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Current Yeah man. I heard it was going to be drop in and play! No complicated character sheets or anything like that . Just good old play
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Finally read Skudulggery Pleasant - Midnight and I was not disappointed.
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I am, and will forever be, your friend Wraith.


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As the new ship dropped out of what their sensors indicated was some form of hyperspace window. Their hail was more interesting than the others though, they appeared to have some knowledge of the workings of this Galaxy or at the very least this sector of space. This meant that while the group of these ships that had no idea where they were going were planning to leave, this ship at the very least would have some kind of frame of reference on where to go, and what was what in this universe.

That was the theory anyway. Caldwell nodded to his comms officer before keying the button to transmit. "This is Colonel Caldwell of the Earth Ship Daedalus. We believe that ourselves and the other ships gathered here were pulled from alternate realities, and have no frame of reference to where we are. We would be willing to offer assistance in exchange for navigational data to safe harbour in order for us to try and find out what happened to us."
@Zarkunyes sorry you and Ena are good.
So I'm going to read stuff tomorrow on my time off.
Bridge of the Rentus

John nodded as the delegation from the Solomon indicated a minor aside. "We'll definitely have a lot to talk about when we're in the right situation. Though I agree-" He scowled at McKay "-We need to focus on getting out of here before we worry about anything else. I'm sure we can together pick a destination to head too. As Colonel Caldwell indicated the Daedalus can open a hyperspace window for your vessel should you accept the offer. That way you aren't going to be left stranded here." The scowl couldn't dissuade Rodney any longer.

"Obviously if anyone else needs a tow we won't be able to offer it, we'll be pushing our hyperdrive to the maximum as it is. That said this ship should have a capability far beyond our own depending on what ty-"

"McKay!" John shot daggers at the scientist as Ronan grabbed him by the shoulder and pulled him closer in an effort to shut him up.

Teyla took the moment to step forward, focusing on the Captain of the Ancestral vessel. "Perhaps there will be time elsewhere for the rest of this conversation."

Coruscant Undercity

"M'Lord. We've detected energy signatures matching those you identified at two locations. One is a small Separatist holdout, the other is in deepspace. What shall we do?"

"Dispatch the fleet."
@Enalais no I'm cool with villain just not sure where I sit on an Imperial class. Let me ponder it.
@Enalais So there is no ISD classes yet, this is literally a week or so after the formation of the Empire. You could go one of Palps fangled new ships using his new tech, if you're determined to play against us.
Not entirely sure where to go next with the Egg Carrier. I'm happy to keep durdling about, but I would rather like to get in on some of the story.

Expect storyline posts this evening!

Time off wooooo. Oh how I missed you.

Papi Sep, when you have the time boo.

I wanna say no mainly as it's a SSD.
@Sep or @Assallya Thoughts on me taking over the Solomon?

Fine with me
Sheppard nodded to the weird alien delegation. To be honest he was a bit unsettled and could see Ronan was giving them their undivided attention. There didn't seem to be a large variety of alien life in the Pegasus Galaxy, at least not in the sentient department. The fact that this alien looked menacing wasn't exactly support for peaceful negotiations, he just hoped that this one was meant to look menacing as if this was a good looking one he'd hate to see a bad one. "We'll all lock in some co-ordinates then, then we can rendezvous there and see if we can't figure out where we are and if there's anyone who knows off anything that could be the cause of this disturbance."

The delegation from the Solomon spoke up, a man dressed in what was visibly officers garb. "The Solomon has no access to faster than light technology."

McKay turned to face them. "Don't worry, for shorter jumps the Daedalus can open a hyperspace window big enough for both ships in-fact so can th-" Sheppard spoke up before McKay said too much about the Aurora Class. If this ship was from their universe, giving him information on the fate and future of his people could potentially be devastating for the timeline. If Atlantis wasn't abandoned, or if the Wraith somehow found out about the Milkyway thousands of years early, or the future for Earth then it could have devastating consequences.

"Really the point is we should hurry up and decide where we're going." He tapped his earpiece and nodded as Caldwell informed him about the new delegation. "We also have new friends."

There was a flash of light, similar to an Asgard beam but identifiable as not the same technology, as a group of non-humans appeared in rather colourful uniforms. Sheppard nodded at them before turning to the human that was amidst the alien delegation. He just hoped that wasn't some kind of slavery situation, that would make negotiations complicated.

"We've had a couple of situations with people crossing between universes, usually with the aide of advanced technology. In one instance a team from another Earth altered the natural flow of a wormhole around a blackhole in order to move to another universe." He turned to McKay for confirmation.

"Yes, it was far more complicated than that but that is the abridged version."
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