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Current Is it just me or has the number of ads increased rather dramatically? I'm seeing them in the middle of people's posts now.
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Did not expect to see a new mobile layout today. Definitely different and it'll probably take some getting used to.
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Hello vampiretwilight.
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They don't dark. That dignity left awhile ago with the earlier secret lairs. Though I do still enjoy MtG and D&D personally.
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I don't think I'd be able to drink only one cup of coffee in the morning or a day. Then again I've started measuring my consumption in ounces most recently.


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I suppose that would be another question(s) as well, after the king is killed would the knights simply give up or would they pursue until told otherwise? Would they even accept the change of kings? Is their a knight that they might be dissatisfied with king Gullop?
@Guardian Angel Haruki

I think the last thing Aurora would ask the Bullywugs is how many guards the king might have.

After that I think I'm good on my end to move on.

It had been quite a long week for Beigeiros. Finding out his home had simply disappeared with no known reason left him in a dazed stupor of denial and doubt. How could such a place just dissappear. The next few days went by with him gathering more information and hearing much of the same information as before. Lissandra had approached him three days ago and shared information about a new portal, and that someone was wanting to go to Tir Na Og, or at least where it should be.

When Beigeiros stepped into the market district of Sigil, he was overwhelmed by how crowded it was. Sure he had spent the last week in Sigil, he was still ready to be back out in the wilds out of the towns. There might be little out there but it is where home and family are. He paused mid stride to look around the market while he mentally corrected himself. Home and family were in the wilds of the Outlands. They had disappeared in his time in Sigil. That alone left him to wonder why and if his being out of Tir Na Og had to do with his purpose in life.

Shortly after entering the market, Beigeiros spotted the woman, Lissandra if he remembered correctly, waving rather frantically to someone else in the market. He knew at least one other would be meeting with her and that was likely the person Lissandra had noticed first and was waving over. Moving through the crowd, Beigeiros caught sight of someone else walking up to Lissandra. He also noted two men looking disappointed and walking away from the tall human woman. Keeping to a moderate pace, not wanting to run through the crowd while in full gear, Beigeiros arrived just as the other woman greets Lissandra.

"Greetings Lissandra." Beigeiros said with a smile and a wave. "How is the day treating you?"
I am ok with it as well.
I presume that will be needed once there?
@Fading Memory@Guardian Angel Haruki

I figure from here Aurora would start to ask about what the area the king will most likely be at is like. She'll be looking for areas to climb and get a vantage point.
Everyone okay?

Mostly. Been losing a fight with keeping a vehicle running, though tides are turning on that. Also busyish with life and planning things for next month.
@Guardian Angel Haruki replily is up and I believe any more plan discussions can be OOC.

Aurora let out a short sigh of relief. While she did not expect then to stick with her she was glad that her companions were choosing to. She looked back and forth at the two then at the Bullywugs before starting to speak in elvish. "In all honesty Gabe, I was not anticipating getting involved initially. I did see an opportunity in calling in that favor for helping fight Bavlorna when the time comes. The only issue I see with that is Bavlorna suspects that we are here to kill her. I suppose I could hold onto that favor for when we catch up with Jub and Brutrumukk. Granted it's best not to count on this until after we help them." She paused briefly looking over at the Bullywugs to see if they had overheard and understood any of what she said. After a few moments she resumed speaking elvish to the pair with her.

"Hopefully Jub was able to keep Brutrumukk from getting into to much trouble, and the two didn't wander to far off. I should probably apologize to them both for my outburst. That and we will need their help with fighting Bavlorna."

Aurora looked over to Zav when she mentioned getting larger or smaller helping the plan. "If we had Brutrumukk it might have helped to make him bigger. We still might be able to use it when fighting the current Bullywug king. I'm not sure if it would help Gabe or me more though."
All is well on my end. I've been a little distracted with making characters for Mem's new game. But other than that, all is well.

All good. I'll have Aurora reply to the others here soon now that I'm done writing a backstory for a character.
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