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Fell, she/they, English, currently obsessed with DnD and other ttrpgs. I do art sometimes.

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Jub the Peculiar

Jub observed the bullywugs with dull amusement. Snooty frog people? Yeah, that checked out. It made as much sense as anything else he'd seen since entering this weird plane. Just like Brutrumukk, he also didn't fancy his chances with mingling these guys, and started following the gnome around the hall until he drew his attention to something nearby. Jub eyed the cloud curiously, though no more surprised than how he had looked at the bullywugs. "That's a storm cloud... with ropes coming out of it," the goblin said flatly. He then shrugged. "You know, I'm starting to wish I'd found a book about fey nonsense instead of a spellbook. That would be very helpful right about now."
Brutrumukk: Oi oi. Booyagh. What d'you reckon that thing over there is?
Jub: Bro, I gave up trying to understand what is going on, like, half a chapter ago. Don't attempt to get answers from me.
That would be a success!
Go ahead and roll the Advantage for the Arcana/Nature. ^_^

... eheh....

That's a 6 (this time with the lucky stick right off the bat). Apparently Jub really doesn't want to figure out this cloud's deal.

Now that I think about it...try a Perception check. If you succeed on that, you can reroll the Arcana/Nature check as Advantage.

14. The lucky stick makes it a 15.
Either an Arcana or a Nature check, your choice.

As for the Poisoned Condition, I'd say the Minute has passed by now, so the poison has worn off.

... that's an 8. Even with the lucky stick, it would only be a 9.
Sure. Go for it.

What kind of check should I roll for?

Also am I still poisoned?
@Guardian Angel Haruki Question: can I roll some sort of check on the cloud to see if it's magical and/or potentially dangerous?
@XxFellsingxX Sorry, I don't have anything to add right now.

That's cool. I'll get to work on the next post.

A head's up: it'll probably take a bit. It's likely gonna be a longer one.
@Guardian Angel Haruki I know you're juggling a lot of stuff right now, but is there anything you want to add before I move us along?
... realised I should probably post, oops.

I'll get something up either today or tomorrow.
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