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Current Managed talking to the pizza guy without a nervous breakdown due to severe social anxiety. All they did is forget the ham, but they decided to give us a medium + 2 liter to apologize. Go me
22 hrs ago
Well, tomorrow is September 20th. Keep your "ayys" out for any aliens, you hear me?
1 day ago
But what about horses eating dolphins?
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1 day ago
why would you waste good salmon like that
5 days ago
Also, given that there's so many, it's unreasonable to block them one by one unless you go through the trouble of making blocklists for them
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For anyone interested in the Kaiserreich mod or plays Paradox games in general, this is pretty neat.
@Gunther Looks great, but I do have two things I want to note:

1) I think you might want to talk to @ClatterCake about the military structure of the 2nd German Empire. Personally, I'm not sure if the Empire has enough to field so many men (and/or women, if the stereotype towards them serving in combat roles is mostly a thing of the past now), but I'm sure we can figure something out. I know that the division Kurt is in is a "militia organization", but as far as I know (from talking to CC) is that the Empire's boundaries only expand as far as Altensteig and to the edges of the Black Forest.

2) That's a lot of ammunition. A soldier should certainly be well-equipped vs. a scavenger-like character or whatever, but I'm not sure on a such a high number such as he's carrying (especially given that this is a century from WW2).

halfway to 666
Welcome to the guild.

I am really fucking stupid.

Aren't we all.
Welcome to the guild.

he stabb
Welcome to the guild.
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