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Current It has now dawned on me, as my eldest is making his fifth or sixth character sheet, that I've been subconsciously raising a potential play group.
6 mos ago
Time for Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and painting miniatures for Age of Sigmar
4 yrs ago
Nothing like having thunder storms in November. Also temperature is 62 f. A few days ago it was below freezing as well. Yay Midwest USA.
4 yrs ago
Coffee is a wonderful thing.
4 yrs ago
@Otaku I just watched the new episode for season 5 of RWBY. I've been ready for this season for awhile now.


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Healer? Now why would we not want to have to make whole new sheets because we failed our death saves? /s

In seriousness a healer probably wouldn't be a bad thing.
Alright then, as long ad everyone is ready then I'll move on to the séance.

I'll try to get the post done today.
I'll probably be slowing down quite a bit since I start back at work tomorrow.
<Snipped quote by Lurking Krog>

Long, but productive. ^_^

It was very productive. Would have been an extra 20ish posts if we did it in jere lol.
One long post up.
Aurora & Gabriel

& The Dungeon Master

Aurora reached up and snatched one of the seeds from the air. As she opened her hand, the seed opened displaying what could only typically seen at night. The light show lasted for only a few seconds, but it left Aurora feeling much happier than she had been in years. It seemed as though even the smallest things, such as the rotating spiral tops of the Hall of Illusions tents held her attention for several moments until the event between the two halflings occurred. It was a strange sight, sad yet amusing in it's own way. After the halfling had darted into the tent Aurora's attention went to the glass case with the mannequin.

"Tasha? I don't know who she is. Though the name Tasha's hideous laughter sounds like something my sister would use." She giggled to herself slightly thinking about sister using a spell called hideous laughter. Maybe it was the only way she could laugh, Aurora hardly ever saw Sophia laugh.

"I know few bards who've used it on a heckler or two!" he too began chuckling slightly reminded by a fellow named Orm who used to cavort the Yawning Portal, a so-called comedian although nobody found his jokes funny they certainly enjoyed laughing at the fat oaf charming the ladies tending bar shame he was thrown in prison for using the spell after a dismal show.

"Well I suppose this is the maker of that spell. She looks pretty, least if this is how she actually looks." She shook her head and looked back to Gabriel. "Let's go on to the tent." Aurora reached for Gabriel's hand to start pulling him along with her. "As you wish madam!" the bard made a tip of the hat gesture to her, Gabriel taking her hand in his with a goofy smile on his face "Shall I fetch our carriage after?" Gabriel joked good-naturedly as his elven companion dragged him along with her towards the tent. She laughed at the joke as though it was the funniest thing she'd heard. Have I lost it? Normally I wouldn't laugh at such a joke would I? she thought to herself. She thought back to just minutes ago to the seed she had caught for a gift. It was right after the seed had opened that she felt like this. Certainly there was magic being used, though it did not seem to be done to be harmful.

Just outside the tent she handed one of her tickets to the mime for to punch. She notice the sad, sympathetic look on his face and cocked her head slightly. She found it amusing yet still unsettling. Once she got the ticket back she looked over to the halflings, though one had dashed into the tent and she couldn't see him. Gabriel feeling particularly whimsical at the moment, stopped facing the elvish mime and the bard himself decided to mime the action of retrieving an invisible ticket punch expertly hiding the real one in the palm of his hand, upon receiving the card the mime would realize that it had in fact been real. With a flourish of his hand and a mouthed word, a small bouquet of multicolored flowers appeared in his hand of which he gave the mime.

"Well then shall we madam?" Gabriel motioned an after-you gesture to his companion towards the tent. Aurora led the way into the tent.

The mime punched the tickets, and silently mimed a 'Thank you' to Gabriel before the two entered.

As the two walk through the Hall, they see that the tent interior is lined with numerous mirrors. The first mirrors they see reflect the pair of adventurers as children.

One might be aware of a strange phenomenon where if they're intently looking for something, they can't find it, but when one isn't looking for something, they immediately find it. Aurora and Gabriel both experience that phenomenon, because while they are simply enjoying the Hall of Illusions, they easily find the Halfling who darted in here earlier!

The halfling is gazing into a mirror, on his knees. His actual self is alone...but in the mirror, there is a little girl whispering to his youthful reflection. Aurora and Gabriel would notice that this girl is wearing a tattered dress, the skin on her arms are gray, she is carrying an oversized lollipop in one hand, and she is wearing a pig mask over her face.

