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Current Scrolling to the top of all the statuses and having the Guild tell me "You have no friends" never ceases to depress me.


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Bastian Felstead

Bastian shot upright as the howl immediately woke him from his slumber. They were surrounded by wolves. He couldn't actually see any of them, but that's how they operated. They worked in packs, surrounded their prey, and tore them apart. Bastian's first immediate concern was his patient. He went immediately to Lorenzo's side and drew his knife, for it was the only real weapon he had. Meanwhile Lorenzo thought that simply bribing the wolves with a bone would work. While Col had no problem expressing how ridiculous of an idea that was, Bastian didn't say anything about it. Wolves weren't going to take a naked bone over ones covered in fresh meat. There was also no way in hell Bastian was going to sacrifice perfectly good food to these beasts. That wasn't how he was raised. He was raised to fight for what was his.


I'll get one up today.
I love me some Bloodborne. I'm interested.
Bastian would probably be attending to Lorenzo's legs as was his initial job.
The pirate pad isn't working for me. It keeps saying it's having difficulties.
Potential interest. Awaiting further details.
The only orks that really develop unique personalities are warbosses, from Ghazgkhull taking a bolt round to the head and becoming Prophet of da Waagh, to Nazdreg who was a good tactician and spoke fluent gothic, to Snagrod who liked to set entire worlds on fire for shits and giggles.

We can't all be warbosses though, unless we were lesser bosses all part of the same massive Waagh. I'm not sure how that would work though, and that's sorta entering the realm of a nation rp if we all had our own armies.

Other than that, there's always the oddboyz.
I am certainly interested.

I'm thinking of being a Mordian. They would be abroad now that their planet fell to chaos.
If I may be so bold, having at least one Hawk or Spider could be very useful for recon thanks to their incredible mobility.

But yeah, that does indeed answer my inquiries. Eldar are definitely one of my favorite races in WH40k. I'm definitely looking forward to this one.

And there is still no love for the Shining Spears. I know there's no place in this RP for them, but they at least deserve to be mentioned. :P
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