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Current "My body, my choice!" they scream in response to the mask mandate. Okay. Let's keep that same energy for abortions.
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Avril Lavigne isn't a phase.
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Ever have the urge to scream 'no one fucking cares' at an annoying bitch?
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Still recruiting.…
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Some people are just rude for absolutely no reason. I'll never understand that.


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Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuckfuckfuck. Dude. You don't dance.

Sure, Danielle claimed that she wouldn't think badly of him if he did't go out on the dance floor. The problem there was that people only meant what they said half of the time. A solid fifty percent chance. That wasn't enough for Jasper. Add that to the fact that he had only met Dani just a few moments ago and you wound up with the Jasper Fray that refused to bet on his current odds.

No. He couldn't not dance with her. That made zero sense. They were at a dance, after all. It was senior year. If there was ever a time for Jasper to embarrass himself it was now. Maybe he'd even land himself a spot in the yearbook.

"Nah…." he mumbled, reaching his hand out for her. "Come on." His face lighting up, Jasper gave Dani a smile. "Let's go make some memories or some other cheesy shit."


Even with Sawyers additional help, Ariel struggled to get up off of the ground. Grabbing the young mans arm to steady herself, it seemed as if her legs were the only things not to get in a rush to recover from her embarrassing fall. After nearly tripping over both her feet and Sawyer once again, Ariel managed to stand up fairly straight, brushing her hair out of her face as she did so. Doing her best to manage a smile, Ariel waved her hand lazily in the air.

"Pft. Yeah. I'm a-ooo-kay." Way more drunk than she had realized, Ariel managed to catch a glimpse of Sawyers now ruined shirt. "Awww man. I'm sorry," she slurred, putting her left hand on his chest as she pouted in order to steady herself. "I totally have to buy you a new shirt now."

This last realization caused Ariel to be sent into a fit of nearly uncontrollable laughter. The last few months had been exhausting for her, and as bad as it seemed - this was the most relaxed she had been in a hot minute.

"Hey. Do you wanna dance or something? Or like... maybe grab a drink? Water? Punch? Just... somethin'? My mouth is like... really dry."
Fiona Salvador-Grey had been gifted with the gene's of stardom.

Her mother had been making her own music since she was fifteen and was now producing music for some of the hottest new names. Her father, on the other hand, was one of the most renown soap opera stars there was today. With the hereditary gift of ambition, Fiona was destined for greatness, and she knew it.

Her phone had been on silent for the better part of the day as she used to schools sound room to prep herself for open mic night at Nectars. Fiona was planning to play a series of covers tonight. She needed to get the crowd to really like her before she tried to see how they responded to her solo stuff. Of course she had gained some traction on both her and Dee's YouTube channels, but playing in front of a live crowd was always different.

Her nerves were through the roof. Had she chosen the right outfit? Had she exhausted her voice from to much practice? Was he guitar perfectly in tune?

Breathe, Fi.

Walking through the door at Nectars, Fiona checked in quickly with the manager before walking over to the stage to begin sound check.

While it was open mic night, Fiona was the main attraction, so to speak, and would be on stage for the first thirty minutes.

Plugging up the mic, Fiona prepared herself for whatever the night would throw at her.

In Talyas humble opinion, the assembly couldn't have been any more boring if it had tried. They got dress up for Halloween. So what? People dressed up for Halloween every year. The scavenger hunt? Stupid and boring.

She had been paired with Savannah and Wesley. Talya didn't know either of them to well, but she did know that Savannah was easy on the eyes. If there was one good thing to have come from the assembly or the scavenger hunt, it was that she got to be paired with a cute girl.

The real tea was the party Talya had overheard two of her fellow students talking about during math class. A subject she had always despised, Talya typically chose to doodle in her notebook and block out whatever the teacher was saying. Today hadn't been any different. In her attempts to completely ignore anything math related, Talya wound up listening to the conversation two girls were having nearby. Something about Erica…. Tyler Jane…. Dorm… party. Perfect.

Talya had been to busy thinking about this party to even really catch the exact details of the scavenger hunt - not that Mr. Wayman had given them that many.

When they had been dismissed, Talya began heading back towards her dorm room, glad for today's earlier news. It was about time something excited happened around here.


The rest of Billie's day went fairly smooth. Class after class and assignment after assignment, her day was neither boring, nor exciting. Last nights dream kept replaying in her over and over, making it difficult for her to concentrate. She had been having the same reoccurring dream since she had came to San Agustin, so why did her brain decide to switch things up on her now? More importantly, why did the dream feel so real, and why did she feel like she knew those people?

Sitting in the auditorium, Billie rolled her eyes as Mr. Wayman began to speak. Just another adult with more boring shit to say. His mention of Halloween resulted in Billie actually paying attention for a brief moment. Halloween had always been her favorite holiday. Now she needed to come up with a costume. In her moment of excitement, Billie had all but forgotten about her dream. Sitting up in her chair, the young woman squinted her eyes in confusion. A scavenger hunt? With teams?

Reading the list, Billie was to focused on her team to pay attention to anyone else.

Who the fuck was Charles? Billie had only been at this place for two months, but she was fairly certain that no one named Charles even exited. Furthermore - "Which idiotic, cock sucking dumbass thought it was a good idea to put me and Erica on the same team?!" In her shock and anger, Billies inner thoughts came out just a bit louder than she intended, causing a few heads to turn her way.

