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@Dark Cloud Yeah, I've noticed there's been an increase of ads on mobile. I keep getting full page instagram ads (despite never using instagram in my life).
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@Birby You're writing on it right now. Or rather, typing on it.
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Fun fact: If you repeatedly click on a user in the RTS RoleplayerGuild 2, they will make spooky noises and shout "boo". This is a reference to "ghosting", a common phenomenon in the roleplaying world.
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Honestly, with all the RP questions you're asking, why not just make a thread? That way the status bar doesn't get flooded and people don't have to respond in 200 characters or less.
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Coffee can't brew fast enough.
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What really matters in life?
Is it a sprint or a marathon?
And what if finish lines make us happy?
Or are we glad we can run at all?

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In OBLIVION 9 hrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

"Don't think anyone has anything else planned." Anni responded with a shrug.

As the food was placed on the table, she momentarily glanced towards Hanna. The woman had been holding onto Ivory, and was struggling to keep her footing in the heels she wore.

Save for getting shit-faced drunk, apparently.

Waiting for Jack to finish, Anni reached for her own slice of pizza and placed it on a nearby plate. The pizza looked like shit, but it was the type of shit pizza that tasted good. Maybe it was the alcohol that made it taste so good, but bar pizza was difficult to top regardless.

"So, is that the plan?" Anni asked, looking to Ivory for an answer. She had been the one who planned this, after all.


death of me — royal & the serpent

bar interior
interacting with: the delton six

Location: Stadium - Dundas Islands, Pacific Ocean
First Class #2.33 Duck, Duck, Goose

Interaction(s): N/A
Previously: N/A

Suzie had arrived early to the Chimera's Lair. Although there was no need for her to do so, given the announcement, she felt that it would be best for appearances. How Suzie presented herself today would likely affect how her new potential teammates saw her. She was set on transferring into the H.E.A.T. program, and today would be her first time meeting those that were already enrolled. Being early set an expectation, whereas being late would've served no purpose save for making her look like she didn't give a rat's ass about the ceremony, her new team and everything else.

As she waited for her fellow students to arrive, Suzie felt, for once in sometime, she had peace of mind. No braggarts getting their asses humbled. No fake machoism to deal with. Serenity, at last. Just her and the joys of silence.

"Well, just me and the birds, I guess." Suzie spoke, flicking a freeze-dried cricket from a small baggie onto the field, where a goose had been standing. For some reason, the Canadian geese here were extremely food-motivated. "You know, Lehrer, this stuff isn't free. You guys are going to run me dry."

"Look, boss, I can expla—"

"No need to. Just keep me updated on everything, as you were." Suzie glanced to the entrance, noticing the arrival of some of her fellow students. With a hand, she waved Lehrer off. "Looks like it's time to cut loose. I'll catch up later."

Watching Lehrer fly off, Suzie walked over towards where the Swap had been designated to take place, and took her place off to the side. The thought that she was the only non-newbie to P.R.C.U. here crossed her mind. Would her new teammates plan on looking to her for guidance? Was she going to be a glorified tour guide? These teams were also the ones that had been affected by Hyperion's onslaught on the school. Had she traded boasting and swank for anxious hostility? Suzie wasn't quite sure yet, but depending on how they reacted here and now, that question would answer itself.

As the students began to gather, Suzie watched them carefully for any particularly notable expression or reaction that happened to stand out while Jonas began to speak. The teams looked worse for wear, yet it didn't take a genius to figure out that Jonas' speech would rub some nerves the wrong way. Death and hurt made people sensitive. Volatile, even. Suzie knew that the hard way when she should've died all those days ago.

Truthfully, Suzie felt that the school wasn't giving her peers time to grieve. Yes, things needed to continue. But it had only been a week since these teams had watched one of their classmates be cut down by a known terrorist. The Team Swap felt forced and unnatural. The feelings they felt now might not be the feelings they felt later tomorrow or in a week or in a month. But the choice they made now would be permanent nonetheless.

Hopefully no one makes a decision they might regret.

After the faculty staff finished addressing everyone, attention was suddenly drawn to Suzie as Aaron, Team Eclipse's representative, motioned her over so he could introduce her to the three teams.

