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Current Since when does it automatically skip openings? I know you can manually skip it. Credits are skipped by timed autoplay but if you hover over the square you can go back to the credits.
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@King Maybe check out The Silence while you're at it. Similar plot (Creatures forcing people to live in silence) and coincidentally released almost at the same time as A Quiet Place.
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That account existed, but it was whacked with the banhammer for reasons unrelated to the "collecting data" thing.
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Working on stuff as I can. Hoping to roll everything out that's needed from me today.
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But what about a pizza with sliced hot dogs or a stuffed hot dog crust? Or a hot dog with pizza toppings?

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But they aren't considered royalty.

The above is what I'm trying to get at, @Ocelot79. I don't disagree with them being nobles, but the sheet mentions that they are a royal house on several occasions which gives off the implication that they are royalty.
@Ocelot79 This is not to judge, but as a player to another player, I wanted to hopefully clear up something even with your sheet already being approved. How exactly is Edric from a noble house that is said to be royal yet is ruled over by a king? Wouldn't they just be a bunch of regular old nobles instead?
5/17/19 Update: Bumping this again for the "endless city" idea.

Laughing Worg Tavern
City of Thorinn

She wanted to go home.

It had been a week since the players, or wayfarers as some called them, were notified that dying in-game would cause you to go brain dead in the real world. These men and women had simply wanted to play a game for fun, but now they could die for real? Eaudenil had wanted to be like her father, but she was afraid. Afraid of dying–of death. She wasn't the hero her father was; no, Eaduenil, or rather, Lili, was just a kid. A kid trapped against their will in a death game. It simply wasn't fair.

Raising her head from the tavern counter, Eaudenil took a swig of the warm glass of milk she had ordered. Virtual milk could never truly compare to the real thing, but at least it brought her comfort. It reminded Eaudenil of simpler days; of when her father gave her glass of warm milk just before bed. At least back then everyone was still alive.

Taking a deep breath, Eaudenil reached into her coin pouch, drawing a few coins to pay for her beverage. She still needed to find a new party, having been ditched by her previous group. With the recent developments happening, maybe it wasn't a bad decision to seek out others, too. Thankfully, today seemed to be her lucky day, as a red blur ran past Eaudenil before she could make her way outside. Whoever she was, the girl still appeared confident, contrary to everyone else Eaudenil had seen. She was like a blaze–someone who took charge, as if they were capable and understanding of the fact that they were forced to face reality.

She needed to be in a party with her, but would the redheaded girl care to party with a weak-willed person like Eaudenil? There was only one way to find out.

"H-hey!" Eaudenil called out, following the girl down the packed streets of Thorinn. "Wait up!"

Before she realized it, however, Eaudenil had been tossed to the ground, having been grabbed by her shoulder. A daze befell Eaudenil, confused and at a loss. One moment, she was on her feet, and the next, on the ground, as if she had been pushed. When her gaze met her assailant's, it was met with hostility. Unknowingly, Eaudenil had been blocking the exit to the Wayfarer's Hall, but rather than squeezing past or saying excuse me, the man had desired to be an asshole.

Huffing, the man walked away after uttering a single word–move. Eaudenil was no stranger to rudeness, but it certainly hurt to be thrown on the ground. Cobblestone wasn't exactly soft like grass, after all.

Marigold Festival
Mineral Springs Park & Lagoon
It seemed as if time stopped for Eleanor. She struggled to register the bloody sight as reality–there was no way it could've been real. How could a heart attack lead to someone eating another person? People have suffered heart attacks throughout human history, but no one ever came back hungry for human flesh! Maybe it was all just a dream. A rather horrifying dream, if anything.

Her new acquaintance stumbled backwards, snapping Eleanor back to reality as he bumped into her. He held his arm before Eleanor and scanned the ground for something to defend the two of them. With her gaze settling on the cannibalistic senior, Eleanor was at a loss as to why he was attempting to defend her from that thing. Most people would've turned tail and ran–hell, she was considering doing exactly that–if they saw someone chow down on another human being, but here he stood, putting his life before another's. He was either plain stupid or just brave, but no matter how you saw it, Eleanor was thankful for his protection.

"What are you guys doing?! Get him off him!"

Almost instinctively, the senior turned his attention to the woman who had just shouted. Her protector, too, took off, leaving Eleanor's side to snatch a nearby garden rake to fend off the monstrous cannibal. It was then, however, when Eleanor was witness to something that was ultimately impossible. The man, now with gaping wounds on his neck and face, began to rise from the ground.

"S-sir," She sputtered nervously, desperately trying to put her thoughts into words. Eleanor was no scientist, but she was certain that no one could be up and moving after suffering the injuries he had. "Are... are you..."

Eleanor could only manage a few words before the bloodied man growled in her direction, guttural and like a wolf. Seemingly provoked, the man lurched forward after Eleanor, who had been caught off guard. Tripping over her own feet, Eleanor stumbled backwards, and fell upon the jewelry stand behind them, sending table and jewelry alike crashing to the ground. Her legs kicked wildly, mostly to create distance between herself and the crazed man, but also to fight off him. No matter how far Eleanor pushed herself backwards, he continued to approach, teeth clattering and hungry for a tasty bite.

Tears streamed down Eleanor's face. She was absolutely hysterical, screaming for help and crying for her own safety. What the hell kind of festival was this?!

Marigold Festival
Mineral Springs Park & Lagoon
Eleanor returned his answer with a curious yet cautious stare.

His gaze lingered on the Chinese-American, as if he had taken quite an interest in Eleanor. The vague response he gave–that she likely looked fine with any of the assorted jewelry laid out on the table–certainly didn't help his case, either. Perhaps he was simply giving his opinion, but it made Eleanor wary. She had known rambunctious men before, and even dated one in high school. Maybe Eleanor was simply overthinking things, but coquettish men were trouble, or so she had told herself for numerous years.

Before Eleanor could reply, however, a horrific scene began to unfold before their very eyes. Someone screamed, and all eyes fell upon an older gentleman that had recently suffered a heart attack. A man, likely around Eleanor's age, sprinted to his side and began applying CPR, but something seemed off.

"Hey," Eleanor began, though uncertainty wavered within her voice. "He's... he's alive! His eyes just opened."

Little did Eleanor know, however, that she had just signed the man's death certificate. The elderly man latched onto his savior, and sunk his brittle teeth into his lips. Blood spewed from the youth, coating the senior in the rich, red substance, yet he paid no attention to it. To him, the helpful stranger was naught but a juicy turkey leg, chowing away at what once was a man's mouth.

Others screamed. Some ran for help. And all Eleanor could do is stand in fear.
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@HokumPocus Do you want to throw up a reply before I post?
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