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19 days ago
Current sitting here missing my Shadow, my peanut. He was the best cat. i wish he was still here
20 days ago
Yesterday i had to put down my cat peanut. It was a sad day and today i realize just how much i miss him. Not the same in my house without my shadow following me around.
3 mos ago
TEKKO CON was great!!! had fun back to work now as well..
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4 mos ago
i can barely keep my eyes open, sleep is calling me at 2:48pm ugh
4 mos ago
sorry to my RP partners for being MIA, i feeling super run down and just dont have the mental energy to rp


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brandon walked over to Liz and gave her a small kiss on the lips. "why the long face ?" he asked her

Nathan looks at Angel. "so it seems as there is A Fae here" he told Angel and looks at Eric "and gave him something" he told Angel. "he isn't reacting well to whatever it is"
OOC: Hey Im so sorry for not being around been super busy.

Nathan looked over at Angel and motioned her to come over.

Kali walked into the library and went over to the enclosed nook and layed on the pillows and cried.

brandon looked at James and Liz. He went over to him. "dont worry James, she will be fine, just remind her that she has you and that you aren't going anywhere. she just needs the reassurance"
he smiled "she is fae" he says "she must of done something to you" he says to him

she shook her head "no, its fine" she says them. she gets up "i just want some time to myself"s he says to them and walks out. she brushed a tear that slipped down her cheek when she left the kitchen.

Brandon watched his sister and sighed. He felt bad but she had a good guy and she needed to rely on James more then him.
NAthan looked over at tala who was dancing. He smiled and looked at James "you do realize what she is dont you?" he asked him

Kali frowned she has never been away from her brother, he was always there for her.

Brandon looked at James and Elizabeth and walks over to his sister. "we will work things out sis, your not losing me i promise" he told her.

kali didn't look at him "if sure feels like it" she muttered and pushed her plate away. she was done eating.
Brandon looked at James and then his sister "Kali you do know that once Elizabeth and I get married infront of the family, we will be going back to my place" he says "we wont be staying here" he told her

Kali looked at him and frowned a little "dont be silly, we have always been around each other" she says and eats the last few bites.

Nathan looks at eric "well who was around you before you started to feel like this?" he asked
Kali smiled "this place has a huge library" she says smiling at her "and there is a little place we can go to read without the boys" she was happy as she ate the food.

Brandon started to laugh "oh boy" he says

"thats the host?" he says "well there is something wrong with him" he told her as he got the water and walked back over to him and gave him the water.
Brandon looked at Liz "babe you hungry?" he asked her kissed her hand and smiled.

Kali smiled and saw the necklace she was wearing "oh thats a pretty necklace" she says to her and she ate the food that he had put down infront of her. "so guess what James has?" she asked Liz.

Nathan went to get him some water. he walked back up to the bar "So Angel you know that guy over there" he motioned to Eric. he ordered a water.
He looked at Eric "well just sit here and dont move" Nathan says to him

Brandon walked into the kitchen with Liz. He smiled when he saw his sister and James. "someone is cooking something yummy" he said

kali looked over at Brandon and smiled "Hey" she says happily. "oh Liz good that your here" she says to her "do you want to go dress shopping tomorrow?" she asked her.

Gage nodded "you should, you wont be disappointed" he says to her he nodded "good nite Serena" he says to her
"norway is a great place" he says to her. "not as congested as some places, lots of open space" he says to her

Nathan looked at him "i dont think your fine man" he says as helps him over to a seat. "you can barely walk" he said

Kali licked her lips. "mmm that looks so good" she says staring at the food.

Brandon smiles "well it smells to good to resist" he says "want to check it out?" he looked at her.

he smiled "i guess we are not alone, James and Kali must be back" he says to her.

Kali stuck her tongue out at him.

Nathan was looking around and noticed that someone was having a bit of trouble, he looks at the women "excuse me" he says to her. He went over to Eric "hey are you okay?" he asked helping him up.

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