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The Supreme Court just overturned Roe v. Wade. I don’t know how to explain this to all of you, but this is absolutely terrifying.
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To everyone who told me I was β€˜overreacting’ when RBG died… fuck you.


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Founded in 1806, Tanner Washington has been home to both witches and mortals for centuries. The small town offers a beautiful landscape of mountains, lakes, rivers, and more - and often boasts about being a safe community for residents. Walking down main street, the overall vibe of tanner is old and eclectic. Most of the buildings are worn, and show the signs of Tanners long forgotten history.


Built in 1811, the Coven House was originally used as a hospital before it was converted into the safe house that it is today. The Coven House is used for meetings, research purposes, and other such things. In the garden, you can find many useful plants and herbs to aid you down the magical path. The Coven House has many spare bedrooms that are used in times of need. The Library holds both the town and the Covens history.

Huskers bar and grill can be found located on the top right corner of main street. Originally opened by Husker Neeland in 1906, the bar and grill used to be a speakeasy back in the 1920's. Now owned by his great-great-great-great grandson (Husker Neeland the 5th), Huskers Bar & Grill has more of a dive-bar feel than a restaurant vibe. Neon signs decorate the walls, the leather on the bar-stools needs re-upholstering, and the bathrooms are questionable at best. Usually known to be a good place to get a burger and a beer, Huskers does have higher class dishes on their menu - the question is, does it taste high class?

Jackson's Diner is a favorite place for both the young and old. Opened in 1949, the diner has never updated their aesthetic - and it's done wonders for business. The original jukebox can still be found in the dining room, and the waitresses wear classic diner attire. Known for their fries and milkshakes, Jackson's is also very popular during tourist season.

The Pinewood Social is probably the busiest place in town anytime of the day or year. Starting out as just a bowling alley in the 70's, Pinewood is now the favorite spot for young adults in Tanner, as they have added an arcade and laser tag course over the years. A great place to eat and play all at the same time, Pinewood Social is opened late throughout the week, giving the younger people in town something to do. Friday Nights are Neon Nights.

The Aurora Theater can be found in the middle of the left side of main street, and is open all year round. Built in 1932, the theater has done their best to keep up with the times and update their decor. While giving an old vibe on the outside, The Aurora offers a comfortable and welcoming environment for you to enjoy all of this years blockbusters.

The Stars & Stripes Drive In Theater is open every summer from May-September. A popular hang-out, the tickets and concessions remained cheap over the years. The drive-in plays both new and old movies, offering something for everyone.

Red Oaks Plaza can be found in downtown Tanner, right off of the highway. A large shopping center, this is where most people in Tanner go to do any and all of their shopping for Christmas, birthdays, etc. You can find all of your favorite chain stores hear, and their food court also has some amazing Chinese.

Tanner Central park can be found in the center of town. The park has been around for just as long as Tanner, and has grown overtime with the town. You can find all of your basic park things here - the sandbox, the swing set, the jungle gym, and the like. There's also miles and miles of walking trails - both paved and not - that can be found in the park. Tanner Central Park is also home to the baseball field, basketball, tennis, and volleyball courts.

The Rocky River Ranch Hangout has been around since the 1950's - beginning as a private party spot for John Montgomery and his friends. Over the years, kids from the local highschool have come down here during the summer for a safe place to celebrate. Located on the property of the Rocky River Ranch, you first need to pass through the gates of the ranch. Once inside, drive for about four miles. Upon coming to the fork in the road, take a left. You can safetly drive for another mile before the terrain becomes too difficult for vehicles, as the trail is overgrown with nature. From there, it is a mile hike to the river and lake. The only rule for the Rocky River Ranch Hang-out is respect the land. Pick up after yourselves, respect the animals, and don't kill the plants. It's really that simple. Mess with the nature, and you'll have to talk to Mr. Montgomery himself.

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@HedgeHawk @HaleyTheRandom


A Collab between @Hedgehawk & @HaleyTheRandom
Featuring: Carlisle Aston& Lilith Montgomery]
Time: 11:12am

Location: Coven House
Interactions: Mostly themselves.


With everything said and done, Carlisle would wait a moment to see if anyone had any objections or if anyone had volunteered right away. Once he was convinced that everyone had piped up and he answered their questions he would stand up.

”Right, I have nothing else left to say. If those who want to come with me upto the forest with me, hang around for a little bit, everyone else you are free to go and investigate whatever you want or go back and settle back in. I just need to talk to Lilith and then I will be back.” Carlisle would then look over at Lilith, with a small weak smile and then invite her to go out onto the veranda at the back of the dining hall. He really didn’t want to do this, he had a feeling that Lilith was about to tear him a new one.

Lilith had felt all of the emotions stirring in the room from the moment that she had arrived; Carlisle’s nervousness, Aurora’s familiar calmness, and Victor’s somewhat eager awaiting. The one emotion that she had felt the most though, was Serena’s anger.

