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"why?" she asked him

He kissed her back. he pulled back and kissed her cheek then her forehead. "im never letting go" he says
she didnt look at him and just shrugged her shoulders.

He stopped kissing her "okay" he says and he put her down "i will leave you alone if you want me too"
kali moved the chair a little when he was pushed towards her. Her eyes wide, then she heard James and looked back at the napkin.

he smelled the blood. he looked at her "liz i dont think you can, you made yourself bleed" he said he leans his head on hers and he gently kissed her lips. his tongue moved softly on her lip as he tasted her blood. he liked the taste of her blood, she sweet tasting.
She glanced at him as he sat back down at the table. She didnt say anything. she sat there tearing a napkin into little pieces.

"hey i can do this all day" he said to her "can you really stay mad when im showering you with kisses?" he asked her
She saw that he was sitting at a different table and she frowned. he had to know that kissing her and hugging her wasn't going to fix things. She wanted him to talk to her and she was doing what she could to extract information from him already.

Brandon hid a smile, but it could be seen in his eyes. He continued kissing her like that.
He smiled and watched her and then started to place kisses into her neck and on her cheek. He was doing quickly.

Kali smacked his arm and pulled his arms from her and walked back into the mansion to his mother.
she put her hands on his chest and gently pushed him back and shook her head.

he chuckled "that was a stupid question of course you are" he said "your hiding a smile right now" he said
"awe mouse" he says in her ear. "your going to live to torture me and enjoy it aren't you?" he asked her

she thought she would give a taste of his own medicine and sighed and just shrugged.
she closed her eyes and sighed standing there "James i ask you questions to elaborate and i get a shrug" she says to him "how else am i suppose to help?" she asked him.

He followed after her and came up behind her and scooped her up off her feet. "now you can't walk away" he says "liz dont do the quiet thing with me, its torture"
"help?" she says "how am i suppose to help?" she asked him

"Liz please" he says " he offers his arm "punch away" he says to her. "dont go quiet on me"
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