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i have been better
how r u doing
she looked through her closet and picked out a dress to wear for today. "okay that sounds great" she says to him.

he licked her muzzle. "of course babe" he says as he got up. "yeah lets go" he says as he stretched
he laughed "thanks" he says he nuzzled her. "how was your swim?" he asked her

Bailey finished in the shower and got out and grabbed a toweln and wrapped it around her as she walked into the bedroom to find an outfit. "so when did you want to go?" she asked "are you thinking leaving tomorrow or sooner?" she asked
he laughs "i know" he says "but you look cute all wet" he told her.

she nods "deal" she says to him. she kisses him "i loveyou" she says then begins to wash herself.
she tipped her head back into the water. "yes lets go" she says to him. "i will call the nanny and get arrangements made for the kids" she says to him. "im happy to be going there" she says to him.

adam was dragged into the water and laughs as he swam around. he swam over to her he nuzzles her. he gets to shore and shakes his fur out. "guess i dont need a bath. now" he says as he sat and watched her
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