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9 days ago
Current @Crimson Flame - GMing is alot like smashing your head against the wall repeatedly. You can run the same RP at 3 times and get 3 different results, even if the concept is good
14 days ago
Writing is a process. Sometimes it is simple, other times it is a chore. You have to trust that the process will yield the correct outcome at the end..
18 days ago
Got to love when your insecurities make you panic that you don't belong somewhere. Imposter syndrome can be a real pain sometimes.
20 days ago
Not sure if I should change my avatar and profile theme... Hmmm.
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2 mos ago
Well after today I am off work for the first half of next week. So I will finally be able to have a rest. Roll on the 5 day weekend. Only 6 hours to go!


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Name: Jake. or just call me Hedge.
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"You can only have more for yourself by giving it away to others."

Been at this game for a good while now. Starting RPing at the tender age of 15 back when Bebo was a thing. A year later I found myself forum Roleplaying and haven't really looked back since. Over these past ten years I have done practically every kind of RP you could imagine from Nation RPs and Arena RPs to 1x1s and Large group RPs. My last RP hobby was fighting RPs, which I have now decided to leave behind in order to pursue more SoL style Rps.

Outside of RP I am an aspiring writer, despite being terrible with words, as well as an avid gamer. If I am not on discord with the Guild or RPing in some way, I am probably on either my PlayStation or on Steam. I tend to enjoy Sci-Fi and Strategy games mostly, but will play most things... except battle royale games.

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This was it. The return journey. His prescription painkillers were at this point we're in full effect and for the first time of the day, Aaron felt a soft spring in his step. It wouldn't last long. After an hour the effects of the tablets would wear off and he would be due his next dose. Still the weather was alright and it was rare that he was so pain free while outside. He might as well attempt to try and enjoy himself. The sun was shining and the clouds seemed to be staying away, at least from the sun.

The bonus effect to having the painkillers finally take hold was the fact that he could walk somewhat faster now, and not rely on his cane to take as much of the weight as it normally did. While he wouldn’t be able to make it home before they weared off, it would at least give him a head start. He knew of a small park close to his house. He used to go there regularly with Amanda…

Amanda. That was a word that Aaron didn’t want to hear in his head. He regularly used his painkiller fueled high to ignore those kinds of thoughts and suppress them. Aaron had managed to keep his entire sanity together using this most certainly not healthy coping mechanism. Aaron had been using it to run away from having to unpack and deal with the emotional damage of everything that had happened to him that fateful night. His heart still ached for the woman. Her locks of hair, that smell she had that Aaron could never quite figure out what it actually was. Everytime he guessed she simply laughed and said that he was way off. But for every single happy memory lodged in his brain, there was another more sinister or more harmful thought there too. For each point of love, there was one of hate. It was a confusing thought process to follow, swinging between the duality of these conflicting emotions. It was why Aaron tried not to think about them. While everyone was pining around Amanda to see if she was okay, and how she was doing, no one stopped to ask if Aaron was okay. The answer was no. Thanks for not asking.

His thoughts had successfully managed to eat away at his enthusiasm to go to the park. Now he just wanted to go home. Climb back into bed and stay there. Perhaps stare at the glow in the dark stars that were stuck to his ceiling above his bed. Edenridge was not a place for Aaron to be in. The community had decided that long ago.

Aaron began to make the trip back towards home, this time his pace slowed. Despite not being in pain, his mood only exaggerated his bad walk. It was almost as if his body was trying to deliberately shut his legs down. It didn’t help that the prescription bag was in his only other free hand. He had managed to make it down half the main street when he was abruptly and rudely stopped by a male. The male looked in his young 20’s, maybe a few years older than Aaron. He wore a black leather jacket, blue jeans, big boots. He was trying to look all care-free and intimidating. Aaron would be lying if he said he noticed the male, or even remembered him in some way. Living a good portion of the last year under a pseudo house arrest was a great way to forget what anyone looked like. Besides, he didn’t have to wait long for the male to make himself known.

”Oh look, someone let the firestarter out of his house.” It was such a cheesy line. It made the corners of Aaron's face grimace. If someone was going to try and make Aaron’s life hell, then at least be original or at the very least, experimental with it. Either way the male had successfully blocked his path. Aaron attempted to walk around, only for the male to simply adjust his body and block him, At this point they were practically chest to chest. The male had noticed the prescription bag as well and went in for his next jive.

”You set fire to the pharmacy on the way out huh?” Again. Subpar insult. Aaron’s facial expressions began to express more and more anger. Before Aaron could react the male had lifted his arms and shoved Aaron from the shoulders, causing Aaron to stagger backwards. His balance was gone and the only reason he managed to stay standing was the fact that Aaron was able to use his cane as a backstop to keep him upright.

”Someone should have set fire to you. Put a miserable little runt like you out of your misery.” That was it. Aaron wanted to say something. Words formulating in his brain:

”The 50’s called and want their Danny Zuko impression back”

See that was an insult. Sharp, witty. Aaron went to go speak. The words began to form in his mind, firing off towards his tongue. Nothing. No matter how hard he tried, the words wouldn’t come out of his mouth. Visible frustration plastered over Aarons face as he stood upright. He tried once more to speak, to get that tongue to move and produce sounds. But no. Nothing came. Aaron simply charged forward, using his shoulder to bash the male out of the way, who proceeded to yell cuss words at him and warned him to watch his back. Aaron couldn’t give a shit now what the guy was saying. Aaron was angry at himself. Once again he attempted and failed to conjugate.

