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8 hrs ago
Current Finished building a computer desk. Looks stylish but it was asinine for how many parts and steps it had for construction. Thankfully the bookshelf looks so much easier and less complicated to build.
5 days ago
canada's upset over the keystone pipeline being revoked/denied? good, it should've been dealt with years ago
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9 days ago
honestly purple just make a 1x1/free check and find people willing to post faster than the site's normal rp pace. other than that you'll just have to deal with the pacing like everyone else
1 mo ago
@Ammo Same tbh, I haven't really paid much attention to AoE 2 since DE was released
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1 mo ago
man i wish y'all had some new beef, it's disappointing when i miss it just for it to be the same old shit lmao


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