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I like my interest checks like I like my wine, long enough to last but if I don't read the fine print a danger to my health.
18 hrs ago
Aw damn I ran out of estus.
19 hrs ago
Awh yeah Sean Jay. Awh yeah bad music. (But seriously its not that.)
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I wonder if anybody has listened to the song in my bio, it's a banger.


He who should expand his bio, tis a lazy bunghole. Procrastination amiright?
I need to uhhhh update this, I'm Canadian and I like to TRY to be funny.
I'm a friendly guy, if ya ain't a jerkface or try to act like your better than anyone else.

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@Indrajita get wit it boi
Welcome fellow dice nerd.
@Ambra what is the deadline BTW and do we have a Discord yet?
Wymin is just gonna be a disgruntled former blacksmith. He is traveling to make a living outside of swinging a godsdamned hammer all day in a hot forge.
If I could just get this picture cropped, I would be satisfied with it as is.
He'll here's where I'm hiding my still work in progress sheet.

Southern Pilgrim
@Lucky Well, I already shamelessly pilfered the idea of getting a picture of armor on my sheet. I'm working on it in an old old old cs thread, but I'll plop the image here.

I'm looking for a at least top half portrait. So torso up of a burly sorta gut with long ginger hair, a beard. Decided to go in a less silly direction so he might have a serious look about him.
Awesome, no worries. I use the kind of art you see in CRPGS like Baldurs Gate or Pillars of Eternity anyway. So nothing like real photos, more like portraits.
@Ambra what's your preference of pictures used for sheets? Anime-esque? Cause I can't find a lot of good pictures of bearded warrior types with red hair. Lots of good vikingish portraits tho.
Seriously tho I'm working on my sheet rn. Been busy. 😂
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