Grabbing her phone from her pocket, Billie quickly sent a some-what heated text to Leo. Snapping a picture of the teams, she was sure to attach it to the message. She hadn't seen him here, and knowing Leo he had most likely skipped. This was fairly big news though, so she had to keep him in the loop. Leo had chosen to respond in his usual 'come over' manner. Rolling her eyes again, Billie sent him another text telling him that she'd be there in a few minutes. Leo was fairly good for conversation, but his company was even better when he wasn't talking. A good fuck to release her frustrations was needed, and if he was willing...

"Erica?" she repeated. "What kind of shit...." Billie clenched her jaw in frustration as she marched off towards Leo's dorm room.
I work at a pizza place.


Another mission to Salem was just another test. Going on this mission was supposed to help their fellow Guild sector, and Salem could live with that. Being a part of the Guild was to protect all of it - not just where you lived. This became even more important when you were the future leader.

Settling into the first class seat of the plane, Salem was quickly joined by Remi. Neither of the girls knew who all would be on the team, but it was clear from the way they smirked at each other that they were glad the other had come along.

”So… Do you think we’ll be the most badass people on the team?” Remi asked as she shoved her luggage into the overhead compartment.

Salem shrugged her shoulders. ”I feel like there’s a lot of powerful mages my father could have sent.”

”And none of them would be anything compared to you.”

”Even the strongest need help sometimes, Rem.”

”You’re too modest,” said the older woman.

Shrugging her shoulders, Salem pulled her headphones over her head before starting up her playlist. Somewhere along the trip, she managed to fall asleep. Meanwhile, Remi kept watch for anyone who dared look at either of them for a second too long in between reading pages of her book. Once the plane had landed, Remi woke Salem up before they departed from the plane.

”I got a message while you were sleeping. The original safe house was destroyed. We’re going to a different spot now.”

”At least dad managed to arrange transportation,” the blue haired girl mumbled.

Loading their luggage into the car, the girls didn’t make much conversation as the driver took them to their destination.

It was funny how the Guild used non-magi people from time to time. Taxi drivers, chefs, lovers, things to torture… and at the end of the day, the human would have their memories erased by the higher council. No matter how much the Guild did or didn’t want to realize it, they needed non-magi people. Perhaps one day they could work together again.

Arriving at the house, both Remi and Salem grabbed their bags from the trunk before saying goodbye to their chauffeur.

Walking up to the door, Remi nodded in greeting towards Kai, as Salem rolled her eyes at Faye. ”Jesus. Just open the damn thing. Don’t stand there,” she said, twisting the knob and throwing the door open.

Once inside, Remi took a place on the couch beside Melville, as Salem walked towards the kitchen to see if there was anything to drink. On her way there, she realized that she recognized the person on the TV screen.

”Why is his gay ass on the TV? Don’t they get cable here?”

Welcome to the site, Jeff!

Hope you find something that suits your interests here. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.


The way Shawna responded made Sunshine raise her eyebrows in question. If she knew anything about Shawna, it was that her overall body language right now was sort of tense. Whatever was bothering her, Sunshine hoped that it wasn't to major. The last thing she needed was for her or her significant other to be caught in one of Kings Acadmeys great event scandals.

Nodding in recognition as Shawna sauntered off, Sunshine stared into her plastic cup for a brief moment before turning her attention back to the dance floor. Ryeland seemed to be having a good time with Julie, while Marisol and Sonny appeared to be arguing. She had always found it funny just how many things were always going on at once, and tonight was no different.

As Shawna walked back over, Sunshines facial expression clearly changed to that of mild confusion as her girlfriend held up a set of car keys. She had no idea what a Viper was, but as long as Shawna was going to be there...

Smiling, she held out her hand for the other girl to take. "Lead the way."


Watching Kavi walk away lifted an invisible weight off of Ariels shoulders that she had been carrying around for a while. Unfortunately, when the old weight was lifted, it was immediately replaced with another. Was letting him go really the right thing? It had to be. No matter how much it hurt, she knew that this had to be the right thing for them both. She made her look like an idiot, and she broke his nose. Nothing about that was healthy. But yet ---

No. Stop.

As Ryland took the mic from the DJ, Ariel threw away another cup. Already extremely drunk, she didn't go for the punch this time, but instead a bottle of water. Twisting the top off as she took a drink, the young woman nearly choked when she heard her name. Quite a few heads turning her way didn't help her current state of embarrassment. Turning a light shade of red, Ariel turned quickly on her heel to find a place to hide. Maybe the bathroom? Behind a group of tall people? Walk out the door? Whatever would work.

Hurrying off as Rye continued to tell her to follow her heart or whatever other cheesy thing, Ariel clenched her jaw in frustration.

I'm fucking trying, bro.

As he started to sing, Ariel quickened her speed. She had to get out of here.

Not really paying attention to what direction she was going in, Ariel ran straight into none other than Sawyer - both of them tumbling to the ground as she was shoved from behind by someone who began throwing up in the trash can. Looks like the vodka was working on more than just her.

"I'm so sorry," she slurred, doing her best to get up from the floor.
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