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Fell, she/they, English, currently obsessed with DnD and other ttrpgs. I do art sometimes.

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Oh god, are we really planning to let Fellwing deal with Garrock?

This can only end well.

I mean Garrock isn't really doing anything at the moment. He's just keeping an eye on Maug, and trying not to engage with Rudrick.
@XxFellsingxX If it's possible, I would say Shieldwing's empathy for knowing that Stargaze would feel guilty would warrant a Friendship Gem from Stargaze to Shieldwing. ^^"

Yeah, that sounds good. I'll add that to the Friendship Gem tracker.

I am always glad when you guys remember to give Friendship Gems. I sometimes forget about that mechanic, oops ^^;
I will admit, Flicker is going to be a bit suspicious about this whole situation because they don't drink.

(Also I'm really sorry Rush for having Flicker attack Gorgash if that wasn't your intention ^^;)
Aura was more, "okay you don't deserve to sit at my table anymore after insulting my friends and being a general annoyance".

Moderator Aura ready to ban Gorgash from the party chat.
Listen he would have beat the crap out if the kid if he actually had hit him, but Hammerhand was trying to prove to Max that he wasn't a true warrior. He needs to marshal himself. Other than that, I dunno about you guys but killing Gorgash sounds like a great idea after all it seems like him and Max are working together

Flicker isn't quite at the 'Let's kill Gorgash' stage... but they do want to beat the crap out of him. They didn't like him that much when they first met him, and now they really don't like him.
I mean we could have just had Max run away after what Cascade did. He's like "Ah shit maybe I am out of my depth" and then he goes away and rethinks his actions idk, like realise maybe picking a fight with a scary orc warrior, four genasi and a swashbuckling lady isn't the way to go
I have nothing to add to the above, I agree with what everyone else has said.
Yeah, I agree with everyone above. That's part of the reason I've been having Flicker focus on Gorgash instead of the actual fight ^^;
@XxFellsingxX yes kill the other orc, no matter how much we shouldn't there should only be one orc. 😈

I have no problem with Flicker killing Gorgash... I do feel bad for his dog tho, I don't want Flicker to hurt the dog
... Oop, I may have made things worse. I forgot he had a doggo.
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