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Current As someone was talking about America and the national anthem, weirdest part that got me was at a baseball game how everyone stood up for it. Even the infirm, over here people just don't do that
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Was not ready for that episode of Clone Wars.
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I don't want to set the wooooorld on fiiiire
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Lover of the Russian queen
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They're taking the hobbits to Isengard.




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Jedi Knight Tyrell Omi-Ren // NIGHTHAWK // YAVIN 4
@nitemare shape

Tyrell stood as he heard the faint shouting from someone from deeper into the ship. "That'll be our newest crew member."

Relani laughed. "Well, you better go meet her before she meets Thriik." He shrugged his shoulders as he sauntered out.

Deeper into the ship Kaylee was entering shouting. Then out of the shadows came a Gotal, standing at five feet even he looked kind compared to the rest of his species though there was still something menacing about him especially when he came from out in the shadows. "What are you doing here?" Despite his sophisticated clothes, and the way he held himself he still struggled with his Caprinae roots and bleated through his sentences.

"Have you come to take away some of our relics? Confiscate them for your Jedi Order much like your predecessors?
There's been a death in the family. I'll get a reply up this weekend.

No Rush. Real life first.
Imperium Lord Koren Ozzel // IMPERIAL PALACE // CORUSCANT

Koren sat pouring over data through various datapads. If the Rebels continued to push towards Coruscant he would have to make a counter-move. He couldn't let them take another world and hold it. Things were already in motion, he had contacted who he had needed to contact, ships were on their way from Byss and the deep core to reinforce Coruscant, from there he could send them out to reclaim territory. Including his secret weapons. Koren rubbed his head as he could begin to feel a migraine come on. Things were much more complicated than they had used to be. Under Palpatine life was simple, there was the occasional attempt at a career assassination aimed in his direction but for the most part he was allowed to keep on doing his job to the best of his ability, which was good enough for Palpatine in keeping the Core Systems working an in line with the Empires goals.

In the last five years? He had faced constant scrutiny, undermining and attempts at removing him from power both politically and by more forceful measures. Now he had to worry about losing territory to an enemy force, and if he continued to lose to said enemy force then he would start to lose his own people. Some of them would flee into the New Republic offering information and resources one exchange for immunity, others would try and hide within enemy territory. The more dangerous ones were the ones with grand ambitions, who would steal resources and personnel to try and cut themselves their own little slice of the pie. There was a chime at the door as his aide walked in carrying a cup of caf as well as a datapad. There was a look of tiredness on his face that matched Korens own, that of a boy trying to do the work of a man. He was young, yes, but he didn't have the years of sleep-deprived nights to have him ready for the schedule that Koren was currently keeping. If it could be called that.

"Sir, the communication from Moff Gyllard, Governor Eron and Governor Intran is ready for you in the conference room once you are. All parties are present and are ready to give their daily brief on the situation from their respective situations."

Interacting with @FalloutJack

The fighters swung around, forming up on the stealth ship matching its course towards the planet itself.

"I am Tarak. I come to battle against the Republic. I come for glory."

Besh rolled his eyes as the response came through. He clicked his comm back onto the local net between his pilots and the resolute. "Place your bets people, Rebel Infiltrator, Bounty Hunter, or Glory Seeker." Before the others could respond he clicked his comm back onto the open channel. "You will be escorted to the Resolute where you will then be questioned. You will be treated fairly, and so long as you do not appear to be a threat to the Grand Imperium. Failure to comply and your ship will be disabled."

Interacting with @sly13

Captain Micanti sighed as an unexpected blip appeared across his screen. A YT-2000 had entered the system. No transmission was being sent to the fleet, no clearance codes. Nothing. Slowly the Customs vessel crept towards the freighter, already trying to get a tractor beam lock. She nodded to the communications officer who sent a targeting transmission to the vessel.

"Attention unidentified YT-two-thousand. You have breached Grand Imperium space without a permit or transmission codes, transmit codes now or prepare to be boarded."

I'll post as Koren and Tyrell tomorrow. Kinda wanna chill before work today, but I'm off tomorrow.

For today, I shall do a short post so that people waiting on me for things can do the things.
Tyrell Omi-Ren // Nighthawk // Yavin 4

After leaving Master Skywalker Tyrell walked up the ramp and back into the ship, he neglected going to see Thriik and instead headed straight for the cockpit of the freighter. "Hey, Relaaaaani." She turned around in her chair, rolling her eyes before she responded.

"Hey, whaaaaaat?"

Tyrell leaned against one of the consoles near the back of the cockpit. "You can power up the nav computer. We're heading over to your favorite moon in the whole Galaxy." She rolled her eyes again as she turned around again. Tyrell could feel the annoyance radiating from the Twi'lek as she worked her way around the console, flicking switches and pressing buttons.

"I thought Grakkus' hidden cache wasn't on Nar Shadda anymore? When you said that I took it as 'Hey Relani, we won't actually need to go to Nar Shadda as there's nothing there anymore'. Ugh, the filthy moon." Tyrell chuckled, though frankly, her attempt at his voice was a little bit insulting, especially when there was still a slight hint of her Ryloth accent coming through underneath.

