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Name: Jonathan Nyxon
Age: 445
Species: Werewolf
Rank: Alpha
Wolf Form:

Name: Dmitri Knox
Age: 328
Species: Vampire
Awesome! We only have one spot left I believe. Remember this roleplay will take place over PM.
Cool! Awesome!
Look at the formatting cheat sheet
Characters can be posted here plus potential relationships. These could either be enemies, friends, or significant others!

Simple sheets are fine!
Know anyone who would want to join?
Please pm me if interested
Hello all! I am looking for 2-3 people to start a small sized group roleplay. This will be long term and without any limitations! This roleplay will take place over PM so only a limited number of people will be accepted. Characters you may make are humans, vampires, or werewolves. You can have unlimited characters as long as you use them.

Plot: A main wolfpack has taken a city and the surrounding forest as his territory. Although he is big and fierce, he allows loners/cast aways from rival packs to join his own in refuge. Will these loners be grateful? Or try and take advantage of this mercy and take the alpha down.

Vampires stay out of the forests surrounding the city and live amongst the humans. Some keep to themselves and prefer to feed on animals. Others are old school and prefer to continue to feed on humans causing tensions among their vampire peers. How will the vampire colonies resolve this issue?

Humans are just trying to live their everyday lifestyle. Very few of them know of the supernatural creatures, but those that do know try to hunt them down.
Please PM me if interested!
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