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Suck on tiddies, not straws. #SaveTheTurtles
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Just trying to live up to my best Goth gf potential, ya know?
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I just wanna wear fishnets, short skirts and over sized sweaters. Watch spooky movies, then paint skulls with the blood of my enemies and sacrifice the next door neighbor to Satan.
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That Area 51 Raid was more disappointing than when we all didn't die in 2012.


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This is under construction until I get my life together enough to complete it for the umpteenth time.

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Posting this for reference.

Character Reservations

@HaleyTheRandom --- Kaya Scodelario // Color Code 8CFF88 // USA esque
Dave Franco // Color Code Undetermined // Russia Esque

@Dirty Pretty Lies --- Danna Paola // Color Code C22941 // Spain

@Altered Tundra --- Jack Falahee | #008080/Teal | The Country of Grapes and Bomb ass food (Italy)

@Prosaic --- Jorge López // Color Code 662d91 // Albania

@BleedingLover --- Charles Melton // Color Code 1E90FF // Asian Esque

@Bee Levy Tran // #FCF4A3 banana // South East Asia

@Pyxis Male: Unknown // Color Code DC143C // Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
Female: Rebbeca Marie Gomez "Becky G" // Color Code CD5C5C // Reino de Nevarrea - Kingdom of Nevarrea

@ayzrules -- geri steenkamp & Danila Kovalev // Color Codes // fake!germany and fake!spain

@Hedgehawk FC // Color Code // Japanese-ish

@OfWindAndRain --- FC // c24615 //Africa, Egypt, and Australia.
Jared Padalecki // 09ab7a // Texas-ish?

@NeoAJ -- Collab stuff with Tund.

@Cerces22 --- FC // Fushia // K

@Aewin --- Bogdana Kadritskaya // a27c89 // English Esque

@Melo --- Francisco Lachowski // b8c5c3 // Scandinavian Inspired.
I'll make a pretty little thing with all the FC's when the character sheets are finalized.

Male Count:
Female Count:

Player // Character name of Kingdom Name // Color Code // Face claim

𝓞nce upon a time, there was a beautiful princess who lived in the fair kingdom of Aciras. She was kind and sweet and compassionate and could totally talk to animals (at least, that’s what she would have liked to believe), and when she found out that she was to be married to a handsome prince…

...𝓢he posted the news of her engagement on Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and god knows where else - then invited the princes and princesses of the entire world to two months of pre-wedding celebrations.

𝓣hese princes and princesses aren’t just international celebrities, of course, nor are they merely the sons and daughters of the richest men and women in the world. They’re royalty, and with the royal status comes certain expectations from both their parents and their kingdoms. Many of them have been betrothed to another since a very young age, and although they may have contact with one another on official business, this will be the first time that many of them will be spending a prolonged period of time hopefully it goes better than your typical first date with someone you matched with on Tinder, yeah?

𝓞f course, there are also some who are single and ready to mingle (for political purposes or otherwise), and still others who are here to socialize, explore Aciras, or negotiate trade deals and/or alliances. No biggie.

𝓐ll politics aside, there’s bound to be drama galore. Celebrity Twitter fights are nothing compared to the scheming and back-stabbing of these pretty princes and princesses, and hey-what happens when they end up falling in love with the wrong person?


(𝓘nspired by/based off of Haley's original When Royalty Collides RP; The premise has been taken from one of the later renditions hosted by @ayzrules)

𝓐s the description suggests, this roleplay will be about an extended social gathering in the main kingdom of Aciras in the months leading up to Princess Vivian's wedding. Vivian is a NPC. More information can be found later on about her in this post. All the invitees are princes and princesses of their own respective kingdoms (see "Rules" section for the policy on non-royal characters) and unmarried, and it is recommended that you work out a betrothal with someone before the RP starts (but not necessary/required). Once people have CSes up, I will also run every character who isn't already betrothed through a random number generator and post results in the OOC, in case any of the pairings inspire ideas.

𝓐ciras is the kingdom in which the RP takes place in, but you will be loosely creating your own kingdom in the process.


-Drama stays in the IC tab.
-If you end up having a problem with a fellow writer or the roleplay in general, please come to me in PM's/DM's and I will resolve it to the best of my ability.
-Romance is more than encouraged, but let's not post smut on the main forum.
-This is a character driven Roleplay. Interactions are required between characters, so please don't isolate your character in the back corner of the room.
-The main thing is basically to not be a dick and have fun.
-One post per character is required every two weeks. If you miss a deadline, you will not be able to post until the next posting cycle. (Aka, you're on a two week hiatus where your character becomes and NPC.) Deadlines will be every Sunday at midnight Pacific Standard time. If you PM me no later than the Friday before the deadline, you can have an extension until the following Wednesday. (Special thanks to @Dirty Pretty Lies for letting me steal her posting rule.
-Collabs are an important part of any RP -- However if your partner bails on you or you feel that you don't think you will get the collab done in time for the deadline, finish up the best you can and post what you have. Being stuck in a collab is not an excuse for missing a deadline.
-DO NOT tag each other in your posts.
-Please allow two people to post before you post again. This does not count posting for your first and second character back to back.
-I expect two paragraphs minimum in every post -- and I mean actual paragraphs that consist of at least seven sentences. No, I won't go so far as to count, but you get what I'm saying.

-No Mary or Gary sue characters.
-Real life Face-claims only!!! if you come in here with some anime bs i will fight you.
-Two characters per player. Your characters must be of the opposite gender if playing two. This is to attempt to keep the genders balanced.
-Customize your sheet however you wish, just don't remove any of the required sections.
-Please only post completed Character and Kingdom sheets for GM review in the OOC.
-Non-Royal characters are allowed, but keep in mind they may not be able to attend all of the events as some of them will be exclusive to only royals.

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You're So Creepy - Ghost Town
If It Means A Lot To You - A Day To Remember
Partners In Crime - Set If Off Ft. Ash Costello
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Breath - Breaking Benjamin
Drown - Bring Me The Horizon
Falling - Runner Runner
The Last Something That Meant Anything - Mayday Parade
Coffee Talk - Broadside
High Enough (RAC Remix) - K.Flay
Sacrifice - Zella Day
Adelaide - Meg Myers
Deathbeds - Bring Me The Horizon
Never Too Late - Three Days Grace
A Love Like War - All Time Low Ft. Vic Fuentes
Face Down - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
She Likes (Bittersweet Love) - Forever The Sickest Kids
Fake Your Death - My Chemical Romance
No Shows - Gerard Way
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