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Current Going to shameless plug my Rp. Open for a couple of other peeps to jump in: roleplayerguild.com/topics/…
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Finally got a new avatar.
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That's Mr. Hedgehawk to you.
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Got an itch for a SoL RP, though not quite sure what i want yet haha
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Right, Computer is on. Got a cup of Tea. Time to crack on


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So I have been having a real long hard think the past two days about this RP and the direction I wanted it to go in. Off the bat I will say that this RP was an experiment. But in order for it to work it needed a large group. The idea was supposed to be that it was so big that the posting cycle was slow but there was so much going on, everyone was interested. Sadly it didn't grab as much attention as I thought or what the Roleplay needs. As such, continuing with a group of 5 would make things difficult for the events I had planned ahead.

So I have a second RP currently, and I know that alot of you wanted to use magic. The RP is a magic RP set in the modern day, so I would be delighted if you want to apply to that. If you do decide let me know and I will reserve slots for you. Its the least I can do.

I have enjoyed writing with you all, and if you don't hop along with me, I hope we write again sometime soon.

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<Snipped quote by Hedgehawk>

I backed them all up elsewhere, so it should be fine. Just want the actual thread to be gone, however, for personal reasons relating to prior drama/a series of incidents that I've spoken to Nutts and Legend about earlier this month.

Roger. Say no more - all gone :)

[/hr]Character Quote[/hr]

Name: Melville Louis
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Sexual Orientation: Hetrosexual

Birthmark Shape: Two Sparrows in tribal style (Check images)
Location of Birthmark One on each side of his chest.
Magical Abilities (Please don't go overboard here, most people have one.)

Place of Birth: Murol, France
Currently Residing: New York, US
Personality: Melvillie can be described as an overconfident arsehole by others. Being the heir to the Louis bloodline has gone to his head somewhat and has caused his ego to inflate somewhat as a result. Always willing to take charge and lead from the front. If you can get past his ego and inflated self-importance, you can see that Melville
Thread to test and store bits and pieces

Deleted the Last 5. Are you really sure you want to lose your character storage thread? Just checking before i do it.
I mean, The thought of posting and locking the thread, therefore stopping people from posting and allowing me to win had crossed my mind...

...but I am not that evil.
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