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Billie had spent last like she had most nights these last few weeks - stressed.

The announcement that Rosefell and Liberty were merging had come about two weeks ago, sending Billie into a raging panic. The young woman had heard enough about the rat-infested place to know enough, but her Google search horrified her even more. Rosefell had absolutely nothing to offer, and according to the pictures online they couldn’t even afford to have the building pressure washed. The red bricks were nearly black with dirt and age!

Shitty staff, horrid food, nearly zero press… Oh, this is tragic.

Then there was the fact that instead of having an actual orientation, she was to be led around the school by some stranger named Melissa. Billie had scoffed and rolled her eyes when she read the email, already picturing the image of a perfect bleach blonde fake Barbie in her mind.

Fiona was still away at school. Dad was in Canada shooting a scene, and mom was on a business trip. Then there was Nicholas who had locked Billie out of his room two short days after the announcement of the merge. Billie had slipped notes underneath her twin's door, baked notes into treats for him, threw rocks at his window, and even hid in the back seat of his car to ambush him.

Despite all of this, Billie respected Nicholas’s decision after he had yelled at her enough. She had given her brother all the time in the world - right up until the point she had taken the handle off his door due to Callie disappearing.

Calypso Grey had ghosted her friend without a trace. This had sent Bille into one of her tantrums.

Callie’s social media accounts had been deleted. Messages and calls were no longer going through to her cell. All Billie had was just one last, mysterious, and confusing text.

C: love u
C: see u

Billie had sent a simple response.

Love you too.😘 But what?

Sadly, Billie had yet to get a response from Callie. She had the urge to go knock on the door to the Grey Manor, but last time that happened things didn’t go so well.

After waking up to the sound of Nick banging on her door, Billie would look at the clock only to realize that she was running late.

”C’mon Billie. We’re gonna be late!”

With a groan, Billie forced herself to get out from under her warm cocoon of blankets. Once in the bathroom, the young woman brushed and applied all of her daily products to her hair. Normally Billie would stress over what her outfit was going to be for a while. Sadly, she could not afford that luxury today. A simple black romper, black sneakers, and a jacket would have to do. Putting on a few golden accessories and applying her five minute face, Billie was fairly pleased with her appearance.

Riding passenger in Nick’s car, Billie was pleased that her brother had sped just enough so that they were what appeared to be right on time.

Climbing out of the car, Billie couldn’t help but stand there and stare at the horror that was Rosefell High. An old Charger honking the hell out of it’s horn snapped Billie out of her trance, making her realize that she had been in such a rush this morning that she had forgotten to call Rue.

Sitting on the hood of her brother's car, Billie started up Facetime as she waited on her sister-from-another-mister to answer.

Christian Barker was probably the only student that was actually looking forward to the merging of Rosefell and Liberty High.

He had already landed himself a spot on the Rosefell High football team, and from what he could tell from practice, Friday night’s game was going to be really good. It was tradition for Christian to throw the victory party after Liberty's first game - and he planned to do the same at Rosefell. Hopefully Rosefell could pull off a win themselves. Low morale sucked for a party.

Christians morning routine had always been simple. Wake up, go jogging for a bit, shower, eat breakfast and then school. A few text messages would be sent here and there. He had to make sure Juno’s anxiety was in check, wish Ellie good luck on her first day, and read up on the group chat for the football team. Social media was full of first day outfit selfies, so Christian only thought it was natural to post his own picture to show off his dad rock band t-shirt and stylishly worn out jeans.

After finishing his routine and saying a few words to his family, Christian was ready to face the day.

The drive to Rosefell took about twenty-five minutes. Upon arriving, Christian did his best to run over anyone while dodging cars and busses as needed. Could poor kids drive?

Apparently not.

Once safely parked, Christian grabbed his things from the car and looked around for any sign of a familiar face. Juno and Emily were at the other side of the parking lot, but they seemed to be preoccupied with the rest of the crowd while some guy honked the hell out of his horn at them.

Shrugging, Christian made his way to the entrance of the school. He was here this morning to meet his guide - someone named Cael - and going inside the school seemed to be the best way to find the person who was supposed to be guiding him.

Once inside, Christian spotted a table covered in those cheesy ’hello my name is’ tags, school maps, and the like. After scribbling his name onto one of the tags in sharpie, Christian pondered on what to do next.

”Say… do any of you guys know where I could find Cael?”

The students behind the table shook their heads, causing Christian to sigh in minor defeat.

How the hell was he supposed to find this Cael person?