While Lilith could and would agree that Serena was far from the best person standing in the room, she would also admit that perhaps Carlisle's comment had taken things too far. Lilith half expected Serena to turn Carlisle to ash right where he sat, but it seemed that the dark haired vixen had more restraint these days.

Continuing to eat, Lilith gave a small welcoming smile to Aurora and waited patiently while Carlisle spoke. As his speech came to an end, Lilith herself stood up shortly after the Interim Coven Leader.

That’s when she felt it.

A gut punching feeling, one that made her grip the edge of the long wooden table with both hands to keep from falling down. While the wave of emotion rolled over her, Lilith looked up just in time to see the fire behind Serena’s eyes as Carlisle’s face connected with the table.

A loud groan escaped the boy's lips, causing Lilith to spring into action. She quickly - and quite literally - climbed over the table, jumping down from the other side near Serena with a fist raised in the air.

Luckily for the other woman, Kolby also had fast reflexes.

Pushing Serena out of the way, Kolby caught Lilith in both arms as she jumped down from the table, taking whatever damage was intended for Serena as he did so.

”I’ll fucking kill you, you stupid cunt bitch,” Lilith shouted, spiting in brunettes direction. ”Put me down, Jett!” she screamed at Kolby, kicking and scratching wildly.

To everyone else watching, it might have been a funny scene. Kolby was a literal foot taller than Lilith, and the small, angry woman in his arms looked like an absolute maniac as he did his best to restrain her.

Elbowing Kolby in the jaw, Lilith felt his grip loosen ever so slightly as she heard a small voice of reason in the back of her mind. She knew Kolby was doing his best to influence her actions, but her emotions were too strong right now.

Almost getting away, Lilith managed to swipe Serena across the face, scratching her as she did so.

With Kolby’s arms now holding her even tighter across the torso, Lilith had stopped flailing around.

Her face burning with heat, and her eyes full of fire, she shouted at Serena once more.

”I swear to you. I swear it on the ancestors - if you EVER touch him in any way EVER again - I. will. fucking. kill. you. No questions asked.”

It took a second, but Carlisle would come back around. Just as he was getting up, suddenly his brain went foggy and he seemed to lose control, the next thing he knew, his brain was telling his body to headbutt the table. With force. Sitting back up, he could feel a warm liquid near his nose. Raising his hand, he swiped his fingers under his nose and felt the sensation of blood. He couldn't tell what condition his nose was in, but it certainly wasn't something healthy. He could swear it was broken.

Right now however, Carlisle was embarrassed. Emotionally, he felt broken. He was already nervous enough about Lilith and speaking to the Coven, and then Serena pulled this crap on him. Sure he was a little rude, but she had it coming given how she decided to enter the place. Carlisle wasn't a pushover anymore. Well. Much of a push over. Standing back up properly, Carlisle would look over to Lilith.

"Lil, leave her, please. I will deal with her later" He said as he glared at Serena while holding his nose. He would then walk out of the dining hall and onto the back veranda, leaving the door open for Lilith to come through. Leaning against the railing, he would curse under his breath as he leant his head back to try and stop the bleeding.

As Kolby sat her down, Lilith adjusted her t-shirt. Feeling the warm tears pooling in her eyes, Lilith kept her eyes fixed on the ground, though she still glared at Carlisle's words. What sort of tone was he was using with her? Lilith didn’t quite know how to label it - all she knew was that she was pissed off and confused.

Quickly using the sleeves of her jacket to wipe the angry tears from her face, Lilith looked up at Kolby.

”You ever try n’ stop me like that again, I'll kick your ass too,” she added, pointing a finger at his chest. Scanning the room, her eyes lingered on Miles for just a moment as her stomach knotted intensely.

Storming out after Carlisle, Lilith walked out onto the veranda to stand beside him, facing the view of the outside world that the Coven House had to offer.

Clearing her throat, Lilith spoke softly, still not looking at Carlisle.

”So what’s the damage?”

"It is not broken. So there is that. I think just taking a healing brew from the kitchen should deal with it. Sorry if I came across as a jerk back there. I guess I felt a little powerless after hitting the table and kinda took it out on the wrong person. I have never had someone get angry when I got hurt before y'know" Carlisle gave off a sort of goofy grin. He could see the hurt and anger in her eyes. She didn't know what to think right now, and to be honest, neither could he. "What did you want to see me about anyway?"

Eyes still glued onto the scenery, Lilith sighed.

”Don’t overthink it. I would have done the same for any of my friends,” she stated dismissively.

It was true. Lilith was fiercely loyal to the people that she cared about. Rather she had to be there for you by fighting you enemies, or making you chicken soup - she’d be there. However, Lilith had a deep suspicion that her reaction had something to do with her lack of sleep and overall shit mental health as of late.

Reaching out to grab the railing, Lilith thought for a moment before speaking.

