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Current @Zenra I was writing down some ideas for GMing a fallout RP
25 days ago
Well. Work has died down. University has finished... Now I need to find something to occupy the time.
3 mos ago
So... Is it bad that can't tell the gender of most if the people here. I am guessing the site is 75% female xD
5 mos ago
When you want to do a Fight RP but youare looking for someone to play a Street Fighter character and be literate... Why must I ask for so much!!!
5 mos ago
*Gasps*... Robbie Rotten!


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New year. Back to school. Once more unto the breach. One last hurrah. It didn't matter how you looked at it though, Jordan was still stuck in this shit hole for another year. Final year maybe, but still, another year. At least he was a senior now. It was his time to shine. He had been living in the shadows of the more popular cliques over the past year, now was the time to pull out in front. Sure, his journey to the top had caused some issues. You have to break a few people to climb after all.

Jordan was currently walking to school. He lived a good distance away and a car would help. However, his parents were slightly concerned about him being behind the wheel. Something about being too distracted on his phone to focus on the road. If anyone asked however Jordan simply drove his car to a parking lot nearby and walked the rest of the way. He didn't want his fictional car to be trashed by the trash of Rosefell after all.

It was just after 8am when Jordan arrived on site. He was dressed with a simple combination of an orange hoodie and light blue denim jeans with enough holes in them that it was almost more hole than Jean. He wore simple black and white converses and finished it all off by wearing large square sunglasses that were way bigger than they needed to be. Taking a second he stopped and pulled out his phone, flipping through twitter and checking a few things, and writing a new tweet.

Start the year on a high. Walk in like you own the place and keep going. It was clear that Jordan had no intention of stopping what he had started last year. And the tweet was more of a pep talk to himself before starting the day as opposed to a declaration of social war. It was during this time that the intercom system came to life and the announcement about the assembly came through. That was about just about a good enough reason to actually move and enter the school.

Entering at the back of the bus crowd, Jordan surveyed the scene as he moved forward. He had ten or so minutes to kill quickly, so he made his way over to the picnic benches. Quite a few had been occupied but he had managed to spot one at the back that was free. He began to walk across to the benches, his back up straight, head held high. No need to be slumping it around. On his walk across he came across two of his fellow students: Aria and Rich. Though at this point Rich was already walking away.

"Morning Aria." He commented with a wide smile as he walked past her and sat down at the bench behind her. He finally took his sunglasses off and placed them into his baby blue rucksack. No need to wear them now he had actually gotten to school. He pulled his phone out once more and began surfing the net, keeping an eye on the time, concerned about being late.

Defo jumping onboard, going to play a male. Will get it done by the weekend.
@Skull I am sure we can mix it both in. I had a female boxer in mind. You don't have to use a female yourself.
Neither have I. But I would imagine we would run it like a normal topic??? @Skull
Right. Before we start I know this is a complete and utter longshot.

I am looking for someone to do a boxing match with. I have had this itch for a while and it would be nice to go back to some basic fighting RP. I have always done fight RPs more for story than for victory, so figured I would try something a little more competitive.

Location: Apollo Cafe
Interactions: Beau @Crimson Flame

After putting his phone down It seemed as if everything was going to go back to being boring and dull in the café. Ito scanned his eyes over the landscape, and nothing caught his attention. That was until he saw Beau react to the stain on his shirt. It was a beautiful shirt. Shame it got ruined really. Ito expected Beau to storm off in a hurry to go get changed.

Except something entirely different began to unfold. Instead of walking away, Beau took off his shirt leaving himself topless. From the waist upwards Beau DeRose was showing nothing but bare skin. Ito had to take a moment to shake his head, just to make sure that he wasn't in any way dreaming. The shaking confirmed what he already knew: This wasn't a dream. Not in the slightest. While it was very similar to the dreams he did have Beau, this was the real deal.

At that point in time, Ito was no longer in control of his body. He could feel his heartbeat increasing, those breaths of his turning into slightly faster pants. And it was only going to get worse as Beau began to walking along towards him. Ito was crushing so hard now that it was actually rather shocking that he hadn't tried to teleport away. His Adams apple became stiff as Beau made the final steps forward, swallowing becoming rather difficult as Beau closed in.

