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Rodney McKay was pouring through data from the shipyard. They had managed to activate a number of 'resource collectors' that seemed to fly around gathering resources which then were converted into some form of energy to later be used in great big forges. There were a couple of blueprints in the ship's databanks however they had decided to wait until they knew more about the specifications before building anything. Afterall there was no point building anything until they knew if it needed to be upgraded, which from their initial reports seemed to be the case. After all the designs had no shielding, except for something called a 'defence field frigate' but from what he and Hermiod had surmised so far was that the field only protected against energy bolts by way of creating some form of interference. A valuable technology however it wasn't much in comparison to Asgard shields. Hermiod was currently on the bridge of the Shipyard with a team of marines helping to co-ordinate their efforts. He had seemed insistent on going there so that he didn't need to interact with the crew of the Va. For some unknown reason, Hermiod after reading their file seemed unwillingy to have anything to do with them.

Rodney climbed into the Jumper full of their team as well as a contingent of marines. Nodding at Sheppard, who had a surprisingly smug look on his face. "What?"

"Oh, nothing." Rodney turned to Ronon with a raised eyebrow.

"Turns out in the Glasgows universe they have a John Sheppard that looks just like him. He's some kind of hero of humanity."

Rodney rolled his eyes. "You realise that wasn't you right?"

"Yes. I know Rodney. I just find it interesting that I exist in another universe, and still somehow manage to be an intergalactic space hero."

"Yes, I'm sure their Sheppard has a tiny ego too."

The Jumper raised from the deck and manoeuvred out of the hangar towards the Aegis. The console trilled as they received docking instructions, the jumper moving carefully into the massive bay before eventually setting down. As the door opened Rodney, Ronon and a couple of marines all stood up and walked out. Rodney turned back to the ship as it took off, tapping his radio. "Try not to have too much fun on your adventures Sheppard."

"Oh. I will." Rodney just smiled as the Jumper departed for the Glasgow, part of their contingent aboard on the scouting mission it was performing to Coruscant. The supposed heart of the Empire. He had been sceptical of the plan to go to the capital, but apparently it was some form of megacity world where thousands of ships and billions of beings came and went every day. So he liked their chances.
William scoffed. "Okay, fine but I'm going to grab a drink on the way there at the very least." He started walking towards the door before realising he wasn't entirely sure where they were going. "Is someone going to lead the way?" He stood to the side of the door in order to let someone else go before them. He turned to the floating lady whose brother owned the clinic they were supposedly going too.

"So what's your deal, I understand Taylors reasoning for helping us out, but what are you after?" There was something unsettling about her, something he didn't quite trust. Maybe it was her abilities were an unknown to him, he understood that Taylor somehow absorbed energy which it could then redistribute. Whereas this lady? She could fly and create balls of light, what exactly she could do was an unknown and he didn't like unknowns. Never had, and didn't now. Especially these days when there was a mysterious figure sticking its nose in their lives. He had to be careful so that they knew what was going on.
@Enalais the Terran ship never left by way of Elizabeth it just did this

and went off on its own. Retconned its vanishing act.
We're likely gearing up for another timeskip. It feels like a natural progression, we usually skip all this stuff in TV Shows/movies/books anyway. We've covered the important stuff, we don't need to worry about the mundane.

If there are any questions feel free to ask. I know some of you have been unwell or unavailable and that is perfectly okay. There will still be a place for you here, by my side.

Elizabeth turned to Robotnik with a sigh. "As the others have already indicated. There is no such thing as Chaos Emeralds in this universe. Mobius is not a world that exists here, it is not lost nor unlost. It simply does not exist. Should you wish to destroy a planet you will have to find other more localised means, not that I recommend blowing up a planet." She threw a wink at Rodney as she said that, or at least he could have sworn she winked at him. "What I do have is something that could help with many of the issues you are currently having. It's a ship, with technology that will solve your modification issues of other vessels as well as producing strikecraft, frigates, corvettes, cruisers. Anything up to three thousand feet in length."

Outside there was a disturbance as a blue rectangle opened out of nothing. It pulled backwards to slowly show a ship floating in space. Any immediate sensor readings would show it as having no discernable lifesigns aboard and it would make no moves, no attempts at communication or any movement at all. Once the rectangle passed the end of the ship it closed again.

"It was recently constructed in its home universe, and as such it has no crew. It has the ability to construct ships of varying designs and I am sure you could likely program it to build ships of your designs once you have a resource operation going. From what I have been able to determine they use a complex method of molecular physics to break down even the most useless of materials in order to turn them into workable materials to construct vessels. It will likely be meant to have a large crew complement however I am sure between all your vessels you can likely find people to crew it."

Elizabeth to Eri. "It also has the unique ability to open up hyperspace windows for other vessels even those larger than it. While it doesn't have the range that your vessel currently has it does have greater speed. Now all you need is somewhere to put it." She turned to Erthos. "Perhaps a nice asteroid belt with lots of resources?"

Her body started to grow, taking a solid shape shortly afterwards. A look of concentration crossing over her face. "I have stayed still too long, Anubis is trying to track me." Her whole body turned to light, her voice becoming ethereal as her face appeared to float in the glow of the light. "You have the building blocks for all you need. The next move is yours. Though a move must be made. When I re-appear I may be able to get you all one thing of which you need. Though only one thing from one universe. So you must choose wisely-[/i] with that she vanished. Power returning to the ship.