”I had a vision. Well, I’ve had a couple, actually. Dreams too, ya know?” Nervous on how to truly approach the situation, Lilith took a deep breath. ”Something’s going on with the wards around town. You already know that. What I really wanted to talk to you about… I just… Carlisle -” Turning to look at him, the young woman couldn’t help but glare. ”Have you - or have you not - been messing around in the forbidden section of the library?”

Busted. Carlisle should have known that he could have got one over on Lilith. She could literally see the future. Carlsilse took a deep breath.

"Okay. Yeah. I was in the library a couple of nights ago. I was looking at a book in the forbidden section. I was trying to understand your divination powers." Carlisle looked down, right now he couldn't bear to meet Lilith's glare. "I know you have had issues with your spirits, and I really hoped the book might help me understand it a bit better. I was hoping I could help you through it."

As anger washed over the brunette, she took another deep breath to steady her nerves.

”So let me get this straight…” Speaking slowly and deliberately, Lilith kept her eyes locked onto Carlisle even after he had dropped his head. ”You come to me, seaking my opinion and knowledge on something. I give you my thoughts on the situation. I even go so far as to explain the dangers and warn you thoroughly of the consequences. And you have the audacity to disregard all of it?”

Eyebrows knit in frustration, Lilith threw her hands up in defeat.

”Why on Earth would you even ask me if you’re just going to do what the hell you want to do anyway?! And don’t fucking say it was for me. That just feels manipulative. Even if you aren’t trying to be, that’s how it makes me feel, and I don’t need your protection or your help or whatever it is you're trying to offer anyway, dammit.”

Carlisle hadn’t thought of the points that Lilith made. Perhaps he had been a little hasty himself. He had done it to try and help him understand what was going on. Lilith was fighting something terrible, at least in Carlisle’s mind.

”I am sorry. I was selfish. I wanted to help, but in the process destroyed the trust you had in me. I get it. I fucked up.” Carlisle said with a soft whimper. He would lift his head back up, his eyes welling up slightly, but he tried to move his head to the side to avoid revealing it to Lilith.

”No Carlisle, you don’t,” she responded fiercely. ”You don’t get it at all because I keep giving you chance after chance. You do these things, and I keep on forgiving you, and we end up right back in the same spot. So don’t tell me that you understand when you clearly do not.”
Hands now balled into fists at her side, Lilith was no longer trying to control the angry tears that fell from her face. Truthfully, she didn’t know why she cared for Carlisle so much, or why he had a special way of getting under her skin. Maybe being the only two that stuck around in Tanner had complicated whatever dynamic that this was. Maybe she had gotten too close.

”I’m not trying to be mean, I swear,” she pleaded. ”I’m just trying to make you realize that you can’t keep doing things like this and putting me into these situations and expecting me to forgive you. Look at me, please.”

Getting no response from her friend, Lilith reached up with her right hand to grab his chin, turning his face towards her. With her eyes locked on his, Lilith spoke once more - her tone more calm this time.

”You can’t keep acting like this. I don’t know what’s been going on with you lately. But if you keep acting this way - talking like that to Serena, pissing people off, messing with things that you know you shouldn’t - you’re literally going to get yourself killed, Carlisle. Do you understand me?”

"I am scared. I am just so fucking scared" Carlisle muttered, his shoulders shaking lightly as he struggled to keep his composure together. "I am scared about being a leader, worrying if I will screw up. I am scared that I will lose everything. I am scared about being left behind. I was enjoying a nice time in Tanner with just the two of us, and then all of this was thrust upon me. I am not ready for this. Carlisle then looked into her eyes. Those angry, but somehow soft eyes. And that was what broke him. Seeing the hurt in her eyes. He would begin to bawl lightly, making sure to keep his wails down so that people couldn't hear him in the dining room. The last thing he needed was anyone else seeing him like this. "Worst of all I am scared of losing you. Both in terms of you being killed and with you leaving me because…" Carilse would suddenly stop his sentence. He couldn't say it out loud. Not now. Not while he was looking like a complete respectless jerk.

As Carlisle spoke, Lilith let her hand fall back to her side. Her eyes still on his, Lilith began to finally feel herself start to calm down. Glancing into the dinning room, she could see that Erin’s eyes were still locked on her. There was no doubt that she was to thank for Lilith’s new state of mind. With her own emotions out of the way, however, that now meant that Lilith could feel other people's emotions again - and she was absolutely picking up on everything that Carlisle was not putting down.

Suddenly it all clicked in her mind. All of the times they had spent by the river, or reading in the library over the summer hadn’t been because they were β€˜just friends’ and Carlisle wanted to β€˜help her with her research’.

Lilith could feel the blood drain from her face as the realization hit her like a ton of bricks.

”Holy… shit,” she whispered, looking him up and down, arms now crossed across her chest.

