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Tyrell laughed. "Yes, I'm sure it was fortunate for me. While likely unfortunate for the woman you conned into sleeping with you. At least she would have died shortly afterwards and not have to live with the memory for long afterwards." He chuckled slightly to himself as he placed a tablet on the table. "Now, assuming this could be a long trip, I have some planning to do and you'll have... armour to polish?"
"Well that settles it then. It's time for us to get down there, get parts. Figure out what is going on with the Republic, and hopefully find out our next move and what's going on with the Jedi. Surely there has to be other Jedi left, other than Master Obi-Wan. I can't believe he would be the only one left, Master Windu, Yoda, Fisto. They're all incredibly powerful and can't have been taken down so easily." Mevenn shook her head. "Take us down, it's time to figure out where we're going next."

Mach frowned as did Mevenn, she spoke first. "I don't have sewing skills I'm afraid. It's not something I was ever trained on. Maybe had a war not erupted shortly after becoming a Padawan I'm sure I would have taken it up as an elective." She stood up as she went back in the ship looking for something that she could either fashion into clothes for Kresst, or that he could simply wear. Looting through the armoury and various closets aboard the ship. Entering one of the rooms at the rear of the ship she came across a couple of small wooden toys. A layer of dust covered the room. At some point this ship had been used for the gathering, it didn't surprise her considering the fact that the Cruicible had been destroyed by pirates, or by the Separatists. The reports weren't really clear about what had happened on florrum with Padawan Tano and the younglings.

She picked up a colourful shirt, and some trousers. She couldn't be entirely sure that they were exactly the right size, Mevenn returned to the cockpit and passed the clothes over to him. "I don't know if these will be, perfect, but we're running the possibility that people here have never met another member of your kind so we can probably get away with it if they don't fit quite right."
Tyrell slid it back into its pouch. Tipping it towards Elias as he did so. Though the conversation soon passed him and onto the droid and about sending some kind of confirmation. "You know, I don't intend to be a bad employer. Confirmation for what? Is this not the part of the journey where you ask me where the ship is probably going and what my former crew is likely up too?"

Mevenn had her turn for a wry grin. "True, there are not many female Clone Troopers. However you're forgetting this isn't standard Clone Armour." She stood up, clipping her lightsaber into one of the pockets on her belt. "Nice to meet you-" She mockingly extended her hand. "-Ryn. Bounty Hunter in the outer-rim, and security consultant for a Republic Envoy who just wanted to tell the Republic about a little pirate problem the little birds of his world were having." Her whole body went rigid and on alert as Mach entered the cockpit. "Mach will probably need to stay in the ship. Can't run the risk that someone recognises him for a clone out of his armour. Two bounty hunters walking around in Clone Armour would be a bit of a harder selling point as well." While Mach likely would be oblivious to it, there was an element of fear and apprehension surrounding Mevenn as she spoke. Mevenns emotions had been unbalanced since their mission, jumping from one extreme to the next as they jumped from one crisis to another. Though it was clear that while many of the issues between Mevenn and Mach as individuals were solved, her issues with Clones were ongoing. The guilt, the pain and the shame. All conflicting within her.

"Our best bet is to play what we look like, that'll get us the best available help and let us get on our way. Request that port authority doesn't contact the Republic as we don't want the pirates to come track us down. In terms of your garb... there's bound to be something on this ship." She turned her attention to Eeruna. "It's your ship, you got any idea for other garments?"
Mevenn was thrown back in her seat as the ship made the jump to lightspeed. She stood up, her whole body shaking. Her previous impervious nature to combat had been shaken. She was no longer impartial to it. The ship rocked through hyperspace towards its destination, the trip was short. There was an air of uneasiness as the ship shuddered occasionally. C2 an Eurena trying their best to repair what damage they could without landing. Until several hours later they dropped out of hyperspace above the world of Dantooine. She sat in the co-pilot seat again. "I have an issue." She said as the ship was pulling towards the planet. "How are we going to get landing permission? I don't think we really want to say who we are, as we don't know what could happen."

She turned to Kresst, looking at his Jedi robes. "We maybe want to get you a change of outfit too."
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