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Current I'm not afraid of having my identify stolen. It would be quickly returned.
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Every time I catch a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel there's always another cave-in.
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If you think women are the weaker sex, try pulling the covers back to your side of the bed.
3 mos ago
Killed an alpha skunk on Farcry 5. By the Laws of Nature, I am now alpha skunk.
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Scrolling to the top of all the statuses and having the Guild tell me "You have no friends" never ceases to depress me.


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Devrin cringed when he received the rude awakening, but dutifully dragged himself out of bed all the same. He was not used to sleeping on a rocking, creaking ship. Luckily they would be reaching land soon. He went out and joined the others as they discussed where they should go. The group had varying opinions, but the one that Devrin found most strange was the desire to go to the tundra. Why would anyone want to go there? Were they to live in igloos? That was a terrible idea. Devrin stepped forward and pointed to a spot on the coast in the forest closer to the swamp.

"We should go here," he said. "We'll have the trees for wood for building, the coastline for fishing, and some of the more fertile land nearer the swamp for farming. It's the perfect spot."


Swiper was mildly annoyed at having his slumber so rudely interrupted. The worst part about it was that now that he was awake he was hungry. He had no intention of getting caught up in whatever scuffle was taking place outside, so after a nice long stretch he squeezed out of his little den and went looking for food in the opposite direction. With how close they were getting he wanted to get moving before they got too close.

Banned because you are clearly unaware that CAPS LOCK is cruise control for cool.

Fallen off the map? I've been waiting to start this thing for well over a week.
Mayhaps be interested.
Who's there?
Bastian Felstead

Bastian was slightly relieved when he heard the man speak. Perhaps there was hope for him, but he would still need time. As he spoke he mentioned a 'theater man' and turned his head in Marque's direction, who seemed very interested in a rock.

An icy wind then swept through the clearing. Bastian couldn't tell what chilled his bones the most: the wind, or the howls carried with it. The wounded man suddenly began a violent coughing spell. Bastian quickly dove into his medical bag to find something to help him, but then the man fell silent. He was gone. Bastian punched the dirt in anger and frustration. He had failed. He wasn't able to save even a single man.

Bastian was brought back to reality by Col's shouting. It seemed he had regained his wits. It seemed as though the squire wanted Lorenzo and Marque to join them in the storm of leaves that surrounded them and find weapons. However, Marque was obsessing over a rock and Lorenzo was still unable to walk, so he wasn't sure what Col expected to happen. At least Lorenzo had a bow. Bastian was, however, certainly in need of a proper weapon, so he took up Colley's sword and fastened the scabbard to his own belt. As he quickly packed up his supplies he attempted to come up with a plan. To his surprise he actually did come up with something, but he wasn't sure how good of an idea it truly was.

"I have an idea," he said to Col. "It's not a great idea, but an idea nonetheless.

Bastian reached into his pack and pulled out his flint and steel.

"These beasts, as savage as they are, seem very uncomfortable around fire, and we are sitting in the middle of a very large tinder box. It may buy us some time."

He would leave Col to use his imagination to figure out what he had in mind. Bastian could think of no other way to hinder the beasts other than their innate fear of flame. Standing and fighting was unwise given that they were unaware of exactly how many wolfborn were coming. However, perhaps slowing them down and masking their scent with the smell of burning leaves and smoke would be sufficient. Not to mention a massive fire would surely attract attention and therefore, perhaps, some much needed assistance.

I loves me some monster hunter. I would be interested.
My fancy is sufficiently tickled. Is magice a thing? If not that's no big deal. Just curious.
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