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Yes, but he’s like a hybrid
@Blueflame I would make a character that easily fits into this world like a werewolf, vampire, shapeshifter, human. Nothing too out of the ordinary :-/
@Blueflame would you like to roleplay?
Nora giggles and kisses his lips “what are we watching?” She asks.

Dmitri kissed her hands “you can drink from me if you like” he suggests to her.
Nora nods and kisses his cheek “yes lets go” she says, she got up then walked inside.

Dmitri shook his head “no babe, im not hungry, lets just go to my room” he says.
Dmitri kisses her hand “sure lets go back” he says as he follows her.

Nora smiles “yes i would love that” she tells him.
Nora nods “sure, what about pizza?” She asks him.
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