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Current Hello
8 mos ago
= _= *grunts grumpily*
8 mos ago
*Finds a nice ditch to lay down and die in*
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8 mos ago
Please tell me there is a way to save my new brain friend in the beginning of Balder's Gate 3...
2 yrs ago
Now that the holidays and crippling depression has subsided (for now), guess I should get off my ass and do shit.


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Went with the Arcana choice... Rolled a 14, not too happy with it
<Snipped quote by Cao the Exiled>


Okay, do I have an inspiration just in case, or no? Just making sure.
I'm assuming option one is a Persaion roll while the other is Arcana?
I'll be thing some reading and catching up... been bust with the holidays
To those in the states, Happy Turkey day
To those in the states, Happy Turkey day
More for Jørmund!
Truly Plasm is gifted with pinache

Hear hear!
Plasm is the weird goth kid except she doesn't know what a goth is so she's just rolling with it.

*In a bland monotone* "Hello, I'm Plasm, this is my mother's skull and inside is an interdimensional pet Brain Devourer, Spot" *Grows a tentical out of her back to shake hands* "nice to meet you"
<Snipped quote by Cao the Exiled>

Also, I'm really looking forward to Plasm meeting up with the others. Cascade has technically met Plasm, but Plasm never really spoke when Cascade arrived.

I'm excited for Plasm to meet Cascade as well! Well... actually meet her
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