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Current If you think women are the weaker sex, try pulling the covers back to your side of the bed.
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Killed an alpha skunk on Farcry 5. By the Laws of Nature, I am now alpha skunk.
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Scrolling to the top of all the statuses and having the Guild tell me "You have no friends" never ceases to depress me.


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Bastian Felstead

"I doubt I would have had nearly as much help without his assistance," Bastain replied to Lorenzo. "It's the least I can do."

When Lorenzo volunteered to stay up with him, Bastian said nothing. While sleep was important, he knew the hunter wouldn't get any with his companion in such poor condition. Besides, having an archer at the ready in case they were attacked again would be handy. Marque, on the other hand, was a different story. He was clearly distraught, and it wasn't hard to figure out why. Bastian had seen him reposition himself to defend Lorenzo instead of the bard. There was no doubt in his mind that he was no blaming himself for the musician's demise. With Lorenzo keeping an eye on his hound, Bastian decided to give Marque whatever comfort he could.

After Marque went and took a seat, Bastian excused himself to Lorenzo and went to sit down by Marque's side.

"It's not your fault," he told him. "Combat is stressful. Hard decisions need to be made in an instant. You chose to defend the most vulnerable member of our party, which allowed me to assist in neutralizing the threat. While his loss is tragic, you made the right choice. You can't blame yourself for him getting trapped in his sleeping bag. You didn't know it would happen. Fate is a cruel mistress. You can't blame yourself for her fickle nature."

I was all for it at first, but then I became hesitant. You say that not everyone can be trusted with Force sensitivity, but anyone can make a faction and have an entire army at their disposal. You can metagame way harder with an entire army than a single untrained force user. Even your character has a very substantial army under his command and can still fight like a Force user even though he isn't one. Not to mention the virtually limitless amount of credits he has access to. He can basically do whatever he wants, whenever he wants, and just kill whoever tells him 'no'. Every character I had in mind felt very insignificant compared to that kind of power.
Bastian Felstead

Sure enough, Bastian's faith in the squire was not misplaced as the final beast suffered a fiery demise. And just like that, it was over. The forest fell silent, the owls, frogs, and crickets still too frightened by the chaos to resume calling out into the darkness. Bastian checked the group. The all seemed to be fine, except for the hermit. The hermit was gone. Regrettable as his demise was, Bastian's top priority was his patient, who he had succeeded in keeping safe with the help of the supposed noble.

As for himself, Bastian was unharmed like the rest of the party. He was completely unfazed by the blood that now coated him and dripped from his knife as well as the hand that held it. He and the squire were, by far, the two most combat capable members of the group. Surprisingly, no one seemed too put off that the man who was trained in healing was also well-versed in doing the exact opposite. Bastian then heard Lorenzo mention he didn't remember the wolves in the forest being so aggressive.

"Those weren't wolves," Bastian said. "Their appearance may be similar, but those beasts.... They are not natural."

Bastian then retrieved his medical bag and knelt beside Martyrdom. While the supplies it contained were normal for people, Bastian was a dog person. More than that, he doubted he would have been as successful against those beasts had it not been for the young hound's assistance. He owed him this much. He removed Lorenzo's cloak from the canine and used it to wipe the wolfborn blood off of his hands and knife. It was probably rude to do so without asking, but the cloak was already ruined by that point. The physician then set to work cleaning Martyrdom's wounds and dressing them with proper bandages.

"I will take first watch. I must keep an eye on our furry friend to make sure he remains in stable condition."

As he sat beside the dog gently petting him to keep him calm and comfortable, Bastian couldn't help but wonder about the beasts that had attacked them. They were far larger than any wolf, and definitely far more ferocious. The thing that bothered him the most was that they left the horse untouched. Surely a horse would provide a far more substantial meal than any man. Unless those creatures did not hunt simply for food. Perhaps they did it for fun. It was a chilling thought that a creature would kill for pleasure alone.

Bastian Felstead

Upon landing a successful blow upon the wolfborn Bastian knew the upper hand was now his. Battered and bleeding, the beast had surely lost much of its strength, but he doubted it had lost its will to fight. It was in situations most dire where man and beast fight their hardest. As Bastian planned his next attacked, he noticed the squire rushing in after having defeated his own wolfborn. It wasn't surprising seeing as he wielded an actual weapon and was receiving assistance from Lorenzo. With Col's assistance, finishing off this monstrosity would be much easier. Yelling like he was, Col was presenting himself as a big and obvious incoming threat whether that was his intention or not. Such action would undoubtedly attract the wolfborn's attention, which would allow Bastian to make his move. As soon as the beast would turn its head, Bastain would plunge his knife into it's now-exposed neck and then back away. The squire should have no problem dispatching the creature afterwards.

I am interested.
I am interested. Already know what kind of regiment I want.
If it's set in the year 2020 and you're character was born in 2004, shouldn't she be 16?
I may quite possibly be interested. A diverse group of misfits coming together is always a good time.
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