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Jonathan Paul Huckaby
The Library

Jonathan sat finishing the last line of the first book he was reading out loud. He had created a Chapter break between each audio file he created. Slowly he closed the book and looked tiredly at the ones around him. One-off to the side, three million to go. He thought as he looked at all of the books in the building. Leaning forward he pulled up his Fitbit. It was oddly fully charged after only one book. At this point, he knew the basics of using the restroom and how currency in this world worked. Letting out a sigh he turned on some music as he gathered his belongings and placed them in his pockets. His phone wasn’t as low as he thought it would be either. Strange. He felt like listening to music and pulled up some video game music. Chrono Trigger seemed like a good option as he was in another world. Well, the game was about time travel but this was close enough.

BGM: Other World

Once he picked his song he made sure it was as low as possible. Then placed his ear buds into his ears and let his hair down. After that he leaned against the table with a book propped up in front of him. Several books under it so that it looked like he was reading. His body was fatigued, he was hungry and thirsty. Where was his new master who promised him food? He thought as his eyelids slowly closed.

A loud noise erupted from behind him? He shot up taking a few inches into the air but landing back into his seat. He was now awake… probably only a few minutes of sleep. Then again the drool on his face told a different story. It had caught some strands of hair, both facial and head. He thought this was just normal for this building and would mind his own business. Unfortunately for him, someone sat next to him. It wasn’t a normal sit either. The entire table moved as did his seat. Looking over he noticed a giant of a man. He was around the same height as his younger brother but built like a mound of muscle. He didn’t look all that well either, as if something was troubling him.

“By existence, who the fuck are you?” The man asked as Jonathan fixed his glasses. His mind was still catching up to what was going on. He wasn’t trying to ignore the man and even looked around the room thinking he was talking to someone else. His natural reaction was to point to himself with a dumb look on his face. He pulled the earbuds from his ears and shut off his song, via his fitbit.

“Names Jonathan.” He answered simply. He had noted that this man was of some kind of rank, and didn’t want to mess with someone who could probably snap him in half.

“Fuck is such a great word isn’t it? It can be used for so many things and in so many ways. You complimented your sentence with “the fuck”, instead of simply asking a stranger “Who are you?” I hope I’m someone who can help. You seem stressed.” He started rambling. STOP TALKING! He thought as his mouth continued. “Perhaps with my limited knowledge I could assist you, or just listen to your woes.” He calmly stated. His eyes were fighting to stay focused as he looked at the man. Slowly he started to fix the mess on his face. As he did that his stomach roared like a lion, protesting the famine it was being forced through. All he could do was smile and cover his stomach embarrassed as to what had just happened.
I will try to post tomorrow. I have been busy. Trying to get a loan for a house. Takes a bunch of time and paperwork. @Solaris@Letter Bee

I did read the post. Besides crapping my pants I don't know what to do. I'm honestly not used to many people being taller than I am and being as strong as he was described... it makes me think you put a god next to me. I feel like I'm in a world full of giants and I'm the small one. I know this world is technically different from ours, so I guess I cannot gripe much.
@Letter BeeNot really. Just another day. Was waiting for a response in order to reply.
Posted a thing. Hope it makes sense. Purchasing a house is debt... but I'm paying the same amount I would be in rent... so. Yeah. Adulting level 1
Jonathan Paul Huckaby
The Library

He nodded as she informed him of laziness by just getting answers thrown at him. She was right again. Knowing himself better than most, he would have to learn by trial and error. His mind started to race again but he stopped it by focusing on her words… trying to. Her concern is what bought his mind out of its argument. He started to grind his teeth when she touched his forehead and his eye started to twitch in the corner. Letting out a sigh he calmed himself. She was obviously trying to help him.

When she touched his chest he was a bit surprised. Furthermore, goosebumps moved throughout his body. That was just before the magic hit him, seconds, milliseconds. When the magic hit him he could feel it wrapping around him and somehow within him. Like it was connecting to him somehow and when she was done he felt clean. This was a clean unlike any he had ever felt. It looked like his clothes were clean as well? He wasn’t sure but smiled and the goosebumps doubled as the wave went through him again.

When she beckoned him to follow he nodded and couldn’t hide his smile. This feeling reminded him of when he was a child. It made sense considering he knew nothing of this realm. When he was in school and the teacher or a friend would help him. The goosebumps would occur. The more they helped the more they happened. It was a strange thing that happened to him but he liked when people helped him for no reason, other than to just help. She explained that she would help him learn general knowledge of the world and again his smile didn’t fade.

