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It can do! I have a magical SoL going at the moment and it has an overarching plot weaved in
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In SoL, the 'goals' become the drama and interpersonal connections/histories players make with each other. Plus setting in in places like a school/college for example give you a timeline to work with.
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I could make one... But that means running it haha...
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Time to start the hunt for a decent SoL RP. I could make one, but it would be nice to be a player and a GM for once xD
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So now I have turned thirty I can no longer just say that I am a twenty something. God I am old.


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Been at this game for a good while now. Starting RPing at the tender age of 15 back when Bebo was a thing. A year later I found myself forum Roleplaying and haven't really looked back since. Over these past ten years I have done practically every kind of RP you could imagine from Nation RPs and Arena RPs to 1x1s and Large group RPs. My last RP hobby was fighting RPs, which I have now decided to leave behind in order to pursue more SoL style Rps.

Outside of RP I am an aspiring writer, despite being terrible with words, as well as an avid gamer. If I am not on discord with the Guild or RPing in some way, I am probably on either my PlayStation or on Steam. Moved into D&D and ended up starting a podcast that has been an interesting journey.

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Carlisle had as best he could, kept his end of the deal and stayed away from the coven household for the majority of the day. He had considered asking Miles or Lilith if they wanted to hang out, but given what they all knew about today, he doubted the last thing they would want to do is hang around with Carlisle. Everyone had to make their own preparations. Carlisle himself had decided to be a little mischievous. He knew his mother had a permanent reservation at that classy restaurant on the High Street. So he decided to have lunch there. He didn't bother holding back either, he treated himself to the nicest things on the menu. For dessert he went out of his way to order the largest chocolate sundae he could find. At the end he simply put it all in his mother's rolling tab for the end of the month.

Heading back to the household, Carlisle took a moment to sit on a bench in the High Street and observe life going up and down the paths and roads as people milled about their business. It had been a crazy few months, and Carlisle had just wished things would calm down somewhat. Most of his relationships had been strained heavily and it was all down to both Carlisle’s action and inaction in certain regards. He had just wanted to do a good job, but Carlisle was starting to come to terms that sometimes his best wasn't quite good enough. And that maybe there are some things in life that you were better off not interfering in.

He would be lying if he was ashamed of how everything had played out with Lilith. It had gone from a nice and relaxing summer together to them pretty much becoming estranged. All of it was a result of Carlisle's actions, and he wasn't going to say otherwise. There was hopefully a path where they could at least reconnect and maybe rebuild the foundation of their friendship.

Then there was the Werewolf problem. Carlisle, in between everything else, had been hunting for the pack pretty much solo. He didn't want to inconvenience people by asking for help. But his investigations turned up nothing. He was fairly certain they were still here in Tanner somewhere. And he wasn't happy that they had the advantage. Maybe he needed to trust in his fellow coven mates a bit more and ask for some assistance. There were a fair few people he could drop on to help him with his tasks.

As for his mother and legacy. Well. He was about to deal with that problem tonight. He always knew that the Aston line was going to die out eventually, he just maybe had thought there would be a couple more generations left. Maybe he and Willow would kick it off proper and have kids? Carlisle had grown quite in love with Willow over the past couple of months. He had never had anyone swoon over him before, so it was a change of pace in his life for sure. He just wondered if he would end up pushing her away like everyone else in his life? Maybe he was more his mother's son than he would have liked to admit.

That was a jarring thought. He had knew that Carlisle had shared several traits with his mother. And Carlisle was actively trying to get better, which is more than what Amanda ever did. But he didn't wanna go down in history as just another Aston, who like his ancestors gorged on power and abused the living heck out of it. He actually wouldn't have minded in retrospect handing over power to Lilith, but given what she had going on in her life, Coven responsibilities was the last thing she needed right now. And perhaps that was where Carlisle could actually be useful, by giving Lilith the space to have her children and focus on being a mother while Carlisle picked up the majority of the council responsibilities. He could ask Serena for help, but he wasn't sure if she would help or just laugh in his face.

By the time he had finished thinking and pondering about life in general he had found himself outside the coven household. It appeared he had day dreamed the entire trip back. He pulled his phone out and saw that the time was 5.30pm. It was most likely safe to go inside now. How long had he been pondering the world for? And why can't he remember any of it? Shaking his head Carlisle made his way up to the double doors that marked the entrance to the household, only to see that several balloons decorated the doorway. His first reaction was to roll his eyes, was he turning 24 or 14? However taking a second look he was thankful that they had taken the time to decorate the place.

