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I do what I must. I wasn't gonna miss out on this simply because I am temporarily without a cellphone.
I think I just may keep an eye on this. Seems interesting.
@The Wyrm

Wouldn't I have to wait on others to post anyway because this is a forum rp?


Actually I was planning on being the loader. I need somebody to do the fun part.
Anyone want to form an MG team? Maybe? Perhaps?
I am most certainly interested.
Huzzah! My time has come!
I'm interested in this. Its certainly a unique idea. There could be much potential here.
I'm still here. I apologize for the delay. I've been having trouble finding time to send you my story between work and being killed to death by bronchitis which is going on its third week of ravaging my poor lung sacs. I'll get it to you tomorrow if it kills me.
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