Aaron needed to get inside and away from the world right now. He was only a minute walk from the family diner, which had become his new destination. Entering the classic diner, He was greeted by his mother standing behind the counter, looking tired and haggard. Her expression dropped when she saw Aaron infront of her. Both worry and tiredness. She went to speak but Aaron simply lifted his pinky finger and rubbed it down his nose in a single streak. That was all she needed to know. This message had been conveyed many times before. She gave a small smile as she let Aaron sit down at a booth and stare out of the window and wallow for a moment.

Jaxtyn has spent the past few songs dancing to the beat. The dancing he did was more of an awkward shuffle. It was clear the newbie was still trying to work out exactly how you dance at a party; even more so when you are alone. Still at this point the alcohol had finally managed to start pumping through his system properly and the social anxiety and fear of rejection he was normally subjected to, felt a lot more suppressed. His shoulders had dropped down more to relax, there was less tension in his body, and it was visible by the way that his arms were waving around.

Jaxtyn Bradley: The guy who never relaxed, never took his mind from his school work and never interacted with anyone was having the time of his life and was fitting in at a party. Well, perhaps not? Maybe he was making himself look like an idiot, but this newly induced alcohol high seemed to give Jax the ability to not give a shit. Maybe it was time to get some more alcohol?

Jax had danced his way over to the drinks table and took in the drinks again for a second time tonight. This time he wanted to try one that came in the smaller glasses; He believed people called them shot glasses. Pouring an almost clear liquid into the small glass, Jax lifted it up and smelt it. This one was not as pungent as the bottled beer. While the smell was less, the vapour of the drink was burning his nostrils. This was some strong stuff.

He was interrupted by the sudden eruption of the escalating conflict on the otherside of the table. Someone had just insulted Melissa. It looked like some Liberty kids. Well it had to be really. There was no way that a Rosefell student would dare stand up to Melissa. Jax then got to watch the whole spectacle, The one male had ended up taking a hit to the crotch and a hit to the head. It looked like Dee and Mel had this all under control…

...They need your help...

Jax didn’t quite understand the reasoning that caused him to suddenly down the shot, splutter a cough from the sudden almost burning sensation going through his lungs and then proceed to march around the table to stand in between Melissa and Dee. Maybe it was secret Rosefell pride that he felt. Maybe he just wanted to get into Melissa’s good books with the text he sent earlier and then question he needed to ask tomorrow. Helping her deal with some bitches, would surely get the queens attention. Maybe he would even get knighted and become a knight?

”Why don’t you two just shut up?” He said rather candidly to both Jackson and Miki. ”Like it or not your school is gone and you are on our turf now. You can’t just walk in and pretend like you own the place. You have to abide by our rules to start with” This felt nice. This sudden sense of fake authority, as if he was actually in charge and laying down the law. Normally Jax was wayyyy too meek to speak up in an environment like this. ”’sides, If you want to get to Mel, you are going to have to go through me...” In his head that sounded way cooler than it came out. He then pointed this thumb towards Dee. ”...And…” Jax couldn’t quite figure out how he was going to describe the male without perhaps attracting his ire. ”...him”

In all honesty Jax had never actually been in a fight in his life. He clenched his fists, somewhat correctly and raised them to his chest, looking forwards and looking for any signal that someone in front of him wanted it. Maybe the male and female would just go into full retreat now that people were standing up to them physically. That would probably be the easiest outcome for Jax, He could claim he was able to intimidate them to run away from his bravery.
Hello, I'd like my username changed to Bondye, if at all possible. Please and thanks.

Name changed.
Please delete this post


The player has decided not to join this RP.

Can my name be changed to Super Ghost Note?

Sadly, Super Ghost Note exceeds the 15 character limit.
I'd like this account to be deleted or the name changed (I don't particularly care as to what). I've moved on from this forum and I'd prefer not to have to explain the weird roleplaying stuff to others who are aware of my alias.


I have changed your username. Just incase in the future you do decide to return, or want to re read any of your previous works.
Can this post be deleted since this user is no longer a player in the thread? roleplayerguild.com/topics/183259-pok…
It's the Valerie Cypress character post.

Sorry, I didn't get how to link the post directly like I've seen other people on here do.

edit: I think I may have figured it out roleplayerguild.com/topics/183259-pok…

That should be gone now for you
Over my time at RPG, I never got to know Poly too much beyond the odd conversation. However to hear that someone has lost their battle with cancer is always a sad day indeed. More so when that person was an active, shining light in your community. Poly was always ready to talk with people, even on topics that some found uncomfortable or were unwilling to tread. Poly always had something to add to the conversation, to move it along and develop it.

At least Poly is no longer suffering. Its a grim tradeoff, knowing that we will never hear their voice again, or be able to converse like we all did. But now Poly can rest peacefully, and all we have to do, is make sue they are never forgotten.
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