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Fell, she/they, English, currently obsessed with DnD and other ttrpgs. I do art sometimes.

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You didn't expect that the guy with a fairy tale backstory would have a Fairy Godmother?

Next you'll reveal to us that Brutrumukk isn't even a bugbear, but some prince enchanted to look like a bugbear.
Jub: If corals get stressed they die, so if I was coral I’d be dead.
Brutrumukk: What do corals have to be stressed about?
Zavakri: Current events.
Jub the Peculiar

Jub had to restrain himself from shouting again, and took a deep breath. Clearly, the significance of this revelation was lost on Brutrumukk, so he'd have to break it down for him. "You remember that Misters Witch and Light named Zybilna as the archfey they worship? The same that Kettlesteam worships? The same archfey that used to rule this place before the Coven took over?" He looked around at the rest of the table. "Does anyone else find this all a crazy coincidence or am I finally losing my mind right now!?"
After writing that post, I realised that, had anybody else claimed to have a magical fairy godmother, Jub would have been at least a little skeptical. But because it's Brutrumukk, Jub is like "Seems legit." Both because Brutrumukk doesn't seem like someone who would make up something that fantastical and because it perfectly explains how Brutrumukk has survived this long despite how reckless he is.
Jub the Peculiar

Jub had been finishing his meal in embarrassed silence, when the innkeeper spoke up. While he had shown some curiosity towards Brutrumukk's story, he hadn't commented. After all, weird and unexplained things happened all over Faerun. If Jub could find a spellbook in the garbage and something like the Witchlight Carnival existed, then why couldn't Brutrumukk have some fairy godmother looking out for him? It was only when the innkeeper identified the woman as Zybilna that Jub suddenly spat out the mouthful of food he had been eating and had to take a moment to recover.

"Excuse me," he said after a minute or so of spluttering. "What did you just say?!"
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Dexterity Saving Throws please.


Also you appear to have tagged me twice xP
When Ervdul started laughing in response to Jørmund's threats, Flicker scowled. "Friend. Ally. Pet. Whatever," they said. "Doesn't matter. If you lot don't get lost, we're gonna crush all of you!" Their hair and eyes were beginning to blaze crimson again, showing a renewed rage in the fire genasi. They struck at the nearest attacker again with their sword.

Oops, didn't realise it was my turn! I'll post at some point over the next couple of days.
Quick Check In: How is everyone doing?

Tired, but okay.
What things would these be?

Jub has eaten things out of other people's garbage before, from leftover food to things like shoes and rags that he thought was food but turned out not to be food.
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