Shaking her head to clear her thoughts, Lilith laughed. ”I - nope. Not dealing with this shit right now. Absolutely not.” Now blushing and laughing, Lilith tried to cover her mouth in defeat. ”I’m sorry. I’m - I’m not laughing at you. I just —” Taking a moment to compose herself, Lilith looked back at Carlisle. ”I think I’m having a mental breakdown. Let’s just go back inside, and you get out of your head and stop overthinking shit and let’s just go check out the barriers, m’kay?”

Carlisle didn't have to say it. But after a summer together, she finally figured it out. Just why did it have to be right now when he was in the shit? With a soft sigh, Carlisle nodded. He would give a soft smile.

"Yeah okay. I get that. I dropped that at the worst time. I am sorry though. I know you might not get it, but I really am. Listen… After we look at the barrier, fancy grabbing a Taco Bell? Maybe talk about this with a clearer head."

Already re-composed, Lilith responded quickly. ”Talk about what,” she said, shrugging her shoulders. Taking a deep breath, Lilith kept her eyes locked on the group of people in the dining room. ”I’m going to go home and do some cleansing spells after. All of this energy is really…” Waving her arms around, Lilith tried her best to find the word to describe what she was feeling. ”....fucky.”

There was no way she could focus on the fact that her best friend had a crush on her - especially not with the boy who broke her heart in the next room over - and especially not after seeing him for the first time in years.

Carlisle let out a soft sigh. Fair enough. He took his shot, but he got it. It was hard at the moment. Carlisle then gave a small smile and wiped more blood from his nose. "Fair. Fair. Anyway. I will let you go, I need to go to the alchemy lab and grab a healie. You don't have to come to barrier if you just wanna clock off and do your cleansing" Carlisle would then walk down the veranda and leaving Lilith too her thoughts.

Carlisle Aston // Devon Bostick // 00FFFF // Played by @Hedgehawk || Hayden Kersey // India Eisley // FFA500 // Played by @Hedgehawk

Aurora Newman // Scarlett Johansson // Crimson // Played by @WolfLover || Lilith Montgomery // Maia Mitchell // 00FFFC // Played by @HaleyTheRandom

Kolby Hawthorne // Ash Stymest // 4BB181 // Played by @HaleyTheRandom || Serena Delamar // Arielle Chartrand // FFC6AA // Played by

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A Collab between @Hedgehawk & @HaleyTheRandom
Featuring: Hayden Kersey, Kolby Hawthorne, Serena Delamar & Erin Blake

Location: JFK International Airport -> Coven House
Interactions: Mostly themselves.


Serena had woken early that morning, doing Erin a favor and calling the moving company to make sure that all of their items had arrived at the house in Tanner. Upon receiving pleasing news, the dark haired woman opened the only bottle of vodka left in their apartment before taking a swallow.

Already dressed and ready for the day, Serena was sitting on the kitchen counter, scrolling through her social media and waiting patiently for her cousin to get ready.

Erin, being the overthinker that she was, had spent roughly two hours deciding on her outfit that morning. She wanted to look effortlessly beautiful, but she had a feeling that someone would be able to tell that she had added just a little too much hair product.

Walking into the kitchen, Erin promptly marched over and grabbed the bottle of alcohol from Serena. As her cousin began to yell in protest, the blonde poured the contents of the Grey Goose bottle down the drain of the kitchen sink.

”Don’t you know it’s like a federal crime or something to get on a plane drunk,” she asked, eyebrows knit with concern.

”So?” retorted Serena.

”So do you want to go to prison,” Erin asked sarcastically.

Serena didn’t give a proper response, choosing to roll her eyes instead. Phone buzzing in her hand, she sighed deeply before looking back up at Erin.

”Come on,” she began, hopping down from the counter. ”Kolby and his little pet are waiting for us.”

As badly as Erin wanted to give Serena a speech on how she should respect Kolby and who he was with, she decided that she would save her energy for the larger battles she was sure to face today.

Thankfully the girls were only a short cab ride from the airport. New York traffic turned their ride into a thirty minute travel - and both Erin and Serena were on the same brain wave, thinking that that was plenty of time for Kolby and Hayden to already be arguing and making a scene.

Once at the airport, the pair made their way inside and to the ticket check in. Both Erin and Serena were only carrying small bags with daily essentials, seeing as everything else was being shipped back home. That made their bag check an absolute breeze.

Spotting Hayden and Kolby down the line at the baggage claim area, Erin began waving excitedly.

”Kolby! Hayden! Over here!!”

Hayden reacted first and looked over as Erin was waving. Indeed it had been a rough morning for the dating duo. Hayden had already threatened to push Kolby out of the plane. Despite that however, she was trying her best to be nice. She knew that none of these people had an obligation to bring her to Tanner. While Erin and Serena didn't know the danger Hayden was in, Kolby did. The fact he agreed to shelter her was a major thing. With a small sigh she walked on over to the female duo, bringing Kolby with her.

