomery, her family is one of the big three in Tanner. Victor honestly was surprised at how close the two had gotten between high-school and when had he left for college. Lilith was well known in Tanner for being aloof and standoffish. He put no stock into rumours but it appeared that rumours do stem from a kernel of truth. They both felt comfortable enough to hang out with barely a word between the two; at times they even dived into each other's personal lives. In his words, “She's a good egg.”

Aurora Newman. From first impressions she seems to be a good person. Exuding more experience than the others with maturity to boot. While he may not know her much, she seemed to be a dependable sort, protective even. Her honesty is much appreciated, Victor himself dislikes dancing around issues that seeps into long-running hatred.

Carlisle had left to answer the door. He had returned with Catherine who politely rang the doorbell. A grin formed on his place. Cathrine Heirich. She-

Victor's impression was interrupted by his phone buzzing in his pocket. A look of anger flashed on his face for a moment as he recognized the unsaved number calling. Lucien...

“Gotta take this call, excuse me.” Victor said apologetically, getting up to go to an empty room. He didn't want to bother the other Coven members with his own family issues.

“... Lucien, what do you want?” Victor said in an uncharacteristically irate.

“Well I missed you too, brother.” Victor could practically see the douchey smirk on his cousin's face.

“Cut the crap,” He spat out, venom lacing his words. “I'm ending this call if you don't tell me what you want in the next few seconds.”

“Now, now, don't be like that. We're close, aren't we?” Lucien replied, “This is a courtesy call regarding your dearest mum and dad, they may be away than they've told you, Vic.”

“What!?” His parents hadn't told him. “You fuc-” He slammed his fist into the wall and took a breath. “... You Crowe's hurt a hair on their bodies, I'll come back there and we'll have a repeat of what happened a few years ago, you hear me?”

Lucien took a few seconds to reply, Victor derived a bit of satisfaction knowing that he had peeved off Lucien.
“Yes now we wouldn't want that, would we?” came the voice from the phone before abruptly dropping.

Victor calmed himself down a bit more before rejoining his fellow Coven members. He returned right before Carlisle had given his speech. Carlisle addressed the stranger that Kolby had brought with him. Victor gave her a curious glance before focusing on the speech. It was worrying that the barrier seemed to be weakening.

Victor lazily half-raised his hand up, “I'll help, Carlisle. Gotta take my mind off a few things anyway.”
Victor Crowe

Victor groaned into his pillow as the ever-familiar, rhythmic beeping of his alarm resounded in his room. 7:30 AM. He had recently moved back into his family home in Tanner. His parents would arrive in a few days as they had some business to take care of, they didn't inform him of what- although he guessed it was related to his ever-obnoxious extended family; The Crowe's. Despite the excommunication, his extended family often called their parents for differing reasons. It irked Victor to no end, as he's had more than a few negative run-ins with them.

Willing himself out of bed, Victor began his routine. Preparing a small breakfast- eggs and toast, he began eating. He ate slowly, still attempting to will the sleepiness away. Victor then jumped into the shower to clean up. He wondered if the Coven had changed, or if it was more of the same. Well, atleast that curiosity will be satisfied today. Stepping out of the shower, he wore a dark leather jacket, a blue hoodie, and comfortable black jeans. An outfit he defaulted to in relatively casual settings. Hopefully the Coven hadn't embraced the trend of business attire in recent years.

Victor nonchalantly heated the coffee that turned tepid when he was lost in his thoughts. Oops, should avoid doing that around the other Coven members. With that he stretched, bones creaking and crackling. He made his way outside and took in the fresh air of Tanner. An oddly nostalgic feeling overtook him. He really was back.

A family friend had lent Victor his junker to drive to the Tanner Coven household. A beat up truck that looked like something out of a junkyard. He arrived and parked in the Tanner Household by 8:15 AM. Mid-drive he remembered that he was to be there by 11 AM. With a chuckle, Victor reclined his seat, opting to catch a few more hours of sleep he's missed out since he was born.

