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9 mos ago
Current A baby snake is called a snakelet. 🐍
9 mos ago
R.I.P. Bob Saget. Say 'hi' to Betty for us.
9 mos ago
FL Man Arena RP? Time to be white trash with a crossbow.
9 mos ago
RIP Betty White
1 yr ago
@Star Cat. All I got out of that is "Its okay to fart when you're feeling down."


Not sure what you were expecting, but there's nothing to see here.

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It seems so
I still linger.
@RBYDark I was considering making a barbarian, but I wouldn't be opposed to having a secondary meatshield tanky character so I don't have to eat all the hits.
I can handle tank/melee if you'd rather so something else.
What materials are we allowed to use? Just base rulebook or can we use other stuff?
Dark, you say? Intriguing.
<Snipped quote by Skwint>

who sings this? just curious

Always You by Poor Man's Poison
I remember seeing you with him
Once or twice, here and there
It's such a small town
I remember seeing you with him
Trying not to let it show that I know I didn't win
Maybe I'll see you again

It was always you
You moved on
And I did too
And I may not be the best for you
But I pray you'll see
You're the best for me
It was always you
Hey! You! Feed the machine
Bring 'em all back down to their knees
No time to waste
Remind the slaves
They ain't gonna make it out alive today

I said hey! You! Poison the well
Watch it all burn, take them straight to hell
He's got the whole world in his hands
It was nice to know ya
We've all been damned, come on!
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