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Current It's a joke Ruby, you know me well enough to know that. I'd join if it wasn't in TOR era.
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Yeah I'm not gonna join the PW. Wrong Era for me, plus it'll take five months for my sheet to be reviewed ;)
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Just watched The Mandalorian. Someone make a SW RP for me.
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The dark figure let go of their grip on Sheppard as it dodged the incoming fire. Sheppard raised his P90 and opened fire on a group of the armoured individuals. They didn't instantly duck for cover but once they discovered their armour wasn't fully effective against them they took cover. Not before a couple of them had went down. The man with the blades continued to dodge and pirouette through the air. Sheppard raised his voice to be heard by the agents from the Glasgow. "We'll cover you, you guys need to take out the one with the blades before he wipes us all out-" As if to illustrate the point Sheppard jumped to the ground as the dual bladed weapon came spinning through the air, cutting at the air where he had been. Slicing two of his marines in half.

Sheppard pulled a grenade from his vest, squeezing the trigger and pulling the pin. "FIRE IN THE HOLE!"


Caldwell sat on the bridge of the Daedalus looking over the data they had on the fleet they were currently heading towards. Most of the ships had agreed to come with them, with them leaving the Solonis behind in order to guard the shipyard from any potential threats. He was skeptical about this, they had no real chain of command going into this and it was likely to be a pretty big fight from the data provided. Even if they could hold the line, how long before the Empire sends an even bigger fleet? No, they had to make a stand here, but with the understanding that this wasn't going to be the final stand. Merely a call to arms for other peoples of the Galaxy.

Look at him, planning revolutions within another Galaxy now. Had Elizabeth brought them here to only deal with a local threat it would have been so much easier, go to the Capital, beam him to the system's star. Job done. Anubis Complicated matters.


"I am unsure. This Anubis while off my universe is unknown to me, I have not been told much of Earth or its war against the Goa'uld just that it was long and hard fought. I feel like Vaels suggestion holds the most merit, you know these people and how they should react. It is the safest course of action."

Before Falul had even barked orders McKay had already worked himself over to a console and was checking over programming pouring through the data. As they had already made the programming changes if there was an issue in the programming then when they jumped on this backup slipspace borer there was a possibility of the same fault happening. Annoyingly he couldn't pour over data in the same way that an A.I could so had to rely on reading through it one line of a code at a time. As far as he could tell there was nothing wrong with the programming. Thats when another alarm started to blare. McKay sighed as he turned to the human doctor. "You know, something like this happens to me way more often than I'd care to admit." He turned to a screen that showed the nearby scans as another fleet dropped out of hyperspace.

A fleet of Imperial Vessels, including the new ones that the Commandos from the Resurgence had gathered intel on.

With no response yet from the fleet of ships they had appeared in the middle of, McKay only hoped Falul would make his intentions clear in his targets, or flee. He was happy with that too.


The second that Caldwell had recieved the call the ship had been put on alert. Navigation had pinpointed the Aegis to be above a world locally known as Muunlist. At their top speed it would take a mere twenty minutes too get there, which was a constant among ships of the fleet other than the Unbroken Hope. Caldwell nodded to Mark who opened a channel to the fleet. "This is Colonel Caldwell, I have navigational co-ordinates for where the Aegis dropped out of slipspace and have plotted my course in order to jump to their aide. I recommend we leave one ship behind with the shipyard and all leave after it as quickly as possible."

The Daedalus turned, as it began to power up its hyperdrive.

Rodney was about to speak when an alarm blared throughout the ship. Rodney ran to a nearby terminal and brought up a diagnostic. Likely the chief engineer from the Relentless would be swearing right now. It appeared that something had gone wrong between the navigational interface and the borer. As the system detected the issue an automatic failsafe brought them out of slip space and back into real space. They appeared directly over a world, surrounded by dozens of ships of varying sizes. The confusion caused at the sudden appearance of a vessel that had not been detected on long-range scanners caused a flurry of activity from within the fleet as strike craft were launched, and vessels repositioned themselves with favourable firing solutions on the new vessel.

Rodney turned to face O'Connell. "Uh, we've got a problem here!"

Should be be accepted I'd be happy to have a PC Padawan, should you be willing to brave Hapan Politics.

McKay looked up at the viewscreens expecting to see the swirling blues and blacks he so often associated with hyperspace. Only to find that apparently Slipsace had nothing that could be seen, at least not with the human eye. He merely made an 'mh' noise at the mention of him being in the field an used to being put in a position of danger. "This is an incredible difference in technologies." He pulled out his life signs detector and began keying buttons as he scanned. Proving that the device was useful for more than simply detecting life. "It's fascinating how two similar technologies can produce vastly different results. I'd love the chance to study one of your slipspace drives over a longer period of time." He looked around the room as the entire ship shook slightly. Checking the readouts everything still read as normal so he continued looking at the scans.

"We can all learn so much from one another."
@conman2163 post your sheet here first mate.

Should be be accepted I'd be happy to have a PC Padawan, should you be willing to brave Hapan Politics.

McKay stood with a small metallic cup of coffee in his hand. The standard military issue kit had been brought aboard so that they could brew the drink, after all, he hadn't been expecting to come across another human from a similar universe to their own. He sipped at the bitter liquid as his eyes poured over the screens. He hadn't really slept since they had come to this universe, having spent as much time trying to find a crazy solution in order to get home before they had found that impossible and instead they tried to interface technology with the shipyard to the point where they could actually build ships that were worth it. From what he had heard by Caldwell was that Hermiod had finally managed to interface with the vessel to a degree where he could input designs and alter them. Which meant that they now genuinely had the capability to build ships. The issue was who would they get to control them?

He made a mental note to see how much Hermiod knew about the O'Neill Class. A couple of them flying around would surely increase their chances.

He turned to O'Connell as she spoke up shrugging slightly. Ronon still stood at the back of the room, he had tried to discourage him to go and do something more constructive with his time, yet despite his constant complaints that he was bored he continued to stay nearby. "Not particularly. It should be a smooth test, we'll fly a small ways away, do some stuff and then be back in no time. Easily done."

Hai @Ruby
@Sep Details still being worked on, but overall we all quite like the character!

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