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Well, I was figuring his deadlift caps out on anything at least 10 meters bigger than him- larger stuff can still be lifted, but he can only barely move while holding it up.

As for the martial art and grappling, I was going for an angle where he was interacting with the ancestors of the ancient Greeks and learned their fighting style to defend himself against other monsters, and might have taught them something or other in exchange, leading to the depiction of titans as givers of knowledge and secrets in Greek myth.
Well, first kaiju sheet.
An analogue to Ultraman- a large, benevolent humanoid alien who may have had interaction with humanity in the past.

Edit: The other concept being a Hedorah deal where it’s a creature that feeds on pollutants, but it actively purifies the land/air/water/whathaveyou by its mere presence
Well, I'm kind of considering an Ultra analogue, but I'm torn between Hyperion and Prometheus.
So if there's a discord, is there any chance we could get an invite to suss things out?
eh, what the heck, I'm in.

As soon as the fridge was open, several of the cats started meowing. Lyubov shook her head as she continued sweeping up the summoning circle.

"<Hush! You're undead, you don't even need to eat.>"

Lyubov looked visibly embarrassed at the mention of ambitions that drove her to summon a servant and sighed. This... was going to be very awkward.

"Well... truth being told... I am unfamiliar with so much. I am from old country, and this is first time leaving family farm."

She nervously poked her fingers together.

"...The reason I am summoning is because I was told you would know much about world and I am knowing nothing.

Lyubov was elated. She'd done it! She'd completed a summoning! This was the biggest ritual she'd ever done by herself, and she couldn't wait to tell her family. As she recovered her sight, she wondered what she had summoned. An ancient hero of divine descent? Maybe a dashing adventurer or noble pirate! Perhaps even a beast half-forgotten by the passage of time.

...aaaaand it was a boy younger than her. Had she left a door open? She was so flabbergasted she could only blink and point the boy to the modest collection of fruit in the kitchen before she started a quaruple-check on her summoning circle. It was still without error, but she'd probably be stuck cleaning it up herself, which was going to be awful. She looked over her shoulder, and decided to start asking questions in her thick Slavic accent.

"My name is Lyubov, you are? And are you not very small for knight?"

Arsene Lupin

Well, that wasn't a lot of information to go on. Ideally Lupin would ask for a description, but he needed to test his new information network. It was surprisingly easy to find informants, even if accomplices were a bit more difficult.

"Awright. I'm gonna go ask some folks I know 'round the pahk, you kids sit tight."

The elderly man headed off with a bit of spring in his step, heading around the park area to ask his informants.

At a hot dog stand, he met up with a burly blonde Swede in a sweater with a big bushy beard. A viking Berserker, and surprisingly soft spoken. Apparently, he'd been a lawyer in life. He and the old man would be playing cards later tonight, but next week the old man was expecting a visit from his grandchildren. Of course, Lupin was going to be scouting the Space Elevator that night as a way to knock off the rust.

At a coffee cart, an American mage girl. She'd managed to summon some kind of bear. Lupin didn't question it, her coffee was impeccable and she was pleasant company. Indeed, she was already asking him about the grandchildren and offering a free cup for the road, though he had to politely turn her down. A shame he hadn't met her out of disguise yet.

In a square where many buskers came to make a buck, a Greek with an unkempt beard lay on a bench, scratching his stomach through his rumpled shirt. Despite his loathsome hygiene, the man was good enough company, and seemed to be an excellent judge of character.

After gathering what information he could in the park, Lupin set off in search of this "Dorothy" girl, knowing he wasn't likely to turn up much with the information given. Still, these things usually had a way of working out.
Lyubov Temne

Lyubov checked her shopping bags. Her cousins had assured her that if she needed anything, the stores in town would accommodate. This had been patently false. She had thought her needs were simple, and any shop by a magus would be up to snuff. She didn't have the dirt from a freshly turned grave, so she had to use potting soil made with compost. The store didn't have any stones from the depths of ancient sacred lakes, so she was stuck with gravel. Sure, TECHNICALLY this would work, but this array just lacked the same kind of pizzazz. Mother said first impressions would be important here, if she wanted to make friends. And being summoned with such improvised materials wasn't likely to endear her to anything she summoned. At least she was pretty sure she had the right incantation figured out. The silver knife had been easy enough, as had the hunk of iron. It was a few days early, but technically she didn't have a birth certificate, so nobody in the city was really sure of her birthday.

She draped the bags over the handle of her broom, and triple checked the shopping list as the fat cat in one of the bags started purring. Lyubov had never actually seen plastic bags, so that was new for her too. A whole lot of new, spooky stuff that was shaking her up a lot. But for now, she was back in her wheelhouse- even if this Servant thing wasn't the stuff she usually did, it was still magic. And if there was magic to be taught, she was sure she could learn it. The small girl mounted up her broom and floated upwards, before making her way to the inner city.

The Temne apartment didn't have a lot of large spaces. It was likely intended for one or two occupants, but the Temne family's finances were limited. So Lyubov was trying to perform the ritual in a common room roughly 15 feet to a side, stepping delicately around the circle. As she poured the last of the potting soil into the shape of the sigil she'd seen in the books from the library. She checked, double-checked, and triple checked the distribution of reagents. The silver and iron ore were in the right place. The stones were placed at the appropriate vectors. Ten familiars, each a cat, stood around the circle to provide support. Strands of her hair were placed within the dirt, as well as a few crossing points, as standard for any large ritual. Here, away from prying eyes, she could do this. She managed a genuinely steely look. She inhaled as she took her broom in her hand and waved it over the circle. She inhaled deeply before speaking out in Ukrainian.

"Silver and steel, carve the path through history!
Stone and earth, bear witness to the foundation!
Let the Old One, Baba Yaga, be the ancestor!
Let winds blow against the wall of ancient oak!
Let the Walking Hut twirl in reverie!
Let the forked road from crown to kingdom rotate!"

The effect was immediate, as the summoning circle erupted into crimson light. Another deep breath, and Lyubov put the broom down at her side, putting both hands over the circle as the cats began to yowl.

"By the ten generations gone:
Your body shall serve under me.
My clever-craft will be your sword.
Submit to the beckoning of a humble witch!
If you will submit to this, then declare our accord!"

Lyubov winced as she took up the knife and cut her left palm with it, letting the blood fall into the circle. Though her eyes teared up a little, she continued the chant as wind began swirling around her room. As her long hair whipped about in the gusts, she continued to let her blood flow from her hand.

"Let this oath be sworn by my blood!
I will know all the secrets of the Old Mother.
I will learn all the lore of the New Earth.
From the Seventh Heaven, attended by the old ways!
Come forth from the throne of kings, beasts, and heroes!
I call on you, protector of the Holy Balance!"

As the ritual came to a close, and the winds began to converge, with the dust and earth flowing in the swirling storm, Lyubov came upon a grave and terrible realization: She was going to have to look a complete stranger in the eye and speak with them. Truly, the greatest, most difficult test the young witch would ever face. She steeled herself in dread.
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