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Current Trying to plan a beach trip... fingers crossed that we get the days that we need off.
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I work at a pizza place. I have literally dropped a deep dish pepperoni and sausage onto a mans lap and his seven year old sons face.
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"To the ones who never left me, we've been down this road before."
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Ruby dying is illegal.
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*slams fists onto the table* I'M AN ADULT DAMMIT


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This is under construction until I get my life together enough to complete it for the umpteenth time.

And then I found out how hard it is to really change
Even hell can get comfy once you've settled in
I just wanted the numb inside me to leave
No matter how fucked you get
The sun will return and you come back down!
The funny thing is all I ever wanted I already had
There's glimpses of heaven in every day
In the friends that I have,
The music I made
The love that I feel,

I just had to start again.

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Interactions: The New Girl // Kavi

Since the first moment Ariel had ever laid eyes upon Kavi Salvador, her heart sped up, skipped beats and everything in between. It didn't seem like time had done anything to help. People talked about feeling the electricity in a relationship. Something like sparks, fireworks, or - if they were feeling edgy - gunshots. Ariel never understood that until know. With Kavi's arms wrapped around her, it felt like her whole body was buzzing. Crossing and wresting her wrists on the back of his neck, she couldn't help but roll her eyes at his eyebrow wiggle. A good eye roll, of course.

"Mmm... guess I'll have to actually dye my hair and see if you can stick to your word then," she responded before returning every one of his amazing kisses. Normally, the young woman wasn't one for PDA. Sure, the occasional hand hold was nice. Making out by the stairs? Not really. But in that moment - in that one, peaceful little blip of bliss - nothing mattered. Of course it ended all too soon, an unfamiliar voice calling out to no one in particular as to where Kavi was. Random strangers calling your name at parties wasn't typically a good thing. It lead to confrontation, broken noses, and a possible baseball bat taken to someones car if the issue went on long enough. Not letting go of her boyfriend's (boyfriend? could she call him that? is that what he was?) hand, Ariel followed Kavi until they arrived at destination. In response to Kavis latest question, Ariel just sort of shrugged, though she did half expect the new comer to be sippin' on gin and juice.

As the other girl and Kavi had a brief exchange, Ariel couldn't help but notice her height. Not that there was nothing wrong with being tall, Ariel just couldn't recall seeing that many females as tall as the one standing before her. Simone's mention of her hair made Ariel smile ever so slightly. Perhaps red was a good look on her. She listened to the rest of what the girl had to say before responding.

"Nice to meet you, Simone, and welcome to Palms," she said. "I'm Ariel," she added quickly, before extending her hand in the awkward greeting that humans had come to think of as standard.

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It's okay.

It's just a lot right now.

It'll pass.

I'll be okay.

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry.

I know that’s something people want me to stop saying, but I can’t.

“It’s hot outside.” I’m sorry.

“My friend hasn’t messaged me back.” I’m sorry.

I’m trying. Goddamit, am I fucking trying.

Trying to be a better daughter. Trying to be a better sister. Trying to be a better friend. Trying to be a better girlfriend. Trying to be a better person in general. But it’s so freaking hard. Most people would tell me that I’m fine the way that I am. That I don’t need to improve. That I’m to kind. That I work hard enough at everything else in life as it is. That I’m selfless. That I need to make time for myself. They’re wrong.

People get mad because I disappear for days on end. I don’t mean to, I swear it. I read the messages, but I forget to respond. I want to go out and do things, but I don’t have the energy. I want to try new things, but I lack the courage. People talk about having the weight of the world on their shoulders. I do not. But I have this feeling. This feeling where it’s getting hard to breathe. Where every decision that I make feels wrong. Where getting out of bed hurts. Where the only reaction that I have to anything is to cry. Not because I’m weak, but because everything has just gotten to be to much.

The sun - to much. Peoples voices around me - to much. Birds chirping - to much. Eating - to much. Anger - to much. Sadness - to much. Happiness - to much.

Happy has gotten to the point where it hurts. What the hell is wrong with me? Happy is supposed to make me feel happy. Happy isn’t supposed to make me feel dreadful. Happy isn’t supposed to be something that I don’t feel like I don’t deserve.

I’m trying. I swear that I’m trying. Trying to be better for you. Trying to be better for everyone.

I know this is the same, worn out, broken down shit that I’ve repeated to you for ages. But I just need you to understand. Understand that when I yell it’s because that I’m past my breaking point. Understand that when I cry it’s because I’ve failed again. Understand that when I’m paying more attention to my phone than the people around me it’s because everything is suddenly to loud. Understand that everything in life just hurts for me anymore. Understand that I don’t want to be this way. Understand that I’m trying to be better. Understand that I am trying to do everything you ask and more. Understand that I play the role of twenty different people on a daily basis in order to make everyone happy. Understand that it feels like I’m drowning. Understand that I can’t breathe anymore. Understand that being at home, locked in the dark, is more comforting than being out with friends. Understand that this isn’t just sad anymore. Understand that this is numb. Understand that I am barely hanging on. Understand that the alcohol isn’t just a new way to relax. Understand that it’s a way to forget. Understand that the marks on my wrist aren’t punishment. Understand that they are a way to feel. Understand that when I ask you for attention, I’m not trying to bother you. Understand that sometimes I just really need to feel you next to me. Understand that when I’m cold, I don’t mean to be.

For the love of God, please just understand.
Color me interested.

I'll put this down on my list.

Edit: Reserving Elizabeth Gilles, color code edbeff as the a low-key goth bitch.
Also reserving Ginny Gardner, color code 00ee54 as the hot nerd.
I will stab people for @Dirty Pretty Lies.

Just say the word, mami.

Ariel highly doubted anyone would know what - or who - her costume was. That didn't bother her though. It was just less of a chance that she would have to worry about someone else stealing her costume. Said costume consisted of a red wig, a white spaghetti strap halter top, black jean shorts, a tan trench coat and a white scarf tied around her neck and face. Enaia Jin was who she was dressed as. Ms. Jin was a character that one of Ariel's favorite singers - Lights, to be exact - had created for one of her latest albums.

Much sooner than she had expected, Ariel found herself entering the Salvador house right behind Santiago Fernandez and one of his buddies who's name she didn't remember. It was way to early in the night to be that loud. Then again, Ariel had a feeling that being loud was one of the very few things that the Devil was good at. Searching the crowd for Kavi as she walked around aimlessly, the young woman felt her palms begin to sweat and her stomach begin to churn. Ariel didn't have the best luck with crowds, and it didn't look like tonight was about to be any different. Maybe if she found Kavi, seeing his face would help calm her nerves. It sounded stupid to some people when she tried to explain it, but familiar things helped calm her anxiety. Familiar faces, scents, even voices helped to calm her nerves. Lost in thought, she looked up only when she heard his voice.

"So what do you think about the costume," she asked, twirling around so he could see her outfit. "I'm thinking maybe I should dye my hair red."
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