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4 days ago
Current I've always directed people to articles and guides for lore threads if they don't want to use zeroth posts.
9 days ago
nein und abermals nein
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14 days ago
@FilthyWeeb inkarnate.com
14 days ago
honestly PETA is the only group that I've heard get mad at over pokemon for animal abuse
15 days ago
I would direct any questions about site development in the suggestions section or here: roleplayerguild.com/posts/5…


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Miraboreasu 1 mo ago
So… how was Camp CRETACEOUS?
Chuuya 5 mos ago
Fam, your signature is addictive as hell to look at.
Idea 10 mos ago
I see. Though considering the tag didn't display as a notification, it seems rather easy to miss...

Thanks anyway!
Ladypug 1 yr ago
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