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Current I am so tired of living in a world where people don't care about others. So what if their skin color, religion, etc is different? That doesn't mean they don't deserve basic human needs/rights.
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In the mood to move to a place where nobody knows my name. Or maybe I just need a nap. Idk.
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Everyone deserves a living wage. How is that so hard to comprehend?
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Madam Vice President Kamala Harris 👏
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Just your daily reminder that it really fucking sucks not being able to go to the hospital due to worrying about money/not having insurance. This is America.


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I'm in that weird phase in life where I'm getting a lot of stuff done and finally making progress. However at the same time I barely have anything to physically show for it and feel like I should have accomplished way more at this age. I know that I can follow my own path and shouldn't let society pressure me, but that doesn't make it any better. I have people I went to high school with that already have families and houses and degrees and I'm just... here.
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Returning to Marble Heights was something that Reyna had been looking forward to for the last month.

While she loved coming back home to spend the summer in Orlando, Marble Heights was also her home in some sort of strange way. She had friends there. Alex, Addie, and Cole - just to name a few. Then there was Topher - the cute, shaggy haired musician that she had been texting all summer. The two of them had had a class together last year and instantly hit it off, becoming quick friends. Talking to Topher had been something that she was shocked to find she liked so much, but yet here she was.

The prospect of making new friends this year was also exciting. There were new dorm rooms, and even more roommates. Reyna just hoped that her roommates weren’t bitchy or boring.

Aside from social interactions, the things that Reyna was looking forward to the most was the California scenery and the freedom of being away from her parents' influence. Reyna’s home life was great, and she’d never deny her love for her family - but she did believe that being away from them has allowed her to really become her own person.

Her cousin Tessa had spent the last week at the Rosales residence, celebrating Reyna’s father’s birthday. The fortunate timing had allowed the two girls to spend Reyna’s last few days shopping, eating, drinking, and spending time on the beach. The excitement from her last few days at home had been more than enough to help her get over the boringness of the flight to Marble Heights.

Once there, Reyna made her way up to her dorm. It was nice to see that the school had spared no expense when it came to building the new student housing. The paint was fresh, the elevator worked, and the lighting was amazing. Deciding that she would focus on unpacking later, Reyna headed to the kitchen to begin doing what she did best - cooking.

She had been lucky enough to sneak in cannabutter and brownie mix. In a few short moments, Reyna had found the required tools in order to make her breakfast of champions. Once the brownies were in the oven, Reyna went through the dorm room and opened up the windows, as well as turned on the ceiling fan.

Putting on some music, Reyna crossed her fingers that the weed brownies wouldn’t stink up the dorm. They usually didn’t, but every batch was different.

Beginning to hand her clothes up in her new temporary closet, Reyna looked forward to whatever this school year had to offer.

I have an insanely strong urge to cut my hair.


As Christian greeted people by the door, he had one of the willing Freshmen bringing him drinks from time to time. People appeared to be happy to be here, and some of them were even already wasted. A small group had gathered at the bouncy house and beer pong station. Eager for the excitement, Christian couldn’t help but cringe as Theo walked through the door. While Christian had decided to design the party for everyone, it didn’t mean he wanted everyone to show up. Nonetheless, he remained the perfect host and greeted his guest.

With the arriving crowd finally thinning, Christian made his way to the back yard. The music was loud, the people were hot, and the vibe was just right. Some girl shoved a random guy into the pool, causing the people around them to laugh.

While trying to decide between doing body shots or jumping in the pool himself, Christians stomach growled. Following his nose, the young man found himself by the grill, holding his plate out for Eleazar.

”Hey bro,” he said, nodding his head. ”Let me get a burger.”

Featuring: Cade @Dumb and Wrong & Billie @HaleyTheRandom

Before Cade wanted to respond to her, he decided to take another sip of his vodka.

Nope, still horrible.

He then witnessed something he never thought he would. Like, her chewing Rico out was extremely entertaining, but watching Rico take his L graciously and leave like a gentleman felt weird.

”It’s usually much, much worse, to be honest.” he responded. Really anyone from the popular squads, regardless of gender, just thought WAY too high of themselves, was Cade’s opinion. He theorized that the reason for that is Rosefell itself; it makes sense to act like you’re too good for anyone or anything when you’re literally too good for that garbage school.

