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2 yrs ago
Nothing like having thunder storms in November. Also temperature is 62 f. A few days ago it was below freezing as well. Yay Midwest USA.
2 yrs ago
Coffee is a wonderful thing.
2 yrs ago
@Otaku I just watched the new episode for season 5 of RWBY. I've been ready for this season for awhile now.
2 yrs ago
@Uncertain tea why not?
2 yrs ago
Fair enough, though when I looked up blueshift it was when I was looking up the Andromeda galaxy. That was due to the upcoming, at that time anyway, Mass effect game.


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Sounds interesting.
Joseph Andreovich

Joseph walked in behind the gnome. "I doubt the Krusczek is here yet. Last I saw him he was still talking to the Reave's mage."

He continued past her to the bar to purchase some wine. K
He then found a table off to the side and began to drink for the moment.
"As long as you pay out consider this witch dead. I'll be waiting at the Laughing Knave should you require me sooner."

With that Joseph made his way towards the tavern while making a mental list of things he would need for this venture. Arrows and food were a certain necessity. He would have to inventory the rest of his gear to see what else he might need.

As of right now our DM has not put anything in here or in the discord chat for several weeks now. I don't know if or when they will return to this game.
Joseph stepped down the walkway for the gallows toward the others who had participated in the dispatching of the zombies. "Coin is a good start, maybe a meal and a skin of wine."

He slide the bow back into its place on his back and look to see which of his arrows were still going to be useable.
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