However, upon finding him, the girl lifts her head up from whispering in the halfling's ear, and looks at the pair of adventurers for a moment, and turns. She walks away from the halfling and disappears.

The halfling then notices Aurora and Gabriel's reflections in the mirror, and he turns to look at the both of you. He has a worried look in his face, his face bearing tear streaks. He sniffs and rubs away the tears as he greets you, "O-Oh...Hello. Sorry, I didn't mean to be in the way..."

"You're not in the way. Are you ok?" Aurora crouched down ton look him directly in the eyes. She did occasional look at the mirrors to see if the girl was still near. "Who was that talking to you? The grey skinned girl with the mask?" uncharacteristically reticent Gabriel felt the scar on his face checking if it was still there, seeing himself as a child jostled some memories of his time as a street urchin. He barely acknowledged the halfling with a nod.

The Halfling sniffed as he nodded at Aurora's question of being okay. But it wasn't really convincing. He answers her next question honestly, a little bewildered himself, "I...I don't know. But she asked me if I had any regrets. If I did, she said she knew someone who could help...and all I had to do was follow her..."

He then sighed and laments, clearly trying to keep himself from crying, "....I proposed to my girlfriend, Ween. And...she laughed at me...Oh Gods, Why...?"

Rory fought to suppress a grin, not very well either. "There... there is.... There is magic here... and.. and it affects people's personality sometimes..." She barely managed to finish before bursting out in a small fit of laughter. "I... I'm sss.. sssorryy... I'm.. I'm.." she paused for a breath. "Oh by Tyr I don't know what came over me. I am not normally so giddy." Aurora fell over onto her butt from the giggle fit she just had and slowly tried to calm herself down.

Gabriel shook himself from his reverie, overhearing the poor halfling's plight and despite maybe chuckling under his breath slightly, he couldn't let the fellow wallow it wasn't right to not try to help him "Listen friend and listen well, there is no shame in what your feeling but have you thought about why she laughed?" he knelt next to the halfling to speak eye to eye, a friendly smile on his face mustering every bit of his willpower to not break into laughter "Maybe she had a nervous reaction mate? Go talk to her, nothing gets done if you don't talk." with a reassuring pat on the mans shoulder Gabriel stood.

The Halfling looks to Aurora as she explains while trying to hold her laughter in, but failing. He asks confused at first, "Magic...?"

He then looks to Gabriel as he encourages him to speak with his sweetheart. After hearing Gabriel, he wipes away his tears, and he answers, "Y-You're right. I should talk to her. Thank you...Thank you so much! Really! "

Aurora smiled as the halfling seemingly cheered up, then slowly got to her feet again. "Well glad you were able to cheer him up. I think we should see what else is in here. I am still curious about that girl we saw. You did see her right? She kept going forward looking around to see what else may be around.

The girl never appeared again and they only thing Rory saw were images of her much much later in life. As entertaining as it was to see an wrinkled silver haired version of her self, it was again mildly upsetting. "I think we've seen all of this exhibit." Suppressing a laugh Gabriel nodded, her reaction to looking old understandable but still remotely amusing. He simply followed her, as she was still leading him around by the hand like a schoolchild.

As the duo and the Halfling make their way out of the Hall, a woman's voice calls, her tone shifting from concerned to relieved, "Rubin! There you are!"

The halfling woman, Ween, hurried over to Rubin, and she apologizes, "Oh Rubin! I am so sorry! I didn't mean to laugh like that. I don't know what came over me! I was so happy...!"

As she speaks, Rubin looks relieved, and then she finally told him...

"What I mean to say is...Yes! Yes, I'd be happy to marry you!"

Rubin looks overjoyed, and the two embrace each other. Rubin places the ring on Ween's finger. After they separate, Rubin looks to you two, and thanks you again, before the two leave the Hall of Illusions together.

The mime who stands in front of the Hall of Illusions holds hands close to his chest over his heart. He looks overjoyed for the both of them, even wiping a tear from his eye.

Aurora gave a small wave to the two before taking off to the Snail Races, her companion smiled at the two halflings glad they could work things out, then before Aurora took off he turned to the mime and winked with a rakish smile upon his face.
@Guardian Angel Haruki got you added in.
@Guardian Angel Haruki do you want us to add you in on the collab?
Only 9 am here.
So now that the caffeine has hit my blood stream I think I'll able to process the late night posts a bit easier. Before it was more of a wtf happened.

Anyway, @DARK CLOUD we can start a collab. The bard and rogue are off on an adventure. Definitely won't end up being like Road to Eldorado.
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