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Current Starting 2-11 shifts tomorrow, so maybe I'll have time to catch up writing in the mornings rather than just on days off for a bit.
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IRL has been a crazy pain in my ass trying to get this new job situated. Once I get things rolling, though, I should be able to focus more on RP thing
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Haven't checked the site in a few days. Was busy getting my shit together this weekend, so apologies to whoever is waiting on me.
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It's a spam bot. Pay no heed to it and just wait for a mod to get around to nuking the account.
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Probably going to do some reorganizing of RP-related stuff this weekend. Clean out some, readdress others, etc. Just something that is overdue and I need to do.
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Location: Recreation Room -> Dorm Rooms - AEGIS Complex, Alcatraz Island
Issue #4: Magnet for Chaos
Interaction(s): Sophia @Qia
Previously: FIRE! FIRE! FIRE!

Screaming. Orders. Explosions.

For the second time in a matter of mere minutes, the complex fell into chaos. Natsumi, having been escorted aside to the lone drinking fountain in the rec room to wash out her eyes, had barely any time to react to the commotion. Across the room, some of the internees had broken out into a shouting match, and before anyone knew it, explosions had gone off, with various pieces of furniture being thrown about by a man charging to the scene of the incident.

Although what appeared to be some kind of force field had been thrown up to block the explosion, Natsumi still felt a sudden worry for her own safety. Between capsicum-pained blinks, she could see herself disappearing into thin air; her very body reacting to the danger like it had before as guards flooded into the room en masse to deal with the ongoing situation. Her thoughts could only fear the worst, firmly believing that the guards might decide to rope her in as a perpetrator and put her down once more.

After all, all it would take was one overzealous guard to light the match, as it did during the warden's introduction. But the dreaded spark never came, much to Natsumi's surprise. Though they were still nonetheless pushed around not unlike prisoners, the guards had given Natsumi enough leeway to fade back into existence without another round of pepper spray or even the painful zapping of a taser. She wasn't certain if the warden had said anything to the guards, or if it was just one guard that had stepped out of line, but regardless of the who or what Natsumi was simply glad not to be on the receiving end once again.

Following in the footsteps of those that still remained in the recreation room, Natsumi allowed herself to be escorted towards the complex's dorms. There, she had figured, she might be able to get some respite without the fear of being blown up or some other threat kicking her invisibility ability into action.

As she was directed to her dorm, however, Natsumi was left with an unfamiliar face. Even with her reddened eyes, she couldn't remember seeing the blonde individual before. She hadn't been on the bus ride or the ferry, so Natsumi could only assume she must've been here already or arrived later than the rest. Whoever the girl was, however, it seemed that the two of them were supposed to be roommates during their stay at the AEGIS complex.

"Hi," Natsumi croaked out in reply, moving to sit on one of the dorm beds. Across her face, she forced a weary yet friendly smile at the blonde girl she had been partnered with. "I think we're supposed to be roommates."
Been rewatching Adventure Time now that the new Fionna and Cake show has been out. I never quite finished the main show, but I did watch a good few seasons growing up. Honestly, it's kind of interesting that even though I haven't watched this show in so many years, a solid chunk of the episodes are basically permanently burned in my memory, especially around S1/S2 ish.
The Night of the Rabbit is free 2 keep on GOG until the 25th.

Out of Line and The Forest Quartet is free 2 keep on Epic until the 28th.

Also lol @ at Fortnite/Epic being class action'd over V-bucks.


As Priscilla walked towards the Thousand Sunny, the sound of loud chanting could be heard over the pier. Evidently, some of her old classmates were already getting down to business even before they sailed off into the sunset. Before she could reach the bridge to join them, however, the sudden pitter-patter of feet echoed from behind Priscilla. Stopping in her tracks, Priscilla turned around to see whoever might've been rushing to her side and lifted a pair of sunglasses above her eyes. To her surprise, it had been a familiar face—Charlotte Hayes, fellow King's Academy alumni and lead guitarist for The Last Light.

Although Priscilla practically disappeared the moment she had shipped off to boot camp post-graduation, Charlotte was a name she simply couldn't forget over the years. She was well aware of Charlotte's band, The Last Light; the name still in her head from back when it had been formed at King's Academy. Coupled with the fact that Priscilla often had to pause whenever she overheard the band being played within the battalion barracks, trying to remember where she had heard Charlotte before, it didn't take her long to connect the dots and figure out that one of her classmates had become a superstar.

"Of course. Priscilla, though I can't blame you or anyone else for not remembering. I didn't leave much notice to where I disappeared to after our graduation." She replied, with a soft smile. "Charlotte, right? I was surprised to hear that The Last Light had made it. You know, the boys back at CBC Gulfport are big fans of you and the band; I've probably heard every song of yours blasted throughout the entire barracks because of them."

Watching Charlotte set her belongings on the ground, Priscilla wondered if she wanted any assistance in carrying her belongings on to the yacht. After years in the military, Priscilla was no stranger to lifting heavy equipment, so one extra bag or two would've been nothing. At least, when compared to having to slog through on rucks carrying up to a hundred pounds of gear on her person. And unlike the military, where she'd be stuck on a tiresome five mile sortie or a midnight practice skirmish in heavy kevlar, it'd only be a short walk to the yacht, where their destination awaited them.

"Want some help carrying everything on board? It's no trouble on my end."

As Priscilla waited for Charlotte's answer, she noticed some other individuals arriving to the yacht. Some faces she remembered, others she had difficulty remembering. However, one in particular stood out to her, that being Paulina Villanueva—another former classmate, but also the daughter of her boss. She had been tempted to say hello as Paulina walked past, but as she was beat to the punch by one of their classmates, Priscilla instead opted for a friendly wave towards her direction.

Location: Dockyard Interactions: @SpicyMeatball@Venus
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