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Current Beautifully said @Vampiretwilight , Beautifully said
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RIP Paul Grey~ The world will never see another crazy motherfucker like you
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Fate is a fun system! I've had a blast playing it myself.
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All this talk of rum is making me thirsty...
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@VampireTwilight my wife and do often. Actually, my wife just met Bill Moseley who plays Luigi! She got a signed autograph by him as well.
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Guten abend and welcome to the Guild!


Plasm looked up at their cleric friend then back at their mug and nodded. Raising the mug to the lips of its mask, in which a straw like pseudopod stretched out, acting as a straw as it lowered into the cup and began to drink its content. Telepathically, Plasm would connect to Jรธrmund and ask, "Do you wonder why Arkisz had to leave? Do you think our friend is okay?" Though the tone of the telepathic voice was monotoned, it wouldn't take to much to figure out that the plasmoid was both concered and, to a point, upset.
Love the mino-art @Tab
RIP Paul Grey

One-Handed | Two-Handed | Shields | Magic Wands | Spellbook |

Trash~ 1d2 | 1d3 | 1d2 | 1d2 | 1d3 |
Cheap~ 1d4 | 1d6 | 1d3 | 1d4 | 1d6 |
Moderate~ 1d6 | 1d8 | 1d4 | 1d6 | 1d8 |
Exquisite~ 1d8 | 1d10 | 1d5 | 1d8 | 1d10 |
Masterwork~ 1d10 | 1d12 | 1d6 | 1d10 | 1d12 |

Light | Medium | Heavy |

Trash~ 1d2 | 1d3 | 1d4 |
Cheap~ 1d3 | 1d4 | 1d6 |
Moderate~ 1d4 | 1d5 | 1d8 |
Exquisite~ 1d5 | 1d6 | 1d10 |
Masterwork~ 1d6 | 1d8 | 1d12 |

Jewellery/ accessory/ tools

Trash~ 1d2
Cheap~ 1d3
Moderate~ 1d4
Exquisite~ 1d5
Masterwork~ 1d6


Trash~ 2d4
Cheap~ 2d6
Moderate~ 2d8
Exquisite~ 2d10
Masterwork~ 2d12
So, I'll need to back out, I've a lot on my plate both outside of RPG and in. I do apologize for wasting any time and I may return later if there is a chance. Thank you for considering my idea though
There once was a fox, who collected souvenirs from near and far. The fox kept their collection stored in a pocket dimension that looked like a mimic chest. However, one of those souvenirs was more than what it seemed. It was in fact, a mimic souvenir. This small mimic souvenir resembled a singing mermaid that would lick skulls clean with their six forked tongues that molt preposterously acidic jewels. With these jewels, the mimic souvenir...

When the gen of the group went to find this mysterious water gen, Plasm broke away to find a bar tent to drink at. While slowly working on a pint of mead, the plasmoid retreated into their mind, examining the odd emotion of sadness they felt with Arkisz's departure. Plasm always felt odd around the others and Flicker especially seemed... weary of them. Arkisz was the only one who showed much intrigue in them and that fascinated Plasm. Now that their teammate was gone, Plasm felt this odd feeling of... sadness, a similar emotion felt when they missed mother. It was thinking of her that the etched skull tended to feel heaviest within the cranial pocket where one's head normally sat. Plasm made an odd undulating motion, simulating a sigh as they lowered their head to look into the mug in... sadness.
Just realized that Plasm has resilience to poison, which means she can drink without getting drunk!
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