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Current "One page of the Bible isn't worth a life." -- Wrabel, The Village
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Roughly twenty-four hours and I'll be on the beach. ♡ ☀️
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People who produce serotonin naturally are just one of the many government shams.
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Therapist: "So what do we say when we want to jump off a building?" Me: "Yeet."
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Having a good heart really fucking sucks sometimes, ya know?


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And then I found out how hard it is to really change
Even hell can get comfy once you've settled in
I just wanted the numb inside me to leave
No matter how fucked you get
The sun will return and you come back down!
The funny thing is all I ever wanted I already had
There's glimpses of heaven in every day
In the friends that I have,
The music I made
The love that I feel,

I just had to start again.

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I came back from vacation to find out that I had been robbed by my 'best friend' of five years.

The damage caused during Kavi’s party didn’t really sink in for Marisol until Sunday morning. She’d been right in the middle of her shower when she realized she hadn’t gotten any texts from Salem, and finally remembered that he’d dumped her the night before. Mari broke down into sobs for a few long minutes, but by the time she came out, she had an epiphany. The fact that she hadn’t taken any physical retaliation didn’t mean she didn’t have to take any retaliation at all. That afternoon, the pint-sized girl spent the better part of her time gathering every piece of evidence in her possession and compiling a detailed album of the events between her and Salem’s affair. She made digital and printed copies of every text message and photo received, wrote down a detailed timeline and sequence of events, and eventually sent the folders Gwendolyn Winters’ way. She was certain the other girl had received them when Mari found herself blocked on both Gwen’s and Salem’s social media accounts, but knew her revenge plan had worked when (using Archer’s phone) a little digging revealed all previous traces of the couple in their accounts had vanished without a trace.

And Xixi? Well, the queen bitch of Crown Heights didn’t get out unscathed out of this one, either. The Colombian received an overnight special delivery of about fifty mice (the one animal phobia that sent her into hysterics), who jumped at the opportunity to invade the girl’s opulent home the second she opened the box and gave them their freedom.

All in all, it was just another reminder for the world that Marisol Castillo is not somebody you want to mess with.

That Monday morning had been business as usual for the young woman: homeroom, Calculus, English and Study Hall. The lunch bell had rang, and she’d been in the middle of her walk to the cafeteria when her green eyes fell on Ariel. The news of what had gone down between her and Kavi had spread like wildfire through the school, and judging by the raven-haired girl’s crestfallen expression, she obviously wasn’t doing too well.

She didn’t know if she was driven out of guilt or the need to let Ariel know she wasn’t alone in feeling disappointed by men, but before she realized it, Mari had stopped in her tracks and made a beeline towards her ex-best friend.

"So I heard my charming cousin did you dirty again- in a typical scumbag male move, I might add. That true?" she asked the girl point-blank, leaning her left shoulder against the wall of lockers beside them.

While putting her books away to head to lunch, Ariel heard a familiar voice especially close. Said voice belonged to that of Marisol. Why the other girl had chosen to approach her, Ariel had no idea. It had been years since that had talked, even though Ari had all of her contact information saved just in case she had gotten drunk enough to text her ex best friend. As it turns out, no amount of alcohol had made her that brave. But since Marisol had decided to make the first move, Ariel didn’t see any harm in seeing where the conversation was going.

”I… yeah. It is. As bad as I hate to admit it, he did,” she said, promptly slamming the locker door shut. ”More or less blamed it on me and decided that he hadn’t done anything wrong - also typical douchebag if you ask me.” Ariel took a deep breath. The act of putting on a brave face was tiring, and Mari wasn’t the only one who asked her about what had happened that night. While she didn’t wish to talk about it, if Kavi was reverting back to his dickhead ways, he’d spin the truth into whatever lies made him look best. As long as people asked, at least Ariel could tell her side of the story. ”It sort of sucks, ya know? I was ecstatic that he was actually giving me the time of day, but I guess it’s true what they say about all the good things coming to an end.”

"Fucking tell me about it…" the shorter girl muttered under her breath, her green eyes flashing with anger at the mere memory of Salem's betrayal. She took a second to compose herself before addressing Ariel again, her tone taking on her usual abrasiveness. "But see, that was our first mistake: letting them through our guard. No man can be trusted, Ariel. Well I mean, there's always gonna be exceptions -like Archer and Van for example. But all the others? Bullshit. Every. Other. Men. Is. Bullshit. Period. End. Of. Story." Marisol declared, banging her fist against her open palm to emphasize the importance of her last ten words.

Ariel pursed her lips and shrugged lazily in a weak attempt of agreement. ”I guess you have a point. I mean, none of my relationships with girls have ever ended in broken judo trophies and playstations. You seem really angry though, and I know said anger can’t just come from Kavis latest scandal. What’s up with you?”

