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Serena nodded “well then I might have to visit sometime” she said then got to her feet. “I was actually headed off to bed before meeting you. I will hopefully see you tomorrow Gage” she told him.
Serena nods “yes I’ve lived in many different places actually. I just currently reside in Italy” she told him. “How do you like Norway?” She asked him.
Serena drank from her glass “the top part. I live near Milan” she said “it’s very nice there” she added.
Serena was surprised when he actually spoke to her. “I come all the way from Italy” she told him then sat back in her seat.
Serena softly frowned “oh okay, that narrows it down” she said then looked out at the dance floor. She missed having actual conversations with people, it seemed this man wasn’t interested in getting to know her.
Serena drank from her glass then set it down on the bar beside her. “So how far do you live from here?” She asks him.
Serena looked at him “to meet more people” she said “my brother is the nicer one. Doesn’t look like much is going on here though, I’m actually quite disappointed” she added.
Serena nodded as she memorized his name in her mind. “My name is Serena” she told him. “So what brings you to this ball?” She asked him.
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