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2 yrs ago
Current I need an Rp fantasy, werewolf would be great but will look at others. will do private 1:1 or groups.
3 yrs ago
are there any werewolf RPG's out there?
4 yrs ago
Been in the hospital, I had t get my gallbladder removed. Now Im laid up fro 2 weeks
4 yrs ago
Today is National wear your Pjs to work day!!
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4 yrs ago
Baking a bunch of goodies, homemade cinnamon rolls, lavender cupcakes with a honey cream cheese frosting and some cookies...going to be a good day!


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what would you like to RP?
hey hey
he moved back missed getting hit and deflected her punch. "ah i see" he says as he ent to punch her in the stomach

Ben got ready for bed and crawled into his. He laid there for a few moments before he went to sleep.
He walks with her up to the second floor and down the hall. he looks at her and nods "good Nite anna" he says as he leaves her at her door and he walks down the hallway to his. he pauses before he opens it and glances back at her and winks and waves before he opens his door and walks in.
he chuckled softly "alright" he looked at her. "come one i will walk you to your room, we should turn in" he says
he hid smile "i see, you wolf is sensing her mate" he said "thats good, how do you feel about that?" he asked her
he smiled "okay, so what was the last part that was too embarrassing?" he asked curiously "you cant say that and not tell" he raised a brow
"oh" he says "well try to keep talking to her until she tells you" he says

"doesnt yours?" he asked her he smiles as he sees her getting into position and he goes and stands opposite of her in his stance
he smiled "then why dont you ask her" he says "you cant be that shy with your wolf, she is a part of you, she knows what you are thinking and feeling all the time" he says "so if she is hinting to something ask her about it" he told her.
"ahh the life saver" he says as he opens it up and pours some out. he take a few long drinks. "so much better" he says as he cracks his neck he puts the top back on the thermos and sets it aside. " you all warmed up?" he asked her
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