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Hello everyone! I am Morgin!

I am looking for a few partners to roleplay with. I only do MxF pairings amd I prefer to play female. I’ve played the role of so many male characters recently and I’m honestly burnt out from it 😅 I don’t want to make a list of suggestions, I am open to most pairings, so just give me a suggestion of what you’re craving. I do enjoy smutty roleplays, so if that isn’t your thing just keep scrolling. I try to make posts according to what my partner posts, but I am in no way an advanced roleplayer. I actually love speed posting the most.

If you are interested, please send me a message!
I replied!
Hello, is there still availability to join this roleplay? I am very interested :)
Hello! I am Morgin! I am looking for maybe one or two people to join me in a small group roleplay. The roleplay will be centered around high class people who are supernatural creatures of the night. So it’s mansions, drinking, and partying for this small group of elite characters. There will be mature content so adults are required. Please pm me if you are interested! Thanks!
Hello blue flame :)
Dmitri looked at her “i am thinking in a few days” he told her as he dried himself off.

Nora stretches “great, thabks for coming out with me honey” she says and rubbed her body against him “shall we continue?” She asks.
Nora narrowed her eyes at him “really? You look cute soaking wet also” she teased back then sat down.

Dmitri kissed her forehead then washed himself off. He rinsed himself then exited the shower, he was happy they were finally going on vacation and that theh both agreed to it.
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