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7 mos ago
Current Now that the holidays and crippling depression has subsided (for now), guess I should get off my ass and do shit.
7 mos ago
Huh, is this some new bullshit bot invasion?
8 mos ago
"I was born 22 solar revolutions ago..." XD
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8 mos ago
You corrected her already correct statement with a less correct statement! Not to be that guy, but that's funny as hell! XD
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8 mos ago
I apologize to all my rp groups, last couple weeks has been shit. I'll be busy seeing my favorite band, Slipknot, live tonight then I'll be ready to dive head first back into the rp fray


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I missed something... didn't I? Is Lurk gone?
I'll be catching up and respond...
I'll be reading up today and catch up...
Tell that to Brut >~>
<Snipped quote by Cao the Exiled>

At least you guys have a raft now. ^_^

...And a bugbear who can carry it when you don't need it.

You mean the murderous one that most likely will hold a grudge for letting his meal get away? Yeah, sure am lucky >~>
Next one we find is mine! (Least till Tsak gets her Corgi)
You laugh, but Tsak's small little body can only carry so much! That snail would be totally useful!
<Snipped quote by rush99999>

Nobody else has really interacted with the snail…
So since it was left alone, it would have left by the time the goblinoids reunite with the rest of the party.

Honestly forgot about it. I low-key debated having Tsak attempt taming the thing as a pack mule
I signed up for it, getting it on the switch
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