He sat down in one of the other chairs, though he wasn't yet quite brave enough to sit in the co-pilot chair as that was easily within striking distance. "I know you're not the biggest fan of Nar Shadda, but while we know Grakkus has a hidden vault somewhere, we also know it has a key. Since Grakkus is in Megalox he can't exactly access it, nor can we go and ask him nicely we'll need to check his place for the key."

Relani turned around in her chair. "Wait, why don't we just go to the Vault, then do the whole lightsaber cut act?" Tyrell gave her a sheepish grin and ducked as she threw her caf cup at him. "You don't even know where it is?!" Tyrell reached his hand out and called the cup up with the Force and into his waiting appendage.

"You know that's not how this works." He closed his eyes, the cup hovering above his hand. Twisting and turning. "We get a lead, we follow the lead and the lead leads us to our destination."

"Ah yes, the echoes in the Force." He nodded as he opened his eyes, causing the cup to drift through the air towards its original point on the console of the ship.

"Yup, and that's how we succeed this time, oh. Before I forget, are the spare quarters decent?"

"Yes, why'd you ask?"

"We're getting a new crewmember."

Sorry it took so long for that
Talia looked at the map of the system and then frowned at the question asked by her master. Native species? Well, there would be humans. There was almost always humans so long as the atmosphere was viable for most organics, they were all over the galaxy. Even on Ryloth, they were everywhere. She tried to recall all the lessons in the temple, but there had been so many different lessons about so many different worlds. She lowered her head in shame.

"I'm sorry master, I'm not quite sure."
Sorry new season of apex dropped. Tomorrow promise
Vice Admiral Vothoni & General Treselang // RELENTLESS ENDEAVOUR // GRIZMALLT ORBIT
Co-Starring @Mao Mao

Trask was still processing when the notification came in that General Treselang had come aboard. He looked to his XO who gave him a shrug of the shoulders. “Did you know anything about this?”

“No Sir-” She turned and walked out of the communication room into the bridge proper to try and gather more information on what was going on. Meanwhile, Trask turned to the man as he entered, offering the man a brief but curt salute he nodded. “Indeed-” He walked forward to the man offering his hand to shake. “-it’s a pleasure to meet you, General. What can we help you with today? Though be advised we are gearing up for a major offensive, and I won’t do anything to disrupt our timetable.”

“Unfortunately, it seemed that command thought otherwise,” Treselang responded with a hint of disappointment before handing the Vice-Admiral the cracked datapad. “It contains their reason and approval for my transfer under your command for this offensive. And according to my second-in-command, headquarters had unscheduled maintenance on their communications leaving both of us ill-informed.”

Trask took the cracked datapad and read through it. Detailing the immediate re-assignment of the General and his forces, with him also put in command of the 67ths ground components. This essentially meant that the entire plan the Colonel had come up with Trask could be out of the window. Trask turned to one of his aides. “Page Colonel Ruk here immediately-” he handed the aide the datapad “-also copy all the data from that pad and print it onto a new device for the General.” He turned back to the General and his adjunct. He wasn’t sure what political favors were in motion here, or what games were being played but this wasn’t normal, even during the days where they were simply the Alliance. A transfer like this didn’t just happen.

“So General, what have you brought with you?”

“The 51st Assault Division,” Treselang responded. “A standard ground force division designed for sieges and battles. But, we were given several AT-APs and AT-TEs, an additional unit of rocket launchers equipped with HH-12s, and a Juggernaut. My men are ready for anything the Imperium throws at them, Admiral. You have my word.”

Trask clicked his fingers and an aide appeared with a datapad and handed it to him, the same aide gave the General his replacement pad. He flicked his way through it. “You bring with you, two old Pelta-Class Frigates, four G75s, and a CR90.” He clicked his tongue beneath his canines. “Transfer your walkers to the Acclamators within my fleet. They’ll carry them down to the LZ tomorrow.” At that moment Colonel Ruk walked in.

“Reporting as ordered Sir.” The Twi’lek was eying the General suspiciously, recognizing the uniform and the insignia denoting him as a superior officer.

“Colonel, meet General Treselang. He’s your new commanding officer, he’s been sent in by high command.”

The Colonel, through instinct, kicked into a salute. Trask continued to speak through the exchange of salutes. “He fought alongside Cham Syndulla on Ryloth and has led many successful operations for me aboard this ship. You couldn’t ask for a better man at your side.”

Treselang nodded and then saluted back at the Colonel. “Good to know that I am standing with someone that fought beside a Syndulla. His daughter is one of the best pilots that I ever witnessed. Now, what were you planning before my arrival?”

