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imagine rping anime on rpg l m a o
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also to anyone who cares: all the totally spies stuff is on their official youtube if you want to quarantine binge all of it


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I probably drink more coffee than cocoa and tea combined.

Opposite here. I usually have one or two cups per day, but other than that it's strictly water and tea for me (sometimes juice if we have it) unless I bother going out and get a soda.
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Time to reinstall M&B, I guess.

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Calradia: Brother Wars

Gather around the fire, lads, and let me tell you the story of the Brother Wars, and King Harlaus' downfall.

It had begun on the cusp of the Swadian-Rhodok war. For years and years, the Rhodok question had been a point of contention between the Swadian lords and King Harlaus. Though the mountain men had been granted the land following the end of the Rhodok revolt, the Swadians viewed it as a stain on their kingdom. How could they allow the traitorous dogs to continue to farm and hunt on the land that should've been "rightfully" theirs?

They had to have it back, lest they bring shame to their ancestral houses. And so, they prepared.

What happened next was simply apocalyptic. Though the Swadians had made a fierce charge into the Rhodok heartland, having learned from their past failures, their armies were doomed. Countless villages and towns were razed by the Swadians, their push had been encircled by the Rhodoks, cutting into the Swadian supply lines and entrapping their armies.

With every day that passed, the Swadian armies crumbled further. Men died to wounds and disease, others deserted or mutinied against their lords. King Harlaus was hard pressed by his lords and their men to submit to their foes, but he refused to surrender, raving madly that they could defeat their foes. His refusal earned him in the blade in the back.

Harlaus' death brought forth a power struggle within the Swadian aristocracy, turning brothers into foes and wives into widows. Blades were hidden behind false words, seeking glory that was not theirs to take. Despite the chaos, nevertheless, perhaps there was a light in the darkness. Lady Isolla of Suno, the niece of Harlaus and whose rightful throne he stole, saw the ensuing power vacuum as a chance to reinstate her claim, and sallied out for Praven, the capital of Swadia, from deep within the Kingdom of Vaegirs where she had been seeking support for her claim.

But even if she is the true heir, who in Calradia would be crazy enough to follow a deposed leader into battle? Only time will tell us.

If you've made it this far, thanks for reading!

This RP, if it isn't already obvious, is situated in the Mount and Blade universe, particularly the Warband era. The characters in question will be serving Isolla as her banner men, being hired blades or vassalized lords sworn to her name. The end goal of this RP will be putting her on the throne, but the core of the RP will be the journey and struggles that our characters go through on their way, from sieging castles to fighting bandits to the clashing cultures of various characters.

With the idea itself being rather basic, I doubt there's much more to explain (outside of perhaps the RP's background info), but if anyone happens to have any questions, I'm willing to answer any anyone has.
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