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Current A Jaffa Cake is a cake. It's in the name. I shall give a disapproving glare to anyone who disagrees.
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Hey now
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Looks like football didn't come home... again...
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My name's Ezzy! I am an 18 year old Brit, and I'm here to do two things: RP and chew bubblegum. And I'm all out of bubblegum. And I'm also not a fan of the taste. Really, I'm just here to RP, forget I mentioned the bubblegum.

I'm a horror nerd with a secret (by which I mean, in no way secret) soft spot for romance. I'm also a big fan of historical and slice-of-life RPs. I wanna, like, make friends and all that sappy shit, so, if you wanna RP or chat or recruit me for you MLM-scheme, PM me!

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<Snipped quote by EzzyButWorse>

You consider NIN metal?, i like NIN, but i don't consider them metal.

<Snipped quote by EzzyButWorse>

Great album but I’d put NIN as industrial rock. They definitely have some heavy moments though.

I mean, I'd consider the album to get into metal terriorty enough to call it a metal album. Wouldn't call NIN a metal band, though. I'd say they just dabble in the genre occasionally, they are really more industrial rock. But, y'know, you say pot-a-to, I say pot-ah-to.
Are we counting industrial metal? If so, The Downward Spiral is a classic.
Gotta love the classics.

<Snipped quote by EzzyButWorse>

What was it like?

Absolutely crap. It was just a road and some trees and a housing complex consisting of a bunch of terraced houses. And then my mate and I had to hide from the school caretaker because we'd set off an alarm. But, y'know, it was pretty fun.
I once broke into the staff room of a random school because I wanted to know what the view was like from the roof.

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