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just so you guys are aware, again.
Welcome to the guild, @Guccicorn.
@Fetlius Welcome to the guild. I'd have to say, those three tend to be the most common on the guild, though scifi is definitely the least popular of the three listed. It's kind of a toss of up between the other two in terms of popularity.

Also, while the site has a fair share of Europeans, generally the Guild is mostly an American-based crowd. Or at least in those time zones. Just a FYI if you ever wonder where people are.
I understand that this is a Star Wars setting, but from what I saw, this is a game where "all roleplays take place in the same universe." Does that include games that have superpowers and/or high magic? If so, can I create a character with such things?

Well, for starters, the Star Wars game is long dead. There was a potential reboot coming, but I haven't heard anything since it was announced long ago. If @Ruby is around, she might be able to explain more if anything was going to happen regarding it.

Secondly, if it were alive, when they meant "all roleplays take place in the same universe", they're talking about a persistent universe/world, not a multiverse setting or something similar to it. What this means is that characters and RPs in this section may crossover or affect each other. So, for example, if you made a Mandalorian, Jedi, etc. that was off fighting Rakghoul on Taris in one RP, you could cross over with that character to another RP about hanging out in a Nar Shaddaa pub gambling later on, as both RPs would be bound by the same setting, rules, timeframe, etc. (in this case the world of Star Wars, in particular the SW era of the Old Republic).

Truthfully, if you're looking for a superpower/high magic RP, you'd be better off looking at the other RP sections on the guild. Not only are they active and where everyone currently RPs, it's where every other RP, both fandom and original, that had nothing to do with this PW is.
@FullInitiation Maybe it'd be a good idea to post the CS/backstory so people have an idea of what you already tried/have to work with.
Well, you can't win them all. Vaunk would've preferred if he had simply accepted the offer; to avoid the trouble of hunting or fishing for his own food. But it seemed the Grolarkin wasn't much of an idiot to fall for his tricks, and he wasn't going to get what he wanted.

"Very well! Your loss, though." Vaunk replied, placing the stone back in a pouch. "So, what brings a Grolarkin to this neck of the woods? It isn't every day you see one."
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