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2 mos ago
Current I've been going through a lot of burnout right now, writing is a chore at times and I need time that sometimes I feel I don't have.
3 mos ago
Wow it's lovely to wake up and read a threatening message, thanks for the laugh Macie don't do it again.
3 mos ago
At least your doing something more productive maybe she could learn to write an entertaining idea by I dunno watching paint dry?
3 mos ago
Wow Macie whined about her lackluster rp's again? What a surprise.
3 mos ago
Aw fuck I leave for a few hours and shit happens fuck me for having a life.


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@MetalWeight drawer of all things dummy thicc.
@Cu Chulainn my favorite weeb fisherman.
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writing burnout's a bitch
@Kiragan_Natsuki I'm sorry to hear that brother. I'll be thinking of you. Unfortunately I'll need to step back from the RP.
Ahem, I am still alive. I have had a busy week and a half.
I'm still alive guys sorry for the absence
@AzureKnight No that helps
@souleaterfan320 Where was the post you @'d me in? Link plz. Also it was at Regan yes?
@AzureKnight I'd really appreciate it.
@Kiragan_Natsuki Someone's gonna dimma die tonight sonny boy, and it ain't Tweetie but it sure rhymes with the yellow bird. Also Magdalene? *cackles evilly*
@AzureKnight I'm not mad but you failed to even interact with Sam who WAS STANDING RIGHT NEXT TO Luna in your post. I would appreciate something to work off of.
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Don't worry about it, y'all! Things have been a bit busy on my end personally, but I can't fault anybody for getting posts in late given my track record Remember, it's supposed to be fun, not a major stressor - life should take precedence over the game.

<Snipped quote by Birdboy>

To clarify, he was referring to Zagren - I figure that's probably his nickname for the absolute unit of a dragonborn.

I prefer the term Chonky Boi
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