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Current I mean in Genshin you can still grind to get good stuff.
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What's that Lassy? Dm's down a well? Murderhobos's in the old mill?
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I'm actually a cloud.
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Therefore your opinion matters.


Welcome Everyone...


Blackmist16's Bio!!!!!

Hello fellow Guild members and random guests and welcome to my bio! I am Blackmist16 and by the looks of it I obviously like Undertale! My favorite character is Papyrus, I also like classic video games like Legend of Zelda, Earthbound, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars!

I have played almost every edition of Dungeons and Dragons, I played Dragon Quest (not the video game), Villains & Vigilantes, Gamma World, Dragon Age the RPG, and Star Wars: Edge of the Empire.

At the moment I am active on the Guild during the week in the daytime in the Pacific Coast time zone, I don't run any threads except for one...

There were two before this one that died but I just wanted to spread the shitposting love!

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Jonathan B. Jangles

Grok meant well but the wet and soapy slap dislocated Jonathan's shoulder as well as ruined the pajamas he wore, but he didn't let on as he simply popped the joint back into it's socket. At times he felt like he (Besides Grok) was the only one of his roommates who was actually trying to be less villainous.

"No worries my muscular friend," Jonathan said finishing drying off the dishes "I'll find something for you but I should tell you that Greg is just using you to get maidens for himself." with that he left to fetch Grok a suit coat and tie from his room.

@ODAberration Greetings and Welcome to the Thunderdome.
I heard goblins. You have my interest.


Location: The Bismarck Restaurant.
Level: 2
Word Count:

He was a swordsman by profession but in his heart Frog was still that nervous boy scared to be anything but a shadow compared to others, yet as he fought for his life he realized that heroism is much more than wielding mythical weapons nor was it about living up to the expectations of others.

True heroism came from ones heart as a shining example of true compassion for ones friends, yet it was alien to him up until the fever pitch of their battle for the amphibious swordsman to realize he was more than a cursed failure trying to be someone he wasn't. Frog was a hero because he would go to hell and back for the people he cared about no matter the cost.

He wouldn't fall so easy to the likes of the dark sorceress Cia nor would he let himself be entangled within the lash sailing towards him, this wasn't his fate and it would never come to pass whilst he drew breath. Not until he finally slew the dark mage Magus could he afford to fall in battle, it would not happen today nor would he allow it to ever if he could.

Luckily he had been prepared for an attack and when Cia's duplicate threw it's rod towards him it never made contact. In the seconds between each breath he unbuckled his shield and threw the small golden disk towards the rod just in time for it to open, but it wrapped around his shield rather than him. Looking around he plainly saw now they were at a disadvantage, it was time to make an escape yet his heart fell as he noticed the barrier. Cursing their luck all he could do was try to evade the sorceress and protect his allies.

Frog didn't say a word, he knew now that Cia was trying to capture him in order to cause disarray and he couldn't allow himself to be used in this sick game of hers. Looking at Link and at Ace he quickly took his place at their sides, but he made sure to utter something to the boy in green.

"Defense arte our best attack" he said sagely to Link as he rejoined him.

@Dr Lovecraft Sorry I'm too busy to play or Co-Gm this. I really wish I had more time, and I hope you understand that I need to focus on what makes me happy so I don't end up tired from trying to validate others.
@Noblebandit Want me to introduce your character?
@Jangel13 Sure thing.

Edit: Done, changed to brawn.
@Jangel13 Thanks, If you can once things kick off could you post my character sheet in the CS section? I can't copy/paste currently as I'm using the Switch's hidden browser.
@Jangel13 I'm hyped to be a goblin, I'd like to evolve into other stuff but retain my goblin appearance but I'm pretty much okay with anything.

So I'm fine with becoming something else yeah.
@Jangel13 I'm hyped to be a goblin, I'd like to evolve into other stuff but retain my goblin appearance but I'm pretty much okay with anything.
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