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3 days ago
Current RIP Mr. Lahey, you'll always be one with the liquor! May your shit-hawks watch over you for eternity.
4 days ago
Kingsman: The Golden Circle is even better than the first one
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12 days ago
At karaoke about to do Forgot About Dre. What am I doing with my life?
13 days ago
People pay tons of money for caviar, which are just fish eggs. Women don't use all the eggs their bodies produce. When a woman dies, we should harvest their unused eggs. I present to you... cadaviar.
14 days ago
Gerald's Game on Netflix went from "oh my..." to "wtf?" in a few short minutes. Loved it nonetheless.
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@Spiffy correct

No no, just some random NPC I made up on the spot. Any similarities are purely coincidental.
Genevieve Marceaux - Healer

The bike zoomed past the darkened neighborhood. Genevieve lived near the industrial zone, and she took to the quiet streets around the area to get her from Point A to Point B faster. Less traffic, less people, less chance for trouble. That's always what it boiled down to and it had rarely failed her. Unfortunately, this wasn't one of those moments.

A shot rang through the air, and not a second later, Genevieve lost control of her motorcycle. She was airborne for a good moment before painfully hitting the ground and skidding a foot or two, her jacket absorbing most of what would have been a nasty road rash had she been wearing something a little more revealing. What the fuck?! was her first thought, looking at the bike silently idling not too far from her. She stood up slowly, still shaken, as removed her helmet and took a quick look around. All seemed quiet and peaceful on the surface, although she knew better than that, and she was right. A figure emerged from within the shadows of an alleyway, one dressed in all black and unrecognizable. Genevieve tensed up, her body going into its fight-or-flight response. Not allowing the young woman to get a word out, the figured rushed at her. Genevieve readied her stance before she realized the figure had disappeared just as quickly. She wasn't crazy, and that much was proven when she was knocked off her feet. Of course that dirty trick worked on her. Why wouldn't it?

"You can't go around making a lot of friends without expecting some enemies," the woman finally said, her knee digging into Genevieve's back. Then the pain came unexpectedly, somewhere just below her shoulder blades. She couldn't help but cry out in response and retaliate by turning that pain into pure strength. Genevieve swiftly pushed her attacker off of her and then restrained her, sitting on her to choke her meanwhile using her healing ability.

"Don't underestimate your enemies," Genevieve replied, smiling as the struggling woman beneath her attempted to break free. Genevieve then got up when her back was feeling better, appearing to grow sympathetic, but instead, she delivered a blow to the woman's head with her boot, knocking her unconscious.
@Spiffy I hadn't thought of that but given she dresses as such, I think having a bike could work in her favor. Now it's just a matter of getting them together.

I like your idea. Would you think it's best to have Healer recruited and we work on the specifics for that post?
I'm with Banana. I'm really okay with whatever direction you decide to take!
All's goo now, crisis averted. Thanks everyone.
Will have something in a few days, heading out of town on family emergency.
Short opening post, but I'm heading out of town today due to family emergency.
Genevieve Marceaux - Healer

"So that's it then? Attach the device and activate the tracking?"

"You got it," the salesman behind the counter replied with a smile, leaning forward on the glass top with his arms. Genevieve looked over at the small piece of equipment before she nodded.

"I'll take it."


The salesman, whose name was Jim according to his tag, proceeded to ring up the tracking device before placing it in a bag. "That'll be 54.99."

Genevieve gave the man a certain look as she fetched her card from within her wallet. The item was slightly overpriced given that apparently, the technology had been out for some time, but she didn't complain. She had the money for it and being able to carry out her revenge at whatever cost was definitely worth it.

"Pleasure doing business!" Jim said, handing back her card alongside the receipt. Genevieve smiled at him before walking out of the small store. She was about to head home and so some more work.
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