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People unironically blasting Born in the USA on 4th of July is the funniest thing about the holiday.
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The best thing about Old Town Road is all of the backwards country people realizing they were jamming to a song by a gay black cowboy.
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311 was an inside job
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Actually really been getting back into writing and RPing and it feels really nice to be doing it again.


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The Silent Desert

Jaslyn heard Selene’s voice faint and fluttery like a small bird in hand. Then felt a wave of panic that was cut short as the girl passed out. Jaslyn rushed over and checked Selene. “Selene? We’re on Tython. Selene? The Silent Desert do you remember that?”

She grabbed a canteen that was still half full of water and unscrewed the lid. Jaslyn pulled out a piece of soft cloth and poured water on it. Then she wiped Selene’s forehead with the damp cloth.

Selene’s upper body shot upward fast and hard--had Jaslyn been any closer their heads would have smacked together. And there Selene stayed for another moment until it stretched into another, time lingering for her in ways it didn’t even minutes before. Were they minutes? Not months? Not years?

Selene was deeply sad, having been placed back in her mind and body, limited, contained, disconnected...the Force was her only comfort. And the other emotions, the other feelings, and thoughts...the other person attached to her. To Jaslyn.

Finally her eyes snapped to Jaslyn, and suddenly Selene recalled the world awaiting them outside.

“Let’s go. I know how to get us out, now. They’re waiting for us...they’re all waiting for us.”

Half of what she saw she could even seem to wrap her mind around, the other half was seared into memory so deep she still felt the heat. Nothing tasted the same, nothing smelled the same, nothing looked the same. It’s as if she had taken a dip to Chaos for a change of perspective; but it hadn’t been Chaos.

Standing was casual and quick, her hand offering out to assist Jaslyn get up. Her eyes were so dark they might as well had been black as ink, the blacks of her eyes flecked silver. Selene’s only thought as the doors of the ancient vessel and refuge began their slow titanic opening. The vibration and sound not close to a problem for Selene to speak to Jaslyn.

”I promise not to get you killed. Try to do what they tell you, and please never go looking into my past. Both were warnings; both were lethal in nature. The robe was tossed off with a shrug and a sigh even as she began walking out. Sunlight glittered off her inner eyes at odd angles in brilliant reflection as her utility belt was dropped, it’s contents had been reduced to personal device she now wiped as she walked out.

There was no weapon. Her hair had been reduced to a loose ponytail that ended halfway down her back, only her dark purple tunic and black pants left besides the dull black shin high boots with heavy black straps.

The heavy desert sun didn’t seem to bother her much as the storms began to spread apart and die, letting in bright rays between cloud. She stopped only feet from the Jedi. She had to wonder if that wasn’t determination she felt, and no actual anger?

Go ahead, Jedi. Take me to your Council.

Kyla’s eyes glanced at the two that had emerged from the sandstone dome, an expression of disappointment etching across her features as she noticed Jaslyn alongside a stranger. The dark eyed woman seemed to shimmer with the Force enough so that it made the battlemaster’s skin shiver. She was saddened to see the ginger haired padawan standing so eagerly beside her, but did not truly believe she was lost to the Order. Kyla hoped with every inch of her fiber that Jaslyn would leave the stranger and stand beside her fellow Jedi, her friends, but no such thing occurred.

It was not the first time she had seen a promising young Jedi abandon the Order so quickly, and it would not be the last. Such a rapid turn likely was one fueled by confusion, desperation and curiosity. Strangely enough this Force addled woman seemed to surrender herself peacefully, though Kyla was watchful of deceit. She did not feel the Force emit off this one like it did with Sith, and she had faced down many Sith in her past. It was a bizarre sensation, one that the battlemaster was unfamiliar with. In the back of her mind she took note of the planet seemingly returning to calmness, slowly but surely. It was all too strange. Nevertheless Kyla took a step towards her, before suddenly stopping as her padawan dashed by her.

