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I got my Taco Bell today and I literally smiled the whole time. Guys, it really doesn't take that much to make you're girl happy. Just shove a burrito in that bitches mouth and call it a day.
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People need more fucking common sense when it comes to roleplaying. Hell, people need more common sense when it comes to everything.
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I want Taco Bell so bad right now.
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Daily reminder to NOT join more RP's than you can handle.


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@HaleyTheRandom Oh, shit! The roleplay is starting tonight! 😭

I decided to surprise you guys.

The first deadline is December 22nd.


"August twenty-sixth. Eight A.M. Last first day of high school," Aria repeated to herself for the millionth time as she pulled in to the school parking lot.

It was a grounding technique. Aria had a habit of repeating small facts to herself to shove anxiety causing thoughts from her mind. Being her first day of Senior year, the young woman had a lot to worry about. College applications, what was going to look good on her transcript, cute girls, and so much more. Would Rosefell try and do something special for it's graduating class this year? Unlikely. Fortunately for Aria, that was a challenge she could face. She and Jenna had spent the last week organizing the lake party for Friday night. If the schools administration team wasn't going to make their high school life rememberable, it was up to the students to make it that way. Drama, fights, and tears were more than common at Rosefell high, but something told Aria a certain something about this year would be special. Rather it was the fact that she was somehow managing to be in a good mood or if the prophecy would come true, only time would tell.

Though it was relatively warm outside with the forecast calling for it to be eighty degrees today, Aria was dressed in black jeans and an over sized gray sweater for the day. Her clothing choice would be something that someone was bound to comment on - as it always was. Through the years she had gotten used to it, and even though it was already relatively warm outside the young woman had made no changes for today's planned clothing choices.

Putting her car in park, the young woman grabbed her book-bag and breakfast crunchwrap from the passenger seat before climbing out. Met with the familiar stench of despair and wasted dreams, Aria began to make her way through the crowd of students arriving. With no particular destination in mind, she found an empty crimson colored picnic table to call her temporary home. This was also an old routine that Aria had. Breakfast from Taco Bell, eat it at the picnic bench, say hello to a few friends and then dash off to home room. Old habits die hard, right? Maybe she would try and change some things this year.

As the last of the buses arrived at 8:10, people started making their way into the building. Aria sent Jenna a text to remind her to let everyone she knew about the party. Aria had also sent texts to Lana, Hope and Eli to spread the word. She wanted to open the school year with a bang, and you couldn't do that if no one showed up to your party. It was meant to be a Junior and Senior only affair, though she was sure a Sophomore or two would sneak in. At this point, she didn't really care. She needed to finally make her presence at Rosefell more known than it already was. Everything about this year was going to be great - even if she had to fight tooth and nail to get it that way.

Once the buses were unloaded and the stuffing of the face had commenced, the intercom came on with a loud screech that was sure to catch everyone's attention. You would think that after twenty years of being the principal, Mr. Henderson would figure out how to use the intercom system. Some things just never changed.

"Attention all Rosefell Juniors' and Seniors'. Please report for your mandatory welcome back assembly in the auditorium at eight thirty sharp. Thank you. That will be all."

Another screech for the sign off.

Aria couldn't help but roll her eyes. She hated the welcome back assemblies. What clubs and programs would be cut this year? The blonde sighed as she took another bite from her food. Was going to a school that constantly cut programs, clubs and more better than going to a school full of rich assholes who's moms and dads bought them out of trouble? She really didn't know at this point.
Self explanatory.

So we all have certain things that we do to get in character. Rather it be a playlist, watching a certain show for inspiration, we all have something. So what's the strangest thing that you've ever done for an RP? Please include weird search histories. I can't be the only one that's searched how to hide a body super extensively.
@Aeolian Good to go! Move him over to the character tab when you have time.
@Aeolian Hope looks great, but could you add a little more to the misc section for us?

For example, does he have a favorite food? Job? How does he get around town? Kinda just add some interesting facts about him and such.
@HaleyTheRandom So... Can I join?

I'll have to talk to @Dirty Pretty Lies. And we'll have to discus your chaotic ass schedule.

Her conversation with Catherine being over, Raven was pulled from the scene from her father.

"How are you enjoying the party so far," King Robert asked.

"Oh, everything seems to be going great," she exclaimed enthusiastically. "I've spoken to a handful of people, though Princess Catherine and I's conversation has been the best so far."

"Do you really think it's the best idea to be speaking to her?"

Raven laughed coldly, grabbing another glass of champagne from the waiter to her right. "What's that supposed to mean? Our countries are allies, her sister and I have been friends since we were little. Quite frankly Cat and I have been to some degree, just not as much due to our small age difference."

"I meant the scandal surrounding her. Besides, you haven't even said hello to your betrothed yet." the king said in a hushed tone.

"First of all, Catherine is a very good person." Raven began, not bothering to keep quiet. "Her sexuality - whatever it may be - is no reason for a scandal. The only reason there even is one is because her Kingdom has an organization of bigot cucks. And dare I remind you that your own daughter is Panaromantic, father?"

"Oh please, you know I've never cared abo--"

"I'm not finished yet," she growled, knocking back the rest of her champagne. Betrothing me to Morrhys Aleksander Raske of Dredlan is the biggest laugh Arcenia has had since the great King Arthur split is pants at his coronation. While I've always been friendly to the Raske twins, I don't wish to marry one of them. And I won't. My whole life I've told you that I want to marry for love. That it may take a little longer than an arranged marriage, but I would do it. That I would chose the best fit for both me and my kingdom. Then all of the sudden, you want to betroth me to Rhys?

"Would you calm down," Robert hissed. "You're making a scene. You have to marry Morrhys. You're promised to him. It's the best your mother and I could do for you. You will marry him, Raven."

The young woman laughed. "You humor me father, you truly do. But at the end of the day, I'm the one that has to say my vows, and I will not be saying them to Morryhs. Thank you and mother for trying, but you should have asked me first before arranging one of the biggest things about my life. Not all of us are hopeless romantic doormats like Vivian. Quite frankly you should be yelling at her for not being a better hostess. All of these people are here because of her, after all."

"You really do have a flair for the dramatic, don't you?"

"The dramatic truth, yes," she said with a smirk. "But I do believe I inherited that from you."

"You really don't intend on marrying Morrhys?"

"No father, I haven't for months."

"Fine, but you'll have to tell your mother."

"Oh she's known since even before the arrangements were finalized. May I return to our guests now, father?"

"Go ahead," the king said with a defeated sigh. "Just try not to yell at anyone else."

And so she did. Raven made her way back out into the crowd throwing smiles, waves and 'oh hi, how are you's everywhere she could. While the conversation she had just had with her father was not at all how she planned to tell him about how she felt about her betrothal, the princess was more than glad to get the weight of what she needed to say off of her chest.
While I'm sure you had decent intentions, this thread is designed to go hella south hella quick.
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What breed? and what color is he? What about his personality?

He's a tiny toy poodle. Red in color, has a white spot on his chest. Not sure of his personality, but the current owner says he's very friendly.

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