"Hey, was starting to think that you might not show and decided a whole exciting city was more exciting than the whole of a town in the back ass crack of nowhere."

Erin's eyes quickly looked Hayden up and down in a judging fashion when the other young woman commented on Tanner the way that she did. Kolby's laugh was the only thing stopping her - that and the fact that he promptly hugged Serena and Erin both.

Serena let the hug between her and her old friend last just a little longer than what most people would consider comfortable. Most of this was because she had missed Kolby and the familiar scent of leather and cigarettes - the other half of it was wanting to irritate Hayden.

Letting her arms drop from around Kolby’s neck, Serena looked over to Hayden, the playful smile still lingering on her face.

”And miss the chance to remind those bitches that I’m still the baddest one around? No way.” Tossing her left arm around Erins shoulders and pulling her close, Serena continued to joke. ”Besides. We can always skip town later and head to Vegas.”

Hayden gave off a polite smile, but the fact Serena was hugging Kolby for that long… She noticed. With a small smirk she would walk over to Kolby and put her own arm around his shoulder as Serena did with Erin. Kolby might be an annoying bitch at times, but he was her annoying bitch. At least until it suited her. She wasn't about to let Serena try and do anything.

"So what's Tanner like? Never been in a coven before. I don't have to do a stupid ritual thing under the moon or anything right?"

Tilting her head ever so slightly towards the left while looking at Erin, Serena thought about how best to answer that question as she picked up her things from the conveyor belt. Thankfully, Erin decided to do the talking for her.

”It’s home,” Erin stated simply. ”There’s beaches, and mountains. Deserts if you drive out far enough. The people are nice. The Coven is… the Coven is our family.” The more she talked, the more and more excited the blonde haired woman became.

”The people are nice,” Kolby repeated, mocking Erin as he scoffed. ”C’mon, E. Don’t lie to my girlfriend like that. You know people in Tanner are assholes.”

”Mm… And you’re the stinkest fuckin’ asshole of them all, ain’t ya, Kole?” the blonde retorted.

”You bet your ass. Now come on, let’s get this show on the road.” Kolby wrapped his free arm around Hayden, pulling her closer as he began to walk towards boarding their plane. Kissing the top of her head, he spoke quickly and quietly - hopefully where only she could hear him. ”You have nothing to worry about, love. Serena is a bitch, Erin is sarcastic - but words don’t hurt people, eh?”

"Words don't, but a fiery blade does" Hayden spoke back in a hushed tone. After leaning away she walked with Kolby and Co and boarded the plane, noticing that the quad had managed to bag a series of seats in order. Hayden would let everyone else sit down first, electing not to go for the window seat.

"So who is running the show in Tanner? Like who do I have to give puppy dog eyes to? And more importantly, who do I have to be weary of?"

Boarding the plane, Erin took the window seat, and Serena climbed in next. Kolby separated the girls from Hayden - a smart and subtle move. Kolby knew full well that Hayden would try to burn Serena - literally - but he also knew that Serena would and could do more damage than Hayden could ever imagine.

”Carlisle Aston - that nerd I’ve mentioned to you - he’s the leader of shit now. Or, he will be when his mom retires.” Kolby was the first to kick off the explanation, planning to give Hayden a quick run down. The girls however, had other plans.

”He’s a bitch, really. An absolute pushover,” Serena interjected, taking over the conversation momentarily. ”There was one time Kolby broke his nose. Poor Carlisle is still sore over it.”
”No one for you to really β€˜watch out for.’” Erin added, making air-quotes as she spoke. ”I don’t recommend coming for any of the Coven with whatever guns you have blazing. IF you insist on watching out for people though, there’s Lilith. And our girl here, Serena. They come from the most recent governing families besides Carlisles. No one is going to try and harm you right off the bat though.”

At this point, Serena had given Erin a small side eye, accompanied with a smirk. Meanwhile Kolby had his head propped up in his left hand, his elbow resting on the armrest between Hayden and himself. It seemed there was no use in him trying to speak when Erin and Serena were around.

"So hang on. If Lilith and Serena also come from governing families then why is it that Carlisle is in charge? Shouldn't you get a crack at it as well?" Hayden commented. She was genuinely interested in why the coven worked the way it did. If she was going to become part of the system, then she might as well know who the movers and shakers are. While they were talking the on board announcements played and the plane finally ready for takeoff. For Hayden there was no turning back now.

”I don’t want to be in charge,” Serena responded, almost too quickly. ”I want to live my life freely. I don’t want to have to look after others and worry about upholding the justices of the world and having a moral compass and all of that other shit. No. What I want is to lay on a beach, with my tits out, with a liquor in one hand, and a pretty girls boobs in the other.”

Taking a deep breath, Serena looked out the window for a brief moment before turning back to Hayden.

”There’s three major families in Tanner. The founders, if you will. The Delamars are one, and Carlisle's family - the Astons - are another. It’s more about family lineages, and which family has given birth to the strongest witch at the time. You don’t really get a say in rather your the Covens leader or not. I don’t know many of the finer details.”

