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4 days ago
Current Will I go easy on myself with coming back to the Guild? Nah. Just gonna GM right off the bat. Bringing Star Wars back to the guild y'all.
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12 days ago
What do I want? A 1x1. What do I not want? Smut or Romance. R.I.P.
12 days ago
How'd I end up back on the Guild Not a clue. What do I want? Star Wars. Do I want to GM? No. Issue.
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12 mos ago
I have never been more amazed by a group of roleplayers than those I have the honour of Gming in No Turning Back.
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12 mos ago
So I just used a real life romantic event from my past to write a post. I may or may not have got emotional.


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@Dblade26 Accepted.
@EliteCommander Congratulations. You got the gig.
Paradise Command Bridge.
Currently Orbiting Ilos Minor.

Koren sighed. Imperials really had to sit down and resolve their issues before flying anywhere, it should be a requirement of them flying anywhere. "Have all battlestations stand down, inform any concerned patrons that the issue has been resolved and that there'll be no fighting." He turned to Thinker. "I also want you to prepare a course for Sleyhorn. We're not leaving yet though it's about time we moved somewhere new in order to keep things fresh. Clients like it when the scenery changes." He turned, his coat billowing to follow him as a droid came up to him and handed him a list of mercenaries for hire currently aboard the ship. He nodded as the droid turned away as he reached the door, opening to allow him past Ballick immediately followed into step. At least Orro thought to at least compensate him in some way, Imperial personnel on leave tended to spend a lot of money when it came to Paradise. Lack of rules, ability to do things you couldn't do anywhere else.

Though it wasn't always easy for them find partners, even when paying for it due to the stigma that surrounded them. That was their problem, it was one of the conditions Tara had been set upon. Working girls could refuse clients, or increase fees if they saw fit. He wasn't really complaining, it meant he had willing workers rather than slaves. That was always beneficial. As he flicked through the list, checking the names of mercenaries to their corrosponding images and public (and sometimes less public information). He finally settled on one. She, or her file said it was a she, seemed to be strong and intimidating. The two most important factors he was looking for, she was also not a big name in the industry so that gave him some more incentive to hire her for what could potentially be her first big gig. After all, that kind of exposure was something he wanted to capatalize on.

He highlighted her name, and then turned to Aurrie. "Pay this 'Sirka' a visit and hand her the information packet on the job. Defense cover for my courier, seventy five thousand credits up front another seventy five when the job is complete. If it comes to a fight hazard pay will be another hundred thousand, however this doesn't apply if my courier is damaged, it's her job to prevent that. If she accepts the job I expect her to be in the staff hangar within the hour." He believed in paying well, after all he could afford it and it kept everyone happy. A lot of others in Hutt Space had tight pockets, though if you wanted good help you had to be willing to spend for it. If you weren't going to spend the money, you weren't going to get the service.

That was a couple of issues dealt with so far. The intelligence community moved quickly sometimes and slowly other times, his life revolved around hectic moments and quiet moments. That's when Loretta came bursting down the corridor with a spring in her step. "I found him Daddy!" She practically jumped into his arms and he fell back slightly at the force. "Oh, sorry. I just got a little excited."

"I noticed that, who'd you find?"

"The Jedi."

Koren paused for a second, really? Today of all days. It was going to be one hell of a day, he swore his life was as dramatic as a holodrama. "Where?"


Of course, of course he was on Ilos when they were currently orbiting Ilos Minor. He wasn't so bothered about the Jedi, he had heard the stories of course. Seen the clips of the individual wielding a lightsaber going aorund Hutt Space taking out gangs and groups of criminals. Honestly he had a request almost daily for information so that a group could take his head, though he had much more selfish reasons for seeking out the Jedi. First of all they were a rare breed, and while he had never liked the Republic he had never had an issue with the concept of the Jedi. If this one wanted to go around taking out scum, he had no issue with that so long as he did so off his ship. Secondly, a Jedi held a lot of power. Even if this wasn't actually a Jedi and just someone waving around a lightsaber. Hutt Space was an area where the Jedi weren't as forgotten as the Empire may have liked, Slaves talked about them as hero figures who would save them in the night and crime lords spat their names due to conflict in times gone by.

Loretta was fascinated by the Jedi, he wasn't entirely sure why, though he wouldn't discourage it. "You want to meet him don't you?" She nodded with a grin over her face. "Fine, hire Kast to go get him. We'll both meet him."

"You want me to hire Kast to extend an invitation? Would it not be better if I-"

"No." He raised one finger and pointed it at her. "No it wouldn't, this guy is a target by a lot of different people. I'm sending a known Bounty Hunter who can handle himself." He hadn't worked with Kast before, though his record spoke for himself. "Okay Loretta. Go do that, I need to go deal with business."

"Thanks Daddy." He slapped at the air as he walked away. Whoever had abandoned Loretta aboard Paradise in it's opening years was really missing out on something special, that much was sure.

Paradise Penthouse Suite.
Currently Orbiting Ilos Minor

At the top of the tower, were many Penthouse rooms. The most ornate was the observation deck, this was where Koren conducted any and all business relating to the Golden Exchange. It was a power statement more than anything, and the entire thing was a metaphor. Out in space the Imperial ships could still be seen looming, as could all the traffic back and forth to Paradise. Which showed the true neutrality of what he had built here, people legtimantely didn't care about Imperial ships sitting nearby.

