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Current The back, right side of my head has been hurting for two days, and the ache goes down to my neck. It could be a nerve, allergies, pregnancy, or a tumor. My body's playing Russian Roulette right now...
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Salt and pepper beards. Am I right ladies?
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Saw Apollo 11 tonight, so yes, Neil Armstrong is repping my profile.
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<Snipped quote by Xandrya>

Like a friend who didn't want you to know the secret unless you died?

Yes, exactly. Something like when Scar killed Mufasa.
One terribly busy day and I'm behind in like a couple of PhDs' worth of reading.

With that said, expect a post from me this weekend.

If birthmarks are evidence of how we died in a previous life, then I was stabbed on the side of my abdomen a couple of times.

I just hope it was a dramatic death, like they held me up while whispering a shocking secret before gently placing me on the ground, or something like that.
<Snipped quote by Inkarnate>

Oh snap
When you think you're done reading...

Black shorts: myself
White shorts: everyone else
Ref: the mods (not quite, but still funny)

@Lord Wraith

My theme song... :)

"Her presentation was amazing."

"Can you top that?"

"Remember, you hate being the center of attention."

"You're going to fail this project."

The multiple whispers in her head were suddenly interrupted when the professor called her up to make her presentation. "Rachel, dear, we're closing with you."

The young student cleared her throat. She did not enjoy getting up in front of her peers, not with her ability to tap into their minds and make some sense of their thoughts. The temptation was strong, but more often than not she knew better than to explore such territory while engaging in public speaking. As she walked up to the front of the class, Rachel did her best to organize the mess within her head. Her face was devoid of emotion, as was the usual, and no one was the wiser.

"The floor is all yours," Professor McCann smiled from behind the desk.

Rachel simply nodded. "My research is on suicide notes. These notes area viewed as providing insights into the psychodynamics of a suicidal person. To contrast the idea, I am proposing that some suicidal individuals—" She stopped for a moment, looking up from her paper and focusing on Octavia, one of her classmates whom she'd worked with in the past. Octavia was shifting uncomfortably in her seat, and even though she shouldn't have probed, the moment Rachel violated the girl's privacy, she came across a great deal of anguish. Slightly perplexed, Rachel quickly apologized to the class. "Um, some individuals use their suicide notes to present a picture of themselves that they want others to remember." Rachel then turned her back on the class to write on the board. As she was reaching for a marker, she heard a slight commotion from the crowd. Rachel turned around to see Octavia rushing toward the door.

"I'm sorry, I need to..." Rachel didn't waste time explaining herself to Professor McCann. Instead, she rushed after Octavia, pleading the girl to stop. "Octavia! Wait!" Once Rachel was outside the classroom, she wasn't too far behind Octavia. In fact, her classmate turned around to face her.

"You're right about one thing, Rachel. My suicide note is how I want others to remember me by."

As she spoke those last words, the girl brandished a handgun from her backpack and aimed it at her right temple. "Goodbye."

The next few moments felt like an eternity. Rachel ran over to Octavia's body, kneeling down beside her and only hearing her irregular breathing. She instinctively grabbed the gun to prevent further harm when Professor McCann called out to her.

"Put it down, Rachel!" Her voice was distant at first, but then it got clearer as she continued to communicate. "Put the gun down!"

"Professor McCann, I didn't..." Rachel placed the weapon on the ground then stood up, circling around to face her instructor. "She had—"

"Let me see your hands!" Another voice, that of a man. Rachel turned to look at a campus safety officer tactically come around the corner with his weapon aimed at her. "Get down on the ground!"

"She has a weapon officer!"

"Ma'am, get inside the classroom, now!"

With her hands raised adjacent to either side of her head, Rachel slowly sank to her knees. She was facing Octavia who was lying in a small pool of blood, and unexpectedly, her familiar voice played in Rachel's head.

Help me, please.


Rachel, help me.

There was a lack of regard to her actions as Rachel started to get up to help her classmate, but she was subsequently pushed down to the ground. "Don't fucking move!" The officer was on top of her, one knee digging into her back and a hand pushing her neck into the ground with such force that the experience turned painful rather quickly. "This is Officer Costello, we need Police and EMS outside of Lerner Hall. One victim possibly dead, shooter currently in custody."

Shooter? It took a moment for her to make sense of what had occurred in the last minute or so. Rachel simply stared at her dead classmate not too far from her position. She went with the motions when the handcuffs were placed on her, and again when she was ordered to stand as she was roughly pulled to her feet. Her sight never left Octavia, not even when sirens were heard in the distance.
A file dropped on the table in front of her, and Cássia looked up at her lieutenant, Damien Cyrus, circling around to take the empty seat across from her spot. He was stripped of most of his gear save for his department-issued handgun, that which was secured in his thigh holster. Cássia kept her eyes trained on him and waited until he made himself comfortable enough to talk.

"Care to explain that?" he motioned towards the file, leaning back on the chair and crossing his arms. Cássia didn't need to look at the images inside to know what he was referring to.

"I'm not a Griffin--"

"Don't fucking lie!" He suddenly stood and slapped the table with both hands, startling Cássia as a result. "We've audited your tracker and you were in the same locales where their ranks are suspected to have been." Damien leaned forward, looking her in the eye. "When command gets a hold of this information, no one or nothing is saving you."

Cássia remained quiet, knowing that at best, she would be imprisoned for life. Her hands were handcuffed behind her back, and her gun and badge were located in a safe on the far side of the room. "You're at the mercy of myself and everyone else in this department, you heard me? Now get up, we have to begin the process." He walked over to her and Cássia got to her feet, allowing herself to be escorted from the interrogation room. She thought of the numerous times she's had to do the same with anyone that was brought in, and it seemed that the bitter pill to swallow that was karma had finally made its way to her.

"May I use the restroom before we go?" She suddenly had an idea, one that would either get her killed or make her a traitorous fugitive.

Personality bit updated.
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