”Mostly because you don’t care to learn,” Kolby replied in a silly tone.

”Bingo,” Serena joked back, shooting a finger gun in his direction.

"So what I am hearing is that even if you don't want it, if you are deemed stronger, you would just be put in charge? Though I do get the boobs. Sometimes I wish I had some to hold too" Hayden would then wink over and Kolby, both suggestively and mockingly. "I get the idea though. I basically just have to woo Carlisle to give me refuge and then I can live in the house and spend my time winding him up and making him regret it. I can do that. And if he says no… I will just have Kolby break his nose again. I bet you looked hot doing that"

Serena, nor Kolby had a chance to respond this time. Instead, it was made evident that the small anxieties that Erin had about the flight were starting to get to her, and so were Hayden’s mildly annoying questions and assumptions.
”You’re not going to β€˜woo’ Carlisle. And why wouldn’t you be staying with Kolby, anyway? The Coven will only house you if they have to. It is pretty easy to make him regret his life decisions though. Now. Anyway. When does this plane take off?”

Hayden didn't respond to the comment regarding staying at Kolby's. While appearances were they were a great couple, the foundation of this relationship was rocky at the best of times. There was no guarantee that Kolby would want her around when they landed. She had to practically beg to allow herself to tag along. Hayden was about to speak when the plane would begin taking off. She could see the anxiety coming off Erin so she decided to back off. Hayden wasn't the best with flights either.

It took a few hours, but the group had made it to Seattle, the closest stop to Tanner. After messing around with baggage and Hayden almost taking a whole family's luggage for the hell of it, they found themselves an Uber that was willing to make the long drive out into pine forests. Hayden had to admit that it was a beautiful place. Secluded, away from the world.

Entering Tanner proper, she took the time to absorb the old timey atheistic. The houses here looked ancient by New York standards. Each with different spires and verdanas, she hated to think how expensive these were. Though she imagined most were passed down through families. It wouldn't be long until the uber pulled up to the Coven household. After debarking and removing their luggage, Hayden took a look around.

"Well New York never had anything as fancy as this"

”At least New York knows what class is,” Serena mumbled, grabbing her bag and handing Erin’s to hers.

Walking up to the entrance of the Coven house with the rest of the group behind her, Serena promptly opened up the door and stepped right inside.

”Glad to see this place is still just as musty as ever,” she commented in a mildly disgusted tone. Looking up from the worn wooden floorboards, Serena spotted a familiar figure walking out of the room as they entered. Motioning for everyone else to follow, Serena quickly began following Carlisle down the hall to where the rest of the Coven was waiting.

”Well, I did it! I came back fucking home, and I even brought the others back in one piece.”

As Carlisle fell back into his seat, Serena’s eyes never left the young mans face.

”Proud?” she asked, the one and only word she had spoken dripping with acid.

Time: 3:30 am -> 6:15 am -> 9:00 am.
Location: Family Ranch -> Coven House
Interactions: Her Guides -> Grandpa John -> Osiris -> Carlisle @Hedgehawk


”Can you guys seriously just let me FUCKING sleep?” Lilith shrieked, her eyes flying open as she sat up in bed.

’Calm down, dearest. We’re only trying to help.’

’Stop your damn whining, you got work to do.’

’Lilly, I’m sorry, but we needed you. Tanner -’

The voices of all three of her spirit guides shouting over one another immediately gave Lilith a headache. With all of their thoughts overpowering her own, she couldn’t process anything, much less the fact that she was awake at 3:33 in the morning.

”Okay. Stop. Stop it. Stop it right now. I’m fucking exhausted. You guys know that. I remember begging you to just let me use tonight to recharge before I ever fell asleep! That was my intent for tonight - to rest. And all three of you completely disregarded my wishes -”

In the middle of her tangent, Lilith heard footsteps coming down the hall. The sound was quickly followed by a long, deep, familiar yawn as Lilith picked up on the feeling that someone was right outside her door.

”Everything okay in there, Mo-mo?” Her grandfather's deep, tired voice asked.

”I’m sorry! Just arguing with the voices in my head again, Pop,” Lilith responded jokingly.

John chuckled. ”Well, since we’re both up at the ass-crack of dawn, I’m gonna go start some breakfast. Come on down when you’re ready. You’ve got a big day ahead of you, baby.”

As John spoke, his voice became more and more soft. He was doing the best that he could to calm his granddaughter's nerves, but the knot in Lilith’s stomach only grew tighter.

”Be down in a bit,” she called out, already hearing John begin to walk away.


”Gaea. Shush. Now. Leave me alone,” Lilith groaned, gathering all of her hair into a bun. ”I slept for an hour. You guys gave me visions that gave me nightmares. The animals need feeding. I have to be at the Coven House by 11 so that the rest of what I consider to be the world can decide my fate, and you guys can’t even let me get a shower first!!”