The doors to the room opened and Koren looked up from his chair towards the stairs where the main entrance was. While most rooms like this had the person entering coming up stairs, he did the opposite. He was lower than the entrance to place himself lower for the guest. Then when the guest left they'd feel taller and more important again. The little touches were important after all. That said he still didn't go to collect the Moff, no. Orro came to him.

As soon as Orro was closer Koren removed the stopper on a decanter of fine Alderaanian Whisky, some of the most expensive Whisky in the Galaxy, and poured two fingers between two glasses. "Moff Orro, while I appreciate the custom I must confess I'm finding a bitter taste in my throat at the methods." He signalled the seat opposite him as he put the decanter down. "I was very close to not bringing out this, it's a fine vintage. From the House of Lyll, truly fantastical house on Alderaan. I went there once in my CIS days, beautiful mountain scenery. Though you aren't here to talk about Alderaan, that's ancient history now. What can I do for the Galactic Empire today?"

Tip one of dealing with an Imperial Remnant, always refer to the Republic as Rebels and the Remnant as the Empire. It made everyone feel good about themselves.
@Zarkun you can respond, and then if it comes to a fight I'll take it from there.

To anyone on Paradise there legit will be minimum disruption, with music and whatnot barely anyone will probably notice if a fight goes down.
Paradise - Korens Office
Orbiting Ilos Minor

Koren indicated the seat opposite him, for someone whose business was so ornate his own personal office wasn't overly fancy. It was a desk, a couple of chairs and a viewport behind him. He was sitting at the desk typing into his datapad when Boqo sit across from him. "Yes Boqo. I have a job for you, delivery job and the recipient isn't going to be very happy with the contents of the package. You're going to take the contents of room 209 to Timana. I'm going to assign some protection detail-" There was woosh as the door opened and Ballick walked in.

"Boss. We've got a problem, Central needs you." Koren immediately stood up, Ballick never interupted him while on business. So if it was important enough to interupt him it was bound to be important.

"I'll have central send your bodyguard to the ship. Be ready to depart within the hour." Korens coat billowed as he sped out of the room, Ballick in tow towards the bridge. "What's the issue?"

"Moff Taurus is threatening to engage unless we hand over a patron. He's out there with a Victory Class and two escorts."


"Elias Joranis."

Koren sighed, a paying patron who rented out hangar space. It wasn't high tier or anything such as the new hangar he had added onto the ship with private security, private guards. All those kinds of things but it was reasonably high end in the regular hangar. He made sure to memorise the names of clients that put extra money in his pocket, it was only civilised after all to know the hand that feeds you. Or at least one of the hands that feed you, not to mention his daughter took a little bit of liking to him. Something he had shut down rather quickly. "Okay Ballick, well a single Victory is nothing to be overly concerned about. Thermal shielding and a fully functional armament is enough to repel that. Though the rest of the working day is probably going to be disrupted, a lot of these people are skittish." He turned to Besh who was hovering alongside him, Aurrie not far behind. He never stopped while moving.

"Contact Tara, have her work prepare compensation rates for establishments on the upper levels." The droidekas outside the bridge curled up and their shield disabled allowing him entry. Ballick didn't bother to enter instead he just stood there on the outside facing down the corridor. He knew that no-one inside the bridge would harm Koren, after all they were all droids subserviant to him. "Status."

"Sir. The Imperial vessels dropped out of hyperspace approximately two minutes ago." The voice of the Super Tactical Droid, simply known as 'Thinker' or 'Central' was cold and calculating. "Initial estimations of conflict place us the clear victors, however there is the possibility of minor damage and the expenditure of proton torpedoes will be a necessity."

Koren sighed. "Patch me through."

"This is Koren Graeff. Captain off Paradise and leader of the Golden Exchange. This vessel is a neutral vessel in Hutt Space, as is recognised by the Hutt Cartel, Black Sun, Pyke Syndicate, New Republic and Galactic Empire. Attacking this vessel or a patron of this vessel shall result in swift and immediate retaliation. He looked straight at the camera as he spoke to the next line. "Taurus. Don't be a freaking idiot, I don't care what you're smuggler did it isn't worth the life of you or your men. It's just a waste for you and it's going to mess up business for the rest of my working day. Go home, find a new smuggler and carry on with living your life. Take a page out of Orros book."

He turned to Thinker. "Cut the feed, if he makes the right choice it should be as simple as he jumps to hyperspace. Deploy fighters and power up the shields and ready all cannons." There was a reason he often ran drills with the droids on the weapon embankments, and why he ensured the weapons all fired weekly. That was so that in these situations it only took two minutes to be ready for combat. Virtually all the droids were in position already anyway. "Prepare a couple of boarding ships too, those light cruisers are probably minimally staffed and stuff like this is becoming annoyingly common. I could use the firepower."
@Heat gut god she's approved.
@Sierra Rebels is Canon by Disney, as is TCW so I'm not sure where the confliction is coming from? Also my issue with the characters is the term Sith in the modern day and era, when most mean just a dark sider. I liked the idea you pitched and am genuinely interested, so throw it up.
@Burning Kitty Okay, can you blank you're sheet in the CS thread, just for formality and standardness?
Calling all independent bounty hunters, I've not yet personally chosen who will be working for Koren. Though if you're interested and on paradise lemme know OOCly. I may still contact you Icly if you're not, but this is more for logistical reasons that I ask.
@POOHEAD189 The equator forest is still deadly as shit, so long as you remember Jabba is dead you're good.
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