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Current did a ghost evp session for funsies while chilling at my mother's boyfriend's. if we really talked to a ghost (or more; multiple names were mentioned), they wanted to prove their innocence?
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4 days ago
tbh it feels weird when you run into someone using the same exact picture for a fc that someone/you did in a previous rp you were in lol
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4 days ago
i think they're trying to note things down but in the status bar?? idk
4 days ago
the new design is terrible. its like they designed it for mobile despite being for desktop. actually made me download a useragent switcher addon just to get the old twitter back
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7/21/2019 Update: bada bump the above post

i don't mind if you use actors, art or weebshit for fcs as long as the requests in the post ^ is followed. hell weebshit could work for hotd/gakkou gurashi-style rp if you/we don't want to use weebshit for the sake of weebshit
Filtering of that nature doesn't exist on the guild as far as I know.

Closest filtering ability would be using this link to specifically search for RPs by the tags you want, but if the RP is tagged with, say, military on top of the tags you're looking for, it'll still show up.

It'd probably be a feature that you'd need to request.
7/20/19 Update: hmu with survival horror scenarios

zombies (l4d, tlou, twd, dying light, etc.)? alien creatures (dead space, lifeline or the like)?

everyday modern apocalypse? futuristic scifi outbreak?

if you want to bring other interested parties in for a 1x1x1 or more idc either as long as the rp doesn't lean heavily into edgy katana man or decked out military dude style of tropes and characters can and will die (so probably short character sheets)
if a more experienced member wouldnt mind answering questions of mine, i'd be grateful! are interest checks where one would go to find rp partners? are there any kinds of rp that is absolutely not allowed, besides mature themes? i think i have everything figured out but i want to be sure!

Yes, interest checks are where you find partners. General interest checks is for any interest check no matter the type, otherwise they're divided on writing ability (free, casual and advanced) or style (arena, nation and tabletop). If group RP isn't your thing, there is a 1x1 section, too.

As for mature themes, they are allowed on the guild as far as they're not super excessive (i.e. graphically detailing death or writing clear smut). Smut itself, however, is banned to PMs only.
Do you have more information on the setting at hand, like known factions/nations/countries, or is it more of a sandbox type of thing? What about the Wind Riders--how did they become a thing?
auf wiedersehen
Will keep an eye out to see how this develops. Not sure on if 100% committing.

What's the expected post speed/rate and length, though?
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