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16 days ago
Current Warframe or Fortnite?
2 mos ago
I'm taking today off, post's delayed until tomorrow. I just really need some time to relax and not worry about posting.
2 mos ago
Disney is like an ex-girlfriend; You had a good long relationship, but in the end you were clinging to a past you'll never recapture.
2 mos ago
You know how stupid it is that people think this vaccine will make Covid-19 magically disappear. We decide to lift the limit to ten people in a social bubble, it's stupid.
2 mos ago
Cancel culture as a whole is about people witch-hunting people with an opinion they dislike. It's the classic "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" approach that people take.


If it wasn't obvious already I am a very big fan of Undertale, and always will be even all these years after it came out. In a way the game had many messages it was trying to get the player to understand, but I can see I'm getting off track so maybe we should get to talking about me a little more.

I'm in my twenties although I have the maturity of a child at times, and I'm a guy who is straight but funnily people often thought I was gay in high school but not in the mean way. I came here when I was still in school six years ago and the world wasn't as screwed up like it is now, but the funny thing is I actually stumbled upon the guild completely by accident from looking up some stuff about TTRPG's and on a whim I signed up. It was a rocky start here for me as I wasn't able to be online as much due to family issues so I was here sporadically at best.

However in November of 2020 after four months of recovering from surgery I found a way to return to the guild after three years of inactivity, and I don't plan on leaving until I have to but I hope I never have to as this hobby of mine has grown into a sort of passion that has helped me get the interaction I need from my boring life.

I like video games with roleplaying elements and impactfull decisions, which if you have played Undertale or the Witcher you will understand what I'm talking about. I am very interested in joining anything TTRPG related or with any tabletop elements, and have always been a sucker for fantasy genre RP's.

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My power was off for a couple days, and my Internet took awhile to get back online. Sorry for that.
Uh I guess I'd have to say the weirdest thing was looking up what Ara Ara meant, boy I still shake my head in confusion whenever I think about it.
I consider most people here as friends, mostly just those I interact with on a regular basis. I'd love to interact on another platform though so I mean I do play Switch online too.
@ClocktowerEchos Ye boi, I'm just waiting for Shovel then I'll post in the meantime I'm off to play Warframe.
The dark side of the force is a pathway to many cravings some consider to be unnatural.

So the sith lord sayeth.
Lady in dress.
@Penny Still need help.
@Shovel Yay, I'll post after you.
Alright post done for Laharl, now working on Frog.
@Stylobilly I'd be down.
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