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Serena Khilani

Adjusting to her new lifestyle was rough at first, but Serena slowly got the hang of it. She made some new friends along the way, and aside from the occasional beating she received during some of her matches, the challenges she faced weren't entirely impossible. At least, not until she noticed Greg. And she wasn't seeing things...he was actually there. She had missed him up that point because of the apparent, large scar on his face that wasn't there before. Coupled with the fact that he was aging more rapidly now, and it had been nearly a year since she'd last seen him, he was somewhat hard to spot if you didn't pay close attention


He had caught her staring at him, so he dropped his conversation with a small group of students and walked over to her, a slightly disturbing grin plastered on his face. "Serena! Well look who followed me here..."

"It's not like that! What are you doing here?"

"The same thing as you, babe," he crossed his arms, leaning against the pillar next to him, "obviously."

Serena stared at him for a moment, still with not much to say. "I...I gotta go." She immediately turned on her heels and walked away, ignoring Greg's off-handed comment regarding the two of them meeting up in the near future. As if that would happen. Her guess was that he had intentionally avoided her all the way up until that point. If that was the case, then he more than likely had some sinister reasons behind his behavior.

Immediately after their interaction, Serena headed back to her room. She had a long night ahead of her and for the moment being, she would prefer to avoid as many people as possible. Serena would simply bury herself in one of her books to get her mind distracted, although the various dark thoughts dancing around in her head made it a tad hard to concentrate.
I'll have something tomorrow!
Back at home, Michelle checked up on both of her parents. She had some time before her next visit, and she tried helping them in whichever way she could, as was the usual routine. Her job was plenty demanding on its own, and both Roberto and Elena knew that, but they took the help whenever Michelle offered because she was too hard-headed to be turned down.

"So you guys haven't been feeling a little funny, right?" Michelle called out from beside the dinner table, her hands occupied with the miscellaneous kitchen items she was working on putting away. "Someone else has the virus, and I'm afraid it's spreading faster than I'd like." Of course, she omitted further details due to doctor-patient confidentiality, but it's not like her parents were going to be kept in the dark for very long. Once word got out to the general public, it spread like wildfire, no matter how bad one tried to contain it.

"We're doing fine, honey, I promise," her mother called out from the backroom, answering for both herself and her spouse who was out back doing some yard work.

"Okay, just checking..." Michelle was just about done when she heard a knock on the door. After cleaning off her hands with one of the kitchen towels, she made her way to the front door, wondering who was paying them an early visit.

"Astor, hey!"

Michelle gave him a quick smile, leaning in for a hug. "How are you doing today?"
"Is that a streak of genius that just hit you?" Amy smiled, adjusting her weight but slipping up and accidentally hurting herself a bit. She grit her teeth through the pain, complaining by simply whispering a few curse words. "Either way," she went on after a few moments of silence, "those places are relatively cheap if they don't ask you for an arm or a leg," she chuckled at her own bad joke before her facial expression changed, turning her head to look over at Grayson.

"But really, thank you for being open-minded about this. Just about anyone else would have looked at me funny and reminded me that the odds of getting a match are next to none so I shouldn't even bother. I mean, you may have been thinking that but at least you encouraged me to go on with it."

Amy then sat up, more careful this time with her movements. "Haven't been here long but I'm already getting a bit anxious. I hope we can get the hell out of here soon..."
The feels 😭
And so it begins...
"Please, take all the time you need," Michelle replied, quickly getting up as she noticed Piero becoming unstable by the news. His mother's situation wasn't easy, and it wasn't meant to be. Although Michelle had seen the same reaction from her patients and their family members whenever she had to deliver the awful message, it certainly did not become easier with time. He was hurting, and she wished she could help. She was supposed to be the one saving lives, after all. "If you don't mind, I'm going to grab my things real quick," she said, moving with a purpose in order to give Piero and his mother some much-needed privacy.

Back in Chiara's room, Michelle started to gather her belongings. She smiled at the sickly woman who had the same expression on her face as before. Poor soul.

"Thank you for allowing me to see you, I'm just getting everything out of your way." Just about ready to go, Michelle stood by the door for a moment. "Your son will be here with you momentarily, Ms. Chiara."

Michelle stepped out to meet Piero once more, the tension in the room not getting any easier. "I'm sorry it had to come to this, Piero. You don't know how much I wish I could've help her get better." She stopped for a moment, looking past the man before meeting his eyes again. "I'll come back whenever you both are ready. Until then, just do your best to keep her comfortable."

Michelle headed for the front door, reaching within her bag to grab a small, crystal bottle. "Give her these, it'll help with the pain."

After she handed him the medication, Michelle stepped out, heading towards her own home.

Alright guys, we've either talked about our characters' relationships or you have me in your list. Please take a quick look at my own list and tell me whether you agree and/or would like to add something, etc.
I will update my CS' relationships section when I get home and I'll tag the players whose characters are involved. I feel bad for y'all 😈

Maybe not in an intimate level, but they would at least know each other since they work in similar areas, and often Maeve herself would tell her patients to see Melanie, right?

MAybe even friends, idk XD

Yeah, at the very least they'd be acquaintances.
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