And then Beau leaned in and kissed his cheek. The sudden action caused his heart to stop for a second ; time itself seems to slow down. A moment later everything went back to normal and all of the sudden his heart was racing at a thousand beats per minute. That sensation of euphoria rushed through his body like a pulsating wave as the males lips brushed his skin. Ito had truly began to lose control of his body as he gave in to certain bodily urges, those urges you get when you are really attracted to someone. Ito wanted to do something. His mind racing a million miles an hour with thoughts. Part of him wanted to do unspeakable things: the kind of things that were only in his dreams. Other parts of him wanted to be all romantic and tender, pulling the blonde into a deep kiss. While the rest of him was just panicking over what to say.

He was crushing. Crushing like mad. In all of his time here at the academy he had never been able to get this close to Beau. He had always stayed on the outside. Afraid that Beau would want to stay away from him if he knew the truth. Raising his arm to hide the developing blush that was appearing on his cheeks, Ito looked down, scooping his phone with his free arm to see if he had any messages: Nothing. There was no escape. He was going to have to say something.

"Hello… Beau. Looking beautiful… I mean looking good. You look good. How are you?" Smooth Ito. Really smooth. Way to give it all away in the first sentence. He took a sip of his drink once more, trying not to give away just how nervous he was right now. Teleporting away would be a preferable escape right now. It was a shame he didn't have time travel powers.
Defo agree with loving Hayley. So I am in too. Going to look to make a Male based around Japanese culture. Something like a Crown Prince.

Should get a character up by Friday :)

Location: Apollo Cafe
Interactions: @Plank Sinatra
Mentions: @Plank Sinatra @Crimson Flame

So here Ito was, taking slow and steady sips from his large coffee cup, taking that moment to enjoy the sensation of the hot liquid going down his throat. He had missed the way the coffee from this place tasted. There was something about it that made it quite spectacular compared to the coffee back home. Nothing even came close to the combination of flavours and aromas that he got here. If he could, he would just live in the cafe forever. Ito had always found it quite hilarious and somewhat uncanny at how he was able to just blend into the background of the world and have no one notice him. For his job as a messenger it was an extremely handy talent to have. Plus it allowed him to spy on people at the same time. At the same time it was also rather isolating at times. The lack of interaction made it quite difficult to make friends at times. Sometimes it was blessing, but other times it felt like a true curse. Here he was after all, sitting in a cafe full of people and no one acknowledges your existence. Still. Ito was used to it.

And it wasn't like his time was wasted. He had observed the goings on in the cafe, and all the emotions that were running high. He watched as Dallas threw his pastry at Beau; for reasons unknown. Ito couldn’t help but notice Beau, who was looking mighty fine as per usual. There were very few people who Ito would consider changing his sexual orientation for, but Beau was definitely one of them. Oh the things he would do with him… Ito placed his coffee on the table as he began to stare at Beau, losing his mind as his eyes continued to observe the males movements.

Shaking his head he moved his focus away from Beau. He knew how dangerous it was to stare at and then consequently begin to crush on Beau. He had gone through a similar phase last year and while he was fairly sure Beau hadn’t noticed his crushing last year, A few others had noticed though, and Ito knew the value of the information. He was half expecting someone to blackmail him into getting something done. But last year he was fairly safe

Ito began to wonder what had wound Dallas up so much. There had to be something big to get him worked up this much. He knew Dallas had a bit of a short temper at times, and could always be on the flair of the dramatic. But this was extreme even for him. Ito couldn’t tell if he was playing, or if there really was some kind of unbridled rage there. Still, it was enough to cause him to throw a pastry at the stunning Beau. After a few moments Ito began to realise that he was starting to stare at Dallas. Ito shifted his eyes and picked up his coffee cup, taking a sip before placing it back down and pulling out his phone.
He flicked through his contacts, noticing that while had practically the entire campus on his contact list, the number of conversations that he had was significantly lower. Flicking through his convos he finally picked someone to message. He decided to message Dana.

”Hey Dana, Got onto campus this morning. Had to get my coffee. What you doing later? Fancy getting your face remodelled at the gym? xD

He placed his phone down with a smirk. He loved calling out Dana and winding her up. Even if he rarely was able to get the upper hand on the daughter of war, and most matches ended up with at least one bruise in the morning. Taking another sip of his coffee he casually ran his finger around the rim of his cup, waiting to see what would happen next.
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