“Thank you.” He said clearly, his voice honest. Once they got inside he started to giggle and then started to laugh. He pinched his left arm in order to stop laughing and tried to act as the stoic and serious student. He only bowed his head to her and then looked around. His eyes were alight with life as if a passion deep within him awoke.

He slowly moved over to the records, maps, and other assorted information. Slowly, he moved around the room and picked up the book of the Church of Existence, a few on Illuminated, or so he thought, and some history, economic, financial, courting and law books. Once done he sat down and started flipping through the pages. First, was the Church of Existence. As much as he wanted to learn about magic, he would first need general knowledge.

“Food sounds great. Thank you again. I could have most of this saved soon.” He explained as he pulled out his phone. If she asked about the device he would explain it as clearly as he could. He would even take a picture of her and show her how she looked. Of course, paintings could do the same thing, perhaps some magicians with specialized spells. However, this was taken in an instant. Going over his plans to read each book into the phone so that he could listen to it while they worked out or did other sessions. He would eat, breathe, and live these books for the next few days. Eventually, he would memorize each book word for word.

Purposefully, he sat in an area that was blanketed by the sun. Nice open roof at the top of the building washing light in one of the schools of the Illuminated. He thought there was a good pun here but dismissed it for his thirst for knowledge. After that thought, he pulled out his solar charger and plugged his Fitbit into it. Unfortunately, it was the device he forgot to turn off, or perhaps he was keeping track of time with it.

Once he settled the book in front of himself he opened the voice recorder and started to read out loud. It took him a few tries before he got a great recording voice. When he messed up he would rewind and try again. Eventually, he was reading the book, front to back or was it back to front? He couldn’t tell but his body naturally opened the book and turned the pages in the correct direction. It was strange, as if he had reached a second wind while within this place. Perhaps, it was the spell she cast on him before. He didn’t know or seem to care at this moment. He was reading like a demon-possessed.
Jonathan Paul Huckaby
Franziska's Lab/Heading Towards The Library

As Huck laid there waiting, he couldn't help but notice how many bones popped when he took this position. When she started talking Huck didn't move or respond. He would wait for her to finish. If he were being honest, he was ready to wait for hours, but found that he wouldn't need to. When she mentioned being curious about his world he smiled. He felt that this was right, like it was something that he needed to do in order to learn magic. His dreams were almost always filled with magic or some kind of unexplained superpower/ability. This was the first step in learning. When she motioned for him to follow he slowly moved as his body popped a few more times. Once his stretch was finished he strode quickly after her.

He didn't realize that she was going to stop. However, he didn't run into her either. As she stopped pressure built into his back foot, mainly on the forward ball. It was as if he froze in place depending entirely on his left leg. This caused the muscles on his leg to bulge as he did. Slowly he moved back onto it, creating a small gap between them. She informed him that he wasn't to mention the illuminated in public and he nodded in affirmation. Not drawing attention was hard for someone wearing his clothing and being as big as he was. However, he didn't allow that to get to him. At this moment he was focused on the situation at hand. He knew if he didn't he would doom himself, and thus he kept his mouth shut.

His emotional state was in flux and he didn't like this feeling. However, he pressed it down into the back of his mind and focused on his new master. His eyes seemed to have relaxed a little as if adjusting to the light. His body a little less tense. This action happened again when he went outside. However, the difference was that his body remained tense. He was not much of a people person, as in large crowds. His eyes widened as he scanned each person, darting to everyone and seeming to take in every possible path. When he saw the slaves at first he didn’t realize what was going on. He just through people were displaying themselves as nudists or something. However, that changed when he caught the smell of burnt hair and flesh. He was thankful that he hadn’t eaten in a long while, otherwise he would have vomited.

“Slaves?” He asked under his breath still following his new master. It was more of a presumption on his part given how the crowd was acting. He felt sad for them but was a bit thankful to them as well. This was due to the fact that everyone in the area was enamored or… possessed? It reminded him of an anime he watched where people were frothing at the mouth, to a display similar to this. His face seemed to lose all color as he tried to focus on his master.

”Just keep walking.” He whispered out loud through greet teeth as he fought the urge to play hero. His body was visibly shaking as he moved. One could assume it was due to rage. It was partially correct. However, there was also fear, malnourishment, sleep exhaustion and the fact that he couldn’t help. He hated knowing that he was weak in every sense of the word. Finally, they got away from the area with the slave auction going on.

