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Current Me? I’m still here.
3 days ago
My boyfriend wanted crazy... Okay baby, let’s play. Unfortunately, only one of us is coming out of this alive.
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Why do people who claim to be extremely antisocial log in to multiple social sites to let others know about it?
4 mos ago
My voices and I are in agreement that some of you need help.
12 mos ago
I was told to check my attitude. I did. It's still there. It's not gone anywhere. What's the problem?


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I’ve been through and seen enough stuff that barely anything phases me anymore. When I went to boot camp, I didn’t suffer physically, but mentally, they got to me. I was broken down and built up and I’ve been a different person since. To add to that, I lived through the "behind the scenes" stories you hear about the military; your own people harming you.

If that wasn’t enough, it doesn’t help that I’m susceptible to intrusive thoughts and I beat myself up over it these days. It’s not debilitating, but it’s not something I should have to deal with.
Three weeks ago...

Her eyes fluttered open, the red lighting that flooded her surroundings nearly blinding Mia. She took a breath, and immediately felt as if she were choking. The coughing fit caused the young woman to slump forward, unintentionally pushing open the glass door before her body hit the ground. Simultaneously, the bright overhead lights flickered to life, a safe bet to assume they were probably motion sensor. The impact from the fall made her vomit some content which appeared to be mainly water. She hadn't noticed it right away but prior to her throwing up, she was feeling rather nauseated. At least that was done and over with quickly. Mia took a few moments to get her bearings straight. She looked back up at the chamber she had fallen out of, and as she did, some memories slowly made their way back to her. She was put to sleep for an unknown amount of time; Mia couldn't exactly recall the exact details, but she had volunteered for the position to be involved in some research they were conducting. All in the name of scientific advancement, of course.

But now here she was, feeling all sorts of ill with some mild pain and no one was around. Maybe they had gone home already, that was a possibility. But if that were the case, shouldn't they at least have one assistant on site to monitor the systems? It'd only make sense. Mia attempted to get up off the ground but her legs wouldn't hold her and she fell down once more just as quickly. The process was frustrating to say the least, but she had been warned about the side effects of being under for so long. She then crawled to the nearest wall and with its help, she finally managed to get to her feet.


Mia didn't recognize her own voice. It was hoarse, barely above a whisper. She was met with more silence, as expected. No one was around, obviously, however, it couldn't hurt to try to possibly reach someone, maybe even a janitor. Mia studied her surroundings before carefully stepping forward, her efforts primarily focused on not falling down again. She walked about half the length of the lab when she noticed a note on the wall. A tad curious, Mia slowly made her way over to it.

Ms. Madani,

If you happen to be this reading this letter, please note you have approximately one hour from the moment you woke up to get above ground before the facility commences its self-destruct sequence. Unfortunately, we had to abandon the project, and as you were made aware before, we could not wake you up prior to the prearranged time without posing great risks to your health. Simply put, all hell has broken loose here and we are dropping like flies. Fortunately for you, the chamber can induce your ability if it detects danger nearby, all we had to do was conduct a few minor changes to the settings.

Up there, it is not like it was before. Please take care of yourself, and note that it was a pleasure working with you. I’ve placed some protective clothing near the counter by the door. I trust you will do well.


Dr. Henry King

Mia stood frozen for a moment in pure disbelief. Whatever the hell was going on up there, she did not want to find out. But then again, she couldn’t necessarily wait it out either, and so she made her way to the counter to don her new clothes.
Quick question, how soon may we start posting?
@Gunther I saw Nobody this weekend, after the survey I may add. I went from hating the guy at first to worshipping him. One of the best flicks I've seen in a while.

The director and one of the actors have the same name as my boyfriend, Ilya. Russian for Elijah.

Name: Mia Madani

Age: Currently three weeks, unknown prior age

Gender: Female

Anything of Note:

  • Human turned experiment with “ghosting" ability
  • Currently in possession of a knife

Biography: Mia’s last memory is that of her cryosleep cell glass door closing on her. That was, well, a long time ago; a time before the hell that is now. She was frozen in time, the chamber keeping her intangible as death and destruction reigned a few miles above, all meanwhile Mia remained asleep. But, eventually, the facility lost power due to the generator simply running dry. It was then Mia was faced with the nightmarish life that currently plagues her world.
When I just saw an Obey The Speed Limit sign on the highway:

I’m planning on making my intro post a flashback to go into detail and explain any questions you may have.
I’m so down for this... I will have my sheet soon.
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