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Current Humans suck. No, you can't change my mind.
23 days ago
Damn DPL. Don't @ me like that.
25 days ago
Does anyone feel that the US is like... two incidents away from the Hunger Games?
28 days ago
Some of y'all are just down right petty. Grow the fuck up already.
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Here's to music. Thank you for being the best friend I could ever ask for.
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For a girl, I'm not really.... girl like(?). At least not a stereotypical girl, anyway.

My nails break? Okay.

There's a bug? Cool.

Spider? I end up squishing those for most of my friends.

My hair? It's either down or in a ponytail. I know no other style.

Crying over a boy? Bitch please.

Starbucks? Eh.

Spending three years to shop for clothes? Hell no. Someone give me an oversized hoodie and my favorite pair of ripped jeans.

Not knowing what to eat? Eh. I know what I want to eat, but you don't want what I want which means I can't have it which means we're getting pizza.

Umm... where would I begin?

▪ Firstly my Palm Beach Royals family. Y'all are the bomb. The characters are diverse. The drama is... It's there for sure. You guys are patient, kind, and have helped me improve my writing skills in ways you will never know. Did I mention that we have some of the best GM's running this show?

▪ Secondly, a shout out to my family at Olympus Academy. I know I have yet to make a post, but I've been reading the posts and I'll have you guys some thing soon. The characters are amazing, and I can't wait to start writing with you all.

▪ Last, but most certainly not least, my peeps from Magia, Amore et Bellam. (Or however you spell it. I'm sleep deprived per usual. Fight me.)

Now... let's get down to the more serious business.


》Drumroooolllll please. We all know her. We all love her. She's always mentioned in stuff like this. Please give a round of a plause for the one and only @SouffleGirl123. My sister from another Mister, spirit twin, confidante, and partner in crime. I've pretty much beaten the topic to death when it comes to you. Just know that I love ya ♡

@Dirty Pretty Lies A goddess, a role model of a GM, and an all around ray of sunshine.

@Altered Tundra Yet another person I would be lost without. An awesome person with even more awesome memes. You are that kind of uncle. I'm gonna buy you a plane ticket to the Nile.

@Hellion My favorite RPG Newbie. Thank you for checking in on me. Please never stop drawing.

@Briza ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ Not much to put here, but I've admired you from afar for the longest time. I enjoy our short conversations.

@Hedgehawk The creator of one of the best families of misfits that I have come to know and love. Thank you for bringing us together, listening to my rants and giving Salem, Ty, and Cleo a home.

@Chasebloodcrest You knew you were going to pop up eventually. Pinging this dude because he's literally one of my favorite authors. I appreciate you pushing me to be the best writer I can be. Never stop sending me your stories.

@SammyPanda & @Esmeralda Two people so full of love, I simply don't know what to do with them. <3

@TsarDev Thank you for bringing me endless laughter and enjoying my daddy jokes.

It's late.... so I'm going to ping a bunch of others. I'm a bit lazy to keep typing.

@Ruby, @Lady Amalthea, @Hero, @POOHEAD189, @Mahz and so, so, so many more.

A HUGE shout out to all of RPG for helping make me the person I am today. Keep be awesome my dudes.

I once drank bleach.

I might have been drunk.

It might have burned.
Ariel Grey

"Do you see what we've done? Gone and made fools of our selves."

Ariel was at a loss for words. Sure, the date had been great. The resturaunt was nice. The walk on the beach was nice, and Kavi.... was a complete gentleman. The kiss was fantastic, of course, but Ariel had returned said kiss because of the state if bliss she was in because of the date. And because Kavi was hot. Of course Ariel would never say this aloud as to not inflate the boys ego any further.

Nadia slinging the drink in Kavis face was enough to bring the young woman out of her thoughts. Both shocked and impressed, Ariel would never have expected Nadia as the type to do such a thing. After the trail of thoughts and the shock, Ariel felt herself filled with nothing but pure rage.

Kavi had a reputation. It was true that Ariel had feel for his charm and looked past that, but back to back dates with the both of them? And no 'it didn't work put text' for the sweetest girl in school? Not to mention he didn't tell her about Nadia. Of course he'd try to sweet talk his way out of it. What a dick.

No sooner than she finished the thought that Ariel felt her first colliding with Kavi's nose.

Oliver Grayson

"Well I never thought that you'd come tonight while the crowd hangs out on either side. Give me one last kiss for the Far To Young To Die."

