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6 days ago
Current Starting 2-11 shifts tomorrow, so maybe I'll have time to catch up writing in the mornings rather than just on days off for a bit.
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12 days ago
IRL has been a crazy pain in my ass trying to get this new job situated. Once I get things rolling, though, I should be able to focus more on RP thing
16 days ago
Haven't checked the site in a few days. Was busy getting my shit together this weekend, so apologies to whoever is waiting on me.
20 days ago
It's a spam bot. Pay no heed to it and just wait for a mod to get around to nuking the account.
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21 days ago
Probably going to do some reorganizing of RP-related stuff this weekend. Clean out some, readdress others, etc. Just something that is overdue and I need to do.
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twenty-four x central standard time x open for roleplays

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