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Current Rosefell High - High School / SoL is looking for new peeps. Come join us maybe?…
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@Zenra I was writing down some ideas for GMing a fallout RP
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Well. Work has died down. University has finished... Now I need to find something to occupy the time.
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So... Is it bad that can't tell the gender of most if the people here. I am guessing the site is 75% female xD
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When you want to do a Fight RP but youare looking for someone to play a Street Fighter character and be literate... Why must I ask for so much!!!


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Jordan was engrossed with his phone. Staring down at the device as he was currently in the process of flicking through his digital notepad looking at all the gossip that he had collected over the week. His little network of snitches and informants had gathered some nice little bits of info… Enough to start writing about at least.

Earlier in the week he had discovered that he had been out in charge of a gossip column of the school paper. An attempt by Henderson to try and keep the school paper relevant. The opportunity was far too good to pass up. Being allowed to gossip to his hearts content, and not get in trouble. Of course his identity had been kept hidden. Didn't want to have to bear the consequences of his actions. That's just bad journalism.

He was pulled from his daydreaming fantasy of total control of the school by the voice of Alex. Jordan wasn't stupid. He noticed the snicker. Who did Alex think he was? Snickering at Jordan. His photos wouldn't be half as good without Jordan gracing them. Still. He had to at least entertain the idea of responding back.

"Oh you know it is the norm. Just looking around, cross referencing information. Fun stuff."

Jordan was just about to speak once more and try and probe Alex with a few questions regarding his mood. Perhaps he was snickering from a bad mood rather than just being with Jordan. However he was brutally and savagely interrupted by the Brutus Maximilllous Arseholius Ricky. Jordan furrowed his brow in both annoyance and frustration. He wasn't even acknowledged. Not even a mention, stare or nod. Jordan knew the male disliked him, going as far as to public threaten him on twitter, which constituted as evidence by the way?

Fine. If that was the way Pricky Ricky was going to play then, Jordan could do the same to. Getting up from the stump he began to walk away before making a snide comment "Talk to him while still can. He will be going to prison soon enough." Before anyone could even shoot back a proper rebuttal, Jordan had left the scene. His eyes now began to wander. As they wandered he noticed the new guy Hendrik hitting by the bonfire and having a drink.

Perfect. Jordan thought. Hendrik was new and that meant he could make friends before anyone else got near him. He would finally have his senior spy. Someone to keep an eye on Melissa and the Bitches. Walking up towards the male confidently, Jordan sat down next to the bonfire, right next to Hendrik.

"Hey you are the new guy right? Transferred from some place?"

Hendrik was just chilling at the bonfire, sort of trying to mingle with the other students who had recently arrived at the bonfire. Even if he was the odd one out, it would not hold him from speaking up if he felt like it. After a few minutes had passed, Hendrik seemed to notice a slightly younger male approach him. This felt sort of odd, why would someone approach him like that.

“I most certainly am, and most certainly did transfer in from some place. I used to live a few states south of here. In a small town. However please call me Hendrik, new guy gets old after a week. Good to meet you.”

Hendrik would sort of hold out his hand so Jordan could shake it and Jordan very quickly accepted it. A handshake at a lakeside party though… Very formal.

"Well I am Jordan. Tell me a little about yourself? What sort of things do you like and what kind of life do you want here at Rosefell?" Every word Jordan spoke was just purely pandering. For all intents and purposes he looked engaged and as if he was listening, but in reality he was just talking to get Hendrik on side.

Hendrik was slightly smiling, it was slim and sort of hard to see, but it was there. He let out a slight chuckle at the speed with which Jordan shook his hand.

”I like sport, or physical activity in any kind and money. I honestly hope to find someone with at least a little athletic capability, who can challenge me in any kind of sports. Furthermore I just want to graduate and move on with my life. What about you? You strike me as a less.. Physically active person”

"Physically active?" Jordan scoffed in amusement. So another jock. The school didn't need another one of those. Henderson was already bending over to accommodate the current set. He didn't need another leech feeding off drama funds. "If that is the kinda thing you are looking for… Rosefell may disappoint you. But no. I am a drama person myself. But if a hobbyist writer too given my parents. My speciality around here is information. I know everything about everyone. Even the things they don't want me to know. Just bear that in mind" The final mark was both a boast and a threat rolled into one. A kind of; I am the best kind of friend to have, worst kind of enemy to have vibe.

Hendrik just gave a slight nod.
”Mmmh. I understand, so just out of curiosity. Is this the first bit of information gathering on me then? And have you had people actually interested in the new guy. Cause lets be honest, you’re probably the only one knowing my name” Hendrik had this kind of pokerface, with a faint glimmer in the eyes. Perhaps from the bonfire nearby.

