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Current Maybe Mahz won't give us a dislike button because people are already butt-hurt enough.
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I hate when I get a notification saying I received a PM or something and it's not the person I wanted to talk to.
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No matter what you're going through, please stay strong. There's someone out there who cares about you rather you realize it or not.
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Ordered some pizza. Locked myself in my room. Staying in my pj's and watching movies all day. I deserve me time.
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Please take the time to thank retail workers. We don't get Thanksgiving and other such days off.


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Raven Aster Willow

The dress.

Raven had flown in from Mirenia early this morning, bringing her best attendant, Aria, with her. Upon ariving, she settled in quickly. Long flights had always made her feel a little off, meaning the first item on the agenda was a shower. (Usually it would have been a nap, but she had taken one of those on the flight.) After being scrubbed and dried, the princess flopped down on the bed lazily, lost in thought.

Here she was thousands of miles away from Mirenia, and there was no telling what her father had in store next for his people. Another mass execution when the men refused to work in the mines like last week? Raven didn't blame the people. There was no riot. There was nothing but peaceful people sitting outside the entrance to the mine, attempting to save their lives by not working that day. Everyone knew that mine was on the brink of collapsing. Everyone. And still, the king had punished his subjects. All to harshly, in his daughters opinion. But there was nothing Raven could do except shout at her father until she became queen, and all this ever did was make him laugh.

Picking up her phone from the bedside table, she quickly read through the noted she had accumulated on the totals attending Aciras these next few months. Out of the whole list the ones who sparked her interest the most were Erik, Mai, Akito and Aito, and Yu. Why? Because they just seemed interesting. Erik with his military, party boy ways. Mai, with her love of red, and last but not least, Yu - he just seemed friendly. The twins just seemed adorable.

Soon, it was time to get ready. Denying any help from Aria, the young woman dressed herself. Her dress was long sleeved, dark green and floor length. Door footwear, she had decided to go with a simple green wedge. Her hair was curled into lose ringlets.

Making her way into the receiving line, she waited patiently until called. A short greeting went out to the royals of Aciras, Raven making her way to the middle of the ballroom as she surveyed her surroundings. As luck would have it, the twins had made their way there too.

Approaching them, Raven forced a tentative smile. "Akito, Aito. I am Raven, crown princess of Mirenia. It is an honor to meet you both," she said, offering her hand for them to shake.

Isabella is such a bish.
Talya Jade Burnley
The dress.

Talya had spent the greater part of the day getting settled into her guest room at the Aciran castle. She hadn't brought any attendants with her, much to her parents disapproval. This ment that she had to spend the majority of her time here at the castle unpacking. Once her clothes were hanged and everything was in it's place, she barely had two hours to get ready for the welcoming ball. Luckily she had picked out her outfit before hand. So out of her beloved jeans and into the dress she went.

It was a high-necked dress, white in color except for the gold outline at the neck and mid-stomach. The top half was backless, made of lace and embroidered with an intricate floral pattern. The bottom half was surrounded by a sort of skirt that reached the floor with a split that reached clean up above her hip. The young woman had chosen such a dress because she felt that it suited her. The flower design reminded her of the fields back home, and the color white had always reminded her of the seafoam upon the shore.

Talya had decided to accessorize with golden bracelets on each wrist. For footwear, she had chosen a pair of two inch high peep-toe stilletos, light gold in color. Her hair was left nearly untouched and free falling. All she had really done was brush it. With one quick glance in the mirror, she exited her room to make her way to the receiving line.

Once there, she waited patiently until her sister came up behind her. Though Ivy was always dolled up, the sight of her in her dress for this special occasion made Talya smile. Giving Ivy's hand a small squeeze, she gave slight smiles to the other royals as they approached. Once her name was called, she entered the ball room, chin ever so slightly up. The young woman made her way gracefully over to Princess Lea. Giving a curtsey in greeting, she met the other girls gaze with a smile. "It is an honor to be here, Princess Ayleanna. Thank you for inviting me." Hearing Genevieve's comment - who's name she only knew from the announcement - she nodded. "I agree. You look absolutely stuning."
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Talya Burnley: Older sister to Ivy, Crown princess of Notia. The tomboy of the punch that feels suffocated by the proper lady like way to act. Enjoys a good prank of two, and has a very wide social media following. Likes horses and to sketch random shit.

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