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Current "A pebble in the water makes a ripple effect. Every action in this world will bear a consequence." ~ Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
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I'm still wondering if Annie is okay.
11 days ago
Peoples faces seem more punchable than usual today
12 days ago
Is it weird to worry about your internet friends? Cause my mind jumps to the conclusion that you guys have died when we don't talk for a while.
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Dear Donald Trump: Alert me when your term ends.


User had a bio, then deleted it.

Will have another for you to stalk eventually.

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I'm literally two fucking seconds from punching my coworker in her very punchable face.
Everyone has had the fantasy of a superpower.

I've fantasized about controlling water... but not for any real, heroic reason.

I'd wrap myself in a thin layer of persistently warm water... just to preserve the feeling of being in the shower on a cold morning, throughout the rest of the day.

Wouldn't that make you constantly have to pee?
Snuff ~ Slipknot
Northern Downpour ~ Panic! At The Disco
Fallen Angel ~ Three Days Grace
Without Me ~ Halsey
Jealous Sea ~ Meg Myers
She's So Mean ~ Matchbox 20
Therapy ~ All Time Low
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Bad At Life ~ Falling In Reverse
Oliver & Raven

"Man, school assemblies always suck," Raven began, walking alongside Oliver down the hall. "I mean, I just wanted lunch. But nooo. Gotta go to some stupid mandatory assembly." As she finished her sentence, the young woman rolled her eyes. It was true - Raven had always hated the assemblies. School activities were pretty much overrated in her opinion, and the assemblies were usually used to talk about such things. Trip had always been the kind of girl to crash the party, and with homecoming, her plans were no different.

Oliver, on the other hand, w asnt planning on attending at all. Sure, he looked great in a suit. Sure, it was senior year and they should all make the most of it. But he didn't have a date, and he didn't have a suit that fit anymore. As usual, his only reason for going - if he were to go - would be for the gossip and if Raven wanted him there. Even if she asked, he would most likely decline. Since Santiagos party, he had felt like more of a burden than anything.

Walking into the auditorium, the two of them took a seat towards the middle of the room, making casual jokes about the Hunger Games. Couldn't Kings Academy just be original for once?

Once the teacher started to speak, the room fell silent. When names started to be called, Oliver's palms began to sweat. What kind of shit was this? You couldn't just force people into an experiment and expect it to go your way. Had none of these people seen the latest Purge movie? Not importantly, didn't they know that not everyone was as heteronormative as them? Then again, why would they care about the sexualities of the student body? This was punishment for their class making them lose their precious endorsements.

"This is bullshit," he mumbled. "Complete and utter bullshit."

Raven just sat there, legs crossed, giving the woman on stage a murderous look. Now she had to make sure her 'date' was okay with spiking the punch and other such shennanigans. Worse. What if her supposed partner in crime was someone she hated?

Soon enough, both of their names would be called. When Oliver recognized Stellas name, a weight was lifted off his shoulders as a smile appeared upon his face. "Oh, Stella! I've always adored her. She's like a little cotton candy ray of sunshine."

"Yeah, yeah," Trip responded impatiently with a wave of her hand. "Maybe you'll finally get laid."

At her comment, Oli's mouth went dry, leaving him with nothing much more to say. Sure, he had always adored Stella. Now he was aiming to give her the night of her life. He'd where any for she wanted, take her to whatever restaurant she wanted to go to. But the sex part? Well ladies and gentlemen, there might be a problem there. Besides. Stella wasn't the type to just jump into bed with anyone, right? Surely Oli didn't have to worry about that.

"Weber... Weber..." Trip mumbled. "Sounds familiar.... Oh! Oli. Remember that sort of alt dude that was kinda hot that I pointed out to you from math class a while back?"

"Er.... yeah."

"Well, that's who I got. Pretty chill dude."

Oliver cleared his throat, snapping back into reality. "Mm... yeah. That's good and all, Princess, but I'm going to see if I can catch Stella real quick. Have fun," he said distractedly, getting up and kissing her on top of the head before turning to leave.

Before Trip could say anything, Oliver was already out the door. Standing up herself, she spotted JJ through the crowd. Maybe he needed some more guidance. No doubt he didn't have any idea who Aaliyah was. Shouldering her back pack, she made her way through the crowd before tapping him on the shoulder. When he turned to face her, Trip gave JJ her best smile. "So. What do you think of all this mess?" she asked.

Once outside the door, Oliver scanned the halls for Stella. Vic and Jun seemed to be having an intense conversation, among some others. As luck would have it, he quickly spotted her, and more or less jogged to catch up to and get in front of her. Walking backwards, he gave her a grin.

"Stella, my darling. Any chance we could discuss the news over lunch?"
It's not that don't find them attractive. It's just that I find them super common.
As of today, it has been two weeks sense I moved put if my parents place.

I find roses, blue eyes, blonde hair, and Ferraris to be overrated, among a ton of other things.


When one attended Kings Academy for As long as Ariel had, you got used to the mandatory assemblies that they called from time to time. The young woman assumed that the one for today had to do with homecoming, and she was right.

When walking into the auditorium, her skin crawled as she took in the scene around her. Something was different. Something wasn't... right. Giving no comment on the situation, Ariel simply took a seat in the third row, waiting patiently as the room feel silent and the teacher started to speak. She took in the information, shocked at how the school could so something so.... so.... stupid. It felt like the schools administration was trying to control the student body. Sure, there were cliques and people stuck to their own crowd, but it wasn't because they didn't respect each other. Doing so was a sign of respect in Ariels opinion. People respected that no one wanted a fight, and there for stuck to their own clique. It wasn't that damn hard to understand.

All around, murmurs of disapproval spewed from people's mouths. The scene was literally straight out of the Hunger Games, and the teacher was doing one Hell of a job playing the part of Effie. However, something told Ariel that no one would be volunteering as tribute. With angry shouts from the crowd, the teacher pulled the names from the two bowls, calling out last names. Ariel thought that was stupid. You didn't introduce yourself by your last name. Everyone knew everyone else by first name. No doubt that would cause some confusion.

As she sat and waited anxiously for her name to be called, Ariel paid attention to a few names getting called. More specifically, Kavi's. He was paired with none other than April. While Ariel had no problems with the girl, and, as far as she knew, April had no problem with her - wasn't April dating Diablo? No doubt that would cause problems there. Sonny was paired with Nadia. Boy would that be a duo. The rest of the names came in a blur, right up until the point when her name was paired with Archers.

At that news, her stomach did a back flip, her palms starting to sweat. Once again, she had brought this upon herself. If she hadn't have kicked Archer to the curb like she had Marisol and proceeded to call him the other girls sidekick, then maybe they would laugh at the joke. But no. Ariel had done those things, so now she had to grow a pair and face the consequences. After all, she had spilled her guts to Kavi. Why couldn't she do the same with Mari and Archer?

With a mind full of thoughts, she got up to walk out of the auditorium.
My camera roll has 1 picture of me, a ton of the kids (not my kids, just for clarification. My friends kids that have adopted me. xD), and a shit ton of memes.
I wish I had gotten drunk last night.
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