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Current "Thou arte maidenless? A pity..." - White Masked Varré
1 day ago
Nope, Capital City Comic Con on Vancouver Island.
1 day ago
Welp, after a few days of..conventioning(?) if that's what you call it uh I got a butt ton of nerd shit like posters and t-shirts. Nothing too fancy, did get some video games. Destiny 2 for 15 bucks.
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1 day ago
You can't handle the truth!
2 days ago
Anything and everything, all of the time.


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@SleepingSilence Don't watch the Dragon's Dogma anime on Netflix then. On another note I am enjoying One Punch Man right now.
I recently started playing Destiny 2 and I'm happy to say I enjoy it far more than Warframe. I absolutely love the mechanics and gameplay, but I'm definitely going to switch to Hunter as I find Warlock a bit eh. I'm under the same name as I am here, Dark_Cloud on Bungie. Hope to get invested in it while I wait for Sims 4 to arrive. I like the Sims as a game I can play and put down at any time.
I liked some things from 4e, but I'd like to see D&D go back to having more diverse skill sets and I'd love for the new edition to focus on the original campaign setting of Greyhawk rather than the Forgotten Realms tbh.
I'm very much the same, but I have been needing some sort of Souls rp in my life. But like I'm not finished Elden Ring yet so, I should try to do that. Lol
Destiny 2 has a poopy character creator, ngl.
@Fading Memory I won't lie, I enjoyed the Kineticist from 4e a whole lot and have been wishing for it for awhile.
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Welcome, saw your rp. Man, Saolin Chronicles. I remember watching that as a kid.
@XxFellsingxX Same honestly, but we'll see as time goes. Hopefully they don't repeat their past mistakes (*cough* 4th Edition *cough*)
Oh! Oh has anyone looked into the news on D&D One the next edition of Dungeons and Dragons? I'm kinda torn, I wanna like it but it just seems a bit too minimalistic at this point.
I need to try to be more involved with my friends and the people I write with, because even after 8 years here..Well sometimes we gotta learn to be open and try to improve ourselves, to be better.
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