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Current *When you find a really good smut web comic and actually feel inspired to build it's world for an RP*
8 mos ago
I agree with the gender B.S. completely. This is RPG, not Geeking XD
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@Mae ooooh, what edition of D&D? Have you looked at the "Rise of the Drow" campaign?
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8 mos ago
@Wick~ Something with a sense of survival would be neat
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8 mos ago
@Ambra I've been trying to get two of my d&d charater's drawn


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Auro'pol had gasped awake as the man bandaged him up. He laid there a moment, collecting himself and his thoughts. Soon he came to realization that he had no clue what was even going on. He couldn't remember how he ended up becoming the sacrifice of choice for a handful of rather... grotesque, fish people. The Bladesinger slowly sat up, running his hands through his ghostly white hair. Looking around, he noticed the party of adventures that had somehow come across his path and saved him from an untimely demise. The ghost elf would would slowly rise to his feet as the woman discovered his book, lifting the tomb. with his face keeping stoic, he would nod in agreement. While the rest of the party looked around, he would moved to the alcove, retrieving his gear. A slight smirk crossed his face as he equipped his claws. "If only I had my claws..." He grumbled as he threw his sack over his shoulder and returned to the rest of the group. As the party climbed onto the boat, he would bow deeply in response Eilina and stepped onto the vessel. "I have no money to compensate for my rescue, so if you are willing to allow it, I would like to offer my service as a Bladesinger to your party".

Name: Auro'pol of the House Do'Urden
Race: Elven, Ghost
Class: Wizard 4
Archetype: Bladesinger
Background: Soldier, Officer

"The path that lies before me is a path of redemption. I failed those that were most dear to me, now I must repent as a Bladesinger, traveling the lands and protecting my Elven kin"
Maybe we should start with explaining why the book is needed and Jared telling Valerie he needs it
I'm used to playing 3/3.5 and 2 edition but I'm interested in trying this out! If there is any openings, I'd love to join
Hey! I'll give it a try, I'll look it over tonight
Our group is getting there, we've been the same game for about.... four years I'd say?

Ashton Alexander Croft • 20 • ♂
Appearance: 6'2", 165 lb, blue eyes, close shaved red hair. Croft's tall and nimble body is has proven useful for sneaking about and moving quick.
Personality: Highly intulectual, nonlawful, sociopathic tendencies.
Partner in Crime~ It's a well known fact that Croft isn't sociable, in fact, he pretty much resents most everyone. The one person he tolerates the most would be Valerie Grant (@mae) who had proven a useful partner for their petty crimes.
Tutor~ a man has to pay for his habits some how, correct? Though can't stand her, he has been tutoring Emmy Emmaline (@Pirouette) for some time now.
I'M SO SORRY! I literally just got off work. This looks cool so I'll join in ^^
I'M SO SORRY! I literally just got off work. This looks cool so I'll join in ^^
@Pirouette@Mae~ Okay, thank you!
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