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No body of water is safe without a lifeguard? That's true. That includes bathtubs.


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This check will not be complicated to read, I am not looking for anything complicated at all. The few details are below but I will be able to answer anything else within PM's. Also, we can talk about things over Discord if requested, I will admit I prefer discord. If you want to get in contact with me the fastest, do it over Discord as that is always up for me.
Username: shammysham

Plot/Smut Ratio: About 25%/75%, enough to have a story but meant for the naughty times.
Writing Level: Casual at least, a paragraph or two at the least.
Posting Frequency: If it is over the site, it will be one time a day or two. If over Discord, most likely once a day without an issue. I am not saying this will be constant, though!
Pairing/Themes: FxF, FuxF, MxF. We can discuss privately as I am very flexible on what I can do with those. There are a ton of different themes as well I would be up with and listing each individually would be a long list.
Kinks: Same as above, talk over messages and figure those out before we start.
Bumping. Plan on adding some personal pet project plots, sweet alliteration there, when I am not at work. If anyone is curious about them before I get the time to put them up, you're free to ask.
Bump! Work in progress with the first post as well as figuring out more to put in, but I figured it's time it got a facelift.
Added some things, so bumping this.
I'm gonna have to jump out of this. Better early than late, but real life is coming up, so yea. Sorry.
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