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Current Torn between The Offspring's "Gone Away" and Five Finger Death Punch's cover. Love both, but I think I like the original a wee tad more.
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Booked the flight to my motherland! #CubaInMarch
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Getting my first tattoo this Saturday! Nervous and excited at the same time...
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My little hedgehog, Spartacus, passed away tonight at roughly 7:50 PM EST. Please allow me some time as I want to keep occupied, but I'm not sure how clear my mind will be.


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If joining a server gets people moving, then sure, why not. Otherwise I don't see the need for it.

Btw,I'm hoping you've received a couple more CS apps in your inbox.

I kind of agree with you there.

<Snipped quote by Xandrya>

I strive very hard to turn arguments about controversial topics into conversations and discussions with differing viewpoints. I never believe I'm right and you're wrong, just that we disagree, and I like to state the reasons why I feel the way I do, while listening to someone else's.

And that's how it should be. I'm honestly the same way as you and I like to know why people hold certain beliefs, especially since there are people who firmly believe in something just because that's how they were raised or because someone told them to believe in that one thing.
Healer & Mantis - Warehouse
A collaboration by @Spiffy and yours truly

It seemed as if a little too much time had passed, enough for Genevieve to pull herself to her feet as she scanned her surroundings in search of the rest of her team. By pure luck, she spotted Judah one flight above her, and from the quick glance she'd managed to get, he din't look too good.


Genevieve rushed to the stairs, but not before stopping by one of the thugs who was only half conscious. She wasted no time climbing on his back and pushing his head against the ground to keep it there. There was no movement at first, but then the thug started struggling. He was struggling and then he started to scream as his neck slowly started to develop a wound. Blood pooled underneath him, and Genevieve locked her elbows to keep him in place as she delivered the last few bits of negative energy.

"Thanks for that," she whispered, getting off the dead man as she hurried up the stairs and over to Judah. Genevieve nearly lost her footing as she crouched down next to him. The knife still lodged into his leg was somewhat of an issue, and she only hoped he wouldn't hate her for it.

"This might hurt..." she whispered, firmly using one hand to hold down his leg while her free one wrapped around the handle of the knife to pull it out in one quick motion. But as she did so, more blood started to pour out. Genevieve was quick to address the wound as she pressed both hands against it, yet the sight of so much blood made her lose focus, and as Judah's wound started to heal, a small scratch started to form on her leg. She grit her teeth and worked through the pain up until up until there was no sign of damage except for the hole in Judah's pants and the blood surrounding it.

As Genevieve removed the blade from his leg, Judah's eyes popped open as he grunted in pain. His blood loss was apparent. Judah turned to see his savior in the process of healing his leg, "How long have I been out?" he thought to hinself. From the look of the situation around them, not very long. His submachine gun laid nearby, barrel still smoking.

As the wound closed Judah felt the pain subside. It was a real miracle. His femoral artery had completely closed up and been repaired like nothing had happened. Everything except for his blood loss problem he found, after he nearly blacked out again. He shook himself awake and muttered, "Thanks. I thought I was dead." Then he struggled to get back on his feet. Unfortunately, he did not have the strength to do so and only managed to fall against the railing.

Genevieve gave Judah some space for him to get back up on his feet. "Don't worry, you're far from dead right now-"

At that moment, his legs couldn't hold him up and he crashed against the railing, making Genevieve act purely on instinct as she scolded him.

"Hey, you got up too quick! You have to be careful!" She did her best to get him to sit comfortably on the ground, but their weight difference combined with the cut in her leg made the job a little harder than she imagined. "Sit tight for a few minutes to get some of your energy back, you need it. The rest can wait; I don't think we're in any immediate danger at this point."

Genevieve felt the warmth of the blood soaking around her wound. It wasn't as bad as Judah's, but it was deep enough for it to bleed. To ease some of the discomfort, Genevieve transferred all her weight to her other leg, looking around as she did so.

"Sorry, he replied, "I don't usually sit still.." The whole situation was bad. The loss of a fellow member and friend made everything hard. Judah couldn't wait until they got out of that place.

While resting he was contemplating a plan even in his weak state, "Genevieve ..we need to get out before the first responders show up.." Judah was wary of Whipstitch in their situation, but perhaps Farce could talk some sense into her.

Just then, Axel bounded over to Judah and whimpered. All the yelling and Judah's emotions had made him cower in fear. Fortunately he was alright. Axel nuzzled Judah's hand as he sat. Judah patted him softly. Glad that he was still around to see his best friend. Then the kind canine brushed against Genevieve as if to say, "Thanks for saving him."

"Aww, well aren't you adorable." Genevieve leaned forward to softly scratch the area behind the dog's ear. "Don't you worry about a thing, okay? We're all alright."

Her half-hearted smile was an indicator that she wasn't terribly confident backing up her own statement, but it's not like she had to explain herself to the dog. "And yes, I'm afraid you're right," she changed the subject, looking down at Judah, "I'll help you up, but you have to do slowly, that's all. Can't have the both of us needing help."

Stretching out an arm, Genevieve motioned for Judah to get on his feet.

Judah strapped his MP5 to his back. Then slowly, cautiously, Judah reached out with one arm and clasped Genevieve's wrist and with the other pulled up on the handrail. With her help he was able to get back on his feet. Once there, he wrapped an arm around Genevieve's shoulder for support. With the other he continued to hold on that handrail.

Together they made their way down the stairs of the warehouse to the ground level. Bodies littered the floor, dead, unconscious, or groaning. They had only been there for a few minutes, but the carnage that they had wrought and received was astounding. Their ally...dead from a freakish parahuman hit. They would both get what was coming to the-no! Revenge was not their objective right now. That would come later. For now they would get the intel and get out.

