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I am, and will forever be, your friend Wraith.
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I have, and will forever be, your friend.
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Ouch Wraith. I'm right here.
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Any stargate fans out there?…


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Tyrell was tossing the room looking for what he needed. Two droids buzzed and beeped at him impatiently trying to give him his cue to leave. He waved them silent as the first hit to the station shook it. Shields holding, but they wouldn't hold for long. The Imperial Star Destroyers were the most powerful space faring vessels in recent history. Had KDY and the Republic Developed them sooner likely the Clone Wars would have been resolved much faster. He swore under his breath as he felt the object he had been playing with earlier fall out of his back pocket, bouncing on the floor and rolling away. He almost stretched for it but refused to give into that old muscle memory. Instead he turned to the droids who were still beeping continuously. "What is it?!" His voice came out harsher than intended, but he was already stressed and they weren't helping him calm down.

A hologram appeared off Xjena. She had a grin on her face that Tyrell found unsettling, he had rarely seen her wear it. It was callous and menacing. Things that Xjena rarely portrayed, it didn't serve her purposes to scare others away. Her danger was looking in such a way that it brought people closer, lowered their guard. This was the opposite of that, he had seen her pull this face only once before and he didn't like it. "Xjena, what is it? I'll be right there, I'm just looking for one or two things."

Her face went from malice to a feigned grimace. "That's just the thing, Tyrell." That wasn't a good sign. She always referred to him as Captain. "We're already leaving. Part of me hopes you survive, you were a good Captain. Taught me a lot, and the crew. You were just holding us back, only performing Imperial raids, there's a lot of softer targets out there. Some of them more lucrative too. So this is where we part ways."

Confusion washed over Tyrell. "You've caused mutiny, aboard my ship?"

"I think you'll find its my ship."

He forgot everything and approached the hologram, wishing he could grasp onto her neck and strangle the life out of her- He took a deep breath. He had to keep a level head, level heads produced results. "Listen here. If you take my ship, I'm coming for you. I'll hunt you down and send you to Hive-1, you and anyone else who thinks they can mutiny against me."

The Twi'lek shrugged. "I take it back then. I don't hope you survive." With that, the hologram terminated. The station shaking under a barrage of fire as the lights flickered off, replaced by the red of emergency lighting.
Tavick turned to the gruff scarred man who promptly informed him that the Republic had turned into the Empire, the war was over and the Separatists were gone. That made no sense, the war seemed to have no end when his ship had crashed. The Republic, with the Jedi were operatives to what Tavick now knew off as the Ashla. Before simply he would have regarded it as the Force, but the Sijins taught him that there were two different forces that made up the Force. The Ashla and the Bogan. Light and the Dark. From the feelings many of the sages were having the Empire were operatives of the Bogan. What the Bartender and this man said matched up with the growing sense of dread and doom the sages were sensing, the reason Tavick had left Sanctuary to venture out into the more populated areas of the planet. So far he wasn't liking what he saw.

His trials were to find the source of this spreading disease, see if he could halt it and right now he didn't have a lot of hope. As the man gestured Tavick sat himself between the arachnoid being and the scarred human. "I know these parts more than I care to admit. It may not be my original home, or the one I chose but it's the one I have. The Galaxy may have changed more than I knew, but that doesn't change what I have to do." Tavick sighed as he tipped his head back as the glass approached his lips downing the rest of his drink before standing. "Now I need to find the things I need."

Venator Star Destroyer - Obstinate

Governor Lyra Atorn stood on the bridge of her vessel as she watched the fleet of Mining Guild vessels go past, some carrying Ore Crawlers while others carried parts of the prefabricate base they would be setting up on her new world. Others had scoffed at her for campaigning to gain control of this sector, but with no Republic Representation during it's reign she easily managed to secure the mining rights for ninety-five percent of the planets landmass. There were concerns in the senate about the 'native' population but thanks to the reports that Lyra had sent back to Coruscant it was clear that the wave of criminal immigrants had wiped out whatever was left of the natives years before the Separatists arrived.

A hologram appeared beside her and she had to do her best to prevent the look of disgust translating to her face as the distinctly non-human representative of the Mining Guild appeared. "Foreman."

The being bowed it's 'head' in what she assumed was a respective gesture. "Governor."

"I hear there's delays." Straight to the point, Lyra didn't want this conversation lasting any longer than it had too.

"We're having labour difficulties. The terrain is harsh, and this world is far from most of our territory. Many sectors between our primary workforce-" The implied meaning being slaves. She nodded, slave labour taught people their place. It was a respectable form off punishment. "-still hold to old Republic Laws, meaning that we cannot relocate the necessary workers."

Lyra waved her hand dismissivly. "I'll speak to the Colonel to round some people up in Woln for you."

There was pause from the foreman. "What will you tell Coruscant?"