All this kind of made him adjust. Although her not looking for a smoke was a pity, this was not a disaster just yet. Rico came in clutch.

”Anyway. Sorry for, like, just before. Talk about getting off on the wrong foot. Name’s Cade, by the way.”

He stopped himself for a second to drink and think. He straight up grimaced after finishing his chug.

”Fuck man why am I still drinking this? It tastes like Rosefell and the Cold War.”

His expression formed into the closest thing it could get to a genuine smile.

”So, how would you feel about getting wasted while you keep shittalking every fucking obnoxious asshole on here? Which I guess doesn’t exclude me.”

Billie had to admit that she was completely shocked that Rico had just simply walked away. After everything she had heard about Rosefell High’s resident charmer, she thought that he might at least attempt to clap back. Instead he had just apologized and walked away.

Pouting as she stared at Rico walking away, she sighed. ”We could have had so much fun,” she huffed. ”But he obviously didn’t want to put in the effort, so,” Billie shrugged her shoulders, turning back to Dumpster Fire - or Cade, as he introduced himself.
”It’s uh… nice to meet you, I guess. No need to apologize for anything but your choice in clothing and alcohol - I’ll find more things to complain about later on.”

The chance to rant about anyone and anything sparked her interest well enough, the right corner of her mouth raising ever so slightly into a smirk. Nicholas refused to listen to her crazy rants unless she could corner him, Callie was still missing, and working around time zones with Rue was just a straight up headache. If some random stranger was willing to listen to her ramble about random shit - she was ready to sign up.

”I’d be more than glad to take you up on that offer,” she said, glancing at the bottle in his hand. ”But I am not drinking that shit. There’s a whole table full of much better shit right over there. Er… no offense.”

Cade was going to take his small victories tonight. He made her attempt to switch facial expression from "pouty" or "mad at you for existing" and decided he was worth spending more time with. Now, he usually would not care enough for that validation but something about being intoxicated and her lips got him excited at the prospect of just getting blackout wasted and complaining about everything life had to offer. Only one problem; he really liked his shirt.

He smiled to show her he had taken no offense to her comments and lifted the 3/4ths finished bottle of vodka.

"Honestly, the best thing I can say about it is that it's...flammable."

He then pointed towards the table.

"Want me to get you anything?"

Eyes widening as she realized just how much Cade had already drank, Billie blinked a few times before speaking. ”Honestly, I can get it myself and you probably need somewhere to sit. Follow me.”

As Cade followed Billie the best that he could to the drink table Billie turned to a much larger and older guy standing beside them.

”You there! Shrek. Grab me two chairs, would ya?”

The man stared at her, confused and slightly pissed. “What?”

”I said can you grab me two fucking chairs,” she said, glaring.

“I…. uh… yeah. Sure.”

While Shrek waddled off to grab a couple of lawn chairs from outside, Billie examined the contents of the drink table before settling for the jungle juice in the large cooler beside the table. Grabbing the huge ladle, Billie squatted down to scoop herself a red solo cup full before standing back up again.
Taking a sip, Billie nodded her head in approval. ”Strong and fruity. Nice. Now. Du -- Cade. Point out any one of these people and I’ll shit talk them. It’s a stupid game, but a game to get drunk to, none the less. Now do your duty and choose some random fuck.”

Cade was about to protest, but literally when he took the first step he realized he was definitely more than just chatty-drunk so he followed the girl and, in a rare act of maturity, he decided against mixing more drinks so he got one of the fanciest looking bottles of vodka and poured a cup for himself.

As he joined her in waiting for the poor dude to bring the chairs, he took a sip of his new drink and it was just so, well sometimes the only appropriate word is much, much better that it acted almost as a shock to his system.

”You don’t need to like, disavow something to get to do it.” he commented before beginning to scout the crowd for candidates, which didn’t take a while as he pegged the perfect person.

”Right there towards the front door, the guy who looks like a Republican way more than the usual Liberty student.”

Once Shrek came back with the chairs, Billie took them from him and sat them up beside the drink table next to the cooler full of jungle juice. She slipped the guy a twenty for his efforts, and shooed him away.