Axel followed behind, happy to see his master up and about. Judah motioned to Farce and asked, "Did you find the intel?" He waited for a reply and stated, "Let's roll out before more freaks show up or worse, the cops," he gave off a slight smirk . Considering he was former law enforcement, now FBI agent, the irony was not lost on him.

Judah contemplated taking Zach's body with them, but considering he was a parahuman, the duo responsible for his death would be on the PRT's most wanted list. If they were apprehended, Lethal Force wouldn't even have to go after them. That is, if the PRT found everything out. He could only hope..
It may be the wine I had this evening but...I mean, I can't argue with you on most aspects of this discussion. I do, however, fully stand behind the biometric device. I believe it's a great idea to prevent illegal use of handguns which lead to incidents such as the one here. Your wife/friend/neighbor may not be able to play with it at the range, but maybe something can be done about finding a way to activate/deactivate the device. Only you as the owner would have the option to do so though.

And the argument where someone threatens you at knifepoint or whatever is a bit silly, but I was trying to look at every viable option to try to cover all grounds in favor of the biometric device.

I do have to admit that you're probably the first person with a different belief than mine who's successfully managed to get me to agree with some of their viewpoints.
The title caught my attention and I'm glad I looked!

I'll have my orange girl in the next day or so!

<Snipped quote by Xandrya>

Right, the reason it's easier to buy a gun is because guns are a right, cars are a privilege. I'm very disappointed that you feel that way, but to each their own. What change do you propose being made in the aftermath of these shootings? Everyone keeps talking about how "nothing is being done" but no one has any actual practical propositions that would work.

Straw purchases, ie, your friend buying the gun for you, is illegal. So yes, that's all it takes for you to get a gun if you are mentally ill. But murder is also illegal, and all it takes for that is for me to slit someone's throat, or wrap my arms around their throat and squeeze until they stop moving. There's literally nothing stopping me, except my own values and the repercussions for what happens after. If someone wants to murder a bunch of people, what do you think we should do in order to prevent that?

You talk about buying a gun being extremely easy, and you're right, it is "easy" if you're a law-abiding citizen. A thorough background check is conducted, and some people have to wait several days for the results of the check to come back. Anyone with a purchase permit or a concealed carry permit has already been subjected to a thorough background check as well. If you don't have any legal issues preventing you from buying a gun, then yes, it is easy, though it takes about 6 pages of paperwork to transfer the firearm in addition to the background check, not to mention the price of firearms being pretty high, depending on what you want to buy. If I timed it, and a person came in knowing what they wanted, having all the proper permits, did not exhibit signs of substance abuse, aggressive behavior, or mental instability, they could buy a gun in probably fifteen minutes.

But that means that they have to have a clean background, proper ID, and the necessary funds. For the average criminal, those are not easy.

As for why not insurance for gun owners, again, it's a right, not a privilege. The reason it's a right is so that what happened in Germany in the 1940's can't happen here. The same thing with North Korea, and Venezuela, and any other totalitarian regime. An armed citizenry is extremely difficult to impose injustice upon.

And "must buy insurance for my health" is also a huge bullshit issue I have as well, but they repealed that part of the affordable care act, so it doesn't matter any more. You shouldn't HAVE to buy anything just to be alive- but that's going down another stupid road.

Well, you're right in that aspect; the government can't disrupt its citizens' lives if they're armed. But for what it's worth, I doubt the U.S. would even get near that point even without the legality of guns. I was born in a third world country so I know what it's like to get pushed around, and I don't wish it on people, but like I said, the odds are in our favor.

But just to be extra careful, as it's the argument here, let's keep guns legal, but make it a privilege (not a right) for people to own one. You can still buy a gun provided you meet all the requirements. That'll take care of the insurance issue. Also, I say every weapon comes with a mandatory biometric trigger guard, so only the owner may use it and no one else. A bit costly, sure, but it'd be an effective measure. If the individual doesn't want to end up in a scenario where they get threatened into unlocking the gun for someone else to use, then they should keep it locked up in a safe and refrain from bragging about their stash to their crazy friends.

I may be overlooking something, but I think it'd be a good idea.

Also, I feel this way simply because I see more incidents of a bad guy with a gun or a good guy with a gun accidentally shooting their friend/family member than I see a good guy with a gun effectively defending themselves or someone else. So the bad outweighs the good. And by no means do I follow any one specific media source as to be biased, and likewise, my friends list on FB is about half and half on the political scale, so I see both sides of the argument (I'm an independent myself).
<Snipped quote by Xandrya>

Where the fuck are they handing guns out like Candy? I would dress up like Woody from Toy Story to trick-or-treat in that neighborhood. Have you ever tried to buy a firearm? Who the fuck are you? Jimmy Kimmel? "We need real laws to keep guns out of the hands of people like this!" LIKE FUCKING WHAT!? Be fucking specific, what do you think congress should do, what law should be passed that would PREVENT this!?

I'm not saying that laws are a bad thing, I'm just saying that we already have laws in place, they just need to actually be enforced.

Relax buddy, it's a figure of speech. I'm a veteran myself and I have purchased a handgun before, even though I eventually sold it back, and let me tell you it was an extremely easy process.

My opinion is that gun ownership shouldn't be a right, but a privilege, if that. Obviously what I believe doesn't matter so since that's not changing, I've yet to see any real change be put forth in the aftermath of all these school shootings. If I'm mentally ill (bad example because that bill was struck recently), all I have to do is tell my friend to go buy the gun for me and that's it. That's all it takes.

It's ridiculous. I have to buy insurance in order to drive my car, I must buy insurance for my health, and so on. But what about gun owners? Why not them too? It's harder to get a license in this country than to buy a gun, you know, the one object created with the sole purpose to kill.

I'd put more of my two cents, but I'm on a break at work and on my phone.
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