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<Snipped quote by Rawk>

Ex imp on a planet the Imps just took. That doesn't sound fun for you.

Im playing an alien. Shit. I like to live dangerously.
Gonna make a Rodian bounty hunter/drifter.

The shuttle soared towards the junk planet, the stars passing behind it in the distance as it drew nearer to breaking through the atmosphere. The Lambda shook slightly, as the assembled crew inside of the vessel conversed as Kavis went about answering any questions. The veteran stormtrooper was feeling very confident about the mission. As the tattooed newcomer Malik Skaya spoke up, raising an important question, Sergeant Vytuia pondered it briefly before answering as clearly as he could.

"Command has stated that they wish the facility to be kept largely intact, the Empire has put a lot of work into the base. Though they will not be too upset if some collateral damage is caused as long as it means the facility is cleared out and secured. Any minor damage can be repaired. Thermal detonators should not cause too much damage, provided they aren't thrown directly at important machinery." Kavis replied, he wouldn't hold his squad back from using explosives if it meant the base was taken back. As the next squad member, Private Orson spoke up, the sergeant turned his attention to him.

"We are more than likely going to be locked out of the base. Our reconnaissance of the area containing the base has shown zero signs of activity. Whoever is in there either locked themselves inside or hid outside of it," Kavis stated, the piles of junk and the lack of visibility on the world offered many possibilities for enemies to hide. "All communications to the base have failed, and it is likely we will have to breach our way inside, though once inside we should make it a priority to slice into the facility's systems in order to regain control and assess the situation further."

"Sergeant, we've breached through the atmosphere and are rapidly approaching the landing zone." The pilot exclaimed from the cockpit of the shuttle. The other Lambdas also broke through and were well on their way to making landfall on the world.

"Excellent to hear. They will not know what hit them. Let's give them hell, troopers!" Sergeant Vytuia said powerfully, closing the hologram and raising one fist upwards slightly as he rallied his soldiers.

Unbeknownst to the approaching Imperial forces signs of life stirred on Lotho Minor's surface, hidden visually by the disgusting smog which filled much of the world. Some of the inhabitants of the world who had knocked the Imperial base out of commission darted around the outside of the conquered compound. A cybernetically enhanced hand rose to the sky, pointing out the approaching shuttles rocketing directly towards them. The Junker seemed to holler in a strange, alien tongue, its form composed of reforged machinery, making it appear more machine than man.

In the Junker's other hand it clenched a blaster rifle, and flicked the safety off. Others of its species darted around, some setting up turrets and high powered blasters. A trio quickly began work on setting up a machine gun encampment at the top of a hill. They worked stunningly fast, the mechanically enhanced hybrid species were marvels when it came to machinery. They knew the Imperials would come eventually, and they had no intention of giving up the base.

As the first shuttle approached, carrying Charlie and Bravo squad, another Junker appeared from out of the rubble. Over its shoulder it carried a missile launcher, with a rapid motion of its hands the cybernetically enhanced being fired a single rocket towards the Lambda, kicking up dust as the explosive slammed out of the launcher. The rocket hurtled through the sky, tracking after the shuttle. The Imperial pilot flying the vessel attempted evasive maneuvers but to no avail.

"Come in, this is Shuttle B3 carrying two Stormtrooper squa-, we've been hit! Going dow-" A panicked voice exclaimed through the speakers inside the cockpit of the ship carrying Alpha squad. As it drew nearer to the surface the message became harder to understand and filled with more static. Kavis heard it, and turned his head suddenly. As he started to move towards the cabin their shuttle shook, sending him to the floor.

"We're under fire! B3 is down, I'm going to try to drop you all in there as quickly as possible." The pilot exclaimed, regaining control of his shuttle as it was under heavy blaster fire from the surface. The deflector shields absorbed the damage, though a more constant barrage would break through if the pilot was not careful. Thankfully the Empire only picked the best pilots.

Below them, the Junkers who had appeared on the surface outside the base focused their fire on the approaching shuttle. B3 careemed towards the surface, spinning and twisting as the pilot tried to land. The shuttle's shields had gone down from the direct hit of the rocket, The Junkers couldn't have asked for a better hit. More heavy blaster fire came its way from some Junkers on the other side of the base where the shuttle was heading downwards towards. Smoke began to seep from the vessel as it went down. The Lambda crashed to the surface, the pilot managing to steer into an open area. Still it skid across the ground, kicking up dirt and debris. It was likely troopers inside survived, though some causalities were likely due to the intensity of the landing.

"Almost there!" The pilot of Alpha squad's shuttle muttered, the ship still shaking heavily. Kavis managed to get to his feet, and forced himself into a seat. The pilot shouted loudly, tension evident on his features. "I'm not going to be able to drop you guys right near the base, still I can get you as close as I can."

Indeed he did, the Lambda going to the ground as gently as he could place it. As soon as the ship was down, the pilot hollered for them to get out as quickly as they could. Kavis was the first one to his feet, dashing towards the ramp as it opened up. They would be dropped right into a hot-zone, to the north was the base, on top of a hill. A turret was there, firing upon their shuttle. Though the thick haze which enveloped the surface made visibility difficult for the turret, and its shots weren't all landing.

They'd have to make their way across a short field, thankfully plentiful with positions to take cover. Whether it be rocks or scattered mechanical debris. Still, their enemies had a line of sight on them. A total of nine junkers were before them, including one manning the turret. Four set up on the hill, taking defensive positions. Another four made their way towards the shuttle, coming into view of Alpha squad as they all made their way out of the Lambda. Two of these four took up cover, planting themselves behind old machinery. Two more charged forward, going for a direct approach. To the squad's left was an almost mountain of machine scraps. As Kavis emerged from the shuttle he pointed one of his hands towards it, hollering through his in suit communicator.

