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Lost in thought as she headed towards the lunchroom, Sunshine was surprised when she felt an arm wrap around her own. Said arm belonged to one of her best friends, thank goodness.

”CoCo,” she exclaimed, a large smile spreading across her face. ”Of course you can! We’ve got a lot of catching up to do anyway. Been a hot minute.”

As they entered the lunchroom, Sunshine was pleased to see that not that many people were here yet. Maybe they were out finding dates, or complaining about the administration's decision. Whatever the case, Sunshine was happy that she wouldn’t have to wait long for her food today. She hadn’t realized just how hungry she was until she began to smell the pizza. Getting in the waiting line, she turned to her friend. ”So what’s your thoughts on this whole Valentines Day dance thing? Do they usually throw you guys curve balls for everything?”

"I'm not completely mad at it," Chanel said as she peeked around Sunshine to see what was being served for lunch. She was relieved to see that they actually weren't being given something that resembled prison food; she set her sights on the tray of pepperoni pizza, and rummaged around her purse for a few dollars. "On one hand, it's not like I'm dating anyone, so I would've ended up going with friends anyways. But on the other hand, I probably could've found myself a date. Maybe some hot guy would've asked me, or I could've asked some random girl on my dance team or... someone cute like her." As Chanel spoke, her eyes landed upon a girl who she'd only spoken to a handful of times: Chrissie McCoy. She was sashaying away from the Quad in her usual, theatrical way; Chanel's eyes only lingered on the girl for a second before returning their attention to Sunshine.

"It's whatever, though. This isn't the first time that King's has done some weird shit like this, but I don't think we really noticed or cared since it never affected us until this year... with it being our Senior year and all." The line moved quicker than usual thanks to the rest of the students had yet to leave for their lunch period; it wasn't long before Chanel's slice of pizza was within reach.

As Chanels eyes followed Chrissie, Sunshine couldn’t help but turn to see who it was her friend had her sights set on. Sunshine recognized the girl, but couldn’t really remember her name. You couldn’t deny that she was pretty, or that Chanel had every right to be watching as she walked away. When the line began to move again, Sunshine quickly found herself grabbing a tray and ordering a slice of pizza from the lunch lady standing before her.

”Well…” Sunshine said thoughtfully. ”I’ve got a proposition for you. How about you and me go together? It’s not like I can take Shawna now, and me and you haven’t really had that much time to catch up since I’ve been back. Plus you know that I can have a good time.”

As Chanel paid for her things, she began to consider what her friend was saying. Beforehand, Chanel's obvious choices would've been Julie or April; but the more Sunshine spoke, the more she realized that she hadn't really been hanging out with her other friends as much as she probably should've been. Sunshine was completely right, they needed time to catch up; what better way to do that than by going to the dance with each other? "You know what?" Chanel said as she stepped out of the line with her tray in hand. "You're right. We should go together. I mean, what other duo is gonna turn this thing up like we will? And look the best while doing it?"

”If we don’t win best dressed or some shit, I’ll flip.” Of course this was a mild exaggeration, but Chanel was right. Both girls had a flair for the dramatic when it came to dressing up. It would be a crime if they didn’t turn every head in the venue. After paying for her food, Sunshine led the way to one of the tables as she took a seat across from Chanel.

”You sure though? I figured you’d have asked Julie or someone before I had the chance to catch you.”

"Hm..." Chanel said as she shrugged her shoulders and peeled one of the pepperonis off her pizza. "That was the plan at first, but I'm sure Julie will understand. She's got a lot of other friends she could go with. Someone like April or Marisol... Besides, it's not like we all won't party with each other at the dance."

”Sounds awesome! Can’t wait to show these people how to really party,” she said, a glimmer in her eye.

Yo dudes. Here with some reservations.

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Reyna knew that someone was going to have to bring breakfast for the group, and waking up at five in the morning to see AJs text in the group message only re-confirmed that. Waking up so early wasn’t so unusual for her, seeing as how the whole damned family woke up around this time every morning. Her siblings had decided to take the summer semester off to enjoy life, so the house was back to its usual packed state. Tying her hair up into a messy bun, Reyna decided that she wasn’t going to try and fight for a shower just yet.

Instead, she made her way down to the kitchen, hunting and gathering all of the supplies that she had bought previously over the last few days. Sectioned styrofoam to-go containers, plastic sauce cups, plastic silverware - everything you needed for a breakfast on the go. As she stood up from underneath the counter and closed the cabinet doors, Reyna heard the front door unlock. Much to her surprise, her cousin Tessa walked in, a smile on her face and an overnight bag in tow.

”What the hell are you doing here?” Reyna asked, clearly excited.

Tessa made her way into the kitchen, giving her cousin a peck on the cheek. ”I’ve got a medical conference at ten. Eli said I could crash here for a few days.” Taking a look at the scene before her, the older woman raised an eyebrow in question. ”Why… does it look like you’re going to feed an army?”

”Because I am. Remember that road trip I was telling you about? Kicks off today. Someone has to make breakfast.”

