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I'd also be concerned for Flicker at this point xP
Lol, anyways if everyone just wants to push forward I don't really have anything to add to the IC atm. Is that alright?

I think we're waiting for Fading to catch up and post.
Also, just imagine our characters ending up the domains of dread at some point. We're all freaking out and trying how to figure out how to escape...

... meanwhile, Brutrumukk is putting like casually putting a fifth zombie head on a pike like "Why these called the domains of dread? I could live here!"
@Fading Memory Oh so her husband is a level 2...Commoner? Cause I can't see an entire family of people with class levels xD

Dude's got to be at least Level 10 to put up with Zavakri's eccentricities on a daily basis xD
@Guardian Angel Haruki Honestly depends on where Jub is at character arc-wise after Witchlight.

... assuming he even survives until the end of the campaign xD
Jub the Peculiar

As if on cue, the group would soon hear Jub's voice calling from the mists, "Hey everyone, look what we found!" which would be then followed by the goblinoids emerging from the fog, raft held above their heads thanks to Brutrumukk. "We..." He gestured between himself and the bugbear. "Have located a means for which to travel through the swamp, without any need for swimming. No need to thank us!" His voice made it sound as if this had all been part of the plan, and that they hadn't just ran off a few minutes ago.
I'll probably let Krog post first before I write Jub returning to the crew. Let Gabe and Rory have their discussion.
I would say that would be an Athletics check. ^_^

Can Jub give Brut advantage by cheering him on?
Jub the Peculiar

"Seems to be a raft of some kind," Jub responded, leaning forward slightly so as to get a better look at the object. "Don't know what it's doing out here and it doesn't seem to have any sign of an owner..." He raises his head once more and took a moment to survey his surroundings once more. "Hmmm... this might be useful for traversing the swamp. I don't know how many of our lot consider themselves strong swimmers, but I certainly don't." He looked up at Brutrumukk. "Think you can pick this up, carry it with us back to the group?"
Alrighty Everyone, 'End of Session 1';

Any Questions, Comments, Criticisms, Concerns, or Compliments for the game so far? I ask this in an OOC/Meta sense, for the themes/vibe/enjoyment of the game so far rather than any in character sense.

Really enjoying the game so far, myself! I do have a couple of questions:

1. How old are Regis and Gen meant to be? 'Cause you mentioned that Behemoths don't allow their youth to start going out alone and hunting until age 10, so depending how old these two are is going affect how comfortable he is with them coming along on what is already looking to be a dangerous journey. xD

2. Now that we're level 4, do we still get the choice of picking a feat as opposed to an ASI, given we already got a free feat at the beginning of this game?

Cool! A level up and onto the next chapter!

I definitely would love to do some RP with fellow PCs and NPCs before going onto the next quest. ^_^

However, Amaryllis, at this point in time, is more used to isolation/hermitry and is very task oriented right now, so someone would need to initiate a conversation with her. She is unlikely to do so if the conversation is not related to her tasks.

She would try to use what access to knowledge she has in Mildred's Palace to see if there are any sort of written documents/clues as to what could be going on in the Heartlands.

Same, I really am looking forward to various characters having the chance to have a breather and talk, though like Amaryllis, Vigil is also not the most sociable person in the world, and also more task-oriented. He'll definitely want to talk to his various companions though. As mentioned, he's already gained a decent amount of respect towards both Amaryllis and Iris simply due to fighting alongside them.
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