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Current *When you find a really good smut web comic and actually feel inspired to build it's world for an RP*
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I agree with the gender B.S. completely. This is RPG, not Geeking XD
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@Mae ooooh, what edition of D&D? Have you looked at the "Rise of the Drow" campaign?
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@Wick~ Something with a sense of survival would be neat
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@Ambra I've been trying to get two of my d&d charater's drawn


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Fey'ri, or demonfey, were not a true elvensubrace. They were to elves as tieflings were to humans and tanarukks were to orcs. The fey'ri were the result of interbreeding between sun elves and tanar'ri in an attempt to strengthen the sun elf bloodline.


First Name: Feriarn


Last Name: Dlardrageth

Age: 459

Gender: Male

Species: Ghost Elf (Fey'ri)

Sexuality: His darker half makes it hard to care about such Trivials as Sexuality. Passion is passion, simple as that.




Height: 5'11"

Weight: 145

Body Shape: Tall and thin, yet hides a surprising amount of strength and muscle within.

Special Markings: Has the House Dlardrageth crest carved in his chest.

Scars: Though he boasts of his experience with combat, he doesn't seem to have any other then the crest.

Piercings: None visible

Hair Color: Oaken Brown

Hair Type: Long, Straight

Hair Style: Usually worn down, braids back when he's on duty

Eye Color: An unusual blood red with no puple

Eye Shape: Thin, slightly slanted




Personality: Feriarn is often seen as cold and heartless. His place is all he cares for, nothing else. He's viewed as a sociopath, caring nothing of those around him.

Habits: Has a habit of using titles too often.

Hobbies: Has a few, one that is kept in secrecy. He loves to dance, one reason he chose to follow the path of bladesinger. He also loves to sing and play the violin.

Soft Spot: Music and dance was very important to his house. This became the reason most of House Dlardrageth became Bladesingers.

Pet Peeves: The list is too long. One of his biggest peeves are dwarves and humans. The one was typically an ill mannered breed of drunks and the other was a dim witted fornicator.

Fears: This one will be kept a secret




Father: Zarannar the Corrupt

Mother: Akasa Dlardrageth

Siblings: None

Other Relatives: None known

Children: None

Best Friend: None

Love Interests: None

Rival: None

Enemy: None




Biography/Description: Feriarn is an elf of many thoughts, yet few words. Tall and slender, he moves with a ghostly grace and haunting beauty. His flesh is pale, yet holds a ghostly blue glow to it. This glow is visible even in day light and makes him glow with a candle bright in the darkness. His hair is a pale white, yet appears to have a translucent look to it. Feriarn prefers to ware robes of Elegance and beauty in his down time and his custom studded leather armor when he's on duty. Feriarn is a Bladesinger, elit elven warriors that are masters of both martial and magic







Weaknesses: The path of a Bladesinger is powerful yet strict. Feriarn is a skilled magus and capable of both melee and magic combat. Unfortunately, this path has rules. He's focused his life to learn one weapon, his Moon Spear. Any other weapon that wasn't a spear would throw him off.

Strengths: Bladesingers are incredibly powerful magus. Dedicated to protecting the elven race. The Bladesinger combines the grace of dance with the deadliness of combat. Though restricted to one weapon, the bladesinger is near unmatched. Accompanied this, the Bladesinger may cast their spells with only one hand at a slightly slower rate. Finally, as a Magus, Bladesingers can channel magic energy into their weapons, enhancing their deadliness.

Weapon: Moonblade Spear

Weapon Name: Drathirvelve of House Dlardrageth

Weapon Type: Moonblade spear, enchanted, sentient.

Combat Skills and Ability:

~Path of the Bladesinger: A Bladesinger is another type of Magus, masters of magic and combat. The Bladesinger is able to cast spells with one hand, and able to maintain a defensive stance. Bladesingers are known for their grace, literally dancing through the field as they strike down their foe.

->Capable of casting spells with somatic spell components one handed, but at a slower rate.

