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Current My little hedgehog, Spartacus, passed away tonight at roughly 7:50 PM EST. Please allow me some time as I want to keep occupied, but I'm not sure how clear my mind will be.


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The suddenness of her opponent's action managed to take Rosalie by surprise. One second she was slowly walking around the couch, and the next, she was temporarily blind. To make matters worse, her gear could only do so much. Rosalie's instinctual reaction was to look away and shut her eyes for a moment, and despite the fact that her visor self-adjusted by automatically dimming the screen, it was a bit too late. But Rosalie wasn't completely helpless. With her gun still aimed more or less towards the same spot, she pulled the trigger a few times as she backed away towards the wall, hoping that she managed to make at least one of those shots. It was an intense situation, but it only proved that her opponent was exquisitely smart and under no circumstances should they be underestimated.

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It isn't a major problem here yet, but I agree with you. It's ridiculous and those people trying to impose sharia law should go back to wherever the hell they came from. Then again, the media probably didn't give those incidents that much attention and that's why people are oblivious to it. But that's my reasoning as to why a number of atheists here don't pay Muslims any mind; it doesn't necessarily mean I agree or disagree with them.

But to answer your question, I was a believer up until my early to mid twenties. I only attended church for another year as a non-believer, or at least a skeptic, before I stopped attending altogether. I hope that makes sense?


Well yes, they make the conscious decision to follow x religion in the end, whether their parents have any influence or not. Ultimately, it's that individual's decision to make (unless you know, they threaten you with death or whatever), not their parents. But I mean, there's a higher probability that if you're from a certain nation, you're more than to follow its customs than the customs of any other nation. Not saying that's the case for everyone, but it's the correlation not causation argument.

@The Harbinger of Ferocity

It's true what you say. The mind is a powerful thing, and the more I slipped away from my faith, the more it became "mechanical" and it just snowballed from there. Same for someone seeking fulfillment. Maybe they find it because they want it so badly? It's tricky. It surely wouldn't hurt for me to find some spiritual peace, because this damn stress might as well be killing me, but if not through religion, then how?


I actually went off your last post since I got the impression that Judah was going to fire first. It may have come off a bit confusing, but I left that part of the post somewhat vague since I figured either the thugs inside or Judah could have taken that first shot, and I wanted to leave the choice up to you. If I need to edit the post or change it altogether, just let me know.
Genevieve Marceaux - Strip Mall

Genevieve followed Judah to the ladder before they started their ascend. She wasn't necessarily scared of heights, but she looked up from one of the first few steps and a small lump formed in her throat. Nonetheless, she pushed forward and followed her partner up to the second floor. It was there she observed Judah ready his weapon. She stepped up next to him given that she was left handed, and as she reached for her gun, she lost her footing, dropping her weapon down on the ground below. Uttering a string of curse words, Genevieve attempted to climb down as quietly as possible. She didn't say anything to Judah as he'd seen what happened, and to be honest, she was somewhat embarrassed by her clumsy mishap.

It only took a few moments, and eventually Genevieve climbed up again to be beside Judah with gun in hand. "That's not going to happen again," she whispered, unsure of what the purpose of such statement was.

I wasn't a kid when I left the church, I was 25, maybe 26. I had a firm grasp on my beliefs (or lack thereof) at the time and a few years later, nothing's changed.

And I believe that atheists (at least here) aren't as outspoken regarding Islam because it's not the main religion running the country. Sure, it's one hell of a problem in many other nations, but not here. Atheists in, let's say, Saudi Arabia sure do try to fight their battle, but then they get killed. Atheists here battle the main religion, Christianity. Not as huge of a problem as Islam, but let's not kid ourselves, we're not living in Sweden or any of those glorious countries where they don't gotta worry about anything.

You see, religion is a lot like sports. You're born in America, you're more than likely to be Christian and a football fan. You're born in Japan, the chances of you being Buddhist and a fan of baseball (they love it there) are damn high. It's all situational. And the beliefs continue on to adulthood. They believe what their parents and society tells them to, not what they feel is right. I'm not saying that's the case for every single person, but the ones that go against the flow are a few and far in between.

