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17 days ago
Current But by doing that, would that not be me doing as I was told?
17 days ago
I'll do as I'm told.
17 days ago
Cracked open Sony Vegas for the first time in a while...
2 mos ago
@Smystar99 It's one hole, it's hollow.
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2 mos ago
Watching recorded TV, then you realise you don't NEED to be watching the adverts....


Bio is biotic.

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I should thank @Lord Wraith for memeing and suggesting FemFlash. Cause it actually works better for the stories I have planned, and I can even add a whole new element which I find quite interesting and can't wait to tell.
And the issue should be fixed (I hope to God).

Why do your posts do that, it upsets me.

W.I.P Sheet. Going to work.
@Lord Wraith FemFlash would work with my idea if I'm honest. Maybe I'll do it, but NOT FOR YOU.

<Snipped quote by Sep>

Thor could be an attractive redhead.

FemFlash x RedHeadThor....

Sparks would fly.
But what could be more Ultimate than Iris being the Flash?

The future is female @Sep, get on board.

Though then I can't have my character hit on the attractive Redhead. This is the problem with your arguement. I did toy with the idea as a twist, but then the twist I am currently plotting in my head I feel is more interesting. It isn't going to be something immediately obvious but that comes out at some point in the story.
<Snipped quote by Sep>

We are the Flash.

I'll take No for $500 Alex.

How do I "opt out" of this exchange?

You need at least 5 Charisma.
<Snipped quote by Sep>

It'll be just like those stories I wrote...

I know. I read them while you were asleep.
@Morden Man you could be my wife, that's a good idea.

I'm pretty sure I'll let Hulk go and go for Flash, I've done a lot with Hulk in the past... and I've came up with what I feel could be a very interesting plan for the Flash.
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Y'all need a life.

So my ideas right now are to do a twist on the Flash, or if @Nightrunner goes Wolves rather than Hulk to do a emergent Hulk, right at the point of creation. Kinda interested to try a different writing style if that's what I go as, for a while having the 'Hulk' parts just as blackouts until Bruce figures out what the fucks going on.

If there's a X-Men in the works I might pull out Colossus, my other option is Doctor Fate as as far as I've read there's not much interest in the mystical side.
No matter who I likely go with, I wanna go really early on in whatever character I go withs history.
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