Victor's nap was interrupted by the vibrating phone in his pocket. Good thing too, he might've overslept. It was about 9:45 AM. He locked his car behind him and lazily sauntered to the the front door. It clicked open and he let himself in.

There were a few changes within the mansion, but thankfully it was still familiar. A few paintings were changed, furniture shifted, and some lighting fixtures different, but it still felt very much like 'home'. Victor ran his hand through his hair as he spotted familiar figures. It was Carlisle Aston, an old friend he hadn't seen in awhile.

Victor walked into the dining room, patting Carlisle's shoulder with lazy smile before finding a seat himself. “It's good to see you, Carlisle, been a while.” He said, nestling comfortably into the chair with a yawn, situating himself as if he's never left. “Oh, did you prefer acting 'Coven Patriarch' Aston?” A smirk tugged at his lips, seemingly amused by his own joke.
I'll also put down my tentative interest.
I'll also put down my tentative interest if there are any slots left.

Attire: Tunic
Interaction(s): Edin Danrose @princess, Zarai Lesdeman @Rodiak.
Mention(s): Ruby Davis @sausagepat, Wystan Blackmane @mantou, Edin Danrose @princess.

A crash and thud silenced the ballroom for a moment. Auguste eyes were drawn to the woman Callum had been conversing with. He watched her, mouth slightly agape, as she skillfully slithered across the floor before King Edin screamed commands to escort her out of the premises. A pang of pity rang through his chest as he watched the guards flanking her sides.

Auguste had to give credit where credit is due, Callum exercised taciturn restraint was being relatively co-operative in this event, and it wasn't really him that caused the supposed 'disruption'. Auguste raised a brow as picked up and then began peeling the onion.

“Hey, Auguste, I got a gift and a snack, not too bad huh?”

“... Not bad indeed.” Auguste replied with a half-smile and chuckle, as his brother took a massive mouthful of the onion the lady had dropped. Auguste respected Callum's attempt to shift the attention of their father to himself. Auguste gave his brother one last look as he chewed the onion and gaped at Edin.

With a shake of the head, Auguste turned back to Zarai with an apologetic look. “... Apologies, Lady Zarai.” He said, “Please go on.”

Before Auguste could formulate an answer for her questions, she shot him a look. Was knowledge of her fencing unknown, he had heard it in passing from Wystan. Perhaps it was something he shouldn't have broached. He wasn't prepared for what came next.

"I must apologize but I must be curt with you."

Auguste nodded, he appreciated honesty given his experience with other nobility- honeyed words and hidden agendas.

"My family has decided that I am now too old to be an unwed lady and wish me to marry. That is every parent’s wish for their children of course, but unfortunately, mine are evil, as you would understand because you’ve met them. So evil, right?"

His expression stiffened a bit. This level of honesty did shock him.

"Anyway, if I do not find a husband of my own by the end of this season, I will be forced to marry old stinky Lord Monet. I am serious about the stinky part. How, in the seven hells, does a man stink of wet dog and expired sausages simultaneously? On top of that, that man is weird."

Lord Monet. Auguste furrowed his brow, the noble's name was familiar, perhaps from Wystan. Report aside, while normal to marry off children for political power, he felt this was a step beyond that.

Apologies for the tangent, but you’re right, to the point. If you ever, for some reason, find yourself needing a woman to marry and don’t have a clue who, I do hope I cross your mind. I’ll be in the guest house. You know that didn’t have to tell you. Could be an easy marriage, open if you would like. I don’t stink; I hope I don’t. My family has the money, the status, and the pedigree, if you guys are into that. Really, we’d be a good match. You like swords, I like swords. We both like swords. It could work out!"

Auguste could only blink at Zarai and her utmost honesty and pragmatism. Were the Lesdeman's truly such forceful nobles? Before the Prince could even fully soak in her words, "Ah fuck." She got up to leave.

"I am so sorry, Your Highness. Please forget everything I just said."

