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Hello world!

Looking for a new roleplay partner! As far as literacy, I prefer you to know how to form sentences and move the story along. As far as quantity, I like for things to move fast so I will accept single sentences or a paragraph as long as it is meaningful to the story and I can form some type of reply to it. I prefer you to be active, I would like to send several replies in a day.

This is 18+ as more adult themes and smut will be involved. We can discuss limits over PM. I only do MxF pairings.

I am open to suggestions…

Feel free to PM if interested and we can discuss more details.
Bump! Right now just looking for something smut related. Thanks! Please pm me.
Please pm me if interested.
Hello! I am always looking for one x one partners!

What I am looking for:
1. Someone who can at least write one paragraph for a reply. I will accept anything shorter as long as it moves the story along!
2. Looking for someone active who can at least give me a reply once or twice a day! If you can do more that would be super awesome!
3. Someone who is 18+! I like mature things, and so do my characters! I like to write out those scenes also!
4. Someone who will help build a story with me! I would like something long term so keep that in mind.

I don’t want to list everything I’m into so please just message me with your ideas and I’ll see if I like them! Preferably something more slice of life!
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