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Going to be throwing up a concept for a Stargate RP at some point.
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Shameless tag of a friend who's trying to enter the music world.…
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Hoping to have my Inteview date to join the police soon!
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I did not make this image, nor do not claim to have. The image was made by a former Roleplay partner of mine: Mallacore. All credit goes to him, for continuity please imagine H.M.S instead of USAF on the side.


The Americans have the George Hammond, Apollo, Daedalus, Odyssey and the newly minted Phoenix. The Chinese the Sun Tzu, Russians the Chekov and the Indians have the Rising Star. The United Kingdom as a important member of the IOA, one of the first major nations to know about the Stargate Project decided it was time that they gained their own vessel. Using the latest in human engineering and Asgard technology they designed the EX-307.

Designed for exploratory purposes it boasts the most advanced Human-Asgard hybrid hyperdrive to date. Faster in hyperspace and realspace than its predecessors, it also boasts extensive shielding systems. While not heavily armed, the combination of Human-Asgard weaponry, engine and shields make it a formidable vessel, in simulations the 307 is capable of winning a battle against a Ha’tak class Mothership or a Wraith Cruiser, largely in thanks to two Asgard Beam Weapons.

Her mission? To explore new worlds, find and study new technologies and serve at the liberty of Her Majesty the Queen of the United Kingdom.

Welcome! This is a Roleplay I attempted to launch several years ago, when I had a lot less experience than I do these days. In this roleplay we will be playing the cast and crew of the H.M.S Tempest, a vessel constructed and operated by the people of the United Kingdom, with some assistance from her allies - It is their first space faring vessel afterall. I want to achieve the good old Stargate feel, and have a story planned out that will follow a somewhat episodic nature. A season will last a total of six months, this time limit is just to keep the roleplay moving along and things flowing. At the end of this six months the season will end, and we’ll have a short break before coming back for a second. Players can play any roll in either the military or as a civillian researcher, allies of humanity partaking in the voyage will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Episodes will be built in such a way that members of both military and civillian population will be required.

This roleplay is open to all! Stargate Fans and just general Sci-Fi fans. For those who don't know about Stargate - Watch this.

Tempest Information:

The EX-307 is an exploratory vessel/Destroyer constructed by the people of Earth. Primarily designed and constructed by the United Kingdom. A full data sheet, as well as some cross sections can be found in the hider below.


I'm going to keep this brief.

1) I am the GM, I am here to facilitate the story and help you all have fun. If someone disrupts this, fear my wrath.
2) Play sensibly, this is a semi-realistic universe. If you mess up, you can die.
3) General Guild rules apply.
4) If you have a question, ask.

State of the Galaxy:

1) The Tau'ri and Free Jaffa Nation are the two most powerful factions in Milky Way. Tau'ri through technology and FJN through numbers and strength.

2) Much of the Galaxy has rebuilt after the Ori Invasion, and there are several small coalitions as races advanced technologically. Many of these groups ally themselves with Earth. However equally many planets chose to remain independent.

3) The Lucian Alliance is still the biggest threat, through manipulation and distribution of drugs they control a large part of the Galaxy.

4) Realizing that taking out a criminal group is not as easy as taking out Goa'uld who like the spotlight the Tau'ri have created a Protected Planets Treaty with the Lucian Alliance similar to what the Asgard had with the Goa'uld. - This was officiated in 2014

5) One of the oldest races still in existence, the Tok'ra are still trying to find a way to repopulate their species as they are still lacking a queen and thus suffering from negative population growth.

6) Atlantis has returned to Pegasus, now under the command of Doctor Daniel Jackson. After the defeat of Queen Death there is a tentative Wraith/Lantean/Genii treaty. They also facilitated a treaty with the Vanir and Travellers.

7) Destiny has not been in contact since it went silent years ago.

8) While not yet public, the IOA is now preparing documentation for the Stargate Programme to become public knowledge. Due to a stable condition throughout the Galaxy.

9) The year is 2018.

Character Sheet Template:
Feel free to take creative license with the CS

All characters should hail from the United Kingdom unless a suitable reason is given. After all this is their first ship.


Any questions? Feel free to ask.



Iris knocked on the door before waltzing in, arms spread wide. "It's CHRISTMAS!" She chuckled as she ran into the room, jumping into her father's arms. William West stumbled slightly as his fully grown daughter jumped into him as if she were no older than eight, embracing her he braced his back and pushed her back onto her own two feet.

