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So I have been on the Guild for a long, long, long, long, long, long, LONG time. I first joined the OldGuild around, my best guess would be 2012? I've been active in the Star Wars scene on the Guild since then, there have been very few games based around that genre that I haven't at least nosed my way in on. My very first game was a Star Wars game and that's what actually really got me into the Star Wars Franchise.

It's weird to think but I am such a major Star Wars nerd these days, yet before I was on the Guild I wasn't. I got into a Star Wars RP, got onto the Wikia, and then away I went into a spiral of nerd-om that I currently live within.

Active Roleplays:

Young Justice Renegades: A Team Worth Dying For by @Hillan

Roleplays I miss:

Ultimate One Universe by @Master Bruce
No Turning Back by Me.
Star Wars: Galaxies at War by Me.
Absolute Comics by a load of people.

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<Snipped quote by Dead Cruiser>

I think it matters far more to me that you play someone you A) want to play and then B) have longevity with. That matters more than filling any perceived holes or obligations.

@Dead Cruiser I want to point out just because it's Marvel/DC doesn't mean you need to somehow make an Amalgamation, infact Amalgamations aren't the point. It's more "what if this Marvel character also had to deal with DC stuff " and vice versa.

Honestly there's still a lot of big names unclaimed. Superman, Flash, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, Aquaman, Iron Man...

Go with who you feel you can portray best and tell interesting stories with. If you don't want to leas any form of story build them to be a roamer, asking others to join in with what they've got going on.
@Kaggs what happened to Canary? 😂
I see. I might try and give Daredevil a shot but I also might hold off and see if I can make supporting character that might develop further depending on how it goes.

Follow your heart.

For anyone that's interested all Caps cast is up for grabs. Let's find our Fury
@Kyoka I've seen no mention of Daredevil. I saw mention of Fantastic Four in passing somewhere but I can't remember where.
<Snipped quote by Rapid Reader>

Well, looks like I may be dusting off Magik once again

This is what we all wanted.
@Rapid Reader I don't wanna stretch myself too thin but if you need a Doctor Strange and I'm not guest-writing for someone else I'd be happy too. Cap can always stop by though.

Thought it could be fun to stir up some conversation while we get closer to the deadline. Thinking about the character you've chosen, what type of 'CRISIS' event are they most likely to answer to? In this style of game, we've defined Crises as large-scale events that have ripples across the entire RP. In the first season of Ultimate One Universe, we had the face-off with the Silver Surfer. Most recently in Absolute Comics, we had Stryfe plan an attack in three separate locations across the country.

Heading into Sensation & Wonder, Doc, Sep and I are working on something entirely new but I'd love to hear what the ideal is for everyone's characters.

I just look forward to seeing what we have planned. I have no idea what's going on.
@Forsythe ill post as Kells too. Man has droids aboard your ship
Who is going to post later? Is it me? It's probably me.

Name: Weron Kells
Species: Human
Age: 49
Faction: Galactic Alliance Rangers - Separatist Union Aligned.
  • Combat Trained: Having been the son of a CIS intelligence officer and a Rebel Operative, he is proficient in short/mid range combat and hand to hand.
  • Intelligence Gathering: With the fall of the CIS and the formation of the Empire, Weron used the skills taught to him by his father to destabilise the efforts of the Empire and assist the Rebellion. When the Empire fell he joined the New Separatist Union. Working as an agent throughout the Daala Crisis. Once the Crisis ended he was re-assigned to the Alliance Rangers where he now serves as a Ranger Sergeant aboard the Milky Way.
  • Technologically minded: He has grown up around droids. Working on them, maintaining and modifying them. He can repair a B1 Battledroid and have it combat operational in virtually no-time at all. Slicing his way into various systems, while he may be older now his mind is as sharp as ever.
  • Psychological Student: Before he went on to become an Intelligence Officer he studied at Reena University and left with a degree in forensic psychology.

  • Age: Other species can get to his age and still be children. Humanity doesn't offer such luxuries. He's getting old, and slow and he hurts.
  • Isolated: There aren't many Separatist Rangers, and there are still some hard feelings between the member states of the Galactic Alliance.
  • Poor Social Skills: He's worked as a special forces agent all his life. Mostly with droids. While he understands psychology, it doesn't mean he's good at making friends.

History: Weron was born towards the end of the Clone Wars. His father, a Separatist General aided several of the remaining holdouts who refused to surrender after the Clone Wars came to an end. Weron grew up around conflict and droids. Eventually he would follow in his fathers footsteps, joining one of the many rebel cells that sprung up across the Galaxy.

As a Rebel Agent he specialised in hacking and slicing as well as droid repair, he hunted down crashed Separatist Ships, abandoned factories looking for anything not tidied up by the Galactic Empire. He found himself on Bracca several times scouring old Separatist Ships for any signs of leftover droids. He never quite formed enough to make a substantial army but he used them to great effect for hit and run operations, distractions or simply to harass the Galactic Empire.

He continued on in this role throughout the Galactic Civil War, as his cell joined the Rebel Alliance. Once the New Republic formed, and the Government seemed to be harbouring back to the way it had been before the Clone Wars the New Separatist Union formed and he rejoined his own people. He was active up through the Daala campaign and since the formation of the Galactic Alliance he has become a First Class Lieutenant within the Alliance Rangers. His most recent deployment is aboard the Milky Wy in charge of the Rangers that act as its infantry.
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