San Anin could not help but feel herself grow angered by the sight of Selene, she could feel the darkness within her and it only served to warp the padawan’s conflicted mind to an increasing anger. The same two scenes of dying Jedi looped in her mind, over and over, faster than her mind could process them and understand that she needed to let go. Her hand pulled away from her master and instantly the green blade of her saber ignited as her mind acted on instinct alone. The instinct drove her to leap at Selene, her feet kicking up sand as she lowered her lightsaber to attempt to stab at the dark sided and exact vengeance for her fallen companions.

Jaslyn had followed Selene blinking into the sunlight. Keeping pace with Selene she drew up beside her. She raised an eyebrow at Selene’s easy surrender. But within seconds she could feel the volatile hatred coming off someone and she didn’t hesitate to draw only one of her own sabers flicking it on. Recognizing San she voided her countenance of all emotion and blocked the younger Padawans thrust. Nothing offensive. Just purely defensive. She signed with her free hand and concentrated to project the thought outwards to the others in the area. Stand down San Anin. She has surrendered. Jaslyn was calm, her motions fluid and her eyes on San Anin. Calm mostly due to the fact that she was holding the saber. Internally she pushed down the hurt that drawing on a fellow Padawan caused.

Now was the time to use the skills that Master Merrian was always pushing her towards. Cool heads win battles. Negotiate from a point of strength. Well she could try and see where that got her.

Jaslyn braced to block San again if needed. Hopefully Battlemaster Kyla was able to reel back in control and mitigate the situation before it got worse.

San had been too quick for Brye during her first strike. However the older Padawan was prepared after Jaslyn had blocked San’s attack. She hadn’t the time to think over why Jaslyn was with the Dark Sider that had caused so much chaos and pain, San Anin came first in this instance.

Brye reached out as the two stood face to face. One hand held straight out until she could feel San through use of the Force. The Padawan pulled then, hard enough to move San back towards Brye and Kyla.

She did not want to witness any death today, not after Dxun, and not on Tython. Not a fellow Padawan; but especially not one she regarded as a friend. So when San had been pulled back to Brye, the older Padawan took her friends shoulder with one hand and pulled her back further. San was safely behind Brye and Kyla, the older Padawan looking to her friend with a very stern gaze. They would talk later, now was not the time. Bryethe’s focus turned back to the duo. Jaslyn and the Dark Sider. How did a fellow Padawan get caught up with a Dark Sider to begin with?

Kyla shot daggers at San, confusion evident in her eyes as she looked towards her padawan being held back. It was the second time the girl had given in to her emotions and lashed out. She could sense the conflict brewing inside of San as the outburst had gone on, vengeance seeped off of her. It was a disappointing development on top of a very upsetting day. The battlemaster raised an open left palm towards both the padawans, indicating for them both to stop and stay exactly where they were. The experienced Jedi would seize control of this situation before it spiraled further.

Everyone relax. I’m Jedi Master Kyla Vondin, there are more Jedi on the way. A fight gets none of us anywhere. I accept your surrender, set down your weapons and put your hands behind your head. No harm will come to you, I promise. She signaled to the two across from them, staring down Selene and then Jaslyn. Her expression firm and serious. The battlemaster was not looking for more death, that would solve nothing especially while an offer of surrender had been made already.

The youngest padawan, however, had frozen in place at the touch of her friend and the glare from her master. Almost as if the actions she had taken finally registered in her head, allowing her emotions to control her and force her to act on impulse. Shame immediately registered within her, as she stood there, staring at her master before looking away with embarrassment. San Anin needed to think, but with a being of such darkness have driven the planet to such chaos, to have caused the death of a Jedi Knight in front of her eyes, such reflection was hard to make.

Jaslyn blinked and turned off her saber and straightened up. Master Kyla she has no weapons. Jaslyn put up her saber. Jaslyn looked up at Master Kyla everything falling into place. Master Kyla included her in the statement. Jaslyn’s eyes widened as she looked at Selene then at Master Kyla. Shaking her head more at the situation than anything else and just how right Selene turned out to be.

Slowly she took off her belt that housed her sabers, canteen and communicator along with other odds and ends. Jaslyn laid them down gently between herself and Master Kyla. She trusted that Selene would more than keep her word. She stood up and put her hands behind her head.

