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Current Yeah man. I heard it was going to be drop in and play! No complicated character sheets or anything like that . Just good old play
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Shameless share for a friend, pass it on?…
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Finally read Skudulggery Pleasant - Midnight and I was not disappointed.
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I am, and will forever be, your friend Wraith.


Bio is biotic.

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Here's a question that I'm sure me and a couple of other people could benefit from.

When you've had a couple of mad weeks, then want to post. How do you find that groove? Like I want to post but I'm having difficulty finding the groove rn.

So I'm hoping to post tomorrow morning before work, but first I'll need to compare the methods used by Adorno et Al and Milgram on why people cause harm to others.
Made a spotify playlist of mine. Might update it as I go.

Absolute Comics - Ted Kord

Thanks to this making me make a Spotify playlist prepare for a complete change in my post music. Absolute Comics - IRON MAN
<Snipped quote by Lord Wraith>

That's be the kind of attraction at the amusement park I'd spend all my money on, instead of the blackjack and hookers.

It's okay. I can help you with two out of those three things.
<Snipped quote by Sep>

You made it weird, Sep. Why'd you go and make it weird?

God, it's like you don't even know me.

That's like a Punch to the Face.
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I don't really have an idea of a who, but as it stands it would really depend on where daddy Jim would be on the issue. If Jim Gordon sided with said regime then Batgirl would probably just stop being Batgirl and try to live as best as she could as Barbara Gordon, maybe a little hacking on the side. But in Jim went underground himself then you can bet Batgirl would be doing her best to help him out and probably do some guerilla warfare type tactics against said regime, with the main goal being to find the right information to put a stop to 'em.

Anyway had a whole extra day of work this week so getting a bit sapped in the brain power department. Other things to work on too so not sure when I can finish playing with pigs and dolls.

Please, never use the term Daddy Jim again.
I mean, just introduce the Spider-Force already. Duh.

Then they'll all get Iron Man suits and Symbiotes.

I forsee nothing that can go wrong with these plans.
<Snipped quote by DocTachyon>

I'm smelling a waft of Web of Shadows here......

Turn everyone in New York into spider people when? Then we ship them off to central city and have a speedforce storm! Spider Speedsters.
Was just chatting with Doc on Discord when I brought up the idea of Injustice in this RP's universe, and I figured I'd bring the discussion here.

So. The biggest and bestest superhero went nuts and created a totalitarian dystopia. Who did it and where would your characters be in that mess?

Iron Man I feel could really sit on both sides of that line. He could either be making a army of Iron Men for himself or whoever the big old Totalitarian was. Or he'd have suits made out of scrap, arming people for one last stand.

...Reports indicate that Wonder Woman has moved in to aid refugees in the war torn state of Trasnia after the broadcast from the leader of the Crimson March, Yuri Petrovich, announced the death of Iron Man by his so called ‘Iron Men’. So far the W.V.F and S.H.I.E.L.D are setting up support centres on the Sokovian border, and are working on a screening process on allowing refugees into the neighbouring country.
Previously on Iron Man

"Men of Iron”

Former Colonel James ‘Rhodey’ Rhodes was a heavy sleeper. In the military you had to be, having served on active bases in the middle east he had grown accustomed to being able to fall asleep with the sounds of aircraft, vehicles and even gunfire raging in his ears. That said, another trick the military taught you was how to get up and go. So as his shoulder was shaken, he bolted upright instantly awake and alert to his surroundings. The fake Tony stood leaning over him, a look of ‘concern’ on his face. If the machine was actually possible of feeling concern was a question better left for the philosophers.

“Ugh…” Rhodey shook the sleep out of his eyes. “Whaddya want Tony?He still hated calling the machine by the name of his best friend, but he figured that if he was going to keep up the act it was best to also call him ‘Tony’ in these private moments when it was just the two of them. Made him less likely to slip up during their more public appearances.

“I have an urgent message from Mister Stark, Sir.” Okay that was different, this was official business. He swung his feet to hang over the edge of the beed so he was in a sitting position. Nodding at the android, robot, thing, as a signal to it that it should continue. “Mister Stark enabled protocols within my programing in the rare event that he loses contact with the main Stark Industries server.” The LMD stretched its hand out, palm flat pointed up towards the roof of the cabin. A small hologram head of Tony appeared, it was a little disconcerting seeing the two heads of Tony side by side. The ‘real’ one wasn’t even the one that was physically present.

When did his world get so weird?

