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Current there really needds to be a limit on how many status updates you can post at a time imo
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Y'know, I've been wondering if Casual would break 2 million posts by the end of the year for a couple months now. But with 1 month left and 300k more posts, it doesn't seem likely.
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Guess it's time to get back into the groove of things.
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It's not even December yet. Hardly the season.
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nein und abermals nein
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Now, beginnings met, I'm honorbound to inquire - why ask it here @tejas72?

Because it's one of those spam bots that try to pretend that they're a member by posting something they found related to RP on the internet only to sneak edit in their ad sites later on.…
Hello, I've been trying to search for roleplays, but it's been rather frustrating because I get about 50 pages of dead roleplays. Please, can you add a sorting feature with a "newest first" option? Or could you add a filter such as "must be newer than __"?

If you need it again, click the box underneath the news/introduction section.
If you're looking for a free Microsoft Word equivalent, Open Office is pretty good. I also have Grammarly installed for when I'd rather just write my post on the forum. It's not much, but it helps.

This +1

Open Office is a good alternative. So is Google Docs, which is basically free Microsoft Word.
Speaking of winters one thing I newer understood in cartoons was the concept of a snow day. Like do american children really get a day off just because of a little snow? Where I am from you can have snow up to your armpits and a blizzard and you are still expected to attend.

It depends on where the school is located. If the school is located in the deep south, for instance, then they'll cancel school if it starts to snow even the slightest bit since snow in a place where it rarely - and I mean rarely - snows can cause serious problems for people/communities not used to snow. Where I live, though, that kind of snow wouldn't cancel school at all. Here it needs to be nearly a blizzard and/or double digit negative temperature/wind chill to cancel school.
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Is there any types of roleplay you like to do?
Just to see if we both have any same interests

You're replying to a bot, FYI. We tend to have a couple that advertise their products even though it's against guild rules.

Welcome to the guild, by the way.
Hello, I am new to this website! I’m Tadwinks, but you can call me Inky.

@Inkarnate Sounds like you have some competition.

Welcome to the guild, by the way.
ᴇ ʙ ɪ ꜱ ᴀ ᴡ ᴀ ʜ ᴏ ɴ ᴀ ᴍ ɪ

Location: Kotana Village
Timeframe: Night

"Well, yeah. Why else wouldn't it be?" Honami asked Kaito. Everything else she had mentioned had been right so far, so her intuition that larger cities had better and more goods. Even in their own world bigger cities often had a bigger, higher quality selection of items to buy than that of small town Japan such as Makino. It shouldn't have been a surprise to him, but, Honami figured, it was probably why Kaito was a "pure soul" or something.

As the conversation shifted to food, Honami was quick to agree. She had been so preoccupied with the whole "in another world" trope that she had completely forgotten to eat. Not that Honami had anything to eat in her school bag to begin with, having forgotten to put her snacks in her bag the night before.

"It'd be nice to have a decent meal for once." She replied, glancing at Hiroko. She had a point—Ipharia had already spent much on clothing them. There had to be alternatives to save the girl some money.

Turning her attention to the merchant, Honami decided it was worth a shot to ask him. "Do you have any recommendations for one to get a meal around here? Preferably cheap, if you please." She inquired, hoping he had any ideas in mind. A small village like this one likely had some kind of a special recipe or food item that wasn't sold anywhere else, and in the case that they didn't, a cheap meal regardless would at least save Ipharia some coin for their travels to come.

Location: Mt. Moon -- Group Campfire
Timeframe: Unknown

Sydnee smiled back at Ella before she, too, returned her attention back to talk of an escape plan. Whilst it seemed that they had managed to come up with some sort of an idea in their heads on how to escape their current predicament, Sydnee had been left more confused than ever as Lys—and later Ella—bolted off towards the old tunnel. Had she said something wrong, or was there something else? Sydnee hadn't the slightest clue, evident by the look of confusion on her face.

"Well, JJ, I suppose we should follow them as well." Sydnee commented, pushing away the questions she had for Lys into the back of her mind. "Though, I doubt we'll get lost chasing them down with how noisy Ella is being." She jested, placing the egg case back inside her backpack before heading off down the path the girls had taken, Trapinch in tow.

Thankfully, it wasn't all that difficult to catch up with Ella and Lys, as they had stopped by the sign JJ spoke about moments earlier. Catching only the tailend of their conversation, Sydnee decided to add her two cents in.

"If, in fact, they are caved in, like the one back the way we came," Sydnee pointed back the way they had came from her with her thumb as she approached the duo, "then we could try enlisting the help of some Pokémon that live in this mountain. Sandshrew love to live deep underground, so we'll likely run into a couple if we end up going deeper into Mount Moon. Probably a bunch of Geodude around here, too."
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