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Current I've always wanted to try RotR campaign. That one and Kingmaker
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Has anyone figured out how to get notifications to their phones from here yet?
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That sound's hella petty
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Did somebody say hail Sithis?
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And I would have to disagree. Unless its in a designated chat or forum for whining, you look petty as hell for whining.

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❝ Sometimes a deal with the devil is better then no deal at all. ❞




➤ True Name: Unknown

➤ Nickname: Loki

➤ Age: Too old to count

➤ Gender: Male

➤ Species: Imp, Consular

➤ Sexuality: Whoever he gods damn pleases!




➤ Height: 2' with 3' wing span

➤ Weight: 10lb

➤ Body Shape: thin and frail

➤ Special Markings: tattoos along his back with infernal symbols, glows bright white when using magic

➤ Scars: None visible

➤ Piercings: None visible

➤ Eye Color: An ethereal blue that glows even in the brightest of days.

➤ Eye Shape: Thin, slightly slanted




➤ Personality: Sanguine~ Loki can be extremely talkative, enthusiastic, and social.

➤ Habits: He is debaucherous, going out of his way to cause trouble and mischief. Though he takes his job as a collector very seriously, all job and no play makes imps very dangerous boys.

➤ Hobbies: Tattooing, Loki has a unique way of giving power to his contactees. Through arcane tattoos, he can make the most basic peasant into a killing machine, all with a cost.

➤ Soft Spot: Scratches under the chin, alcohol, attractive woman and of course, snacks.

➤ Pet Peeves: Being made fun of do to his size, belittlement, chose trying to cheat him, steal or seek loop holes in a contract.

➤ Fears: This one will be kept a secret




➤ Father: N/A

➤ Mother: N/A

➤ Siblings: Too many to count

➤ Other Relatives: None known

➤ Children: None

➤ Best Friend: None

➤ Love Interests: None

➤ Rival: None

➤ Enemy: None




➤ Biography/Description:




➤ Weaknesses: Loki has a limited skill in magic offered from his master. Other then his magic, Loki is next to useless in a real fight, simply preferring to either trick others to fight for him or simply run.

➤ Strengths: Like all imps of his type, he possesses razor like claws and teeth and a stinger that injects a highly hallucinogenic toxin into the foe. This toxin, though non-lethal, causes the victim to see disturbing images and grow in fear. Loki's magic is of unique designs, tied to the tattoos he uses on his body.

➤ Weapon: Nothing, nada




➤ ❝Meh, who needs a soul? ❞




➤ Dominant Hand: Right

➤ Protagonist or Antagonist?: Antagonist

➤ Archetype: Soul collector, arcane tattooist
If you'd like, sure, sounds good to me
I love the idea of us having a rival Dungeon Lord now! Anyways, just have gear and fluff mostly left. I should be able to hop in whenever

Name: Deekin Sin-Scales
Race: Urd, Kobold
Appearance: Short and slender, even for kobold standards. Deekin has bright red eyes and scales that appears to be literal gold.
Personality: Deekin is crude and cruel. He's the definition of evil right to the core. He gets what he wants and will slit any throats to get it!

Calling: Shadow
Dark Impulse: Selfish
Revelry: Admiring his riches and golden scales
Vile Friend: None at the moment
Magically hardened scales: Deekin once had his scales magically enchanted, giving the appearance of gold yet as durable as steel (Defense vs. wounds

0 / 6 Stress || 0 / 9 Wicked XP || 0 / 3 Reckless XP || 0 / 2 Dark Hearts

Distribute: 2x ★ Rookie | 2x ★★ Trained | 1x ★★★ Specialised
[ ★ ] [ ★ ] [ - ] SCAN / perceptively
[ - ] [ - ] [ - ] TINKER / cleverly
[ ★ ] [ ★ ] [ ★ ] TRICK / slyly

[ ★ ] [ - ] [ - ] Finesse / precisely
[ ★ ] [ ★ ] [ - ] SKULK / sneakily
[ - ] [ - ] [ - ] SMASH / powerfully

[ - ] [ - ] [ - ] BANTER / affably
[ ★ ] [ - ] [ - ] INVOKE / magically
[ - ] [ - ] [ - ] THREATEN / forcefully

Prowler You can spend stress to perform an incredible feat of agility, like slipping unimpeded through a mob, leaping safely from a high tower, or hiding in plain sight
Dark Minded: You can compel other PCs to action just as if the GM had compelled them. If they accept, you gain a dark heart. If they decline, you take stress. The GM is still the final judge of what is an appropriate compel.

0 / 3 Gold || 2 / 2 Supply

Gear: All your stuff goes here.
Gear Slot 1, special: At character creation you get one of the following: Valuable item, Item with an edge (modifier), tier 1 contraption, magic item, or three doses of a potion or concoction. Alternatively, take 1 gold.
Gear Slot 2: At character creation you get one slot as an advanced item and the rest are normal versions of things that are quite common.
Gear Slot 3: At character creation you get one slot as an advanced item and the rest are normal versions of things that are quite common.
Gear Slot 4: At character creation you get one slot as an advanced item and the rest are normal versions of things that are quite common.

Supplies: Everything else.
I dig it
Maybe I'm way too over tired and stupid.... I'm not finding the same one everyone else is using
Is there a template for the sheet?
Deekin would most likely be running from the law. Could be that he happens upon your group in which he requests to join. Knowing him, he'd probably try to con his way in
Aye, Deekin has been a character of mine in d&d for roughly... fifteen years now. I'll be doing a Kobold Shadow, will have to figure out the rest. Umm... are we all sharing the dungeon, or do we have our own?
Meh, will probably stick to Deekin
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