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3 mos ago
Current @Filthy Weeb. The Greatest Jagras. 0_0
3 mos ago
@Undead Eyes. That makes you sound more like a cook. If you were talking that way about a human, THEN you would be a serial killer.
3 mos ago
@Obscene Symphony. Scrutinize me, Captain.
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3 mos ago
@Vampiretwilight. That's called living.
4 mos ago
Blue eyes aren't for everyone I suppose. My entire family has them. And so does a particular white dragon.
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Not sure what you were expecting, but there's nothing to see here.

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Path of the Beast is my new favorite Barbarian subclass.
WW2 in HD.

I watched every episode.
Are we allowed weapons of any kind? A common dagger carried for self-defense? Our father's old sword that is kept on the mantle? The blacksmith bringing one of his hammers along? Things of that nature?
I got to see one of my sister's ex boyfriends pop up in the news.

For possessing child porn.

He was arrested obviously.
I'm still in this. I think I've got my character sorted out. Just need to type it up.
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