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2 days ago
Current me: "i'm only gonna watch a couple episodes of the new JP series tonight before bed" also me: *binges the whole season* oops.
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3 days ago
so are you looking down on yourself then
7 days ago
A lot of why TWD went to shit is because AMC was greedy as hell, and that Gimple is a terrible showrunner. I like Angela Kang as showrunner, though. She's been in charge of the latest seasons.
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9 days ago
that's a yikes from me 😬
1 mo ago
@deaddrop you've got it backwards. they say ignore post count because they haven't posted a ton in probably months or years because they pm rp


idk what to put here rn

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Welcome to the guild, @SirLancelot82. Sounds like the tabletop section might be a good fit for you.
House Lydden

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In Ahoy! 3 days ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
Welcome to the guild, @Leah Wiley.
@Aufklarung Alright alright alright.

Everyone else, I'll try my best to get on OOC up this weekend, due to the interest. (It may run in to next week possibly...)

Secondary question, would folks prefer a discord channel, or no thanks?

I don't care either way. Though a discord channel would probably be good if people want to bounce ideas off each other.
As I told Ink, my current ideas are:

House Mormont
House Reed
House Forrester
House Hunter

I'm gonna look around the kingdoms to see if anything else spots my eye, but that's what I got in mind for choices atm.
Tentative interest for now.

psst fuck the freys
anyone play ck3 I'm generally not a fan of paradox/map painter games for innumerable reasons but i hear good things about this one

There were a few people talking about CK3 about a week or so ago in RPGO's #gaming channel if you want to ask there as well.
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