”Oh shit? That’s today? I thought we could spend some time together, but…”

”Can’t. Have to make sure the soldiers behave. Make yourself useful and start frying the bacon?”

Tessa laughed, grabbing the meat from the fridge as she began to help Reyna fix the massive amounts of food that she needed.

The next people to arrive downstairs were Reyna’s brother Alex, and her sister Isabella. With a few quick questions about what was going on and a short explanation, soon Reyna was surrounded by her family in the kitchen helping her cook. Isabella was put on duty cutting the strawberries, Alex was scrambling the eggs, Reyna was making the pancakes, and their mother Mariana watched from afar and discussed the morning news with them. Eli had to leave around six - something about an early arrival coming in from the restaurant.

Soon enough the food was made, and Reyna took to making the plates. Pancakes and fresh sliced strawberries were put into the largest section of the container, while the eggs went into the upper right, and the bacon in the upper left. The maple syrup was poured into the sauce cups, capped, and stuck into the section with the pancakes.

Excusing herself to take a shower, Reyna quickly threw her wet hair up into a ponytail (something she would regret later), put on some mascara, and chose a typical Reyna style outfit of highwaisted ripped jeans, her black vans and a grey spaghetti strapped tank top. Checking her phone for the time, she cursed as she realized that it was already seven. She had to pick up Ava!

As everyone helped her put her bags and the food in the back of the car, Reyna gave her family a quick goodbye before speeding off in her car. When she was about five minutes from the house, Reyna gave a quick call to her friend. The first time there was no answer, the second time the same. On her third try, Reyna finally got an answer.

”Come on babes, we gotta go! It’s already 7:20!” she yelled through the phone.

Ava grumbled, yawning noticeably loud in response to Reyna’s rich latina accent. “Say that again but as if you’re not trying to make me go deaf.” Ava still lay in bed, not dressed but showered (or what passed for showered for her).

”I said we have to go. Now get your ass out here.”

She pulled the phone away from her ear, hearing Rey’s voice still yammer on in her native tongue, or at least it sounded like it. She rolled her eyes and grunted as he propped herself upright. She had a short moment of dizziness as all the blood in her system rushed to her head and she sat there for a few moments, ignoring her ride for most of them.

Truth be told, Ava was up to nearly 3-AM last night doing her last minute packing. When she wasn’t in the midst of binging Sense8 for the millionth time, she was casually throwing shit into her suitcase. She had to keep her mind off the fact that she wasn’t accepted into the college she had her eyes on. So naturally when she didn’t get accepted, she was beyond disappointed and she couldn’t stop thinking about it. Not only was it on her mind constantly but it made her moody and especially bitchy towards some people in her life.

She spent another moment getting up but Ava was indeed up and dressed. She wore a black midriff she barely remembered slipping on and some comfortable blue shorts that showed off two of Ava’s best features: her legs. Since her hair was alined, there was no reason to do anything to it but a short brushing before heading out.

She didn’t care how she looked nor how it made her look. She wasn’t dressing to impress and more importantly, she was lazy and didn’t feel like putting anything else on. But don’t worry, curious minds! Ava’s best outfits were in her 50lbs suitcase that she may or may not have been pulling by the handle. It was one of those suitcases with the wheel attachments because fuck manual labor!

“Yes! I hear you. No need to go on a tangent again!” She said to Reyna, rolling her eyes. The sound of the suitcase wheels bouncing against the wooden suitcase was heard as Ava made her way downstairs. “I’m downstairs. Get your ass over here and help me with this suitcase!”

Rolling her eyes as she got out of the car, Reyna hit the end call button before opening the door to the house. Once inside, she spotted her friend and quickly made her way over to help with the suitcase.

”You look gorgeous as always. Now how we doin’ this? You grab one side, I grab the other? The thing is huge. How many clothes do you need?”

“Gotta come prepared!” She shot Reyna a wink before positioning herself in front of the suitcase and signaled Reyna to the back. “On three, we’ll lift. One, two, and [three! Ava and Ryena lifted the suitcase up and holy shit, it was so much easier with a second person helping her out. Though, as they walked towards the blue challenger sitting in the driveway, Ava let out a low whistle. “Shit, Rey! Now that’s a car! Pure American-Made muscle!” The moment of admiration forced them to stop near the passenger side window.

”Oh yeah,” Reyna smiled. ”Dad got it for me for a graduation present.” Opening the back passenger door, Reyna went to grab the back half of the suitcase again. ”You gonna help me chuck this thing in the car or what?”

Ava looked at Reyna with a confused glance when the latina opened up the back passenger door.. “Why not just throw it in the trunk?” She asked Reyna.

”Because the food and my bags are back there, silly. Trunk is full. There’s plenty of room in the back seat.”

Ava had herself an ‘oh’ moment as she stood there. “So that’s what smelled so delicious. And here I thought it was just your natural scent.” He commented with a slight smirk.

