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30 days ago
Current I feel..... Empty.
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1 mo ago
Finally found another job. I thought that this fact would make me feel a bit less depressed. I was incorrect.
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1 mo ago
That wall over there needs a hole in it. My head should do the trick.
1 mo ago
Just take me out back and put me down like a lame horse.
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@NecroesGork is cunning brutality and Mork is brutally cunning.
Would we all have to be the same or could we mix and match? Like would we all have to be shoota boys or slugga boys or could we have a mixed mob?
"I've waited a long time for this."

"I bet you have."

*cums first*
But wait! There's more!
Bastian Felstead

This was all getting to be a bit much for poor Bastian. He had never put much stock in the stories about magic or mythical beings. Now, however, he was being chased by a creature of ash after being teleported to some mysterious place by a magical glowing rock. Bastian was practical man in fantastical circumstances. Fortunately, practicality came with resourcefulness. He reached into his medical bag and pulled out a roll of cloth bandages. He then wrapped the strip of cloth around his head to cover his nose and mouth as defense and against the swirling cloud of dust descending upon them. Looking to his comrades he saw that Lorenzo was using his cloak to cover his face, so he handed the roll to the next closest man to him: Col.

Bastian extended his arm toward Col with the bandages in his hand and gave him a nudge to gain his attention. Hopefully, Col would figure out what he was meant to do with them just by seeing Bastian's example.

At this rate it won't be long until we have @Vampiretwilight's entire autobiography.

My favorite color is green.
I play Destiny 2 to varying degrees of success.
I saw a midget tackle a child, beat him with an inflatable hammer, steal his shoe, and then run away.
I am fond of sea shanties.
Ain't got none.
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