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Nothing like having thunder storms in November. Also temperature is 62 f. A few days ago it was below freezing as well. Yay Midwest USA.
4 yrs ago
Coffee is a wonderful thing.
4 yrs ago
@Otaku I just watched the new episode for season 5 of RWBY. I've been ready for this season for awhile now.
4 yrs ago
@Uncertain tea why not?
4 yrs ago
Fair enough, though when I looked up blueshift it was when I was looking up the Andromeda galaxy. That was due to the upcoming, at that time anyway, Mass effect game.


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IDK if you've seen it, but The Crap Guide to D&D: character sheet vid is actually surprisingly very informative, though JoCat's talking speed may leave you needing to rewind as needed in order to catch all the details XDXD.

I forgot about that and that was one of my favorite series.

Also we need that wiggler smite gif for Alaric now.

I've been wanting to learn how to play D&D for a while now and this campaign is definitely getting me motivated (binging tutorial videos as we speak!). It has been fun to spectate and hopefully I'll have enough idea on how this works to join the next campaign. In the meantime, well done, so far! It's definitely helping me gain an understanding.

Glad you can gleen an idea from this. I suggest using D&D beyond for some of the videos. Also Critical Role had a series called Handbooker Helper that may be of interest as well.
Ruby secured the rest of the gear and the horses before going to catch up with the others. I'm coming as well. No reason for us to keep splitting up more than necessary.

Surprisingly for a rather bookish person, Ruby made it down rather easily. She created a small ball of flame in her hand, This was more yo help supply light for those that had a harder time seeing in the dark.


Athletics roll was a 16+1 for a 17.

She uses produce flame to make more light, but also have a weapon in hand if needed. She will recast it every 10 minutes.

Perception is a 10. She didn't hear anything.
Just got done cutting down some logs for later woodworking projects so I'll post here in a few.
We have horses, we could probably bundle up the hobgoblin gear and have one of the horses carry it XD? How many hobgoblins were there, though? Seven?

Whee, I went back through and found the total loot:

100 cp, 25 sp. 5 gp. Dagger +1
1000 cp,400 sp,potion of flying, & a scimitar+2
20 silver coins, and a jeweled bone handle sickle
Bag of 250 gp, Buckler+1, Hand axe of throwing +3

The ladies split that last batch of 250gp between themselves, while I pretty much assumed that Mahir previously quietly packed away the rest of the loot, assuming they'd figure out how to split the lot after they got back to town XD, but is keeping the +1 dagger to use. Alaric is claiming that +1 buckler (I assume it just counts as a shield?) and handaxe, since he is indeed proficient in using them XD. I think that sounds about right for where everything is?

Forgot about the horses XD

Yes there were seven, all with chainmail and longswords. Not sure on the condition of the gear.
"Oh we found these as well, I can't use them but thought one of you could." She takes out the buckler and the hand axe for Mahir and Alaric to look at. "There was some coin that we gathered as well. Our newest companion didn't want any of it."
100 cp, 25 sp. 5 gp. Dagger +1, they are wearing chain mail, and have shields, and longswords.

That was all the loot from the hobgoblins. Probably will leave the longswords chain mail and shields behind.

It would be a good time to have a bag of holding.

You have a list of all the loot right?

I have the buckler +1 and the hand axe of throwing +3.
Ruby looked over to Mahir. "Quite a bit actually. Last night Drucia and I had gone to help a man who had been attacked by orcs. That was a rather rough fight too. He decided to leave, maybe an hour or so ago, and was ambushed by some hobgoblins. We helped him out there again and we came back to camp. He then decided to empty his flask the rest of the way and was recently fighting a boulder while drunk.

Ruby peered over to where Cullen was. "And it appears he found something else... she started to gather her components and putting them back into the pouch. Thistle took to the air briefly to then land on Ruby's shoulder.
Thistle landed nearby Ruby on the fallen log. It muttered something as it paced back and forth on the log. Shortly after the bird had landed Ruby stretched out and started to sort out her components while she waited for Cullen to finish his fight with the bolder.
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