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Should I have kept the beard or keep it shaved off?

It's just a tad embarrassing for me since it's my second time making this same mistake here. I've taken on more RPs than I can handle in the past and I got into the habit of not reading some posts, especially those unrelated to my character/scene.
I don't think you've missed much, to be honest.

My mistake, I definitely missed that. I thought I could get away with doing little reading but that's sadly not the case. I'm gonna go ahead and drop out in order to avoid making the same mistake.
Post deleted.

Sure thing. Rev up pirate pad or whatever we're going to use.
"Keep doing what you're doing," she called out, her body mostly hidden but with her sight on the target as she reached for a frag grenade. She removed the pin and aimed at the crate they were cowering behind. "Grenade out," Carlotta warned, her back once more against the wall. She declined to watch as the little explosive landed not too far from the troopers before going off, presumably killing them. Once the dust had settled, so to speak, Carlotta peeked around the corner and saw the bloodied corpses of the dead soldiers, verifying her suspicions.

She had her rifle at the ready when she walked out, making sure to cover any crates she passed while she kept her eyes and ears open for any sign of movement. She worked quickly but efficiently, wanting to reassure that they wouldn't be caught off guard by additional troops. Unbeknown to her, Carlotta stepped on a pool of blood from one of the dead troopers, leaving behind a trail of bloody boot prints which followed her until eventually, the debris collected by her boots dried out the evidence. But it didn't take long for her to clear the area, giving the all clear signal before making her way back to David.

"We're good here, time to provide some backup."

It was still dark out, but it wasn't as bad as before. Once they were done in the warehouse, they could go after the commander who would more than likely be bunkered down somewhere with additional troops guarding the immediate perimeter. That simply meant that they needed to preserve as much ammunition as possible.
Yvonne was just about to speak up before she was interrupted. A dialogue had formed between some of the people in the cell and the voices over the loudspeaker, the latter informing them just how much time they had before supposedly, someone came for them. She then turned to the guy who'd last addressed her.

"I was thinking we come up with a plan, but it's too late now," she went on, her eyes desperately scanning every corner of the cell. She stopped when her eyes fell on the door once more. "We could have overpowered them, catch them off guard and possibly make it past them..." Yvonne sighed, her hands starting to shake just the slightest as time continued to slip from them. It was hard to concentrate, especially when they were mere moments from being exposed to psychopaths.

"Get back against the wall," she whispered as some sort of warning.
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