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Current And I would have to disagree. Unless its in a designated chat or forum for whining, you look petty as hell for whining.
3 mos ago
What?! What is this mythical feature you call, "pm"??
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Smelling a lot of petty whining on here today.
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Does anyone know if you can set a background on a post on here or no?
1 yr ago
*When you find a really good smut web comic and actually feel inspired to build it's world for an RP*

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Aye, baby was three weeks pre, not too bad compared to my oldest who was eight weeks. As for unexpected, without too much details, we went in for a simple ultrasound. Something minor was off and doc said baby is coming today. We were only in for two days before my wife and baby was released. Both very healthy and well.
Sorry for not posting guys. This Thursday, my wife had an unexpected trip to the hospital in which our little baby girl was born. I will try try TRY to post today.
I'll try to have one tonight or tomorrow.

Bro, my OC totally exists. This ain't no AL bullshit.
Lies! Then again, she does us all legal material where my wittle warlock uses a homebrew race. Well made one though, but is homebrew.
In other news, I've created the most adorable Warlock in the world XD
All good
I do apologize if my posts aren't as long.
Atanase would stare out at the crowed as he scanned the tavern. Though most would not no this, he was using less of his eyes and more of he ears and nose. His nose would scrunch, looking over at Aurix's meal that disgusted him with both smell and sight. With enough training with his sense, he would look down at the table, returning to his ears for a bit. "Buying artifacts from Undermountain" he slowly whispered, as the words of a exotic woman came to him from the balcony behind him. "Not a dragon more, you won't get a better deal in all" he mumbled, before losing interest in the battle of bartering. "Daggerford gotta be dead as doornails by now", he whispered before his ears twitched again. "Y'all ever remember them dwarfs? Put another 5 on them for me. This year's the one.", His slightly long nails, roughly half an inch from his tips, drummed softly on the table. "We gotta be gettin some fresh meat soon, I'm itchin for the right run to sweep your pockets", he would look up at Aurix, slightly sneering as he looked at her maw.

The tavern would dull down as the time passed before the girlish squeels of two lasses took his attention. His inhuman eyes darted up behind the counter as a barmaid snatched the arm of one of the servers who had entered from the back. He listened in on them, this time without mimicking. "Did you meet him? Is it true he's in the backroom?", "-he's really friendly, my brother's a big fan-". He rolled his eyes, uninterested in the girlish behavior of the two before his attention was taken once more. He took in a breath, taking in the rather pleasant scent of a well crafted perfume.

He followed the trail with his eyes before finding the owner. "Lady Esvelle", he whispered, nearly unaudiblly. He took note on her unamused look as she looked down on the lower floor from the upper balcony. He could assume that she was scanning the room for her hired help. He would slowly rise, walking to the counter and bowed his head to the barmaid. "Two glasses of wine please". Giving the bar maid a gold piece, he would take the glasses and make his way up the their employer. Using his vampiric grace, he moved through the crowd, making sure not to spill a drop of the sanguine liquid before taking place beside her. "Surely you could have pick somewhere a little less- packed. It's obvious my party and I stand out like a sore thumb. But also it's unbearably crowded. Might I suggest we see if their is a vancant balcony or room for our little meeting?" He would nod to her as he offered her a glass.
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