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11 days ago
Going to work on getting everything that needs to be done out of the way today as I'll be working overnight later to help reset a section of the business.
27 days ago
Alright folks, we're back in business. Classes are finished, tomorrow's my day off. Let's get stuff done.
1 mo ago
Back for a mini-break back home. Have more classes to go to after this Sunday, have to travel again to them.
1 mo ago
Last day of work before I'm off for my two day break I get before I begin my work training upstate. Getting put up in a nice hotel room and everything, it'll be snazzy.


twenty-five x central standard time x open for roleplays

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Welcome to the guild, @KingofSerpents.
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Kali Nordstrom

Location: Twin Seasons
Skills: N/A

Hurrying over to where the first aid kit was located, Kali was relieved to see that the kit had been recently restocked. Everything she could need was located in the kit from bandages and gauze to burn cream and a suture kit—certainly a blessing altogether.

Hastily unhooking the kit from the wall, she ran back to Jeff and popped open the white box on the counter. "Right, Jeff," Kali spoke up, grabbing some sterile gauze from the kit. She wasn't a doctor by any means, but nearly everyone was aware of the basic tenets of first aid. "I need you to hold still, okay? We need to stop the bleeding first." Kali clarified, pressing the gauze tightly onto the open bite wound and hoping she wasn't causing too much distress for Jeff by doing so.

As she began to treat Jeff's wound, the sound of the freezer door clicking shut drew her attention elsewhere. Isaac and her fellow co-worker had succeeded in securing Tobias in the freezer, going as far as to lock him inside. "Are you two okay?" Kali proceeded to ask Isaac, noticing how worn out they were. She hoped they weren't bitten like Jeff had been. One injury was already one injury too many.

"We need to find an actual doctor, Issac." Kali explained, looking back at Jeff. Although she knew basic wound treatment, she truly had no way of knowing if he needed stitches, antibiotics, or anything else. "Forget the customers. We need to get Jeff to the hospital."
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