"This is Suzanna Poots, she's previously been attending P.R.C.U. but decided to transfer into the H.E.A.T program."

You did not just—

Suzie was flabbergasted. Sure, Suzanna was her actual name. But it was her great-grandmother's name, and Suzie despised being called it! Nonetheless, Suzie fought the temptation to groan, and instead bid her tongue as Aaron turned to address her personally. Now was not a time to make a scene, especially in front of so many people.

"In your case, you get three armbands. You still only have two choices to make, so just tuck the extra in your back pocket or place it on the ground in front of you. Remember, the right hand is your preferred choice, left is your secondary."

"Loud and clear." Suzie acknowledged, so desperately wanting to respond with "A-Aron".

Taking the armbands from Jess, Suzie looked towards the three teams once again as the whistle was blown. Although she had to pick two of them, Suzie didn't plan on rushing her choice. Instead, she continued to observe their reactions, waiting to see who was going to make their move first. If anything, her choice was a much more favorable position than what the three teams had to pick from, solely for the lack of baggage Suzie had.

Location: Stadium - Dundas Islands, Pacific Ocean
First Class #2.31 Honor the Memory

Interaction(s): N/A
Previously: The Calm Before the Storm

Haleigh's phone buzzed in her pocket, displaying a notification across the screen. The time for the dreaded Team Swap and House Ceremony had finally come.

Funneling into the stadium, Haleigh sat beside the rest of Blackjack in silence. As she waited for the remainder of the three teams to arrive, Haleigh looked upwards towards the stadium seats and noticed that they had been quickly filling up with unknown faces. A wonderful idea to let the public watch, Haleigh sarcastically thought. Put your most broken students in a fish bowl for all to see if they so desired. It'll go over smoothly, certainly. There wouldn't be any emotions flying as other students feel betrayed by who they thought were their comrades, no siree!

Sighing, Haleigh readjusted herself in her wheelchair, and waited for the ceremony to commence.

First, Jonas began to speak. On another day, Haleigh might've welcomed his speech with open ears. Yet today, the words he spoke felt like they had no meaning behind them. Not their responsibility? Then who was responsible, Jonas? The school didn't seem like they gave much of a damn as far as Haleigh had seen. A few half-measures here and a funeral there. But now they were supposed to continue on like nothing had happened. To continue their studies and choose a house, never mind the fact that the teams were still fresh off from their friends betray them and watching others be slaughtered before their eyes.

It wasn't fair, Haleigh felt. Just as much as it wasn't right. If P.R.C.U. didn't want their students desiring payback, then may be they should've had their damned foot out of their mouth back then.

Continuing on, the event shifted to the Team Swap—the actual reason they were gathered here today. Those who wanted to swap were supposed to step forward, but Haleigh didn't budge. Swapping was completely out of the question. There may have been arguments or disagreements between her and other members of Blackjack. But as far as Haleigh considered, Blackjack was her home. It was Cassander's home. Team Cass. Staying was the least they could do to honor his memory, rather than run away from their differences and everything else that had happened at P.R.C.U..

The decision had already been made a week ago.

Haleigh reaffirmed herself as she took the armbands and house envelope as they were handed out. But as quickly as she received them, she just as quickly stashed the other armbands away once the whistle was blown.

It's not changing now. Another free to keep steam game if you get it prior to the 2nd.
In OBLIVION 1 day ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Just popping in to say that today and tomorrow I'll be somewhat busy (dogs going to vet + housewarming event). I'll see about getting a post in for Anni regardless, but don't hold me to it 100%.
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Welcome to the guild, @j0llyranch3rs.
Netflix is officially pushing the "non-household people have to pay for an account" change. It's 7.99/mo extra if you want to give someone access to your account that isn't in your direct household/home. Alternatively they can make their own account and pay it themselves.

Honestly, I don't see how it'll help them since all I see is people cancelling in droves and refusing to pay the 8 bucks extra just to share with their kids, friend, etc.
Fuckin' post, people
In Test 1 day ago Forum: Spam Forum
@DayzeeLewis1121 Psst, we do have a test forum at the bottom of the guild where you can test things like BBcode or whatever. Better than dropping it in spam.
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