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3 days ago
Current I believe they already had that covered with the tide pod challenge.
3 days ago
People have always been stupid, @Heavy. There's been iterations of the "choking game" or, well, "Blackout" as it's now called, since at least the 1930s.
9 days ago
Made homemade kropsu with chicken sausage on the side for dinner. Probably going have to double more for the family next time.
18 days ago
Double wars are just the Spanish Civil War and the Russian Civil War.
20 days ago
Our garbage can got stolen today and my aunt and uncle just got in a headon collision due to a wrong lane driver. Wondering how worse can today get.


So blow, blow Seminole wind
Blow like you're never gonna blow again
I'm callin' to you like a long-lost friend
But I know who you are
And blow, blow from the Okeechobee
All the way up to Micanopy
Blow across the home of the Seminole
The alligator and the gar

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@Flagg Slightly confused. You mention the prince's bodyguard is dead, but then you also suggest them as an option as a playable archetype. But otherwise I'll keep an eye on this, maybe.

EDIT: Also, I don't think other players should be playing the Prince/Princess' uncle. I feel both of them should be GM characters only IMO.

Platform/Game Link: Epic Games Store
Giveaway Ending: July 22nd

Platform/Game Link: Epic Game Store
Giveaway Ending: July 22nd

@Sebastian D Better asked in this section, but this person has already done something like that.

If you ever want to do it yourself, I would suggest is finding a better quality copy of it saved as .PNG or a .GIF. .JPEG/.JPG are atrocious to edit a transparent background from, mainly because they lack transparency and are lower quality images in general.

Once you do that, I'd suggest finding a guide somewhere for one of the many image editing programs out there (personally I use GIMP since it's basically free Photoshop) or looking up a browser-based image editor online that has the ability to edit transparency.
<Snipped quote by Kuro>

Just wanted to make sure, some ppl get pissy when ya do that lol

Probably because those roleplays are set under "Apply" and not "Jump-In".
@HEAVY METAL This is a jump-in RP, which means you don't have to wait for my approval to post a character sheet in the CS tab.

Background Information
Once, the world was united through fear.

Before the Great Shattering, a cataclysmic event that changed the face of the world as it was known, the known world had been a slave to unholy masters. Malefic beings held humanity in servitude, treating humans like cattle for their own personal use. The creatures that went bump in the night ruled fiercely, leaving the world dreary and hopeless. There were no legendary heroes during the Long Night; only the misery of a terrible fate that awaited the unlucky.

After all, who could stop the eternal chaos? Who among humanity could bring an end to their plight?

Humanity seemed content, knowing they had no power to hold against their accursed rulers. Their masters' greed, on the other hand, could never be satiated. They had always desired power and strength, even if it meant disrupting the balance of the world. Foolishly tapping into the lifeblood of the planet, the destructive power they sought to wield created an imbalance of magic, and roused the world from its lengthy slumber wounded and scarred.

Seas roared in pain, and the earth bled fire. Even the very skies cried out, lashing from the clouds with vicious anger. But even as chaos gave way to death and destruction, it, too, would give to a blessing—the Age of Heroes had begun.

Roleplay Information
You are an early twenty-something (around 18-22) villager from the tropical island of Pelae, the capital of the island chain ruled by Egokko the Storm Lord. Recently, his soldiers have been increasing their activity and ripping ordinary citizens from their homes and family, who vanish without a trace. Though there is little anyone can do in protest, everything is about to change for you upon the seemingly insignificant throwing of a Xaxisan peach.

Will it be fireballs shooting forth from your hands? The freezing breath of the sky blowing from your mouth? Or perhaps the stalwart strength of the earth keeping you on your feet? The world decides; time will tell.

Out of Character Information
Welcome to Bleeding Earth, Soaring Dragons: Heaven Awaits. This is a very basic jump-in world mishmash of various influences from fantasy, wuxia and ancient civilizations. Mainly, though, this is more so me wanting to play something Exalted-like, but not be bogged down by the setting or the game's rule set.

Character sheet is below if you're interested:

Of course the zombie had to be chained away to something. One more point for this house of horrors, it seemed. Still, Morgan was partly thankful it was chained away in the first place. Surely this way it would be much, much harder for it to grab ahold of her or Issac, who was already readying his newly found machete to score an easy killing blow on the zombie.

Or well, what she figured was an easy killing blow. Morgan didn't have a clear view of where he had struck, but the gore gave clue as blood and flesh fell downwards onto the attic stairs. She gagged, somewhat certain there had been an eyeball or something mixed in with what was once someone's face.

"You-you sure," Morgan asked, still recoiling from the sight. "You sure you've it under control? Don't know how much I can help from down here."
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