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1 mo ago
Current Okay y'all fuckers need to know, that now that I've said that I ain't perving you up just cause you want me too. I'm not giving in.
1 mo ago
One of my favourite past times? Going on my profile, seeing who looked at it. Then going to THEIR profile to try and figure out why.
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2 mos ago
Feels good to bring an old Roleplay back to the Guild, slightly modified but Jedi Exiles back baby.
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3 mos ago
Currently tired at this time, currently want to write. Well that ain't happenin'
3 mos ago
Somewhere, I need to find a way to resolve my need to play a Spaceship Commander.


Bio is biotic.

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Marrick flashed evil pointed teeth at the Mercenary, as he deflected the bolts. As the explosion cast debris down towards them he raised his hand in the air, halting the larger piece of debris that was above his head as Alyx dodged out of the way of the debris heading towards him. Marrick roared as he moved from underneath the debris before letting it fall to the ground. Just then there was a larger explosion that shook the ground, the dust and debris pushed out from the Queen Hutts palace. More debris was knocked loose by the bigger explosion rained down upon them. Marrick growled as he looked at where the droid was, seeing it under debris he lifted the debris off it. With no more mercenaries to deal with he walked very slowly and menacingly towards the droid.

When closer he pointed his lightsaber right at it. "Tell me, what you know of the Pruidii Verda."
@DrTwit There's currently a fight involving Marrick a darkside user on Nar Shadda. There was also just a large scale attack on the Hutts by the radical terrorists called the Believers.
@Triesa Sorry I didn't notice that, so standard protocol is to post the sheet in the OOC first, I actually didn;t pay attention and thought the CS posted there was by someone else. I'll review it tomorrow.
@DrTwit I like it, accepted.

He's walking the line between light and dark, but not intentionally. He doesn't know where to be, I like it.
@DrTwit Zabrack yes, Chiss exist but are just as isolationist as in the EU so they're a no go.
@Triesa No, feel free to join.
@Triesa Thanks :P, feel free to jump over to the OOC or the Discord.

I'll point out This is a recruitment thread, I realise I never said that anywhere.

Force users, yes we have two. One a self proclaimed Sith (not really he's pretty weak), A Jedi and a Gray. The Jedi is currently inactive and Sith is being NPC'd but I'm certainly not against a Force user so long as they are well constructed.
@Rawk Also feel free to join the discord.
@Rawk Accepted. Feel free to have him be part of the Exchange.
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