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13 days ago
Why do people who claim to be extremely antisocial log in to multiple social sites to let others know about it?
2 mos ago
My voices and I are in agreement that some of you need help.
9 mos ago
I was told to check my attitude. I did. It's still there. It's not gone anywhere. What's the problem?
11 mos ago
Not today, Satan....maybe tonight
1 yr ago
I may not be the prettiest or funniest woman out there but let me tell you something, I'm also not the smartest.


My roleplay interests/preferences are as follows:

Writing style: Casual
Party size: Any
Genre: Romance, Horror, Slice of Life, Military
Time period: Apocalyptic, Post-apocalyptic, Modern, Future,
Adult: 18+ βœ”οΈ

With that said, I won't turn down a good idea if you have one. Don't hesitate to reach out to me.

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<Snipped quote by Xandrya>
why? In the winter, we keep our thermostat in the 60s...heat. (New England)

Well that's excellent weather to sleep in, but given that I live on a busy street I can't open my window because the traffic noise will make me up due to me being a light sleeper.
It was what, maybe in the 60s outside overnight? Had the AC running also as usual. I wore a very light sweater, pajama pants, and my ultra thick fleece bathrobe to bed. To add, I covered myself with a blanket, fleece cover, and one of those throw blankets I received when I donated blood.

Today, did I wake up covered in sweat? You beat I didn't. I actually woke up like they do in commercials, all warm and toasty and feeling like you've been sleeping on a fluffy cloud. I chalk it up to being tortured just over 13 years ago in basic training when they would make us wake up in the middle of the freezing night to shovel snow around the buildings. That Chicago wind is no joke, and my body still remembers.
In The Ward 12 days ago Forum: Advanced Roleplay
β€œWell, only one way to find out, though I’m not volunteering.” Cassidy then diverted her gaze to the smaller man, β€œI’m not saying you should go, but you should go. Not rushing you or anything, but I most certainly don’t want to be stuck down here any longer than I have to.” Cassidy felt a bit bad putting some of the pressure on him, but what else were they going to do? It’s not like they had a myriad of options to play with. She gripped her flashlight, trying to relieve some of her own tension that was lingering.
I ate chicken nugs today.

And did you drink choccy milk?
When I was in the military, I'd travel with my Xbox because it was my main source of entertainment as we had no internet in our barracks during both of my deployments. Anyway, airport officials deemed it suspicious enough to detain me, making me wait in a little cold room while they looked over the console or whatever. This happened on two separate occasions, and in one instance I remember growing anxious I'd miss my flight so they questioned me a little further. I was obviously released without issues both times, but damn, is it that unusual for a chick to travel with her Xbox?

This happened like a decade ago when I was in my early 20s.
Those of you who've sent me candy canes please come forward.
I just realized I had another candy cane that was delivered nearly a day ago. Whoever you are, thank you!! Best wishes to you too!
Haley Thomas


She finally stood up, stretching her legs. Haley hadn't moved from her seat the entire flight, and though it wasn't that long of a trip, it sure felt like one. She stretched her arms in front of her for a moment, waiting for the rest of the passengers to get their bags and start moving towards the front. After a moment, she waved goodbye to the little girl who sat across the aisle from her. They had talked about the girl's doll, the one she currently had with her. Her name was Ann, and apparently there was some history to Ann. Haley heard about it when the girl saw that she was in her own little world, and it was then she decided to strike up a conversation with Haley. They spent a good chunk of time talking about stuff, but it was mostly having to do with Ann.

After the girl and her mom cleared the row, Haley grabbed her carry on and followed them towards the exit. It felt good to be on her feet again despite the fact that she liked to fly. She didn't mind it one bit actually, except the part where the passengers were crammed in their seats like sardines. But that was corporate greed, not much she could do there.

At that moment, she felt her phone in her pocket go off.

You land yet?

That was her brother, Ben. He wasn't picking her up, he just wanted to make sure Haley had arrived safely. He'd always been a bit overprotective of her, especially as of late. Despite the fact that she was an adult, that was something that he wouldn't shake off. Not that she minded as long as he didn't go overboard with it.

Just made it, Haley replied back before putting the phone away. She continued following the general crowd towards passport control. It was somewhat of a somber thought knowing she wouldn't need to go back to Canada any time soon. Her parents were gone, and Zach and her were done for good. But she still had Ben, and since he lived there at the moment she followed him down to Atlanta. Haley had been living there for a bit; the current trip she took was simply out of necessity in order to finalize some paperwork. Not that she had fully adjusted, but she was working on that in her own way.

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