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4 mos ago
The crew is booking up for this class three Firefly. Get in while the git’n’s good!
4 mos ago
Our Firefly game is finally up! Come gander over yonder:…
4 mos ago
Just put out an interest checker for a new Firefly game here:… Drop by if you're curious!
4 mos ago
Enjoying reading what you all have written before I dive in!
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Linux makes me happy, Blender helps me art, and Solus solved a lot of my problems.

I'm here because I like to RP in depth with high quality writing. Now, don't mistake me for high quality; I'm just hoping it rubs off.

Sharing cohost/GM duties with Sail3695 of "Firefly - Second 'Verse." Advanced game here:…

I put some art works in progress here:…

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Just finished my first character sculpt:

Made another render of this one to better play with perspective.

I modeled this over the weekend after the Roman Pantheon for a contest.

Welcome to RPG!
Happy Halloween!
Welcome to RPG!
Done in Blender while learning how to groom grass.
@zeroashes Welcome! What sorts of settings for games do you like to RP in? Do you prefer a few lines in a post or a few paragraphs?
Oh, and I made a banner for Cal the Captain of the China Doll:

So, our new Firefly game has been up and running for a little bit now and I've been tempted to get back into making their writing space into a 3d reality. The next couple of pictures are early development of a crew cabin.

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