Climbing out of bed, Lilith’s headspace was finally quiet. She quickly pulled a ratty t-shirt and pair of jeans from her dresser, and headed towards the shower. Water had always helped to calm her nerves, and this morning was no different. Setting the water temperature to hellfire, Lilith climbed in the shower and let the warm water run over her sore muscles.

The young woman hadn’t been sleeping well as of late. In fact, she had rarely felt tired - until this morning. Though while feeling invincible to exhaustion, Lilith couldn’t ignore the general feeling of unease that had been coursing through her veins all week. She and her grandfather had practically no boundaries, and kept zero secrets from each other; When she noticed him acting strange, it didn’t take much to pry the information from him. John didn’t give many details, but what he was willing to share was just enough to put Lilith on edge - and then her guides had filled in all the blanks.

She was sure that her Fate was what had her so uptight, but still… there was an energy floating around town that just didn’t sit right with Lilith. It was dark, gloomy, and overall unsettling - just like the feeling in her nightmare. Standing there under the water, the scene from her dream replayed in her mind.

Growling. Paws running across the forest floor. The moon had been full, glimmering high in the night sky. There was a feeling of aggression, and fear. Lilith had woken abruptly as soon as she heard the howling.

Rinsing off and shutting off the water, Lilith stepped out of the shower, and quietly got dressed.

’Why did you guys show me that,’ she thought. ’Is there even any significance to it, or did Halloween come early?’

’We… we don’t know what it means.’

”What do you mean you don’t know,” she asked, reaching for her toothbrush. ”You guys know everything.”

As Lilith began to brush her teeth, a feeling of uneasy fear washed over her. Her stomach flipping, the dark haired girl gagged, dropping her toothbrush in the skin. Taking a moment to regain control, Lilith furiously rinsed off her tooth brush and quickly rid her mouth of the rest of the tooth paste.

”Ladies,” she began, doing her best to speak calmly. Looking up into the mirror, Lilith gripped the edge of the sink tightly as she stared into her own eyes, past her own reflection. ”Please use your words or something. All of these emotions are killing me.”
’We just don’t know, Lilly.’ Gaea’s voice was the first that Lilith heard. ’We usually have the answers to everything, but this time… something is going on in Tanner and someone or something is keeping us from seeing the intent.’

There was a long pause as Lilith got dressed for the day. She took her time, not in any hurry to face her grandfather quite yet. John had the tendency to be optimistic even if it meant that he had to fake it on days like these. Lilith couldn’t stand the facade.

As she tossed her hair up into a damp, messy bun, Lilith began to descend the stairs.

’We’re sorry, we’ll give you some time.’

Nodding her head in silence, Lilith walked through the living room and past the recliner where John was sitting watching the morning news. The smell of eggs, bacon, and coffee filled the room. The familiarity was the first true thing that had put the young woman at ease this morning. Promptly making her way to the kitchen, Lilith wasn’t surprised to see her favorite breakfast waiting for her on the stove - though the sentiment did warm her heart.

Picking up one of the pancakes from the pan, Lilith spread a layer of cheesy scrambled eggs over it before placing the bacon and rolling it up. Taking a bite, she walked back over to the living room and sat down on the couch with her legs crossed.

”Good morning!” John exclaimed as soon as she was settled. ”No reason to ignore the elephant in the room, Mo. I’m sure your guides have told you what’s going on, and that you’ve heard some rumors - you have to be at the Coven house today by eleven.”

”But I hate that place. It gives me the c—”

The old man held up a single finger, silencing his granddaughter's tangent.

”You can’t fight this. Rather you like it or not, or want to be stubborn you have got to be at that meeting today.”

Crossing her arms and rolling her eyes, Lilith flopped back into the couch. Looking back to the TV screen, she noticed that it was a little after six in the morning now. Feeling her phone buzz in her back pocket, Lilith chose to ignore it for now. She had way too much going on this morning to be responding to calls and texts.

”I suppose you can’t give me a hint on what this meeting is for?” Lilith inquired.

”Sure can’t,” John responded immediately. ”Sorry to burst your bubble, but you have to figure this all out for yourself.”

Accepting her defeat with a great sigh, Lilith stood up from the couch and grabbed her Converse high tops from the shoe rack beside the front door. Putting them on and lacing them up, she grabbed her favorite denim jacket before heading out the door. She did all of this in silence, allowing whatever energy that was in the room to settle.

”I’m going to go run the perimeter, say hello to Osiris, and then I’ll be on my way.” Liltith did the best that she could to say this with hope in her voice, but she could tell that John saw right through her act.

Glancing up from the TV, her grandfather gave her a sympathetic and encouraging smile. ”That sounds like a great plan, sweetheart. Have a good day Mo-mo.”