Reyna smiled. ”Pancakes and bacon do smell great, but I’m not sure I want to walk around smelling like breakfast all the time.” After convincing her friend to help her finish lifting the suitcase, Reyna and Ava finally got everything they needed to load in the car. Shutting the door and climbing back on the drivers side, Reyna waited on Ava to buckle up before she pulled off.

Ava sank herself into the passenger seat, taking her sweet time clicking the buckle. She rested her head by leaning back and pulled out her phone from her pocket. She only had a couple things in her pockets: her phone and wallet, though the wallet was larger than most. As she fiddled around on her phone for a bit, she felt the car pull out of her driveway, which prompted her to glance up at her parents’ house and she couldn’t help but feel bittersweet. How long would she need to hold up the facade that most assumed she got into college?

The thought lingered as she pushed it down and sighed. “So!” Her voice came after moments of silence and turned her head to face Reyna. “How does it feel to finally be free of our 4-year prison sentence? Personally, I’m ecstatic! No more of having to shove down shitty cafeteria food and no more of holding my tongue around them Ex-H.O.T.s!”

Shrugging her shoulders, Reyna took a second to think. She honestly hadn’t slowed down long enough to even think about what life after high school actually meant. Sure, there was college, but what did that even mean? She had worked her whole life, but this was different. They were adults now.

”I guess it’s sort of bittersweet, you know. Never thought we would get here, now we have. Who knows. Maybe I’ll go to college and meet a really rich hottie. Have a big family, a dog. Make pancakes for breakfast every morning.” She sighed. ”Hell… I don’t know. I’m just ready to finally live life.”

Ava felt that on a personal level, though the mention about college made her also start to feel bittersweet. She was happy that Rey seemed hopeful for her future. She wouldn’t be smiling and laughing if she was genuinely happy, but like she had been since last week when the rejection letter came, Ava felt a bitter taste in her mouth every time colleges were mentioned and how everyone just were probably going to be talking nonstop about college this and college that.

”Here’s to the rest of our lives!” She shot Reyna a smile and looked ahead.

Turning the radio up as she stepped on the gas, Reyna flashed her friend one last smile before turning her attention back to the road. Pulling into the BHHS parking lot, Reyna mentally took count of how many cars were in the lot and who they belong to. Aleks was already there, along with Sami, AJ of course, and… Katie?! Reyna had no idea that she even knew about the road trip, much less was invited.

”Hooolllyyy shit. AJ is going to have a freaking aneurysm. Look over there in that white benz and tell me that isn’t Katie.”

”The poor baby.” Ava was trying to feel bad for AJ but she couldn’t deny this was making her feel better. In a way, her disappointment about college was suddenly overshadowed by how much AJ must hate this. “He might need a hug, Rey.” She laughed, nudging her friend in the shoulder. “Whaddya say? Wanna take one for the team?” She winked at Reyna.

Reyna laughed, shaking her head in protest. ”No fu-cking way. As if him eating my food isn’t going to make him want to throw a tantrum enough. You wanna give the sour pus a hug, be my guess sis. Otherwise, I think I’m good.” Unbuckling her seatbelt and exiting the car, Reyna could barely contain the smile on her face from Avas suggestion.

Ava was still chuckling about Reyna’s comments. Even as they retrieved their own bags and shit from her car, she couldn’t help but laugh at the development of the situation. AJ, who had dated Katie’s brother, now had to deal with the fact she was here and she found that hilarious. She felt for AJ, she really did but hell be damned if she wasn’t going to laugh about this during the duration of the trip.

“You need any help getting the food out or are you good?” She asked Reyna, stopping near the trunk as the scent of the food distracted Ava’s other senses.

”Go ahead and grab your plate if you want. I can handle the rest from there,” Reyna said, popping open the trunk. Turning around, she spread her arms out wide, a smile returning to her face once more. ”Who wants pancakes, losers?!”


Holding Junies hand as she led him into the water, Ty wasn't really sure what to expect from here. A friendly swim? A race to the other side and back? What he wasn't expecting was her straight forwardness. On one hand, it was like the Junie he knew to ask exactly that. She was confident. She knew what she wanted. Anyone who knew her could tell you that. On the other hand, it was unlike the Junie he knew. She had been playing coy, and for Ty to see her so open about what she wanted was a little shocking.

No matter what he did or didn't know about Junie, the fact still stood that they were having one hell of a breathtaking moment. Rather the heat coursing through his veins was due to her touching him or the previous consumption of alcohol he didn't know. Snapping back into reality, he placed his hands on her hips, gently pulling her towards him to close whatever distance was left between them. Instead of using his words and risking the possibility of saying something cringy, Ty decided to do what Ty did best - speak with his body language.

As he tilted his head downward to press his lips to Junies, he heard the cockblocking splash right before he felt it. Head snapping up as his arms flew up out beside of him, Ty turned to see who had threw the football that had barely missed his dates (date? could he call her that?) head.

And there she was; all honey blonde hair and with that mischievous smirk plastered across her face, arms crossed in triumph.

"Yo Dee!" he called out, clearly pissed. "What the fuck?!"
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