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Current Hoping to have my Inteview date to join the police soon!
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Still waiting for the call.
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I have no idea Nexerus. Why don't we talk about your feelings? In honesty I actually don't know, and I usually don't fall into the trap. Yet here I am. Boredom? I guess?
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True, being in a good old active OOC hasn't helped. I kinda feel like Discord has lead to the death of some RPs.


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Mevenn looked up towards the sky as she heard a speeder head off in the opposite direction out of camp. She sighed as there was a boom above her head. Looking up she saw several objects streaking through the sky. She broke into a sprint towards the cruiser as she recognised the distinctive shape of the sheathipede-class transport shuttles. The Separatists had come again, and by the angle of their descent they were coming straight for this camp. They knew that there was an artefact here and they wanted it. A slight smile broke onto her face, not only did this mean that this artefact was something worth having if the Separatists wanted it.

It gave her something to do, and after the long trip here she was just itching to stretch her limbs. As she ran over to the ramp she signalled for the clones to follow her aboard, running into the vessel she reached her hand as she passed the open door to her room and her helmet threw into her hand. Pulling it over her head she clicked on her comms as she sent out a message to Mach. "Mach just a heads up, we got Separatists inbound. We'll hold them off from the ship. You need to get into that temple and find out how to get the artefact quickly so we can get it out of here before more turn up." She activated the hologram in the common room of the ship looking at the collection of four shuttles.

"From the size of the ships there'll probably be around thirty or forty Separatist units. We'll be able to keep the camp safe, it won't take me too long to deal with them. Mevenn, out."

She turned to Hotshot. "There's a shield generator in the bay. Take it to the camp and turn it on, it'll stop the Separatists from taking out our ship or any gun emplacements from the air. Ace, I want you in the highest vantage point you can find, call out targets and take shots when you're ready." she turned to Patcher. "I need you in reserve, the resistance fighters aren't trained and we may need a good medic. Stay on the ship and use the cannons as artillery, once Ace spots the landing site try and take out their shuttles. That'll take away their air superiority."

Trio shouldered his rotary cannon while looking straight at her. "What about me General?"

"Co-ordinate with the resistance leaders, try and make them as effective a fighting force as you possibly can."

"and you?"

A smile crossed her face beneath her helmet. "Me? I'm going straight at them."

The Captain sped them towards a nearby hillock as the shuttles entered the atmosphere. Mach spoke up once he got the call, turning to Kresst as he did so. "General. We got Separatists Shuttles inbound, should we turn around?"

The Captain meanwhile just shook one of his gargantuan hands, practically making the whole speeder wobble. "I'm sure between the female and my people the Separatists will be dealt with soon enough. Don't you think we should focus on the matter at hand, Master Jedi?"
I'd rather know more about your feelings on the matter.
Trying to force @Sep to post...


Why do you want to force me to post?
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Curse you and your literary devices, Scotsman. Curse you.

Just wait till you see what's happenin' ;)
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Don't let your dreams be dreams bb. Give us more.

Suspsense my son. If I just post there's no suspense, I want you to want to know what's happening next. In terms of Eobard and Iris' story we got a lot of interesting things coming up.
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You remember that whole 'best post' award from a few weeks ago?

Can I pull a Thawne and retroactively change this one to my favorite?

Part of me, now Morden has posted wants to get the next part of Thawnes up.
Yes. Hey, you edited that? What was the original, "It was shit"?

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All he had ever wanted to be, was a hero. Eobard Thawne, Zoom. The fastest man alive. He was born the youngest child of two, his brother always gained preferential treatment. He was the favourite, while his parents treated Eobard differently. They doted on his brother but they treated him as if something was wrong with him. Always spoke softly around him, never gave him what he wanted. His brother continually embarrassed him, interrupted his studies and abused him. Yet in their parents eyes he could do no wrong. Eobard had always hated him.

Eobard had been born an only child to two loving parents. They had doted upon him like you wouldn't believe, his parents told him that he had once had an older brother but when his brother was all but a baby he had perished in an accident. It had led his parents to essentially give him everything he ever wanted. Throughout his childhood in their eyes he could possibly do no wrong. It was a lonely childhood without any siblings, but it was easy.

He went to the finest University in the state, which is where he would discover his destiny. The Flash, saviour of Central City and the world on occasion. There was an entire movie about the time Superman, Thor and Flash teamed up for the very first time in order to combat the Silver Surfer. He devoted his time to the study of the Speedforce, the force that allowed the Flash to travel at great speeds. A forbidden practice, but one he practiced all the same. Nobody understood, that this was his way to achieve his destiny. He would become the fastest man alive, and then he would become the hero that would save the world. He would become more famous than the Flash himself, for the world had gone dark since the Golden Age of Superheroes. He would bring it back, and be the best hero that there had ever been.

Eobard joined the Flash Museum, looking to appoint a Professor he fancied himself the world's leading expert on the Flash. He was up against another though, a Professor Drake. When Drake made the discovery of the Cosmic Treadmill first Eobard was ecstatic, maybe there was another like minded individual in the world afterall. Someone who recognised that the world needed speedsters, and that together they could give him the power so he could achieve that. Instead the profesor pushed him away, had him fired. His life was ruined.

When he started there was little competition from a Professor Drake, a man who idolised the Flash but knew virtually nothing. It was a short period of time before Eobard became the resident Professor, firing Drake for being the incompetent fool that he was. Spouting theories that the Flash wasn't a man but actually a God, foolish. Eobard become known as Professor Zoom for his knowledge on all things Speedster, but there was one silver lining to the incompetence of Professor Drake. It got him in an interview with a reporter called Rose, and that's when he fell in love.

She was stunning, Green Eyes, Jet Black hair. Intelligent and funny, everything he had ever sought in a romantic partner. He was too late, for she was engaged to another.

She was stunning, Green Eyes, Jet Black hair. Intelligent and funny, everything he had ever sought in a romantic partner. Her fiancé had recently gone missing and he sought to comfort her through these difficult times. He cared for her and looked after her, but when she realised that he sought more than friendship she pushed him away, told him that she was still hoping that her fiancé would come back.

She was stunning, Green Eyes, Jet Black hair. Intelligent and funny, everything he had ever sought in a romantic partner. She had never dated for a long period of time, her boyfriends had always left her or befallen tragic accidents. He was there for her, and he wasn't scared. They grew closer until one day he tried to kiss her. She slapped him, told him that she didn't feel that way about him. After all he had done for her, all he had been for her. She had pushed him away.

He never loved. His work was his life, his love and his obsession. He put every day, every second into trying to learn as much about the Speedforce as he possibly could. He wanted to discover how the greatest Flash of them all, the Flash of the Golden Age who he had discovered to be an individual called Barry Allen, had gained his speed. He put all his work into it, distancing his parents, distancing himself from the world. Till one day his parents arrived with a councilor, telling him that they were having the Flash Museum closed, having his research pulled while he underwent mental health examinations.

Eobard hadn't spoken to his parents in over a year when a freak weather incident killed both them and the local councilor.

As he took a walk to clear his head, collect his thoughts. As he paced the halls of the museum there was a blinding flash and then an explosion, as his world was about to change. His destiny had arrived.

My current post that's in the works is certainly interesting to write.
@Master Bruce after thinking of the structure of say Young Justice I'd say it could work to save it for season two. You can always do an MCU style of the threat increases then you get the big bad.

So by the time we get to what would of been the MM3 there'll be some kind of team, or two, in place. There'll be connections and maybe even systems of defence in place.
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