Marisol shrugged, shaking her head. "Oh, you know, nothing much. Just got made a fool of by yet another worthless piece of shit, but no big deal," she said sarcastically, angrily picking at the hem of her skirt. "Only this one failed to mention during all the times we fucked that he'd given a big fat promise ring to the stupid girlfriend he had back home. But no biggie. I'm not even phased about it. He can go rot in a hole for all I care about." Of course, anyone with half a brain could tell that the brunette was boiling with fury just thinking about it.

The raven haired girl couldn’t help but laugh sourly. What was it with Kings being a hell hole full of toxic relationships, fist fights, and raging hormones? ”You’ve got to be shitting me,” she scoffed. ”Let’s just be real; boys are stupid. And now that I think about it,” she said, holding up an index finger, ”pretty much all together pointless. I mean, we have vibrators.”

"And therein lies the problem," Mari began, crossing her arms in front of her chest. "You see, as much as I would love to agree with you, but I can't. I took a bat to a Mercedes for the dick. I tackled a bitch for the dick. I was going to jail for the dick. Fucking jail, Ariel! All because of a stupid dick. Bottom line: I'm not afraid to fucking die for the dick. But am I sick and tired of the men behind said dicks? Absolutely."

The more and more Marisol talked, the wider Ariel's eyes got. "You might have a problem, love."

"Me? Having a problem? What's new?!" Mari shrugged before letting out a round of laughter. "Tell me something I don't know."

While chatting with Marisol like this was fun, and it was nice to see that they could still talk as easily as they used to, it was a little hard for Ariel to ignore the elephant in the room. ”So what exactly is… this?” she asked, making a weak attempt at some weird hand gesture between them. ”Us talking like this, I mean? Or was that something that I wasn’t supposed to mention, and by doing so, I completely screwed up whatever this conversation was?”

"I mean, I would have rather you just take it and run with it than make things awkward, but when have I ever gotten what I wanted?" she replied cynically, shooting Ariel a teasing smirk. "But since you asked, I'll be real here: I know I'm not the easiest person to be around or deal with. And you know I have the hardest fucking time making friends- especially friends of the same sex- because of this 'special and unique' personality I have. But you know what? I'll fucking say it: I've missed you. I've missed the sleepovers, the random hangouts, shopping trips, the bad makeup attempts… And just having a fucking girlfriend in my corner I can talk about all that pussy girl shit with. Am I still pissed that you tossed us all away like a used condom? Yes. But am I willing to put it past us just to have you back in my life? Also yes… As long as you don't pull the same crap on me again, of course. Then I'll just have to talk with my bat, I guess."

”No,” Ariel said shaking her head. ”I’d never do that again. I had a lot going on then - not that that’s a reason to drop my best friend - but I honestly thought I was protecting you guys. Again, long story.”

At this point, Marisol had learned that there was no use in prying for any information that wasn’t willingly shared. “It’s fine, Ariel. If there’s anything I’ve learned in this time is that people do stupid fucking things to those they care about. Sometimes they’re bad, but most times they’re good. And if you say that you had a good reason for it, then I believe you. I’m over it. Carpe diem and all that shit. I just want my favorite baddest bitch in my corner again…” she admitted in a low voice, sheepishly looking down at her worn-out Vans.

”Well if you really mean it, then can we please go get some cheese fries from the cafeteria like old times? Because I’m fucking starving.”

“Only if you promise to meet me at the Shack after school for burgers and milkshakes,” Mari quickly replied.

”Absolutely,” she said beaming. ”Could I have a hug, or are you still to much of a badass for that?”

“Fuck you,” was the shorter girl’s immediate comeback, shaking her head with a smile but wrapping up her friend in a tight hug nonetheless.

While it was sudden and unexpected, Ariel didn’t regret her decision to have this conversation. Returning the hug, she couldn’t help but smile.

Marisol and her were finally friends again.

Went to a water park for the first time this week.

Can and will do it again.
@HiippoAF I'm just a tad busy at the second, but giving you sheet a quick glance, I have to tell you that we aren't accepting Dark Shadow Members at this time. I'm sorry.
still open and alive?

Indeed we are.

Normally, Cleo would have spent her day working in the kitchen as to make a ginormous meal for the Dark Shadow Clan. This day, however, had been reserved for the more different tasks. She had spent the day at the store, buying groceries, spare clothes and whatever else she felt like. Days like these were when she ordered massive amounts of delivery pizza and let the kids have their way with it. Days like these were one where she simply didn't give a damn. She took a deep breath before entering the main room of the Dark Shadow Headquarters, the last of the pizzas from today's shopping spree in tow.