Walking inside the household the party had been setup pretty much the same as it had been on the welcome party Carlisle had set up way back in September. The big difference now being that there were balloons and streamers, as well as a better selection of food, snacks and drinks. There was even some selections of hot food which was far better than what Carlisle could have ever done. He looked over at the selection of Alcohol, and debated having a drink. However he decided against it. He needed to be at the peak of his abilities. He had an hour until the party started, so he took a moment, to cast a few ritual wards around the coven household. It wasn't quite a barrier like he was used to, but it was a an alarm ward that would at least warn him if his mother entered the ward.

Once he finished the ward he moved back into the dining room, picking up a plate and stuffing some chips onto it before taking a bite. All he had to do now was wait for people to turn up. This was going to be an interesting party for many reasons.

A collab between @Hedgehawk, @Sadie & @SouffleGirl123 - Staring Carlisle, Willow & Mary

It was finally here. Carlisle’s birthday. A day that was supposed to be a celebration and maybe the one day of the year where Carlisle could at least relax somewhat. Instead, it was perhaps the most tense day of his entire life. He knew that his mother would not back down. There was going to be no way that she would be defeated and just surrender herself. This could only go one way.

Carlisle had spent the past few days avoiding most people. He hadn’t spoken or messaged either Miles or Lilith since their previous meeting together. Infact Willow was the only one he had really confided with. And even then, his moments with her were somewhat fleeting. He knew what needed to happen. To protect his friends, and the coven as a whole. But that didn’t mean he had to be comfortable about it. Perhaps this was what it meant to be a leader? To do things that he wasn’t comfortable with, things he even objected to, in order to keep peace in general. In theory, Carlisle was all for it. However, in practicality, it was a slightly more nuanced story.

At the moment he was sitting at the breakfast bar in the kitchen, looking down at a coffee that had this point gone entirely cold, but his hands clasped around it like it was still piping hot. His eyes weren't even focused on the coffee itself, more hat staring into the infinite darkness of the swirling black bean juice.

Mary couldn’t stop her right hand from floating to her side to periodically check her pistol was still sat in its holster hidden under her blouse. She hadn’t carried it in ages, and never had she thought of leveling it at another person until now. The feeling of cold hard metal under her fingertips was jarring at the very least. It was a last resort but in truth Mary wasn't sure how slow to draw she'd be when her family's life was on the line.

Carlisle had insisted she take the day off today but Mary didn't oblige. There was work to be done and it didn't seem fair to leave Carlisle to set up alone. She entered the kitchen area to see Carlisle already sitting at the bench. ”Happy birthday, kid,” she calls softly.
She knew happy may have not been a just word for the day but it felt out of place not to share those words. She takes the coffee pot to pour herself a cup to realise it was cold. Stone cold. She couldn't imagine Carlisle's serve was any different. ”Let me brew you another. Cold coffee ain't good for the soul,” she offers, prying the mug from the boy's hand.

To start with Carlisle didn't really respond, or say anything as Mary pried the cup from his hands. After a few moments he finally looked up, revealing the soreness that laced his lower eyes, tell tale signs that tears had recently formed there. ”Thanks for the Birthday Wishes. Doesn't really feel like a Birthday though. Are we really going to go ahead with this? I know we have no choice. Our hand is being forced. But it doesn't make it any easier” Carlisle sighed, fidgeting in his stool as he tried to get comfortable.

With her back turned, Mary didn’t see the man's puffy face until she had turned back to place the newly emptied coffee pot back into the machine. Her face softened as her heart melted for him. She wished she could tell him they didn't have to do this but she knew as well as him that would be a lie. ”I think you already know the answer,” she replies to his question with a sigh. She leans on the counter, folding her hands in front of them. ”Look, Carlisle, you know I don't like this any more than you but you said it yourself. Our hands are tied, and for as much as I don't want this to happen I can't watch y'all become her victims.”

