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"I'm still searching for what can't be found—purpose."

In Hello 10 hrs ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
@Goose Well, as for ASOIAF, there is this RP going on:…

Otherwise, maybe talk to @Poohead189, they might be interested in one of those things (esp LOTR).
i haven't even seen an episode of edgerunners yet and i can't escape it

it's all over the internet no matter where i look lol
In Hello 10 hrs ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
Welcome to the guild, @Goose. Any specific genres, fandoms, etc. you're interested in to mention as a sort of ice breaker?
@Dark Cloud Probably not a good idea to name drop people in a public thread that you might/do have issue with. But yes a blocking feature would be nice.
@Kuro It wasn't my style but I loved Primal. but super hero cartoons are great though, which ones are you watching.

Right now I've been watching the 2000s X-Men shows (Evolution, Wolverine, etc). I plan on getting to the original X-Men show too for when '97 comes out next year, but I need to figure out how to sprinkle it in with the other shows I'm watching.
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