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9 mos ago
Current Ahsoka been out for weeks now where all the Star Wars rps at
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2 yrs ago
Desire for Star Wars or Stargate roleplay intensifies
2 yrs ago
Just waiting for the Star Wars RPs to crop up with the fact Kenobi is now out.
2 yrs ago
Just punch the children. Problem solved.
2 yrs ago
I don't jusr want Star Wars. I want this: youtube.com/watch?v=YECbFw_…
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So I have been on the Guild for a long, long, long, long, long, long, LONG time. I first joined the OldGuild around, my best guess would be 2012? I've been active in the Star Wars scene on the Guild since then, there have been very few games based around that genre that I haven't at least nosed my way in on. My very first game was a Star Wars game and that's what actually really got me into the Star Wars Franchise.

It's weird to think but I am such a major Star Wars nerd these days, yet before I was on the Guild I wasn't. I got into a Star Wars RP, got onto the Wikia, and then away I went into a spiral of nerd-om that I currently live within.

I run a Star Wars based Meme Page on Facebook (Migs Mayfield - Core), and live my best life right now.

Active Roleplays:

Roleplays I miss:

One Universe: Unlimited - A Marvel/DC Comics Roleplay by @Master Bruce
Ultimate One Universe by @Master Bruce
No Turning Back by Me.
Star Wars: Galaxies at War by Me.
Absolute Comics by a load of people.

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Bondye 3 yrs ago
You're better off not knowing. Please trust me when I say that. To get it out of your brain will require bleach and a steel wool brush.
Bondye 3 yrs ago
Oh you sweet summer child. Don't look up Chris Chan unless you plan on rolling for sanity every five minutes or so.
Omega Man 6 yrs ago
Hey man I started up another Marvel RP set about 25-30 years in the future, in Advance no less, if you've got time for another RP. Meant to just PM you earlier... how've you been man?! Finally got rid of the Hulk avatar I see LOL

- Ω
Lord Wraith 6 yrs ago
Lord Wraith 6 yrs ago
Lord Wraith 6 yrs ago
Lord Wraith 6 yrs ago
Lord Wraith 6 yrs ago
Dion 6 yrs ago
stalking what
BrokenWashing 6 yrs ago
I'm visiting your profile. What are you gonna do about it boi?
Fuzzybootz 6 yrs ago
WB SEP!....lol...just thinking about NTB and how much I miss the crew. :)
mickilennial 7 yrs ago
Somewhere, I need to find a way to resolve my need to play a Spaceship Commander.

and some day I will find a way to play my space elf security officer.
mickilennial 7 yrs ago
You're back!
DELETED324324 7 yrs ago
Guess what little hero, Jack of Blades is back and he brought some new puppies for you to play with.
Xandrya 7 yrs ago
Um... You unless you're an impostor.
Xandrya 7 yrs ago
Well, look who's back...
rocketrobie2 7 yrs ago
See ya later kimosabi
mickilennial 7 yrs ago
How's life, Sep?
Cyrania 8 yrs ago
Hey Sep, long time no see.

What's your opinion on Star Trek, in general?
Chev 8 yrs ago
Started up a Star wars Rp you might like.
Rtron 9 yrs ago
See how much Nazca respects Koren? She didn't even use emotions this time.
Rtron 9 yrs ago
Put down FO4. Nazca needs Koren.
Gowi 9 yrs ago
Do you have any IM programs for quick contact?
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