Rosefell Students: Sixteen.
Liberty Students: Fourteen.
Female Characters: Sixteen.
Male Characters: Fourteen.
Non-binary//Genderfluid Characters: One.
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Lilith Jade Montgomery || Maia Mitchell || 00FFFC || Rosefell High || Female
Christian Alexander Barker || Charlie Gillespie || 91D559 || Liberty High || Male
Billie Jean Grey || Christina Nadin || 93E9BE || Liberty High || Female

Elenor 'Ellie' Roberts || Kaitlyn Dever || FACE75 || Rosefell High || Female
Aiden Howard || Rudy Pankow || 2D7DD2 || Liberty High || Male

Hunter Quinn || Nick Robinson || Sienna A0522D || Rosefell High || Male
Park Mi-Kyong AKA Miki || Jennie Kim || Hot Pink FF69B4 || Liberty High || Female
Colin Brady Gallagher || Ash Stymest || D9381E || Rosefell High || Male

Aramintah 'Minty' Nora Goh || Jasmine Hollins || 9DCEC4 || Rosefell High || Female
Richard Samuel Diedrikson || Charles Mcbryde || D28C5B || Liberty High || Male

Nikolai 'Niki' Ian Zabrecky || Stav Strashko || E9967A || Liberty High || Non-binary
Cael Lee Crawford || Awsten Knight || 676FA5 || Rosefell High || Male

Samantha Queen || Imane Anys | DCD0FF || Liberty High || Female.

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Juno Marie Michaels || Nicky Robinson || F06564 || Liberty High || Female
Sean Lewis Bergara || Ross Butler || 22CC93 || Rosefell High || Male
Rachelle 'Rae' Leliana Rawlins || Jodelle Ferland || 128C8D || Rosefell High || Female

Marion Giselle 'Gigi' Seara || Kelly Lauren || B75EB3 || Liberty High || Female
Fiamma Catriona Giannulli || Molly Quinn || CA5F95 || Liberty High || Female
Stephanie 'Spice' Elizabeth Cross || Maggie Lindemann || C71585 || Rosefell High || Female

DeShawn Denzel Marcus || Jordan Calloway || CB8DEB || Rosefell High || Male
Enrique 'Rico' Miguel Oscar Núñez || Itzan Escamilla || FF8B00 || Rosefell High || Male

JayVaughn Marcel Spencer || Shameik Moore || 97ADBB || Rosefell High || Male

Melissa Victoria Elliot || Sasha Pieterse || CE0F3D || Rosefell High || Female
Alina Lily Zabrecky || Anastasia Bezrukova | Maya Blue 73C2FB || Liberty High || Female

Spike Todd Langely || Bobby Lockwood || 228B22 || Rosefell High || Male
Marcos Andres Kingsley || Daniel Illescas || B02727 || Liberty High || Male
Caspian Barnabas Grey || Xavier Dolan || A57E67 || Liberty High || Male

Emily Nicole Baxter || Myka Montoya || 6FE40D || Liberty High || Female

Joanne Autumn Lynn || Katelyn Tarver || 52ADE0 || Rosefell High || Female
Jackson Park || Joo WooJae || EC9054 || Liberty High || Male


Taking a rip from her bong one more time this morning, Lilith flopped back down on her bed and stared at the ceiling while trying to find any motivation to go to school today.

Liberty would be merging with Rosefell. That meant that every face from middle school that she never wanted to see again would be floating around the halls of Rosefell like weird Prada wearing ghosts. Marcos. Juno. The Zabrecky’s. The school was going to be packed. Why couldn’t Liberty merge with Abernathy High? Why was Lilith being subjected to this hell?

Enough dwelling on how much she didn’t want to deal with it. ”Might as well go ahead and get Senior year over with. When I graduate that means I can pack my shit and move away from this fuck-stick town.”

With a groan, Lilith hit shuffle on her Spotify playlist before rummaging through her dresser looking for something to wear. As the familiar sound of Red Hot Chili Peppers filled the room, Lilith took another hit from her bong before resuming her search for clothing. She wasn’t worried about impressing the Liberty kids. They could suck her metaphorical dick for all she cared. Lilith just wanted to be cute and comfy for the day.

Settling on her favorite Nirvana shirt, Lilith slipped it on over her head. Grabbing a pair of fishnet leggings and denim shorts, Lilith tucked her shirt in before glancing in the full length mirror that she had hanging on the back of her bedroom door. There was something missing… Something else that today's outfit needed…

”Chunky black belt? Yes please.”

Once dressed, Lilith tried her best to make sure she had everything that she needed in her book bag for the day. Grabbing her rolling tray, Lil sat down on the edge of her bed and began rolling herself a blunt. This was part of her normal morning routine. Get high, shower, get dressed, roll a fatty and go to school. Her routine hadn’t failed her yet, so there was absolutely no point in changing things up.

Once she had packed her things, Lilith picked up some of the dirty laundry scattering the floor and tossed it in the clothes hamper before heading downstairs.

“Good morning, love,” her mother called cheerfully from the kitchen. “Do you need me to drive you to school this morning?”

”Nah. I’m not that high yet,” Lil responded, taking her spot on the living room couch.

Her grandfather chuckled. “Looking forward to your first day back?” he asked.

”Not really,” she replied, her expression going sour.

“Oh come on.” John was doing his best to raise his granddaughter's spirits, and you could tell it by his tone of voice. “You get to meet up with some old friends, meet a few new ones… It’ll be fine.”

