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12 days ago
Current Friendly reminder for those who live somewhere with a tipping culture: The holidays are already hard enough. Please tip your server or stay the fuck home.
2 mos ago
Eat their pizza and form a union anyway.
5 mos ago
I just wanna go live on a beach with my tits out, surrounded by a harem of gorgeous people while eating the earths bountiful fruit and I don't think that's too much to ask tbh
6 mos ago
I do such random Google searches for character research. My FBI agent must think I'm a parapalegic meth dealer.
6 mos ago
I love you all. Stop DM-ing me for weird ass furry 1x1s. I'm a casual group writer. Thank you for considering me for your bullshit, but no.


i'll do this when i get an idea and feel like it.

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I like my sweet tea with lemon.
My baby Lilly. <3 She's a pit mix, and just turned a year old about a week ago.

I threw the flower petals away today.

You never knew about them, but I kept them all in a jar on the top shelf of my old closet at my mother's place.

You used to joke an laugh every time you brought over a bundle - "why do I get these for you? They just die anyway?" And you were right.

But I saved the petals. Each and everyone, every single time.

I thought that we could use them on our wedding day. Give them to the flower girl and watch as she scattered memories of our love story down the isle, leading us all to one of the greatest chapters.

Now they're in the trash.

I picked each of them out one by one, replaying a memory every time I pulled another one from their safety.

The river, the lake, the beach, the hillside and the stars. Your eyes, laugh, and the freckles on your shoulders. Your brothers birthday, your mothers favorite song.

I forgot them all by the time I reached the bottom of the jar. I watched them each fall into the trash, right along with myself and all of the other broken things you don't want anymore. With each petal, I let more and more fade with them.

I threw away the flower petals today.

I finally let you go.
My relationship with my mother is a complicated one; a double edge sword forced into my hands that has always been to much for me to carry.

Caught somewhere between friend and foe, daughter and mother, friend and parent, dark and light, trauma and healing. The past and the present, both to scared to look towards the future.

I look at my mother and I see a girl - a seven year old with blond hair, blue eyes and pigtails. A little girl who never wanted anything but to be loved. A child who's innocence was taken to soon.

I look at my mother and I see a woman. A woman I helped raise. A woman who refuses to accept accountability and instead wallows in her own pity.

My relationship with my mother is a double edge sword; Caught somewhere between love and hate.

A constant reminder of everything I wish to be, and everything I should never become.
I'm a Taurus sun, with a Leo moon and rising.

Starring: Cole Young & Avery Pierce

In the last few days since Avery had received her invitation to her high school reunion, she had been working her hardest on her court cases in between arguments over the phone with her brother.

Cole Young was a stubborn young man, and he hadn’t made the last week any easier for his sister. Every phone call that Avery placed was met with huffs, puffs and grunts of disapproval from the other end of the line. Cole didn’t seem particularly interested in attending their high-school reunion. In fact, he had even gone so far as to tell Avery to go by herself on a few occasions. The Pierce woman knew that arguing with her brother over poorly timed phone calls wasn’t going to get her anywhere. It only took her a split second to decide on buying a plane ticket on the earliest flight to Texas, two days before the reunion.

Avery knew full well that there wasn’t much she could say to convince her brother to fly back home to Florida, so she had decided to pull the parent card. Cole had always been the closest with his biological mother, but he still always came running whenever his father called. Avery also knew all too well about the soft spot that her brother held for her, carefully tucked away in the most heavily guarded corner of his heart. She had put the thousands of dollars and years worth of law classes to use in her argument, carefully wording each statement to convince Cole to get in the car, and eventually on the plane.

Once they had landed in Florida, the pair had spent some time with their parents while mentally preparing for the reunion. Avery wasn’t quite sure what she really had to worry about. She wasn’t loved by all their classmates, but she had made some lifelong friends at Kings Academy. The young woman had spent her whole high school career bragging about wanting to become a lawyer, and she had done just that. Deep down she wondered if she had anything interesting to really discuss with anyone at all.

Cole on the other hand was sweating bullets about seeing Paulina again. There were very few connections in his life that touched him as deeply as Lina had, and he had repaid her for her time by ignoring what had happened for the last couple of years. On top of that, he wasn’t sure if Rex knew about his and Paulina's relationship. Would it affect their small group of merry men? All in all, he supposed there wasn’t much to worry about there either - seeing as how he hadn’t really kept up with anyone from high school. He had received updates about his classmates via Avery. Spending a whole few days with his family wasn’t helping anything either.

The sibling duo had decided to Uber to their destination, playfully bickering and coming up with wild false scenarios that might happen throughout the night. Avery was sporting an all black tank-top and skirt combo from Auralee. She had convinced her brother to dress in a light blue button down and a clean, new pair of jeans that she had purchased at the mall for him as soon as they had gotten back into town.

Once they had arrived, Avery had scanned her surroundings to spot a few some-what familiar faces walking towards the ship. Taking a deep breath, the young woman quickly squeezed her brother's hand for support before stepping out of the vehicle.

There was no telling what the night held for the pair, but both Avery and Cole planned to find out.

When I lived at my parents place, I couldn't fall asleep unless the house was nearly dead silent. Now I can't fall asleep without the TV on or rain sounds playing.
I now have a total of four piercings (Both nostrils, labret and helix). I want to get my ear lobes redone, eventually have double nostril piercings on both sides, and perhaps an orbital conch.

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