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Please pm me if interested.
Hello! I am always looking for one x one partners!

What I am looking for:
1. Someone who can at least write one paragraph for a reply. I will accept anything shorter as long as it moves the story along!
2. Looking for someone active who can at least give me a reply once or twice a day! If you can do more that would be super awesome!
3. Someone who is 18+! I like mature things, and so do my characters! I like to write out those scenes also!
4. Someone who will help build a story with me! I would like something long term so keep that in mind.

I don’t want to list everything I’m into so please just message me with your ideas and I’ll see if I like them! Preferably something more slice of life!
Underworldqueen do you know how to make the thread?
Do you all want to start?

Name: Jonathan Nyxon
Age: 445
Species: Werewolf
Rank: Alpha
Wolf Form:

Name: Dmitri Knox
Age: 328
Species: Vampire
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