”Sit,” she told Cade as he looked for his victim. Billie sat backwards in the chair closest to the cooler, with her legs on either side and her arms resting over the back. As Cade pointed out Theo, Billie smiled.

”Theodore Van Cise,” she mused. Taking another drink from her cup, the brunette cleared her throat before speaking. ”A manipulative, rich piece of shit that likes to use people up and toss them aside. He fucked poor Raven up last year. The guy honestly thinks he has a future in politics, but doesn’t even know how to tie his own shoes. And don’t even get me started on how misogynistic he is!” Finishing off the rest of her drink, Billie grabbed herself another cup full while collecting her thoughts. ”I’m pretty sure he’s drugged more than his fair share of people, so just like… watch your drink.”

Cade blinked twice while staring at his drink.

“Ok so, I may be stupid but...why the fuck is a roofieing piece of shit even allowed in here? Like, let alone everything else which makes him sound perfect for a career in politics- dude should be getting jumped every time he exits his house or something.”

He considered getting up and picking a fight but not only was he like half the guy’s weight, he was far too drunk to not embarrass himself. He then realized he had crumpled up the red cup in his hand, spilling his vodka. What a waste.

”You would really think that, huh? Seems like the fucking logical thing, anyway,” Bille said, glancing over to Cade as she heard the crunching of the cup. ”But somehow he manages to keep people wrapped around his stupid ass finger and weasel out of any trouble.” Grimacing, Billie took another drink. ”It’s gross. He’s gross.”

Noticing that the contents of Cades cup were now dripping all over the floor, Billie looked at him with a blank expression. ”You might need to lay off the funny juice for a second, dude.”

As Cade saw the look on her face it gave him pause. Last thing he wanted to do was seem aggressive and make her feel unsafe in any way so he just completely waited for his mind to stop spinning for a few seconds. Took a couple deep breaths, then went on again.

”Yeah, you’re probably right. Sorry for that.”

He quickly gave the crowd a look again cause it was the easiest outlet to take this forward and ignore the past 10 seconds or so. The usual suspects would stand out but there really was no point in mentioning anyone from Rosefell since she, presumably, didn’t know them. As he realized his earlier blunt was still in his pocket half finished, he took it out, re-lit it and spoke.

”Well, the plan was to just let you rant about the most hate-able person but seems like I got that first try so I’m passing the ball to you. Talk about whatever you want- you’re the one getting drunk now anyway.”

He paused for a second realizing something.

”Consider starting with your name unless you’re planning to disappear completely and leave me wondering if you ever existed with no trace.”

Billie blinked for a moment. The thought had never occurred to her that she hadn’t introduced herself.

”I’m Billie,” she replied. ”Billie Grey.”

Now she had to find a conversation topic. Was this time for the awkward ‘get to know you’ segment? It wasn’t her worst theory.

”Uh… let’s see,” she said, finishing off her second drink and returning for a third. ”My brother Nick and I moved to Ohio - why mom and dad chose fucking OHIO I still have no idea. Anyway. We all moved to Ohio the summer before Junior year for dad’s work. We enrolled in Liberty. Shit hit the fan there, so then we got shoved into Rosefell and now we’re here. My life’s been pretty fucking easy. Parents who love me, older sister who adores me. Friends. Money. Shit like that.” With another drink, Billie decided it was time for her to stop forcing herself to ramble on about nothing. ”What about you?”

"Good for you." Cade said nonchalantly. "Avoided a stupid rich person name."

He took another hit as he tried to summarize the nothingness of his life in a few sentences.

"Honestly, same. It's all been super easy. Nowhere, Michigan to Ohio is somehow still a downgrade in my book, and I've had to "endure' no money on top of it. Mother who loves me, no brothers or sisters. Shit like that. 3 years of Rosefell, which is as bad as it sounds but at least me and that place deserve each other- it's kinda hilarious how y'all got roped into this though."

He instinctively looked for his drink before remembering it's a bad idea.

"You're probably the least Ohio person that exists."

Raising her cup, Billie smirked. ”I’ll drink to that,” she said, downing the rest of her third drink. This had been like a fifteen - perhaps twenty - minute conversation, meaning that Billie had drank way too fast and was about to be way too drunk.