”I know… I Know. I don't want her to hurt anyone else. I couldn't bear her attacking Miles or Lilith. I don't care if she goes for me. Secretly, I hope she does” Carlisle ran his hand along the counter before rubbing his eyes and then sitting up. ”I always knew that being a leader was going to have challenges. But The Werewolves, the barrier, Lilith and Miles having kids and now this… I was hoping to be eased into it if I was going to be perfectly honest”

Mary offers the boy a small forced smile. ”That's hopin’ for a reality that don't exist,” she quips softly. ”Anything I can do to make it easier for you, kid? Noone's askin’ you to actually-” Mary stops herself before the words came out too bluntly, she tended to be too blunt at the worst of times and she was painfully aware of it. ”-do the job yourself.”

”I can do it. I don't want my friends to get hurt” Carlisle said with a small sigh, straightening his back. ”I wish it wasn't on my birthday, but this would be the best chance to do it” He tried to give off a weak smile ”Still gotta get everything set up”

”Leave that to me, ‘kay. That's why I'm here.” Mary insists, retrieving 2 mugs as filling them up with hot coffee before pushing one toward Carlisle. ”Drink,” she demands.

”I can't just let you set up my entire party alone. That's just not fair” Carlisle started as he took the hot cup of coffee and took a small sip from the edge of the cup. ”You know, I think I am more nervous about the fact that maybe no one comes to the party, more so than I am that my mother is going to gatecrash it.”

As if you weren't gonna,” Mary scoffed at Carlisle's first statement, taking a sip of her coffee. ”Besides, that's what I'm here for, ain't it?” Mary knew that birthday decorator wasn't truly on her growing list of responsibilities but she knew Carlisle was a wreck enough to leave anymore to him. At his next statement she sighs into her mug. Once again the voice of reason in the house. For all their differences every one of her son's generation were so damn emotional. ”You've already got Miles and Lilith lined up, don’t you? And Willow? That's already more than no one.”

”Well yes.” Carlisle started, leaning back onto the countertop as he considered his next words carefully. ”I was referring more to the coven as a whole. Like. I get a lot of people tolerate me. But a lot of people don’t really ‘like’ me. I am not saying I want to be Mr. Popular Leader. But I don’t know. We left High School like six years ago and it still feels like we are still there to some degree”

At Carlisle's statement about feeling like he was still in high school Mary couldn’t help the chuckle that escaped her. ”In a town like this? I don't think that ever changes,” she muses while she takes another sip of coffee. ”Honestly, kid, it doesn't really matter how many friends you have. The quality of those friendships do. In a few years when you start havin’ kids and buildin’ lives you're not gonna be able to keep up with everyone. Havin’ only a few friends'll will make it easier.”

”Kids….” Carlisle trailed off, his mind drifting over the current events of the past few months. ”In one regard, I don’t think I will have kids. Or maybe not yet at least. We have alot of baby drama going on in life right now.The last thing we all need is to add more babies into the mix” Carlisle said with a small chuckle. In all likelihood he was going to have children, but the thought of going to everyone and announcing that he and WIllow were also expecting felt petty in some ways. Almost as if Carlisle was trying to compete.

Mary shrugs, draining her current cup of coffee before instinctively pouring herself another. ”It was just an example. There's always other things to keep you busy. The older you get the harder it is to stay in touch regardless.”

”I feel like I barely have a grasp of keeping things as they are now. No need to add even more variables into the mix. ‘Sides, not really thinking straight at the moment” Carlisle said with an odd mixture of both a sigh and a chuckle as he took another drink from his cup. ”I do love Willow though. I just feel bad that I basically ignored her through High School because I couldn’t actually recognise that she liked me in that way.”

Mary's brow raised, Carlisle was really hyperfixating on the least important part of the comment. ”I did say in a few years and not now for a reason, Carlisle,” she points out nonchalantly. She seems to not give a response to Carlisle's next statement, namely because there was no response to make. Instead her hand floated to her side once more, brushing over the part of her blouse that hid the cold, metal handle of her pistol.

”Yeah…no…I….” Carlisle couldn’t really think straight as he began running around in circles in his mind. With a sigh he took a drink from his coffee cup to try and center himself. Softly he put the cup back down and shook his head. ”Do you really trust Violet to not try and attack us too? I am still very on the fence about the girl.”

”Let me ask you another question, Carlisle. Do you trust me?” the older woman asks, looking the boy in the eyes. If she was being honest even she was unsure how deep her trust in Violet ran. She wanted to trust the girl and to an extent she did but that didn't mean she didn't have back ups in place. Not to mention she trusted the team that would be around them. Carlisle didn't need assurance in Violet, just those around him.