Examining her nails she looked up at the being. "The usual, Rebel Sympathisers." With that the hologram was cut off. She sighed as she walked out of the bridge, within the hour Stormtroopers would begin rounding up individuals in Woln from all the possible Rebel cesspits. Taverns, workshops, gambling arenas, gladiator pits. Beaurcracy was so tiresome, she wasn't looking forward to the paperwork. The payoff would be worth it however.
I'm aiming to post tomorrow but I've got a ten hour shift so we'll see if I manage

Habitat Thirteen was once the crown jewel of a civilisation. Orbiting a now dead planet, it was originally meant to be a last attempt at a barely space faring society to to escape extinction on their world. For whatever reason the people never made it from the planet to the station, the planet now being a toxic world incapable of supporting life. Instead a smuggler by the name of Tyvar Oln discovered the station in an attempt at discovering a new hyperspace lane to get past a Republic Blockade. The planet not registered on any intergalactic registry became the perfect space for Tyvar to have his own station. A place to lie low, store his goods, credits, and escape from it all. Over time more and more people came to the station, first solely friends and associates but as time passed businessmen moved in. Tyvar stopped smuggling, because the money came to him. Forming his own shadowport in his little corner of space.

Tyrell Lorne sat with his feet up in his little den aboard the station. There were various droid parts littered around the room, artefacts from the Clone Wars, a couple of old books sitting in one corner. He was a drifter, many considered him a rebel but he considered himself a pirate. It just so happened that he only ever raided Imperial Convoys, or ships on Imperial Contracts. It stood to reason, they were the ones with the most valuable cargo. It did have something to do with his own personal code of honour, something htat had been instilled into him as a young boy by his mentors. He fiddled with the familiar cylindrical object between his hands, as the door chimed he put it away hastily out of sight as he pressed abutton on the arm of his chair. In walked a red skinned Twi'lek dressed, barely, in black leather. She nodded her greeting to him.

"We're ready to set off Captain. Ships loaded, we fixed that minor breach we had in the last skirmish and we've offloaded the cargo we intended to sell and the rest is squared away in the usual hiding space."

Tyrell nodded. "Thankyou Xjena. Go make the necessary calculations to the next jump point."

"Yes Captain." She turned and left, he noticed the way she moved as she left. Fluid, enticing. Like most Twi'leks Xjenas inhibitions were a bit lower than the average female of other species, but unlike most she knew how to use her body to get what she wanted. Tyrell had warned her before about trying to use her feminine charms on him, it wasn't that he wasn't tempted but the problem was that he was tempted. He just knew her reputation too well to know that anything good could come off it.

He raised his head as he looked out the window into space, a strange sense of dread. Walking over to the window he saw a brief flash as the light of the sun reflected off something. As he stood and walked ove rto the window the shape slowly came into focus. An Imperial Star Destroyer.

"Oh, that's not good."
"To which I ask you, how could Coruscant and the Jedi Temple be potentially dangerous? The Temple has to be one of the most secure locations in the entire Galaxy." Mevenn raised her arms in surrender. "Have it your way though, you're the master here. Can we at least go core bound? At least that way when there doesn't seem to be anything wrong we can continue on to the temple. I'm sure there's a lot of duties that they need both of us to do now that the War is over, they'll probably even send you out with another team to secure the artifact we just encountered. Then you can have your own research project out in the middle of nowhere, and I'll probably be rounding up separatists that don't realise the war is over."

She stretched and yawned, her muscles starting to ache as she came down from the adrenaline high that had kept her going since the fight with the mysterious Force user out in the forst. "I'm going to hit the refresher and go to bed, unless you need me for anything?"
Mevenn turned on Kresst. "By the time we've made it to a planet with reliable communication back to Coruscant we could have been half way back to Coruscant. I say we just take the straight route, straight on to Coruscant. If you're really nervous we can drop out of hyperspace part of the way there." She sighed in frustration as she sat herself back time. "Why do you temple types always have to overanalyze everything?" A glimmer of her formerself, before the betrayal, began to shine through. "The Separatists managed some form of plot to turn the Clones against us in a last bid attempt at winning the war. It obviously failed, the only reason the squad here was affected was due to us being all the way out of here. The order that no-doubt countermanded the attempt at treachery might not have made it all the way out here."

"You sit in the temple and refuse to take part in the war, and when it's over you want to delay our return to the temple to go to some other backwater world? What makes you so suspicious sitting in the temple all the time?"
@SepI normally don't have this much trouble. I just can't seem to nail anything down that I'm satisfied with this time around.

Understandable. You're always welcome to come back should the muse strike you, I always find that Roleplays are very whim based and sometimes it doesn't stick around so I get it. This does seem like a slow burner, and that sometimes can have an impact as well. Wish you all the best pal.
@SepI'm gonna be honest here: I just can't think of a setup for a post that's actually long enough to bother with posting. Rather than sit here and flounder about while I keep insisting I'm gonna post, I'm just going to withdraw from this. I hope you understand that this has nothing to do with you or anyone else, just my own inability to figure things out.

The thing with Open World Scenarios are that the plot unfolds as players push on, probe avenues and interact with the world. A lot of this involves players telling their own stories to get the ball rolling, if this is how you feel then feel free to Withdraw. If you want help working a setup, then you just need to ask.
Mevenn clapped her hands together as she stood up. "That must be it. I mean if the War is over that means the Sith Lord who was behind the Separatist Uprising has also been dealt with. I mean there was talk about him being an incredibly powerful Sith Lord, who knows what kind of ripple effect his Death would have on our ability to connec twith the Force. It's probably why we're sensing such darkness and confusion. Maybe the mysterious order that turned the Clones against us was some ploy devised by him to turn the Clones against us should he lose the war, we have no idea what they forced the Chancellor to say before Masters Kenobi and Skywalker managed to rescue him above Coruscant."

Mevenn took off her helmet and flashed a grin at Mach. Everything was going to be okay now. The Clone Wars were over, they won.
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