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3 days ago
Current Well, today's the day I've managed to survive a quarter of a century in this world.
6 days ago
Last day of work before my four day weekend. 😌
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9 days ago
13 days ago
One more week to get through before I get several days off to relax and unwind from work. Can't wait.
19 days ago
It takes some time for historical usernames to "black out". That being said, I personally think the feature is useless in the first place.


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X-Men '97 is p. good.

What's your thoughts on the latest episode? Probably the best episode to air so far IMO
If I get around to it, sure.
Kali Nordstrom

Location: Subway Platform >> Twin Seasons
Skills: N/A

"You as well." Kali replied, watching the woman leave after they had both disembarked the subway train.

Although she would've thought no more of it and carried on her way, Kali wanted to ensure that the pregnant woman was able to make it on her way without being mugged again. She didn't have Kaitlyn to "kick ass" this time around, so keeping a friendly eye out was her next best option. Once Kali was certain that the woman was safe, she turned around and headed up the flight of stairs onto the city streets. Thankfully, the Twin Seasons wasn't that far away from the subway station, and after mere minutes of walking, Kali arrived at the restaurant on time.

Walking towards the back end of the building, Kali set her belongings down in the small employee-only break room. "Hey, Jeff!" She called out as she tied her waist apron around her back. "What are the specials for today? Anything new or interesting? Or is it the same-old same-old?" Kali continued, then attaching her name tag to her shirt prior to grabbing a handful of napkin-wrapped silverware to readily place upon the numerous tables within the dining room.
Welcome to the guild, @Royal. Hope you enjoy your time here.
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