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Current the dinosaurs are certainly going to be walking with these gas prices out here
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@Trick A shiny's a shiny, tho. I'm not gonna complain about the four alolan geodudes (now golems) I got from the recent GO community day. If you don't want it just trade it for something else
7 days ago
Solo queue defender and support on Pokémon Unite is a literal nightmare.
9 days ago
Some people have too much time on their hands. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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idk but this sounds like a topic better suited to a thread or something rather than 200 word limit statuses lol


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I don't want Asu to yell at me!

get off twitter rpg
ink be like:

Interacting With: No One Location: Class Auditorium, Room C-103

It was going to be a busy year, Maris figured, as the final bell rang through the school halls.

Whilst most of the school body had begun to head home, those of Team Swanna were forced to stay after school for another boring strategy meeting to discuss this year's tournament. But what did it matter, Maris frequently asked herself. Each year was always the same. For the last two years, she had helped the team form a game plan and documented their journey only for every team to completely sweep the floor of them.

The student reporter felt fatigued; her school spirit and faith in their victory rapidly disappearing. Was this year slated to be more of the same? Was this year going to be just another big losing streak forever etched in the annals of MSPA history? Probably. And yet, for some reason Maris couldn't figure out, they kept coming back to take punishment after punishment. She wondered if it was the thrill of the battle, that even if they lost they were still having fun. But what fun was there to have in losing each and every battle you participated in, seemingly never getting better in skill?

"Maybe I'm being too pessimistic," Maris announced to an empty auditorium, twirling the presentation clicker within her hand as she waited for Mr. Jouvessac and the team to arrive for their strategy meeting."Maybe this year will be different for us. One great, final victory, fittingly enough for their final year of school."

Still, Maris wasn't about to hold her breath over it.

op post coming soon™
Okay that sounds interesting. But basically Mahz holds the keys to the kingdom for the website code, or Legend has it too and can make changes? I'm just curious if Legend/Mahz would be open to accepting new code.

From my understanding of what I've been told prior from the mods, Nutts means that without Mahz around no changes can be implemented. He's the only one with actual access to the backdoor of RPG and while Legend can code up some potential changes they can't exactly be implemented without him.
all they were doing was shitposting in a spambot's thread that had been posted in news lol

also, for any further spam reports or something of this caliber, i suggest dming one of the mods instead rather than outright naming people who are actual users on the site where they can see it in a public report
@Chiro Email can be changed in your profile settings. I don't recall it needing approval or anything, just change it out with whatever new email you're going to use. Really the only thing email is used for on the guild is to help with password recovery.
@Yankee@TGM@Asura Y'all gucci. Discuss amongst yourselves if you want any connections with a certain character (be it with someone who has a finished sheet or not, up 2 u). They're basically relationships in a way, just something to fill in a few plot points or history with the other characters since y'all go to the same school and are part of the same team.

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@NightHawk72j The thread was posted a year ago and the GM has not logged in roughly a year, so I would think that it isn't open.
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