As far as the origin of the US, I mean yeah "thou shalt not kill" and so on. I'm not religious but I don't go around murdering people. Christian ideals, sure, but not necessarily the Christian religion itself. It's written in the Treat of Tripoli (Article 11). It was just over a half century ago that "God" was implemented into the pledge and IIRC, currency as well. It wasn't always like this.

But that's the thing, I actually went in with the belief that there was a god. I mean, looking back at it all my mother started taking me to services when I was like 8 or 9. Given my non-American background, prior to switching over to Christianity, my parents and I were regular members of the Catholic Church as was the default for just about everyone else in my small town. I was born into a religious family and community. Not once, not through my childhood nor well into adolescence and eventually adulthood, did I experience this supernatural entity or whatever they claim. I kept my faith because others told me it was real and that I would go to hell otherwise, so I believed in the religion and I prayed occasionally, etc. But nothing ever came out of it, not a single sign.

That's my personal experience. I am semi open against religion because it isn't something that's kept in the church as it should be. It's ingrained in the American government, despite the fact that the U.S. was not founded on Christianity. So yes, for as long as they can remember, Christianity has been injected into our lives whether we like it or not. IIRC, there are 7 states where atheists can't hold office. You have to be religious to work in the government, so when someone mentions religious persecution, I can't help but laugh. When gay marriage became legal, it wasn't an attack on Christianity, it was a move forward to let other people who have absolutely no influence on your life or your ability to get into to heaven, to live the way they want. Why? Because they are a citizen of the U.S., not the United States of Christianity.

People will always talk smack, so I try not to pay them any mind as they don't matter. But just look at the history of U.S. Presidents and tell me there's an actual attack on Christianity. If the government and the highest office held in the land is based on Christianity and it has always been like that, then what is there to worry about? People who don't necessarily abide by the religion? Once more, that's not an attack, but just an attempt to have the same rights as you and me.

There may be atheists right this second attempting to overthrow Trump and hold every U.S. citizen hostage, who knows. If that is the case, then I'll gladly admit I was wrong as hell.

EDIT: Forgot to add, I meant religion doesn't give back in a metaphorical way. Like, I didn't get anything out of it. Am I still alive? Sure, but I mean, so are millions of other non-Christians. Again, that's just my personal experience and they by no means reflect the experience of others.
@The Harbinger of Ferocity

I see what you mean, to be honest. In my opinion, religion asks so much more than it gives, that it isn't even a matter of choice for me. I went to church for years, and not once did I feel a "presence". The only reason I attended for a decade and a half was because my mom really wanted me to go, so that's what I did.

But I'd really be fine with the whole thing if it didn't try to barge in the lives of others. Or rather, be used for that purpose. That's even more of a reason for the burden of proof to be on them, not us, as it should already be anyway.
@The Harbinger of Ferocity

I'm not saying I believe in this "greater plan" or whatever it may be because that's obviously contradictory as you pointed out and I wouldn't have made such statement, but that's what the religion claims. My problem is (and I attended a Christian church with my parents for ~15 years) that they preach god is righteous and omnipotent. Now, he can't be both with all the shit going on. I'm well aware that in our world, there are processes that need to take place in order to achieve a goal. But to god, that shouldn't be an issue. He shouldn't need to sacrifice the lives of innocent kids so I don't know, I can get to work on time. He's omnipotent, after all. He can literally blink his eyes and the universe can very well cease to exist. If that's still the case, then he isn't righteous, not by our definition. He isn't good, unlike it's preached to the public, and he's doing whatever the hell he wants, but not in our own interest. Not in the best interest of the same mankind which he sent his only son to die for. Kinda redundant, really.

As to Bob, well that's a damn tragedy. The parents of the victims will more than likely never find peace, but Bob, well at least he's getting to heaven. One more reason why if I believed any of it, I wouldn't want to go up there anyway.
People claim god is righteous and omnipotent. I guess I'm a fucking idiot because my definition of what's right and wrong goes against what's preached all the time: "It's all part of his plan, trust in him and he won't fail you," etc. I'm not okay with these things happening, even though people pray against it. But somehow, Suzie prayed hard enough and x amount of times so she could get an "A" instead of a "B" on her final, and it happened. But fuck the millions of others suffering, right?

I'm not here to change anyone's mind, just here to show why I think such delusion is bullshit.

Also, Bob could do all those things and more, but the second he makes that prayer, he's golden. No hell for him.
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