Stella was such a great dancer. Luckily, Oliver found himself not tripping over his feet as much as he originally thought that he would. What he did find was the fact that he simply couldn't stop staring at Stella. From the way that she moved her hips to the slight smiles she through his way, she truly was... breath taking.

Towards the end of the song, Oliver found himself in a state of speechless bliss. Before he knew it, Stella was kissing him. Much to his surprise he liked it. Really liked it. As they pulled apart, Penny snatched Stella away before she could finish her sentence.

"Penny! I - wait! Stella!" he tried to call over the noise. What was she about to say? That she was sorry? She had no reason to be. Further more, Penny's best friend privileges didn't just give her the right to snatch Stel up right after a freaking kiss.

After the slight petty anger and shock came the mild confusion. Oliver was into guys. He had been watching gay porn since he was fourteen. So why did he like it when Stella kissed him? Why did he adore the dimples in her cheeks when she smiled? Why did he find himself smiling at the screen whenever she messaged. Was he... Was Oliver Gay Ass Bitch Boy Grayson falling for a chick?

"Holy shit," he mumbled.

”The gnashing teeth and criminal tongues conspire against the odds, but they haven't seen the best of us yet.”

Cleo had spent the day running errands. The DS headquarters needed food for the kitchen, as well as cleaning supplies. She would have grabbed some things for her house, but in recent months it had been all but abandoned. The Dark Shadow Headquarters was her home now. She had seen the news, but she also had the common sense to keep an eye on her phone. The proper authorities believed Aloysius to be dead, but he had sent a text requesting a meeting, which proved them wrong.

Arriving at HQ, Cleo made her way inside, arms covered in bags. Luckily, the door to the meeting room was open. Gently shoving people out of the way as she went, the woman made her way to the center of the room, placing the bags on the table. The scene around her was a mixture of emotions. Some people were in corners or lined up against the walls, having quiet conversations and shedding silent tears. Some - such as Lola - looked pissed. Others had their game faces. Last but not least, a particular someone was singing. ”Have some snacks, drink some Bleach. I honestly don't give a shit,” she announced before turning to glare daggers at Circe.

”Get out of Al's chair you incompetent, violent girl. Our leader isn't dead. Don't tell me that you don't have enough brain cells to check your phone.” Pulling up the sleeves on her teal colored long sleeved shirt, she turned to face the crowd with her arms folded, leaning back on the table to prop herself up. Her eyes would come to their final resting spot as she looked at the door, waiting on Aloysius to arrive.

I can definitely post again if needed, considering I ended my intro with Alex still at Huskers. @HaleyTheRandom, should I wait for Salem's response? Maybe she gives Alex a ride which will then place her there sort of following Salem's lead.

Kill two birds with one stone :)

You can do that if ya want. Salems response would just be something sort like "We gotta go. Get in the car."

I can definitely post again if needed, considering I ended my intro with Alex still at Huskers. @HaleyTheRandom, should I wait for Salem's response? Maybe she gives Alex a ride which will then place her there sort of following Salem's lead.

Kill two birds with one stone :)

You can do that if ya want. Salems response would just be something sort like "We gotta go. Get in the car."
I have a habit of biting my lip when concentrating, pissed off, have a great idea, or am doing my best to keep my thoughts to myself.
Ariel Grey

Everyone here is ready to go. It's been a long year with nothing to show.

Lost in her thoughts, Archer had came back in better mood than when he had left for his cigarette break. She smiled politely and listened to his explanation, taking the drink that he offered her. Whoever spiked this, thank you. You're a god, the young woman thought as she took a sip.
Lacing her fingers around the cup, she stared at the ground while listening to her friend. Processing all that he had said, she nodded.

”You're right, Archie. Hold my beer and watch this, I guess,” she said as she got up from her chair. Ariel had thought she had seen Marisol walk outside a few minutes previous, so that's where she was headed - at least until she heard Nadia.

Was Kavi flirting with April? Or Mara? Not that it was unlikely for him to do so, but….

Tonight had been horrible already. She was forced into an awkward situation with Archer. There were so many people around that it was making her anxiety go off the walls, and now Kavi had been texting Nadia. And from the way the other girl spoke, it sounded like Kavi was…. Dating her?

”What do you mean you didn't get a ‘sorry it's not working out text’,” she asked, her time hostile as she glanced at Nadia, then Kavi.
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