William chuckled, a hearty laugh that always reminded her of what Santa used to sound like on television, it’s probably how he had managed to play such a convincing one every year for her and Barry. Sadness crept into the edges of her mind, but she forced it out. This was a time of celebration, not mourning. Iris had done that, months of it. To truly honour his memory, she had to push on.. “Not quite yet, you’re always in a hurry. Slow down and enjoy the moment” He lead her into the living room, sitting down on the sofa. Iris managed to slide herself in amidst all the decorations that sprawled along the sofa waiting to go up on the tree. With Christmas so close, she was surprised that he didn’t have them up yet. She opened her mouth to speak, but her father bet her too it, waving his hand dismissively.

“Don’t get on my back, it’s been crazy in Investigations for the past three months. I’ve not had the chance to put the decorations up yet.”

“I could have helped Dad.” William merely shrugged her comment off.

“You’ve had problems of your own honey. I didn’t want to burden you.” He cast a sad smile in her direction, and it took all her willpower not to roll her eyes at him. Ever since Barry had died her dad had treated her like something fragile, as if saying the wrong thing or looking at her the wrong way would shatter her into pieces.

“Dad…” He picked up her change in tone, low, sympathetic. Before Iris could finish what she was going to say he stood up and started fumbling with the Christmas tree.

“Barry was like family Iris, and he was something else to you entirely-” She opened her mouth but he was hearing none of it, throwing a look at her that she hadn’t seen since she was eighteen and tried to go out wearing a mini-skirt. “-I don’t know what it was, and you probably don’t know either. He was taking from you too soon. Just know this honeybear-” Oh there was the honeybear, if things continued to get more emotional he was going to start crying. If he started crying, then that meant that she would start crying. “-you’re my daughter, and I love you. You’re all the family I have and I’ll do anything to help you.”

Iris stood up and hugged him, holding him tightly. She may have been the big superhero but she never felt safer than when she was in her father's arms. She pushed back, hands on his shoulders. “Thanks Daddy.” She smiled at him, she could feel a tear clinging to her left eye. Willed it to stay where it was. Taking a step back she shifted awkwardly on her feet. “I’m not the only family you have though…”

William took a step bath, exhaling air in a ‘huff’ as he turned around and grabbed the nearest decoration and shoving it onto the tree. “Daniel made his intentions clear years ago when he broke the law. I’ve not spoken to him since he was sent away, and I don’t intend too. I don’t want anything to do with him-”


“-No Iris. End of discussion, you bring this up every year. End of discussion young lady.”

“But Dad-” There was a knock at the door and she sighed as he merely pointed to the door. It was so frustrating dealing with someone who was just as stubborn as she was. Opening the door she was surprised to see a kid there, standing eating a burger. Something eerily familiar about him as his hair was just as red as hers was.

“Uh, hey. Iris right?”


“I’m your cousin Wally, you mind if I crash with you for a while?”

@Heat I've addressed the issue Sep pointed out, but what is it that you feel still needs to be different for my character to be accepted?

Nothing. Heats just not accepting everyone at the moment, to give everyone a fair chance at getting in and making us seem like assholes when it comes to choosing people.
@Sep fixed the helmet issue (removed that sentence entirely), anything else?

I didn't have anything else.

I think @Heat once he's here aims to accept 1/2 before later in the week.
@SepYour comment is noted and appreciated. I went back and added some more detail to Bradlev's history section, roughly two and a half more paragraphs, hopefully it helps fill in some of the gaps you noticed.

To explain why I commented on yours, while finding Webboys fine, Webboy covered the important events for me, and didn't allude to events that then weren't mentioned again. Hope this makes everything clear for you pal.
OOC tomorrow.
My weekend was spent questioning life after I failed two midterms for the first time. And reading up on Red Dead 2. Other than, I should have a post up today.

Well if you were reading up on Red Dead 2 instead of studying, I think I found the problem.
This RP has me looking up Christmas music in October.

I feel positively filthy.
@Sep it's probably easier to keep things simple and protect my noggin.

It also fits into the empire all as one idea.

In terms of callsigns, I imagine troopers try to keep them on their private Comms anyway rather than letting everyone hear them, because they are against regulations. Cause no military member ever breaks the rules...
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