Excellent. You will both brought before the council. We are not the Sith, we’re not going to hurt you. Kyla signaled with another firm look as she used the Force to pull Jaslyn’s belt towards her. For a brief moment she clenched it in her hand before turning and handing it to Brye. Kyla took no enjoyment in bringing in rogue Jedi. The mysterious woman with Jaslyn was a different story, she was intrigued to ask her questions and find out exactly why she was her. As well as more importantly how she found Tython, if anyone else knew of it that could put the Order once more in grave danger.

Brye took the belt, almost hesitantly, as Kyla handed it to her. The Padawan looked at it briefly, her other hand squeezing San’s shoulder before it moved to Brye’s side. One hand holding the belt, her other rested next to her saber. It was more of a habit than anything, as Brye watched the scene. Overhead, shuttles of Jedi circled as they watched everyone below.

Giving no signal that help was needed, the shuttles continued to hover, watching the group closely. Brye wasn’t sure what to feel at that moment. The Dark Sider surrendered immediately, why? Did she come to Tython for something, did she surrender because it was acquired, or did she fail her mission?

She knew these two would be brought back to the Temple and questioned. Brye hardly cared what happened to the Dark Sider, that was up to the Council and it was not for her to prod. However, Brye was worried for Jaslyn. The older Padawan felt betrayed; she felt tricked, for why was Jaslyn with this Dark Sider? And what would happen to her fellow padawan?

Kyla’s eyes went to skies above them, a smile slipping onto her face as the world had returned to calmness. Serenity danced across the once more clear skies of Tython, signaling the end of the dark side fueled disturbance. The sandstorms dissipated across the desert, silently fading away as the Jedi shuttles hovered above. She raised her hand up and signaled for them to land. They would load the mysterious Selene aboard them along with Jaslyn, then bring both back to the temple to stand before the council. The battlemaster was delighted such an eventful day did not end with more bloodshed. Elav’s death still stung to think about, as did San’s emotion fueled actions.

The first shuttle landed beside them, the backdoors coming open slowly as a trio of Jedi emerged. Kyla motioned to them, then to Brye so the padawan would also go on that shuttle. The two ‘prisoners’ would be placed on the shi[ and given a dedicated watch to ensure no more trouble from them. They had both thankfully turned themselves over the order without conflict, and would not be harmed. The battlemaster was intrigued to learn of what had occured in the mysterious sandstone temple, as well as deep in the Rift.

As she turned back towards her ship the battlemaster let out a sigh of relief. The crashed shuttle was being attended to by other Jedi, and the situation was being handled properly. The massive wyrm was still on the loose, but the Order would see that issue attended to firmly. Kyla placed a hand on San’s shoulder, then lead her emotionally troubled padawan back to her starfighter. They would have to have a long conversation about the events of today.
@webboysurf looks great to me! Approved on my end.
Bump! We're in particular looking for more Sith...

But also non Force using characters. Maybe some Mandolorians or Republic/Sith Empire soldiers?

Bump! We're in particular looking for more Sith...

But also non Force using characters. Maybe some Mandolorians or Republic/Sith Empire soldiers?

The shuttle with the Jaslyn and the stranger aboard flew away at a rapid pace, leaving the remaining trio of Jedi behind. Kyle let out a curse as she lifted her free hand up, ordering San to get behind her and Elav. The two more experienced, combat oriented Jedi leading the defense as the Terentatek barreled charge them, snarling and screeching like the crazed demons of dark side creation they were. The battlemaster dashed to her left side, drawing three in her direction. Elav stood his ground as the other three drew nearer. The twi’lek’s eyes shot sideways as he used their surroundings to aid them in combat.

As Kyle leapt upwards, she watched a large rock rise off the ground and rocket towards the already injured beast. It impacted powerfully, sending the creature onto its side and sliding across the ground, a shriek following its slide. One less charging foe, though the monstrosity was amazingly still not dead. It tried to get back to its feet, slowly and painfully. As the battlemaster soared above, she floated in the wind like a banshee. Time seemed to pause as she gracefully landed on the other side the beasts bringing her blade down with fury.