Spotting a familiar face from across the dance floor, Billie jumped up from her chair.

Putting her hands on either side of her mouth, Billie shouted ”CASPIAN!” before turning back to Cade. ”Sorry dude. Nice chat. Gotta run. Cas has been avoiding me for weeks, and his sister is my best friend who’s MIA. I need answers.”

Drunk and already in overshare mode. Perfect.

Billie’s shouting had caused a few people to look their way, but did she care? No. Billie never cared.

Before Cade could respond Billie had entered flight mode. He muttered a ”It’s all good.” before getting up himself, motioning towards whoever the fuck the dude who carried the chairs was to pick them up, before heading towards the drinks table.

No reason to not pass out after that, and the night would be considered a success. Maybe get a burger, he was on an empty stomach all day after all.

We all have what we like to write, and what we don't like to write. Why judge someone for it, or tell them they don't fit into a certain category because of it?

To my understanding, Free, Casual, and Advanced have always been terms we used for how much you write - and as some people have said how much attention each section pays attention to grammar.


Raven was currently in the piano room of her grandparents home. Sitting at the piano bench, a bottle of Absolute Vodka to her right, Raven had zero plans of going to tonight's party. Playing The Sound Of Silence while quietly humming along, the young woman heard the vibrations coming from her phone, signaling that she had a notification. Doing her best to fight the urge to check and see what was going on, Raven eventually caved and checked her phone.

It was Alina begging for help. The Zabrecky twins must have decided to go to Christians party - a thought that made Raven laugh quietly to herself as she took another drink from the bottle. It appeared that Alina was currently alone at the party, with Niki and Cas being nowhere in sight. With a sigh, Raven quickly texted her friend back to say that she would be there in thirty minutes.

Ordering herself an Uber, Raven had just enough time to make sure her eyes were painted the darkest shade of black possible. Her current outfit would have to do, as she didn’t have the desire or will to change. The brunette wasn’t even planning to go to tonight's party, but since Alina sent and SOS, she supposed she could make an exception.

Grabbing her bottle of Vodka, Raven was sure to take a few extra chugs of liquid courage. Coming out of a depressive episode was hard work, and if alcohol was the only thing that was going to help her get through the night then so be it.

With her grandparents gone out to dinner, Raven didn’t have to worry about being seen stumbling down the stairs until she could regain her composure walking through the living room. Grabbing her keys, Raven quickly left a note for her grandparents on the table by the door letting them know not to worry.

The ride over to Christians took less time than she had originally thought. Sending Alina a quick text to let her know she was there, Raven was sure to rate her Uber driver five stars, and leave a generous cash tip.

Walking towards the door, Raven felt her stomach begin to knot. A familiar figure was standing in the entryway, currently being greeted by Christian. Raven would know the back of that bastard's head anywhere. Side effects of watching someone walk away a countless amount of times.

Shoving her way by Theo, Raven was sure to turn back around and give him the bird before continuing on her search for Alina.


Quickly brushing herself off, Billie turned away from the unnamed guy in a desperate and quick attempt to find anyone she would actually want to associate with. Alina or Melissa had to have been here somewhere, right? Scanning the room while standing on her tiptoes, Billie only turned back to look at the dumpster fire while it was speaking.

Glaring, Billie crossed her arms as her facial expression went from pissed off to absolute disgust.

Waving her hand dismissively, she scoffed. ”I would rather die,” she said, forcing down the instinct to hurl.

Before she had the chance to clap back about the cheesy line that he threw at her, another disappointing man came waltzing over to quote Hamilton.

Not impressed, she thought. Unless someone could surpass Nicholas’s knowledge of musicals and Broadway plays, Billie would forever remain uninterested and disappointed.

Frowning, she looked the new comer up and down. ”And you strike me as a talking STD.” she retorted. “Tell me - what exactly made you think I wanted to talk to you? I’m genuinely curious. Did you just think that you could toss a Hamilton line and I’d drop my panties for you?” Looking back and forth between Dumpster Fire and STD, Billie rolled her eyes. ”Are all Rosefell guys this shallow,” she asked Dumpster Fire.

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