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Current “Regard your soldiers as your children, and they will follow you into the deepest valleys; look upon them as your own beloved sons, and they will stand by you even unto death." - Sun Tzu
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"To Secure peace, is to prepare for war." --Carl von Clausewitz
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"It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop." -- Confucius
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"The secret of getting ahead, is getting started." --Samuel Clemens
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I would like to quote [@POOHEAD189], but he doesn't like it.
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I am a veteran of the United States Army and the US Army National Guard. I spent three years on Active Duty serving in the 4th Infantry Division (Mechanized) at Ft. Carson, CO and 3rd Armor Division at Kirch Göns, West Germany. I spent 18 years in the Army National Guard with the 26th Infantry Division "Yankee" and 29th Infantry Division (Light), "The Blue and the Gray". I was deployed to Bosnia-Herzegovina with the 29th ID (L) in 2001 - 2002. I have also been reading military history articles and books for over 45 years. I do prefer Military Role Plays over all other genres, primarily because I have a vast knowledge on the subject to include personal experiences.

I have been writing for pleasure for at least 30 years, but only got into forum based Role Playing about twelve years ago. I do enjoy Nation Role Plays and get into minute detail when designing my military. The only reason I enjoy excruciating detail in my militaries is because for me, it is fun. My education and experience on this subject affords me the insight to see the depth in the structure. It is not just a general and large pile of soldiers. If someone wants assistance in designing an army, navy or air force, please send me a PM. I will help. Please specify what level (echelon) or depth you would like me to go. When I say echelon, I mean Army, Corps, Division, Brigade/Regiment, Battalion/Squadron, Company/Troop/Battery, Platoon and Squad/Section.

When I was a student in High School, I used to play Dungeons & Dragons (Edition 1). Later editions came out after I quit that game. I do have an interest in Tolkien-esque fantasy styled Role Plays as well. Time travel has always been a fun genre for me, but to do it well, one must have a firm grasp of historical facts. I love doing this form of role play, especially since I have a solid foundation on the past.

There are only a few fan fictions I will participate in; Star Wars and Star Trek are two of them. I want to do an exclusively Klingon RP one of these days. I also avoid Canon characters.

I have real world martial arts experience. I would love to write an RP about hand to hand combat; no fantasy magic chit, just hands elbows, knees and feet. Maybe the occasional head butt thrown in to mix things up. I trained in Krav Maga for six and a half years. I earned a first degree black belt in Krav Maga on 3 June 2017.

Krav Maga is an Israeli martial art form that employs practical self defense techniques drawing forms & techniques from Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jistu and Taekwando. It is very brutal, demanding and aggressive. In the past seven years, I have bruised two ribs, sustained several muscle pulls and various lacerations and bruises over my body. I have received a sprained ankle and a fractured wrist. Before the first black belt test, I received a bone bruise to my right shin; where my round house kicks impact. Yet, I am stupid enough to continue training. Regardless of the physical pain, it is more fun than any other physical activity I have engaged in. Fortunately, the bone bruise healed up prior to the third and final test.

Send me a PM for a Role Play.

--Gunther (AKA: Old School)

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Deck 11, USS Vigilance

The marines of one seven stowed their gear in their rooms and cargo bays on deck eleven. An arms room was constructed in cargo bay ten. The Company’s two Argo Buggies and two TT4s were beamed aboard the ship into the newly acquired cargo bay. The marines enjoyed the access to the four holosuites on their deck, but knew the commander and first sergeant would probably use those for training purposes only.

“Excuse me, sir,” Gunnery Sergeant Washington addressed the unit commander. “I’ve installed a physical fitness routine into Holosuite five and a gunner range routine in suite six. I’ve been working on a training schedule for level one skills starting as soon as possible. I’ll need you to look it over. If you have any input on collective training ideas for you and your lieutentants, please share with me and I will get them set up in one of the holosuites.”

“Thanks, Gunny,” Major Watkins responded to his operations officer. “Do you happen to have the first sergeant’s personnel report?”