"Time to eat, shit cakes!" she called out. Groups of fours and fives flocked around the large round table holding the massive stacks of pizza boxes. One by one, they quickly disappeared, until only roughly ten pizzas were left. She opened a box for herself, taking out a large slice of cheese pizza and then taking a bite. Cleo turned to see Lex walk through the door way, not even offering a basic greeting before demanding information.

"Aloysius has been awol. Unnatural lightning is striking from the sky. He did something to piss of Salem, and you can bet on it." She turned around quickly to grab one of the pizza boxes before turning around to face the younger man again. "Care for some pizza?"
I'm going to the beach Sunday.

A Collaboration between @HaleyTheRandom & @Hedgehawk

It had taken Aloysius a while to figure out what to do about the body of the poor girl he had just murdered in cold blood. He actually felt bad about killing her and although he never wanted to admit it, he kind of regretted it. Magi were a dying breed afterall, and killing each other was only going to make things harder in the long run. Still he had his backup plan. That was important.

Aloysius had arrived at the DS headquarters; a small alleyway on a non name street in Brooklyn. At the end of the alleyway was a large metal door. To most people it was nothing but an old door to nowhere, but in reality it was far more than that. It was actually an enchanted door, designed to vaporise the poor souls that touched it. At least if they weren't Dark Shadow Members. The metal was slightly warped at the edges though; an aftereffect of the time that Salem stormed the building. Pushing the door open, Aloysius walked down the metallic spiral staircase and into the atrium, most of the lights were busted, and the screens were smashed. Aloysius never really had time to clean up after moving back in.

Walking across the atrium, Aloysius made his way to his office, noticing that the large Oak door had finally been replaced. Opening it, Aloysius walked inside, only to be greeted by Ty and Jaz. Fully closing the door he smiled. "Didn't expect you two to be waiting for me. Feeling lost without me?" He joked.

Jasper had been chastising her brother for the latest of his sexual scandals while Nirvana's greatest hits played in the background before Aloysius had walked in. Through a window in the main room they could see the lightning outside. The spectacle caused Jasper to laugh, while Tiberius had a concerned look on his face.

”He did it,” she mumbled. ”The idiot actually did it.”

”But… he asked me if…. I told him no, and he didn’t lis--”

”Oh, Ty. My darling, sweet brother. Aloysius doesn’t listen to anyone. You know this. He just does as he pleases, with no direction, and no,” she said, turning to face Aloysius. ”We can actually think and act for ourselves.”

"Really Jaz?" Aloysius replied as he made himself comfortable in his own office; eventually sitting down on his leather chair after running his fingers along the oak desk. "I thought you were only capable of thinking about your next fuck in between fucks." Aloysius finished before leaning back into his chair. He didn't say anything for a moment instead looking at Ty, both absorbing how beautiful he was, but also at the same time trying to worm out that puzzled expression that seemed to adorned that cute frame of face of his.

”You mean like all of the other occupants in the room with severe daddy issues,” she retorted. ”You don’t get to shame me. That’s sexist and stupid, and if you want me to add sexist to the list of your shitty qualitites, I’d be more than happy. The feminists rallies would probably have more fun with you than they do Trump - and that’s saying something.”

”Could you two fucking not,” Ty nearly growled. ”You guys can’t even be in the same room with each other for more than three seconds without going at it.”

Jasper shrugged. ”Doesn’t matter. Can we get to the point where you bitches start arguing because he went off and killed Aliira after he consulted you and you said no? Or are we just going to ignore that…?”

Aloysius couldn't help but look down when Ty almost growled. "Look. Holding onto Aliira was a liability. The longer I held onto her, the more likely my plan would not work." Aloysius rose from his chair and paced around the room as he carried on speaking.

"I noticed that when The Guild did not respond to my capture of Aliira, I had a sneaking suspicion the Guild Council was blocking a rescue effort. Which is quite ironic given that Salem has more power than them and also she is responsible for security for the Guild. Get where I am going with this? Aloysius asked.

”You wanted to piss Salem off so she could come in and kill us off in masses.”

"The opposite actually. The council and Salem are bickering so much that they won't even care that I killed her. The council won't call for a witch hunt because that would be an admission that Salem was correct… all that will happen is that Salem and the council will tear each other apart." With That Al had a smirk on his face. But his eyes were still fixated on Ty. He hated him looking like this.

”I…. Al… you’re -”

”An idiot,” Jasper finished. ”Salem is going to be pissed at the Council, but she won’t go for them. She’ll find a loop hole. She has before, and she will again. Do you ever think with your actual head?”