“Ah hold on-” Auguste said, but had already left earshot. A clear and confused expression formed on his face. Her words, it was something to consider, especially with how sympathetic he felt towards the girl.

Had Auguste upset her, perhaps the mention of her fencing or his exhaustion. Or was it because of his familial name, his family had definitely wronged more than a few nobles, that he was certain. Either way, he would apologize to Lady Zarai the moment he is free and able.

Her knight began walking towards her wheelchair to collect it. Auguste got up from his table and pushed the wheelchair towards the knight. “Here, Sir Barrios.” Auguste said, turning the wheelchair towards Barrios. “Please extend my apologies to Lady Zarai, it seems that I've upset her in someway, and for that I truly do apologize.”

“If you'll excuse me,” Auguste placed his right hand over his heart and bowed. The militaristic salute of Caesonia- An egalitarian and respectful gesture often done by knights or military to each other. It wasn't often that a prince would do such a bow, especially to those 'perceived' to be in a lower caste, but Auguste had picked up this habit from his frequent jaunts with his kingdom's military and knights. Only other knights or military men would be able to pick up this gesture and its meaning, others would simply view it as natural respect.

Augustee turned away and sauntered to his table. It wouldn't do for him to forsook his duty when Callum was trying his best.

Auguste, once sat down, let his natural smile creep back onto his face all the while pondering his talk with Zarai with an odd confusion nestling softly in the back of his mind.

Attire: Tunic
Interaction(s): Zarai Lesdeman @Rodiak.
Mention(s): Alden Plannington @Terrance420, Edin Danrose @princess, Alibeth Danrose @princess.

“Lady Zarai,” Auguste stood up and returned the curtsy with a bow towards Lady Zarai and Sir Barrios before taking his seat again. “Was my expression that apparent?” He caressed his cheek in jest. “Jests aside, I am glad to serve Caesonia. This is my duty, after all.” Although there was dissonance in his statement, he did believe... or atleast think, that following his father's commands was part of his 'duty'.

Auguste couldn't help spare a glance at Zarai's bruises and wounds. It was from their foray last night. His expression flashed to one of concern before conforming back to a smile. It wouldn't be in good conscience to interrogate this poor girl who returned in one of the worst conditions amongst those brought back by his mother 'expedition'. As such, he silently acquiesced to her wishes.

“I am sure fath- King Edin, has thought it through. The shortened time may be just to maximize those that want to meet with a prince.” Though he says so, his eyes betrayed his words. He also did not think it was possible to create a meaningful connection through such short meetings other than forming fleeting infatuations and crushes.

Auguste was a bit struck at the question. Considering that he was eternally busy with all of his given tasks; while the little free-time he did have he spent sneaking outside of the castle or honing his blade. It really didn't leave him much time for introspection regarding about what HE looked for in a woman. It was something he did have atleast prepare an off-hand response for, but he truly thought he would have been fine acting as a chess piece for his family to form whatever connection they needed. Due to his tiredness, he couldn't quite remember what his usual response to the question was.

“My, it seems you've put me in quite a quandary.” Auguste finally said, he took another moment to compose himself. He looked over to his father and Sir Alden who seemed busy conversing between themselves and another individual. Satisfied in the fact that they weren't listening in, he continued. “If you allow me to be honest, I am not so sure myself. In all honesty, I would've fine with whoever my parents had set me up with. Being a prince, well, it's a tad restricting... I'll leave it at that. Apologies if that did not satisfy your question.”

“As for yourself? Although I understand that these events is a bit too stifling,” Auguste pulled at the tight lapels of his tunic, relishing the comfort brought by the air cooling his chest. “Surely that's not the only reason why you dislike events such as this?”

“... Though I understand if you do not wish to speak about such topics.” Considering how closed off Lady Zarai appeared to be. “Perhaps we can talk about fencing. Tales of your skill has reached me. Surely one as skilled as you have many tales to tell.”

