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Current Send Mahz a strongly worded letter.
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Think I'm back from my hiatus and finally feeling the urge to write again!
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Yesterday was May the forth, today is revenge of fifth.
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A reminder that 4/21 is national drug test day
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The Guild Discord, you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.


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Put me down as interested.


also WIP
One of the GMs for the SW PW here, we had just been waiting for Mahz. We planned a lot of stuff for it, just needed him to work on actually starting it.

But he's been pretty quiet. So...
As Darian seemed to appear from thin air, the former pirate king watched the assassin expertly cut down two of the ill prepared magicians. His compatriot had pulled a similar to maneuver to which Covell had, using his steed as a launching pad rather than anything else. Blood splashed the floor of cart, as corpses piled up on it. He had expected no less from the Black Lily Guild, exceptional violence was one of their many calling cards. He shifted towards the last magician, who was in Darian’s sights. Not to be unmatched, Covell smiled widely, a grin which missed a few teeth. The sheer fear in the man’s eyes, his body language already showing obvious defeat.

Two razor sharp saber blades whizzed through the air in a symmetrical swing, as the magician’s chest seemed to explode in a shower of blood. Breath exited lungs for the last time, and the corpse shimmied before it slammed to the floor in a death sprawl. Covell silently cleaned his sabers off on the man’s back, wiping the crimson splatters off his blades. With one more glance around he noted all of their foes had been slain.

“It’s already dusk, damnit.” Came the voice of Gabriel, their ‘leader’ clearly angered by their current situation despite the victory over the magicians.

“A few beasties don’t frighten me, though my stomach yearns for something strong after spilling a little blood,” Covell stated as he sheathed his sabers, then looked over towards Darian. Locking eyes with the assassin. ”Fine job there.”

The assassin grunted in response as he shoved a muddy boot into the torso of the magician holding his soliferrum hostage, and callously yanked it out.

Darian feared not the dark, nor the beats who prowled within it. He’d spent the better part of his life living in the Wildlands, taking whatever it savagely threw at whoever dare reside within her bosom. Yet not all were cut from the same cloth he was, such was pity, he’d expected some more backbone from members of the great Black Lily Guild. Despite that, fear was good, it atleast meant they were smart. One must always be aware of their limitations.

He regarded the pirate as he wiped the blood of the damned upon there couture. “Oh, having tummy troubles after happening upon a little blood, huh? I never took you as the hemophobic-type.”

“Nah, it has been too long since I’ve had a drink,” Covell replied with a smirk, it had been roughly a day since his last bit of liquor. “In my humble opinion, few things top that post slaughter sip of whiskey or rum. That in hand with a busty tavern wench, well it sounds like a good time indeed. I’m sure we’ll give these simple village folk a fun night.”

A quick laugh emitted from his mouth, the pirate was in a better mood than he had been before. Dots of blood marked his face, remnants of the recent magicians he had cut down. He’d clean it off when they got to their destination. He didn’t fear the wild out here, but sleeping in a warm bed was more comfortable than on the dirt floor. Of course nothing would ever top a gently rocking bed in his quarters on the Drowned Rose, as the ocean waves softly motioned underneath the vessel.

”A pirate who’s gone too long without a drink? Either the stories are untrue or life on land has made you less of an alcoholic.” Darian iotoned dryly as he sheathed his weapons.

He regarded the corpses for a moment then glanced at the setting sun and back at his compatriots. It would be foolhardy to bring bloody corpses into town, attracting every Drake within a twenty mile radius to their location. In one smooth motion he lifted one of the cadavers, removed his satchel, then dumped the body out of the cart and onto the road. The others would catch on soon enough.

Darian snickered under his helm as he worked. “Fun night you say? That or we’ll kill them smelling like a full course meal for any predator out in the Green.”

“Oh don’t you worry, I’m going to make up for lost time.” The pirate replied as he watched the man dump one of the bodies out of the cart. A wise move, they didn’t need more strange looks showing up to the town with a stash of dead, mutilated corpses. He knelt down, then grasped the one nearest to him. With a quick lift and drop he tossed it over the side, the dirt road staining with blood.

“Fun is fun, more killing could be fun. If any of the creatures out here want to come after us looking for a snack then they’ll end up with more than just an empty stomach,” Covell added with another smile, he did need a new belt. The hide of whatever monstrosity in that scenario decided to mess with them would do just fine.

“You can take that bravado up with the next mutant we meet. Be sure to have that same energy.” Darian breathed as he tossed the last body overboard and lounged on the cart floor. He examined the two satchels he swiped off the bodies of the magicians, no doubt filled with assets valuable to a magician, making it not only a great for sale in the Disk, but perfect bait.

“I have the same energy for whichever fight. Nothing frightens me anymore with all the things I’ve seen in my life. If you think the beasts in the woods are disturbing, just see the ones underneath the waters,” Covell said as he crossed his arms and looked at the now lounging assassin. “It may get dark and eerie out here, but there it’s a whole different thing. Watching your first mate get dragged into pitch black waters by unseen monstrosities tends to hurt the ease of sleep a bit, or it used to.”

“These are troubling times, the most a man can do is to make the most of it and enjoy it.” The pirate stated, rambling slightly.

Darian grunted in response. He could only take the pirates word for it. ”Well, if that’s the case I suppose a drink would be enjoyable. You wanna steer us clear of the Green? he suggested.

“A drink is always enjoyable. We’ll try not to flip the tavern upside down. Then we might actually have a mutant looking for us.” Covell said with another, more obvious smile. As he spoke his hands went up to grasp his hat, as he gently flicked dirt and grim off of it.

After firmly placing it upon the top of his head he figured it was time for them to get moving. He walked to the front of the cart, and seated himself in the driver's seat as he swiftly grasped the reins. The horses didn’t pay him much attention, whoever held their reins was of little concerns to them. One gently munched on grass, but paused as he motioned for the horses to start following Gabriel’s carriage.

“If you spot any of those beasts creeping up on us during our trip to Braven do let me know. I’m sure all the carnage might’ve drawn some curious monstrosities.” He stated with a turned head and another smile towards Darian as the horses followed the others.
I'm still around. Just still trying to figure out what to post, plus some real life busyness keeping me occupied until Friday.

Major WIP
I'm gonna go for House Martell. Can't join Discord right now but will when I get home. Already have some thoughts in mind for the house concept and plans.

I'm down.
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