Of course I trust you Mary. I just don’t trust her” Carlisle replied, putting his coffee mug down as he pondered why she would ask such a question. He really didn’t know much about Violet, except for the circumstances that led to her being here, and how rude she was the first time they met.

Waking up slowly to an empty bed was not how she had planned Carlisle’s birthday to start off with. But here she was, an empty spot next to her. Willow’s brows furrowed before sitting up, clutching the blanket to her chest. Maybe he was downstairs getting things together for tonight? She shook her head at the thought. Nobody should have to plan their own party. Blowing out a breath, she reached over and grabbed her robe before sliding it on. She stood and tied the sash around her waist. Running her fingers through her hair, she didn’t expect anyone else to be here this early.

Willow made her way downstairs, a brow raised as she tried to find him. At this hour he’d definitely be drinking coffee. She made her way into the kitchen and immediately froze at seeing Mary. Her eyes widened a bit as her face pinkened. ”Oh. Um. Hi. Sorry. Didn’t realize you’d be here this early.”

Before Mary could respond, admonishing the kid's faith in her, Willow shuffled into the room. ”Mornin’ Willow,” she greets the younger woman nonchalantly, scarcely looking up from her mug. There were many more embarrassing things than messy hair and a bath robe but that didn’t stop the girl's cheeks from flushing pink. Mary pretended not to notice. ”Coffee?” she offers, already starting to pour the woman a cup.

As Willow announced her presence in the Kitchen, Carlisle turned on his stool to see her in just her robe.Carlisle blushed slightly himself. He still wasn’t used to being around Willow this intimately and he adored every moment he got to see her like this. With a soft smile he got up from the stool and planted a kiss on her cheek before pulling her into a light embrace. ”Sorry if i woke you up. I just had some stuff to arrange, party wise y’know”

”It’s okay.” She cleared her throat as Carlisle hugged her, then pulled away. Willow glanced over at Mary, an empty mug already in the woman’s hand. Tucking her hair behind her ears, she nodded. ”Yes, please. Thank you.” She let out a breath. She definitely should never leave Carlisle’s room half naked. Willow would definitely remember this incident for the future. She smiled slightly at her boyfriend before shaking her head, her attention returning to Mary. ”Can you please tell him he isn’t supposed to be in charge of his own birthday party?”

Mary chuckles, sliding the freshly filled mug across the table to Willow. ”I guess that settles it,” her eyes drift to Carlisle, ”It's two against one. I will set up this place.” Mary's hazel eyes drift back to Willow as she takes another sip of coffee. ”You might have to give ‘im somethin’ to do or he's gonna want to do it himself.”

Grabbing the hot mug, she cradled it between her hands as she looked from Mary to Carlisle. She shook her head and let out a breath. ”Let other people take care of you, okay? Just give us this once, and you can go about handling everything else. Or we’ll nag you. Constantly.” Willow gave a grin before sipping from her mug. Her nose scrunched a bit at the bitter flavor, but didn’t want to trouble anyone for some cream and sugar.

Carlisle scrunched his nose as he was now being hassled by both Mary and Willow. ”Fine, I will let you all organise this and i will go and do something to distract myself while everyone gets everything set up. Sound fair?” Carlisle asked as he put his coffee cup down in the counter.

”Perfect,” the older woman sings, pushing the sugar jar towards Willow as she notices her face scrunch. She then takes another sip of her own coffee and she leant into her heels. ”Do something nice for yourself, kay kid? It's gonna be a big night.”

She grinned at the woman in thanks as she added some sugar to her mug. Grabbing a spoon, she stirred the beverage and took a sip. Much, much better. Willow looked back at her boyfriend and nodded her head. ”Thank you, honey. We’ll make this a night you won’t forget. Go relax or something.”

”I appreciate that you are both trying to make today special. I will see if Miles wants to hang out or something before the party. Or I will go to the ranch and pester the ranchhands” Carlisle said with a soft chuckle. He leaned over and kissed Willow on the cheek.


@Hedgehawk Do we have an ETA for when the RP IC will officially launch?

No Official ETA, but I don't think it will launch for at least another week yet. I am playing it by ear...

Plus I have to write the opening post
Alright, I'm done!

Both Accepted!



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