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Current Hello vampiretwilight.
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They don't dark. That dignity left awhile ago with the earlier secret lairs. Though I do still enjoy MtG and D&D personally.
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I don't think I'd be able to drink only one cup of coffee in the morning or a day. Then again I've started measuring my consumption in ounces most recently.
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It has now dawned on me, as my eldest is making his fifth or sixth character sheet, that I've been subconsciously raising a potential play group.
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Time for Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and painting miniatures for Age of Sigmar


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Rolled a 16 for attack and a 4 for damage. Those did include the bonus from magic weapon.
Ok he will swing at the person shoving him of you'll allow it.
Is the person shoving him next to him or is it part of the ranged attack?

Only asking as Jørmund held an attack as his action.
9 for dex.

5 for athletics.

Is someone attacking or casting at Jørmund @rush99999?
Curse my fat fingers... ment to hit quote not thank.

<Snipped quote by Guardian Angel Haruki>

Tired, but okay.

I get the feeling, I'm normally more of a evening person but because I went to first shift I've had to be more of a morning person. Bit the trade off is more time with my kids so I'll take the earlier wake up time.

Once the being Yosef dropped to the ground unconscious, Jørmund lowered his mace just enough to show that he was not going to strick his fallen foe. He looked around and noticed that several of the attackers were throwing down their weapons and fleeing of the could. Others surrendered when they realized they were surrounded. The earth genasi looks at the approaching statuesque being he could only assume was Ervdul. The tension in his arm returned some as he braced to strike. "Call off your attack and I'll spare your friend. There is no glory left for you to win here. Half your forces are fleeing leaving your right flank exposed. Even if you manage to win against these changes in battle what will it cost you? The lives of your troops? The life of Yoseph?" The cleric left his arm at the ready to strike in case Ervdul decided to continue to push the attack. "Call the attack off."

I have not looked at it recently.
@XxFellsingxX both most likely.

Not sure which faction of Strixhaven Rory would belong to.

Rory pulled a small worn leather bundle from her pack and set it on the table. "To answer your question Brut. These were probably the best thing I was ever given. My brother Alex gave them me when I was about fifteen." As she spoke she unrolled the bundle to reveal several lock picks, tension bars, a small mirror mounted on a handle, a file, pliers, and pair of scissors with narrow blades. A few of the picks look as though they have been bent or twisted some, while others look as though they were newer.
"I suppose more importantly he taught me how to use them. It helped when I needed to get out of the stuffy confines of the house. More than once I had been locked in my room until I could be more lady like." Rory picked up one of the picks looking over it carefully. It was one of the picks she had used to open the side door to the estate grounds that she and Xander left their home through. It had served her well that night and on a few odd jobs. There was a small split in the metal where it had twisted to far. She was honestly surprised that it had lasted as long as it had. Placing it back in the bundle, Rory realized she had gotten lost in the memory of the night she left home. She forced a half smile before resuming her tale after realizing that it probably sounded like a bad situation."Fortunately that provided lots of practice in opening locks. I'm not entirely sure my father and mother figured out I kept getting out. They even went so far as changing the locks on the door and windows at least multiple times in several months before resigning to the fact I would still find a way out." The smile slowly faded as the elf told her tale. "Anyway, who else wants to share what the greatest thing they got?" Aurora asked in an attempt to divert the conversation away from herself.
Whoops posted something to the wrong RP. Thought I had a different one up for an IC post.
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