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Current That sound's hella petty
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Did somebody say hail Sithis?
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And I would have to disagree. Unless its in a designated chat or forum for whining, you look petty as hell for whining.
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What?! What is this mythical feature you call, "pm"??
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Smelling a lot of petty whining on here today.
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Thank you for the speedy answer! A whole new world wouldn't be hard at all. I just happen to have an idea in mind within the Forgotten Realms. You sir and or ma'am, have my quill! I'll try to have something in soon!
I am very much interested in this competition but I need to know first. Is it allowed that we use copy write protected topics like D&D? I have a few characters I could easily write this about.
My oc, Dreeda, is aiming for an artificer
"Dire Wolf cheese?!"

"You can say it's a hard cheese with a sharp bite to it"
I already love this character idea XD
I'm starting to think I should rewrite my post and take Dreeda to the tavern or dwarf
Hope that's okay, hard to type a ton on a phone...
Dreeda was grumbling at themselves as the they walked away from the "Ignorant fool" who were subjecting their distant genetic kin to being "humiliated" with the dunk tank. "I'm no monster... Prick..." Dreeda growled as they walked through the town square, changing their demeanor for the better. For the sixteen years that Dreeda had lived in Swampmuck, their home never looked as beautiful as it did during the harvest festival, at least in their eyes. Dreeda would wonder through the village, admiring the scene before having their eyes catch the curious visiting dwarf. Dreeda would study him from a distance before waving a dismissive and and continuing to the magic bookstore . "Why would anyone ever want to become an adventure? Those lunatics do nothing but put their lives in danger, simply for the greedy prospect of loot and Fame..." Dreeda would approach the bookshop, stepping in eagerly. "Top of the morn'in to ya, hope you're getting plenty of business with this festival and all" she would call out as she stepped in. Dreeda would walk amongst the shelves, looking at every spine and novel. "Adventuring is just foolish..."
@Mae Dreeda's Passive Perception check is 10 and initiative is +0
@Mae Can I use this instead?! It fit's much better then I originally planned!
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