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Oh boo hoo boo hoo the table code looks bad, boo hoo hoo. Pfft, at least the site hasn't fucking crashed.
4 hrs ago
More forest fires eh?
20 hrs ago
Full page ads still ain't gone on my end.
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2 days ago
I feel dead inside.
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Horrors beyond our comprehension lay not beyond the stars but within the depths of Google images.


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In Mahz's Dev Journal 37 min ago Forum: News
Haven't seen a full page ad yet so you must be doing something right.
<Snipped quote by Dark Cloud>

Git git grabs broom
In Mahz's Dev Journal 2 hrs ago Forum: News
@Mahz also you beautiful son of a bitch I knew you'd come back someday. People called me a madman, said I was seeing ghosts but I knew!

Anyways, an actual feature that would be useful/interesting is getting updates to mobile devices or pings that can be seen without having to log on, or some kind of feature that would support it.

And also yeah the tables have a weird grey background.
In Mahz's Dev Journal 2 hrs ago Forum: News
A glow option would while utterly useless would make my brain go brrrr, black background might not bring out the shade or glow in font. But it'd be interesting.
Might get Rust but the community is just awful, and a little more than Ark's. Which I should give another chance I guess.
And remember murder is legal on the ocean
@Lurking Krog you can do eet I believe in you.

I fear the day when I take fireball, but casting a fire shatter was absolutely fun to envision. Anyways, Maxwell is gonna see what them servants were running from.

Featuring: Benedict Pascal
Wordage: 551 (+1 points)
Experience: 6/30 EXP Experience: 0/40 (LVL+)
Location: Hublink Terminal ➡ City of Glass
Goldlewis, Tora & Giovanna's @Lugubrious, Geralt & Zenkichi's @Multi_Media_Man, Blazermate & Susie's @Archmage MC, Karin & Sakura's @Zoey Boey, Roxas' @Double, Benedict's @Dark Cloud and Pit’s @Yankee

Standing by the goliath of a man, the merchant nodding with Goldlewis's sentiment "Hoo-wee, we ain't got fancy arch-it-ecture like this back home. Must’ve been a whole bunch of leaves put into buildin' something like this." the whole place boggled the antiquated perceptions of the merchant's mind though it made him wonder how the folk up here could live so differently than them poor souls deep below, it made him furow his brow and frown a bit.

"Pretty as it may be, it is ugly to me when I think bout' the folk scrapin' by down below." shaking his head in disbelief the man who had introduced himself as Benedict found the merchant's view a bit naive, needless to say it was simply how the way the world worked. Those with wealth, power, and influence controlled the world.

"Unfortunately that is the way things work," frankly it was unfortunate for those living in the lower Sectors that their government absolved no amount of their struggles while solely focusing on furthering their own aims. But to him it mattered little in furthering his own ambitions to lift the common man if it did little to benefit himself. Though it would certainly gain the loyalty of those less fortunate, that was something to consider...

"Well pardon me mister fancy pants for air'n the lungs but to hell with that kinda darn world. Someday I'll change the foundations, build my own way to help folk in this mean old world." the merchant looked the straight faced man in the eyes with a hard set jaw, the strategist face was inscrutable but as he adjusted his spectacles he allowed himself a sigh seeing that the man wouldn't see things rationally instead he relented sighing.

"Passionate to a fault, but the idea has some merit I admit." the merchant who had been rearing for a argument, deflated somewhat finding a bit of common ground with the rigid fellow. Partitio smiled a little adjusting the straps on his chest plate "You sure are a stuffy old feller Ben, but you'll come round I reckon." and Benedict simply hid a smirk, something about Partitio reminded him of an old friend of his.

On the topic of stealing, Partitio bit his tongue since he was split on it being an upstanding move considering it would make them no better than those disreputable folk who preyed on people's pockets so he shook his head.

"Now hold on there, we ain't gonna take anythin' that ain't ours. And I don't dang well care if you say otherwise, even if these big city folk got more than the people down in the Sector's below." he was too stubborn to shake his values, stealing was not something he was taught to do.

Partitio was an upstanding man who wouldn't betray his virtues to gain more in this life, not when he was close to in his past. Benedict comparatively had no issue with stealing though he drew the line if it wasn't planned accordingly, he wasn't about to go off half cocked to rob some poor soul.

"I must echo the sentiments of Mister Partitio, I am unsure such illicit activity would befit us and much less be of benefit in the long run." Partitio took that as an agreement, overlooking most of what Benedict was implying.
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