Caldwell stood up. "I have a plan of action." He turned and nodded to the Glasgow Delegates. "The Glasgow has a hyperdrive from this universe, and Anubis won't recognise it as easily as our ship. I believe they should take representatives from each of our vessels on a fact-finding mission. I'll even lend Colonel Sheppard and the cloaked jumper." Sheppard seemed surprised by this, however, bit his tongue. This wasn't Elizabeth he was with right now, where he still had power over military decisions. This was Caldwells command. "While this is happening McKay will assist the Aegis in adjusting her FTL systems so she can keep pace with the fleet, and Erthos can assign tasks for other vessels in the fleet." He turned to face Erthos.

"If we need to fit Anubis to either take him out or distract him enough that he lets his guard down letting the other Ascended come to teach him a lesson, then we're going to need more ships and more personnel. I know this is early in the Empires timeline but you've mentioned Separatists, you've mentioned Rebels. I even read in your files something about Mandalorian Clans. It makes sense that you give out objectives for our other ships, you know their capabilities and what we could be of use doing." He looked around the room. "I also feel as if we should all have a contingent on our new vessel."
William scoffed as he backed away from Taylor, and then the lady that apparently 'had to go before morning'. What, she a scheduling conflict or something? "Look. I'm fine, they aren't tracking me. They performed surgery on me because I was shot. I'm actually kind of glad they decided to take out the bullet and do repairs. Besides no offence, but you don't even have real arms, hands or fingers and yet you want to perform complex surgery on me?"

He limped towards the door after the path Ratman had made. "No. I'm going for a drink."

Elizabeth looked around the room. "I'm not a God, and I don't want your faith. I want your help. I know I'm asking a lot of everyone here, and this isn't the way I wanted to do things. I just was left with little choice, if I didn't act when I had the chance then the first time you all would have seen Anubis was when he was invading your home. There was a reason I was drawn to all your respective universes, and that is cause there is power there. Power that Anubis will see as a threat, and something he can add to his own wealth of power. I do not ask for you to serve me by faith for I do not believe I am God, but Anubis does-" She looked directly at Eri. "-and should he get to you first he will force you to servitude or death with powers that even the Swords of Sanghellios cannot withstand." She sighed as she surveyed the general feeling around the room. It seemed that they were leaning in the direction of helping to take down Anubis, whatever it was that that entailed. One thing was for sure, this Universe would never be the same again.

Caldwell looked around the room and nodded. "The Daedalus is in. We know just what kind of threat Anubis poses and we're going to do whatever it takes to make sure he doesn't get the chance to wipe out all life or conquer an entire Galaxy. Whatever his plan is this time." He tipped his head in McKays direction, before facing Eri. "I'm sure Doctor McKay would be more than willing to take a look at your ships engines. From the sensor readings they appear to be a similar technology to our own, should your-" He looked to Sheppard for the correct title.


"-Shipmaster allow it." Caldwell nodded at what the UNSC Admiral had said. "The Admiral has a point. Most of us here-" He scowled at Robotnik. "-are military. We follow a chain of command, and are at the top of it for our respective ships. Now, we wouldn't be butting heads if we had been getting orders. We need to form some form of a structure if we plan on doing this thing. Now, I'm smart enough to know I don't have the kind of experience to be the one to lead a fleet. Which is why I'd recommend the Resurgence or Aegis, should Shipmaster Falul decide to help, should carry the flag."
@Sep So, uh.

The Second Chance definitely now has a cult worshiping Elizabeth.

Although the majority of Commonwealth society is atheist, when the Second Chance got saved from certain annihilation during The Transference, a few people started believing in god again. As far as the firmly-atheist Capt. Tu Lee is concerned, they're mostly a strange curiosity. And then the god just showed herself during a meeting.

Definitely the Cult of Elizabeth is a Thing now, irrespective of Elizabeth wanting it to be a Thing.

I think one of my random security grunts is going to become a prophet.

Capt. Lee, of course, thinks this is all a load of nonsense, and all anyone is doing is worshiping a more-advanced alien. Which is absurd.

...I like this.

So if Elizabeth is God, I guess Anubis is the devil?
Elizabeth turned directly to Eri. "Yes." She seemed unmoved by the Sanghellis verbal assault, she had been a diplomat for years after all before running the SGC for a period of time as well as Atlantis. "I plan to atone for my sins, in fact once I return all of you home, I shall too return home and be punished for my actions. For I acted far rasher than any of the Others deems suitable. I can, however, assure you that while I do not know how the coming conflict will end but once it has ended I can return you and your people back to where you were before all of this happened, at the exact same time you left. Except you'll likely be a far better ship when you return as to when you left your home universe."

She looked around the room. "I realise none of this is ideal, however, Anubis presents a very real threat. Not just to the people of my Universe, or this one. If he gathers the resources of this Universe and is left unchecked he will have the power to move from universe to universe conquering one world after the next." She sighed as she hung her head. "Though. Freedom of choice is something I value. Have a vote, should you desire to return home you can build your devices or whatever it is you need and I can distract Anubis long enough for you to escape."

She turned directly to Eri. "I hold no secrets from you, all my cards are on the table. I just ask that you help tackle an impending threat."
@mattmanganon He shows up in S4 of SG-1 I believe, again in S6 and then becomes a season regular on Atlantis. All the characters I'm playing are canon characters, which is why even little posts take me a while. Gotta nail the portrayal.
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