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Current I agree with the gender B.S. completely. This is RPG, not Geeking XD
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4 mos ago
@Mae ooooh, what edition of D&D? Have you looked at the "Rise of the Drow" campaign?
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4 mos ago
@Wick~ Something with a sense of survival would be neat
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4 mos ago
@Ambra I've been trying to get two of my d&d charater's drawn
4 mos ago
God I love four year olds: Mom: Athena, did you get into dad's body spray? Athena: No! The turtle is lying!


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Name: Auro'pol of the House Do'Urden
Race: Elven, Ghost
Class: Wizard 4
Archetype: Bladesinger
Background: Soldier, Officer

"The path that lies before me is a path of redemption. I failed those that were most dear to me, now I must repent as a Bladesinger, traveling the lands and protecting my Elven kin"
Maybe we should start with explaining why the book is needed and Jared telling Valerie he needs it
I'm used to playing 3/3.5 and 2 edition but I'm interested in trying this out! If there is any openings, I'd love to join
Hey! I'll give it a try, I'll look it over tonight
Our group is getting there, we've been the same game for about.... four years I'd say?

Ashton Alexander Croft • 20 • ♂
Appearance: 6'2", 165 lb, blue eyes, close shaved red hair. Croft's tall and nimble body is has proven useful for sneaking about and moving quick.
Personality: Highly intulectual, nonlawful, sociopathic tendencies.
Partner in Crime~ It's a well known fact that Croft isn't sociable, in fact, he pretty much resents most everyone. The one person he tolerates the most would be Valerie Grant (@mae) who had proven a useful partner for their petty crimes.
Tutor~ a man has to pay for his habits some how, correct? Though can't stand her, he has been tutoring Emmy Emmaline (@Pirouette) for some time now.
I'M SO SORRY! I literally just got off work. This looks cool so I'll join in ^^
I'M SO SORRY! I literally just got off work. This looks cool so I'll join in ^^
@Pirouette@Mae~ Okay, thank you!
@Pirouette~ Will your OC be the Tutor? Or the student?
@Mae~ Would our OCs have a previous partnership in crime before this or not?

I just need this then I'm done
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