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Looking for a great Slice of Life RP? Check out Rosefell High! Currently welcoming new players to our ranks. Feel free to check out the OOC and join our Discord. <3
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Do you ever just look at someone and suddenly how much they mean to you just hits you like a truck and then you start crying a little bit because same?
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It's officially my two year anniversary with babe. 🖤
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I'm allergic to life. I have the tendency to break out into tears.


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Ariel Grey had been having a decent enough morning. Her father had left the house early for work this morning, leaving her to have one less thing to worry about. What she did have to worry about, however, was what to wear and how everyone would take the news of her and Kavi being back together. She had already let the Misfits know of the news, but the rest of the school still didn't know unless they had spotted them together over the very last bit of the holiday break. While the people who's opinion actually mattered already knew, Ariel couldn't help but wonder what sort of whispers would float down the halls as she walked hand in hand with Kavi. Said thoughts did nothing to help her anxiety levels as she worked through her morning routine and drive to school.

She was sure to text Kavi to let him know that it was more than okay that she couldn't ride with him this morning. While Ariel always preferred their car rides together over going solo, she understood the importance of making sure his sister arrived at school on time too. Plus family time was nice, right?

"Just take a deep breath," she whispered to herself, stepping out of the Impala. "What matters is that your friends -mostly - support you, and that you and Kavi are happy."

Scanning the school grounds as she walked across the parking lot, Ariel was surprised to see so many emotions on everyone's face.

Some were tired, others enthusiastic. Some looked ready to die, and others just looked.... 'meh'.

Bookbag over her shoulder, keys currently being shoved into her jacket pocket, Ariel made her way over to the part of the school grounds where you could usually find Kavi before school started.

Approaching the man of the hour, Ariel couldn't help but spot that he had company. Of course his chosen company would be none other than Little Miss Relationship Destroyer Extraordinaire April Foster.

While Ariel was happy that April and Santiago had seemed to work through whatever it was that they needed to work out, that still didn't give April permission to be around Kavi after what happened, much less handing him some sort of gift. Like what the fuck, bitch? What. The actual - fuck?

Okay. Calm down. You've not even been at Kings for five minutes. You're trying to be less of an angry person now, remember? Maybe it's a baby shower invite? No. Wait. The box is to big for an shower invite. Unless she and Santi are being extra, of course. But wait. Why would she invite him and not me? You don't get one without the other. We are a Duo. Dear fucking god, Ari. You're being dramatic. Shut the fuck up.

Walking up to the conversation, Ariel arrived just in time to hear April's apology. Standing beside Kavi, grabbing a hold of his hand as she laced her fingers through his, she gave April her best forced heartwarming smile.

"Oh don't worry! I'm sure we've all pretty much moved past that."

As Kavi began to act as if he was moving for the package, Ariel firmly squeezed his hand as if to say 'don't'.

"Mind me asking what's in the box," she asked, feigning a friendly tone.

While she had moved past the events of the Halloween party, Ariel hadn't exactly forgotten what had happened. For the time being, she was just doing her best to not be passive aggressive and work towards building a better, more healthy relationship with Kavi. Seeing he and April talking together on their first day back at Kings Academy did nothing to help that.

We are still in the early stages of the RP. This would be an excellent time to join. ~
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Tomato is an oddball for me. I don't like tomatoes, but I'm fine with pizza sauce, spaghetti sauce, ketchup, etc. Same thing with bananas and oranges. I'll eat banana bread or banana laffy taffy, but won't eat a banana even if it would save my life. For oranges, I'll drink orange juice or anything flavored orange, but I won't touch the actual fruit.

Guess I just like the taste rather than the actual thing, or something like that.

I understand completely. I can only eat tomatoes if they're like.... required in a dish. Like veggie soup or something. I also like ketchup. And will eat a tomato sandwich. Just don't like them on my burgers, tacos, etc.
I adore fresh fruits and veggies.

Except onions.

And tomatoes.
Excited to have you all. ~
@Cio Indeed we are! The more males the better, though I'm not going to force you to make one.


Welcome to Rosefell High. Located in Columbus Ohio, Rosefell is not known for being glamorous. A few things that it is known for however is over crowded classrooms, horrible lunches, and nearly non existent arts programs. Surprisingly enough, their sports teams are actually half decent, and have managed to put a few championships under their belt. It’s said that Rosefell is one of the worst schools in the state academically. The classrooms are overcrowded, teachers underpaid, and the dropout rates are high. Students often sneak drugs and alcohol into their lockers. Fights are more common than not, and detention always seems to be full. Follow your characters as they make their way through the struggle known as life.


