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Current @Candlelitsoul. Featuring me! Dangling helplessly from a hook.
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When I would tease my ex she would squint at me in annoyance, which would cause me to squint back in order to tease her more. Then I purposely spelled squint incorrectly to make sure it wasn't taken.
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I wish I had some alcohol.
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I crave alcohol. Lots and lots of alcohol.
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If the Democrats put as much effort into fixing this country as they did trying to impeach Trump tihs country would be paradise.


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In Ossvien 13 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Barik Stormhearth

Location: Avalon Avenger
Interactions: Captain Sarstina @The Wyrm

Despite the initial transition period of Captain Draegan being swapped out for Captain Sarstina, Barik's daily routine maintained unchanged. The previous Captain wasn't incredibly active and the new Captain seemed to trust that he was capable of performing his job adequately, which he most certainly was. Barik was quite surprised to see Captain Sarstina of all people, but it did make sense. Sarstina had quite the reputation, so it seemed logical that he would be selected for such an important undertaking. While there was nothing wrong with Captain Draegan, Barik felt a bit more comfortable with an older and more experienced Captain on board.

The voyage was largely uneventful, save for the siren they came across. The creature's presence made Barik and bit uneasy. He was well aware of the stories surrounding such creatures. Captain Sarstina must have been aware of these stories as well, and yet he brought the siren on board and even sent it to the infirmary. While he questioned this particular decision, Sarstina was a seasoned sailor. Hopefully his instincts are as good as Barik was hoping.

The Avenger continued on its voyage with Barik overseeing the activity on deck. The last he had seen the Captain, Sarstina had headed down below with a bottle that the siren had been carrying. Barik couldn't help but wonder what that siren had been carrying that could be so important. Soon enough Barik received word that the Captain wished to see him. Barik immediately headed below deck to meet with the Captain, finding him in his cabin behind his desk.

"You wished to see me, Cap'n," Barik said as he entered.
I still am. I plan on making a paleblood hunter.
I'd also prefer a grade system as opposed to hard numbers. It gives a bit more freedom to what you can attempt to do.

It goes from "You can't bash that door in because you don't have 15 strength" to "You're a pretty beefy guy/girl. Go ahead and give it a shot."
Also, if you listen closely while Gascoigne is dying it almost sounds like he's saying 'Forgive me'.
I am.
Playable races?
I'd be interested as well.
I'm also interested, by the way. I love Bloodborne.
Are there any limits to what weapons we are allowed to wield? I know weapons such as Simon's Bowblade, the Hold Moonlight Greatsword, and (maybe) Blade of Mercy are unique and there is only one of each. Are weapons such as this off-limits? Or at the very least off-limits for multiple people? Are some weapons faction specific?
In Ossvien 2 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Barik Stormhearth

Time: Morning
Place: Avalon Avenger
Interaction: Verrax @W0lf d3m0n

The Shadowmount Isles. Barik had heard every story, myth, and legend there was to be told about that damned little cluster of islands. Every single one made it very clear that anyone with any sense of self-preservation would stay well away from them. However, Barik now found himself on a direct course straight for them. It was for a good cause of course. The queen needed to be found and delivered to her rightful place in Glasston, but good intentions did not make for any safer a journey.

The voyage was not off to a great start. At least not in Barik's opinion. The seas were rougher than normal so close to the mainland. Despite his years as a sailor, Barik was not superstitious as most seafarers tended to be. He had always put his faith in wood, steel, and gunpowder. Still, given their destination and the unusually unwelcoming sea, he couldn't help but see it as some kind of bad omen and it made him feel uneasy. This uneasiness would never show on his face of course. As the first mate he needed to set an example. If he were uneasy, the crew would be also. If they weren't already that is.

As the seas tossed and rocked the Avenger Barik busied himself with making sure everything was secure and running smoothly. It was far too early in their voyage for anything to start going wrong, so he was going to make sure that nothing did. As he was making his rounds a sailor approached him and introduced himself as Sergeant Malagon. Wasn't this the lad who had been spending all his time at the railing? Barik looked him over. He may be a Sergeant on land, but not at sea. As far as Barik was concerned he was just another sailor, and not a very good one considering he couldn't even hold his breakfast.

"Well, lad, if you're done losing your breakfast to the sea you can go around and check the guns," Barik told him. "Make sure the wheels on the carriages are locked. If one of them starts rolling someone is going to lose a foot."
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