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Current Honestly I'd just close it down and try to encourage more conversation on the site, in particular the discussion sections that are barely hanging on by a thread nowadays, but that's just me.
5 days ago
They'll probably just move to RPGO instead. But then again RPGO is dead as always so who knows.
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Watched someone play Forspoken on Twitch, and it was pretty bland looking. (And Twitch only continues to become less user friendly every time I look at it.)
I still have no idea what that game is supposed to be about. The only thing I've even heard about it is people meming the part about a talking gun to death in regards to writing/comparing it to High On Life.

Hey everyone: to avoid wasting anyone's time, I've decided that I won't be going forward with this roleplay as of this time. I currently have other things that require more attention right now, and I figure that it would be best to not overextend myself by forcing this roleplay along. Sorry to disappoint once again.
Here's my ratings for the Jurassic films from best to worst.


I need to rewatch Dominion for the extended cut since I've heard it makes the film much, much better. Overall the film is an okay watch but it tends to lean heavily into the "funny" moments or other such things designed to get a reaction out of the audience (like the coffee scene with Grant) that we see in modern movies. Almost feels like that Dominion is its own movie opposed to being a Jurassic film, honestly.

As for FK, it's just a bad film all around, IMO. It only has a few good moments throughout the film that end up being dwarfed by dumb writing and stupid plot ideas.

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