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2 yrs ago
A baby snake is called a snakelet. 🐍
2 yrs ago
R.I.P. Bob Saget. Say 'hi' to Betty for us.
2 yrs ago
FL Man Arena RP? Time to be white trash with a crossbow.
2 yrs ago
RIP Betty White
3 yrs ago
@Star Cat. All I got out of that is "Its okay to fart when you're feeling down."


Not sure what you were expecting, but there's nothing to see here.

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Educate me please.

It's best explained by a song I've heard.

Octopi have started using ocean trash as tools
They're grabbing cans and bottles to make stuff that's pretty cool
They're smart enough to build houses and camo with your garbage
So don't forget this warning as your refuse is discarded

Please stop littering
Before the octopi start building elaborate mech suits
And launching full-scale land assaults on our coastal cities
For heaven's sake don't drop gun
Or society will soon be overrun

(Don't know who originally made this, but I heard it from some guy called Jordan Keyes on YouTube)
The octopus uprising.
Crabs are the ultimate lifeform.
<Snipped quote by Skwint>

Well no one truly knows what Jesus looked like, we can only guess. But anyway. The Catholic church commissioned Michael Angelo to paint Jesus, and the closest Michael had ever been to heaven was with his lover. So yeah. Jesus is a bottom.

That's fucking hilarious.
- The fact that the current depiction of Jesus that most worship is actually a portrait of Micahel Angelo's gay lover.

Say what?

A large whale that harassed and sank ships near Constantinople in the sixth century.
So it's just 4 skills max of the varying types? Is it going to be possible to change them at any point?
Image claims are a pain. It's hard to find the right image.
Intriguing. I certainly wouldn't mind being a hoarder loader.
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