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Jouric let out a laugh. "Torture isn't a problem, though I'm sure you'd rather have precision over me just punching them until they talk." He slung his hammer back into its place on his back. "If you need me to punch it till it talks call me. Until then I will probably be better off helping get the wounded out of the way." Jouric takes off to the hastily set up field medic station helping the corpsmen move the wounded to evac ships.
Bóthilda frowned at the steward's comment about her not making it past noon. It reminded her of when she first told her mother she was going to be a warrior and the scoff her mother made.

"You are a girl Bóthilda, girls and women don't fight the battles men do." Her mother had told her with scorn. When she had started to argue against her mother's statement she got a smack with the spoon and told not to argue.

Bóthilda had fled from her mother in tears and defiant fury. She had started to gather her things in her attempt to run away and prove her mother wrong. She left shortly after determined to prove her mother wrong. Not long after she left her father walked up beside her. "So you are leaving us now? Where are you planning on going hmm?"

"Yes. I am going to Serpentstone to learn to be a warrior. Mother won't let me do it here so I will go else where."

Søren nodded. "Aye cause the Earl will take a young girl who has run away from home into his garrison to train." He placed a gentle hand on his only child's shoulder. "You know he will send you back right?"

"Then I will go somewhere else." Bóthilda replied stubbornly.

Søren sighed heavily. "Well you seem to have it all planned out." He stopped and watched her slowly come to a stop on her own. "You know your mother only worries for your safety yes? Where she grew up women were not warriors. They kept the home and raised the children. I know you habe a warrior's spirit as it runs in our family. If you come home with me now I will speak with your mother about you beginning training."

The memory ended with her waking the next morning and being ushered off to the small training ground in the village by her father. Her mother watched on with saying a word.

Bóthilda left the hall now set to prove the steward wrong. Once in the yard she went strait to the one eyed thane Hadvar Arnsgeirsson. "I was told to come to you about joining the Jormundgard. My name is Bóthilda Sørensdotter."
Bóthilda woke in the morning feeling a little sore from the night before. As she dressed she noticed a large bruise formed on her shield arm where she had been struck by one of the sticks. She muttered to herself to remember her shield next time as she finished getting her brigandine on. With her axe in it's place on her left hip and her shield on her back, she left her room to go to the common hall to meet with her uncle and other companions.

"Good morrow niece." He gestured to an open seat across from him for her to sit at. "I pray you rested well."

Bóthilda sat down and quickly started to eat the food that was set on the table. "Just a bit sore from last night's ordeal." She said in between bites.

"Slow down or you will choke." Tørmun chided. "The court won't open for at least another hour." He tore a chuck of bread off and used it to soak up the fat from the sausage.

"Yes uncle. When do you plan to leave?"

"In a few more days. There are several places still to stop on our route. Mostly small villages though there are some larger ones to stop through."

There was a silence following for a few minutes before Bóthilda spoke up. "Could you let father and mother know I will come home again? I know father won't worry as much but you know how my mother is. She doesn't think women should fight and that I am more likely to come to harm."

"She is not fully wrong Bóthilda. Though in your case you will probably leave them regretting underestimating you. Here take this." He reaches down to his boot to retrieve a dagger with a slightly longer blade and a wickedly sharp edge. He offers it to her hilt first. "Consider it a parting gift from me. And be carful it is as sharp as it looks. You aunt gave me that just before you youngest cousin was born. Anyway I'm sure she wouldn't mind you having it and don't go losing it either. I expect to see it next season when I come back through here."

Bóthilda nodded. "I'll keep it on my person at all times and sharp as well."

"Good. Now let's finish eating so I can get to work sell these goods, maybe buy some, and you get to the castle. I will try to be up there at noon to see you and pay my respects to the Earl or his steward."

The pair ate in silence for the remainder of the meal and went their separate ways afterwards. Tørmun watched his niece go up the street through the crowd to the castle for a few moments before turning to sell his wares. Bóthilda went up the streets to the castle taking her time and arrived just as people were being admitted to the hall. She stood third in line behind a two merchants who had complaints about some of the caravan merchants under selling goods similar to theirs. She listened to them as they complained to each other and to anyone who would listen.

"Can you believe the nerve of these peasants! They are under selling our goods. I've seen their wares and there is no way they acquired any of that for so little a price." The first man said.

"I know. Those Wood Hollow traders can be the worst. They sit right on the border so whose to say they haven't been trading outside the kingdom. I've heard the Earl of the village made a pact with the trickster God with the lead trader, the Smith, and the captain of their milita." The second man said without trying to be discreet.

Bóthilda tried to keep calm as they spoke. Fortunately for her the steward began listening to and giving solutions to the merchants. Neither were fully satisfied but still a bit more content than before.

Bóthilda stepped forward and spoke. "Thank you for your time. I came here today to enter the service of the Earl in the Jormundgard if he would have me."
Phone data is getting a little low. I don't have readily available Wi-Fi to use and will try to post when I can.
My data for my phone is starting to run low. It is a possibility that in about a week or so my posting will very be limited if any at all as I do not have readily available Wi-Fi to use.
Jouric managed his way back to Avitus after the seventeen hours of combat. He was covered in blood and gore from the enemies he had smashed with his hammer.
"I see you survived." He said rather bluntly to the Turian before turning to survey the field. "We loose anyone else?" He asked still looking out towards the edges of the perimeter.
"Aye, it's been nearly two year's since I have passed through. Now that my youngest son is now strong enough, I have returned to leading our village's trade caravan. He was born nearly a moon's turn early and seemed that he may have perished shortly after but the gods are good and he grew stronger every day." Tørmun replied. He half turned to his niece, while he listened to the comments said about her. He gave her a half nod to let her know she had done well.

"I had planned to go to the castle in the morning to offer my services to the Earl to begin with. I thank you all for your praise and will be at the castle on the morrow to pledge my axe to the Earl should he want it." She looked to her uncle when he clasped her shoulder. He gestured that it was time to head back to get what sleep they may. "I bid you farewell thanes, may you find your way home unmolested any more this evening." She said to the thanes before she turned to follow her uncle back to their lodgings. The trip was made in silence as both persons were tired. When they arrived she removed her brigandine, her boots, and gloves before she collapsed into her bed and going strait to sleep.
Jouric did not have a chance to reply to the Russian or his Turian commander when the eclipse started followed by the attack. He had started firing the spike thrower at hostiles as soon as he saw them, even pinning a few to trees.

"Korbal!" He shouted as he holstered the shotgun and drew his hammer. He biotic charges into an enemy band of four and starts swinging wildly laughing when the hammer strikes one.

Though all this his shields held for a few minutes, which was long enough for him to take out the small group he engaged. When the last one fell,he ducked behind some cover to let his shields recover and assess his injuries. He had taken a few hits to his left arm and another to his chest. Neither were life threatening but needed treatment soon to stop the bleeding.
@Burning Kitty I have not been waiting on anyone aside from myself to come up with a quality post. As Zarkun stated I do tend to be tired when I get off work and I do have a family that I take care of. Things have been busy these past few weeks and I do apologize for not informing you before hand.
Jouric leaves the eastern front and heads to the southern flank to meet with Avitus. "Lucky for you I don't have either. Though if we engage the enemy I'm pinning one to a tree." He replies through the comm line.

He see Avitus leaning against a rock formation. Jouric walks up and takes a knee waiting for Borodin to show up. "What else are we looking for in these woods."
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