“I feel that asking questions about the area or location now, without a map may only make me ask more questions. That is if you wish to answer them.” He thought out loud as they walked. Then two specific questions came to mind.

“How does one clean oneself, and may we eat something?” He asked as he looked around surveying the area. His eyes darted from road, to alleyways, rooftops, perches, and anywhere someone could hide or he could run if something were to happen. His body was still shaking and he was sweating, even though it wasn’t hot enough to cause this much sweat.
Jonathan Paul Huckaby
Franziska's Lab

As he landed on the ground, he groaned due to the impact. It reminded him of when he arrived here. This strange place. His mind was too filled with information. As usual, he was overthinking and snapping at the only person who would help him. Hunger and fatigue were setting in. His memory of the between realm was strange. He didn't recall sleeping much and when he did he would shake awake. Travel between realms was not instant and he was tired and hungry. 'Could be why I'm so irritable and crazed.' He guessed. 'Still not an excuse as to why you are being a dick.' His thoughts became depressed as he scolded himself. Again his stomach growled and he needed food. He was hungry, thirsty, tired, and needed to use the restroom. 'Gotta race like a piss-horse.' He recalled what his brother would say sometimes after a few too many drinks.

He laid on the ground just waiting for her to finish. At this point apologizing would do nothing. Him talking would probably just piss her off more. He didn't need to see her in order to tell how mad she was, he could tell by her tone. She was right and he was in the wrong. He knew this. Still stubborn as all hell but in an unknown realm. He needed help. She told him that she wouldn't help him and he nodded while face down. The stone floor was cold but felt good for some reason. His eyes were closed as he listened to her. When she spoke about the knowledge and understanding of magic, he yearned to learn, his body shook. It was with excitement that magic actually existed and then he calmed down when she noted that he wouldn't listen. His mind was too full of thoughts and he was trapped in it. Again not being able to speak like when he was a child.

She spoke about trust and how it was earned like respect. He knew this but his dumb brain was overcharged with what ifs. When she said "She was one of the most trustworthy people he would ever meet." He smiled. He has been told the very same thing about himself. 'Perhaps I can just apologize and explain. Peopling at this moment isn't my strong suit.' He thought as his eyes opened. Luckily enough, his glasses were undamaged from his fall. Slowly he sturred and collected his hat again. It had been knocked off his head by the impact. His chin seemed to be fine as it looks like his beard took most of the impact. Sluggishly he moved and collected his jug of water. He drank some of his water leaving a very small amount left. The cold liquid ran down his body almost as if it were the only thing in him. It sent chills throughout his body as he stood there. He couldn't help but smirk, a tired defeated smile if one at all, at the situation before him.

"Apologies." He whispered barely able to speak. Fear held his voice to a low murmur. 'Sometimes they have to debase themselves.' He thought from what she had said before. He moved up to her and placed himself in front of her if possible and if not near enough for her to see him. His eyes seemed a little clearer. However, the bags under his eyes clearly suggested he hadn't slept in a day or two, not restfully. "I apologize for my rude behavior. I would blame it on how hungry I have become, how tired I am, how sick I feel, and how much I have to use the restroom. However, that doesn't excuse me of my actions. I was ignorant, arrogant, rage-filled, self-serving, and speaking ill of you and yours. I'm usually mellow and don't speak much. My Brian isn't working very well at this time." He admitted as he knelt down and got on his knees. He did the Childs Pose, with arms extended.

"I'm sorry." His stated clearly and his words bounced off of the floor and around the room. "If you will still have me as an apprentice I would be honored to learn from you." He paused for a moment. He didn't seem to mind this pose or the situation. He had allowed anger to get the better of him and he needed to pay for it. 'It had been ten years since I have allowed anger to take me over like that. Longer since I actually struck with rage filling my body. Now that I think about it that was the same amount of time since I vomited last.' He thought as he made sure to press his body as far to the ground as he could. To some, it would be a bit surprising how flexible this big man was. He would prostrate himself like this for as long as it took, even if she left and didn't return. He only flinched when his stomach growled.
Sorry about my post. It seems a bit broken up. Like I couldn't get my thoughts all together. It happens sometimes. Anyways, I hope you all like it.
Jonathan Paul Huckaby
Franziska's Lab

Huck stood where he was and listened, waiting for a reply. Once she started to laugh he couldn't help but smile. He knew that deep down he didn't want a servant. She mentioned about only playing games she could win and it made him ponder a moment. Her array of thinking was logical and yet he felt a kind of madness behind it. There was a pressure on his head and then the cold pressure of a knife on his neck. Her touch to his head had made him jump as he didn't expect it at all. 'Seems I was too focused on her analysis of the trap.' He noted in his head. He couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief. 'If she didn't press her hand against my head first I would probably be dead.' Another note.

