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Current Sweeping my apartment at 8 in the morning, dancing with my broom as I'm mentally singing Low. I don't think I need meds, right?
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Going on nearly two weeks since I've been separated. The little time that's passed has been the greatest help.
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The following is a collaboration between @Crossfire and myself.

“Well, maybe not all day,” she replied, her eyes falling on the envelope as she’d suddenly remembered she had to read the DNA results sooner or later. Amy’s mood changed in an instant, and she tapped Grayson’s hand so she could sit up in bed, the covers falling to her lap. “I guess I might as well just rip the band-aid off, right?” she motioned towards the envelope before looking back at Grayson.

“Yeah, best ta get it over with. Here, I’ll get it, gotta hop up for a sec anyway.”
Grayson pulled the covers off himself and crawled out over Amy, the floor was cold on his bare feet, he could see why she didn’t want to get up. He picked up the envelope and laid it in her waiting hands, then grabbed out a pair of socks from the drawer and quickly pulled on his pants from last night and a plain white shirt.
“Gonna run to the Men’s, back in jus’ a min Ames.”

Amy gave him a “you’re leaving me now?” look as Grayson walked out, but she took a deep breath and realized that he was giving her space. It was obvious she couldn’t put it off any longer. Amy pulled open the edge of the envelope before she hooked her finger to open it up the rest of the way. She sighed, then unfolded the results page.

It was a positive DNA match.

A quivering hand covered her mouth. She suppressed the urge to cry, her breaths growing a bit irregular. Don’t freak out, don’t freak out. She was related, but you don’t remember meeting her before. She was practically a stranger...

After a few moments, Amy managed to calm herself down a bit. She simply stared off into space absent-mindedly, her thoughts taking her to her childhood.

Grayson groaned as the harsh fluorescent light of the bathroom hit his eyes. His headache intensified as he shuffled in and leaned over the sink for a minute. He splashed some cold water up into his face and cupped his hands under the flow to get a bit of water into his dry mouth and sore, parched throat. He felt a little better after that and returned to the room to find Amy, blank faced and deep in thought.

“Ames, ya ok love?” he said as he sat on the edge of the bed and put a hand on her shoulder. The results paper sat on Amy’s lap, he didn’t read the whole thing, but the words ‘positive match’ jumped out at him.
“Whatever ya need lass, I’m here.”

“It just seems that…” she bit her bottom lip, trying not to cry, “everyone from my family seems to die, you know? It’s frustrating, like, I can’t catch a break…”

She looked at him, her watery eyes turning a bit red. But despite getting extremely close, she didn’t cry, not that time. “I’m sorry, it’s just sometimes I don’t know how to take bad news. But...what do you say we go get something to eat?” she asked, wiping her eyes as she did her best to try to smile.

“I know the feeling Amy, felt it a few times, caused it more. Hell, I contributed to yer pain, an’ though it was to save yeh, there’s not a day goes by that I don’t regret havin’ to kill ‘im. But, you listen here, I’m not goin’ anywhere, yer stuck wi’ me ‘til the end of the world. That, or until ya get sick of me.”

He caught her eye and grinned jokingly as he took his hand off her shoulder. It dropped to her lap, and he gave her leg a reassuring pat before standing up.
“Aye, let’s go. Bad news gets a lil easier to digest on a full belly.”
The explosion startled Carlotta, her eyes drawn to the window as she took a few steps closer in that direction to see. Carlotta cursed herself out in her native tongue. The current outcome was not the one she was expecting, and even though she was simply going along with the plan, she took this failure personal. But at the moment, she didn't have the time to spare, not when they had a group of incoming ADVENT soldiers.

"Go, I'll stay here," she said to David before walking back behind one of the terminals. Carlotta positioned herself so she would cover the entryway with minimum exposure. It was an advantageous spot, one that would allow her to pick off the guards one by one if they were so stupid as to keep coming in. But that was too easy. Realistically, they would draw her out with a grenade, then ambush her with firepower. That's what she would do anyway.

From the sounds of it alone, the fight outside had picked up. She switched out her primary weapon and just as quickly, headed towards the door. It was a last-minute decision, but she figured it was better to help David out instead of becoming a sitting duck.

When she reached the doorway, Carlotta noticed David taking some fire. Since she had flanked them, she switched off the safety and began to engage. The soldiers reacted instantaneously, immediately taking cover but not before she scored a hit with one of them. He'd gone down, and even though she wasn't sure whether he was actually alive or not, she didn't have the luxury of finding out. Carlotta hid behind the wall after drawing the attention to herself.