Her weapon sliced cleanly through the closest Terentatek, the beast letting out a howl as her lightsaber went diagonally through dark side addled flesh. Cleaving it cleanly from shoulder to hip. Both halves slumped to the floor and she swiftly swung her weapon into the beast’s skull, ensuring a definite kill. Then she backstepped, creating ground between the two others which stared at her with a furious hunger. Unaffected by witnessing one of their kind be cut down. They started stepping towards their prey again as Kyla stood her ground, lightsaber raised.

One down.

San Anin was left at the back, watching her master and the other knight commence is their ruthless attacks against the beasts that threatened them. Being not particularly good with her lightsaber, the padawan was not eager to push forward into the thick of combat against such a threat, even if her master inspired such bravery with how effortlessly she seemed to bring one down. However, there was one aspect of San Anin that could aid her master effectively, through the use of the Force and the abilities she has trained so hard to understand.

A tree trunk lifted itself off the ground as the padawan focused on it before it began to splinter apart through a crushing force. A hail of wooden shards flew above the battlemaster, moving quickly and embedding themselves into the hide of a Terentatek and roar of pain only allowed for the remaining splinters to be sent into the mouth of the beast. The attack was not meant to kill as much as it was meant to impede the beast so that the knight and the master could more easily slay it. San Anin kept her mind clear as best she could to focus on the battle, but the storm continued to distract her and keep her mind on edge.

“Master, I do not think we should fight these things in the open!” the padawan called out, unmoving from her spot as she saw one of the beasts begin to circle around the two. San Anin muttered a curse under her breath as she threw her lightsaber in its direction, only knicking its upper arm but gaining its attention. The lightsaber spun around back to the padawan’s hands, gripping the curved blade and readying herself to face down the beast.

“San, stay calm. We don’t seem to have a choice. Believe in the Force. We do not die today.” Kyla exclaimed as she kept moving to keep both the monstrosities in her view. Moving more akin to a dancer, the veteran Jedi as quick on her feet as ever. She then slammed her lightsaber forward, through the left eye of the one which San had injured. Then in the blink of an eye brought the blade out the side, leaving behind a fresh corpse to hit the ground.

One more left.

Across from her she could see Elav engaging them, grimacing in pain with every physically straining movement. His twin lightsabers lightning up the storm darkened battlefield as he twirled them around fiercely. His body moved and contorted in a stunning display of athleticism and skill in tune with the Force. Elav swung both his blades at the nearest Terentatek, removing the creature’s legs and sending it to the ground alive but crawling. He then shoved his blade through its ugly forehead, putting the Sith created mutation out of its misery.

“San, help Elav!” Kyla shouted as she squared down the last beasts hunting her down. Two were after the Twi’lek Jedi knight, while the heavily injured one had gotten back to its feet and limped towards him as well.

The battlemaster slashed with her lightsaber, but the Terentatek shifted its body just in time to dodge her swing. Showing its terrifyingly sharp fangs as it continued to lumber towards her. Sith alchemy was a horrific thing indeed. That it had created such monstrosities. Kyla gritted her teeth then made another slash, resulting in a screech and a lost left forearm for the predator coming after her. Still it continued to lunge and swing at her, unflinching in its attacks.
A lightsaber flew through the air once more, cutting the hand off of a Terentatek as it swung at Elav. The being let out a roar of pain before the circling lightsaber came back around to slash out its gullet, the large beast falling onto the ground in a matter of moments. This was the act of the padawan, following the command of her master as she rushed forwards to aid the struggling knight. It was only through the force that she was able to use her lightsaber so well in that instance. As she positioned herself close to Elav, she began to use the force to throw rocks at another of the Terentateks, breaking its focus on the twi’lek.