"Bit to early to try gathering information yet." Jordan replied, brushing his hand through his hair. "Besides, everyone always wants to know about the new guy. I thought I would you know, come and say hello before you know, people started talking about me. You know what jealous girls can be like."

”Pft.. Jealous girls keeping you away from me? I’ll take that as a compliment myself. And so far you seem like a good guy. People talking about others doesn’t really bother me, I’ll make up my own mind without really caring what others say. Courtesy of wanting to go on yourself early.”

"You say that, but you have no idea what Rosefell can be like. Reputation matters here, and knowledge is power. Speaking of which, if you ever come across any information that might be viewed as 'juicy' or 'gossip' do let me know. Working for me can have its perks you know." Jordan chimed with a bright, perfectly orchestrated smile. If you didn't know he was an actor, you could have been fooled into thinking he was an innocent schoolboy.

”To get something from me means you’ll have to offer something yourself. I’m busy enough with my own work as it is, so don’t expect anything for free. “

Jordan visibly scoffed at his words. Well, this was new. Someone asking for payment. In all his years that he had done work like this, he hadn't even been asked. Working for Jordan was supposed to be its own reward.

The rest of school life had gone pretty much the way Jordan had planned it. He had been made head of the drama club; Which at this point was practically guaranteed anyway. Wasn't like someone else in the senior year was going to stand against him. This was supposed to be his coronation however, the dawn of a bright new era for King Ross. Sadly the coronation had gone bust because Stewart Henderson had sold the crown to buy helmets for the knights of the realm. What kind of person sells a Kings crown?

As if things couldn't actually get worse, his hopes at finding out first week gossip was turning out to be fruitless. He had noticed a few new seniors, and was trying his damn hardest to talk to them and get them onboard. Everytime he tried however someone would bjtt in and pull them away. He was only trying to make new friends. The only silver lining was this lake party. Perhaps it was going to be the tipping point. Teens and alcohol was an interesting combination for sure and people always slipped up. All he had to do was remain vigilant and perhaps the gossip column of the newspaper would have something juicy to publish over the weekend.

He had decided, for better or for worse, to walk to the party. It was a trek from his house, but with enough music and the odd twitter break, time just melted away. His mother and father were either out themselves or busy with their work so Jordan was left to be responsible himself. While Jordan needed to act like a socialite in order to gather people's trust, not to mention to practice his wide range of acting skills; he was legitimately scared about this party. The only other party he had been to was last year, and that was a night he most certainly wasn't going to forget… And not in a good way. The idea of spending more time around alcohol and being socially pressured into drinking filled the usually confidant male with dread. It was one of those 'oh shit, here we go again' moments where Jordan was being really conscious over what he was doing, or more specifically, Drinking.

Ontop of that he was slightly concerned about turning up at all. Officially he had never been asked to go to the party. All week he watched as various seniors talked to each other, inviting and planning together. Not once did someone even bring it up with him. Now the invite was for everyone. It was just the way the invite got spread. But Jordan couldn't help but feel slightly unwelcome. Still, everyone would be too drunk after 10 minutes to even notice Jordan at all.

Walking up to the lakeside, it seemed that the bonfire had already been lit and the music had been set up. Not many people though. Walking upto the bonfire, Jordan smiled and waved to people who looked at him, not bothering to say anything. Eventually though he found his way back to the entrance of the party where he sat on an old tree stump looking at his phone, discreetly people watching as he did. He wanted to see who turned up and the kind of mood they were in.

It didn't take long for everyone else to eventually arrive. No one seemed to looked pleased at all. Jordan didn't mind the assembly usually, it was a good time to scan his eyes around the room and take in everyone's faces. The juniors were of particular interest. He had lost last year's seniors which had quite a few good informants in it and he needed blabber mouths who could give him the low down on everything. Just by looking around he could see a few people who were suitable candidates, but he could also see most of his yearmates. Those were the more trickier ones. Several of them knew the games he played, and knew to stay far away. Others however, they were far easier to manipulate.

To start with Jordan phased out of the assembly, not really paying attention to what was being said. It was the normal nonsense. However it was at that point when Henderson bought up the reduction in arts funding.

It was like he had been slapped with a stale fish.

Suddenly Jordan was offended. Fully offended. How dare this old man try and attack everything that he held dear? Jordan decided to go on the attack himself, pulling his phone out he opened his weapon of war: Twitter.

After posting the tweets he felt somewhat better. The rage inside him had been quenched and he was now sedated for the time being. Though he was sure he would end up getting angry about it later. The assembly would finally come to a close and people began to leave. Jordan waited for a second, glaring daggers towards the stage as the room emptied. Once it was quiet Jordan would rise himself and leave, heading to his first class; which ironically turned out to be drama.