The holomap came online again as Trask keyed in the assault. “While I engage the main Imperium force in orbit, ground elements will drop out of hyperspace behind the planet. Break orbit while protected by Gold, Rogue, and Wolf Squadrons and set up positions in an old Republic Base. Once they’ve secured the LZ, the initial idea deposited by Colonel Ruk was to push along this ridge-” markers appeared on the map highlighting the ridge secured by the turbolaser towers “-until you make it into the city. After that, it will depend on the resistance.” This wasn’t his plan, Trask could drop off the dirt runners wherever he wanted, though he liked to do it somewhere they wanted, once they were on the ground it was out of his jurisdiction.

Despite that, he would support his Colonels plan, though if General Treselang sought to change it there wasn’t a lot he could do.

“Is there any way of sending a recon unit quietly? I’d like to know if the old base is secured. I have heard of the Imperium using pre-Republic bases lately. Also, are there any strategic locations on the planet that we should know about?” Treselang asked Trask.

“Local rebel cells indicate that the old base does have a small security presence, but that they are focusing all their efforts on the capitol dome-” he keyed in the console and the hologram changed to that of an I.P.O.F “-in the capital city of Exaron. There are other settlements over the city but none have the same level of Imperial Presence, Exaron is where the Governor is setting up camp. The Republic base is a stone's throw away, but still gives us an easily defendable location far enough away to not worry about any form of artillery.”

Treselang raised an eyebrow and then asked a simple question. “So what did you bring?”

Trask scowled at the General. “Vorn Tiger Squad will move in at 0700HRS Ship time to recon the landing zone ahead of time, should there be heavier resistance they’ll scout for an alternate landing site.” The hologram on the console changed to that of the Acclamators. “Task Force Rancor, which is the name we are now operating under, is equipped with three Acclamator Class vessels. Each vessel currently holds a standing force of around ten thousand men. Various walkers, AT-TEs, DPs, APs, and even a couple of STs. Not to mention several T-1B tanks.” The image changed as he continued to type.

“Leading the charge down on the planet is part of Rogue Squadron- ace X-Wing pilots, Gold Squadron - the best Y-Wing pilots you could ask for and Wolf Squadron who I will personally vouch for. The Acclamators are armed and capable of acting as artillery support once you are on the planet, though to back that up I’m sending two CR90s down with you which bolsters you with an additional two hundred men. Once the Imperium fleet has been dealt with or we’ve punched a whole I will be able to commit an additional ten thousand units to the battle.”

The Admiral looked between the Colonel and the General. “I’ll be putting the Vorn Tigers under your command General, with orders to meet you aboard whatever Acclamator you chose to transfer your flag onto.”

“Sounds good, Admiral.” Treselang breathed a sigh of relief that something went his way for once today. Then, his mood soured when he remembered the assault plan. There wasn’t much time to evaluate every single bit of the planet. So, all he had to trust were promises. “Though I would have done things differently, there isn’t enough time to change the plan without creating problems. I am trusting the lives of my men to you, Admiral.”

Then, he handed the datapad over to his second-in-command and whispered, “Make sure you have someone look closely at the planet for anything valuable to the Imperium. And inform the Vorn Tigers that I will be coming to introduce myself.”

Once he left the room, the General turned towards the Admiral and naturally crossed his arms. “My second-in-command will arrange everything before the ground assault. And I will meet up with the recon unit. But, I would like to request that I remain on board to oversee the attack on the Imperium fleet. I want to make sure that your plan is salvageable if things go south quickly. After that, I will be on the ground with my men to lead the assault on Exaron given that you can breach the fleet.”

“As I am entrusting the lives of my men with you. As such your request is denied, you should be aboard one of the Acclamators in a better position to oversee your, their actions, and the entire situation. Our sensor readings of what is going on down on the planet aren’t going to be as accurate as of that of the ships breaking orbit. I have no intention of risking lives needlessly if things appear to change for the worse, and if it does the fleet will cover your retreat. We’re on a short timetable, and a lot of elements are having to move and adapt quickly. I hope that you can keep up, usually, I would have read your service record but considering you were dropped in my lap mid-operation, that’ll have to wait.” An aide came rushing into the room. “Admiral, priority transmission from Admiral Ackbar.”

Trask nodded. “I have to take this General, please head to your ship. Feel free to contact me if you need anything.”

Treselang immediately noticed the Admiral’s annoyance at the entire situation and it bothered him a little. Especially the part about reading his service record as if he didn’t already prove to be reliable. For now, he needed to move on and focus on the upcoming battle. Perhaps there will be time for a private chat later. “Then, I will take my leave. May the force be with you, Admiral.”

Treselang saluted and then made his way back to the shuttle. There were plenty of things to do before the hyperspace jump.

Trask returned the salute, the hologram turning on showing the image of the Mon Cal Admiral. “Admiral Ackbar.”

“Admiral Vothoni, my old friend. How goes the preparations for Utrost.”

“Good, we’ve only had one minor complication-”

The Mon Cal grimaced slightly. “Yes, I was going to warn you about that. It seems the provincial council and the fledgling senate has already decided to introduce politics to the Military.”

“So he did request this post?” The Mon Cal shook his head.

“From what I know, he didn’t ask for it. He has a friend who felt it would look good on his resumé, I doubt the general even knows…”
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