"Tapalo get up there, you too Trawin, we're going to need suppressing fire on the hostiles. Everyone else move ahead, take cover and push forward steadily. The closer we go to the base the clearer shot that turret has of us. Don't get caught in its path." The sergeant ordered, then dove to take cover behind an ancient, rusted ship engine.

He fired upon the first Junker to appear in his sight, it flanked by another which both returned fire. The squad could hear more blaster fire nearby them, as the other Imperials landed and engaged the hostiles. The shuttle which had dropped them off rocketed towards the sky, escaping the battle as the Junkers were focused on the deployed Stormtroopers.

"Tempest, come in, this Sergeant Vytuia, KV - 4217, of the 1st Platoon, we are under heavy fire from the enemy. Making our way towards the base," Kavis stated into his comm link as he tried to communicate with the crew of the Tempest and give a status report. He only heard static as he spoke. "Those bastards must have set up a communications blocker somewhere nearby, I can't send anything to to Tempest. Another thing we'll need to take out."
Y'know I'm in @Sep.

Nice posts guys, I'm gonna get my reply and the next plot moving post up in a few days.
As the assembled squad of loyal Stormtroopers gathered around their leader, Sargent Vytuia glanced each of them over from beneath the visor of his helmet. He slowly paced, his feet silent as the squad leader began to speak. Around them other Stormtrooper squads moved around the hangar, many loading onto transports. Three of them were spread out, as soldiers loaded onto them. A few officers clad in their grey uniforms showing off their rank and authority held datapads as they hollered out orders and assigned squads to Lambda-class T-4a shuttles. Kavis and his soldiers stood in front of their assigned vessel, its back door opened as the empty seats awaited them. Inside a pilot flickered through switches, his hand gliding over panels and buttons as he checked to ensure the Lambda was ready for liftoff. The sargent gave the briefest of looks to the pilot from his position outside the shuttle, then finally spoke to his squad having made sure they were all in line and at attention.

"Well, I hope you all are ready for this mission, and don't have a sensitive sense of smell. I've heard it stinks worse than a dying bantha. Thank the Maker for olfactory filters in the helmets. Don't want any of you puking all over your armor." He stated, tapping the side of his helmet as he smirked underneath it. Pausing in his short stride.

Kavis tried to dash the tension with an ounce of humor, one could almost cut it with a knife as it hung within the hangar. None of the troopers knew what they were getting into down there, and neither did command exactly. The vague missions with inexact details were always the least fun ones. Though he didn't expect any of his soldiers to feel a sliver of fear, training had taught them to crush such feeling in favor of bravery and valor. They'd go in as they always did, a composed and concentrated team serving among the galaxy's finest soldiers. Some rebellious locals were nothing to the Empire's overwhelming force, anything else would pale in comparison as well. He glanced up at his soldiers once more, then barked an order.

"Load onto the shuttle, take a seat troopers. We got a short ride ahead of us." As he turned away from his soldiers and walked onto the transport.

His squad entered after him, seeming ready as ever. Kavis strolled towards the small cockpit of the Lambda, the pilot raising a single thumbs up towards him then shut the doors on the ship before it rose gently upwards off the floor of the hangar. As the shuttle slipped through the hangar's forcefield into the emptiness of outer space the transport shook slightly before steadying. It glided through the darkness, other identical Lambda shuttles alongside it as they all made a beeline for the filthy Lotho Minor. Through the windshield of the shuttle the planet's murky atmosphere could be seen as the Imperials approached. Kavis could practically smell the world from here. He blinked then returned to the back area of the ship, where his squad were waiting to land planetside. As he entered that part of the ship his eyes caught sight of various scattered numbers scratched into the walls and ceiling, previous stomtroopers who had called the shuttle briefly their home as it ferried them to their destinations.

"The plan is simple, troopers." Kavis spoke out loud as he stood in the center of the room, clicking some button on his wrist as a hologram shone displaying the Imperial base they were landing at. It was a large sized facility, three levels with sizeable storage. Its overall filled with many rooms and hallways. Large pipes and vents were evident on the sides, necessary to filter oxygen into the base.

"We will be landing on the south side of the base, then enter it from that side. Another squad, Charlie, will enter from the opposite side. Both our squads will sweep through, investigate and clear any hostiles. A third squad, Bravo, is repelling from above and breaching through the roof to secure the top floor. Several other Stormtrooper squads will deploy near a factory to the east of our base. Around that factory is a large field filled with scrap metal, machinery and ship parts. Our initial scans do not show any signs of enemy activity on the outside of the base, though there is no telling what awaits us on the inside. Watch your corners and expect hostiles."

"Be prepared to split into two squads, in this case Corporal Tapalo will take command of this second squad. Expect close quarters and unpredictability inside that base. Whoever managed to make the base go silent is likely to still be holed up inside of it. We need to find out what happened down there. I want each and every one of you to impress me today. Are there any questions, concerns or suggestions?"

Extremly relevant.
I am to have the IC plot moving post will be up tonight or tomorrow.
So, as someone who enjoys reading and writing within the horror genre why is it that horror RPs are not more common on the site? Is it because writing horror themes is more difficult in a group roleplay setting? Do you believe they are more difficult to do (successfully)?
I'm loving the IC posts from everyone!
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