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Welcome to the guild, @Laser Kiwi.

Anyway, I'm not too sure what else there is to say about me, so instead let me flip the tables and ask y'all a question: what song have you been playing on repeat lately? Drop me some brainworms in the comments, bitte.

@TGM just tagging you if you wanna talk music with 'em or somethin
>[x] Gather Mud
>[X] Gather Mud

Hmm, one unspoken rule I can think of is regarding the tab function on this forum. It's a pretty unique set up, and very helpful. Some RPs you will see listed in their individual rules section: "Don't post in the IC or CHAR tabs until approved in the OOC tab." However, not every RP lists this rule, but I think it's still kind of expected. That's the only thing that comes to mind.

Anyway, enjoy your stay!

Honestly, that applies to almost any RP on this site. I've only seen people allow people to post in the IC/CS tab prior to approval in invite-only RPs, jump-in RPs and 1x1s.

Also, welcome to the guild, @Medium Light.
I am watching Love and Monsters with my son right now.

I liked Love and Monsters, reminded me of Freaks of Nature and to an extent Daybreak (although Netflix's Daybreak was more so a hit or miss).
Welcome to the guild, @Vermicelli.
"Can you call yourself an advanced writer if you don't write nonbinary characters?"
"Can you call yourself an advanced writer if you only write fantasy roleplays?"

etc etc.

Writing a specific genre, gender, etc. has no impact on whether or not you're an advanced roleplayer. What makes an advanced roleplayer, at least in regards to RPG, is the quality of your writing, not what you RP.
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