"Hey Washington, what do you say we tag team them?"
"We will probably die anyway," Yvonne replied, taking a few steps back until she found herself against the wall. She then sank down to the ground, her breathing picking up a bit as the many possibilities of what could occur to them danced around in her head. The fact that they had to "survive" scared her the most. And the more she thought about it, the more it made sense. This wasn't some elaborate prank, not when the poor girl had already gotten terribly sick and nothing had been done about it.

Yvonne endured some more self-inflicted mental torture before finally standing up, her mood switching from terrified to pissed off. Who in the world thought it was okay to grab a handful of strangers, throw them in a room, and then tell them they had to go running around like animals if they wanted to survive? Obviously that was not the least bit okay with her, and she walked over to the door, studying it very closely.

"These motherfuckers aren't kidding around, not from the looks of it. If we want to survive, we need to figure a way out of here, or at the very least overpower them from the start." She then turned around to face the others. "Do any of you have any martial arts training, or something along those lines?"

I'll have something tomorrow!
Amy slowly opened her eyes when she heard Grayson's voice. She'd been awake for some time, but she had been listening to his slow, rhythmic breathing. It was soothing, which helped with the hangover she was dealing with at the moment. She was nauseated and had a terrible headache, but she knew that the only effective measure to counter the symptoms was time. Not even water nor food could do the job, not for her.

"Hey you, good morning," she finally whispered, her back still to him as she did not want to compromise the comfortable warmth that Grayson provided underneath the blanket. "I've been awake for some time, but I'm not going to lie, I don't mind putting off breakfast for a while just as long as I can stay here a little longer... What do you say, can you put a lid on your hunger for now?"

The moment she was spotted, the situation grew a bit more intense. She noticed another individual staying behind to cover the man with the rifle as he came around to conduct a personal search, making sure Jane wasn't carrying any weapons which she might be able to use against them. But despite the predictable safety precautions, the American didn't have to be so rough with her. Jane winced when he pushed on her abdomen, but she did not complain any further. It would not get her anywhere, and they might just leave her behind. That was a chance she was not willing to take.

When he proceeded to finally ask her a few questions, Jane stuttered momentarily. In all honesty, she would love some morphine, but then she would turn into a burden. Better grit her teeth through the pain than have them all killed.

Only a few moments had passed before his question was answered for her. Gunfire erupted from the distance, causing the rifleman to react accordingly as the three of them began to quickly move, the pain getting to Jane once more. They were making their way when a tree trunk erupted near them, the American stumbling to the ground as a result. The blood just poured out from his head, and it sure as hell didn't look good. Even Jane forgot about her own pain for just a split second, wondering what she should do as the poor man became a bit overwhelmed by it all. For a short moment, she was at a loss for words, but then she finally rushed to his side.

"Let me get that from you!" Jane took the gauze off his hand, grabbing the man's chin with a firm grip to wipe the blood off his eyes. She followed the remaining trail of blood before she pressed on his wound to slow the bleeding. "I need something to hold this in place," she called out to the other man.
The deafening alarm startled Yvonne back to consciousness. She quickly sat up, her heart just about to burst from her chest. The young woman was in such terrible shock, that at first she didn't quite register the voice talking through the loudspeaker. But it slowly came back to her, all of it. She was leaving work, heading down to her car, but she never made it. She was dragged into a van and taken goodness knows where.

"What the hell is this place?" she said in a low voice, mostly to herself.

Yvonne got to her feet, slowly looking around the room and staring at some of the other people that were in there with her. They had the same confused look on their face, and something told her they were finding themselves in the same predicament as her. But why? Why were they there? And where were they, to be exact? Yvonne then spotted a camera in one corner of the room. It appears that her captors were recording all of them, and she figured they too were taken from somewhere, possibly their jobs, school, or their very own home. Was it a random kidnapping then? But if so, why take the risk in an open space like they did with her?

Different thoughts plagued Yvonne's mind all at once. She took a moment to compose herself. Since the voice had spoken to them, she'd just have to wait to hear what else they would say since all of them were already awake.
Prisoner 6663 was terribly curious as to why the room was so big, but she wasn't foolish enough to find out just yet. It was rather dark in that space, and without a light source to help her out, she might as well drop dead right there and then. Stepping back out, Prisoner 6663 closed the door behind her and walked around the shower room some more, looking for another way out. She passed the corpse on the floor again, fully ignoring it this time around. Part of her wondered whether she should consider herself to be a fortunate one or on the other hand, worry about not having come across anyone else just yet.
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