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Current The dot over a lowercase i and j has a name! It's called a tittle, which is a noun meaning "a tiny amount or part of something". Like the dot over an i or a j.
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Cows don't leave the slaughterhouse, steaks do.
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Empty your mind. Be formless, shapeless, like water Put water into a cup, becomes the cup Put water into a teapot, becomes the teapot Water can flow or drip or crash Be water, my friend --Bruce Lee
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The ships hung in the sky in much the same way that bricks don’t.
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Mr. Clark, your daughter is a very good kisser.


I am a veteran of the United States Army and the US Army National Guard. I spent three years on Active Duty serving in the 4th Infantry Division (Mechanized) at Ft. Carson, CO and 3rd Armor Division at Kirch Göns, West Germany. I spent 18 years in the Army National Guard with the 26th Infantry Division "Yankee" and 29th Infantry Division (Light), "The Blue and the Gray". I was deployed to Bosnia-Herzegovina with the 29th ID (L) in 2001 - 2002. I have also been reading military history articles and books for over 48 years. I do prefer Military Role Plays over all other genres, primarily because I have a vast knowledge on the subject to include personal experiences. At the very least, my characters are always veterans.

I have been writing for pleasure for at least 34+ years, but only got into forum-based Role Playing about fourteen years ago. I do enjoy Nation Role Plays and get into minute detail when designing my military. The only reason I enjoy excruciating detail in my militaries is because for me, it is fun. My education and experience on this subject afford me the insight to see the depth of the structure. It is not just a General and a large pile of soldiers. If someone wants assistance in designing an army, navy, or air force, please send me a PM. I will help. Please specify what level (echelon) or depth you would like me to go. When I say echelon, I mean Army, Corps, Division, Brigade/Regiment, Battalion/Squadron, Company/Troop/Battery, Platoon, and Squad/Section.

When I was a student in High School, I used to play Dungeons & Dragons (Edition 1 & 2). Later editions came out after I quit that game. I do have an interest in Tolkien-esque fantasy-styled Role Plays as well. Time travel has always been a fun genre for me, but to do it well, one must have a firm grasp of historical facts. I love doing this form of role play, especially since I have a solid foundation on the past.

There are only a few fanfictions I will participate in; Star Wars and Star Trek are two of them. I want to do an exclusively Klingon RP one of these days. I also avoid Canon characters.

I have real-world martial arts experience. I would love to write an RP about hand-to-hand combat, no fantasy magic chit, just hands elbows, knees, and feet. Maybe the occasional head butt thrown in to mix things up. I trained in Krav Maga for six and a half years. I earned a first-degree black belt in Krav Maga on 3 June 2017.

Krav Maga is an Israeli martial art form that employs practical self-defense techniques drawing forms & techniques from Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Taekwando. It is very brutal, demanding, and aggressive. During the seven years I trained, I have bruised two ribs, sustained several muscle pulls, and various lacerations and bruises over my body. I have received a sprained ankle and a fractured wrist. Before the first black belt test, I received a bone bruise to my right shin; where my roundhouse kicks impact. Yet, I am stupid enough to continue training. [Regardless of the physical pain, it is more fun than any other physical activity I have engaged in. Fortunately, the bone bruise healed up prior to the third and final test. EDIT: I did leave the sport two years ago. :(]

In July, I completed my first novel, a science fiction set in the 24th century. It focuses on a Private Military Corporation solely employed by the earth government.

Send me a PM for a Role Play.

--Gunther (AKA: Old School)

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@Lord OrgasmoI like all your ideas except the Pokémon ones and CUPID.

Taichi had been named Hero of the Prefect five years earlier. Sousuke served as Hero after the death of his friend, Tomichi twenty-one years prior. When Sousuke was an old man, he felt he was no longer capable of carrying on the duties expected of him and requested retirement. His request was granted with honors, returning to the countryside and life of a farmer with his wife. He grew vegetables in a small garden and raised a small number of livestock.

Taichi and Sousuke had a high amount of respect for Kenichi’s father, Tomichi. He was a fair man who took care of the Senshodo he was charged with overseeing. The two Heroes felt his son, Kenichi was a good and honorable warrior. He developed his skills, training with others frequently. They believed one day he had the potential to be named as well, but Taichi was only six years older than Kenichi and may never get the chance unless something terrible happened to Taichi.

The Hero of Cimanu stood 6’ 2” tall, his frame thick with muscle. His cream-colored horns were smooth and thick above his forehead. They both extended nine inches horizontally out to the side of his head then curled up and pointed forward. He enjoyed poking his opponents with a head butt when the opportunity arose. It could be fatal. In fact, the left tip was missing the last three inches from that type of incident. The horns contrasted with his purple skin, black hair, and green eyes. The Honfokun Senshado had a great deal of respect for Kenichi.

“Kenichi, Jeong-Ho, Jeong-gwon, Daku, Gin! Gather around,” Taichi called to five of his warriors. When the group circled him, Taichi told them about the recent events in Bianwei. “I just received word from Seshkyo. There has been a tragedy at the Wan Yue festival. The details are not clear, but it appears emperor Xiao Shang has been assassinated.” Taichi paused to let those words sink in. Jeong-Gwon who was taller even than Taichi with brown skin and black horns curving backward across the top of his head as though they were windswept was visibly taken aback. He was often given to impassioned speeches and displays. It was no surprise the large man would be deeply affected by an emperor he loved.

“We will march at dawn with a hundred Senshodo and a few others. I want you five marching at the front of our column. Say your Goodbyes to your family. I will gather the Honfo to let them know who is coming with us.”

In the morning, four wagons were assembled. A driver and a cook sat on the driver’s board to carry supplies for the soldiers on their march to the capital city of Yongcun. The Senshodo warriors were adorned in armor, carrying their weapons. They said their goodbyes to their family and fell into a formation of three ranks with thirty-three or more people per rank.

Five of the men mounted horses to ride at the head of the column with the four wagons following behind the marching company of soldiers. Two doctors and two of the Seshkyo’s advisors accompanied Taichi and his men to Bianwei.

“Hana, look after the boys. You have Hiroko to help you. I know she is only eleven, but she is wise beyond her years. She reminds me so much of my mother.” Kenichi’s mother, Haruka doted on her children. She was very attentive to their needs and watched them like a hawk. Hiroko is the same way with her brothers Yoshio and Taemon who are only two and three years younger than her.

“The boys don’t seem to mind her orders for now. But I am sure they will stand up to her in a few years.” Hana commented about the children and then turned to her husband. “Kenichi, I want you to promise me that you will come back to your family when you have finished your mission in Yongcun.”

“I shall return, my Lotus Blossom,” Kenichi smiled and kissed his wife goodbye.

As the retinue of Senshodo warriors marches out of the majestic city, they head northeast along the shores of the Sunrise River. “It will be a five-day trek along the Bianwe road,” Taichi addressed the doctors and advisors accompanying him. “We will make camp on the other side of the border with Yongcun. Settle in and enjoy the sights.” Kenichi walked with his Kabuto (helmet) attached to a hook at the back of his armor. He preferred to see where he was walking.
Bizi Gan is old enough to be my son, but I DEFINITELY look way younger than him. LOL

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