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That Thresh though. You even used his little theme song. You better do him justice. He's my go-to support.
Everyone is making their characters. I can't help but get the feeling that I should get my lazy ass in gear.
Bastian Felstead

As much as he disapproved of all this, Bastian had no choice. He was a physician, and he had an obligation to his patient. Hopefully this little escapade didn't take too long. It wasn't unusually for him to sometimes be away for a couple days when dealing with more serious cases of injury or illness, so his wife wouldn't immediately become worried. But still, he didn't like gallivanting off on some grand adventure without at least telling her.

After gathering all the supplies he believed he would need, he joined the others.

"I am ready."


Yeah. I'll get one up after work.
Question for the almighty Overlords:

Do Drakkan mature at the same rate as humans?
Most interesting. Most interesting indeed. Consider me intrigued.
I'm ready when you are.

It's probably because this isn't the first time that was an issue. I didn't have any internet when I first started this rp. It seems to be a recurring theme.
Last and hopefully not least.

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