San Anin did watch she could to throw rock after rock at the beast, only slowing it down before it was practically on top of her, bearing down with tooth and claw. When the beast attempted to claw at her, she sloppily thrust her lightsaber forward to hit its hand, only making it angrier and attack with less regard of its safety. The padawan fought as defensively as she could before eventually in a moment of pure terror as it prepared to bring the full weight of itself upon her, she dropped her lightsaber and let out a yell filled with anger and fear. San Anin thrust her hands forwards and the Terentatek would have been launched backwards from a powerful force push, which nearly shattered the ground the beast stood upon, but the force did nothing to the lumbering beast.

Kyla suddenly came flying in, soaring through the air in a Force addled leap. Dirt had been kicked up behind her as she had dashed across the rough terrain, leaving the beast targeting her behind as soon as he heard San’s terrible scream. The wind whipped furiously around the battlemaster as she reached out with the Force, grasped San’s discarded lightsaber, then brought both blades down on the beast bearing down on her padawan. She practically cleaved the Terentatek clear in half from head to hips, saving her apprentice.

As Kyla glanced at San Anin, she heard a terrifying screech come from Elav. She watched as he went down in a heap, blood pouring out from a three pronged gash on his chest. Both his lightsabers rolled across the ground as the Jedi knight went down on his back, coughing up blood as his grevious wounds leaked heavily. The battlemaster’s eyes went wide as she watched her friend go down, and lunged at the Terentatek that attacked Elav. The dark sided fueled mutant was moving in to finish the job, drool dripping from its foul jaws. Its feasting was halted before it had even begun, as Kyla drove both the lightsabers through its back, then pull them upwards. Flesh searing and smoking as she viciously killed the beast, leaving another lightsaber mutilated corpse.

The storm swirled above them as Kyla heard another screech. She continued to move, the heavily injured Terentatek closing in on her, gaining ground with every labored step. Claws closing rapidly towards her as she brought her lightsabers upwards with a leaping attack. The battlemaster screamed as they made contact with her gut, sending her blood across the terrain as her weapons hit their mark. They slammed into the monster’s neck, gashed its throat wide open and killed it immediately.

As it crumbled to the ground like the others she had slain Kyla dropped San’s lightsaber, groaning loudly in pain. She grasped the wound where the talons had made contact, her glove etched with blood. The gashes especially stung, not just at the point of injury but like it was spreading slowly. She looked forward to the final Terentatek barreled towards her, stomping across the edge of the Rift. Pain surged through her, as she realized how much blood she was starting to lose. Kyla dropped to her knees, her vision began to blur. The Terentatek closing in still evident in her sight. She clenched her own lightsaber, her fingers shaking awfully, trying with all of her strength to push herself to her feet and mount a defense.

As the Terenatek closed in on Kyla, the lightsaber that she had dropped sprung forward, the sound of blade coming to life as the sacred weapon of the Jedi impaled the beast. As it reeled in pain and confusion, the padawan was soon upon it, the green glow of her lightsaber right behind the creature. The padawan began to recklessly slice at the Terenatek, cleaving and stabbing her lightsaber into a corpse of a beast. Her normally calm mind was a mess of chaos as she yelled and screamed at the corpse that was hacked to pieces.

“San stop! It’s done!” Kyla hollered as she forced herself to her feet, reaching out with a blood stained glove to place a hand on her padawan’s shoulder. Her voice dropped to a more calming tone. “We won. Come back to me, the Force flows through you. Feel the light.”

Blood continued to drip from the battlemaster’s wound, staining the terrain. She fell backwards to her knees once more, losing her strength. Her dazed eyes went towards Elav. He was worse than she was, miraculously, she could still see his chest heaving weakly. Signs of life still filled the noble, badly wounded Jedi knight. Above them the storm continued to swarm, polluting the once blue skies. The rift stunk of death and darkness.

The padawan stood for a moment, breathing heavily as she stared at the damage she had caused to the corpse in her blind rage. If not for the gentle touch of her master, and the calm of her voice that pushed its way into her senses, she probably would have continued her relentless assault. In that moment though, in that moment of calm her master imposed, San Anin looked back at her wounded master and crouched next to her. She stared at the wound for a moment, her worry coming back to her.

