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5 mos ago
Current Unpopular Opinion: I liked DA:2. I t was a little out there, and yes it took us to a new and strange place. But it felt nice to rise top the top from nothing.
5 mos ago
Shameless RP plug. Join. Please?…
5 mos ago
Feels good to be back in the swing of things again
5 mos ago
I has returned. Sorry for the absence. My head is in much better place right now.
10 mos ago
Sertraline: for when you need happiness in your life


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@Hedgehawk Hey, before I write up my post wanted to make sure Eliza is accepted?

Of course she is!
Okay everyone. I would tag you all, but I am on mobile currently.

I will fix the character sheets today. And will also message Haley about what we will do about the 2ic position for the Guild. I have an idea, I think, I just need to think it through with Haley and Sammi.

If you haven't yet done your intro post for your charas please do. If you have, then please do another post so that your character has arrived at either the Guild or DS meeting, that way we all line up. Once that is done me and Haley can post the meetings and thi gs will start in earnest.

So, with that in mind, The RP officially starts now.
Currently writing the intro post for Alex and had a few questions on setting:

- Where in NYC is the Guild generally located? (i.e. South Brooklyn, Lower Manhattan, etc)

- What type of building, underground lair, citadel-esque construct is the Guild in?

- It's 2016, but about what time of the year? I'd say let's go Winter since many of us are experiencing that for real. X.x

Sorry for the delayed response. I never settled on a location. But it is a large underground lair, with multiple entrances. It houses alot of people so I would day it is citadel like. I would say the base is on manhatten thinking bout it. The month is also August as Shy pointed out
@Hedgehawk I appreciate it, but I don't want to mess up the symmetry. I can come in as a regular member.

Okay, that will mean ladies and gentlemen:

WE HAVE A FULL GUILD FOR ONCE (assuming that Grape brings Allira back)

Thanks for showing interest. At the moment we have that slot reserved for another character. If you really want that position I can, create a second one for you.
Welcome @Belgard! I am sure you will fit in just fine. Most people here don't bite. The Moderators do a great job of zapping those who bite.

If you want a place to start reading about the site then the New User's Guide is a nice place to start, if you haven't already gone through it. It has the rules and such, boring pretext I know, but very important. (Unless you do want to be mistaken for a spambot!)

If you have any questions just ask. Everyone here is really helpful
@Hedgehawk, updated the history as well, so the CS is completed :)

Looks good throw them on over :)

Gonna be out of town over the weekend so when I get back I will have everything straightened away and make my first post. Will make it so Eliza is out and about for a bit on Guild stuff and shes just getting back. :P

Awesome, take your time, we won't be starting proper until the end of next week I imagine. Are you planning on bringing Aliira back or nah? If not I will remove the reservation and see if anyone else wants it
Hello. :3

I'd like to ask something pretty selfish of me - since I'm starting school pretty soon, I'd like to have time to settle back into its absolute hellish and tiring pace.

If, however, the position of captain is important, then I don't mind if I have to give it up. :)
Just a heads up.

It is perfectly fine, School comes first. You can keep the position and just jump in whenever you have settled in :)

I would have it so he works in NY and as well as NJ.

Looks good, throw them on over
Hi! Random person-

Okay not really. I'm Exit's other 'friend', and I'd like to ask a few questions mostly about the history of behind the scenes stuff.

Is there any way to know how exactly the powerful families disappeared?
What about the powers they mostly wield? (Including the De Silva family)
Ethnicity of each family?

Then questions about the forbidden powers; was there certain events or happenings that caused them to be branded as 'forbidden' or do they just decide it's too OP and are like, "Yeah, no."

You will have excuse me as it is almost 1am here!

The powerful families still exist today. The other two families are around, but in order to keep things simple, we decided to keep it between the De Silva and Leighton families.

Given how old the families were in the beginning they are kind of split across the European ethnicities, as well as various others thanks to many thousands of years.

As for forbidden magics, there have been several disasters over the course of the last few thousand years that has caused them to become forbidden.
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