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Current Hoarse voice from the Maiden concert yesterday but don't care! \m/
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That's what my mind automatically assumed, its own version any way.


That's unfortunate. Wawa sells really good sandwiches, or so I've heard.
I was driving to my boyfriend's house yesterday night and someone started flashing their lights behind me after I left the gas station. I kid you not I thought I was being targeted and I was going to get killed in a gang initiation or something, but it turns out this guy who was around my age just wanted to inform me my headlights were off once he pulled up next to me.

I felt dumb after the fact. I'm not sure if I'm a bit too careful or if I need to stop watching violent movies.
I was "hypnotized" once but I mean, I was awake and aware the whole time, I was simply playing along.

For me it's somewhat of a hard concept to grasp. We obviously don't notice our appearances slowly changing over time, so I believe I still look the same as I did years ago. But I do want to be the next Helena Bonham Carter. I love how good she looks even now.

For the most part I work out on the regular. But why don't you try something other than running?
Oolarger eh? My race would be Oosmaller.

Last Friday someone came into the office and was genuinely shocked when at some point in the conversation I told him I was 32. He says going by my petite size and baby face he was assuming I was at most 20 or 21.

I think I've mentioned it before but the day I stop getting carded is the day I will develop some mild form of depression.
I wasn't well aware rping as an animal was a thing. My characters have always been human, save for a demoness I played once. She was Satan's right hand, although she appeared in human form and didn't have horns or anything. Fun character, very suiting for me.
I'm a 32 y/o Cuban and I'd never seen Scarface until now.
Turns out I'm not pregnant, I'm both relieved and disappointed.

On a separate note, I've been scratching at the site of my latest allergy vaccine on and off since yesterday and the texture of the skin is different. I may die, or maybe I'll develop superpowers, who knows.
It's 4 am and I'm lying wide awake. I've googled about 4 symptoms in the last few days (including restlessness) and I'm getting a pregnancy test before work to remove any doubt.

Well don't put it past me to argue with you until you admit I'm right, but even so I know my limits.

And yes, that's a great quote. But then again, he has many great quotes.
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