“Master, I am sorry! I don’t know what came over me!” She stated, not knowing what else to say in the moment. The padawan buried her head in her hands, “I’m so sorry. I don’t know what to do or why any of this happening. I-I just… I d-don’t. I-“ Words were a lost cause at that point as a light sniffling could be heard from behind her breathing mask.

“San, you did good. You saved me. Without your help we’d all be dead. We’ll talk about that incident later. All that matters is we’re alive, and I’m proud of you. Calm down, girl.” Kyla stated calmly, placing her lightsaber on her belt. She pulled in her padawan for a hug, holding the confused girl close. Her other hand patting San on the back gently.

“It was an unpredictable, terrible situation. You are still young, the light will guide you. I am here for you. We will figure these things out. But right now I need you with me, things aren’t right on this world. I know you can help me. I know we can make things right. Have faith in yourself and the Force.” She added whilst embracing her brave apprentice.

Kyla let go of San, giving one last calming smile and nod. Then she brought her hands to her injury and held them just above the cuts. Her fingers and Kyla palms glowed a calming aura, the Force swirling through her body as she focused the revitalization on herself. The battlemaster closed her eyes as she felt her spirit calm, the daze in her mind and eyes drowning in the embrace of the light. The Force flowed through her, pounding through her veins. She gingerly healed the three gashes until they bleed no more. Her armor and gloves were still stained with blood but the wounds themselves were firmly patched up. Slowly Kyla rose to her feet, regaining her full strength.

San Anin’s head continued to hang, despite her master’s words and comfort. Her head towards Elav, getting to her feet and walking over to inspect his wounds. He seemed to be in far worse shape than she could have imagined and she could only blame herself for not being able to help more that she had. The padawan looked over to Kyla, her expression of sadness visible even under her breathing mask and goggles as she attempted to figure out what to do other than pity herself.

“Are you able to heal him?” she asked with a depressed voice.

“I don’t know. But I’m going to damn well try.” Kyla stated as she darted over to Elav, quickly kneeling beside the fallen Jedi knight. There was still a glimmer of life in his eyes, he coughed loudly, spewing up more blood. The battlemaster raised her hands to his chest, committed to trying to save her friend. To her dismay the three pronged gash looked far too deep for her to revitalize him. Every second it simply leaked more blood. Instead Elav’s hand grasped one of hers, the weakness evident in his grip as he spoke softly.

“No, I’m d-done for. Kyla...You have to stop whoever caused this.” Elav said, his words more akin to mumbling through labored breathing. His other hand was placed over his wounds, the man laying in a pool of his own blood. His skin had shifted to a grey, almost blackened tone.

“I can save you, let me try Elav! Please.” The veteran Jedi replied, her own voice beginning to weaken with emotion at the sight of her longtime friend in such a pain filled state.

“It's no use. Those things weren’t normal, I ca-” Another rough, blood spitting cough interrupted his words. Elav’s entire body shivered from the intense blood loss. He was not long for this world. His voice was more akin to a whisper at this point.

“Please. We need you.” Kyla said, her hands beginning to shimmer with the Force once more. Tears welling in her eyes, hands shaking with sadness. Her mind against her own will flashing back to all the friends she’d lost in similar fashion. All of the senseless death.

“Kyla...The Order needs you. San Anin needs you.” Elav stated, his eyes drifting to the teenaged padawan. Kyla had shifted her hands to hold her dying friend in her glowing hands. He was too far gone for her to save him, all she could do was ease his passing.

“You did good, kid. Listen to Kyla, she might be a hardass but she’s the best damn teacher you’ll have. The Force is w-with you tw-wo.” The twi’lek added as he forced a smile onto his face. Kyla’s powers removing the pain in his final moments. His voice faded as the smile remained. A forever trademark of the positive minded Jedi.

“Don’t go, please! Please Elav, no!” Kyla said, desperation evident in her words. Her lips quivered as her hands shook, bringing her dying friend in for a hug. With his free hand Elav reached up to weakly run fingers across Kyla’s face, whipping the tears which had poured from her eyes. Then the hand went limp, the labor filled breathing ceased. He’d become one with the Force.
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