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Nothing like having thunder storms in November. Also temperature is 62 f. A few days ago it was below freezing as well. Yay Midwest USA.
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Coffee is a wonderful thing.
3 yrs ago
@Otaku I just watched the new episode for season 5 of RWBY. I've been ready for this season for awhile now.
3 yrs ago
@Uncertain tea why not?
3 yrs ago
Fair enough, though when I looked up blueshift it was when I was looking up the Andromeda galaxy. That was due to the upcoming, at that time anyway, Mass effect game.


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So here is my character sheet with pic. Link for dice rolls as well

Still needs backstory, equipment, and background for the CS but the rough draft is there.

Edit 1

Picture isn't working going to pull it down till I figure it out.
Cool DnD beyond it is.
Also do you have a preference to what site used to track the CS or are we doing that here in the character tab?

In case this was missed.
Sounds fair. I'll keep an eye out for more details in regards to how you want to handle attribute points and such.

Also do you have a preference to what site used to track the CS or are we doing that here in the character tab?
Seems interesting.

Any specific class/race restrictions?
"You two don't really remember much about the original changelings do you? Laura almost if not tried killed Andy and my dad. Then there is Zack...

Anyway I'll check with John and see if that old bucket of bolts he is calling a ship can help. It should at least be able to provide aerial support."

I give Amanda a quick hug and then blink towards the ship to check in with John.


"Yeah I do have a question. What is Cleansweep 3 and is a mini nuke really necessary? We do have a capital ship, though some maintenance may be needed. And a small crew."

I nudge Terrance. "We really are not all that you know. Hard to kill yes but not exactly wonder triplets as you say.
I pull away from Terrance ruffling my hair before it got to look worse than it already was.

"Well we found John and we also found an old flag ship of Poltergeist. One that was once thought lost and destroyed a while ago. It needs fuel and repairs and you guys happened to be the closest."

I look over to Shadow noticing him reaching for his rifle. " Don't worry about Terrance he just looks more threatening than he really is. These two are Amanda and Terrance Reaver. Amanda and Terrance this is Shadow, yes I know it seems weird that he uses the same name as my dad's old friend and boss but I also don't think it is his real name.

Oh look John and Ivan are finally getting here.

I put my helmet back on and look up as the old capital ship was making its way over the encampment. Landing a short distance away was Ivan's ship with him disembarking shortly after.

"Your welcome, though I think you and I have different definitions of fun"

I quickly get the ship back into the air before the zerg regroup and unite back under another command. It took a little while to get to where the settlement, mostly due to needing to dodge around a few clusters of zerg with Overseers.


I rush forward slinging my rifle behind me popping my helmet open as well. Once I was about fifteen feet away I blink the remaining distance and wrap my arms around her.

"I leave you for six months and you end up like this. What am I supposed to do with you? I swear you will cause me enough stress to have a stroke."

I look at her face tracing the new scars with the tips of my fingers. "Maybe next time somewhere with less zerg?"


Up in the distant sky the shape of a large ship slowly starts to increase as the Fury of Terra descends to the surface.
With a slight shudder the two drop pods are sent away toward the coloney defenses. After several minutes a dozen more follow the others down to the surface bearing mech walkers.

With that the capital ship slowly drops closer into orbit targeting any zerg in the air with all available ata batteries and a few of the ats begin firing into the clusters of fighting zerg.


The drop pods rocks as it enters atmosphere and gives a sudden jolt as the flaps deploy slowing the drop pod allowing it to land without harming the occupants. The same couldn't be said for those that were under it.

A sickening crunch is heard as the drop pod lands several yards away from the defensive front. As I pull the release lever the door shoots off knocking over a few zerg and leaving a clear path to the line. I step out and cloak before dashing towards the defenders only stopping when I had to move around a few remaining zerg. Once at the defensive line I turn off the cloaking module.

"Friendly. My name is Leah Flint." I hold my left hand up off my rifle looking over the crowd of defenders. "The others should be here soon."


Once over the main zerg hive I activate the cloaking module and try to find a clear path to Stefan. After several minutes I find a path only having to take iut a few overlords and mutalisks.
Upon landing nearby, the ship begins to provide some fire support while readying to drop the ramp once Stef gets close enough.

{{Stef evac is here better hurry while they are still in disarray.}} I call over external comms dropping the cloak just long enough for Stef to see the ship.

{Right, I'll do what I can.}

"Ivan, might want to hop in your ship and head to see if Stef hits exactly on the hive."

"Delta, rally the mechs and ready them for drop as soon as Ivan clears."

{Leah, your choice drop pod or turret support. Same for you Shadow.}

Ivan nods and leaves the bridge heading to his Valkyrie readying it to launch. Once he had left I shift the ship slightly so fire support could be provided from the broadside turrets. The auto target systems, turned on by Ivan before he left, were already picking targets by threat factor to the ship.


{I'll take a pod.}

"Sounds like we have more to deal with. Seems like this thing is going to go on for awhile. Should give you plenty of time to think about going back on ice."

I leave Shadow with that and head towards where the drop pods were kept. Once there I strap in and wait for launch readying myself for a highly probable hostile landing zone.
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