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Seeing as my character isn't a Pokemon...Pokemon (people person doesn't fit in the situation), only if forced on stage or coerced would he be up there. So, Fade is currently a no.
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Name: Fade (86)

Species: Umbreon

Level: 36

Gender: Male

Orientation: Straight

Abilities: Shadow Ball, Protect, Moonlight, Feint Attack

Bio: This Eevee evolution was never given a name, rather a number. The name ‘Fade’ was self-given to remind him of how he escaped his imprisonment. Like the Eevee’s before him and no doubt the ones that are still being used, Fade was born from an egg with his ‘relatives’. The only thing that connected those born was their timing. Immediately after hatching, Fade was marked with a number on a ring pierced onto his ear. Fade’s only memory of a name was his number, 86.
Fade never figured out the reason for the mass breeding but he made assumptions later on. After he grew enough, Fade was handed to a random trainer. Even then, the trainer didn’t like Fade and he was back with the other Eevee returns. This happened a couple more times until Fade had his chance to escape his bondage. His last trainer entered a battle with a Pokemon much stronger than Fade himself. With one large attack, Fade ran away himself from the battle in the ensuing dust cloud.
Since then, Fade has been on his own. He evolved with no moon in the sky and in the darkness of night, causing him to take the form of an Umbreon. The tag on his ear stayed in place as well, forever labeling him as Number 86, self-named Fade.

Personality: Fade has been a loner both before and after his escape. Most would label Fade as impolite and socially inept, but he is rather just blunt and protective of his own self. He will look after his own safety both in and out of combat, always deciding on whether he will be in danger. Unfortunately, sometimes he may not think fast enough and his body will decide for him. When speaking to others, he will keep no filter on his speech. No matter the consequence, he will speak however he pleases. Fortunately, Fade tends to only speak when necessary. Fade also chooses not to take sides or join any group, wanting only to rely on himself in life.
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