“Rhodey. If you’re watching this, well. I don’t quite know what’s happened, I may be a futurist but I try not to dwell on the idea that I may go missing.” The holographic Tony sighed. “The Iron Man armour is an incredible feat of technology, a weapons platform the likes of which the world has never seen. A suit of my active armour, meaning I’m in it, or at least was, has gone offline and J.A.R.V.I.S has lost contact with me. This is probably not a good thing. Once this recording is over LMD5 will play any news footage that it finds that could possibly relate to this. I need you to do something for me Rhodey, it’s probably the biggest favour I’ve ever asked for. Below wherever you’re sleeping, is a briefcase. Inside it is the Mark five, it has limited fight and flight capabilities but will easily get you back to my house. From there J.A.R.V.I.S will direct you.” A hand appeared in the hologram as Tony rubbed his temple. “I need you to find the suit Rhodey. Hopefully you’ll find me with it, the important thing is the suit. In the wrong hands I don’t want to think what someone could do with my technology. Please Rhodey.” The hologram flickered out.

The TV in the corner started to play media footage from Trasnia. The announcement from Petrovich, footage of Iron Man flying over Europe, news of Wonder Woman's involvement. While it played Rhodey reached below his bed and pulled out the case. Sitting it on his knees he was surprised by how light it was. Especially if it contained what the holographic Tony had said it did. As the news footage stopped the LMD moved again, and it wasn’t until now that Rhodey had realised how deathly still it had been.

“Simply place the suitcase on the ground, and your foot in the centre. It will then open up, two handles will appear. Pull it up onto your chest and the suit will sort itself out from there. Once you leave I will send out a mayday, and scuttle the ship.” That set off alarm bells.

“What about the party girls that Tony sent aboard?” The impish grin that he was used to seeing Tony boast appeared on the face of the LMD.

“There are no actual guests. Everyone on this vessel, other than yourself, is an LMD. Mister Stark just felt like you could use a vacation, and felt like this cover would be the easiest way to get you to accept.”

Rhodey shook his head as he placed the suitcase on the ground, taking a deep breath as he prepared himself to ‘suit up’ as Tony liked to call it. “You’re lucky you’re not the real Tony, or I’d slap you right now.”

“Yes I know Sir, good luck.”


He was upside down. That was the first thing Tony noticed as he regained some semblance of consciousness. His head pounding, ankles aching from where they were latched onto the wall. As he opened his eyes he struggled to focus on anything, everything was blurry and had an element of haze. His breathing hard and laboured, he could see the thin mist form as he breathed out. Wherever he was it was cold, and from the smell it was damp. As his vision began to focus he realised that part of the problem with seeing his surrounds was simply that it was dark. He could faintly make out the details of old brick and cobble, he was literally in a dungeon.

This was just, brilliant. Trying to pull himself up pain erupted in his chest, and he had to drop himself back down. His back hitting the wall and sending new flares of pain throughout his entire body. He wasn’t too sure how long it had been since his fight, but he obviously hadn’t had time to heal. At least not fully. He moved his hands to cover his eyes as a door creaked open, the light stunning him slightly. As his eyes adjusted he saw a flash of red before the door was promptly closed.

As the main approached Tony realised just how far off the ground he was, when the man approaching barely had to stoop down in order to come face to face with Tony. The smell of alcohol reeked and rolled off his breath, which only made Tonys headache worse. This was probably the longest he had been without a drink in a very long time. His stomach lurched as the man spoke, the stench of alcohol nearly making him throw up. Had there been anything within his stomach to throw up.

“Tony Stark-” Tony couldn’t remember much from just before his capture. Though that voice was unmistakable, that of the butcher of Trasnia. Yuri Petrovich.“It is so nice to finally meet you in person.”The man grabbed the back of Tonys head, pulling him forward. Tony resisted the urge to scream, groaning as the pain flared throughout him, synapses firing and exploding in his head as his body protested the movement. “We have much work to do.”

”... trouble continues to befall Stark Industries after the death of Iron Man, as the boat of their CEO Tony Stark was attacked today by unknown terrorists. A mayday was received by authorities, however while the wreckage of the ship has been found no bodies were recovered. Authorities are said to be treating this as an abduction, likely relating to the Iron Man weapon. Acting CEO of Stark Industries Obadiah Stane has released comment that he will provide authorities anything that they need to help recover those missing due to the attack, and gives assurances that the company is as strong and secure as ever. Now, over to Christian Everheart who’s in Italy, where all they can talk about is the Helicarrier that fell from the sky…”
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