->Can cast a spell and maintain a defensive stance with no penalty. Can do melee attacks and touch spells at once as long as the weapon is one handed.

~Art of the Magus: Magus not only can cast spells and fight, a Magus can imbue their bonded weapon with magic energy, allowing them to flow magic energy from them, into their weapon. Doing so allows them to temporarily enchant their weapon, making it stronger and sharper, or even enhance with elemental energy. Later on, their are other tricks and combat styles a Magus can learn to use.

Racial Skills and Ability:

~Soul of Drathirvelve: Ghost elves, ironically, are not ghosts at all. They are called so for their preferred isolation and natural bioluminescence. Pair this with their ghostly pail skin and ghostly white hair, ghost elves give a ghastly appearance. Ghost elves, once a secluded subrace of elf on the material plain, now resides in the Ether. Through decades of absorbing the ethereal energy around them, they have mastered the art of melding with it, becoming ethereal themselves.

->Etherealness: Through the will of the Ether, Ghost elves are able to shift their body, becoming ethereal it's self. This allows them to pass through the material as if a spirit. They can only stay in this state for a brief moment

~Blood of the Daemonfey:




It is a plane out of phase. It is a place of ghosts and monsters. It is right next to you, and you don't even see it.

❝[color=DeepSkyBlue] [/color]❞

❝[color=DeepSkyBlue] [/color]❞




Dominant Hand: Ambidextrous, but favors left.

Protagonist or Antagonist?: Depends on who's point of view

Archetype: Magus/Bladesinger
Auro'pol had gasped awake as the man bandaged him up. He laid there a moment, collecting himself and his thoughts. Soon he came to realization that he had no clue what was even going on. He couldn't remember how he ended up becoming the sacrifice of choice for a handful of rather... grotesque, fish people. The Bladesinger slowly sat up, running his hands through his ghostly white hair. Looking around, he noticed the party of adventures that had somehow come across his path and saved him from an untimely demise. The ghost elf would would slowly rise to his feet as the woman discovered his book, lifting the tomb. with his face keeping stoic, he would nod in agreement. While the rest of the party looked around, he would moved to the alcove, retrieving his gear. A slight smirk crossed his face as he equipped his claws. "If only I had my claws..." He grumbled as he threw his sack over his shoulder and returned to the rest of the group. As the party climbed onto the boat, he would bow deeply in response Eilina and stepped onto the vessel. "I have no money to compensate for my rescue, so if you are willing to allow it, I would like to offer my service as a Bladesinger to your party".

Name: Auro'pol of the House Do'Urden
Race: Elven, Ghost
Class: Wizard 4
Archetype: Bladesinger
Background: Soldier, Officer

"The path that lies before me is a path of redemption. I failed those that were most dear to me, now I must repent as a Bladesinger, traveling the lands and protecting my Elven kin"
Maybe we should start with explaining why the book is needed and Jared telling Valerie he needs it
I'm used to playing 3/3.5 and 2 edition but I'm interested in trying this out! If there is any openings, I'd love to join
Hey! I'll give it a try, I'll look it over tonight
Our group is getting there, we've been the same game for about.... four years I'd say?

Ashton Alexander Croft • 20 • ♂
Appearance: 6'2", 165 lb, blue eyes, close shaved red hair. Croft's tall and nimble body is has proven useful for sneaking about and moving quick.
Personality: Highly intulectual, nonlawful, sociopathic tendencies.
Partner in Crime~ It's a well known fact that Croft isn't sociable, in fact, he pretty much resents most everyone. The one person he tolerates the most would be Valerie Grant (@mae) who had proven a useful partner for their petty crimes.
Tutor~ a man has to pay for his habits some how, correct? Though can't stand her, he has been tutoring Emmy Emmaline (@Pirouette) for some time now.
I'M SO SORRY! I literally just got off work. This looks cool so I'll join in ^^
I'M SO SORRY! I literally just got off work. This looks cool so I'll join in ^^
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