”I appreciate the reassurance, Gramps, but… I just ain’t feeling it.”

With a sigh, the old man turned to the next page in his newspaper. “Heard.”

“Lilith, baby, did you want anything to eat? I have pancakes.” Claire’s voice rang out from the kitchen once more, the mention of pancakes lightning her daughters mood ever so slightly.

”I’ll take two with peanut butter!”

“Got the munchies again, eh?” John asked, smirking at Lilith from over his news paper.

”Me? Munchies? Never.” Getting up from the couch, Lilith grabbed her pancakes from her mother before pouring herself a small glass of milk. Checking the time on her phone, Lilith’s eyes widened. ”Fuck. I gotta go.”

Shoving the last of the pancakes in her mouth, Lilith gave her mother a quick hug. ”Love you guys,” she shouted before closing the front door behind her.

In the back of her mind, Lilith knew that she shouldn’t be driving. That’s why she did the responsible thing and took the bus. Her hair now mostly dry from her shower, Lilith tossed it up in a messy bun before boarding her stinky bright yellow chariot. Taking a seat right behind the driver, Lilith put in her earbuds and cranked up her music.

The ride from her house to Rosefell was short, meaning that Lilith didn’t have to spend much time on the bus. Rather that was a good thing this morning, she didn’t know. Normally it would be, but with each stop as they got closer and closer to the school, her anxiety rose. At least she knew the person that she was showing around. Sort of.

Juno had always been one of the girls that Lilith was too scared to approach in middle school, but exchanged a few friendly hello’s with. Then there was the whole thing with Marcos. Lilith cringed just thinking about it. Would Juno recognize her? Would Lilith recognize Juno? Just thinking about it made her head hurt.
As the school bus opened its doors, Lilith was one of the first students to exit the yellow hell. She could make a beeline for her and Ellie’s usual spot, or she could be a good mentor and go look for Juno. Lilith reluctantly chose the latter.

Doubting that any of the Liberty kids would have taken the bus, Lilith decided to make her way over to the school parking lot. If she failed to find Juno there, then she would make her way back over to the entrance to the school. Spotting Spike’s Charger, Lilith decided she’d head over that way first so that she could check in on her friend before embarking on her quest. Once she was about twenty feet away, Lilith shouted at the young man.

”Yo Spike! What’s up, dude?!”

There were two girls standing nearby, but from what Lilith could tell, she didn’t recognize either of them - at least not from this far away. Maybe they were Liberty kids?

Only one way to find out.

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Mr. James P. Jameson had woken up at five thirty this morning so that he could make sure that everything was right for the first day back at school. His suit was ironed, his tie straight, and his hair had been combed in only the special way that Mr. Jameson could do himself. Everything for today had to be perfect, and James P. Jameson was the man for the job.

At exactly seven thirty Mr. Jameson would be in his office chair, sitting behind his desk. His legs were crossed, his hands in his lap, as his assistant, Vice Principal Leanna Berkley went over her checklist to make sure that everything was good to go for the day.

”So… the emails all went out explaining the tour guide situation?”

”Yup. I made sure we have enough ’Hello! My name is:’ tags. All they have to do is write their names on them and like… pair up. It’s genius, right?”

Mrs. Berkeley laughed nervously and she checked the first box on the list. Mr. Jameson was a lot of things, but a genius was not one of those things. ”Okay and the cafeteria staff know that we’re doing burgers today?”

The look on Mrs. Berkeley’s face was clearly one of obvious confusion and concern about this. Burgers on the first day? The first day was always pizza day.

Mr. Jameson nodded his head. ”And not the cheap shit either. These Liberty kids aren’t used to this soybean stuff so I added some of my personal money to the food budget and we got something that… well, it looks more like actual beef, okay? I don’t really know what it is. I don’t think anyone does.”

”Riiiiggghhhttttt….. So busses are arriving, breakfast is in the lunchroom if they want it. I hope we have enough desks in all of the classrooms. Some of them are really crowded, but…””

”Don't even sweat it, man,” Mr. Jameson said, waving his right hand in the hair dismissively. ”I try not to worry about things until I actually have to. It’s how I keep such a cheery attitude.”

With a sigh, Mrs. Berkeley tried to hide the ‘what the fuck’ expression that was painted on her face. The big boss was an idiot and her list was practically pointless.

”So I guess we’re just gonna wing it and hope that everything’s going to be okay? No bloody noses or people getting pissed off because everything’s going to shit?”

”Right on baby! We’re gonna wing the fuck outta this thing.”


Meanwhile, the busses were arriving at the school. Students were gathering in small packs as they met up with friends. Car horns beeped in the student parking lot as insults were shouted from one person to another.

A strange feeling hung over the student body this morning. Tension was high, and so was excitement; However, general despair and disgust were also in the air. Bets were being placed on who would start the first fight, who would be the first to get pregnant this year, and who would get the first detention.

Life at Rosefell high was overall very simple. That didn't mean it was going to stay that way.

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