“Yes sir,” Gunny Washington, an African American NCO from the American city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania said as he handed his datapad to his commander.

Major Watkins looked it over mumbling to himself, “authorized 219, 209 on hand. Shortages, nine carabiners and one rifleman.” He stopped when he saw the next line, then looked up at Gunny Washington, staring him eye to eye. “Five cases of Andorian clap?! Seriously!?”

“Ah, yes sir. Apparently some of the men went out for a night on the town before we left San Diego and bumped into some loose Andorian women and a little more fun than they expected.”

“Wonderful, I assume they have reported to sick bay?”

“Yes sir,” Gunny Washington responded with a smile. “The Andorians are acting up over Platoon Sergeant Skulvik.”

“Not this again!?” Major Watkins was annoyed at the racist contempt the Andorians displayed toward their one and only Vulcan in the company. “I know Platoon Sergeant Skulvik can take care of himself, but I’m going to ask the first sergeant to take care of this.”

“I need to head to the bridge. I’m sure the Captain will have something for us to do soon. I want to give him an update and tell him our training plan. Keep up the good work. Ask Captain Poggok for his hand to hand combat routine. I want the officers and senior NCOs to begin training in the Klingon style of combat as soon as possible.”

“Aye aye, sir.”

“That means you too, Gunny!”

“No problem, sir. I look forward to it.”

Major Watkins turned away and headed for the turbolift and the bridge.

Command Master Chief Byn Ch'oviaval exited his quarters on deck six making his way toward the turbo lift to the bridge. A few steps behind him was the Commander of the Marine Detachment, Major Kurt Watkins.

“Good day Chief,” Major Watkins addressed the blue-skinned Andorian NCO who stood about the same height as he but only slightly thinner. Major Watkins was pretty excited about this trip. He had no clue what the marines of one seven were in for, but he knew whatever it was, they would do well.

“Good day, sir,” Command Master Chief Ch’oviaval responded. He did not know the marine, but could tell from his uniform that he was a marine, undoubtedly the commander of the Marines aboard ship. “Are your men settling in?”

“Aye, chief, they are. Have you met first sergeant Cue? I’m sure you will want to speak to him eventually.”

“Aye, sir. I will at that.”

“Master Chief, I have a situation I would like to ask you about. It is Andorian in nature and I don’t want to appear too insensitive, but I’m afraid it may affect the morale of my unit.”

The Master Chief was completely taken in by the Major’s proposition. “Tell me what is your situation?”

“We have thirty-seven Andorians in our company and one Vulcan. It has come to my attention that some of the Andorians have expressed racist attitudes towards our one Vulcan. I know the two peoples have a history of armed conflict, but those disputes were settled ages ago. What’s the deal?”

Chief Ch’oviaval smiled at the mention of this problem. “Well sir, For the Vulcans, that war ended two hundred years ago, but for some of the harder hit regions in Andorian space, the war ended yesterday. Parents have perpetuated the anger towards their Vulcan overlords for generations.” The master chief made quote signs in the air with his hands when he spoke of Vulcan overlords.

“I see. I sure hope they don’t give me a problem since the ship’s captain is also a Vulcan.”

“Sir, when I talk to your first sergeant, I can offer my assistance in talking to your Andorians. It might be easier coming from one of their own.”

“Thank you, Command Master Chief. I appreciate your assistance.”

The two rode the Turbo lift to the bridge and exited it to see the Bridge crew performing their duties. The Executive Officer, Commander Udrus, a Bajoran about ten years younger than the Chief sat in the Commander’s seat. The Chief took the chair to his left. “Is the old man in his ready room?”

