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10 days ago
Current I still have no idea what the hell he meant by "types". Maybe it's something like astrology and star signs?
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10 days ago
okay flo from progressive, no need to get your panties in a twist
10 days ago
Nah, it isn't Reborn. His ban evading alt was already outed earlier this weekend.
19 days ago
These past few weeks haven't been for me, lol. But I'm still around even if I probably won't be here Friday either.
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25 days ago
You sound like every news outlet that reported on Joker tbh


why does the scent of rain make me feel nostalgic?

why does my heart clamor as summer approaches?

why do i cry when people laugh at me?

is it all right to think that even so i'll be rewarded someday?

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<Snipped quote by Kuro>

I miss bitch thread just as much as the next guy, but

i don't think this is a gush post lmao

I needed to happy bitch for a second tbh

Got a lot of shit to deal with RN and Ink had my back there

Das pretty cool

But you know what

Jeffery Epstein was murdered.

Well, I made omelettes for the first time instead of frying eggs like I usually do, and I think they turned out great.
Well, I found out that an entire RP group on another site had ghosted me over the weekend. Probably should've expected it since I already had to hunt down people for posts earlier this last month, but still. My other RP on that site is probably dead in the water, too, given I have extremely bare bones WIPs but nothing in terms of a completed sheet in over a week's time, and no OOC chatter. Plus, the two RPs I expressed interest in are also dead in the water--One GM never answered my questions because he never showed up again while the other RP had a GM that disappeared and no one had made sheets for it.

But at least I have @Inkarnate to share in the bitching, so props to him. I tend to bitch in DMs a lot, and I'm pretty sure I've annoyed him in the past over it, but it's nice to have someone hear you out, especially regarding the "entire RP group ghosting" since he had been rather invested in the same RP.

I mean, yeah, sure, people gonna ghost, but it's ridiculous when I'm waiting on responses only for an entire RP group to not only ignore me when I ask if anyone is posting, but also vanish from the discord without saying anything. We had a good pace and everyone was hyped up at the beginning, then I had to start hunting down people for responses before total silence. It's kind of like when the guild servers were having issues like a year ago. Had an entire RP group tell me in the OOC that they were going to stick around once it was sorted out, only for no one to respond to my IC post after the connection was fixed back then.
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