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Eh, what the heck, I'll put my hat in the ring.
Ehhh... advertising for offsite RP’s always felt a little scummy to me but I’d like to take a look.

How long do you usually write? One to two paragraphs, often more
Do you enjoy writing collaborative posts for things like conversations, combat, etc.? Nope, schedule's too hectic
Is grammar and depth of writing important to you? Yep.
Are there any writing subjects you particularly enjoy exploring? Honestly I like fish out of water and hypercompetent weirdoes.
Is there anything you really dislike and want to avoid like the plague? Not too fond of mind break stuff.
Is there something you are uncomfortable with happening to your character? He's a GNK droid, made to be replacable/repairable.
Do you have any short-term or long-term goals with this character? Honestly, I just like the idea of a Gonk droid being in a IHNMAIMS scenario.

Date and time of last memory wipe.
Unknown- Most people don't really wipe Power Droids.

Link to owner data files:
Well, I was figuring his deadlift caps out on anything at least 10 meters bigger than him- larger stuff can still be lifted, but he can only barely move while holding it up.

As for the martial art and grappling, I was going for an angle where he was interacting with the ancestors of the ancient Greeks and learned their fighting style to defend himself against other monsters, and might have taught them something or other in exchange, leading to the depiction of titans as givers of knowledge and secrets in Greek myth.
Well, first kaiju sheet.
An analogue to Ultraman- a large, benevolent humanoid alien who may have had interaction with humanity in the past.

Edit: The other concept being a Hedorah deal where it’s a creature that feeds on pollutants, but it actively purifies the land/air/water/whathaveyou by its mere presence
Well, I'm kind of considering an Ultra analogue, but I'm torn between Hyperion and Prometheus.
So if there's a discord, is there any chance we could get an invite to suss things out?
eh, what the heck, I'm in.
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