Taltrus scratched his cheek awkwardly. It appeared that the man (whom he overheard as) Lanus had ruffled a few feathers given Asterope's warning. Awkwardness was something he wasn't quite used to given his... rather reclusive disposition. Instead Taltrus would focus all of his attention to the available missions. Surprisingly, they would be thrown into a mission sooner rather than later.

The first mission was certainly interesting. As stated, it was definitely an oddity that Makara's would migrate to an area outside of their 'territory', and even go as far as attacking settlements. It might be a more difficult task than described. A mission to consider.

The second one definitely piqued his interest. Thieves stealing high-end magitech prototype weaponry. A real danger, for certain, especially if the thieves are able to reverse-engineer or sell the weapons to someone who can. Rogue mages could prove to be a real danger if such items were able to be mass produced.

Finally, the Necropolis mission. The mission Taltrus likely would have taken, had he not been woefully under prepared. While eager, he would likely be a drag to his fellow Reavers there as he dealt with miasma by pure happenstance, he luckily tapped into void magic and subconsciously pulled the miasma away from himself. It was best he research ways of protecting himself from miasma with his magic. Arrogance would not be his undoing, his refuses to squander his life foolishly.

“It appears I will be joining you in your mission with the magitech factory, Miss Grace.” Taltrus politely directed towards Evelyn. “A pleasure to make the acquaintance of a Reaver whose renown will reach the world. I only hope I can be of some assistance.”

After a short silence, Taltrus piped up. “... Would it be prudent to speak to Donovan to deepen our knowledge of our mission, Miss Grace?”

Attire: Tunic
Interaction(s): Alden Plannington @Terrance420.
Mention(s): Edin Danrose @princess, Wulfric Danrose @SilverPaw, Layla Kadir@PotterWystan Blackmane @mantou, Zarai Lesdeman @Rodiak, @SausagePat Ruby.

The event had commenced, with his father being his usual self. Auguste could only silently sit through the shame of his father embarrassing the women who were excited to attend. A few of the women met his eyes as they left, he shot them a sad expression and mouthed a silent apology to those who did. Auguste was used to such things from his father, but it didn't make it feel any less bad than the first. While he knew this was foremost a political event to tie relations with other, powerful houses, making enemies like his father does daily is folly.

Auguste grit his teeth through the rest of the procession, and would do as he had always done- follow his father's wishes while attempting to accommodate others as much as feasibly possible.

The Second Prince raised a brow at Layla apparent interest in Wulfric's table. A second Shehzadi? Well, who knew his brother's (atleast in Auguste's opinion) endearing stoicism would be that magnetic. Auguste choked down a chuckle. Perhaps it was an example he should follow, he mused to himself. Who knows where that strand could lead, in the back of his mind he hoped it was nothing too... destructive, given Alidasht's rather bloodied traditions.

“It has been far too long since we have spoken, we must follow-up once this show is over.”

“A pleasure to see you once again, Sir Plannington. Of course, I am looking forward to it.” Auguste smiled. Alden Plannington, a man within my father's inner circle. Bless his father's heart, he tends to give stock to those who are yes-men. It did not mean they were trustable, just that they succumbed to every whim. As such, Auguste did not truly put any trust into most of his father's yes men. While he did not know much of Alden, him being a part of his father's circle meant nothing to Auguste. Wystan's investigation of the man was still pending, after all.

“It is best to be open about possible prospects, you never know who may be the opportune lover for you. Even if her stature isn’t perfect, try the one in the wheelchair. She’s a pretty one, most likely you will get along with her the best. Never hurts to try.”

“... I will keep your suggestion in mind.” Auguste did not mind who he would converse with, he would converse with whoever wanted to do so and would not chase anyone out within reason, status be damned. He did not want to make any more of the women any more downcast than his father had already made them. From some of the women's expression, it appeared that some of them did not want to be here, which he could understand.

Auguste cast a warm and inviting gaze to any of the women present. His eyes eventually landed on Zarai and Ruby, his expression softening into a smile. If either did not, well, so be it.
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