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Current Hello darkness, my old friend
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The Interview (1998)...great flipping movie.
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Time for my jog soon, because you never know when you gotta outrun the cops 0:)
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Adulthood: Getting excited for new furniture and witnessing a cleaner working miracles.
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Just saw Slayer playing Raining Blood live on Jimmy Fallon. My life is now complete <3
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Timeskip sounds good.

Terribly sorry, this past week was crazy for me but I'm back on track now!
"I can do many things," Raven replied after shapeshifting, taking on Jericho's appearance and voice to sound exactly like him. But she could only do that with individuals she'd come across, not complete strangers. Nonetheless, that little detail didn't matter much and she didn't feel the need to disclose it. It was after a deafening screech the Raven resumed her normal appearance. She couldn't lie to herself, she was quite startled.

"Well, isn't that a surprise..."

As the two of them stared, a pair of traveling companions walked up to them, one whom she could have sworn had been inside talking to Jericho right after she had paid for her drink.

"The pleasure is all mine, Akono," Raven smiled once Jericho went back inside the bar. "I'm Raven, yet another person tagging along...hope you don't mind."

Delilah looked around the training center, noting the various equipment available for the students' use. She honestly couldn't help but admire the effort required to put together an academy in its entirety. It showed a tremendous level of dedication, and whom to better learn from if it isn't someone who's got a passion for their work.

Finding herself with a bit of time to kill, Delilah walked over to the girl who had talked to her earlier. She took off her shoes as well and walked behind the bag, holding it in place to make it easier on the girl as she threw her punches.

"Yes, I am excited to be here," she smiled, having been interrupted earlier by Alex's introduction. Delilah shifted her footing to put most of her weight forward in order to give her better support. "I'm Delilah, by the way. I'm guessing we'll be hanging out a lot given that we're the only two female students so far."

With a dismissive wave, Raven turned down the stranger's offering. "Thank you, but I don't smoke. Although yes, a bit of fresh air is welcomed at this point as it was getting a little too crowded in there for me." Raved looked him over, his rugged dark features made him rather handsome. She'd seen him in there with another man, and more than likely they were both planning ahead for the mission. For a moment, she wondered whether she should join the duo. This guy seemed like he had a good head on his shoulders, and the other man, well he definitely had the muscles. Both of them appeared to make a great combination that could potentially play in her favor if she were to join them. After all, if she wasn't going to be safe with them, then this mission might as well be over before it eve started.

"Pardon my straightforwardness, but do you have room for one more? If I'm going to do this I'd rather be in the company of people who know what they're doing."

She paused, gauging his reaction.

"Oh, how rude of me! I'm Raven, by the way," she continued, extending a hand out to introduce herself as she flashed him a warm smile.

Raven sat quietly on one end of the bar. She was sipping on her drink in solitude, drowning the voices surrounding her to the best of her abilities. They weren't terribly bad per se, but they were distracting her from her own thoughts, and that was something that always bothered her. But nonetheless, she was in a public place, and she couldn't do anything to change the situation.

"Barkeep," she waved at him with a coin in hand before placing it down next to her empty cup. In response, he simply nodded, acknowledging the fact that she was leaving her payment for the drink. As soon as Raven stood up, she felt just a tinge of lightheadedness. The strong drink and the lack of food in her stomach had both worked against her, but she wasn't necessarily craving anything solid at the moment, and she wasn't about to force herself to eat some food. Everybody knew over indulging in food was a gluttonous mistake--for some it was even considered a sin--and Raven was not one who bonded well with the religious and/or spiritual type, especially when they chased after her for her "devious ways".

Once she reached the doorway, Raven stood just outside of the bar. She was watching the others conversing and planning what they would do on this mission. She too had her plan, however, she didn't find the need to share it with anyone else. Being in a team, regardless of the size, came with both it advantages and setbacks. In this particular case, however, the costs outweigh the benefits. She did not know a single soul there, and if working with strangers ever taught her anything, it's that they cannot be easily trusted.

Well my class is second to last, so they only have gym after that.
I don't mind if a few classes are skipped on the first day, but they can take place later on.
"Can't say I'm surprised..." Isabela groaned, turning the vehicle around to head in the direction Melnikov had pointed out. "Coming out here is a huge risk as it is, so the least they could do is make this mission worthwhile."

Isabela refrained from making any further comments, knowing all too well that complaining about the situation wasn't going to get them ahead. Just as she started tapping her left pointer finger on the steering wheel to the beat of the music, a single shot went through the windshield, the bullet grazing Isabela on the shoulder and leaving her stunned. Her knee-jerk reaction was to turn the wheel and step on the break, causing the van to slide onto the sidewalk as it narrowly avoided a worn down street sign.

"Y esa mierda?" she cursed, clearly shaken up and angry, "Where did that come from?"

Isabela inspected the wound, some blood oozing out but nothing a quick dressing couldn't fix.

Lacey simply nodded when she was handed the worksheet. She was without a doubt going to get it done as soon as possible to avoid having homework later on, and one could easily tell the others felt the same way.

"Yeah, this isn't so bad," she said to herself, looking over the questions. She wasn't in high school anymore, therefore the academic pressure wasn't anywhere near as high. She would apply herself, but she wouldn't necessarily stress over a deadline like she's done in the past. Making the most of the little time that was left, Lacey quickly got to writing her answers, the voices of her classmates dancing around somewhere in the back of her mind. It wasn't particularly distracting, she just hoped it wouldn't get her in trouble. After all, most of the time she got in trouble was simply because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
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