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2 mos ago
Current @Star Cat. All I got out of that is "Its okay to fart when you're feeling down."
2 mos ago
@Kale19. Ripping off Cyanide and Happiness, are we?
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4 mos ago
Probably the police.
6 mos ago
@Crystal Amalgam. I'm sorry. I didn't know that being proud of who you are was so exclusive.
6 mos ago
Cisgender and proud!


Not sure what you were expecting, but there's nothing to see here.

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I have brown hair.

(sorry, just posting a random one this time.)

Isn't being random the whole point of this?

I have 3 fans in my bedroom because I don't have air conditioning.
Third time's the charm, as they say.
Melee is not allowed to be a 'Best Army Skill'? Are you not familiar with how much melee there was in WW1?
I don't even know what to do for my cs. Some of these are so extensive.
I'm a condom baby. Who's got two thumbs and is evidence that not even condoms are 100% effective? This guy!
So it's not dead after all. Nice.
I stumble through the wreckage rusted from the rain
There's nothing left to salvage, no one left to blame
Among the broken mirrors I don't look the same
I'm rusted from the rain
I'm rusted from the rain
I'd be willing to give this a go.
Besides the monkey is anyone planning on living in the town rather than outside it?
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