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4 hrs ago
Current One of my goals in life is to rig a chestburster to pop out of a Thanksgiving turkey just as everyone is about to dig into it.
1 day ago
I have a laptop, but the most recent Halo game it can handle was released in 2004.
1 day ago
Firefight being back in Halo Infinite really makes me wish I could afford an Xbox.
1 day ago
@Crimson Flame— I can assure you my name is meant to be ironic. Like calling a big guy "Tiny" or 'Birdemic' a movie.
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2 days ago
Pullin' shots, aimin' dots, yeah, I don't miss/Branded by fire, born in the abyss/Red-hot temper, I just can't resist/All this vengeance inside me


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