Closing the door behind her, Lilith sat out on today's journey by first making her way across the front yard to the barn. Walking through the already open doors of the barn, Lilith was greeted by the sounds of happy horses. A smile quickly spreading across her face, the young woman gave her hellos to the ranch hands before making her way down the aisle to where Osiris’s stable was.

Osiris was a solid black stallion. A wild creature that begged to run free, Osiris was the son of John’s original racing horse. Neighing as Lilith came closer, Osiris threw himself up onto his back legs and shook his head wildly.

”Easy, boy, easy,” Lilith cooed, her hands held up out infront of her, palms facing upward.

’That weirdo Jamie put on my saddle this morning.’

She could hear Osiris’s disgust in her own thoughts, as she could with all other mammals. Jamie was one of the ranch hands, and he was the only person that Osiris refused to get along with. However Jamie seemed to be oblivious of the way the stallion acted towards him, and continued to force his presence onto the animal.

”I talked to him about it, just like I promised.” Now opening the stable gate, Lilith climbed onto Osiris’s back and gently adjusted herself into the right position on the saddle. ”I’ll try again later. Let’s go.”

Once outside of the barn, Lilith let Osiris run freely along the main gates of the property. Every morning, Lilith took Osiris out for a morning ride as the sun rose over the mountains. She loved to watch the colors come to life, and this morning the sky was pure red and orange, casting a colorful glow over all of the open land that was laid out before her.

Leaning forward, Lilith tucked her feet and grabbed onto the reins, urging Osiris to run faster. The dark stallion happily obliged, and picked up the speed as they now began to run alongside the river. Catching a quick glimpse of a crane in the water, Lilith smiled once again this morning. Moments like these were when she felt the most free - on the back of her horse, with the wind flowing through her hair.

Once the fence had been checked for any holes or other damage, Lilith returned Osiris to his stable. Removing his saddle, Lilith gave the horse a quick brushing and made sure that he had plenty of water and feed for the day before heading out on the rest of her adventure.

Entering her car Lilith unlocked her phone for the first time this day, attempting to connect her bluetooth to the radio. Seeing a notification for a text from Carlisle, Lilith opened it up to read a perfectly normal text from what seemed to be a perfectly normal Carlisle.

As soon as she began to respond, Lilith’s vision went white as she felt like her body was now floating in space.

When the light dimmed, Lilith was observing Carlisle pull a book off of one of the shelves in the Coven library. The book was old, dusty, and leather bound. Energy radiated from it in heavy waves, nearly knocking over whatever presence of Lilith there was. A wave of anger washed over the young woman, as she tried to scream at Carlisle to put the book back.

The two of them had just had a conversation not even two weeks prior where Carlisle had expressed interest in exploring the forbidden section of the Coven library. Lilith had begged him not to, and now she was having a vision of him doing the very thing she had asked him not to?!

Another blinding light covered Lilith’s vision before she came back to in the driver's seat of her car.

Gripping the steering wheel, Lilith cranked the vehicle before heading down the long winding road out of the ranch.

Her music playing did nothing to help calm her nerves as she replayed the scene of Carlisle over and over in her head, speeding down the highway towards town. She was torn between grabbing breakfast for everyone, or trying to beat them there in order to speak to Carlisle. The young woman quickly decided that pulling into the McDonald's drive-through and ordering fifteen bacon-egg-and-cheese McGriddles was the answer. She made the polite young woman throw some hash-browns in the bag as well.

Heading towards to Coven house, Lilith took her time driving and focused more on her breathing. Taking deep, calming breaths, Lilith pulled into the circle drive of her destination before climbing out of the vehicle with all of her treasures in hand.

Following her senses, a wide eyed, crazy looking Lilith arrived where the others were gathered in the dining room. Keys still in one hand, cell phone in the other, her hair absolutely everywhere, and the McDonald's bags stuffed under her arms - Lilith looked like a hurricane of a human being.

A quick scan of her surroundings, Lilith was mildly disappointed to find that she and Carlisle were not the only two people standing in the room.

Standing at the far end of the long, wooden dining room table, Lilith took a deep breath before walking to the other end and taking her spot to the left of Carlisle. She quickly emptied her hands and tossed the bags of food onto the table before flopping herself down in a chair.

Reaching for the one of the bags, Lilith decided to grab one of the McGriddles, her eyes flicking towards the familiar face across from her. "Good morning Victor," she said politely.

Unwrapping her breakfast sandwich, Lilith was surprised to find that her voice sounded as calm as it did. Sitting back down and crossing her feet on the table, Lilith would make sure that she was comfortable for this whole ordeal.

Sure that Carlisle had read her energy by this time, the brunette took the first bite of her breakfast and chewed slowly. She wanted the young man to sit in his uneasiness for just a moment longer.

"Carlisle, darling," she began in a simpering tone, "Do you mind if I speak to you after you've handled... this whole situation?" She asked, making a circle around the room with the pointer finger of her free hand.

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