Jordan continued to look at his phone as he looked through all the social media channels, catching up on the comings and goings of all of the people in the school. Like it or not for Jordan, social media was the way he interacted with the world. Summer break was actually his worst nightmare. Unlike other popular people in the school, Jordan didn't exactly have a group of friends that he interacted with outside of school. In fact, thinking about it further, Jordan was struggling to think of anyone he would call a friend rather than a confidant or a potential target. That one thought lingered in the consciousness of his mind a little too much, drawing a sigh from his lips.

The Columbus Ametuer Dramatic Club only met once per week, even during summer break and the school didn't bother trying to host a drama summer school, cause why the hell would they?, most of Jordan's days were spent on his own. Both his parents were still hard at work; father at meetings, mother in the study typing away with a massive 'Do Not Disturb' Sign plastered on the door. So while he wouldn't show it to the outside world, he was glad to be back. For him this was his safe space. He knew the score here. He had managed to control some of his environment here. It made him happy.

However, right now… Jordan was being watched. After being in the limelight as much as Jordan was, he had picked up on ques to tell if he was being watched. More specifically in this case, someone was looking at him through a lens. The corner of his left eye had that dull spot of light that suggested light was bouncing off something it shouldn't be. Turning on his camera he twisted it to the side and observed casually through the screen. His suspicion was confirmed: Alex was pointing his camera at him, trying not to be seen. Putting his phone down, Jordan did a couple of simple poses for a few seconds: Head down, thoughtful contemplation, smiling. The usual you would see in a cheesy magazine. Afterwards he checked his phone one last time, time was advancing it would seem.

Getting up, he slung his bag back over his shoulder and slid his phone back into his pocket. It seemed more people were arriving. While he would have loved to try and get some new gossip to start the year off right, he also didn't want to get caught in the mad rush to get to the assembly. So he decided to cut his losses and make his way to the auditorium. On his way he decided to walk past Alex, giving him a pat on the shoulder with his hand as he did.

"Make sure you put one of them somewhere prominent eh?" He spoke, walking past. He didn't stop though, still walking as spoke. "Would hate to have to speak to the principal about outsourcing photography due to Quality Issues" With that, Jordan was out of view and heading towards the auditorium, where upon arriving he would grab a front and centre seat.

New year. Back to school. Once more unto the breach. One last hurrah. It didn't matter how you looked at it though, Jordan was still stuck in this shit hole for another year. Final year maybe, but still, another year. At least he was a senior now. It was his time to shine. He had been living in the shadows of the more popular cliques over the past year, now was the time to pull out in front. Sure, his journey to the top had caused some issues. You have to break a few people to climb after all.

Jordan was currently walking to school. He lived a good distance away and a car would help. However, his parents were slightly concerned about him being behind the wheel. Something about being too distracted on his phone to focus on the road. If anyone asked however Jordan simply drove his car to a parking lot nearby and walked the rest of the way. He didn't want his fictional car to be trashed by the trash of Rosefell after all.

It was just after 8am when Jordan arrived on site. He was dressed with a simple combination of an orange hoodie and light blue denim jeans with enough holes in them that it was almost more hole than Jean. He wore simple black and white converses and finished it all off by wearing large square sunglasses that were way bigger than they needed to be. Taking a second he stopped and pulled out his phone, flipping through twitter and checking a few things, and writing a new tweet.

Start the year on a high. Walk in like you own the place and keep going. It was clear that Jordan had no intention of stopping what he had started last year. And the tweet was more of a pep talk to himself before starting the day as opposed to a declaration of social war. It was during this time that the intercom system came to life and the announcement about the assembly came through. That was about just about a good enough reason to actually move and enter the school.

Entering at the back of the bus crowd, Jordan surveyed the scene as he moved forward. He had ten or so minutes to kill quickly, so he made his way over to the picnic benches. Quite a few had been occupied but he had managed to spot one at the back that was free. He began to walk across to the benches, his back up straight, head held high. No need to be slumping it around. On his walk across he came across two of his fellow students: Aria and Rich. Though at this point Rich was already walking away.

"Morning Aria." He commented with a wide smile as he walked past her and sat down at the bench behind her. He finally took his sunglasses off and placed them into his baby blue rucksack. No need to wear them now he had actually gotten to school. He pulled his phone out once more and began surfing the net, keeping an eye on the time, concerned about being late.

Defo jumping onboard, going to play a male. Will get it done by the weekend.
@Skull I am sure we can mix it both in. I had a female boxer in mind. You don't have to use a female yourself.
Neither have I. But I would imagine we would run it like a normal topic??? @Skull
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