Meanwhile, Major Watkins approached the Tactical Station. He knew nothing about the position or the station the tactics officer stood in front of, but commanding the naval infantry contingent aboard ship, it seemed like a logical place for him to await the ship’s captain and his orders.
Starfleet marine PT uniform. LOL
27 is kind of young for a Lt. Commander (O4) in my opinion. I know I was a bit older in the officer progression, I was a First Lieutenant (O2) at age 27 and promoted to Captain (O3) at age 29. The normal progression (for humans) is commissioned (O1) at age 21/22; O2 at age 23/24; O3 at age 25/26 and then promotion to O4 would come no sooner than four years later and could take longer than that. I was never promoted to Major and held the rank of Captain for just over nine years. That is the longest you can hold the O3 rank. A typical (human) should be between the age of 29 and 35. Then O5 between age 33 and 43 and O6 between age 37 and 50. But wartime promotions will ALWAYS precede these typical time lines. If you study history, you may note that promotions in the US Army between 1918 and 1940 slowed down incredibly. An officer in Grade O2 - O5 could remain in that rank for ten years or more.
Took the kids to a ski resort and they went to tubing. Then checked into a motel where they were able to swim in an indoor pool.
My children are humble because they do not get everything they want... Same for me.

For dinner tonight, three of my children had scrambled eggs and bacon. My youngest daughter and I had bacon cheeseburgers cooked on the grill. Yum!
... which roles are still open? ...

An XO (Ranked as a Commander)
Chief Operations Officer (Ranked as Lt. Commander)
Command Master Chief (CMC will be their rank)
Chief Tactics Officer (Ranked as a Lt. Commander)

@Starboard Watch I attempted to establish a uniform, small arms and ground vehicles based on the Star Trek universe for our use here in this RP.

Duty Uniform: The Starfleet Marine Corps duty uniform was designed to fill a role where comfort and maneuverability are more important than armor protection. This uniform is slightly heavier than the standard duty uniform, featuring reinforced seams and joints, and several cargo pockets. As with all marine uniforms, enlisted rates wear large rank patches on the sleeves, as well as collar insignia to distinguish them easier.

The uniform depicted above has the chest pack that can carry ammunition and supplies for three days in the field.

Combat Uniform: The Combat Uniform is worn by marines going into combat zones where contact with the enemy is at least suspected. It consists of a black pair of pants and jacket with black shoulders, plus the green department shirt. There is a small line of green piping on the shoulders, forming a border for the unit patch. The pants and jacket are made of heavy materials, with reinforced joints, seams and cargo pockets. Typically this uniform is worn with marine combat boots, colored black.

In addition to the uniform, a set of heavy armor is worn. This armor is based on the ablative technology of starship hulls and provides reasonable protection from high power energy weapons. There is also a helmet made of the same material. A built in load bearing harness completes the assault vest, having M.O.L.L.E. style mounting points for ammunition and equipment packages.

Starfleet Marines wear a non-reflective combadge as part of their uniform. This is a back up for the unit built into the helmet, and to distinguish them as Starfleet Marine personnel.

Phaser Carbine (PC)

Hand Phaser (HP)

Light Phased Array Disruptor (LPAD)
(Squad Machine Gun)

Medium Phased Array Disruptor (MPAD)
(Platoon Machine Gun)

Man Portable Photon Cannon (MANPAC) anti-vehicle or armor weapon similar to the MAWS or Javelin, but using Photon’s antimatter warhead.

Sniper Rifle


Argo Buggy

TT4 Cargo Truck

I posted the Marine Company for my own personal reference. I'll work on uniforms and equipment next.
@ReedeThe23rd Are you interested in the Command Master Chief position? If not, I have a character for that slot. It would be my second and would prefer someone else take it if they want. What slot are you taking? We don't have an XO yet (#1).

@CaptainBritton & @HeySeuss Are either or both of you interested in this Role Play? There are a few positions still open:

The Executive Officer #1 (Ranked as a Commander)
Chief Operations Officer (Ranked as Lt. Commander)
Command Master Chief (CMC will be their rank) maybe Gunther?
Chief Tactics Officer (Ranked as a Lt. Commander)
Chief Science Officer (Ranked as a Lt. Commander)
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