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7 hrs ago
Current I have a laptop, but the most recent Halo game it can handle was released in 2004.
12 hrs ago
Firefight being back in Halo Infinite really makes me wish I could afford an Xbox.
14 hrs ago
@Crimson Flame— I can assure you my name is meant to be ironic. Like calling a big guy "Tiny" or 'Birdemic' a movie.
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1 day ago
Pullin' shots, aimin' dots, yeah, I don't miss/Branded by fire, born in the abyss/Red-hot temper, I just can't resist/All this vengeance inside me
1 day ago
If wanting chocolate and creamer/milk in my coffee is sacrilegious, than I will gladly be called a heretic.


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@Fish of Oblivion Personally I've had a pretty bad run with Discords tied to RPs, but I wouldn't say no to one if someone else set it up.
Bumping? Bumping.
Two questions:

  • How exactly does a fish type?
  • How exactly do fish get computers to work underwater?

Jokes aside, welcome. Enjoy your stay.
I feel like I've already screwed up so I'm just going to go make myself scarce and hope I have better luck next time, sorry about that.

I'm sorry you feel that way. I have no problem with what you've already posted, if that might change your mind.
Bump. Could go for almost anything listed off. If you have ideas of your own, let me hear them over PM.
The feminine angel raised the staff it carried and gave Yurie and Jackson each a swift, accurate rap on the head that could charitably be described as a "bonk". "Please refrain from using that kind of language here," she said. Though masked it was easy to see the disapproving expression on her face. "To make a long story short, no, you're not dead. When you clicked the link in the email it opened up a portal between your world— the human world— and here. The digital World is a dimension created by the advancement of human technology. As your species began creating things like the world wide web, data from that created a parallel world. This world is inhabited by beings like us, known as Digimon."

The masculine angel cleared his throat. "Speaking of us," he interrupted, "I am MagnaAngemon, and this is D'arcmon. We are angel Digimon who serve the will of Yggdrasil. For lack of a better word, Yggdrasil is the god of this world. He surveys and watches over it, but rarely interacts with it or the Digimon that call it home. However, he's seen fit to instruct us to bring in humans in order to restore balance. To my knowledge, we angel Digimon have tried summoning humans once before, but it ultimately failed."

D'arcmon nodded. "We do not always understand why Yggdrasil does what he does, but we know his will is to keep the Digital World safe. All we know is that, according to Yggdrasil, humans are able to unlock the potential inside of a Digimon that would normally take decades— even centuries— for them to achieve on their own. Hence why you are here."
Slowly but surely getting over being sick. The new trailer for Godzilla × Kong has me in the mood for Mecha and kaiju.
@Psyker Landshark Currently have the flu. Just been waiting on everyone to post, but I can try to hammer something out if I feel up to it.
But also yeah, Darcmon is kinda short in comparison


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