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Current Did not expect to see a new mobile layout today. Definitely different and it'll probably take some getting used to.
2 yrs ago
Hello vampiretwilight.
2 yrs ago
They don't dark. That dignity left awhile ago with the earlier secret lairs. Though I do still enjoy MtG and D&D personally.
2 yrs ago
I don't think I'd be able to drink only one cup of coffee in the morning or a day. Then again I've started measuring my consumption in ounces most recently.
2 yrs ago
It has now dawned on me, as my eldest is making his fifth or sixth character sheet, that I've been subconsciously raising a potential play group.


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Didn't realize we had others interested in joining us. Hopefully something will stir up a way of working the story to suit what you need.

Upon not hearing any new sounds, Aurora went to the door and stepped inside to investigate the interior. The building did appear to be vacant, at least for now. Her next action was to check the chests contents and found little. She closed the chest and left the building returning to where Gabe stood.

"Nothing here. We probably should move on. Do you see anything if interest?

Just wanted to check and see how this was going.
@Fading Memory

Welcome back around here. Hope all has been well for you.

I had to double check both yours and Fading Memory's CS post, and noticed that is the case as well.
Is it just me or are the maps no longer showing in the Zeroth post?

None of the pictures in the character sheet section for anyone save my CS are showing up. Probably just me.

"Not much aside from that chest and cusions in there. It seems like there is but anyone here." She replied to Gabe keeping her voice quiet in case there was someone hidden. "I suppose one of us can step in and get a better look. I've not seen nor heard anyone inside."
Working on a post. Finally have enough focus and such to get to it. The flu sucks.

"I'll go a head and see if there is anyone here. I should be able to keep quiet enough to avoid alerting anyone." Aurora said to her companions before slowly approaching the structure to peer through the windows or the door.


As soon as Jørmund recognized the voice the started to break into a swift jog hoping to get to the figure quicker. The earth genasi was ten feet away when a work crew passed in front of him blocking his view. He tried to go around them to little result. By the time the crew had passed by the figure was gone.

Jørmund searched around though the crowd looking for the figure he was sure was Plasm. A few minutes passed before he started to wonder if he imagined it all. The cleric started to make his way back to the rest of the group. His excitement of finding the groups injured comrade up an moving had fallen to quiet, withdrawn sadness. Part of him also was doubting his own physical and mental wellness if he was imagining those who he had seen hours earlier severely injured, up and in apparent well being. This also left him wondering if he would be a liability to the party while traveling, or while trying to deal with the raiders from his home land.

"Who ever it was I thought I saw they are not there any more. We should probably start moving on." Jørmund said as he started to put his pack into the back of the wagon. For the time being he was trying to put his thoughts towards how to convince the raiders to move on to other lands.
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