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1 day ago
Current And it seems as if I've started the same vicious cycle of screwing things up again.
1 day ago
For crying out loud. Can all you people do is argue?
2 days ago
That feeling when the one person who you want to talk to isn't online. Give me your attention already. Damn.
3 days ago
It's not insomnia. It's sleep procrastination.
4 days ago
Of course I'm listening to Breaking Benjamin and pondering about life at 4 in the morning. What else would I be doing?


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Random post of nothingness.
Everyone calm your fucking tits.

I said to keep this thread civil... Yes, I asked for your opinions on the different forums. I did not ask for you to come at and attack each other. If you wish to debate, please take it to PM's or another thread.

And before you start whining and saying there is no point in a thread without a discussion, I never said you weren't allowed to converse. Just don't go around attacking people because their opinion is different than yours.
I once answered the phone as Candace from West Side Sperm Bank. That tellemarketer never called back .
It was just a thread I thought would be cool forr mentioning various people that you appreciate.

By all means, if belongs in spam then we can move it there. I'm just sorry to have caused you the heeadache.
The placee to come to gush about the various members of RPG.
<Snipped quote by King Tai>

You look like you own a lot of pineapple farms.

I was searching for the perfect way to describe it. And then you came along. Thanks for this.
@Altered Tundra@POOHEAD189

Well thanks you two. xD
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