Hey guys! Here we have another high school RP created by yours truly. First off, thanks so much for the interest! Secondly - in this RP, we will be playing Junior and Senior (Grades 11 & 12) students at Rosefell High School. The RP will follow your characters as they struggle with relationships, grades, and the like while the GM will create different scenarios for the characters to be in. Our goal is to try and make it all the way to the end of the RP, with the end being prom and graduation.


  • First and for most, this is a character driven RP. Make sure that you communicate with your fellow writers outside of the RP, as well as having your characters interact IC wise.
  • The writing expectations for this RP is that of casual. I will expect two well written paragraphs for each post minimum. More is great, though quality over quantity is best!
  • The maximum amount of time between posts allowed for this RP is Fourteen days. I will expect one post for each of your characters every fourteen days. Deadlines will be every other Sunday at Midnight, Pacific Standard time. Extensions will be given until the following Wednesday if needed. Communication is key, and if you are not going to be able to post for a decent amount of time, DM/PM me and we'll try to work something out. If you work with me, I will do my best to work with you.
  • If you miss a deadline, your characters will be put on hiatus until the next deadline. For example, if you miss a post for the second, you will not be able to post with your characters until the sixteenth. If you go hiatus twice, you will be removed from the RP. Being stuck in a collab is not an excuse for missing a deadline.
  • To let me know that you have read the rules, put what your favorite thing about Christmas is in the extra section of your character sheet.
  • There will be alcohol, drugs, and romance in this RP. You have been warned. Please keep your steamy scenes as fade to black.
  • Please allow two people to post before you post again. This does not include if you are posting separately for your characters back to back.
  • If you have any questions, comments, or concerns - please PM/DM me and I will address them to the best of my ability. Same goes if tou are having any problems with any of the writers in the group.

  • This should go without saying, but no Mary-Sue or Gary-Stu characters!
  • There is a three character limit for this RP - but please DO NOT take on more than you can handle. Give all of your characters equal attention. Please try and keep the gender ratios even! It's not required, but if I see we have way to many of one gender as opposed to the other, I will enforce this rule.
  • Real life faceclaims only!! Your faceclaim needs to look around the age of 16-18 as that is the ages of the characters we will be playing. GM has the right to deny and faceclaim they feel does not meet this criteria.
  • You are allowed to customize the character sheet any way you feel like, just so long as you do not remove any sections.
  • Please post completed character sheets in the OOC for GM review. GM reserves the right to accept, deny, or make suggestions to your sheet as they see fit.


The first book series I ever remember reading is The Magic Treehouse series.

My favorite books in elementary school however were the 'Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark'.


The last day of your last semester of your last year of school. Most people would think that this would be a day to celebrate. One where someone would get dressed up, or make plans with friends. Maybe they would update their Facebook status with how excited they were about getting into their college of choice. Jasper Fray would be doing none of these things today.

Special outfits and well thought out status updates were for actual special occasions. In his opinion, today was not a special occasion. It was just another day surrounded by the masses of students at Kings Academy. Some Senior would bully another freshman. The cafeteria would have the same shit food, and teachers would still assign homework. This day was literally just like the rest.

Getting out of his car, Jasper put out the cigarette he had been smoking in order to help himself avoid trouble with the staff. While he didn’t care about his reputation, getting scolded by a teacher was one of the fastest ways for his mood to be ruined. Walking through the entrance of the school, the young man didn’t bother to say hello to anyone. Instead he found himself in the music room, pulling the sleeves of his grey sweater up to his elbows as he sat down at the grand piano. He had been working on a cover of the Red Hot Chili Peppers song, ’Snow’ over the holidays. Jasper wasn’t about to let the fact that he had to be back at school stop him from making progress on his work.

Positioning his hands where they needed to be, Jasper quickly felt himself relax as he played the proper notes.

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Congratulations on reaching over 500 posts, Royals! Thank you for sticking around through the good, the bad and the ugly like the true MVPs you all are. I love every single one of you to pieces, and here's to hoping we do 500 more.


Kidding, ofc.

Love you all. <3
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