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Current I have blue eyes and I see them just as often as I do brown eyes....?
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Thick thighs may save lives, but all they do is kill my jeans.
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A role model is not someone who never falls down. A role model is someone who falls down and gets back up, no matter how many times they fall.
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Hangman is a good game. It teaches you that by saying the wrong things, you can end a life.


This is under construction until I get my life together enough to complete it for the umpteenth time.

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Tessa Elizabeth Cross

Pure-blood from the house of Lannister Zeno.
Objective TBD.
Physical age of Twenty-five.
Flirtatious, ambitious, charming, charismatic, cruel/sadistic, more to be added.
Full time Law student. Works as a part time waitress.
FC is Emeraude Toubia. Color is lightgray

Okay, Hi y'all thanks for being interested, it makes my heart really happy! <3. I am going to be working on getting my three characters finished so they can be used for ref, inspo and what not! Once I have them finished I will get that discord going & get the OOC started up :D

If you have ideas already and want to get started on your cs HMU! A couple people have already been chatting with me about characters and I love them all so far! So don't be afraid! Thank you so much!!!

Gimme the sheet babe. I got so many ideas swirling.

Also. I gotta know. Is your username pronounced Hook-age or Hoe-cage? I'm not joking. Don't kill me.
If Angie's in, I'm in.

I'll drop some potential interest.
well what types of RP do you like to do?

The RP, regardless of what is pitched to you, will fall apart if you aren't passionate in it.

A fair question. I'm open to just about anything. Sci-fi isn't really something that I write much... other than that..... I don't think I have any limitations.
So guys.

It has come to my attention that a lot of us have ideas for RP's, but are a bit to scared to GM them. Maybe you're just looking for a dedicated group of people that will get past the character creation stage and intro posts. So.... tell me what sort of RP you would like to join/see. I'm open to pretty much any ideas, just tell me what you have.

If you have a full fledged concept, and you give me permission to start a story with it, I will give credit to you.

If this doesn't make any sense, feel free to ask questions. I've just been trying to come up with a story to GM and my brain is a little dry, so I figured why not?
@Dirty Pretty Lies FUCK SANTI

But nah. He's cool.
<Snipped quote by HaleyTheRandom>

Just one?!?!?! Can I do like 2 M 2 F? lol 😭😭😭

There can be multiple. xD
@gorgenmast Difference of opinion. Nothing wrong with that.

I'm a moderator on two sites. One is pretty much dead though, so I guess I'm only a mod on one?
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