"Last time however Salem took advantage of the fact that the council hadn't even fully formed to stop her. By the time they had finished forming to stop her she had already ripped this place apart. The worst case scenario is she tries to go for me directly and unofficially. If she attacks me however I will be ready. We have to remember she was responsible for the death of Lana. We don't even have her body to Bury her properly." Aloysius sighed and walked right upto Ty, running his fingers along the jawline of the male.

”Lana’s dead,” Ty said, swatting Aloysius’s hand away. ”You didn’t even tell me that.”

"I wanted to be sure and find the body. But my investigations have proved that Salem executed her at a private Guild Safehouse. Kind of been trying to process the loss myself. Kinda lost without her." With that Aloysius let out a sigh and moved away from Ty.

" Lana had the power and the brains. She was able to rally troops and keep everyone happy." He sat down in the edge of the desk. " With Lana gone I feel so lost. However I had a backup plan. I still have Aliira's body in ice. And I have this." Aloysius reached into his shirt and pulled out a small white crystal that was attached to a rope necklace around his neck. " I have her soul right here though best we keep this between ourselves. Given how forbidden it is." He kept looking between the two, concerned about what they were going to say.

”But you still didn’t tell me.”

”You’re just expecting to keep Aliiras soul, break one of the most ancient laws, and… do… what, exactly?”

The fact that Aloysius has technically broken one of the most ancient and most taboo laws in the magi world didn't even bother him right now. His main concern was Ty and how he was being distant towards him.

"Ty… It is not like I did not want to tell you. I was going to let you know as soon as I had it confirmed. I obviously couldn't confirm it and one thing led to another. Ty. I am sorry. Please understand that I am telling the truth. I can't stand it when you are angry at me." For that brief moment the fearless leader that everyone knew had gone. Instead, a more sincere, or more like scared leader had been awoken. Though as soon as it appeared, it disappeared when he turned to Jaz.

" Well you see Jaz, the true answer is I don't know. This crystal has been in my family for years, figured I might as well do something with it. My original plan was to use to keep Ty close to me if something happened to him. But for now I can use it to interrogate Aliira and if need be, since I have her body… You know…" Even though Aloysius wasn't a very taboo person, there were lines even he wouldn't cross, and saying necromancy out loud was one of them. So he was hoping that the duo could infer from what he had said.

”So you just have her body, like… stored in the fucking freezer? And for the record, you could have told ‘the love of your life’ that you suspected that his best friend was dead, but ya know, whatever. Technical details,” Jasper said, waving her hand in the air in a dismissive fashion.

Not exactly a freezer. But yes, that is the idea." With that Aloysius drew a long breath. " Like I said, I had to be sure. I didn't want to panic anyone. I couldn't find her body. So that's what I am going to work on now. I need to work out why Lana was used as a target."

"Lana wasn't the target. Lana was never a target. Salem wanted her on the Guilds side. You were the target. Lana was just collateral. Just like everybody else," Ty said, his voice turning sour on the last sentence.

Aloysius let out a sigh at the last few words. The reality sinking in. ””Look, I appreciate that everyone here puts their lives on the line to protect me. I know that I can’t solve all the problems around here, and that our cause is tougher than it should be, but I promise that i am going to fix all of this. Salem is going to pay.” With that Aloysius stood up and walked back around the office, close to Ty speaking in a low whisper so only he could hear him, ”You know I am sorry right. I wanted to protect Lana and I failed.”

”Honestly, Al,” Ty said abruptly, ”I think it’s best if we just end the conversation here. Nothing personal. I just really need time to process the information. Just like a day or two.”

Al let out a sigh, moving away from the duo and slumping back in his desk chair. "I know, I know. Just try and make a brave face alright. There are certain people here who would flip their shit if they found out about Lana… I will speak to you both later on anyway. I have a job for the pair of ya, just need to finalise details."

”Keep a brave face? Are you fucking ser--”

Ty was cut off by his sister putting one hand over his mouth, the other on his chest. Ty’s eyes were full of rage, and Jasper thought that it would be best to get them out of the same room for the time being. ”Ty, why don’t you go and check on the rest of the group, huh? Make sure no one’s slacking off. Maybe set some losers jacket one fire,” she said, he voice soothing.

Taking a deep breath, Tiberius simply closed his eyes and nodded his head before making his exit from the room. ”Aloysius. I would really advise you to start thinking before you speak.”

At that point Aloysius was going to speak, but decided against it. He was afterall supposed to be thinking about what he said. Right now however he couldn't see what he did wrong. Instead he just lowered his head, acknowledging he had done wrong. Once Ty had left he buried his face in his hands, elbows propping his head up from the desk, Jaspers high heeled boots clicking to the rhythm of her disappointment as he wallowed in his misery.

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Any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to comment in the thread, or PM/DM any of the GM team.
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