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Finally read Skudulggery Pleasant - Midnight and I was not disappointed.
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I am, and will forever be, your friend Wraith.


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@ZAVAZggg nah as Mataus is currently inactive so just do short posts. I'd rather short posts rather than waiting months for a collab
Daedalus - Deep Space - Caldwell Preciding

The flagship team, AR-1 stood on the bridge of the Daedalus. Sheppard, McKay, Teyla and Ronan. Two from Earth, one Athosia and one from Sateda. One of the most diverse teams that Earth ever had to offer, simply as it had a 50/50 Earth and Off-worlder ratio. All dressed in black, and P-90s slung held close to their vest on all except Ronan who had his signature pistol in his hand. Sheppard looked at Caldwell and nodded, there was a flash of light as the delegation from the Solomon was beamed aboard before they all disappeared in a simultaneous flash of light to the bridge of the Rentus. The immediate difference was the temperature, and the low drone from the Daedalus and its systems was replaced by the silence of the efficient low hum of lantean systems. The air was cooler and somehow purer than that on the Daedalus, which didn't make sense as it was all done through pretty much the same Sheppard immediately scanned the area, the bridge was pretty much consistent with other Aurora classes. It had the more military paint job rather than the more white finish of the research variants of the same class.

Sheppard turned to look at the crew from the Solomon, some of them in some very cool looking armour. "So, nice digs huh?"
so I had a busy day, and am going to have another one. If @Mataus still hasn't posted by tonight I'll go again.
@ZAVAZggg Mataus is what I'm waiting for. If he doesn't post before Wednesday I'll post
I'll see about getting up a post later sometime. Maybe mention Valtrix taking notice of the ship in passing though as the delegations arrive onboard.

I'm going to wait till @Mataus posts before I go again. Just to see if he accepts the offer to beam over to Daedalus and then across.

Posted for Matt with his new friends.

Location - Egg Carrier

As the Egg Carrier made its way attacking the Venator fleet, long-range scanners, if the ship had anything that could be considered as such would detect three large ships heading towards them. All transmitting an Imperial Friendly signal to the fleet that was currently being engaged. At the helm of one of the ships was a man in a crisp imperial uniform, pointed nose and very chiselled features. Wilhulf Tarkin. The Man who was poised to become the first Grand Moff of the Imperial Domain. For now, he was merely an admiral, in charge of testing out these new ships. The Assimilator-Class Star Destroyer was a revolutionary breakthrough, nobody knew where the Emperor was getting these new technologies but they would turn the tide of the Galaxy and bring it into a new age. Shields that were far more efficient than anything that had ever been designed, faster firing weapons and a hyperdrive system that didn't have to worry about gravity wells. They could jump anywhere, anytime with none of the restrictions that had plagued them in the past.

There was a flash of light as the three ships pulled out of hyperspace in a wedge formation. Tarkin turned to one of the officers. "Open a channel, power weapons and target the Conqueror."


"Do it."

Someone else spoke off to the side. "Channels open sir."

"Attention unidentified vessel. You have infringed on Imperial Territory and attacked an Imperial Navy vessel. Stand down now, withdraw or be destroyed. These ships are far more powerful than the ones you previously attacked."
So, Egg Carrier is being stalked by an Egyptian God, i assume that he's from SG-1. All i know about that show is it's about McGuyver having to go stop Evil Space-Egypt and he has a side-kick with weird bling on his forehead.

Well yeah. You should already be kinda familiar with him in the rp setting.
I'll have you know that it was 5/8ths of a solar system, thank you very much. :P

Shhh it's more fun my way

But yeah Matt I got called away before I finished. But Anubis is going to have a present for you.
Matt you can continue what you're doing. I'll finish what I'm giving you later.
Caldwell watched the screens above the main window. At this point, it looked like a meeting was inevitable. The planet was habitable but wasn't necessarily safe. From the scans of the Rentus at least its captain appeared to be honest in that there was only one life sign aboard. That made it the best possible choice for a meeting place. Especially as this Valtix, if he was actually an ancient, would have no way of knowing that Sheppard had the ATA gene and was capable of interfacing with his ship. "Sheppard. Since everyone else seems to be sending a delegation we'll send one over to the Rentus ourselves. If this Multiverse theory proves to be correct try and keep the fact we currently inhabit Atlantis on the down-low. For all, he knows Atlantis is another one of our ships. We're going to beam you over to try and keep our ability to use Lantean technology on the down low."

"Yes, sir. My team?"

"Correct, after all, you did once tell me that your team was better equipped to handle this kind of situation."

At that moment in time, Rodney McKay came onto the bridge, face buried in a tablet as he was tied into the ship's sensors. "Each of the different ships seems to be emitting a slightly foreign radiation signature. Two of them appear to have been damaged and they all have some pretty interesting designs." He moved over to the larger screen on the side wall, typing into the keyboard there. Bringing up scans of three ships. "The Kearsage appears to be the most similar in ship designs to our own. Likely from an Earth on a timeline that runs parallel to our own. Andromeda appears to be essentially a naval ship in space. That said I found the design fascinating as it seems to be emanating an extremely powerful energy signature. This Solomon appears most like our current Earth technology, and is probably what we'd be flying if it wasn't for the Stargate program."

He finally stopped when he noticed nobody seemed to be responding to him. "What?"

"Gear up McKay. We're going to be going over to find out how you screwed us up this time." Sheppard turned to leave the bridge, pausing to make sure McKay was following him. McKay just let out a sigh before following.

"You blow up one planet and everyone assumes everything is your fault."

"It was half a Solar System McKay."


The door slid closed.

Caldwell pressed the communication button to transmit. "Daedalus to the Solomon, We're familiar with the concept of the Multiverse and have actually interacted with it on a number of occasions. As of yet, we're uncertain on how this has happened, not just to us but to all the other vessels here as well. As a sign of good faith, we will be sending a delegation over to the Rentus to meet with any and all other delegates of the ships assembled here. On that part Captain Valtix, I request you lower shields so I can transmit my people aboard. I will be doing the same and can assure you we will only beam to an area of your choosing. If anyone else is without shuttlecraft I am willing to beam personnel here and then over to the Rentus for the meeting. Caldwell, out."

"The others have already made their plan known."

Anubis turned from the screen, an Imperial battlegroup was currently fighting some form of an unidentified ship. The sensor readings of the ship had it putting off some form of strange radiation. It wasn't from this universe, the others had interfered very indirectly as was their way. "It is of no consequence to me. They send one ship to fight me? On its own. It may be more powerful than one of the old Republic vessels but the Empires new brand of ships?" He chuckled as he keyed a command into his console. Ancient markings scrolling up the screen as he sent the command.

"They're a new beast entirely."
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