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I've actually never even been in a physical fight. I guess I can consider myself lucky?
@Dynamo Frokane

I had to Google her but yeah, I see the resemblance.

"...what?" Genevieve cocked her head to one side, not sure she'd heard the Broker correctly. But as he went on with his speech, her question was answered. He had, without any form of consent, stripped her abilities as well as everyone else's. Or so he claimed. Genevieve then acted without thinking, grabbing the glass of water from earlier and smashing it against the side of the table. In her hand, she held the jagged edge that remained, the point sharp enough to easily break through any layer not sturdy enough. She held her breath as she slowly but deliberately cut the skin on the inside of her palm, the blood that slowly started to ooze out making her a bit light-headed. Even though the mere sight of it almost always made her uncomfortable, at that moment, the feeling intensified due to the fact that she was the one inflicting the damage onto herself.

This hurts a lot more than it should...

Genevieve then dropped what remained of the glass as she experienced her first trigger event without so much as a warning. For someone who'd never been through one, like herself, it was every bit mind-blowing as one could imagine. When she eventually came to, the expression on her face was unmistakably one of fear mixed with confusion. Genevieve looked up in a daze just in time to see Whipstitch run out. She was unsure what to do as she placed her bloodied hand on her head, her legs doing their best to keep her from dropping to the ground when she eventually decided to get up.

"What the hell have you done?"
Walking back into her office, Melanie noticed the admiral was already there and waiting, just like she'd been advised a few moments ago when she walked past the front desk. She greeted him with a smile, explaining that the reason for her brief tardiness was purely business related. And she wasn't exaggerating; her supervisor called her into his office to ask her a few urgent questions.

"So, how are you doing today, Admiral? I hope all is well." Melanie engaged in casual conversation as she grabbed a few items before starting their session.

William may have relaxed somewhat over the years when it came to these sessions, however he was still buttoned up and in prim and proper uniform, with his back straight. “Honestly, eyes been a bit sore. Tired, there’s a lot of work to do, though there’s nothing new there.” He pushed a tablet over to her. “That’s the record of my sleeping pattern, I should be getting enough to keep you happy, at least for a little while. Should I be getting more? Probably.”

“How are things with yourself Doctor?”

"Well, it's been a long day, but I can't complain," she replied, although I could use a drink right about now... Melanie cleared her throat, pushing her intrusive thought to the back of her mind. She then looked over the admiral's sleeping patterns, analyzing the data for a second. Although it didn't take a genius to notice he was lacking sleep.

"It's not me you should be keeping happy, it's yourself. You know how much rest you need to function properly, and it goes without saying that if you get enough sleep, your day will go much smoother. Work gets hectic, I get it, but those same people your work so hard for also rely on you and your ability to remain level-headed. If possible, delegate some of your more mediocre duties to someone in your staff. Or maybe set a timer and after that point, you don't touch anything work-related. This is just basic steps for improvement, but what do you think would work best for you? And please don't say sleeping pills."

Melanie gave him a slight smile, leaning back in order to get a bit more comfortable.

William chuckled slightly. “I get all the sleep that I am going to be able to get, and delegate all the duties that I am able to delegate. There is no such thing as a mediocre duty for myself, if it is mediocre then it isn’t one of my duties.” He sighed as he leaned back. “It’s one of the burdens of command, we’re trying to rotate leave in for all military personnel however we’re currently trying to create some form of ‘shore leave’ schedule. Let military personnel live in more comfortable quarters for a while, take a break from the constant demands of life.”

“What will help me sleep? Finding a planet.”

"Tell me, admiral, how open are you to practicing some meditative techniques? If we can't pull you away from work, we can attempt to lessen your stress in the meantime."

Melanie paused momentarily, writing down some notes as she waited for a response. She felt bad for him in a way, being stuck in such a position of power certainly didn't come without a price.

William chuckled. “Doc, you should know by now that the only thing keeping me going is the work. Stress doesn’t exist for me, this is my life.” William nodded his head along with Melanie. “Now, what questions you got for me this year?”

"Here's the thing, admiral," Melanie uncrossed her legs, leaning forward to put her stuff down on the table. She then positioned her elbow on the armrest, angling her body to one side while maintaining eye contact. "These sessions serve more than one purpose. They help evaluate your mental well being, sure, but they're also here to help you. Whatever angle I have to take, I'll need you to meet me somewhere. 'Help me help you,' as they say."

Melanie briefly considered adding some side remarks regarding their interaction, but she quickly dismissed the idea. After all, she couldn't force him to seek any form of assistance, whether he actually needed it or not. "However, in your case, I just need to make sure you're not currently fighting any battles in there," she quickly pointed at her own head, "although from what you've told me, you seem to have most of it figured out..."

She then remembering a crucial detail.

"How's your daughter, by the way?"

William shook his head. “Nope, no internal battles going on. My only battles are external, with what’s going on aboard ship and the war I had with the Devastators.” He chuckled to himself slightly before moving onto the next question, leaning back in his chair again.

“Amara is fine, strong as ever. She faces struggles, there’s a large following of people who think she’s awake and here because she’s my daughter. She faces a bit of a struggle due to that, other than that, she’s not brought any issues to me and we meet regularly so that’s a good sign.” Williams watch beeped, and he looked down at it.

“We must wrap this up soon, I have a mission to prepare. Are we good?”

“Glad to hear that. And…” Melanie reached for her datapad, filling out some quick information before signing it, “you’ll be glad to hear that you can go now. If you need anything admiral, just let me know, alright? It doesn’t have to wait until our next session.”

Melanie got up, walking with haste towards the door to see the admiral out.

A number of conversations had slowly started to take place around her. Milena heard just a handful of voices, and she could have sworn she also heard a few foreign words being exchanged from somewhere behind her, although it came as no surprise given the diversity of the various backgrounds from the people that were currently present.

“Hey Ma’am,” Milena turned her head, seeing one of the young men addressing her out of the blue. He invited her to join the conversation he himself was having with someone else. Milena smiled at his subsequent comment, noting that even though she had some height to her for a female, it didn't come anywhere near as close to his. Unapproachable? No, far from it. Intimidating? Possibly, but then again, she wasn't his enemy so she didn't have to worry about that.

"Please, call me Milena," she smiled, reaching out a hand as she spoke, "I'd rather you save such pleasantries to address the elderly, not a young woman such as myself." Milena then turned to the quiet man standing off to the side. "How do you do," she greeted him with the same warm smile, noticing his complexion was a few shades darker than hers. She took a moment to guess where he could be from, but that proved to be a losing match for her almost immediately. A number of nationalities were currently present at the moment, just waiting outside of the train before it was ready to be boarded again. One would have to be extremely patient to play that guessing game.

"If I may, how's your head?" Milena had suddenly remembered the blond's earlier blunder. She motioned for him to bend his knees to she could take a better look. "Don't worry, I'm a medic, I know what I'm doing."

Milena wasn't exactly sure why she felt the need to validate herself, but nonetheless, it always helped when the person who was under her care trusted her to do her job.
@ReusableSword go for it.
PS, depending how long our characters have to wait outside of the train, don't hesitate to interact with Milena. Just cause she looks like she's in her own world doesn't mean she's unapproachable.
Still here too.
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