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3 days ago
Current Don't forget: The 1st Magical Incursion is still searching for more power hungry players to add to our slightly slutty maddness!!
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5 days ago
Just hopped pn for two seconds. Will try to have responses for everyone soon-ish.
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7 days ago
Finally finished my cringy bio.
8 days ago
Also, Mayday Parade's new album dropped today. I've come to the conclusion I'm just here to provide you guys with music news.
14 days ago
This is your daily reminder to eat, drink some water, try and sleep, take a deep breath, etc. This is your daily reminder to take care of yourself. Your daily reminder someone cares.


Do yourself a favor and turn away now. The last thing you want to do is get to know me. However, if you don't turn back, proceed with caution. I am a tragic little cringy piece of trash, and I curse a lot. I tend tl talk about sensitive/triggering subjects, but not so much here.

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Reserving a male role for certain, and put me down for a possible female role as well.
Two months later and my life is nearly back on track! I'll be free by the end of next week so I'm planning to join some rps for then, if it's okay with you all I'll try and apply before the next weekend but life comes first!

You? Here? In this RP?

I think hella yes.
Talya Jade Burnley

"People look at me, and they see a girl. Just a some girl with a pretty face. I guess they expect my soul to be just a pure. Oh, darling, do they have another thing coming."

Name: Talya Jade Burnley. Nicknames include: Tal, Kitten, Peaches, Jay, Misfit Queen, Etc.
Gender: Female.
Age: Twenty-One.
Alignment: Dark Shadow.
Rank within Organisation: Member.

Birthmark Shape: You guys should kinow to click these by now.
Location of Birthmark: The back of her neck.
Magical Abilities:"I freeze stuff, meh dudes."

Place of Birth: Lake Lure, North Carolina.
Currently Residing: New York, New York.
Personality: When looking at Talya, you get a feeling of innocence. Her body looks delicate, her eyes piercing. However, Talya has layers. The first layer is sweet, and inviting. This layer bakes cookies. The second layer is hot headed, devious, rebellious, and calculated. If the young woman is ever so angry she is quiet, Olympus rest your soul. The third and final layer is when the demon comes out to play. Talya likes alcohol and sharp objects. When those two are combined, you're in for a wild ride. The third layer likes to play with people. Their emotions, mental stability... it likes to break them - slowly, over time. Talya likes to know things, and will stop at nothing to get the information that she wants. If that means tying someone down in a chair, soaking them with water, and shocking them with a car battery, so be it.
History/Bio: Talya was born on a farm in a small town in North Carolina. Her father was a mundane, her mother a magi that died while giving birth to the girl. Scared of anyone finding out who and what his daughter was - the only people besides her father that knew she existed was the neighbor and her aunt, whom lived states away in New York. Talya was never allowed off her families farm growing up. Her friends were the animals. When she wasn't doing chores, she was inside baking, watching the news, or drawing.

One day, her father didn't return home. Talya kept her daily routine for three days before her neighbor came to notify her that her father had died in a car crash. The police tracked down her Aunt, and at the age of fifteen, Talya was sent to live with her in NY. The adjustment was harsh. She wasn't used to the loud noises, but over time, she became accustomed to them. Her aunt being a fellow Magi, she taught Talya how to keep her powers under control. At the age of 18, Talya was approached by Al and recruited into the Dark Shadow.


@HaleyTheRandom I expect no less

'Course you don't xD

I have subscribed and will make my opinions known in this thread.

Fight me.

@Dirty Pretty Lies Oh my gods, oh my gods, oh my gods. Hello Lovely <3

Guess whose joining this?
Sorry, bloody Telstra people did a shoddy job with our cables. I will have brief intervals of internet but patches of nothin'

If you don't get anything from me, I'm very sorry :/

Hey man, it's cool. Thanks for the update <3
<Snipped quote by HaleyTheRandom>

Yeah, I like threads like this, especially when you're new to a community. Good times :D

A belated welcome to the Guild then!
Logged in to an uexpected post bomb. Yayy? xD Kidding. Glad to see y'all made yourselves at home.

The only experince I have with working out is when I took weight training my 10th year. I'd sooo do it again.
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