The knife against his throat made him anxious but then he relaxed. 'My life ended when I came through that portal.' He thought as he listened to her. Dread filled him because she thought he threatened her. Again she demeaned his status with her harsh words. 'It was insanity to only listen to half of what someone had to say.' He thought as she vanished again and appear in front of him. When she started to speak again he listened to her words and his eyes widened a little. His smile faded. Once again it looked like he had a turd stuck and was on the crapper. His RBF kicked in.

"Well, that is a wonderful offer." He replied to her suggestion. "You would get a servant in the form of an apprentice." He noted out loud while looking at her hand. "I don't want to be a puppet, and this illuminated you speak of sounds like a religion. Furthermore, you sound like you wish to brainwash me with your religious beliefs. I will help you in any way that I can. However, I will not do "whatever you desire" as your desires are something of a mystery to me. I would truly be a fool if I accepted such a deal." He stated with air quotes.

"I didn't say that I would have my way with you. I said if I were a pig I would have tried. You seem to only hear half of what I say. I'm not sure if there are more minds within your own. However, I have a compromise." His words seemed lower than normal. Like he felt like this wouldn't work.

"First, I will not do anything that I don't agree with. Second, I will not have sex with anything here, that includes you. Third, you will stop touching my fucking face and head! Lastly, I will help you in any way I can as long as it doesn't conflict with the first three. If you agree to these terms I will become your Apprentice." His voice seemed to have picked up some volume as he spoke. He looked a bit mad, his brow was furrowed, his teeth were showing, and he seemed out of breath for some reason. This display would have been terrifying if she hadn't messed up his hair. His hair tie had become loose, his hat fell off, and his hair fell in front of his face. He now looked like cousin it from the Adams family but bigger. He let out a sigh as his posture returned to non-aggressive. With both hands, he collected his hair.

He turned his back on her in order to collect his hair tie with his left hand, his right holding the massive amount of hair in a ponytail. Even while doing this his hair still past his waist. As he knelt down he looked around for his hat. Absentmindedly, he tied his hair back and retrieved his hat.

"I feel lost." He admitted as he looked at the hat. Slowly he stood up he moved back to her.

"I want to trust you. However, my past is my past and it is hard for me to do so. I know that I know nothing here and making you a foe wouldn't be good." Again he gave her some information.

"I could say that information is power and it has its costs. However, friends information is free. I would like us to be that. I don't like when people are hurting or causing conflict just to do so. I'm no god in a human coil. I'm Jonathan Huckaby and I deceived you because I can't truly trust people. That and words have weight when one has always been called names." His words almost seemed to crack as he held back his emotions.

"Enough about that. I would like you to know more about me so you may understand. My Girlfriend and I have been together for over six years. I wanted to go into debt in order to purchase a house and eventually ask for her to marry me. However, that will not be something I can do now." He started sounding very depressed.

"I know that she will feel like I just vanished just like everyone else but I am not that guy!" He stated as he started to look her in the eyes, tears welling up.

"If you accept those terms and eventually send me back then I will join you. Also, sorry for the long-winded speech." He apologized with a smile as he held his hand out allowing her the choice of agreeing or not. As he smiled his eyes closed making the bits of moisture in them become tears. He looked a little sick like going through a portal for several days with no food had taken its toll. This was confirmed as he fell forward. What stopped his fall? Either the floor or the only other person in the room. His stomach once again let loose a growl as if someone had just started up a chainsaw. It was embarrassing or would have been if he wasn't in another world.
@Landaus Five-One Let's not forget I have my smartphone. Sadly it isn't directly connected to God and has a new map and all that other stuff. Just my phone and survival PDFs, music, movies, and a few other interesting things. I plan to have entertainment when the Zombie Apocolypse happens. I want to know how to live with things that would work as power generators. Thankfully I work for Crucial and when I started Micron still had Lexar. Lexar develops micro SD cards. I have a 512GB one as well as a 128GB. I cannot recall the exact numbers. However, they are packed with information and entertainment.

The End Times Are Nigh!

Seriously though, I just like to know how things work... and just in case the crazy people are right. Never hurts.
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