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1 yr ago
Current A baby snake is called a snakelet. 🐍
1 yr ago
R.I.P. Bob Saget. Say 'hi' to Betty for us.
1 yr ago
FL Man Arena RP? Time to be white trash with a crossbow.
1 yr ago
RIP Betty White
2 yrs ago
@Star Cat. All I got out of that is "Its okay to fart when you're feeling down."


Not sure what you were expecting, but there's nothing to see here.

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Signs of life?
I'm still lurking about.
I was waiting to fill in the gaps, but nobody else has posted a sheet.
Everybody got these fancy myth-weavers and dicecloud sheets.
Then the website I was looking at must have been wrong, because it listed those as universal between all genasi. This is why I asked instead of relying on unreliable internet sources.
MMotM also gives Genasi the ability to hold their breath indefinitely, cast shocking grasp, and be resistant to lightning damage.

Seems a bit overloaded to me, to be honest. For the sake of balance I don't think I need all of those features.

I was planning to tone it down.
@Guardian Angel Haruki Does it matter which one I use?

What racial abilities do earth genasi get? I don't have access to the book they're in and scouring the internet doesn't give me consistent rules. What do they actually get?
Wait. Are there actual Commoner backgrounds?
Guns or no guns? What is the state of black powder technology?
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